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PC 09 - 001 Safety and Security Coordinator US Peace Corps All Interested Candidates Full-time with benefits: 40 hours/week August 19, 2009

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PERSONAL SERVICES CONTRACTOR (PSC) The United States Peace Corps, a U.S. Voluntary Organization headquartered in Accra since 1961, is in search of a highly-skilled professional to provide administrative and logistical support at Post in areas related to safety and security of the Peace Corps Volunteers, Trainees and Staff. The incumbent reports directly to the Country Director and serves as a member of the senior staff. The position entails frequent travel throughout Ghana. The ideal applicant will possess the following traits: fluent in English and local languages, excellent familiarity with local law enforcement agencies throughout Accra and all 10 regions of Ghana, able to work with a team and interact in a multi-cultural setting with Americans, respectful of diverse viewpoints, creative, extremely wellorganized, well-written and efficient. Job Description and Major Responsibilities: Incumbent advises staff and Volunteers on safety and security issues and preventive actions, including integration and development of local support, avoidance of inappropriate or dangerous behavior, physical security of offices and residences, fire safety, and transportation safety. Maintains liaison with police and other authorities in Accra and in regions where Peace Corps Volunteers are stationed, helps assure security for Peace Corps Volunteers, staff and property at main office, regional sub-offices, and volunteer sites throughout Ghana. Collaborates with the Country Director and the Administrative Officer and other staff members in developing and exercising the Emergency Action Plans, visits all Peace Corps regions at least twice annually to assess safety and security conditions and provide guidance. Organizes and delivers safety and security modules at PreService Trainings and training programs. Maintains close working relations with Peace Corps Staff, Embassy Regional Security Officer, and guard supervisor.

Education, Qualification & Desired Requirement • Degree/Diploma of accredited school • Excellent familiarity with local security forces and demonstrated ability to work with them as well as with Americans, preferably including experience with Peace Corps. • Travel in-country required up to 50% of time. • Excellent interpersonal communication skills, training skills, good report writing skills • Must be a strong team player but must also be able to work independently with limited supervision when needed. • Must have general knowledge of the organization. • At least 2 to 5 years experience in a professional setting.

Skills and Abilities: • Ability to communicate effectively in oral /written English and two other local languages • Excellent interpersonal communication skills, training skills and good report writing skills • A general level of managerial and intellectual experience. • Ability to lead, train and supervise. • Ability to analyze, conceptualize, negotiate, exercise sound judgment, originate ideas and unearth creative solutions, handle requests for tasks with patience, diplomacy and sense of humor. • Must possess excellent organizational abilities and attention to detail, • Must be hardworking, reliable and diligent with good inter-personal skills, • Ability to work effectively as part of an intercultural team • Must be proficient in Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel. Compensation: • Competitive salary, plus benefits package. Interested applicants for this position must submit the following or the application will not be considered: 1) A detailed resume or C.V. that includes:
• • • • Professional positions held, identifying duties, responsibilities, dates of employment and reason for leaving Education and training, identifying universities attended, dates of attendance, degrees and diplomas. An accounting for periods of unemployment longer than three months Professional references.

2) A cover letter 3) Any other documentation (e.g., essays, certificates, awards, copies of degrees earned) that addresses the qualification requirements of the position as listed above: The Administrative Officer US Peace Corps P.O. Box 5796, Accra –North Or Email to:

STATEMENT OF WORK Safety and Security Coordinator
The Safety and Security Coordinator (SSC) reports to the Country Director (CD) and provides safety and security support to Post. The role of the incumbent is to augment and support, not assume responsibility for, senior staff security-related functions (i.e., site inspection and selection, Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) site visits, revising the Emergency Action Plan). Overall, the SSC has primary responsibility to monitor and maintain appropriate documentation regarding post compliance with MS 270. Also, under the direct supervision of the Country Director, the incumbent may be the contact point with the Peace Corps Safety and Security Officers (PCSSO), Safety and Security Desk Officers, Embassy security officials, and local law enforcement agencies in carrying out the responsibilities designated below or as directed by the Country Director. The incumbent must have high proficiency in English and local language skills to carry out these duties. Responsibilities MS 270 Compliance: 1. Develops and maintains a legible and orderly system of compiling, reporting and filing safety and security incident reports, local media reports with safety implications, safety and security directives from Peace Corps Headquarters in Washington, the local US Embassy and post. This information must be made accessible to appropriate post staff as required. Provides administrative support for MS 270 verification, ensuring that adequate systems are functioning to support Volunteer safety and security. This can include, but is not limited to: • Ensuring that all site locator forms are recorded in the office, current, and PCV communication access is accurate. Updates as required. • Ensuring that all site history forms are available, integrated and computerized, filed geographically and up-to-date. • Works with the training manager to ensure that all safety and security training competencies are integrated into Pre-Service Training/In-Service Training (PST/IST) and verified with a written report. • Ensuring that all Volunteer site selection criteria and visits are documented and filed appropriately. • Maintains PCV travel/out of site log. • Regularly updates and monitors safety and security date in the VIDA database (i.e. Volunteers, Consolidation Points, EAP events, sites, reports, etc.) Participates in staff meetings (both general and senior staff meetings at the discretion of the CD), discussions and activities and makes recommendations for changes in program policy and procedures as they relate to volunteer safety and security. Establishes and maintains open communication with both the regional PCSSO and the Safety and Security Desk Officer, informing them of both problems and progress in the country, such as major incidents, changes in crime data and other information on new policies or programs affecting safety and security. Develops and maintains contact with Embassy security staff and local law enforcement to obtain crime updates and information needed for assessing the security of existing and potential Volunteer sites. Under CD guidance, serves as post’s primary safety and security contact/intermediary with other nongovernmental organizations, volunteer sending organizations (i.e. VSO, JICA/JOVC, SNV, UNV, etc.) and other development agencies.


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Information Sharing: 7. 8. Training: 9. 10. Participates in the design, development and delivery of Pre-Service Training (PST) and In-Service Training (IST) sessions in the areas of personal safety and security. Participates in staff and guard safety and security training, as appropriate. With the Training Manager, participates in the selection and orientation of home-stay families for PST, as appropriate. Develops and organizes safety and security resources such as manuals, books, leaflets, pamphlets, slides, videos, and memos and makes their contents and Peace Corps policies known to staff and Volunteers. Maintains post crime statistics and reviews (analyzes) trends.

Site Selection Monitoring 11. 12. 13. Works with the Peace Corps Medical Officers (PCMOs) and Associate Peace Corps Directors (APCDs) to develop and maintain Volunteer site and housing selection criteria and procedures. Participates in site visits as appropriate. Updates village and home-stay safety and security checklist, guidelines and policies. Provides advice to APCDs regarding site placements and/or Volunteer site changes.

Incident Reporting and Response: 14. 15. 16. Works closely with the CD to develop reporting and follow-up procedures for incidents reported by Volunteers (housing inspection, police follow-up, property damage, etc.) Ensures that reportable incidents are communicated to the CD for coordination with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). Coordinates follow-up activities as appropriate. Helps coordinate PCV and local Police contacts/communication in the incident.

EAP Planning and Testing: 17. Under the direction of the CD, coordinates the testing of the EAP with staff at least once a year. In collaboration with other staff, prepares a written report of the results of the EAP test and distributes it to all interested parties. Assists with EAP revisions as needed.

Other Duties: 18. 19. 20. In collaboration with the CD, follows up on recommendations from PCSSO visits. In collaboration with the CD/PCSSO/General Services Officer (GSO), follows up on Regional Security Officer (RSO) security recommendations for the Peace Corps office and staff residences. Performs other safety and security duties as assigned and completes any relevant report writing, as assigned by the CD.