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Thread 12: Welcome to the guestbook
Post #248 20080414-1555 The earl da s
Bn!e upon a time in the early days there &as "reat %or"i+eness also there &as a !o !ontribution o% -no&led"e and de+elopment o% the te!hnolo"y. S!io......&as sear!hin" %or the ans&ers to li%e and us. Then one day 981 pro!laimed that he alone &as the only person !apable o% dis!o+erin" the rest o% the material......he be"an to en%or!e his ri"htness on others.....they in turn be"an to en%or!e their ri"htness on others......slo&ly ea!h person "ot less and less %or"i+eness and more and more asserti+e ri"htness until it has be!ome no %or"i+eness and you are &ron". *ot that one really needs others> %or"i+eness....but you sure don>t need others ma-in" you &ron" and "uilty %or &hat you ha+e realiCed &as non optimum beha+ior. 1ope this helpsD Alan

Post #285 20080504-0142 !ome kind o" de#il
7ear Alan, 0t is an honour to be able to tal- to you. 0 remember your name %rom some o% the 981 ad+i!es. Per &hat &as &ritten in the ad+i!es you &ere supposed to be some -ind o% a de+il. 1e &as ri"ht........0 probably more than most in those early days empo&ered him by "i+in" him the resour!es to dominate.......and the !onse?uen!es o% my doin" that ha+e been in!redibly destru!ti+eD

Thread $$: %&ening Pandora's (o)
Post #1 200*010+-1510 %&ening Pandora's (o)
9 ENIN: AND9RA;S B9< According to Edith Hamilton in Mythology the source of all misfortune was Pandora's curiosity. "The gods presented her with a box into which each had put something harmful and forbade her e!er to open it.

Then they sent her to Epimetheus who too" her gladly although Prometheus had warned him ne!er to accept anything from #eus. He too" her and afterward when that dangerous thing a woman was his he understood how good his brother's ad!ice had been. $or Pandora li"e all women was possessed of a li!ely curiosity. %he had to "now what was in the box. &ne day she lifted the lid ' and out flew plagues innumerable sorrow and mischief for man"ind. (n terror Pandora clapped the lid down but too late. &ne good thing howe!er was there ' was Hope. 0t &as the only "ood the !as-et had held amon" the many e+ils, and it remains to this day man-ind>s sole !om%ort in mis%ortune.A (RS(IN: =9(R :9A>S As you be"in the Eourney o% settin" and pursuin" your "oals F you !ollide &ith a t&o ed"e s&ord e%%e!t. 6ou set ne& "oals &ith expe!tations o% handlin" !ertain lon" term !hroni! problems. 0% you ha+e la!-ed money most o% your li%e F your "oals &ill in!lude in!reasin" your &ealth. 0% you ha+e li+ed a lonely li%e F your "oals &ill in!lude ma-in" and ha+in" %riends. 0% you la!- sel% esteem, sel% respe!t and you had to put up &ith a "reat deal o% ridi!ule F your "oals &ill tend to re%le!t be!omin" %amous, be!omin" more po&er%ul, et!. 0% you la!-ed litera!y, -no&led"e, people handlin" s-ills or you la!-ed a&areness F your "oals &ill tend to be in the area o% re"ainin" -no&led"e. 0n settin" your "oals you are settin" the desire %or %uture &ants F but at the same time you are openin" your o&n PandoraGs Box o% &hat has been holdin" you ba!- in li%e, &hat you are %i"htin" &ithin yoursel%, &hat sel% destru!ti+e and sel% sabota"in" habit patterns you ha+e, &hat sel% destru!ti+e and sel% sabota"in" belie% systems you ha+e employed and still are employin", &hat sel% destru!ti+e and sel% sabota"in" a!tions or "reat harm you are liable to !ause i% you ha+e "reat po&er and &ealth. What are the pla"ues that "et unleashedH But o% !ontrol ra"e, an"er, en+y, "reed, Eealousy, sexuality, "amblin", promis!uity, al!ohol and dru" addi!tion, insatiable appetites %or %ood, sex, porno"raphy, insane ris- ta-in", et!. As you !an obser+e the settin" and pursuit o% your dreams, "oals and aspirations is indeed a t&o ed"ed s&ord. 9 ENIN: AND9RA;S B9< IS ART 9? T@E A9(RNE=

Ba!- &hen 0 &as .3 years old 0 read a boo- by Emile Coue that explained the po&er o% -no&led"e and the se!rets o% "ettin" -no&led"e, that "ettin" -no&led"e &as the basis o% all &ealth and po&er. This boo- laid out a step by step plan o% ho& to attain and "et &hate+er you &anted in li%e F the se!ret &asI "et the -no&led"e and -no& ho&. The se!ret plan &as idiot simple, it &as# E+ery day, in e+ery &ay, 0 am "ettin" better and better. My "oal &as simple# TB JET 4*BW9E7JE. My plan &as idiot simple# Ea!h day, in e+ery &ay, 0 &ould "et better and better. @or se+eral years my li%e and sel% "re& steadily better, my -no&led"e o% li%e "ot better and better and more and more F it &as a sel% %ul%illin" !y!le. The more -no&led"e 0 "ot the more -no&led"e 0 !ould "et. Then at a"e (/ a stran"e, terri%yin", &eird set o% o!!urren!es happened to me in the pursuit and Eourney to attain my 7reams, Joals and Aspirations. My 7reams, Joals and Aspirations &ere shan"haied F !onse?uently so &as 0. 0t did not happen o+erni"ht, it too- many, many years. 1o& it happened &as so subtle that 0 &as not a&are o% it ta-in" pla!e %or a !onsiderable time. What &as &orse 0 had so mu!h time, e%%ort, money and li%e %or!e parti!les in+ested in the trap, 0 did not see ho& 0 !ould es!ape the trap 0 had "otten my sel% into. 6et, this may be the most +aluable lesson 0 e+er had, thou"h it has ta-en most o% my li%e to undo its rami%i!ations. 1ope%ully be!ause o% &hat 0 dis!o+ered and ho& it &as done F it !an help you dod"e the sedu!tion, traps and pit%alls. 0t is a Eourney o% ho& my o&n ambitions, 2"reed5 !ompetiti+eness 2en+y5 and desperations 2Eealousies5 to su!!eed led me to be blind sided into "i+in" my po&er, ener"y and intelli"en!e to the un-no&n dar- side. Perhaps "ood thin"s !ome %rom nar!isisti! or e+il intentionsKK&ars o%ten de+elop "reat bene%its %or pea!e, thin"s used to destroy thin"s lead to instruments to !reate "reat ideas and "reat bene%its to man-ind. Bne o% my basi! problems &as all my li%e 0 ha+e had a tremendous amount o% ener"y F ener"y that needed positi+e outlets. 9u!-ily 0 &as able to !orral my ener"y and dire!t it in a positi+e manner F but be%ore 0 did, my boundless ener"y led me into se+eral near disastrous situations. 1BW T1B3SA*7S B@ M6 @80E*7S, ASSBC0ATES A*7 0 WE8E 73PE7 B6 A *A8CC0S0ST

0n the intense pursuit o% my 7reams, Joals and Aspirations 0 needed desperately to de+elop a &ay to role play my a!tions. 'ust as 0 had learned ho& to be a pro%essional %ootball player F 0 needed li%e s-ills to su!!ess%ully inter relate &ith others in business and personal relationships. 0t &as in this intense sear!h %or these s-ills that 0 !ame a!ross S!ientolo"y. 9 8on 1ubbard in his early boo- 7ianeti!s &rote# )Ac"nowledgment is made to fifty thousand years of thin"ing men without whose speculations and obser!ations the creation and construction of *ianetics would not ha!e been possible. +redit in particular is due to, )Anaxagoras Thomas Paine Aristotle Thomas -efferson %ocrates .en/ *escartes Plato -ames +ler" Maxwell Euclid +harcot 0ucretius Herbert %pencer .oger 1acon 2illiam -ames $rancis 1acon %igmund $reud (saac 3ewton !an 0eeuwenhoe" +mdr. -oseph Thompson 4M+5 6%3 2illiam A. 2hite 7oltaire 2ill *urant +ount Alfred 8or9ybs"i and my instructors in atomic and molecular phenomena mathematics and the humanities at :eorge 2ashington 6ni!ersity and at Princeton.; With this a!-no&led"ement 0 belie+ed 0 &as Eoinin" a "roup dedi!ated to e+ol+in" man-indGs -no&led"e and s-ills. 0 studied %or a %e& months in Melbourne, Australia .,L. .,L(, and &ent in Au"ust, .,L( to Saint 1ill, En"land to study &ith 9. 8on 1ubbard. 0t &as at Saint 1ill that 0 met .00Gs o% students that had helped o+er the pre!edin" .( years de+elop the exer!ises, drills and pro!edures o% 1ubbardGs &or-. 0 ?ui!-ly rose in the ran-s to be!ome one o% the leadin" resear!hers and deli+erers o% the Te!hnolo"y under de+elopment. 0t &as an ex!itin" time sharin" the resear!h &ith these dedi!ated people as &ell as learnin" ho& the di%%erent parts o% the Te!hnolo"y had !ome into bein", &ho had ori"inated it, &here they had "ot their ideas %rom ori"inally. There 0 &as at the tender a"e o% (<, in .,L( it &as my pri+ile"e and honor to meet, &or- &ith and share &ith master%ul top pro!essors, trainers and !oa!hes in the &orld. There &ere ;< o% these masters attendin" Saint 1ill at that time, they !ame %rom many %ields.

Post #2 200*010+-151+ Pandora's (o) Part 2
What &as so &onder%ul about these masters &as their &illin"ness to %reely share their ne& dis!o+eries &ith ea!h other. Bet&een us ea!h had in ex!ess o% <,000 !lients. This &as ?uite a +ast underta-in", more "rassroots than anythin" else. Ea!h o% the ;< masters probably spent se+eral millions o% dollars ea!h, o+er the years in their pursuit o% -no&led"e, truth, study, trainin", !oa!hin", pro!essin" and resear!h. What &as in play &as a "iant net&or- o% +ery dedi!ated, on purpose team "radiently dis!o+erin" the se!rets o% ho& to unlo!- the truth and -no&led"e o% our spiritual, mental and human potential. We !an estimate that se+eral .00Gs o% millions o% dollars has been in+ested to un!o+er their

-no&led"e and dis!o+eries. Most o% the masters &ere in their /0Gs in the be"innin" o% the .,L0Gs. Ma-e no mista-e, ea!h o% them &as a "iant, unbelie+able bra+e, in!redibly persistent, thorou"hly dedi!ated. They ea!h pursued their "oal &ith a passion and Ceal that lasted e+ery &or-in" moment o% their li%e 2e+en their sleep moments, most li-ely5. Any maEor dis!o+eries &ould be shared by the team. Sadly to say, today almost all o% that team has died. Mu!h o% their in!redible &isdom and -no&led"e &ent &ith them. 9u!-ily, &e ha+e almost all their se!rets and -no&led"e &hi!h they so %reely shared. The team o% masters !onsisted o% a %ormer priest, ( %ormer rabbiGs, ( %ormer Buddhist mon-s, se+eral ministers o% other reli"ions, ( pro%essors, ( C.E.B o% @ortune <00 !ompanies, ( &riters, se+eral tea!hers, se+eral !hampion athletes, ( a!tors, ( %ashion models and se+eral top musi!ians. 'a!- 1orner a %ormer a!tor dis!o+ered and de+eloped the Mrepetiti+e pro!ess pro!eduresG, it toohim ) years to %ully pro+e out this pro!edure, testin" it o+er se+eral thousand !lient hours F millions o% dollars &ere spent by these !lients F yet &e !an tea!h a person ho& to do this in a !ouple o% hours. Jordon Bell in early .,L3 dis!o+ered the subEe!t o% by passed !har"e and &here it stemmed %rom, he also put to"ether the material that is -no&n as the "rades. 0 had dinner &ith Jordon Bell that e+enin" in durin" &hi!h he shared &ith me his dis!o+eries. @rom those dis!o+eries 0 de+eloped the %irst Corre!tion 9ists. 9ist . &as desi"ned to handle 3PSETS !aused by by passed !har"e. The se!ond 9ist be!ame 9ist /. The purpose o% &hi!h &as to handle by passed !har"e !aused by &ron" ans&ers and &ron" items. Another dis!o+ery 0 ori"inated &as the Jood and Bad 0ndi!ators F these indi!ators stemmed %rom my studies o% the Sto!- Mar-et. Many other students !ontributed to this in!ludin" 1ubbard. A+a and Charles Berner, pro%essors o% En"lish dis!o+ered and de+eloped mu!h o% the study te!hnolo"y &e use, they had spent almost /0 years ea!h in their resear!h F resear!h that had spanned many o% the %oremost edu!ators do&n throu"h time &e tea!h &hat they dis!o+ered in 3 &ee-s. 8i!hard Stee+es, 'an and 8i!hard 1alpern dis!o+ered and de+eloped the pro!edures that are the %orerunners o% our SP0EP08 te!hnolo"y. This te!hnolo"y has been in de+elopment %or <( years F .00Gs o% thousand o% hours and millions o% dollars ha+e been spent de+elopin" these pro!edures F &e tea!h ho& to do it in a %e& days. 1ubbardGs son 9. 8on 1ubbard 'r., de+eloped the %orerunner to our Presen!e drills, these &ere ta-en %rom Buddhist Meditatin" Exer!ises that &ere (000 years old. Possibly their "reatest po&er and in%luen!e !ame in !onEun!tion &ith their &isdom, -no&led"e and -no& ho& &as their immensely in%luential dire!t net&or-s. Almost all o% these prime mo+ers and sha-ers o+er the last <0 years &ere !onne!ted to re!ei+in" !oa!hin" and pro!essin" either dire!tly or indire!tly %rom these masters. 0t must be understood that these masters &erenGt Eust masters in these %ields but in other %ields as &ell. They &ere philosophers in the %ullest sense.

Philosophers study li%e and all the aspe!ts o% li%e. A true philosopher has not only studied li%e but has li+ed li%e to its %ullest.

Post #$ 200*010+-152$ Pandora's (o) Part $
9i+in" li%e is not Eust the understandin" o% &ords or arti!ulation o% &ords but it is a!tion o% li+in", the a!tion o% relationship, the a!tion o% a!tion, the result by rea!tion to an a!tion. 0t is -no&led"e applied. The more a!!urate the -no&led"e, the more a!!urate the a!tion. The more a!!urate the a!tion, the more su!!ess%ul the out!ome, the more su!!ess%ul and happy is the appli!ant. Ea!h o% these masters under&ent in!redible atta!-s, in!redible attempts to destroy their !redibility, ridi!ule and !ontinuous attempts to destroy their li+elihood. Almost all these masters toiled in anonymity. 0t &as a &or- in pro!ess. Ea!h -ne& they had %ound pie!es o% the puCCle. Ea!h -ne& they &ere +ery !lose to "ettin" the entire puCCle sol+ed. Almost all o% these prime mo+ers and sha-ers o+er the last <0 years &ere !onne!ted to re!ei+in" !oa!hin" and pro!essin" either dire!tly or indire!tly %rom these masters. 0t must be understood that these masters &erenGt Eust masters in these %ields but in other %ields as &ell. They &ere philosophers in the %ullest sense. Philosophers study li%e and all the aspe!ts o% li%e. A true philosopher has not only studied li%e but has li+ed li%e to its %ullest. 9i+in" li%e is not Eust the understandin" o% &ords or arti!ulation o% &ords but it is a!tion o% li+in", the a!tion o% relationship, the a!tion o% a!tion, the result by rea!tion to an a!tion. 0t is -no&led"e applied. The more a!!urate the -no&led"e, the more a!!urate the a!tion. The more a!!urate the a!tion, the more su!!ess%ul the out!ome, the more su!!ess%ul and happy is the appli!ant. Ea!h o% these masters under&ent in!redible atta!-s, in!redible attempts to destroy their !redibility, ridi!ule and !ontinuous attempts to destroy their li+elihood. Almost all these masters toiled in anonymity. 0t &as a &or- in pro!ess. Ea!h -ne& they had %ound pie!es o% the puCCle. Ea!h -ne& they &ere +ery !lose to "ettin" the entire puCCle sol+ed. The !ommon denominator o% these masters &as their lo+e o% people, lo+e o% -no&led"e, lo+e o% study, lo+e o% appli!ation and lo+e o% helpin" people "et better. The "reatest loss &as their inability to %ind students o% their same le+el o% dedi!ation. The bi""est -iller o% their &ays o% li%e F their students &ould "et pie!es o% the -no&led"e and thin- that had all the ans&ers. Conse?uently, they !ouldnGt %ind anybody to !arry on their &or-. They only as-ed %our thin"s o% their studentsI to study, to pra!ti!e, to !oa!h and pro!ess others. Bet&een them, they probably trained in a!!ess o% .0,000 potential applied philosophers and yet, %or some reason or another most o% these applied philosophers ha+e ?uit. Their "reatest betrayal !ame &hen 9. 8on 1ubbard stated in a nar!issisti! Poli!y letter, 4eepin" S!ientolo"y Wor-in", dated ) @ebruary, .,L<, that he and only he dis!o+ered the exer!ises, drills and pro!edures.

At the time thou"h &e &ere sho!-ed by this Poli!y 9etter, but at least the tapes, boo-s and bulletins still had their a!-no&led"ements o% the di%%erent dis!o+erers o% the exer!ises, drills and pro!edures. Sadly, o+er the next (0 years all mention o% these ori"inators and sour!es &ere erased by 1ubbardGs people &ho also set about attemptin" to destroy their reputations, this &as done by %alse a!!usations, +ili%i!ation and %alse destru!ti+e stories about them. 9N T@E S@9(>DERS 9? :IANTS All o% us -ne& that &e &ere &al-in" on the shoulders o% "iants and that most o% the -no&led"e and &isdom &e studied &as more than (000 years old. A lot o% the -no&led"e had been lost but has no& been redis!o+ered. Jiants su!h as Con%u!ius, Buddha, 'esus, So!rates, Plato, and Aristotle span many thousands o% years. Mu!h o% their -no&led"e and appli!ation has pro+en to &or- %or thousands o% years and are the !ornerstones %or most bran!hes o% todayGs edu!ation. Plato &as a student o% So!rates. Aristotle &as a student o% Plato and So!rates, he is !onsidered possibly the "reatest Tea!hers$Mentor$Coa!h in history, and one o% his students &as Alexander the Jreat. Con%u!ius !ould be said to be the @ather o% study. @or he is belie+ed to be the %irst pro%essional adult edu!ation tea!her and li+ed <). BC. The %irst !ourse Con%u!ius tau"ht &as NThe Study o% StudyO. NA modern s!holar o% Con%u!ianism, Tu Mei Win", des!ribes Con%u!ian spirituality as an attempt to li+e the Mandate o% 1ea+en in ea!h moment o% daily, ordinary li%e, and to thereby be!ome !o !reators o% the &orld more spe!i%i!ally a utopian &orld o% harmony and pea!e. Tu illustrates the Con%u!ius tau"ht relationships bet&een 1ea+en and Earth as a series o% !on!entri! !ir!les. B9NBENTRIB BIRB>ES At the !enter is humanity indi+idual sel+es &hose tas- is to !ontinually "ro& in their ability to li+e the Mandate o% 1ea+en, or the Way, the Tao. This in+ol+es sel% dis!ipline and learnin". The sel% is al&ays e+ol+in", or "ro&in"# the sel% is trans%ormation. The !ir!le o% the sel% is embedded &ithin the !ir!le o% the !ommunity the &eb o% relations &hi!h are the !ontext %or human li+in" and the +ehi!le %or sel% trans%ormation. The !ommunity is embedded &ithin the physi!al &orld stu%% &e are made o%. nature &hi!h is both our home and the

@inally, nature is embedded &ithin the realm o% hea+en, and the &ay o% hea+en the Mandate o%


is the ultimate sour!e o% human mo+ement to&ard hea+en.

9i-e a ma"net pullin" "ently, the Mandate o% 1ea+en is &hat spar-s our "ro&th and a!tion. Con%u!iusG proEe!t &as to tea!h people, or to remind them o% the nature o% their relatedness to hea+en, and so to all others, and to the earth. Althou"h Con%u!ianism is &idely re"arded as a Mnon reli"iousG philosophy, Con%u!ius understood himsel% to be !arryin" out a di+inely ordained tas-. Throu"h his tea!hin", he hoped to brin" hea+en to earth, &hi!h meant to establish the &ay o% hea+en as the &ay o% human li+in" a &ay o% harmony and pea!e.O 2'ill 4. M!Allister.5 What is amaCin" about all these philosophers is they -ne& ea!h person &as uni?ue and &hat &as ri"ht %or some &as not ri"ht %or others. The other !ommon denominator about all these "reat philosophers isI they tau"ht the attributes o% Jod, the Supreme Bein". The !ommon denominator o% their tea!hin"s &as to brin" their students !loser to Jod. The pursuit o% truth &as the senior o+erridin" "oal. The prime end produ!t o% edu!ation &as to brin" more truth on a subEe!t &hi!h leads to a better person, a better !i+iliCation. Almost all o% these "reat philosophers &ere +ili%ied by those in po&er at that time. 0n many !ases the dis!o+eries lead to their death, as &ell as the death o% their %ollo&ers. @or the "reatest problem o% a ne& dis!o+ery is it o%ten ma-es those &ho are in po&er &ron". 9i%e has al&ays been some&hat !heap on planet earth. The pursuit o% -no&led"e and &isdom o%ten led to a personGs demise. Plus the pursuit o% truth and -no&led"e !ould be haCardous to your health and &ell bein". 0t should also be noted that nearly all o% these "reat philosophers &ere omni so+erei"n bein"s. 7e%inition# BM*0 SBPE8E0J*T6# The ability to be so+erei"n and omni so+erei"n &hi!h in!ludes bein" &illin" to be responsible %or !o !reatin" &ith and helpin" others rea!h and maintain their so+erei"nty and omni so+erei"nty. This in!ludes bein" &illin" to be omni responsible %or all sides o% any "ame and the positi+e players and ne"ati+e opposition that are part o% all "ames o% li%e. 7e%inition# SBPE8E0J*T6# The state o% bein" able to be the o&ner or supreme po&er !apable o% !reatin", o&nin" and bein" the !ontroller o% your o&n spa!e, o&n time, o&n ener"y, o&n produ!tion, o&n produ!ts, o&n obEe!ts, o&n subEe!ts and o&n uni+erse. Total so+erei"nty o+er oneGs o&n uni+erse &ould in!lude the ability to span and permeate the spe!trums o% the mood s!ale, but &ould also in!lude the ability to naturally emanate lo+e, &armth, positi+eness, +alidation, appre!iation, -no&led"e, truth, trust, honesty and, abo+e all, the ability to honor oneGs o&n Standards, Codes, Pirtues, 0nte"rity, and Prin!iples. 0 am no& ). years oldI 0 ha+e spent the last 30 years "ettin" my o&n dreams, "oals, ideas, aspirations, so+erei"nty and some omni so+erei"nty ba!-.

0 ha+e helped 20 hope5 &ith the help o% many others to %ree almost /0,000 people %rom the 1ubbardian trap. 0 expe!t to be +ili%ied, %alsely a!!used and harassed by 1ubbardGs people. As they ha+e done !ontinuously in the pastI spendin" as mu!h as Q.,(00,000 a year in %ees to pri+ate in+esti"ators. But e+en that made me stron"er, "a+e me more -no&led"e. 0t led me to ma-e %riends &ith lo!al la& en%or!ement o%%i!ers, the @B0, the 08S, the +arious State Attorney Jenerals B%%i!es and +arious other "o+ernment a"en!ies. These are o%ten the type o% pri!e one pays in the attempt to %ollo& ones dreams and "oals.

Post #5 200*010*-0+12
0n this &rite up you don>t mention mu!h about 1ubbard>s !ontributions. Could you tell us moreH 0 &ould li-e to unsubmer"e the rest o% the !ontributors to the Te!h. As you !an obser+e there has been a tremendous amount o% team&or- to e+ol+e the Te!h o+er a lon" period o% time. 0t is important to run out the earlier Te!hs, as they &ill stall a persons !ase "ain Eust as mu!h as a bad S!io session &ill. Trainin" and pro!essin" has been around %or a +ery, +ery, +ery lon" time. A%ter all on!e upon a time &e mana"ed to !o exist.......all ruds %or all times in all uni+erses need to be in to do that. S!io is Eust a lo!- in!ident in relation to the +ast history o% trainin" and pro!essin" that exists earlier. 8unnin" out the then S!io>s or their e?ui+alents produ!es amaCin" insi"hts and "ains. There are the &ho>s and there are the &or-able pro!esses.....apples and oran"es. 0 &ished you had as-ed me to tell you more about 1orner, Bell, *ibs 1ubbard or Chu!Berner.......981 you ha+e heard plenty o%... Alan

Post #, 200*010*-1,0* -ibs
0>d lo+e to hear more about *ibsDD What &as he li-eH 7id he understand the te!h at allH 7id you &or- &ith himH Emma, *ibs &or-ed %or me %or se+eral months in .,L,.

1e &as a brilliant man. 1e truly understood the basi!s o% the Te!h. But, on the subEe!t o% 981 he &as psy!hoti!. 1e had reasons to be. 1is %eud &ith 981 basi!ally stemmed %rom 981 trappin" him in S!io. *ibs stated to me all he &anted to do &as "et some li%e experien!e as he had been trapped in S!io., sin!e he &as a !hild. This so enra"ed 981 that he set about destroyin" *ibs> li%e.....*ibs &as tou"h he %ou"ht ba!-.......981 ne+er %or"a+e him. *ibs Eust &anted to be so+erei" !har"e o% his o&n li%e, his o&n dreams, his o&n %uture, his o&n spa!e, his o&n ener"y and his o&n obEe!ts. 2Whi!h are part o% the basi! "oals o% S!io# The restoration o% a bein"s o&n sel% determinism.5 Ruentin poor "uy had the same PTP. A tra"edy really. Alan

Post #11 200*0108-0054 .huck and /#a (erner created !tud Tech
Bne o% the most di%%i!ult thin"s to do is report a!!urately. @or example# 0 and se+eral other S!io>s had dinner &ith Chu!- and A+a Berner at the @orrest 8o& 1otel, it &as 'une .,L/, the ni"ht be%ore Chu!- and A+a &ere to meet &ith 981 to "o o+er this ne& dis!o+ery they made to do &ith study. We &ere all enthralled &ith &hat they had dis!o+ered. 0ma"ine the sho!- &e had &hen 981 told us in a the le!ture that ni"ht that he had made a momentous dis!o+ery in the %ield o% study. The data he "a+e &as almost &ord %or &ord &ith &hat the Berners had dis!ussed &ith us the pre+ious ni"ht. There &as no mention o% the Berners &ho &ere in the audien!e. They &ere de+astated. What made me si!- &as 0 made 981 ri"ht to do this......0 did not support the Berners.....0 simply &ent else&here. 0 put my o&n sur+i+al abo+e my honor......&hat a pri!e 0 &as to pay %or that.

*ot only me but all o% us.......%or 0 belie+e that is the moment that 981 &ent to the dar- side. That &as also the last real le!ture on JPM>s. 0t ended mid le!ture abruptly then he %lipped and be"an to tal- about the study te!h. 0 realiCe 981 &as di!hotomous, but so are &e all....that is &hat the JPM Te!h &as supposed to handle. Alan

Post #14 200*010,-1+$5 -ibs - 0uentin
Why did *ibs re!antH 7o you -no& the !ir!umstan!es behind thisH 7id you meet RuentinH @rom all reports he &as a "entle soul althou"h !ompletely unhappy. What is your opinion o% his deathH Murder, sui!ide, a!!identH *ibs re!anted in an e%%ort to heal the brea!h bet&een him and 981. 6es, 0 -ne& Ruentin ?uite &ell. 1e audited me a %e& times......+ery badly 0 mi"ht add. 1e Eust did not &ant to be there.....he &as trapped into doin" somethin" he did not &ant to do. 1e &anted to be a pilot. Murder, sui!ideH 0 don>t honestly -no&. 1e had attempted to !ommit sui!ide be%ore on the ship. Alan

Post #$2 20080101-0+$, !-P-I-1-P-I-2
S P 0 E P 0 8 is the a!ronym %or Spirit Per!ei+e 0ntend En+ision Plan 0mplement 8esult. 0 %ound that the maEority o% !lients either &ere exterior or &ent exterior +ery ?ui!-ly most ha+e had an As!ension Experien!e at some time or another. Conse?uently they need a series o% obEe!ti+e pro!esses that &ould allo& them to operate exterior. BbEe!ti+es run exterior are possibly the most po&er%ul upper le+el pro!esses that 0 -no& o%. The reason %or this is they parallel li%e a!tions ma-in" li%e a risin" s!ale pro!ess. Spirit Per!ei+e 0ntend En+ision Plan 0mplement 8esult is the ability se?uen!e that ea!h bein" "oes throu"h in any li%e se?uen!e.....%rom the simple a!tion o% "oin" shoppin" a bein" %ollo&s this !y!le F i.e.I 6ou per!ei+e you are out o% mil- you intend to "et some mil- you en+ision "ettin" in your !ar, dri+in" to the store and "ettin" mil- you de!ide to do it no& 2a plan5

you implement the plan "et in your !ar, "o to the store, pur!hase the mil-, dri+e home result you no& ha+e mil-. Alan

Post #42 20080$0,-052, .orrection 3ists designed to ke out (P.
0s Jordon still ali+eH Jordon is still ali+e in 3tahD 1e &as and still is a truly amaCin" person. 0s there more you !an tell us o% other>s !ontibutionsH This is important %or %alse data strippin" 4SW 7id you ha+e !ontributions to S!ientolo"y te!h that are part o% S!ientolo"yH 0 -no& you de+eloped your o&n te!h a%ter lea+in". 6es, 0 ori"inated the 9o!ate and 0ndi!ate Te!h and the Corre!tion 9ist Te!h. The .st one &as 9/. 9ist Corre!tions. The (nd &as 9. A8C Brea- 1andlin". @rom those !ame the other Corre!tion 9ists. The JPM Te!h &as %ailin" on almost "ot so bad that o%ten on a Monday mornin" ,0S o% the students in the T unit &ere home in bed si!- or in hospital. Poor old 1erbie and 8e" Sharpe had to "o around to the hospitals and houses to re!o+er them. 0 &as %inished &ith my !he!- sheets so 0 o%%ered to !lean up all the %ailin" auditin" room &as the Aboiler roomA e+ery day 0 &ould ha+e lines o% people needin" sessions.......some un!ons!ious, 2they used to put them in a &heel barro& to brin" them to me.5 0t &as durin" this time 2/< years a"o5 0 !reated the !orre!tion 9ists.....9/ %irst and 9. se!ond. 0 "ot so a!!omplished at %ixin" !ases that it rarely too- me more that .0 mins to "et the !lient>s indi!ators ba!- in and their !ase !ondition sorted out. 981 !ame by one day and sa& the line o% people &aitin" %or me to !lean them up e+en sa& a !ouple o% un!ons!ious people bein" brou"ht in a &heelbarro&. 1e as-ed me &hat 0 &as doin" 0 told him "a+e him my Corre!tion 9ists hatted him on ho& to do it the rest is history. Ethi!s or Rual also did not exist in those days. The %a!t is Corre!tion 9ists do not handle !har"e they are desi"ned to lo!ate the by passed !har"e and -ey it out.

The !har"e is le%t behind. Alan

Post #4, 20080414-0508 /lan's research team
0 use a team o% <,000U in the !hair hour !o dis!o+erers that are Bri"inal S1SBC>s and Bri"inal Class P000>s and hi"her &ho ha+e also C$Sed .00,000>s o% people to help ?ual and double !he!- the material &e issue. We ha+e lost a %e& o+er the last < years due to old a"e......and the stress o% &hat &e>+e been throu"h. At one sta"e &e had rou"hly more than <00 years experien!e amon"st oursel+es. 0 also ha+e "reat team o% students, !oa!hes and pro!essors that also !ontribute to our e+olution. We>+e -ept thin"s pretty !on%idential due to the %ormer and present hi"h pro%iles o% many o% these people. Alan

Post #51 20080414-140$ /lan's research team #2
The addition o% 3 Buddhist mon-s 230U years ea!h, this li%etime experien!e5, a .0 7an Ai-ido Master 2&ith <L years o% pro!essin" experien!e5, 3 leadin" ed"e best sellin" authors 2( &ith *ational TP sho&s5, a Mormon Bishop, ( Christian Ministers 2&ho rea!hed more than .,000.000 people last year5 all o% &hom are "reat students o% their o&n %ields numerous pro%essional athletes adds +ast resear!h !apabilities and -no& ho& as to ori"inal sour!e materials. When you Eust %ollo& the interest lines and "oals lines o% these types o% -no&led"e see-ers &ithout e+aluations or in+alidations you re!onne!t to and in!lude a tremendous amount o% %ormally dis!onne!ted &isdom and restore some +ery &or-able material and methodolo"y. Alan

Post #5$ 20080414-1500
'esus, that>s some -i!- ass talent you>re &or-in" &ith there 'ust don>t "o &ritin" any 4eepin" 4no&led"ism Wor-in" poli!y, or my disillusionment &ill -i!- in yet a"ain. 0 -inda ble& my AJuru only oneA status by namin" all those early !ontributors to the te!h. Also it is ob+ious that this type o% te!h &ill !ontinue to e+ol+e o+er the years as the di%%erent s!ien!es dis!o+er more. Truth is truth, doesn>t really matter &here you %ind it. Mu!h o% &hat 0 ha+e &ritten is %airly spe!ulati+e true to some but not true to others. Alan

B% the 3 *e& 6or. She opened her box ?uite o%ten. no& -no&n as the Penerable TenCin 4a!ho sin!e bein" ordained as a mon. ( Christian Ministers 2&ho rea!hed more than .0205-0542 4ordon (ell #7 To -no& Jordon is to lo+e him and !elebrate li%e &ith himD 0>+e &ritten a %air bit about Jordon Eust do Sear!h JB87B* BE99 1e is one o% my oldest and dearest o% and "i+ea&ay ri!h brother ri!h sister Emi 4iyosa-i. 3 leadin" ed"e best sellin" authors 2( &ith *ational TP sho&s5....0204-014+ /lan's research team #$ There &as a C$S at @C7C on!e named Pandora.5 Alan Post #+2 200.X Alan Post #.!om$user$33<0.Post #5. The 1is 1oliness the 7alai 9ama. 2She is one o% the 3 mon-s..!om$boo.000 people last year5 all o% &hom are "reat students o% their o&n %ields numerous pro%essional athletes adds +ast resear!h !apabilities and -no& ho& as to ori"inal sour!e materials. http#$$&&&.6 0 %ound &here 981 most li-ely "ot the %rame & ChapelTibet. WE7# 1e posted on ESMB as Mysti!.and sour!e %or Ethi!s and the @EBC Tough Minded Management boo-s be"an in early L0>sD .&isebread. a . 1o& ex!itin"D Almost ( years ha+e "one by sin!e 0 &rote PA*7B8AS BBV and the presen!e time addition o% 3 Buddhist mon-s 230U years ea!h. 1is ni!. 200.0 200. 1ere is a des!ription o% one o% .Times Best seller Authors ( ha+e ha+e produ!ed ( more best sellers. a Mormon Bishop. else&here as 7ruid.ich %ister.ich 1rother ' . Both 8obert and his sister the Penerable TenCin 4a!ho spent almost ( years runnin" AE>s and James Matrix Te!h. There has been se+eral momentous e+ents.0 7an Ai-ido Master 2&ith <L years o% pro!essin" experien!e5. http#$$&&&.%ubar.000..021$-052$ The source "or 1thics and the 51(. this li%etime experien!e5.

"2e" being the %t. *ruid.!om$exit$bypassed!har"e. *ruid. *ruid. 1ut 1lubbard couldn't stand it.0)). ABypassed Char"eA &as not in+ented or dis!o+ered by hubbard 0nter+ie& &ith Jordon Bell on 08C !hat.lermanet. *ruid. oh gawhd goes bac" to %t.H was ? either stoned on cocaine or his own e!il. >0.0214-1$42 4ordon (ell tells /lan about (P. was Aust a shade proAection from the lower astral dar"ness. <. "(t's Aust by'passed charge from my own goals. and finally ( tells ol' Herbie. li"e ( was ready to ta"e Herbie Par"house and 1lubbard both on. and he was doing a terrible Aob of it. Are you serious= @ou came up with "bypassed charge"= *ruid. Bri"inally Posted by Emma 1ey 7ruid.htm That &as me 2Arnie has blo!-ed out the other names in his trans!ript5 &ho as-ed you about any stories you had o% 1ubbard. and ( told him about by'passed charge. in physical battle. *o you ha!e any 0. (t dro!e him bon"ers to thin" that a "thetan" might find hisDher own goals > and ? run the charge off of them *ruid.LX Post #10* 200. anyhow ( was "handling" myself.amaCon. %o the concept of auditing goals became implants= (n!erse. *ruid.Whttp#$$&&&. 2hat do you mean he stopped it all= *ruid. *ruid. *ruid. Hill at the time *ruid.!om$Tou"h Minded Mana"ement Juide Mana"ers Their$dp$0//. . *ruid. yeah 1lubbard stole the idea of "bypassed frigg'n charge" from me. and changed the whole line to "implants" <. Hill in the early BCs when we were "researching" the illusion called "goals". do you remember this !on+ersation on 08CH http#$$&&&. As far as ('!e since been able to gro" 1lubbard wasn't e!en a freewill spiritual being. so he stopped it allE Arnie. How did you come up with it= 2hat made you thin" of that term= *ruid. *ruid. *ruid." *ruid. @es ( came up with so'called "bypassed charge" <. *ruid.H stories to tell= *ruid. *ruid. physicallyE *ruid. and at that herbie who was the auditing super!isor at %t. Hill students.. 2e were doing rather well too. damn druid you ne!er told me that *ruid. and become more powerful than 1lubbardEEE *ruid. he is usin" the ni!-name Y7ruidZ <. well ( protested fuc"ing 0&6*0@EEEEE *ruid. lol <. 0&0. *ruid. *ruid. 2ell it became Herbie's Aob to "handle" me. suddenly shut up and listened.

( should ha!e copyrighted it on the spotEEE *ruid. *ruid. *a!id Mayo in!ented 3&T%. and ('d wonder 2hat in the world is he doing in there= *ruid.*ruid. *ruid. *ruid. *ruid. next thing you "now "by'passed charge" auditing is introduced. $orget what they were. @eah. <. <.. *ruid. Tell me. 1lubbard introduced his cocaine'in!ented "Helatrobus (mplants". a spiritual lo!e affair. *ruid. (nteresting story *ruid. *ruid. ( thin" alan did all the auditing by lists carrying on. *ruid. *ruid. *ruid. ( tried hard to be a true belie!er. and ( "new ( had not e!en scratched the surface of true spirit. 2ell ( did the whole entire goddamn worthless ass so'called 'bridge'. %o you fellas go bac" a feeer piece. @es and see"ing to li!e with an attitude of lo!e. 2ell i had a humungous spiritual re!elation about FF years ago and ha!e ne!er been the same since. 2ell ( had seen statues and pics of The 1uddha off and on and he was always in meditation < St 1ill o%%ered to !lean up A99 the %ailed BC students 0 !hose the Boiler 8oom to do it. anyhow Herbie writes all this down and runs off to his puppetmaster The 1lubbard *ruid. <. 0 told no one &hat 0 &as doin" 2to be honest 0 did not -no& ho& to arti!ulate it5 but %rom those a!tions the Bri"inal 9. Arnie ( met druid in FGBH <. *ruid. .those 9ists and and issued the 9. <.li"e e!eryone else. and 9/ !ame into existen!e these lists &ere desi"ned to handle BPC not Char"e. ( am more ancient than the Ancient of *ays. *ruid. *ust is a baby compared to my age. *ruid. *ruid. * his !rypt he too. and ( "now of another technology called "meditation" *ruid. Arnie and ( ha!e a 'thing'. There were some other in!entions i came up with too. 2ell ( !ery succeeded in being a true pretender.At least you'!e maintained a sense of humor about it all. ThatE was the most spiritually correct thing i e!er did up to that time. @es ( "new that. ( had no withdrawal pains from the cult. ( first touched the scienoturds in FGIB. @es therein lies the catch. *ruid. and 9/ !orre!tion lists as his ori"inations. *ruid. %o ( sat down and started doing what ( thought he as doing. Alan 2alters did a whole mess of stuff. *ruid. -ohn McMaster put the +learing +ourse together. 1eautiful. <. The day Mysti! dis!o+ered the BPC Te!h he and 0 had lun!h at @ortes he told me o% his dis!o+eriesD That A%ternoon 0 &ent ba!. B%ten people &ould start a line outside the boiler room a %e& &ould be in &heelbarro&s a %e& days later 981 &as standin" there he &anted to -no& &hat &as "oin" on 0 told him he as-ed me %or a !opy o% &hat 0 did he rushed ba!. 3either did ( except wondering what might happen with my children in the future. *ruid.

.. and then restartin" &ith the re+ised pro!edure aauu"hhD Any&ay. auditor totally sho!-ed.brea-. %ol-s did need &heelbarro&s and stret!hers to "et mo+ed about at times. 0 &as %eelin" totally !rushed and on the +er"e o% "oin" un!ons!ious 2one session 0 did a!tually "o out.0214-2045 Wheelbarro8s not an e)aggeration Bri"inally Posted by 8o"erB They &ere a!tually rather rou"h days. and that>s be!ause o% the %aint dim hope that you>ll di" me out o% thisDA So. those &ere not the "ood ol> daysD 8o"er . 0 &as leanin" a!ross the pro!essor>s table %or support and 0 loo-ed up at him throu"h the one eye 0 !ould open and said to him.Alan Post #115 200. . . ummm.54 327 disco#ers (P.L3 0 &as bein" audited on Ao&n JoalsA and JPMs 2pro!ess !alled 3M5 . &hen &e !ould mana"e to "et that e"o bloated red headed turd out o% the &ay. the meter beha+ed in some &eird manner that %ixed his attention su!h that he &as starin" &ide eyed at it totally %or"ettin" about pooooor me 5 any&ay. When the lists &ent out . and this &as be%ore the !orre!tion lists &ere in+ented$issued. 200. 0 &as %eelin" soooo rotten. alri"ht. auditor puttin" in a ?ui!. Bri"inally Posted by Mysti! Bh Alan this is 109A80B3SD 0 didn>t -no& you &ere doin" all that. 1ey. spotted somethin" or other that exploded a&ay . belie+e it. . and out lists in those days &ere some&hat routine it produ!ed somethin" !alled Athe !rea-sA . . . the mass and %or!e o% the BPC &as so intense it pushed the body about. .0214-1. one day 0 &as sooooo massed up. At that moment in @ortes 0 "ot instantly &hat you had dis!o+ered 0 remember you and 1erbie tu!-ed a&ay in his o%%i!e 1erbie &ritin" do&n e+ery sin"le &ord you saidD T@AT NI:@T >R@ ISS(ED T@E B B B(>>ETIN AS @IS DISB9VER= 5 N9 MENTI9N 9R ABCN9D>ED:EMENT 9? =9(' Alan Post #11. AThere>s only one reason 0>m still in this bloody session. Bh yes. &o-e up. 0n early Mar!h o% . readin" the ne& issue$method o% runnin" the pro!ess. errr. &e !ould "et some really "ood s!hidt done. . and the body &ould "o A!reaeaea-AD The re"ular s!ene &as re+isions to the 8$7 bein" slipped under the auditin" room door.

0215-21$0 7ubbard's auditing Bri"inally Posted by Mysti! 0 ha+e seen 9.8o"D B%ten in those "rim days on a Monday mornin" on the ad+an!ed T unit in the Chapel there &ould be less than . 1erbie in his Mini Minor and 8e" in his E type 'a"D 0t &as bedlam rehabbedD Alan Post #12* 200. Sheesh. And &as a R [ A artist. 6ou.021*-0$1+ 1lron 1lra #2 Bri"inally Posted by Mysti! Bh. 1e &as not a +ery "ood auditor as his presen!e &as +ery la!-in". Captun Billie.021+-00$0 Bri"inally Posted by 7artSmohen Alan.Mysti! Con%ession time tell the 8on>s Br" %ol-s ho& you be!ame CB8>s s!ribe and &rote the %amous El8ay papersD 1o& it started and &hat they are studyin"D Post #142 200. Jordon &e &ere there &e "ot the shit -i!-ed out o% us %or tellin" the truth We don>t !laim per%e!tion Eust ho& it is or &as %or us at the time But &e !an !laim e+olutionD Post #1+$ 200. 0 thin. Alan. don>t youH 7art. Wron" auditin" se+eral times.and today &e &ould be mu!h !loser to the "odsD Post #1$$ 200. ho& !ome you -eep restimahlayt>n me to me ha%%ta thun. 8o".these people up.this pissed him o%% &hen he &ould see he &as surrounded by better auditors then he e+er !ame !lose to bein". ?uite &impish in %a!t.or in the lo!al hospital or at the airport about to %ly a&ay poor 1erbie and 8e" Sharpe had to "o pi!. 9i-e Challen"e. Most people do not realiCe &e obser+ed the ApretenderA in a!tion a!tually sa& se+eral o% his sessions bi" di%%eren!e as to &hat he said to do and &hat he didD 6et had there been truth &e !oulda made it &or. you do li-e thro&in" little bombs around.0215-2144 1lron 1lra B.0 people the other /0 or <0 &ould be home si!.>bout dis stu%%H . CB8.

This &as around the times the !heer!h &as bustin" up.. Alan. . Bh su!h borin" times. Peter and 6+onne brou"ht me into S!io e+en thou"h 0 ne+er met them until the S1SBC in . he &as &ritin" all this !hannelin" do&n and 0 &as an a!!omplished typist so 0 started typin" it all up into ni!e little se?uen!es o% ma!hine typed letters ma-in" &ords ma-in" senten!es ma-in" para"raphs and so on &ith the stru!ture o% our Aien"leesh lan"ua"e.0220-0515 Peter and 9#onne 4ilham BC &as the po&erhouse that built S!io Peter and 6+onne Jilham &ere t&o o% the most po&er%ul reasons &hy..All that @roCenTone !arryin" on. 1e made her li%e hell be!ause she &ould not sleep &ith him. li-e the time that @rederi!o thre& a !hair at Constantine durin" the 1elatrobus Bullshit daysH 9ets tel AllD We li+ed it let tell about itD Br the time Tony 7unlea+y and 8ay 4emp 2they &ere in session Tony &as the p! 8ay the pro!essor they started hittin" ea!h other o+er the idea one o% them had stole the others 80D Post #21+ 200. We &ere in AltadenaI that>s in stone !old bro-e Cali%ornia.0218-0214 E+en the name @ree Tone &as ripped o%% by CB8 When CB8 did the ElronElray bit &as in late . But CB8 thou"ht 981 &as deaded then lo and behold he &urn>t thus Elron Elray.L(. are &e "onna "et into all the madnesses at St. 981 and MS1 %ou"ht o+er 6+onne as 981 &as a%ter her sexually. And thus did 0 be-um Cap>n Bill>s s!ribe.3 The @ree Tone &as already established it in!luded se+eral 0ndependent Centers &e already had had a /<0 man protest mar!h do&n 981 Bl+d @or most o% us at that time it &as +ery !haoti! as &e had Eust "rabbed our li+es ba!We &ere doin" thin"s that %or us &ere in the realms o% un!harted and unmapped territoriesD #7 Alan Post #202 200. Post #18* 200.0218-0454 Bri"inally Posted by Mysti! B4. Well &e had a "roup there and some&here alon" the line Cap>n Bill sho&sT@ up and he>s !hannelin" 8on %rom the AM ShipA Well. et! any&ay "lad you &uC there !oC &e re!onne!ted. 1ill.. 9A County.

and 0 e+en li-ed the "uy5. 0 &asn>t Eust AA8C Bro-enA.. 0 &as pisse7. &e no. mi"hty e meter in hand.and 1erbie had no Ate!hA to handle it. 0 &as pissE7 pisSE7 piSSE7 p0SSE7 P0SSE7DDD 9i-e 0 &as one +ery indi"nantly an"ry little boy. Well. by this time &e &ere properly do!ile sheep. And by this point. and there &e &ere. 1erbie !ouldn>t stand it. Well B4. and then it !ame my turn.0220-2$5. Bri"inally Posted by Mysti! Well. &ay too mild. !he!-ed out e+en. *o no no. 1e mo+es Wally out o% the !hair and sits himsel% behind the ol> e meter and bein" PE86 asserti+e 2as 1erbie !ould be Ja&hd lo+e >im. epi! dis!o+ery o% By Passed Char"e. Bh &onder%ul.They built a massi+e %ield pra!ti!e that in turn be!ame the Mel Br". WE &ere those &ho had had our JBA9 %ound.. 0 made To @or"et 88 on my PC. reEoi!e. theta shatterin". that>s your "oalDA 2ro%l5 And then the %it hit the shan. All the other Ma-e To @or"et 88 sessions &ere o+er and there Wally 1andeland and 0 &ere and 0 &asn>t 88in". And Eust WT@ &ere &e to do in the ChapelH Bh "a&hd.5 . sittin" in the 6 3nit in the basement o%$at St. And To @or"et &ouldn>t 88 on me. 1erbie &as there too and ol> 1ubTurd &as outside the door o% the Chapel "i+in" 1erba!ious dire!tions and 1erba!ious &ould "i+e the dire!tions to Wally and Wally &ould try it out.. &ho "i+es a "ood hot one &e &ere to "et the "oal >To @or"et> to Aro!-et readA on the ol> e meter on a PC. breathta-in". 0 &as pissed. This &as Eust be%ore my "round brea-in". he diddle %arts around a bit and then ?uite po&er%ully !alls out ATo @or"et To @or"et To @or"etD That ro!-et reads. &ere ne+er endin" as they &ere !ontinually !ontinually !ontinually ad in%initum ad nauseum bein" added to5 21ubbard ne+er !ould !omplete anythin" and he &ould hardly allo& anyone else to5I and then "o into the T unit and ha+e our %u"">n "oal runT@ out so &e !ould be bi" BatTeas and !ontrol the uni+erses and all that bla!-ass ma"i?ue !arryin" on..all to no a+ail. They &ere business pro%essionals and tremendously lo+in" espe!ially 6+onneD Alan Post #225 200. An"els sin"D ButtD E+il &as not to be daunted. you mi"ht be &onderin" Eust WT@ M6 "oal &as instead o% this A1elatrobusA 20t hadn>t been named that yet by 1ub the Bub5 >To @or"et> PBS. dear readers. o% !ourse. 1ill Manor. All o% a sudden our !ompla!en!y &as shattered by the thunderin" hoo%beats Jood Ja&hd A&mi"hty e+eryone into the Chapel 2oh &hat a blasphemy !allin" it T1AT &as5. So let>s see ho& this horror story %its in here. and had but to do on the S1SBC but !omplete our !he!-sheets 2&hi!h. Eoy.. 2PBS that>s a hi"hly te!hin!al term meanin" Pie!e o% Shit. Soooooooooooooooo. there 0 &as. so into the Chapel &e all "o.. We &ere really bi" time mah%u""ahsI &hy.

Alan Post #24$ 200.Well. 8on had truly "one to the dar-side and &as ta-in" us and S!io &ith him. 'a!. he &ent to help tea!h that %irst !ourse here in 9os An"eles &hi!h had about <00 &illin" students. &here he &as %rom any&ay. +an Po"t 2Ameri!an s!ien!e %i!tion &riter5 re!ently reminded me o% it. but a repetiti+e ?uestion.0225-0+28 4oals auditing Bri"inally Posted by Mysti! ..tele.0222-1242 :ack 7orner de#elo&s re&etiti#e .1orner the latest !opy o% 0+y Ma"aCine %eatures this story and mu!h more# Conta!t## i+y]post.spea-in"# N*ear the end o% that period &hen 0 &as &or-in" at the 9os An"eles or"aniCation. So 0 introdu!ed into 7ianeti!s the idea o% the repetiti+e ?uestion. E. &hi!h 0Gd %or"otten about until A...uestions Aack @orner 0n . 0 de+eloped a %orm o% &hat &as !alled N!on!ept strai"ht&ireO.<0. ::: 0 remember that day &ell 9rh on pins and needles outside the Chapel passin" C$S>s to 1erbie 9o9D What is bein" omitted here about 8on>s situation is his Auditor MS1 hates his "uts ha+in" re!ently %ound out about his in%idelities in *6 MS1 &as one pissed o%% Auditor and PC. \ \ \ @or a %ull !omprehensi+e and %as!inatin" &rite up about 'a!. Aack develops the Repet&t&ve Euest&on techn&Eues 'a!. 9et>s post &hat &e ha+e here no&.1orner &as one o% se+eral instru!tors &ho !ame out to 9os An"eles. 1ubbard did su!h a "ood Eob o% ta-in" the !redit 0 %or"ot that 0Gd de+eloped it.dAlan Post #2+2 200.. &hi!h &as a set o% repetiti+e ?uestion te!hni?uesH *ot repeater phrases.. 0>m done &ith this !hapter in this horror story and &e>ll see i% 0 !an "et Chapter ( 2and hope%ully the %inal !hapter5 done &ithin the next !ouple o% hundred years or so.

. but 0 also re!o"niCed it &as not "oin" to AhandleA the situation.1erbie sa& this and he mo+ed us a&ay %rom the auditin" table and o+er to his des-. A1E8B0ED 0 -no& &hat is "oin" onDA AhD 1e loo-ed at me. A1erbie.. 0 don>t -no& i% it &as his syn! or my syn! or our syn! or WT@.. ATo Be An AssassinA. but %indin" and handlin" BPC be!ame the order o% the day. Someho& or another Alan &as syn!hronisti!ally in all St.. as 0 !ould see somethin" &as be"innin" to !li!. A1erbie.5 1erbie !ontinued to des!ribe the St. 1ill sta%% thin". And e+en thou"h 0 &as an ad+an!ed student on the S1SBC at the time. 0 -no& &hat it is. 0 re!o"niCed this and 0 respe!ted him %or it. WT@ &ere you doin" in the ba!-"roundHHHHH .. 1e &as tryin" to ameliorate the +ery ma"ni%ied &arrior state 0 &as ?uite &illin"ly sittin" probably &ill someday. 0 !ouldn>t at this point dete!t i% 1ub &as still outside the Chapel door or not. and be%ore 0 end this o%%.. 0 had no idea &here in the &orld she &as "ettin" these listsD 1ope%ully she &as stealin" them %rom Alan. Well.So there 0 am all &onder%ully and +ehemently &illin" to "o to &ar &ith 1erbie or 981 standin" outside the 0 remember my auditor had been instru!ted to run me on e+ery by passed !har"e list there &as. 1ill Sta%% in their sessions on this To @or"et !arryin" on. &hereupon he starts tellin" me &hat had been "oin" on &ith the St. 1erbie. 0 sort o% t&isted a . some&hat. So a"ain. 0t>s all out WA8. 0 a!tually "ot his attention. 1ill and Eust &ent on &ith my re"ular a%ternoon !he!-sheet !arryin" on. And 0 did. 20% you>+e ne+er had in!arnations as a &arrior. 0 leaned %or&ard and said. it>s the by passed !har"e %rom the "oal >To be an assassin>. B4. A1erbie.%or a &hile. The next thin" 0 -no& man B man there is by passed !har"e a!tion !omin" do&n all o+er the Eoint. Well.A 2AitA o% !ourse bein" all this A!har"eA. it &as a%ter lun!h time and &ith all the ti"ht ass s!hedulin" at St.and 0 heard nothin" more about it. 3p to the time o% %indin" this "oal most o% the "oals -i!-in" around 2li-e &e !ould hear one anothers> sessions as &e &ere all in the Chapel auditin"5 &ere "ood"uy "oals %rom >To Be the 9eader> to >To Be Rueen o% the 3ni+erse>. so 0 &as "oin" to ha+e to AhandleA it mysel%.inside his head. or both. 0 &ent to lun!h. it &as ob+ious he &as o%% to see 1ub the Blub. 1ill. A&hat it is.. 0t seemed as thou"h he &as not and 0 !ould see that this &as "oin" to ta-e a &hile.A And he "ot itD All o% a sudden he starts &ritin" somethin" do&n on paper and madly rushes out o% the Chapel. Alan. 6ou>+e probably been there be%ore# totally &illin" to en"a"e in any aspe!t o% any battle &hi!h mi"ht pre!ipitate. All &as Eust AnormalA a"ain &hen 0 "ot ba!.A 0 say in a in a ?uite bene+olent tone. is the by passed !har"e %rom the "oal >To be an assassin>. &ell. We>+e "ot an estimated billion planetary years le%t in this Cosmi! 7ay.A 0 sa& he "ot it. please ta-e note o% this !raCy A"oalA 0 had %ound on me.5 0 thin..

1erbie A99 ATTAC4E7 ME @399 B9AST in an attempt to put me under their !ontrol it !ould not be done. A%ter the session he "a+e me some hattin" yes it &as e+aluation but it allo&ed me to stop stoppin" 8on. ::: 0 al&ays ran my "oals in pairs 0 "ot that %rom my .. ..L( 0 %ound the Positi+e Joal and then %ound the ne"ati+e i. 0t has been the VSB team that has help me +eri%y &hat &as done to 6+onne &ho 0 belie+e &as the most po&er%ul person outside 8on and MS1 in the history o% S!io...022+-1125 0 %irst &rote Pandoras Box about ( .e. 0 &as assi"ned another auditor Tony 7unlea+y 9ouis 'ordan had been the pre+ious auditor As Tony &as auditin" me Mary Sue &ould !ome and tell Tony &hat to do it &as the be"innin" o% "an" ban" BC !ourse in *o+ . MS1. 7ay 0 &ent so up the pole on this rundo&n that it tri""ered the &hole o% the sta%% o% Saint 1ill 8on. plus she &or-ed &ith me %or many tumultuous years 0 ha+e also -no&n 8o"erB. Alan Post #$0* 200. My story is really mine and my teammates> story both spiritual entities and this li%e spiritual teammates. To be a leader To be a saboteur the Saboteur did in all the other 9eaders.lot o% heads around &ith this "oal. and MS1 it allo&ed the %lo&s o% po&er to !ontinue.they attempted to do more sessions 0 %ou"ht them tooth and nail -inda sabota"ed my %uture at this time 8on &as ma-in" +eiled threats durin" his JPM 9e!tures. and most o% the VSB team that has &or-ed &ith me %or more than /0 years &hi!h has helped to +eri%y mu!h o% &hat is &ritten. et! statement to Tony &as# A&at!h out %or this "uy he>s totally Theetie WheetieDDDD naturally the session bo""ed. Personally. They did not -no& &hat to &ith me 0 &ould not let them dominate me so a %e& days &ent by then 8e" Sharpe !alled me in to his o%%i!e and said he &as "oin" to audit me it &as one o% the best session 0 e+er had he listened he be!ame a true %riend %or li%e.. This &as an experimental pro!ess it lasted .$( years a"o it &as mainly un+eri%ied spe!ulation on my part. Alan Post #$14 200. Who &as soooo Eealous a %e& months later he said in a BC le!ture that there &as no su!h "oal as >to be an assassin>. Challen"e 0 ha+e -no&n %or more than /< years.022+-040* Mary Sue &as his auditor she &as totally upset &ith his &omanisin" beha+ior so in e%%e!t he had lost his auditorD BTW this &as lon" be%ore ET10CS and SP de!lares.. 7art. 0 Eust do not "i+e a hot doodoo. Mysti!. in!ludin" 1ub the Blub..1er .

(. pro+idin" the auditin" is "ood. East Jrinstead. 1CB Bulletin o% *o+ember ). teams o% spiritual bein"s in my youth 0 played &ith teams that allo&ed you to "o %rom atta!..(5 and that 8eliable 0tem &as not used to %ind an item in Bpposition to it. 0ssue 00.(. handles all !ases and all !ases must be shunted o+er to it in order to pre+ent any han" up. 0t is this 0tem 2or bad auditin"5 &hi!h !auses the TA to "o up and sti!-. and 1CB Bulletin *o+ember . . teams o% de%en!e instantly as soon as the other side "ot the ball 8u"by. 0!e 1o!-ey and Bas-etball are all su!h teams Baseball and Ameri!an @ootball are mainly %ixed position sports. Bn the pi!ture in that bulletin the 0tems &ith balloons around them are B6 PASSE7 0TEMS until %ound./ lines.(.) *BPEMBE8 A7. A7. 1CB Bulletins to %ollo& are an expansion o% 8outine 3 (. A7. The 9adies o% VSB ha+e lon" a"o earned my respe!t %or their bra+ery and honesty 0 am in!redibly honored to ha+e their help in untan"lin" this !luster %u!-D So on &ith the storyD Alan Post #$1* 200. A7. A7. Bne !an "et the p! into di%%i!ulties that need repair or s-illed re do by %ailin" to &rite do&n 0tems listed %rom the "oal as in . 0t is the B6 PASSE7 0tem &hi!h turns on the !onstant sen or pain that does not relie+e. See 1CB Bulletin *o+ember .(.. DE?INITI9N: B=5 ASSED ITEM When a list has been made..(. These di%%i!ulties are no& o+er!ome in 8outine 3 (..022*-0408 2outine $-21 Saint 1ill Manor.(.. A7. either in 3JAVV or 83 (.(. 1CB Bulletin *o+ember .. 0t is this 0tem &hi!h !auses the "oal to submer"e &hen %indin" or listin".. 1o!-ey. A7. 0t re?uires a %ull understandin" o% that Bulletin as &ell as 1CB Bulletin *o+ember ). So!!er. and in!ludes a 8eliable 0tem 21CB Bulletin *o+ember . That ..000>s o% true see-ers Eoined and attempted to !ontribute only to run into this hidden beha+ior pattern &as remar-able some %antasti! dis!o+eries &ere made and are no& seein" the li"ht o% day.The Eealousy o% MS1 and the absolute destru!ti+e beha+ior o% 8on done to 6+onne and her %amily is beyond !omprehension yet this beha+ior &as repeated a"ain and a"ain on anyone that threatened their empire. 0>m a team player 0 play &ith teams teams o% do!tors. as many !ases ha+e Nlost their "oalsO or be!ome hun" up on listin" or ha+e %ailed to "o !lear in a reasonable len"th o% time.. En"land 13BBA87 CBMM3*0CAT0B*S B@@0CE B399ET0* B@ . Sussex. 1CB Bulletin *o+ember . the 0tem &hi!h &as not so %ound is !alled a B6 PASSE7 0TEM. 0t is P0TA9 that p!s bein" !leared be run only on 8outine 3 (. 8outine 3 (.( CenBCon @ran!hise Airmail R9(TINE "504 The %ollo&in" data and other 83 (. A7. Australian 8ules.

by ma-in" the list o% items that &ould oppose it or it &ould oppose. Al&ays oppose a reliable item &hene+er %ound and you &ill ne+er lea+e a B6 PASSE7 0TEM and the !ase &ill run and !lear. !eased to %ire. 21CB Bulletin *o+ember .. Auditin" o% the JPM must result in a 90*E P9BT no matter ho& that 9ine Plot is a!hie+ed. about a hundred. See next step. A7. 0n short. This also applies to "oals %ound in some other &ay than 3JAVV. 2!5 Ta-e Sheet Bne and "et 0tems %rom p! until p! runs out o% 0tems %or that line. 0G+e really been li%tin" the roo% tryin" to %ind the reason %or this han" up and there it is. This applies both be%ore and a%ter %indin" the "oal. Thus the se!ond !ase abo+e^the !ase &here the "oal has been listed on and is hun" up and &onGt %ire^is a !ase o% either &ron" "oal or By Passed 0tems.(5 are A9WA6S 0* PA08S. When you ha+e assessed an item on this list 21CB Bulletin *o+ember . The By Passed 0tem -eeps !ases %rom "oin" !lear.Slams or %rom the "oal to %ind them you must &ind up &ith a &ritten pi!ture o% the p!Gs JPM. 2e5 4eep p! on meter. The exa!t &ay to do 8outine 3 (. 9ea+e one side o% these pairs unlo!ated and you ha+e le%t the B6 PASSE7 0TEM raisin" the de+il &ith the p!.(5 and ha+e a "ood 8eliable 0tem. 2b5 Put ea!h line &ordin" at the top o% a sheet o% paper.. a separate sheet %or ea!h basi! line. the t&o basi! 0tems o% the JPM.The rule is# Whether in %indin" items be%ore or a%ter the "oal has been %ound.5 As soon as you .(. Continue to do this until an 8S o!!urs. all lists must be used to %ind items and all 8eliable 0tems %ound must be used to %ind their Bpposition 0tem. so the Tone Arm &ent up and stu!. the NWho or What &ould &ant the "oalO list and nul do&n Eust !allin" ea!h item out on!e. The !ase that didnGt list strai"ht to !lear didnGt "et the pairs strai"ht and needed helpI this !ase had B6 PASSE7 0TEMS. 21CB Bulletin *o+ember . The p! &onGt by pass one side o% a pair and so &onGt han" up.( +ersion o% listin". 8E90AB9E 0TEMS 21CB Bulletin *o+ember . 0% you donGt %ind the pairs the p! &onGt "o !lear but &ill han" up on the B6PASSE7 0TEM or 0TEMS.. this shouldnGt happen.5 Whether listin" 0tems %rom lines to %ind 8o!. o+er&helmed. The remedy is to ta-e the %irst &ritten lists %rom the "oal and nul se!tions o% them. This is the 9ine Plot.5 and %ind.and Bpposition 8o!-. turn sensiti+ity do&n a bit so you ha+e no trouble -eepin" needle on dial but !an still see an 8S.. The di%%eren!e bet&een the !ase that lists 0tems easily to !lear and the !ase that doesnGt is this# The !ase that Eust listed to !lear &ithout %uss &as able to assemble the pairs 2terms and oppterms5 as it &ent. de%initions pa"e (. you oppose it 21CB Bulletin *o+ember . Put p!Gs name and date and pa"e number on ea!h sheet. 0t is understood that bad auditin" or a &ron" "oal &ould also !ause a mess. the other part o% the pair. al&ays nul lists to a 8eliable 0tem &hether listin" to %ind the "oal or listin" %rom the "oal. The more that han" up 2by passed items5 the more un!lear your p! &ill %eel. Step L is as %ollo&s# 2a5 Compose the basi! %our lines usin" the p!Gs "oal or the "oal to be pro+en by listin". 0t is !ontinued a%ter the "oal is %ound ri"ht do&n to the 8o!. A7. 2d5 Ta-e next sheet in rotation and list until p! runs out.and the "oal. 0t is be"un by 3JAVV in tryin" to %ind the "oal. Ta-e. A7. %or instan!e. 3sin" 1CB Bulletin *o+ember .

But it &ould ha+e "one out into the %ield. 2-5 *ul the remainin" lists rapidly loo-in" %or an 8Sin" 0tem. This is *e& Step L 9istin". As 0 did the steps 0 sa& the exa!t layout o% My Physi!al 3ni+erse James Matrix. 9ist out any 7irty 8eads. 7onGt "o on to the next list. 4eep your rudiments in. usin" as the %irst line to list the one most li-ely to no& ha+e a potential 8S. Eliminate these the same &ay. as per 1CB Bulletin *o+ember .5 2l5 8epeat 2b5 to 2-5 o+er and o+er. The p! &ill bri"hten up and start to ma-e %ast pro"ress. 2Jet Mid 8uds in. 8B* 13BBA87 981 #E&.5 9ist it do&n until the d&indlin" 8o!.(. &hether 80 %ound is term or oppterm. But be&are the moment it "oes all sen. 2%5 *ul the list that 8Sed. be sure to note. 20% a Term.rd sen = sensation. 0% so Eust "et %our %resh sheets and start a"ain. 0t is sa%e to do the abo+e on any "oal that !onsistently produ!es pain as &ell as some sen. %ind and run out 8Ses. 2h5 9ist a list in opposition to it. 0t &as %olded . Post #$18 200. The Joals Problem Mass be!omes. is "one. i% any. What happened &as 0 had the hi"hest Joal as &ell as its opposite thus 0 spanned the Spe!trums o% the Physi!al 3ni+erse. 2Experien!e &ill tell i% this is ne!essary on your p!. A7. !all o%% ea!h 0tem on!e.5 2i5 *ul list as in 2%5 and obtain a 8eliable 0tem. in the p!Gs %older. Who or What &ould oppose it. 9. lea+e in all that rea!t on meter. relo!ate the earliest item lists &ritten %rom the %irst %our lines and nul these and oppose the 8eliable 0tems %ound in e+ery list. donGt upset the p!. 38JE*T Bn A99 p!s &hose "oals ha+e been %ound or %ound and listed by any earlier pro!edure. 2Be sure 8S &asnGt Eust a body mo+ement.Slam. the 9ine Plot.see an 8S !ontinue &ith that list. This bulletin &as !an!elled almost immediately. 0n short. 2"5 Establish as per 1CB Bulletin *o+ember . repeat step 2%5 to 2"5 abo+e. 2E5 Establish &ith p! that these t&o 80s oppose ea!h other and put on PCGS 90*E P9BT. Who$What &ould it opposeI i% an Bppterm.(.5 *ul to a 8eliable 0tem.022*-041. 0t may be possible to abandon all lists o% 0tems done %rom "oal. 0% one %ound. !omplete any list that 8Ses. T7 the last %e& 0tems.

.. When 0 started St 9ouis it exploded into bein" &ent %rom /0 students to . made / phone !alls at @la" and the Mission 1olders Meetin"s exploded into bein"...(00 &ithin L mths. 0n . thats PW7 on as is in" all that. . 6ou really don>t ha+e to -eep mo!-in" it up to stay in ar! you -no&. 0 sa& exa!tly ho& a 8eliable 0tem &as !omposed ho& there &as an inner bla!.!ore !ollapsed uni+erse &hen 0 put my %ull attention on it it be"an to unra+el and strai"hten out then the 80 dissol+ed this happened to thousands o% pairs o% 80>s.022*-1$$$ ABe&are the moment it all "oes sen. and 8( .MS1 %or help. Alan Post #$$* 200.022*-2250 As this 83 (. 0 must ha+e a s-ipped "radient here. When 0 arri+ed in 7allas 7allas exploded into bein" &ent %rom ( students to o+er . BTW Alan. 0 -ept it mo!-ed up so 0 !ould &rite it up #7 0 realiCed last ni"ht that &hen 0 ran the P3 James Matrix out 0 re"ained the ability to explosi+ely brin" into bein" a Present Time Bperatin" Matrix. When 0 started Po&er 9eadership it exploded into bein".&ithin others P3 James Matri!es.. %or!e and mass is usually on the pain side. Alan Post #$21 200.( are bein" issued ron is about to lose MS1 as his auditor %or the Joals Con"ress in 7C is o+er.A WhyH The pain side is you the bein">s side the sensation side is the Anot youA side or out o% +alen!eD The un!on%rontable interest. Thus it &as also bein" to a de"ree !reated by others. 0 sa& and erased ho& 0 used my o&n po&ers to restrain mysel%.00 in a matter o% days. The same &ith Boston. but there is a pre"nant &omen &ho is about to as.

into the past F the sin-in" o% the Titani! !ame into the presentD . that he !heated 2a"ain5.The @it hits the ShanD Alan Post #$42 200.0228-15$1 <&&er le#els 8e+ie& time# 0s there su!h a subEe!t as 3pper 9e+elsH The ans&er is *BD To be!ome "reat or a Champion in any %ield re?uires your BW* 0*TE*TD 6es it is handy to ta-e the !har"e or !ounter intention o%% your 7reams and Aspirations but these are not 3pper 9e+el Pro!edures. S!io>s and 8on>s %allin" do&n the Br" Boards o% li%e &ere about to ta-e pla!e. Spar-s musta been %lyin>..&as pre"nant.0$0$-0805 The Past comes to the Present As 0 dro+e a!ross the *ullabor Plain around April . Chln" 0t &as about day 3 o% the MS1 and Tony 7unlea+y>s interro"ation that 0 noti!ed MS1 &as a bitter solid mass o% !har"e. The 3pper 9e+el Pro!edures !an only stem %rom you. MS1 &as %rom Texas5.0228-0.5+ Bri"inally Posted by Challen"e Can>t blame MS1 %or bein" pissed. 0 did not "o ba!. ho& 0 had "one into po&er ho& 0 had made my many %ortunes F &ho my teammates &ere F ho& 0 !onne!ted to them F et!. @irst. 0t &as a triple hit. Alan Post #$5$ 200. Alan Post #$4$ 200.F the !ommand phrase !ame to +ie& F N0 ne+er &anted to be ri!h and po&er%ul a"ain F the loss is too "reatDO As more un%olded 0 also ran a %ull holo"raphi! re+i+i%i!ation o% &ho 0 &as.L( F 0 be"an to "o un!ons!ious F 0 pulled o+er to the side to ta-e a nap F Suddenly 0Gm runnin" a %ull holo"raphi! re+i+i%i!ation o% a ship sin-in" F unbe-no&nst to me at that time 0 am runnin" out the sin-in" o% the Titani! F As more !ame to +ie& and as the Titani! san. and third that she &as B9AC4 2 remember. (nd that the !hi!.

durin" the runnin" the +oi!es &ould start up........he than-ed me... let>s "o and ha+e a beer. million plus spiritual teammates....but the stran"e thin" about the spiritual entities &as they did not &ant to lea+e. the &ay they !ould lea+e or stay i% they &anted to.but better still ea!h JPM and the 8eliable 0tems unra+eled and the spiritual entities &ere set %ree..... 0 estimated 0 had ....... 0n .the surprisin" ans&er &asI AWe are your teammates. Alan Thread 4$: %T III6 Post #11 200*020*-185$ !&iritual Teammates 0 &as &ell a&are o% spiritual entities lon" be%ore S!io. There is mu!h more beyond these spiritual teammate states than &hat 0 des!ribed here..?uite an in!redible team....... A%ter a ( hour trainin" session 0 &ould al&ays end o%% &ith a < mile run... When my teammates and 0 read the BT 000 material and *BT>s there &as no real need to do mu!h... E+ery !ell in my body had li+e bein"s in !har"e... Conse?uently 0 ended up &ith millions o% hi"hly trained pro!essors..!onne!ted to me at that time.... e+ery !reation 0 had !reated &as ali+e &ith these bein"s.Bn!e 0 arri+ed at my destination in Western Australia F 0 set about &or-in" F N0 &as in the ToneO F 0 !ould do no &ron" F that ni"ht 0 totaled up my re!eipts F 0 had earned more than a year>s salary that day F 0 did this day a%ter day.A They &ere ob+iously Aussie entities.....&e &ant to help and "ro& &ith youDA 0 &rote all this up to 981.. 7ata E+aluators.. The other is# The truth is &hat it is......0 used to %i"ht &ith them durin" my trainin" as an athlete..... As &e all ended up Class P000>s......not &hat you or someone else &ants it to be. @EBC>s...... 0 ha+e t&o simple obser+ations# 1o& you treat your teammates is ho& you treat people.........stran"ely the most !ommon ex!use to ?uit &as# AWe ha+e done enou"h....0 !ould not only see my physi!al uni+erse JPMs but also all the di%%erent spiritual entities stu!.. 0 as-ed these bein"s &hy they &anted to stay &ith me...L( on the S1SBC 0 ran an experimental pro!edure that !aused a massi+e As!ension Experien!e. leaders and exe!s o+er the years.or !onne!ted to them...demandin" me to ?uit.they Eust !o pro!essed ea!h other. 0 ha+e an audio tape that !o+ers the subEe!ts o% spiritual entities !alled M08AC9ES A*7 MAJ0C and it !o+ers &hat !an happen and has happened to people and Br"aniCations &ho handle this area in!orre!tly.

emotional bla!-mailer. This is &hy AB&n JoalsA pro!essin" disappeared %rom S!io.mean. There is a simple &ay to do this...... The boo...... The subEe!t o% An"els....spite%ul .a spoilt brat.&as used to restimulate BT 000......almost all abori"inal or nati+e tribes ha+e lon" been a&are o% this subEe!t..http#$$&&&......poutin". 0>m ta-in" my ball home....... 0 &onder ho& many people on this messa"e board ha+e experien!ed the presen!e o% a lo+ed one or someone they -ne& +ery &ell shortly a%ter they diedH 0% you are a&are o% yoursel% spiritually then it does not ta-e mu!h to be a&are o% others spiritually in or out o% a body....but it re?uires that you be &illin" to run his "oals and a"endas as your mis o&ned "oals and a"endas that you ran on others..stampin" his %eet........ The explodin" +ol!ano... personally. e+erythin" done !onne!ted to that area &as pre meditated.. As %or BT &ould be !annon %odder %or 1ubbard>s !reation o% you as 2his identity %or you...5 Most people are A!reated as identitiesA %e& !reate themsel+es.deliberately put on the !o+ers to restimulate BT 000. 0 -no& this %or a %a!t as he debrie%ed me on it...-no&led"ism....... Alan Post #55 200*0215-1521 7o8 to undo the 7ubbard &rogramming Sten Arne is a !hild.o%ten 0 &ould &at!h him beha+e li-e a spoilt brat ... That 1ubbard put a per+ersion on it and stated some s!ien!e %i!tion Venu )< million year a"o Aonly 0 !ould dis!o+er itD Wall o% @ireA its super se!ret super !on%idential t&ist and %or a massi+e %ee 0 &ill let you -no& about it !rap &hi!h has !aused "reat harm to many people..asp:mira!les Alan Post #15 200*0208-1204 1ntities The tape 0 su""ested abo+e "oes into the destru!tion !aused by treatin" spiritual entities in!orre!tly. so thereDA 981 &as a !hild in many &ays.....!o+ers &ere &hole tra!.A0% you don>t belie+e as 0 do.. 3nless you had +ery spe!i%i! "oals and a +ery spe!i%i! desi"n on ho& you &anted to !reate yoursel% as 2identity5 &hen you !ame in !onta!t &ith S!io or 1ubbard>s &or-.......petty .. To undo the 1ubbard pro"rammin" re?uires %or many to %ind and run 1ubbard>s desi"n %or you...implant pi! inter%ered &ith 1ubbard>s A!reation o% you asHADDDD .... Spirit Entities or 7emoni!s has been around %or a +ery lon" time...!om$audio$%re...s....

2" a &ay you are.. So+erei"nty and sel% determination means you li+e and o&n your o&n spa!e.... o&n time. . he belie+ed &hat he sa&. thin" %eel as i% you are losin" part o% AyouA and lea+in" it behind... My only ans&er to you is there is no !oo-ie !utter brid"e.. To do CC. The problem 0 had &as 0 did not "et BT 000. Are you sayin" he a!tually told you the &hole %ear$illness$dread%ul importan!e o% BT000 &as -no&in"ly made up by him to ensla+e s!ientolo"istsH *o. 0>m &onderin" i% &hat you are sayin" here is "oin" %urther than that. 0 lo+e pro!essin"... et!.. 200*021+-2$18 327 belie#ed in %T III Alan. Are you sayin" 981 a!tually told you BT000 &as pre meditatin"ly !reated to restimulate peopleH *o. BT 0. "oals. o&n ener"y and o&n obEe!ts. that !reates a %alse !ase and a %alse present time. Are you sayin" he told you he &as lyin" about BTs and the in!idents and implantsH *o. 0 am !urrently runnin" some S!ientolo"y pro!esses be!ause 0 ha+e to do somethin" &hile 0>m sortin" throu"h all these +arious te!hs.-042* There is no cookie-cutter bridge 0s there no one te!hnolo"y and 0 must study all and in!orporate the best %or mysel% or is there one te!hnolo"y that &ill be +ery a b. &hat 0 said &as he deliberately used the symbols o% BT 000 and the in!ident to restimulate.. BT 000 &ithout "ettin" the a!tual BT in!idents and implants &ould no& a!t as re+erse pro!essin" o% sel% implantin" mysel% &ith the in!ident and implants as &ell as any entities 0 happened to "rab hold o%. 200*0$0. !an 0 !lari%y.. Alan Post #5.but on!e you spot the sour!e o% ho& you lost that part o% you and ho& you &ere bein" A!reated asA and ho& you then A!reated others asA then the &hole thin" undoes...5. BT 00..This is &hy it so hard to undo yoursel% %rom S!io. 7e%initely in+alidati+e and e+aluati+e SP Te!h. S!io and most other subEe!ts turned into head subEe!ts. 0 lo+e to pro!ess... Conse?uently 981 seemed delusional.. 1e &as adamant that e+erybody "ot implanted &ith BT 000...thus BT 000 &as a delusional e+ent to me. Alan Post #*.. identities..

3ntil you are ready to rise to the next le+el you &ill use these in%inite po&ers to limit yoursel% to the le+el you are at.... There is a tri!-le o% a thread that leads to a ri+er o% po&er and -no&led"e that allo&s you to re!o+er and restore you it is 6B38 BW* interest line 6B38 BW* a!tions.but it ta-es "reat honesty. 0% you ha+e the !orre!t te!hnolo"ies you naturally rise up the Br" Boards o% li%e. 0t !an only be measured by a "radual risin" s!ale in 90@E. 9i+in" li%e is the ultimate pro!ess ho& trapped by it or ho& %ree you li+e it lets you -no& &hat pro!ess you are runnin". in%inite !le+erness. But it is %airly simple.. Char"e is real time = it emanates %rom the bein".that in!ludes risin" up the le+els o% spirituality e+en to bein" at one &ith JodD Ea!h bein" has !reated !ompartments o% all that is. @or some reason the other te!hs !ould not obser+e the risin" s!ale o% A!har"e o%%A as a matter o% %a!t.True pro!essin" and trainin" has to do &ith 90@E... 0t is a +ast tas. People "et "ains %rom all sorts o% pro!edures. restrain and inhibit yoursel% %rom yoursel%. Char"e has nothin" to do &ith the !ase. in%inite po&ers. But these are ex!lusi+e to you. The %a!t is the !lient -no&s more about their o&n !ase than does the pro!essor or C$S or any !entury is to !ontinue to . to my -no&led"e there are no te!hnolo"ies that handle !har"e they handle by passed !har"e but not !har"e.the reasonI it is on their interest line.. in!idents and e+ents line 6B38 BW* purpose line 6B38 BW* "oals line 6B38 BW* "ames !reations 6B38 BW* 3*0PE8SES. in%inite s-ills. @or you ha+e used your o&n.. Alan Post #85 200*0$14-1*$8 2on's %rg &eo&le Bb+ious the produ!t o% the s!ientolo"y !oo-ie !utter tm in this (... Bnly you ha+e the ans&ers only you ha+e the &ay out. Compartments &ithin !ompartments. Ea!h bein" has their o&n path. in%inite stren"ths. When that Bmni So+erei"nty starts to o!!urI a !ompletely di%%erent %orm o% te!hnolo"y is needed. 6es e+entually you rise to an Bmni So+erei"n state &here you !o !reate &ith undo all you ha+e done to limit yoursel%. in%inite abilities and in%inite intelli"en!e to hide. *o t&o bein"s> paths are remotely the same. The problem isI most o%ten &hen the End Produ!t o!!urs the interest dies. honor and truth..

. Mar-abians.. Wh doesn't !cientolog 8ork6 Why doesn>t S!ientolo"y Wor-H Be!ause >They> aren>t lettin" itDDDDDDD That is so easy to ans&er.... maybe Terril !an enli"hten usH The smart people -no& that &hile Nsur%in" the 8i+er o% 9i%eO.......then &e !an really ra-e in the !ash. 0>m !urious... And &hat>s &ith this "uy runnin" around !yber spa!e !laimin" to be the AE7A o% the @reeConeAH 0 had not heard o% this... 0t ta-es +ery %e& hours to produ!e a sin"le unit bein". no stops.. are you ha+in" to deal &ith %ol-s &ith similar issues !omin" out o% the 8on>s Br"sH 8on>s Br" people span ?uite a spe!trum.A Possibly the &orst aspe!t is# so many are A!onspira!y paranoidsA ran"in" %rom "et a ne& set o% needs and &ants. it e+en pro!essed you on your o&n "oals.. e+erybody>s NPopupsO are di%%erent. Te!h and the poli!y is set up to do Eust that. et!. So many arbitraries are put in the road that it appears to be a road to no &here.. Bn!e upon a time S!io had no barriers to %indin" out ho& to help people "et &hat they needed and &anted... #7 0 lo+e this ?uoteDD Alan Post sla+es out o% peersD The distorted %alse intended Ethi!s.some do "reat. *o !on%idential le+els.but there is little money in it. and they al&ays do &hen you "et them... They &ho are stoppin" it %rom &or-in" is usD .... *othin" &or-s i% it does not supply &hat you &ant or let>s ma-e e+erythin" else more important.. As your needs and &ants !han"e.1 200*0$$1-024...some are so %ar delusi+e &ith their Alast time arounds and the 981 e+aluated &ron" items plus the CBW e+aluated on top o% 981 e+aluated &ron" items.. C0A.

.. <.. Ability to span easily all s!ales %rom . 8isin" S!ale mat!hin" terminals is the best &ay to obser+e i% the !lient is truly &innin". Conne!tion and !o !reation by &illin"ness. present and %uture. . to (0 people... 9i-e 4no&led"ism Alan Walters.. WsnipX To me there are se+eral -ey %a!tors# . The Tones are a natural "rade !hart.. 0>+e ne+er used !ontra!ts... 2@or example# S!io>s BT 9e+els mat!h terminal &ith bt>s. Pro!ess the positi+e &hi!h in turn &ill usually brin" to +ie& and erases the ne"ati+e 0 ha+e ne+er built lar"e "roups.00... 3. . an!hor points........ Pie&points.. (. 1e posts here.a more optimum mat!hin" &ould be to mat!h terminals &ith "ods.maybe . Char"e o%%.. Presen!e Time.. Bnly pro!ess &hat !omes to +ie&.5 As %or !ompetition 0 am already o+er boo-ed.. Alan . 1olo"raphi! litera!y..a lot o% small teams.000 independent pro!essors and !oa!hes.. Ea!h area o% &ants has its o&n "rade !hart. )..but need a %e& .5 *o en%or!ed dis!onne!tion. *o pre !on!ei+ed line up. dimension points. @ollo&in" the !lient>s "oals and interest line.Alan Thread 48: 5ree=one section Post #4 200*011$-024* > grou&s There are other "roups that some may !onsider @T but &hi!h ha+e their o&n names and their o&n !reators. 2E+ery Comm E+ %ound me "uilty o% that.the span o% presen!e !o+erin" past. L.. /..

.. The reason 0 &as able to ta-e the Company o+er so easilyI &as it &as bein" in+esti"ated by the 08S. Turi!h... 7uhD 0 had %ound the SP. 0 had bou"ht the items. SEC.Thread 55: 3ea#ing Post #1 200*0108-1*$* 3ea#ing Ba!... 0 had limo>s. 0 &as at %la" ha+in" my .A 0 did one other a!tion &hi!h &as to %ind the !orre!t items. This positi+e a!tion helped run out a tremendous amount o% in+alidation.. o%%i!es in maEor !ities. 0 de!ided to &rite up all my !riminal a!tions.. a !ouple o% hundred blan.....outside o% stealin" money out o% my mother>s &as me.o+er a QBillion 0nternational Corporation.. *6.... Alan . li%e s-ills and assets. That &as it.))...nothin" ... These &ere many o% the thin"s 0 had handled o+er the years bein" a leadin" publi! %i"ure in S!io.yesD meD.. !oal and diamond mines in A%ri!a and *amibia...true 0 had steadily and subtly been A!reated asA an SP. so 0 had tremendous !on%iden!e on bein" able to handle these threats. Basi!ally it has been 3P e+er sin!e.... and my po&er and rea!h !ame ba!-..... ya!hts... 9ondon. and se+eral other 0nternational Jo+ A"en!ies..... 9AI "old. Wal-ed a&ay. 1a+in" done my umtee umpth B$W &rite up %eelin" li-e 0 &as the bi""est !riminal on Earth &hen 0 re+ersed my &as Eust a matter o% strippin" a&ay the %alse pro"rammin" and %indin" the &ron" maEor Comm E+. Amsterdam.o+er many years.. 0 "uess the bi""est &ron" item &as Amy rea!h and my abilities &ere o+erts.and numerous other "oodies.. 'obur".. 8e%usin" to a!!ept the %indin"s.sheets o% paper...0 retired %rom S!io....yes... 0 sat there pen in hand.......and se+eral speedin" ti!-ets.... 0 did this by &ritin" up my abilities. the @B0....0 too.. Within L &ee-s o% lea+in". 3 top !lass hotels.. 0 sat and s!anned my li%e..

.. blame. solidD *o& don>t loo.the main pro!ess &ould be# 0 &ant you to run the %ollo&in"# Assess# Suppressi+e Person Pi!tim PTS Si!Poor Wea0ne%%e!ti+e 7o&n stat. "uilt to itD 8epeat o+er and o+er until you !rin"e &ith shame. *o& a!t it out and the rest o% the sta%% &ill add more shame... re"ret.Post #. +ery. and "uiltH 1old it still stop it %rom "oin" a&ayD 8epeat o+er and o+er until +ery. %ully pro"rammed# A0 &ill ne+er "o near pro!essin" or trainin" ex S!io.. don>t tell anyone about itD *o& "o to Ethi!s and they &ill add more shame. Ta-e sele!ted item. 200*0108-1*$* The onl reason a bad condition or identit is there There are many thin"s in S!io you must Anot beDA *o& i% 0 &as to de+ise a destru!ti+e pro!ess. "uilt to it. re"ret.... blame. 7o this %or a number o% years until %eel you must lea+e. "uilt to it. blame.A .. blame. Con"ratulations you are no& an implanted.. re"ret. *o& run# A0 must not be a 2item5DA 8esist it stop it %rom "oin" a&ayD 8esist it add shame. re"ret.must be item PC or Student least &ants to be.

.. 8un# What part o% that 2item5 am 0 &illin" to experien!eH What part o% that 2item5 &ould 0 rather not experien!eH What part o% that 2item5 am 0 &illin" to !reateH What part o% that 2item5 &ould 0 rather not !reateH 8epeat o+er and o+er to bi" &in...&hi!h !ould be A "od... The simple %a!t is the only reason a bad !ondition or identity is thereI is be!ause you resisted it and &ere a%raid to holo"raphi!ally dupli!ate it..To undo pro"ram# Ta-e ea!h item# Suppressi+e Person Pi!tim PTS Si!Poor Wea0ne%%e!ti+e 7o&n stat. E+ery !hampion in any "ame does the abo+e.. Then ta-e the opposite o% item# i. ...or A !ausati+e Bein"..e.and run# What part o% that 2item5 am 0 &illin" to experien!eH What part o% that 2item5 &ould 0 rather not experien!eH What part o% that 2item5 am 0 &illin" to !reateH What part o% that 2item5 &ould 0 rather not !reateH 8epeat o+er and o+er to bi" &in.....he !onstantly "oes throu"h this !y!le..&at!h Ti"er Woods.... Pi!tim..

. To me the deadly !han"e point &as &hen 981 &rote. As-in" a ?uestion in an authoritati+e manner is enou"h to tri""er introspe!tion. 4SSW.: %?@ here's a criticism Post #15 200*012+-151. 0% the C$S or pro!essor is smart enou"h they &ill noti!e almost immediately the p! &ill do somethin" &eird &ith a ?uestion.. Behind almost all sel% listin" is an abuser or abusi+e in!ident... Jreat &rite upD Alan . S!io is an abuse based te!hnolo"y..A 24SSW# 4eepin" S!ientolo"y and S!ientolo"ists Wan-in"D5 Alan Post #1+ 200*012+-1525 Per S!n. Abusers al&ays start their abuse by blastin" a ne"ati+e ?uestion in a ne"ati+e hate%ul tone at the e%%e!t point or +i!tim. 0 !ould &rite a boo. 8un by abusers.Alan Post #1* 200*011*-212* !cientolog is an abuse-based technolog The 0ntrospe!tion 8$7 is a +ery %la&ed 8$ is "ood to meet a %ello& tra+eller &ho -ne& &hat S!io &as li-e prior to the introdu!tion o% ethi!s. the most !ommon is to repeat the ?uestion to themsel+es. solutions to problems be!ome the problem. To "et into the sel% destru!ti+e +iolent state you ha+e to ha+e "oo%ed %or a lon" time.#2 Alan Thread 5. The deadl change &oint in !cientolog People don>t realise today &hat it &as li-e in the L0>s. he de!lared himsel% to be Athe only one.. in an abusi+e unsa%e en+ironment. Behind the !on%usion is the B+ert2s5..then ans&er. @ixed ideas are used to handle prior !on%usions.but 0 hate to type....on this.. *e& A"e e+erythin"DD Wel!ome Martin.

made them the e%%e!t o% hidden AotherA in%luen!es and !a+ed in their !ases.. That &as the be"innin" o% The 8esponsibility.-1+$4 The original sec checks Than-s Alan.. My "uess is that the others are responsible le+els &ere de+eloped by 981 and the sel% is responsible le+els &ere de+eloped by +arious people &ho ran 8on>s te!h di+ision. B$W and Missed Withhold Te!h.. They &ere the ones &ho &rote the 'obur".as it !leaned up their !"i!.L) BT3 BTs are responsible %or the person>s !ase . 8on dramatised blamin" others. . Sth A%ri!a in .Par-house do&n in 'obur".. but these sho& ho& the Jrade !hart be!ame a sort o% %lip %lop o% !ausation. Certainly.. i% the >te!h> is based on bla!. aliens and a deny o% Christianity ho& in the &orld !an any o% the >te!h> !ould ha+e any JBB7 meanin" in the endH 1o& !an 0 e+en use a part o% the >te!h> in my li%e -no&in" &hat 0 -no& no&... 0t>s "ood to meet you on this boardD 0 belie+e mu!h o% the best te!hnolo"y &as de+eloped by others and not 981... 0t &as Peter Jreen and 'a!.<.BTW it &as to be done on adults.... &here hi"her le+els in+alidated the person>s realisations. *BTs BTs are responsible %or the person>s !ase 0>m sure there are many other !ontradi!tions. ma-in" them dependent a"ain on S!n ser+i!es. L0 &ho %ound that i% you pro!essed people on the se! !he!-s in a sa%e en+ironment they made tremendous "ains. 187 the person is responsible %or his !reation o% !ase . Than-s %or dire!tin" me to that area lionheartD Alan Post #$2 200*0202-224$ The tech is not 327 So.Post #18 200*012.... That &as ho& the ori"inal Se! Che!-s be!ame !ausati+e pro!esses. The Children>s Se! Che!-... There is a s!hiCophreni! thread throu"h the te!h# 7MSM1 the person is in no &ay responsible %or his !ase The mid %i%ties de%inition o% !lear the person !reates his o&n aberrations . all throu"h his li%e. Pery insi"ht%ulDD 981 ordered the ori"inal se! !he!-s to be done to %ind in%iltrators and Jo+ernment A"ents...

.%rom many sour!es... Alan .he>s a .... &annabe auditors to be trained.. #5 9on" a"o 0 "ot past the point o% &innin" in li%e. Crammin" B%%i!er 0 e+er had the pleasure o% hatin". Ba!... "reat %riend as he &ill -i!... 1e is not Eust a %riend..earlier he admited he too.. Both use mu!h o% the same Te!h. 1e did a "reat Eob.. but he &as the best Rual Se!..ass i% he obser+es it is needed....that doesn>t drop bombs. Alan Thread +$: Who is /lan6 Post #+ 200*011$-1+$.... 0 had the !hoi!es o% many Br"s to send my ne&bie.0t is a matter o% intention.. Bne o% the best thin"s to do to sort out the !on%usion is to ma-e a list o% &hat &or-ed %or you and "a+e you the %eelin"s o% !ertainty... V7* auditors.......and &hether you "ot bombs to drop..)3..MASTE86. 6ou !an %ly %rom one pla!e to another in a Eet bomber.Eust as a plane is not the pilot..... 'et planes ta-e you %rom one pla!e to &hat !ould dri+e me %or&ardH 0 %ound my "o button.. 1ubbard stole %rom many sour!es.....ta-in" a subEe!t or area into mastery..its all a matter o% intent. 0 !hose that Br".. The Te!h is not 981...... 0 sent o+er (<0 people to be trained Class 0P.. Aennis 1rlich Than-s 7ennisD @e& -no& 7ennis. 'et planes drop bombs... 7ennis helped me tremendously to raise my le+els o% mastery.. Be!ause 7ennis &as at the 9A Br".

. The %irst year on the S1SBC &as all 0 !ould e+er ha+e &anted. Thou"h the session 0 "a+e him &as an assist. 1is &ritin" !han"ed.. 7M>s interpretation and dei%i!ation o% 8on &as in a!tuality the &orst thin" he !ould ha+e done. "reed.)<. 0 %irst met him in Sept ..he in a &ay lau"hed at himsel% a lot in those days. En"land.. 0 &as used to tou"h !oa!hin" ha+in" played maEor lea"ue %ootball.... These &ere the days &hen he and S!io desperately needed !redibility.L( at Saint 1ill.. 0 hope o+er time 0 &ill %ill in many blan-s %or you but there is mu!h 0 !annot say as it hurts too many others &ho 0 ha+e not "ot the o-ay to let be -no&n. The last time 0 tal-ed &ith him &as in 7aytona. &e -ne& his edu!ation diplomas &ere %rom a diploma mill.. 9i-e all o% us he &as a pa!-a"e o% di!hotomous identities.. The attitude %or most all o% us in!ludin" 1ubbard &as &e &ere all nut !ases and &e &ere doin" our best to %ind our &ay out o% the mess. his bulletins and poli!ies be!ame &ays to dominate and subEu"ate people &ays to pro+e 8on ri"ht. 1ad he maintained that attitude S!io &ould ha+e truly be!ome a po&erhouse.. en+y and Eealousy.. Possibly the bi""est mista-e &e all made &as that 8on still &as a +ery mu!h an unhandled !ase.. 8on &as superb.. 1e !oa!hed me dire!tly &ith in!redible intensity. 0 &as lu!-y in many &ays %or he &as mer!iless &ith me. 0>+e audited him he>s audited appears he &ent to the dar-side %ully in 'une . E+en on that %irst Brie%in" Course the Aold timersA -ne& he &as ?uite a BS artist. 0 lo+ed it. .L/.%rom that time on&ard 0 ne+er sa& him happy a"ain %or more than a %e& %leetin" se!onds.. Bn my se!ond Brie%in" Course 0 sa& 8on %lip.Thread +4: > disa&&ointment Post #1+ 200*0111-0+22 When 2on 8ent to the dark side 0 -ne& 8on &ellD 0>m pissed that 0>m pissed o%% &ith &ent &ell. 6et bottom line it did not &orry us. *o+ember... 1e &as %ull o% spite.

1o humDDD As %or 981.. Saturday E+enin"$_-spain-$!os$rne&man$media$sate+epost 981 pre+ious to this &as hi"her than a -ite.she &as so %ull o% !har"e she !ould not "i+e him de!ent sessions.. .to li%e.sometimes !annot !ontrol e+erythin". Mary Sue bro-e her heart tryin" to audit him..0 mins to brin" them ba!.. 0 used to audit in the boiler room...Thin"s that should ha+e been handled on the lo&er le+els...0 &ould lay them on the %loor.. BC...most o% the maEor !asualties &ere runnin" the JPM Te!h.. 0nternally on the S1SBC the Te!h &as not &or-in".so 0 be!ame a master at !leanin" up disasters..... @or some reason 0 &as doin" +ery &ell. e+en a di!tator and !ontrol %rea..... put the !ans in their hands and do lo!ates and indi!ates.. he &as sure he &as "oin" to "et &orld &ide re!o"nition %rom the Saturday E+enin" Post &hi!h at the time had one o% the lar"est !ir!ulations in the 3S.. ....some +omitin" many un!ons!ious..the problem &as he !ould not %ind anyone he !ould trust to audit him... ...Monday mornin"s &ere a disaster. pp.this &as lon" be%ore Ethi!s.. Rual or an 1JC existed.0S o% the students &ere usually home si!-. &e &ould transport them in &heel barro&s to brin" them in the room....0 appointed mysel% in !har"e o% si!..xs/all. there &ere numerous !ar &re!-s... There &ould be lon" lines o% people &aitin" %or me to "i+e them a session. This &ent on %or se+eral months. At the same time the Pi!torian Jo+ernment &as about to ban S!io in Pi!toria. Alan Post #21 200*0112-0451 The article that changed !cientolog And tell us more about &hat happened in those early daysD What happened in 'une L/ that made him snapH What &as the di%%eren!e that you sa& in himH 0 belie+e the !han"es really be"an to ta-e pla!e &hen this arti!le !ame out.students. A1a+e 6ou E+er Been A Boo 1ooH.about ... 0ma"ine the de+astatin" disappointment he must ha+e %elt &hen this hit the ne&s stands.... some %ell out o% trees. Alan ......usually too..< http#$$&&&.. Mar!h (..A by 'ames Phelan..L/....

. 'une.. 2in those days !alled @ran!hises.0 be"an to re!o+er S!io.pra!ti!ally all in!ome dried up in the 3S. 1o&H 1e borro&ed and "ot donations %rom some &ealthy S!io>s.. 0t &as at this time money be!ame the most important thin" in 981>s uni+erse... 1e put in an 1JC at Saint 1ill. .<0 people to do the S1SBC %rom my Missions in 7allas and St 9ouis.Post #22 200*0112-054+ >id-1..0S !he!. Ethi!s. That &as be%ore the days o% @SM>s. 1e then set about buildin" the brid"e... 0t &as %or Q<30.. Po&er. to last him throu"h the rou"h spots. Jrades..00 others %rom people &ho as-ed me &hat to do.. months 0 sent . Alan Post #2+ 200*0115-1. CC.. by that time 0 &as in the 3S. Students &ere blo&in" the Brie%in" Course. B+er the next ..5. due to pressures %rom %amily members in BC and the 3S.L/H Bn!e the Saturday E+enin" Post &as deli+ered...sent to the @ran!hise B%%i! about another )< to a . and BT 9e+els. 1e introdu!ed !on%identiality. throu"hout the 3S... This started a steady rush to St 1ill to do the S1SBC... A %e& months later..0 -no& Saint 1ill &as on the ed"e o% ban-rupt!y at that time.. 'uly . but it re!o+ered. Alan Post #2* 200*0115-2001 I started a boom A %unny thin" happened on my %irst . 0 sho&ed people they !ould ma-e li+in" doin" S!io.+4B The end o" !cientolog 6 Can you ima"ine &hat &as "oin" on internally throu"hout S!io at that time in April. People did not arri+e at Saint 1ill.22 7o8 !cientolog reco#ered So ho& did S!n re!o+er %rom thisH To me this sounds li-e it should ha+e been the end o% it. The Jo+ ban on S!io dried up the in!ome in BC.

000. 0 spent a tremendous amount o% my li%e tra+elin" and li+in" in +arious !ountries one day 0 said to someone 0>m "oin" home %or the &ee-end 0 realiCed up to that moment in time. but their tax system is dra!onian..4. but it is too politi!ally!-.they &ere in dread%ul lo!ations and pra!ti!ally empty. 0n . The &ord o% mouth &ent all o+er the &orld.. as it is in the 34. &hy did you !hoose to stay in the 3.0t &as sent ba!-I &ith note# 6ou do not ha+e to send all your &ee-ly in!ome. . 9ater as Palm Sprin"s be"an to "et more built up 0 sou"ht a ?uieter lo!ation and more spa!e 0 ended up in Texas.. 0 &ould say that Australia &ould be my next %a+orite !ountry. Palm Sprin"s to be exa!t.. but &hen they are not there. My %irst < &ee-s in the 3S 0 earned Q().L/ you !ould buy a %ully loaded Cadilla! or 9in!oln %or Q3. 0 %eel that any&here in the &orld is o-. 0 lo+ed Thailand..S. 0t started a massi+e boom..H 20 had heard or read that you are in Texas.. Enough to buy G +adillacs or 0incolns. instead o% "oin" ba!. 0 am al&ays "lad to "et home there so many "reat thin"s about the 3S that &e ta-e %or "ranted. Eust .5 So lon" as 0 am &ithin an hour or so o% a maEor airport.people !ame %rom e+ery&here to %ind out &hat 0 &as doin". 0 +isited e+ery 3S Br" 2<5 in those days.000. BTW 0 !har"ed Q3< an hour %or pro!essin" double anyone else in the &orld....0S. 0 estimate there &as about /< sta%% in the Br"s and maybe <00 a!ti+e S!io>s.The next note &as# What are you up toH 0 "uess 0 had ex!eeded the reality le+el. When 0 +isit another !ountry. Told them it &as .. 0 had ne+er desi"nated &here home &as it &as the 3S.0S. Alan . B% all the !ountries 0 ha+e +isited. Alan Post #$5 200*0128-2$52 5a#orite countries the 3. you sure miss them. 0 sent the !he!.0. 'ust outta !uriosity...

E+en the body pra!ti!es expulsion..... is your -no&led"e toxi! or healthyH Br i% you &ere a body !ell# Are you a AboilA or a "lo&in" healthy part o% the &hole.the material......PC# What areas o% their li%e they &ould li-e to "et better inH Ma-e list o% areas# Ta-e ea!h area and put in hi"h PJ0 rounds up the toxi! !ells in a "roup..Thread ++: . Ta-e ea!h area and put in hi"h PJ0 Cone. 0 doubt i% the @T &ent into 8ussia. 1ealthy people ha+e an insatiable desire %or -no&led"e.. pushes them to"ether until they push up and loo.PC# 0s there anyone you &ould li-e to "et alon" &ith betterH Ma-e list o% people. &as the 8ussians too. Basi!ally a 9i%e 8epair puts in all your out rudiments &ith li%e.onCcDerns about &osting here Post #51 200*0120-1+20 7ealth &eo&le ha#e an insatiable desire "or kno8ledge The real ?uestion is. As..turn yello& and are expelled....they are a pain in the ass.then the really putrid. e+il !ells are isolated by their o&n red an"ry lumps....... 0.the 8ussians and %or that matter most o% the %ormer 3SS8 !annot "et enou"h.e..# As. Alan Thread *0: 3i"e 2e&air /uditing Post #5 200*0110-1*45 7o8 to do a real 3i"e 2e&air Wo&D What a de"rade o% 9i%e 8epair.. Are you %inan!ially independentH Can you study anythin" any&hereH Are you @riendlyH 7o you ha+e any addi!tionsH Are you li+in" your dreamH .

00 hoursAH Are you des!ribin" 9i%e 8epair as done in S!ientolo"y or 9i%e 8epair as done in 4no&led"ismH 9oo-s li-e it is not the same thin"D Ex!ept %or the @inan!ial 0ndependen!e and Study anythin" any&here ?uestions it is pretty mu!h &hat 0 ran in my Missions as did most o% the other top Mission 1olders.00 hours. Alan Post #10 200*0111-0154 >ore on 3i"e 2e&air A...... BTW AClearsA and ABT>sA need !onstant PT 9i%e 8epairs. 2This is usually my %irst step.000>s o% people &ere "ettin" trained and the AB>s and AS1B>s &ere %ull.hahD *o& they ha+e empty Br"s and a massi+e A8C bro-en %ield..5 8epeat these ?uestions o+er and o+er until %loatin" Tone Arm on ea!h. A"ain as..&hat person has read or studied.did somethin" "et tri""ered or !ome to +ie&H 1andle &hat !omes to +ie&. they -no& &here to "o and &hat to do to "et the area handled.PC# What areas o% their li%e they &ould li-e to "et better inH Ma-e list o% areas# Ta-e ea!h area and put in hi"h PJ0 Cone..PC# 0s there anyone you &ould li-e to "et alon" &ith betterH Ma-e list o% people. 0% you set up a person properly they &ill be able to a!hie+e their li%e>s dreams.. That &ill do %or a start.&ho ripped o%% &hoH .. 0% p! la!-s s-ills in an area..then !he!... Then# Clean the needle.. on a %airly able person it should ta-e less than . The 070BTS in domination CMB a!!used the Mission 1olders o% rippin" o%% the Br"s. The reason that o!!urred &as people &ere set up ri"ht... EP# At !ause o+er ea!h area.. Ta-e ea!h area and put in hi"h PJ0 Cone..Che!. A"ain as...less than .until PC !omes in &ith a @loatin" Tone Arm. B% !ourse that>s &hen . 7one &ell.

. A%ter almost <0 years o% pro!essin". et!.. et!. 0dentities are !reated by a !omposite series o% pro!esses. A+atar. There also many ex s!io>s that only pro!ess the lo&er stu%%. 3ni+erses are built by a !omposite o% pro!esses.. thus it ta-es years i% not li%etimes to handle all the Bein" &ants handled. Bhuddism.The &hole pro!ess o% dis!o+ery that &as absolutely ne!essary..but Eust pro!ess the !lient in %ront o% them and handle &hat !omes up.... The past areas o% interest are areas &here pie!es o% the !lient are still trapped. The interest line usually is !onne!ted to the Bein"s o&n 7reams and Joals. Alan Post #4 200*011.but the me!hani!s o% buildin" any uni+erse is identi!al. S!ien!e o% "ettin" 8i!h. Most Chur!hes ha+e pro!essin" di+isions in them.. 0% you lo!ate the earlier Te!hs you &ill %ind you ha+e been on this path %or a +ery lon" time.. 0t is all +ery simple the only problem is it is a +ast area. There are literally millions o% hours o% pro!essin" bein" done by . A tremendous amount o% S!io Te!h has been assimilated into these "roups. Pro!essin" has been around sin!e the the %irst spiritual bein" made the %irst intention or postulate. the simple %a!t is that ea!h !ase is utterly di%%erent %rom any other !ase....00.. James are played by a !omposite o% pro!esses. 'ust a %e& are 9andmar-. The only +iable &ay to "et all !har"e and aberration o%% a !ase is to pro!ess the spiritual bein" in %ront o% you and %ollo& its interest line.000>s o% "roups. . Alan Thread **: Who or 8hat is the Inde&endent 5ield Post #1 200*0111-02$4 Who or What Is the Inde&endent 5ield6 0t is basi!ally anyone or any "roup that runs positi+e li%e enhan!in" pro!esses..and &ill not e+aluate &hat should be run..Plus their Te!h su!-s.-01$4 0 "uess that>s &hy 0 ne+er understood CBS.The &hole emphasis on sel% or e"o..

and hope%ully the team helps all in many other &ays. 0% you read %urther on these messa"e boards one o% the thin"s you &ill noti!e that most people miss is the !amaraderie o% bein" part o% a team..: / ...A Aex builder..Perhaps en!oura"in" the mental health %ield to !hallen"e its o&n notions and loo-in" into the idea o% resear!hin" alternati+e ideas....identities What about all the other Aex identitiesA this li%etime you ha+e beenH A%ter all 0 am a Aex so!!er player. But &hat am 0 no&H 0 am *BT a S!ientolo"ist. As %or is not %or Eust %or sel%..uestion Post #$ 200*0112-051* 1).. ...... Alan Thread *. 0 -no& &hat 0 lo+e to do and am doin" it.. 0 -no& &hat 0 am...A Aex boxer.there is nothin" li-e it.0t ne+er hurt %or s!ien!e and medi!ine.A Aex dro+er. et!...A et!.That someho& i% you ha+e mastery o+er yoursel% you ha+e no obli"ation to the &orld that you ori"inated %rom.. Alan Post #* 200*0121-2114 The bi""est problem &as not ex!han"in" it &ith the medi!al and s!ienti%i! !ommunity.... 0 also -no& my main Prime 0dentities. in my opinion......teams &here ea!h player &as a master o% his position.there are e+en less ori"inal dupli!ators o% ori"inal ori"inations.any ne& !on!ept they are almost uni+ersally atta!-ed by the established po&ers that be.the Apple Computer and the Mi!roso%t So%t&are.!ould not be "i+en a&ay at the be"innin".. Aex Aussie 8ules %ootballer.. There are +ery %e& ori"inal ori"inators. 0 ha+e played on many !hampionship teams..A ex !ri!-eterA. 0 -no& &hat 0 lo+e to be and 0>m bein" it.A ex !ompositor. 0t>s up to e+eryone ha+e a lot o% unreality in the area o% introdu!in" ne& ideas and !on!epts. 0>s part o% helpin" the team. T&o o% the most re!ent maEor ne& ideas. Che!. 1a+en>t been one %or (/ years.

#7 Be!ause o% this 0 am ha+in" a passionate. l l l l l + 4eys to the Code# S = Spirit.oded 5ormula "or 7a&&iness and 7armon in 3i"e Post #1 200*0111-1*1* . The M is more important than the S. The B is more important than the M. 0t is best i% the S M B and the P and P are in balan!e.oded 5ormula "or 7a&&iness and 7armon in 3i"e CB7E7 @B8M39A @B8 1APP0*ESS A*7 1A8MB*6 0* 90@E The S is more important than the M. M = Mind. lo+e a%%air &ith the people 0 lo+e and li%e. The B is more important than the P or P. P = Penis.. P = Pa"ina..0 -no& &hat my dreams are and 0 am 9i+in" them. The M is more important than the B. CB7E7 @B8M39A @B8 70SASTE8 A*7 70ST8ESS 0* 90@E The P or P is more important than the B.. Alan Thread 85: . Alan . B = Body.

Pro!essin". a. Were you "i+en a &ron" itemH What &as the &ron" itemH What &ere the !onse?uen!es that o!!urred %rom that &ron" itemH Was a ri"ht item not a!!eptedH What &as the ri"ht itemH What &ere the !onse?uen!es that o!!urred %rom that not a!!epted ri"ht itemH Be!ause o% this did you start as-in" yoursel% ?uestionsH What &ere the ?uestionsH 0% listin" ?uestionI !orre!t list. !. Trainin". e. Ener"y. e.Thread 8+: 4etting it out o" our head Post #11 200*040+-0508 4etting un8anted stu"" out o" our head 0t is +ery possible to "et anythin" that is un&anted out o% your head. 8e" in". Sele!t area o% interest or !har"e# 3se Pre%ix# Conne!ted to 2area5HH . b. 6ou !an s!an the ?uestions and ta-e up &hat ?uestion or area that interests you. d. 3. 'ust %ollo& your interest line. a. Thin"s. Ma-e sure you &rite e+erythin" do&n. This !an be done solo. Crammin". Areas# S!ientolo"y. Spa!e. d. . b. a. Ethi!s. Time. thou"h it is best i% you !o pro!ess it. Were you "i+en a &ron" ans&erH What &as the &ron" ans&erH What &ere the !onse?uen!es that o!!urred %rom that &ron" ans&erH Be!ause o% this did you start as-in" yoursel% ?uestionsH What &ere the ?uestionsH 0% listin" ?uestionI !orre!t list.. Money. (. 1at. Post. b. et!. !. 'ust readin" these ?uestions &ill start undoin" and un%ixin" your attention %rom !har"ed areas.

b. Was a ri"ht ans&er not a!!eptedH What &as the ri"ht ans&erH What &ere the !onse?uen!es that o!!urred %rom that not a!!epted ri"ht ans&erH Be!ause o% this did you start as-in" yoursel% ?uestionsH What &ere the ?uestionsH 0% listin" ?uestionI !orre!t list. d. e. a. !. Was a ri"ht purpose or "oal not a!!eptedH What &as the ri"ht purpose or "oalH What &ere the !onse?uen!es that o!!urred %rom that not a!!epted ri"ht purpose or "oalH Be!ause o% this did you start as-in" yoursel% ?uestionsH What &ere the ?uestionsH 0% listin" ?uestionI !orre!t list. d. e./. Were you "i+en a &ron" purpose or "oalH What &as the &ron" purpose or "oalH What &ere the !onse?uen!es that o!!urred %rom that &ron" purpose or "oalH Be!ause o% this did you start as-in" yoursel% ?uestionsH What &ere the ?uestionsH 0% listin" ?uestionI !orre!t list. b. ). e. . e. !. <. d. !. b.. b. L. !. a. a. Was a !orre!t !ondition not a!!eptedH . Were you "i+en a &ron" !onditionH What &as the &ron" !onditionH What &ere the !onse?uen!es that o!!urred %rom that &ron" !onditionH Be!ause o% this did you start as-in" yoursel% ?uestionsH What &ere the ?uestionsH 0% listin" ?uestionI !orre!t list. a. d.

What &as the !orre!t !onditionH What &ere the !onse?uen!es that o!!urred %rom that not a!!epted !orre!t !onditionH Be!ause o% this did you start as-in" yoursel% ?uestionsH What &ere the ?uestionsH 0% listin" ?uestionI !orre!t list. What &ere the !onse?uen!es that o!!urred %rom that "oal or dream o% yours that &as made nothin" o%H !. and someone elseHs "oals or dreams super imposed o+er yoursH a. Was a !orre!t indi!ation not a!!eptedH What &as the !orre!t indi!ationH What &ere the !onse?uen!es that o!!urred %rom that not a!!epted !orre!t indi!ationH Be!ause o% this did you start as-in" yoursel% ?uestionsH What &ere the ?uestionsH 0% listin" ?uestionI !orre!t list. b. %. What &ere the !onse?uen!es that o!!urred %rom someone elseHs "oal or dream that &as super imposed o+er yoursH e. .a. d. What &as the "oal or dream o% yours that &as made nothin" o%H b.. . b. d. ". a.. !. Be!ause o% this did you start as-in" yoursel% ?uestionsH What &ere the ?uestionsH 0% listin" ?uestionI !orre!t list. e. Was a "oal or dream o% yours made nothin" o%. What &as someone elseHs "oal or dream that &as super imposed o+er yoursH d.0. a. !. !. . d. e. e. b. Was there a &ron" indi!ationH What &as the &ron" indi!ationH What &ere the !onse?uen!es that o!!urred %rom that &ron" indi!ationH Be!ause o% this did you start as-in" yoursel% ?uestionsH What &ere the ?uestionsH 0% listin" ?uestionI !orre!t list. ..

!ler. !ler-s. Stay on one subEe!t until your attention "oes %ree. use your -no&led"e and abilities in an understandable %orm &ith people. you naturally up"rade your terminals. Br# A Billionaire tends to be on a parity &ith another billionaire. PJA Tour &in. Alan Post #28 200*040.. This &as the indi!ators o% the te!h &as &or-in" be%ore the Jrades and BT 9e+els. 3se it. 0t is best done to a &in. 2Conne!ted to &innin"....5 At least L0 millionaires..5 . Example# World Class sprinters ea!h sprinter is a !hampion. Ea!h o% the abo+e had tremendous abilities in their areas o% interest.... 0% the trainin" and pro!essin" is &or-in". 3sin" those ?uestions &ith di%%erent Pre%ixes has led to at least . in any situation.. 2Conne!ted to bein" the %astest runner. Conse?uently all the BS about the dan"ers o% use o% the Te!h are not part o% my uni+erse. The Corre!tions 9ist 0 &rote 0 ha+e been usin" mu!h o% sin!e ..... Ta-e a brea-..... Alan Post #1.L.7on>t ma-e an ordeal out o% this. Any pie!e o% te!h !ould be used at any time.-0$1* >atching terminals Can you de%ine mat!hin" terminalsH A mat!hin" terminal is a person on a parity &ith you.. Wimbledon Tennis Championships..00 Meter Blympi! Jold Medal. 200*040*-0204 <se our kno8ledge and abilities 0 !ome %rom an era o% S!io that did not !ontain any restraints. Blympi! Jold Medalist.5 .. A%ter all it is your -no&led"e and your abilities... S!io does not o&n it it is yours. 2Conne!ted to buildin" a %ortune. L *6 Times Best sellin" authors..5 0n!ludin" many ex Mission 1olders... Br# )$.5 1elped produ!e the oldest person e+er to &in the .. 2Conne!ted to &ritin" a best seller... the Te!h allo&ed them to pull the stops o%% them and rise to "reater hei" on a parity &ith other )$. 2Conne!ted to bein" the number one tennis player in the &orld has a. .. Bne o% the bi""est mista-es S!io>s ma-e &hen they lea+e S!io is they dis!ard their -no&led"e and abilities.

. 0 remember in .a simple thin" li-e re!ruitin"..... 0 sa& ho& the tiniest thin" led to terrible abuses.. Where did the truth "oH Alan Post #5 200*0118-1402 7id you e+er experien!e the le"endary A@inan!e Poli!eA missionsH Br &ere you already outH *o.. But...0 -ne& immediately &e had "i+en the B4 to lie.2+ / 4radient Aescent into 7ell As 0 loo...his.!h insanity....... CMB &it!h hunts.. But 0 &as an SP. 0 sa& somethin" hea+enly "radiently des!end into hell. AB.Jod ho& that destroyed people>s pay.....o+er the years o% the S!ientolo"y Empires 8ise and @all... All these people &ere ne& publi!. SB. 0 &as out by then."uaranteed e+ery outer Br"...00 !ourses total bet&een 9A Br".. 7estroyin" the Mission *et&or-. sta%% and one auditor........loadin" a po+erty ridden Br" &ith unhatted untrained sta%%.....0: / 4radient Aescent into 7ell Post #1 200*0112-0... po&er and domination. 0 bet S!io (00L did not sell a . *o& &e "et into in!redible %inan!ial abuses...... Ea!h little distortion led to in!redible horrors... V7* Courses %rom the 9A Br" %or my sta%%.. The list "oes on and on...... as &as 981>s "ame &as !ontrol..00 S1SBC !ourses %rom St 1ill. to -eep lyin" until the truth is lon" %or"otten.Thread .and one super+isor.. do&nstats and abuses %or eternity. AS1B or St 1ill...they had .....9B9..)3 )/ buyin" (00 Class ..)< 0 bou"ht . .%abulous Te!h.... Statisti!s....)/ 0 bou"ht a .... Mannin" the Br" Board.00 S1SBC Courses %rom AS1B 9A %or my sta%%... on!e 7M rene"ed on the re%orm 0 -ne& &hat &as in the ....9ets you -no& &here you are at.. ho& it distorted e+erythin"...yet.... En"land %or my sta%%..... pur"es......7M had ne+er built anythin" in his li%e.(.0 remember +isitin" the St 9ouis Br"..must be "otten rid o%%........Barry 4line &as E7. Ta-e %or instan!e the %irst time &e had to tell a shore story to hide 981>s presen!e... shrun.LL... 0t &as not meant to be an extensi+e &rite up..drasti!ally... Tearin" ea!h other to pie!es..A These indi+iduals su%%ered %rom PPS.2: 4etting -on-7ubbard Works out o" the .. 0t does not ta-e lon" to plun"e an area into a %ull on dramatiCation o% %i"htin" past enemies.. is ASTB3*70*JD 0 &ill a!!ept +erbal data and best o% ability to re!all... Alan Thread 101: !hort histor o" the e#ils o" 2T.... @e& realiCe that it ta-es a lon" time to "ro& and handle po&er. This is the pri!e S!io paid %or rabbitin" %rom the in!omplete JPM Te!h.... o" ! What 2eall 7a&&ened Post #+ 200*0$1$-140* Premature Po8er ! ndrome @a!e rippin" E7>s ho& many 0>+e met o+er the years."i+in" a person Premature Po&er !auses them to pull old &innin" po&er identities %rom the past.&hi!h &as most senior S!io>s.. Alan Thread .#7 0 belie+e B$W &rite ups be"an &ith 0rene 7unlea+y$1o&ey she did it on sta%% at Saint 1ill in . Post #* 200*0*2... The %irst @EBC>s &e named A@ranti! E%%orts to Be Causes.A 4ill anyone &ho -ne& more than he did . people on sta%%...most o%ten these are enemy identities that had o+er&helmed them by %a!e rippin" beha+ior. S!io des!ended to 7M>s le+el.... When %EW 8rite u&s began A981 didn>t e+en de+elop B$W &riteups nor !onsider them &or-able te!hnolo"y.A. ..Premature Po&er Syndrome. 'ust enou"h to undo bein" e%%e!t in a spe!i%i! area.. Alan Thread 10*: The %riginal !aint 7ill Post #1 200*011$-1*$4 The %riginal !aint 7ill When 0 arri+ed to do my %irst S1SBC there &ere only ..the &hole "roup "o SP.... i% it !ould be +eri%ied.7M had to -ill the A"eese that laid the "olden e""s. This.-210..

. Course Sup.L/ Br"aniCationally. 1erbie %irst ?uestion. Bb+iously 981 and S!io be"an to dramatiCe Abein" stu!.....(.. ..00 mornin" Co Audit. pra!ti!e. The madness did not appear until late . 0t &as almost the same !urri!ulum &hen 0 did the se!ond S1SBC.<. 4ne& his dad ?uite &ell..00 to .. The !urri!ulum &as .. Brian past in!idents. 3. Shelley and her sister &ere Eust toddlers.00 study or 981 le!ture..00 to <. ). There &as no 1JC.. Thin"s started to "o stran"e earlier Te!hni!ally &ith the implant "oals material..00 dinner. but 0 do -no&n someone &ho &as. @ran!hise B%%i!er... Course Sup.00 !o audit.the hi"hest le+el &as the T 3nit.....they started in my 7allas.. Mary 9on". Center.30 study.. 0t &as an in!redibly sa%e en+ironment.. Students &ere pro!essed on their BW* Joals....981. Alan . There &ere approx ... 0% you did a Jross Auditin" Error you retrained the le+el..0 students.A Alan Post #5 200*0121-1*51 Alan.00 lun!h.. MS1.(..@$*>s &ere i"nored ea!h le+el &as ta-en to ability to apply. 4ne& his &i%e and her %amily +ery &ell..00 to 3. Ethi!s &as not a subEe!t.. &hen 8on be"an to implement the Jala!ti! Br" Board Material.00 to . Also slo&ly the students &ere no lon"er bein" pro!essed on their o&n "oals but &hat 981 had de!ided &as there. 8e"istrar there &as one other Course Sup &hose name 0 ha+e %or"otten.00 to . There &ere < le+els o% trainin" and !o pro!essin". S!io &as e+ol+in" "radiently.. no one had to "i+e up their li%e or "o hea+ily in debt to do S!io.a%ter them &hile their mom and dad &ere on !ourse. 8obin 1and!o!-.30 to ).it &as at this le+el that the JPM Te!h &as !o audited. Were you around at the time little 7a+ey &as on !ourseH 7id you -no& his parents at allH *o.used to loo. Monday to @riday..

. &hi!h &as a !o audit o% mainly pure ne& te!h..L( L3 L/. 0t &as ?uite a s-ill to read. Many o% the 8$7>s lasted one or t&o days it &ould depend on the !asualty rate on the p!>s and more importantly !ould the auditors handle it as to &hether the 8$7 &ould be!ome part o% standard te!h. 6ou &ere expe!ted to ma-e the te!h &or-..L. there &as a unit on the ori"inal S1SBC that did mu!h o% the basi! resear!hI it &as the T the door o% the !hapel to see i% there &as somethin" ne& to run on your p! no matter &hat your p! &as runnin" the session be%ore you &ould run the ne& rundo&n. This &as lon" be%ore @$* e+erythin" &hi!h only !ame into existen!e on the Bri"inal Class P000 !ourse in B!t. There are se+eral +itally important tapes and bulletins %rom this period that ha+e been omitted %rom any o% the !he!-sheets and Te!h Pols. But in those early days most o% his attention &as on Te!h resear!h. Alan . 0n .5 981 &ould then C$S all the sessions that ni"ht. Some 8$7>s &ould blo& the p! up the pole and some &ould bury the p!. Be%ore the start o% session you &ould loo. Pinned to the door &ould be a hand &ritten 981 bulletinI &hi!h you &ould !opy +erbatim and run on your p!.Post #10 200*0224-2$$8 2esearching 8ith 327 8esear!hin" &ith 981 @e& -no& or ha+e any !on!ept o% ho& mu!h o% the resear!h &as !arried out. Bn!e you &ere in the T unit. !han"es or suspe!ted !han"es needed you had to in!lude on your &or-sheets and i% important you &ould &rite a note and in!lude it in your %older as you did the 8$7. some &ould ma-e the p! better. any additions. The &or-able 8$7>s &ould e+ol+e into usable pro!edures by these methods.. 20% any maEor dis!o+eries those &ould be hi"hli"hted.most o% the ni"ht on the many hats he &ore. &ith %urther additions or deletions. 8on &ould &or. 0t &as an ex!itin" ad+enturous period. and run a ne& rundo&n and produ!e results in a session.

is to arri+e and stay in present time. What !ould be pro+en as a %a!t.Thread 10. Et!. BT 000 in!ident..) years to arri+e stably in PT.. 0n many &ays 0 &as lu!-y as 0 !ame into S!io in an era that ?uestioned e+erythin". Wins. . (.. 0mplants. 0 also !ompartment my thin-in" into three basi! areas. Past li+es..: >aking sense o" the madness ou ha#e esca&ed "romF Post #1 200*011$-184+ >aking sense o" the madness ou ha#e esca&ed "romF Bne o% the hardest thin"s to do %or an ex s!ientolo"ist or %or that matter anyone &ho has es!aped any !ult. 3.0 made lists !onne!ted to ea!h area. Et!. Venu. What &as un-no&n or there &as a pretty "ood !han!e A0 didn>t -no& 0 did not -no&DA 0n many &ays these are the areas that ma-e you !o dependent on S!io. Jood indi!ators. 0 am still undoin" the subtle ensla+ements. Bther lists 0 made# . 0t too. The most po&er%ul list &as# What s-ills and abilities did 0 ha+e. 0n!reased li%e s-ills. 9i%e "oin" easier. 'ust be%ore lea+in" S! .. Trains on Penus. More abilities. What &as Eust spe!ulation or !ould not be pro+en as a %a!t.

0 !ould !ommuni!ate.. Where !ould 0 use or mar-et them. &rite.e... lots o% point AB>sA. that>s my su!!ess story ri"ht e"". et!. 0 !ould "et>s Eust they !ollide &ith the millions o% ne"ati+esD @or most &hen they lea+e a "roup or team they lose a lot o% %riends. 0 !ould tie my shoela!es. no it is not. What produ!ts !ould 0 produ!eH What assets did 0 ha+eH What abilities &as 0 &ithholdin"H What su!!ess%ul a!tions had 0 doneH Another ?uestion 0 ran# 0% 0 be!ame. The madness is in ea!h o% us. su!!ess%ul. Alan Post #$ 200*0115-055+ 5ind and #alidate the &ositi#es Was it really madnessH 0s the AS!ientolo"y experien!eA al&ays ne"ati+eH Brientation as a Bein". SubEe!ts that you don>t -no& exist..%ar %rom it.. 0s the AS!ientolo"y experien!eA al&ays ne"ati+eH That is the problem. yeah.5 What did 0 lo+e to doH What &ere my most +aluable abilities or s-ills. &ell -no&n and happy &hat &as 0 a%raid mi"ht happenH The hardest areas to untan"le %rom S!io is that 981 borro&ed %rom so many other subEe!ts....What !ould 0 do &ellH 2*othin" &as too small to put on this list# i. 0 !ould read. 0 !ould sha+e.. do maths. So it seems S!io !ontains all the -no&led"e. Their spa!e .. ri!h.5 Stran"e ho& rehabilitati+e it &as to a!-no&led"e all o% these mundane abilities..%ar %rom itI there are millions o% positi+es.. 0 !ould !oo. What a!tual !riminal a!ts had 0 !ommittedH 2This undid so many &ron" items and %alse o+erts...

% mak&n. 6ou ha+e a !omm !y!le. ( could do the impossible. 0 had the ans&ers to li%e itsel%.a "reat deal o% spa!e and time. noth&n.a"ain &orth another %ortune i% mar-eted properly. ho& does one "o about re!o+erin" %rom S!ientolo"yH Con!entrate on your !areerH 1o& do you %ill the +oidH Some mi"ht say A&hat +oidHA But there is a +oid. 1o& does one "et o+er that lossH Dell )or a start stop ly&n..and time tends to !ollapse. 6ou !an produ!e a produ!t. By %indin" and +alidatin" the positi+es you "et ba!.. A deep one. 0 &as shoulderin" the responsibility o% the planet.e+iden!eI this messa"e board.. ( was in the most ethical group on the planet.. Alan Post #5 200*0115-1*08 7o8 to reco#er "rom !cientolog Without usin" any Ate!hA at all. 6ou &rote# FC years ago ( thought ( had all the answers. o) yoursel)F 6ou ha+e a lot o% Te!h. Spa!ation = Bein"ness. ( was shouldering the responsibility of the planet.0 years a"o 0 thou"ht 0 had all the ans&ers. 0 &as trainin" to be an auditor. ( had "the tech" to handle anything.. ( was training to be an auditor. 0 had %ound -indred spirits. ( had the answers to life itself. 0 &as in the most ethi!al "roup on the planet. ( was a "big being". Time = 1a+in"ness. 0 &as a Abi" bein"A.&orth a %ortune i% used properly... ( had found "indred spirits. less and mak&n. 0 had Athe te!hA to handle anythin".. 0 !ould do the impossible..... .. 4inda important stu%% in the James o% li%e. What &as the dream or "oal you had behind thisH 1o& !an you a!hie+e that dream or "oal &ithout sellin" your soulH 7o you li-e tea!hin" peopleH Are you a "ood !oa!hH What do you lo+e to doH ...

Time. and !an !ontribute to and help li-e physi!ally minded %riends. money. planes. Su!!ess%ul 0deas and E%%e!ti+e Wor-able A!tions. @riendliness. The following definitions are ta"en from the 2ebster's FJKJ *ictionary. Ener"y. homes. s-ills. E%%e!ti+e and E%%i!ient 3tiliCation o% Spa!e. Env&ronmental $ealth and r&ches are: An in%inity or abundan!e o% optimiCed sa%e spa!es. mental. ri!h. and !an !ontribute to and help li-e minded %riends. Wor-able 0n%ormation. thin"s and obEe!tsI that abundan!e o% &orldly estate &hi!h ex!eeds the estate o% the "reater part o% the !ommunityI a%%luen!eI opulen!e. physi!al and en+ironmental someones or somethin"s. 0ntelli"en!e. %riendly. 9i%e @or!e Parti!les. you !annot ha+e it. Appre!iation. !le+erness. Constantly 3p"radin" and 4eepin" 0dentities. Bptimum Pisions. Mental $ealth and r&ches are: An in%inity or abundan!e o% optimal re!orded Cle+erness>s. sa%e !ountries to li+e in sa%e. Control. abilities. 9o+e. Those &ords are WEA9T1 and 80C1. Palues. 6ou are ali"ned and !o !reatin" &ith %riendly others &ho ha+e the &illin"ness. 0nte"rity and 1appiness. 4no&led"e. -no&led"eable %riends and teammates. 4no& 1o&>s. multiple obEe!ts 2ran!hes. 6ou are ali"ned &ith. boats. Bptimum James. 6ou are ali"ned &ith. Sp&r&tual $ealth and r&ches are: An in%inity or abundan!e o% Presen!e. tools. Both &ords meanI the ability to ha+e an in%inity or abundan!e o% spiritual.7 N0% you !annot holo"raphi!ally de%ine it. !ars. land. Ener"y and Thin"s. Spa!e. Compassion. A!tions and Thin"s in their Corre!t Bptimum Brders o% 0mportan!e. time. ener"y. pla!es. -no& ho& and intelli"en!e to help you a!hie+e and maintain your "reatness as you are &illin" to help others rea!h and maintain their "reatness. et!. . hys&cal $ealth and r&ches are: An in%inity or abundan!e o% optimiCed healthy body. Truth. 0ntentions. "old. Thou"hts. Creati+ity.*o the abo!e lists. &ealthy.O ACW De)&n&t&ons o) DEA>T@ and RIB@ There are t&o &ords that %e& ha+e a %ull de%inition o%. They !an be people. Po&er. 1armony. and !an !ontribute to and help these types o% %riendly sa%e en+ironments. lar"e possessions o% spa!e. sil+er. Ee&els. Time. 1onor. 7reams. 8esponsibility. %riendly pla!es to +isit. pearls. %itness. subEe!ts or thin"s.5 6ou are ali"ned &ith. po&er%ul. Alan Post #+ 200*0115-1*28 Ae"initions o" W1/3T7 and 2I.

rea!h. Aboundin" &ith a +ariety o% deli!ious %oodI as a ri!h table or entertainment. @ull o% beauti%ul s!eneryI as a ri!h lands!apeI a ri!h prospe!t. n. Aboundin" &ith ele"ant !olorsI as a ri!h pi!ture.0. but not a ri!h bishop. 1a+in" somethin" pre!iousI as a "ro+e o% ri!h trees. "oods or money. The "or"eous East &ith ri!hest hand pours on her sons barbari! pearl and "old. Aboundin" &ith nutritious ?ualitiesI as a ri!h diet. AbundantI lar"eI as a ri!h !rop.(. @ertileI %ruit%ulI !apable o% produ!in" lar"e !rops or ?uantitiesI as a ri!h soilI ri!h landI ri!h mold. .. ./. /.X . in sil+er and in "old. Abram &as +ery ri!h in !attle. . than to be &iser than themsel+es. @ull o% +aluable a!hie+ements or &or-s.3. (. So &e say. 3. . re"num. Aboundin" in +aluable in"redients or ?ualities. . Ea!h minute shall be ri!h in some "reat a!tion. W9. re"ion.L. SplendidI !ostlyI +aluableI pre!iousI sumptuousI as a ri!h dressI a ri!h borderI a ri!h sil-I ri!h %urnitureI a ri!h present. 8i!hesI lar"e possessions o% money.. . 1i"hly seasonedI as ri!h pasteI a ri!h dish o% %ood. A %armer may be ri!h &ith property &hi!h &ould not ma-e a nobleman ri!h. Men more &illin"ly a!-no&led"e others to be ri!her.WEA9T1. (. a ri!h des!riptionI a dis!ourse ri!h in ideas.3. Jenesis . %rom extendin". Abundant in materialsI yieldin" "reat ?uantities o% any thin" +aluableI as a ri!h mineI ri!h ore. An annual in!ome o% <00 sterlin" pounds &ould ma-e a ri!h +i!ar. "oods or landI that abundan!e o% &orldly estate &hi!h ex!eeds the estate o% the "reater part o% the !ommunityI a%%luen!eI opulen!e. WealthyI opulentI possessin" a lar"e portion o% land.. . or a lar"er portion than is !ommon to other men or to men o% li-e ran-.<. a. En". re"o. AbundantI a%%ordin" abundan!eI plenti%ul. Plenti%ully sto!-edI as pastures ri!h in %lo!-s. Stron"I +i+idI per%e!tI as a ri!h !olor. 80C1. . <.. ).. ProsperityI external happiness.. . . . L.

Containin" abundan!e beyond &antsI as a ri!h treasury. and ready to besto& "ood thin"s on sin%ul men. 3. 0n musi!. in one>s o&n opinion. .. .0. emotions and a!tions o% "ettin" 80C1 stem %rom the ability to 8EAC1. la!.. . The root &ord. The !ource Points o" 4etting 2ich T1E SB38CE PB0*TS B@ JETT0*J 80C1 The sour!e points o% "ettin" ri!h are# 6ou bein" @3996 P8ESE*T &ith the ability to 8EAC1 &ithout any restraint or reser+ation./. 'ames (. presen!e. See Enri!h.t.o% a!tions o% stemmin" %rom an area o% @EA8 are the sour!e points that !ause one to "o into W0T178AWA9. W*ot used. Eph (. . (0. %ull o% s&eet or harmonious sounds.. denotes a ri!h man or person. (. ri!h men or persons. 80C1. 8om.. 8i!h in mer!y. -no&in" and bein" responsible %or the %ull e%%e!ts o% the !onse?uen!es o% your intentions. Pla!in" !on%iden!e in out&ard prosperity.. &ith spiritual "ra!es. The presen!e. spo-en o% Jod. 0% you truly desire to be 80C1 it is +ital that you "et a %ull holo"raphi! !on!ept o% the &ord and subEe!t o% 8EAC1.X Alan Post #* 200*0115-1*$.. emotions and a!tions o% B8APE86 are the sour!e points that empo&er one &ith the ability to 8EAC1. or more %re?uently in the plural. @rom !reatin" a %ull holo"raphi! !on!eptual understandin" o% 8EAC1 you &ill ha+e the basi! %ormula %or the attainment o% 80C1ES. Pro+.. the ne"ati+e emotions and the la!. The ri!h hath many %riends. %ull o% mer!y. Matt. Sel% ri"hteousI aboundin".). 8e+.. aboundin"I hi"hly endo&ed &ith spiritual "i%tsI as ri!h in %aith. used as a noun. . the ne"ati+e emotions and the la!. +isions. +. . The la!.o% presen!e.o% presen!e. To enri!h. 0n S!ripture.o% a!tions o% PBPE8T6 all stem %rom the a!tion o% W0T178AWA9. emotions and a!tions. The root &ord. The ri!h. Then set about restorin" your abilities to 8EAC1 and enhan!e your B8APE86.

to shoot %orth. 9. to ur"e. 7i!tionary de%inition o%# REAB@. to rea!h out the arm. porri"o and porri!io. that is. to rea!h a boo.To enhan!e your B8APE86 many deep seated @EA8S &ill need to be remo+ed.(. to ma-e ri"ht or strai"ht. 1en!e.on the shel%I 0 !annot rea!h the obEe!t &ith my !aneI the seaman rea!hes the bottom o% the ri+er &ith a pole or a line. to rea!h. to strain or stret!h.. Ama-e the %irst teamA ` +erb# to exert mu!h e%%ort or ener"y ` +erb# pla!e into the hands or !ustody o% ` +erb# to "ain &ith e%%ort WebsterGs . the radi!al sense o% desirin".".t.. The En"lish sense o% rea!h appears in 9. To extendI to stret!hI in a "eneral senseI sometimes %ollo&ed by out and %orthI as. Jree-. to extend. 3. the radi!al sense.X . re"o. either real or abstra!t 2Example# AThe &ater rea!hed the doorstepA5 ` +erb# rea!h a "oal. The +erb is no& re"ularI pp. to rea!h. to rule or "o+ern.5 . the an!ient preterit. 2B patron po&er. thy present aid a%%ord. To extend toI to tou!h by extendin" either the arm alone. But the primary sense is the same. e. R30C4 7E@0*0T0B*S# REAB@ ` noun# the a!t o% physi!ally rea!hin" or thrustin" out ` noun# the limits &ithin &hi!h somethin" !an be e%%e!ti+e 2Example# A1e &as beyond the rea!h o% their %ireA5 ` noun# an area in &hi!h somethin" a!ts or operates or has po&er or !ontrol 2Example# AButside the rea!h o% the la&A5 ` noun# the limit o% !apability ` +erb# to extend as %ar as 2Example# AThe sunli"ht rea!hed the &allA5 ` +erb# be in or establish !ommuni!ation &ith 2Example# ABur ad+ertisements rea!h millionsA5 ` +erb# mo+e %or&ard or up&ard in order to tou!hI also in a metaphori!al sense 2Example# AJo+ernment rea!hes out to the peopleA5 ` +erb# rea!h a point in time. %ra"ro. or a !ertain state or le+el 2Example# AThis !ar !an rea!h a speed o% . is obsolete.. +. To stri-e %rom a distan!e. 9. to stret!h. that 0 may rea!h the beast. (. or &ith an instrument in the handI as./0 miles per hourA5 ` +erb# rea!h a destination. rea!hed. 8au"ht.

. The letter rea!hed me at se+en o>!lo!-. 1e rea!hed me a %ull !up.5 2Be sure yoursel% and your o&n rea!h to -no&.3. (. To extendI to spread abroad.5 The best a!!ounts o% the appearan!es o% nature &hi!h human penetration !an rea!h. rea!hin" a%ter a positi+e idea o% in%inity.(. E%%ort o% the mind in !ontri+an!e or resear!hI !ontri+an!eI s!heme.5 2To rea!h a%ter. 28ea!h hither thy %in"er rea!h hither thy hand. 3. or the limit o% po&er.on Thursday. 0n a "eneral sense. !ome short o% its reality. To be extended.5 . or by any instrument mana"ed by the hand./.i.521e &ould be in a posture o% mind. .5 2And behold. by e%%ort. there is no per!eption. 2The du-e o% Parma had parti!ular rea!hes and ends o% . +. 21e rea!hed WtoX me an oran"e. to "ain or obtain. 2Trees rea!h>d too %ar their pampered bou"hs. 21e used all the means &ithin his rea!h. To extend or stret!h %rom a distan!e. <. ( not &ithin my rea!h. The !auses o% phenomena are o%ten beyond the rea!h o% human intelle!t. 2Whate+er alterations are made in the body. The po&er o% extendin" to.. n. To extend to. To penetrate to. . 'ohn (0. 2E+ery artist should attempt to rea!h the point o% ex!ellen!e.5 . 2Thy desire leads to no ex!ess that rea!hes blame. To extend to so as to in!lude or !omprehend in %a!t or prin!iple. Po&er o% attainment or mana"ement. .0.5 (.. and the top o% it rea!hed to hea+en. To o+errea!hI to de!ei+e.. The boo. Jen. 26e ha+e slain them in a ra"e that rea!heth to hea+en. or o% ta-in" by the hand.5 <.5 REAB@. 2The ne& &orld rea!hes ?uite a!ross the torrid Cone.5 .5 ). extensionI a stret!hin"I extent. We rea!hed *e& 6or. (. To ta-e &ith the hand. .. REAB@.5 /. to ma-e e%%orts to attain to or obtain. labor or studyI hen!e. To arri+e atI to !ome to. To deli+er &ith the hand by extendin" the armI to hand. A %et!hI an arti%i!e to obtain an ad+anta"e. To penetrate.. The bottom o% the sea is not &ithin the rea!h o% a line or !able. and this a!t %ixed the natural pri!e o% money. a ladder set on the earth.5 . i% they rea!h not the mind.. 2The la& rea!hed the intention o% the promoters. To attain to or arri+e at. physi!al or moral. 2The ship rea!hed her port in sa%ety. (.5 L.

0 belie+e he is the ri!hest man in Canada. All the abo+e also ha+e been +ery in%luential in their %ields. Mental 0ma"e Pi!tures are Eust a substitute %or the a!tual in!ident. . Extent.. 0t is +ery de"radin" to a bein" to ma-e them run M0P>s as it ma-es the M0P>s bi""er than the bein". many people ha+e a!hie+ed su!!ess a%ter lea+in" S!io. .5 ). B%ten that is a!hie+ed in pullin" o+erts or &ithholds. Se+eral exes ha+e &ritten best sellers. the distan!e bet&een t&o points on the ban-s o% a ri+er. to !ross the desi"n. 0 -no& o% t&o that ha+e "one on and &on se+eral Wimbledon Tennis Championships.. nor to lar"er rea!h than to suspi!ion. 2Strain not my spee!h to "rosser issues. Alan Thread 12.5 L. in &hi!h the !urrent %lo&s in a strai"ht !ourse. Possibly the most su!!ess%ul is no& &orth < to ..: <>ike-> !tor Post #+ 200*011*-0115 Aianetics has degraded into running >ental Image Pictures 7ianeti!s has de"raded into runnin" Mental 0ma"e Pi!tures. Perhaps some o% you !an add to this in your head +ideo. Billion dollars. Many. The End Phenomena is# At !ause o+er mental ima"e pi!tures. Bne &ho re!ently died &as &orth o+er a QBillion. Amon" seamen. Tenden!y to distant !onse?uen!es. Alan Thread 1$5: !uccesses a"ter lea#ing !cientolog Post #1 200*011+-0502 !uccesses /"ter 3ea#ing !cientolog Bne o% the ne"ati+e pro!ess run on people attemptin" to lea+e S!io..his o&n underhand. 1e also had < Ex Presidents o% maEor !ountries &or-in" %or him. Se+eral o% the ex mission holders are no& &orth in the multi millions. is that you &ill not sur+i+e &ithout S!io.

he &as +ery upset &ith ho& S!io had handled him and people he had sent to them.. and . and Australian !hampionships t&i!e ea!h.. 8E0Ts H listed on the *6SE5..S..)0 and ...... 0t &as in sin"les.)0 and . 0 stayed at his house.S.&as %ounder.Were you pro!essed a"ainst your "oalsH 1e Eust %ell apart.L). 1is other "rand slam tournament +i!tories in!lude t&o 3S titles in . Chairman and CEB o% TriCe! Corporation. 1e and 8od 9a+er are the only players to &in the men>s sin"les at @orest 1ills and Wimbledon as amateurs and pros..1e attended a Money Course 0 &as tea!hin"..)<. Mun. 'ohn *e&!ombe &as the last amateur to &in Wimbledon in .L) and &on the tournament a"ain as a pro%essional in ..)3...Sed"eman.0 met him and his &i%e 9inda. that *e&!ombe made his name.. *o.. Mun->s rise !ame %rom a !areer in business.)3 and ...... in Toronto. player in &orld 3 times 2. 7espite bein" an en"ineer....... We then spent the rest o% the ni"ht plannin" ho& he !ould ma-e it bi". 0 &as in business at that early S!io time &ith @ran.)0 ).in those days &e produ!ed results on the !lient %irst.. Wimbledon ChampionshipsHHH WBWD Can you say &hoH 'ohn *e&!ombe 1e e+en &rote about his sessions in his boo-.all Wimbledon &inners. 0 don>t e+en -no& i% he -ne& it &as S!io.LL.. no& -no&n as TriCe! Properties 2one o% the lar"est 3.).Alan Post #$ 200*011+-1*1. Alan Post #5 200*011*-0014 The Canadian is Peter Mun-.itsa ed %or about an hour on his "oals..L)... 1e is Chairman and %ounder o% Barri!.).. the &orld>s lar"est "old minin" !orporation. t&o Australian titles in .... 0 "uess he %ollo&ed the planDD .5I &on Wimbledon 3 times and 3. *e&!ombe &as the last amateur !hampion at Wimbledon in .. They had "one to Saint 1ill %or Jrades and Po&er... 9e& 1oad.. 0 as-ed him a simple ?uestion. and repeated in .) doubles titles.....Jold....L) and . durin" the open era. Pan!ho ...... thou"h. &here he remains Chairman..

0t meant a ne& area to study and led to 3<.it started durin" the Mission 1olders meetin"s at @la".. Most o% us lea+e S!io %eelin" &e &ere %ailures.. the Br"s.0 -no& 0 did.. To run a su!!ess%ul Mission it &as +ital that your students be su!!ess%ul in li%e....... As 0 handled my Aun-no&nsA 0 be"an to enEoy my %ailures.. 0 -no& 0 and many others started a pro!ess runnin" that be"an to brin" to +ie& those Aun-no&nsA.....then 7M rene"ed on them. Alan Post #18 200*020+-0$28 5or !uccess@ sta "ocused on our Prime 4oal 0 ha+e spent the maEority o% my li%e helpin" people be more su!!ess%ul in!ludin" mysel%... ..000 people lea+in" S!io bet&een .....learn %rom them... 5ailing m 8a to !uccess ?a&l&n..... *ot only that you are helpin" others see the truth. Bill @ran-s as-ed me to re!o+er the Aold timersA 0 re%used unless !ertain re%orms &ould be implemented. the &hat &as Aun-no&nA to us about led to more and more Br"aniCational !rimes !omin" to +ie&.those s-y hi"h dreams &ill !ome ba!-...Jod the internet !ame into bein"..that started the s!hism. EnEoy you %ailures.. Bi" su!!esses are !omposed o% lots o% little su!!esses....... Masterpie!es are !omposed o% mastered pie!es.....( and . MS1....... 9oo.. Bn!e 0 realiCed there &ere Aun-no&nsA my %ears tend to>ll be amaCed ho& relie+ed you &ill be. the SB. Tell your story.Alan Post #12 200*0118-11$......3... Mu!h o% this realiCation !ame as a result o% playin" sports...those re%orms be"an to "et implemented.. the CMB. my $ay to Success A lon" time a"o be%ore S!io 0 had a massi+e %ear o% %ailure.than. 0s it any &onder &e %ailedH What a destru!ti+e a!t it is &hen you obser+e somethin" not !orre!t or do&nri"ht destru!ti+e and you tell it to an Exe! then they say to you "o &rite up your B$W>s.. Bne day 0 realiCed that %ailure meant 0 &as in the "ame as a player but 0 had too many Aun-no&nsA to &in.

The Jo+. These are the maEor ne"ati+e pro!esses bein" run throu"hout the &orld. . 3nless you &ant to be a Eob holder.s that people should !e educated onG* 0n third &orld !ountries the edu!ation system is desi"ned to !ontrol. The important thin"s %or su!!ess are not tau"ht in s!hools. As the people throu"hout the &orld be!ome more literate there &ill be massi+e e+olutions. 3SS8. Su!!ess depends on the ability to stay %o!used on your Prime Joal. But almost e+eryone on this planet is Apositi+e &ord and !on!eptA illiterate. and Common&ealth !ountries as the people in po&er &ant &or-ers. !ut rea!h and ensla+e people. it is doin" the little day to day thin"s. But you !an !han"e a &hole nation i% you put your mind and soul to it. and other "oals ha+e been super imposed o+er theirs.. 0t isn>t doin" the bi" thin"s. Alan Post #20 200*020+-0$40 GPositi#e 8ord and conce&tG illiterac 6ou are absolutely !orre!t 8omu+a. All taxation systems are desi"ned to !ontrol. 0t is edu!atin" people on the true thin"s or areas they need to be edu!ated on... Almost all maEor "roups on this planet use poli!ies and pro!esses to !ontrol.. 9u!-ily &e ha+e the internet &hi!h is passin" an immense amount o% -no&led"e and -no& ho& a!ross all borders. 0t is mu!h &orse in E3.L/.. !ut rea!h and ensla+e people.Most people are a!tually a%raid to be su!!ess%ul. To undo this pro"rammin" may ta-e !enturies. poli!ies are desi"ned to !ontrol. !ut rea!h and ensla+e people. !ut rea!h and ensla+e people. * erhaps some o) you $ould l&ke to say $hat are the most &mportant th&n. The 3S is mu!h more open to su!!ess than any other !ountry 0 ha+e +isited or li+ed in. The problem &ith most ex S!io>s is their Prime Joals has been de+astated. Thou"h it is no lon"er as %ree as it &as &hen 0 arri+ed in . !ut rea!h and ensla+e people. Mu!h o% that is due to the pro"rammin" they re!ei+e in s!hool and %rom their parents. Almost all people are trained and edu!ated to !ontrol. o% !ourse so ha+e most people in li%e.

...the pri!e you &as pure e+il. That may &ell ha+e been the %ootbullet o% all time as %rom that point on the internet rallied on your side a"ainst S!io. Alan Post #2* 200*020+-1*4$ Aennis 1rlich @e& people -no& &hat you ha+e been throu"h.. When you &on the !ourt !ase it &as a +i!tory %or all o% us.had you !olle!ted a Q....%eelin" hopeless that 0 !ould not help. B+er the years 0 %ollo&ed the relentless atta!-s on you.....and its e+il to destroy utterly anyone &ho dared !hallen"e them..... 0 &itnessed Eust one attempt on you...... 1ad you had the state re!o"niCed and the abilities re"ained and a!-no&led"ed. 0>m too upset.. = AE 6ou !ame in durin" the ?ui!-ie period o% S!io.....o% all.&orld sho&ed a %ra!tion o% its true intent.....e+erythin" you lo+ed and held dear &as used in an attempt to dri+e you insane and destroy you utterly. ..... you !an>t ha+e it....000 it &ould ne+er pay ba!. 0 remember you !omin" into my o%%i!e and sayin" to me# A0>m no use to you or your people...%e&er still !ould ha+e &ithstood the !onstant attempts to destroy you utterly..... 0 need to lea+eDA 0 remember sittin" there.......A 0t is as simple as that.. you !ould then ha+e !ontinued to e+ol+e..00...A0% you !an>t de%ine it. &ould %rom then on a!t as a de"rade pro!edure.000.......the raid on your house and the ta-in" o% you personal !omputer and your %iles... 0 too am "lad you are on this board. S!io lost the most po&er%ul tool on this planet... Alan Thread 152: AianeticsBBB(ait6 7ook6 Post #15 200*0228-20$4 The HbubblesI uni#erse Wpersonal story snippedX @or &hat its &orth# 6ou &ent beyond S!io into an As!ension Experien!e be o% any use... S!io Te!h..then !ame possibly the most dis"ustin" atta!...

... Alan Thread 1*8: Is this 8here our mone 8ent6 Post #$ 200*0120-0*2... bein" imprisoned in the !hain lo!-er and bein" %or!ed to li+e in a de"raded state. Alan Thread 1**: Truth about communismEdocumentar Post #18 200*0120-2025 7olocaust sur#i#ors Ba!.... 0 mean ho& do you li+e &ith an experien!e li-e thatH 0t &as not a problem. %ormer holo!aust sur+i+ors %rom 7a!hau..... 0 !ouldn>t tou!h that.... The bi""est problem &ith an AE is they !an be +ery disorientatin".. 0% 0 &as an auditor hypotheti!ally.?uite a hi"h uni+erse....0 so 0 -no& some o% &hat &ent on.they sou"ht me out. 1e had it %or years.. *either 981 or MS1 &ere +ery extra+a"ant... Almost all had the same AsinA o% omission that led them into the !amps and torture. Treblin-a. 4ra-o&.it &as# Athey sa& &hat &as happenin" and did +ery little or nothin" about it.0 &on &ith ea!h o% them.000...... That Ea" !ost about Q3. Alan .0 &as able to %ree them up so they !ould "et on &ith their li+es.about you you &ould ha+e seen the physi!al uni+erse loo-in" li-e a "olden spinnin" ball.L/ in En"land 0 had (.A #2 Alan Post #21 200*0120-22$* 0 !an>t e+en ima"ine Alan &hat that experien!e must o% been li-e %or them.0 re!o"niCe the AbubblesA uni+erse.. Pi! &as ta-en around mid >L3. That must o% been tou"h %or the people that audited them. 0t &as about a . 0 &ould insist that 0 &ould ha+e to lea+e those people at pea!e...L0 model.. and other !on!entration !amps as !lients...i% you had time to loo. 327's :ag *i!e to -no& he &as tourin" around in his %an!y 'a" &hilst others &here bein" . Way beyond the physi!al uni+erse..

. &here. 0t is based on %indin" the truth.. 0n other &ords e+en i% &hat your +ie& is exa!tly as it is... ho&.. an up"rade in &ho you !onne!t to... .. 0t is easy to !orre!t on non S!io>s..but most S!io>s belie+e they ha+e the truth. Whi!h ma-es %or the damnedest %alse !onditions you ha+e e+er en!ountered....Thread 180: 0uestion "or all "ormer scientologists Post #** 200*0$02-18$4 Identities @irst &e need to %ind out exa!tly ho& this me!hanism &or-s and to be!ome %ully a&are o% our o&n role in it. et!. Alan Thread 188: /uditing: Trul (ogus6 Post #$ 200*0121-0$0$ /uditing is based on "inding the truth To me auditin" is the easiest thin" in the &orld to test. an up"rade o% your position in li%e. Bne o% the reasons there are so many +ariables in pro!essin" has to do &ith# Bne# The pro!essorI &hat identity are they inH T&o# The !lientI &hat identity are they +ie&in" the in!ident %romH An identity is a pre pro"rammed %ilter me!hanism it is !reated to only obser+e &hat it &ants to obser+e and %ilter out anythin" that it deems un&anted..the identity you are +ie&in" %rom &ill employ sele!ti+e +ie&s and sele!ti+e importan!es. Truth is the exa!t and pre!ise &ho. That should ma-e the auditor a sa%er terminal. &hen.. 0% you ha+e the exa!t truth you &ill experien!e an instant up"rade o% your PT existen!e and mood le+el. Pro!esses run &ith no a"endas atta!hed &ill "uide you to the truth. &hat.. Basi!ally an 0dentity is the stable datum used to hold o%% an area or areas o% !on%usion. The &ay S!io and 7ianeti!s is positioned you W099 *BT "et the pure truth o% &hat is truly there. 0t is all so simple.. Thus you "et dub in and %alse ima" they %ilter and sele!t their AtruthsA. an up"rade o% your !onne!tions.. mood.

Alan Post #18 200*0122-1512 Political and beha#ioral-modi"ication auditing True auditin" is a +ery pure subEe!t.the odds are usually millions to one.#mad# Alan Post #2$ 200*0122-1+05 /gendaless 0ual and ... 0>+e pi!-ed ) maEor pi!. Jame o% Jol%I the &inner is the one !losest to the truth.. 0t needs to be %ree %rom any a"enda. is not proEe!tin" theirs or the C$S>s opinion onto the p!...and the person unloads..L3.L>s. Pi!-in" &inners is the same at the ra!e tra!-.. As is trainin".ramming Bne o% the reasons 0 admired and respe!ted 7ennis &as his ability to put to"ether an A"endaless Rual 7i+. all "ames are based on de"rees o% truth.. These a!tions are all Culti! a!tions.and tell allH 2is it sa%e to put the itsa line inH5 0 %ind that 0 almost don>t ha+e to say a &ord. shots.5 0s the mood le+el hi"h enou"h to brin" the person ups!aleH 0s it sa%e to loo. really &ants you to &in and "et better... The 8P@ pro!essin" &as in most !ases Beha+ior Modi%i!ation auditin"...i% you say hit a pi!.. &hat is more important is. an exe!... separates %rom &hat is botherin" them.. Alan Post #* 200*0121-1*$+ The sa"et "actor in auditing Possibly..this sho&s up in li%e as bein" in the ri"ht pla!e at the ri"ht time.. then handles it.usually means you %ound some truth. to be!omin" a pro"ressi+ely ne"ati+e Te!hnolo"y ea!h subse?uent year therea%ter.. 0t &ent %rom a positi+e Te!hnolo"y in early . 0 doubt i% anyone on this list has e+er had A"enda %ree auditin". &hether it be %rom a re".. S!io auditin" and trainin" deteriorated in!redibly o+er the years. A "ood session... holes.....000>s. a C$S or a parent....0n li%e.. is the en+ironment sa%eH Then# 0s the session sa%eH 0s the auditor sa%eH 28eally !ares.L the pay o%% !an be in the Q. 2Plus his "ood loo-s o% !ourse5 .0.

Thus the 1appiness 8undo&n tri""ered all the 3nhappiness. unin%luen!ed by ethi!s.. *o matter ho& lon" it too.or ho& many !hains &e &ould ha+e to %ollo&. Standards. 0t seemed to me at the time that it &as +ital to allo& the PC to +oi!e any disa"reements o+er the &ay S!n &as run in order to let them de+elop their o&n sense o% ri"ht [ &ron" &ould my sta%%. The 187 unburdened the bein" enou"h and made it sa%e enou"h %or the !lient to unleash their %uries and ra"e..... poli!y or te!h poli!ies... but it had massi+e booby traps !onne!ted to it... Br" Sta%% and SB exe!s bein" pro!essed on the 187 is &hat pre!eded the S!hism in S!io in >. A !lass a!tDD Alan Post #$. 6ou may not realiCe this lionheart but the Mission 1olders.. Basi!ally it le%t un%lat the basi! +iolations that the bein" had done in li%e and its existen!es. The 187 &as a "reat rundo&n...S!io has ne+er been the same sin!e. 26ou -no& ho& popular that &ould be to the !ontrol %rea-s in !har"eD5 Bne o% the other liabilities &as &hen you pro!ess the positi+e the ne"ati+e !omes to +ie&.. The aim &as to !reate truly sel% reliant people as re"ards ri"ht [ &ron". 1onors or Codes the bein" &ill "o into a state o% %ury and ra"e.. 0% had an area that needed inspe!tion and impro+ement 0 &ould "et the best help possible. 200*01$0-1+01 The 7a&&iness 2undo8n triggered unha&&iness 0t &as PE86 !ommon to handle the PC o+er s!ientolo"y re"es and ethi!s o%%i!ers &ho +iolated the pre!epts o% the boo-let.&hen a bein" +iolates their Prin!iples.. Juess &hy 187 auditors and C$ses be!ame so unpopular &ith the Co%SH 0>m not sure ho& easy it &ould ha+e been to audit [ C$S the rundo&n under stri!t 8TC dis!ipline..&ith me until 0 mastered it. Alan Post #40 200*01$0-1+24 7id you %eel at some point that perhaps the &hole !on!ept o% 1appiness 8undo&n &as a real inno+ation or did you %eel it had some mar-etin" appealH 2-eepin" the EP !on%idential5 Br did you %eel the EP &as important in that it &as !on%identialH .(. 0% 0 had an area that &as non optimum they &ould &or.0 -ne& i% 0 or one o% my sta%% needed a Rual a!tion it &ould be done &ithout any hidden or destru!ti+e A"enda..

the pro!essor plus the !lient pursuin" their dreams. The person is and &as ha+in" therapeuti! su!!ess in their o&n ri"ht. Alan Thread 1. there !an be a lot o% "ood. the team.. not S!ientolo"y had su!!ess in loo-in" at a problem or a realiCation and had &or-ed to&ards sol+in" it or a more positi+e state o% mind. the C$S. 0s the te!h o+er mar-eted and ta-in" too mu!h !reditH 0s the person ha+in" therapeuti! su!!ess in their o&n ri"htH Pery per!epti+e 8omu+a..1: !cientolog conce&ts that still Gmake senseG to ou Post #1$ 200*0125-0158 Intent As &ith most thin"s and subEe!ts it all boils do&n to intentD 0% the intention is based upon# AAll o) mank&nd shall !e my slaves and not kno$ $hyFA Then it is &hat ma-es a truly po&er%ul s!ene. Alan Post #45 200*0215-012$ !cientolog S!ientolo"y is both "ood and ori"inal. &ants and allo&in" the !lient to %ollo& their o&n interest line.. "oals. But i% ta-en a&ay %rom that intent. "oals. &ants and %ollo&in" their interest line. 3n%ortunately the parts that are "ood are not ori"inal and the parts that are ori"inal are not "ood. But all the team players need to be &illin" to let the !lient &in bi""er than them and must not ha+e any other a"enda than helpin" the !lient a!hie+e their dreams.0 "uess in my opinion it is &hat 0 see &hen 0 see these pro!esses is the idea rein%or!ed throu"h a su!!ess story and the result o% somebody ha+in" a su!!ess%ul session in &hi!h the a!tual person. "reat di%%erentiationDD The te!h &as o+er mar-eted. i% ea!h part is %ully understood and the !onse?uen!es o% its use are re!o"niCed. Wonder%ul summation. The !ombination o% the te!h. . 0% you ta-e 1ubbard out o% the e?uation and ta-e or"aniCed S!io out..

all 0 had to do &as pretend 0 had lost my train ti! not to pullin" a&ay the many labels. %or 0 "re& up in 9ondon durin" World War 00.........( !ourse meal.....earn about (0 shillin"s. 0 had "reat parents &ho lo+ed me deeply. My mother immediately +olunteered to &or..0 hardly e+er &ent to s!hool. At the a"e o% %our my %ather &as !ons!ripted to the Army and sent to 0ndia. to buy a ne& ti!-et.... 0 personally lo+ed an abandoned !hild 0 thin. 0 &ould then "o to the theatre to see the latest play.... Then onto a %amous restaurant li-e the 8itC and ha+e a .. many exer!ises...a lot o% money in those days. but the idea that anyone &ill %ind &hat is out on a !ase by %older error summaries ... but so did &e all.... 0 used to "o up to the West End 2Pi!!adilly Cir!us.repla!in" the lost men.pretty easy %or a %i+e year old. 0 learned so mu!h durin" those years...... 9ei!ester S?uare5 and li+e my se!ret li%e.....0 did not see him %or ) years....0 read !onstantly .. Separatin" &hat truly &or-s %rom a"reements o% &hat appears to & a %a!tory...+ 200*0$22-2$$.yet 0 &as not illiterate . Alan Post #..6ou are le%t &ith many pro!esses... 0 !onstantly a"ain and a"ain +isited e+ery maEor Museum in 9ondon... Soho....&ho &ere needed to %i"ht in the &ar.&hen 0 did "o to s!hool my mar-s &ere al&ays near the top o% the !lass in all subEe!ts.phe&D Alan Thread 204: > stor Post #14 200*012*-004$ > secret li"e as a 5 ear old 0 &as one o% millions o% !hildren &ho "re& up some&hat abandoned....... 0 learned ho& to ma-e money. She &as "one .. /33 . Conse?uently 0 had to brin" mysel% up.....most %rom other pra!ti!es..people &ould "i+e me a shillin" or t&o... Personally %or all those "uilt ridden parents &ho %eel they ha+e abandoned their !hildren ..E!ing stems "rom GWhat is heEshe sitting in6G 0 hate to say this./ hours a day.0 &ould do this %or about an &as mu!h better than bein" pro"rammed into the %amily !ult. B% !ourse durin" the blitC 0 had some s!ary moments. 0 lo+ed only !ost ) shillin"s.

To undo it re?uires obser+in" &hat is in %ront o% you. 6ou ha+e sa+ed a tremendous amount o% people a "reat deal o% "rie% 2and money5 &ith &hat you un! the %abulous &or.. or they are un!ons!ious. W!omment snippedX 0>m sorry 0 do not -no& o% any true BT 9e+els.. the person>s !ause le+el in!reases. A "ood. Sometimes they !an>t tal-... What is out is ri"ht in %ront o% you. deep li%e repair produ!es Eust that. As &ell as !leans up all the sel% listin" and introspe!tion points. 0 used to handle . 6ou &ill be amaCed at &hat reads.... .. not the bein".that o%# @ully !erti%ied and +alidated SPs... Today you ha+e ba!. Eust !ommon sense basi!s. Alan Thread 21$: G!iberia <!/ %ront end produ! &as missed.55 &lan Post #1+ 200*020+-18$1 1i Chris WB&enX.. 'ust put the !ans in their hands and assess the ! %ront te!h produ!in" a ba!... 0T W099 *BT BE T1E8E. W!omment snippedX 0t is a natural !y!le to "ro&. But &hat is not on a !orre!tion list is the pro!essor>s obser+ation and !onne!tion to the p!. The most basi! Case Ad+i!e ?uestion %rom &hi!h A99 C$Sin" stems %rom is# AWhat is he$she sittin" inHA 0 ha+e ta-en !ompletely s!reamin" type 000 !ases and !ooled them do&n +ery ?ui!-ly. But the te!h lon" a"o lost these simple basi! the !har"e "ets handled and the -no&led"e restores.. That is ho& !orre!tion lists !ame into bein".0 to ... Than.< people a day in this %ront people misapplyin" ba!.Eust indi!ate..and the ability to ma-e money and o!!upy more lu!rati+e positions in li%e ludi! ha+e done o+er the years to un!o+er the %alse history o% 981.

. Br i% you ha+e done the SP$PTS Pa!. C0A 3. Christians. Parents do this to their !hildren to "et them under their !ontrol. . 1omosexuals. ..... Alan Thread 2$$: !ubtle Aomination Post #1 200*012+-14$1 !ubtle Aomination B+er the years 0 ha+e obser+ed ho& destru!ti+e Cults apply subtle domination and subEu"ation o+er its members. (. trained and audited S!io..there are +ery spe!i%i! items that 6B3 M3ST BE SCA8E7 B8 PA8A*B07 ABB3TDD . .. Psy!hiatrists. The tar"et is %or the Cult to insert their "oals o+er the top o% their members. @reeloaders.. EST..A 0 ha+e made a list o% S!io Aboo"ie men. Commies..(. SP>s this is the most important item.. Christians. 7emo!rats. et al..this has lessened some&hat sin!e &e sold our souls to them.. 9abor. 8epubli!ans. A8S and Ex S!io posters.A A Aboo"ie manA "ains po&er to the de"ree it !annot be pro+en to exist the !ommon denominator o% Aboo"ie menA is they are more po&er%ul than you. 08S a"ents.. ).5 .it is done by the introdu!tion o% Aboo"ie men. . 8$Ser>s. S?uirrels. <.0.0 and many others truly appre!iate &hat you ha+e done. @B0 /. All other Jroups &ho are not S!ientolo"ists. Blo&n sta%% and %ormer S!io members.. Muslims. 2Ma%ia.. L. !onse?uently you need us to prote!t you %rom them. 0% you are a &ell hatted. in "ood standin".

All &hole tra!.5 . .. Please add to this list i% 0 ha+e missed some o% your items. Venu. Mar!abian A"ent Pro+o!ateurs /. . Anyone %amous 2Ex!ept Ce!il 8hodes.. .(. Bill 8obertson>s A8on>s Br" Te!hO . ). All &hole tra!. Bts.immediately run and turn yoursel% into the nearest B8J Ethi!s B%%i!er i% you do not do this you are EeopardiCin" your %uture and e+eryone else>s %uture in the uni+erse. @ormer Psy!hs. <. 7emoni!s. 2Commonly -no&n as WBJS..3. Bet&een li%e implants. 0mplanters... 0% you do not a"ree &ith any o% the items on these lists or i% you -no& o% more items that should be added to these lists.out %or# . 3. All other people &ho are not S!ientolo"ists././... . (. .3..5 . 8Ler>s. . Alan . @reud...philosophers. Please do not shoot the messen"er.... Christ. @ormer Popes. L. Please add to this list i% 0 ha+e missed some o% your &ell as PT items you must be the e%%e!t o%. Enemy Whole Tra!.pra!ti!es.0..<.has an impressi+e list o% &hole tra!.items you must be on the loo. .

E+er optimisti!. That strate"y -ept me out o% trouble and throu"h to the end o% the !y!le... The lon" +ie& is %or me.... in order to sur+i+e in that en+ironment..!om$main$be!loser. 1ubbard &as attemptin" to be Jod>s repla!ementD The absen!e o% Jod in S!ientolo"y is &hy 0 do not !onsider mysel% to be a S!ientolo"ist.. We ha+e not done our Eobs in !orre!tin" the mess most o% us !o !ontributed to.. Alan Post #2+2 200*08$1-000* So... B% !ourse.. but internally as &ell as externally the Jan" is bein" stripped o% its po&er and rea!h. Ea!h o% us !an only do so mu!h.. http#$$&&&.. 0 produ!ed lots o% W7A1s &hi!h &as &hat &as really needed and &anted at @la". 1ere is my understandin" o% Jod.. 0 -no& ho& hard it &as to !omplete an internship at @la" 0 did one a %e& months earlier on the ship there &ere students &ho had been stu!......Post #* 200*012*-0100 0 li-e that analysis.: 5lame tarbab Post #104 200*020+-1+45 The gang that caused most o" this miser Perhaps the Jan" that !aused most o% this misery and unhappiness are still operatin".. ..&e are &innin".asp Alan Thread 24. 0t is slo&. 0 &onder &ho here &ill a!-no&led"e that Jod is a boo"ie manH A!!ordin" to 981 Jod and 'esus &ere 8L 0mplants.. To -eep out o% trouble you still had to produ!e the W7 results.maybe &e had to ma-e a !lay model o% this so that &e !an undo this a!ti+ity %ore+er. The %a!t is this situation is an o%t repeated situation do&n throu"h time.on internships %or as mu!h as three years...-no&led"ism. AJodA %its the de%inition per%e!tly and or"aniCed reli"ions !ould &ell be thou"ht o% as !ults in su!h a s!enario..sorry i% it does not handle your parti!ular Abee%A.

Alan Post #2+5 200*08$1-0048 1n#ironmental bull-baiting *o&.000>s o% other ex s!io>s.... 0 learnt to expe!t to be double!rossed and punished %or tri+ial matters &hile in S!n and brou"ht that paranoia &ith me into the &o" &orld. espe!ially in a &or..en+ironment... there>s a thou"ht %or ya &hat i% the dan"erous en+ironment &as !reated in order to exa""erate the siCe o% the &in o% ha+in" sur+i+ed an internship thereH 0t &as mu!h more than that it &as a demand %or ex!ellen!e under pressure. This data &as "athered %rom !leanin" up my o&n !ase and .ho& easily you handled li%e and your post. Sel% Paranoia is a %orm o% 0ntrospe!tion. Alan Thread 2+1: 3i"e 4ainsF Post #1 200*0128-155* 3i"e 4ains *B 90@E JA0*S B8 W1AT C3TS 6B38 8EAC1H Bne o% my "reatest %ears &as N*o li%e "ainsDO 0n doin" S!io 0 had no %ear o% bein" a A*o !ase "ainerDO @or. What usually destroys li%e "ains is Sel% Paranoia as it !uts your rea!h. This too. . 0n many &ays it &as similar to ho& 981 ran the Bri"inal S1SBC he.a lon" time to A%or"etA and it harmed me early on in my return to &o"ness. MS1 and 1erbie Par-house &ere %ero!ious !oa!hes. 200*08$1-011+ <nhandled li"e conditions 0 &as al&ays paranoid about bein" hit %or somethin". 20 hope 5 Alan Post #2+. 0 -no& this may sound +ery "lib but ?uite honestly your Br" sta%% and you needed a de!ent li%e repair. 0% you noti!ed a%ter you returned ba!.. 6ou !ould !all it en+ironmental bull baitin". The only true &ay you !an measure trainin" and pro!essin" isI by &hat mood le+el are you in and ho& &ell you and those around you are doin" in li%e. Most people dra" their unhandled li%e !onditions alon" &ith them it is a !ontinuous out rud problem that %inally builds up su!h !har"e and mass that you !annot "o on. 0 "ained lots more !ase than 0 e+er &anted.

0. @ailed Purposes. as you are ha+in" to &ithhold &hat you -no&. Misrepresented items. @alse in!idents..5 . 21arm%ul a!ts. 2These tend to a!t as &ron" items. ..5 (.0t is also indi!ati+e o% a N!ollapsed uni+erse. no ener"y.. obser+e and intend. Sel% listin".. What !auses 0ntrospe!tion are the %ollo&in"# . &ords or thin"s in %ront o% you that you are alterin" to %it your threatened a&areness le+el. /. 1idden A"endas. @alse 7ata.&hi!h you no& pass onto others. @ailed Set 3ps.. pla!es.. . Wron" items. 7e%initely ha+e trouble in this areaD 3. 9oss o% Prime 7ream.3. ... ). But lists. the %ollo&in" o!!urs# no spa!e. 2This !an be people. Bb+iously that person is "oin" to ha+e trouble meetin" the publi!DD Br# Who or What does your boss represent to youH 0tem# A psy!hoti! idiot. B%% Purposeness.O When your or others> uni+erses are !ollapsed. <.5 ./. &hi!h &ill sel% sabota"e you. 23psets. @alse B+erts. 9ies. 9oss o% &orth&hile "ame to play.<.5 .e. . no time. subEe!ts.. 3nsa%e en+ironment this in!ludes an abusi+e en+ironment.5 . no ha+in"ness and no rea!h. 2PTP>s. 2These tie up attention and put you &ay out o% present time.. no interest. Who or &hat does meetin" the publi! represent to youH 0tem# Bein" torn to pie!es.5 0. 2These threats !ause undeli+ered !omms. The abo+e sets up %alse belie% systems. L.(.5 ..

As you be"in to dramatiCe the abo+e your li%e be!omes a +i!ious !ir!le.-055.... 0t is a bit!h to undo.. businesses and !ollapsin" li+es are !aused by the abo+e. 7o you !are to address this itemH 0n &hat !ontextH 0 hope this ans&ers your ?uestion. 6ou said nothin" about bein" tou"h. 0 %ound the same thin" in all "ames 0 played.5 Collapsin" or"s. The same in tennis. -i!-ed %arther. and the rea!h "ets less and less.-1*01 0t too.. Eumped hi"her... impa!t and +elo!ity "ot more %o!used and "reater. Alan Post #* 200*012. Alan Post #$ 200*012. At ea!h le+el the players ran %aster.. Most importantly# @ind and rehab the person>s Prime 7ream. @or instan!e as 0 rose up the ran-s o% di%%erent le+els o% the %ootball lea"ues 0 belon"ed to. !ri!-et.. as you no& !reate an unsa%e en+ironment and the &ron" items.. . %alse belie%s and lies "et passed on.Eust lo+e and -indness is needed. Most ex s!io>s !ome out o% the "ame a lon".. lon" time to "et any pro!essin". 2The !ollapsed uni+erse !an be sped up by a !omm e+ or t&o.. Tou"hness is a "radient s!ale thin". %or!e. 0t is based on Presen!e.. @or"et about tou"hness. 4no& ho&..then most &ill not trust you.9B9. the !le+erness. The only &ay 0 handled the abo+e &as to !lean up ea!h o% the abo+e subEe!ts to %ull PJ0>s on ea!h.then help them "et their Prime 7ream. Certainty. hit harder. 4no&led"e. until the person thin-s it is only them or their lo!al area that has these problems. Bne day their uni+erse !ollapses. boxin" and bas-etball.. Most on!e they "ot !leaned up no& had to re build their li+es. 7is!ipline and 0nte"rity.

0 ha+e used Myo%as!ial 2"oo"le it5 body &or... Any therapy 2pro+idin" no dru"s5 &or-s &ell i% you train the therapist to pi!. Alan Post #2+.. Most people dra" their unhandled li%e !onditions alon" &ith them it is a !ontinuous out rud problem that %inally builds up su!h !har"e and mass that you !annot "o on..they slo&ly re emer"ed as 0 unburied mysel%...... 3nder all that !rap &as a lot o% prior su!!ess%ul a!tions..( %ormer Class P000>s 0 &as helpin"........ A lot o% past in!idents !ame to +ie& as &e &or-ed on the area. Pain.... 200*08$1-011+ -eed "or 3i"e 2e&air W!omment snippedX 0 -no& this may sound +ery "lib but ?uite honestly your Br" sta%% and you needed a de!ent li%e repair. no& 0>m (<. A%roCenA and Apullin"A %eelin"s all !ome and "o o% their o&n a!!ord &ithout me doin" anythin" to ma-e it "o a&ay or !ome ba!-.. At one time 0 had .s Post #2+ 200*040$-1858 Thera&ists and &h sical mani"estations 7o you ha+e an o%%i!ial dia"nosis %or any o% the pains$shoulder %roCen that you>+e des!ribedH 0 ha+e somethin" +ery similar 2rheumatoid also helps put thin"s in perspe!ti+e..... Many are no& dead.0 spent years Eust lo!atin" and indi!atin" the millions o% &ron" items and strippin" a&ay the %alse data. Alan .....and did ?uite &ell.and this messa"e board stays undo the !ondition..%rom their lost dreams..tellin" your story helps you separate %rom it and it strai"htens out your time tra!-.. Alan Thread 2*4: 2i&&ing o"" illegal P.......some died o% bro-en hearts.. s&ellin". ha+e had it sin!e 0 &as around (0.. 0t &as a +ery "rim period %or all o% us... 0 ha+e had somethin" +ery similar mine !ame %rom smashin" into bodies &hen 0 played %ootball.but most o% us slo&ly !limbed out o% the mu!..or &e &ere helpin" ea!h other.....&e all had to rebuild our li+es..mainly old a"e.. 0 hope that many more &ill tell their stories.......up the physi!al mani%estations as they o!!ur.

Thread 2*5: 2eading G>essiah or >admanG
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Bent and Mary WCorydonX &ere "reat people.......both ex!ellent pro!essors.......superb !omm. !y!les. They a!tually &ent &ay beyond the Te!hnolo"y o% S!io..... As %or the Penthouse arti!le o% * &as and is mostly BS. 0 -no& exa!tly &here and %rom &hom 981 "ot his money %rom to !ontinue throu"h the years. As %or the later years he de%initely &ent in stran"e. But, durin" the early <0>s and L0>s he and MS1 li+ed +ery %ru"ally. 1e &or-ed .; hours a day, ) days a &ee-. 1e bou"ht Saint 1ill %or about Q)< to Q;0,000. S!io and 981 &as li+in" on the ed"e o% ban-rupt!y %or almost all o% the %irst (0 years. Alan

Post #$8 20081124-2$0+
Why &as he sleepin" on the bea!hH 0 thou"ht that he &as runnin" a su!!ess%ul Mission at that time... at least until the in%amous AMission 1olders Con%eren!eA. Both the Corydons and 4emps had been -i!-ed out o% S!ientolo"y and lost their properties about ( years earlier. The in%amous AMission 1olders Con%eren!eA "ot their properties returned to them. Alan

Thread $0,: Where are the no86
Post #15 200*0$1$-0440 3i= !abine
0 -ne& her &ell &e &ere on sta%% in the Melb Br" in .,L(. Sa& her se+eral times o+er the years. 9ast tal-ed to her about ; years a"o. She &as li+in" in Be+ 1ills, doin" +ery &ell as a +oi!e !oa!h......she had some top !elebs as her !lients. She &as a "reat lady. Alan

Thread $14: (its and &ieces "rom >elbourne
Post #+ 200*0,$0-1,21 >elbourne %rg
Bet they &ished they had /;0 people a ni"ht on their !o audits and 3(0 people %ull time in their A!ademy on 1PA trainin". As it &as in my day F .,L(

Thread $1*: ProJect to &ut >isca#ige behind barsF
Post #*+ 200*0814-1*21 A> K abuse case
0 "a+e my +ie&point on the matter re!ently under the AWho are the !urrent mana"ementHA thread, but to ans&er your ?uestion here, his money and po&er all !ome %rom S!ientolo"y, so he is not "oin" to "i+e up bein" in !har"e at any !ost as lon" as there is e+en a sli"ht hope o% impro+ement. Currently he is ma-in" about L0 million per e+ent throu"h donos and e+ent sales A%or S!ientolo"yA plus ( 3 million per &ee- throu"h the or"s. 1e is in !ontrol o% all o% the money %lo&s and !an %reely determine &hat they are used %or. 1e is in no &ay addi!ted to the Chur!h. 1e hates espe!ially upper mana"ement and the people in it and &ould rather %ind some other &ay o% expandin" S!ientolo"y, su!h as broad publi! dissemination throu"h !elebrity !onta!ts. 0t is his S!ientolo"y. 1e has no other li%e. To that de"ree he is trapped. 0 don>t thin- he &ould ha+e 2besides his reputation5 any trouble bein" in !har"e o% a maEor &o" !orporation, so to that de"ree he isn>t. 0t is a %ree !hoi!e %or him and %or some reason or other he has de!ided to %ollo& this route. 1ere>s &here it enters an un-no&n territory %or me# Whether he belie+es in 981 te!h or not. 1e !ertainly a!ts li-e he does and almost e+erythin" he does is based on 981 poli!y 20>m not tal-in" about his %ree%orm appli!ation o% Aethi!sA here5, usually surprisin"ly !losely. 0t used to be a "reat &onder to us at the 0nt base to %ind 981 poli!ies on thin"s &e &ere rather !ertain &ere 7Ms o&n bri"ht ideas. 0 thin- any doubtin" soul &ould be ?uite surprised to %ind out ho& !losely he does %ollo& 981 poli!y. But, on the subEe!t o% the "ray area# 0 don>t -no& i% he does it be!ause he belie+es it is true and &or-able 2?uite possible5 or i% he is doin" so be!ause it is a "ood P8 mo+e to appear to be the most on sour!e person on the planet 2also ?uite possible5. 0>+e ne+er been able to %i"ure him out. 0 %i"ured 7M out years a"o. 6ou may or not -no& 0 had doCens o% run ins &ith him and CMB 0nt. durin" the Mission 1olders meetin"s. 0 li-ed him +ery bri"ht +ery !unnin" extremely ser+ %a!y 2But so &as most mana"ement and exe! types. The produ!t o% ?ui!-ie "rades.5

My assessment o% 7M and CMB 0nt exe!s &ere that most &ere %ailed study !ases and almost A99 hea+y abuse !ases. 2That is they !ame out o% +ery abusi+e en+ironments and %amilies, as did 1ubbard.5 There are 3 &ays to study# .. Bther determined. (. Study to ma-e sel% ri"ht. 3. Study to "ro&. usually meansI study ma-es you &ron" but in bein" &illin" to be &ron", you !an expand you -no&led"e and &isdom. To study in this manner you usually study %or the "reatest "ood. 7M and most CMB 0nt exe!s &ere in the !ate"ory ( state. Ex!ept *orman Star-ey &ho !ould not study +ery &ell. As %or 7M he &as +ery mu!h in desperate need %or an identity most abuse !ases ha+e no identity o% their o&n. Any identity they do !hoose is used as a &eapon. This -ind o% identity has a tremendous %ear o% anyone else bein" po&er%ul as they li+e !onstantly in a state o% %ear and threat. @urther they are Aper%e!tionistsA ha+in" lon" a"o &or-ed out the only &ay not to be abused isI to be per%e!t they also -no& that they !an dominate anyone by pointin" out their imper%e!tions. My assessment o% 7M &as he studied to ma-e sel% ri"ht. As an exe! and leader he &as stu!- at the be"innin" o% learnin" to lead. 1a+in" been in that state Eust be%ore S!io 0 &as an u"ly pie!e o% &or- 0 blamed e+eryone %or my !ondition 0 trusted no one in sta%% meetin"s 0 %ero!iously pointed out &ron"nesses. *aturally 0 built tremendous resentment. But ha+e no po&er and little !ash reser+es 0 had to modi%y my beha+ior. 7M has ne+er needed to really modi%y his beha+ior ex!ept o% !ourse &ith !elebrities, at publi! e+ents and on TP. 981 in his early days had to modi%y his beha+ior he too ne+er handled his hatred o% others &ith po&er. The TP inter+ie& o% 1ubbard &as 1ubbard at his best tryin" to be !harmin" and at the same time seethin" &ith hatred. This is +ery di!hotomous beha+ior !harmin", !harismati!, &arm and %riendly espe!ially i% they &ant somethin" %rom you. The stabbin" you in the ba!-, hyper !riti!al, underhanded, mali!ious and !old. 0 made a +ery simple de!ision &hen dealin" &ith 7M and the CMB 0nt. ATo ne+er allo& that bun!h o% !raCies to ha+e !ontrol o+er my li%eDA Alan

Post #*8 200*0814-1*4+ A> and 327 K megalomaniacs
0>+e met him more than <0 times mysel%. The most ob+ious thin" about him is obsession

&ith po&er. The main ?uestion 0 ha+e not been able to ans&er to my o&n satis%a!tion is &hether he belie+es &hat 981 says and thin-s S!ientolo"y really is man-ind>s only sal+ation or pretends to do so be!ause it "i+es him po&er. This may not be the best &ay to &ord my ?uestion, sin!e 0 am sure he -no&s the "ood and the bad about 981, yet is still at least apparently his "reatest supporter and best %riend. Well, by Abein" trueA to 981 &as &hat he "ot his po&er %rom his ima"inary meetin"s &ith 981 &as &here he "ot his position %rom he !an then use that po&er and position to !ontrol by usin" 981 as a &eapon o% !ontrol, !omplian!e, positionin" and domination. 1is %ei"ned loyalty to 981 is his best &eapon o% domination. Thus he Abelie+esA in 981D But his a!tions point out he does not belie+e in 981 the Poli!y, Te!h or the !ourses. Joo"le the symptoms o% me"alomania it de%ines both 981 and 7M. Alan

Post #8$ 200*1212-11$0
1ere>s the thin"# this sounds li-e an e%%ort &hi!h !ould result in a "ames !ondition bet&een the Chur!h and @reeConers. Jranted, they ha+e made serious e%%orts to de%ame or destroy many @reeConers. WsnipX 0 thin- the Ee&s in Jermany attempted to do this ba!- in the >30>s. 6ou truly belie+e that 7M does not &ant &orld domination %or S!io &hi!h in turn ma-es him the absolute di!tatorD The reason you !an audit and train in relati+e pea!e is be!ause o% people li-e 7ennis, Arnie, Sten, 8oland8B, Bent Corydon, Tillman, 4aren Spani-2Sp5, TinE, Sar"e Jerbode, 'on Ata!-, Jerry Armstron" and the hundreds o% others &ho ha+e %ou"ht %or the elimination o% this domination.

Thread $24: What is Idenics6
Post #10 200*0210-104, /ddress the being not the case
@urther, 7ianeti! pro!esses &ere limited in that they !ould not be applied more than a %e& hundred hours &ithout the rea!ti+e mind assumin" a +ery hi"h !ommand le+el o+er the analyti!al mind due to the %a!t that the rea!ti+e mind &as bein" +alidated !ontinually in the pro!ess, &hereas the better pro!ess &as to +alidate the analyti!al mind. Jood %ind. The same !an be said o% all pro!essin" Apro!esses &ere limited in that they !ould not be applied more than a %e& hundred hours &ithout the !ase assumin" a +ery hi"h !ommand le+el o+er the

bein".A Can you ima"ine &hat bein" the e%%e!t o% ha+in" to run bt>s %or (0 years !ould do to youD At all times on!e the p! has had an As!ension Experien!e you must -eep the bein" as the senior area to address and pro!ess. That ta-es a &hole di%%erent approa!h to this type o% te!hnolo"y. Alan

Post #*8 200*0+08-2$4$ >arketing an original thought
Per 981# A datum !an only be understood and is meanin"%ul, &hen it is !ompared to other data o% !omparable ma"nitude. When a datum is Ain!omparableA &hat happens to itH 0 mean &hat happens to it in the mindH A datum that is Ain!omparableA is !alled an ori"ination or ori"inal thou"ht. What happens in the mind is it starts a ne& thread or !hain. An Ain!omparableA ori"ination or ori"inal thou"ht is no& subEe!t to dependin" ho& bri"ht your asso!iates are to an e+aluation. 0t !an be e+aluated as "reat or stupid. 3sually the later as the person has nothin" to !ompare it to. 0t is the ability to mar-et an ori"inal thou"ht that ma-es "reat leaders and +ery ri!h people. Alan

Post #11, 200*0*21-042+ 3i"e 8ins
Prior to the examiner line !omin" into existen!e in B!t .,L; and thus be"an the era o% a lot o% %a-e &ins it &as standard to !he!- in li%e that the p! had a!tually produ!ed those &ins in li%e. 0% that &as not the !ase the p! &ould be ta-en ba!- in until the result &as "otten in li%e. Session &ins are o-ay but they should produ!e li%e &ins. Example# PC had trouble in sellin" and holdin" a position. PC had session &in# 0 ran out a lot o% !on%usions and upsets in relation to sellin". A %e& days later# 9i%e Su!!ess Story# My re!ent &or- has !ome to %ruition in that yesterday there &as Q.,),000U %or my pay in one dayD My trips do&n to the ran!h really helps me to play a bi""er "ame, holdin" my position, and be more !on%ident. 0>m loo-in" %or&ard to doin" more &or- do&n there at the ran!h.

9o+e, Amy

Post #$12 20080412-021$ Identities
W!omment snippedX 7o you -no& ho& an identity is !reatedH 0% you do then you understand i% you don>t it &ould ta-e too lon" to edu!ate you. 8e"ardin" your ?uestion, i% you -no& ho& many millions, Alan, then please tell us. 8e"ardin" your last statement, that is a spe!ulation. True it is spe!ulation it is more li-ely billions. But, ha+in" !ontinuously pro!essed the area intensely almost e+ery day %or almost <0 years the "uestimate o% the amount stands. @urther in .,L3 0 realiCed that runnin" identities &as a limited subEe!t there &as mu!h more important areas that identities &ere a sub part o% a &hole and that &as mu!h more important to runD Alan

Post #$2$ 20080412-18$5
0 am lu!-y in that 0 ha+e !lients and %riends that ha+e tra+elled this road &ith me to"ether %or almost /< years !onse?uently the e+olutions, "ro&th and !ontinuity o% !lients and %riends ha+e been "radual yet steady. Sometimes &e hit into bri!- &alls and spent many years attemptin" to %ind the ans&ers but mostly &e ha+e done &ell. *one o% &hat 0>+e done has been solo most has been done !o audit some o% the -no&led"e !ame about durin" trainin" the only solo a!tion is &hen 0 &rite it up. 0n .,L3 0 started my %irst pra!ti!e in Perth, WA., 0 made ) phone !alls, set up ) %ree sessions, si"ned up ea!h person %or a .00 hours %or a total o% )00 hours at t&i!e the "oin" rate in Australia. 0 deli+ered those session in ) &ee-s auditin" < hours in the mornin", < hours in the a%ternoon, and < hours in the e+enin", ) days a &ee- 0 also sold another .00 hours so my a!tual time &as ) .$( &ee-s o% %ull time pro!essin". 0 ran 0n!ident 1andlin", Problems 0ntensi+es, CC1>s, Ser @a!s and basi! Se! Che!-s the di%%eren!e bein" 0 added in &hat sort o% identity &ere you bein" at that time this handled the more basi! !ause point. 2This &as many years be%ore the Jrades !ame into existen!e.5 The results &ere spe!ta!ular#

Bne person &on %irst priCe in the State 9ottery. 3 Clients had their o&n businesses 2a Chinese 8estaurant, a Jara"e, a but!her shop5 ea!h expanded their businesses into multiple businesses and made %ortunes. / &ent into business %or themsel+es ea!h did +ery &ell. ( mo+ed up to be!omin" CEBs o% their Corporations. . 0 lost tra!- o%%. L later &ent on and did the S1SBC . be!ame Class P000. 0t should be also noted that their relationships &ith their !hildren and %amily li%e be!ame mu!h happier. What %as!inated me at the time &as that thou"h most -eyed out &hat &as !hroni!ally botherin" them at the time those thin"s that &ere botherin" them !ame ba!- later. 0 &as only in Perth %or a short time as 0 &anted to "o ba!- to do my (nd S1SBC. 0 turned my pra!ti!e o+er to a .) year old -id 4in"sley Wimbush. That started me on sear!hin" to %ind the !auses o% A&hyA those identities and the resultant problems !ame ba!- too- a lon" lon" time to %ind those ans&ers. As to !reatin" an identity in the blin- o% an eye 0>+e not %ound that to be true more li-e a blin- o% a %e& thousand yearsD 0% this &ere true then 0 &ould be a &orld reno&ned !on!ert pianist, plus Masters Champion, plus Sto!- Mar-et Billionaire, et!., and o% !ourse e"oless as &ellD Alan

Post #,21 20080+14-0108
Why a person &ho has spent a lar"e sum o% money on S!ientolo"y ser+i!es may be so tardy in spendin" any money on 0deni!s ser+i!e e+en &hen one &ants itH 0t is simple they are not &antedD 6ou are deliberately ex!ludin" them. 0t>s usually mutual a"reements to not rea!h and behind and part o% that identities and James that don>t in!lude others. 6ou &ill %ind that there are a tremendous amount o% James and identies you play and &ear that do not &ant people in your spa!e. S!io and dianeti!s are aimed at a spe!i%i! "ames playin" le+el o% publi!. The old Abirds o% a %eather, %lo!- to"etherA mutual reality "rouper !on!ept %its al&ays in !onne!tion

to publi! rea!h and in!lusion. Alan

Thread $2*: (e in the Lone
Post #1 200*0204-1+$8 (e in the Lone
9on" be%ore 0 ran a!ross S!io.....0 -ne& about bein" in the Tone. 0 had as an athlete Abeen in the ToneA many times. 0n business, &hen 0 &ent into Athe ToneA my in!ome &ould soar. 0n relationships &hen &e &ent Ain the ToneA there &as lau"hter, Eoy, passion and %un. 0n the Cone# (nformal 0n a state o% %o!used attention or ener"y so that one>s per%orman!e is enhan!ed# a goalie who was in the 9one throughout the playoffs. 4American Heritage online dictionary.5 TB*ES 7E@0*0T0B* 7e%inition# TB*E, noun. .. An area or a re"ion distin"uished %rom adEa!ent parts by a distin!ti+e %eature or !hara!teristi!. 0n the Cone# 0n%ormal 0n a state o% %o!used attention or ener"y so that one>s per%orman!e is enhan!ed# a "oalie &ho &as in the Cone throu"hout the playo%%s. Tone out# 0n%ormal To lose !on!entration or be!ome inattenti+e. 2Ameri!an 1erita"e.5 3SE B@ T1E TB*ES TB*ES# The Cones are "radients o% presen!e, !reation, lo+e, truth, harmony, -no&led"e, responsibility, !ontrol, +alue and inte"rity o+er a spe!i%i! area, &ithin the James o% 9i%e. They are also "radients o% honor, appre!iation, demonstrations o% !ompeten!e, mastery and ho& to be a !hampion. The Tones span the !omplete holo"raphi! spe!trum o% all positi+e or ne"ati+e moods, positi+e or ne"ati+e le+els o% Jame Playin", positi+e or ne"ati+e intentions, positi+e or ne"ati+e +isions, positi+e or ne"ati+e plans, positi+e or ne"ati+e types o% identities, positi+e or ne"ati+e a!tions and positi+e or ne"ati+e out!omes or results.. The Tones also in!lude the "radient steps ne!essary to "o to&ards an optimum. The hi"her up the Tones an area is the !loser to optimum. The "reatest use o% the Tones is to %ind &here you are at in a spe!i%i! area or subEe!t and &hat are your !han!es o% su!!ess.

The Tones are a predi!ti+e tool i% applied a!!urately. Bn!e you -no& &hat Tone you or a person is in, you !an predi!t &hat your or those !onne!ted to you potential %utures are as to &hether they &ill su!!eed or %ail in a spe!i%i! area &hat to do in order to mo+e up the Tones and su!!eed to %ull mastery in your !hosen areas. DE?INITI9N 9? T@E ?9(R BASIB H9NES RED H9NE: Bein" in the &ron" pla!e at the &ron" time, !onne!ted to the &ron" &hos, &hats, &heres, &hens, ho&s, and &hys, doin" the &ron" a!tions, and usin" the &ron" intentions and moods. When you or others are in the 8ed Tone they &ill demonstrate the %ollo&in"# Poor or destru!ti+e people handlin" s-ills and !ommuni!ation s-ills. 7istrust o% sel% and people are pre+alent. Wron" data, %ixed ideas, preEudi!es, and the use o% -no&led"e as a &eapon abound. Compulsi+ely &or-s a"ainst people, pla!es, thin"s and subEe!ts. All li%e %or!e parti!les ha+e be!ome ne"ati+e, bein" trapped in past, un&anted experien!es. Causes !on%li!ts o% purpose, turmoil, upsets and ne"ati+e di+ersions by !ompulsi+ely %i"htin" and dispersin" positi+e intentions and positi+e %lo&s o% li%e %or!e There is no happiness, no money, no spa!e, no time, but lots o% %ailures. 9e+els o% Existen!e are 1ostile and belo&. MaEor portion o% li%e ur"es are in 8ed Tone. =E>>9D H9NE: This is the Adaily "rindA or ArutA &here one doesn>t ta-e ris-s but only &or-s %or se!urity. Jood subEe!t s-ills but poor people handlin" and !ommuni!ation s-ills are the norm. Bperates on presupposed belie%s in the !onser+ati+e !om%ort Cone and is o%ten bored. Tends to "eneraliCe the &ho, &hat, &here, &hen, ho&s, &hys o% li%e, and ina!!urately mani%ests true moods. 1as +ery %e& positi+e li%e %or!e parti!les a+ailable. Bperates mostly on automati!I this is !aused by automati!ally dire!tin" the %lo&s o% li%e %or!e parti!les &ith past pre !on!ei+ed or pre supposed %ixed thou"ht patterns, %ixed ideas, %ixed pre!epts or %ixed habits. 9e+els o% Existen!e are 7is established to Produ!tion. Some li%e ur"es in Jreen Tone, some in 8ed Tone.

:REEN H9NE: Bein" in the ri"ht pla!e at the ri"ht time, ma-in" thin"s "o ri"ht. 0s doin" &hat they lo+e to do and li+in" his or her dream, !onne!ted to and &or-in" &ith the ri"ht &hos, &hats, &heres, &hens, ho&s, &hys, subEe!ts, patterns, intentions and has hi"h mood le+els, !orre!t orders o% importan!e, a!!urate estimations and appre!iations o% +alue. 0s -no&led"eable and a!hie+ed mastery about many subEe!ts and thin"s. 1as hi"h people, !ommuni!ations and li%e s-ills. Bperates &ith -no&led"e and truth &ith honor. 1as an extreme le+el o% honesty. 1as many positi+e %or!e parti!les a+ailable. Positi+ely "uides and dire!ts the %lo&s o% %or!e resultin" in bein" happy, healthy, &ealthy, and su!!ess%ul. 9e+els o% Existen!e are Su!!ess Brea-out and up&ard to Mastery. MaEority o% li%e ur"es are in Jreen Tone. :9>D H9NE: Exists outside o% time and spa!e. 0t is the Tone &here you the Spiritual Bein" are bein" %ully yoursel%. Bein" %ully yoursel% you ha+e your in%inite po&er, in%inite intelli"en!e, in%inite abilities, in%inite !le+erness, in%inite stren"th, and in%inite s-ills to Bbser+e, @ind, Cause and Brin" into Bein" the most optimum needs or &ants and to re!ei+e optimum ex!han"es %or ha+in" produ!ed those optimum needs or &ants. 0t is a state &here you !an operate e%%ortlessly outside o% and yet maintain !ause, !onne!tion, !ontrol and !reati+ity o+er the amounts o% li%e %or!e parti!les you in+est in time, spa!e, obEe!ts, people, pla!es, e+ents. subEe!ts, motions, &hos, &hats, &heres, &hens, ho&s and moods &hilst bein" &illin" and !apable o% maintainin" %ull responsibility and o&nership. This state operates abo+e the la&s o% the physi!al uni+erse, is %ully telepathi!, !an be in or out o%, or !an expand or !ontra!t to or %rom any lo!ation, time, +ie&point, obEe!t, body, spa!e, people, pla!es, e+ents, subEe!ts, motions, &hos, &hats, &heres, &hens, ho&s and moods &ith %ull responsibility and o&nership %or all parts o% your !hosen "ame. 9e+els o% Existen!e are Bmni Mastery and up&ard to @ull Presen!e. MaEority o% li%e ur"es are in the 1i"h Jreen and Jold Tone. Bptimally one should ha+e all the main areas o% your li%e in the 1i"h Jreen or Jold Tone states. Alan

Post #2 200*0204-1*0+ /scension 1)&eriences o" other subJects

0n the Tone Experien!e But o% body Experien!e *ear 7eath Experien!e Extraordinary 1uman Experien!e Satori Experien!e 1i"h Experien!e ExterioriCation Experien!e Enli"htenment Experien!e *ir+ana Experien!e Pea- Per%orman!e Experien!e 0n the @lo& Experien!e 0n the moment Experien!e Epiphany Experien!e Samadhi Experien!e A1AD Experien!e Born A"ain Experien!e Co"niti+e Experien!e What do all these experien!es ha+e in !ommonH They are As!ension Experien!es. All are phenomena that o!!ur outside o% the physi!al uni+erses time and spa!e, &hen the spirit a&a-ens and be!omes more enli"htened. A9A*

Post #+ 200*0205-2$01 /rticulating an /scension 1)&erience
The same obser+ation applies to 8on 1ubbard>s BT 3 le+el. *obody in his ri"ht mind is "oin" to belie+e Venu and the BT>s a!tually exist. But 0 -no& %rom my o&n experien!e that i% one suspends the disbelie% and pretends it>s true Eust to "et the idea, it does a!tually &orit brin"s into +ie& !ertain !ase phenomena that &ould other&ise ha+e remained unhandled. So the old man &as on to somethin", he Eust !ouldn>t state &hat it &as &ithout mo!-in" up a s!ien!e %i!tion story. That !ost him a lot o% +otes I5

Jreat obser+ation spbill. 0>+e done a tremendous amount o% &or- and resear!h into the As!ension Experien!e Phenomena. 0t has un!o+ered a tremendous amount o% missin" !ase situations. A maEor AE is the end o% a "ame or somethin" often a lot of games or somethings and the ne& be"innin" o% a "ame or somethin". The problem is the AE has returned a lot o% po&er ba!- to the bein"......but has not impro+ed their -no&led"e. Bne o% the bi""est problems &ith handlin" an the arti!ulation o% &hat happened. Most o%ten the ne& "ame that "ets started is an old "ame that is pulled %rom the past.....&hat happens is the bein" !reates a holo"raphi! matrix that in!ludes all the oppositions and problems %rom the past. The ne& "ame starts %rom a hi"h po&er%ul point but as the opposition appears the "ame ?ui!-ly "oes do&n hill. 6ou see this a lot &ith people &ho %all in lo+e. But on!e the old pro"rams -i!- in the !ouple pro!ess ea!h other do&n s!ale. #mad# Alan

Post #* 200*0205-2$05
BTW the abo+e hi"h AE state is a prelude to the !rash and burn phenomena.

Post #10 200*020+-1$10 /n ascension e)&erience is a t8o-edged s8ord
T8A*SCE*7E*TA9 ME70TAT0B* !alls people stu!- in ABlissA ABliss *innies.A 0 do not -no& o% the boo-, but sounds "ood. An as!ension experien!e !auses the indi+idual &ho experien!es it to %eel hu"e. 1is a&areness expands tremendously. B%ten, he realiCes he is Eust playin" "ames and &earin" dis"uises. 1e realiCes he is not his bodyI that his body is Eust a tool used to maintain his dis"uises. @re?uently, one experien!es the re!o+ery o% "od li-e abilities and per!eptions. The as!ension experien!e has allo&ed one to unlo!- the immense po&ers hidden &ithin. But an as!ension experien!e is a t&o ed"ed s&ord.

At the same time that positi+e po&ers are unleashed, so also are ne"ati+e, destru!ti+e po&ers. B%ten, to suppress and restrain the ne"ati+e, destru!ti+e po&ers, the indi+idual inhibits the positi+e ones. *o& he is ba!- &here he started. Bne o% the "reatest %ears anyone has is that o% bein" out o% !ontrol. 1a+in" !ontrol o% your po&ers is +ital to %eelin" in !ontrol o% your uni+erse. 0 ha+e !oa!hed and pro!essed a +ast number o% people o+er the last %orty %i+e years. 0 ha+e lost !ount o% the number 0 ha+e handled &ho experien!ed areas o% li%e "oin" out o% !ontrol, ha+in" sexual promis!uity, dru"s, al!ohol, &or-, and %inan!ial problems. All stemmed %rom ha+in" had a bi" as!ension experien!e that unleashed all sorts o% po&ers prior to the problem or obsession. The basi! problem is that an as!ension experien!e &ithout -no&led"e and role edu!ation is some&hat li-e a runa&ay train# it may or may not arri+e at its destination, but it is almost sure to !ause some -ind o% destru!tion on its &ay. Any un!ontrolled as!ension experien!e, &ithout -no&led"e and role edu!ation 2hattin"5, and &ith un-no&n, misdire!ted ima"ery 2ne"ati+e holo"raphi! +isions that !reate a ne"ati+e %uture or &hat you donHt &ant5, is haCardous to your %uture su!!ess, prosperity, and happiness. A !ontrolled as!ension experien!e empo&ered &ith -no&led"e, role edu!ation, and -no&n proEe!ted positi+e ima"ery 2positi+e holo"raphi! +isions that !reate and brin" into bein" positi+e %utures and &ants5, is essential to your !ausin" and ha+in" %uture su!!ess, prosperity, and happiness. Alan

Post #1$ 200*020+-1$5+ 7o8 !cientolog ca&tured ou
When an AE ta-es pla!e you dis!reate or unmo!- A99 past intentions, "oals, and !reations that you ha+e been dramatiCin" up to the moment you ha+e the AE. 0t !an be a "reat sho!-. 6ou are at that point in!redibly +ulnerable to bein" ta-en o+er. @or at this moment in time and spa!e you ha+e no intentions, "oals, "ames or !reations. 0t is at this moment that the Cult or 7ominator super imposes and substitutes their intentions, "oals, "ames and !reations o+er the emptiness o% your la!- o% intentions, "oals, "ames or !reations. 2BTW "ames !ondition lo+ers o%ten do the same to ea!h other.5 This is ho& S!io !aptured you and o&ned you body, mind and soul. This methodolo"y o% !apturin" people started in the mid >L3 period. 0t &as at that time that S!io !eased to address the person>s BW* intentions, "oals, "ames or !reations. The Te!h &as slo&ly altered e+en prior to that to eliminate BW* holo"raphi! +isions or !reations. But the Jrades and the BT le+els !emented in bein" pro!essed to&ards S!io>s intentions, "oals, "ames or !reations.

Ethi!s re in%or!ed the implant. 8e"es hea+ily en%or!ed the implant. By not pro!essin" the !lient>s BW* intentions, "oals, "ames or !reations, the !lient &as le%t &ith a +oid and mis dire!tion. By not restorin" the !lient>s BW* holo"raphi! +isions %or the %uture, the !lient>s mind &as then +ulnerable %or easy manipulation. 0t is the holo"raphi! +ision that pro+ides the so%t&are %or the mind. *o +ision = no mind !ontrol. Puttin" in (7 or sexual beha+ior rules !ause the bein" to not be able to o&n their BW* body. The body is o&ned by the rule ma-er. Alan

Post #15 200*020*-1+50 %&&osing our o8n goals
Can you say more about the di!hotomous aspe!tH The most ob+ious is# We WWereX Bn!e in S!ientolo"y = A S!ientolo"ist. *o& most on this board are opposed to bein" in S!ientolo"y. = Ex S!ientolo"ist. @or manyI the "oals they had %or bein" in S!io they no& oppose. *o %un opposin" your o&n "oals. Alan

Post #2$ 200*020,-205+ 4P> Tech is "la8ed
@irst o% all the JPM Te!h &as %la&ed %rom the start. 0t missed the !omplete pi!ture.......!onse?uently the more you run it the more By Passed Char"e you "et. 6ou !an "et a&ay &ith some identity te!h and "et "reat -ey outs.....but i% you run that too deep or too lon" end up in a !omplete disaster. The problem basi!ally is almost A99 Winnin" Palen!es ha+e maEor SP traits. As you !limb the Mat!hin" Terminals o% the James Matrix you run into bi""er, more de+ious, more po&er%ul destru!ti+e A%ixedA identities. These po&er%ul destru!ti+e A%ixedA identities ha+e the obssessi+e$!ompulsi+e tra!tor beamed matrix built in to pull in their polar opposites and lay out a %ull operatin" James Condition Matrix that

ended in disasters. There is also the positi+e hi"h Jreen or Jold Tone opposite to this that !auses positi+e li%e enhan!in" results to mani%est. 0t has ta-en me nearly <0 years to &or- out the patterns o% the indi+idual identity Matri!es. 0t &as this missin" pie!e that has held me ba!- %rom releasin" this material. 0t is a +ast te!hnolo" is also not an Ain your head pro!essA te!hnolo" is a li+in" li%e pro!ess te!hnolo"y. Alan

Post #2* 200*0225-1441 Re-owning one's ideals
0 ha+e mourned the loss o% S!ientolo"y %or years. 0 mourn the loss o% &hat should ha+e been, &hat !ould ha+e been, the %riendships, the lo%ty "oals, the !ommon purpose, the team, the ideals et!. Belie+e it or not, 0 also miss hearin" AThis is the sessionA be!ause %or a lon" time 0 belie+ed those &ords &ould ultimately lead to my sal+ation. There is nothin" to repla!e S!ientolo"y, ex!ept maybe another !ult. This is &hy it is so hard to "i+e up. Ba!- in .,)0 0 had lost my .0 !enters 0 &as out o% the "ame. 0 &as +ery sad, depressed and miserable. Bne day 0 &rote a list o% &hat &as it 0 missed so mu!h. There &ere many, many thin"s su!h as the %riendships, people &ith same mutual rudiments et!, but &hat 0 missed most o% all &as# The ad+enture and !harisma o% the Mission *et&or-. Then it hit me# A0 &as the !reator o% that ad+enture and !harisma that endo&ed the Mission *et&or-.A 0 too- ba!- my !reation, re o&ned it F +oila .......0 ha+en>t been sad, depressed or miserable sin!e. Alan

Post #$1 200*0418-1020 210 &rocessors co-&rocessing
0 thin- &hat 0 miss most is the simple !o existen!e o% bein"s mutually &or-in" out their o&n Asal+ationA. 0 experien!ed a lot o% "rantin" o% bein"ness. The Chur!h &as the indul"ent AmotherA. 0 ha+e been part o% !ontinuous !o pro!ess teams sin!e May .,L.. At present 0 ha+e rou"hly (.0 pro!essors !o pro!essin" &orld &ide.

My top pro!essors ha+e more than <00 years experien!e bet&een them. There are L o% us &ho ha+e been pro!essin" and !o pro!essin" %or more than /0 years ea!h. Bb+iously &e ha+e lon" "one &ay past anythin" S!io has done as most o% my experien!ed pro!essors are S1SBC Jrads, Class P000s and @EBC Jrads %rom ba!- in the L0>s and )0>s, and had done e+erythin" up to *BTs. Bne o% the saddest aspe!ts o% S!io &as the !reation o% bureau!rati! Br"aniCations upon bureau!rati! Br"aniCations. A%ter all the purpose o% an Br"aniCation &as to see that trainin" and pro!essin" too- pla!e. With today>s !ommuni!ation de+i!es it is +ery easy to do a&ay &ith bi" or"aniCations. This allo&s lots o% lo& !ost !o pro!essin" to ta-e pla!e. Alan

Post #$$ 200*041,-18$0 What the co-&rocessors are co-auditing
1o& is this doneH What are they !o auditin"H The %irst step is to Aun!ollapseA the !ollapsed uni+erses that the person is trapped in. The most !ommon !auses o% !ollapsed uni+erses are &ron" items, &ron" ethi!s !onditions, &ron" pro"rams, %alse !ase, o+erruns, sel% listin", un%lat pro!esses, et!. 8e!o+er As!ension States, this in!ludes pi!-in" up &hat &as tri""ered but stopped %rom runnin". B%ten this is the basi! that &as missed that started e+erythin" "oin" &ron". 3sually as these "et !orre!ted the persons Prime 7reams be"in to re emer"e. Ea!h person is +ery di%%erent %rom the other so the steps needed are di%%erent. Basi!ally the immediate tar"et is a Present Time Positi+e 9i%e 8epair. This means bein" able to operate in present time, exterior in a !ontinuous hi"h a!tion and hi"h mood le+el. 0n a lot o% !ases people need to "et their li+es ba!- under !ontrol and restore their abilities to operate in abundan!e. This !an ta-e ?uite some time, dependin" on ho& mu!h ne"le!t that has been allo&ed to ta-e pla!e. 7urin" this repair o% PT li%e -eepin" the positi+e ruds in seems to &or- best. As the person "ets more !har"e o%% and their li%e "oes more ri"ht more o% the &ron" items, &ron" ethi!s !onditions, &ron" pro"rams, %alse !ase, o+erruns, sel% listin", un%lat pro!esses, et!., &ill !ome to +ie& and be ta-en to EP. 3sin" this method there is no need to "o out o% PT as the out !ase !onditions, !on%usions, bla!-ness, masses, et!., &ill be &rapped around the bein" in PT.

Bne o% the plus aspe!ts is the person &ill be be"in to study mu!h more and almost daily more thin"s &ill strai"hten out. @or"i+e me %or not &ritin" spe!i%i! pro!esses as that &ould !o+er too many pa"es o% material. A%ter all 0 personally %ully !ompleted the S!io Brid"e ba!- in .,L;. 2A!tually it &as mu!h earlier than that....=5 Alan

Post #$+ 200*0425-2$4$ What is a colla&sed uni#erse6
0% the senior stable datum is !ollapsed uni+erses then it is !orre!t %or me to be" %or better understandin" o% !ollapsed uni+erses. Simply put, Aa uni+erseA is the expanded presen!e o% you in your o&n !reated Abox or sphereA you !onsider is your o&n spa!e, o&n time, o&n ener"y, o&n thin"s and o&n a!tion le+el that !reate your existen!e &hen thin"s are "oin" &ell. A A!ollapsed uni+erseA is the !ompressed absen!e o% you, and an inability to o&n your o&n spa!e, o&n time, o&n ener"y, o&n thin"s and o&n a!tions thus your le+el o% existen!e is +ery ne"ati+e and thin"s or a!tions do not "o &ell. 6ou dramatiCe in present time, no spa!e, no time, no ener"y 2money,5 no li%e. Alan

Post #$+ 200*0425-2$4$ 1)teriori=ation
0 do thin- that the +ie& o% bein" AexteriorA in s!ientolo"y is +ery limited and doesn>t re%le!t the true nature o% the bein". Exterior is so simple it means you are bi""er than your headD When you meditate and !omplete your meditationI as- the %ollo&in" ?uestions# Where am 0 no&H 1o& bi" am 0H 0t is easy to maintain !ontinuous PT exterioriCation Eust do the %ollo&in"# The pro!esses are# 26ou &rite do&n in your daily Eournal the %ollo&in" .. 6our Prime 7ream or "oalH 23sually 0 -eep this +ery simpleI i.e.# To learn more.5 (. What did 0 &illin"ly "i+e to others todayH 3. What .0 thin"s do 0 +alue and am 0 "rate%ul %or no&H /. Who do 0 +alue and am 0 "rate%ul %or ri"ht no&H

<. What am 0 happy about ri"ht no&H L. What ha+e 0 done &ell, in!reased in +alue or "ot better at doin" todayH ). 0% 0 &anted to be happier &hat &ould 0 be happy aboutH These pro!esses &ill almost instantly put you in the hi"h Jreen or Jold Tone and thus put you in position to dire!t your li%e to &hate+er ends you may desire. I?&8 your attent&on on the !est &s to surround yoursel) $&th the !est% and to !ecome the !est' The Breat&ve o$er $&th&n us makes us &nto the &ma,e o) that to $h&ch $e ,&ve our attent&on' De are Th&nk&n, Su!stance% and th&nk&n, su!stance al$ays takes the )orm o) that $h&ch &t th&nks a!out'J K Dallace D' Dattles Jratitude is a %orm o% rea!h and a &ay to !reate spa!e it helps you rea!h to&ards and hol"raphi!ally dupli!ate &hat is "reat or positi+e about yoursel%, other people, pla!es, thin"s and subEe!ts. Alan

Post #*2 20080202-1$58 The t8o-edged s8ord e""ect o" regained abilities
Bne o% the liabilities o% an AE is that you turn ba!- on maEor abilities plus the reason you turned o%% the maEor ability. 0 remember ba!- in .,L3 on the S1SBC, the %irst time 0 turned on the ability to remote +ie& +ery ex!itin" but the next day 0 &as +iolently ill and had a massi+e heada!he. 0 &as "ettin" pro!essed that mornin" 0 !ould not thin- 0 &as in su!h pain 0 &as en!ased in mass 0 thre& up three times. To ma-e a lon" story short the %irst thin" 0 did &ith my ne& remote +ie&in" ability &as to use it to &at!h a +ery beauti%ul student ta-e a sho&er &hat &as &orse durin" the sho&er she be!ame a&are o% me 0 shut the ability do&n. 0 had to pull in my &hole !ase to do this. Any this unra+elled in the session the heada!he disappeared and 0 had to run out all the times 0 had used this ability to !ause harm the ability turned ba!- on. @rom that time on 0 &as a&are o% the t&o ed"e s&ord e%%e!t o% re"ained abilities. Thin-in" about it &ith your points it does ma-e sense that 0 !ould "et bene%it %rom it be!ause those !ases probably represented thin"s 0 needed to experien!e mysel%. 0 lo+ed bein" audited, it &as li-e "oin" to the mo+ies &ith multi sensory input. 0 did also lo+e auditin" others, it &as +ery !ool. 0t has ta-en me almost <0 years to &or- out ho& to handle and pro!ess the t&o ed"e s&ord e%%e!t o% re"ained abilities.

That is &hat the James Matrix material is all about. Alan

Post #,$ 2008020,-2248 850 bulletins in 4ames >atri) series
Alan, are there more issues in this WJames MatrixX seriesH 6es, around ;<0 bulletins (00 tapes, / boo-s. At the moment 0 am runnin" ./ people on this ha+e been !o pro!essin" on it %or .< months. Seems to span all le+els o% !ase. S!ios are the most di%%i!ult as their "ames and identity pa!-a"e !ases badly pulled out o% se?uen!e. Alan

Post #,, 20080210-0$$2 Intent to co-&rocess and co-train #ia internet
Perhaps you are not payin" them enou"h. 0>m not payin" them any&here near enou"h needs to be Q<0,000 to Q)<,000 a year. The !ost to do all 2!omplete e+erythin", trainin" and pro!essin"5 should be around Q(<,000 to Q3<,000 spread o+er .0 to (0 years. My intent is to mar-et and !o pro!ess and !o train +ia internet. *o need %or !entraliCed !ontrol.........let e+eryone be their o&n Br". 0 -no& ho& to do it did it in early S!io "ot Br"aniCed. Built hu"e teams at a !ost o% Q(0 per &ee- per person. Made .,000s o% auditors........ 1o& mu!h money !ould 0 ma-e as a pra!ti!in" 4no&led"istH 7epends on your s-ills le+el, rea!h and ability to ha+e. Can be any&here %rom Q.0,000 to Q/00,000 a year. Br you !an do it %or nothin"......but most people ha+e to eat and sleep and pay bills. Most do o-......but need to handle their o&n it "oes slo&.....but there is no reason to unmo!- a person>s li%e or "oals......these are Eust tools %or better li+in". 9i+in" the li%e you &ant is more important.....than the tools.....!ombined it usually &or-s " did %or me and it has %or a %e& .,000 others &ho %ollo&ed this prin!iple.

*o need %or any more !ults. Alan

Thread $$2: A8indling !&iral6
Post #$ 200*020,-08$5 >aJor Trends In The World
MaEor Trends 0n The World Ba!- in .,;, 0 did a "raph o% all the maEor Paradi"m Shi%ts startin" %rom L,000 b!. http#$$&&&.-no&led"ism.!om$main$trends.asp 0t &as +ery empo&erin" as it sho&ed a series o% +ery po&er%ul steady up&ard trends. 6ou may note the trends basi!ally topped in .,;,......that &as &hen the trend hit a &orld &ide hi"h, that &as also date !o in!ident &ith the Berlin Wall !omin" do&n. This &as the be"innin" up a temporary drop prior to the !ontinuation o% the uptrends. BTW 0 sa+ed a lot o% people a "reat deal o% money by predi!tin" the housin" mar-et !rash at that time and the top o% the 'apanese Sto!- Mar-et. ( years later 0 in+ested in land that &as sellin" at the depressed pri!e o% Q(<0 to Q3<0 an a!re......that land no& sells %or Q3,<00 to Q<,000 an a!re. Alan

Thread $$8: >ate's !tor
Post #11 200*0210-1+$$ >emories@ memories
1i Mate, The postin" o% your story brou"ht ba!- many memories %or me. 0 did my %irst pro%essional session in the Sydney Br"., ba!- in 'an .,L(. 0 &as re+ie&in" that session and 0 realiCed that it &as my %irst auditin" harm%ul a!t. The p! &as 'ohn Story, stran"ely it &as his su!!ess story that "ot me into S!io. 0 &as &or-in" out in a Jym in Melb.......&hen a bun!h o% &ei"htli%ters &ere ridi!ulin" S!io.....they mentioned past &as li-e a bolt %rom the blue........all o% a sudden li+es be"an to %lash be%ore my eyes. 0 realiCed 0 &as not my!!... 0t appeared the -ey person &ho &as ridi!ulin" S!io &as this 'ohn Story>s brother in la&......but he

also said that 'ohn had done tremendous in business. That per-ed up my interest e+en hi"her...... Ba!- to my %irst session.....&hat 0 should ha+e run &as As!ension Experien!e Te!h on him and "ot ba!- his old state..... B% !ourse it too- me until .,,3 to %ind that te!h. That period o% time &as my &orst time in my li%e......0 &as out the bottom....nothin" &ould "o ri"ht. There &as a period o% time 0 li+ed on bananas %or a !ould buy a hu"e bun!h %or (< !ents. #2 BTW Peter Jraham +isited me last year. 0 &as his %irst auditor ba!- &hen he &as ./ years old. 2.,L35 Alan

Post #14 200*0211-0+5, >elbourne %rg 1,+0-+4
The Melb Br" &as the bi""est Br" in the &orld durin" the .,L0 to .,L/ period. 0t had a sta%% o% around .)< people. 0 !an remember bein" on a !o audit !ourse that had /(0 people a ni"ht on it.....rou"hly L<0 people enrolled. The Sydney Br" &as lo!ated in an old &hore house Eust a %e& hundred yards %rom the !enter o% 4in"s Cross. The Sydney Br" had a sta%% o% / or < people then. 0t &as +ery de"raded. 8e+isitin" that time and spa!e ma-es me realiCe ho& %ar 0 ha+e !ome sin!e those times. 0 &as roller !oasterin" !ontinuously durin" that period......+ery unstable. *othin" &ould "o ri"ht %or me.......the problem &as 0 had attained some +ery hi"h As!ension States.......they had been missed !ompletely so 0 !ontinuously !rashed and burned. The Melb en?uiry and subse?uent bannin" &as !aused by t&o %ormer students &ho 0 no& realiCe had also attained se+eral hi"h AE states and had !rashed and burned. A ?ui!- de%inition o% As!ension Experien!e !an be %ound at# http#$$%orum.exs!$sho&thread.phpHt=3() The interestin" %a!t &as durin" that time 0 &as in business &ith @ran- Sed"eman, 4en 8ose&ell, 9e& 1oad and Pan!ho JonCales the &orld>s top tennis players at that time.....0 also had an up and !omer 'ohn *e&!ombe that 0 &as helpin". 21e &ent on to &in 3 Wimbledon Titles5 Tal- about hi"hs and lo&s.....yu-D #2


Post #*0 200*0$0+-1+04
0 ha+e it %rom a %airly reliable sour!e that there &as a !all in %or !lass P000s in the ;0s or ,0s and the list &as about .(0. 0n .,,3 there &ere .33 %ormer Class P000s on my lines "ettin" !leaned up. Most !leaned up +ery &ell, but they all had almost the same maEor problem# they needed to repair their li+es. Many &ere near retirement a"e yet had ne+er paid so!ial se!urity. 2@or those outside the 3S, that means no retirement bene%its.5 The plus point &as they &ere able to !ontinue repairin" their li+es.....and !lean up &hat !ame up as it !ame up. Many had burnt their brid"es &ith their %amilies and relati+es......&e &ere able to !lean most o% that up and restored many bro-en %amilies and %riendships. Alan

Post #*2 200*0$0*-0558
Jot a pretty B4 memory. 6ou on!e posted that around Lo per !ent, or thereabouts o% all !lass ;s !ame throu"h your missions. 7on>t re!all a time period. 0t &as !loser to )0S, spannin" %rom .,L; to .,)). There &as an approximate 3;0 Class P000>s made by .,)). What &as the maximum no o% a!ti+e !lass ;s e+erH 0n .,)L there &ere around .;0 to ((0 a!ti+e Class P000>s. As the pri!es rose more and more dropped out.......there &as a steady exodus that really a!!elerated a%ter the @B0 raid. 0 le%t S!io in early .,)), a %e& months be%ore the @B0 raid. Alan

Post #*5 200*0$0*-1544 -ightmare
What a ni"htmare o% ba!- to %ront, upside do&n, re+erse pro!essin" and C$Sin". 0nstead o% an @P87 you should run a TP87.......the @P>s "et their po&er %rom those. 0n En"lish# a TP87 is# True Purpose 8undo&n. 6ou don>t need your %olders @ESed.

'ust deli+er your undeli+ered !omms.....about your !ase handlin"s, your idiot se! !he!-s, your in!orre!t ethi!s handlin"s, the millions o% day to day &ron" items, the added in inappli!able pro!edures and Eobs, the %alse e+aluations o% the BT 2BT5!., et!. Basi!ally S!io and 981 did a +ery in!omplete Eob o% %indin", lo!atin" or e+en indi!atin" &hat is needed to %ully restore anyone. There is hu"e amount o% missin" te!h. Those missin" pie!es are &hat is bein" dramatiCed by S!io., and anyone &ho has been subEe!t to the e+aluations and in+alidations o% Br"aniCed S!io. 0t is not o%ten one "ets to be part o% the rise and %all o% an empire.....let alone be able to %ind its !auses. 6et ea!h o% you no& ha+e the mass o% that %ailure...... *o& undo those masses and you &ill be amaCed at &hat is possible. Alan

Post #** 200*0$0*-2215 Wh

ou should &rocess the &ositi#e

The %alse or e+il purp is a lo!- on the true purpose. The !on%usion !omes a%ter the %a!t o% the intention and the a!tions. 6ou end up lea+in" the basi! behind.....this a!ts as a missed &ithhold. The end produ!t o% any purpose or intention runnin" &ould be a "iant &ith massi+e presen!e &hose intention mani%ests. When you pro!ess the positi+e the !har"e on the positi+e and the ne"ati+e erases. When you pro!ess only the ne"ati+e you by pass the !har"e on the positi+e and o+er time the ne"ati+e re mo!-s itsel% up. 6ou ha+en>t "ot basi! on the !hain. 0t>s +ery easy to obser+e in li%e as runnin" only ne"ati+es you end up bein" in +ery medio!re positions. #2 Alan

Post #8* 200*0$11-1825 Weird ha&&enings
The AB9A 3C !onsisted o% 7onna 8ee+e Class P0 and an old time s!ientolo"ist, 7on Breedin" &ho &as in s!ientolo"y sin!e the +ery early days and &as in+ol+ed in the de+elopment o% the %irst E meter, 7ianne 1enderson &ho &as one o% the %irst ne& BT P000s, and mysel%. The mention o% 7onna 8ee+es, 7on Breedin" and 7iane 1enderson brou"ht ba!- memories o% some +iolent, dis"ustin" and &eird in!idents.

The sessions &ent &ell.<..000 a &ee-.( students. 8i"ht under the main run&ay o% 9o+e @ield..... 6ou &ould ha+e thou"ht e+eryone in S!io &ould ha+e been ex!ited %or me.0 don>t -no& &ho &as more surprised.but alas it !aused . t&o &ere multi murderers 2ne+er !au"ht5. only t&o had Eobs.. !onsidered to be one o% the most dan"erous parts o% *orth 7allas.O 1e !laimed that @is-. 0 told him to sit do&n. My in!ome a+era"ed Q<. A %e& &ee-s earlier another S!io..<..he had Eust been arrested %or !hild molestation.the best Br"s in the &orld &ere only doin" Q(. E+ery one o% those students &ent on and be!ame.. The murder &as &itnessed by a room%ul o% S!ientolo"ists. me or the students. one &as a 'eho+as Witness Minister &ho li-ed to ha+e sex &ith !hi!-ens.0 o% those people.. 0 &as as-ed to pro!ess 7onna @is.%or the %irst < &ee-s.had Eust been murdered.. The %ormer @ran!hise 1older &as an al!oholi! and apparently it &as &hile attendin" AA meetin" that he brou"ht these people into the !enter. The %irst thin" 0 en!ountered &as 7on Breedin". 0 "ot rid o% . But immediately 3( people sho&ed up %or the %irst e+ent.. &ho &as S!ientolo"y>s Exe!uti+e 7ire!tor in Seattle. 0 had .. The %uture loo-ed blea-.. in a bla!. &ho had a !omplaint a"ainst Nthe pra!ti!es o% a 7r.L3... My se!ond !ourse ni"ht one o% the students &ent out to his !ar and !ame in &ith a ri%le and threatened to -ill all o% us. The in!ome %or the !enter the year be%ore &as Q/.L3...area... 9ater 7on Breedin" &as exonerated... &as tryin" to sedu!e his & unheard o% in!ome in those times.0n September o% . The !enter &as lo!ated in a dilapidated house. 0n *o+ember o% . Bobby Sutton had Eust murdered someone &ho he !au"ht in bed &ith his &i%e..... Seattle resident 8ussell 'ohnson. William @is&ho operates as the Chur!h o% S!ientolo"y. he entered the Seattle !hur!h and shot and -illed @is-. . "i+e me the "un and beha+e himsel%..he did.0. Betty @ilis-y started that ni"ht. Class P0>s and many Class P000>s. Texas and too... Bn September .....(<0 per & Texas this &as !onsidered o-ay.o+er the 7allas Center. &hilst on the S1SBC.A4A 8ee+es as her husband William @is... 7allas maEor airport.L/ 0 !ame to 7allas.

st !onta!t.."reat Eealousy. *o reason not to..00..dunno &hat happened &hen she "ot onto the BT 000 material. She had ne+er heard o% S!io. The dau"hter &as in a bad s!ene... 200*0$11-2011 %n that H%T IIII session Was this be%ore or a%ter 8'L) and$or the "eneral release o% the le+elH Can you say exa!tly ho& she des!ribed &as her .......... 0 don>t thin...she had no &ay o% -no&in" the material be%orehand.000>s o% people &ho !ame throu"h my !enters o+er the years that ran the BT 000 in!ident in her early dianeti! sessions... 0t &as a %airly a!!urate des!ription. She li+ed a +ery isolated li%e at the time... We ?uestioned her on had she read anythin" or tal-ed to anyone about S!io be%ore. We de!ided not ma-e a bi" deal about it... AlanH 1o& are you !ertain she !ould not ha+e "ot &hate+er story she reported %rom someone else instead o% her Ao&nA tra!-. 7olores &as not -no&n %or %rea-in" 3 months to %ind and mo+e to a de!ent lo!ation.she e+en had TP as the area she li+ed in &as to remote. 7olores Sto-es..0 belie+ed her...enou"h that it %rea-ed the pro!essor out.. 7ianne 1enderson &as the only person out o% ..she stated she hadn>t..0 had one o% my pro!essors ta-e her in and "i+e her a !ouple o% sessions. Alan Post #10* 200*0$14-180$ 5ilbert E The 3's Wlon" ?uote %rom @ilbert>s boo-X The abo+e is surprisin"ly near the mar. 7ianne li+ed in the 9a-e Tahoe area.&ho &as a Class P000..)3.. Cal..............she bro-e do&n and !ried o+er her inability to handle her !hildren.....some +ital areas are le%t out.. Alan Post #8..0 !alled her.. either throu"h normal +erbal !ommuni!ation or some %orm o% telepathyH This &as in . until one o% her dau"hters !ame to my !enter in Sa!remento.. Possibly the bi""est omitted is that these le+el are li%e a!tion le+els.... 0t too.she !ame to the !enter.. They ha+e to be li+ed and ea!h .it &as durin" those sessions that the BT 000 area !ame up...

. The 9>s are physi!al uni+erse doin"ness tar"eted pro!esses. 0sn>t it ABe 7o 1a+eA. 0 do !onsider the 9o&er Jrades to be +alid but not !omplete.. rephrase it. 6our stories o% your Eourney throu"h S!io has been +ery illustrati+e and edu!ational. The !han!es o% him and 981 doin" anythin" to"ether &as nil. 0n bas-etball you !an tea!h a player ho& to dribble a ball.but +ery limited. But don>t "et me &ron". Conse?uently 0 dramatiCed hea+ily se+eral nasty identities and then be!ame pra!ti!ally immobile &ithin a %e& &ee-s a%ter 0 did them. The lo&er "rades and many o% the no& dropped out pro!esses are mar+ellous steps to restorin" abilities..and a Eo-e.!onse?uently they &in bi". &hen needed. 6et on the 9o&er Jrades there is no pra!ti!eD So ho& on earth !ould someone attest to. you &ould instead.5 A similar obser+ation !an be made about ea!h o% the 9o&er Jrades. the AAbility to !ommuni!ate %reely &ith anyone on any subEe!tA &ithout "oin" outside the Br" and tryin" it out.. 8e"ards. 7a+id. Thus 0 %ollo&ed his !areer.they are all li%e a!tion people .... but it ta-es pra!ti!e and pra!ti!e and more pra!ti!e %or him to be!ome a !ompetent bas-etball player. #2 Alan Post #111 200*0$15-0242 3o8er grades 0 %ully a"ree &ith the point you ha+e made.. This is &here the 9o&er Jrades o% s!ientolo"y ha+e %ailed. 0 &onder ho& many really "ained this ability and ho& many ha+e retained this ability.. he &as a !lient o% mine.. 1e &as the !haplain.. @ilbert dead a"ented himsel% &ith me &hen he %alsi%ied his position at Saint 1ill..allo&in" me to %ill in a lot o% missin" pie!es and "aps. and e+en then they !ontinue to pra!ti!e and pra!ti!e. Today 0 ha+e some "reat athletes and leaders on my lines... in "eneral !on+ersation you &ould ne+er -eep repeatin" a ?uestion. 7a+idD Alan years to undo the mess they made. 2Please note that T8s are purely auditor s-ills.L(. let alone pra!ti!in" it. say.. 0t is this in!ompleteness &hi!h ma-es s!ientolo"y an ine%%e!ti+e sel% de+elopment pro" a!tion ta-en to holo"raphi! Jood 0ndi!ators. %or instan!e. 0t too... 0 -ne& @ilbert in . 0 %ound them to be ?uite deadly as they by passed the PT identities and pa!-a"es and missed the early uni+erse James Pa!-a"es. ho& to shoot a ball.. ho& to pass a ball.. 0 use all 0 learned..

.mar-et in+estor the -ey to &innin" bi" in those areas &as 0 needed to be in the exa!t ri"ht pla!e at the exa!t ri"ht time &hi!h &as truth in position and motion in the physi!al uni+erse. A @loatin" Tone Arm &ith hi"h mood le+els usually indi!ates Atruth in motionA &hi!h is the exa!tness o% time. tells all.ex!ept me..... 1e then be"an to in!orporate Jood and Bad 0ndi!ators.. &ho &hat... as a PC>s %a!e and !omments.Post #118 200*0$1+-0+$1 Indicators @e& realiCe ho& the Jood and Bad 0ndi!tators !ame about.. &here. pla!e.sheets as 0 noted the di%%erent sta"es the p! &ent throu"h as they ran a pro!ess...... 981 as-ed me &hat they &ere. e+en in assessments. and @$* e+erythin" be!ame the most important subEe!t as they ha+e . 0 pity all those people that !ame in a%ter B!t .#2 These indi!ators stemmed %rom my days as an athlete and as a sto!.5 BTW you are !orre!t. 981 lit up as 0 explained this. 8ealiCe in those days &e did not run pro!esses to @$* but to Aat !ause o+er the subEe!t bein" addressedA i% possible. 0 ha+e %ound that the use o% e meters !ause %ar more problems than dire!t per!eption. &hen...on the ori"inal bulletins he a!-no&led"ed all the !ontributors.. ho&. 0 rarely use a meter. and mood 2position and ener"y in motion... When @$* e+erythin" !ame into bein" and you &ould be !omm e+ed i% you missed an @$* the te!h almost stopped &or-in" !ompletely.000>s o% un%lat pro!!...O The best indi!ator &as PJ0>s &hi!h not only in!luded a hu"e Eump in po&er and tone but also re"ained abilities. S!io started to run +ery shallo& &hen obser+in" the meter &as made more important than obser+in" the p! in %ront o% you. 0 used to dra& indi!ator pi!tures on my &or. Pery mu!h li-e the AsmiliesA #5 "ood ind.0 told him# AThey &ere indi!ators o% ho& the p! &as doin".. Alan . 0 ha+e o%ten !onsidered the e meter a distra!tion %or both the auditor and the PC.L... 0% anyone is interested 0 ha+e a !omplete s!ale 0 !ould post o% types o% @$*s and their e%%e!ts on !ase and li%e.#mad# bad ind.

+isions. Alan Post #15* 200*0$2.the be"innin" o% the 3S !omm lines. . "oodness. time.. 7a+id Sto-es.. &orth&hile " %rom a minor lea"ue player to the pros. honor. These abilities easily trans%ered to li%e "ames. 0 had !lay demo>ed in En"land ho& 0 &as "oin" to pro!ess Ameri!a.. Bur tennis "ames impro+ed tremendously. pressor beams.. prior to "oin" to En"land to do the S1SBC. hi"h moods and produ!e &orth&hile &ants. The %irst tar"eted pla!e &as to be in 7allas. my third tar"et &as Boston. Bne o% the omitted aspe!ts o% the Te!h is the !ontinuation o% the pro!ess into li%e.L. 0t &as not lon" be%ore &e &ere runnin" PT psy!hi! abilities as &e played our "ames. ener"y %or yoursel% and others in order to !ause "reatness. as it &as &here the latest maEor loss had re!ently o!!urred. 0an Tampion and 0 played semi pro %ootball in Melb &hilst on sta%% at the Melb Br". out!omes and results to happen. hi"h Jreen or Jold Tone le+els o% po&er%ully positioned be do ha+es or o&nership o% your o&n obEe!ts.-1221 !&orts and &rocesses Sports is the a!ti+ity that 0 ali"ned my appli!ation o% study. .< years old.Post #1$4 200*0$21-114* (oston@ !tB 3ouis and Aallas Boston &as my third Center that 0 built %rom nothin". AmaCin" to obser+e the e+olutions and the ebbs and %lo&s o+er the years. &hi!h &as &here 0 had been +ery su!!ess%ul in a pre+ious li%e.5 My se!ond tar"et &as nationally tele+ised Aussie 8ules Jame on the Melbourne Cri!-et Jround in April. in *o+ . !oa!hin" and pro!essin" to.. 0 !on+erted all o% my sportin" a!ti+ities into Ain li%eA obEe!ti+e pro!esses. This &as all done in . pi!-in" up e+ery non dupli!ated a!tion as a physi!al mani%estation and handlin" it. 0t too. 7a+id Ti%% and 0 e+en played tennis. My %irst E7 &as . 27eath o% 4ennedy.L(. Psy!hi! abilities in!ludes the use o% massi+e presen!e. thus had many %ormer teammates. telepathi!ally proEe!ted tra!tor beams. L(.. 0 e+en played in the . The JPM Te!h is in a!tuality a li%e a!tion te!hnolo"y. in order to !reate and brin" into bein" telepathi!ally proEe!ted holo"raphi! intentions.L/. &e did the same thin" there. spa!es. 9ouis. These three lo!ations &ere up and runnin" su!!ess%ully &ithin ( years o% arri+in" in Ameri!a... The Tones are dire!tly ta-en %rom my experien!es in sport.

0 must admit 0 had little idea o% &hat &as "oin" on.000>s o% a!res. 6ou must ha+e li+ed a +ery di%%erent !hildhood than mostH My %amily &as as psy!hi! as a bri!-. Be &hat you lo+e to BED 2This should not be di%%i!ult as you should al&ays %ully and !ompletely lo+e yoursel%.. Alan Post #185 200*081. But.. 0t &as a simple %ormula...5 0% you do this then you &ill BW* and 1APE &hat you lo+e.. 6et it &as a +ery bi" +ery little.5 (. 0 had a horse and a !ouple o% do"s and &ould o%ten "o alone %or days loo-in" %or !attle.. happy li%e is# . they lo+ed me as mu!h as they !ould.All the rules o% pro!essin" apply to li%e pro!esses. 0 &or-ed on a hu"e !attle station 2ran!h5 that &as se+eral . .-1$2$ Ps chic childhood Wsnip story re psy!hi! !hildhoodX 0 turned on a lot o% that stu%% &hen 0 &as . 0% you &ant to you !an help others %ind their Prime 7reams and help them 2i% needed5 li+e them &ithout reser+ation.. prosperous.0 &ould %eel as i% 0 &as the only person on the planet.Eust that 0 %elt hu"e and at pea! ni"ht 0 %elt 0 !ould tou!h the stars. 0t &as the same %ormula %or e+eryone yet it &as !ompletely di%%erent %or e+eryone... The %ormula is# @ind your Prime 7ream2s5 and li+e them &ithout reser+ation. Alan Thread 412: 3essons Post #1 200*0225-1514 3essons A %e& months a"o 0 realiCed that in order to be su!!ess%ul.0.. prosperous and happy in li%e re?uired +ery little. The simple basi! %ormula to li+in" a su!!ess%ul. 7o &hat you lo+e to 7BD 29i+e your Prime 7ream2s5../ &hen 0 li+ed in the outba!-.

There maybe se+eral sub intentions... Any ad+i!e %or someone &ho is ha+in" trouble %indin" their Prime 7ream2s5H 0% you are an ex S!io %ind &hat it &as that you belie+ed S!io &as "oin" to help you a!hie+eH 0t may &ell ha+e helped you mo+e to&ards your dream2s5 early on but you ran into a stop. 0% you -no& &hat the stop is# 8un to a &in# What part o% that stop are you &illin" to !on%rontH What part o% that stop &ould you rather not !on%rontH Then "o a little earlier and %ind &hat you &ere intendin". Alan Post #1.. Alan Post #4 200*0225-1+01 The dan"er is that you are limited by your dreams. StabiliCe yoursel% &ith# What part o% that dream are you &illin" to !on%rontH What part o% that dream &ould you rather not !on%rontH 7one to a &in# Then# . &ith the people you lo+e. 6B3 W099 4*BW W1E* T10S BCC38S AS 6B3 W099 BE 13JE. doin" &hat you lo+e to do. Then one day 0 &ondered &hat is a "ro&n man doin" spendin" so mu!h time !hasin" a ba" o% &ind in his under&ear.6our dreams &ill "uide you that &ay you !an ha+e the "reatest lo+e a%%air possible the lo+e a%%air o% li+in" the li%e you lo+e.. Eust do the abo+e on ea!h and the dream2s5 &ill unsubmer"e and pop to +ie&. Bn!e upon a time my dreams !onsisted o% be!omin" the "reatest %ootballer e+er.... 200*0$0*-224* 7o8 to 5ind 9our Prime AreamMsN 1i Alan...-inda ruined the dream.&orse &hat &ere millions o% people doin" &at!hin" me !hase a ba" o% &ind in my under&ear.

1o& bi" am 0H Where am 0H What is my next step in li%eH 7o it..into the physi!al uni+erse..themH 0t is best to &rite your ans&ers do&n. #5 Alan Post #22 200*0$0. Are the pro!esses run repetiti+ely and are the !on%ront ?uestions alternatedH 6es. 0 pre%er to run the pro!esses alternately. @or example# What are you &illin" to !on%ront about bein" promised trainin" and pro!essin" and ne+er "ettin" itH Ans&er# *othin" My hate My ra"e What &ould you rather not !on%ront about bein" promised trainin" and pro!essin" and ne+er "ettin" itH Ans&er# My &ea-ness My hopelessness The betrayal My %ear o% standin" up and demandin" they deli+er &hat they promised. 2Those ans&ers should tri""er a %e& ra"es and %uriesD5 .. but sometime you !an experien!e an a+alan!he o% ans&ers. As it pulls your thou"hts and ima"ery out o% your head and puts your thin..-0452 >ore on "inding &rime dreams Should 0 &rite my ans&ers do&nH 'ust thin. 8epeat.

.. Eust &ins.. 0 sat there amaCed as in!ident a%ter in!ident %lashed by... .... "ettin" prepared %or the %ootball season... small &ins releases and returns a tremendous amount o% attention... 0s it Eust a myth.. 0 &at!hed a sho& &here a hypnotherapist put a "irl in a tran!e and had her return to the . 3sually &ithin < or L sessions they start to "et bi" &ins in session and bi" &ins in li%e.L.0 thou"h 0 &as "oin" nuts..people in Atran!e statesA it is hell to "et out o% them...i% you push too hard you &ill !ause a Atran!e stateA to o!!ur... or has there been +eri%yable instan!es &here throu"h re"ressi+e hyponotherapy a person has be"un spea-in" in a lan"ua"e pre+iously un-no&n in this li%eH 0n .$$ > "irst &ast li"e recalls 0 &as at a "ym. As the !lient>s !on%iden!e in themsel+es !omes up they naturally loo.... on ABC in Melb. There is a lot %or a ne& person to handle in those early sessions. Short sessions.... Alan Post #5$ 200*0$04-2018 4i#e ne8 &eo&le short sessions and sim&le 8ins WPersonal story snippedX The simple %a!t is# you &ere pushed too hard. &hen a bun!h o% &ei"htli%ters be"an to ridi!ule past li+es...Alan Thread 42$: 7as an one had a G#eri"iableG &ast li"e6 Post #50 200*0$04-1..deeper. Bad sessions sti!..... The best &ay to help people is to "i+e them short sessions and simple &ins.. 0 ne+er attempt to e+en &orry about e+en "ettin" @$*s on ne& people.. &or-in" out... Basi!ally a ne& person has +ery little attention a+ailable.&ell <0 years later 0 "uess 0 &as. 0 soared into spa!e. Alan Post #+8 200*0$0*-225........this ma-es e+erythin" %eel unreal."ood !ommon sense "oes a lon" &ay.up to that moment 0 had ne+er heard o% that !on! s!ared the !rap out o% easily ties up. There ha+e been so many arbitraries added that it ma-es the te!h almost un&or-able.)th !entury.

. 0 hardly !onsider Athe puri%A to be e+en remotely sa%e...She &as a housemaid in the @lemish area o% @ran!e. That is at Tone 30 on the tone s!ale. Alan Post #102 200*0$10-0$5$ What about @P87H And the puri%H That stu%% &asn>t around in L/. Alan Post #11$ 200*0$11-1.. Alan Post #120 200*0$12-02$5 !cio has been "ro=en since 1. purpose 2%alse or other&ise5.... Thus it is +ital that the pro!ess is ta-en to basi!. 0 ha+e spent nearly <0 years undoin" this area... Any postulate.Ti"er 7rillin" "oals lists did. . 'ust be!ause the ?uestions are !han"ed does not mean that the basi!s !han"ed..a person that &as terri%ied o% do!tors.. The omitted te!h in this area is ?uite +ast as it leads into se+eral types o% 2"ood and e+il5 destru!ti+e identities and "ames pa!-a"es. 0 "uess 0>m tal-in" to AboxesA.a +ery "uttural %ren!h type a!!ent. Butside o% those AboxesA lay the ans&ers... Boilin" bodies has been around %or !enturies.50 Processing &ostulates Simply put.. purpose 2%alse or other&ise5... intentions you are dealin" &ith postulates. "oal.. "oal. 0 repeatI S!io has been %roCen sin!e is also the area the 1ubbard ble& %rom.. dream.L/...but that &as a %ar more e%%e!ti+e pro!edure than @P87 as you %ound the Prime Joals.. anytime you pro!ess any type o% 7ream. 0 ha+e had to !lean up too many people &ho ha+e had the @P87 and the mess their li+es ha+e "otten into %rom runnin" that in!omplete te!hnolo"y.that the %alse and e+il purps "et their po&er %rom.. What do thin.she spo-e in the lan"ua"e o% that time. intentions 2"ood or e+il5 has at its basis a %irst postulate..+4 Ea!h !han"e %urther a&ay %rom the truth.. 0t is this area that -eeps people in lo& !onditions..... 0 doubt i% the dama"e done by that rundo&n !an e+er be estimated. The puri% &as ori"inated by 981.

A brid"e that leads to the BT le+els.all to do &ith Joals material. A series o% M0P>s are a series o% substitutes %or the a!tual e+ent or &hat &as there.. 1e &as a mess !ase &ise. To be at !ause o+er Mental 0ma"e Pi!tures one has to pra!ti!e dire!t obser+ation o% the en+ironment in %ront o% them... This puts you at !ause o+er Mental 0ma"e Pi!tures. Plus be &illin" to obser+e the most horrible.sla+e !amps a!ross the planet. 0n that 37 %ormat you run the +ie&points o% se+eral people and obEe!ts thou"h there is no "uarantee that &hat you run is true..There o+er (<0 tapes omitted o%% the !ourses.. A person &ho is at the e%%e!t o% Mental 0ma"e Pi!tures is in %a!t smaller or less than the Mental 0ma"e Pi!tures...he passed that mess on&ard. 981 had no intention to produ!e &hat he promised in those early days.......... There is a mu!h hi"her %orm o% in!ident runnin" that o% three dimensional holo"raphi! in!ident runnin".. About the only &ay to +eri%y the truth o% a session is that in Present Time your le+el o% truth in!reases. .. At that point it is a!tually de"radin" to run %urther Mental 0ma"e Pi!tures as this no& puts you ba!at e%%e!t o% M0P>s. Basi!ally you are !onsistently in the ri"ht pla!e at the ri"ht time. A Mental 0ma"e Pi!ture is a substitute %or &hat is a!tual there..%or most that o!!urs &hen they %irst "et &holly honest in the End Produ!ts.then &hatH Where is the %reedomH Alan Thread 440: >IP's and "alse memories Post #1 200*0$02-0241 >IP's and "alse memories A M0P is the a!ronym %or a Mental 0ma"e Pi!ture.. The maEority o% people do not obser+e dire!tly at &hat is there they proEe!t a substitute ima"ery o+er &hat is there. embarrassin" M0P>s.. 9oo.... 0n other &ords they li+e in a %alse en+ironment thus you o%ten "et %alse memories o% &hat is a!tually there or happened..

9ens .# The Pision supplied by the 0dentity. The Pision supplied by the mind.05 0>m not so sure that A&hat>s thereA is al&ays there in %ull detail. Pro!essin" the mind is +ery di%%erent %rom pro!essin" the spirit or mind or identity.Alan Post #$ 200*0$02-1. 'esus.. The body runs on a di%%erent time tra!. The +isions supplied by the !ells..L3. say. 9ens 3. Ruentin.. Pro!essin" the body is +ery di%%erent %rom pro!essin" the mind. et! et! et!5. To !reate the holo"raphi! reality o% Present Time there needs to be at least three lenses.. A spiritual bein" &ho is %ully a&are and is bein" itsel% &ill !reate a +ision that a!ts as the so%t&are %or the identity and mind and !onse?uently it !an a%%e!t the body. Pro!essin" the spirit &ill easily pro!ess the mind and erase un&anted identities. Alan 8P@er>s ha+e a desperate need %or ?uit doin" that in ... 8ealiCe a mental ima"e pi!ture is a substitute %or the a!tuality. The spiritual bein" breathes li%e throu"h those lenses thus you "et the PT reality. Almost e+ery 8P@er 0 ha+e handled had lots o% A%amous .. 9ens (. S!io does not pro!ess the spirit. e+erythin" is still bein" re!orded e+en thou"h the Bein" isn>t parti!ularly a&are o% it at the timeH Cells de%initely re!ord but only %rom their spe!i%i! +ie& point. Conse?uently any %amous identity that impa!ted them !ause an in+oluntary repli!ation. Any su""estions on ho& &e mi"ht establish that i% a person is in a !oma. Alan Post #+ 200*0$02-2$58 -eed "or identit Why did so many o% my p!>s !laim to be the same person 2many !laimed to be Marilyn Monroe. M0P>s a"ain. Most people ha+e no true bein"ness o% their o&n so they !opy others.%rom the identity and mind but i% all three units are in harmony some ?uite mira!ulous thin"s !an o!!ur.

B%ten ea!h member o% the team has been to"ether by its o&n !hoi!e o+er a lon" period o% time and share many !ommon in!idents. 200*0$0$-145$ 7o8 to contact old "riends 8ho ha#e died 1i Alan. . Thin-in" about ta-in" thin"s holo"raphi!ally and your lenses idea.identities. 0t is !apable o% ha+in" exa!tly the same !hara!teristi!s and abilities as you do.%or some !asesH Would it "i+e the p! a sa%er spa!e. the Rual Se!. 0% you &ish to !onta!t old %riends &ho ha+e died a simple B$W on spiritual bein"s &ill blo& the !har"e stoppin" the !onne!tion. 0t is a hu"e or"aniCation. A SP080T3A9 TEAM is !omposed o% separate Spiritual Entities ea!h per%ormin" di%%erent tas-s that are &or-in" to"ether &ith a !ommon "oal. 6ou !an "o up line %rom that unless o% !ourse you ha+e be!ome indi+iduated. This ma-es %or a massi+e team o% &isdom.5 SP080T3A9 TEAMMATE is a Spiritual Entity that is !onne!ted to you by its o&n !hoi!e. the E7 and the rest o% the team. e+ents and a!hie+ements. Er"o# auditor U auditor U p! bb p!>s ban-. Alan Post #12 200*0$0*-2055 1ntities Ae"initions E*T0T0ES 7E@0*0T0B*S SP080T3A9 E*T0T6# that &hi!h is per!ei+ed or -no&n or in%erred to ha+e its o&n distin!t existen!e 2li+in" in a body or outside o% a body. one &ith better dupli!ationH 1a+in" one p! audited by ( auditors simultaneously. or outside a body. or it !an ha+e more or less !hara!teristi!s and abilities than you. 0t !an be in a body. @or instan!e it is possible to in!lude all those "iants %rom the past &ho !an help you and be part o% the spiritual team. 1ope%ully you should ha+e a team &or-in" &ith the p!. 0t !an be a leader or a %ollo&er. 981 said# auditor U p! b p!>s ban-. The C$S. @e& realiCe there is a spiritual !o pro!ess and !o trainin" or"aniCation in existen!e. plus the pro!essor plus the p! +ersus the un&anted !ondition or &anted ability bein" dupli!ated and permeated. -no&led"e and -no& ho&. &ould this &or.A Post #.

Ma"i! starts happenin"D #7 Alan Post #18 200*042*-0*25 1o& does one determine &hen one has %inally arri+ed at &hat is AreallyA there 2M0Ps5 and there is no more Adub inAH . http#$$&&&.!om$audio$%ree audio le!tures. This is one o% the reasons 0 studied.Bne o% the main reasons 0 ha+e %o!used so intently on this area is 0 ha+e al&ays been a&are that 0 am part o% a team. There is a +ast di%%eren!e in !ertainty &hen the !lient re!o+ers their o&n !ertainty o% &hat is and &hat isn>t their o&n !ase material. thus my team is as &ell trained and pro!essed as 0 am. These Spiritual Teammates !o train and !o pro!ess ea!h AlonCo %or those 389> the basi!s# 7o not e+aluate. WsnipX Than. That 0 had Spiritual Teammates. There is a +ast di%%eren!e in re!o+ered po&er and ener"y &hen you run and erase your o&n a!tual !ase material +ersus runnin" someone else>s su""ested !ase material. 7o not in+alidate. trainin" and pro!essin" has been as mu!h %or the team as it has been %or me. 0 made a tape se+eral years a"o the des!ribes &hat happens i% you mess up in this area. trained and pro!essed so dili"ently.-no&led"ism. at least &ith re"ard to therapies li-e 7ianeti!s and other hypno therapies. 0 still "o ba!.asp:mira!les S!an do&n to M08AC9ES and MAJ0C Alan Post #1+ 200*042*-1+0$ 0 thin. 0t demonstrates almost instantaneously in li%e and relationships "oin" mu!h better.%alse memories are bein" misunderstood here. Conse?uently all my studies. These &indo&s o% opportunity !ome alon" so rarely do&n throu"h time.

That>s &hat 8on said. 6ou are bein" as-ed &hat obEe!ti+e indi!ators !an be used to distin"uish a %alse memory %rom a real one. 0t>s pretty ni"h impossible to "et someone &ho has no !ertainty o% sel% to experien!e !ertainty o% sel%.L< the te!h has been run shallo&er and shallo&er +ery little !har"e has been ta-en o%% most !ases as a matter o% %a!t more !har"e has been added. And your ans&er seems to be !ertainty o% experien!e and results. As anyone &ho is no lon"er in S!io.your ans&er here is similar to one 8on may ha+e "i+en to the same ?uestion. items.. the person then be"ins to in!orporate those %alse memories into their sel% identityH 9i-e. et!... #2 0 al&ays !he!-# 0s this an implantH Br.A Ruite a !ommon !o"nition# 3sually stemmin" %rom someone &ho !an barely tie their shoe la!es..0 don>t re"ard PJ0s and a !o" as su%%i!ient proo%. A0>+e -no&n my husband be%ore in a past li%e.. too. suppressed or una!-no&led"ed. Alan Post #22 200*0428-0*$* Alan 0 thin... 1e thre& our baby into the %ire.. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-D Would you say runnin" %alse memories is less important than the results it obtains %or the !lientH What about the problem &hi!h o!!urs &hen.. 1e>s an SP . As %or your not %indin" PJ0s and a !o" as su%%i!ient proo% is an indi!ator you ha+e either ne+er had PJ0s &ith maEor re"ained ability !o"s. Anyone &ho has !onsistently been in the Tone in any "ame has problems understandin" &hat it is li-e to ne+er ha+e experien!ed that state. a%ter runnin" a %alse memory.&hat those loses are !ould be a multitude o% thin"s. all the abo+e o% !ourse outside o% that all is normal.. or you did and they &ere in+alidated.somethin" !aused us loses.. re" !y!les. &ron" ethi!s !onditions and et!. or you ha+e many bot!hed sessions and &ron" lists. And no& 0 !an ma-e up %or that !olossal o+ert by si"nin" a billion year sla+e labor !ontra!t to rehabilitate all the thetans in the uni+erse.. A0 &as a Spa!e Captain &ho ble& up a planet. Sin!e .

0 !an audit them %urther.all alon" my time tra!-. . 0t is a PT %ull o% boo"ie men. 0 must dis!onne!t %rom him no&.. mutual identities and James Matrix Pa!-a"es. So you mean 0 !an ta-e the team o% "uys 0 had that had been -eepin" a humon"ous !ollapse out o% si"ht at &hate+er blah di blah years a"o and.-1*25 !cientolog creates a "alse &resent time Perhaps the most deadly aspe!t o% S!io is that it "enerates a %alse present past auditin"# These !an o%ten be undone by# What %alse or arti%i!ial !ase. identity or memory ha+e you !reated in order to "et e+en &ith someone or ma-e them &ron"H What %alse or arti%i!ial !ase. and enemies e+ery&here. monsters and Mar-abians. "ame. Pretty bad &hen today is a !ontinuous %alse memory. 200*042. 20080111-200* Cool.A These are all +ery dan"erous in!idents to belie+e and in!orporate into your o&n sel% identity i% they are %alse. identity or memory ha+e you !reated in order to explain your %ailuresH What %alse or arti%i!ial !ase. But sometimes you "et a dyed in the &ool belie+er still stu!.5 I5 @a!t is i% you pro!ess the positi+e this type o% stu%% ne+er !omes up.. instead o% Eust allo&in" them to let "o o% that. identity or memory ha+e you !reated that is total e%%e!t in order to ma-e someone "uilty o% ha+in" abilities or po&erH Alan Post #$. 6ou must ha+e been audited in S!ientolo"yH 2*ot really. Thin"s aren>t a!!idents or happy !oin!iden!es most o% the time.. Belie+in" them !an ha+e !atastrophi! e%%e!ts in your li%e. 8Lers.. BhD there is a lot more to it than Eust that mainly it is the undoin" o% mutual in!idents. Alan Post #4+ 20080111-18$2 0 am Eust not sure that 0 buy the ans&er. Also it is an omni so+erei"n &innin" JameD Post #4. What do you ha+e to say about thatH 7o you ha+e any more Eusti%i!ations or rationalisations %or your destru!ti+e beha+iorH Br. "ame. Psy!hiatrists.. "ame.

.?uite honestly that is the best time to pro!ess as the !lient easily spots any outnesses. 0 ha+e a simple pro!ess that stabiliCes people &ho are exterior or their Ban. S!io ?uits &hen the !lient "ets extro+erted. Simply as-# 1o& bi" are youH Where are youH This +alidates and stabiliCes the PT existen!!ation allo&s %or siCe o% bein"ness or identity.and in&ard loo-in" so they !ould be %reed up to "o out and do thin"s. !o trained and !o pro!essed &ith youD Also the !ost is in%initesimalD Ex!ellent..0t is better than that most time there is no need to audit them they lo+e to !o pro! the supposed ASu!!ess StoriesA %rom people doin" the BT le+els then does it not stri-e you that they ha+e be!ome intro+ertedH And i% my idea is !orre!t then this intro+ersion &ould seem to be the exa!t opposite o% the "oals o% S!ientolo"y. S!io has to introspe!t them to use their te!h on them. . 7id 0 "et that &ron"H True. This is a +ery -ey part o% handlin" an As!ension Experien!e. 6es +ery humblin"D Alan Thread 44+: 1)tro#ersion e. Most ne& publi! people !omin" in the door are exterior.. 3sually &hen a person has a bi" &in they extro+ert. Join" %rom an intro+erted person to an extro+erted person bein" a measure o% su!!ess.. !o study and !o trainD A%ter all they !o studied. And &hen you loo. Extro+ersion is spa!ation. 0 ha+e no re%eren!es. 1umblin" in %a!t. Man they &ere$are a loyal !re&.uating to G!uccessG Post #2 200*0$0$-1*02 0 don>t -no& &here 0 heard it so this is an SP a!t but %rom &hat 0 understood about S!ientolo"y in the early days it &as about "ettin" a person>s mind out %rom bein" stu!. 6ou are ?uite !orre!t 8oland.

.L.0 to .: 2eal or Imagined6 Post #1 200*0$0+-044$ 2eal or Imagined6 0s it real or ima"inedH 0s it true or %alseH 0s Jod real or ima"inedH Are past li+es real or ima"inedH 0s Venu real or ima"inedH Are bts real or ima"inedH Are en"rams real or ima"inedH Are SPs real or ima"inedH .anythin" %rom the past that is inter%erin" &ith the present Eust %loats to +ie&... the A!ademy approx . 200*04$0-1542 >elbourne %rg 1ell.. *o need %or all the e+aluati+e BS. &e &ere e+en told that Melbourne had a spe!ial 3rd dynami! en"ramD 0t &as &hen 981 bon-ed the E7 o% the Melb Br">s &i%e later that ni"ht "a+e the le!ture on 0ndi+iduation then later still the le!ture on Wea-nessD Melbournians also ha+e a later se!ondary &hen the Pi! Jo+ shut S!io do&n.. The !omm !ourse usually had . Alan Thread 45. 0 started in Melb Br" in May .00 attendees daily and ((0 attendees ni"htly.&hat is "reat about this is you !an easily %ollo& the !lient>s interest and "oals lines. Thus you "et the !lient "radiently expandin" in PT.Pery rarely do you ha+e to "o earlier similar on the present day publi!. o+er time the !lient be!omes +ery po&er%ul and spans more and more %uture &ith "reater !ertainty o% hittin" their %uture "oals and tar"ets. the !o audits /(0 to <00 attendees ni"htly... Alan Thread 454: >elbournites Post #1.00 students attendees ni"htly... as they stay easily in PT.

Thus anythin" %rom the past does not exist exa!tly as it is ri"ht no&. Truth is. no motion. . 27on>t tell the p! &hat to thin-. Truth has no substan!e. no limitation.5 (. &hat do you -no&. no &a+elen"th.yaddaD yaddaD Suddenly the !lient "oes ABhD My Jod. 7o not in+alidate the p!>s data. blahD blahD blahDO their attention %rees %rom it and it ne+er !omes up a"ain. 7o not e+aluate %or the p!.<S o% any session is a lie the lie is# What is real the !lient this is real. There are t&o basi!s o% pro!essin"# . Thus &hen you pro!ess anyone &hat is real to them !omes to +ie&.Are Mar-abians real or ima"inedH 0s li%e real or ima"inedH 0s my trust in 9.... What erases realityH Truth. 8eal or ima"ined &hen ta-en to truth is.. that !ould be real.. 8on 1ubbard real or ima"inedH Are my dreams real or ima"inedH Are my enemies real or ima"inedH Are the dead people 0>m tal-in" to real or ima"inedH 0s &ho 0 belie+e &ho 0 am real or ima"inedH Are you real or ima"inedH These are but %e& o% the ?uestions most !lients as. All !lients lie to their pro!essor almost . The %a!t is only present time is real pro+idin" the !lient or person is dire!tly per!ei+in" and dupli!atin" exa!tly &hat is here.5 What the pro!essor belie+es or disbelie+es should ha+e nothin" to do &ith the session.themsel+es at sometime or another. no %orm. is !ommuni!ated and "ets handled to the !lient>s satis%a!tion. The simple ans&er isI i% it is real to the person or !lient it is real.2hope%ully. nor is it lo!ated in spa!e or in time or in ener"y or in thin"s..... that is real.

.it only loo....... 0n all those years the true !ause o% a bad !ase !ondition &as al&ays hidden %rom +ie&.....S has been undoin" &hat realities ha+e been en%or!ed on p!>!ause they are in a hi"h mood le+el and they lo+e themsel+es and others as &ell as they lo+e li%e..... it is no&# AThe !lient &ill operate in present time &ith %ull presen!e and !ertainty at "reat +elo!ity.terrible be!ause ... 0 ha+e been pro!essin" and Case Ad+isin" %or almost <0 years .... The !lient &ill operate in present time &ith %ull presen!e and !ertainty at "reat +elo!ity. All the bad thin"s done to a !lient do not exist in present time unless the !lient super imposes it into present time.. 3sually 0 !ould "et to the !ause o% a bad !ase !ondition in a %e& minutes... 0 let the !lient %ind the !ause o% his or her bad !ase !!ause they are in a hi"h mood le+el and they lo+e themsel+es and others as &ell as they lo+e li%e. 9o+e &as one o% the -ey subEe!ts that 981 deliberately omitted..his Eusti%i! is easy to obser+e.. Pro!essin" should ne+er ha+e "otten into %or!in" realities on &as too restimulati+e. it &as usually somethin" +ery simple.*o need to belie+e or %or puttin" it there a"ain Alan...A Alan . 0 ha+e pro!essed and Case Ad+ised .. But 0 -ne& 0 had no idea &hat that !ause &as.000>s o% people.000>s o% hours had been done and many years had "one by tryin" to %ix it.. As the !lient expands its rea!h and presen!e more ?uestionable realities and ima"inations &ill !ome to +ie& Eust let the !lient sort thin"s out and they &ill.. Alan Post #4 200*0$0+-1502 Booh _ 0 li-e the Alo+eA part _ the elusi+e [ missin" Alo+eA &ord _ than..00... 'ust pro!ess the !lient in present time and all those real or ima"ined !onditions &ill is easy to obser+e... 0 Eust edited that last phrase..

0% not as-# By ha+in" this !on!ept in present time &hat don>t you ha+e to loo. Than. 1e tal-ed about bein" Present and drilled them on Presen!e. That su%i !ould ha+e been a s!ientolo"ist 2a "ood oneD5.A Client mo!-s up that it happened to them. As a pro!essor you !annot e+aluate or in+alidate. By ha+in" this !on!ept in present time &hat present time problem does that sol+eH 3sually the &hole thin" &ill blo&I i% not as. Alan Thread 4*5: (et8een-3i#es Im&lants6 Post #4 200*0$1. 1e also used the phrase you use TAB39A 8ASA or !lean slate. 0 &ill ans&er my o&n ?uestionD Client read about Abet&een li%e implants. As-# When &as thatH Where &as thatH Allo& !lient to des!ribe. As.youD The Su%i reli"ion has a lot o% &isdom and -no&led"e in it as it has most o% the "ames and B$W Te!h in it.-1542 7o8 to handle a client's delusion So ho& do you handle this# 6ou -no& it is not there anythin" else in PT that you are %lin!hin" %rom . B%ten the attention &ill un%ix at that moment. They e+en attempt to undo the present time JPM &ith the use o% a nine point Ennea"ram. Client does &ould enEoy the pro"ramme i% you !an "et Beeb pro"rammes in Texas. Than-s %or expressin" so &ell the real$ima"ined debates that ha+e "one on re!ently.Post #5 200*0$0+-151* 0 thou"ht o% you last ni"ht &hen &at!hin" a pro"ramme on the BBC !alled AThe 8etreatA a su%i muslim tea!her ta-es L di%%erent people on a retreat.atH Br. but the !lient belie+es it is true.!lient to tell you about this. 0 thin.

atH 7o problem$solution handlin". their indi!ators %lood in. but portrayed li-e it is real5. This simple handlin" &ill erase almost all &eird ideas and %ixed !onditions !aused by delusi+e te!hnolo"ies or pra!ti!es.#7 There ha+e been ?uite a %e& studies. &hat 0 -no& to be true it is &hat the !lient belie+es is true. 20% it is not happenin" ri"ht no&. But. What is your opinion about thatH Sho&s you ho& ina!!urately most o% us per!ei+eD But the %a!t is there are phenomenas o% truth.. that are easily obser+ed. Alan. did not a"ree on the physi!al appearan!e o% the perp..5 And the past is o+er and done &ith. i% it persists. Then. &hen the di%%erent parti!ipants are inter+ie&ed. %or example. hardly anyone !ould a"ree on &hat o!!urred all sa& di%%erent thin"s. then you !an run it as an Aimplant in!ident. Alan Post #+ 200*0$1. B% !ourse 0 don>t -no& i% it is true or not. Ma"i! happens in PT. They spend se+eral days !o"nitin" and reali"nin" their li%e. 1o& do you -no& it is *BT trueH *ot that 0 ne!essarily -no& or not -no&. @et there are se!eral people who ha!e great certainty and belie!e they "now what is and what isn't on most newsgroups. 200*0$20-11$1 Truth &henomena The most ob+ious Truth Phenomena is the p!>s explosion into li%e in present time. The p! "ets hu"e. but ho& &ould you 4*BW it isn>tH 0t really has nothin" to do &ith me. 0>m sure you>+e heard$read about them. 0>+e %ound su!h studies %as!inatin".or un&illin" to loo. the mood le+els soar.. .then it tends to be pulled %rom the past.-205. the p! be!omes A90PE. There are some thin"s that are %airly a!!urate %a!ts. Alan Post #. &here a "roup o% people all are part o% a A!rime in pro"ressA 2made up o% !ourse. There are massi+e in!reases in abilities. et!. "a+e a di%%erent a!!ount as to &hat happened. the p! "ets into a!tion in li%e.A #5 3ntil you "et the truth.

this !aused a massi+e shi%t in bein"ness on the planet. When 8ea"an. S!io has smashed anyone &ho rea!hes !onsistent po&er stats as you !annot help but "o bi". There are many other reasons &hy S!io !annot produ!e those Truth Phenomenons. !el"-im&lanting Sel% listin" is bad enou"hD .an AinnieA or an AoutieA. There are many more. but A99 pro!essin" and trainin" should routinely produ!e this.. Alan Post #2$ 200*0$2+-1*4. thus their be do ha+e is immense. Certainly it &as a rarity and not !onsistant.. The reason %or this is the Prime Terminal 7M is a dominator. The Mission *et&or...They are !ontinuously in the ri"ht pla!e. you &ill be!ome instant ethi!s bait as you &ill be a threat and a!ti+ate the AinniesA !ollapsed uni+erse. The Truth Phenomena !annot be produ!ed anymore in S!io....L/. To brin" into bein" the Truth Phenomena re?uires a t&o or more pole uni+erse. thus !ases run totally di%%erent today. There are t&o types o% leaders. 0% these Truth Phenomenas are not present then the session at best is poor. That this type o% e%%e!ti+e pro!essin" is possible is a totally %orei"n idea to me. That!her and Jorba!he+ &ere in po&er the &orld &as bein" led by three &as Eust a matter o% time %or the Br"s to empty out as their %eeder net&or-s had been !ollapsed in&ard. S!io is a sin"le pole situation.. *ot sayin" at all that you !an>t produ!e it... on!e it &as !ollapsed.L/... !onse?uently they ha+e no be do ha+e as they ha+e no spa! 981 be!ame in . you !annot help but "o exterior around them. But 0 "uess most o% us only needed a taste o% it to stay hoo-ed to the hope that it mi"ht happen a"ain. #7 Alan Post #12 200*0$20-1+2* This reminds me o% &hat happened occasionally in session or on !ourse.. they ha+e immense spa!ation. S!io lost all hopes o% "ettin" bi".. 0t>s Eust not somethin" 0 e+er experien!ed in S!n. A0nniesA are in their head. it has pro"ressi+ely "ot harder and harder to produ!e sin!e . at the ri"ht time.. that operates in a !ollapsed uni+erse. AButiesA are exterior.a!ted as a t&o pole terminal %or S!io. Should you ha+e a bi" blo& AoutieA in S!io.

5 0 spent the lun!h hour in a state o% un!ons!iousness.!onman. !ould be be!ause our !ulture in!ludes ?uite detailed in%o o% history and s!ien!e %i!tion &hereas our !ulture does not in!lude in%o about post death states.. no su!h thin"s as red ta"s.. Come . the theory that in!idents !ould perhaps be %iltered by one>s edu!ation$!ulture. a &hile a"o.. 2sessions ended at lun!h time.<0>s boo-s and Theosophy$8osi!ru!ians$&estern . sat me in the !hair. your interpretation o% those stats &ould be deluded. o% !ourse i% you are in delusion. my p! sat on the other side pi!-ed up the !ans and 1erbie held me upri"ht and told me to say Astart o% session. so per this theory the PC &ould not "enerally run post death M0Ps. SPBill posted on here. as soon as 0 uttered those &ords all the un!ons!iousness and si!-ness disappeared. the PC +ie&s them throu"h their %ilter o% edu!ation.A &hi!h 0 did. 1erbie Par-house and my p! !arried me o+er to the auditin" table. #2 Post #25 200*0$2+-211+ The onl &o8er o" case is 8hat ou gi#e it 9i%e stats tend to let you -no& &here you are truly at. 0n the &est. 0 "a+e a "reat session.L( &hilst bein" a p! +omitin" and "oin" un!ons!ious Eust be%ore lun!h. The most amaCin" thin" o!!urred. . Alan Post #28 200*0$2*-155* A "ood A!o"nitionA but a sli"htly better one &ould ha+e been to !o"nite that it &as you &ho put the !ase there in the %irst pla!e and "a+e it the po&er to a%%e!t you by belie+in" the bullshit o% a third rate s!i %i ha!.But bein" !on+in!ed you &ere and are "oin" to be a"ain implanted bet&een li+es by Mar-abians and then to pro!eed to ta-e that belie% and sel% implant yoursel% is e+en &orse. 1ubbard in!ludes some data$theory in . 3sin" 1ubbard as an ex!use %or nuttiness -inda robs one o% assi"nin" po&er to youD Post #+2 200*0+12-1555 3o8er le#els not run to "ull end &roduct 0 &as &onderin" i% the reason bet&een li+es implants are not "enerally !onta!ted in lo&er le+el auditin". 0n other &ords &hate+er the a!tuality o% past in!idents. 0 !an remember one time in early *o+ember. &hereas past li+es o%ten are !onta!ted. 0 &as rarely e+er the e%%e!t o% my !ase %rom that time on.00 pm it &as my turn to be the auditor. 0>+e ne+er thou"ht other&iseD 0 put %ar more there than 1ubbard e+er did. 0t be!ame sel% e+ident to me that the only po&er my !ase had o+er me &as &hat 0 "a+e it. &e don>t really ha+e any edu!ation on &hat happens a%ter death.

the PC has no data to relate to in order to AseeA bet&een li+es in!idents....<0>s boo-s are sort o% rele"ated to old theory$pro!essin" despite the te!h 7e"rades P9.. @or example. &as the$sho&thread. As 0 did the pro!ess 0 &as al&ays amaCed at ho& 0 &ould !y!le up and do&n the tra!.it &as my athleti! trainin" no pain = no "ain ne+er been mu!h o% a %eel "ood type person. et!.in . http#$$%orum... 0 thin. in S!n "eared to&ards that sort o% materialH 0>m not in+alidatin" your experien!e.and bet&een li+es. So 0 &onder i% on lo&er le+els.phpHt=<(0 0>+e been a not too se!ret s?uirrel e+er sin!eD Alan Post #*0 200*0+12-2$12 0 &as trained to ta-e the C1A8JE o%% the !ase. at the time. but "enerally the 7n and S!n PC has not been exposed to su!h data and 1ubbard>s .. Eust postulatin" that &hat "ets run mi"ht be in%luen!ed by !ulture. at the time you ran S$W on &hole tra!. Alan. the auditor$C$S &ere interested in "ettin" !har"e o%% by "ettin" the PC to %a!e %or!e.. &ould they run anythin" other than this li%eH . someone &ho had no !on!epts o% &hat happens a%ter !ompletely opened up my tra!-. m$&$h>s.. 0t &as &hile doin" the A8C Strai"ht&ire that 0 %irst %ormed the @$* P1ASES and P8BCESS BAS0CS and the Con!entri! Cir!le Con!ept o% Pro!essin".(0 hours.. Bn!e on the upper le+els the PC is e+aluated %or by 1ubbard as to &hat AhappensA bet&een li+es and so there%ore the PC runs PT.. &ron" items.. Bne o% the problems is the lo&er le+el pro!esses are not run to %ull End Produ!t. Ba!.!y!lin" +ery deep then !y!lin" ba!..exs!n.someone &ho had no histori!al edu!!h bet&een li%e material !ame to +ie&.. m$u>s. A8C Strai"ht&ire is a +ery positi+e pro!ess !onse?uently a tremendous amount o% But o% A8C upset areas !ome to +ie&. or the +alidity o% it. 0 &onder i% you too.mysti!ism details post li%e states... 0 &as lu!-y enou"h 0 !ould mentally assess &as a&esome.. &hat had !aused those massi+e upsets and !ontinued doin" the pro!ess. @or some reason %rom day one 0 &as only interested in "oin" a%ter the mass and %or!e.. The PC tended to di+e to&ards si"ni%i!an!e.L( 0 ran A8C Strai"ht&ire %or rou"hly . no spiritual$reli"ious !ulture.

thus any attention or pi!tures are at best ima"inary repli!ations o% &hat &as on!e. The &ater o% the ri+er that you stepped into is no lon"er thereI it has been repla!ed &ith ne& &ater or some other parti!le or %orm su!h as a tree trun-. and that &ater is !onstantly bein" repla!ed by ne& &ater as it rushes to&ard its destination.5 C1APTE8 T18EE T@E RIVER 9? >I?E Approximately (<00 years a"o.+. *e+er mu!h &ent %or the &oo &oo stu%% -inda al&ays embarrassed me.or +ie& in your head is it real or ima"ined. the "reat Jree. That they persist in any %orm indi!ates you are !reatin" them %or some reason." Heraclitus 4ILC'LHI 1. A6ou !annot step in the same ri+er t&i!e. Alan "All things going upwards or downwards are in perpetual flux. This &as o+er almost a ( year span o% doin" A8C S$Wire and BbEe!ti+es. old a"e and dyin" time bet&een loo-in" %or next body stealin" next body. The past is "one. .. or silt.. but lo+ed re!ei+in" it and "i+in" it. it a!tually be"an in May >L. Ea!h moment o% li%e be"ins no&.0 hope it ma-es sense. My mista-e the Abet&een li%eA stu%% &as Eust standard past deaths. 'ust &anted to "et better ha+e a better li%e be a better person. This analo"y illustrates the re!ursi+e nature o% Paradi"m Matri!es and holds true %or all Paradi"m Matri!es o% li%e.. 0 &rote this many years a"o. 9ot o% psy!hi! %i"hts to "et !ontrol o% body.. Alan Thread 4**: 2i#er o" 3i"e Post #1 200*0$10-0$41 2i#er o" 3i"e What you thin.A The reason %or this is that the ri+er is the &ater that %lo&s bet&een the ban-s. %ish.philosopher 1era!litus made his %amous obser+ation. *ot implant stu%%.0 ne+er ran S$W %or that lon"..

money. There is a !onstant %lo& o% people. The s-in is ne& e+ery monthI a ne& li+er ta-es six &ee-s. Minute parti!les o% &ater %orm +apor and be!ome !louds. 6our body a!ts in mu!h the same manner. those that !onta!t the %ood. in loo-in" at the !urrent team you &ill %ind that you -no& hardly any o% the players. subEe!ts.. The ri+er o% li%e !ontinued to %lo& throu"h the !ompany and had rene&ed itsel% &ith ne&er people. Bthers "et repla!ed. i% %roCen. then lose !onta!t %or a period o% %i+e or more years. and thin"s. ele!tri!ity.. This happens o+er and o+er a"ain unless somethin" interrupts the !y!le. drin-. heat. &ealth. %amines. !onstantly rene&in" themsel+es. Should the &ron" atoms or the &ron" !ells be introdu!ed into the body it !ould easily be!ome si!. The ri+ers run to"ether to %orm la-es and seas.and !ease to %un!tion. and %rostbite. ha+e a "reat deal o% e%%e!t on li%e. and ele!tri!ity. the ?uality o% air.. The ri+er o% atoms and !ells %lo&in" in and out. People "et hired and promoted. Too mu!h heat. Blin. mana"ers and salesmen. 7i%%erent parts o% the body ta-e di%%erent len"ths o% time to repla!e themsel+es. Some had died. We>+e lon" -no&n that &hat you eat. and you ha+e drou"ht. 0% you %ollo& a %ootball team. The Tenne!o o% . health.and die. a planet. and parti!les that %lo& alon" its ri+er o% li%e. or the planet. you &ould see the Ari+er e%%e!tA at &or-. %amines. Three elements. A ri+er. and happiness all are totally dependent upon the ri+ers o% li%e. a !ompany.. !ustomers. and happiness %or any li%e %orm depends on the !orre!t balan!e o% heat. Ji+e too mu!h or too little o% any one o% the three to any li%e %orm and you alter that li%e %orm>s ability to sur+i+eI it &ill be!ome si!. &hi!h in turn run to"ether to be!ome ri+ers. a nation. pla!es. or they retire and still others ta-e their positions. The same applies to a !ountry. ra& materials. Too mu!h !old. and the amount o% heat or !old ha+e an immense e%%e!t on all aspe!ts o% li%e. a ri+er. These "et heated and the sur%a!e droplets return to their +apor state and rise in the air to be"in the !y!le a"ain. and %e+ers. E+en your s-eleton repla!es itsel% o+er a period o% three months.your eyes and the body has !han"ed. The -ey to health. Analysis o% a ri+er %inds it is part o% a se?uen!e o% e+ents that -eep the %lo& !onstantly happenin". et!. and sent on their &ay to be repla!ed by ne& parti!les. a !ompany. 0% you !ould see your body exa!tly as it is. Parti!les su!h as in%ormation. subEe!ts. as sno& or hail. and the stoma!h>s sur%a!e !ells. The droplets are hea+ier than the air and so %all to earth as rain or. This hit home to me &hen 0 !onta!ted the Tenne!o Corporation o% 1ouston. in+entory. T&el+e months a"o. The Ari+er e%%e!tA has ta-en pla!eI the %lo& o% li%e has repla!ed the old &ith the ne&. ninety ei"ht per!ent o% the atoms in your body &ere not there. These in turn splash o+er the earth.A !orporation is li-e a ri+erI its people and parti!les are %ore+er !han"in".( is not the Tenne!o o% . The temperature drops and the +apor !ondenses and be!omes droplets. The stoma!h linin" is rene&ed e+ery %our days. Bthers !han"e !ompanies.L<. and you ha+e bliCCards. 0n . %or a lon" period o% time. are ser+ed or ser+i!ed. and thin"s that !han"e %ore+er the nature o% the internal %lo& o% the !ompany. prosperity. The rest had retired or le%t the !ompanyI most are no& un-no&n in the !ompany. !old. %lo& in. the body has repla!ed itsel% &ith ne& atoms and !ells.L< 0 trained ei"hty %i+e o% their top exe!uti+es. A!id rain !auses trees. lo!ations. or any sportin" team.. !old. *ot one o% the people 0 trained is still a!ti+e &ith Tenne!o. and . !auses a !omplete repla!ement o% the body so that o+er a period o% se+en years. run to"ether and %orm ri+ulets. are rene&ed e+ery %i+e minutes. and your su!!ess. "rass.

at L. The temperature &as . A ri+er %lo&s bet&een t&o ban-s. it sho&ed me risin" bet&een (. and 0>d use a tremendous amount o% %uel. 0 &as at an altitude o% . The brain %un!tions by the passa"e o% milli+olts o% ele!tri!al !har"e. E+en a ri+er has &ithin it minute ele!tri!al parti!les. Too little. We do -no& that too mu!h ele!tri!ity put into anythin" &ill destroy it. So do the ner+e !hannels alon" &hi!h ele!tri!ity tra+els. it &ould ta-e mu!h lon"er to rea!h altitude.<00 %eet and bene%it %rom the <0 L0 mph tail &ind. and it &ill not &or.$( hours later. 9u!-ily.000 %eet. to Pan *uys. 0>d be lu!-y to !limb (00 to 300 %eet per minute until. be!ause the air &as thin.<. turbo !har"ed BonanCa. in the pro!ess. 0 landed at Pan *uys airport. There. 0 set the plane so that 0 !ould do the ti"htest possible 3L0c turns. 0 &ould ha+e to re%uel the plane a%ter . &ith plenty o% %uel to spare %rom one %ill up. E+en then 0 &ould be lu!-y to !limb /00 %eet a minuteI it &ould ta-e nearly an hour to !limb to my tar"et altitude. This paradi"m matrix !y!le is a natural la&.000 and . A %li"ht . 0 used my -no&led"e o% &hat -eeps a "lider in the air &hen 0 %le& my o&n plane.<. As the !loud %orms. Sin!e 0 &as %lyin" &est.<00 &ithin %our minutes. 0 o+erheard a pilot &ho had Eust %lo&n east %rom Salt 9a-e City say that he had en!ountered <0 L0 mph head &inds bet&een .00 miles. so 0 !ould expe!t to run into normal head &inds o% (0 30 mph.<00. The problem &as. 0t arri+es at a la-e or sea &hi!h is !ontained by land that is hi"her than it is and &hi!h is !apable o% exertin" more pressure a"ainst the &ater than the &ater !an exert a"ainst it. 9et us analyCe the !y!le o% the ri+er. @or example.<00 and 3. When 0 loo-ed at my altitude indi!ator. and three minutes later 0 &as at .0(. Bhio. At Q( a "allon./. in that heat and &ith my air!ra%t %ully laden. 0 %le& non stop %rom Columbus. 3ntil re!ently. At that rate. and my "round speed in!reased to (30 mph. Bne !an obser+e the automati!. 0 &ould use about Q/L0 &orth o% %uel. it &ill !ause death.%ish to die and a million other bad e%%e!ts to o!!ur. 9i%e %or!es !ontain a !ertain amount o% ele!tri!ity. 0 had a <0 mph tail &ind as 0 headed &est. brin"in" &ith it ele!troni!ally !oded messa"es and !ommands.L./. < . 0 put the plane into the thermal !urrent that rose bet&een the earth and the !loud. Ele!tri!ity is a spe!i%i! type o% parti!le mo+in" %rom a ne"ati+e Cone to a positi+e Cone. Ener"y is a %orm o% ele!tri!ity. it also is surrounded by areas o% !ooler or hi"her density air. As 0 too. @oods de+oid o% the !orre!t nutrients !ause debilitatin" illness. approximately (30 "allons. ele!tri!ity is a %orm o% ener"y. Bne extremely hot day. Cali%ornia. 3nderstandin" paradi"m matrix !y!les and la&s !an pay o%% &ith "reater su!!ess in li%e.<00 %eet per minute.000 %eet. 0 spied and headed to&ard a &hite !loud approximately ten miles to the north&est. or better still.o%% %rom Columbus. &hi!h meant. 0 &as %lyin" east to &est.properlyI i% le%t too lon". a sin"le en"ine. Ea!h o% the outside pressures pushin" a"ainst the inside parti!les and %or!es a!ts as a matrix or mold that shapes the %orm and dire!tion the li%e %or!e or &ater parti!les tra+el. or +i!e +ersa. ma!hine li-e a!ti+ity ta-in" pla!e. When the &ater is heated and +aporiCes. it trans!ends in a !olumn o% heat that is surrounded by a !olumn or amount o% !ooler air. 0 !ould %ully en"a"e my turbo !har"er. +ery little has been understood or resear!hed about the e%%e!ts o% ele!tri!ity on our en+ironment and our bodies. &hi!h leads to erosion. 0 !ould %ly at . Soil that la!-s the !orre!t nutrients be!omes barren.

&here the %lo& o% %or!e emanates. Air is pumped into the lun"s and used to oxy"enate and aerate the body. they may ta-e on di%%erent %orms. the output is produ!ts. pla!e. A !omplete paradi"m matrix is a trans!ei+er.that normally &ould ha+e ta-en ele+en hours and !ost Q/L0 %or %uel. An exe!uti+e>s output is &hat>s needed and the a!!omplished result is the input.only hal% that time and !ost. and out o% itsel%. The rest o% the air. &ater. Pisions and dire!tions are a leader>s outputI produ!ts. A !omputer is a paradi"m trans!ei+erI input data. and unusable or indi"estible %ood is eliminated as %e!es. shapes. %ood. obEe!t. . or dire!tions. and pro%it are the input. 0 ha+e expanded upon this de%inition to in!lude any person. dead !ells. When they pass throu"h the module. 0 estimate that 0 ha+e sa+ed mysel% hundreds o% hours and thousands o% dollars by understandin" and &or-in" &ith the natural la&s !onne!ted to air !urrent %or!es. and rebuildin" materials. Ea!h part o% a paradi"m is a trans!ei+er. too. @or example. &hat the paradi"m matri!es are that hold and !hannel the %lo& o% %or!e. &here the %lo& o% %or!e arri+es. and ex!ess !hemi!als out o% the body. 0>+e applied the same understandin" to li%e and business. All identities are paradi"m trans!ei+ers. a!hie+ements. A ri+er is a paradi"m trans!ei+erI both input and output are &ater. and &ater is used to "i+e the body ener"y. or subEe!t that !an re!ei+e and transmit. @or example. A trans!ei+er o!!upies a %ixed position and !ontains mass that allo&s parti!les to %lo& into. A trans!ei+er is de%ined in the Ameri!an 1erita"e 7i!tionary as a module !onsistin" o% a radio re!ei+er and transmitter 2T8A*SM0TTE8 U 8ECE0PE85. Communi!ation parti!les are a se!retary>s input. a body in"ests %ood. Water is used to repla!e lost &ater and to %lush the &aste. A team is a series o% paradi"m trans!ei+ers that intera!t to produ!e a spe!i%i! out!ome. a salesman>s output is data and produ!ts. Ruite o%ten the trans!ei+er alters the %orm o% parti!les ta-en in. !oolness. heat. and air. throu"h. the dire!tion o% that %lo& o% %or!e. and so bein" more e%%i!ient. She rearran"es their %orm to output letters or produ!ts. A %a!tory is a paradi"m trans!ei+erI input is ra& materials. and &hat trans!ei+ers relay or alter the %or!e in a ne& %orm or dire!tion. A !orporation is a series o% paradi"m trans!ei+ers that interrelate and intera!t to produ!e produ!ts that !an be ex!han"ed %or somethin" o% e?ui+alent +alue. A nation is a series o% paradi"m trans!ei+ers that interrelate and intera!t to produ!e produ!ts that !an be ex!han"ed %or somethin" o% e?ui+alent +alue. The se!ret is in re!o"niCin" that there is a %lo& o% %or!e. @ood is bro-en do&n into minute parti!les o% !hemi!al substan!es and used throu"hout the body to repla!e the old and dead !ells and &aste produ!ts. Air that>s exhaled !omes out !arbon dioxide ri!hI &ater that>s eliminated is !alled urine. %uture business and !ash are his input. the output is data.

0 only %ound this out yesterday. Thread 510: The !ole !ource > th Post #8 200*0$20-1+$.in S!io and pla!es li-e the SP 1all is they ha+e no +ie&points le%t o% their o&n.html The Bhuddists ha+e a similar pro!ess that is more than (000 years old.!om$!ro&ley$libers$lib<3L. 1ere>s an interestin" !olle!tion o% pro!esses o% &hi!h 9. E+en i% you &ere to "o in and sa+e them they &ould not &ant your help as they !annot ali"n their !onditioned +ie&points to yours.. and re &ritten by Aleister Cro&ley.hermeti!. http#$$&&&. 7eri+ed %rom an!ient sour!es. >olo"ies and earlier than this in!arnation o% S!io attempts.A %amily !onsists o% paradi"m trans!ei+ers that interrelate and intera!t to produ!e produ!ts that !an be ex!han"ed %or somethin" o% e?ui+alent +alue. @or mu!h o% most people>s !ase !onditions !ome %rom past %ailures in earlier >ism>s. it is !alled Muhamudra basi!ally they are spa!ation pro!esses.the di%%erent dynami!s as a bein" re"ains their o&n +ie&points 2So+erei"nty5 they pro"ress up to re!o"niCin" other +ie&points then "rantin" bein"ness and +alue to those +ie&points 2Bmni So+erei"nty5 then bein" able to !o !reate &ith others &ithout diminishin" ea!h other. Whi!h 0 ran e+en as a small boy... The reason people are stu!. The path out is %airly simple it is the re!o+ery o% your o&n +ie&points then helpin" others re!o+er their o&n +ie&points.. Thus there !an ne+er be a dominant +ie&point at best at the hi"hest le+els it !an be a !o !reate and let>s %a!e it the "reatest lo+e a%%airs are !o !reations.. T1E T8A*SCE0PE8 0S T1E MAT80V that molds and s!ulpts the input o% li%e %or!e parti!les and trans%orms them to output produ!ts or out!omes that !an be ex!han"ed %or somethin" o% e?ui+alent +alue. 8on 1ubbard &as a&are. The -iller o% S!io is the !rushin" and ma-in" nothin" o% a sta%% member>s or %ollo&er>s +ie&points and super imposin" 981 or 7M or &home+er>s +ie&point o+er the top o% yours. Alan . The re!o"nition o% multiple sour!es is +ital to unlo!.. Alan Post #$+ 200*1008-150* -o #ie8&oints o" one's o8n This &hole thread is a +ery important thread.

in%inite !le+erness.a. There is only one lo!ation that a Bein" !an be @3996 0TSE9@ and that is ri"ht here ri"ht no&. Some Bein"s !on!entrate on positi+e empo&erment and mastery o% sel% and the positi+e empo&erment and mastery %or others to play hu"e &innin" "ames. &illin" to be both %ully !ause and e%%e!t. stren"th. 6ou are playin" a "ame or "ames either -no&in"ly or un-no&in"ly.-no&in"ly. losin". %rom 9atin pro!essus. intelli"en!e. s-ill and ability to restrain sel% as it does to empo&er sel% and !reate a su!!ess%ul. >pro . The best and most %un &ay to play a "ame is to play it optimally and. When you are in a uni+erse you are in a playin" %ield. %rom Middle @ren!h. in%inite stren"th. unhappy li%e. a %ailed.Phases and Process (asics ?-N @ASES and R9BESS BASIBS A99 BE0*JS are A99 T1E6 WA*T TB BE all the time. po+erty soa-ed. destru!ti+e "ames. Pronun!iation# >prH Ases.5 a natural phenomenon mar-ed by "radual !han"es that lead to&ard a parti!ular result 2the pro!ess o% "ro&th5 2(5 a natural !ontinuin" a!ti+ity or %un!tion 2su!h li%e pro!esses as breathin"5. in%inite s-ill and in%inite ability. b. 7e%inition# Pro!ess# noun. Some Bein"s !on!entrate on the ne"ati+e and the use o% their deterrent po&ers to restrain themsel+es and the use o% deterrent po&ers to restrain others in order to play small. 0t ta-es an e?ual amount o% these in%inities o% po&er. in%inite intelli"en!e. R9BESS @EN9MENA . Ea!h bein" is !apable o% in%inite po&er.Phases and Process (asics Post #1 200*0$1*-2241 5E. ad+an!e 2in the pro!ess o% time5. b. a series o% a!tions or operations !ondu!in" to an endI espe!ially a !ontinuous operation or treatment espe!ially in manu%a!ture. prosperous and happy li%e or to use those po&ers ne"ati+ely and !reate a de"radin" dis"uise. %rom pro!edereX 7ate# . E+en thou"h a &hole Bein">s here and no& extends &ell into the %uture and past. James are !omposed o% !omposites o% pro!esses. !le+erness. somethin" "oin" on pro!eedin" ( a 2. E+ery part or pie!e o% a "ame is a se?uen!e o% pro!esses in motion. ses WMiddle En"lish pro!es./th !entury . pro"ress.Thread 520: 5E.

. b. e%%ort and ex!han"e are !ommitted to. The re+ie& and up"rade o% ho& the !lient is doin" in li%e to %or&ard and in!rease the e%%e!ti+eness so the !lient !an !ontinue to a!hie+e their &ants.. The pro!essor has a repertoire o% tools that !an help and$or handle the !lient in a!hie+in" their &ants. or abnormal person. Pro!essin" addresses se+eral maEor !y!les# . !. T1E P8BCESSB8 WB84S @B8 A*7 W0T1 T1E C90E*T B6 A* E@@ECT0PE96 . 1E9PE7 A*7$B8 1A*79E7. or o!!urren!e 0t re?uires an a&are pro!essor &ho is possessed o% extreme hi"h inte"rity to produ!e the %ull ran"e o% phenomena that most mainline pro!esses are !apable o% produ!in".There are many di%%erent phenomena atta!hed to most pro!esses. 3 a. middle +oi!e o% phainein to sho& more at @A*C6X 7ate# . return to !y!le . (. an obEe!t or aspe!t -no&n throu"h the senses rather than by thou"ht or intuition b. The !lient and pro!essor !ommit to "ettin" the &ant helped and$or handled. The !lient has a &ant or not &ant that they need to "et help &ith and$or handled.phainomenon. 0% there are ne& &ants or not &ants. present parti!iple o% phainesthai to appear. The !lient has the ability to expand the mi!ro!osm o% the session into an e%%e!ti+e handlin" %or a!hie+in" their &ants in li%e. unusual. n[n W9ate 9atin phaenomenon. plural phenomenons # an ex!eptional.. ). As you !an ob+iously obser+e# T1E C90E*T 0*@B8MS T1E P8BCESSB8 W1AT A8EA *EE7S TB BE A778ESSE7. <. %rom Jree. . 7e%inition# Phenomenon# noun Pronun!iation# %i >nH me AnHn. %rom neuter o% phainomenos. An a"reement is %ormulated to utiliCe the pro!essor to do the a!tion. ( plural phenomena# a.L0< . 0t is +ital that the pro!essor and !lient are %ully a&are o% these phenomena. a temporal or spatiotemporal obEe!t o% sensory experien!e as distin"uished %rom a noumenon. a rare or si"ni%i!ant %a!t or e+ent. .. The method. time. a %a!t or e+ent o% s!ienti%i! interest sus!eptible o% s!ienti%i! des!ription and explanation. The session mi!ro!osm. 3. thin". The a!tual in li%e appli!ation o% &hat &as dis!o+ered and %ormulated in session is implemented into the !lient>s li%e. /. an obser+able %a!t or e+ent. L. plural phenomena. bu"s or problems.

The a!tual !onta!t by telepathi! proEe!tion &ith present time sel%.0. monitors and maintains the 0*TEJ80T6 and 1B*B8 o% their !ontinuously !reated present time three dimensional holo"raphi! ima"ery and the e%%e!ts and !onse?uen!es the three dimensional holo"raphi! ima"ery &ill ha+e on their present time and %uture lines and terminals. Phase . 0t is +ital to -eep this exa!t se?uen!e inta!t. The three dimensional holo"raphi! phase. The &ebbin" phase. The be"innin" o% runnin" the pro!ess phase. T@E R9BESS AND ?REE NEED>E @ASES A pro!ess usually "oes throu"h se+eral phases as it rea!hes its optimum !apa!ity o% e%%e!ti+eness. !har"e and masses !onta!ted that are !ontained or atta!hed to the present time sel%.. The !ollision into %or!e. A @loatin" Tone Arm or Jreen Tone Truth Phenomena !omes about &hen there are a multitude o% these phases intera!tin" in presen!e time.. you &ill ha+e &innin" !lients and up"raded !ommuni!ation lines.(. 0% you re+erse this se?uen!e &ith the pro!essor tellin" the !lient &hat they &ant. !har"e and mass !ontained in the !lient>s mo!. Phase ).. Phase 3. Phase . Presen!e Time en!ompasses the P8ESE*T T0ME and the @3T38E &here in the Bein" inspe!ts. Phase <. The sortin" out phase.. The de%inition phase. The expanded present time phase. . The si"ni%i!an!e to sel% mo!-ed up others phase. Phase . 0% you do. Phase (.ups o% sel%. The introdu!tion phase. others and en+ironment phase. Phase L.3T090T0*J T1E P8BCESSB8HS 8EPE8TB08E B@ TBB9S. Phase . Phase /. The handlin" and permeatin" o% the %or!e. Ea!h o% these phases !an produ!e a %ree needle &hen they are a!!omplished. others and en+ironment phase. Phase . This is the !reatin" o% three dimensional holo"raphi! %uture ima"es and telepathi! proEe!tion o% those ima"es to !ause %usion &ith othersH ima"es &ho &ant to !reate similar optimum s!enarios. you are a!tually "uilty o% abuse or &orse by implantin" the !lient &ith in!orre!t solutions to their &ants handlin". The si"ni%i!an!e to sel% phase.. others and en+ironment phase Phase .

The !ontinuation o% the pro!ess as a three dimensional holo"raphi! a!tion in a real three dimensional holo"raphi! expanded presen!e time phase. @or example# The pro!essor states# NThe area and pro!esses &e are "oin" to inspe!t and run in this session ha+e to do &ith helpDO 0mmediately the !lient plun"es do&n s!ale. The 6ou and your Spiritual Teammates !o pro!ess and !o !reate./. Phase . The !ontinuous attainments o% optimum &ants phase.). This NsubEe!t illitera!yO pre+ents the !lient %rom bein" able to o!!upy a positi+e position or !reate stable +ie&points %rom &hi!h to +ie& the area or subEe!t. in destru!ti+e a!tion. tal-in".. Phase . un-no&in" saboteur in the area or subEe!t. . Phase .<. A +ital part o% pro!essin" is maintainin" t&o &ay !ommuni!ation &ith the !lient. hase 4' The selected process &ntroduct&on phase: This phase is possibly the most !ru!ial o% all the phases as it sets the !lient up to be &illin" to run the !hosen pro!ess. The ups!alin" o% lines. Phase .Phase . put in the !ommuni!ation !y!le and handle &hat "ot tri""ered.L. B%ten i% it is the exa!t ri"ht pro!ess. !haos produ!in". disaster. The pro!essor states# What &e are "oin" to run is.o% bulletins to "i+e to the !lient to study that outlines the !hosen pro!ess. the !lient &ill immediately "o in session and start runnin" the pro!ess and &hat your statement tri""ered. The most basi! reason people ha+e trouble in an area or subEe!t is that they are NsubEe!t illiterateO in the area or subEe!t. The pro!essor should be +ery a&are o% the !lient>s indi!ators at that moment. @urther. 0ntense !uriosity means there is a hi"h le+el o% attention a+ailable %or !ommuni!atin". This se?uen!e !auses the !lient to be a &al-in".3.. The reason %or this is it orients. %amiliariCes and "i+es the !lient many more +ie&points %rom &hi!h to +ie& the area or subEe!t and pro!ess !hosen. 0 %ind it +ery ad+anta"eous to ha+e a small pa!. it pre+ents the !lient %rom bein" role edu!ated in the area or subEe!t. 0% this happens.2!hosen pro!ess or subEe!t to be addressed5. The li+in" o% your li%e &ith a !ontinuous %loatin" tone arm and %ull Jreen Tone Truth Phenomena phase. 3sually !lients are intensely !urious as to &hy you !hose that parti!ular pro!ess or set o% pro!esses to run on them. terminals and "ames o% li%e phase.

The introdu!tion has tri""ered the !lient instantly into an area o% !har"e. At that moment you had better handle &hat "ot a!!essed. A simple# NWhat did you thin- o% &hen 0 mentioned helpHO The !lient# NChrist, tal- about helpD 0 had to %ire my lon" time boo--eeper, she had been embeCClin" %unds %rom my !ompany %or .< years. She &as one o% my most trusted employeesO. Client pausesI Nthen there is my "oddamn "irl%riend, 0 loaned her my !ar yesterday and she &re!-ed it.O Another pauseI N and my -ids &ho 0 ha+e "i+en e+erythin" to are Eust a bun!h o% dru""ed out Combies.O NThen there &as this other "roup 0 &as in, they really s!re&ed me up &ith their &eird pro!esses and ideas, !ost me Q.<0,000 and .< years o% my li%e.O This !lient is into B9AME. 1elp has so mu!h !har"e and by passed !har"e on it you need to handle the upsets, problems, harm%ul a!ts and %ailed solutions !onne!ted to the subEe!t. 0% done !orre!tly, the !lient &ill be %as!inated as &ell as ex!ited to %ind out all they !an about the !hosen pro!ess and its subEe!t. As you dis!har"e the red Cone areas on the subEe!t o% help you !an introdu!e the next phase. 'ust be!ause you attained se+eral @$*s on the introdu!tion step on the subEe!t o% help, you are %ar %rom a !lient &ho is &illin" to be !ause or e%%e!t o% help or &ho !an mo!- up and "et into a!tion and per%orm &ays to e%%e!ti+ely help at &ill. hase 0' The de)&n&t&on o) the su!Lect to !e processed phase' 6ou simply as- the !lient# NWhat is your de%inition o% the subEe!t helpHO Br# NWhat does the &ord help mean to youHO 6ou mi"ht be surprised at the !lient>s ans&ers. Client# N1elp means do &hat 0 tell you to doDO N1elp means 0 pay you, 0 o&n youDO N1elp means 0>m in !ontrolDO N1elp means "et it done no&DO

N1elp means ma-e it "o ri"htDO Br you may "et !omputations# N6ou !an>t "et help these daysDO N0% someone helps you, be !are%ul they are de%initely no "oodDO N0% you as- %or help you as- %or troubleDO 6ou repeat the ?uestion# NWhat does the &ord help mean to youHO The !lient# NTrouble.O smilin". At this point you pull out the di!tionary or bulletin that has the de%inition o% help. 1elp# +erb. Pronun!iation# >helpI Southern o%ten >hep also >he[p WMiddle En"lish, %rom Bld En"lish helpanI a-in to Bld 1i"h Jerman hel%an to help.X 7ate# be%ore .(th !entury transiti+e senses .. to "i+e assistan!e or support to 2help a !hild &ith home&or-5, (a. to ma-e more pleasant or bearable # 0MP8BPE, 8E90EPE 2bri"ht !urtains &ill help the room5, 2too- an aspirin to help her heada!he5, b. ar!hai! # 8ESC3E, SAPE, 3a. to be o% use to, BE*E@0T, b. to %urther the ad+an!ement o%, P8BMBTE, /a. to !han"e %or the better, b. to re%rain %rom, APB07, !. to -eep %rom o!!urrin", P8EPE*T 2they !ouldn>t help the a!!ident,5 d. to restrain 2onesel%5 %rom doin" somethin", 2-ne& they shouldn>t "o but !ouldn>t help themsel+es5. .. "i+e assistan!e or support o%ten used &ith out, ( . to be o% use or bene%it. Synonym see 0MP8BPE As the !lient reads the abo+e de%inition he &ill "o throu"h many mood shi%ts, o%ten !hu!-lin" to himsel% and sha-in" his head. As you !an obser+e, there are many positi+e &ords and subEe!ts !onne!ted to help. Bn a pro!ess as important as help, 0 &ould Clean Slate ea!h o% the positi+e &ords and %inally Clean Slate 1E9P. The end produ!t o% Clean Slatin" the po&er &ords and 1E9P is a %ull three dimensional holo"raphi! !on!ept o% 1E9P. This &ill produ!e a %loatin" T$A and %loatin" needle on the three dimensional holo"raphi! !on!ept only. hase "' The !e,&nn&n, o) runn&n, the process phase' 6ou state the %irst pro!ess !ommand# NWhat does the !ommand# >1o& !ould someone or somethin" help you>O Sli"ht pauseI NmeanHO

Client# N0t means ho& !ould a person or thin" aid, assist or ma-e me better able to "et &hat 0 &ant to a!hie+e out o% li%e or out o% my dreams.O 6ou do the same on all !ommands. The !lient &ill maintain hi"h interest as the pro!ess runs. B%ten lots o% @$*s &ill be obser+ed, yet the !lient has their attention still on the subEe!t. hase M' The sort&n, out phase' 6ou as- the %irst !ommand# The !lient o%ten "oes throu"h a period o% !on%usion as he sele!ts his &hos, thin"s and on &hat he &ould li-e to "et help. As he sorts out the %lo&s and !hooses the &hos, thin"s and &hat he &ould li-e to "et help on and &ith he mo+es to the next phase o% the pro!ess. This phase o%ten produ!es se+eral %loatin" needles. hase 6' The s&,n&)&cance to sel) phase' Most !lients are only interested in themsel+es and &hat others !an do %or them at this phase. A"ain this phase !an produ!e a %loatin" needle. Bthers are not really real to them. Slo&ly they mo+e into the next phase. hase N' The s&,n&)&cance to sel) mocked5up others phase' This is a strippin" o% %alse ideas and mo!- ups o% and about others help phase. The !lient is in their o&n uni+erse runnin" their %alse ideas and mo!- ups o% help on &ho they ha+e labeled and pla!ed their ideas and mo!- ups on. 0t appears as i% they are runnin" a!tual people and thin"s but in a!tuality, they are in a sel% %ul%illin" box o% in!orre!t apparen!ies. The !lient has ne+er really !ommuni!ated to anyone. They !ommuni!ated to their %alse ideas and labeled mo!- ups they thou"ht others &ere. As these strip a&ay many %loatin" needles &ill be obser+ed. As the people and thin"s be"in to "et truer, the !lient !ollides &ith the next phase. This is a +ery "ood point to "o ba!- and re+ie& the -ey &ords !onne!ted to the pro!ess. By doin" this the !lient &ill ha+e "reater !ertainty on their position in re"ards the subEe!t or area.

hase 3' The coll&s&on &nto )orce% char,e and mass conta&ned &n the cl&ent#s mock5ups o) sel)% others and env&ronment phase' As the !lient runs the pro!ess, they be"in to !onne!t to the true persons or thin"s. This tri""ers the old !har"e, upsets, %or!e, pain, and mass that !aused them to put substitute ideas, mo!- ups and labels on people, pla!es, subEe!ts and thin"s. 3sually the tone arm be"ins to mo+e ?uite hea+ily at this phase. 9ots o% hea+y in!idents and !on%li!ts &ith others and thin"s blo& to +ie& and erase. B%ten the !lient be"ins to realiCe ho& he %ailed to help others and ho& others &ere pre+ented %rom helpin" him. 9ots o% %loatin" tone arms and %loatin" needle phenomena on people, pla!es, subEe!ts and thin"s. An As!ension Experien!e has o!!urred. 0n most !ases most pro!esses are ended at this point. But this is the most dan"erous point to end a pro!ess as you ha+e only a!hie+ed A STATE B@ 7ETAC1ME*T. The STATE 9? DETAB@MENT &s &n actual&ty a state o) sp&r&tual death' A common !y5product at th&s po&nt &s a mass&ve h&,h )ollo$ed !y heavy depress&on%' leav&n, the cl&ent stuck &n depress&on' Th&s &s end o) ,ame phenomena' But the ,ame $as not truly ended' Th&s also st&cks the cl&ent $&th cons&dera!le amount o) un)&n&shed ,ames' What has o!!urred is the !lient has erased their substitution o% a %alse a!tuality &ith the solid present time a!tuality. They ha+e arri+ed in true present time. The !lient up to this time has mostly been runnin" the past &hi!h &as o+er and done &ith lon" a"o. Thus the !lient at best is runnin" re!ordin"s o% &hat &as. These are not in any &ay a!tual. 0% a !lient is stopped in their pro!essin" at this point, too o%ten the !lient &ill experien!e en%or!ed separation %rom the !omposite that is their present time operatin" mo!- up. A similar thin" o!!urs &hen people ta-e psy!hedeli! dru"s. The !lient &ill ha+e tremendous di%%i!ulty in bein" able to "et in and play the "ames o% li%e. 6ou end up &ith a -ind o% brilliant philosopher &ho has the ans&er %or e+erythin" yet their present time is an operatin" disaster. Constant !hroni! %inan!ial and relationship di%%i!ulties repeatedly re o!!ur. 0n the old days the pro!esses &ere run mu!h deeper. Whi!h &ould put us in this next phase. hase O' The three5d&mens&onal holo,raph&c phase' As the Bein" ma-es !onne!tion to the presen!e time true a!tual other Bein"s, people, pla!es, subEe!ts and thin"s, the Bein" be"ins to !onne!t and three dimensional holo"raphi! !reations be"in

to appear and a Spiritual intera!tion ta-es pla!e. Wide %loatin" resistan!e +alues. A %eelin" o% bein" able to mo+e in or out o% any position and a &illin"ness to o!!upy any position at &ill. hase 1' The actual contact !y telepath&c proLect&on $&th present t&me sel)% others and env&ronment phase' As the pro!ess is !ontinued the !lient &ill be!ome +ery bi" 2exterior5 and "o into ex!ellent telepathi! intera!tion and permeation &ith their !hosen people, pla!es, subEe!ts and thin"s. The !lient &ill be"in to telepathi!ally help and be helped by their real time, a!tual !hosen people, pla!es, subEe!ts and thin"s. hase 42' The handl&n, and permeat&n, o) the )orce% char,e and masses contacted that are conta&ned or attached to the presence5t&me sel)% others% people% places% su!Lects and th&n,s and env&ronment phase' As the Bein" o!!upies his presen!e time en+ironment and in!ludes and ta-es &illin" o&nership and responsibility %or all the people, pla!es, subEe!ts, thin"s and en+ironment the !har"e, %or!e and mass that is on the subEe!t o% help to&ards people, pla!es, subEe!ts, thin"s and en+ironment in presen!e time these un-no&n areas be"ins to be permeated, dis!har"ed and erased. The Bein">s holo"raphi!ally en+isioned ima"ery !reation be"ins to be telepathi!ally proEe!ted to %use &ith others &ho ha+e similarly holo"raphi!ally en+isioned ima"ery !reations and these, due to the %usion, the ima"ery be!omes solidly a"reed upon. Thus a better more true reality be"ins to be !reated. Bi" %loatin" T$A state. hase 44' The e8panded present t&me phase' At this le+el the !lient is +ery mu!h in an expanded present time state &hi!h in!ludes lon" time %utures. The Bein" !an be both abo+e and outside as &ell as inside the !omplete !reation and all its parts. The Bein" has no di%%i!ulties bein" in or out o% the !reations or in or out o% the !onne!tions to people, pla!es, subEe!ts and thin"s. The "ame and help is no& %un and ex!itin". hase 40' The $e!!&n, phase' Th&s &s the creat&n, o) three5d&mens&onal holo,raph&c )uture &ma,es and telepath&c proLect&on o) those &ma,es to cause )us&on $&th others# &ma,es that $ant to create s&m&lar opt&mum scenar&os' Also &ncluded are the l&nes% term&nals and relay po&nts' As more and more !har"e, %or!e, and mass is permeated, more and more bein"s Eoin in and play and !ontribute help 0n the Spiritual 3ni+erse, the lines, terminals and relay points appear as a +ast sil+ery similar to a spiders &eb o% thin telepathi! lines !riss!rossin" +ast distan!es.

This !ould be !alled spiritual net&or-in". hase 4"' The cont&nuat&on o) the process as a three5d&mens&onal holo,raph&c act&on &n a real three5d&mens&onal holo,raph&cally e8panded presence5t&me phase' This pro!ess o% permeation and telepathi! proEe!ted %usion o% ima"ery !onne!ts more and more players. The "ame be!omes bi""er and the help is more e%%e!ti+e.. hase 4M' The upscal&n, o) success% prosper&ty% happ&ness% l&nes% term&nals and ,ames o) l&)e phase' As the !har"e, %or!e and mass is erased on all members o% the team the mood le+els rise as does the !ommuni!ation lines and ?uality o% li%e o% the people !onne!ted to you, as does the ?uality o% the pla!es, subEe!ts, thin"s and en+ironments. The phenomena o% the ups!alin" o% su!!ess, prosperity, happiness, lines, terminals and "ames o% li%e is +ital to obser+e, %or i% you %ind a do&ns!alin" to %ailure, po+erty, unhappiness, de"radation o% lines, terminals and "ames o% li%e, then somethin" is +ery &ron". hase 46' The cont&nuous atta&nments o) opt&mum $ants phase' As the !lient pro"resses in li%e, they &ill %ind that they &ill !ontinuously attain their &ants. They are operatin" in a !ontinuous Truth in A!tion phase that !an be obser+ed by hi"h mood le+els in li%e and i% on a meter they &ould ha+e a !ontinuous %loatin" T$A. hase 4N' The l&v&n, o) your l&)e $&th a cont&nuous )loat&n, T-A and )ull :reen Hone Truth henomena phase' The end produ!t o% this extended %ull runnin" o% pro!esses is the ability to li+e in an expanded present time state o% %ull presen!e and a !ontinuous hi"h Jreen Tone state. At this phase the pro!ess has no& be!ome a natural part o% your operatin" bein"ness. 6ou realiCe that i% you run the pro!ess %ully to this sta"e you &ill ha+e de+eloped or restored your ability to remote +ie& and remote in%luen!e your en+ironment. And i% you are smart enou"h to insist that all those !onne!ted to you are %ully run on all pro!esses you &ill be part o% a +ery po&er%ul team. 9i%e &ill be!ome %un and enEoyable. hase 43' The =ou and your Sp&r&tual Teammates co5process phase' As you pro"ress throu"h your phases the !omposite spiritual you you and your spiritual teammates &ill be "ettin" edu!ated also. They &ill, i% you "rant them the ri"ht to be potentially as bi" or bi""er than you, be"in to !ome ali+e.

They &ill ele!t leaders and !reate a spiritual teammate !o pro!essin". 6ou &ill %ind that you &ill need +ery little entity handlin" i% you allo& this to ta-e pla!e. 6our spiritual teammates &ill "ro& as you "ro&. 8EP0S0T A*6 P8BCESS T1AT WAS *BT 83* @3996 0t is +ital that you re+isit any o% the old pro!ess you ha+e been pro!essed on and they should be pi!-ed up and re+ie&ed as to &hat phase you &ere le%t in. 6ou &ill %ind a tremendous amount o% by passed !har"e !onne!ted to the %ailure to %ully run these pro!esses. rocesses that lend themselves to the 43 phases' The help pro!ess. 2This pro!ess is still runnin" on me on sele!ted terminals a%ter /) years.5 Any lo+e, truth, a"reements, reality, !ommuni!ation, !onne!tedness and understandin" pro!esses. 2These are possibly some o% the most important lo&er le+el pro!esses as they +ery mu!h span the spe!trums and they area positi+e pro!esses that runs out the ne"ati+e.5 8un %ully, these pro!esses rehabilitate almost A99 e motions and moods. 2These pro!esses are unlimited. 0 started runnin" these types o% pro!esses /L years a"o.5 The obEe!ti+es. The Communi!ation pro!esses, Problems and Solutions pro!esses, 1arm%ul A!ts and Withholds pro!esses, Chan"e pro!esses, 8i"htness pro!esses. Ea!h se!tion and ea!h pro!ess needs to be run %ully. By 7e!. .,L/, 0 had re!ei+ed approximately <,000 hours o% pro!essin". 0 ran .(0 hours a%%inity, reality, !ommuni!ation, understandin" pro!essesI 3 /00 hours o% obEe!ti+esI .(< hours 2handlin" ea!h sel% determined !han"e5 o% problems pro!essI .)< hours o% ri"htness pro!esses 2.00>s o% ri"htness me!hanisms5I .00>s o% hours o% harm%ul a!t pro!essin"I .,000>s o% hours o% "oals, problems, mass pro!essin"I .00>s o% hours o% !ommuni!ation pro!essin"I and . or ( hours o% mind pi!ture pro!essin". Po&er Pro!essin". 7is!har"e buttons on subEe!ts and areas. Clean Slate. Stability 8undo&n. Cult 7e Bppression and 7e Pro"rammin" Pro!edure. The Paradi"m Matrix Pro!esses.

We ha+e many more de bu""in" tools today, and they should be used as needed. 0% you pro!ess these pro!esses a"ainst the Jreen Tone Truth Phenomena you should be able to !omplete them.

CB397 T10S BE W1AT WE*T W8B*J W0T1 T1E TEC1*B9BJ6H 0 belie+e this to be a maEor part o% &hat has !aused many people>s !ases to be messed up and stalled. Without a doubt, %ailin" to run pro!esses to their %ull !ompletion &ould lead to !onsiderable unusual solutions. A9A* C. WA9TE8 (; B!tober .,,; 8e+ised .) Mar!h (00) Copyri"ht d.,,;, (00) Alan C. Walter A99 80J1TS 8ESE8PE7

Post #$ 200*0$18-115$
Sorry, Alan, 0>m not buyin" it. 0t>s not %or sale. 0t>s %or doin", %or li+in", %or -eepin" your &ord to yoursel%, %or honorin" your o&n "oals, %or deli+erin" &hat you promise, %or turnin" medio!rity into mastery. 0% you ha+e e+er been part o% a !hampionship team you &ould ha+e experien!ed almost e+ery one o% these phases. Jreat musi!ians experien!e this, as do "reat artists, "reat &riters, "reat athletes, et!., et!. This s!ale has little to do &ith S!ientolo" lon" a"o sold its soul %or nar!ism. 0t has to do &ith !ompletin" the li%e pro!esses you started. 0t has to do &ith personal inte"rity. 0t has to do &ith bein" true to yoursel%. And dare 0 say it it has to do &ith rea!hin" out to&ards bein" at one &ith Jod.

Post #5 200*0$21-121$
0 !ame in to S!io &hen there &ere no barriers to dis!o+ery. Also 0 ha+e an enormous ad+anta"e o+er most people in that 0 ha+e %irst hand -no&led"e o% the deliberate sabota"e and deliberate omissions o% the upper le+el !ause Te!h by 981. 0 ha+e run e+erythin" that has !ome out in depth, plus done mu!h o% the resear!h on many o% the abandon subEe!ts, add to that 0 -ept mysel% %ree to parti!ipate in li%e and ha+e seen &hat !onsistently &or-s or does not &or- about the Te!h in li%e. As &ell as buildin" .( Br"s and /0 Missions, 0 also built many multi million dollar businesses o+er the years, as &ell as !oa!hed and trained se+eral @ortune <00 Companies. Bne does learn %rom these a!tionsD 0 don>t -no& &hether you ha+e read 'ohn Bertrand>s Born to Win, or not. 0n it Bertrand tal-s about approa!hin" per%e!tion and a!tually a!hie+in" it in the %inal ra!e. To me your pro"ram appears to stress the importan!e o% see-in" per%e!tion. BTW, 1is %or&ard &as &ritten by 8i!hard Ba!h o% 'onathon 9i+in"stone Sea"ull %ame, &here he tal-s about rea!hin" %or per%e!tion. 0 had not realiCed that 0 &as see-in" per%e!tion....0 thou"ht it &as per%e!t holo"raphi! dupli!ation.... #7 Ba!- in .,)/ )<, 0 -ne& 8i!hard Ba!h, &e used to %ly the same type o% aeroplanes and our planes &ere tied do&n almost alon"side o% ea!h other, at Pan *uys airport, in *orth 9A. We met a %e& times at the !o%%ee shop &hilst &e &aited %or the o+er!ast to burn o%%, prior to %lyin" some&here. *i!e, intense "uy. Alan

Post #20 200*0514-142*
Wo&D B1D The abo+e pi! you posted is almost identi!al to &hat 0 sa& in the (nd session 0 e+er had in S!io. WE7. 0ma"e not re!o+erableX Phase .(. The &ebbin" phase. This is the !reatin" o% three dimensional holo"raphi! %uture ima"es and telepathi! proEe!tion o% those ima"es to !ause %usion &ith othersH ima"es &ho &ant to !reate similar optimum s!enarios. Ea!h point o% li"ht &as an omni so+erei"n po&er %riend. Ea!h line &as a spiritual ex!han"e and -no&led"e line to and %rom those %riends. As 0 +ie& this &eb state no& in present time 0 realiCed %rom that moment 0 re!onne!ted to those

omni so+erei"n po&er %riends. That one o% my prime "oals sin!e that session is to %ind and restore %ull !onne!tions to those %riends. Also %rom that time 0 al&ays !onsidered one o% those most +aluable attributes and assets in the uni+erse &as a true %riend. 0t &as in that (nd session 0 also realiCed 0 had used my in%inite po&ers and intelli"en!e to dis"uise mysel% and restrain my a&areness and po&er. There &ere a %e& thousand other realiCations at that time, but those prime realiCations ha+e been dri+in" me %or&ard e+er sin!e. Alan

Post #21 200*0514-1*5$ 7una and entities
B1 you may be interested in the %ollo&in"H http#$$&&&.se+enraystoday.!om$etheri!&eb.htm 1una is &here the early S!ios %ound the data on entities. Alan

Post #40 200*0,21-2225 1arl &rocesses not tedious
Alan, yes, %rom &hat 0 -no& about the early Te!h it &as run tediously, sometimes %or months i% need be. 0 ne+er %ound that to so. 3sually most pro!essin" &as interspersed &ith obEe!ti+es......they &ere usually done to a &in.....then onto the next. 0t is true pro!esses li-e A8C Strai"ht&ire !ould "et lon".....but the EP &as a tremendous ability to produ!e or ha+e A8C The most tedious pro!essin" usually o!!urred &hen both pro!essor and p! &ent into tran!e states. Whi!h is o%ten the !ase in a poorly trained Br". B% !ourse i% you ran an inappropriate pro!ess 2not proper or ade?uate %or a spe!i%i! purpose5 then anythin" done &ould be tedious. Alan

Post #4+ 20080220-1+40
AThe @ieldA is +ery easy to a!!ess you need to -no& the lan"ua"e o% the spirit, Most o% you -no& lan"ua"e o% the spirit it is &hen you !an +isualiCe holo"raphi! !on!epts. B!!urs !onsistently at Phase ,.

Phase ,. The a!tual !onta!t by telepathi! proEe!tion &ith present time sel%, others and en+ironment phase. As the pro!ess is !ontinued the !lient &ill be!ome +ery bi" 2exterior5 and "o into ex!ellent telepathi! intera!tion and permeation &ith their !hosen people, pla!es, subEe!ts and thin"s. The !lient &ill be"in to telepathi!ally help and be helped by their real time, a!tual !hosen people, pla!es, subEe!ts and thin"s. Phase .0. The handlin" and permeatin" o% the %or!e, !har"e and masses !onta!ted that are !ontained or atta!hed to the presen!e time sel%, others, people, pla!es, subEe!ts and thin"s and en+ironment phase. As the Bein" o!!upies his presen!e time en+ironment and in!ludes and ta-es &illin" o&nership and responsibility %or all the people, pla!es, subEe!ts, thin"s and en+ironment the !har"e, %or!e and mass that is on the subEe!t o% help to&ards people, pla!es, subEe!ts, thin"s and en+ironment in presen!e time these un-no&n areas be"ins to be permeated, dis!har"ed and erased. The Bein"Gs holo"raphi!ally en+isioned ima"ery !reation be"ins to be telepathi!ally proEe!ted to %use &ith others &ho ha+e similarly holo"raphi!ally en+isioned ima"ery !reations and these, due to the %usion, the ima"ery be!omes solidly a"reed upon. Thus a better more true reality be"ins to be !reated. Bi" %loatin" T$A state. Phase ... The expanded present time phase. At this le+el the !lient is +ery mu!h in an expanded present time state &hi!h in!ludes lon" time %utures. The Bein" !an be both abo+e and outside as &ell as inside the !omplete !reation and all its parts. The Bein" has no di%%i!ulties bein" in or out o% the !reations or in or out o% the !onne!tions to people, pla!es, subEe!ts and thin"s. The "ame and help is no& %un and ex!itin". Phase .(. The &ebbin" phase. This is the !reatin" o% three dimensional holo"raphi! %uture ima"es and telepathi! proEe!tion o% those ima"es to !ause %usion &ith othersG ima"es that &ant to !reate similar optimum s!enarios. Also in!luded are the lines, terminals and relay points. As more and more !har"e, %or!e, and mass is permeated, more and more bein"s Eoin in and play and !ontribute help 0n the Spiritual 3ni+erse, the lines, terminals and relay points appear as a +ast sil+ery similar to a spiders &eb o% thin telepathi! lines !riss!rossin" +ast distan!es. This !ould be !alled spiritual net&or-in". Phase .3. The !ontinuation o% the pro!ess as a three dimensional holo"raphi! a!tion in a real three dimensional holo"raphi!ally expanded presen!e time phase.

This pro!ess o% permeation and telepathi! proEe!ted %usion o% ima"ery !onne!ts more and more players. The "ame be!omes bi""er and the help is more e%%e!ti+e.. 0t should be noted this be"ins the 8ECB**ECT0B* phaseD

Thread 524: ProJect 4utenberg
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Than-s %or postin" the ProEe!t Jutenber" 389 Paul. http#$$&&&."utenber".or"$bro&se$s!ores$top What a treasure, ho& %ar &e ha+e !ome......0 !an remember hauntin" estate sales to buy le%t o+er boo-s &ith my mea"re pennies and !arryin" them on horseba!- %or t&enty miles &hen 0 li+ed in the outba!- o% BC., in .,/,. *o& .0,000 boo-s at the !li!- o% a buttonD Alan

Thread 52+: Prosel ti=ingEAe"ending the Tech
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Ethi!s !onstitute the !onsensus o% indi+idual ethos &ith re"ard to a shared !ommunal existen!e. Mu!h too !omplex %or me. Ethi!s is# When, &here and ho& you are "oin" to apply your -no&led"e. To help or harmH 3sually it pre !on!eptualiCes your dire!tion o% rea!h, dreams and +isions. Alan

Thread 5$2: !&heres o" In"luence and the .oncentric .ircle Phenomenon
Post #1 200*0$1,-151+ !&heres o" In"luence
S @ERES 9? IN?>(ENBE and the B9NBENTRIB BIRB>E @EN9MEN9N As a student o% li%e be!omes more spiritually subEe!t literate about sel% and the "ames o% li%e you !an expe!t the student>s spheres o% in%luen!e to in!rease and the !on!entri! !ir!le phenomenon to ta-e pla!e. By litera!y 0 am des!ribin" the ability to "et three dimensional holo"raphi! !on!epts and the ability

to apply &hat you are studyin". As the student>s litera!y expands so does the student>s ability to be more present, more in!lusi+e, more lo+in", more !arin", more responsible, more -no&led"eable, more in !ontrol, more e%%e!ti+e, more a!ti+e, more master%ul about their li%e. This expansion "ro&s in an e+er in!reasin" series o% !on!entri! !ir!les. The .) Steps o% @loatin" *eedles and Pro!ess Basi!s demonstrate the !on!entri! !ir!le phenomenon. http#$$%orum.exs!$sho&thread.phpHt=<(0 With ea!h expansion o% spiritual litera!y o% sel% and others the student is more &illin" to ta-e a position o% leadership and in!rease their spheres o% in%luen!e. As %ar ba!- as <). BC, the noted philosopher and s!holar Con%u!ius &as a&are o% the abo+e ta-in" pla!e. Con%u!ius !ould be said to be the @ather o% study. @or he is belie+ed to be the %irst pro%essional adult edu!ation tea!her and li+ed <). BC. The %irst !ourse Con%u!ius tau"ht &as AThe Study o% StudyA. A modern scholar o) Bon)uc&an&sm% Tu Me& D&n,% descr&!es Bon)uc&an sp&r&tual&ty as an attempt to l&ve the Mandate o) @eaven &n each moment o) da&ly% ord&nary l&)e% and to there!y !ecome co5creators o) the $orld 55 more spec&)&cally a utop&an $orld o) harmony and peace' Tu illustrates the Con%u!ius tau"ht relationships bet&een 1ea+en and Earth as a series o% !on!entri! !ir!les. B9NBENTRIB BIRB>ES At the !enter is humanity indi+idual sel+es &hose tas- is to !ontinually "ro& in their ability to li+e the Mandate o% 1ea+en, or the Way, the Tao. This in+ol+es sel% dis!ipline and learnin". The sel% is al&ays e+ol+in", or "ro&in"# the sel% is trans%ormation. The !ir!le o% the sel% is embedded &ithin the !ir!le o% the !ommunity the &eb o% relations &hi!h are the !ontext %or human li+in" and the +ehi!le %or sel% trans%ormation. The !ommunity is embedded &ithin the physi!al &orld and the stu%% &e are made o%. nature &hi!h is both our home

@inally, nature is embedded &ithin the realm o% hea+en, and the &ay o% hea+en the Mandate o% 1ea+en is the ultimate sour!e o% human mo+ement to&ard hea+en. >&ke a ma,net pull&n, ,ently% the Mandate o) @eaven &s $hat sparks our ,ro$th and act&on' Con%u!ius> proEe!t &as to tea!h people, or to remind them o% the nature o% their relatedness

to hea+en, and so to all others, and to the earth. Althou"h Con%u!ianism is &idely re"arded as a Nnon reli"iousO philosophy, Con%u!ius understood himsel% to be !arryin" out a di+inely ordained tas-. Throu"h his tea!hin", he hoped to brin" hea+en to earth, &hi!h meant to establish the &ay o% hea+en as the &ay o% human li+in" a &ay o% harmony and pea!e. 4-ill 8. McAllister.5 As you !an easily obser+e, the "reat s!holars, tea!hers and philosophers do&n throu"h time ha+e been a&are and tau"ht these basi! !on!epts. 0% you study history these "reat s!holars, tea!hers and philosophers did not ha+e an easy time o% it, %or they li+ed in times that li%e &as !heap, that your reputation or you !ould be -illed on a &him. See-in" and "ettin" -no&led"e has o%ten been a +ery dan"erous o!!upation. 9ess than a %e& hundred years a"o i% a &oman sho&ed any litera!y she ran the ris- o% bein" !alled a &it!h or a hereti! and burned at the sta-e. Se+eral million &omen died in this manner o+er the years. E+en today in many !ountries -no&led"e is !ontrolled and only Na!!eptableO -no&led"es are tolerated. 0t ta-es a lot o% %ortitude and !oura"e to pursue -no&led"e past the a!!eptable norm. Most &hi!h do ha+e to &eather a storm o% !riti!ism and ridi!ule %rom their N%riendsO and !o &or-ers to brea- out o% their mutually a"reed upon realities stemmin" %rom their subEe!t illiterate !reated boxes and identities. Alan

Post #5 200*0$21-1$28 / cou&le o" thousand ears agoB B B
7on>t %or"etI a !ouple o% thousand years a"o there &as this &eird 8L implanted s?uirrel hippie !hara!ter runnin" around 0srael, !hantin" Athe -in"dom o% hea+en is &ithin.A The "uy musta been out o% his head &ith delusions.... Some people Eust !annot %a!e up to reality.......

Thread 558: (ene"iting "rom the !cnB e)&erience
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Arnie 9erma on!e made a statement about S!n to me by e mail# A0 %eel stron"ly that e+erythin" that appeared "ood in s!ientolo"y is a+ailable else&here, in an unadulterated %orm.A Mi!- Wenlo!- also "a+e a "reat ?uote# 0t too- me a lon" time to !ome to some sort o% !on!lusion about S!ientolo"y and 0 paraphrase some %amous &riter in order to do it. AS!ientolo"y is both "ood and ori"inal. 3n%ortunately the parts that are "ood are not ori"inal and the parts that are ori"inal are not "ood.A

Bn!e 0 !ould "et past any dependen!y on 1ubbard 0 !ould separate &hat &or-ed and &hat did not. 0 al&ays remember &hen 4eepin" S!ientolo"y Wor-in" !ame out and he stated# AWe ha+e the !orre!t Te!hnolo"y.A 0 thou"ht Amy "odA you "ot to be -iddin"D *othin" &as %urther %rom the truth. A%ter the As!hismA in .,;(, there &as a !on!erted e%%ort to tra!e &here mu!h o% the Te!h had truly ori"inated %rom, or earlier dis!o+erers o% the same or similar !on!epts. 0t &as eye openin". @or me it allo&ed me to in!lude more and more belie% systems and sour!es. Today there are +ery %e& reli"ions or philosophies 0 !annot in!lude. So mu!h so that 0 ha+e as my personal !lients, ( Bishops 2both +ery !lose to the top o% their Christian Brders5, . Mon- 21ead o% one o% the lar"est Buddhist monasteries in the &orld5, 3 *6T best sellin" authors. Ruite an e!le!ti! "roup, 0 learn mu!h %rom ea!h o% them as they do %rom me. The %a!t is the basi!s &or- %or almost all se!tions o% li%e i% they are not applied &ith a se!ret a"enda. Ea!h o% the abo+e !lients routinely "et the .) mani%estations o% @$*. Alan

Thread +0$: >ission -et8ork Pre 1,82
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The ori"inal Mission 1older Meetin"s o!!urred in .,;.. Bn!e the CMB and 7M had rene"ed on their a"reements to re%orm S!io., it &as a %or"one ob+iousness that 7M>s and the CMB>s psy!hoti! beha+iour &ould !ontinue. 7e! .,;. &as the be"innin" o% the end...... Alan

Post #11 200*0401-210$
The s!hism &as slo& in startin"I it started earlier be"innin" around .,)< the bi" Mission 1olders be"an to exit S!io. The reason %or this &as the %eelin" that there &as some -ind o% !riminality "oin" on and the pri!e in!reases. The @B0 raid in .,)) +eri%ied our &orse suspi!ions. 0n *o+ .,;. Bill @ran-s &as made E7 0*T. 1e !onta!ted me and as-ed i% 0 &ould help re!o+er the lost Mission 1olders.

All se!ret %iles in the JB &ere opened. <.&as done on many. Almost all Class P000>s and Class P0>s &ith lon" S!io histories. 1e a"reed to &or. We e+en had a"reements &ith those suin" S!io to settle %or a %ra!tion o% the e+entual !osts. Medi!al and dental &or.&ith us to a!hie+e A99 o% the abo+e. JB. .. The pri!in" &as lo&ered. 0t &as more than (< years a"o...0.that is no se!ret !riminal SB missions or JB missions. 0 made / phone !alls and brou"ht in . Those re%orms &ere# . *o+ . 3. 8ay 4emp and Bent Corydon "ot ba!. JB.. Mayo. Br" and JB sta%% members. @riendliness &as restored to all people. 1e as-edI AWhyHA 0 told him none o% us &ould !ome ba!.0 people to %la". Cuttin" out the hostile beha+ior and de"radation to&ards homosexuals. Abolishment o% the 8P@. and all CMB Exe!s. . Br" and Mission 1olders personnel be"an to !ome !lean &ith ea!h other. Br"s and Missions "et !lean &ith ea!h other. SB.. Bpen boo-s. Medi!al and dental !o+era"e %or all SB.. We "ot a"reements on all points. /. That the SB.. . 9o&erin" o% pri!es.their properties. The meetin" &as spe!ta!ular.0 re%used. Attendin" &as 7M. L. Star-ey...unless there &ere numerous re%orms.. Allo& ea!h o% us to inspe!t our JB %iles. ). That A99 stolen property be returned to their ri"ht%ul o&ners. (.

th 'anuary .5 The battles ha+e !ontinued e+er sin!e.. 2Possibly the stupidest thin" e+er done by 7M in a lon" line o% stupidity... BTW 7ennis &as at some o% those meetin"s.the nastiest &as in B!t >. 8emo+ed and de!lared Bill @ran-s. &ho had their Missions ta-en o+er and they &ere de!lared suppressi+e... turnin" a blind eye.3 &ith numerous protest mar!hes.. More and more lyin" &as "oin" on. 3sually it is a solution to "et a&ay %rom the Apain o% losin"A or the Athreat o% lossA ie# ASomeone !ould ta-e my position a&ay %rom meDA Solution# AJet rid o% themDA Baby "oes out &ith bath&ater.. people !ame to that.. The bi""est bein" /<0 people mar!hin" do&n 981 Way in 9A. The battle !ontinued into .We set up another meetin" %or 7e! .and many internal bloodbaths ensued ....000 people le%t the Co%S.. 7M and the CMB be"an to pur"e S!io . 0t &as the (. Alan Post #21 200*0402-0041 Whi!h raises the ?uestion o% &ho &as the >Who> in >)<H The A&hoA &as us.(. A...(.( that the Jreat S!hism o!!urred the CMB headed by 7M rene"ed on all a"reements. . Athe San @ran!is!o massa!reA o% the then most po&er%ul Mission 1olders. There &ere years o% betrayal o% ea!h other.L.. %lin!hin" %rom &hat &as in %ront o% us.. &orse as ea!h year pro"ressed the abuses and betrayals be!ame more &idespread..o+er the next .. .... Politi!al beha+iour be!ame rampant. The A&hatA &as the S!io system. S!io &as rotten 2as in treason to ea!h other and the publi!5 throu"h and throu"h at the !ore.( months a %urther 3<...that day approximately )<00 lon" term sta%% and students simultaneously &al-ed out o% the Co%S &orld &ide.. de!lared both @ran-s and mysel% SP. Post #1+ 200*0401-2$0* The most !ommon &ay that appears as i% Ayou are doin" an area inA is to !ut its rea!h. More and more domination &as ta-in" pla!e. Stats be!ame more important than the people.

9ouis 'ordan.. A lot o% the top auditors &ere also lea+in". . usually too. 981 &as %urious. The Mission 1olders that be"an to mo+e out o% the "ame in late . 0t &as a bad P8 blunder not only %or Martin but the &hole Mission *et&or-. Method . As an upstat. Martin did not &ant to -no&.. @la" had a +ery limited in!ome sour!e. Also "ood exe!s do not let personal bias inter%ere &ith inter%a!in".Those that !ould !on%ront present time !ould obser+e the de!line.. 0t &as %ast be!omin" a no &in "ame. &hi!h in those days &as about Q(00 an hour.)< )L &ere Ellen and Mar'ones. Peter and 7oran Jreene.. as &ere most o% the Snr Exe!s and Te!h sta%% &ho %elt that Martin had Aripped 981 and the SB o%%. Alan @rom that time on CBSMB7 and Martin &ere bad ne&s on the ship. Post #$5 200*040$-002.they did it ?uietly o%ten puttin" a mana"er in pla!e. E+en in those early years S!io &as on the ed"e o% ban-rupt!y. only a +ery %e& publi! people &ere allo&ed @la" ser+i!es. There &ere others not so &ell -no&n but their names es!ape me at this time.<0.A 2Method .. pro!essin".about Q. Bru!e and 'oan Bishop. but at that time 0 &as also still an SB B%%i!er. As a Mission 1older 0 had other +ie&points.. 'erry 1edin.5 0 &arned Martin about the upset. su""ested he paid %or the extra pro!essin". CBSMB7 &as an in!redible underta-in" and su!!ess. But there are "ames &ithin "ames. 1e too.o+er ).0 hours.....000. Most S!io>s &ere in denial about its inner !ore !riminality. A%ter the @B0 raids the exodus be!ame "reater. Alan Post #2* 200*0402-1+11 >artin !amuels Bne o% Martin>s trips to @la" &as a P8 disaster %or him. he &as a&arded %ree. Br"aniCationally both CBSMB7 and Arden Way sta%%>s a!ted &ith "reat inte"rity to&ards ea!h other. 1o&ey 8orer.(< <0 hours.

We &ere %ier!e !ompetitors.. i% you see (0 or 30 people a day your personality problems "et ampli%ied. 1e and his team spent years buildin" his Missions.0 su!!ess%ul Missions.ult 3eaders Post #* 200*0402-0$51 Wh &o8er causes trouble .then it seems %rom &hat data 0 ha+e that lea+in" !olle"e do study s!ientolo"y &as sort o% a!!eptable. 0t &as not the lo!ation. Alan Thread +0*: .st or (nd pla!e &orld &ide. At that time 0 had . Ba!. 1e had the publi! !redentials as &ell as the S!io !redentials. Alan Thread +08: !uccess"ul actions "or &romotion Post #2 200* < or L people a year your personality problems do not sho& up. They built by deli+erin" a "reat produ!t and results. Bne o% the in!redible thin"s &as that his Mission o% 7a+is or my Mission o% Sa!ramento &hi!h &ere less than 30 miles %rom ea!h other &ould +ie %or .We honored ea!h other>s publi!s. Martin &as a "reat planner and leader.Po8er am&li"ies There is not mu!h mystery in &hy po&er !auses trouble. "ettin" themsel+es positioned and trained to su!!eed.L. it &as the pro%essionalism. 1e !hose his tar"et publi! and lo!ation &ell. We made it a!!eptableD Martin and 7iane Samuels spent !ountless hours &ith me in . . L. That &as &hat 0 &as &ritin" about. but i% the "roup suddenly "ro&s hu"e the problems o% the bad e%%e!ts be!ome hu"e. But. Po&er ampli%iesD 0% you only tal. A ( bit di!tator o% a small "roup badly a%%e!ts a %e&. They !ared %or and loo-ed a%ter ea!h other.

in .irca 200* Post #1 200*040$-1821 Tech circa 200* A0% you &ant to -no& the past.. S!io &as +ery help%ul as it mostly &as %o!used on the ne"ati+e. 0t has been my &hole li%e. then loo.L( 0 had a!hie+ed e+ery humanoid "oal that 0 &anted.. The problem &ith !on!entratin" on the positi+e &as the ne"ati+e &ould "et a!!essed. By early . 0 &as a student o% the Apositi+e thin.Another %a!tor &as in all the years &e &ere !lose to ea!h other... to -no& &hat has !aused you. trainin" and pro!essin" %or almost <0 years.and attitudeA philosophies o% li%e.. 0n destroyin" the Mission *et& yoursel% in the P8ESE*T. yoursel% in the P8ESE*T. %or that is the past>s e%%e!t. hour. 0 &as able to !on+ert almost e+ery li%e a!tion 0 &as en"a"ed into a series o% indi+idual pro!esses. P8BCESS# A series o% a! . Ba!. 1o& times ha+e !han"edD Courtesy o% 7M. Prior to S!io. A %e& !on%li!ts that &ere ?ui!-ly and easily resol+ed. Pery seldom needin" to "o into the past as 0 %ound the past &as A9WA6S super imposed in Present Time. 0% you &ant to -no& your %uture. This is mu!h easier to do than most people thin-.L. 0% somethin" %rom the past &as inter%erin" &ith my li%e in the Present it usually it meant it had .L 0 be"an to !on+ert all o% my Te!h -no&led"e to %o!usin" and pro!essin" the positi+e.. Alan Thread +$0: Tech: . 0t has been a .thus 0 "ot the best o% both &orlds.. !han"es or %un!tions that brin" about an end or result.a!ti+ity. This &as not an o!!asional a!ti+ity.he also destroyed S!io>s lon" term rea!h into the publi! and destroyed the %uture Eob predi!tability and P8. ) day a &ee. &e ne+er had a maEor upset.A MaAAhima 3i"aya As some o% you -no& 0 ha+e been !oa!hin". Also pro!essin" %rom the Present. %or that is the !ause o% the %uture... Ba!.

!onse?uently the ability to spot lies and un-no&ns be!omes +ery easy. not the impro+ement o% appearan!e.%loated there be!ause it &as some -ind o% A%or!e !ounter %or!eA that &as holdin" it in suspension. The auditor lends himsel% to the "roup as the !ontrol !enter o% the "roup until the pre!lear>s sub !ontrol !enter is established under his o&n !ontrol !enter>s !ommand. 0t re?uires but little time. By pro!essin" the positi+e 0 &as dire!tin" my attention and my !lients> attention to &hat &as more T83E. 0% the auditor &ishes to su!!ess%ully o&n.51 The "oal o% the auditor &ith his pre!lear is not the release o% a psy!hosomati!. The !learin" o% a "roup is not di%%i!ult. The auditor ne!essarily o&ns the pre!lear. To %un!tion &ell a "roup must be !leared. Someth&n.oal o) the aud&tor $&th the preclear &s the reha!&l&tat&on o) the preclear#s sel)5 determ&n&sm' The auditor and pre!lear are a "roup. These are in!idental. thus the de"radation and &ron" ans&ers %rom the past &ere easily isolated. The role o% the auditor !eases at that moment. The immediate result is that the !lient>s PT existen!e be"ins to "o more and more true. 1e o&ns the pre!lear on a lessenin" basis until the pre!lear o&ns himsel%. @urther there are natural la&s that pro!essin" %rom the top do&n brin"s into play.A Today>s publi! %or the most part are naturally exterior also they ha+e had se+eral As!ension Experien!es thus they are +ery easy to pro!ess. to the end o% *BT o&nin" the pre!lear. The !lient +ery ?ui!-ly starts bein" in the ri"ht pla!e at the ri"ht time. not "reater e%%i!ien!y or better interpersonal relations. The . @or instan!e you are pro!essin" %rom a +ery a&are exterior position. The relationship o% the auditor and pre!lear is not parity. Alan Post #2 200*040$-2014 Tech circa 1. The &orst tan"les to undo are those &ho ha+e been !ontinuously e+aluated and in+alidated &ith &eird past Ain!idents or e+ents. )rom then to no$F . this !auses the sessions and erasures to run +ery %ast. he must not use the pre!lear to the ser+i!e o% the auditor %or this establishes and !on%irms the o&nership and inhibits the pre!lear %rom o&nin" himsel%. $ent very $ron.

the Bri"inal Class P000 &ere all !o pro!essed.B&ll&on year contacts' 9nly >R@ can kno$' =ou must !e B-Sed' De o$n all your dynam&cs' =ou don#t and can#t kno$ anyth&n. 1e establishes &hether or not he desires the pre!lear to be!ome established under the pre!lear>s o&n !enter o% !ontrol. 1e assesses the tas. 1e then postulates to himsel% &hat he &ants to happen &ith this pre!lear and postulates as &ell that he !an do this tas. 1e must %eel these postulates solidly.&ith this pre!lear. . . 0% he !annot he must dis!o+er &hy he !annot. <. /. This is an excerpt ta"en from Ad!ance Procedures and Axioms.rather than the pre!lear and assesses the matter &ithin himsel%. As the sessions are real li%e a!tions that !auses the theory and the pra!ti!e to be!ome real. 3.' T1E @08ST ACT o% the auditor !on!erns himsel%. L.. 1e should ta-e time out %rom the pre!lear until he himsel% is established in his tasand then readdress the pre!lear. Alan .o-&rocessors 7o you -no& ho& easy it is to sup people &ho are !o pro!essin"H 0t is su!h a beauti%ul "radient step. All ACCs. 0 ne+er did an 981 trained !ourse that did not !ontain !o pro!essin".. the S1SBC. ). Thread +$1: / short one o" man Post #4 200*0404-04$1 . To do this the auditor may %ind it ne!essary to strai"ht &ire himsel% %or the remo+al o% any reason &hy he does not &ant this pre!lear to be o&ned by the pre!lear. Thus the %irst session>s %irst minutes &ith the pre!lear are !on!erned &ith the auditor himsel%. (.

...a !ouple o% the CMB Exe!s used it..........your lo!al !asino &ill pro+ide the %unds.the ri"ht real estate and in+est there.. *eed a beauti%ul.Eust pi!.. e"o>s.. ... Spirita or the pure spiritual essen!e has the in%inite potentiality o% e+ery thin" as yet it is in a state o% %ormless and unsubstantial substan!e that is neither a mental thin" nor a physi!al thin".. minds..... et!. and the doers !an happily do.. The non belie+ers !an happily non belie+e.. a&are partner...&ell.. *eed to build a %ortune.. Alan Thread +51: !2/'s Post #10 200*0405-22$. Alan Post #4. 2Jotta be three s&in"s. E+eryone &ins.. &hi!h are %ormed !ontainers o% Spirita. !&irita T1E SB38CE PB0*T B@ 90@E 0S P38E SP080TA Spirita is spiritual essen!e in its purest state# Spirita be%ore it is %ormed into a 9i%e%or!e Presen!e. 0 belie+e it ori"inated at 1emet. !2/ Cse#ere realit adJustmentD @irst time 0 heard o% S8A &as in . *eed a !ouple o% hundred thousand dollarsH 9ots o% &ays to use your PS... that in turn %orms uni+erses. *eed your o&n plane.Thread +$+: The Wins Post #$1 200*0405-2215 Ps chic abilities MmmmmmD What does it matter i% someone belie+es you ha+e psy!hi! abilities or notH 0% you ha+e psy!hi! abilities Eust use them to ma-e your li%e easier. 200*0501-1$2.. e+en pa!e or it ain>t one5. Thread +52: 7o8 Aa#id >isca#idge does G.rammingG Post #1+ 200*040+-0212 5loating needles So then the te!h %ilm &as redone on instant reads and &hat an @$* &as.

. no lo!ation.. 8epositionin" o% the spiritual bein". These are Eust a %e& o% the phenomena that are o!!urrin".A *o mass.. Sur"es o% adrenaline and dopamine !oursin" into and throu"h the body. Et!.What a load o% !rapD What an @$* denotes is a Ano thin". Chan"es o% heart beat and breathin". 8epositionin" o% !ase !onditions. 8$S &as some&hat rede%ined on the ori"inal Class P000 !ourse &hen a parti!ular BT phenomena o!!urred. et!. 8epositionin" o% multiple +ie&points and dimension points. most o% us experien!e the %ollo&in".. 0% a maEor @$* the sudden unsubmer"in" o% the bein". 8e orientation o% the bein" in present time.slams in 1ubbard>s PC %oldersH Br &as this Eust a rumourH Btto 8oos reported se+eral 8$S>s &hen he @ESed 981>s %olders. Alan . Co"nitions.slam also rede%ined a%ter someone reported ro!. An @$* %urther denotes either a separation %rom somethin" or the erasure o% somethin". Body part releases.. Alan Post #21 200*040+-0$44 2ock slams Wasn>t a ro!. These !han"es !an o!!ur in a nano se!ond and &ill de%initely a%%e!t the needle. leadin" to the bein" "ettin" hu"e. no spa!e..5 An @$* a!!ompanied &ith PJ0>s &ill be part o% literally millions o% simultaneous e+ents ta-in" pla!e.. 2When most o% us separated %rom S! &ould "et an 8$S that dissol+ed to a 8o!-et 8ead that be!ame an @$*.

We sailed %rom there to Ca"liari. he &rote a boo...30 am. 1ana Eltrin"ham &as already on sta%% and &as an SB o%%i!er. durin" its re %it in 9as Palmas... We es!aped %rom the e+il !lut!hes o% the British Jo+ernment by stealin" out o% Southhampton harbor at (.!alled The Jolden Troubador &hi!h 0 thou"ht &as one o% the real sleepers in the &orld o% S!n "enerated art. 200*040+-1501 4ordon (ell 0t &as Jordon Bell that dis!o+ered by passed !har"e and ho& it !ame &ould "et an 8$S that disol+ed to a 8o!-et 8ead that be!ame an @$*.L). %leein" %or our li+es !hased by phantom &arships. This meter phenomena o!!urred to me as the p! at the examiner. .. 9. 0 !ame on board the A+on 8i+er in B!t ..Post #22 200*040+-0$54 Instant &ariah 8$S &as some&hat re de%ined on the ori"inal Class P000 !ourse &hen a parti!ular BT phenomena o!!ured. and 9/. 981 ridi!uled me in that e+enin">s le!ture. So I $ent )rom !oo. 1e told me about o+er lun!h. 0 lo+ed the boo-.the 8oyal S!otsman on its maiden +oya"e. A brilliant "uyD As a shameless plu" %or Jordon.noti!e..: Working 8ith 327 on %T III Post #15 200*040*-2158 In the !ea %rg 0 &as part o% the !re&. 4E!er turned into a pariah o!ernight= 3o one wanted to "now meE <uite something when you become an instant hated boogie'man...5 *ext day in the next 981 le!ture he apolo"iCed as the same phenomena had o!!urred on him..&e5man S to :REAT 9T &n an &nstantFFFF TaF DahF Alan Post #2. Alan Thread ++. 0 also &as part o% the \A!ra!-A !re& that %le& %rom Jibraltar to 9ondon &ith 981 and too. Jordon is also the person &ho put to"ether the Jrade Pro!esses. Whi!h 0 be"an runnin" %or se+eral &ee-s on !a+ed in S1SBC students be%ore 981 too.. that a%ternoon 0 be"an ori"inatin" the Corre!tion 9ist Te!h.

.. but she &as shattered by &hat she &itnessed.0 ha+e had to !lean up se+eral people &ho &ere on the photo shoots. !onse?uently they only reported &hat !ould be +eri%ied.. The data about 981 the %ilm produ!er &as e+en toned do&n..most !ould not !on%ront him !ommittin"!h o% &hat she -ne& as she &as 981>s nurse in 9as Palmas.he &as su!h a &imp on the ship. Then he !ould not trust his auditors........ 1anna &ho 0 expe!ted to be bitter "a+e an amaCin" %a!tual %rom later in the bro-en.L. Mi-e There &ere years o% no auditin"..981 &as s!reamin" at those people almost all the time. and maybe he ne+er %i"ured out ho& to run that !orre!tly... 6ou must realiCe ea!h person that appeared on that sho& li+ed under the %ear o% retribution and la& the JPMs. 8ay and Pam 4emp &ere loyal to 981 e+en thou"h 981 betrayed them a"ain and a" My sea experience was as a passenger on luxury liners. This lin. 'erry Armstron" &as the bi""est surprise %or me he loo-ed truly "reat &hat he has "one throu"h has had a positi+e e%%e!t on him... WE70TB8 *ote# Bri"inal +ideo lin.. 0 &ould Eust li-e to -no& your +ie&s on this subEe!t.. 0 had to !lean her up a%ter that.he had so mu!h bad auditin" that he &as dri+en around the bendH This leads ba!..i% he "ot .. 0 &as the %irst person on BT 000 &hen it &as %irst issued.. Pir"inia 7o&nsborou"h held ba!. Alan Thread +*+: 1)cellent TO !ho8 Post #1 200*040*-1+12 1)cellent TO !ho8 Jreat +ideo o% 981 and history o% 7ianeti!s and S!io. 0% anythin" mu!h more dama"in" material &as le%t out. 0 be!ame a 9t in mid 'an .. 1er des!ription o% the thro&in" o+erboard o% 'ulia Salmon durin" the ori"inal Class P000 !ourse &as exa!tly as 0 &itnessed. Post #+ 200*040*-2255 The sho& &as in!redibly a!!urate.Mcrac" N you gotta be "idding.!om$&at!hH%eature=playereembedded[+=RCW8b"0-@'.. 0t is NS!ientolo"y F Se!ret 9i+es F 9. do you thin. The tapes o% him auditin" Mary Sue on JPMs sound really nutty. 8on 1ubbardOX http#$$&&&.

Pro!essors and super+isors should be +ery. a"ony and turmoil. ma-in" nothin" o%. +ery alert to boredom. %or"ettin". oppression. 1e &ould mis dire!t the auditor a&ay %rom the hot areas. ma-in" less o%. A physi!al %orm o% mas-in" is the use o% dru"s or al!ohol. 6es. and not &antin" to -no&.. a+oidan!e. Alan Post #1+ 200*0408-05$2 %n (oredom Sure 8olandD 6ou &ent into session on!e. &ent exterior. Any area o% boredom on a !ase is a red %la" that denotes hu"e area o% past %ear. suppression. a"ony. %ears. and students or !lients sayin" the . lyin". shit your pants and ha+e been runnin" and ridi!ulin" e+er sin!e. stimulants. a"ony and pain is threatenin" to !ome to +ie& and o+er&helm him. This !auses mas-in" by the introdu!tion o% suppressants.L/. denial. an"uish. he %ailed miserably at undoin" the JPMs. heartbrea-. pretendin". sa& too mu!h. The truth o% the matter is that boredom is a mas-in" emotion. My words. E+en &hen he "ot auditin" he &ould not "o to those earlier times in his li%e. an"uish. When one experien!es boredom &hat one is really experien!in" is the pressures !ontained in the sel% suppression o% past pain. as you are a!ti+atin" your opponents. 0t is the sensation one experien!es a%ter one has mas-ed somethin" un&anted by usin" mental te!hni?ues su!h as# ridi!ule. The pressure o% the suppressed %ear. That is &hat happened to him in 'une . pain. JPM auditin" re?uires an utterly sa%e en+ironment as it a!ti+ates the oppositions in li%e and until %ound and dis!har"ed your li%e and PT &ill "o under atta!-. obs!urin".them o%% the auditor &ould "o +i!tim to him. or other types o% physi!al distra!tions. abuse. %ailure. stupe%yin". and a &hole litany o% 8ed Tone experien!es. Borin"D BhD MyD The *e& 9exi!on Webster>s 7i!tionary de%ines boredom as# The state or ?uality o% bein" &earied or irritated by dullnessI the !ondition o% ha+in" one>s interest extin"uished. an"uish. Too many un%lat JPM pa!-a"es &ould ma-e one +ery paranoid.

Most o% the Aold timersA -ne& &hat &e &ere in %or. &hi!h in!ludes studyin". the Pi!torian Jo+ be"an to ban S!io and the Berners started to dis!o+er the study te!h..A Boredom is a %orm and indi!ator o% psy!hi! dishonesty...981 too. trainin" or pro!essin" b !ollidin" &ith f an un!ons!ious past hidden a"enda !ounter e%%ort to be una&are... 0t too. BB8E7BM is most o%ten !aused by the !on%li!t o% your applyin" the !ons!ious e%%ort o% in!reasin" your a&areness. &hat he>s really sayin" is# A0>m in most o% us -ne& &e &ere nutty as %ruit !a-es.... 0t too...most people are %i"htin" themsel+es.. o%ten it &as your %riends that helped you throu"h some o% these Ahorror unsubmer"in"sA.trainin" or pro!essin" is borin".it personally. As these areas be!ame unsubmer"ed you !ould then inspe!t them. But. "one &ere the !o dis!o+eries.H H H 9et me out o% hereI you are approa!hin" one o% my li%e time>s pain%ul areas o% existen!e and 0 ha+e de!ided 0 don>t &ant to -no& anythin" about this e+er a"ain....A When a person is bored &ith allo& this to happen. pain and an"uish. as %ar as 0>m !on!erned it &as too late there &ere too many o% us &ho &ould !ontinue the e+olution. that &as &hen the Saturday E+enin" Post !ame out &ith the arti!le A6ou !an Be a Boo 1ooA. .%i"htin" their o&n e+il deep a"ony.. Jone &as the sa%e spa!e. but 0 !an>t !on%ront it and 0 must run a&ay.. -no&led"e and "ettin" better by positi+ely %ollo&in" your purpose line.. learnin".. an"uish....%i"htin" their o&n areas o% hatred... a"ony and pain.. .. Post #21 200*0408-185$ 8omu+a.... hide or %or"et or a+oid areas o% extreme turmoil.. not to ta-e it personally. a"ony and pain.a lon" time to shut it all do&n. What the !lient or student is really sayin" is# A7an"erD 7an"erD 6ou are approa!hin" an area o% extreme turmoil. "one &ere the sel% determined pro!essors.. your obser+ations are ?uite +alid..... "one &as a %riendly 981.&ith AhonestyA you !ould o%ten erase them..a lot o% tou"hness.a sa%e en+ironment.... an"uish.... or at least "et a handle on them. 0t too..L/.....that is ho& it &as up until 'une. !oa!hin". Boredom is in a!tuality the emotion !onne!ted to a !ontinuous P8BB9EM !aused by !ollidin" &ith a !ounter e%%ort to &hat you are doin".. The early days allo&ed %or e+olution !raCy beha+ior sane also too.

. @eelin" utterly betrayed they returned to Cali%ornia be%ore lon" they be"an to be harrassed they then start their o&n subEe!t...around a!tually &ere "ettin" a %abulous edu!ation in Ae+ilA 2e+ilI is li+e spelled in re+erse... la!.. 7ennis 0n 'une . tell us &ho the Berners are and &hat they did to ma-e them the tar"et o% AElron">s 8ath. the Berner>s !ame to En"land to share the dis!o+eries they had made to do &ith study. at the be"innin" he introdu!es A+a and Chu!. They &ere de+astated. et!.... trainin" and ho& to run the pro!esses o% li%e. %lun" the da""er into the !eilin". Alan Post #25 200*040. %lashed a .Abilitism. *o matter &hat has "one on the e+olution &ill !ontinue. They &ere then as-ed to lea+e Saint 1ill. They &ere both s!hool tea!hers in Bran"e County Chu!.the le!ture ends..he ne+er mentions anythin" about &hat A+a or Chu!. they had dis!o+ered and de+eloped and the su!!esses they had had &ith it.had done. So Alan.o% %amiliarity.and A+a told us about the Misunderstood Word Te!h..may ha+e been a Pro%essor. the indi!ators o% study. 1e stood us in ( lines a"ainst the &alls in the basement.. absen!e o% mass...hal%&ay throu"h he suddenly s&it!hes to tal-in" about ho& he dis!o+ered the study te!h.-02$1 327 stole !tud Tech "rom the (erners Bri"inally Posted by tarbaby AAre you no& or ha+e been !onne!ted to C1A89ES BE8*E8DH That &as the ?uestion Btto s!reamed at us in the late L0>s on the %irst SB mission to 9A. 7urin" the dinner Chu!. The ni"ht be%ore they did their presentation to 981 se+eral o% us and the Berner>s had dinner to"ether at the @orrest 8o& returnin" S1SBC "raduates. 'ust as air!ra%t ha+e e+ol+ed %rom !ertain. or anti li+e = be!ome ensla+ed5 and ho& not to do thin"s. 7oes pro!essin" &or-H 7oes breathin" &or-H Breathin" is a pro!ess.... That e+enin" 981 does a JPM le!ture.A 1eh.Those &ho stu!.he "oes on and on about his dis!o+eries.. un+iable deathtraps to todays Eumbo +iable Eet liners so too &ill edu!ation. . Any&ay they ha+e their meetin" &ith 981 and they &ere on a hi"h...L/../< in a holster inside his Ea!-et and de!lared A6ou are no& under Sea Br" !ontrolDDA 0 should ha+e realiCed 0 &as in &ith some pretty &a!-ed out people ri"ht then. su!h as s-ipped "radients..

or a rest thrashed.5 &ith our pea. thunder and the o!ean. no. 0n ans&er to the ?uestion i% 0 &ould be &illin" to !ommit su!h a deed. sa& a +ery spe!ial Mission. no sta%% hired %or su!h purpose. Mysel% 0$C and 'erry M!7onald 2+ery tou"h ex 3S Marine5 assistant. 0 may add that 0 &ould not ha+e belie+ed it i% somebody had told me. "ot the people in and ran the &hole BT 3 story. personally and at len"th brie%ed by 981. nor &ere there any other a!tions !onne!ted to the abo+e. 0 then. 'erry and 0 &ere dressed in Sea Br" B%%i!er 3ni%orms 2&hi!h &ere ne& and apparently +ery %ri"htenin" in those early days o% the S. E+en i% 'erry had separate orders to the abo+e e%%e!t. &ith mountains. they &ere not !arried out durin" this parti!ular Mission. either he had spe!ial orders separate %rom mine. 'uly >L. set the &hole thin" up. 0 !an only say. at least not to my -no&led"e. To "o %ind and &eed out Ma%%ia Conne!tions in S!n 9A and to "ather to"ether and !olle!ti+ely !a+e in the Charles Berner "roup by !ompletely playin" out BT 3. standin" !entre sta"e in the li"ht. no bur"lary !ommitted. 0% he e+er as-ed ' and 'erry M!7onald to murder someone in 9AH 1e !ertainly did not as.!aps. 0 -ne& nothin" about it. the sound o% storms. no E$Meters stolen.B. 'erry and 0 le%t 9A immediately a%ter !ompletion o% the abo+e to return to the @la" ship in Melilla. dar-ness. under no !onditionD .Alan B ' 8oos Story about Berner and Abilitism. E*EM0ES# 1e !ould be %ero!ious. et!. nor ha+e 0 e+er heard them to ha+e been !arried out at any other &ith Athunderous +oi!eA. There &as no other orders. et!. 0% 'erry stated this.. 2We hired a 1olly&ood Studio. had to thro& lines %rom the Clearin" Course materials into the publi! in order to !a+e them in. 7id 981 as. The abo+e is &hat &e &ere sent out to do and &hi!h is &hat &e did. SPEC0A9 B87E8S 9A sta%% helped in settin" up the Studio. there &as no bur"lary planned.5 A8unnin" the BT 3 storyA means that &e had the &hole s!ene set up li-e 9as Palmas. @or the ne!essary e?uipment &e had to hire a theatre. or a misunderstood. lar"e Sea or" si"ns and emblems to -ey people in. %lashes o% li"htnin". *orth A%ri!a. or yet another reason to ha+e thou"ht and said thls. There &as no order to !ommit bur"lary 2Athird rateA or other&ise5.

do you "et to run your o&n stu%%H Personally all BT .L/. 6ou !ould thro& them in to JPMs but nothin" &ould happen to the JPMsHonly to the p!. But nine out o% t&enty %i+e auditors brea. E+en &hen they o!!ur isnHt upset by them. 1andles li%e easily. 0s "enerally tired and !anHt &or. Ta-es setba!-s optimisti!ally. @eels ill most o% the time.. Type A# 1as %e& personal problems. AThose pre!lears &ho are insu%%i!iently Cause in their daily li+es !annot as is the ban-. Type B pa!-s up the meter on a !ou"h. CanHt see any &ay out. 7id 0 re!ruit students to brea. 0n !are%ully studyin" this 0 %ound there &ere p!s Type A and Type B. Type B# 0s delu"ed &ith personal problems. Alan 1ere is an ex!erpt %rom 1CBB (. the only thin" 9A helpers did &as to help set up the Theatre.e%%i!iently at thin"s. '3*E . Jets upset easily or is Eust in plain apathy and is ne+er upset be!ause thin"s arenHt real any&ay 2li-e a boulder &ouldnHt "et upset5.a le" o+er !ommas in JPMs &hen they are p! in".7id 0 persuade 981 not to order the murderH *o. *0*ET6 *0*E PE8CE*T B@ 6B38 P8EC9EA8S A8E B8 WE8E B80J0*A996 T6PE B.+ery lon" at anythin".inH *o. pit!h him into JPMs and he &ouldnHt "o BT. Thread +8*: The !econd .oming o" 327 Post #2* 200*0411-04$0 /"ter %T 8 do ou get to run our o8n stu""6 A%ter BT . We ha+e a true ti"er by the tail. They !an !on%ront more. heHd "o rheumati!. Type A runs easily e+en a!ross errors. Auditors are di%%erent. per!ent o% the p!s. There are spe!ial di%%eren!es in these t&o types. Bne error in se?uen!e and itHs a ten auditin" hour battle to %ind and "et the !har"e o%% that error. Bne sneeCe and the meter lo!-s up. 0s ener"eti! "enerally and able to &or. There are o% !ourse shades o% "rey in bet&een. This &ill be %ound ex!lamatorily true o% some .. 1as a hard time in li%e. as he ne+er ordered it. . WhyH 1e !anHt as is the si"ni%i!an!es and masses. Those are t&o types o% people. Ta-e Man V o%% Times S?uare. Ta-es setba!-s emotionally or Eust !ollapses. is "oin" to do is by pass the p! o&n !reations as does most o% the S!io pro!essin". @eels "ood most o% the time.

me !ommittin" se+eral disastrous e+ents to realiCe 0 &as deludin" mysel%..the %rontiers o% s!ien!e and sa+in" all Man-ind throu"h his s!ienti%i! resear!h and and he &as a s!ienti%i! ad+enturer and explorer tellin" the same sort o% tale but in this !ase his %ollo&ers &ere ta-in" it literally instead o% %i"urati+ely. 0% you ha+e ne+er handled your identity and Jame !reations.. There is a lot o% truth in &hat you say. 0t &as so deadly. it seems to me that this "uy &as an ad+enturer and explorer in his o&n ima"ination. o%ten ma-in" the person lose their "ains and %eel as i% they are under atta!-. 0n his o&n mind he &as a!hie+in" s!ienti%i! su!!ess and rollin" ba!. James and 0dentities these "et in+oluntarily a!ti+ated and pull in their oppositions... Also it &as in!redibly !ostly as you &ould in+est in the most insane thin"s.this is nearly al&ays the most abusi+e or dominant identity you ha+e been !onne!ted to.. . tellin" his tales to others to the admiration o% all listenin".0% you &ere to ta-e a Type B and thro& him or her to the JPMs youHd not "et anythin" as ised. But 0 thin.his AClearin"A and ABT abilitiesA &ere !o+ered by the same thin". A AWalter MittyA in present time.A Post #$$ 200*0411-18$1 The crash and burn s ndrome All hi"hs !ome &ith a pri!eD The pri!e is in!reased a&areness and dupli!ation a t&o ed"ed s&ord. 0t too. The !rash and burn syndrome. And the people listenin" -ne& to ta-e it &ith a bi" pin!h o% salt. you are prone to "rab or "o into the hea+iest &innin" identity you ha+e run into this li%etime.. The do&n side is you open up more areas o% pain and !har"e.. Bn the plus side you are bi""er and more po&er%ul.. as you belie+ed you !ould do anythin". As S!io &on>t "o near Joals. 0 -no& the hardest thin" in my early days &as to be realisti!.one you detest or hate the most. i% you li-e. The bi""er the hi"h the more destru!ti+e is the identity the person "oes into. Alan Post #$* 200*0411-204+ There is no cookie-cutter 8a out @rom pre+ious threads. Bne o% the bi""est problems &ith auditin" is its po&er to amp up your Ale"end in your o&n mindA &eirdness. thus you end up %i"htin" your o&n A&innin"A 2&hi!h is not really you5 identity. More areas o% harm that you !aused and had lo!-ed a&ay so that you do not do that a"ain.

pro+idin" 0 -ept my %o!us. Also 0 ne+er too. thou"h 0 !ould "et "ains %rom runnin" them as mo!. but slo&ly 0 &as able to do this at &ill.the %a!t my attention &as on it almost "uaranteed it to !ontain an un-no&n or a lie.. lines. Alan . the only problem !ame &as &hen &e belie+ed oursel+es to be saneDDD The end produ!t thou"h is a disaster. B+er time 0 de+eloped simple reality !he!-s. 0 %ound the Clearin" Course and the BT 9e+els &ere disasters as they &ere &ay out o% present time and %or the most part %alse. @urther A*6T10*J %rom the past &as suspe!t. not Eust &hat S!io has be!ome..5 #7 9et>s %a!e it he &as >star..up pro!esses and %ixin" and un%ixin" o% attention..The bi""est problem &ere the short -ey outs &here momentarily Ama"i!A &ould o!!ur.. but that so mu!h o% &hat is supposed to be upper le+el stu%% is &ron" or +ery in!omplete.!onsistently. But he miti"ated most o% this by not +alidatin" &here he "leaned most o% his material %rom..his a!tual story is +astly superior to his %a-e story. or &innin" at bla!-Ea!.. There is no !oo-ie !utter &ay out.. Examples# Pi!-in" &innin" sto!-s. 1u"e in!ome in!reases. !onse?uently these le+els put me &ay out o% PT. et!. The path&ay out has been terribly per+erted. but !ould "et an approximation o% somethin" similar that !ould be true. +ery ?ui!-ly the Ama"i!A &ould disappear. as &ere most o% us. Su!!ess in business. To me the most heroi! thin" 981 did &as to !odi%y and &rite up his experien!es.. "oals identities and !ompulsi+e oppositions that traps their li%e %or!e and attention on and "ettin" the !orre!t ans&ers to that..ra+in" nuts> a lot o% the time. 0t still boils do&n to ea!h person %ollo&in" their o&n interest and "oals lines and undoin" &hat "ames... 3p"raded terminals and ! it &as ob+iously o+er and done &ith. But.&hat 981 &rote as the &ay it &as %or me. There &ere many reasons &hy this o!!urred mainly the in!rease in -no&led"e and -no& ho& due to the in!reased learnin" "ained by applyin" mysel% o+er and o+er until 0 "ained a de"ree o% mastery in the area.. 0n the be"innin" 0 !rashed and burned !onsistently. 2But that &ould ruin his Walter Mitty identity...

That means 6B38 realityD *ot anyone else>s... http#$$%orum.. *ot mine %or sure.may be# ho& &ell you !ontrolled your horses in ea!h e+ent and the number o% &orld !hampionships you &in. also it opens up many other ne& areas. Example# 6ou ha+e a si!. o%ten a lot o% "ames or somethin"s and the ne& be"innin" o% a "ame or somethin". Ea!h person &ould ha+e their o&n PT reality !he!-s. is that this le+el produ!ed an Ain the ConeA or As!ension Experien!e.Post #42 200*0412-0$2+ 2ealit checks All +alid stu%%.and resear!h into the As!ension Experien!e Phenomena.phpHt=3() 0t is in a!tuality a hu"e -ey out. Most o%ten the ne& "ame that "ets started is an old "ame that is pulled %rom the past.may be# the amount o% happiness or lau"hter you !an produ!e &ith your !hild ea!h day. BB you s!are meD 6ou are so literal. your reality !he!.. The idea is to do !ontinuous PT reality !he!-s... 0t has un!o+ered a tremendous amount o% missin" !ase situations. But it may not be &here a person>s "oals are at. 0>+e done a tremendous amount o% &or.may be# ho& &ell you played ea!h day and the number o% top ten %inishes..but has not impro+ed their -no&led"e. Br# 6ou are a PJA Jol%er = 6our reality !he!... Alan Post #45 200*0412-1440 /scension 1)&erience Phenomena Mi-e &hat you are des!ribin" as BT .net$sho&thread. Bne o% the bi""est problems &ith handlin" an the arti!ulation o% &hat happened. 0% you read this thread you &ill note many other subEe!ts ha+e had a similar the bein". Br# 6ou are a horseman..&hat . The problem is the AE has returned a lot o% po&er ba!.exs!n. A maEor AE is the end o% a "ame or somethin".!hild 6our reality !he!.

.in lo!al Br"s. S1SBC Jrads.. 0t is li-e he &as li+in" on t&o le+els at on!e his ima"ination and the ... Anton and Betty 'ames . Brian Pope.. &ee-s. 'an 9o"an. as there &as no 1JC at that time. MS1 and 8e" Sharpe sent their %riends and -ept me supplied &ith people they &anted me to audit. 4e+in and 'ane 4ember. almost all +eteran Br" People.these are some o% the ori"inal sta%% names 0 remember %rom that time period &ho &ere on sta%%. There &ere some non s!ios.1: Ideal %rgs .4: The !on a (ianca "iasco Post #5 200*0422-1$0$ That>s %as!inatin". The ne& "ame starts %rom a hi"h po&er%ul point but as the opposition appears the "ame ?ui!-ly "oes do&n hill... 'ohn 9a&ren!e.. but %rom people &ho did not &ant to &or. Pir"inia 7o&nsborou"h.pla!e..&ee-. Sharpe. Anton Philips.. 981. 0 e+en had a part time pra!ti!e Eust be%ore the expansion too. Sheila and 7a+id Jaiman. 8obin 9indsell. @oundation did a 3< hour and 7ay did a /0 hour &or..(ooming or bust6 Post #28 200*050+-2020 %ld !aint 7ill Where did you "et this data %romH 0t &as manned up in about . 981 himself !laimed that S1 &as manned by &o"s that &ere turned into S!ientolo"ists... 'oan Thomas. @red 1are.. Alan Thread +. Moni!a and Phil Ruirino. *ausbaum. Alan Post #$0 200*050+-2$48 %ld !aint 7ill not manned b 8ogs 0n the 981 E7. 9B9D Su!h a BS artist. 0rene 7unlea+y.. and &as boo-ed solid. Moira and *e+ Chamberlin. Also &hat &as probably omitted &as that it &as t&o Br"s. 'ennie and 1erbie Par-house.but not many. 'oan BberholCer. mostly in lo& posts. Alan Thread +. and lo&er le+el people &ho !ame to the area to !o audit. 'ohn M!Master.happens %rom pullin" the old "ame %rom the past is the bein" in+oluntarily !reates a holo"raphi! matrix that in!ludes all the oppositions and problems %rom the past. Sheila and 7a+id Aldri!h. Bill 8obertson.. at that time there &ere se+eral hundred people li+in" in the East Jrinstead area.. day and %oundation. Btto 8oos..

Tryin" to %it in &ith the nati+es.#o #o #o Alan Thread *01: Paul's 2obot /uditor Post #2 200*0411-181.. Bu!hD 1o& dare you thin.not at all proper.0 !rin"ed &ithin....!on%ormistsD Ar"hDD Wonder%ul &ays to %ix and un%ix attention and to "radiently "et the person %amiliar &ith the di%%eren!es bet&een spirit mind body and the physi!al uni+erse. 0 %irst noti!ed this in .L( in East Jrinstead &hen he &ould ride around on his 1arley.real &orld and that they !oin!ided %or him.. Well doneD Alan Post #4 200*0411-2052 Wo&D 0>m honoured. Bne time he !ame up to the East Jrinstead Cri!-et Club to &at!h me play !ri!-et and ta-e some &as hilarious to &at!h him try and hold a !on+ersation &ith a !up o% tea in his hand.$( doCen !ameras and lenses. 4reat stu"" Paul# Jreat stu%%. Plus the pri!e is ri"ht.. EnEoyD Jreat &or. his ameri!an a!!ent &as so broad.......he had a . et!. 0 introdu!ed him to our !ri!-et team and &e in+ited him %or tea..outside the boxH Pity those poor old !ontrol %rea. 1is +oi!e &as loud and boomin". &earin" a !o&boy hat and !o&boy shirt... 0 &el!ome you to the %irst presentation o% the Paul>s 8obot Auditor +ersion o% @alse 7ata Strippin"..PaulD . May 0 ?uote youH Paul SureD That should dri+e another bun!h o% !on%ormists a&ayD Alan Post #1+ 200*0812-1*$0 Tremendous "uture &otential a&&lication 9adies and Jentlemen...

&hat happened to AB&n Joals Clearin"AH 981>s "oals &ere made more important than the indi+idual>s "oals. o) the &nc&dentF .to the B&n Joals Clearin" Te!hnolo"y mu!h o% today>s !ase disasters &ould ha+e been eliminated. Any entities or other %alse !ase !onditions unra+el or set themsel+es %ree.LL.This has tremendous %uture potential appli!ation.pla!e it &ould pay ea!h person to run 1olo"raphi! 0n!ident handlin" on 981>s a%%irmations. To truly see &hat too.lear6 Post #11 200*041$-1+$0 / being's o8n goals 0 am Clear number .L3 0 &as announ!ed as a ) B&n Joal Clear. then later 7M>s "oals are made e+en more important. 0 attested to that at Saint 1ill on 'une L. that may ha+e or may ha+e not happened to you. The BC is mostly about the resear!h path %or this.A 6ou run# 4' Bonnected to *All men $&ll !e my slaves and not kno$ $hy* move to the !e. do the usualA durin" that le!ture 981 !alled me to the phone and announ!ed my ) B&n Joal Clear State. At the end o% the !ourse thou"h it Eust %ades a&ay &ith no real note on &here it is on the brid"e or i% it is rele+ant no& or &hat.&nn&n.. 1ad 981 stu!.. . Clearin" a bein">s B&n Joal is +astly more important than !learin" an 0mplant JPM. Some o% you may ha+e heard the S1SBC Tape AWhen %a!ed &ith the unusual. Clearin" a bein">s B&n Joals %ollo&s the sin"le unit bein">s interest line and runs the sin"le unit bein">s o&n !ase. To do this is surprisin"ly simple. Alan Post #20 200*0414-1801 Alan. @or instan!e# Ta-e# AAll men &ill be my sla+es and not -no& &hy. Ea!h one o% my B&n Joal Clearin" States &as +astly superior than the later Clearin" Course State. But on Mar!h )th .. Alan Thread *$4: /n one 2each .

N' Move !ack to the !e. o+er and o+er until PJ0> the implant platens and 8LEW.%or intentions i% you %ind any run repeater until intention erases. 6' Dhat @appenedG Write do&n &hat happened. 0t &as trun!ated as the intention behind it &as to dominate and ensla+e. 2This is o%ten the most important step as it allo&s time and spa!e to enter into the in!ident and this un!ollapses the balled up time tra!-. to L. Also "rd 0P 9[*>s are suppose to deal &ith the top t&o terminals o% the present time trun!ated JPM. "oals..and intentions o% that !reated almost all "ames. 8epeat on other a%%irmations.. That truly depends on the reality le+el o% the auditor and &hether you are in your B&n Palen!e.&nn&n.. There are still !on%idential tapes %rom this %inal resear!h..most unli-ely "i+en the ?ui!-ie nature o% the Te!h sin!e . "ames. 0 -no& this be!ause he a!!identally let out a pie!e o% Te!h that allo&ed me to "et the %ull s!ope o% &hat and ho& the uni+erses. or at least %inished it to a "reater extent than is presently a+ailable to the BC student.. 7ianeti!s and S!ientolo"y &ill be re+ealed.. et!.. 0 am pretty sure 981 !ompeted this line o% &or-... All that seems to be used no& %rom all that &or. identities. and modi%iers to our po&er &as !reated... The end phenomena &ill be the holo"raphi! time tra!..done !orre!tly it &ould ta-e you !ompletely out o% the physi!al uni+erse into the -ey sour!e point !o !reated mo!. 1e ne+er "ot any&here near !ompletion.5 M' Move throu. 0% you run into a stop loo.h the &nc&dent 5 moment to moment 5 to the endG Write do&n &hat you are seein".. 8LEW &as deliberately dumbed do&n..L<. "' Dhat &s the durat&on o) the &nc&dentG Write do&n duration.. o) the &nc&dentF 8epeat steps .0' Dhat do you seeG Write do&n &hat you see. The JPM Te!h is a snipped deliberately trun!ated pie!e o% te!hnolo"y. .

... 9i%e a!tions push you into past !reations. The maEority o% people led themsel+es into S!io.4+ Jettin" people to loo. 0t al&ays -ind o% irritated me to "o throu"h all that study only to %ind at the end &e &ere>nt "oin" to be told.. 7ianeti!s and S!ientolo"y ha+e be!ome part o% peoples trun!ated James Matri!es. The problem %or me &as 0 &as too spiritually illiterate to be able to arti!ulate &hat too..That te!h existed %or one is a li%e a!tion te!h. .. Jettin" out o% S!io is a!tually a pro!ess. What most people do not realiCe is that this Te!h is not a head te! has many steps.belon"in" to a Cult is Eust a &ay o% stoppin" this %rom runnin" to !ompletion. 1ope this %ills in some o% the "aps. Most o% the people on this list are in the oppterm side o% their James Matrix. 0 ha+e audited this !ontinuously ea!h day .$) sin!e that time... then all mention and bulletins !onne!ted to it &ere remo+ed. The hardest step is in brea-in" that !onne!tion espe!ially i% your li%e s-ills are &ea-. To "et at the !ause side ta-es "ettin" ba!. it has ta-en me almost /< years to arti!ulate mu!h o% it. B%ten on!e you ha+e de!ided on ta-in" the S!io route you build many de%enses a"ainst detra!tors so many that you end up dis!onne!ted %rom the real &orld &here your only %riends are %ello& S!io>s. So it is best they lead themsel+es ba!. This sets the me!hanisms and James Matri!es pro!esses runnin".pla!e. Thus pursuin" your Prime Joals in li%e is part o% runnin" this Te!h to !ompletion.. Alan Thread *52: 4etting Peo&le to 3ea#e Post #25 200*0*24-0. 0 &ould appre!iate +ery mu!h hearin" %rom some one li-e yoursel% &ho &as there &hat happened to this line o% te!h.on your maEor purpose or Prime best done "ently li"ht tou!h.. 4ind o% open ended and 0>m disappointed by that...

. The S!io o% the early )0>s &as nothin" li-e S!io o% the late )0>s. 0n relationship to any other s!hoolin" out there S!io &as by %ar the most !ost e%%e!ti+e.)< you !ould do both sides o% the &hole brid"e up to Class P000 %or under Q.. Alan Post #2* 200*0*24-1*01 3p until mid .. That S!hism has been "ro&in" &ider and &ider.)) most o% the people &ho had built S!io had le%t or &ere on the side lines.000s o% players in this "ame ea!h !ontributin" to the &ay it is it is "ame in e+olution all "ames are !omposites o% pro!esses the ?uestion is &ill the positi+e pro!essors or the ne"ati+e pro!essors &inH Alan . BT hard on the tra!.. and BT P00 are all e%%e!t Adone to youA type pro!esses.. &ithout a %rame o% re%eren!e. 0nternally there &as a &ar "oin" on bet&een the JB and the SB. 0t &as not until . BT 000. BT 00. espe!ially &hen your "reatest this li%etime !ommitment turned out to be so &ron". Bo"eymen abound only the leader o% S!io !an sa+e youD There are .to rebuild a li%e &ithout any support system. The SP PTS Te!h is all e%%e!t Adone to youA type pro!essin". This &as se+eral years o% trainin" and pro!essin".( S!hism &as the result..00 hours o% pro!essin". Without %riends...0S a month in!reases.. Stran"ely the upper le+els o% s!io set today>s S!io in pla!e. By ..0t is a dauntin" tas. 7urin" that see-in" %or a better &ay there is a lot o% despair and an"uish ma-in" someone &ron" does not help mu!h. Partial Truths !an sti!.the JB had a!tually ta-en !ontrol o% S!io.. This in!luded a .0. BT P.0. As %or ta-in" a stand 0 did the .. The CC. that this &as dis!o+ered at the same time 981 &as near death and de%initely in hidin". Then !ame the insane .S!io is %ull o% partial Truths it ta-es a lon" time to rise abo+e those partial Truths to %ind the "reater Truths. Most o% the internet a!ti+ity stemmed %rom that S!hism.

0 ran pretty ti"ht !ontrol o% the Mission *et&or. &ere 1ubbard>s !reations... and &as around to dire!t the a!tions o% Mis!a+i"e in .B.%or years not by %or!e. and in!luded internal. Sea Br" &as mainly internal. +ery +alid points. 0 don>t &ant to ar"ue about them. The inner politi!al s!ene &as more terrible. 1ubbard may or may not ha+e been Anear deathA in .Post #$2 200*0*25-1+11 Bri"inally Posted by Peda 0t>s ne!essary to !onsider all the a+ailable e+iden! destroy that someone. saidI Ait is easy to !ontrol the masses Eust di+ide and !on?uerDA People "i+e %ar too mu!h !ause to 1ubbard he &as easily !ontrolled easily s&ayed Eust mention that he &as bein" bettered by someone and he &ould see. Jood post Peda. 0 had tremendous po&er as 0 &as a SB B%%i!er at the same time the lar"est Mission 1older and out ran-ed all Br"s and JB... 0MB.exploded in po&er durin" those years.B. 1ubbard &as a blo& hard he &as desperate %or a!-no&led"ement and re!o"nition a t&it %or manipulation. &as al&ays ultimately dominant. but by &or-in" in ali"nment &ith ea!h Mission 1older. There are some %ine points that should be noted althou"h. &as *o+ .( and .. The Mission *et&or. MS1 !ould manipulate 981 easily. Both the Sea Br" and the J. the J. based on his &ritin"s and dire!ti+es. . A0ntelli"en!eA = Per!eption. J. this is &hat S!io based its a!tions on.3. @urther he &as %ore+er on the run no& &ho -ept him in su!h a state o% threatH Conse?uently he !onstantly o%ten lost !ontrol o% the day to day operations &hat is e+en &orse he had to rely on others to %eed him data to ma-e matters &orse he sa& bo"eymen e+ery&here.about S!io is# 0 -no& 0 ha+e only bits o% the story MS1 in !on+ersation &ith me ba!. but he didn>t die. and behind the s!enes dire!ted by him.. no matter &hat name it>s "i+en. Mary Sue &as in !har"e o% this.B. A0ntelli"en!eA is senior to internal mana"ement.L(.. The reason 0 do not &rite a boo. Ma!hia+elli &ould ha+e drooled &ith Eealousy at ho& treasonous it all &as the inner &or-in"s o% S!io almost at all times &as a seethin" mass o% po&er "rabs and stabs in the ba!-s..

Br"s not Sea Br"s. Was 1ubbard al&ays desperate %or re!o"nitionH 1e "ot it in spades. There &as no E7 0nt at that time unless you !all 981 E7 0nt. the "ood. 1as a di%%erent +ie&point on the man in some &ays. ha+in" someone push a peanut alon" a de!. and Eealousy ha+e rarely e+er been addressed by S!io. 6ou must -no& them. the bad and the u"ly. Thro&in" people o+erboard. 0>m in !omm &ith someone &ho &as on the ori"inal !lass P000 !ourse on the Apollo. 0 audited his household sta%%... Was anyone else an SB o%%i!er and also a mission holderH *o. he !ould be &arm. 0 !ould in%ormally tal. &omen he had sedu!ed. husbands he had !u!-olded. puttin" -ids in !hain lo!-ers. To say the least the ruds &ere outD Alan Post #$4 200*0*25-2$$+ MS1 &as Comptroller. i% you &ere e+er empo&ered by him you !ould %eel itD This is a %la&ed bein" see him %or &hat he is the " 981 or MS1 it usually led to the area or situation "ettin" handled. 0t is +ery missin" area o% Te!hnolo"y..Any maEor situation 0 hopped on a plane and &ent to @la". .&ith his nose that>s Aspirit o% playHA 6es he &as also !harmin". 6ou re%er to a !ertain time periodH BB you ha+e an unreal +ision o% 981 had he Eust told the story as it truly happened it &ould ha+e been one o% the "reat stories o% all times. 0 &as on Mission.. Tal-s o% A Spirit o% PlayA %rom A8on A in this time period. 0t also made me a lot o% enemies. the "ood. En+y. See the Ethi!s. Te!h and Admin %or &hat it is the "reat. the bad and the u"ly. his !losest %riends.. "reed.

A +ital part o% ma-in" your !reations arri+e in the physi!al uni+erseD 6addaD yaddaD Alan .. 0t is a li%e holo"raphi! demonstration o% deli+erin" &hat you promised to yoursel% and others. &earin" bla!boiler suits in the hot sun and hea+y humidity. at that time these are Apain%ul obser+ations and unthin-able thou"htsA &e &ere ha+in". A +ital part o% bein" here no&. . naturally it !ame up in all their sessions That &as the end %or me 0 le%t S!io. Alan Thread: *5+: (eing on .)) at @la" in @lorida. 0t ob+iously is +ital in ma-in" your postulates &or-.. A +ital part o% permeation.ourse Post #+ 200*0415-2052 (eing on time Personally 0 bo& deeply in "ratitude to e+ery !ourse sup and auditor &ho demanded both o% themsel+es and their students and p!>s the ability to be on time. The po&er o% bein" able to pla!e your body in the exa!t ri"ht spa!e at the exa!t ri"ht time "i+es you truth in and o% a!tion. When I le"t !cio 6ou ha+e to realiCe Terril. 0t is also +ital to the ability to ha+e.-1*2. 0 !an remember many o% my %riends on the 8P@. berated them %or their ridi!ule. Mu!h later.The Codes o% silen!e is brea-in" let it all !ome out. sleepin" in !ardboard boxes in the par-in" lot. A +ital part o% holo"raphi! dupli!ation. Bne day 0 &as in the @CC0 loun"e and a bun!h o% @CC0s &ere ridi!ulin" some 8P@ers the loun"e &as pretty %ull o% people &aitin" %or sessions 0 "ot so pissed o%% 0 stood up and atta!-ed them all !alled them %at useless slobs. et!. Alan Post #41 200*080.

attention. Eeeeeeeeeeee4D Alan Thread **. body.A&hat happenedH> 7one &ith intent. body.: What's 4ood /bout it6BBBBmeta&h sical musings Post #25 200*0418-00$5 7 &nosis CB*T8B9 PB0*T . A "ood sup !an !ra!. 6ou are ?uite ri"ht %lu%%yD 9ot o% mini hitlers "et their -i!-s out o% their positions o% po&er and domination. determination. spa!e. &ith PJ0s.up the physi!al mani%estation and as.# The 1ypnotist. but there>s Eust so mu!h puniti+e aspe!ts and dramatiCation by sta%% &hen en%or!in" and implementin" su!h prin!iples. and !ontrol o+er anotherGs spirituality. A dominated other determined !ondition that resembles a dull un!ons!ious stupor sleep type state that is indu!ed by domination o% li%e %or!e parti!les and attention and is !ontrolled by su""estion. spa!e. CB*T8B9 PB0*T 3# The 1ypnoti! tran!e state. A state &herein the indi+idual or "roup has "i+en up or assi"ned a&ay all !ontrol and po&er o+er their spirituality. time. CB*T8B9 PB0*T (# 1ypnosis. mind. thou"hts.Post #* 200*0415-2112 3ateness is a &h sical mani"estation 9ateness is a physi!al mani%estation. mind. A "ood tea!her or sup &ould pi!. Abusers are %antasti! at ma-in" the unimportant important and the important unimportant. thin"s and subEe!ts. ener"y. the student &ill !ome up &ith &hy they are late. A dull un!ons!ious stupor sleep type tran!e state indu!ed by hypnosisI the person is submer"ed and . ener"y. thou"hts. determination. !cio is an abuse-based cult 8e?uirin" someone to be on time and addressin" it &hen he>s not aren>t innately un%air thin"s. attention. Alan Post #11 200*0415-2$$. 0n !ase no one>s noti!ed S!io is an abuse based !ult.a !ase &ith the ability to pi!. time.up these types o% physi!al mani%estations. thin"s and subEe!ts to another or others. A person &ho has established the po&er o% !omplete domination. Whi!h has !ontinued to "et more and more abusi+e o+er the years.

prin!iples and !ons!iousness o% the !hildGs identity or &ho he is 2that in his uni+erse is &hat represent his Mme. Childhood is ine+itably a "radual pro!ess o% shapin" the thou"hts. CB*T8B9 PB0*T /# The Misidenti%yin" Psy!hoti! 1ypnotist2s5. !ase !onditions. minds. 0t is a pro!ess o% hypnoti!ally manu%a!turin" automated arti%i!ial Mpeople pleasin"G identities. They ha+e no idea that they or anyone else is a spiritual bein" that has separate thou"hts.G in order to be Ma!!eptableG and MnormalG. separate obEe!ts. determination. obEe!ts. A person. spa!e. body. belie%s.G5 and the subse?uent automated adult identity. but at their !ore they are still Eust empo&ered automated arti%i!ial MmeGsG. bodies. obEe!ts that represent and are -no&n as automated arti%i!ial MmeGsG instituted by %or!in" you into a hypnoti! tran!e state by the use o% emotional bla!-mail. separate pla!es. They are !ompletely identi%ied &ith the insane psy!hoti! idea their thou"hts and thin"s are them. time. thin"s. thin" or obEe!t that represents his !ompulsi+ely !ontrol e+erythin". CB*T8B9 PB0*T <# A +ery lon" misidenti%yin" hypnoti! period o% time &hen your spirituality. separate subEe!ts or separate pie!es o% their en+ironment. to %it the appro+ed so!ial norms. A Misidenti%yin" Psy!hoti! 1ypnotist is ob+iously a person &ho by their position is "i+en the authority !reated by an a"reed upon !onsensus o% opinion to dominate and !ontrol others. separate thin"s. sur+i+al and &ell bein". 0t is the submer"en!e o% the spiritual bein" that !reates the dull stupor type un!ons!ious tran!e state. We all ha+e a lon" period in our li%e startin" at birth throu"h the years o% our early !hildhood &hen &e are totally dependent on others %or our +ery existen!e and "ro&th in!ludin" the -no&led"e o% &hat li%e and li+in" is all about. standards. thin"s. and !ontrol o% another or others and !ompletely dependent on another or others %or your existen!e. attention.put under the !omplete !ontrol o% the hypnotist and roboti!ally a!!epts and a!ts out the hypnotists su""estions. They !ompulsi+ely thin. thou"hts. beha+ior. pla!es or subEe!ts. that has separate minds. mind. no intelli"en!e or leadershipKthere is no one in !har"e o% your li%e. To them e+erythin" is part o% them. They as spiritual bein"s are !ompletely submer"ed and their prime operatin" prin!iple is to submer"e e+ery one else. When the spiritual bein" is submer"ed there are no a!!urate obser+ations or per!eptions. domination. manipulation and !oer!ion 2and in many !ases the use o% physi!al %or!e and abuse to "et !omplian!e5 pro"rammed by a mutually a"reed .anythin" !onne!ted to them is them. thus they see. separate !ase !onditions. thou"hts. ener"y. The Misidenti%yin" Psy!hoti! 1ypnotists ha+e no ability to di%%erentiate the importan!eGs or distin"uish the di%%eren!e bet&een spirit. people. "roups or !ultures &ho belie+e people are thin"s or obEe!ts. separate bodies. thin"s and subEe!ts are under the !omplete po&er. separate people.

your parents. ha+e little understandin" o% lo"i!. Alan Thread *8*: 5iguring %ut What 7ubbard Aid Post #11 200*0418-1*$$ 0 also -no& M7s. Many &ent o+er to Saint 1ill %or Po&er and the CC. More trapped Spirit than @ree Spirit. 0 share the resear!h &ith them. or outpoints and thin.upon !onsensus o% opinion emanatin" %rom an indi+idual.0. they brou"ht into my St 9ouis Center L< M7s and . denied and punished until these essential personality traits. and 0 "et a lot o% than-s ba!-. abilities. !le+erness. Co"s = 3nsubmer"ed. s-ills. these all bou"ht pro!essin" and trainin".they are doin" the !orre!t thin". Positi+e su""estion o+errides Bein">s determinism i% bein" is submer"ed. Most o% the abo+e stayed on my lines %or many years.LL. State o% Mind Bn or B%%H State o% Bein" There or in substitute %orm.)< Chiropra!tors. ne"le!ted. tea!hers. 0n . abilities and their external mani%estations are also buried under suppression and the true spiritual you is !ompletely submer"ed. Most. omitted. determination. made nothin" o%. "roups and the !ulture you ha+e arri+e in. suppressed. in+alidated. These indi+iduals ha+e the best o% intentions. 0n . . Bad indi!ators = Trapped or submer"ed. intelli"en!e and stren"ths that !omprise your true natural dynami! personality traits are bein" submer"ed. Post #28 200*0418-02$5 Tran!e State = More tied up attention than %ree attention. 0 a"ree &ith you on &hat you &rote. Positi+e su""estion has little e%%e!t i% Bein" is @ree.000>s o% Chiropra!tors.. in St 9ouis 0 had the heads o% the Jeor"e Washin"ton 1ospital and the Palmer Chiropra!ti! Clini! as !lients.L<. Sin!e 0>+e been a ApatientA they are learnin" a lot. in 7allas 0 had a 7r Par-er the %ounder o% the Par-er Chiropra!ti! Clini! as one o% my %irst !lients. that 0>+e run into. 7urin" the pro!esses o% manu%a!turin" automated arti%i!ial Mpeople pleasin"G identities or automated arti%i!ial MmeGsG that ine+itably ta-es pla!e by %or!in" you into a hypnoti! tran!e state there are !ertain aspe!ts o% your essential spiritual presen!e. ma-e su""estions. he trained . 7entists. but they are !onstantly %ed in!orre!t in%o and they belie+e &hat they are trained on.. @$* PJ0s. They in turn trained hundreds o% people.

&ill !lear &ithin ( business daysA5 +erb# !lear %rom impurities. Alan Thread 820: Ae"inition o" . The same o!!urred &ith businesses. Simply put the State o% C9EA8 is +ery un!learD @or some the State o% C9EA8 means %ree o% Mental 0ma"e Pi!tures. as o% a shipment 2Example# AClear the ship and let it do!-A5 +erb# remo+e the o!!upants o% 2Example# AClear the buildin"A5 +erb# remo+e 2people5 %rom a buildin" 2Example# AClear the patrons %rom the theater a%ter the bomb threatA5 +erb# rid o% instru!tions or data 2Example# AClear a memory bu%%erA5 . and prior to that !lassi%ied as a ) Joal Clear.They started droppin" o%% lines around the time they be"an to "et hassled by the JB. pollution. o+er. 2Example# AClear the &ater be%ore it !an be drun-A5 +erb# %ree %rom payment o% !ustoms duties.a!!ounts 2Example# AThe !he!. blemishes.!om$H&=!lear[ls=a Rui!. or under &ithout ma-in" !onta!t 2Example# AThe balloon !leared the tree topsA5 +erb# "o a&ay or disappear 2Example# AThe %o" !leared in the a%ternoonA5 +erb# sell 2Example# AWe !leared a lot o% the old model !arsA5 +erb# be debited and !redited to the proper ban. plus ha+in" audited .de%initions 2!lear5 noun# the state o% bein" %ree o% suspi!ion 2Example# A0n+esti"ation sho&ed that he &as in the !learA5 noun# a !lear or unobstru!ted spa!e or expanse o% land or &ater +erb# pass an inspe!tion or re!ei+e authoriCation 2Example# AClear !ustomsA5 +erb# pass some past episode and belie+e that &as &hat &as "oin" on no&D Bein" desi"nated Clear . These de%initions are ta-en %rom an online di!tionary sour!e that "i+es you a!!ess to se+eral doCen di!tionaries# http#$$&&&.oneloo-. The point is they in!orporated a lot o% the Te!h into their !urri!ulums. &hi!h is the e?ui+alent o% not ha+in" any +ideos o% past episodes o% AThe days o% my 9i+esA soap opera. some /0 years a"o. et!.lear Post #1 200*0422-1$0$ Ae"inition o" .lear 7e%inition# C9EA8H There appears to be a tremendous amount o% !on%usion !onne!ted to the State o% C9EA8. 7unno ho& that impro+es thin"s mu!h.. unless you &ere stu!.000>s o% +ery !on%used C9EA8S o+er the years 0t is ob+iousI the State o% C9EA8 needs !learin"DDD E+en the &ord C9EA8 has many de%initions.

!lear to the endA5 ad+erb# in an easily per!eptible manner 2Example# ACould be seen !learly under the mi!ros!opeA5 name# A surname 2rare# .S. as o% a debt 2Example# AClear a debtA5 +erb# %ree 2the throat5 by ma-in" a raspin" sound 2Example# AClear the throatA5 +erb# remo+e 2Example# AClear the lea+es %rom the la&nA5 +erb# ma-e a &ay or path by remo+in" obEe!ts 2Example# AClear a path throu"h the dense %orestA5 +erb# yield as a net pro%it +erb# "o un!hallen"edI be appro+ed 2Example# AThe bill !leared the 1ouseA5 +erb# be!ome !lear 2Example# AThe s-y !leared a%ter the stormA5 +erb# rid o% obstru!tions 2Example# AClear your des-A5 +erb# earn on some !ommer!ial or business transa!tionI earn as salary or &a"es 2Example# A1e !lears Q<. or translu!ent 2Example# AThe &ater had to be !leared throu"h %ilterin"A5 +erb# ma-e %ree %rom !on%usion or ambi"uityI ma-e !lear 2Example# AClear up the ?uestion o% &ho is at %aultA5 +erb# the 3.00000 %amiliesI popularity ran. . bri"ht. a!ne 2Example# AThe !lear !omplexion o% a healthy youn" &omanA5 adEe!ti+e# !lear to the mind 2Example# AA !lear and present dan"erA5 adEe!ti+e# %ree %rom !loudinessI allo&in" li"ht to pass throu"h 2Example# AClear &aterA5 adEe!ti+e# %ree %rom !on%usion or doubt 2Example# AA !omplex problem re?uirin" a !lear headA5 adEe!ti+e# %ree %rom !louds or mist or haCe 2Example# ABn a !lear dayA5 adEe!ti+e# !hara!teriCed by ease and ?ui!-ness in per!ei+in" 2Example# AClear mindA5 adEe!ti+e# !lear and distin!t to the sensesI easily per!eptible 2Example# AAs !lear as a &histleA5 adEe!ti+e# 2espe!ially o% a title5 %ree %rom any en!umberan!e or limitation that presents a ?uestion o% %a!t or la& 2Example# A0 ha+e !lear title to this propertyA5 adEe!ti+e# %reed %rom any ?uestion o% "uilt 2Example# AWas no& !lear o% the !har"e o% !o&ardi!eA5 adEe!ti+e# 2o% sound or !olor5 %ree %rom anythin" that dulls or dims 2Example# AClear lau"hter li-e a &ater%allA5 adEe!ti+e# %ree o% restri!tions or ?uali%i!ations 2Example# AA !lear &innerA5 adEe!ti+e# a!!urately stated or des!ribed ad+erb# !ompletely 2Example# A8ead the boo.# :. in . li"ht.<(3(5 Alan Post #$ 200*0422-1428 Well Paul 0 "uess &e should C9EA8 &hat is 7ianeti! Auditin".". 7ianeti! auditin" by de%inition deals &ith brin"in" to +ie& and erasin" Mental 0ma"e Pi!tures that !ontain pain and un!on!iousness.+erb# ma-e !lear.000 ea!h monthA5 +erb# pronoun!e not "uilty o% !riminal !har"es 2Example# AThe suspe!t &as !leared o% the murder !har"esA5 +erb# ma-e as a net pro%it 2Example# AThe !ompany !leared Q. millionA5 +erb# "rant authoriCation or !learan!e %or 2Example# AClear the manus!ript %or publi!ationA5 adEe!ti+e# easily de!iphered adEe!ti+e# !lear o% !har"es or dedu!tions 2Example# AA !lear pro%itA5 adEe!ti+e# a%%ordin" %ree passa"e or +ie& 2Example# AA !lear +ie&A5 adEe!ti+e# %ree %rom %la& or blemish or impurity 2Example# AA !lear per%e!t diamondA5 adEe!ti+e# !hara!teriCed by %reedom %rom troublin" thou"hts 2espe!ially "uilt5 2Example# AA !lear !ons!ien!eA5 adEe!ti+e# o% !omplexionI &ithout su!h blemishes as e.

any Mental 0ma"e Pi!ture at &ill. This is an BT %orm o% runnin" li%e in!idents.any e+ent !ontainin" someone or somethin" o% the past. This is an BT %orm o% runnin" li%e in!idents.any Mental 0ma"e Pi!ture at &ill and no& %a!e up to the a!tual another method o% !on%ront and handle !ame into bein".up or unmo!. A bein" !ould not "et mu!h smaller than to be the e%%e!t o% a pi!ture that is a substitute o% &hat is a!tual. This ability is o%ten a!hie+ed durin" &ithhold pullin".up or unmo!.any Mental 0ma"e Pi!ture at &ill and no& %a!e up to the a!tual another method o% !on%ront and handle !ame into bein".up or unmo!. This next ?uote needs to be expanded. The EP o% 7ianeti!s is ob+iousD 0t is the ability to !on%ront and handle by bein" able to mo!. That o% dire!t +ie&in" o% a ma-in" !onta!t by bein" able to mo!. Alan 0t should be# That o% dire!t +ie&in" by ma-in" %ull spiritual !onta!t &ith an e+ent !ontainin" someone or somethin".up or unmo!. What &as not noti!ed by most bein"s is on!e they !ould !on%ront by bein" able to mo!. This is an BT %orm o% runnin" li%e in!idents.any Mental 0ma"e Pi!ture at &ill. present or %uture at &ill in the exa!t time and spa!e o% an a!tual.any e+ent past present or %uture at &ill in the exa!t time and spa!e o% an a!tual. What &as not noti!ed by most bein"s is on!e they !ould !on%ront by bein" able to mo!.up or unmo!. .up or unmo!. Alan Post #5 200*0422-1558 Bri"inally Posted by Alan The EP o% 7ianeti!s is ob+iousD 0t is the ability to !on%ront and handle by bein" able to mo!.up or unmo!. That o% dire!t +ie&in" o% a ma-in" !onta!t by bein" able to mo!. This ability is o%ten a!hie+ed durin" &ithhold pullin".any e+ent past present or %uture at &ill in the exa!t time and spa!e o% an a!tual. dupli!atin" and permeatin" it exa!tly and be!omin" !ause o+er it by bein" able to mo!.What then is a Mental 0ma"e Pi!turesH A Mental 0ma"e Pi!ture is a re!ordin" that is a substitute !on%ront %or the a!tual.

21CBB ( Apr L<5 N ' the name o) a !utton on an add&n. 2</. in an absolute sense. ener"y.A!&l 44MA7 . 27MSM1. simply an a&areness o% a&areness unit &hi!h -no&s it>s an a&areness o% a&areness unit. one &ho has be!ome the basi! indi+idual throu"h auditin".C0.( . LL0. p.. the indi+idual &ithout en"rams see-s sur+i+al alon" all o% the dynami!s in a!!ordan!e &ith his breadth o% understandin". to !lear# to release all the physi!al pain and pain%ul emotion %rom the li%e o% an indi+idual. or th&nk&n. . 27MSM1. This does not mean that a Tulu &ho has been !leared o% all his en"rams &ould not !ontinue to eat missionaries i% he &ere a !annibal by edu!ationI but it does mean that he &ould be as rational as possible about eatin" missionariesI %urther.l pp. ans$ers result' Really% that#s all a Blear &s' Blears are !e&n. 21CBB .5 . 2SBS. a Clear is not an all -no&in" bein". mach&ne' Be)ore a computer can !e used to solve a pro!lem% &t must !e cleared o) old pro!lems% o) old data and conclus&ons' 9ther$&se% &t $&ll add all the old conclus&ons &nto the ne$ one and produce an &nval&d ans$er' rocess&n. May L35 . a thetan !leared o% en%or!ed and un&anted beha+ior patterns and dis!om%orts. . a Clear. a person &ho is able to !reate his o&n uni+erseI or.Bne Clear. n. as &ell as %or the subEe!ts alon" the other dynami!s. !an !reate ener"y at &ill. 2S!nA75 ( . present and %uture.)05 C9EA8E7 CA**0BA9. it &ould be easier to re edu!ate him about eatin" missionaries i% he &ere a Clear. and !an handle and !ontrol.s $ho have !een cleared o) $ron.0.' . ener"y. li+in" in the . 1e obtains the maximum pleasure %or the or"anism... 2Abil Ma" <L5 3 . present and %uture. erase or re !reate an analyti!al mind or rea!ti+e mind. 27TBT.. p. 1e is rational in that he %orms the best possible solutions he !an on the data he has and %rom his +ie&point.(CM0L5 . spa!e and time as re"ards the %irst dynami! 2sur+i+al %or sel%5. as the !utton &s not pressed the mach&ne adds all old ans$ers to all ne$ e))orts to compute and $ron. 335 H+. a person &ho !an ha+e or not ha+e at &ill anythin" in the uni+erse.. a thetan &ho !an be at !ause -no&in"ly and at &ill o+er mental matter. 0 .Aud M (C7 3 ' a Blear has r&sen )rom the analo.5 / . mach&ne' Dhen you push &t% all the h&dden ans$ers &n the mach&ne clear and the mach&ne can !e used )or a proper computat&on' So lon. &ould be someone &ho !ould !on%ront anythin" and e+erythin" in the past. . a Clear has no +i!ious rea!ti+e mind and operates at total mental !apa!ity Eust li-e the %irst boo27MSM15 said.Post #+ 200*0422-1+$8 Tech Dictionary Definitions of CLEAR C9EA8. an unaberrated person. clears more and more o) these pro!lems )rom the computer' The completely cleared &nd&v&dual $ould have all h&s sel)5determ&n&sm &n present t&me and $ould !e completely sel)5determ&ned' . . ans$ers or useless ans$ers $h&ch keep them )rom l&v&n. p. spa!e and time !onne!ted &ith the thin" !alled mind .5. . p. A Clear is somebody &ho has lost the mass. . . 2 S1 Spe! . . 0n %a!t e+ery early de%inition o% Clear is %ound to be !orre!t. . The state o% Clear is abo+e the release "rades 2all o% &hi!h are re?uisite to !learin"5 and is attained by !ompletion o% the Clearin" Course at an Ad+an!ed Br"aniCation. . L<0/C()5 < . a pi!ture is !ompletely unne!essary %or any -ind o% a re!all at all &hi!h is probably about the only !han"e there has been %rom the de%inition o% a Boo.. .05 C9EA8E7 T1ETA C9EA8. The Clear has no en"rams &hi!h !an be restimulated to thro& out the !orre!tness o% !omputation by enterin" hidden and %alse data in it. 27n << .y !et$een the m&nd and the comput&n.) . . 2S1 Spe! <. .

. 1e !an really deli+er the horsepo&er.... Bi" Spiritual AE StatesDDD #7 Alan Post #15 200*042$-0402 The . one &ho has %ull re!all o% e+erythin" and %ull ability as a thetan. 2S!n .. All o% a person>s en"rams ha+e been turned into !on!eptual experien! at &ill.some &ould ha+e !har"e on them some &ould not.. Either &ay the materials !o+ered on the CC and BT 00 &ould then a!t as PT 0tems..00.the erase on inspe!tion type. Then o% !ourse there are those &ho ne+er "ot the 0mplant.i% the p! is dilli"ent they &ould ta-e ea!h interest item and run it until they !an mo!. et!.learing ./5 ( . p. masses and lies until the li"ht o% truth.ircle 1""ect The Con!entri! Cir!le E%%e!tD That is ho& 0 see James Matrix !ases.. to handle mest uni+erse obEe!ts &ithout me!hani!al means and to ha+e and %eel no need o% bodies or e+en the mest uni+erse to -eep himsel% and his %riends interested in existen!e. an e+er expandin" spirit &ith the Con!entri! Cir!le E%%e!t &ithin. p... The &ay throu"h is the undoin" o% !on%usions. 2S!n ...oncentric . ... un-no&ns. 26sually means high energy le!el and lots of free spirit and confront.. .0. 21CBB . <.. next le+el abo+e theta !lear 2&hi!h is !leared o% need to ha+e a body5...thus &ould be !lear and at !ause o+er those phrases. obEe!ts and in!idents.. a "radient pro!ess o% %indin" pla!es &here attention is %ixed and restorin" the ability o% the p! to pla!e and remo+e attention under his o&n determinism..5 Post #* 200*0422-1*44 . Some p!>s !an dupli!ate and permeate +ery %ast.mest uni+erse is able to !reate illusions per!ei+able by others at &ill.ourse Im&lants 7o you ha+e any !omments on the supposed state attainable throu"h ban"in" a&ay at the CC implants until nothin" else !omes o%%H Paul A lot depends on the !ause le+el o% the p!. 1e is !lear all the &ay alon" the tra!-. &hat is !learin" but re"ainin" a&areness that one is himsel%.5 0t is ?uite possible to erase 0mplants on +ery little inspe!tion. . 21CBB (. @eb <. . stupidity.5 ( . Alan . @eb <... lo+e.5 C9EA80* up or unmo!. 2<(0LCM(LA5 3 . Erasin" the !har"e &ould also o%ten erase A99 other in!idents that ha+e those or similar phrases or obEe!ts. and re"ainin" !on%iden!e.

!om$main$pro%ile. 0t &as all 0 !ould about somethin" else. 1ad to be number one at e+erythin" and measured my su!!ess by the people 0 topped and mana"ed to top them all. Alan. 0t is part o% the natural e+olution o% "ro&th. 0t ta-es re inspe!tin" &hat you !onsider important and ta-in" ea!h -ey area into mastery.. E+en at "oin" !lear.!om$main$pro%ile(. But a%ter 0 &ent !lear that all %ell throu"h the happens in many %ields.. 4ind o% a ne"ati+e e%%e!t o% "oin" !lear and i% you ha+e e+er heard o% this be%ore. S-ipped t&o "rades at s!hoolD 0n my pro%essions 0 rose to the top at amaCin" rate. the most !ompetent.asp http#$$&&&. 0 &as &as one o% the %irst "roup on the planet.-no&led"ism. 0t is the next step up %rom the &in lose method o% 8ed Tone "ames playin". then 0 &al. @399 EP 7EC9A8E7 SP.y: That Tech $h&ch &s proper and adeEuate to make you reach less% !ecome smaller% more cr&t&cal% more oppos&t&onal% less )r&endl&er% less consc&ousF The EP o% &hi!h is to !on+in!e you that the &orld is %ull o% boo"ey men and only &e ha+e the &ay to sa+e you as a side bene%it it also !on+in!es you that you should abandon your "oals be!ause you are bad. Standard Tech SucksF *e+er made it to the "rades e+en.asp 0t ta-es a !han"e o% operatin" basis. 0 don>t e+en &ant to "o into detail.-no&led"ism. This is +ery !ommon. 0 lo+ed bein" in the &inners !ir!le. the hi"hest paid &hate+er. 6ou are no& operatin" in the hi"h Jreen or Jold Tone. 0 realiCed it &as not %air %or me to !ompete &ith disabled people. &ron" and !ould not -no& anythin". Be%ore 0 &ent !lear 0 &as +ery +ery !ompetiti+e..about and nobody in any "ame !ould outdistan!e me. Alan Post #24 200*042$-0+2+ Also.Post #20 200*042$-0525 !tandard 2e#erse Tech 6up. http#$$&&&... Could !are %u!-in" lessD #7 #7 #7 6ou "ot Standard Reverse TechF Standard Reverse Technolo. Basi!ally you !annot stop &innin" at the "ames you ha+e !hosen to play. &hi!h 0 ha+e outlined &ith these !harts.into a mission and soon %ound mysel% on the %loor almost un!ons!ious tryin" to "et somethin" outa tou!hin" &alls. . Wanted to as..

it &as a disaster as no one !ould "et the stu%% to run. but 0 al&ays %eel li-e it>s only %air to be in the "ame &ith t&o hands behind my ba!. *B theory is a better theory 2but not the li%e in the physi!al uni+erse by buyin" a ran!h in the middle o% no &here and ma-in" it su!!ess%ulD A !ompletely impossible tas-D Alan Post #$* 200*0424-0401 -o-one could get the im&lant stu"" to run That>s easy re BT( and BT3. 6et it ne+er !omes up to be handled unless su""ested. What>s needed is to "ather data on &hi!h bits o% the pro!edure &or.and did not %eel it &as %air %or me to in+ol+e mysel% in !ompetition too. 0 realiCed 0 had an ed"e &ithout a ban. But a%ter 0 &ent !lear all the %un o% !ompetition e+aporated. you ma-e sure the "uy !an solo audit and has his !ase set up properly. then drill him on the existin" pro!edure &ithout "i+in" A*6 theory at all. E+en in the Sea Br" 0 &as "i+en impossible posts that only one other person !ould e+en !ompete &ith me. CC and BT 00. 0t &as a +ery biCarre period.&ell %or pretty mu!h all !ases 2pro+idin" the !ase is set up and the "uy !an solo audit et!. . 0t &as li-e "ettin" a !adilla! and then not &antin" to dri+e it in a to&n &here e+eryone else had a %ord. Monday mornin" . 1a+e you heard o% anyone else "oin" throu"h thisH 0t>s -ind a sa!ri%i!e that is !onstantly annoyin". This stu%% is all o+er the net. or in hospital. seems li-e an inEusti!e. and &hi!h bits !an sa%ely be dumped. Point out that some o% the pro!edure is super%luous. 0n other &ords.0S o% the team &ere home si!-.. @or some reason se+eral !limbed trees and %ell out o% them. 0 &ent throu"h this %or se+eral years. Winnin" !an be!ome +ery monotonous or mono tone usD #mad# 0 brou"ht mysel% ba!. &hi!h &asI to ta-e ea!h area o% interest to a mu!h hi"her le+el o% mastery. not that 0 ha+en>t done &ell sin!e then.0t all be!ame Atoo easyA.tar"etin" my main areas o% Aren>t you tryin" to rationaliCe a dub in into existen!eH 0 did &ith a team o% about /0 others mu!h o% the resear!h on the 0mplant JPMs.. but ri"ht no& &e>re not too sure exa!tly &hi!h bits are needed and &hi!h bits aren>t. Any&ay.. and probably the CC too.

0t &ould run better than the !urrent le+els. 0. and not e+en ne!essarily implant items 2&hi!h Alan alluded to5 but !ommon !on!epts a bein" naturally en!ounters in li%e any&ay. the ability to mo!. !urrently in!arnate or dis!arnate. humor. !reatin" the !omm lines and itsa line to the . as explained here re!ently.4eep 0t Simple S&eetheartD Ma-e sa%e spa!es %or people. 1elp people "ain the s-ills and &illin"ness to help those they lo+e and !are %or. tenuous "olden !ords. &ithdra&. rea!h. 0 li-e my theories. that the BT( items are not restri!ted to that )< million date.But the e+entual result &ould be a &or-able te!hnolo"y that is based on T83T1 2alien !on!ept here re BT( and BT35. li+e their o&n dreams and "oals. Alan Post #45 200*0424-2001 Ja&dD %orbidD @e& people re!o"niCe the po&er o% !reatin" a session. in non optimum !ondition5. !reatin" &hat is in that spa!e. With mu!h o% &hat &e -no& no& there is no need to e+aluate or put past li%e data in anyone>s uni+erse. but the indi+idual at the %ar end is also !onne!ted in his turn to thousands o% others not an ex!lusi+e relationship &here one has his +ery o&n personal in%estation. althou"h they aren>t ne!essarily ri"ht. any&ay.e. When you really erase the mass and !har"e o%% somethin" you should also "et the ability to ha+e %un &ith the somethin".at &ill are si"ns o% %reedom in an area. spirit o% play. but merely a &idespread !onne!ti+ity &ith many o% the !omm lines. 0t &ill !ome up &hen it is ready. 9au"hter... and the publi! derision o+er the s!i %i %antasy aspe!ts. And most o% the ABTsA one addresses on BT3 are the near ends o% !ha-ra !ords in the indi+idual>s +i!inity 2atta!hed at the other end to other remote bein"s. help them re"ain their o&n abilities. 0t &ould also remo+e the idio!ies li-e the unneeded !on%identiality. Creatin" the spa!e.up and unmo!. Truly &e should help ea!h person be more themsel+es.. 3se the 40SS method. be!ause the untruths &ould ha+e been remo+ed. Alan Post #42 200*0424-105+ Mass is mainly !omposed o% solidi%ied !har"e.

in%o$en"lish$pa"e(. unmo!-in" it. Creatin" the items. tyin" up the time and ener"y. *o& that>s interestin". That is they pro!essed %rom the bottom up and loo-ed %or &hat &as &ron" or &ho or &hat they &ere enemy to. the !o"nitions. Bn!e 0 understood the Tones 0 had %rames o% re%eren!e as to &here the top &as and its operatin" basis and those "radual d&indlin" loss o% ener"y and po&er states.<. any&ayD 0 &ish 0 !ould "et Phil Spi!-ler or Jorden Bell to tell their story o% this period. !reatin" the ener"y. permeatin" and endin" !y!le on !har"e and mass. et!. 0 realiCed S!io &as . Please tell more. !reatin" the su""ested material. Abo+e the top &as Spirit or Spirita. Conse?uently i% you really &anted to attain a purity o% all that you are you must pro!ess %rom the hi"hest positi+e position. So 0 "ot to thin-in".&ithH . Alan Post #++ 200*042+-045$ These JPM materials seemed a bit deEa +u. 7upli!atin". espe!ially re the no one bein" able to "et the stu%% to run. The pure essen!e o% spirit. The %ormless substan!e. untyin" the time and ener"y. http#$$&&&. the problems. At the top you &ould need to per%e!tly dupli!ateI Who or &hat you &ould be &illin" to be at one &ithH The next do&n&ard le+el isI Who or What &ould you be &illin" to %lo& or &or.0 had had a list o% 6in $6an"Gs startin" &ith %orm and !haos et!. 0 !an understand not bein" able to "et A*ix absoluteably seriousnessA to run. The 6in" and 6an" or the Positi+e$*e"ati+e. To hold anythin" still it &as +ital that an e?ual or opposin" pressure or %or!e &as re?uired.a ?&i%% poppedD 0 remembered JPM is the TaoD The boo.thetao. Apparently. 9ettin" sel% be the e%%e!t o% those !reations. but people routinely "et lots o% !har"e o%% the BT( items.. A&here did 0 "et exposed to this be%oreA and then today at &or. lettin" the !har"e and mass release. Thus %rom that point e+erythin" belo& &as a !reated %orm o% some -ind.htm Than-s B1 %or the 389. Ba!.terminals and the thin"s in that spa!e. Creatin" the &ins. mo!-in" it up solidly. Creatin" the time..

As he has resi"ned %rom S!ientolo"y rather than re!ei+e auditin". 1is bulletins and E Meter must be turned in.L<X 1CB ET10CS B87E8 To# Anyone Con!erned @rom# The B%%i!e o% 9. /. 1e is not to be trained.5 Alan Thread 82+: The 1st !P Aeclare Post #1 200*042$-1545 The 1st !P Aeclare The day the subEe!t be"an to dieD Alan W.The next do&n&ard le+elI Who or What &ould you be un!ertain aboutH The next do&n&ard le+elI Who or What are you opposin"H The next do&n&ard le+elI Who or What has o+er&helmed youH The next do&n&ard le+elI Who or WhatH The next do&n&ard le+elI WhoH The next do&n&ard le+elI WhatH The next do&n&ard le+elI Arti%i!ial Me>sH The next do&n&ard le+elI entity dotsH 2Cir!uits. 1e is expelled %rom !ourse.. ). 1e has re%used orders to be audited by expert auditors and is +i!ious.. 1e has threatened to !a+e in his &i%e &ith 8L materials i% she &ill not di+or!e him. (. ma!hinery. 8on 1ubbard SubEe!t# Suppressi+e Person . et!. L. All his !erti%i!ates and a&ards are !an!elled. and dramatiCes &ith no a&areness. BBB M3SAC4 is hereby de!lared a S3PP8ESS0PE PE8SB*. 3. pro!essed or helped in any di%%i!ulty and is pronoun!ed @air ./ May . <.

0.later this Ethi!s Brder &as issued.. All !ommuni!ation &ith him is se+ered. *o lon"er &as S!io a sa%e subEe!t. . 1e may not enter any S!ientolo"y or". . many people le%t S!io ?uietly startin" %rom that day. 1e is entitled to no re!ourse. 8B* 13BBA87 . Alan Post #$ 200*042$-1552 About a &ee... . But the dama"e had been done.L< To# Those !on!erned @rom# The B%%i!e o% 9. 0t turned on instant sad e%%e!t throu"hout S!io. 9.Jame. . Anyone remainin" !onne!ted &ith him is de!lared a Potential Trouble Sour!e. 8on 1ubbard SubEe!t# 8emo+al o% Status as Suppressi+e BBB M3SAC4 is hereby restored to status and the Ethi!s Brder o% May . Many. his %iles are to be torn up and he is to be remo+ed %rom any mailin" list. 8B* 13BBA87 Post #2 200*042$-1550 0 &as at Saint 1ill at that time. That Ethi!s Brder hit li-e a pun!h in the stoma!h.. 9. Alan 1CB ET10CS B87E8 May (./ de!larin" him Suppressi+e Person is !an!elled.

"ames. omnis all. in%inite stren"th. in%inite !le+erness. the rules and re"ulations. appre!iates and admires other Bmni So+erei"n bein"s spiritual. appre!iates and admires that ea!h omni so+erei"n bein" is !omplete unto itsel% and that &hat is the ri"ht "oal. honor and are lo!-ed in pla!e by mutually a"reed upon !onsensus o% opinions and are there%ore almost al&ays !omplete %alse. the !hoosin" o% sides. !oa!hin" and pro!essin" o% the a!tions needed to attain the mastery o% s-ills and abilities &ith real time demonstrations o% !ompeten!e and e%%e!ti+e exe!ution. dis"uises. prin!iples. o&n produ!tion. s!enarios and a!ti+ities. the playin" %ields. in%inite stren"th. in%inite !le+erness. inhibitions or stops a bein" puts on itsel% are sel% !reated or "roup !reated mutual a"reements that !ontain +iolations o% the indi+iduals spirituality. in%inite intelli"en!e.: %mni-!o#ereignt Post #1 200*0424-1+52 %mni-!o#ereignt DE?INITI9N: 9MNI5S9VEREI:NT= 7E@0*0T0B*# BM*0# W9. o&n obEe!ts. preten!es. your o&n body. inte"rity. the materials and the holo"raphi! dupli!ati+e le+els o% study. trainin". the re&ards or penalties and all the ex!han"es that !ompose the &holeness and inte"rity o% all "ames o% li%e. 0t also re!o"niCes. item. This honorin" o% yours and others in%inite !apabilities !omes &ith a massi+e demand on your inte"rity to %ero!iously maintain these in%inite !apabilities no matter &hat ex!uses. in%inite !le+erness. and in%inite s-ills and %ully honors the truth and po&er o% others and their in%inite intelli"en!e. in%inite s-ills. restraints. 0t is bein" &illin" to be spiritually. stupe%yin". in%inite abilities. pra!ti!e. standards. your o&n spa!e. mental and physi!al state and ability to be so+erei"n and omni so+erei"n &hi!h in!ludes bein" &illin" to be spiritually. o&n ener"y. in%inite abilities. "ame. the positi+e players and ne"ati+e opposition. s!enario or a!ti+ity %or one may not be ri"ht the ri"ht "oal. mentally and physi!ally responsible %or !o !reatin" &ith and helpin" others rea!h and maintain their so+erei"nty and omni so+erei"nty. or rationaliCations bein" spe&ed by you or at you. and de"radin" realities. 0t also in!ludes %ull a&areness and the !onstant honorin" o% the truth and po&er o% your in%inite intelli"en!e. and in%inite s-ills. 0t also in!ludes the &illin"ness to %a!e up to the truth and a&areness that A99 limitations. items. item. in%inite stren"th. mental and physi!al !apabilities as &ell as the bein"s in%inite po&er. e+ery. in%inite abilities. o&n produ!ts. Eusti%i!ations.Thread 82. mentally and physi!ally omni responsible %or all sides and parts o% any "ames o% li%e they so !hoose to playI this in!ludes the "oals o% the "ame. 0t re!o"niCes. e+ery&hereI as in omnipotent. lies.X A !ombinin" %orm denotin" all. the &innin" or losin". 7E@0*0T0B*# BM*0 SBPE8E0J*T6# Bmni So+erei"nty is the spiritual. "ame. . all po&er%ulI omnipresent. o&nin" and bein" the !ontroller o% your o&n mind. 7E@0*0T0B*# SBPE8E0J*T6# The state o% bein" able to be the spiritual o&ner or supreme spiritual po&er o% 6our B&n 3ni+erse 26B35 !apable o% !reatin". and o&n subEe!ts. s!enario or a!ti+ity %or another. mental and physi!al states and abilities and see-s to be harmoniously at one &ith them and !o !reate optimum "oals. o&n time.

time. &hats. These are the pro!esses that !reates &orth&hile re!ipro!ation o% the ?uality and +alue o% ex!han"es and are the basis %or the &orth. and moods &ith omni responsibility and omni o&nership. 6ou ha+e the po&er o% !hoi!e to operate abo+e the la&s o% the physi!al uni+erse. in%inite intelli"en!e. and in%inite s-ills to Bbser+e. &hats. and moods &ith omni responsibility and omni o&nership. e+ents. and in%inite s-ills to Bbser+e. o) themselves or others' T@E :9>DEN 9MNI5S9VEREI:N MA:IB H9NE When you are an omni so+erei"n bein" you ha+e the po&er o% !hoi!e to operate in or outside o% the physi!al uni+erse. motions. &hens. A prime purpose o% Bmni So+erei"nty is harmonious ali"ned !o !reation &hi!h is sour!ed by the %ollo&in" methods# To employ your in%inite po&er.ths% and &n)&n&te sk&lls to del&!erately cause upsets% pro!lems% non5opt&mum s&tuat&ons and !ad l&)e cond&t&ons &n order to restra&n% de. To help another or others employ their in%inite po&er. spa!e. @ind. in%inite !le+erness. @ind. 6ou ha+e the &illin"ness to be %ully at !ause o+er orders o% importan!e. The omn&5sovere&. ?uality and +alue o% your li%e and li+in". subEe!ts. &hos. kno$s that A>> upsets% pro!lems% non5opt&mum s&tuat&ons or !ad cond&t&ons o) the !e&n. . pla!es. in%inite stren"th. Cause and Brin" into Bein" their most optimum needs or &ants and to re!ei+e optimum ex!han"es %or ha+in" produ!ed those optimum needs or &ants.rade% dum!5do$n% stupe)y% make less or noth&n. in%inite !le+erness. in%inite stren"ths. 6ou -no& and honor the +alue o% li%e %or!e parti!les. 6ou ha+e the po&er o% !hoi!e to use your in%inite po&ers. obEe!ts. 6ou ha+e +ast ?uantities o% ener"y in the %orm o% %ree and positi+e li%e %or!e parti!les. Cause and Brin" into Bein" the most optimum needs or &ants and to re!ei+e optimum ex!han"es %or ha+in" produ!ed those optimum needs or &ants. in%inite !le+erness. e+ents. in%inite stren"th. subEe!ts. pla!es.ence% &n)&n&te a!&l&t&es% &n)&n&te cleverness% &n)&n&te stren. &heres. in%inite !le+erness. ho&s. or !an expand or !ontra!t any lo!ation. people. body. time. in%inite abilities. in%inite intelli"en!e. &hens. or the&r l&)e are !ased upon del&!erate unkno$ns caused !y us&n. 6ou ha+e the po&er o% !hoi!e to use your in%inite po&er.To attain and maintain the Jold Tone state o% omni so+erei"nty it is ne!essary %or you to use your in%inite po&ers. in%inite abilities. spa!e. and in%inite s-ills to be you the optimum sol+er o% the !hallen"es. the&r &n)&n&te po$ers% &n)&n&te &ntell&. in%inite !le+erness. &hos. in%inite abilities. +ie&point. in%inite intelli"en!e. ho&s. in%inite abilities. in%inite intelli"en!e. &heres. in%inite intelli"en!e. motions. problems or non optimum situations o% li%e. 6ou ha+e the abilities to remote +ie& and remote in%luen!e. people. and in%inite s-ills to be at !ause and !reati+ity o+er li%e %or!e parti!les. in%inite stren"th. obEe!t. in%inite abilities. in%inite stren"ths.n !e&n. and in%inite s-ills to be in or out o%.

in%inite intelli"en!e. and in%inite s-ills that also in!ludes thou"hts 2its reason %or existin"5.0 prime operatin" omni so+erei"n a!tion attributes.0 omni so+erei"n a!tion steps are also the basi! omni so+erei"n a!tions that lead to the restoration and re!o+ery and maintenan!e o% a bein"s in%inite po&ers and potential. When these are in operation the bein" be"ins to operate po&er%ully in a +ery 1i"h Jreen Tone or Jold Tone manner. in%inite abilities. implementations o% s-ills and abilities in order to maximiCe the use o% that ener"y so that it o!!upies an optimum position and %orm so that it !an optimally produ!e and a!hie+e your needed or &anted obEe!ti+es or results. Pro!essin". Thou"ht. in%inite !le+erness. 0t also !ould be said the hi"hest operatin" le+els o% li%e and li+in" are# To implement 0ntelli"ent 8esponsible A!tions &ithout 8eser+ation that attains their intended and en+isioned needed or &anted obEe!ti+es or results.0 prime operatin" omni so+erei"n a!tion attributesI they are Presen!e. "oals. An omni so+erei"n bein" has. 0t also !ould be said the hi"hest most po&er%ul position. +isions. plans. Control. Creation. An omni so+erei"n bein" has . Ex!han"e and 0nte"rity.0 prime operatin" omni so+erei"n a!tion attributes are the spiritual bein"s basi! set ups %or ener"iCin" and li+in" an optimum li%e. 9o+e. The . Ex!han"es or 8e+ie& that lead to the attainment o% the .0 omni so+erei"n a!tion stepsI Conta!tin". 0t is +ery easy to obser+e &hen all o% these a!tions are bein" done or in pro"ress the bein"s are operatin" !lose to the top o% the Tones and Mood S!ale and %eel in!redibly happy. Pra!ti!in". 4no&led"e. Truth. To help another or others implement 0ntelli"ent 8esponsible A!tions &ithout 8eser+ation that attains their intended and en+isioned needed or &anted obEe!ti+es or results. . The mood le+el tells you &hat state the identity is in and ho& mu!h ener"y the bein" has a+ailable to %ul%ill its promises and its reasons %or existin". Study. These . 8esponsibility. To help another or others !reate their optimum !ontainers 2bein"ness or identities5 !apable o% holdin" and maintainin" lar"e ?uantities o% ener"y that utiliCe their in%inite po&er. purposes. implementations o% s-ills and abilities in order to maximiCe the use o% that ener"y so that it o!!upies an optimum position and %orm so that it !an optimally produ!e and a!hie+e their needed or &anted obEe!ti+es or results.0t !ould be said the prime reasons %or existen!e and li%e and li+in" are# To "i+e and$or re!ei+e &orth&hile needed or &anted ex!han"es. purposes. bein"ness or identity le+els o% li%e and li+in" are# To !reate an optimum !ontainer 2bein"ness or identity5 !apable o% holdin" and maintainin" lar"e ?uantities o% ener"y that utiliCe your in%inite po&er. Coa!hin". in%inite stren"th. and in%inite s-ills that also in!ludes thou"hts 2its reason %or existin"5. in%inite intelli"en!e. +isions. plans. in%inite stren"th. in%inite abilities. in%inite !le+erness. "oals. 7is!ipline. To help another or others "i+e and$or re!ei+e &orth&hile needed or &anted ex!han"es. Mastery. 1armony.

Mastery. stopped. . By "ettin" the person to obser+e. addi!tions and unhappiness. A* BM*0 SBPE8E0J* BE0*J>S P80ME ATT80B3TES and BPE8AT0*J 0*TE*T0B*S An omni so+erei"n bein" is one &ho is %ully see-in" to be at one &ith "od. shattered. An omni so+erei"n bein" is one &ho is able to help or allo& another or others to %ully see.!ore a!ti+ities o% sho!-in". An omni so+erei"n bein" is one &ho is %ully see-in" to be at one &ith the attributes o% "od. 0t is the sho!-in". 7is!ipline. The ability to help or allo& another or others to holo"raphi!ally dupli!ate and permeate is possibly the hi"hest omni so+erei"n prime spiritual ability to be at one &ith the attributes o% "od. po+erty. 0t is +ital to note that ea!h omni so+erei"n person has their o&n methods o% applyin" their o&n . suppression. The (nd step &ould be to then as!ertain &hether you !an help them attain their needs and &ants. stoppin". %a!e up to. pla!es. misery. Pro!essin". The 3rd step &ould be to then "et them to des!ribe their method o% doin" ea!h omni so+erei"n a!tion step. Thou"ht. shatterin". in!rease the le+els o% presen!e. disrupted. lo+e. oppressed. abused. subEe!ts. in+alidation or de"radation by ma-in" less or nothin" o% ea!h persons o&n omni so+erei"n a!tion steps that !auses the disastrous loss o% the bein"s ability to holo"raphi!ally dupli!ate and permeate that leads to a loss o% position. unmo!-in". in+alidated or de"raded a hu"e upset &ill o!!ur and a massi+e bla!. oppression. %ailures. oppression. There%ore the . abusin".0 omni so+erei"n a!tion steps o% Conta!tin". !o dependen!y. thin"s or li%e "et &orse. An omni so+erei"n bein" is one &ho is able to help or allo& another or others to %ully see. Coa!hin".to be at one &ith "od. disruption. !reation. suppressed. harmony and -no&led"e in the area. Ex!han"es or 8e+ie&. and ultimately erase the bla!. in+alidation or de"radation by ma-in" less or nothin" o% ea!h persons o&n omni so+erei"n a!tion steps the bein" &ill ma"i!ally restore their ability to holo"raphi!ally dupli!ate and permeate. shatterin". truth. Study. the loss o% so+erei"nty. disruption. leadin" to a loss o% %utures. abusin". %ully ener"iCed and in harmonious !ontrol o% an area or subEe!t.Should any o% these a!tion steps be sho!-ed. unmo!-in". brin" to +ie&.st step o% !onta!t. de a!!ess. Pra!ti!in". stoppin". !onne!tion and ultimately "old !ore net&or-in" is to "et the person you are !onta!tin" and in !ommuni!ation &ith to tell you their needs and &ants.!ore paradi"m !rash &ill mani%est itsel%. unmo!-ed.!ore paradi"m !rashes are the prime sour!es o% ma-in" the bein" people. 3psets %ollo&ed by massi+e bla!. suppression. The ability to holo"raphi!ally dupli!ate and permeate is one o% an omni so+erei"n bein"s prime spiritual abilitiesI it is this ability !ombined &ith optimum thou"ht that allo&s the bein" to be %ully present.

appre!iation. An omni so+erei"n bein" is one &ho is able to help or allo& another or others to be %ully themsel+es and %ully present o+er an area o% mastery or li%e. o&n produ!tion. An omni so+erei"n bein" is one &ho is able to help or allo& another or others to "enerate their o&n po&er. A9A* . Pirtues. help or allo& another or others to ta-e and o!!upy omni so+erei"n &orth&hile po&er%ul positions. !oa!h. An omni so+erei"n bein" is one &ho is !apable o% tea!hin". ener"iCin" and bein" the !ontroller o% their o&n spa!e. An omni so+erei"n bein" is one &ho is !apable o% ta-in" and o!!upyin" a &orth&hile po&er%ul position. o&n produ!ts. but &ould also in!lude the ability to naturally emanate lo+e. truth. 0nte"rity. and Prin!iples and help or allo& another or others to do the same. An omni so+erei"n bein" is one &ho is able to "enerate their o&n po&er. all plans and !ounter plans. help or allo& another or others to also be omni so+erei"n master pro!essors o% li%e and people Bmni 8esponsibility is the a!t o% exer!isin" your &ill !ombined &ith the ability and &illin"ness to assume the omni position o% %ull o&nership o% all parts o% a "ame and allo& another or others to do the same. Codes. !oa!h. Bmni so+erei"nty in!ludes the state o% you bein" able to help and allo& another or others to be the o&ner or supreme po&er !apable o% !reatin". o&n subEe!ts and o&n uni+erse. all poli!ies and !ounter poli!ies. all sour!e and !ounter sour!es. An omni so+erei"n bein" is one &ho is !apable o% tea!hin". train. all emotions and !ounter emotions. all +isions and !ounter +isions. honesty and. all intentions and !ounter intentions. o&n ener"y. "ettin" others to study.An omni so+erei"n bein" is one &ho is %ully itsel% and %ully present o+er an area o% mastery or li%e. &armth. o&n obEe!ts. An omni so+erei"n bein" is one &ho is a master pro!essor o% li%e and people. and all out!omes and !ounter out!omes on all spheres o% in%luen!e and !ontrol a!ross all uni+erses. trust. all !ause and !ounter !auses. +alidation. o&nin". positi+eness. This in!ludes %ull presen!e and absen!es. abo+e all. "ettin" others to study. Total omni so+erei"nty o+er one>s o&n uni+erse &ould in!lude the ability to span and permeate the spe!trums o% the mood s!ale. the ability to honor one>s o&n Standards. all implementations and !ounter implementations. -no&led"e. Bmni 8esponsibility spans the spe!trum o% all Tones and allo&s %or another or others to do the same. all thou"hts and !ounter thou"hts. all e%%orts and !ounter e%%orts. An omni so+erei"n bein" is one &ho is able to %ully operate %rom their o&n po&er. An omni so+erei"n bein" is one &ho is able to help or allo& another or others to %ully operate %rom their o&n po&er. train. o&n time.

. .Thread 8$2: 1)teriori=ation Post #20 200*0425-21$5 I am #er 1nglish 0 ha+e ne+er been an AussieD *o one "ets brou"ht up in the 34 only brou"ht do&nD 0 &as born in 9ondon. 0 ha+e li+ed in the !olonies to es!ape British &eather. En"land. but 0>+e had a phenomenal la!. @rom bein" in%initely bi""er than all uni+erses to bein" as bi" as the earth to ha+in" the body &ithin you to bein" in all parts o% the body to bein" in your head to !ondense and mat!h yoursel% in siCe to a "rain o% sand to !ondensin" yoursel% in siCe so that the "rain o% sand loo-s as bi" as the uni+erse. 0 %ind that e+ery WA*T needs to be run usin" the Jrade type pro!esses. 1a+e al&ays been a s!ien!e %i!tion reader.. Alan Post #$. 2most o%ten they are run on the &innin" identity the &innin" identity on most !ases is the identity that most o+er&helmed you 4a dominator or abuser this is most li"ely why o!er the years %cio went the way it did. This pro!ess is done spannin" all mood le+els.. then 0 "o into hidin" due to a!ute embarrassment and shame. so!!er or tennis. The abo+e is an old buddhist pro!ess. i% applied &hen needed.. Ex!ept &hen they play !ri!-et. 200*042*-1002 The 4rades are im&ermanent 0>m still holdin" out that at least the "rades are o% +alue. &hat do you thin-H E+erythin" that has been dis!o+ered !an be o% immense +alue. but %or most people the Jrades are run on a +alen!e or identity. Someone &as su""estin" 0 mi"ht need an 0nt 8undo&n be!ause o% a stu!.5 Thus the "rades are +ery impermanent. Alan Post #25 200*042+-0.. 0 &at!hed the WW 00 blitC %rom my bedroom &indo&. until you !an be !om%ortable. 0 did li-e all o% the spa!e opera dramas thou"h.o% interest in my A!aseA as presented to me in S!ientolo"y..&hi!h 0 ha+e done sin!e 0 &as a little boy.... easily spannin" these spe!trums. British !oo-in" and British taxes. 0 am +ery En"lish. 0t sounded interestin".needle phenomenon exhibited durin" metered &ord !learin"..$* !&anning the s&ectrum The optimum should be that you !an span the spe!trum o% A99 s!ales !om%ortably..

.. Alan Post #+* 200*0501-1. Some thin"s.When any bein" is &hats itsain" they are su!-ers %or su""estion. areas or subEe!ts &e ha+e "reat %amiliarity &ith.. 0nt$Ext is all about you the spirit or Spirita... 0nt$Ext is a pure subEe!t o% itsel%.o%ten many in!idents and !hains Eust run out. %ixed.yes !ase !an be !onne!ted to it. Alan Post #$* 200*042*-05$1 IntE1)t 0t sounds li-e the interiorisation you spea. !on%li!tin" !on!epts about ext$int that is almost impossible to %ix. &ith the abo+e.. thorou"hness and many numbers o% times o+er the material &e ha+e pushed oursel+es %rom -no& about to applied -no&led"e to -no&in" is not !onne!ted to !ase. &e ta-e the thin"s. A%ter all you are in a state o% needin" help be!ause you do not ha+e the ans&er to somethin". Spirit is usually %ormed in a !ontainer 23ni+erse Jame or 0dentity5 thus it has been some&hat %ormed. S!io>s ha+e so many %alse. musi!ian or artist.o% is not related to the 0nt problems in S!ientolo"y. Alan Post #+5 200*04$0-210.. *ot unli-e a "reat athlete. Truth can't be as-ised 7oes this mean that any data &hi!h persists in our mind !ontains a lieH *o. s!i %i belie%s.. As many o% us ha+e trained &ith "reat intensity.. areas or subEe!ts .$4 The le#el o" master and kno8ingness W!omment snippedX This is a +ital pie!e o% -no&led"e you brin" to +ie&. But it is a!!ompanied &ith an in%inity o% multiple phenomena. 0s AspiritaA the %eminineH # 5 0 used the &ord Spirita to des!ribe the %ormless substan!e or the pure spiritual essen!e. Espe!ially i% they ha+e had int$ext handlin"s. but i% 0nt$Ext is stabiliCed all the !ollapsed in!idents and !hains Eust de a!!ess... it means you ha+e not hit the erase buttonD 0 ha+e the exa!t opposite about truth it !an>t be as ised thus it persists %ore+er.

origins o" ... ) days a &ee. Bur %riend. !hampions or stars in their %ields o% endea+or. As &ell as to ho& hi"h a le+el o% mastery and -no&in"ness do they &ant to "o. 0 ha+e been pro!essin" .%or almost <0 years.. @ilbert on the ori"ins o% the PTS 87.0 to . areas or subEe!ts &e ha+e little or no %amiliarity &ith. it ta-es a %ra!tion o% a se!ond to obser+e &hat is out and &hat needs to be done to !orre!t and return the !lient>s !ertainty ba!-. dimensionless. money and e%%ort are they &illin" to spend ta-in" themsel+es to a le+el o% mastery and -no&in" a le+el o% mastery it be!omes part o% us a truth in a!tion a -no&in"ness. When you "et into the realm o% -no&in"ness you "et into the realm o% the pure spiritual essen!e..< hours a ..5 that e+ery "reat athlete. Most -no& the history o% 838 &hi!h e+ol+ed %rom in!ident runnin" &hi!h e+ol+ed %rom 7ianeti!s. . Stran"ely the A to E steps are the %ormulas 4brutally and sadistically turned into an area of pain and punishment by %cio. musi!ian or artist uses all the time in their attempts to be!ome the leaders. attention. 1o& lon" it ta-es to restore a !lientI depends on ho& hi"h they truly &ish to "o to.L3 &hen 838 %irst !ame out most o% the p!>s o% those days ran in!idents holo"raphi!ally.. the realm o% %ormless. When 0 sit do&n opposite a !lient . Mr.uestion "or %T's Post #2 200*042*-010+ 5ilbert E 2unning intentions 1ere is a !laim 0 had not seen be%ore. This -eeps a physi!al uni+erse persisten!e to the -no&in"ness.. it is a subEe!t ta-en to a le+el o% mastery and -no&in"ness.: PA.. The S[7 &as the %orerunner to the PTS 8$7 and some o% the V7* 8$7s. ho& hi"h is their ability to !on%ront o% !har"e and are they &illin" to expand their litera!y le+els and most importantly ho& mu!h time.. timeless substan!e. Alan Thread 84. To -eep the %orm and !ontrol o+er the area. Wsnip !laimsX Any one ha+e any experien!e &ith the resear!h line on these te!hnolo"iesH 6esD Bn both @ilbert and the PTS 8$7 and V7*.the !on%li!t &as ba!.. thin" or subEe!t most "reat people also put the -no&led"e in the mind and mus!le or !ells o% the body.000>s o% ali"nments run almost instantly. Some thin"s. Bne o% the "reat tra"edies o% S!ientolo"y is ho& mu!h -no&led"e and -no& ho& has been &asted or destroyed by the abuse and destru!tion o% its pra!titioners. &e do not ta-e it to mastery it does not be!ome part o% us yet %or a brie% moment o% %o!us it !an be!ome a momentary -no&in"ness yet +ery ?ui!-ly be!omes a not -no&. 0ntrospe!tion 87 and V7*.

. &here at any moment one &ould hear a AThat>s itD So and so Eust !ompleted eeeeeeeeA @ollo&ed by thunderous applause. But they de%initely applauded a !ompletion the reason bein" they had a "reat !ross !he!system that truly "ot the person the Jrades 9e+el.. 1e ranted about it# Sayin"# A0 did not do this %or meDA 0 ne+er heard that he did not ori"inate the idea about the Chur!hD 1e de%initely didD But. 0 -ne& &as the best Br" in the history o% S!io.-0$45 Ao it "or 2onF 0n late . Alan Post #24 200*042. 8ather than "o into it @ilbert is a delusionary le"end in his o&n mindD Alan Thread 8+5: What is the 5ree=one6 Post #12 200*042. The *6 Br" had the 3 best te!h and admin trained exe!s in the &orld at the time.-1500 Was the Commodore standin" near his A981A mono"rammed smo-esta!. *o &ay did they applaud pi!s o% 981.. 0n this atmosphere &ere many photos o% 1ubbard. 6esI 0 !alled him 8on... in the A!ademy. Bob Thomas. 0 &as standin" alon"side 981 tal-in" to him on the de!. V7* had a lot o% stand alone dis!o+eries.these three &ould !he!. %i+e %oot by %our %oot photo 2the old %ull %a!e one5. 6ou "otta be -iddin"D A981A mono"rammed smo-esta!-D 981 ran %or his li%e the moment any Aout se!urityA person -ne& &here he &as. &hen Sibers-y yelled at someone to Ado it %or 8onDA 981 &as appalledI he said Adid you hear that do it %or 8onHA 0 said no 8on..L. &as o% a !ro&ded and busy pla!e. 7a+e and 9ee E!-er.A but only to the pra!ti!e o% applaudin".A Whi!h brou"ht into bein" the runnin" o% intentions runnin" intentions &as also an o%%shoot o% JPM runnin". Bne o% my %irst impressions o% S!ientolo"y. .. at the *e& 6or. The *6 B8J in . Any&ay. They also had "reat Sups. there &as so mu!h dupli!ity emanatin" %rom 981 so you may be ri"ht about the applaudin" the pi!ture but 0 doubt it.. And it &as applauded.As the ?ui!-ie "rade te!h !ame into bein" 838 de"raded do&n to Mental 0ma"e Pi!ture runnin".out e+ery produ!t. in!ludin" an approx.Br".L.&hen this o!!urredH 2Whate+er happened to that smo-esta!-H 0 -no& there>s a photo some&here5. not the least o% &hi!h &as Why a Thetan Compulsi+ely Mo!-s 3p Athreat o% loss.abo+e the &ell de!-.. 0 &asn>t re%errin" to A7o it %or 8on.

no publi! or Br" people &ere "i+en ser+i!es on the ship... The &hole Br" Jame be"an to turn nasty a%ter the Class P000>s returned ba!.... manned &ith 7oreen Casey and 6+onne Jilham. 3ntil B!t . et!. Also it &as the start o% huntin" %or 8Lers..Mission.)0 The people re!ruited %or this !ourse had almost no experien!e Te!hni!ally or %or that matter had ne+er built or "ro&n anythin" in their li+es.they &ere to muster the sta%% and in %ront o% the sta%% &ere to plun"e a da""er into the &all or board as a si"n o% SB Ethi!s Presen!e..A The @EBC !ame into bein" in .... There &as an insane SB Boo..-1+4$ /nd so began a reign o" terror 0 &ish 0>d sa+ed all that old S!ientolo"y promo there is a photo o% 9.. &ho had Eust returned %rom the @la"ship &ere the most %ier!e about it. ... Alan Post #2* 200*042..-1+4+ :an 1...... they had orders %rom 981 &hen they &ent into an Br"..on their return these insane Aup the poleO psy!hos led to the real abusi+e period in Br"s. the !hildren in !hain lo!-ers. That &as insti"ated by 981. and 0 !an re!all hearin" !on+ersations about some Missions ha+in" Aout 981 photoA and Aout 981 a!-no&led"ement.many le%t S!io %or "ood. and he "ot pro"ressi+ely more abusi+e and psy!hoti! as the year &ent on.. 8on 1ubbard standin" beneath a smo-esta!-. &ith the letters A981A painted on it. And so be"an a rei"n o% terror..%rom the ori"inal Class P000 Course....L.. Most li-ely dra&n by an artist. abusi+e stupidity ruled the day and has done e+er sin!e. Venu>s buddies and o% !ourse bein" a 9oyal B%%i!er. 9u!-ily the Mission 1olders &ere spared the horrors o% the @EBC...doCens o% sta%% le%t the Br" at that time.L......... &hi!h has slo&ly "otten &orse as the years pro"ressed.+8 0 %ind it interestin" that 981 issued BT 000 in 'an .but 0 ne+er sa& an 981 mono"rammed %unnel.... Alan Post #2+ 200*042.mostly in sel% de%en!eD But they &ere experien!ed in all areas o% runnin" and buildin" and handlin" people and !ases..... Sea Br" people and the sele!t %e& sta%%..idiot....The %ast %lo& examiner line destroyed this ?uality !ontrol.all it su!!eeded in doin" &as blo&in" the Br" to bits.. sent into *6 Br" around September . 0n latter years many Mission 1olders did the @EBC.L... 0 belie+e 0 sa& that pi!ture also... That &as the year o% the o+erboards.

and !hoose &hat 1CBBs and P9s they use. ( 0 promise not to in+alidate the pre!lear>s !ase or "ains in or out o% session.and !hoose. . 'ust ho& standard te!h is S!io and 8on>s Br"H 0 thin. and the not so hidden purposes and a"endas o% 7M.. 6addaD 6addaD Alan Post #$.04 !cio de&arted "rom !tandard Tech in 1. be!ause the most basi! thin" about bein" able to be in session is a sa%e spa!e. There &ere %e& boo"ie men in those days Eust boo"ie Jo+ Br"aniCations.-1...about his !ase in session. These people outside CoQ pi!.. 6ou had . 0 hereby promise as an auditor to %ollo& the Auditor>s Code.000>s o% hours o% "reat !o%%ee shop pro!essin".. Perhaps the "reatest %un &as you !ould tal. 6ou had po&er o% !hoi!e &ith &hom you !ould !ommuni!ate to or not.A Bb+iously you &ould need to pi!.Post #$0 200*042. The outra"es in!lude deli+erin" ad+an!ed !ourses &ithout appli!ation o% the related te!h re%eren!es to posted personnel and their trainin" le+els.000>s o% basi! pro!esses you !ould run. and$or the leader. "roup.. someho& this is better than CoQ and these are better people doin" it HHHH 0n some !ases it is mu!h better.+4 Part o% Standard Te!h is the Auditors Code.about your !ase in or out o% session.S!io departed %rom Standard Te!h in . B% !ourse it &ould be an intelli"ent step to obser+e as best you !an &hat is the purpose o% the pra!titioner. ErrD The -ey de%inition o% AStandardA is# Athat &hi!h is proper and ade?uate %or a spe!i%i! purpose. .. 200*04$0-1+2+ Picking and choosing 7. 3p to that time you !ould %ind out %or yoursel% &hat your !ase or %or that matter &hat your li%e &as !omposed o%.L/. 0 promise not to e+aluate %or the pre!lear or tell him &hat he should thin.%(s and P3s 0 %ind the term Astandard te!hA lau"hable. Most o% the upsets on this %orum is %rom the %a!t o% %indin" out some o% 981>s hidden purposes and a"endas..

There are many @B0 @reedom B% 0n%o do!uments o% 981 doin" Eust that. in!ludin" SB !hildren. The 08S -eeps its do!s se!ret.000>s o% exes. many ha+e "one on and done "reat thin"s. 0nterpol..A i% you had you &ould ne+er ha+e "otten yoursel+es into su!h e%%e!t positions. @e& i% any really ha+e had a proper or ade?uate Ali%e repair. Many still "et pro!essin" %rom AindiesA they -eep themsel+es &ell a&ay %rom the lines o% the Co%S and the internet. as do the C0A. 0 &ant the %ield !leaned up. there &ill be terrible mista-es made "roups and %anati!s &ill !ome into existen!e and some &ill "ro& others &ill %ade a&ay at best &e are at the 7C ( sta"e a non +iable. there &ill be explosions. These do not "et reported as %or the most part they ha+e dis!onne!ted %rom Br"aniCed S!io and the Co%S.Personally the &hole o% S!io and the %ield is a massi+e by passed !ase. mainly subsidiCed entity but slo&ly there &ill be a &ay %or people to train and pro!ess ea!h other %or the better %or those that &ant it. 6ou &ould ne+er ha+e si"ned you ri"hts a&ay. *SA. et!. 6ou &ould ne+er ha+e "one into is sel% !orre!tin". ho& about you "uysH Are you &illin" to !all these people outH The publi! usually +ote &ith their !he!-boo.!till Pursuing@ or /#oiding like the Plague6 Post #$0 200*0520-1+44 1)es 0 ha+e %ollo&ed the !areers o% . Are you trainedH 7o you audit othersH 7o you ha+e the stats to !orre!t the %ieldH This is a subEe!t in e+olution Eust li-e a+iation there &ill be plane !rashes. . Alan Thread .+0: G!&iritual (ettermentG -. Alan Post #2$ 200*0504-0511 Aren>t you o+erloo-in" the ob+ious any Jo+ A"en!y !an be used by the use o% %alse reports and %alse do!uments to in+esti"ate and potentially harass anyone.

o% PT Eob s-ills.000>s o% exes. About <S ha+e maintained some study... 0t probably depends on the !ir!les &e mo+e in.A Some !ontinue to train and pro!ess.. they seem to ha+e "i+en up due to 981>s betrayal o% their "oal. Alan Thread . Most had to repair their li+es they may -eep a li"ht !onne!tion to other exes.. many ha+e "one on and done "reat thin"s. 981 -ept in !omm &ith Bob Thomas the then JB3S head. Most Eust needed a %e& sessions to un%ix themsel+es %rom bein" stu!.at the thread>s title.0S had a lot o% %ixin" up o% their %inan!es and la!. WASpiritual BettermentA li-e the Pla"ueHX Still Pursuin". 0 seem to be the only one &ho is Astill pursin"A as per the subEe!t o% this thread.*2: >ore in the 8ake o" Panorama Post #22 200*0518-051. Share their &ins in li%e but .)(..a&ay %rom the psy!ho ta!ti!s o% the Co%S. and (.000>s o% exes &ho ha+e !ontinued to ma-e Aspiritual pro"ressA. or A+oidin" What 0 said &as# A0 ha+e %ollo&ed the !areers o% . About the same %i"ure <S are so bro-enhearted that they ha+e "i+en up. early >)3. this &ould be 981 Persion 3. What a load o% !rapD 0n late . trainin" and pro!essin" and ha+e done +ery &ell. a little !o%%ee shop pro!essin".in some past S!io in!idents or &ron" items. Alan Post #$. in!ludin" SB !hildren. My apolo"y. 0 did not loo.@or e+ery disaster !aused by the Co%S there are probably .0 o-ay situations mainly %rom those &ho !ould &al. but o% the ex s!ns that 0 personally -no&. 0 -no& as Bob . As %or their Aspiritual pro"ressA 0 really !annot say. 327 #ersions 2 and $ B B B And %or those -eepin" s!ore. e+eryone else seems to ha+e "i+en up the idea o% bein" able to pro"ress. 200*052$-02$4 1)es 1i Alan 0>m "lad you -no& . &ho some !laim &as not the same 981 as Persion .

.he !ame to the dinin" room &here they &ere and 0 introdu!ed him.. Whilst 981 &as a&ay..he &as &al-in" alon" the bea!h &hen he smelt my !i"ar a matter o% %a!t 0 &as lu!-y to es!ape bein" a %oundin" member o% the 8P@....&as a !lose %riend and 0 &as in his o%%i!e &hen 981 !alled t&i!e..0 &as not only Bob>s %riend 0 &as also his V7* auditor...-0+$2 > !olo .... 0 had se+eral trips to the ship and and %la" o+er the next %e& years.. The ne& head o% the 3SJB then or!hestrated a pur"e on all o% Bob>s !onne!tions. @urther 0 &as at %la" &hen the 8P@ &as %ormed and had se+eral !on+ersations &ith him 0 e+en didI 0 belie+e the only solo ComE+ in history &ith 981 as the !on+enin" authority and terminal..Bent Corydon and 4in"sley Winbush &ere there.. 6es.. there &as a !on!entrated e%%ort to remo+e Bob Thomas %rom his post as JB3S. Bob &as !alled to @la" and Comm E+ed and remo+ed %rom post. @lorida in late .5 .... They also had -no&n 981 sin!e .L......5 Who &as the Solo Comm E+ onH 2Man you really "otta &or.)<.omm 1# When you &ere at @la" &hen the 8P@ &as %ormed..A 1e !ame up to me and &e had a brie% !hat.. Alan Post #$$ 200*051. Bob and 9oy 6oun" &or-ed &ith him in the Photo Shoot Br" in Clear&ater %or se+eral months be%ore he too. 0 told him there &ere se+eral people &ho &ould li-e to meet him. The 3SJB>s B%%i!e did a !omplete in+esti"ation o% me and sent the data to @la". he had a"ed ?uite a bit but it &as de%initely 981.. he a"reed to meet them... 0 belie+e Bob Thomas and 0ra Chale% &ere the %irst t&o to be put on the 8P@.. The last time 0 tal-ed to him personally &as in 7ayton..o%% %rom there. 4( heard later that the 6%:& and the :& were boasting they had got me fore!er.... That &as the last time 0 tal-ed to him personally.0 don>t remember &ho else.they &ould ha+e -no&n the di%%eren!e.. Bob &as stoppin" the !riminal a!ts %rom bein" implemented by 'ane 4ember +ia MS1. did you ha+e any dis!ussions &ith him W981X about thatH *ot about the 8P@.he !alled outI Ais that you AlanHA 0 said it to "et these nu""ets...

Was 981 behind the Sno& White operationH 0 am sure he &as. My %indin"s &ere# . To return to runnin" my Centers in Sa!remento. 0 did it. not !riminal. 1e in%ormed me that there &as a mountain o% e+iden!e %rom the 3SJB that indi!ated 0 &as a !riminal. The people &ho &ent to Eail &ere the ones that set about destroyin" me and Bob Thomas and in many &ays S!io.0 pro!essin".0 and no& 0>m ethi!s baitHA This &as relayed to 981. 981 appro+ed the %indin"s. There &as some stu%% there. B% !ourse no lon"er bein" in the SB the 8P@ &as out o% bounds.A 2not to be !on%used &ith the A0ndependent @ieldA5 the sense o% dis!ontent that lin"ered behind the s!enes 2%or some5 in S!ientolo"y. 20 &as a 9t.84: Aid an o" ou do the G4rand TourG6 Post #2 200*052$-1+48 7ubbard's G/dmissionsG And. has been .0 &as an @CC0 at @la" "ettin" my 9. My response &as# AJeeCD 0 %inish my 9. My reply# ABullshitDA 1e then issued a Solo Comm E+ to be done by me on mysel%. To be remo+ed %rom the SB. To be stripped o% my SB B%%i!er ran-. in the so !alled A@reeCone. 3. 0t &as the remo+al o% Bob Thomas that pa+ed the &ay %or the 3SJB in !onspira!y &ith the JBWW to no& "et into their !riminal a!ti+ities. Salt 9a-e. Alan Thread . At the %inish o% it 0 &as presented by Wally Bur"ess and a Commodore messen"er 'ill Joodman &ith a Comm E+.5 (.. and @resno.

. To "et the rest o% the Admissions !li!. simply. 1ubbard and Q!ientolo"y !laim that he &as a . Parsons. all by itsel%. The thrill o% holdin" the !ans. and readin" o%% that really !ool Aupper le+elA 1ubbardian si"ni%i!an!e."erryarmstron".A o% ABT 3. )or you are .et these &ncantat&ons' They are holy and are no$ !ecome an &nte. ma"i!-.A and o% A*BTs. That. po$ers% l&. @or some. and that>s un%ortunate.repla!ed &ith a happy !ontentedness at bein" able to play &ith ones e meter &ithout bein" yelled at.reatest phase yet o) $ork and devot&on and po$er and have per)ect control $&thout )urther )ear' Men#s cha&ns )all )rom you' =our head &s h&. 8B* 13BBA87 @or these are the Pie&points F 7imension Points and An!hor Points &ithin &hi!h the 3ni+erses o% 1ubbard. But &hat is &orse i% you are a true belie+er that 1ubbard is the sour!e then so too are your 3ni+erses based upon these hidden %rom your a&areness Pie&points 7imension Points and An!hor Points http#$$&&&.A but. 7ianeti!s and S!ientolo"y &ere built upon. 1ere is &hat Jerry &rote as an introdu!tion# The period &hen 1ubbard made these Admissions in+ol+ed 'ohn' =ou can e8per&ence no ev&l or &llness' =ou are $holly protected' =ou cannot . \to ha+e done them\. and the end result o% the AClearin" Course.. Many than-s to Jerry Armstron" %or ha+in" the "uts to see these Admissions &ere brou"ht out in the open.that &ould ma-e him %amous and lead on to Q!ientolo"y. his Ade+elopmentA o% A7ianeti!sA leadin" to the publi!ation o% the boo. is \enou"h\.ral part o) your nature' =ou enter the .u&de yoursel) $ron. @unnily.or"$<0"rand$&ritin"s$ars$ars (000 03 .ht &n the darkness% !eauty &n all'J The abo+e are an ex!erpt %rom T1E A7M0SS0B*S B@ 9.on the 389.' Men are your slaves' Elemental sp&r&ts are your slaves' =ou are po$er amon. To understand 1ubbard and S!ientolo"y it is +ital you %ully !omprehend T1E A7M0SS0B*S B@ 9. the abo+e has "i+en a bad name to all %orms o% !ons!iousness exploration.A is no lon"er expe!ted to be a real ABT.h' =our !ack &s stra&. instead.s are yours )or the ask&n. Bne does them. Sara *orthrup.html I=ou $&ll never )or. his %amily. these Ale+elsA ha+e be!ome ends in themsel+es. produ!es a sense o% AWheeeDA that e+ery %i+e year old -no&s on Christmas mornin". Bh &ell.u&ded as a cro$n pr&nce' Mater&al th&n. 8B* 13BBA87. and &at!hin" the needle rea!t.

20 hear Alan has a similar !on!ept o% Aspiritual teamatesA &hereby su!h asso!iate and !o operate. . &hi!h 0>ll repeat %rom my 'an (L. They are %ree to stay or "o as they so !hoose. Alan Post #2. be!ause in this &orld it is 1is 8ealm. A Elemental spirits are your sla+esA may be a poeti! and metaphori!al statement o% that idea. They are themsel+es. he surely !annot -eep Jod out o% reli"ion. Thus not only do others Anot -no& &hy.) de!laration. and &hi!h 0 pray that 7M and his Q!ientolo"ists ta-e to heart.A but you end up Anot -no&in" &hyA yoursel%.. . 'ust one last thou"ht.. Commonly -no&n as Asnat!hin" de%eat %rom the Ea&s o% +i!"i! rin". 5 6ou are a million miles %rom my !on!ept o% Spiritual Teammates. They are %ello& !o !reators. 0 hope 1ubbard>s Admissions are a blessin" and a help to all. That>s sort o% the messa"e e+ery prophet brin"s.ASpe!ial B%%i!erA %or the 9AP7 in this period and that he &as &or-in" %or the 3Q *a+y to brea.up the Parsons Abla!. They are %ree to !o pro!ess and !o train i% they so &ish. And anyone &ho has &or-ed !lose to 1ubbard has obser+ed him smash many &or-able po&er s!enes and po&er bein"s. Althou"h man may attempt to -eep Jod out o% his other realms. d (000 Jerry Armstron" Alan Post #24 200*0521-1548 !&iritual Teammates Elemental spirits are your sla+es. A Spiritual Teammate &or-s &ith the team and help ea!h other. 0% you !an "et the !on!ept o% many o% our past hi"hly trained and pro!essed people &ho ha+e mo+ed on yet are still &or-in" to"ether &ith many o% us &ho still li+e ma-es %or a +ery help%ul team. 200*0521-1+$5 1is a%%irmations or admissions are in themsel+es held do&n se+ens.A There is a PA re!ord sho&in" that around the time o% the Admissions 1ubbard sou"ht psy!hiatri! help. 0 help them they help me they help ea!h other. A%%irmations or admissions al&ays run on all %lo&s.

0 protested bein" the e%%e!t o% SP>s. SA. We started doin" it on the maiden +oya"e o% the 8oyal S!otsman in *o+ . 0 do -no& he helped de+elop the runnin" o% those pro! those days and has been !arried on e+er sin!e.has been the most in%luen!ial person to the de+elopment o% S!ientolo"y 2the subEe!t.00>s o% people &ho pro!essed and trained people %or years &ho also brou"ht &ith them pie!es o% other ism>s and olo"ies. Thus the tinyness o% S!io. Bther than 981.ontributors to !cio tech Wsnipped re?uest %or namesX 0 ans&ered most o% these ?uestions in Pandoras Box Part (.Par-house in 'ohannesbur".. introdu!ed and de+eloped the T8>s and BbEe!ti+e pro!edures.L).exs!n. you may end up &here you are headin". so &e de+eloped ho& to "et to the sour!e o% the !ondition and %ind &hat put a bein" at e%%e!t. 'an and 8i!hard 1alpern alon" &ith *ibs dis!o+ered. As 7ennis>s si" says# A0% you do not !han"e dire!tion. Truly the te!h &as e+ol+ed by . 1ad this been allo&ed it &ould ha+e meant the end o% the disastrous ethi!s handlin" that be!ame existent ba!. many o% his te!h dis!o+eries &ere suppressed.phpHt=33 The data as to &ho helped !ontribute and de+elop di%%erent pie!es o% the te!h !ame %rom multiple sour!es. &ho do you thin. We &or-ed out ho& to do this sent the data to 981 he stopped it.The problem is the abo+e beha+ior is on all %lo&s in S!io. and &hyH 8i!hard Stee+es.A 9ao TCu Alan Post #$* 200*052$-141* . S[7>s are the pro!esses desi"ned to %ind the SP on your !$sho&thread. http#$$%orum. As %or 'ohm Ma!Master>s Po&er pro!esses dis!o+eries 0 ha+e no proo% o% that. 'ohn &as a brilliant pro!essor. Se! Che!-in" &as de+eloped by Peter Jreen and 'a!. 'ohn and 0 did a "reat deal o% resear!h on Sear!h and 7is!o+ery pro!esses. Alan . not the !hur!h5.

O 21ubbard5 These are an ob+iously untrue obser+ations typi!al o% someone &ho is A8C bro-en &ith li%e. durin" the last de!ade.. more literate. They only see out points and &ron"nesses. About its only bene%it is to in!rease your litera!y pro+idin" you use meanin"%ul real &orld di!tionaries.0 . people. 0t>s an ar!hai! te!hnolo"y that has not mo+ed %or&ard and !annot mo+e %or&ard. NThis %a!tor is +isible in a de!line in the ability to tell identities. Alan .L/ and be!ame %ixed into position in . The people you obser+e &innin" in S!io today are those &ho already had li%e s-ills and abilities. li+in" better. 0t is !laimed that 7isasso!iation is handled on one o% the Super Po&er 87s.L< &ith 4SW..Thread 100. The %a!t isI S!ientolo"y has be!ome more and more disasso!iated &ith the present time existen!e o% the !ultures o% earth.0S o% your sta%% are Adisasso!iati+eAH 0>d be +ery interested in !omments$+ie&points on this phenomenon and its possible !auses. a ne& %a!tor has entered into the !ulture that &as pre+iously only rare. NThe %a!tor !an be !alled >7isasso!iation>A. This started in . but most probably due to one o% the !ommon dru"s or medi!ations or e+en %ood de%i!ien!ies. The Te!hnolo"y is !ompletely %o!used on the past and &hat is &ron". People are li+in" lon"er. pla!es and thin"s. et!. A per!enta"e &hi!h &as only one or t&o seems to ha+e Eumped up to ei"hty or ninety. S!io is &ay out o% present time Ethi!ally Te!hni!ally and Administrati+ely. 1o& the hell do you !lear a planet &hen . possibly due to lo&ered edu!ational standards or the de!linin" nature o% the !ulture itsel%.: . 0t "oes a lon" &ay to explainin" some o% the ethi!s !y!les 0>+e endured. similarities and di%%eren!es. thus is !ontinuously unmo!-in" the present and the %uture.urious !u&er Po8er Aata Post #20 200*0520-155+ AApparently.

you &ere thro&n o+erboard. 981 boasted about it on the Class P000 tapes.: /l :arreau Post #25 200*08$0-145+ !tanle . then Po&er.L. *ote# *e"le!t o% this P9 has !aused "reat hardship on sta%%s.lass OIII course What a bun!h o% liesDDDDDD This is Eust one o% him %inally &e both burst out lau"hin" &e said to ea!h other simultaneously Ayou>re lea+in" %or "ood aren>t youDA As &e &ere both "oin" to 9A &e sat to"ether on the same %li"ht "reat natter session. Alan Thread 1040: /nal sis o" ..most li-ely edited out no&. international e%%ort to restore basi! S!ientolo"y o+er the &orld. in < hours. 0 as-ed i% 0 !ould share his taxi to the airport he relu!tantly said Ao-ayA on!e &e &ere in the taxi it &as ob+ious somethin" &as +ery out he !ouldn>t loo. Then the CC. has !ost !ountless millions and made it ne!essary in .at me.. E+ery one o% those < people ble& S!io &ithin 3 &ee-s o% returnin" to their Br"s as BT L Class P000>s.hurch Writings Post #2 200*052. Then all the &ay to BT L in under 3 &ee-s.-0*5+ The original . 0n B!tober. and 0 didn>t &ant to tal.. 981 0 &as on the Bri"inal Class P000 Course &hen the ARui!-ie JradesA &ere en%or!ed into existen!e by 981. There &ere < people ta-en %rom the Ano Jrades inO state to puttin" their Jrades 0 to 0P in. 0 !ame to the ship and protested to 981 about the ARui!-ie JradesA and the dama"e it &as doin" &orld &ide. NRui!-ie "radesO entered in and denied "ain to tens o% thousands o% !ases.. There%ore a!tions &hi!h ne"le!t or +iolate this poli!y letter are 10J1 C80MES resultin" in Comm E+s on A7M0*0ST8ATB8S and ... . 0T 0S T1E B3S0*ESS B@ EPE86 STA@@ MEMBE8 to en%or!e it. 0t is not Nentirely a te!h matterO...)0 to en"a"e in an all out. @or my troubles 0 &as held on the ship %or 3 months.. 0% you did not do the ARui!-ie JradesA on your p!. Within < years a%ter the issue o% this P9. !omm e+ed and +ili%ied. +iolation had almost destroyed or"s. as its ne"le!t destroys or"s and !aused a ( year slump.)). &ith me o%% the lines.Thread 101. 0 had a %unny in!ident &ith Stanley Clar-e &e &ere both lea+in" %la" at the same time.. .larke Ba!.

2Mi"ht ha+e been a sli"ht mis estimation o% e%%ort on my part. They are an amal"amation o% many years o% ori"inations and dis!o+eries..0 or"s to do themH 6es $ *oH *o.My .. Alan Post #10 200*052.0 mins are you no& a "reat &orld reno&ned !on!ert pianistH B% !ourse not yet you %$ned 0t is this !ontinuous %alse states and unrun !ase !onditions that has destroyed S!io. .. 'ust as Pam 4emp put the 7ru" 8$7 to"ether.. Alan Post #21 200*05$0-1*02 Who de#elo&ed the 4rades6 Jordon Bell put the Jrades 0 to 0P le+els material to"ether. Alan Post #48 200*080$-1+24 3i"e is #er eas .0 Centers &ere ta-en %rom me. done by many people.20 Are you sayin" these >?ui!-y "rades> are a "ood thin" or bad thin" %or the indi+idualH BA7D BA7D BA7D Are you sayin" hubbard %ormulated them and it &as bad %or your !ash %lo& in your . 0 ha+e not met a S!io or exS!io yet &ho is not a by passed !ase o% ma"nitude.-1. And be!ause you didn>t &ant to do them you "ot bustedH 6es $ *oH 0 "ot busted be!ause 981 did not &ant to -no&D 0 impa!ted him and the SB &ith su!h %or!e that 0 put him in bed %or L &ee-s."ind 8hat ou lo#e to do and do itF Jordon Bell ori"inally !ompiled the "rades. The &ere bad %or my honor and inte"rityI and the honor and inte"rity o% the p!I and the honor and inte"rity o% S!io.5 0ma"ine you are be"inner at learnin" the piano but you &ant to be a "reat &orld reno&ned !on!ert pianist you "o in to an Br" to "et some pro!essin" you %$n in ..

. 0% you pro!ess anythin" else you &ill end up &ith someone &ho thin-s pro!essin" does not & that +alen!e or substitute identity needs the Jrades.. 8eadin" &hat most o% you ha+e "one throu"h it is +ery e+ident &hy so many thin.. and you pro!essed the C$S. *o Prime 7reams or Joals means the p! is buried in some past stop..and that is monitored by the p!>s Prime 7reams. 8unnin" 981>s !ase as your !ase also does not &or-.e# 6ou had a problem ha+in" money you no& !an ha+e money..L.There is a simple &ay to -no& &hen a pro!ess is !omplete 2%or the moment5 that is &hen there are no more ans&ers. 7emandin" more ans&ers than the person has &ill !ause the person to belie+e that pro!essin" does not &or...5 Almost all S!io and @T Jrades pro!essin" is done on a +alen!e or substitute identity thus i% you shi%t +alen!e or substitute another identity your Jrades pro!essin" disappears... The best &ay to Eud"e a subEe!t or Jrade !ompletion is the person is at !ause o+er the subEe!t# i...... 7ianeti!s is similar to &at!hin" +ideos. 3sually %rom that time on in!idents &ill !ome to +ie& but you !an run those in!idents the olden days &e used to pro!ess the p! in %ront o% us.. 7ianeti!s is based on runnin" Mental 0ma"e Pi!tures. i% you !an and are &illin" to !on%ront any M0P you ha+e EPed on 7ianeti! didn>tD >&)e &s very easy 5 )&nd $hat you love to do and 5 do &tF ..1olo"raphi! in!ident runnin" is a !ompletely di%%erent subEe!t as that in!ludes the ability to intend and !reate plus !an span the %ull spe!trum o% !an only be done on &hat the p! &ants to!essin" does not &or.5 4Add to that ha!ing some idiot Ethics &fficer or Exec in!alidating or e!aluating for you what is an &!ert or withhold and you can finish a person off fore! has been do&nhill e+er sin!e. 4This also leads to all sorts of wrong assumptions out lists wrong items self listing etc.... Pro!essin" is a +ery personal subEe!t to &or. That &as outla&ed in B!t . and then be!omes a ne+er endin" pro!ess a"ain it %eels li-e you>re not "ettin" any&hereD Add to this# i% your pro!essor is in a lo& identity thus you o%ten !annot "et at !ause. Someho& o+er the years pro!essin" be!ame a one siCe %its all subEe!t that &ill not &or-.. 6ou had a problem !ommuni!atin" to people you no& !an and do enEoy !ommuni!atin" to people. This is also &hy B$W is a +ery limited pro!ess... B%ten a person blo&s their 7n !ase "ettin" o%% their maEor &ithold2s5. 3sually there are only a %e& B+erts or Withholds on any subEe!t.and$or that they are no !ase "ain. Ba!..

me"alomania! must be in !ontrol o% A99 CASES at A99 T0MESD Thus a %ixed Jrade Chart. only i% the PC didn>t ma-e it. it>s mostly an e!onomi! issue. money and e%%ort to "et that done a%ter all that is a dream o% many imbe!ili! people. to -eep the stats up people are trapped into the !hair or Br".to li+in" your li%e. Alan .A A !ontrol %rea-. 1o& it apparently should be is that the ACT3A9 "rades pro!esses are run and then. 9i%e is the bi" main line pro!ess.0% you run into stops or misdire!tors "et a session i% your purpose turns ba!.ontrol "reak W!omment re 7MX 6ou are dealin" &ith A!ontrol %rea. The only reason to "o into session is &hen that pro!ess is stopped. slo&ed or nulli%ied. ta-in" %ore+er and a day. Alan Post #4. Jrades or any pro!ess %or that matter should only be run &hen"alomania!s. 9et>s %a!e it people are stayin" a&ay in dro+es. B%ten a "ood ni"ht>s sleep &ill handle that. 0% you are one o% those people &ho are stupid enou"h to &ant to "et A99 CASE handled and be all you !an Be 7o or 1a+e then expe!t to spend a lot o% time. 200*080$-1*00 . Stats bein" made more important than p!>s ends up &ith an un&or-able Te!hnolo"y. As &ith e+erythin" else. not a te!h one as %ar as 0 !an tell. 9i+in" li%e to its %ullest is a maEor pro!ess. The AproblemA 2per 7M5 &ith the "rades is that a%ter Te!h 7e"rades issue. he is C$S>ed %or the other pro!esses %or that "rade.on "o ba!. they &ere suppressi+ely !ompiled by 8uss W and no& A99 "rades pro!esses are run %or e+ery "rade.

.. 8ealH 0ma"inedH When it o!!urred it &as +ery real.he &ould stop and !ommuni!ate in holo"rams to me..Thread 1042: -egati#e 1)orcism Post #1... A%ter all almost all our early upbrin"in" &as desi"ned %or us to "i+e up our o&nership %or time.. Eust unlimited a!!ess to all that &as bounti%ul.... *ot really it ta-es money mana"ement and stron" dis!ipline. They seem to be about 300 years ba!. 200*0+1$-214. as it ta-es money to ma-e money. et!. .o&nership %or your li%e is one o% the hardest thin"s to do you so mu!h &ant to turn to someone else to tell you &hat you should do.....: GThe "irst 21/3 %T 3e#elG enem line6 Post #22 200*0+10-1+4$ Jettin" out &as my li%e repair. @inan!ial 0ndependen!e is no& a reality %or me..lettin" me -no& ho& &ell the tribe &as doin".A They seem to interse!t the di%%erent time lines and spa!es o% this uni+erse. Parallel uni#erse time &ortals 0 !all these Aparallel uni+erse time portalsA A+ie&s into parallel uni+erses.then mo+e on. Ta-in" ba!. and sin!e that day it>s ta-en the better part o% . T&i!e a year a tribe o% 0ndians &ould pass throu"h my li+in" room either "oin" north or south dependin" on the season..a %e& days later it seemed ima"ined... Con"ratulations 0 -no& ho& tou"h that is to do.. 1e &ould Eust sha-e his head in !ontempt at ho& &e li+ed today. no %en!es."reat herds o% bison... 0 &ould experien!e the luxury and %reedom o% the times they li+ed in....but 0 !ertainly +ie& the area mu!h di%%erently sin!e those +isits. But it seems li-e its the non s!ientolo"ists &ho are the ones &ho !an a%%ord to &in at !asinos and ra!e tra!-s. 0 had one in my house that &as on a la-e in *th Texas. teemin" ri+ers %ull o% %ish and abundan!e o% +arious other "ame... Alan Thread 10+.there &as a medi!ine man and leader o% the tribe.3 years to "et %rom ban-rupt!y and !ertain homelessness to the point &here house is paid in %ull.... And bein" in the Tone....

A &ay o% -eepin" s!ore. 0 bou"ht mysel% a top o% the line Turbo !har"ed BonanCa aeroplane &ith my &innin"s %rom 'ohn As?ua"uas *u""et Casino in Spar-s.L. there &as a TP sho& !alled the >7atin" Jame>. 4no&led"ism .Example Person . @inan!ial 0ndependen!e Alan Walters . but you ha+e lots o% un-no&ns and &eird ideas that need to be erased and the !orre!t -no&led"e and -no& ho& obtained 0 ha+e ne+er met anyone &ho has not %ailed themsel+es to su!!ess. As %ar @inan!ial 0ndependen!e Alan.. sorry !ant remember exa!tly. Ability$Possibility .. and most people are too impatient to do but the re&ard is you ha+e the basi! &innin" %undamentals o% your "ame do&n. &ere boastin" ho& they &ere "oin" to in essen!e >!lean up> &ith their BT abilities.. This &as al&ays my not so hidden standard o% ho& &ell my te!h &as &or-in". This is the one that ta-es the most time.. 0 remember ba!.the odds o% doin" that are millions to one. are you o%%erin" a million dollars %or %reeConers to s&it!h o+er and be!ome independentsH Cause until then 0 suspe!t 7B@ is it!hin" to update hisI AChart o% Possible Abilities to be Jained and Where They Mi"ht be BbtainedA to in!ludeI * the early ..0>s.00S #7 #7 #7 My ability to tea!h people ho& to ma-e and ha+e money has al&ays been spe!ta!ular sin!e .1o& Bbtained S Possibility . The number one basi! is *EPE8 T38* CB*T8B9 B@ 6B38 90@E BPE8 TB SBMEB*E E9SEDDDDDDDD That means no lon" term debts or !ontra!ts unless you !an es!ape %airly easily by sellin" &hat you bou"ht %or &hat you paid or %or a pro%it.. The next is# stay on purpose.sixesA at the horse ra!e tra!. What a dismal sho&in" that turned out to beD That &as another one o% those WT@ moments ba!. The purpose should be &orth&hile it should be bi" money should be a by produ!t.0 %inan!ed mysel% %or years %rom !asino>s been banned %rom the best o% them.. @or %ailure al&ays means you are a player in the Jame. 9ater &hen desperate 0 pi!-ed se+eral Api!. *e+ada. The next is be &illin" to %ail.then./.. T&o students on !ourse at AB or AS1B.. The next is be &illin" to apprenti!e. The next is A9WA6S @B99BW 6B38 0*TE8EST 90*E this o% !ourse !an be deadly i% you are a destru!ti+e addi!t it usually means you need to !han"e addi!tions %rom destru!ti+e to positi+es.. 6ou may need to set yoursel% up in a step by step approa!h.H . .

Alan.... And &e already -no& you are BT in the area o% not ma-in" that or anythin" to do &ith betterment &or-D 6ou are simply deluded and the best thin" you !ould do is to "et the 1ubbo spe& out o% your head. in relati+e PT. Alan Post #2* 200*0+10-2101 But &hat you CA*>T do.maybe you should loo.. 0 li-e my delusions they tend to pay o%% handsomely...Most o% the people on this list ha+e a lot o% unused. undire!ted s-ills and abilities that !an be %o!used to build a +ery su!!ess%ul li%e. to spare these days. *ot that 0 !ould !laim to be any&here near as &ealthy as he !laims to be. Bne o% the hardest thin"s is not to "o into a "ames !ondition &ith others. hold and ha+e money to enEoy. . Alan Post #28 200*0+10-214* (lackJack A!tually he is on tra!. Slo& is usually %ast in the area o% ma-in" money. Stay &ithin your o&n tar"et area.but 0>m truly "lad you are not deluded that you are the %inal ans&er to all. 1ubbard has ne+er mana"ed to introspe!t me %or too lon". So do you -no& &t% you are "oin" on aboutH 6ou>re Eust a repeater !ir!uit playin" the same old silly messa"e o+er and o+er a"ain. 0 -eep them pri+ate 0 do not %oist them unto others. 1ubbard has been dead %or more than t&enty years..about the dis!ipline re?uired to ma-e. unless it is enli+ened by someone. 0 Eust ha+e lots. The Te!h is dormant it has no li%e. is demonstrate these po&ers and &in the 8andi Million and nor !an any apprenti!e you !are to train. That is your purpose and interest line "o %or it... As 0>m usually exterior (/$) 6ou are the one all entan"led &ith 1ubbard.

.0 started &ith Q(00 learnin" to play bla!-Ea!.000 a year in my spare time. #7 And yes 0 did employ !ertain pie!es o% Te!h 0 had de+eloped o+er the years. 0t &as +ery exhaustin" &or-. 9i-e 4enny 8od"ers on!e sun"I A6ou "otta -no& &hen to hold>em and -no& &hen to %old>em. Alan Post #*5 200*0+14-0148 The ?ingdom o" 4od Is Within 9ou JeeD Bill there &as some sandal &earin" lon" haired hippie ba!.it may ha+e been TinE &ho pointed out the irony that S!ns mi"ht be the only ones to bu!.000 &ith me at any one time. .0. 0 played all o+er the &orld +ery seldom losin" +ery mu!h...a !ouple o% thousand years a"o that summed thin" up pretty "ood he said# AThe 8ingdom of Hea!en and all lower harmonics are withinEA Create the spa!e be the spa!e be in the spa!e be a dot &ithin a dot to be &ithin the in%inity o% smaller dots.00 miles a&ay %rom the Casino. 4ind o% li-e &hen 0 &asn>t in+ol+ed &ith s!ientolo"ists or spinnin" my &heels on hubbo !ourses that promised to ma"i!ly ma-e money appear be%ore my +ery eyes any&here 0 &anted it to. Sometimes 0 &ould lose my Q(00 in (0 minutes.that>s partial exterior. 0 lost my %irst house in order to learn ho& not to loose my !urrent oneD Those be"innin" lessons !an be +ery expensi+e When 0 start in a ne& area 0 nearly al&ays ha+e many losses 0 %a!tor that in as part o% the !ost o% learnin" and doin" business.. Then re+erse the pro!ess usin" at least . E+en 8oland !ould mana"e to do thatD B+er time 0 be"an to &in ( out o% 3 times.this truth i% they !ould demonstrate BT po&ers &hi!h. 0 ne+er too. they !an>t.000 %rom then on 0 &as able to earn Q300 Q/<0. an!hor points until you !an !reate and o!!upy it all a"ain.. The Q(00 &or-ed out to bein" able to play /0 losin" Q< hands. Slo&ly 0 built up my sta-e to Q. 0 Eust "ot in my !ar and dro+e home. Post #1$$ 200*0*18-1. The physi!al uni+erse seen %rom the !orre!t distan!e is a &onder%ul spinnin" "olden ball. neatly !entered &ithin yoursel%. Most times &innin" ?uite bi".000 then ?uit %or the ni" tar"et &as to turn the Q(00 into Q. o% !ourse. 0 li+ed a .more than Q(.10 The t8o-edged s8ord o" &o8erB 0 thin..

As usual AlanCo you ha+e thin"s ass ba!-&ardsD We are spiritual bein"s and these are not super po&ers.. Alan Thread 10*. 6et ea!h is usin" those in%inite po&ers to restrain sel% and others. in+alidation or de"radation by ma-in" less or nothin" o% your o&n and ea!h person>s o&n omni so+erei"n in%inite po&ers and a!tion steps that !auses the disastrous loss o% the bein">s ability to holo"raphi!ally dupli!ate and permeate that leads to a loss o% position. 0t o!!urred on the Bri"inal Class P000 !ourse.. in%inite intelli"en!e.. unmo!-in". 0n the se!ond session 0 e+er had 0 sa& both the in%inite po&ers 0 and other people had and ho& 0 and they &ere also usin" their in%inite po&ers to stop. A%ter all it ta-es tremendous BT PBWE8S to put yoursel% in the &ron" pla!e at the &ron" time &ith the &ron" people doin" and playin" the &ron" "ame. misery and unhappiness. oppression.m. 0t &as a demonstration o% the t&o ed"e s&ord o% po&er. slo& or nulli%y those +ery same in%inite po&ers and restrain ea!h sel%. 981 "a+e a le!ture. suppression. disruption. a small Jree. Behind 981 &ere the pi!ture . leadin" to a loss o% %utures. po+erty. 0t is the sho!-in". in B!t . Ea!h has in%inite po&er. And 0 thin. abusin". in%inite abilities. shatterin". Alan Post #14+ 200*0*18-2251 0 thin. and in%inite s-ills.: !tabl e)terior 8ith "ull &erce&tion Post #$5 200*0+1$-1+$5 327's e)terior delusions Possibly this &as my most embarrassin" in!ident to do &ith 981. stoppin".Bb+iously ea!h is demonstratin" BT Po&ers to ea!h other so mu!h so it appears normal.that &e do not need super human po&ers to be spiritual at all. Most o% us ha+e di%%i!ulties bein" human be!ause there are so many human identities &e resist bein".&e are human bein"s. in%inite !le+erness.L. %ailures. !o dependen!y.0sland hal%&ay bet&een Jree!e and 0taly. the loss o% so+erei"nty. We &ere do!-ed in Cor%u. Ea!h ni"ht at . dispersal. We &ere in the main dinin" room &hi!h doubled as the le!ture room. in%inite stren"th.00 p.

.. L. many people.... That !ourse bro-e so many. Thus there &ere an approx 300 o% the upper le+el SB Sta%% and Class P000 students !rammed into this room %a!in" 1ubbard and Mary Sue &ho sat alon"side 981 so ex!ept %or 981 and MS1 &e all +ie&ed the a!ti+ities outside the &indo&s.. 0t empo&ered the dar-side. people you trusted be!ame your enemy.. The only problem &as that ni"ht a tu" boat to&in" a "arba"e s!o& &as &hat &ent past the &indo&s. We all &itnessed it the emperor &as na-edDDD There &as deathly silen!e in the room the room &ent +ery solid.the Bri"inal Class P000 !ourse &as ri"ht sma!... your %riends &ere betrayin" you. 0t &as +ery pun!tual. 0t &as a brutal !ourse deli+ered in the mood le+el o% %ury. 9ater on only @red @air!hild. 0t made the dar-side ri"ht.30 pm there &as a %erry %rom Cor%u to Brindisi that &ould lea+e. *e+ Chamberlin and 0 dared spea. Alan Post #40 200*0+14-0128 The original .about set the standard %or today... 0 li+ed in 9ondon durin" the AblitCA it &as no&here near as dan"erous as those times. *o one loo-ed at another. 0t set 7omination and SubEu"ation in pla!e. 0t +iolated A99 Codes. Ea!h ni"ht at around . People &ere bein" thro&n o+erboard %or the sli"htest in%ra!tion. !har"e.lass OIII course 0 doubt i% anyone !an really "rasp ho& utterly dan"erous and psy!hoti! the en+ironment &as durin" the .in the middle o% that time. 1e &as really pu%%ed up &ith his ability to demonstrate his exterior &ith %ull per!epti!s.. 981 does not turn his head but stares strai"ht us and pro!eeds to "i+e us ho& he is exterior &ith %ull per!epti!s and des!ribes the %erry.L. But e+ery sta%% member and %uture Class P000 &as "i+en a maEor &ithhold that ni"ht... B% !ourse this pissed 981 o%% he &ould turn and "lare at the o%%endin" %erry boat. Any&ay one ni"ht at the exa!t time there &as the usual !lan"in" and ban"in" and the re++in" o% en"ines the !hu""in" past us noise. period. betrayal and psy!hi! +iolen!e &as horrendous. .. et!.the %or!e. 981 &as s!reamin" at people day in day out. There &as a lot o% !lan"in" and ban"in" and the re++in" o% en"ines and the %erry &ould !ome !hu""in" past us the sounds are probably still on the tapes...&indo&s %a!in" out to the do!-s a!ross the &ay.

.. Throu"h it all the motto &as# AThou shalt not be a +i!timDA 'ust pull out your !orre!tion lists and start lo!atin" and indi!atin".*o& that &as some "reat PT %or!e. 1e &as surrounded by his Aides.0 people &ere thro&n o+erboard ea!h mornin"...... Also a "reat !ourse on ho& to sur+i+e &ith thousands o% &ron" items and &ron" ans&ers. as it &as raised on VSB and is no& up to the sur+i+ors to strai"hten out. to .to Missions..981 &as demoni! and the &hole s!ene &as demoni!.. Also he &as re!ordin" all o% this on !amera.. There &as no -eel 1aulin".they sa& too mu!h truth and tried to deny it. 0t &as demoni!. 0 remember loo-in" up at them 0 &as starin" into the %a!e o% shear madness and e+il. The s!ene &ith o+erboardin" on the Bri"inal Class P000 Course &as i% an auditor did not "et an @$* on their p! at examiner they &ere thro&n o+erboard.. the !hain lo!-er.abo+e and announ!e &ho &ould be thro&n o+erboard. 0 don>t belie+e they e+er !ould %a!e up to &hat they truly &itnessed. They &ere both in bad shape &hile they &ere in the %rom the de!. 0t &as about a 30 %oot drop into a %ilthy %e!es laden &ater %rom the other ships and the Apollo dire!tly releasin" their se&a"e into the !hannel... 3sually .00 am 981 &ould loo. . 2E+er. We &ould line up on the &ell de!. 7id you -no& he and Pir"inia &ellH 6es. !har"e and mass to !on%rontDDD Jreat 3rd dynami! bull baitin". and &as there in %a!t any -eel haulin"H 0>d li-e to !lear up the -eelhaulin" bit...the psy!hos &ere lau"hin" at the spe!ta!le. Alan Post #55 200*0+14-2$54 %#erboarding etcB Can you detail &hat &as the s!ene &ith o+erboardin".5 The !hain lo!-er in!idents o!!urred outside the Class P000 !ourse. Allen 4apuler &as in the SB a short time and then ba!.in the mornin" at ..

S o% all Class P000s up to . Bnly i% used positi+ely your mood le+el soars. As %ar as 0 -no&. and &ith &hat seemed &ell deser+ed pride. mentally and physi!ally. The other is a destru!ti+e psy!hi! &eapon# 0t is used to %ixate attention and blan-et the bein". They are o% !ourse almost exa!tly the same. Alan Post #5* 200*0+15-000* . About L. %or!e and mass 0 had to %ind the !orre!t ans&ers and items to.This &as B!tober . until the time o% the ta-eo+er around . Bne is a beauti%ul po&er%ul psy!hi! ability# 0t is used to %ree the bein">s attention spiritually.harisma There are t&o types o% Charisma. The ne"ati+e &eaponry produ!es the exa!t opposite.21 6ou ha+e posted years a"o else&here that a hi"h proportion o% !lass P000s !ame throu"h your missions. True but mu!h e+olution has o!!urred sin!e then. 0 &ould not ha+e missed it it tri""ered so mu!h to !on%ront so mu!h !ase so mu!h !har"e. Also the dar-side &as exposed by the @B0 raid and the indi!tments then the subse?uent imprisonments. mentally and physi!ally. the "reat missions &ere built up lar"ely by the people on this !ourse... There ha+e been +ery %e& made sin!e so the per!enta"e &ould still be ?uite hi"h.o!!urred more and more !riminality !ame to +ie&. 6ou yoursel% &ere instrumental in that "reat mo+ement.. . The internet has allo&ed people to pie!e many areas o% harm that had been !ontinuously &ithheld./ years a%ter this !ourse. and !orre!t me i% 0>m &ron"....L.. Bn!e the !ra!. spiritually. 0% you !ould do it all o+er a"ain &ould you miss this outH *ot %o!us totally on your o&n interest lines and o&n "oals.. Alan Post #+0 200*0+15-0. interest and o&n "oals and &ill be"in to dramatiCe the interests and "oals o% the tran!e lose your %o!us. 6ou do not o%ten "et to &itness the rise and %all o% an empire.)) !ame throu"h my Missions. you a!tion le+el responds &ithout reser+ation.

They must "et their BW* +ie&points ba!-. ra"e and an"er . They ha+e to %eel sa%e enou"h to +ent their %ury. We !olle!ti+ely are here %or su!h....their BW* dreams ba!-. A lot to be responsible %or. 0t ta-es the li"htest o% tou!hes. *ot !o&ed by anyone it seems.. The loss o% one>s dreams and rea!h is a hu"e loss and many sol+e that by ne+er darin" to dream and rea!h out a"ain. This is a lon" Eob. Jreat lessons learned. 0t !annot be handled in pro!essin" or ethi!s %or they are the +ery thin"s used to !rush those dreams. Massi+e %alse data strippin" &ron" ans&ers &ron" item .their BW* trust %or themsel+es.. 7eliberately -eepin" themsel+es small and in+isible to S!io.. 8e!ently in !omm &ith someone ne& %rom the %i%ties.. Alan Post #+8 200*0+15-2128 Path to reco#er All this !an be handled in pro!essin".... The meter is useless as it &as part o% &hat &as used to ma-e them &ron". Too !har"ed to e+en ma-e any !onta!t &ith the area..... . Were the people &ho &ere bro-en %ixed upH *o... 'ust "oin" into a sa%e spa!e tri""ers their losses. 0 ha+e se+eral early %i%ties people !onne!ted to me &onder%ul %ounts o% data and -no&led"e. They need to be unpro!essed unethi!ed unadmined..1oards o% demoni!s do not bother me any at &ho they "a+e their po&er a&ay to then at themsel+es %or doin" that..their BW* %rames o% re%eren!e ba!-.00>s o% sel% listin" ?uestions need to be !ompleted they need to learn to trust themsel+es a"ain. With su!h di+erse A solutionsA But its a !omm line.. most &ere bro-en and &ent into hidin". The VSB list and this list has been a tremendous help to me as many areas 0 had ?uestions in 0 "ot the ans&ers to... *ot !o&ed but usually in hidin".their BW* "oals ba!-.

..... But most o% all restorin" the !onne!tion and %riendship &ith those &ho on!e sa& me as the enemy or 0 sa& them in the same +ein.all stood around too a%raid to do anythin". @earin" to ori"inate any a!tion lest they be!ome the tar"et o% 981>s displeasure.....pi!ture that &ould not "o a&ay... 0 ran and Eumped o+er the side and res!ued her.. no one still had !ome to help.'ulia &as about L/ years old..o%ten 0 %ind many &ron" ans&ers and un-no&ns !o+ered o+er by my o&n in!omplete data in the area....... Be !are%ul# 0 am as prone to a!t in!orre!tly on %alse data.the experien!e to balan!e out the &ild and &eird theories...... and inspe!t it.. That>s interestin" be!ause you are one most &ould normally %or ans&ers. 0 had my shoulders under her butt pushin" her up. %alse belie%s and un-no&ns as &e all are..... That many o% us are risin" to a le+el o% spirit o% play sho&s ho& %ar &e ha+e !ome %rom the isolation so many o% us ha+e li+ed in %or years.. !an you tell us ho& you re!on!iled su!h thin"s as o+erboardin" %or yoursel%H To be honest 0 put my head up my ass and hoped it &ould "o a&ay. Many dis!o+eries outside the box.. The people on the de!. deliberately obs!ured unmapped un!harted territories mu!h on!e -no&n no& lon" %or"otten.. The people &ho thre& her o+erboard stru""led to "et her o+er the sideI she &as terri%iedI she -ept !ryin" out A0 !annot s&imDA Bn her &ay do&n she hit the side o% the ship 0 !ould hear her s!reams it &as ob+ious she &as inEured and dro&nin". 8on had 'ulia Salmon thro&n o+erboard. She !ould not !limb the!h e+il......but at the top o% that ladder stood 981 %ilmin" us. 0 then pulled her o+er to the ladder that led up to the "round le+el o% the do! a!ts li-e a !onta!t assist. A%ter all one needs the mass &ith the si"ni%i!an!e..Mar+ellous multiple +ie&points on the Jame. But there &as one stu! &as about (0 %eet strai"ht up. We are &al-in" a path o% hea+ily dis"uised. Behind it &as at that time an unthin-able thou"ht. 6ou &ish to !omment on your areas o% ?uestions and the ans&ersH Ea!h time a person &rites up somethin" about a parti!ular area 0 "o ba!. SME W9arry BrennanX &as and is a +aluable %ount o% &ithheld data %or me.. terribly o+er&ei"ht and !ould not s&im. 0 &ill a!t and !orre!t as 0 "o alon". Alan Post #*0 200*0+15-2220 Alan.

. exterior &as tantamount to bein" ta-en o+er by those %or!esH What promises did he "i+e ba!..ha+e you e+er "otten o%% a harm%ul a!t o% doin" somethin" you did not &ant to do i% so it &as possibly not you doin" it you most li-ely &ere . B+er the years the unthin-able thou"ht pushed %or&ard more and more.... What &as your attitude durin" these years to these thin"sH 0 &as slo&ly "oin" out o% the "ame...u&sh 5 &t must never !e e8per&enced' When 0 &as in S!n this &as my maEor dilemma.....%inally some help arri+ed.up and !ontemplate the interior o% my !olonDDD Alan Post #122 200*0+1*-15$5 Aarkside entities 1o& !ould 1ubbard ha+e issued Exterior as an EP Won Bp Pro by 7upX. 0 -ne& o% the "lee%ul o+erboardin" o% Class P000 the . 0 &anted to belie+e 0 must belie+e %or i% it &as a lie then loo..ho& many people 0 had betrayed de)&n&tely a must not !e kno$n area 5 an area o) such pa&n and an....... su!h a simple little a!tion.. 6ou mentioned in another post about meetin" 8on on a bea!h years later as old &as Athat 0 obser+e that 981 &as demoni! at that time. Someho& 0 !ontinued to belie+e in 8on>s &isdom and 0>m interested in ho& you explained 8on>s demoni! beha+iour to yoursel% in those days rather than no& &ith hindsi"ht..Ayou>re seein" thin"sA A&hat do you -no&A Ayou "ot o+ertsA mu!h easier to blame sel% than !on%ront &hat is. it used to be promoted in those days as a "reat example o% a!hie+in" Astandard te!hA....those !han"es needed to be inspe!ted o+er many years to obser+e their %ull !onse?uen!es.. By my dili"ently !ontinuin" to !onstantly loo. The most !ommon bein" Se! Che!-s.. 8ealiCe &e had "one throu"h many !han"es and had !ome out some&hat better %or it..Any&ay a%ter an immense stru""le &ith 'ulia>s help 0 &as able to push her up to the top o% the ladder...A 0 did not &ant to -no& that. did not &ant to belie+e that.. i% he had not "one exterior himsel% and told others ho& toH 1a+en>t you e+er lost an abilityH What i% due to your bein" in lea"ue &ith the dar-side../0>s to be!ome the Amost po&er%ul bein" in the uni+erseHA 7id he betray those promisesH What i% your uni+erse &as !ollapsed and you &ere lo!-ed in mortal !ombat &ith those %or!esH 0 ha+e "one throu"h e+ery line o% the te!h there are doCens o% portals that allo& %or Adar-side entitiesA to ta-e one o+er.that &as too in!redible to be belie+ed e+en %or me 0 did the usual ma-e nothin" o% mysel%.

lots o% dis!o+eries ahead. et!.. The JB !onsisted o% < or L people. This &as +ery doable %or most people. These pri!es stayed the same until .L. This is Eust one little pie!e o% &hy.%i"htin" it bein" done the odds are you &ere not in !ontrol.... shame..and responses prior to thatH Alan Post #12.. 0 still ha+e many %riends %rom those days &ho still !o pro!ess &hen they need it almost all are ?uite &ealthy thou"h se+eral ha+e died o+er the last %e& years %rom old a"e.. 0nter%eren!e &as minimal %rom these people.000>s o% hours !onse?uently you &ould "et tremendous "ains as &ell as a "reat set o% li%e s-ills. blame sel%.. What &as your thin. Exterior &ould be all that &as needed to tri""er an atta!.in that area..then nor &ere there any SB Br"s ex!ept on the ship. 200*0+18-02$+ .)<. To me 0 -ne& 0 !ould !reate ..000>s o% top !lass auditors and 0 did many are no& pra!tisin" outside s!io. The SB only had around 300 people then. *o& you "et the harm%ul a!t o%% you %eel ha+e only re!ently %ound the positi+e ali"nment &ith outside entities.. Thus that bein" or "roup "ets empo&ered and you "et by passed no& you are really prone to !ommittin" more harm%ul a!ts that you are %i"htin" to stop it is !alled addi!tion. With deals you !ould be a Class P000 BT P0 %or less than Q3. the trainin" !ost o% the Brid"e up to Class P000 BT P0 &as only about Q<. The problem &as in those days there &as nothin" any&here that approa!hed the +alue that a person !ould "et out o% trainin" and pro!essin".&e &ere a subEe!t in e+olution. Auditin" &as Q3< an hour.<00.. not %rom doin" the a!t but %rom not pre+entin" the a!t %rom bein" done mean&hile the true insti"ator o% the a!t is missed. 6ou %eel utterly de"raded that is &hat happened to most &ho did not spot &ho or &hat did &hat you %eel utterly &ea. 0 expe!ted 981 to "et o+er his stu%% a%ter all 0 "ot o+er mineD Alan ..%T OI "or less than Q$@500 8emember this &as B!tober .. The lo&er le+els !ould be !o pro!essed %or .000.lass OIII ... There &ere no AB>s or AS1B>s or Celebrity Centers ba!.

Post #1$8 200*0+18-141$ . 0t &as a %as!inatin" 8$7 as it not only ran one>s spiritual tra!. BTW S!io &as Eust a lo!. &ea-. Possibly the !ombination o% se! !he!.it also ran the "eneti! tra!-. subEu"ate and ensla+e this is utterly a"ainst ea!h bein">s "oals it also !omes %rom a lot o% omitted te!hnolo"y and in!omplete te!hnolo"y. But it ne+er %ully ans&ered A&hyA the missin" pie!e &as AWhat problem &as the 2!lient5 attemptin" to sol+e by Eoinin" a CultHA 6our obser+ation brou"ht a pie!e o% that problem to +ie&. As mu!h as 0 hate to say this as it !omes %rom 8oland8B this is a +ery insi"ht%ul obser+ation. 0t ble& a lot o% subEu"ated. e+en i% that leader be an e+il tyrant. you !an ta-e !om%ort in the idea that this is somethin" that is maybe hard &ired into you as a human bein".identities and +alen!es as &ell as despoti! identities and +alen!es !reated by 7ominatin" indi+iduals or 7ominatin" Jan"s$"roups.A Alan Post #155 200*0+20-0$$+ 8oland AM0 posted# There seems to be a ASea Br"A psy!hosis that in+ol+es be!omin" utterly uns!rupulous about doin" &hat others &ould re"ard as thorou"hly unethi!al thin"s i% doin" so &ill bene%it e+en only in the short term themsel+es or their "roup. .00>s o% earlier Cults the bi""est Cult that 0 belon"ed to that had the most pro%ound e%%e!ts on me &as the ABritish Empire Cult. and dominatin" identities. E+en thou"h you didn>t speaout and so allo&ed S!n to !ontinue the abuse. 0t !omes %rom multiple sour!es.about 300 hours to run as it handled &ea. Jroups are stron"er than a !olle!tion o% indi+iduals so it ma-es e+olutionary sense %or humans to support a leader and %orm a "roup.implantin" and the "roupthin.o% the SB is hard to o+er!ome.on . 0 put to"ether a Cult 7eBppression 8undo&n it &as +ery extensi+e it too. Most o% it %rom applyin" Ethi!s Te!h and Admin in su!h a &ay as to dominate.ult Ae%&&ression 2undo8n Bri"inally Posted by 8oland8B 0t seems to me it is more a!!eptin" an authority %i"ure and ha+in" it rein%or!ed by the other members o% the so!ial "roup you are in throu"h peer pressure. 1o& do you "o about doin" thisH 0t is a !ombination o% a lot o% di%%erent a!tions.

0% a pro!ess is not &or-in" toss it.A Another isI A&e -no& &hat>s best %or youDA And o% !ourse the perennial A6ou>re too stupid to &or. There is a lot more 0 personally pre%er to !o pro!ess this as solo tends to let me dramatiCe Ama-in" mysel%A ri"ht too o%ten. Also a maEor problem &ith bein" an BT is the %alse sense o% superiority and ri"hteousness that has been hea+ily a"reed upon. &ron" items and !omplete any sel% listin". or any other olo"y or ism. Bne o% the implant !ommands o% a Cult isI A&e o&n A99. The real s-ill that experien!e "i+es you is the ability to !hoose the !orre!t pro!ess or !orre!tion list the more experien!e the bi""er the repertoire o% pro!esses to !hoose %rom. At the same time !orre!t your out lists. you ha+e re!o+ered your o&n "oals ba!-. What>s and the Conse?uen!es o% miso&nership. o&n ener"y and o&n o&nership o% &hat you ha+e. 0% a thou"ht or area persists -no& there is more to be undone undo itD 8e!onne!tion and 0n!lusion are the -ey thin"s to -eep stri+in" %or. !on%usion and mass. Alan Post #158 200*0+20-050$ 8oland Ami# 8ealiCe this is not S!ientolo"y. Jet the !orre!t Who>s.6ou need to !ompletely !han"e and up"rade your @rames o% 8e%eren!es. Solo pro!essin" tends to re en%or!e this ho& many Ale"ends in their o&n mindsA ha+e you run a!rossH The tar"et should be you are more you.this outDDDDA re&orded as ABnly 0 29815 !ould do this.5 There are hi"her le+els. 2So+erei"nty.A Alan . 3nless it is maybe 8oland Ami ism Pro!esses and !orre!tion lists are dormant until you a!ti+ate them. 3se your interest line meters are almost useless in amon"st this tan"le o% !har"e. Any repeated B$W>s you ha+e been made to !on%ess o+er and o+er a"ain need to be entity handled. @rom thereI you need to %alse data strip &hat you ha+e been AimplantedA &ith. They !annot be o&ned by anyone unless a!ti+ated and then the a!ti+ator is the o&ner. Be alert to your mood le+els as this is the indi!ator that you are "ettin" the !orre!t ans&ers. as &ell as your o&n spa!e. 6ou need to rehab your As!ension States. o&n time. 6ou need to pro!ess the positi+e.

trainin" and pro!essin" almost all !on%li!ts disappear. Whi!h is %ine %or 1ubbard.Post #18$ 200*0+2*-05$5 Stati! = @ormless substan!e. . 9et "o o% tryin" to %it e+erythin" into his model you &ill then obser+e outside his boxes.. Alan Post #188 200*0+2*-182..... but utterly in!orre!t %or e+eryone else. They may be similar in some !ases. Thus ea!h !ase is uni?ue. Alan PS# 9et 1ubbard>s data be exa!tly as 1ubbard &rote it.. And then pointin" out that ea!h o% us built our BW* 3ni+erses &ith our BW* Pie&points. Consideration# TB B80*J 0*TB EV0STE*CE = Container Matrix U Ener"y = 3ni+erse = Playin" @ields U James U 0dentities 2Be>s5 et!. By e+aluatin" or in+alidatin" &hat +ie&point must be there or must not be there is the deadly %la& in S!io and 8on>s Br" Material.but ea!h uni+erse is built by an indi+idual or a !o !reated !omposite o% indi+idual>s BW* +ie&points. The im&ortance o" each being's %W#ie8&oints 0 &as usin" AT1E @ACTB8SA as the basi! %rame o% re%eren!e... But ea!h person !reates their o&n 3*0PE8SE &ith their BW* +ie&points.. The sole "oal should be the restoration o% ea!h bein">s BW* +ie&points 70ME*S0B* PB0*TS A*7 A*C1B8 PB0*TS.then realiCe A99 B@ SC0E*TB9BJ6 is based on 1ubbard>s +ie&points dimension points and an!hor points. = JAMES MAT80V. Post #184 200*0+2*-055$ The 7ubbard 5actors 0% you are "oin" to use T1E @ACTB8S as your basi! %rame o% re%eren!e.. *ot attemptin" to ma-e all +ie&points a"ree to that o% the 7BM0*ATB8. James Matri!es &ithin James Matri!es &ithin James Matri!es. Bn!e this is the "oal o% study.. The @a!tors ha+e a %e& pie!es missin". The sole "oal should be the restoration o% ea!h bein">s BW* +ie&points 70ME*S0B* PB0*TS A*7 A*C1B8 PB0*TS...Allo& it to be in!omplete or %la&ed. The me!hani!s o% buildin" a uni+erse may be almost identi!al...

&ron" items. and %alse data strip and restore the abilities they "ained most realiCe they need apply their restored abilities to repair their li%e and many you do not see or hear %rom %or se+eral years. %or !ertainty. Thou"h lately many are startin" to re !onne!t ha+in" "ot their li+es ba!. Alan Post #21$ 200*0*04-1820 1)es Still &ay too mu!h s!ino spea. Basi!ally it &as %ind your interest line and %ollo& it ba!. Alan . not data. sel% lists. 0 only use S!ino spea.. Some Eust -eep a li"ht !onne!tion.( and JPM te!h &as in a!tuality !on%rontin" and erasin" PT items and James pa!-a"es.L/ there &ere no platens. There are se+eral areas prior to the JPM type areas that lay underneath that set up the !ase and that needs to be addressed to erase all !har"ed areas on the !ase.Then the last para"raph o% %a!tor (.%or my tastes. The early 8( . no this is &hat happened to e+ery !ase. retrain and apply until you ha+e "ained mastery and !onsisten!y o% produ!in" an optimum result in that area or subEe!t. Pery seldom use S!ino spea. &ron" !onditions. debu".. Most Eust "et on &ith li+in" their interrupted li+es. apply. 0 al&ays thou"ht o% the @reeCone as a >1al%&ay 1ouse>D A%ter you !orre!t the exes> out lists. The S[7 te!h &as a &ay to -ey out the PT trun!ated JPM. Without those areas bein" addressed the !ase Eust automati!ally re mo!-s up a"ain. train. 2"et !oa!hin" and pro!essin"5 re order. 3p to mid . 0% the !orre!t items &ere %ound and erased the next set o% item %loated into PT and &ere then %ound and erased. The Jrades &ere desi"ned to -ey out the PT trun!ated JPM. But it is still there on most ! its sour!e point. The best &ay and probably the only &ay to re"ain your BW* +ie&points in any area or subEe!t isI to %ollo& the pro!ess o% study. ACertainty in all three uni+erses must be re"ained.e+en &hen tal-in" to ex s!ino>s in li%e. But this has lon" been %or"otten. is -no&led"eA to "et this re?uires possibly one o% the only true &ays to "et %ull o&nership o% a +ie&point is to %ully apply it and demonstrate it in li%e by a!tion and result.on this list.

But that Te!h &as also &ell -no&n by the 1a&aiians and other pra!ti!es.A Woah. 0 as-ed him to tell me the !omplete story o% his &or. 6ou belie+e themH 0 don>t thin.000. As one &ho did the >old> BTL and re!ei+ed se+eral letters %rom people around the &orld as did many o% the others.( &ee-s to be!ome a Amulti millionaire. PC# A0 &as telepathi!ally !onta!tin" se+eral %riends o% mine and "ettin" them to send me some !ash. 0 ha+e tal-ed to a %e& &ho did it su!!ess%ully. &oah. And 0>m not buyin" the idea that they &ould be so noble and se!reti+e to re%rain %rom doin" so.youD Se+eral days later more than Q/. Me# Than.Post #22. That &ard &here they -ept the !riminally insane &as dan"erous. People . 200*0*10-0452 ABn >old> BTL you had to "et some one %rom a %orei"n land to send you a post !ard.A 7o you ha+e any idea ho& time !onsumin" that isH B%ten 0 &ould pro!ess an old timer 2someone &ho !ame in the <0>s5 and they handled rudiments +ery di%%erently. This &as in the days &hen you !ould buy the top o% the line Cadilla! %or Q3. As 0 ha+e said be%oreI most o% you ha+e no idea ho& mu!h Te!h has been deliberately omitted %rom S!io. 2p! loo-in" in&ard5 p! un%ixes attention.a lot or simply ?uit. 0t is beyond the -en o% most. The sta%% !alled in si!.as a therapist. hold on a se!. 1e explained that he &or-ed at 1a&aii State 1ospital %or %our years. ho #oponopono 1is name is 7r. they !ould ma-e themsel+es inordinately &ealthy and po&er%ul in no time %lat. 0t &or-ed %or many. We probably spent an hour tal-in" on our %irst phone !all. lets me -no& &hat they &ere doin". @or exampleI 7o you ha+e a PT problemH Ans&er# 6esI ! ta-es +ery lon" to see that i% one had the po&er to do this. la".<00 arri+es in the mail %rom +arious !ountries. Psy!holo"ists ?uit on a monthly basis. As %or "ettin" ri!h it too. and the *BTs !ase had to be handled %irst any&ay %or the maEority o% . 0halea-ala 1e& 9en.

What &as he doin". in a manner o% spea-in". 1e a"reed to ha+e an o%%i!e and to re+ie& their %iles. 9en explained that total responsibility %or your li%e means that e+erythin" in your li%e simply be!ause it is in your li%e is your responsibility. or in any &ay experien!e is your responsibility be!ause it is in your li%e. it>s &ith you. or +isit.A he said.throu"h that &ard &ith their ba!-s a"ainst the &all.A This is &here 0 had to as. And those &ho had no !han!e o% e+er bein" released &ere bein" %reed. 0% you &ant to !ure anyone e+en a mentally ill !riminal you do it by healin" you. That>s itH That>s it. patients that had to be sha!-led &ere bein" allo&ed to &al. &hen he loo-ed at those patients> %ilesH A0 Eust -ept sayin". Whe&. let alone a!!ept or a!tually li+e. >0>m sorry> and >0 lo+e you> o+er and o+er a"ain. As he &or-ed on himsel%. Today.A 0 &as in a&e. 9en told me that he ne+er sa& patients. you ha+e to heal your li%e. This means that terrorist a!ti+ity. 0 -no& this is tou"h to "rasp. They don>t exist.on himsel%. you ha+e to !han"e you. tou!h. and all the sta%% &as sho&in" up to &or-. a%raid o% bein" atta!-ed by patients. 7r. 9en. 0% you &ant to impro+e your li%e. ABthers &ho had to be hea+ily medi!ated &ere "ettin" o%% their medi!ations. ex!ept as proEe!tions %rom inside you. the truth is this# i% you ta-e !omplete responsibility %or your li%e. . The problem isn>t &ith them.A he &ent on. Absenteeism and turno+er disappeared. then e+erythin" you see.A he told me. 0 as-ed 7r. and to !han"e them. he &ould &or. 0 didn>t understand. Bein" responsible %or &hat e+eryone in my li%e says or does is ?uite another. but as 0 spo-e &ith 7r.the million dollar ?uestion# AWhat &ere you doin" &ithin yoursel% that !aused those people to !han"eHA A0 &as simply healin" the part o% me that !reated them. the president. 0t &as not a pleasant pla!e to li+e. We ended up &ith more sta%% than &e needed be!ause patients &ere bein" released. AA%ter a %e& months. exa!tly.A he explained. 7r. the e!onomy anythin" you experien!e and don>t li-e is up %or you to heal. 9en ho& he &ent about healin" himsel%. taste. This is tou"h to s&allo&. that &ard is !losed. 0n a literal sense the entire &orld is your !reation. patients be"an to heal. Abut the sta%% be"an to enEoy !omin" to &or-. 6et. While he loo-ed at those %iles. A*ot only that. Bein" responsible %or &hat 0 say or do is one thin". hear. 0 be"an to realiCe that healin" %or him and in ho >oponopono means lo+in" yoursel%. &or-.%reely.&ould &al. Blame is %ar easier than total responsibility.

Total time on all meterin" about / . 7irty * explain this ad+an!ed te!hni?ue &ith the depth it deser+es. and is some&hat re!lusi+e. there>s only one pla!e to loo-# inside you. Alan PS# 0t &as +ery easy to produ!e the reads on my %ello& student &ith 981 as the !he!-er out. remember the poli!y .Turns out that lo+in" yoursel% is the "reatest &ay to impro+e yoursel%. 7ate$9o!ate !ame in on my (nd S1SBC. Within an hour 0 "ot an e mail %rom the same person.A 0 didn>t say it to anyone in parti!ular. or at least the ones &ho ha+e been on sta%%. 8o!-et 8eads. AWhen you loo-. 0 then too. Small @alls. 0 didn>t e+en &rite him ba!-.. Jet the idea o% !ommittin" atro!ious o+erts on 8onD Produ!ed the most "or"eous 8$ / hours to drill all e meter drills. 0n short.a %ello& student to pass the !he!-out done in person by 981 and produ!ed all meter mani%estations. 0t too.about (0 mins.L( it too. there is no out there. A0>m sorryA and A0 lo+e you. by sayin" A0 lo+e you. 0 de!ided to try 7r.Slams. 4eep in mind that 0 didn>t ta-e any out&ard a!tion to "et that apolo"y. 6et. . 0t &ould ta-e a &hole boo. in!ludin" 0nstant and latent reads. Thread 1081: The (ooming an %rg Through Training > th Post #+ 200*0+0+-0445 (ooming missions All o% us &ho ha+e been in. This time. !onsidered a "rand%atherly shaman. Su%%i!e it to say that &hene+er you &ant to impro+e anythin" in your li%e. do it &ith lo+e. someone sent me an email that upset me. 0 -ept silently sayin". Theta Bops.A 0 someho& healed &ithin me &hat &as !reatin" him. There &ere 0 belie+e at that time only . 1e>s no& )0 years old. 9en>s method. Sta"e / *o+.example o% ho& this &or-s# one day. and 8o!. 1e apolo"iCed %or his pre+ious messa"e. your impro+e your &orld.$( hours.A Alan Post #2$8 200*0*10-1$54 >eter drills Ba!. @alls. and as you impro+e yoursel%. 9et me "i+e you a ?ui!. 0n the past 0 &ould ha+e handled it by &or-in" on my emotional hot buttons or by tryin" to reason &ith the person &ho sent the nasty messa"e.< drills. 0 &as simply e+o-in" the spirit o% lo+e to heal &ithin me &hat &as !reatin" the outer !ir!umstan!e.

has been !hroni!ally bro-e %ore+erH @or years they !ouldn>t e+en a%%ord to %eed their sta%%. an or" that !on!entrates mainly on trainin". 0 personally had . &ith no &ay o% !leanin" up their illitera!ies. ..00 o% them s&it!hed to the solo route. When the re?uirements &ere !han"ed .re"ardin" Aboomin" an or" throu"h trainin"A. 0t !ontinuously had .000 people per year. 0nstead o% .. The Te!h 7i+s need to be manned %ully.(.00 %ull time students on !ourse most !ompleted &ithin L to .00 BT 000 psy!hos. 35 Why is it that many o% the missions. 0nstead they had to build a ) 7i+ Br".(00 %ully paid S1SBC pre students.L. Multiply this by the other . in!ludin" the ABs and the @SB. &hi!h !an>t deli+er trainin". That is psy!hoti!.0 to . That &ould ha+e been .3 or / &ell trained Te!h people to run a boomin" Mission you !an easily see it unmo!-ed at least /00 %uture Missions.(00 S1SBC Jrads 0 ended up &ith . !har"e and M$3s. As it only too. Per this poli!y. Those Missions &ould ea!h ha+e supplied 300 to /00 %ully hatted experien!ed basi! sta%% members a year &ithin 3 or / years. months. are o%ten %ar better o%% %inan!ially than or"sH A hu"e part o% a Mission>s in!ome &as in ( day seminars and &or-shops.5 Why is it that the +ast maEority o% the in!ome o% the Sea Br" ser+i!e or"s. Jreat ?uestions 9ulu BelleD 0% this is the !ase# .000 %ully hatted and %ully set up sta%% members per year to re!ruit %rom. is 1JC and *BTs 1JC salesH R[A by 981 in .0 top Missions and the loss is up to .(0.a&ay the re?uirements that to do BT 000 you had to be a Class P0. The Bri"inal Saint 1ill S1SBC had < %ull time sta%% members that in!luded 981 and MS1. an or" that !on!entrates on trainin" and not 1JC auditin" &ill ma-e more in!ome than an or" that !on!entrates on 1JC deli+ery. (5 Why is it that AS1B. 1e &as desperate %or money so he too. 0t &as a te!h Br". Br" board psy!hosis.

3o#e bombing Gca&ture to &ilotG 0 ha+e heard that the Brie%in" Course used to be pa!-ed. anyone &ho -no&s better than me5 missions !annot deli+er any trainin" beyond basi! 7i+ P0 !ourses. The !ost o% the trainin" Abrid"eA &as around Q<. those days &ere o+er. The indi+iduals li+es blossomed the Center boomed. 9i%e 8epairs are not 9i%e 8epairs and are probably seldom the past Jala!ti! Br" Boardin".000 up to Class P000 that lasted until . 0 tau"ht people ho& to &or-. there &ere more and more restri!tions !o pro!essin" yoursel% and %riends up the le+els be!ame almost impossible.000 per &ee-end. 2and please !orre!t me i% 0>m &ron". @rom &hat 0 re!all. 0 !har"ed Q.0 Missions 0 did a &ee-end seminar at ea!h o% the Missions.L. Alan Post #14 200*0+0*-021$ 0n . 0 also put the line up there %or them et!. ho& to apply &hat they &ere learnin" in li%e.)3. But the pro!essin" route be!ame almost impossible to do unless you &ere %airly &ealthy. The PT line up is basi!ally a ?ui!-ie intro. The Seminars &ere basi! ho& to su!!eed in li%e.0 had . That produ!ed any&here %rom Q30. ho& to su!!eed. But &hen the trainin" route &as li%ted most &ould ha+e trans%erred onto the BT le+els. 3sual attendan!e &as 300 to L00 people. A &hole !ountry boomed that &ay.< per person. ho& to in!rease your in!ome. As the years &ent on 981 and the Br"s "ot more and more rapa!ious.000 people re"istered to do the BC. Also 0 did not adopt the looney tunes stu!. Alan Post #1* 200*0+0*-024.0 to (0 Cadilla!s or 9in!olns in those days. There &ell !ould ha+e been around (. 0t &as possible to !o pro!ess a multitude o% basi! pro!esses. Conse?uently my sta%%s &ere paid pretty "ood. Many &ould ha+e been part time.000 to QL0. but a%ter A7ianeti! Clear$the p! routeA o% the late >)0s. . Seminar &ould -eep the Center in po&er %or 3 months.. . They &ere mainly !o pro!ess style seminars. That &as the e?ui+alent o% . the path &as easily doable %or most people.. and s-im throu"h intro type !ourses.

Alan . The bul. Alan Thread 1112: Tech Tri&8ires Post #5 200*0+1$-2205 The Tone !cale Wsnipped !omments about the tone s!aleX The %irst m$u is the tone s!ale is a purpose s!ale.. 6ou should treat them &ith respe!t and -indness 0 ha+e a simple motto *@o$ you treat your ent&t&es &s ho$ you treat peopleF* And it does not matter i% they are real or ima"ined. 0% they are ima"ined then you are runnin" a !reati+e pro!ess the EP is the same. Et!. They should be run out. Entities. The hi"her the tone the !loser to on purpose you are. 1o& &ell you are doin" on your purpose is &hat monitors tone le+el. 0t is not a s!ale o% ho& present. et!. Thus you !an ha+e a purpose# To ensla+e the &orld and dependin" ho& &ell you are doin" be ?uite uptone about it. @or example. on the subEe!t o% entities. he adds# A<. Br your purpose !ould be# To annoy all !ultists. 0>m sure the APonCi S!heme JuyA &as +ery hi"h toned as he ripped o%% millions. Alan Thread 1111: Ps chic /ttack Post #. honorable and able are you.o% them are either psy!hoti! or neuroti! or asleep.A What !rapD 0t is ?uite the opposite. 200*0+1$-1+5* Treat entities 8ith res&ect and kindness @ilbert>s @inal 7it!h !ontains some more thorou"h data on the subEe!t.The set up is Alo+e bombin" !apture to pilotA then o%% to the implant station o% the upper Br"s.

A *e"ati+e Pro!ess pro!esses you do&n s!ale. Alan Thread 1124: Who can audit me u& to a .$1 Bn!e you understand somethin" %ully. This is Eust a layer that blo!-s the more lo+in". !arin". A %e& hundred hours o% BbEe!ti+es.000 hours o% in the !hair pro!essin". 0 &as A!lear .L/ S!io &ent almost !ompletely ne"ati+e.lear6 Post #5. The li%e pro!esses &ere +astly superior to head pro!esses as they !on%ronted the %or!e and !har"e o% li%e. Plus 0 turned all my athleti! drills into BbEe!ti+e Pro!esses.LL. et!.. honorable and harmonious James and 0dentities. 0nterestin"ly the Positi+e Pro!esses un!o+er mu!h more 7ominatin" Types o% James and 0dentities Pa!-a"es. you don>t need it any more.hurch . This &as not mu!h o% a problem to me as 0 ran a Positi+e Pro!ess li%e. 200*0*28-1. 8ou"hly in mid 'une . 0 &as also able to set up my days so that they also a!ted as a series o% li%e pro!esses.A prior to that 0 had re!ei+ed at least <. Mu!h o% it JPM Pro!essin". 9on" a"o 0 realiCed there &ere t&o types o% pro!esses# A *e"ati+e Pro!ess or a Positi+e Pro!ess. B&n Joals pro!essin" &ere %or the most part positi+e pro!esses. When you run Positi+e Pro!esses the *e"ati+e turns on When you run *e"ati+e Pro!esses only more *e"ati+ity turns on. 0 &ent A!learA on L 'uly . A Positi+e Pro!ess pro!esses you ups!ale. B3C1D Per%e!t Ser+ @a!H . but 0 doubt i% there is anyone on this planet &ho does not ha+e a rea!ti+e mind. This is A99 !learin" type pro!essin".Thread 1115: The .leared Theta ..a short stor set in the near "uture Post #$4 200*0*1*-0+0* -egati#e and Positi#e Processes 0 hate to dampen anyone>s states.

. That>s also the point that 0 "et out o% my head si"ni%i!an!e and !on%ront the extended exterior mass.they &ere Eust props %or the !omin" "reat !on. 9i%e no& be!omes the pro!ess. %rom a subEe!t &ith a lon" history to a subEe!t that be"an &ith only 1ubbard as its sour!e.. Part . Existen!e is the result o% that ability. JE*E8A9 BAC4J8B3*7. Pla!es arri+ed at is the result o% that ability.. The use o% theta %or spirit Thetan %or Spiritual Bein" Stati! %or the %ormless substan!e be"an the +alen!e and identity shi%t to the Arti%i!ial SubEe!t !alled S!ientolo"y. Bn!e he &as in a position o% po&er and had a stron" enou"h %ollo&in" his true intent be"an to mani%est.: (ackground o" !cientolog Post #8 200*0*0$-155$ 1ere is 981>s +ie& on the ba!-"round o% S!ientolo"y &hi!h.. Part ( JE*E8A9 BAC4J8B3*7.. un%ortunately. 1ubbard &as a &ordsmith he -ne& that by !han"in" -ey &ords he !ould !han"e the story one o% the reason his S!i @i !areer &as so medio!re &as that his stories la!-ed ori"inality. The attention and intent shi%ted %rom an e+ol+in" subEe!t to a %ixed subEe!t. And the emanatin" %or!e that !reates the ability to postulate and to as is. Part 3 Wlin-s remo+edX When 1ubbard &rote 4eepin" S!ientolo"y Wor-in" he disa+o&ed all o% this.. 0SH 0t "oes alon" roads and "oes pla!es. Alan Post #22 200*0*04-1+42 @or me AJodA is simply the ability to postulate and to as is. JE*E8A9 BAC4J8B3*7.. The Axioms o% S!io are the be"innin"s o% the re &ritin" o% past texts..That>s the point 0 "o into a!tion &ithout reser+ation. . is not a !ommon -no&led"e e+en amon" &estern S!ientolo"ists. 0t is ob+ious 1ubbard used past philosphers and philosophies to "i+e himsel% !redibility. %or!e and !har"e o% PT. Alan Thread 11.

.permeate them.. Alan Post #20$ 200*102$-0$21 0t is o..Bnly you !an ma-e it !learerD 'ust &rite do&n a list o% ea!h thin" you are opposin" or resistin". my %riend.. 200*102$-020$ Dhat &s the .....%ree to be or not be all that is or !ould be.brin" it to %ull re!reation...&ith me %or others to hold a di%%erent reality..permeate it.. .hest truths% make &t soP and the sooner% the !etter' 8eads "reat....ood o) th&s !oast)ul talk a!out your ..Post #1. BTW you &ill ne+er need to "o out o% PT to do this.. pract&cal !ut pounds% sh&ll&n. ..reatest% $here the h&. 0 Eust &ish they are !learer.%or"i+e i% needed.but tau"ht as the per%e!t set o% ne+er endin" di!hotomous "ames !onditions........%or"i+e i% needed. ....reatness% &) you stand up and say% *Th&s omni responsible %or all parts. Ta-e ea!h thin" you are opposin" or resistin".lo+e them... When you !an in!lude all the physi!al as &ell as mental and spiritual experien!es.e &s not pract&cal'* Is noth&n.hest truths !ecome pract&cal' That &s my op&n&onP and &) soc&ety &s not )&t )or the h&.. can k&ll h&m' Then you $&ll !e )ree' Then you $&ll kno$ your real Soul' 555 V' Su!h a %alse do!trineD @reedom by not isness.then you &ill be %ree..9o+e it.......s% and pence G I) so% $hy !oast o) your soc&ety G That soc&ety &s the .0 ha+e been it is &hat !omposes the PT trun!ated JPM....randeur and!... My ad+i!e to you is the omni responsible %or all parts o% it....... Stand up% men and $omen% &n th&s sp&r&t% dare to !el&eve &n the Truth% dare to pract&ce the Truth' The $orld reEu&res a )e$ hundred !old men and $omen' ract&se that !oldness $h&ch dares kno$ the Truth% $h&ch dares sho$ the Truth &n l&)e% $h&ch does not Euake !e)ore death% nay% $elcomes death% makes a man kno$ that he &s the Sp&r&t% that% &n the $hole un&verse% noth&n.....!annot be done.....Spiritual Truth +ersus Mental Truth +ersus Physi!al 3ni+erse Truth +ersus Mental Truth +ersus Spiritual Truth...... Alan Post #212 200*1024-025.

y dom&natedly run $orldG* 3sually they &ill assert that it &ould be "reat.5 Thread 120*: 2emote >etering Post #+ 200*0*0$-1+20 The assi"nment o% !ause to the meter has al&ays ba%%led me... 6ou &ill never !on+in!e her to lea+e.. 0t !an "et pretty rou"h on the "i+es !reden!e to the oneness o% a session.. 9isten and a!-. When thin"s "et rou"h.. 6ou &ill %ind i% you put the meter aside and allo& yoursel% to -no& &hat reads and &hat does not you &ill "o to a mu!h hi"her !ertainty %or both yoursel% and your !lient.. she &ill turn to you.00S lea+in" &ithin L months# *Do you really $ant to l&ve &n a Sc&entolo.. That the meter reads on the auditor and the p! is almost the same.uesting ad#ice "rom "ormer scientologists Post #18 200*0*20-1+1$ Ao ou reall 8ant to li#e in a !cientolog dominatedl run 8orld6 The abo+e ans&ers "i+e some "ood ad+i!e. 4oo-aburra Jreat ad+i!e 4oo-aburra. the +ery presen!e o% a !lose %riend on the outside !an easily be the de!idin" %a!tor.. or "et thro&n out.. 6ou &ill also run mu!h deeper..0t is also the !orre!t entran!e point to most !ases 2!reations. 0t is Eust a matter o% time.. Alan .then one day they &ill %ind themsel+es bein" %or!ed to do somethin" they -no& is not ri"ht. i% you are there %or her. Almost all S!ientolo"ists e+entually lea+e.. !e her )r&end and con)&dante. Abo+e all else. Pery shortly a%ter they &ill lea+e.. Jood lu!-.. and &hen that happens. but some o% the hea+y handed ta!ti!s o% the !hur!h mana"ement may +ery &ell so so. The assi"nment that the meter -no&s &hen you don>t is Eust as absurd. There &as one ?uestion 0 used on S!io>s that produ!ed a .. Bne thin" 0 &ould li-e to emphasiCe. Alan Thread 1210: 2e.

you are amon"st %riends on this list.)).0S hit ratio 0 &ould be happy.. ma-e you &ron" persist %or lon".21 >0 le%t the Chur!h &hen 0 realiCed that 0 didn>t &ant to li+e in a &orld run li-e an Br">..a bit battered and submer"ed as you ha+e been... Alan .on your purpose line that you thou"ht S!io &ould help you &ith.but you ha+e hit the Ea! you.. e+en at a . Alan Thread 121$: Well@ I'm out no8 Post #$ 200*0*04-18$$ 0s "ettin" de!lared as terri%yin" as 0>+e been mind !ontrolled into belie+in" it isH *o. 3sually your main purpose &ill !ome ba!.. et!. @or most they are too harassed to "et their stats up.. 6ou "et your li%e ba!-.. But. The hardest part %or most is they do not ha+e %riends outside S!io. My ad+ise is "et ba!. 0t &as the ?uestion 0 as-ed mysel% that led me to lea+e in ..Post #20 200*0*20-1... 3sually the next Thursday a%ter (. Maybe a lo!al &ill try to harass you a little.yoursel%# What purpose2s5 &as 0 &antin" to &in at that 0 thou"ht S!io !ould help me &ithH Write them do&n.. 0 !hose my tar"ets &ell plus they &ere all in hi"h positions.. ?uite the re+erse.. Write your main purpose do&n daily and you &ill be amaCed at &hat &ill transpireD Will 0 "et harassedH *o...00 pm the harassment stops.. 0t>s %airly easy to %ind# 'ust as..

4eeps one +ery !on%li!tedD Post #122 200*080+-0444 Jlad to see 0>m not the only one !on%li!ted about the Te!h and 981. 0>m on the side that 981 &as *3TS the &hole time and ne+er meant to really help Man#2 2it saddens me.. And &hat &as e+en &orseI at that time 0 &as opposed to my o&n "oals and dreams. thus outside %or!es !an easily !ontrol you. +irulent type o% destru!ti+e dis"uise./. What &or-ed %or me and many others &as to ma-e a list o% &hat &or-ed %or us and &hat &e had &ins &ith. This is a +ery !haoti!. thus !reatin" !haoti!. But the line "ets blurred in ho& mu!h bath&ater to thro& out. T1E @8EE 8A70CA9 07E*T0T6 ) *o+ember . ta-e any Psy!h dru"s.< There is a type o% identity that does not ali"n properly in a James Matrix pa!-a"e. 2But then 0 &as al&ays a"ainst them be%ore 0 &as a S!n5.. o+er&helm. 0t is !reated outside o% your !ontrol by a toxi! en+ironment or a toxi! person. 8e+ised . sel% sabota"in".. Pery depressin" timeD Alan Thread 12$1: 5ree 2adical Identit Post #1 200*0*08-1*28 The 5ree 2adical Identit 8ealiCe this &as &ritten . unpredi!table li%e mani%estations.. or &orse.. 0 -no& that 0>ll ne+er belie+e in or "o to a Psy!h. \shru"\5 0 sa& both sides he pushed and !oa!hed me better than anyone 0 ha+e e+er &or-ed &ith he also betrayed me and so many others more than anyone 0 ha+e -no&n... hey. Bne o% the mista-es 0 made a lon" time a"o &as to thro& all my abilities and s-ills a&ay. *o+ember . 0t and its opponen!ies %loat %ree and appear and disappear in a random manner. This lea+es you in a !onstant state o% !on%li!t. A @ree 8adi!al 0dentity has the same properties as a %ree radi!al atom. This identity is -no&n as a %ree radi!al.( years a"o..Post #11. as it is not !reated %ully by you. 7e%initions# . 200*080+-0422 8i"ht no&.et!.

An atom or "roup o% atoms ha+in" at least one unpaired ele!tron.00 pounds 23. e?ual to . as !ontrasted &ith a positron. 2The amount o% %or!e it ta-es to mo+e a -ilo"ram o% mass one meter in one se!ond5.( pounds 2Brit. An or"ani! !ompound in &hi!h some o% the +alen!e ele!trons are unpaired.. (..0 .000 dynes. (. Metri! System. The pound !ontains )..< "rainsI in the troy and apothe!aries> oun!es there are /.000 "rains.X 76*E# n. e?ual to . in!ludin" the ele!tron.(0/L pounds a+oirdupois./3( "rainsI one thousandth o% a -ilo"ram. as in a+oirdupois. WA%ter Charles Au"ustine de CB39BMB.@8EE 8A70CA9# n. A !entimeter "ram se!ond unit o% %or!e. and apothe!aries> &ei"hts.intera!tion.5 = .. dramI .000 "rams.S. and dru"s# (). The smallest unit o% &ei"ht in most systems. WA%ter Sir 0saa! *EWTB*.0 "rains. J8A0*# n. "ram and a unit ne"ati+e ele!tri! !har"e o% approximately . the "rain is identi!al.00.5 or . *EJAT8B*# n. . e?ual to the %or!e re?uired to impart an a!!eleration o% one !entimeter per se!ond per se!ond to a mass o% one "ram. An ele!tron &ith a ne"ati+e !har"e. the unit o% %or!e re?uired to a!!elerate a mass o% one -ilo"ram one meter per se!ond per se!ond.S.. J8AM# n. and e?ui+alent to (. 0n an a+oirdupois oun!e there are /3). A unit in the 0nternational System spe!i%ied as one 0nternational !oulomb per se!ond and e?ual to 0. hundred&ei"htI (0 hundred&ei"ht = . APB0873PB0S WE0J1T# The system o% &ei"hts in British and 3.. use %or "oods other than "ems.X METE8 409BJ8AM SECB*7# adE..L drams = .0 ) ne&tons per meter o% len"th..X 9EPTB*# n. AMPE8E# n.L oun!es = . o!!urrin" as a normal byprodu!t o% oxidation rea!tions in metabolism. 0n the British and 3.. W@rom Jree. ori"inally determined by the &ei"ht o% a plump "rain o% &heat.$3( "rains = .. !oulomb. -ilo"ram. A stable subatomi! parti!le in the lepton %amily ha+in" a rest mass o% . WE9ECT820C5 U B*. A metri! unit o% mass. and time. separated by a distan!e o% one meter 23.0 (.3) in!hes5 in %ree spa!e. mass. *EWTB*# n. troy. The meter -ilo"ram se!ond unit o% ele!tri!al !har"e e?ual to the ?uantity o% !har"e trans%erred in one se!ond by a steady !urrent o% one ampere.dunamis.. ton.. 0n the meter -ilo"ram se!ond system. B% or pertainin" to the system o% units in &hi!h the meter. .X PBS0T8B*# n A positi+ely !har"ed parti!le ha+in" the same mass and ma"nitude o% !har"e as the ele!tron and !onstitutin" the antiparti!le o% the ele!tron. Any o% a %amily o% elementary parti!les that parti!ipate in the &ea.<. po&er.. oun!eI .0LL x . . &hi!h ma-es it hi"hly rea!ti+e. 0t is the steady !urrent that &hen %lo&in" in strai"ht parallel &ires o% in%inite len"th and ne"li"ible !ross se!tion. E9ECT8B*# n. systems.L0( x . poundI . CB39BMB# n.S. A unit o% ele!tri! !har"e in the meter -ilo"ram se!ond system. pre!ious metals. produ!es a %or!e bet&een the &ires o% (x.3< ampere. 409BJ8AM# n. A unit o% mass and &ei"ht e?ual to . the muon.. and their asso!iated neutrinos. and se!ond are the prin!iple units o% len"th.

or an antineutron. A*T0PA8T0C9E# n. and opposite dire!tion o% ma"neti! moment.0 x .0 L se!ond. and ma"nitude o% ele!tri! !har"e as the parti!le to &hi!h it !orresponds but ha+in" the opposite si"n o% ele!tri! !har"e. A subatomi! parti!le. are !omposed o% a ?uar. espe!ially as part o% an atomi! nu!leus. W@rom Jree. and a mean li%etime o% (. times that o% the ele!tron. (.3..a. re"arded as !onstituents o% all hadrons. .5 BA86B*# n. times that o% the ele!tron. The antiparti!le o% a ?uar-. an antiproton. A spe!tral line ha+in" more than one !omponent. A stable. that parti!ipate in stron" intera!tions. Also . neuter o% protos. barus. positi+ely !har"ed subatomi! parti!le in the baryon %amily ha+in" a mass . stable &hen bound in an atomi! nu!leus. A proton or a neutron. M3B*# n. Physi!s. b. 16PBT1ET0CA9# adE. . and are "enerally more massi+e than mesons..X 16PE8B*# n.. The ante!edent o% a !onditional statement# a hypotheti!al situation. ma"nitude o% ma"neti! moment. 2The maEor !omponent part that !reates the Jreen Tone. ha+in" a mass . 16PBT1ES0S# n. 8elatin" to. %irst.X MESB*# n.and an anti?uar-. Any o% se+eral !lasses o% "roupin"s o% subatomi! parti!les. SuppositionalI un!ertain. Physi!s. A*T0R3A84# n. An ele!tri!ally neutral subatomi! parti!le in the baryon %amily. (. hea+y. spin. opposite intrinsi! parity. Any o% +arious units o% matter belo& the siCe o% an atom. Any o% a !lass o% subatomi! parti!les that are !omposed o% ?uar-s and ta-e part in stron" intera!tion. representin" sli"ht +ariations in the ener"y states !hara!teristi! o% an atom.. 3. S3BATBM0C PA8T0C9E# n..3L times that o% the ele!tron. . one third or t&o thirds that o% the ele!tron. ha+in" a mass (0. a ne"ati+e ele!tri! !har"e. or based on a hypothesis. Any o% a "roup o% hypotheti!al elementary parti!les ha+in" ele!tri! !har"es o% ma"nitude. su!h as a positron. and ha+in" a mean li%etime o% approximately . WJr. su!h as nu!leon. Any o% a %amily o% subatomi! parti!les that parti!ipate in stron" intera!tions.( x . An elementary parti!le o% the lepton %amily 2not a meson5. in!ludin" the nu!leon and hyperon multiplets. a+era"e li%etime. Any o% a %amily o% subatomi! parti!les. WM39T0P92E5 U 27B3B95ET. Somethin" ta-en to be true %or the purpose o% ar"ument or in+esti"ationI an assumption... A semi stable or unstable baryon &ith mass "reater than the neutron. 2The maEor !omponent part that !reates the 6ello& Tone. 1A78B*# n. in!ludin" the elementary parti!les..X protoni! adE. M39T0P9ET# n. Physi!s. Also !alled hea+y parti!les. and ha+e masses "enerally intermediate bet&een leptons and baryons. *3C9EB*# n. are !omposed o% three ?uar-s.03 se!onds as a %ree parti!le. 0t and the proton %orm nearly the entire mass o% atomi! nu!lei.*E3T8B*# n. (. that are similar in most properties but di%%erent in ele!tri! !har"e.proton. W*E3T82A95 U B*. ConditionalI !ontin"ent. A tentati+e explanation that a!!ounts %or a set o% %a!ts and !an be tested by %urther in+esti"ationI a theory. ha+in" the same mass. R3A84# n.5 P8BTB*# n.

But &hat had happened spirituallyH My hatred o% the Welsh had !reated &ithin me a @ree 8adi!al 0dentity !alled AA people hater. 0 &as no& pro"rammed obsessi+ely to see.A Their proEe!ted ima"es o% hate to&ard me had molded my a+ailable li%e %or!e parti!les into an identity that &as %ull o% hate. ha+in" only a ne"ati+e ma"neti! pole or only a positi+e ma"neti! pole. A sane identity or healthy ele!tron is bipolar. The Welsh s!hool !hildren &ere +i!ious and !ruelI The Welsh tea!hers hated the %orei"n -ids. 0 %ormed a deep seated hatred to&ard these people. An example o% this &as &hen 0 &as nine years old.needs the positi+eness o% the 7ominator to be!ome ali+e. 7e%initely not a Jreen Tone identity. A @ree 8adi!al 0dentity that is ma"neti!ally ne"ati+e sin"le poled !auses the identity to a!t as a Mali!ious or Wea. To me. The problem &e !ollided &ith &as that the Welsh hated the En"lish. Any o% three ele!tri!ally !har"ed neutral subatomi! parti!les in the lepton %amily. Most o% us ha+e experien!ed toxi!. My brother and 0 &ere e+a!uated %rom 9ondon to *orth Wales. The impairment in the ele!tron and the @ree 8adi!al 0dentity is that they are sin"le poled. ha+in" both positi+e and ne"ati+e ma"neti! poles in balan!e. healthy.type identity and !ompulsi+ely atta!h itsel% to dominator types o% identity in order to "et its po&er to operate. espe!ially &hen &e &ere in our %ormati+e years. *E3T80*B# n.out hatred and oppose it. The Wea.relationships. The 7ominator needs the ne"ati+ity o% the Weato !reate a li+e s!enario. it &as an extremely toxi! en+ironment# The %ood &as badI The li+in" ?uarters &ere +ileI The s!hoolin" &as sub standard and extremely hostileI The lo!als hated the outsidersI The %amily &e &ere boarded &ith &ere sadistsI the !hildren o% that %amily lo+ed to physi!ally and mentally torture my brother and me. .!alled mu meson. This is the basis o% all !ults and si!. 0t is not ma"neti!ally balan!ed and it obsessi+ely see-s other. This identity &as %o!used a"ainst them or anyone &ho hated. 0t &as durin" World War 00 and most o% the !hildren in 9ondon &ere sent up to the north o% En"land. dominatin" people or toxi! en+ironments. ma"neti!ally balan!ed identities or ele!trons and attempts to ta-e them o+er.00 %oot pit and an attempted stonin" to death %rom a bun!h o% Welsh hooli"ans. A%ter sur+i+in" bein" pushed do&n a . a&ay %rom the Jerman bombin"s. A @ree 8adi!al 0dentity that is ma"neti!ally positi+e sin"le poled !auses the identity to a!t as a 7ominator or Chroni! Bpposer type identity in order to "et po&er to operate.

&or-er. hu"e &ins. emotions. At that point. @ree 8adi!al 0dentity that is ma"neti!ally attra!ted to the users and the toxin that !reated the @ree 8adi!al 0dentity. %eelin"s. and hu"e po&er ima"es. or any number o% aberrant personalities. %eelin"s. sensual %eelin"s. That a!t !ements you into a ne"ati+e. at the &ron" time. si!-. All destru!ti+ely obsessi+e and !ompulsi+e personalities are !reated in the %ollo&in" manner# The toxi! personality. and massi+e as!ension experien!es all !an !ause @ree 8adi!al 0dentities by o+er&helmin" your !ontrol o+er yoursel% by the explosions o% hi"hs o% sensations. toxi! ima"es mixed &ith ex!itin". Sometimes they are so po&er%ul and o+er&helmin" that you are sho!-ed and immobiliCed by the ima"ery. %eelin"s. or as!ension see-er. These toxins ta-e all a+ailable li%e %or!e parti!les and trap them into the sensations. 634D My li%e relationships and li%e "ames &ere no& positioned and dire!ted by this hate identity. and toxi! nutrition or %ood !an produ!e the same e%%e!t by inputtin" ma"neti!ally unbalan!ed toxins that o+erpo&er the body>s and mind>s de%ense systems and !reate toxi!. %ree radi!al. the emotions. and ima"es that are moldin" you into a ne"ati+e. !ompulsi+ely and in+oluntarily and telepathi!ally proEe!ts e+il. toxi! personality. emotions. homosexual. emotions.Tal. %ood. the toxi! personality &ill mo+e in and "et you to !ommit an a!t o% beha+ior that is alien to your !odes and your prin!iples. . 7ru"s. !riminal. un&anted. 6ou &ill either desperately try to resist the sensations. That is ho& non optimum identities "et !reated. These non optimum identities !an -eep you poor.about al&ays bein" in the &ron" pla!e. emotions. al!oholi!. and ima"es that the dru"s and$or al!ohol and$or toxi! %oods ha+e !reated. 9i%e &as not %un any moreD @or me. the %eelin"s. toxi! identity. 0 had be!ome a toxi! personality. al!ohol.%ree %rom this matrix o% sensations. and the ima"es. Thus is !reated an out o% !ontrol. relationships. or you &ill su!!umb to them and be!ome them. &ith the &ron" people. be it !hild molester. %eelin"s.%ree. people hater. and po&er ima"es and trap you into dependen!y on that &hi!h !aused the hi"h. &hi!h you at %irst repel. you are trapped and your a+ailable li%e %or!e parti!les &ill be absorbed in tryin" to brea. and desperately unhappy. eater. Either &ay. to experien!e terrible &ithdra&al symptoms i% you try to brea. dru" pusher. heterosexual. These a!t as matri!es that !ould mold you into sla+e type identities that !ra+e the hi"hs o% sensations. un&anted. 6ou are no& an obsessi+e "ambler. unsu!!ess%ul. The &orst part o% ha+in" @ree 8adi!al 0dentities is that they !ause you to !ompulsi+ely attra!t %ello& toxi! @ree 8adi!al 0dentitiesI e+en &orse. or anyone &ho asso!iated &ith me. sin"le poled atoms. Jamblin". and sensations at you. emotions. &or-. miserable.

hi"h su"ar.. A *EJAT0PE @8EE 8A70CA9 07E*T0T6 6ou as a !ombatant o% toxi! outside %or!es and toxi! others. not -no&. A 8BBBT A *EJAT0PE @8EE 8A70CA9 07E*T0T6 Toxi! outside %or!es and toxi! others !reate your identities by o+er&helmin" you and robbin" these ne"ati+ely !reated identities o% any positi+eness. (. the loser. hi"h !arbohydrate %oods &ith +ery little nutritional +alue. et!. repeatin" this o+er and o+er. you must rely on others to pro+ide you &ith positi+eness and tell you &hat to do. This is the roboti! &or-er. This is 6ou !reatin" hostile identities su!h as an abuser. 7ead %ood in"ester. The robot has properties similar to those o% an inert.. EAT0*J 1AB0TS# This type o% identity Eust eats roboti!ally &hate+er is put in %ront o% it. !har"eless ele!tron. a "ossip. 3. a trouble ma-er. 7ead %ood in"ester. . E0J1T 9EPE9S B@ 07E*T0T6 C8EAT0B* There are ei"ht main le+els o% ho& your identities are !reated and their ma"neti! beha+ior. Their input o% data and in%ormation is +ery distorted.Pery deadly stu%%D We ha+e the te!hnolo"y to handle this phenomena -no&n as the @ree 8adi!al 0dentity. 6ou are usin" their positi+eness to empo&er your ne"ati+ity. a !ontentious person. a rumor mon"er. the +i!tim. This type o% @ree 8adi!al 0dentity hates a&areness and responsibility and &ill a!ti+ely not learn. not loo-. the addi!t. as they per+ert the data and !on+ert it to a ne"ati+ity. Thus. be!ause you are desperate %or positi+eness. or ma-in" them responsible %or your !ondition in an attempt to !apture their positi+eness. the !o dependent. et!. an ar"umentati+e person. A ne"ati+e @ree 8adi!al 0dentity has properties similar to those o% a ne"atron. the %ollo&er. but you are see-in" to ma-e others &ron". blamin" them. 0t is part o% the James Matrix Pro!edures. T1E *E3T8A9 07E*T0T6 . a !on%li!t !reator. A ne"ati+e !an only in%lo& and li+e in terror o% out%lo&in". EAT0*J 1AB0TS# This type o% identity &ill be !ompulsi+ely attra!ted to hi"h %at.

6ou are in a !onstant state o% AMaybeA. i. a !ontrol %rea-. or meats and potatoes. <. or resour!es. The *eutral 0dentity has the same li%e %or!e mani%estations as those o% a neutron. This is 6ou !reatin" obsessi+e !ontrol type o% identities su!h as a neat %rea-. a dominator. This is an ABnly Bne.beha+ior. These identities allo& 6ou to %ore"o bein" responsible %or mali!ious and &ea. Any %or&ard motion !an be ta-en only i% someone else is !reatin" your spa!e. you must be in !ontrol o% the situationI you must be in po&erI you are al&ays ri"ht. a tea!her.A A dominator !an only out%lo&I they !annot listen. This type o% identity is +ery serious and has little humor or lau"hter in their li%e or en+ironment. 7ue to your %ears o% others.e. et!. EAT0*J 1AB0TS# This type o% identity &ill eat in an opposin" manner %oods that !an!el out ea!h other>s bene%its. a !oa!h. A 7ominator @ree 8adi!al 0dentity has properties similar to those o% a positron.. as it means empo&erin" either a positi+e or a ne"ati+e. hi"h %at. /. 6B38 BBSESS0PE 3*4*BW0*J 0*PB93*TA8096 C8EATE7 CBMMA*70*J 07E*T0T6 This is an identity !reated by 6ou that is un-no&n to 6ou. They !annot study. hi"h %at %oods and salads. A 6B30CC0 has the same li%e %or!e mani%estations as those o% un-no&n and un!ontrolled ne"atrons and positrons. A *eutral 0dentity %ears ta-in" a position or ris-. Thus this type !an &or. . EAT0*J 1AB0TS# This type o% identity is a hea+y meat eaterI hi"h protein. They al&ays seeto shi%t responsibility %or their !ondition onto others.only %or others and &ill not "o outside their box. dead %ood in"ester. time. 6ou %eed o%% your %ollo&ers. They blame others %or their !ondition !onstantly.This is 6ou in a !on%li!t bet&een ne"ati+e and positi+ely !har"ed ele!trons. ener"y. These !on%li!ts !an!el out !ertainty o% a!tion and !ertainty o% predi!tion. They do not trust anyone else. a per%e!tionist. A 7BM0*A*T @8EE 8A70CA9 07E*T0T6 6ou as a !ontroller or dominator. or that 6ou ha+e -ept se!ret. a %anati!.

a star. A MASTE86 A*7 4*BW9E7JE SEE4E8 07E*T0T6 This is 6ou !reatin" leadership and !hampion le+el identities su!h as a !hampion. a pro!essor. 6ou !an help !reate others into &innin" identities. 2Sin!e the dis!o+ery and handlin" o% a %ree radi!al identity. EAT0*J 1AB0TS# This type o% identity is hi"hly a&are o% nutritional inta-eI eats li+e %ood and ta-es plenty o% exer!ise. or"ani!. home "ro&n sprouts and %resh %ruits. 6B3 P8BCESS 90@E.&ith li%e. PEBP9E. 6B38 M0*7. et!. a doer. EAT0*J 1AB0TS# A Super Bein" is a pure li+e %ood in"esterI turns the li%e %or!e in li+e %oods into edu!ated. ). 6ou are &illin" to be !ompletely responsible. people. a paradi"m shi%ter. 6ou &or. a su!!ess. 6ou ta-e %ull responsibility %or your a!tions. 0 ha+e lost L( pounds in ei"ht &ee-s. My eatin" habits ha+e . a leader. A Positi+e 0dentity has balan!ed the li%e %or!e in the same manner as healthy ele!trons. an honest produ!er. L. 6our identities are !ontrolled by you. AhattedA teammates and li%e enhan!ers and reEu+enators. and people. 6ou do the "reatest "ood %or the "reatest numbers. A MASTE8 B@ 6B38 BW* C8EAT0B*S 6ou pull the strin"s o% your o&n !reations. a bi" &inner. 6ou ha+e "reat !ertainty o% Sel% and !an both send and re!ei+e. .EAT0*J 1AB0TS# This type o% identity eats on automati!. and the en+ironment. a !ontributor to li%e. 6B3 1APE CB*T8B9 BPE8 90@E. a true %riend. A JAMES MAT80V PBS0T0PE 07E*T0T6 6ou and a mentor !reate positi+e identities. This is 6ou !reatin" &innin" identities su!h as a pro%essional person.. a planner. a thin-er. 6ou are master o% your o&n li%e and identities. EAT0*J 1AB0TS# This type o% identity eats li+e %oodI mainly un!oo-ed. li%e %or!es. A*7 6B38 E*P08B*ME*T 3PSCA9E. an upper le+el pro!essor. A*7 6B38 BB76. 6ou lo+e li%e.

WA9TE8 Copyri"ht d .Slammin" item !ould be.. the hi"her up this ladder you "o. At 9e+el Ei"ht you are the master o% your o&n li%e and a true %riend . As you !an obser+e. the more &illin" you are to be responsible. Was this James Matrix Pro!essin"H 0t &as resear!hin" the James Matrix !omposition...-1010 0nterestin". and a +alidation o% A%un!tion monitors stru!tureA. Walter A99 80J1TS 8ESE8PE7 Post #$ 200*0*0. 7e%initely a &orthy purpose 0>m loo-in" %or&ard to seein" you at 9e+el Ei"ht.. Then hit a plateau.. The Jolden A"e o% Te!h &ith all its drillin" &ould bee% this stu%% up tremendously as &ould ne+er endin" Se! Che!-s. A9A* C.. but in a!tuality it is a!ti+atin" these areas !onstantly.. Alan Thread 1242: Processing 4ains Post #54 200*0*11-1852 Pur&ose o" m T2s What is your +ersion o% T8s %orH To -no&in"ly and a&arely !o !reate Bmni So+erei"n 3ni+erses and Empires and handle in a ..they &ould !ome and "o. o&n. 7id the &ei"ht stay o%%H 6es.. 0 lost about L0 lbs.basi!ally a s!ale o% a"reement &ith MEST uni+erse properties. The @ree 8adi!al 0dentity some&hat ans&ered &hat a 8o!. and !ontrol your li%e.. . 0t also ans&ered &hy it &as almost impossible on some !ases to %ind JPM pa!-a"es. 8$Sers a!ted li-e ro"ue items../.. Todays S!io pro!essin" does not really address this area.< Alan C.!ompletely !han"ed5.

slo&s or nulli%i!ations in the e+olution o% doin" that. loon &ho is the theorist. 0 ha+e al&ays been some&hat amaCed ho& some pro!essors almost al&ays "et hi"h ?uality results on their !lients. (.5 (. T18EE ATT80B3TES# . P8ESE*CE. P93S TB 1E9P T1E C90E*T AS *EE7E7 TB E8ASE T1E 3*WA*TE7 @B8CE A*7 C1A8JE. its o&n uni+erse and all aspe!ts o% the "ames they are playin". . poor or no results. and !arin" %ashion any stops. @80E*790*ESS..pair.html @or pure utter !rap this must be the most demented !onspira!y theorist o% all times.%riendly. CA80*J. T1E W0990*J*ESS TB 4*BW A99. Alan Thread 1252: (lack !cientolog R -e8 . Alan Thread 12+$: 327 gets and gi#es a s. 7ate not a !oin!iden!e is ri%e throu"hout this "arba"e.I/F Post #$ 200*0*11-18$8 sc-i-r-s-olog http#$$&&&.!om$r+timeline$index.uirrel session Post #1 200*0*12-1*05 The Intangibles o" Processing T@E INTAN:IB>ES 9? R9BESSIN: B+er the years. lo+in"..s! i r s olo"y. T1E W0990*J*ESS TB PE8MEATE A99. T1E W0990*J*ESS TB 1APE T1E C90E*T W0* B0J. @B38 0*TE*T0B*S# . The di%%eren!es bet&een ea!h type o% pro!essor !an be summed up &ith ha+in" a master%ul !ommuni!ation !y!le that !ontain the ?uality and ex!ellen!e o% the %ollo&in" three attributes and %our intentions. &hilst other thou"h runnin" the same pro!ess only mana"e medio!re. A*7 T38* B* @3996 A99 T1E @B8CE A*7 C1A8JE. 3. 21elpin" the !lient to be able to o&n more and more o% itsel%. My "uess it is an Ex JB B. 3.

A B9>>ISI9N 9? REA>ITIES The %irst time 0 be!ame a&are o% my la!. the o%%i!e &as +ery lar"e. and &hen 0 spo-e.) and the needle &as still stu!. NWas there somethin" not ?uite !orre!t about the itemsHO NWeeeeellO in that lon" dra&l +oi!e o% his.O 1e replied. N*o& tell me &hat happenedHO The meter tone arm &as at /.at /. 0 as-ed him# NAre you all ri"htHO 1e ans&ered# NWell 0>+e "ot this splittin" heada!he. but o% "ood ?uality. 0 &as be"innin" to %eel out o% my depth. N'eeeesusDH Why did 0 do thisHO Suddenly he loo-s at me. 0 had noti!ed a meter &as on his des-.O lon" pause Nalso it puts t&o di%%erent JPM "oals into present time. . The meter tone arm &as still stu!. N&hat do 0 do no&HO Terror &as be"innin" to "na& at my stoma!h. NWell 0 suppose it !ould ha+e somethin" to do &ith the session.) and the needle &as stu!.O NWhat happenedO 0 a"ain ?uestioned.m. 1is o%%i!e &as in a manor house. his eyes &ere surrounded by dar!ir! "ood. nothin" la+ish. so 0 indi!ated to him &ould he mind pi!-in" up the !ans. he smiled and rea!h %or the !ans and handed the meter o+er to me. NStart o% /.O 0 thin-.O The meter tone arm &as still stu!.terror turns onDO N0>m losin" it bi" time.O Ruietly. 0 as-ed. The Juru 0 &as studyin" under sent a messa"e as-in" to see me in his o%%i!e the %ollo&in" a%ternoon.HO 0 as-ed# NWhen did it startHO 1e ans&ered# N9ast ni"ht about an hour a%ter Mary Sue and 0 %inished session. .o% depth as a pro!essor &as in Mar!h. *eedless to say 0 &as some&hat anxious about the meetin". N0n&ardly star./. the %urnishin"s some&hat ordinary. 1e "reeted me &armly and as-ed me to sit alon"side o% him at his des-.L3. T1E W0990*J*ESS TB 9ET T1E C90E*T 1APE @399 A*7 CBMP9ETE BW*E8S10P B@ T1E08 BW* W0*S. 1e told me he and Mary Sue &ere doin" some Joals Problems Mass runnin" and they had %ound a ne& trun!ated pair o% items. he seemed to &in!e.) and the needle &as still stu!solid. 0 noti!ed he didn>t loo.00 p.solid.solid. N0t -inda in+alidates the other set o% items that &e had %ound earlier. at 3. 0 &as in En"land studyin". 0 said.

0 had e+aluated. Jone totally &ea-. o% !ourse. 0n !omplete o+er&helm. NWeell &hat do you -no&D there is a &hole pa!-a"e o% ser+i!e %a!s here. unmapped territory.the same time tomorro& as he had a 3. 7e%initely &ithholdin" a snarl. NSureO 0 ans&ered. Turned session !ontrol o+er to the !lient./< appointment. NWo&D 0 sure "ot this area in a mess. That ni"ht he "a+e a le!ture. The bla!-ness Eust dissol+ed. The bla!-ness &as bein" "enerated by him. he loo-ed at me. To me this session &as a total disaster. N1uhDO he said !ontemptuously. These items are not my itemsDO 1e ran !hains o% harm%ul a!ts in se!onds.O NB-ay i% &e end hereHO he as-ed. 9et the !lient end session on his o&n determinism. N1mmDO then silen!e. 0 sin. 1e started lau"hin". Suddenly the room &ent almost !ompletely dar-. unmapped territory. This set belon" here and this set belon" &ith this "oal. NThis is not "oin" ri"htDO 0 &orry.1e as-s N&hat>s the meter doin"HO 0 tell him. thou"h to me it seemed li-e an eternity. only it &as on. this ser+ %a! belon"s to this JPM. they areO he lists out se+eral he ?ui!-ly runs them the tone arm be"ins to blo& do&n the needle s&in"s %ree he starts to bri"hten up. So 0 mumble# NMaybe you>+e hit into a "lum areaHO 8e!allin" hi"h tone arm o%ten means an area o% problems surrounded by ser+i!e %a!s. . Jone into un!harted. 0 didn>t -no& hal% o% &hat he &as !o+erin". 0 Eust &anted out o% there. 0 rea!hed o+er to turn on the lamp on the des-. 1e then be"ins to re ali"n se+eral o% his pre+ious items and JPM "oals. 0>m no& totally at e%%e!t. 0 as-ed# N1o& is your heada!heHO NBetter. 2T1A*4 JB7DDD5 The session lasted about /< minutes. 'ust be%ore he started the le!ture. This &as be%ore the days o% lo!ate and indi!ate. tapped his head. Tal. 1e as-ed me to !ome ba!. 0 a"reed.about operatin" in un!harted. put the !lient>s attention on the meter.lo&er into my %un-. 0 thou"ht a !loud had "one a!ross the sun.

The !lient &as able to run his !ase %ar better and deeper than 0 !ould pro!ess. 3.. 0 &as !ompletely a!!essed.5 (. We tal-ed some more. N0>d lo+e to but 0 hadn>t "otten &hat 0 !ame %or. its o&n uni+erse and all aspe!ts o% the "ames they are playin". all the %or!e and !har"e. The %our intentions# . @or me 0 &as in a !omplete this. The &illin"ness to -no& all. plus to help the !lient as needed to erase the un&anted %or!e and . 1e "ently said# NStart o% Session. +elo!ity o% %or!e and !har"e than 0 &as &illin" to handle or %or that matter !apable o% handlin". 0 said. *o& 0 had to meet him a"ain. on anythin".O 1e &as some&hat ta-en aba!. What 0 had !ome %or &as the ability and !ertainty to pro!ess anyone. 1e nodded o-ay. Presen!e.smiled and made a !ir!le &ith his %in"er and thumb. and turn on %ully. indi!atin" he &as o-ay. handin" me the !ans. Then rea!hed %or the meter and !ans.. at anytime. 0t !ontained the three attributes# . (. po&er%ul. e%%e!ti+e !ommuni!ation !y!le 0 had e+er experien!ed.O 0t &as then 0 &as hit &ith the most amaCin". 21elpin" the !lient to be able to o&n more and more o% itsel%. @riendliness. The &illin"ness to permeate all. Carin". 0 ans&ered# NThere are ?uite a number o% o%% beat implants in that area that are inter%erin" &ith handlin" the area. What had happenedH 0 had run into more -no&led"e. +ast. The &illin"ness to ha+e the !lient &in bi". 1e as-ed ho& the resear!h &e &ere doin" on the 1elotrobus 0mplants. This time he &ent strai"ht to business. 3. T@E NE<T MEETIN: A"ain he "reeted me &armly.HO NSu!h asHO he as-ed. 0 told him. 1e &anted me to "raduate.

. . !har"e and masses to !ome to +ie& and run out. A NED >EVE> 9? E<BE>>ENBE AND MASTER= 0nstead o% bein" empo&ered by this experien!e. bla!-. hi"hly !har"ed. to be honest 0 didn>t really -no&. plus all my !o pro!essin" &as &ith the best o% the best. as soon as that !ommuni!ation !y!le hit me. 0 &ould still be in a state o% N0 didn>t -no&. 1e "ently as-ed# NWhat did you Eust loo.!har"e. As his !ommuni!ation !y!le impin"ed on me.O NTell me about itHO So 0 des!ribed it. N6eahD All the un!on%ronted masses and !har"e %rom the pro!essin" 0>+e had o+er the years. 0 !ould see my tone arm. 0 !ame a&ay +ery o+er&helmed. What &as more embarrassin" &as the %a!t. NAny idea &hat it !ontainsHO 0 started lau"hin".. 0 didn>t -no&. 0 mumbled Nit>s some hu"e mass.atHO 0 hummed and oohed around. 0 itsa ed# NThe problem 0 ran into &as the pro!essors !ouldn>t !on%ront the %or!e. There &as a +ast di%%eren!e bet&een his !ommuni!ation !y!le and mine. More than that his intention &as to -no& all.O The mass Eust started to disinte"rate. 1e ended the session.O 0t &as years later 0 realiCed that his !ommuni!ation !y!le had allo&ed the %ull %or!e. We !hatted some more.< and the needle stu!solid. 1e o-ayed my stayin" on the brie%in" !ourse until 0 a!hie+ed my "oals o% pro!essin" anyone. the tone arm started soarin". 0% 0 had not ha+e re!ei+ed su!h a demonstration o% mastery and !ompeten!e. /. My tone arm ble& do&n to the 3. 0t shot up to L.0 lane hi"h&ay that !ould !om%ortably ta-e any %or!e or !har"e alon" it. at that time 0 &as one o% the hi"hest trained pro!essors in the &orld. at anytime. it started at (.0 ran"e and the needle &ent %ree. Bi". on anythin". The &illin"ness to let the !lient ha+e %ull and !omplete o&nership o% their o&n &ins. The le+el o% %or!e and !har"e 0 &as &illin" to handle le%t mu!h to be impro+ed upon. !har"e and masses.O That meetin" set a &hole ne& le+el o% ex!ellen!e and mastery o% &hat &as needed to ha+e a master%ul !ommuni!ation !y!le. Mine &as li-e a little s?ui""ly line and his &as an .

as a pra!titioner &ho studied under 981. by your o&n story you hardly e+er "ot out o% the deep hypnoti! tran!e state you li+e your li%e in. and time into a tiny area sometimes as small as a dot. Be!ause. no rea!h. TrustH 6ou ha+e to trust yoursel% be%ore you !an trust another. and an en"ine but 0 do belie+e thou"h all those are still present in today>s aeroplane they ha+e e+ol+ed some&hat. 0% this %aulty !ommuni!ation !y!le "oes on too lon" the !lient &ill build up too mu!h by passed and unhandled %or!e. ailerons.But &hat impressed me the most &as his intention %or me to &in bi". it usually mani%ests in ha+in" little or no time. and &ho sa& and %i"ured out ho& the !ult &as run by him &hy is he o%%erin" ser+i!es so li-e the ones 981 built his !ult uponH There>s somethin" about that 0 don>t trust. the !har"e and %or!e !annot be dissipated. The Wri"ht Bros %irst plane had a rudder. no &ins in li%e and li+in". that is the nature o% S!ientolo"y. no spa!e. The resultant by passed and unhandled %or!e. 6et anyone &ho li+es a deep intense li%e to you is bein" hypnotiCed. !har"e and mass and &ill be di%%i!ult to "et in session or &ill ?uit "ettin" pro!essed alto"ether. thus e%%e!ti+ely inhibitin" its ability to Be 7o or 1a+e in present time. 0 trust &hat he has to say about his experien!es &ith 981. That ta-es e%%e!ti+e pro!essin" and ex!ellent trainin". &in"s. 6es. With a master%ul !ommuni!ation !y!le in pla!e. . as you said. !har"e and mass &ill !ompress the bein"s ability to !reate and !ontrol spa!e. But. Alan Post #12 200*0*1$-1*10 0t>s a matter o% trust %or me. both the "ood and the bad. 0% the !ommuni!ation !y!le is %aulty or &ea-. 0t is the !ommuni!ation !y!le that is the basi! reason that !auses pro!essin" to &or-. !har"e and mass &ill be by passed. Perhaps you ha+e not e+ol+edD A%ter all you %ailed miserably &ith S!io. %usela"e. This !ompression phenomena is not tan"ible.. pro!esses ma"i!ally &or-. The best &ay to remedy this !ondition is to rehabilitate the bein"s !ommuni!ation !y!le. 0% it is %aulty too mu!h %or!e. What ma-es this so di%%i!ult to obser+e or !orre!t is that it is a telepathi!ally proEe!ted 3 dimensional holo"raphi! spiritual mani%estation.

A Aterri%ied studentA &ho rea!hed beyond his le+el o% -no&led"e and s-ill set. We are e+ol+in" some up&ard some do&n&ard. Conse?uently i% there &ere no !lients it &ould be all hands on o%%ense &e &ould do this until &e had a %airly hea+y ba!.to the post o% 981 and 0 pro!essin". he !ould not learn and e+ol+e %rom thisH @ear stems %rom a distrust o% sel%. Mi!-. 1ere you ha+e a mi!ro!osm o% li%e. 0 ha+e al&ays -no&n that one o% the reasons 0 &as su!!ess%ul in buildin" Missions &as that 0 applied this style o% o%%ensi+e$de%ensi+e mana"ement. and e+en !old !all i% needed5 as &ell as be the de%ense 2!ould train and audit. rea!h out. re". Anxiety stems %rom a distrust o% others. The S!io Mana"ement &as too %ixed in set positions. . Alan Thread 12+*: :ust "or 1mma Post #1+ 200*0*1*-152. it is a +ery mobile "ame &hi!h does re?uire the o%%ensi+e$de%ensi+e line e?ui+alents to run %or /0 minutes per hal% there are no time outs in 8u"by. E+en i% 0 am dra""in" pie!es o% it around &ith me. Oersatile >ission sta"" 8u"by is not a stati! "ame li-e Ameri!an @ootball.But ba!. A Amaster "uruA &ho had !ompletely messed up his !ase. All 0 -no& &ith !ertainty is the past is "one. 0 &as a parti!ipant in the rise and %all o% his me"alomania. All my sta%% &ere re?uired to be able to ta-e the o%%ense 2!ould le!ture.lo" then it &as all hands on deli+ery &ith minimal o%%ense. When you are submer"ed &ith %ears and anxieties as you are in re"ards the te!hnolo"y &hat hope do you ha+eH There is a hu"e di%%eren!e bet&een me and 1ubbard 0 did his !ourses 0 studied &hat he tau"ht 0 ha+e spent 30 years untan"lin" this. 0% the Amaster "uruA !ould mess up his !ase on!e &hy !ould he not do it a"ainH 0% the Aterri%ied studentA &ho had rea!hed beyond his le+el o% -no&led"e and s-ill set &hat says o+er the period o% the next /< years.5 0 had basi!ally a %lexible o%%ense$de%ense team.

..oncern o#er !cientolog blocks . Alan Post #$4 200*0*15-20$2 3<. 6a"er. The issue &as @ran-s had "otten a &ithhold o%% in session and Mayo had in%ormed 7M about it also ho& they used sele!ti+e poli!y that made them ri"ht and the rest &ron". This in!luded 7M.Alan Thread 12*0: .to %la" %or the last Mission 1olders Meetin". 0 had a heated yellin" mat!h &ith 7M about the . and Bill @ran-s and other assorted senior exe!s...(. in order to "et ba!. .out &orld&ide o% o+er 3.5 resorted to e+en more dis"ustin" !riminal beha+iour.000H Well the %i"ure is probably mu!h hi"her than that but 0 don>t &ant to be %alse !ause. When it &as -no&n that @ran-s and mysel% &ere de!lared there &as a simultaneous &al.24 >ission 7olders >eeting betra al Ba!. Mayo. Bnly to %ind it &as betrayal as usualD 0% there e+er &as a time that S!io !ould ha+e !ome !lean it &as at that timeD The JB had been pur"ed o% its !riminals the P8 story &as that S!io &as "oin" to re%orm itsel% . 0ma"ine ho& 0 %elt 0 had brou"ht o+er /00 people to @la" %rom all o+er the &orld be!ause 0 &as promised there &ould be a re%orm.. At least 0 did help 3<.000 to /0. 0t &as in all the ne&spapers.<00 sta%% and students..ruise &roduction Post #$1 200*0*15-1. lo!-ed in his room at the base in Jilman. There &as e+en a /<0 people mar!h o% protest in 9A outside the Blue Whale Complex as the 981 Way AB and 9A or" &as -no& in those days.0 "uess &e missed a deeper layer o% !riminals.. 'anuary ... 0 &as +ery %or!e%ul to Mayo and told him he &as in treason.. 0 had the top exe!s o% the CMB. 8eynolds. Be!ause o% Mayo>s betrayal @ran-s had to es!ape %rom bein" tied do&n in a !hair... 0nstead o% !leanin" up their a!t they 27M and Co.that is Eust in one day. BSA and @la" in my room at the Sand!astle..000 to /0..000 people lea+e the Co%S. Star-ey. Cal. use o% poli!y and Te!h.

A . %indin" mysel% to exist in the &orld..upon death to be as ne!essary to the !onstitution as sleep. Alan Thread 12*$: 2eincarnation Post #1 200*0*1+-1$1. in some shape or other al&ays exist. We shall rise re%reshed in the mornin". But they are +ery important espe!ially the indi+idual stories.A *apoleon &as %ond o% tellin" his "enerals that he belie+ed in the la& o% *apoleon rein!arnation and e+en told them &ho he belie+ed to ha+e been in *apoleona pre+ious li%e. Maybe 7ennis and Chu!.A Aack >ondon% author% !est kno$n )or !ook *Ball o) the D&ld*: A0 did not be"in &hen 0 &as born.. Mark T$a&n: A0 ha+e been born more times than anybody ex!ept 4rishna.omments on 2eincarnation A @e& Comments on 8ein!arnation BenLam&n ?rankl&n: A0>s internet bleeps are minor to those o% . Pinnaire &as also on sta%% at @la" ba!..3 period. promptin"s in me. and so it is endlessly. de+elopin". / 5e8 . until the +ery last one.then. All my pre+ious sel+es ha+e their +oi!es.( ....B% !ourse 7M and !re& helped tremendously by destroyin" the Mission *et&or-. e!hoes. the +ery real the li%e o% Jod. throu"h in!al!ulable myriads o% millenniums. Bur li%e is but one o% the dreams o% that more real li%e. in!al!ulable times a"ain shall 0 be born.A >eo Tolstoy: AAs &e li+e throu"h thousands o% dreams in our present li%e.. 0 ha+e been "ro&in"..A AAnd.. so is our present li%e only one o% many thousands o% su!h li+es &hi!h &e enter %rom the other more real li%e and then return a%ter death. nor &hen 0 &as !on!ei+ed. Bh.&ho &ere around at that time !an +eri%y some o% this. 0 belie+e 0 shall.

and belie+in" as 0 do in the theory o% rein!arnation.A Ralph Daldo Emerson: AThe soul !omes %rom &ithout into the human body. Jenius is experien!e. in some stran"e ne& dis" Where 0 %ou"ht in many "uises. but only retire a little %rom si"ht and a%ter&ards return a"ain.A Al!ert Sch$e&t+er: A8ein!arnation !ontains a most !om%ortin" explanation o% reality by means o% &hi!h 0ndian thou"ht surmounts di%%i!ulties &hi!h ba%%le the thin-ers o% seem that it is a "i%t or talent.A A0t is the se!ret o% the &orld that all thin"s subsist and do not die.%unerals and there they stand loo-in" out o% the &indo&. %or the soul is immortal. in some other birth 0 shall be able to hu" all o% humanity in %riendly embra!e. *othin" is deadI men %ei"n themsel+es dead.A ?re&dr&ch N&et+sche: A9i+e so that thou mayest desire to li+e a"ain that is thy duty %or in any !ase thou &ilt li+e a"ainDA Mahatma :andh&: A0 !annot thin. but al&ays me. sound and &ell. you are merely a +a"ue "uest on a dar. but it is the %ruit o% lon" experien!e in many and sc&ent&st7: AAs lon" as you are not a&are o% the !ontinual la& o% 7ie and Be A"ain. the a"e lon" stri%e 0 see.o% permanent enmity bet&een man and man.e S' atton: ASo as throu"h a "lass and dar-ly.Earth. many names.A :eneral :eor.@enry ?ord: A0 adopted the theory o% rein!arnation &hen 0 &as (L. Some thin.A . Aohann Dol). 0 li+e in the hope that i% not in this birth. and it "oes out o% it ane& it passes into other habitations. and endure mo!. von :oethe% . as into a temporary abode.:erman poet% play$r&.

Islam&c oet o) the 4"th century7: A0 died as a mineral and be!ame a plant.A @enry Dav&d Thoreau: AWhy should &e be startled by deathH 9i%e is a !onstant puttin" o%% o% the mortal !oil !oat. that the li+in" sprin" %rom the dead.A Socrates: A0 am !on%ident that there truly is su!h a thin" as li+in" a"ain."i+en to me. %lesh and bones. an ex!erpt %or &hi!h the pre!edin" and su!!eedin" text &as missin". 1ath had else&here its settin". And !ometh %rom a%ar. Why should 0 %ear H When &as 0 less by dyin"HA Barl Aun.A Aalalu Rum& . !uti!le. 0 died as a plant and rose to animal. our li%e>s Star. and 0 -no& the amplitude o% time. all old !lothes.Dalt Dh&tman: A0 -no& 0 am deathless.: AMy li%e o%ten seemed to me li-e a story that has no be"innin" and no end. 0 lau"h at &hat you !all dissolution. and that the souls o% the dead are in existen!e. 0 !ould &ell ima"ine that 0 mi"ht ha+e li+ed in %ormer !enturies and there en!ountered ?uestions 0 &as not yet able to ans&erI that 0 had been born a"ain be!ause 0 had not %ul%illed the tas. *o doubt 0 ha+e died mysel% ten thousand times be%ore. 0 had the %eelin" that 0 &as an histori!al %ra"ment.A D&ll&am Dords$orth: ABur birth is but a sleep and a %or"ettin"I The Soul that rises &ith us.A Aesus Bhr&st &n :nost&c :ospels: &st&s Soph&a: ASouls are poured %rom one into another o% di%%erent -inds o% bodies o% the &orld. 0 died as animal and 0 &as man.A .

rein!arnation &as a do!trine !losely asso!iated &ith the %ollo&ers o% the philosopher and mathemati!ian Pytha"oras. and in !ourse o% time they are a"ain sent do&n to inhabit ri"hteous bodies.oras: Amon" the an!ient Jree-s.e @arr&son: A@riends are all souls that &e>+e -no&n in other li+es.. the soul sur+i+es. till they return to 1im. and that his present birth is his %irst entran!e into li%e. 0t then ta-es on another body. Who -no&s ho& many %leshly %orms the heir o% hea+en o!!upies be%ore he !an be brou"ht to understand the +alue o% that silen!e and solitude o% spiritual &orldsHA Arthur Schopenhauer . &e must ha+e met some&here be%ore. the soul sur+i+es .A @onore Bal+ac .A Aosephus .o+er and o+er a"ain.u&n .A :eor.Volta&re: A0t is not more surprisin" to be born t&i!e than on!eI e+erythin" in nature is resurre!tion.A Coran: AJod "enerates bein"s. it doesn>t %or a de%inition o% Europe.most $ell kno$n Ae$&sh h&stor&an )rom the t&me o) Aesus7: AAll pure and holy spirits li+e on in hea+enly pla!es. We>re dra&n to ea!h other. be!ause any&ay. A!!ordin" to Pytha"orean tea!hin".. you -no&.?rench post5&mpress&on&st pa&nter7: AWhen the physi!al or"anism brea-s up.?rench $r&ter7: AAll human bein"s "o throu"h a pre+ious li%e.A ytha. 0 should be %or!ed to ans&er him# 0t is that part o% the &orld &hi!h is haunted by the in!redible delusion that man &as !reated out o% nothin". 0>m not "oin" to &ait till 0 ha+e -no&n them %or t&o years. and sends them ba!.A aul :au. h&losopher7: AWere an Asiati! to as. E+en i% 0 ha+e only -no&n them a day.

0 remember &hen he &as "i+in" me this in%ormation in session.. Alan Post #11 200*0*2. Almost all &ere Te!hies that is trained auditors. my Ea& &anted to drop throu"h the %loor. *ot ?uite as spe!i%i! as that. . is Canadian and ( are 3S. .-1+55 0 presume you are Eust relayin" your o&n experien!e and -no&led"e hereH 6es. in!ludin" the platens. Bi" resur"en!es &hen their dreams rehabbed. he &as determined to be Clear.( people &ho had prior S!io !areers ) are %rom Australia ( are En"lish.physi!al death. 1is in%ormation &as SB a!!urate 0 !ouldn>t belei+e it.-184* Bri"inally Posted by Bea 4iddo 0 &onder i% its possible thou"h. 0 remember auditin" a p! on CC87 2Clear Certainty 875 and he "a+e the materials o% the Clearin" Course pretty pre!isely. 200*0*2. Almost all lost their dreams. Alan Post #. Most born in the late )0>s early . There are . his &ins and !o"s. *o &ell -no&n te!h people. At the time.0>s. 21e &as born in . you e+er run into thatH 6es. had too many losses and "a+e up.5 Alan. A%ter a series o% rein!arnations ea!h one %ollo&in" a period o% psy!hi! !leansin" in spiritual en+ironments the soul be!omes %ree eternally %rom the !y!le o% rein!arnations.

an ex!han"e system. the uni+erse. 0t existed trillions o% years prior to the %ormation o% the physi!al uni+erse. and bliss. 6ou must realiCe that ea!h "od that &as part o% the Supreme Bein" a"reed to o&n the ima"e to play and !ontributed to the +ision and the buildin" o% the 3ni+ersal Mind. . it &as able to maintain its o&n sel%ness and still be part o% the Supreme Bein". The en+isioned solution &as to play. This Jod &as the !ulmination o% the !olle!ti+e "ods in their ultimate "od li-e presen!e. 0t &as the super !omputer o% the uni+erse. &hi!h &as not o% a physi!al nature but &as a spiritual essen!e. time.Thread 12**: %ut o" #alence Post #18 200*0*1*-0$12 T71 >I!!I%T1E M0SS0B* Bn!e upon a lon". a -armi! Eusti!e system. The Supreme Bein" also en+isioned a uni+ersal mind. The Buddhists ha+e a myth about the spirit. a data retrie+al system and a plannin" system. Their habitat &as The 1ea+ens. all lo!ations at all time o% all parts o% itsel%. the %or!e. so lon" a"o that this story be"an e+en be%ore time. The Supreme Bein" resided in 1ea+en. &hate+er you &ish to !all it. lon". 0t &as the 3ni+ersal Mind. Eoy. lon" time a"o. 0t &as an in%inite presen!e &ith omni !apabilities. o% &hi!h there &asn>t e+en a "lint. Ea!h "od bein" had its o&n %ull "od li-e abilities and used them to per%e!tion. These "ods thou"ht as a unity !alled the Supreme Bein". The Supreme Bein" &as the !omposite oneness. there li+ed a !o existent entity that &as the Jod o% all li%e. thou"h it &as a lesser part o% the &hole o% the Supreme Bein". a total unity o% all the trillions and trillions o% "ods in their purest essen!e. 0n the %a!e o% boredom the Supreme Bein". But this Supreme Bein". de+ised a master plan to de%eat it. ener"y and positionI it pre!eded time and spa!e. &ho !reated all that e+er &as. or intended or rea!ted. The 1ea+ens &as in%inite lo+e. The Supreme Bein" !ould do all thin"s. but it &as o% a spe!ial ?uality totally un-no&n to man. the !reator o% the mind o% the uni+erse. Ea!h had its o&n sel%ness and. spa!e. ma-e all thin"s H spa!e. the Supreme Bein" &as not lo!ated in time or spa!e nor did it ha+e any other physi!al property. 0t existed as an in%inite lo+in" onenessI all the li%e %or!es intera!ted as an in%inity o% pure and total lo+e. and !onstru!ted that uni+ersal mind &ith the ability and purpose o% re!ordin" all that &ill be. %a!ed a thin" it !ould not de%eat. We>ll !all it the Supreme Bein". Be!ause o% its in%initude. Boredom. and the Supreme Bein" &as here %ore+er be!ause it &as the Supreme Bein" &ho !reated time. And one day The Supreme Bein" realiCed that it &as bored. But slo&ly it be!ame borin". planets H !reate all that is or e+er &ill be. %or it !ontained a !omplete absen!e o% any -no&n material. &ho had !reated nothin" that sensed or per!ei+ed. or ?uestioned or !on!luded.

s-ills. The Supreme Bein" shattered itsel% into trillions and trillions o% "od li-e %ra"ments. A %ormless Presen!e. Ea!h &ould re"ain "odship o+er its o&n uni+erse and re!reate the steps ne!essary %or all to re"ain the lo+e. 1a+e you e+er experien!ed a pure oneness &ith someoneH 0t is one o% those ma"i!al !o existin" moments o% pure lo+e. to proEe!t that +ision into a !reation and to animate that !reation.. 0 must admit 0 ha+e only done a !ouple o% thousand hours o% pro!essin" on this area. Ea!h "od be!ame a separate entity.*o& !ame the most ex!itin". and !ru!ial part o% the plan to de%eat boredom.. The Co Existen!e o% Spirit !ould lead to some +ery interestin" %ormless the area is in!omplete. and to rea!t.. 6et someho& the moments shi%t o%ten do&ns!ale.. Ea!h %ra"ment &as a "od. &hi!h &as not o% a physi!al nature but &as a spiritual essen!e.. a&areness. -no&led"e. Br.. . it may be nothin" but pure delusion. to !reate by intention and +ision. As a matter o% %a!t as it is timeless and lo!ationless it is al&ays ri"ht here no&. Could it not span the spe!trum %rom 0n%inity to Tero or %or that matter %rom Tero to ......and most li-ely &ill be until the maEority o% spiritual bein"s erase &hat is there or not there %or themsel+es..... ad+enturous. Ea!h "od bein" &as "i+en a mission &hen the "ame and its playin" &as o+er.H 6et still be %ormless. and to reunite &ith all other "od li-e bein"s so that one day the Supreme Bein" &ould be &hole a"ain. Alan Post #2* 200*0*1*-1514 When 0 "o into an area 0 -no& 0 -no& nothin" about 0 attempt to allo& mysel% to be utterly stupid in the area. Ea!h separate entity &as a lesser part o% the Supreme Bein". abilities. 2Ex!erpt %rom the boo-# :ods in *isguise5 Alan Post #2$ 200*0*1*-124* !tatic Stati! is 1ubbard>s de%inition = Could it be &ron" or in!ompleteH The Supreme Bein" resided in 1ea+en.. Spiritual essen!e is a %ormless substan!e. 0t &as endo&ed &ith %our basi! abilities# to per!ei+e... purity and truth o% sel%. a uni+erse unto itsel%....

8E9AT0B*S10PS# The a!t o% relatin" is the MBST important phenomena o% our li+es. 0n runnin" the area on mysel% and others mu!h has !ome to +ie& most o% it &as +ery surprisin". Alan Thread 12. The only &ay to undo it is to run it. 0 had !ollided &ith this area se+eral times durin" di%%erent As!ension Experien!es but it +ery ?ui!-ly boun!ed me out o% the area. &e are nothin". areas or Cones that de%ines our 8E9AT0B*S10PS. and physi!al -no&in" a&areness and a!ts o% exa!tly &ho.. Ea!h bein" needs to %ind out %or itsel%.8: 2elationshi&s Post #1 200*0*22-0*$* 2elationshi&s 8E9AT0B*S10PS Many people spend more time plannin" a +a!ation than they do plannin" their relationships. 0t is best run &ith no e+aluation o% its !ontent &hat so e+er...&ithout doubt the most !har"ed area 0 had e+er en!ountered.This &as Eust su!h an area. subEe!ts. pla!es.. ?uality and depth o% your standards and +irtues in relationship &ith and %or yoursel% o% . mental. &here. 0% you should put yoursel% in a +oid o% nothin" there &ould be no honor or dishonor no up or do&n no bi" or small no &orth or not &orth no "ood or bad no beauty or u"liness then you &ould be Eust as +oid as you &ould ha+e nothin" to relate to nothin" to &ant nothin" to desire nothin" to !ompare to.. \\\ *eale 7onald Wals!h &rote in his boo.. Who or &hat you !hoose to put into your spa!e and time and %ully relate to sets the parameters as to the bi"ness. WE are not. &hat. The reason %or this isI in the absen!e o% anythin" else. The moment there is somethin" to relate to you !an !ompare you !an desire better or &orse bi""er or smaller &ant or not &ant to be or not be to do or not do to o&n or not o&n. 0t un%olds "radiently. ho& and at &hat mood le+el &e relate to someone or somethin". \\\ 0t is the spiritual. Without relationships. &hen.

our en+ironment. $ron. We ha+e spiritual. our +isions. 9u!-ily. !omes %rom &ithin the !ontext. mental and physi!al relationships &ith our "od2s5I &e ha+e a spiritual. body and en+ironmentally destroyin" tra"edies &ith our relationshipsH *othin" has !aused more problems %or man-ind. and %ully permeate that &ho or &hat &ith &hi!h you are relatin" to or &ith. mental and physi!al relationships &ith 2no matter ho& hard &e try not to be5 e+eryone and e+erythin". . so!ially. so+erei"nty. The reason &hy the abo+e is so is +ery simple to handle# All you have to reco. passion. times. !onta!t. %reedom. mental and physi!al relationships &ith ea!h otherI &e ha+e spiritual. all o% us are in spiritual.n&+e &s the trou!led or d&sastrous relat&onsh&ps are to. settin" and meanin"%ulness that is !reated and arti!ulated by the ?uality o% our relationships. and e+erythin" &e -no&. subEe!ts. truth. there is not one o% us &ho does not ha+e an in%inity o% spiritual. mental and physi!al relationships &ith our mind. produ!ed more abuse. We ha+e "ra+e troubles "ettin" alon" &ith ea!h other H let alone bein" able to truly lo+e ea!h other. our &or-I &e ha+e spiritual. oursel+esI &e ha+e spiritual. and spirit. mental and physi!al relationship &ith the supreme bein". than that &hi!h &as intended and en+isioned to brin" us our "reatest sense o% lo+e and &ell bein".ether )or the $ron. +alue. problems. more su%%erin". or !oupled. The ability to ha+e a W1B9E 8E9AT0B*S10P !omes into bein" and o!!urs &hen you %ully utiliCe your spiritual. %ully experien!e ea!h parti!le. and pla!es in the uni+erseI &e ha+e spiritual. or !olle!ti+ely. mental and physi!al relationships &ith all obEe!ts. 0t is our a&areness and ho& &e honor our spiritual.&hat "ames you &ill play &hat mood le+els you &ill play your "ames at &ho and &hat you &ill lo+e honor -no& be do and o&n about yoursel%. and resulted in more tra"edy. processes that seek to trap% control or dom&nate each otherP they seek to l&m&t each others )reedom' A bein" !annot experien!e Eoy. mental and physi!al relationships. upsets. Why then ha+e &e had so many and su!h immense di%%i!ulties. or happiness by bein" limited. politi!ally. amount o% lo+e. lo!ation. our "reatest Eoy our relationships &ith ea!h other. appre!iate. Ma"i!ally. and experien!e about oursel+es. lo!ally or internationally ha+e %ound a !onsistent &ay to li+e in harmony. and the !omprehension and !reation o% &ho and &hat &e are and &ill be. po&er. per!ei+e &ith all per!eptions. mental and physi!al relationships that !reates and establishes our immense intera!ti+ity o% holo"raphi! ali+eness. expansion. mind. and presen!e timeness o% &ho and &hat &e are and &ill be. 1EA9T16 8E9AT0B*S10PS CB*TA0* A SE80ES B@ SBPE8E0J* TB BM*0 SBPE8E0J* BASE7. our body. reasons% they are &mproperly al&. -no&led"e. %ully dupli!ate. !reated more pain. mental and physi!al relationships &ith our dreams. all o% the time.ned' They are runn&n. more "rie%. @e& indi+idually. mental and physi!al abilities to !onne!t.

By relationship mastery 0 mean not only the attainment o% ea!h Bein">s %ull potential %or themsel+es. "roups. expansion. The so+erei"n to omni so+erei"n based partners 9E*7 themsel+es to ea!h other until the partner !an do &hat they ha+e !hosen %or itsel%. nations and ultimately A99 o% man-ind in the "randest +ision they !an ima"ine.and sets the partner %ree. produ!tion o% %ine ?uality produ!ts and beha+ior. but also ha+in" the s-ills and abilities at a le+el o% relationship mastery to &or. *ot Eust indi+iduals. has aestheti!s. T1E TB*ES When you understand T1E TB*ES you understand the "radient s!ales o% relationships a person "oin" %rom the Jold Tone do&n to the Jreen. literate. then 6ello& then 8ed Tone is d&indlin" and . The motto o% the so+erei"n to omni so+erei"n based relationships is# II choose $&th and )or you $hat you choose )or youFJ The so+erei"n to omni so+erei"n based relationships see. "reater so+erei"nty to&ards omni so+erei"nty. lo+e. 8elationship mastery +ery mu!h in!orporates the hi"hest ?ualities o% po&er the ?ualities o% unlimited P8ESE*CE 9BPE T83T1 1B*B8 7ECE*C6 H 40*7*ESS CBMPASS0B* 4*BW9E7JE 8ESPB*S0B090T6 CB*T8B9 BM*0 SBPE8E0J*T6 0*TEJ80T6 and @80E*790*ESS. "ro&th. That o% 8E9AT0B*S10P MASTE86 BE0*JS. Bn!e the partner is %ree to -no&in"ly and !ausati+ely !hoose or not !hoose %or itsel% in the area. honor. release %rom traps. lau"hter. MASTE86 TEAMS With the ad+ent o% the re!ent dis!o+eries o% ho& to handle !har"e and po&er a ne& le+el o% bein"ness and bein"ness relationships has emer"ed. 8E9AT0B*S10P MASTE86 BE0*JS. it means -no&led"e in the %ullest extent. more a&areness. !an apply. more personal po&er %or ea!h parti!ipant.B* JB0*J. !reate as many as possible other so+erei"n to omni so+erei"n based relationships. its o&n needs and &ants. and MASTE86 TEAMS. %reedom. MB8E @8EE0*J P8BCESSES Bptimum relationships are so+erei"n based. truth. that A99 relationships are sa!red. that A99 relationships should be based on @reedom @reedom to help another be A99 they !an be @reedom to set another or others %ree @reedom to lo+e @reedom to !hoose or not !hoose -no&in"ly and !ausati+ely. Those &ith so+erei"n to omni so+erei"n based relationships -no& that the -ey to the betterment o% this planet lies in the betterment o% ea!h relationship.&ith and help others rea!h their %ull potential. more o&nership o% sel%. 6et they "o %ar beyond that they "o into a!tion to help you rea!h that "rand +ision. MA4E MB8E EAC1 BT1E8. Bein" a master in an area does not mean to dominate.H &hi!h sets the pro!ess dire!tion and ali"ns the !orre!t pro!ess se?uen!es that produ!e more Eoy. -no&led"e. but teams. the partner passes the o&nership and !ontrol ba!. !ontributin" to ea!h other by doin" a series o% on "oin" ali"ned to &hat ea!h partner H!hooses %or itsel%. lo"i!al or natural asso!iation. re late 2r l t5 +erb re lat ed. mentally and physi!ally 2Bmni So+erei"n5 at the top o% the Jold Tone. To ha+e or establish a re!ipro!al relationshipI intera!t# She relates &ell to her peers. re lates +erb. The prin!iple &hereby an a!t done at a later date is !onsidered to ha+e been done on a prior date. relations a. To ha+e !onne!tion. until the person has %ull and !omplete po&er o% !hoi!e o% its o&nership o% itsel% spiritually.. re la tion . 3. or diplomati! matters# international relations. +erb. 8e%eren!eI re"ard# in relation to your in?uiry. re lat in". The mutual dealin"s or !onne!tions o% persons. 3. 9a&.. (. "roups. To establish or demonstrate a !onne!tion bet&een.. (. espe!ially %a+orably# 0 !an really relate to these ne& %ashions. <. intransiti+e . (. transiti+e . To narrate or tell. ). The &ay in &hi!h one person or thin" is !onne!ted &ith another# the relation o% parent to !hild. or nations in so!ial. 3. . L. To brin" into or lin. /. Sexual inter!ourse. See synonyms at Eoin. or re%eren!e# The symbols relate to an earlier system. throu"h the 6ello&.be!omin" less and less until the person !ompletely !eases to existI the person is o&ned by e+eryone and e+erythin" and has no o&nership o% sel%. As the person as!ends throu"h the 8ed.. business. throu"h the Jreen and into the Jold Tone the person is be!omin" more and more the -no&in" !hooser to be the o&ner o% itsel%. relation. To rea!t in response. The !onne!tion o% people by blood or marria"eI -inship. a. . A lo"i!al or natural asso!iation bet&een t&o or more thin"sI rele+an!e o% one to anotherI !onne!tion# the relation bet&een smo-in" and heart disease. The a!t o% tellin" or narratin". A person !onne!ted to another by blood or marria"eI a relati+e. b. A narrati+eI an a!!ount. See synonyms at des!ribe.

<. re !ip ro !al 2r sp>ra -al5 adEe!ti+e . ). .X Alan Thread 1$00: 5ilbert and %T III 4eo""re 5ilbert Post #2 200*0*22-155+ 0 -ne& @ilbert %airly &ell he &as one o% my %irst p!>s &hen 0 !ame to Ameri!a in *o+ . Per%ormed. Jrammar. 0nter!han"eableI !omplementary# re!ipro!al ele!tri! outlets. noun Abbr. experien!ed. (. /. or o&ed to ea!h other# re!ipro!al a"reements to abolish !ustoms dutiesI a re!ipro!al in+itation to lun!h. Jeneti!s. Expressin" mutual a!tion or relationship. B% or relatin" to the re!ipro!al o% a ?uantity. Mathemati!s. re!ip. (..L/. "i+en. A romanti! or sexual la tion ship 2r l shun ship5 noun .. Physiolo"y. /. Conne!tion by blood or marria"eI -inship. B% or desi"natin" a pair o% !rosses in &hi!h the male parent in one !ross is o% the same "enotype or phenotype as the %emale parent in the other !ross. L. The !ondition or %a!t o% bein" relatedI !onne!tion or asso!iation. . W@rom 9atin re!ipro!us.. A parti!ular type o% !onne!tion existin" bet&een people related to or ha+in" dealin"s &ith ea!h other# has a !lose relationship &ith his siblin"s. 3. Con!ernin" ea!h o% t&o or more persons or thin"s. 3. B% or relatin" to a neuromus!ular phenomenon in &hi!h the ex!itation o% one "roup o% mus!les is a!!ompanied by the inhibition o% another. .. Somethin" that is re!ipro!al to somethin" else. 3sed o% some +erbs and !ompound pronouns. or %elt by both sides# re!ipro!al respe!t. alternatin". Conse?uently 0 %ollo&ed his !areer &ith some interest. 0nter!han"ed..

or !oo-in". as-# 1o& did you learn to to do thatH This is +ery therapeuti! as it rehabs the %a!t the person !an study and ho& they study. 1e &as !onsidered some&hat as a Eo-e by most pro>s at that time. is pure ima"ination. 1is so !alled BS that he &rites about bein" 981>s &hate+er. 0 !he!-ed this out &ith others &ho &ere there at that time. As %or the ori"ination about BT 000 this !ame %rom the 1a&aiian 1una 8eli"ion there is a "ood !han!e that this not really their reli"ion..0 tapes.1is hi"hest post &as as Chaplain in the @oundation Br" at St 1ill. The best &ay to &ord !lear is# 7o it &hen needed.<0s many S!ios studied 1una. or typin". Alan .but 0 had the mass to "o &ith the si"ni%i!an!e in most areas. @ind the areas or subEe!ts the person is "ood at# 0t !an be as simple as tyin" their shoela!es. be"an to erupt. 0 !onsider it the most +aluable !ourse in S!io. Alan Thread 1$04: A>'s case and training le#el6 Post #1* 200*0*24-1*$5 7o8 to rehab a &erson's abilit to stud 7o &e ha+e any P87 !ompletions around here on this %orumH 0 did the P87 three times. The 1a&aiians also had +ol!ano "ods or "oddesses.. The step on study should be to %ind &hat method the person in %ront o% you uses to studyH This is %airly easy to do. o%%erin"s &ere thro&n into their la+a streams in order to appease their an"er.. The ori"inal purpose %or the e meter &as to be used to spot AentitiesA this is !o+ered in the 0 . When one o% the +ol!ano "ods or "oddesses be!ame an"ry.. The personi%i!ation o% +ol!anoes allo&ed %or explanation o% their a!tions. 7urin" the early .

.: Aeath o" 327 Post #..... Alan Thread 1$0. Alan Post #10 200*0*25-040$ (ob 7o&e 6ou>re su!h a s&eetieD 0t brin"s up so many %unny in!idents.and Pi!-i !ould not &ait %or me to explain &hat !landestine ops Bob 1ope and 0 &ere doin"D .. 0 li+ed in Palm Sprin"s in those days and o%ten shopped at that time.. Apparently the P0 reported on my se!ret meetin"s &ith Bob 1ope at (...30 am in a Supermar-et.000 per year %or L years on P0s on me alone. 0s that trueH A!tually he did &rite up his hat it is in the Mana"ement Series and Pol P00 o% the BEC boo-s..both 8i!.. Well this %rea-ed out the P0s and ob+iously the CMB. 0 do -no& they spent an a+era"e o% Q..<.as a pie!e o% &hat one has !reated &ith lu!. Title# E7 Comm 9ines.o!!asionally tal-. 3sually one !omes ba!..lau"h at our shoppin" did Bob 1ope.&e &ould nod to ea!h other.... Musta dri+en them !raCy &hen 0 hopped in my plane and %le& to all sorts o% se!ret pla!esD This &as told to me by Pi!-i ACneran &ho read the P0 reports and paid the bills..he "ets born into a S!io SB %amily a"ain and a"ain and has to do the brid"e he !reated o+er and o+er a"ain until he "ets it ri"htD Alan Thread 1$12: !% 1A 2104 I-T The >ission 7olders >assacre Post #+ 200*0*25-0$$$ 0 am !urious i% those !riminal !har"es stu!-H 7o you ha+e any in%o on thatH *o !riminal !har"es &ere e+er brou"ht that 0 -no& o%%..Thread 1$08: .8 200*0805-010. They had / P0s %ollo&in" me at all times.ommodore 7at Post #* 200*080$-1*25 327's hat 8rite-u& 0 heard a rumor that 981 hasn>t done a hat &rite up nor has he passed do&n his hat.

As does %ull erasure o% "ames and identities.08 0 tried readin" that AE$sho&thread. http#$$%orum. 6ou had "reat presen!e. So i% it is our o&n sun "oin" super no+a it &ill o% !ourse also ma-e us extin!t. An AE is a moment or moments &hen you be!ame %ully yoursel%. There is a lot o% data about AEs on this thread. Te!hni!ally you exterioriCed %rom your !ase and all uni+erses. Could you !lue me in as to &hat you are sayin" by dra&in" that asso!iation.Ar"hD to be so paranoidD Alan Thread 1$15: Where is 3276 Post #20 200*0*2. E+erythin" started "oin" ri"ht. Alan Post #2+ 200*0*$0-00$0 A super no+a is a sun endin" it>s 2ser+i!e5 li%e. 0t>s a bit mu!h %or me. .phpHt=3() Alan Post #22 200*0*2.-1. 9i%e &as ma"i!al.exs!n. The nu!lear burnin" that "i+es o%% sunli"ht has burned all the burnable material. There &as an immense in!rease in ener"y. 6ou %elt hu"e. Pi!tor 0 ha+e helped a lot o% people o+er the years re!o+er ba!.<S lost their purpose a%ter a bi" As!ens!ion Experien!e.-145* The super no+a phenomena is almost the exa!t similar phenomena as you "et &hen you ha+e an As!ension Experien!e. Almost .their purpose.

0>m not tryin" to ad+ertise them.5. .. and ener"y %rom a James Matrix !reation you end up &ith a solid. +ery dense mass. That mind that you use to remember e+eryday thin"s that happen &hile in this one body &ill be &iped out &hen the body dies. i% you &ant my honest opinion in ans&er to your ori"inal ?uestion. 0 don>t belie+e the mind tra+els &ith the spirit %rom li%e to li%e any more than the body. *o&. it>s %rom last li%etime. Whether it has "ot anythin" to do &ith any in bet&een li+es !re& is a hi"hly debatable matter.. 0 Eust dies &ith it.. The B*96 pla!e &here 0 remember 981 tal-in" about this is in 9e+els B% Mind Alert. 0t appears this is so. There are le+els abo+e this mind. So. Well that doesn>t exa!tly ali"n &ith my +ie& o% spiritual hi"hs.the !lassi%i!ation o% the le+els o% the mind has been "rossly simpli%ied in S!ientolo"y. than. one more subtle than the other as you "o up. sin!e this one o% the lo&est le+el o% the mind has a symbioti! relationship. 0 Eust thin. Was that S!ientolo"y . My opinion is that the Theosophists had a better "rasp o% the mind that 981 did. Also ea!h maEor identity has a personal !omputer o% its o&n. Erasure auditin" is one o% the most destru!ti+e o% a!ti+ities. Considerin" all this.A &ith the aestheti! mind one o% the !losest to the spirit. Conditions under &hi!h li%e is impossible. When a bein" pulls out spa!e. 0 Eust thin.they "ot it !loser to the truth. &ith this parti!ular body.youD PussyD Alan Thread 1$$2: /uditing 0uestion Post #++ 200*0801-1+50 0% 0 may say somethin" about my personal belie%s 2&hat a polite &ay to start a senten!e.00.5 . Also. Eust to soon a%ter !reate a AJeneti! EntityA to repla!e it. le+els o% %iner and %iner Amatter. at least on that a!!ount. that does not mean that you !annot remember pre+ious li%etimes. 0 don>t ha+e one experien!e o% &hi!h 0 !an say &ith !ertainty# 0 remember that.H 1e tou!hed upon &hat 0 belie+e the mind to be. you don>t dra" your mind around %rom one li%e to another belo& the le+el o% &hat the spiritualists &ould !all the Aastral bodyA 2&hi!h 981 dismissed as someone>s delusion. the %a!t that a star !ollapses and "ra+ity "et so hea+y as to !ompress matter as &e -no& it into a dense mass o% neutrons. Whi!h !an !on%use the !rap out o% you i% you !ross !ompute. 6ou des!ribed the !rash and burn e%%e!t. 0 &ill politely de!line to ha+e any As!ension Experien!e.That is the EP o% auditin" to erasure. so to spea-. time. 8ather it !ompares to a parti!ularly bad heada!he.

!ompute. 0 -no&# 981 said somethin" +ery similar. 0 ha+e little need %or the theory to be "enerally a!!eptable. to be really ob+ious about it5. 2Bh ho& polite 0 am toni"htD5 0 personally subs!ribe to the idea that the more obser+ed phenomena a theory explains or mat!hes up &ith. Ea!h Matrix is a sphere o% in%luen!e. and 0 &ould not ha+e to ans&er this 9BP as-ed# Would you li-e to expand on thatH By AmaEor identityA you are re%errin" to. Pi!tor Pery insi"ht%ul post as usualD Alan Post #*5 200*0804-222+ !tructure o" a 4ames >atri) Alan. 2Slo&ly in the turnsD5 0 hope 0 !an "et this !on!ept a!rossH 0 ha+e been pro!essin" this area %or almost <0 years. the more li-ely it is true. !ross !omputeH 0>m sorry i% 0 sound li-e 0 ha+en>t "ot a !lue as to &hat you>re tal-in" about there. you tend to thin-# But he -no&s so mu!h. That>s the problem# 1e said a lot o% thin"s that are +alid. That>s also &hy the bo"usity o% some 981 Adis!o+eriesA that Eust don>t ma-e any sense tend to annoy me.. 0% you &ere %ully As!ended you &ould ha+e in%inite Presen!e and A99 o% the Matri!es are &ithin you. The outer rim is the Matrix ea!h !ir!le is a Matrix !onse?uently you ha+e Matri!es &ithin Matri!es.. that by the time you hear somethin" that seems more li-e a pipe dream 2li-e Mr. Computor. 0t is the stru!ture o% a James Matrix. Venu. it must be 0 &ho doesn>t understandD All 0 !an say to that is &hat Alan &ould# Truth is that &hi!h is. you disappeared on me &ithout ans&erin" my ?uestionD What does this meanH 0 &as hopin" you &ould "o a&ay. . but 0 don>t.0 don>t ha+e all the ans&ers that>s &hy 0>m loo-in". espe!ially at the lo&er le+els.

Pro!essor. time. no spa!e. Son. 1umanoid 0dentities. no ener"y or thou"ht.. Tea!her. et!. no time. Juide. ener"y and thin"s. Creator. are types o% Spiritual 0dentities. There are Spiritual 0dentities. do" "roomer. 9eader. 0t is almost all tran!e states and !ir!uits. et!. 2Jamema-er. are types o% humanoid identities. Most people li+e in a !ollapsed uni+erse at the Center Core that is +ery dense thus there is almost no spiritual presen!e. ea!h appears to ha+e its o&n mind 2!omputer5.. 8eal Estate A"ent.5 . Be 7o 1a+e series o% interplays. Arti%i!ial 0dentities. As you des!end into the !ore o% the Matrix you lose the Cir!le abo+e you ea!h des!ent is less spiritual presen!e. et!.Ea!h Cir!le is a Jame. 7au"hter. Ea!h Be or 0dentity has its o&n mind. @ather. A Spiritual 0dentity is a bein"ness that operates in or out o% the physi!al uni+erse spa!e or time and do not need to be in a body. ea!h appears to ha+e its o&n mind 2!omputer5.. spa!e. Ma!hinist. A maEor or Prime 0dentity. 2Mother.5 A 1umanoid 0dentity operates &ith a body and is bound by the la&s o% the physi!al uni+erse.

o+er&helm. A bein" has played trillions upon trillions o% "ames throu"hout time. Bptimum edu!ation. but the !ommon denominator o% ea!h identity 2player5 is standard %or all !ases. &here 0 obser+ed the pattern o% the uni+erses and their !omposition.. &hat are the penta"ons all aboutH 3. The %i+e basi! identities are# . lies. The Bmni So+erei"n Bein"ness The spiritual bein" himsel%.o% the pattern o% the < basi! 8eliable 0tems that ma-e up a sin"le James Matrix. Mat!hin" terminals &ith AbtsA is about as !ollapsed in&ardly as you !an "o.L( 0 had a tremendous As!ension Experien!e. The Po&er 0dentity An identity !reated by the bein". also atta!hed to these items &ere many entities.5 This is &hat destru!ti+e Cults !reate their %ollo&ers into. The Mali!ious 0dentity A !ombination identity that is a result o% sho!-s. (. The penta"ons are the %rame&or. 0 also ran out my Physi!al 3ni+erse JPMs. But &hat has been dis!o+ered is that there are only %i+e basi! bein"nesses or identities. trainin" and pro!essin" should produ!e a risin" s!ale phenomena. 1ope this helps. Where does this in%ormation !ome %romH 0 %irst !ame a!ross the Con!entri! Cir!les in a session at Saint 1ill in *o+ . 0t &as !reated by the !on%li!ts o% the Po&er and 7estru!ti+e 0dentities . As 0 did this ea!h 8eliable 0tem and ea!h layer o% items on the 8eliable 0tem also unra+elled. By !ross !ompute 0 mean to a!!identally use the data %rom one identity>s mind and apply it to another identity = you mi"ht end up bein" a !ross dresser or somethin" or ma!ho he man &ho lo+es to play &ith dolls. There may be trillions o% +ariations. The Bpposin" 0dentity is an Anti Po&er or 7estru!ti+e 0dentity 0t is an identity !reated to oppose the Po&er 0dentity. 0 tend to a"ree &ith the le+els o% denser and denser 2mental5 matter !on!ept. 2They are +ery !o dependant identities. /.. Alan Post #8$ 200*080.An Arti%i!ial 0dentity is !reated by others it is !ontrolled by the use o% appro+al most o% us &ere loaded &ith these as &e "re& up. That is you rise !ir!le by !ir!le until all is &ithin.-0$42 That>s rather %as!inatin". 0 assume the dia"ram is !on!eptual 6es the dia"ram is !on!eptual. and se!rets. harm%ul a!ts.

00.!ollidin". Alan . This is a +erti!al s!ale. 6ou also ha+e a linear s!ale that spans time. 0 e+en baby sat Clarise and Shelly @lo &or-ed %or me in Boston. There are . This identity is held to"ether by the bein">s hatred o% po&er and authority. a!!ompanied by her sister and an 8TC 8ep &at!hin" o+er them.0dentity A multi other determined !reation that is brou"ht about by others to handle the mali!ious identity. 0 !ould optimisti!ally assume she has been ta-in" !are o% her %ather %or the last t&o years and that is &hy she hasn>t been seen around.0. 0 -ne& the %amily ?uite &ell they started in my 7allas Center in . P Sad to read that Shelly>s %ather died. Alan Thread 1$$$: Where is !hell >isca#ige6 Post #1$ 200*0815-1+42 My sur+eillan!e told me that Shelly &as re!ently 2a &ee. Barney 2Shelly>s %ather5 &as a de!ent "uy. That &as in . 0 see 0>m not the only person to ha+e dis!o+ered this. The bein" -eeps this in pla!e by resistin" all those aspe!ts he does not li-e about others.$0-0011 She &as 3 or / years old &hen her parents used to brin" her and her sister to the !enter in 7allas. . B+er the years mu!h more o% this has !ome to +ie& &ith the ad+ent o% the internet. Alan Post #$+ 200*0. By Eust separatin" these < items allo&in" ea!h to "o into position you span the spe!trum o% all s!ales %rom . but that>d be rather %oolishly optimisti! !onsiderin" no other SB member is allo&ed to do any su!h thin"..L<.. <.000s o% identities that unra+el and erase &hen these items are handled !orre!tly.L<.or t&o a"o5 seen at her %ather>s %uneral. Truth is not li-ely to be ?uite so simple. /( years a"o. The Wea. 0t is more li-ely this is the only time she has been out o% &here+er she is in the last t&o years..

Case is +ery simpleI it is &hat you -no& or don>t -no& about someone or somethin". Whi!h ball am 0 &at!hin"H The one that &s most &mportant to youF *o matter &ho &e are &e are the e%%e!t o% others> intera!tions. Many people>s li+es &ere destroyed by this man. he also &or-ed &ith me in 7allas.0..Thread 1$40: 2eed !latkin Post #42 200*0*$1-04$$ The reper!ussions o% &hat Slat-in did &ill be %elt %or years. Be!ause A99 thin"s exist in spa!e and time and are !omposed o% solidi%ied ener"y. To do that &e ha+e to unmo!.oursel+es in the %ormless substan!e. As you are &earin" a body and that body is in the physi!al uni+erse there is a "ood !han!e that others &ill a%%e!t your ?uality o% li%e. . Alan Thread 1$52: /lan Walter's G?no8ledgismG Post #8+ 200*0810-1+$0 0 ha+e a %riend &ho &or-s in the Bond Mar-et &ho told me about this yesterday.instead they lost almost e+erythin" they o&ned tryin" to sur+i+e the %inan!ial de+astation. 0% the %inan!ial mar-ets o% the &orld "o into a meltdo&n it &ill ne"ati+ely e%%e!t almost all o% us.. The only time &e are not is &hen &e "o up the pole and par. They had &hat they thou"ht enou"h to retire on. Money is the substitute %or ener"y no ener"y means !ollapsed uni+erses &hi!h also e?ual no time and no spa!e. 0 -ne& Tony 1it!hman &ell he helped me build my Boston Mission into a po&erhouse.000. To see him do this &as heartbrea-in". Bne o% my ex "irl %riends lost !lose to Q.000 she &as so destitute 0 had to help her pay her rent on se+eral o!!asions.. 6ou are in !omplete denial o% !ase... Most o% the seriously hurt people &ere in their L0>s.all !reations. Thus &e ha+e !ase on all thin"s. Wait.

6ou !annot BW* a so+erei"n bein". a lon" &ay %rom bein" pan determined. people. The posts 0 put on ESMB are %or me %or my %uture readin".(. BW* ener"y and BW* obEe!ts.o% !lients unless it has been too many. subEe!ts and thin"s. That is the ability to !o !reate &ith and harmoniCe &ith ea!h other bein"s BW* +ie&points BW* dimension points and BW* an!hor points &hi!h in turn returns ba!. The next le+el is BM*0 SBPE8E0J*T6. 0 &as amaCed at ho& %e& bothered to read this post. 0 posted on the subEe!t o% relationships# http#$$%orum. minds.#7 Alan Post #1.phpHt=. There is only one person on ESMB that 0 &ould really li-e to be part o% &hat 0 do.There are t&o -ey points needed to restore any bein"# The . BW* ener"y and BW* obEe!ts. The reason 0 am relu!tant to ans&er ?uestions on this thread about 4no&led"ism is it a!ts as a %orm o% proselytin". pla! is the return or restoration o% the persons BW* +ie&points BW* dimension points and BW* an!hor points &hi!h in turn returns ba!. 0 ha+e ne+er had a problem &ith la!. Most o% us are little abo+e morons as re"ards our -no&led"e thus &e may !ontinue to e+ol+e to the de"ree ea!h bein" -no&s more about themsel+es and their relationships to other spirits. The &ay up&ard is to Alet "oA o% the o&nership o% others to help others o&n themsel+es.the bein">s BW* spa!e. rememberin" that he had more !on%li!t in his li%e %rom real and ima"ined opposition than most o% us ha+e..the ability %or ea!h bein" to BW* their BW* spa!e. That is SBPE8E0J*T6. bodies. BW* time. To o&n yoursel% you need to %ully -no& yoursel% to %ully -no& yoursel% you need to -no& &hat your dreams and aspirations and &hat you are &illin" to -no& or do not &ant to -no&. To be so+erei"n you need to BW* yoursel%. BW* time. as %ar as 0 !an tell. So remember to re e+aluate the thin"s &e all a!!epted %rom$sho&thread.* 200*0815-1*00 0>m sure &e are on the same hymn sheetD 'ust remember 981 &as. .exs!n.

Well stated lionheartD Add to it 981 did not &ant anyone playin" any other Jame other than his. Basi!ally the optimum operatin" le+el in a lo&er Jame is Po&er 2So+erei"n.1is te!h had a de%inite bias to&ards Ae%%ortA . he told stories o% S!ientolo"ists lea+in" their bodies and ta-in" o+er Senator>s bodies. Perhaps the "oal o% S!n should be a ABein" ThetanA rather than an Bperatin" one. A %alse memory 8$7 &ould ha+e done &onders %or 981. *o !ase in an area allo&s you to operate as a Atruth in a!tionA in PT you are in the exa!t ri"ht . Almost e+erythin" &e be do or ha+e is a harmoni! o% PT and !ase. and on Penus and Mars.5 0t is at this Po&er Plus le+el that EBs and$or in my !ase 981 &ould tar"et you and !rash you ba!do&n the !onditions.Asu!!essA and su!h !on!epts that are deeply mired in Joals. Exterior &ith %ull per!epti!s is a +ery di!ey a!tion as it is easy to tri""er past ina!!urate memories. 7M has an e+en lo&er toleran!e o% Po&er thus he hits and !rashes anyone &ho sho&s more -no&led"e. opp terms.he &as tal-in" about thenH 1e &as a &riter used to !reatin" %antasies in his !ase he belie+ed he also &as doin" this. Alan Thread 1$54: The "inal 8ord on (Ts Post #251 200*0.1ubbard meant by Aexterior &ith %ull per!eptionAH A%ter all. 0 belie+e it is !alled dub in &hen a p! does this. ability or -no& ho& than he does. Thetan implies Adoin"A. Conse?uently you "et an en%or!ed lo&er !ondition than &hat you naturally rise up to.11-1520 What do you thin. Problems.5 At Po&er Plus you are mo+in" out o% sel% determination into Pan 7etermination. What do you thin. About the only &ay 0 -no& to +eri%y ho& a!!urate &hat you ha+e run is by obser+in" your PT operatin" a!tions. That is a &hole ne& le+el o% Be 7o 1a+e playin". 1e tal-ed about bein" up in the Pan Allen belt. E+en the &ords 9perat&n. s-ill.2Bmni So+erei"n. yet e+en by his o&n philosophy doin" is se!ondary to bein".

.. Pi!-s up pipe. 1o&e+er. . here "oes# 'ohn needs 2or thin-s he needs5 money.that day you &ill be omni sel%less as &ell as omni all you !an one &ill let them ha+e them... 0t isn>t bun-D Charlie &as third partiedD 0t may ha+e been lon" a"o. Bne day you &ill o&n all your !reations and their !onse?uen!es.. a more positi+e ?uestion# What>s ri"ht about Eust bein" yoursel%H The labels are additi+es.... All that>s ne!essary to dispro+e a >9a&> is a sin"le ex!eptionI maybe is &hat started him ha+in" Amoney problemsA but there is a hidden 3rd party..&hen you !an %ully o&n &ho or &hat you are you then ha+e "ro&n to bein" more you. Jarbled or dubbed in spiritual and mind ina!!ura!ies !ause you to dupli!ate the same thin"s in PT... &ith the &ron" people. Alan Post #$58 200*0.. the >Third Paty 9a&> is bun-. Thus you end up bein" in the &ron" pla!e at the &ron" time.....that>s pissed o%%D WT@ is this humble shit any&ayH What>s &ron" &ith Eust bein" yoursel%H Br...12-0$50 Arro"ant bun!h o% sodsD The atta!-s on Pierre &ere dis"ustin"D Any &onder bein"s han" onto identities. Sin!e &hen has it not been o-ay to span the tone s!ale spe!trumsH So he "ot pissed o%%. Threatens Charlie &ith pipe...that>s not rea!ti+e.pla!e &ith the exa!t ri"ht time usin" the exa!t ri"ht ener"y or e%%ort &or-in" &ith the exa!t ri"ht people. Alan Post #2*8 200*0. Says# >Ji+e me your money or 0>ll smash your s-ull in>....1$-1*21 The Third Part 3a8 There>s no ?uestion that there are times &here a >third party> is deliberately %uellin" the %ire$%annin" the %lames... Wal-s o+er to Charlie..

They ha+e ex!ellent &hole tra!. Almost all ha+e run into their inability to handle their attempts to be sel%less. !ould you enli"hten me as to &hat you mean by pro!essin" holo"raphi! !lose proximity &ith the 7alai 9lama.but you !an ha+e someone in PT parrotin" his messa"eD Also you !an be predisposed to &ant to hear and belie+e the dishonesties or %alse!all. he !an e+en be dead..( 7ear Alan.. AWho or &hat had someone put me in opposition toHA Post #$+4 200*0. Wor.. 0 %ind the !on!ept intri"uin"...1$-1818 The $rd Part 3a8 7oes the A3rd partyA ha+e to be in present timeH * has to do &ith &hat the PT situation represents to you. 200*0... E+en your anta"onism to S!io. They are +ery hi"h up in the Brder..1$-180$ 0t is neither opportunisti! or sel% ser+in".. So mu!h so that 0 had a spe!ial end o% &ee. 0 also undid my Buddhist tra!.Behind almost all Apain%ul in!identsA lays a 3rd party.* 200*0.1*-0415 Processing (uddhist monks 0>m ha+in" a &onder%ul and enli"htenin" time pro!essin" some Buddhist mon-s.. Alan Post #$+1 200*0. The problem bein" the hu"e identities and James Matri!es they !reated lon" a"o... they pro!ess holo"raphi!ally.. 0n undoin" their meditatin" %ailures.18-0101 7ologra&hic &rocessing Bri"inally Posted by Class. . Alan Post #$.has a basi! 3rd!ess run on me. 1ubbard +ery easily !ame to +ie& as the !ontinuous 3rd party. 0t o%ten has nothin" to do &ith the PT situation.. Alan Post #$8. This has been a per%e!t !onta!t assist on an earlier !har"ed %ailed subEe!t.

This in depth style o% pro!essin" dropped out around . mass and sensations are +ery restimulati+e. 0n those days to %ully run and turn a %ull holo"rahi! re+i+ o% the in!ident they &ould run the in!ident %rom multiple +ie&points. as you ha+e "one beyond Mental 0ma"e Pi!tures &hi!h are substitute !opy o% the a!tual in!ident.. the nurse>s PP e+en %rom the room>s or table>s +p. but &ould probably simply add !on%usion to a "reen PC &ho has enou"h trouble !on!ei+in" o% and tra+ersin" a linear time tra!-. 0t is a %ull re+i+ o% the in!ident. The auditor needs a +ery sa%e en+ironment and superb T8s as the re+i+ed holo"raphi! !har"e.then &hen it &as per%e!tly dupli!ated and permeated +anish !ompletely.up.. are you tryin" to impress usH . espe!ially on their bi""est &itholds &ith the multiple PPs pi!-ed up they &ill run holo"raphi!ally %rom then on. The room you &ere in &ould be!ome the room in the in!ident. Then run the in!ident %rom the mother>s +ie&point.18-1$04 The idea o% experien!in" an in!ident %rom the +ie&point o% +arious arti!les &ithin the in!ident mi"ht be a use%ul &ay o% exterioriCin" the bein" %rom the a!tual impa!t or inEury. but has the liability o% lea+in" him out o% +alen!e i% run in!ompletely. 200*0. 3sually i% a p! is audited &ell in the be"innin". un!ons! is BT pro!essin". !har"e. %or!e. Thou"h on the Bri"inal Brie%in" Course most ran 838 holo"raphi!ally.. 838 -inda ?ui!-ied this. 0t allo&ed the %ull mass. to !ome %ully to +ie& and then to be erased. %or!e. 0E# Birth..L<.to the early dianeti!ist days. 7uhD Are you deliberately bein" stupidH Br. the 7r>s +p. Most o% the Aold timersA ran this &ay.. stupidity. Alan Post #40.Pierre 0t dates ba!.. et!. The in!ident &ould %ully mo!... 0t is really not dianeti!s as it "oes into +ie&points... dimension points and an!hor points pro!essin". 0 belie+e this te!hni?ue may be use%ul at le+els abo+e BT P00. 8un the in!ident %rom the p!>s +ie&point.

. .A (. 0t &as be!ause o% those "ains that 0 made in that session that 0 %elt 0 o&ed 981 a tremendous debt. As &ell as linear runnin" you also experien!e +erti!al expansion e+er heard o% !omin" up tone a phenomena !aused by in!reased spa!ation.. @urther by bein" able to %ully !reate or !ease to !reate the in!ident you "et a bein" no& able to %ully o&n. The ro!. Mi!hael &as about as s?uirrelly as they made them but on that day he outdid himsel%. 9u!-ily %or me it &as run %rom multiple +ie&points holo"raphi! style.1.1a+e you e+er run in!idents this &ayH 'ust by &hat you &rote in that para"raphI it sho&s you are !lueless in the A"et allA department.L. T1E. Ba!.(C0L5 (.o% the needle.A A8BC4. 'ul <. &as somethin" &hi!h &e audited %or and assessed out. LL. meanin" a shape o% somethin" &hi!h &e !ould then run a pro!ess on. Alan Post #41* 200*0. 0 -no& o% se+eral people &ho ha+e run this. .5A 0t is mu! an obEe!t not a si"ni%i!an!e. To my -no&led"e it &as ne+er %ound. About a year a"o 0 re ran that same in!ident 0 &as amaCed at ho& mu!h more &as still atta!hed to that in!ident 0 &as able to obser+e mu!h more and the lon" term !onse?uen!es. 0t is simply a rea!h and &ithdra& me!hanism &hi!h ma-es a rid"e and this !auses the sti!. 0t does not erase all !ase.. That !ould ta-e a &hile. ta-e a position and o!!upy that area and its asso!iated parts in PT. The Ain!ident ne!essary to resol+e the !aseA is ?uite +alid. 0 am one o% them. We at that time &ere runnin" on the theory that it &as the %irst obEe!t the %ello& had made on the tra!-. 0t may be that &e ha+e to audit MEST to %ully resol+e AallA !ases.. nor does it "i+e you super po&ers. mu!h more than that it &as probably the bein">s home uni+erse. The Ain!ident ne!essary to resol+e the !ase. under any !ir!umstan!e and &in bi" &ith it. there &ere t&o maEor tar"ets that the auditors &ent a%ter. The pro!essor &as Mi!hael Bla"" it &as May . The A8o!-. 2S1 Spe! .L.-0044 The 2ock At one point the ?uest %or the Aholy "railA &as to %ind the in!ident that &ould Aresol+e all !asesA. but %rom then on you !an almost run any pro!ess. in!reased time and in!reased ener"y. 21CBB (.3. That &hi!h a person has used to rea!h people or thin"s &ith and is determined in +alue by its !reati+eness or destru! those early days .

&ho &ere you hidin" %romH The idea bein" that one>s o&n uni+erse &ould ha+e to o!!upy a set o% dimensions that are separate %rom other dimensionsI and thus the uber uni+erse. 0t &as the bein">s "reatest !reation the destru!tion o% &hi!h le%t the bein" an!horless %rom that time on. Bein" master o% your o&n uni+erse is So+erei"nty.the bein">s &illin"ness to rea!h out as &ell as help and !ontribute to others %urther i% run to !omplete ability to !reate or !ease to !reate at &ill that past Aro!-A !reation &hi!h nearly al&ays part o% the p!>s present as it !ontains enormous %or!es and !ounter %or!es and a tremendous amount o% tied up attention it allo&s the bein" to !reate an optimum holo"rahi! present time. Alan Post #41.-0+2$ A &hile a"o 0 su""ested that an interestin" !on!ept mi"ht be the %ollo&in"# When you !reated your o&n uni+erse. That 838 &as a linear pro!ess &hereas JPM handlin" &as a +erti!al pro!ess. The runnin" o% the A8o!-A restored ba!. .1. you &ould not be in !ommuni!ation &ith any other uni+erse.1. basi! on all subse?uent heartbrea. All the "reat Te!h Masters 0 ha+e -no&n ran the Aro!-A in!ident. 0n other &ords you &ere &at!hin" a substitute pi!ture o% the a!tual in!ident. The loss o% that !reation may &ell be the basi!. as it &ere. 6our o&n &ould !ontain some number. but they &ould ha+e nothin" to do &ith anyone else>s.%eelin"s and an"uish. As an a!tual JPM !ontains millions o% in!idents. &ould ha+e to ha+e an in%inite number o% dimensions. Alan 2or PierreH5 8obert 7u!harme &as on ACT ne&s"roup &hen 0 put out these ideas.on the ability to !onne!t to other po&erhouse bein"s. The runnin" o% the Aro!-A turned ba!. 8oland There are other hi"her uni+erses the idea that one is hidin" %rom someone or somethin" is a "reat !on!ept. Thus i% you &ere in that uni+erse.More it &as built to per%e!tion. 0 had a heated dis!ussion about runnin" 838 as a %lat s!reen ima"ery pro!ess. Co !reatin" and intera!tin" &ith others uni+erses is Bmni So+erei"nty.-0+15 2obert Aucharme 2$P The holo"raphi! pro!essin" idea &ould seem to be similar in prin!iple to 8obert 7u!harme>s 83V7. Alan Post #420 200*0. 7o you ha+e any !omments on that. 200*0. Also his !laim he &as runnin" a!tual JPMs &as %la&ed.

ima"es or mo!. b. ima"e or mo!. An A"reement is the produ!t o% telepathi!ally proEe!ted holo"raphi! bein" %used to"ether &ith another>s or others> telepathi!ally proEe!ted holo"raphi! +isions. 3ecture #1 ! no&sis Post #* 200*0802-1205 /greement 7e%inition# AJ8EEME*T Ameri!an 1erita"e# . ima"es or mo!. A"reement is the basi! buildin" blo!. The as!endin" s!ale o% types o% o&nership. (. The &ritin" or do!ument embodyin" this !ontra!t. telepathi!ally proEe!ted ima"es be!ame %used &ith others> telepathi!ally proEe!ted ima"es to %orm the basis %or %uture reality by !reatin" a"reements. @or anythin" to !ome into bein" in the physi!al uni+erse it must be a"reed upon. %or our lon" time a"o past psy!hi!ally !reated.Bb+iously there is a split point 2shatterin"5 that !auses a separation %rom the other uni+erses. lon" period o% time. sho&s that ea!h bein" has de!lined o+er a lon". ima"es or mo!. Past ne"ati+ely %used +isions. The a!t o% a"reein". <. Jrammar Corresponden!e in "ender. or person bet&een &ords. number. An arran"ement bet&een parties re"ardin" a !ourse o% a!tionI a !o+enant. 4n# 7e%inition# AJ8EEME*T# 7e%ined as# 1armony by %usion o% +ision. /.o% !reatin" reality. 9a& a. !ase. 1armony o% opinionI a!!ord. Alan Thread 1$5*: %ld !aint 7ill . The past o%ten shapes the present and the !reated ne"ati+e a"reements that !reate present and %uture ne"ati+e realities..sta""ed b !Ps6 Post #5 200*0801-1820 Aon't e)alt the gurus Please don>t exalt the Juru>s they are at best relay points and s!ribes they learn %rom others do not "i+e your po&er a&ayD Alan Thread 1$+$: PA. Alan . or o&nership o% your o&n uni+erse. A properly exe!uted and le"ally bindin" !ontra!t.

lear 0 truly -no& that you !an be !lear in WonHX spe!i%i! pla!es. thin"s.lass OII and Po8er Alan are you a P00H WereH *o.Thread 1$+8: . &as at Saint 1ill &hen it &as bein" de+eloped. 0t is one o% those rundo&ns that -eeps runnin" %or years still use it. 9o+ed the pro!essin" 0 ran it %or about )< hours thou"h it tended to put you up the pole. Bne o% the %e& positi+e pro!esses le%t. Alan Thread 1$*$: 5alse Pur&ose 2undo8n Post #11 200*0802-1+5$ !tolen Pur&ose 2undo8n The Stolen Purpose Stolen Joals Stolen 7reams Stolen 0dentity Stolen 9i%e 8undo&nD 6ESDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD J0MME B*E B@ T1BSE TB JBDDDDDDDD #7 DARNIN: T@IS IS A REVERSE R9BESS B-ay you as-ed %or it but my ad+i!e is 7B *BT 8EA7 this as it !ontains a TR(T@ VIR(S !onse?uently it &ill immediately be"in to unra+el your this li%etime implantations and unsubmer"e youD Ta-e as lon" as you li-e or not do it at all your !hoi!eD 1as someone or somethin" stolen your purposeH Who$WhatH What &as the purposeH Jet purpose repeat 2named purpose5 a %e& times to rehab. persons. . Alan Post #1. thou"h 0 belie+e it is no lon"er part o% the line up.lass OIII Post #11 200*0802-1820 . 200*080+-024* . areas and subEe!ts but !lear on e+erythin" you !ould not li+e that lon".

your o&n . your o&n li%e.What problem did that !reateH Jet problem named. 1o& did you handle thatH What &ere the !onse?uen!es o% thatH 8epeat o+er and o+er to a &in. 1as someone or somethin" stopped your purposeH Who$WhatH What &as the purposeH Jet purpose repeat 2named purpose5 a %e& times to rehab. 1o& did you handle thatH What &ere the !onse?uen!es o% thatH 8epeat o+er and o+er to a &in. 7o the same to ea!h o% these# 20% you %eel li-e itD5 Stolen Joals Stolen 7reams Stolen 0dentity Stolen 9i%e EP# 6our o&n dreams. 1o& did you handle thatH What &ere the !onse?uen!es o% thatH 8epeat o+er and o+er to a &in. your o&n dimension points. your o&n +ie&points. 1as someone or somethin" nulli%ied your purposeH Who$WhatH What &as the purposeH Jet purpose repeat 2named purpose5 a %e& times to rehab. What problem did that !reateH Jet problem named. What problem did that !reateH Jet problem named.

'ohannesbur". *e& 6or-. your o&n time. 8on 1ubbard. %ilm stars. your o&n ener"y and your o&n &hat e+er you &ant ba!-D 6ou !an o% !ourse run all %lo&s thou"h %lo& ( is a bit!h %lo& / is not mu!h %un eitherD Alan PS# This &as done on an Ex S!io ba!.your po&ers and potential you are unlo!-in" a Nt&o ed"ed s&ordO.)). 6et ea!h in many &ays %ell short o% their " a !ombination o% almost L0 years o% li+in" the S!ien!e o% Jettin" 8i!h by Walla!e 7. &riters and %ilm produ!ers. 0 had o%%i!es in 9ondon. your o&n spa!e. Bernie Sie"el. Thread 1$88: The !ecrets to 4etting 2ich Post #1 200*0805-1451 The !ecrets to 4etting 2ich The Secrets to :ett&n. Be+erly 1ills. beauti%ul and talented people in the &orld F ty!oons. 7allas.S!ien!e o% Jettin" ri!h. ST376 0% you are a student o% *orman Pin!ent Peale. Palm Sprin"s. Sin!e readin" the %irst readin" o% the boo. Werner Erhardt. 0 &as !onne!ted to and had "reat relationships &ith some o% the most po&er%ul. Carl Simonton. super models. R&ch !y Alan B' Dalter This boo. 8obert S!huler. 7eepa. Amsterdam. Tony 8obbins. philosophers. stret!h limoGs. Wattles and many other momentous dis!o+eries alon" the &ay. 0 rea!hed billionaire status in late . Turi!h.000.. top athletes. and!hor points. 6ou are unlo!-in" the po&ers and potential to do both "ood or harm. homes and !ountry !lubs. . Jeor"eto&n. *apoleon 1ill../ Eust heard he is sellin" his !ompany %or Q. 0 had all the thin"s F money.00.Chopra or most o% the 1uman Potential JuruGs you &ill %ind that they ha+e in!orporated many o% the prin!iples o% the Wattles boo.. .the S!ien!e o% Jettin" 8i!h 0 ha+e a!hie+ed ri!hes beyond my &ildest expe!tations. planes. The reason %or this isI as you unlo!.000. 3*9BC40*J 6B38 PBWE8 A*7 PBTE*T0A9 Ea!h o% the abo+e authors tar"eted unlo!-in" peopleGs po&ers and potential.

or lead to brin"in" about an end produ!t. la!.Should you !ommit harm &ith your ne& %ound po&ers and potential you &ill almost immediately restrain yoursel% %rom ha+in" that po&er and potential.O A!tually it &as more than that. Many years a"o a best sellin" boo. unhappiness.o% s-ill. they rose to their ne& le+el o% ruin. speed and %o!us F those that do not -no& &here they are "oin" and &hat their destination is meander around apatheti!ally and aimlessly and are easily stopped %rom a!hie+in" anythin". !ontribute.titled NThe Peter Prin!ipleO obser+ed that Npeople rose to their le+el o% in!ompeten!e. The "reatest %ear most people ha+e is that they &ill use their ne&ly unleashed po&ers and potential to !ommit harm. s-ills. or end result or tar"eted obEe!ti+e. As you unleash your po&ers and potential you &ill %ind yoursel% and your li%e ta-in" many stran"e and o%ten &eird turns as you Eourney %orth. Websters di!tionary de%ines a pro!ess as# A natural phenomenon mar-ed by "radual !han"es that lead to&ard a parti!ular result 2the pro!ess o% "ro&th5. A series o% a!tions or operations that help. T1E 'B38*E6 Ea!h o% us %rom the moment &e are born are en"a"ed in a !omposite series o% pro!esses that !ause us to tra+el a path&ay or road to some&here. Bne o% the %irst se!ret to &ealth and ri!hes is# >I?E IS B9M 9SITE 9? R9BESSES' The se!ond se!ret to &ealth and ri!hes is the !ontrolled pro!ess !y!le o%# STARTIN:: CN9D D@ERE =9( ARE K CN9D D@ERE =9( ARE :9IN: B9NTIN(IN:: . Some -no& &here they are "oin" and &hat their destination is F some do not. 0t is this %ear that -eeps most people in a state o% misery and po+erty. A natural !ontinuin" a!ti+ity or %un!tion 2su!h li%e pro!esses as breathin"5. ine%%e!ti+eness and in!ompeten!e. illitera!y. As you study The Se!rets o% Jettin" 8i!h and the S!ien!e o% Jettin" ri!h you &ill rise up many le+els F to maintain and "o %urther beyond those le+els you &ill need to study many ne& areas o% li%e in order to "et the litera!y. Those that -no& &here they are "oin" and &hat their destination is mo+e &ith passion. e%%e!ti+eness and !ompeten!e o% your ne& states o% bein".

W1ATEPE8 may be said in praise o% po+erty. ho&e+er. and bears the supreme test o% pra!ti!al experimentI it &or-s. @or the bene%it. 0t is expe!ted that the reader &ill ta-e the %undamental statements upon %aith. 0 &ill here !ite !ertain authorities. read the &ritin"s o% the authors mentioned abo+eI and i% you &ish to reap the %ruits o% their philosophies in a!tual pra!ti!e. ta-in" the statements upon %aith. 0t is intended %or the men and &omen &hose most pressin" need is %or moneyI &ho &ish to "et ri!h %irst. WATT9ES Pre%a!e T10S boo. and o% those o% 7es!artes. 0n &ritin" this boo. &ithout "oin" into all the pro!esses by &hi!h those !on!lusions &ere rea!hed. Post #2 200*0805-145* SBIENBE 9? :ETTIN: RIB@ WA99ACE 7. S!hopenhauer. and that All is BneI That one Substan!e mani%ests itsel% as the seemin" many elements o% the material &orld is o% 1indu ori"in. so %ar. not philosophi!alI a pra!ti!al manual. read this boo. not a treatise upon theories.0 ha+e sa!ri%i!ed all other !onsiderations to plainness and simpli!ity o% style. The reader &ho &ould di" to the philosophi!al %oundations o% this is ad+ised to read 1e"el and Emerson %or himsel%. 1e"el. The Author C1APTE8 .is pra"mati!al. 0t is %or those &ho ha+e. but &ho &ant results and &ho are &illin" to ta-e the !on!lusions o% s!ien!e as a basis %or a!tion. nor the opportunity to "o deeply into the study o% metaphysi!s. the means. The monisti! theory o% the uni+erse the theory that Bne is All. the %a!t remains that it is not possible to li+e . and has been "radually &innin" its &ay into the thou"ht o% the &estern &orld %or t&o hundred years.@9D T9 :ET T@ERE' B9M >ETIN:: CN9D D@EN =9( @AVE ?(>>= REAB@ED =9(R DESTINATI9N 9R 9BAEBTIVE' Startin" F Continuin" F Completin"I or Start F Chan"e F StopI or Create F Jro&th F A!!omplishment are the basi! !y!les o% positi+e !ontrol. E+ery man or &oman &ho does this &ill !ertainly "et ri!hI %or the s!ien!e herein applied is an exa!t s!ien!e. 0% you &ish to -no& ho& the !on!lusions &ere arri+ed at. Eust as he &ould ta-e statements !on!ernin" a la& o% ele!tri!al a!tion i% they &ere promul"ated by a Mar!oni or an EdisonI and. The plan o% a!tion laid do&n herein &as dedu!ed %rom the !on!lusions o% philosophyI it has been thorou"hly tested. so that all mi"ht understand. 9eibnitC.and do exa!tly as it tells you to do. that he &ill pro+e their truth by a!tin" upon them &ithout %ear or hesitation. o% those &ho &ish to in+esti"ate philosophi!al theories and so se!ure a lo"i!al basis %or %aith. and philosophiCe a%ter&ard. %ound neither the time. and Emerson. SpinoCa. and %ailure is impossible. 0t is the %oundation o% all the Briental philosophies. The 8i"ht To Be 8i!h.

a really !omplete or su!!ess%ul li%e unless one is ri!h. The obEe!t o% all li%e is de+elopmentI and e+erythin" that li+es has an inalienable ri"ht to all the de+elopment it is !apable o% attainin". 7esire is possibility see-in" expression. and body by ma-in" use o% thin"s. *o man ou"ht to be satis%ied &ith a little i% he is !apable o% usin" and enEoyin" more. %uller. We are all a!?uainted &ith the loathsome !onse?uen!es o% li+in" %or the body and denyin" both mind and soulI and &e see that real li%e means the !omplete expression o% all that man !an "i+e %orth throu"h body. E+ery person naturally &ants to be!ome all that they are !apable o% be!omin"I this desire to realiCe innate possibilities is inherent in human natureI &e !annot help &antin" to be all that &e !an be. and more abundant li%eI and that desire is praise &orthy. 9i%e has ad+an!ed so %ar. beauty. . mind. 0 shall not spea. and unless the same is true o% his mind and his soul. The purpose o% *ature is the ad+an!ement and un%oldment o% li%eI and e+ery man should ha+e all that !an !ontribute to the po&erI ele"an!e. no man !an be really happy or satis%ied unless his body is li+in" %ully in e+ery %un!tion. To understand the s!ien!e o% "ettin" ri!h is there%ore the most essential o% all -no&led"e. Man>s ri"ht to li%e means his ri"ht to ha+e the %ree and unrestri!ted use o% all the thin"s &hi!h may be ne!essary to his %ullest mental. his ri"ht to be ri!h. There are three moti+es %or &hi!h &e li+eI &e li+e %or the body. spiritual. that e+en the most ordinary man or &oman re?uires a "reat amount o% &ealth in order to li+e in a manner that e+en approa!hes !ompleteness. mind. the basis o% all ad+an!ement %or man must be the s!ien!e o% "ettin" ri!h. and so the man &ho does not desire to ha+e money enou"h to buy all he &ants is abnormal. There is nothin" &ron" in &antin" to "et ri!h. 0n this boo-. and so!iety is so or"aniCed that man must ha+e money in order to be!ome the possessor o% thin"sI there%ore. in other &ords. there is unsatis%ied desire. or %un!tion not per%ormed. Where+er there is unexpressed possibility. The man &ho o&ns all he &ants %or the li+in" o% all the li%e he is !apable o% li+in" is ri!hI and no man &ho has not plenty o% money !an ha+e all he &ants. &e li+e %or the mind. &e li+e %or the soul. and you !an ha+e the %ree use o% thin"s only as you be!ome ri!h enou"h to buy them. *o man !an rise to his "reatest possible hei"ht in talent or soul de+elopment unless he has plenty o% moneyI %or to un%old the soul and to de+elop talent he must ha+e many thin"s to use. Su!!ess in li%e is be!omin" &hat you &ant to beI you !an be!ome &hat you &ant to be only by ma-in" use o% thin"s. and no one o% the three body. *o one o% these is better or holier than the otherI all are ali-e desirable. and soul. and be!ome so !omplex. 0t is not ri"ht or noble to li+e only %or the soul and deny mind or bodyI and it is &ron" to li+e %or the intelle!t and deny body or soul. The man &ho does not desire to li+e more abundantly is abnormal.o% ri!hes in a %i"urati+e &ayI to be really ri!h does not mean to be satis%ied or !ontented &ith a little. or %un!tion see-in" per%orman!e. and physi!al un%oldmentI or. The desire %or ri!hes is really the desire %or a ri!her. soul. and he !annot ha+e these thin"s unless he has money to buy them &ith. or soul !an li+e %ully i% either o% the others is !ut short o% %ull li%e and expression. A man de+elops in mind. and ri!hness o% li%eI to be !ontent &ith less is sin%ul. Whate+er he !an say.

!om%ortable !lothin". R&ch T1E8E is a S!ien!e o% "ettin" ri!h. and &arm shelterI and &ithout %reedom %rom ex!essi+e toil. and un%olds his soul. To li+e %ully in mind he must ha+e intelle!tual re!reations.lect th&s study% you are derel&ct &n your duty to yoursel)% to :od and human&tyP )or you can render to :od and human&ty no . no matter ho& hard they &or. &hile those o% other to&ns &ould all be poorI or the inhabitants o% one state &ould roll in &ealth. there%ore. 0t is a natural la& that li-e !auses al&ays produ!e li-e e%%e!tsI and. or as a man. as a !itiCen. "et ri!hI &hile those &ho do not do thin"s in this Certain Way.Man !annot li+e %ully in body &ithout "ood %ood. There are !ertain la&s &hi!h "o+ern the pro!ess o% a!?uirin" ri!hesI on!e these la&s are learned and obeyed by any man. de+elops his mind. The man &ho has nothin" to "i+e !annot %ill his pla!e as a husband or %ather. 1e !annot li+e %ully in mind &ithout boo-s and time to study them.&ve your !est attent&on to the Sc&ence o) :ett&n. &ithout opportunity %or tra+el and obser+ation. 0t is there%ore o% supreme importan!e to him that he should be ri!h. Wattles C1APTE8 (# There &s A Sc&ence o) :ett&n. 8est and re!reation are also ne!essary to his physi!al li%e. A man>s hi"hest happiness is %ound in the besto&al o% bene%its on those he lo+esI lo+e %inds its most natural and spontaneous expression in "i+in". . 0t is in the use o% material thin"s that a man %inds %ull li%e %or his body. so' It &s per)ectly r&. %or. all the people in !ertain nei"hborhoods &ould be!ome &ealthyI the people o% one !ity &ould all be ri!h. It &s per)ectly r&. and must surround himsel% &ith all the obEe!ts o% art and beauty he is !apable o% usin" and appre!iatin". The o&nership o% money and property !omes as a result o% doin" thin"s in a !ertain &ayI those &ho do thin"s in this Certain Way.or ho& able they are. man must ha+e lo+eI and lo+e is denied expression by po+erty. and it is an exa!t s!ien!e.reater serv&ce than to make the most o) yoursel)' Post #$ 200*0805-1512 IIt &s a natural la$ that l&ke causes al$ays produce l&ke e))ects'J Walla!e 7. To li+e %ully in soul. he &ill "et ri!h &ith mathemati!al !ertainty. or &ithout intelle!tual !ompanionship. li-e al"ebra or arithmeti!. R&ch% )or &t &s the no!lest and most necessary o) all stud&es' I) you ne. i% it &ere. That the abo+e statement is true is sho&n by the %ollo&in" %a!ts# Jettin" ri!h is not a matter o% en+ironment. any man or &oman &ho learns to do thin"s in this !ertain &ay &ill in%allibly "et ri!h. &hile those o% an adEoinin" state &ould be in that you should . remain that you should des&re to !e r&chP &) you are a normal man or $oman you cannot help do&n. &hether on purpose or a!!identally.

When t&o men are in the same lo!ality. Also. and one "ets ri!h &hile the other %ails. and +ery stupid people "et ri!hI physi!ally stron" people "et ri!h. But that is about as %ar as en+ironment "oes. primarily. and one "ets ri!h &hile the other remains poor. it sho&s that "ettin" ri!h is not.and si!-ly people "et ri!h. so !an youI and i% anybody else in your state !an .and understand is. &hether this Certain Way may not be so di%%i!ult that only a %e& may %ollo& it. it indi!ates that "ettin" ri!h is the result o% doin" thin"s in a Certain Way. 0t is e+ident that they do not "et ri!h be!ause they possess talents and abilities that other men ha+e not. &hile %ree spenders o%ten "et ri!h. Talented people "et ri!h. ha+in" no "reater talents and abilities than other men. o% !ourse. so %ar as natural ability is !on!erned. 0% anybody else in your to&n !an "et ri!h. a matter o% en+ironment. Jettin" ri!h is not the result o% sa+in". *or is "ettin" ri!h due to doin" thin"s &hi!h others %ail to doI %or t&o men in the same business o%ten do almost exa!tly the same thin"s. &e must !ome to the !on!lusion that "ettin" ri!h is the result o% doin" thin"s in a Certain Way. then any man or &oman &ho !an do thin"s in that &ay !an be!ome ri!h. but be!ause they happen to do thin"s in a Certain Way. the ability to do thin"s in this !ertain &ay is not due solely to the possession o% talent. but &hen t&o men in the same business are in the same nei"hborhood. and i% li-e !auses al&ays produ!e li-e e%%e!ts. &e ha+e seen that it is not a matter o% en+ironment. and &ea. so mu!h the better. or Athri%tAI many +ery penurious people are poor. and the &hole matter is brou"ht &ithin the domain o% exa!t s!ien!e. as &e ha+e seen. and o%ten en"a"ed in the same +o!ations. and o% bein" &here there are people to deal &ithI and i% these people are in!lined to deal in the &ay you &ant to deal. 9o!ation !ounts %or somethin"I one &ould not "o to the heart o% the Sahara and expe!t to do su!!ess%ul business. This !annot be true. and one "ets ri!h &hile the other remains poor or be!omes ban-rupt. %or many people &ho ha+e "reat talent remain poor. &hile other &ho ha+e +ery little talent "et ri!h. 0% "ettin" ri!h is the result o% doin" thin"s in a Certain Way. Some en+ironments may be more %a+orable than others. essentialI but in so %ar natural ability is !on!erned. Jettin" ri!h in+ol+es the ne!essity o% dealin" &ith men. and blo!-heads "et ri!hI intelle!tually brilliant people "et ri!h. Studyin" the people &ho ha+e "ot ri!h.But e+ery&here &e see ri!h and poor li+in" side by side. any man or &oman &ho has sense enou"h to read and understand these &ords !an !ertainly "et ri!h. &e %ind that they are an a+era"e lot in all respe!ts. The ?uestion arises here. Some de"ree o% ability to thin. and in the same business. @rom all these thin"s. And %urther. in the same en+ironment.

*o matter ho& poor you may be. resence% al$ays mov&n. you &ill do best in a business &hi!h is suited to your lo!alityI an i!e !ream parlor &ould do better in a &arm !limate than in Jreenland. 0% you are no& in business. and a salmon %ishery &ill su!!eed better in the *orth&est than in @lorida. i% you be"in to do thin"s in the Certain Way you &ill be"in to "et ri!hI and you &ill be"in to ha+e !apital. and anybody else in your lo!ality is "ettin" ri!h in the same business. so !an you. but upon your learnin" to do thin"s in a Certain Way.en&al to youP and &) you have certa&n talents $h&ch are $ell developed% you $&ll do !est &n a !us&ness $h&ch calls )or the e8erc&se o) those talents' Also. But. It &s true that you $&ll do !est &n a !us&ness $h&ch you l&ke and $h&ch &s con. *o one is pre+ented %rom "ettin" ri!h by la!. but there are other !hannels open to you. and in e+ery pro%essionI &hile their next door nei"hbors in the same +o!ation remain in po+erty.o% !apital.'J F Walla!e 7. and does not need to !onsider ho& to be!ome so. "ettin" ri!h is not dependent upon your en"a"in" in some parti!ular business. nor resour!esI but i% you be"in to do thin"s in this &ay. People "et ri!h in e+ery business. it is be!ause you are not doin" thin"s in the same Way that the other person is doin" them. Wattles C1APTE8 3 Is 9pportun&ty Monopol&+edG *B man is -ept poor be!ause opportunity has been ta-en a&ay %rom himI be!ause other people ha+e monopoliCed the &ealth. and ha+e put a %en!e around it. True. Probably it &ould be hard %or you to "et !ontrol o% any o% the "reat railroad . &hile you are not "ettin" ri!h. aside %rom these "eneral limitations. A"ain. you !an "et !apitalI i% you are in the &ron" business. it is not a matter o% !hoosin" some parti!ular business or pro%ession. you !an "et into the ri"ht businessI i% you are in the &ron" lo!ation. 6ou may be the poorest man on the !ontinent. you !an "o to the ri"ht lo!ationI and you !an do so by be"innin" in your present business and in your present lo!ation to do thin"s in the Certain Way &hi!h !auses su!!ess.reat >&v&n. in%luen!e. The "ettin" o% !apital is a part o% the pro!ess o% "ettin" ri!hI and it is a part o% the result &hi!h in+ariably %ollo&s the doin" o% thin"s in the Certain Way. as you "et !apital the in!rease be!omes more easy and rapidI but one &ho has !apital is already ri!h. 0% you ha+e no !apital. you must in%allibly be"in to "et ri!h. &nherently to$ard more l&)e and )uller )unct&on&n."et ri!h. &here there are no salmon. 6ou may be shut o%% %rom en"a"in" in business in !ertain lines. Post #5 200*0805-15$0 IThe un&verse &s a . %or li-e !auses must produ!e li-e e%%e!ts. and be deeply in debtI you may ha+e neither %riends.

and in all its bran!hes &ill "i+e employment to hundreds o% thousands. and o%%ers plenty o% s!ope %or enterpriseI and it &ill be but a +ery %e& years until tra%%i! and transportation throu"h the air &ill be!ome a "reat industry. a!!ordin" to the needs o% the &hole. they are &here they are be!ause they do not do thin"s in a Certain Way. and sil. There is "reat opportunity at this time %or men &ho &ill li+e upon small tra!ts o% land and !ulti+ate the same intensi+elyI su!h men &ill !ertainly "et ri!h. in Ameri!a. they !ould %ollo& the example o% their brothers in Bel"ium and other !ountries. At present. and perhaps to millions. *o one is -ept in po+erty by a shortness in the supply o% ri!hesI there is more than enou"h %or all. you !an soon lea+e the employ o% the steel trustI you !an buy a %arm o% %rom ten to %orty a!res. and en"a"e in business as a produ!er o% %oodstu%%s. opportunity is open be%ore the %a!tory &or-er in his line. A pala!e as lar"e as the !apitol at Washin"ton mi"ht be built %or e+ery %amily on earth %rom the buildin" material in the 3nited States aloneI and under intensi+e !ulti+ation. So the %a!tory &or-ers. linen. this !ountry &ould produ!e &ool. But the ele!tri! rail&ay business is still in its in%an!y. At di%%erent periods the tide o% opportunity sets in di%%erent dire!tions. The indi+idual &or-er. and pass la&s %a+orin" the de+elopment o% su!h !o operati+e industriesI and in a %e& years they !ould ta-e pea!eable possession o% the industrial %ield.systemsI that %ield is pretty &ell monopoliCed. either as indi+iduals or as a !lass. o% people. it is settin" to&ard a"ri!ulture and the allied industries and pro%essions. but 0 am "oin" to pro+e to you that it is not impossible. 0t is open be%ore the business man &ho supplies the %armer more than be%ore the one &ho supplies the %a!tory &or-erI and be%ore the pro%essional man &ho &aits upon the %armer more than be%ore the one &ho ser+es the &or-in" ! a Certain Way. and that you !an !ertainly "et a %arm i% you &ill "o to &or. instead o% tryin" to s&im a"ainst it. ho&e+er. The &or-in" !lass may be!ome the master !lass &hene+er they &ill be"in to do thin"s in a Certain WayI the la& o% &ealth is the same %or them as it is %or all others. 1ill and others %or a !han!e in the steam rail&ay &orldH 0t is ?uite true that i% you are a &or-man in the employ o% the steel trust you ha+e +ery little !han!e o% be!omin" the o&ner o% the plant in &hi!h you &or-I but it is also true that i% you &ill !ommen!e to a!t in a Certain Way. This they must learnI and they &ill remain &here they are as lon" as they !ontinue to do as they do. and this boo.enou"h to !loth ea!h person in the . The &or-ers are not bein" A-ept do&nA by their mastersI they are not bein" A"roundA by the trusts and !ombinations o% !apital. !otton. and the parti!ular sta"e o% so!ial e+olution &hi!h has been rea!hed. is not held do&n by the i"noran!e or the mental sloth%ulness o% his !lassI he !an %ollo& the tide o% opportunity to ri!hes. instead o% !ompetin" &ith '. Why not turn your attention to the de+elopment o% aerial transportation. There is abundan!e o% opportunity %or the man &ho &ill "o &ith the tide. are not depri+ed o% opportunity. and establish "reat department stores and !o operati+e industriesI they !ould ele!t men o% their o&n !lass to o%%i!e. 6ou may say that it is impossible %or you to "et the land.'. To day.&ill tell him ho&. 0% the &or-ers o% Ameri!a !hose to do so. As a !lass.

and o% !ons!iousness to see. The un&verse o) )orms has !een made !y ?ormless >&v&n. the un&verse' The spaces &n% throu. When all the "old and sil+er has been du" %rom the earth. or be!ause there is not enou"h to "o around. This is true o% man !olle!ti+elyI the ra!e as a &hole is al&ays abundantly ri!h. There &s no l&m&t to the supply o) ?ormless Stu))% or 9r&. and is !onstantly produ!in" more %orms. and e+en then &e should not ha+e exhausted the supply o% uni+ersal ra& material. E+erythin" you see on earth is made %rom one ori"inal substan!e. *e& @orms are !onstantly bein" made. out o% &hi!h all thin"s pro! extend its boundaries and %ind %uller expression. and older ones are dissol+in"I but all are shapes assumed by Bne Thin". and i% indi+iduals are poor. it is be!ause they do not %ollo& the Certain Way o% doin" thin"s &hi!h ma-es the indi+idual man ri!h.entP &t &s stu)) $h&ch th&nks' It &s al&ve% and &s al$ays &mpelled to$ard more l&)e' 0t is the natural and inherent impulse o% li%e to see. Su!stance% thro$&n. When the supply o% buildin" material is li+e moreI it is the nature o% intelli"en!e to enlar"e itsel%. *o man. more &ill be produ!edI &hen the soil is exhausted so that %ood stu%%s and materials %or !lothin" &ill no lon"er "ro& upon it.s' Ten thousand times as mu!h as has been made mi"ht still be made. Bri"inal Substan!e is ali+e &ith !reati+e ener"y.&nal Su!stance' The un&verse &s made out o) &tP !ut &t $as not all used &n mak&n. The @ormless Stu%% responds to the needs o% manI it &ill not let him be &ithout any "ood thin". it &ill be rene&ed or more soil &ill be made. &tsel) &nto )orm &n order to e8press &tsel) more )ully' . The +isible supply is pra!ti!ally inexhaustibleI and the in+isible supply really 0S inexhaustible. The ?ormless Stu)) &s &ntell&.h% and !et$een the )orms o) the v&s&!le un&verse are permeated and )&lled $&th the 9r&.&nal Su!stanceP $&th the )ormless Stu))P $&th the ra$ mater&al o) all th&n. more &ill produ!ed %rom the @ormless. i% man is still in su!h a sta"e o% so!ial de+elopment that he needs "old and sil+er.&orld %iner than Solomon &as arrayed in all his "loryI to"ether &ith %ood enou"h to %eed them all luxuriously. is poor be!ause nature is poor. *ature is an inexhaustible storehouse o% ri!hesI the supply &ill ne+er run short. there%ore.

alon" established lines o% "ro&th. Wattles C1APTE8 / The ?&rst r&nc&ple &n The Sc&ence o) :ett&n. &nherently to$ard more l&)e and )uller )unct&on&n. The thou"ht o% a mo+in" uni+erse extended throu"hout @ormless Substan!e. and mo+es a!!ordin" to the thou"ht. it mo+es a!!ordin"ly. resence% al$ays mov&n. As the @ormless Stu%% thin-s o% a %orm. @or this !ause. R&ch' T1B3J1T is the only po&er &hi!h !an produ!e tan"ible ri!hes %rom the @ormless Substan!e. and maintains that %orm. 0n !reatin".the %orm o% systems o% planets. Bri"inal Substan!e 2li%e %or!e parti!les5 mo+es a!!ordin" to its thou"htsI e+ery %orm and pro!ess you see in nature is the +isible expression o% a thou"ht in Bri"inal Substan!e. 6ou are not -ept poor by la!.ed !y the thou. the @ormless seems to mo+e a!!ordin" to the lines o% motion it has establishedI the thou"ht o% an oa. e+erythin" &hi!h !an possibly minister to li%e is bounti%ully pro+idedI there !an be no la!.reat >&v&n. Thin-in" the %orm o% a slo& "ro&in" oa.' *ature is %ormed %or the ad+an!ement o% li%eI its impellin" moti+e is the in!rease o% li%e. the supply o% ri!hesI it is a %a!t &hi!h 0 shall demonstrate a little %arther on that e+en the resour!es o% the @ormless Supply are at the !ommand o% the man or &oman &ill a!t and thin. . and produ!es the tree.The un&verse &s a . and a thou"ht o% %orm in this substan!e produ!es the %orm. and the Thin-in" Stu%% mo+in" a!!ordin" to that thou"ht. Thin-in" Substan!e ta-es the %orm o% its thou"ht. center% and can or&.ht'J Walla!e'J IMan &s a th&nk&n.tree. The stu%% %rom &hi!h all thin"s are made is a substan!e &hi!h thin-s. Post #+ 200*0805-1551 IT@9(:@T &s the only po$er $h&ch can produce tan. and mo+es them as it thin-s. That is the &ay all thin"s &ere !reated.unless Jod is to !ontradi!t himsel% and nulli%y his o&n &or-s. it ta-es that %ormI as it thin-s o% a motion.&!le r&ches )rom the ?ormless Su!stance'J IA thou.&nate thou. We li+e in a thou"ht &orld. it ta-es the %orm o% these bodies. 1oldin" the idea o% a !ir!lin" system o% suns and &orlds. but it does start in motion the %or!es &hi!h &ill produ!e the tree. it ma-es that motion. thou"h !enturies may be re?uired to do the &or-. &hi!h is part o% a thou"ht a Certain Way.tree does not !ause the instant %ormation o% a %ull "ro&n tree. that &s & &n th&s su!stance% roduces the th&n.

&ithout &aitin" %or the slo& pro!esses o% the or"ani! and inor"ani! & nature are !ut d&))erent shapes% made )rom the same stu))' And th&s stu)) &s th&nk&n. the creat&on o) the )orm' Man is a thin-in" ! and &nor. alon" lines o% "ro&th and a!tion already established. And i% there &ere no existin" !hannels throu"h &hi!h the !reati+e ener"y !ould &or-. And so %ar man has !on%ined his e%%orts &holly to the &or. i% it &ere impressed upon @ormless Substan!e. or at least "enerally. he ta-es material %rom the %orms o% nature.A 1e has not dreamed that he !an Ado &hat he seeth the @ather doin".&nal )ormless stu))% or su!stance% )rom $h&ch all th&n. No thou. so %ar. We propose to pro+e that he may do soI to pro+e that any man or &oman may do &n th&nk& o) )orm can !e &mpressed upon 9r&.&nal th&nk&n.s are made% and $h&ch% &n &ts or&.&nal state% permeates% penetrates% and )&lls the &nterspaces o) the un&verse' A thou.o% his handsI he has applied manual labor to the &orld o% %orms. but al&ays.s are made' All the seem&n. he th&nks a!out to !e created' .s &n h&s held &n &t produces the )orm o) the thou. stu))P a thou. and !an ori"inate thou"ht.A&ith the @ather.&nal thou. All the %orms that man %ashions &ith his hands must %irst exist in his thou"htI he !annot shape a thin" until he has thou"ht that thin".&nal Su!stance $&thout caus&n. and ma-es an ima"e o% the %orm &hi!h is in his mind. The thou"ht o% a house o% a !ertain !onstru!tion. h&s thou. that &s & &n th&s su!stance% roduces the th&n.A Man reshapes and modi%ies existin" %orms by manual laborI he has "i+en no attention to the ?uestion &hether he may not produ!e thin"s %rom @ormless Substan!e by !ommuni!atin" his thou"hts to it. see-in" to !han"e or modi%y those already existin". 1e has ne+er thou"ht o% tryin" to !ause the !reation o% ne& %orms by impressin" his thou"hts upon @ormless Substan!e. he th&nks a!out' To summar&+e th&s:5 There &s a th&nk&n. As our )&rst step% $e must lay do$n three )undamental propos&t&ons' ?&rst% $e assert that there &s one or&. stu)) )rom $h&ch all th&n. su!stance% he can cause the creat&on% or )ormat&on% o) the th&' Man can )orm th& and% !y &mpress&n.htP &) man can commun&cate h&s thou. !auses the !reation o% the to or&.ht' Thou. center% capa!le o) or&. o% the houseI but it &ould !ause the turnin" o% !reati+e ener"ies already &or-in" in trade and !ommer!e into su!h !hannels as to result in the speedy buildin" o% the house. made little or no e%%ort to !o operate &ith @ormless 0ntelli"en!eI to &or. When man has a thou"ht %orm. su!stance% produces shapes' Man &s a th&nk& upon )ormless su!stance% can cause the th&n.E+ery thou"ht o% %orm. then the house &ould be %ormed dire!tly %rom primal substan!e. held in thin-in" Substan!e. and to sho& ho&.ly many elements are !ut d&))erent presentat&ons o) one elementP all the many )orms )ound &n or. mi"ht not !ause the instant %ormation. 1e has.ed !y the thou.

To thin. A man>s &ay o% doin" thin"s is the dire!t result o% the &ay he thin-s about thin"s. 0 !ome to man>s po&er to !ause the %ormation o% the thin" he thin-s about. unless you hold to the truth that there is no po+ertyI there is only abundan!e. men must be!ome able to thin. To thin. you &ill ha+e to a!?uire the ability to thin. Every man has the natural and &nherent po$er to th&nk $hat he $ants to th&nk% !ut &t reEu&res )ar more e))ort to do so than &t does to th&nk the they do %rom that o% sustained and !onse!uti+e thou"htI it is the hardest & the &orld. E+ery appearan!e in the +isible &orld tends to produ!e a !orrespondin" %orm in the mind &hi!h obser+es itI and this !an only be pre+ented by holdin" the thou"ht o% the T83T1. &hi!h is that there is no diseaseI it is only an appearan! to thin. This is espe!ially true &hen truth is !ontrary to appearan!es. The theory is true until the pro!ess %ailsI and this pro!ess &ill not %ail. and ultimately in your body. and the reality is health. To loo. 1e !an !on?uer %ateI he !an ha+e &hat he &ants.%rom the phenomena o% %orm and thou"ht. %rom &hi!h and by &hi!h all thin"s are made. both by lo"i! and experien!e.ri!hes &hen in the midst o% appearan!es o% po+erty. unless you hold the thou"ht o% the truth.0t may be as-ed i% 0 !an pro+e these statementsI and &ithout "oin" into details. 0 %ind the reasonin" trueI and this is my stron"est proo%.upon the appearan!e o% disease &ill produ!e the %orm o% disease in your o&n mind. 0 ha+e said that men "et ri!h by doin" thin"s in a Certain WayI and in order to do so. 0% one man &ho reads this boo. that is e+iden!e in support o% my !laimI but i% e+ery man &ho does &hat it tells him to do "ets ri!h.ested !y appearances' To th&nk accord&n.ardless o) appearances &s la!or&ous% and reEu&res the e8pend&ture o) more po$er than any other $ork man &s called upon to per)orm' There is no labor %rom &hi!h most people shrin. re"ardless o% appearan!es. that is positi+e proo% until some one "oes throu"h the pro!ess and %ails. To do thin"s in a &ay you &ant to do them. . 0 !ome to one ori"inal thin-in" substan!eI and reasonin" %or&ard %rom this thin-in" substan!e.. %or e+ery man &ho does exa!tly &hat this bootells him to do &ill "et ri!h.hts $h&ch are su. To loo. or to thin."ets ri!h by doin" &hat it tells him to do. 0 ans&er that 0 !an do so. This po&er !an only be a!?uired by "ettin" hold o% the basi! %a!t &hi!h is behind all appearan!esI and that %a!t is that there is one Thin-in" Substan!e. to appearance &s easyP to th&nk truth a !ertain &ay.upon the appearan!es o% po+erty &ill produ!e !orrespondin" %orms in your o&n mind. And by experiment. 8easonin" ba!.&hat you &ant to &hen surrounded by the appearan!es o% disease.the &ay you &ant to thin-I this is the %irst step to&ard "ettin" ri!h.T83T1. re?uires po&erI but he &ho a!?uires this po&er be!omes a MASTE8 M0*7.

Post #* 200*0805-1+22 IMan can )orm th&n. 7o not read ma"aCines or boo-s &hi!h tea!h a di%%erent ideaI i% you "et mixed up in your %aith.%or the enlar"ement o% its li%e.&nal state% permeates% penetrates% and )&lls the &nterspaces o) the un&verse' A thou. is a !ons!iously 9i+in" Substan!e.s &n h&s upon )ormless su!stance% can cause the th&n. Wattles C1APTE8 < Increas&n. The 0ntelli"ent Substan!e &hi!h is All. When &e realiCe this. h&s thou. be!ause li%e. E+ery li+in" thin" must !ontinually &n th&s su!stance% roduces the th&n. nor spe!ulate as to ho& they !an be trueI simply ta-e them on trust. stu)) )rom $h&ch all th&n. all your e%%orts &ill be in +ain. >&)e' 6B3 must "et rid o% the last +esti"e o% the old idea that there is a 7eity &hose &ill it is that you should be and% !y &mpress&n. he th&nks a!out to !e created' 6ou must lay aside all other !on!epts o% the uni+erse than this monisti! oneI and you must d&ell upon this until it is %ixed in your mind. &e lose all doubt and %ear. and in All. dropped into the "round. that &s &ma. !ast it aside as a sin. The s!ien!e o% "ettin" ri!h be"ins &ith the absolute a!!eptan!e o% this %aith. and in the a!t o% li+in" produ!es a . and &hi!h li+es in All and li+es in you. 8ead these !reed statements o+er and o+er a"ainI %ix e+ery &ord upon your memory. and !an be!ome &hat &e &ant to and% !y &mpress&n. in the mere a!t o% li+in". 0% a doubt !omes to you. and that man !an so impress his thou"hts upon it as to !ause them to ta-e %orm and be!ome +isible thin"s. must in!rease itsel%.s are made% and $h&ch% &n &ts or&. 7o not listen to ar"uments a"ainst this ideaI do not "o to !hur!hes or le!tures &here a !ontrary !on!ept o% thin"s is tau"ht or prea!hed.&hy these thin"s are true. sprin"s into a!ti+ity. A seed. 0 repeat them here# There &s a th&nk&' Man can )orm th&n. Bein" a !ons!iously li+in" substan!e. As a %irst step to&ard "ettin" ri!h.ed !y the thou.s &n h&s thou. or &hose purposes may be ser+ed by -eepin" you in po+erty. %or &e -no& that &e !an !reate &hat &e &ant to !reateI &e !an "et &hat &e &ant to ha+e. h&s thou. 0t must ha+e the nature and inherent desire o% e+ery li+in" intelli"en!e %or in!rease o% li%e. and meditate upon them until you %irmly belie+e &hat they upon )ormless su!stance% can cause the th&n. and has be!ome your habitual thou"ht. you must belie+e the three %undamental statements "i+en pre+iously in this !hapterI and in order to emphasiCe them. he th&nks a!out to !e createdJ' IIn order to kno$ more% do more% and !e more $e must have morePJ Walla!e 7.Then &e must "rasp the truth that e+ery thou"ht held in this substan!e be!omes a %orm. 7o not as.

E+ery %a!t &e learn leads us to the learnin" o% another %a!tI -no&led"e is !ontinually in!reasin". 6ou must &ant real li%e. The Bne 9i+in" Substan!e must be subEe!t to this inherent la& o% all li%eI it is permeated &ith the desire to li+e moreI that is &hy it is under the ne!essity o% !reatin" thin"s. &hi!h e+er dri+es us on to -no& more. E+ery thou"ht &e thinma-es it ne!essary %or us to thin. 0t is %ore+er Be!omin" MoreI it must do so. and to be more. r&ch' @e $ants you to .et r&ch !ecause he can e8press h&msel) !etter throu. th&n. 6ou do not &ant to "et ri!h in order to li+e s&inishly. and spiritual. multiplies itsel%. . o% &hi!h he is !apable.s you can use' It &s the des&re o) :od that you should . The desire %or ri!hes is simply the !apa!ity %or lar"er li%e see-in" %ul%illmentI e+ery desire is the e%%ort o% an unexpressed possibility to !ome into a!tion. &ithout ex!ess in any. 9i%e is the per%orman!e o% %un!tionI and the indi+idual really li+es only &hen he per%orms e+ery %un!tion. i% it !ontinues to be at all. %or the "rati%i!ation o% animal desiresI that is not li%e. E+ery talent &e !ulti+ate brin"s to the mind the desire to !ulti+ate another talentI &e are subEe!t to the ur"e o% li%e.h you &) you have plenty o) th&n. 0ntelli"en!e is under this same ne!essity %or !ontinuous in!rease. Ma-e up your mind that this is true.another thou"htI !ons!iousness is !ontinually expandin". physi!al. and no one li+es !ompletely &ho denies the impulses o% the body a normal and health%ul expression.s' We must "et ri!h. ho&e+er that your purpose should harmoniCe &ith the purpose that is in All. The 9ne Su!stance des&res to l&ve more &n youP hence &t $ants you to have all the th&n.hundred more seedsI li%e. you $ant to have' *ature is %riendly to your plans. In order to kno$ more% do more% and !e more $e must have moreP $e must have th&n. see-in" expression. not mere pleasure o% sensual "rati%i!ation.s to use &n . to do more. see-in" %uller expression. so that &e !an li+e more. by li+in". E+erythin" is naturally %or you. But the per%orman!e o% e+ery physi!al %un!tion is a part o% li%e.s to use% )or $e learn% and do% and !ecome% only !y us&n. 0t is po&er see-in" to mani%est &hi!h !auses desire. 0t is essential. h&m e8press&on' @e can l&ve more &n you &) you have unl&m&ted command o) the means o) l&)e' The un&verse des&res you to have everyth&n.&v&n. That &hi!h ma-es you &ant more money is the same as that &hi!h ma-es the plant "ro&I it is 9i%e.

$hat he has a$ay )rom h&m' =ou are to !ecome a creator% not a compet&torP you are . see-in" ri!hes and li%e. 6ou &ant to "et ri!h in order that you may eat. drin-. to lose yoursel% %or the sal+ation o% man-ind. a$ay )rom any one' =ou do not have to dr&ve sharp !ar.s )or you% !ut &t $&ll not take th&n.a&ns' =ou do not have to cheat% or to take advanta. to be %amous. ho& o) compet&t&on' =ou are to create% not to compete )or $hat &s already created' =ou do not have to take anyth&n.6ou do not &ant to "et ri!h solely to enEoy mental pleasures. and its mo+ements must be %or more li%e to allI it !annot be made to &or.&ve your )&rst and !est thou. 6ou do not &ant to "et ri!h solely %or the "ood o% &t every other man $&ll have more than he has no$' .et r&d o) the thou.s a$ay )rom some one else and . Intell&.et $hat you $ant% !ut &n such a $ay that $hen you . $ealth' 8emember.%or less li%e to any. soP :od reEu&res noth&n.o& and pra&se$orthy that you should . %eed your mind. be!ause it is e?ually in to the $ork o) acEu&r&n. All these are a le"itimate part o% li%e. o) the k&nd' Dhat he $ants &s that you should make the most o) yoursel)% )or yoursel)% and )or othersP and you can help others more !y mak&n. the most o) yoursel) than &n any other $ay' =ou can make the most o) yoursel) only !y . o) $h&ch you cannot have the l&ke% and that $&thout tak&n. and he &ill ne+er be satis%ied &ith his lot. The Eoys o% the soul are only a part o% li%eI and they are no better or nobler than any other part. but the man &ho li+es %or the pleasures o% the intelle!t alone &ill only ha+e a partial li%e. see distant lands. and be merry &hen it is time to do these thin"sI in order that you may surround yoursel% &ith beauti%ul thin"s. to "et -no&led"e. to experien!e the Eoys o% philanthropy and sa!ri%i!e. that the desire o% Substan!e is %or all. to "rati%y ambition.e' =ou do not need to let any man $ork )or you )or less than he earns' =ou do not have to covet the property o) others% or to look at &t $&th $&sh)ul eyesP no man has anyth&n.ett&n.ent Su!stance $&ll make th&n. But remem!er that e8treme altru&sm &s no !etter and no no!ler than e8treme sel)&shnessP !oth are m&stakes' :et r&d o) the &dea that :od $ants you to sacr&)&ce yoursel) )or others% and that you can secure h&s )avor !y do&n. and de+elop your intelle!tI in order that you may lo+e men and do -ind thin"s. r&chP so &t &s r&. to outshine others. to .&ve them to you' =ou must . and be able to play a "ood part in helpin" the &orld to %ind truth.

&ill !ontribute immensely to&ard in!reased li%e %or all. you must rise entirely out o% the !ompetiti+e thou"ht. *e+er "et a%raid that you &ill lose &hat you &ant be!ause some other person Abeats you to it. their &or. !an pre+ent you %rom "ettin" &hat is yours. not yet brou"ht to li"htI and -no& that i% there &ere not. and so onI in that moment you drop into the !ompetiti+e mind. And it is &ell to bear in mind that they ha+e ne+er been really ri!hI a re!ord o% the pri+ate li+es o% most o% this !lass &ill sho& that they ha+e really been the most abEe!t and &ret!hed o% the poor. by !ornerin" the +isible supply.o% systematiCin" and or"aniCin" produ!ti+e industryI and in the end. Men o% the pluto!rati! 2someone &ho exer!ises po&er by +irtue o% &ealth5 type.%or a moment that the supply is limited. 8o!-e%eller. but the same Po&er &hi!h produ!ed them &ill dispose o% them. The multi millionaires are li-e the monster reptiles o% the prehistori! erasI they play a ne!essary part in the e+olutionary pro!ess.0 am a&are that there are men &ho "et a +ast amount o% money by pro!eedin" in dire!t opposition to the statements in the para"raph abo+e. and your po&er to !ause !reation is "one %or the time bein"I and &hat is &orse. et al.. to you as )ast as you can rece&ve and use them' *obody. and that you must exert yoursel% to "et la&s passed to stop this pro!ess. you &ill probably arrest the !reati+e mo+ements you ha+e already instituted. i% you are to be!ome ri!h in a s!ienti%i! and !ertain &ay. and may add a &ord o% explanation here.A That !annot possibly happenI you are not see-in" any thin" that is possessed by anybody elseI you are !ausin" &hat you &ant to be !reated %rom %ormless Substan!e. and another>s tomorro&. *e+er &orry about the trusts and !ombines. do so sometimes purely by their extraordinary ability on the plane o% !ompetitionI and sometimes they un!ons!iously relate themsel+es to Substan!e in its "reat purposes and mo+ements %or the "eneral ra!ial upbuildin" throu"h industrial e+olution. 8emember. 'ust as soon as you be"in to thin.%or an instant that all the best buildin" spots &ill be ta-en be%ore you "et ready to build your house. more &ould be !reated %rom Thin-in" Substan!e to supply your needs. &ho be!ome +ery ri!h. 4*BW that there are !ountless millions o% dollars> &orth o% "old in the mountains o% the earth. Never look at the v&s&!le supplyP look al$ays at the l&m&tless r&ches &n ?ormless Su!stance% and CN9D that they are com&n. &ho &ill or"aniCe the ma!hinery o% distribution. Mor"an. 4*BW that the money you need &ill !ome. ha+e been the un!ons!ious a"ents o% the Supreme in the ne!essary &or. and "et anxious %or %ear they &ill soon !ome to o&n the &hole earth.that all the money is bein" A!orneredA and !ontrolled by ban-ers and the %ormulated statement# . So ne+er allo& yoursel% to thin. 6ou must ne+er thin. 8i!hes se!ured on the !ompetiti+e plane are ne+er satis%a!tory and permanentI they are yours to day. Their day is nearly o+erI they ha+e or"aniCed produ!tion. Sti!. Carne"ie. and the supply is &ithout limits. unless you hurry. and &ill soon be su!!eeded by the a"ents o% the multitude. e+en i% it is ne!essary %or a thousand men to be led to the dis!o+ery o% ne& "old mines to morro&.

9et us suppose that 0 o&n a pi!ture by one o% the "reat artists. and other material in this boo.&nal state% permeates% penetrates% and )&lls the &nterspaces o) the un&verse' A thou. 0 ta-e it to Ba%%in 8ay. in any !i+iliCed !ommunity. or that you are abo+e the ne!essity %or ha+in" any dealin"s &ith your %ello& men. h&s doin" %or you.There &s a th&nk&' Man can )orm th&n. get out of it at once. is &orth thousands o% dollars. that &s &ma. you ha+e not been &ron"ed by those &ho sold it to youI they ha+e "i+en you a "reat use +alue %or a small !ash +alue. The paper.s are made% and $h&ch% &n &ts or&. But suppose 0 "i+e him a "un &orth Q<0 %or his %ursI then he has made a "ood bar"ain. and so that ea!h employee &ho &ishes to do so may ad+an!e a little e+ery day. he th&nks a!out to !e created' Post #8 200*0805-1+$8 I:&ve to every man more than you take )rom h&m'J F Walla!e 7. but you !an "i+e him more in use +alue than the !ash +alue o% the thin" you ta-e %rom him.may not be &orth the money you pay %or itI but i% the ideas su""ested by it brin" you thousands o% dollars. &hi!h. And if you are in a business which does beat people. 6ou do not ha+e to beat anybody in &n th&s su!stance% produces the th&n. Ji+e e+ery man more in use +alue than you ta-e %rom him in !ash +alueI then you are addin" to the li%e o% the &orld by e+ery business transa!tion.s &n h&s thou. When you rise %rom the !ompetiti+e to the !reati+e plane. you !an s!an your business transa!tions +ery stri!tly. %or he has no use %or the pi!tureI it has no use +alue to himI it &ill not add to his li%e. 0% you ha+e people &or-in" %or you. 1e has use %or the "unI it &ill "et him many more %urs and mu!h %oodI it &ill add to his li%e in e+ery &ayI it &ill ma-e him ri!h. 6ou !annot "i+e e+ery man more in !ash mar-et +alue than you ta-e %rom him.ed !y the thou. 0 ha+e really &ron"ed him. 6ou !an ma-e your business do %or your employees &hat this boo. Wattles C1APTE8 L @o$ R&ches Bome to =ou W1E* 0 say that you do not ha+e to dri+e sharp bar"ains. and by AsalesmanshipA indu!e an Es-imo to "i+e a bundle o% %urs &orth Q <00 %or it. you must ta-e %rom them more in !ash +alue than you pay them in &a"esI but you !an so or"aniCe your business that it &ill be %illed &ith the prin!iple o% ad+an!ement. but !an "i+e to e+ery man more than you ta-e %rom and% !y &mpress& upon )ormless su!stance% can cause the th&n. in-. 0 mean that you &ill not need to deal &ith them un%airlyI you do not ha+e to "et somethin" %or nothin". 6ou !an . you !an a%%ord to stop it. stu)) )rom $h&ch all th&n. 0 do not mean that you do not ha+e to dri+e any bar"ains at all. and i% you are sellin" any man anythin" &hi!h does not add more to his li%e than the thin" he "i+e you in ex!han"e.

A%ter on!e %ormin" the thou"ht. in any other &ay than as bein" sure to arri+e. But i% you &ant a se&in" ma!hine. a!tin" upon the minds o% men. and by a!tin" in a Certain Way. And %inally. 0t &ill be brou"ht to you by the po&er o% the Supreme 0ntelli"en!e. be!ause you are to !ause the !reation o% your ri!hes %rom @ormless Substan!e &hi!h permeates all your en+ironment. or else&here. and he ans&ered. o) the most a!undant l&)e' I) you )&8 upon your consc&ousness the )act that the des&re you )eel )or the possess&on o) r&ches &s one $&th the des&re o) 9mn&potence )or more complete e8press&on% your )a&th !ecomes &nv&nc&!le' Bn!e 0 sa& a little boy sittin" at a piano.&ve you the k&n. to play di+ine harmonies. !ontainin" all the possibilities o% all li%eI all that there is o% musi! &as see-in" expression throu"h the !hild. 6ou !an !ertainly ha+e a se&in" ma!hine in your houseI and it is Eust as !ertain that you !an ha+e any other thin" or thin"s &hi!h you &ant.dom%* sa&d Aesus' 9r&. o% it. 7o not %or"et %or a moment that the Thin-in" Substan!e is throu"h all. or spea-. but 0 !an>t ma-e my hands "o ri"ht. and &ill. and !an in%luen!e all. Claim it as already yours. lar. 1e is sayin" A0 &ant hands to build &onder%ul stru!tures. %or instan!e. !ommuni!atin" &ith all.A The musi! in him &as the 38JE o% Bri"inal Substan!e. in all. &hene+er men set it in motion by desire and %aith. it may be that a man &ill be brou"ht %rom Texas or 'apan to en"a"e in some transa!tion &hi!h &ill result in your "ettin" &hat you &ant. 0 as-ed him the !ause o% his +exation. Jod. A0 !an %eel the musi! in me. 0% you &ant a se&in" ma!hine.elyP *&t &s your ?ather#s pleasure to . hold the mental ima"e o% it &ith the most positi+e !ertainty that it is bein" made. ha+e the most absolute and un?uestionin" %aith that the se&in" ma!hine is !omin"I ne+er thin. 0% so. The desire o% Thin-in" Substan!e %or %uller li%e and better li+in" has !aused the !reation o% all the se&in" ma!hines already madeI and it !an !ause the !reation o% millions more. in the room &here you sit. ton"ues to tell mi"hty truths and to sin" mar+elous son"s.A and so on.o% !ondu!t your business that it &ill be a sort o% ladder. by &hi!h e+ery employee &ho &ill ta-e the trouble may !limb to ri!hes himsel%I and "i+en the opportunity.&nal Su!stance $ants to l&ve all that &s poss&!le &n you% and $ants you to have all that you can or $&ll use )or the l&v&n. the &hole matter &ill be as mu!h to that man>s ad+anta"e as it is to yours. and +ainly tryin" to brin" harmony out o% the -eysI and 0 sa& that he &as "rie+ed and pro+o-ed by his inability to play real musi!. or is on its &ay to you. 0 do not mean to tell you that you are to impress the thou"ht o% a se&in" ma!hine on Thin-in" Substan!e until the ma!hine is %ormed &ithout hands. . and &hi!h you &ill use %or the ad+an!ement o% your o&n li%e and the li+es o% others. =ou need not hes&tate a!out ask&n. 0% you li+e in Maine. is tryin" to li+e and do and enEoy thin"s throu"h humanity. the Bne Substan!e. it does not %ollo& that they are to ta-e shape %rom the atmosphere and !ome into bein" be%ore your eyes. i% he &ill not do so it is not your %ault. to paint "lorious pi!turesI 0 &ant %eet to run my errands. eyes to see my beauties.

and eat "ood %oods. @ollo&in" the instru!tions "i+en in this boo-. he de!ided that he mi"ht reasonably as. and it is so &ith you and &ith all o% us. &ith still lar"er %aith. and sin". Eust enou"h to ma-e them %airly !om%ortable. he be"an li+in" in the Certain Way. he obtained these thin"s in a %e& monthsI and then it da&ned upon him that he had not as-ed enou"h. a ne!essity o% nature. and planned all the impro+ements he &ould li-e to ma-e in itI he mentally added a bay &indo& here and a room there. Post #. So you need not hes&tate to ask lar. until it &as !omplete in his mind as his ideal homeI and then he planned its %urnishin"s. The desire you %eel %or ri!hes is the in%inite. 1e &ent throu"h the house in &hi!h he li+ed.A said Paul. and enEoy beauty. and that the maEority o% men must stay poor be!ause there is not enou"h to "o around. and those &ho !an appre!iate "ood %ood to be luxuriously %ed. li+in" in a rented house.All that there is o% possibility is see-in" expression throu"h men. 1oldin" the &hole pi!ture in his mind. 0t has been unto him a!!ordin" to his %aith.ely' =our part &s to )ocal&+e and e8press the des&re to :od' This is a di%%i!ult point &ith most peopleI they retain somethin" o% the old idea that po+erty and sel% sa!ri%i!e are pleasin" to Jod. and ha+in" only &hat he earned %rom day to dayI and he !ould not "rasp the %a!t that all &ealth &as his. a%ter thin-in" the matter o+er. and mo+in" to&ard &hat he &antedI and he o&ns the house no&. So. and is rebuildin" it a%ter the %orm o% his mental ima"e. 200*0805-1+51 I?&8 your attent&on on the !est &s to surround yoursel) $&th the !est% and to !ecome the . so that the !reati+e thou"ht o% them mi"ht be impressed on @ormless Substan!e. They hold to so mu!h o% this erroneous thou"ht that they %eel ashamed to as. and an anthra!ite !oal sto+e to heat the house durin" the !old &eather.upon po+erty as a part o% the plan. he is "oin" on to "et "reater thin"s.%or a ne& ru" %or the %loor o% his best room. see-in" to express 1imsel% in you as 1e sou"ht to %ind expression in the little boy at the piano. 1e &as a +ery poor man. They ha+e the idea that Jod has %inished 1is &or-.%or &ealthI they try not to &ant more than a +ery modest !ompeten!e. and made all that 1e !an ma-e. and to ha+e the means to !ulti+ate their talents to the %ullest extentI 1e &ants those &ho !an appre!iate beauty to be able to surround themsel+es &ith beauti%ul thin"sI 1e &ants those &ho !an dis!ern truth to ha+e e+ery opportunity to tra+el and obser+eI 1e &ants those &ho !an appre!iate dress to be beauti%ully !lothed. They loo. 1e &ants all these thin"s be!ause it is 1imsel% that enEoys and appre!iates themI it is Jod &ho &ants to play. 0 re!all no& the !ase o% one student &ho &as told that he must "et in mind a !lear pi!ture o% the thin"s he desired. Ait is Jod that &or-eth in you to &ill and to do. Jod &ants those &ho !an play musi! to ha+e pianos and e+ery other instrument. And no&. and pro!laim truth and &ear %ine !lothes.

&ill be !ertain to brin" you into per%e!t unity o% mind &ith Jod. you belie+e that there is one 0ntelli"ent Substan!e. you belie+e that this Substan!e "i+es you e+erythin" you desireI and third. you relate yoursel% to it by a %eelin" o% deep and pro%ound "ratitude. !onsider it &ell. and you &ill see that it is true. and you &ill see that in order to do so it be!omes ne!essary to relate yoursel% to the @ormless 0ntelli"en!e in a harmonious &ay. The &hole pro!ess o% mental adEustment and atonement !an be summed up in one &ord. i% you &ill %ollo& them. the more "ood thin"s &e &ill re!ei+e. @irst. Jratitude &ill lead your mind out alon" the &ays by &hi!h thin"s !omeI and it &ill -eep you in !lose harmony &ith !reati+e thou"ht and pre+ent you %rom %allin" into !ompetiti+e thou"ht.&ve our attent&on' De are Th&nk&n. they !ut the &ires &hi!h !onne!t them &ith 1im by %ailin" to ma-e a!-no&led"ment.!est' The Breat&ve o$er $&th&n us makes us &nto the &ma. %rom &hi!h all thin"s pro!eedI se!ond. Su!stance% and th&nk&n. Jratitude alone !an -eep you loo-in" to&ard the All. Wattles C1APTE8 ) :rat&tude' T1E illustrations "i+en in the last !hapter &ill ha+e !on+eyed to the reader the %a!t that the %irst step to&ard "ettin" ri!h is to !on+ey the idea o% your &ants to the @ormless Substan!e. The "ood thin"s you already ha+e ha+e !ome to you alon" the line o% obedien!e to !ertain la&s. . 0% it is a ne& thou"ht to you that "ratitude brin"s your &hole mind into !loser harmony &ith the !reati+e ener"ies o% the uni+erse. and pre+ent you %rom %allin" into the error o% thin-in" o% the supply as limitedI and to do that &ould be %atal to your hopes. su!stance al$ays takes the )orm o) that $h&ch &t th&nks a!out'J F Walla!e 7. and "i+e you instru!tions &hi!h.e o) that to $h&ch $e . Many people &ho order their li+es ri"htly in all other &ays are -ept in po+erty by their la!o% "ratitude. and the more rapidly they &ill !omeI and the reason simply is that the mental attitude o% "ratitude dra&s the mind into !loser tou!h &ith the sour!e %rom &hi!h the blessin"s !ome. "ratitude. 1a+in" re!ei+ed one "i%t %rom Jod. This is true. The more "rate%ully &e %ix our minds on the Supreme &hen "ood thin"s !ome to us. To se!ure this harmonious relation is a matter o% su!h primary and +ital importan!e that 0 shall "i+e some spa!e to its dis!ussion here. the more &ealth &e shall re!ei+eI and it is easy also to understand that the soul that is al&ays "rate%ul li+es in !loser tou!h &ith Jod than the one &hi!h ne+er loo-s to 1im in than-%ul a!-no&led"ment. 0t is easy to understand that the nearer &e li+e to the sour!e o% &ealth.

and mean &ill !ome to you.s' 9n the other hand% to )&8 your attent&on on the !est &s to surround yoursel) $&th the !est% and to !ecome the !est' The Breat&ve o$er $&th&n us makes us &nto the &ma.e o) that to $h&ch $e . i% you are to "et the results you see-. The rea!tion o% "ratitude upon one>s o&n mind produ!es %aithI and e+ery out"oin" &a+e o% "rate%ul than-s"i+in" in!reases %aith. that Thou hearest me.A That is a statement o% psy!holo"i!al truth. Without "ratitude you !annot lon" -eep %rom dissatis%ied thou"ht re"ardin" thin"s as they are. 1e &ho has no %eelin" o% "ratitude !annot lon" retain a li+in" %aithI and &ithout a li+in" . A0 thanThee. and the !ommon. you be"in to lose "round.&ve our attent&on' De are Th&nk&n. su!stance al$ays takes the )orm o) that $h&ch &t th&nks a!out' The . The la& o% "ratitude is the natural prin!iple that a!tion and rea!tion are al&ays e?ual.A =ou cannot e8erc&se much po$er $&thout . and the s?ualid and meanI and your mind ta-es the %orm o% these thin"s. @ather. and in opposite dire!tions. the poor. and the rea!tion is an instantaneous mo+ement to&ards you.rat&tudeP )or &t &s . The "rate%ul outrea!hin" o% your mind in than-%ul praise to the Supreme is a liberation or expenditure o% %or!eI it !annot %ail to rea!h that to &hi!h it addressed. the rea!tion in @ormless Substan!e &ill be stron" and !ontinuousI the mo+ement o% the thin"s you &ant &ill be al&ays to&ard you. The "rate%ul mind !ontinually expe!ts "ood thin"s. and it is absolutely ne!essary that you should obser+e the la&. the s?ualid. %aith is born o% "ratitude. and expe!tation be!omes %aith. the poor. To perm&t your m&nd to d$ell upon the &n)er&or &s to !ecome &n)er&or and to surround yoursel) $&th &n)er&or th&n. The moment you permit your mind to d&ell &ith dissatis%a!tion upon thin"s as they are. 6ou %ix attention upon the !ommon.There is a 9a& o% Jratitude. *oti!e the "rate%ul attitude that 'esus too-I ho& 1e al&ays seems to be sayin". And i% your "ratitude is stron" and !onstant. and 1e &ill dra& ni"h unto you. the ordinary. Then you &ill transmit these %orms or mental ima"es to the @ormless.rat&tude that keeps you connected $&th o$er' But the +alue o% "ratitude does not !onsist solely in "ettin" you more blessin"s in the %uture. A7ra& ni"h unto Jod.rate)ul m&nd &s constantly )&8ed upon the !estP there)ore &t tends to !ecome the !estP &t takes the )orm or character o) the !est% and $&ll rece&ve the !est' Also. Su!stance% and th&nk&n.

Remem!er that they are all help&n.e the l&nes o) transm&ss&on alon. behold they are all +ery " !hapter L and read a"ain the story o% the man &ho %ormed a mental ima"e o% his house. Th&nk&n. !aptains o% industry. and politi!ians as soon as they !an be sparedI but in the meantime. 6ou &ould send a !oherent senten!eI one &hi!h . 7o not ra"e a"ainst. Su!stance !ecause they have themselves only a va. =ou must have &t !e)ore you can .&ve &tP and many people )a&l to &mpress Th&nk&n. trust ma"nates. et!.ood &n everyth&n. then. 0% you &ere "oin" to send a &ireless messa"e to a %riend. E+erybody has those desires also. li+e more. !orrupt politi!iansI i% it &ere not %or politi!ians &e should %all into anar!hy. $&ll move to$ard you' Post #10 200*0805-1*0$ I>&ve &n the ne$ house% mentally% unt&l &t takes )orm around you phys&cally' In the mental realm% enter at once &nto )ull enLoyment o) the th&n.% and the .s they $ant to do% to have% or to !ecome' 0t is not enou"h that you should ha+e a "eneral desire %or &ealth Ato do "ood &ithAI e+erybody has that desire.rate)ul to them all' Th&s $&ll !r&n.s you $ant'J Walla!e 7. 0t is not enou"h that you should ha+e a &ish to tra+el. Wattles C1APTE8 . and your opportunity &ould be "reatly lessened. as &e shall see in the %ollo&in" !hapters. 6ou must %orm a !lear and de%inite mental pi!ture o% &hat you &antI you !annot transmit an idea unless you ha+e it yoursel%. And be!ause all thin"s ha+e !ontributed to your ad+an!ement. 0t is ne!essary.%aith you !annot "et ri!h by the !reati+e method. Jod has &or-ed a lon" time and +ery patiently to brin" us up to &here &e are in industry and "o+ernment. to arran. see thin"s. to !ulti+ate the habit o% bein" "rate%ul %or e+ery "ood thin" that !omes to youI and to "i+e than-s !ontinuously.ood &n everyth&n. and 1e is "oin" ri"ht on &ith 1is &or-. you &nto harmon&ous relat&ons $&th the . 7o not &aste time thin-in" or tal-in" about the short!omin"s or &ron" a!tions o% pluto!rats or trust ma"nates. $h&ch your r&ches $&ll come to you% and !e . you should in!lude all thin"s in your "ratitude. you &ould not send the letters o% the alphabet in their order. Their or"aniCation o% the &orld has made your opportunityI all you "et really !omes to you be!ause o% them. and let him !onstru!t the messa"e %or himsel%I nor &ould you ta-e &ords at random %rom the di!tionary. &n the Berta&n Day' T38* ba!. There is not the least doubt that 1e &ill do a&ay &ith pluto!rats.ue and m&sty concept o) the th&n. and you &ill "et a %air idea o% the initial step to&ard "ettin" ri!h.

you are only a r&ch% so that the des&re &s stron. And unless you really $ant to . That !lear mental pi!ture you must ha+e !ontinually in mind. See the thin"s you &ant as i% they &ere a!tually around you all the timeI see yoursel% as .&n.hts d&rected to the purpose as the ma. and &ill ha+e little or no po&er %or a!!omplishment. 9i+e in the ne& house.s and va. until it ta-es %orm around you physi!ally. as the sailor has in mind the port to&ard &hi!h he is sailin" the shipI you must -eep your %a!e to&ard it all the time. 0n the mental realm. and the more you d&ell upon it. 6ou must no more lose si"ht o% it than the steersman loses si"ht o% the !ompass. and to &ant it badly enou"h so that it &ill stay in your thou"hts. belie+e that ye re!ei+e them. enou. the easier it &ill be to hold your mind %ixed upon the pi!ture o% &hat you &ant.h to hold your thou.&ven &n th&s !ook' The methods herein set %orth are %or people &hose desire %or ri!hes is stron" enou"h to o+er!ome mental laCiness and the lo+e o% ease. and ma-e them &or-. ho&e+er.&hen you "et it.A said 'esus. The more !lear and de%inite you ma-e your pi!ture then. nor to set apart spe!ial times %or prayer and a%%irmation. Somethin" more is ne!essary. than merely to see the pi!ture !learly.%or &hen ye pray. and "et a !lear mental pi!ture o% it as you &ish it to loo. 0t is not ne!essary to ta-e exer!ises in !on!entration. Dhen you try to &mpress your $ants upon Su!stance% remem!er that &t must !e done !y a coherent statementP you must kno$ $hat you $ant% and !e de)&n&te' =ou can never .et r&ch% or start the creat&ve po$er &nto act&on% !y send&n. nor to A"o into the silen!e. out un)ormed lon.meant somethin". and ye shall ha+e them.ue des&res' Jo o+er your desires Eust as the man 0 ha+e des!ribed &ent o+er his houseI see Eust &hat you &ant. but all you need is to -no& &hat you &ant. These thin"s are &ell enou"h. but no one needs to ta-e exer!ises to !on!entrate his mind on a thin" &hi!h he really &antsI it is the thin"s you do not really !are about &hi!h re?uire e%%ort to %ix your attention upon them. AWhatsoe+er thin"s ye as. Behind your !lear +ision must be the purpose to realiCe itI to brin" it out in tan"ible expression. And behind this purpose must be an in+in!ible and un&a+erin" @A0T1 that the thin" is already yoursI that it is Aat handA and you ha+e only to ta-e possession o% it. 0% that is all you do. brin"in" out all its deli"ht%ul details. Spend as mu!h o% your leisure time as you !an in !ontemplatin" your pi!ture.A nor to do o!!ult stunts o% any pole holds the needle o) the compass% &t $&ll hardly !e $orth $h&le )or you to try to carry out the &nstruct&ons . enter at on!e into %ull enEoyment o% the thin"s you &ant. mentally. the stron"er your desire &ill beI and the stron"er your desire.

addressin" the Supreme in re+erent prayerI and %rom that moment you must. i% you then dismiss the matter %rom your mind until the hour o% prayer !omes a"ain. Ta-e possession o% it. and the %or"ettin" 1im durin" the rest o% the &ee-.o&nin" and usin" them. and has its e%%e!t. and then ta-e the Mental Attitude o% B&nership to&ard e+erythin" in that pi!ture. and the %aith that you are doin" so. Ma-e use o% them in ima"ination Eust as you &ill use them &hen they are your tan"ible possessions.and spea.A And by prayer 0 mean holdin" steadily to your +ision. 1e &ill "et ri!hI he &ill !ause the !reation o% &hatsoe+er he &ants. The man &ho !an sin!erely thanJod %or the thin"s &hi!h as yet he o&ns only in ima"ination. in mind. 0n order to "et ri!h you do not need a As&eet hour o% prayerAI you need to Apray &ithout !easin".A said 'esus said to his pupils. A%or your @ather -no&eth the ye ha+e need o% these thin"s be%ore ye as. re!ei+e &hat you as.1im.A The &hole matter turns on re!ei+in". When you ha+e %ormed it. str&n. the v&s&on $&th unshaka!le (R 9SE to atta&n &t% and $&th stead)ast ?AIT@ that you do atta&n &t' The ans&er to prayer is not a!!ordin" to your %aith &hile you are tal-in". =ou do not make th&s &mpress&on !y repeat&n. And remember &hat &as said in a pro!eedin" !hapter about "ratitudeI be as than-%ul %or it all the time as you expe!t to be &hen it has ta-en %orm.s o) $ordsP you make &t !y hold&n. in the %ull %aith that it is a!tually yours. 7&ell upon your mental pi!ture until it is !lear and distin!t. and !on%idently plan %or "reater Eourneys.A 6our part is to intelli"ently %ormulate your desire %or the thin"s &hi!h ma-e %or a lar"er li%e. &hi!h has the po&er and the &ill to brin" you &hat you &ant. 6ou !annot impress 1im by ha+in" spe!ial hours to "o into your !loset and pray. &ith the purpose to !ause its !reation into solid %orm. and to "et these desire arran"ed into a !oherent &holeI and then to impress this Whole 7esire upon the @ormless Substan!e. 6ou do not need to pray repeatedly %or thin"s you &antI it is not ne!essary to tell Jod about it e+ery day. 9i+e in the ne& houseI &ear the %ine !lothesI ride in the automobileI "o on the Eourney. on!e you ha+e !learly %ormed your +ision. A3se not +ain repetitions as the heathen do. has real %aith.%or. Thin. 6ou !annot impress the mind o% Jod by ha+in" a spe!ial Sabbath day set apart to tell 1im &hat you &ant. but a!!ordin" to your %aith &hile you are &or-in". espe!ially upon yoursel%. 0ma"ine an en+ironment. and a %inan!ial !ondition exa!tly as you &ant them. it is &ell to ma-e an oral statement. in mind. Bral prayer is &ell enou"h.o% all the thin"s you ha+e as-ed %or in terms o% a!tual present o&nership. 1old to this mental o&nershipI do not &ai+er %or an instant in the %aith that it is real. and li+e all the . ABelie+e that ye re!ei+e them. in !lari%yin" your +ision and stren"thenin" your %aithI but it is not your oral petitions &hi!h "et you &hat you &ant.

in order to !ompel them to !ome to you. 6ou do not need to apply your &ill to thin"s. Post #11 200*0805-1*15 I:et r&chP that &s the !est $ay you can help the poor'J I=ou cannot hold the mental &ma. e+en A%or his o&n "oodAI %or you do not -no& &hat is %or his "ood. The s!ien!e o% "ettin" ri!h does not re?uire you to apply po&er or %or!e to any other person. Mind. or to ma-e stubborn . any more than you ha+e to use your &ill po&er to ma-e the sun rise. any&ay. Wattles C1APTE8 . 0t is as %la"rantly &ron" to !oer!e people by mental po&er as it is to !oer!e them by physi!al po&er. @o$ to (se the D&ll. 8emember that it is %aith and purpose in the use o% the ima"ination &hi!h ma-e the di%%eren!e bet&een the s!ientist and the dreamer. them ta-in" thin"s by mental %or!e is robbery alsoI there is no di%%eren!e in prin!iple. as &ell as irre+erent. 6ou ha+e no ri"ht to use your &ill po&er upon another person. 6ou do not ha+e to use your &ill po&er to !on?uer an un%riendly deity. 6our ha+e no ri"ht to do so. 0t is &ron" to apply your &ill to other men and &omen. that you do not do this as a mere dreamer and !astle builderI hold to the @A0T1 that the ima"inary is bein" realiCed. TB set about "ettin" ri!h in a s!ienti%i! &ay. ho&e+er. 0% ta-in" thin"s %rom people by physi!al %or!e is robbery.e $h&ch &s to make you r&ch &) you )&ll your m&nd $&th p&ctures o) poverty'J Walla!e 7. !ompellin" them by mental means a!!omplishes exa!tly the same thin"I the only di%%eren!e is in methods. it is here that you must learn the proper use o% the Will. in any &ay &hatsoe+er. 0% !ompellin" people by physi!al %or!e to do thin"s %or you redu!es them to sla+ery. 6ou do not ha+e to !ompel Jod to "i+e you "ood thin"s. and to the P38PBSE to realiCe it. That &ould simply be tryin" to !oer!e Jod. you do not try to apply your &ill po&er to anythin" outside o% yoursel%. There is not the sli"htest ne!essity %or doin" soI indeed. any attempt to use your &ill upon others &ill only tend to de%eat your purpose.time in that ima"inary en+ironment and %inan!ial !ondition. And ha+in" learned this %a!t. and &ould be %oolish and useless. in order to "et them to do &hat you &ish done.

ht Day' The more steady and !ontinuous your %aith and purpose. is ta-en up by the @ormless. The pi!ture o% your desires.and do.%or you. e+ery&here. un!ons!iously. e+ery hour in &hi!h your soul is possessed by unbelie%. and is more anxious to "i+e you &hat you &ant than you are to "et it. or your thou"hts. E+ery hour and moment you spend in "i+in" heed to doubts and %ears. *oti!e ho& insistent 'esus &as upon this point o% belie%I and no& you -no& the reason &hy. are in%luen!ed to&ard doin" the thin"s ne!essary to the %ul%illin" o% your desiresI and they &or. %or all 0 -no&. sets a !urrent a&ay %rom you in the &hole domain o% intelli"ent Substan!e. then you must use your &ill to !ompel yoursel% to thin. 7o not try to proEe!t your &ill. 4eep your mind at homeI it !an a!!omplish more there than else&here. 3se your &ill to -eep yoursel% thin-in" and a!tin" in the Certain Way. e+ery inanimate thin". to Aa!tA on thin"s or people.and rebellious %or!es do your biddin". &n the R&. you need only to use your &ill po&er upon yoursel%. all thin"s are set mo+in" to&ard its realiCationI e+ery li+in" thin". and permeates it to "reat distan!es throu"hout the uni+erse. 0t is by not understandin" this that most people &ho try to ma-e use o% Amental s!ien!eA in "ettin" ri!h ma-e their %ailure.and do the ri"ht thin"s. e+ery hour you spend in &orry. That is the le"itimate use o% the &ill in "ettin" &hat you &ant to use it in holdin" yoursel% to the ri"ht !ourse. As this impression spreads. the more rapidly you &ill "et ri!h.all this by startin" a ne"ati+e impression in the @ormless Substan!e. held &ith %aith and purpose. When you -no& &hat to thin. or your mind out into spa!e. But you !an !he!. To "et ri!h. be!ause you &ill ma-e only PBS0T0PE impressions upon Substan!eI and you &ill not neutraliCe or o%%set them by ne"ati+e impressions. All the promises are unto them that belie+e and unto them only. and the thin"s yet un!reated. All %or!e be"ins to be exerted in that dire!tionI all thin"s be"in to mo+e to&ard you. are stirred to&ard brin"in" into bein" that &hi!h you &ant. Substan!e is %riendly to you. .e o) $hat you $ant% and to hold that v&s&on $&th )a&th and purposeP and use your $&ll to keep your m&nd $ork&n. 7oubt or unbelie% is as !ertain to start a mo+ement a&ay %rom you as %aith and purpose are to start one to&ard you. (se your m&nd to )orm a mental &ma. The minds o% people.

and e!onomi!s as a study o% po+erty &ill %ill the &orld &ith &ret!hedness and &ant. but "ettin" pi!tures o% &ealth into the minds o% the poor.A :et r&chP that &s the !est $ay you can help the poor' And you !annot hold the mental ima"e &hi!h is to ma-e you ri!h i% you %ill your mind &ith pi!tures o% po+erty. *e+er mind &hat its !auses areI you ha+e nothin" to do &ith them. or !harity mo+ementsI all !harity only tends to perpetuate the &ret!hedness it aims to eradi!ate. The poor do not need !harityI they need inspiration. it is important that you should !ommand your attention.Sin!e belie% is all important. Charity only sends them a loa% o% bread to -eep them ali+e in their &ret!hedness. you must not ma-e a study o% po+erty. Po+erty !an be done a&ay &ith. or !on!ern yoursel% &ith it. and so on.about po+erty. 6ou are not desertin" the poor in their misery &hen you re%use to allo& your mind to be %illed &ith pi!tures o% that misery. or "i+es them an entertainment to ma-e them . 7o not tal.about po+ertyI do not in+esti"ate it. 0% you &ant to be!ome ri!h. and put all that pertains to it behind you. o% the horrors o% !hild labor. 6ou !annot help the poor in the least by -no&in" about these thin"sI and the &ide spread -no&led"e o% them does not tend at all to do a&ay &ith po+erty. not by in!reasin" the number o% &ell to do people &ho thin. 1ealth is ne+er to be attained by studyin" disease and thin-in" about diseaseI ri"hteousness is not to be promoted by studyin" sin and thin-in" about sinI and no one e+er "ot ri!h by studyin" po+erty and thin-in" about po+erty. and Ama-e "ood. Medi!ine as a s!ien!e o% disease has in!reased diseaseI reli"ion as a s!ien!e o% sin has promoted sin. 7o not read anythin" &hi!h %ills your mind &ith "loomy ima"es o% &ant and su%%erin". but by in!reasin" the number o% poor people &ho purpose &ith %aith to "et ri!h. it behoo+es you to "uard your thou"htsI and as your belie%s &ill be shaped to a +ery "reat extent by the thin"s you obser+e and thin. And here the &ill !omes into useI %or it is by your &ill that you determine upon &hat thin"s your attention shall be %ixed. What !on!erns you is the !ure. Put po+erty behind you. What tends to do a&ay &ith po+erty is not the "ettin" o% pi!tures o% po+erty into your mind.about. and re%use to hear the !ry o% needI but you must not try to eradi!ate po+erty in any o% the !on+entional &ays. Thin"s are not brou"ht into bein" by thin-in" about their opposites. 0 do not say that you should be hard hearted or un-ind. 7o not read boo-s or papers &hi!h "i+e !ir!umstantial a!!ounts o% the &ret!hedness o% the tenement d&ellers. 7o not spend your time in !haritable &or-.

.o% them at all. The &orld is not "oin" to the de+ilI it is "oin" to Jod.or upon )ormless su!stance% can cause the th&n. i% you ha+e had them. demonstrate to them that they !an be!ome ri!hI pro+e it by "ettin" ri!h and% !y &mpress&n. and inspires them to do so. &hether they be external or ima"inary. or to listen to those &ho do tal. and it &ill !ertainly !he!.ra-ers and pessimisti! philosophers &ho tell you that it is "oin" to the de+il.s &n h&s thou. do not thin.the mo+ement o% thin"s in your dire!tion. 7o not tell o% the po+erty o% your parents. Put po+erty and all thin"s that pertain to po+erty !ompletely behind you.A as 'esus said. (se your $&ll po$er to keep your m&nd 9?? the su!Lect o) poverty% and to keep &t )&8ed $&th )a&th and purpose 9N the v&s&on o) $hat you $ant' Post #12 200*0805-1*25 IMan can )orm th&n. not by !ompetition.0 ?urther (se o) the D&ll' 6B3 !annot retain a true and !lear +ision o% &ealth i% you are !onstantly turnin" your attention to opposin" pi!tures. 0% you &ant to help the poor. E+ery man &ho be!omes ri!h by !ompetition thro&s do&n behind him the ladder by &hi!h he rises. and are restin" all your hopes o% happiness on its bein" !orre!tI and &hat !an you "ain by "i+in" heed to !on%li!tin" theoriesH 7o not read reli"ious boo-s &hi!h tell you that the &orld is soon !omin" to an endI and do not read the &ritin" o% mu!. 6ou are not sho&in" hardness o% heart or an un%eelin" disposition &hen you re%use to pity po+erty.%or"et %or an hour or t&oI but inspiration &ill !ause them to rise out o% their misery. or thin. read about po+erty. The only &ay in &hi!h po+erty &ill e+er be banished %rom this &orld is by "ettin" a lar"e and !onstantly in!reasin" number o% people to pra!ti!e the tea!hin"s o% this boo-. Wattles C1APTE8 . A9et the dead bury their dead. he th&nks a!out to !e created'J Walla!e 7. h&s thou. see po+erty.about it. and -eeps others do&nI but e+ery man &ho "ets ri!h by !reation opens a &ay %or thousands to %ollo& him.about it. or the hardships o% your early li%eI to do any o% these thin"s is to mentally !lass yoursel% &ith the poor %or the time bein". 7o not tell o% your past troubles o% a %inan!ial nature. People must be tau"ht to be!ome ri!h by !reation. 6ou ha+e a!!epted a !ertain theory o% the uni+erse as bein" !orre!t.

the stru""le to "et ri!h is a Jodless s!ramble %or po&er o+er other menI but &hen &e !ome into the !reati+e mind. all this is !han"ed. 0% you la!. Then they and others &ill !at!h the inspiration. you &aste your time and destroy your o&n !han!es by !onsiderin" them. or pla!es. o% ser+i!e and lo%ty endea+or. instead o% the po+erty it is "ro&in" out o%I and bear in mind that the only &ay in &hi!h you !an assist the &orld in "ro&in" ri!h is by "ro&in" ri!h yoursel% throu"h the !reati+e method not the !ompetiti+e one. To be!ome really ri!h is the noblest aim you !an ha+e in li%e. and %reedom %rom !orruptin" in%luen!esI and these are to be %ound only &here ri!hes are attained by the exer!ise o% !reati+e thou"ht. &ithout stri%e or ri+alry. to the ex!lusion o% all that may tend to dim or obs!ure the +ision. True. %or it in!ludes e+erythin" else.o% the ri!hes the &orld is !omin" into. All that is possible in the &ay o% "reatness and soul un%oldment. &hen you !an hasten their remo+al only by promotin" the e+olutionary "ro&th as %ar as your part o% it "oesH *o matter ho& horrible in seemin" may be the !onditions in !ertain !ountries.%or physi!al health. remember that lo+e %lourishes best &here there is re%inement. you &ill %ind that the attainment o% it is !onditional on your "ettin" ri!h. it does not %ollo& that you are to be sordid or mean. Moral and spiritual "reatness is possible only to those &ho are abo+e the !ompetiti+e battle %or existen!eI and only those &ho are be!omin" ri!h on the plane o% !reati+e thou"ht are %ree %rom the de"radin" in%luen!es o% !ompetition. 6ou should interest yoursel% in the &orld>s be!omin" ri!h. a hi"h le+el o% thou"ht. 6ou !an aim at nothin" so "reat or noble. . and &ho ha+e the means to li+e a !are %ree existen!e and %ollo& hy"ieni! pra!ti!es.and spea. as to be!ome ri!hI and you must %ix your attention upon your mental pi!ture o% ri!hes. !an ha+e and retain health.o% them as those &ho are be!omin" ri!hI as those &ho are to be !on"ratulated rather than pitied. and &hen the study o% them only tends to !he!. 0 repeat. Ji+e your attention &holly to ri!hesI i"nore po+erty. se!tions. Bnly those &ho are eman!ipated %rom %inan!ial &orry.their passin" and -eep them &ith usH Why "i+e time and attention to thin"s &hi!h are bein" remo+ed by e+olutionary "ro&th.0t is &onder%ul Be!omin". !omes by &ay o% "ettin" ri!hI all is made possible by the use o% thin"s. Whene+er you thin. 0% your heart is set on domesti! happiness.o% those &ho are poor. Thin. thin. and be"in to sear!h %or the &ay out. Bn the !ompetiti+e plane. Be!ause 0 say that you are to "i+e your &hole time and mind and thou"ht to ri!hes. there may be a "ood many thin"s in existin" !onditions &hi!h are disa"reeableI but &hat is the use o% studyin" them &hen they are !ertainly passin" a&ay.or spea.

unless it be the authors mentioned in the Pre%a!e. TR(T@ &n all th&n. cond&t&ons the :reat 9ne >&)e ever mov&n. you do not need to read any other boo.upon the subEe!t. &hile they %eel that there is a &ay out.&n to make )a&lures' A%ter you ha+e made "ood and be!ome ri!h. Bthers still are poor be!ause. i% you "et ri!h by the !reati+e method and not by the !ompetiti+e the &ay that leads by the most dire!t and simple route to the "oal. the +ery best thin". The very !est th&n. This may sound narro& and e"otisti!al. do not read anythin" on this line but this boo-. Read th&s !ook every dayP keep &t $&th youP comm&t &t to memory% and do not th&nk a!out other *systems* and theor&es' I) you do% you $&ll ! $ron.s!ienti%i!ally. Bthers are poor be!ause. )or$ard to$ard )uller e8press&on and more complete happ&ness' 0t is the truth that there is no su!h thin" as po+ertyI that there is only &ealth."i+es in detail the prin!iples o% the s!ien!e o% "ettin" ri!hI and i% that is true. There !an be but one shortest distan!e bet&een t&o points. to do is to sho& the ri"ht &ay in your o&n person and pra!ti!eI an oun!e o% doin" thin"s is &orth a pound o% theoriCin". Some people remain in po+erty be!ause they are i"norant o% the %a!t that there is &ealth %or themI and these !an best be tau"ht by sho&in" them the &ay to a%%luen!e in your o&n person and pra!ti!e. &hile they ha+e some notion o% s!ien!e. they ha+e be!ome so s&amped and lost in the maCe o% metaphysi!al and o!!ult theories that they do not -no& &hi!h road to ta-e. multipli!ation. and that is to thin. they are too intelle!tually indolent to put %orth the mental e%%ort ne!essary to %ind that &ay and by tra+el itI and %or these the +ery best thin" you !an do is to arouse their desire by sho&in" them the happiness that !omes %rom bein" ri"htly ri!h. a"ain. They try a mixture o% many systems and %ail in all. @or these. There is only one &ay to thin.=ou must learn to see the underly&n. and di+isionI no other method is possible. Another thin"# We assert that this boo. lay all others asideI put them out o% your mind alto"ether. but !onsider# there is no more s!ienti%i! method o% !omputation in mathemati!s than by addition.&n to have dou!ts% and to !e uncerta&n and $aver&n. . *o man has yet %ormulated a brie%er or less !omplex AsystemA than the one set %orth hereinI it has been stripped o% all non essentials. &n your thou.htP and then you $&ll !e. When you !ommen!e on this. subtra!tion. And read only the most optimisti! !omments on the &orld>s ne&sI those in harmony &ith your pi!ture.sP you must see !eneath all seem&n. you may study other systems as mu!h as you pleaseI but until you are ?uite sure that you ha+e "ained &hat you &ant. you can do )or the $hole $orld &s to make the most o) yoursel)' 6ou !an ser+e Jod and man in no more e%%e!ti+e &ay than by "ettin" ri!hI that is.

. By thou"ht you !an !ause the "old in the hearts o% the mountains to be impelled to&ard youI but it &ill not mine itsel%. and their o&n problems to sol+eI and &e ha+e no ri"ht to inter%ere &ith them. Where+er the spirits o% the dead may be. and are nearI but i% they are. and it is +ery doubt%ul &hether they !an help us.the %ailure to !onne!t thou"ht &ith personal a!tion. 0% you be"in to mix &ith the o!!ult. postpone your in+esti"ations into the o!!ult. let them aloneI mind your o&n and% !y &mpress& $hat he $ants% and the un$aver&n. We ha+e not yet rea!hed the sta"e o% de+elopment.&nal state% permeates% penetrates% and )&lls the &nterspaces o) the un&verse' A thou. and sol+e your o&n problemI "et ri!h. that &s &ma.a&nst all that may tend to shake h&s purpose% d&m h&s v&s&on% or Euench h&s )a&th' And in addition to all this. e+en supposin" su!h a sta"e to be possible.s are made% and $h&ch% &n &ts or&. ?AIT@ that he does . *o&. you &ill start mental !ross !urrents &hi!h &ill surely brin" your hopes to ship&re! &n th&s su!stance% roduces the th&n. That is the ro!.ht' Man can )orm th&n. they ha+e their o&n &or. Act&n. &e shall no& see that he must li+e and a!t in a Certain Way.ed !y the thou. the th&n. you $ant &s !rou. but you must not rely upon thou"ht $hat he $ants% clos& to youP !y act&on you rece&ve &t'J Walla!e upon )ormless su!stance% can cause the th&n.hts $&th the )&8ed (R 9SE to . !oin itsel% into double ea"les.s &n h&s thou. We !annot help do. or &hether &e ha+e any ri"ht to trespass upon their time i% they !an. 0t is +ery li-ely that the dead still li+e. 9et the dead and the herea%ter alone. stu)) )rom $h&ch all th&n. this and the pre!edin" !hapters ha+e brou"ht us to the %ollo&in" statement o% basi! %a!ts# There &s a th&nk&n. &n the Berta&n Day' T1B3J1T is the !reati+e po&er. or -indred studies. Post #1$ 200*0805-1*40 IBy thou. 7o not dabble in theosophy. h&s thou. but his personal a!tion must supplement his thou"ht.s he $ants% and hold th&s p&cture &n h&s thou. Wattles C1APTE8 . h&s m&nd a.o% human handsI man must not only thin-. or the impellin" %or!e &hi!h !auses the !reati+e po&er to a!tI thin-in" in a Certain Way &ill brin" ri!hes to you. he th&nks a!out to !e created' In order to do th&s% man must pass )rom the compet&t&ve to the creat&ve m&ndP he must )orm a clear mental p&cture o) the th&n. re%ine itsel%.upon &hi!h many other&ise s!ienti%i! metaphysi!al thin-ers meet ship&re!. payin" no attention to personal a!tion. in &hi!h man !an !reate dire!tly %rom @ormless Substan!e &ithout nature>s pro!esses or the &or. and !ome rollin" alon" .

and maintain your %aith and "ratitude. sets all the !reati+e %or!es at & and personal act&on must !e com!&ned' There are +ery many people &ho.ett& the th& $hat &s yours !y . and &ill &ea-en your po&er to thin&ith sanity. The s!ienti%i! use o% thou"ht !onsists in %ormin" a !lear and distin!t mental ima"e o% &hat you &antI in holdin" %ast to the purpose to "et &hat you &antI and in realiCin" &ith "rate%ul %aith that you do "et &hat you & not "oin" to be trans%ormed into a @ortunata>s purse. But you must a!t in a Certain Way. men>s a%%airs &ill be so ordered that some one &ill be led to mine the "old %or youI other men>s business transa!tions &ill be so dire!ted that the "old &ill be brou"ht to&ard you. re!ei+ed %rom you. you $ant &s !rou. animate and inanimate.the roads see-in" its &ay into your po!-et. and put them in their proper pla!es as they your purpose. And you can only . !ons!iously or un!ons!iously. &hi!h has T1E SAME 7ES08E @B8 MB8E 90@E T1AT 6B3 1APEI and this +ision. 6ou are not to ta-e it as !harity. they &ill be in the hands o% other men.&v&n. the other man $hat &s h&s' 6our po! here% $here thou. r&chP r&. The a!tion o% thou"ht in "ettin" ri!h is %ully explained in the pre!edin" !haptersI your %aith and purpose positi+ely impress your +ision upon @ormless Substan! to youP !y act&on you rece&ve &t' . When thin"s rea!h you. but dire!ted to&ard you. 7o not try to >proEe!t> your thou"ht in any mysterious or o!!ult &ay.0* A*7 T18B3J1 T1E08 8EJ39A8 C1A**E9S B@ ACT0B*. 6ou !an really see the truth o% this. 6our thou"ht ma-es all thin"s. set the !reati+e %or!es in a!tion by the stren"th and persisten!e o% their desires. &ith the idea o% ha+in" it "o out and do thin"s %or youI that is &asted e%%ort. but &ho remain poor be!ause they do not pro+ide %or the re!eption o% the thin" they &ant &hen it !omes. Th&s &s the cruc&al po&nt &n the sc&ence o) . &ho &ill e?ui+alent %or them. By brin" you &hat you &antI but your personal a!ti+ity must be su!h that you !an ri"htly re!ei+e &hat you &ant &hen it rea!hes you. nor to steal itI you must "i+e e+ery man more in use +alue than he "i+es you in !ash +alue. sti!. 0t is not your part to "uide or super+ise the !reati+e pro!essI all you ha+e to do &ith that is to retain your +ision. so that you !an appropriate &hat is yours &hen it !omes to youI so that you !an meet the thin"s you ha+e in your pi!ture. &hi!h shall be al&ays %ull o% money &ithout e%%ort on your part. and you must so arran"e your o&n business a%%airs that you may be able to re!ei+e it &hen it !omes to you. 3nder the impellin" po&er o% the Supreme Spirit. &or.

and &ith all your stren"th.that you must postpone a!tion until you "et into the ri"ht business or en+ironment. 6ou !annot a!t in the %uture. and &ith all your mind. Put your &hole mind into present a!tion. and &ill not be e%%e!ti+e. and then sit do&n and &ait %or resultsI i% you do. your present a!tion &ill be &ith a di+ided mind. Be!ause you are not in the ri"ht business. 0% you a!t in the present &ith your mind on the %uture. &hate+er it is. you must be"in no&. 6ou !an so a!t upon the en+ironment in &hi!h you are no&. or the ri"ht en+ironment no&. and it is essential to the !learness o% your mental +ision that you dismiss the past %rom your mind. you &ill ne+er "et them. Act no$' There &s never any t&me !ut no$% and there never $&ll !e any t&me !ut no$' 0% you are e+er to be"in to ma-e ready %or the re!eption o% &hat you &ant. Do not !other as to $hether yesterday#s $ork $as $ell done or &ll doneP do to5day#s $ork $ell' Do not try to do tomorro$#s $ork no$P there $&ll !e plenty o) t&me to do that $hen you . %or the %uture is not here yet. 1old &ith %aith and purpose the +ision o% yoursel% in the better en+ironment. 7o not "i+e your !reati+e impulse to Bri"inal Substan!e. and must be upon the persons and thin"s in your present en+ironment. must most li-ely be in your present business or employment.Dhatever your act&on &s to !e% &t &s ev&dent that you must act N9D' 6ou !annot a!t in the past. as to !ause yoursel% to be trans%erred to a better en+ironment. And your a!tion. be%ore you a!tI "et a !han"e o% en+ironment by a!tion. and you !annot a!t &here you are "oin" to beI you !an a!t only &here you are. And you !annot tell ho& you &ill &ant to a!t in any %uture !ontin"en!y until that !ontin"en!y has arri+ed. by o!!ult or mysti!al means. to a!t on people or thin"s that are out o% your rea!h. . And do not spend time in the present ta-in" thou"ht as to the best !ourse in possible %uture emer"en!iesI ha+e %aith in your ability to meet any emer"en!y &hen it arri+es. 6ou !annot a!t &here you are notI you !annot a!t &here you ha+e been. but a!t upon your present en+ironment &ith all your to &t' 7o not try. do not thin. 7o not &ait %or a !han"e o% en+ironment.

or ?uen!h his %aith. 6our +ision o% the ri"ht business. but you are to be"in no& to per%orm these a!tions in the !ertain &ay. 0% you are en"a"ed in some business. but ACT in your present business. 1old the +ision o% yoursel% in the ri"ht business. a person must pass %rom the !ompetiti+e to the !reati+e mindI he must %orm a !lear mental pi!ture o% the thin"s he &ants. 0n order to do this. &hi!h &ill surely ma-e you ri!h. &ill !ause you to mo+e to&ard the business. and the un&a+erin" @A0T1 that he does "et &hat he &ants. And your a!tion. A thou"ht in this substan!e produ!es the thin" that is ima"ed by the thou"ht. 7o not !ast about. dim his +ision. at least %or some time to !ome. or remar-able a!tion to per%orm as a %irst step to&ard "ettin" ri!h. and a!t *BW. i% per%ormed in the !ertain &ay. 3se your present business as the means o% "ettin" a better one. a person must a!t *BW upon the people and thin"s in his present en+ironment. . and %ills the interspa!es o% the uni+erse. unusual. by impressin" his thou"ht upon %ormless substan!e. and your a!tion &ill !ause the %or!es in your o&n en+ironment to mo+e you to&ard the pla!e you &ant. A person !an %orm thin"s in his thou"ht. &ill be the same ones you ha+e been per%ormin" %or some time past. &ith the purpose to "et into it and the %aith that you &ill "et into it and are "ettin" into it. &ill !ause the supreme po&er to mo+e the ri"ht business to&ard you. and. 0t &ill probably %ail to do so. 1old the +ision o% yoursel% in the Eob you &ant &hile you ACT &ith %aith and purpose on the Eob you ha+e. and no one is so in+ol+ed in the &ron" business that he !annot "et into the ri"ht business. 0t is probable that your a!tions. and hold this pi!ture in his thou"hts &ith the %ixed P38PBSE to "et &hat he &ants. and you &ill !ertainly "et the Eob you &ant. do not NproEe!tO your thou"ht into spa!e and rely upon it to "et you another Eob. i% held &ith %aith and purpose. !an !ause the thin" he thin-s about to be !reated.7o not spend any time in day dreamin" or !astle buildin"I hold to the one +ision o% &hat you &ant. and &hi!h. 6our +ision and %aith &ill set the !reati+e %or!e in motion to brin" it to&ard you. 0n !losin" this !hapter. *o one is so mispla!ed that he !annot %ind the ri"ht pla!e. &e &ill add another statement to our syllabus# There is a thin-in" stu%% %rom &hi!h all thin"s are made. So that he may re!ei+e &hat he &ants &hen it !omes. in its ori"inal state. do not &ait until you "et into the ri"ht business be%ore you be"in to a!t. 7o not %eel dis!oura"ed or sit do&n and lament be!ause you are mispla!ed. penetrates. see-in" some ne& thin" to do or some stran"e. and %eel that it is not the ri"ht one %or you. and use your present en+ironment as the means o% "ettin" into a better one. 0% you are an employee or &a"e earner and %eel that you must !han"e pla!es in order to "et &hat you &ant. permeates. !losin" his mind to all that may tend to sha-e his purpose.

When an or"anism has more li%e than !an be expressed in the %un!tions o% its o&n plane. "o+ernment. Wattles C1APTE8 .et r&ch' I) there &s someth& than your present placeP and no man &s lar. The pro"ress o% the &orld is retarded only by those &ho do not %ill the pla!es they are holdin"I they belon" to a %ormer a"e and a lo&er sta"e or plane o% li%e. and be"in to do &hat you !an do &here you areI and you must do A99 that you !an do &here you are. 6ou !an ad+an!e only be bein" lar"er than your present pla!eI and no man is lar"er than his present pla!e &ho lea+es undone any o% the &or. The la& is exa!tly the same %or youI your "ettin" ri!h depends upon your applyin" this prin!iple to your o&n r&chP $h&le &) every day &s a success% you cannot )a&l to . it de+elops the or"ans o% a hi"her plane. lar. you !an see that there must be a "oin" ba!-&ard in e+erythin". that may !e done today% and you do not do &t% you have )a&led &n so )ar as that th&n. E+ery day is either a su!!ess%ul day or a day o% %ailureI and it is the su!!ess%ul days &hi!h "et you &hat you &ant. 0% no man ?uite %illed his present pla! you $hat you $ant' Do% every day% all that you can do that day% and do each act &n an e))&c&ent manner' =ou can advance only !e !e&n. The &orld is ad+an!ed only by those &ho more than %ill their present pla!es.( E))&c&ent Act&on' 6B3 must use your thou"ht as dire!ted in pre+ious !hapters. 0n the animal &orld. *o so!iety !ould ad+an!e i% e+ery man &as smaller than his pla!eI so!ial e+olution is "uided by the la& o% physi!al and mental e+olution.Post #14 200*0805-1*5* IEvery day &s e&ther a success)ul day or a day o) )a&lureP and &t &s the success)ul days $h&ch . and a ne& spe!ies is ori"inated. I) everyday &s a )a&lure% you can never . There ne+er &ould ha+e been ne& spe!ies had there not been or"anisms &hi!h more than %illed their pla!es.&ne' . !ommer!e. e+olution is !aused by ex!ess o% than h&s present place $ho leaves undone any o) the $ork perta&n&n. Those &ho do not ?uite %ill their present pla!es are dead &ei"ht upon so!iety. &s concernedP and the conseEuences may !e more d&sastrous than you &ma. and their tenden!y is to&ard de"eneration. and industryI they must be !arried alon" by others at a "reat expense. to that place' The $orld &s advanced only !y those $ho more than )&ll the&r present places'J Walla!e 7.pertainin" to that pla!e.

either a su!!ess or a %ailure. ho&e+er. no&. you &ill be!ome ri!h. i% all your a!ts are ine%%i!ient ones. in itsel%. 0t is really not the number o% thin"s you do.6ou !annot %oresee the results o% e+en the most tri+ial a!tI you do not -no& the &or-in"s o% all the %or!es that ha+e been set mo+in" in your behal%. you are a!tin" in the Certain Way &hi!h &ill ma-e you ri!h. your &hole li%e M3ST be a su!!ess. either e%%e!ti+e or ine%%i!ient. nor to rush blindly into your business in the e%%ort to do the "reatest possible number o% thin"s in the shortest possible time. li-e mathemati!s. E+ery a!t is. then. your &hole li%e &ill be a %ailure. e+ery e%%i!ient a!t is a su!!ess in itsel%. you see a"ain that the "ettin" o% ri!hes is redu!ed to an exa!t s!ien!e. the &orse %or you. and i% you spend your li%e in doin" ine%%i!ient a!ts. The matter turns. 6ou are not to try to do tomorro&>s &or. in itsel%. and i% e+ery a!t o% your li%e is an e%%i!ient one. Po&er is at your ser+i!eI and to ma-e ea!h a!t e%%i!ient you ha+e only to put po&er into it. 6ou are not to o+er&or-. 0%. nor to do a &ee->s &or. 6ou !an ma-e ea!h a!t a su!!ess. The more thin"s you do. it is possible %or you to ma-e ea!h a!t an e%%i!ient one. E+ery a!tion is either stron" or &ea-I and &hen e+ery one is stron". be!ause A99 Po&er is &or-in" &ith youI and A99 Po&er !annot %ail. Mu!h may be dependin" on your doin" some simple a!tI it may be the +ery thin" &hi!h is to open the door o% opportunity to +ery "reat possibilities. The !ause o% %ailure is doin" too many thin"s in an ine%%i!ient manner. And this you !an !ertainly do. on the ?uestions &hether you !an ma-e ea!h separate a!t a su!!ess in E+ery ine%%i!ient a!t is a a day. a limitation or ?uali%i!ation o% the abo+e that you must ta-e into a!!ount. 6ou &ill see that it is a sel% e+ident proposition that i% you do not do any ine%%i!ient a!ts. but the E@@0C0E*C6 o% ea!h separate a!tion that !ounts. Do% every day% A>> that can !e done that day' There is. 6ou !an ne+er -no& all the !ombinations &hi!h Supreme 0ntelli"en!e is ma-in" %or you in the &orld o% thin"s and o% thin"s and o% human a%%airsI your ne"le!t or %ailure to do some small thin" may !ause a lon" delay in "ettin" &hat you &ant. and not doin" enou"h thin"s in an e%%i!ient manner. Bn the other hand. and i% you do a su%%i!ient number o% e%%i!ient a!ts. . E+ery a!t is.

By !ontinuous !ontemplation you &ill "et the pi!ture o% &hat you & and% !y &mpress&n. that &s &ma. and !ause your best e%%ort to be put %orth. and so !ompletely trans%erred to the mind o% @ormless Substan!e. Sin!e the desire %or more li%e is inherent in all thin"s. e+ery a!t &ill be a su!!ess in itsel%I and as in the nature o% thin"s e+ery su!!ess opens the &ay to other su!!esses. that in your &or-in" hours you need only to mentally re%er to the pi!ture to stimulate your %aith and purpose. and the pro"ress o% &hat you &ant to&ard you. So their a!ts are not su!!ess%ul in themsel+esI too many o% them are ine%%i!ient. h&s thou. and they a!t in another pa!e and at another time. Contemplate your pi!ture in your leisure hours until your !ons!iousness is so %ull o% it that you !an "rasp it instantly.E+ery a!t !an be made stron" and e%%i!ient by holdin" your +ision &hile you are doin" it.ed !y the thou. 0t should be the &or. e+en to the smallest details. stu)) )rom $h&ch all th&n. 0% you &ish speedy results. no matter ho& !ommonpla!e. and puttin" the &hole po&er o% your @A0T1 and P38PBSE into it. &hen a man be"ins to mo+e to&ard lar"er li%e more thin"s atta!h themsel+es to him. 8emember that su!!ess%ul a!tion is !umulati+e in its results. spend pra!ti!ally all your spare time in this pra!ti!e. 0t is at this point that the people %ail &ho separate mental po&er %rom personal a!tion. he th&nks a!out to !e created' In order to do th&s% man must pass )rom the compet&t&ve to the creat&ve m&ndP he must )orm a clear mental p&cture o) the th&n. e+ery day. and by sli"htly !han"in" the !losin" statements brin" it to the point &e ha+e no& rea!' Man can )orm th&n. There &s a th&nk&n.s he $ants% and do% $&th )a&th and purpose% all that can !e done each day% do&n. 9et us a"ain repeat our syllabus. each separate th& &n th&s su!stance% roduces the th&n. ho&e+er tri+ial or !ommonpla!e. so %irmly %ixed upon your upon )ormless su!stance% can cause the th&n. and to !ontemplate them until they are %irmly %ixed upon memory. 6ou &ill be!ome so enthused &ith its bri"ht promises that the mere thou"ht o% it &ill !all %orth the stron"est ener"ies o% your &hole bein".o% your leisure hours to use your ima"ination on the details o% your +ision.&nal state% permeates% penetrates% and )&lls the &nterspaces o) the un&verse' A thou. and do ea!h a!t in an e%%i!ient manner. But i% A99 Po&er "oes into e+ery a!t. &ill be!ome in!reasin"ly rapid.s &n h&s thou. They use the po&er o% mind in one pla!e and at one time. 0n sayin" that you must hold your +ision &hile you are doin" ea!h a!t. 7o. all that you !an do that day. 0 do not mean to say that it is ne!essary at all times to see the +ision distin!tly to its smallest details. and the in%luen!e o% his desire is multiplied.s are made% and $h&ch% &n &ts or&. &n an e))&c&ent manner' . your pro"ress to&ard &hat you &ant.

but it is also essential that the tools should be used in the 8i"ht Way. and so on. %or i% you ha+e not the ri"ht talent %or you !an de+elop that talentI it merely means that you &ill ha+e to ma-e your tools as you "o alon". depends %or one thin" upon your possessin" in a &ell de+eloped state the %a!ulties re?uired in that business.ood tools &n a success)ul $ay' The +arious %a!ulties o% your mind are the tools &ith &hi!h you must do the &or. $h&ch $e do not l&ke to do% and can never do $hat $e $ant to do'J F Walla!e 7. and &ho yet remain poorI there are bla!-smiths. but &ho do not "et ri!hI and there are mer!hants &ith "ood %a!ulties %or dealin" &ith men &ho ne+ertheless %ail. *o man should re"ard his +o!ation as bein" irre+o!ably %ixed by the tenden!ies &ith &hi!h he &as born. The di%%erent %a!ulties are toolsI it is essential to ha+e "ood tools. and there is no talent o% &hi!h you ha+e not at least the . and build a handsome arti!le o% %urnitureI another man !an ta-e the same tools and set to &or. someth&n. 6ou !an "et ri!h in A*6 business.A But there are limitations to this statement. but his produ!tion &ill be a bot!h. a s?uare. There are musi!ians &ho ha+e remar-able talent.Post #15 200*0805-1811 I=ou $&ll . Bne man !an ta-e a sharp sa&. &nto the R&. %or you !an de+elop any rudimentary r&ch most eas&ly &n po&nt o) e))ort% &) you do that )or $h&ch you are !est )&ttedP !ut you $&ll . It $&ll !e EASIER )or you to succeed &n a vocat&on )or $h&ch you already have the talents &n a $ell5developed stateP but you CA* su!!eed in any +o!ation. !arpenters. Wattles C1APTE8 . Without "ood musi!al %a!ulty no one !an su!!eed as a tea!her o% musi!I &ithout &ell de+eloped me!hani!al %a!ulties no one !an a!hie+e "reat su!!ess in any o% the me!hani!al tradesI &ithout ta!t and the !ommer!ial %a!ulties no one !an su!!eed in mer!antile dupli!ate the arti!le. @e does not kno$ ho$ to use .et r&ch most sat&s)actor&ly &) you do that $h&ch you DANT to do' Do& Bus&ness' S3CCESS. also. Jenerally spea-in". &) $e are compelled to !e )orever do&n.&hi!h is to ma-e you ri!hI it &ill be easier %or you to su!!eed i% you "et into a business %or &hi!h you are &ell e?uipped &ith mental tools. instead o% !on%inin" yoursel% to the use o% those &ith &hi!h you &ere born. $hat you $ant to do &s l&)eP and there &s no real sat&s)act&on &n l&v&n. you &ill do best in that business &hi!h &ill use your stron"est %a!ultiesI the one %or &hi!h you are naturally Abest %itted. and so on &ho ha+e ex!ellent me!hani!al ability. in any parti!ular business.3 :ett&n. But to possess in a &ell de+eloped state the %a!ulties re?uired in your parti!ular +o!ation does not insure "ettin" ri!h. a "ood plane.

to !han"e business or en+ironment is by "ro&th. des&re to en. $hat you $ant to do &s l&)eP and there &s no real sat&s)act&on &n l&v&n.s else !e&n.e &n any part&cular l&ne o) $ork% you should select that $ork as the ult&mate end at $h&ch you a&m' =ou can do $hat you $ant to do% and &t &s your r&.et r&ch most eas&ly &n po&nt o) e))ort% &) you do that )or $h&ch you are !est )&ttedP !ut you $&ll .e to )ollo$ the !us&ness or avocat&on $h&ch $&ll !e most con. All th&n. When you "et out o% the !ompetiti+e mind you &ill understand that you ne+er need to a!t hastily. either de+eloped or unde+eloped. Des&re &s a man&)estat&on o) po$er' The desire to play musi! is the po&er &hi!h !an play musi! see-in" expression and de+elopmentI the desire to in+ent me!hani!al de+i!es is the me!hani!al talent see-in" expression and de+elopment. and you %eel a%ter !are%ul !onsideration that it is the ri"ht opportunityI but ne+er ta-e sudden or radi!al a!tion &hen you are in doubt as to the &isdom o% doin" so. No one else &s . 0% you %eel that you are not in the ri"ht +o!ation. and only re?uires to be de+eloped and applied in the 8i"ht Way. Where there is no po&er. do not a!t too hastily in tryin" to "et into another one.o&n. "enerally.o% r&ch most sat&s)actor&ly &) you do that $h&ch you DANT to do' Do&n. The best &ay.rudiment. to do a thin". $h&ch $e do not l&ke to do% and can never do $hat $e $ant to do' And it is !ertain that you !an do &hat you &ant to doI the desire to do it is proo% that you ha+e &ithin you the po&er &hi!h !an do it. it is !ertain proo% that the po&er to do it is stron". eEual% &t &s !est to select the !us&ness )or $h&ch you have the !est developed talentP !ut &) you have a stron. to !eat you to the th&n.a. there is ne+er any desire to do that thin"I and &here there is stron" desire to do a thin". 7o not be a%raid to ma-e a sudden and radi!al !han"e i% the opportunity is and pr&v&le. &) $e are compelled to !e )orever do&n.h )or all' I) one space &s taken% another and a !etter one $&ll !e opened )or you a l&ttle )arther onP there &s plenty o) t&me' . you $ant to doP there &s enou. you may be obli"ed %or some time to do &hat you do not li-e to doI but you !an ma-e the doin" o% it pleasant by -no&in" that it is ma-in" it possible %or you to !ome to the doin" o% &hat you &ant to do. someth&n. and should not do it ex!ept as a means to brin" you to the doin" o% the thin" you &ant to do.en&al and pleasant' 6ou are not obli"ed to do &hat you do not li-e to do. =ou $&ll . There is ne+er any hurry on the !reati+e planeI and there is no la!. 0% there are past mista-es &hose !onse?uen!es ha+e pla!ed you in an undesirable business or en+ironment.

Wattle C1APTE8 . and in!rease your %aith and purposeI and by all means. The e8erc&se o) :RATIT(DE $&ll never )a&l to stren.rat&tude' Mista-es !ome %rom a!tin" hastily. and less to none.e o) the ?ormless Intell&. &hi!h is more li%e to all. . or %rom a!tin" in %ear or doubt. Whene+er you %ind yoursel% hurryin". As you "o on in the Certain Way.on the !ontemplation o% your +ision.then your )a&th and rene$ your purpose' Post #1+ 200*0805-1825 IDhat I $ant )or mysel)% I $ant )or every!ody'* IIncrease &s $hat all men and all $omen are seek&n.upon the old plane a"ain.When you are in doubt. in times o% doubt and inde!ision.P &t &s the ur. or in %or"et%ulness o% the 8i"ht Moti+e. your a!tions %or the present must be those pertainin" to the business in &hi!h you are no& en"a"ed.% more l&)e'J Walla!e 7. Do all that you can do &n a per)ect manner every day% !ut do &t $&thout haste% $orry% or )ear' :o as )ast as you can% !ut never hurry' 8emember that in the moment you be"in to hurry you !ease to be a !reator and be!ome a !ompetitorI you drop ba!. There &s a m&nd $h&ch kno$s all there &s to kno$P and you can come &nto close un&ty $&th th&s m&nd !y )a&th and the purpose to advance &n l&)e% &) you have deep . &ill brin" your mind into su!h !lose relationship &ith the Supreme that you &ill ma-e no mista-e &hen you do a!t.ence $&th&n them% seek&n. and be"in to "i+e than-s that you are "ettin" it. and to -eep in !lose tou!h &ith the All Mind by re+erent "ratitude. and in earnest than-s"i+in" that you are "ettin" it.e% more pleasure55 &ncrease &n someth&n. @all ba!. opportunities &ill !ome to you in in!reasin" numberI and you &ill need to be +ery steady in your %aith and purpose. !all a haltI %ix your attention on the mental ima"e o% the thin" you &ant./ The Impress&on o) Increase' W1ET1E8 you !han"e your +o!ation or not. &ait. A day or t&o spent in !ontemplatin" the +ision o% &hat you &ant. !ulti+ate "ratitude. more )ood% more clothes% !etter shelter% more lu8ury% more !eauty% more kno$led. )uller e8press&on' The des&re )or &ncrease &s &nherent &n all natureP &t &s the )undamental &mpulse o) the un&verse' All human act&v&t&es are !ased on the des&re )or &ncreaseP people are seek&n.

)uller e8press&on' The desire %or in!rease is inherent in all natureI it is the %undamental impulse o% the uni+erse. and that in so doin" you are ma-in" others ri!h. put into it the thou"ht o% in!rease. dissolution and death set in at on!e.P &t &s s&mply the des&re )or more a!undant l&)eP &t &s asp&rat&on' And be!ause it is the deepest instin!t o% their natures.e o) the ?ormless Intell&. you do. more pleasure in!rease in somethin". better shelter. Man instin!ti+ely -no&s this.ence $&th&n them% seek&n. =ou are a creat&ve center% )rom $h&ch &ncrease &s . E+en to the people &hom you meet in a so!ial &ay. you are "ettin" !ontinuous in!rease %or yoursel%.&ven o)) to all' Be sure o% this. and you are "i+in" it to all &ith &hom you deal. all men and &omen are attra!ted to him &ho !an "i+e them more o% the means o% li%e.6ou !an "et into the business you &ant by ma-in" !onstru!ti+e use o% the business you are already established inI by doin" your daily &or. more -no&led"e. &ithout any thou"ht o% business. are in the Way o% 0n!reaseI and by lettin" this %aith inspire. @eel that you are "ettin" ri!h. 0n %ollo&in" the Certain Way as des!ribed in the %ore"oin" pa"es. more luxury. and !on%errin" bene%its on all. And in so %ar as your business !onsists in dealin" &ith other men. %ill. more beauty. yoursel%. All human a!ti+ities are based on the desire %or in!reaseI people are see-in" more %ood. and !on+ey assuran!e o% the %a!t to e+ery man. *o matter ho& small the transa!tion. e+en i% it be only the sellin" o% a sti!. and that you are "i+in" ad+an!ement to e+erybody. so that all people shall re!ei+e the impression that you are an Ad+an!in" Man. and hen!e he is %ore+er see-in" more. more !lothes. more li%e.o% !andy to a little !hild. &oman. &hether personally or by letter. This la& o% perpetual in!rease is set %orth by 'esus in the parable o% the talentsI only those &ho "ain more retain anyI %rom him &ho hath not shall be ta-en a&ay e+en that &hi!h he hath. . The normal des&re )or &ncreased $ealth &s not an ev&l or a reprehens&!le th&n. and !hild &ith &hom you !ome in !onta!t. the -ey thou"ht o% all your e%%orts must be to !on+ey to their minds the impression o% in!rease. Bonvey the &mpress&on o) advancement $&th everyth&n. and ma-e sure that the !ustomer is impressed &ith the thou"ht. E+ery li+in" thin" is under this ne!essity %or !ontinuous ad+an!ementI &here in!rease o% li%e !eases. and to &hom you do not try to sell anythin".P &t &s the ur. and permeate e+ery a!tion. and that you ad+an!e all &ho deal &ith you. "i+e the thou"ht o% in!rease. 7o e+erythin" that you do in the %irm !on+i!tion that you are an ad+an!in" personality. Increase &s $hat all men and all $omen are seek&n. 6ou !an !on+ey this impression by holdin" the unsha-able %aith that a Certain Way.

A to be !onsidered as . Words &ill not be ne!essary to !ommuni!ate this %eelin" to othersI they &ill %eel the sense o% in!rease &hen in your presen!e. Where+er you %ind a boast%ul person. to domineer o+er others. se!ure "reater ad+anta"es. Ta-e an honest pride in doin" this. and let e+erybody -no& itI and you &ill ha+e no la!. 9et me here "i+e you another &ord o% !aution in re"ard to moti+es. you %ind one &ho is se!retly doubt%ul and a%raid. and &hi!h -no&s all. 8ead the t&enty third !hapter o% Matthe&. See that you "i+e them a use +alue "reater than the !ash +alue you are ta-in" %rom them.about it unne!essarilyI true %aith is ne+er boast%ul.more li%e %or all. and to "o on into a more !on"enial +o!ation i% you desire to do so.o $here they are .A to sit in the hi"h pla!es. 6our business &ill in!rease rapidly. li-e politi!al -in"s. Simply %eel the %aith. eople $&ll . To day.&ven &ncreaseI and the Supreme.out in e+ery transa!tionI let e+ery a!t and tone and looexpress the ?uiet assuran!e that you are "ettin" ri!hI that you are already ri!h. Commer!ial -in"s. and &ill be attra!ted to you a"ain. @or !ountless a"es -in"s and lords ha+e dren!hed the earth &ith blood in their battles to extend their dominionsI this not to see. and to lay burdens on the ba!-s o% the less %ortunateI and note ho& 1e !ompares this lust %or dominion &ith the brotherly see-in" %or the Common Jood to &hi!h 1e !alls 1is dis!iples.7o not boast or bra" o% your su!!ess. The desire to rule %or sel%ish "rati%i!ation has been the !urse o% the &orld. the main moti+e in the business and industrial &orld is the sameI men Marshal their armies o% dollars.%or authority. and let it &or. 9oo.%or po&er o+er other men. you must ne+er lose si"ht o% your +ision o% &hat you &ant.out %or the temptation to see. 6ou must so impress others that they &ill %eel that in asso!iatin" &ith you they &ill "et in!rease %or themsel+es. and lay &aste the li+es and hearts o% millions in the same mad s!ramble %or po&er o+er others. to be!ome a Amaster. are inspired by the lust %or po&er. *othin" is so pleasant to the un%ormed or partially de+eloped mind as the exer!ise o% po&er or dominion o+er others. and you &ill be surprised at the unexpe!ted bene%its &hi!h &ill !ome to you. &ill mo+e to&ard you men and &omen &ho ha+e ne+er heard o% you. or your %aith and purpose to "et &hat you &ant. &hi!h desires in!rease in all. Be&are o% the insidious temptation to see. but to "et more po&er %or themsel+es. or tal.o% !ustomers. 'esus sa& in this desire %or mastery the mo+in" impulse o% that e+il &orld 1e sou"ht to o+erthro&. 6ou &ill be able %rom day to day to ma-e lar"er !ombinations. and see ho& 1e pi!tures the lust o% the Pharisees to be !alled AMaster. But doin" thin" all this.

1e &ho masters the details o% the s!ien!e o% "ettin" ri!h. 0n the %ield o% reli"ion. . &ill !ure e+ery !urable !ase he underta-es. This is the "ospel that the &orld needsI it &ill "i+e in!rease o% li%e. a tea!her. that you doJ' Walla!e 7. and so on. *o matter &hether you are a physi!ian. What is no& needed is a demonstration o% the s!ien!e o% li%e %rom the pulpit. and &ho &or-s to&ard the !omplete realiCation o% that +ision &ith %aith and purpose. and &ho obeys the la&s o% &ho is abo+e the !ommon herd. to impress others by la+ish display. and &ill "i+e liberal support to the man &ho brin"s it to them. %or the prin!iple o% healin" is !ommon to all o% them. i% you !an "i+e in!rease o% li%e to others and ma-e them sensible o% the %a!t. We &ant prea!hers &ho !an not only tell us ho&. The mind that see-s %or mastery o+er others is the !ompetiti+e mindI and the !ompetiti+e mind is not the !reati+e one. &ill ne+er la!. and "ratitude. as des!ribed in %ormer !hapters. they &ill be attra!ted to you. Wattles C1APTE8 . and men &ill hear it "ladly.< The Advanc&n. and may be rea!hed by all ali-e. &ill !ome into su!h !lose tou!h &ith the Sour!e o% 9i%e that he &ill be phenomenally su!!ess%ulI patients &ill !ome to him in thron"s. and o% &innin" lo+e. the &orld !ries out %or the !ler"yman &ho !an tea!h his hearers the true s!ien!e o% abundant li%e. 0n order to master your en+ironment and your destiny. and &ho tea!hes these details %rom the pulpit. Man' W1AT 0 ha+e said in the last !hapter applies as &ell to the pro%essional man and the &a"e earner as to the man &ho is en"a"ed in mer!antile business. no matter &hat remedies he may use. it is not at all ne!essary that you should rule o+er your %ello& men and indeed. Be&are o% the !ompetiti+e mindDD *o better statement o% the prin!iple o% !reati+e a!tion !an be %ormulated than the %a+orite de!laration o% the late AJolden 8uleA 'ones o% Toledo# *Dhat I $ant )or mysel)% I $ant )or every!ody'* Post #1* 200*0805-18$* IDo all the $ork you can do% every day% and do each p&ece o) $ork &n a per)ectly success)ul mannerP put the po$er o) success% and the purpose to . The Ad+an!in" Man in medi!ine. *o one has a "reater opportunity to !arry into e%%e!t the tea!hin" o% this r&ch% &nto everyth&n. or a !ler"yman. you be"in to be !on?uered by %ate and en+ironment. but &ho in their o&n persons &ill sho& us ho&.than the pra!titioner o% medi!ineI it does not matter to &hi!h o% the +arious s!hools he may belon". &hen you %all into the &orld>s stru""le %or the hi"h pla!es. The physi!ian &ho holds the +ision o% himsel% as a "reat and su!!ess%ul healer. and you &ill "et ri!h. to"ether &ith the allied s!ien!es o% bein" &ell.%or a !on"re"ation. o% bein" "reat. purpose. &ho holds to a !lear mental ima"e o% himsel% as su!!ess%ul. and your "ettin" ri!h be!omes a matter o% !han!e and spe!ulation.

hours. perse+erin"ly. and be%ore &orhours. &ill see your "ood &or. E+ery man and &oman &ho %ollo&s these instru!tions steadily. The same is true o% the tea!her &ho !an inspire the !hildren &ith the %aith and purpose o% the ad+an!in" li%e. 1old it in su!h a &ay that e+ery person &ho !omes in !onta!t &ith you. somethin" more is ne!essary than to be too lar"e %or your pla!e. "reat. &ill %eel the po&er o% purpose radiatin" %rom youI so that e+ery one &ill "et the sense o% ad+an!ement and in!rease %rom you. %ello& &or-man.A And any tea!her &ho has this %aith and purpose !an "i+e it to his pupilsI he !annot help "i+in" it to them i% it is part o% his o&n li%e and pra!ti!e.and ad+an!e youI it is not li-ely that they &ill do so. @orm your !lear mental +ision o% &hat you &ant. healthy. in the hope that he. What is true o% the tea!her. The man &ho is !ertain to ad+an!e is the one &ho is too bi" %or his pla!e. To se!ure ad+an!ement. 1old the %aith and purpose o% in!rease durin" &or. into e+erythin" that you do. 7o all the &or. &here &a"es are small and the !ost o% li+in" hi"h. 7o not try to more than %ill your present pla!e &ith a +ie& to pleasin" your employerI do it &ith the idea o% ad+an!in" yoursel%. &ill "et ri!h. and satis%ied &ith that. prea!her. is +aluable to his employerI and it is not to the employer>s interest to promote himI he is &orth more &here he is. and to the letter. and i% there is no possibility %or ad+an!ement in your present .hours. e+ery day. 7o not %eel that you ha+e no !han!e to "et ri!h be!ause you are &or-in" &here there is no +isible opportunity %or ad+an!ement. 1e &ill ne+er be Aout o% a Eob. and belo+ed. The la& o% the 0n!rease o% 9i%e is as mathemati!ally !ertain in its operation as the la& o% "ra+itationI "ettin" ri!h is an exa!t s!ien!e. a%ter &or. and do ea!h pie!e o% &or. or those abo+e you. real estate a per%e!tly su!!ess%ul mannerI put the po&er o% su!!ess. or so!ial a!?uaintan!e. and be"in to a!t &ith %aith and !an do. Men &ill be attra!ted to you. and physi!ian is true o% the la&yer. The !ombined mental and personal a!tion 0 ha+e des!ribed is in%allibleI it !annot %ail. dentist. The man &ho is merely a A"oodA &or-man. and &ho has a !lear !on!ept o% &hat he &ants to beI &ho -no&s that he !an be!ome &hat he &ants to be and &ho is determined to BE &hat he &ants to be. %illin" his pla!e to the +ery best o% his ability. &hether %oreman. insuran!e a"ent o% e+erybody. But do not do this merely &ith the idea o% !urryin" %a+or &ith your employer. and the purpose to "et ri!h. The &a"e earner &ill %ind this as true o% his !ase as o% any o% the others mentioned.We need the prea!her &ho &ill himsel% be ri!h. to tea!h us ho& to attain to these thin"sI and &hen he !omes he &ill %ind a numerous and loyal %ollo&in".

rat&tude% and do% every day all that can !e done that day% do&n. There is a Po&er &hi!h ne+er %ails to present opportunity to the Ad+an!in" Man &ho is mo+in" in obedien!e to la&. or too intelle!tually sloth%ul to pra!ti!e it. you &ill !ertainly es!ape %rom the A!lut!hesA o% the steel trust and "et on to the %arm or &here+er else you &ish to be. *obody has to &or. and &or-in" %or you. &ill brin" them be%ore you. Post #18 200*0805-1850 I=ou keep your )a&th% hold to your purpose% have . &or-in" in All. There is nothin" in your !ir!umstan!es or in the industrial situation that !an -eep you do&n.&ith "reat !are. they &ill insist that so!ial and "o+ernmental . 9!servat&ons' MA*6 people &ill s!o%% at the idea that there is an exa!t s!ien!e o% "ettin" ri!hI holdin" the impression that the supply o% &ealth is limited.%or a trustI the trusts !an -eep men in so !alled hopeless !onditions only so lon" as there are men &ho are too i"norant to -no& o% the s!ien!e o% "ettin" ri!h. Wattles C1APTE8 .Eob. 0% a %e& thousands o% its employees &ould enter upon the Certain Way. %or the Supreme. the steel trust &ould soon be in a bad pli"htI it &ould ha+e to "i+e its &or-in"men more opportunity. or "o out o% business. There is no su!h thin" possible in this uni+erse as a la!. Jod !annot help helpin" see any opportunity to better your !ondition. So let &a"e earnin" men and &omen study this boo. 0t is inherent in the !onstitution o% the !osmos that all thin"s shall be %or him and &orto"ether %or his "oodI and he must !ertainly "et ri!h i% he a!ts and thin-s in the Certain Way. and enter &ith !on%iden!e upon the !ourse o% a!tion it pres!ribesI it &ill not %ail. Su!h opportunities &ill speedily !ome. Be"in this &ay o% thin-in" and a!tin". you !an "et ri!h on a ten a!re %armI and i% you be"in to mo+e in the Certain Way. i% you a!t in a Certain WayI 1e must do so in order to help 1imsel%. 0% you !annot "et ri!h &or-in" %or the steel trust. each separate act &n a success)ul manner'J IStudy th&s !ook' Make &t your constant compan&on unt&l you have mastered all the &deas conta&ned &n &t'J Walla!e 7.L Some Baut&ons% and Bonclud&n. ta-e it.o% opportunities %or the man &ho is li+in" the ad+an!in" li%e. 0t &ill be the %irst step to&ard a "reater opportunity. and your %aith and purpose &ill ma-e you ?ui!. 7o not &ait %or an opportunity to be all that you &ant to beI &hen an opportunity to be more than you are no& is presented and you %eel impelled to&ard it. you &ill +ery soon see an opportunity to ta-e another Eob.

and &ith the purpose to attain it. Whene+er you do %all into old &ays o% thou"ht. or that a &ay o+er. *o matter ho& tremendous an obstru!tion may appear at a distan!e. But remember that your thou"ht must be held upon the !reati+e planeI you are ne+er %or an instant to be betrayed into re"ardin" the supply as limited. ha+e the @aith that they !an be!ome ri!h.enc&es $h&ch may ar&se tomorro$P you can attend to them as they come' 7o not !on!ern yoursel% &ith ?uestions as to ho& you shall surmount obsta!les &hi!h may loom upon your business horiCon.themI all systems must be modi%ied to a!!ommodate the %or&ard mo+ement. ho&e+er. and mo+e %or&ard &ith the %ixed purpose to be!ome ri!h. &ith the %aith that it !an be r&ch on the creat&ve plane% the !etter )or others' The e!onomi! sal+ation o% the masses !an only be a!!omplished by "ettin" a lar"e number o% people to pra!ti!e the s!ienti%i! method set do&n in this boo-. These &ill sho& others the &ay. or . unless you !an see plainly that your !ourse must be altered today in order to a+oid them. =ou are concerned $&th do&n. today#s $ork &n a per)ectly success)ul manner% and not $&th emer. 0% the people ha+e the Ad+an!in" Mind. But this is not true. nothin" !an possibly -eep them in po+erty. or into a!tin" on the moral le+el o% ! r&ch on the compet&t&ve plane% the $orse )or othersP the more $ho . When you enter upon the !reati+e plane o% thou"ht you &ill rise abo+e all these thin"s and be!ome a !itiCen o% another -in"dom. they &ill !ause the system to be so modi%ied as to open the &ay %or others. !orre!t yoursel% instantlyI %or &hen you are in the !ompetiti+e mind. The more men $ho .institutions must be !han"ed be%ore e+en any !onsiderable number o% people !an a!?uire a !ompeten!e. and inspire them &ith a desire %or real li%e. neither "o+ernments nor industrial systems !an !he!.and a!t in the Certain Way. 0t is true that existin" "o+ernments -eep the masses in po+erty. and ma-e themsel+es ri!hI and &hen any !onsiderable number o% indi+iduals do so under any "o+ernment. thou"h. you &ill %ind that i% you "o on in the Certain Way it &ill disappear as you approa!h it. ex!ept as the ne!essary poli!ies may a%%e!t your a!tions today. and be!ome ri!h. but this is be!ause the masses do not thin. 7o not spend any time in plannin" as to ho& you &ill meet possible emer"en!ies in the %uture. 0ndi+iduals may enter upon the Certain Way at any time. you ha+e lost the !ooperation o% the Mind o% the Whole. it is enou"h to -no& that neither the "o+ernment under &hi!h you li+e nor the !apitalisti! or !ompetiti+e system o% industry !an -eep you %rom "ettin" ri!h. and under any "o+ernment. 0% the masses be"in to mo+e %or&ard as su""ested in this boo-. @or the present.

and you are abo+e %ear. &hi!h is "ro&in"I and to re"ard seemin" e+il as bein" only that &hi!h is unde+eloped. Juard your spee!h. obsta!les. 6ou may expe!t to ha+e a !ertain thin" at a !ertain time. or un%a+orable !ombinations o% !ir!umstan!esI it is time enou"h to meet su!h thin"s &hen they present themsel+es be%ore you in the immediate present. hold to your purpose. all that !an be done that day. . Ji+e no anxious thou"ht to possible disasters. or spea. *o man or &oman &ho obeys the la& !an %ail to "et ri!h. Times may be hard and business doubt%ul %or those &ho are on the !ompetiti+e plane. Jo on in the !ertain &ay. When the !ru!ial time !ame. When you ma-e a %ailure. you &ill %ind your "reatest opportunities. it is be!ause you ha+e not as-ed %or enou"hI -eep on. and do. pani!s. you &ill re!ei+e somethin" so mu!h better that you &ill see that the seemin" %ailure &as really a "reat su!!ess. 0n a %e& &ee-s an opportunity so mu!h better !ame his &ay that he &ould not ha+e made the %irst deal on any a!!ountI and he sa& that a Mind &hi!h -ne& more than he -ne& had pre+ented him %rom losin" the "reater "ood by entan"lin" himsel% &ith the lesser. and &ent steadily on &ith a "rate%ul mind. A student o% this s!ien!e had set his mind on ma-in" a !ertain business !ombination &hi!h seemed to him at the time to be +ery desirable. Al&ays spea. any more than one !an multiply t&o by t&o and %ail to "et %our. *e+er spea.o% yoursel%. doin" ea!h separate a!t in a su!!ess%ul manner. but they !an ne+er be so %or youI you !an !reate &hat you &ant.out %or you. 1e &as not disappointedI on the ! terms o% ad+an!ementI to do other&ise is to deny your %aith. the thin" %ailed in a per%e!tly inexpli!able &ayI it &as as i% some unseen in%luen!e had been &or-in" se!retly a"ainst him. your a%%airs. and to deny your %aith is to lose it. *e+er spea. and not "et it at that timeI and this &ill appear to you li-e %ailure.around it &ill appear. i% you -eep your %aith. and i% you do not re!ei+e that thin". *e+er admit the possibility o% %ailure. &ee-s to brin" it about. Train yoursel% to thin.upon the &orld as a somethin" &hi!h is Be!omin". When others are ha+in" hard times and poor business. and a lar"er thin" then you &ere see-in" &ill !ertainly !ome to you. That is the &ay e+ery seemin" %ailure &ill &or. and he &or-ed %or some.o% and to loo. and you &ill %ind that e+ery di%%i!ulty !arries &ith it the &here&ithal %or its o+er!omin". e+ery day. or o% anythin" else in a dis!oura"ed or dis!oura"in" &ay. *o possible !ombination o% !ir!umstan!es !an de%eat a man or &oman &ho is pro!eedin" to "et ri!h alon" stri!tly s!ienti%i! lines. *e+er allo& yoursel% to %eel disappointed.o% the times as bein" hard. ha+e "ratitude. he than-ed Jod that his desire had been a &ay that in%ers %ailure as a possibility. or o% business !onditions as bein" doubt%ul. But i% you hold to your %aith you &ill %ind that the %ailure is only apparent.

0t !ontains all you need to -no& o% the s!ien!e o% "ettin" ri!hI and you &ill %ind all the essentials summed up in the %ollo&in" ! deal &ith the s!ien!e o% !ulti+atin" talentI but it is as !ertain and simple as the pro!ess o% "ettin" ri! "o+ernment e+er a!!omplished by a sin"le man is open to youI you may dra& upon all the mind there is %or &isdom to use in meetin" the responsibilities &hi!h are laid upon you.e' And he must do% every day% all that can !e done that day% tak&n. Wattles C1APTE8 . o) .h a deep and cont&nuous )eel&n.o% abilityI -eep ri"ht on. Spend most o% your leisure time in !ontemplatin" your +ision. While you are "ettin" %irmly established in this that the &mpress&on o) &ncrease $&ll !e commun&cated to all $&th $hom he comes &n contact'J Walla!e 7. the ability &ill be %urnished to you.) Summary o) the Sc&ence o) :ett&n. The same sour!e o% Ability &hi!h enabled the untau"ht 9in!oln to do the "reatest &or. Jo on in %ull %aith. and in !ulti+atin" "ratitude. 1o&e+er. 0t is not &ithin the s!ope o% this boo. care to do each act &n a success)ul manner' @e must .8emember this. and &hen you !ome to that pla!e. do not hesitate or &a+er %or %ear that &hen you !ome to any !ertain pla!e you &ill %ail %or la!. 6ou &ill not %ail be!ause you la!.the ne!essary talent to do &hat you &ish to do.&ve to every man a use value &n e8cess o) the cash value he rece&ves% so that each transact&on makes )or more l&)eP and he must so hold the Advanc&n. and in readin" this boo-. r&ch throu. 0% you "o on as 0 ha+e dire!ted. outside o% the &riters mentioned in the Pre%a!e.h the real&+at&on o) h&s mental &ma. Ma-e it your !onstant !ompanion until you ha+e mastered all the ideas !ontained in it.ence throu. Study this boo-. Post #1. R&ch' .rat&tude'J @e must keep &n m&nd the urpose to . you &ill do &ell to "i+e up most re!reations and pleasureI and to stay a&ay %rom pla!es &here ideas !on%li!tin" &ith these are ad+an!ed in le!tures or sermons. 7o +ery little readin". or "et into ar"uments upon the matter. you &ill de+elop all the talent that is ne!essary to the doin" o% your &or-. h&msel) $&th the ?ormless Intell&. 7o not read pessimisti! or !on%li!tin" literature. 200*0805-1855 IMan can rema&n upon the creat&ve plane only !y un&t&n.

to do. @e must . The man &ho &ishes to "et ri!h must spend his leisure hours in !ontemplatin" his Pision. Thou. and &hose %aith does not & r&ch throu. A thou"ht in this substan!e produ!es the thin" that is ima"ed by the thou"ht. The !reati+e ener"y &or-s throu"h the established !hannels o% natural "ro&th. and in earnest than-s"i+in" that the reality is bein" "i+en to him. or to be!omeI and he must hold this mental ima"e in his thou"hts. permeates. all that !an be done that day. This is the pro!ess by &hi!h the impression is "i+en to the @ormless. What he &ants &ill !ome to him throu"h the &ays o% established trade and !ommer!e. &hile bein" deeply "rate%ul to the Supreme that all his desires are "ranted to him.T1E8E is a thin-in" stu%% %rom &hi!h all thin"s are made. and by impressin" his thou"ht upon %ormless substan!e !an !ause the thin" he thin-s about to be !reated. !oupled &ith un&a+erin" %aith and de+out "ratitude.h the real&+at&on o) h&s mental &ma. man must be a!ti+eI and this a!ti+ity !an only !onsist in more than %illin" his present pla!e. in its ori"inal state. &hi!h is al&ays !reati+e and ne+er !ompetiti+e in spirit. e+ery day. and %ills the interspa!es o% the uni+erse. and o% the industrial and so!ial order.o&n. and the !reati+e %or!es set in motion. 0n order to re!ei+e his o&n &hen it shall !ome to him. and &hi! that the &mpress&on o) &ncrease $&ll !e commun&cated to all $&th $hom he comes &n contact' The men and $omen $ho pract&ce the )ore. 0n order to do this. man must pass %rom the !ompetiti+e to the !reati+e mindI other&ise he !annot be in harmony &ith the @ormless 0ntelli"en!e. Jratitude uni%ies the mind o% man &ith the intelli"en!e o% Substan!e. Man may !ome into %ull harmony &ith the @ormless Substan!e by entertainin" a li+ely and sin!ere "ratitude %or the blessin"s it besto&s upon him. penetrates. @e must keep &n m&nd the urpose to . so that man>s thou"hts are re!ei+ed by the @ormless. ta-in" !are to do ea!h a!t in a su!!ess%ul manner. Man !an %orm thin"s in his thou"ht. &nstruct&ons $&ll certa&nly .et r&chP and the r&ches they rece&ve $&ll !e &n e8act proport&on to the de)&n&teness o) the&r v&s&on% the )&8&ty o) the&r purpose% the stead&ness o) the&r )a&th% and the depth o) the&r .rat&tude' The End . All that is in!luded in his mental ima"e &ill surely be brou"ht to the man &ho %ollo&s the instru!tions "i+en abo+e.e' And he must do. Too mu!h stress !annot be laid on the importan!e o% %re?uent !ontemplation o% the mental ima"e.&ve to every man a use value &n e8cess o) the cash value he rece&ves% so that each transact&on makes )or more l&)eP and he must so hold the Advanc&n. Man must %orm a !lear and de%inite mental ima"e o% the thin"s he &ishes to ha+e. Man !an remain upon the !reati+e plane only by unitin" himsel% &ith the @ormless 0ntelli"en!e throu"h a deep and !ontinuous %eelin" o% "ratitude.

Jradients o% better.. The reason 0 "ot trained &as so 0 did not ha+e to ruin my li%e or others> li%e by bein" on anyone else>s time tra!-. . dreams. 0 -no& &hat my Prime Code is 2A Prime Code is the reason one exists and do &hat they lo+e to do. Ma-in" intentions and +isions !ome into bein" has been around %or a +ery lon" time.0$-0+2$ Personally 0 hope to ne+er see one dominatin" "roup &ith this te!hnolo"y.yet is there no& anythin".Thread 1$. 0 -no& &hat 0 lo+e to do that is &hat 0 do. BT to me is ma-in" my intentions and +isions !ome into bein".. any STATE that one !an still attain W0T1B3T the Brid"eH 0>m not sayin" 0 belie+e that the BT 9e+els are real. 0 do my best to -eep my importan!es in their !orre!t order. "oals and +isions so they !an li+e their li+es the &ay they &ant to. Alan Thread 1411: %T IP S P Post #*8 200*0.!o+ers printed %rom . had 8L pi!tures on them.yet 0 4*BW it>s not li-e that. but it>s hard sometimes to let "o o% BE90EP0*J they &ere real and &or-in" your tail o%% to attain them.8: What hel&ed me Post #1..5 Bne o% the thin"s 0 lo+e to do is apprenti!eD *o&here to "o but up %rom that position. you -no&H What has al&ays &or-ed %or me is to %o!us on my "oal2s5 and "et better at doin" them.. The "reatest BT pro!ess 0 -no& o% is# to li+e my li%e to the %ullest to not be totally alone 0 li-e to help others a!hie+e their &ants.L. Alan Thread 1400: The 2eacti#e >ind A%1! -%T 1)ist --and ne#er didF Post #25 200*0808-1+5+ (ook co#ers All the old S!io boo.. 200*080*-1*5$ The greatest %T &rocess I kno8 So sometimes it !reeps in that 0>m "onna be this little WBJ %or the rest o% this li%e.

out lists or sel% listin" &ould or !ould do to a person. As there &ere only t&o basi! a!tions on JPM %indin" . &ron" subEe!ts. 0 don>t -no& &hen or ho& to really re!o+er. 0 obser+ed that these people &ere doin" %ine in li%e but that as soon as they started Joals pro!essin" or item %indin" they !rashed and be!ame +ery ill or un!ons!ious. 0 or 981 had no idea o% the disastrous e%%e!ts that &ron" lo!ations.A As the p! &as o-ay be%ore they started the session on JPMs &hat o!!urred that !aused the A!ollapsed !aseA must ha+e been durin" the session. 1o& !orre!tion lists !ame into bein" &as %rom my pro!essin" o% those people. Bb+iously somethin" had been done &ron". 0t &as Jordon Bell &ho !ra!-ed open the door to this area as it &as he that dis!o+ered &hat by passed !har"e &as and ho& it !ame about.. 0 -no& this mu!h# tal-in" or readin" about the te!h is limited it ta-es ta-in" the !har"e o%% and runnin" out &hat is there botherin" you..then o% !ourse my %ello& "uinea pi" 2resear!hers5 pioneers. B+er the years 0 ha+e pro!essed (. &ron" "ames. and others that did the 8P@. Ba!. and &ron" "oals. There is an earlier time &hen there &ere se+eral people in S!io and on the S1SBC that &ere sur+i+ors %rom the World War 00 Con!entration Camps in Jermany and &ould be best %or all. S!io &ill ne+er %ind the !orre!t &ay out it lost its dire!tion more than /0 years a"oD Alan Thread 1420: 2P5 Post #1. This &as a %airly !ommon o!!urren!e %or most people on the JPM se!tion o% the S1SBC. people &ho had been in Jerman Con!entration Camps. 0t really is not the Te!h that is so important it is the te!hni!ians. Most o% these people 0 pro!essed durin" my years at Saint 1ill. #2 7ear Bea. &ron" items. 200*0811-1825 The im&ortance o" right items The 8P@ really messes &ith your head and sanity. The reason %or this is that none o% the Con!entration Camp sur+i+ors !ould run Joals pro!essin" or %ind any !orre!t items. 0% there &ere hundreds o% %airly honest o%%shoots. As 0 had %inished the theory and pra!ti!al se!tions o% the S1SBC 0 had plenty o% spare time so 0 o%%ered to pro!ess these A!ollapsed !ases. The %irst !orre!tion list 0 ori"inated &as &hat is no& -no&n as 9/B8..Slo&ly more and more &ill be dis!o+ered and people &ill !ontinue to "ro& spiritually. ex!ept o+er time..

Conse?uently most o% the rest o% their li%e is positioned %rom bein" in a &ea. . &ron" the presen!e o% out lists and &ron" items. subEe!ts.+alen!e. &ron" subEe!ts. Pro!essin" &ill not &or. and o% !ourse %ind the ri"ht 7reams and Joals %or youD And possibly the most important datum# The ri"ht item %or you is not ne!essarily the ri"ht item %or anotherD Alan Post #24 200*0812-01$0 7id you e+er do *BTs or read those materialsH 6es to both. and !orre!t "oals. The best thin" is !orre!t all the in!orre!t lists. &ron" "ames. li+in" your dreams. What 0 did not realiCe ba!. items. !onne!ted to the ri"ht people. !orre!t subEe!ts. Bb+iously &hen the Jestapo !ame %or the !lient the !lient &ent into o+er&helm and be!ame a &eaidentity. Thus it is best to stay a&ay %rom pro!essin". !orre!t items. !orre!t "ames. B%ten the p! &as brou"ht to me in a !omatose state. Corre!tion 9ists ushered in the 9o!ate and 0ndi!ate Te!h.then &as that Joals pro!essin" &as tri""erin" pre+ious %ailed or suppressed Joals.identity that then positions you in the &ron" lo!ations. out lists or sel% listin" &ould be o!!urrin". data. "oals. or item %indin" &as tri""erin" pre+ious out lists and &ron" items.5 0 &ould lay them on the %loor put the !ans in their hands 2e+en in their !omatose state they had the ability to hold the !ans5 0 &ould then state# A0n your last session &as there a &ron" item "i+en to youHA or A0n your last session &as there a &ron" "oal "i+en to youHA or A0n your last session &as there a ri"ht item missedHA or A0n your last session &as there a ri"ht "oal missedHA Mira!ulously &hen the ri"ht indi!ation &as stated the p! &ould !ome ali+e sit up "et in the !hair and &e &ould !lean up &hate+er needed !leanin" up. !orre!t lists and !orre!t ans&ers to sel% listin" ?uestions. and &ron" "oals.&hi!h &ere @indin" the p!>s Joal or %indin" 8eliable 0tems. in the ri"ht pla!e at the ri"ht time. doin" &hat you lo+ed to do &as indi!ati+e o% ha+in" !orre!t lo!ations. Alex Sibers-y &as my *BTs auditor. Bein" more o% yoursel%. 23sually in a &heelbarro&. 0t pretty ob+ious it &as either a &ron" Joal or a &ron" 0tem. But &hat &as e+en &orse that these times o% %ailed or suppressed Joals pre+ious out lists and &ron" items stemmed %rom a time the person &as in a &ea. et!. Bein" put in the 8P@ does exa!tly the same thin".

Alan Thread 14$2: 327 /d#ices Post #11 200*0824-1.L . The la!. or &orseH They are not "ettin" du" in onH 7ru"s inhibitin" deep !ounsellin"H Bnly on!e did 0 see a p! %ully passed out. Bad %ood.o% empathy. This seems to sprin". http#$$%orum.L0( *ar!issists are "enerally !ontemptuous o% others. 0 &ould say the "reatest and most un!on%rontable part %or Con!entration Camp sur+i+ors &as the Aterror o% bein" ta-en o+er and ne+er bein" %ree. Why &ould that beH the te!h is better. %rom their "eneral la!.o% sleep.phpHt=. 0 ha+e to be honest and say that the !amps deser+e a lot more auditin" than those harmed by the the 8P@. Ba!. And the %ear o% the Juards or EB>s. and it !omes out as 2at best5 a dismissi+e attitude to&ards other people>s %eelin"s. 981 deliberately dumbed the Te!h do&n.04 327 as narcissist There is a "ood thread posted by Pro"rammer Juy that really !o+ers mu!h o% 1ubbard>s beha+ior. *o ri"hts. 0 ha+e audited both there is an eerie simlarity to !amp sur+i+ors and the 8P@ sur+i+ors. not !ountin" the !hildren>s 8P@..And about the people 2p!>s5 bein" un!on!ious in all my years on te!h lines.A That also seemed to be %airly !ommon &ith people stu!.L/ there &as no !on%identiality thus no inhibited te!h.) years. 0 "uess it &asn>t so bad. 0 &as in the SB %or . 0 spent about < on 8P@. at base. But some pretty !raCy sh\t happens there. in that sense. The !ommon denominators &ere the A%ore+er trappedA and the Aloss o% sel%A %eelin"s. &hi!h is one more year.exs!n. 0 %eel the latter is easier to re!o+er %rom. 0 rarely sa& this. . Thou"h 0>d li-e to see similarities &ith !on!entration !amps and the be"innin" up to . The auditin" has "otten shallo&er and shallo&er o+er the years. The mental and physi!al$sho&thread. unable to be re!o+ered &ithout a date$lo!ate o% an in!ident. Bein" treated li-e a sla+e. Stran"ely they ea!h made it a "ame.

Woo%s.)/ "oin" to P to "et &ord !learin". needs.0 times bi""er and more po&er%ul. Alan Thread 14+4: 1!T and 5orum Post #20 20080$0*-144* EST morphed into 9andmar. et!.. 0t is also !onne!ted to their o+erall ne"ati+e outloo. 0 al&ays ended up &ith a "reat &ord !learin" session. &or-. 0 remember ba!. 0 surmised that the !har"e &as some&here else and not on that &ord and !arried on. Thread 145$: The ?T la er@ 1arth's 7istor and %T III Post #*4 200*1022-2225 -o need "or 8ords Probably be!ause it is the !on!ept o% &ords. Pinaire is possibly the best &ord !learer in the &orld. meo&s et!. 3sed to !ommuni!ate to dull @la" in . nei"hs.&ishes. Alan Thread 1454:/n interesting &rocess Post #*4 200*1022-2225 7ologra&hic 8ord clearing 0 remember many a time %indin" that a &ord &as !leared but the needle did not %loat. Most o% the people 0 &ord !leared still remember me. ehH The lan"ua"e o% Spirit has been around sin!e the %irst !reation. The in!ident holo"raphi!ally ble& to +ie& and erased.on li%e. property. &hen a!!ompanied &ith telepathi!ally proEe!ted holo"raphi! !on!epts or mo!. and the use o% them. "ro&ls. The ability "ained &as the ability to &rite. that seperates us %rom the do"s.5 Words are additi+es. !on!erns. standards..and is no& . 0 -ne& the de%inition# B% or pertainin" to Euripides. The &ord &ould not @$* there &as an in!ident !onne!ted to it... 2A holo"raphi! Con!ept or mo!up. 0n so mu!h as he "oes %or the %ull holo"raphi! !ontext o% the &ord.0 e+en remember the &ord that &as han"in" e+erythin" upI !an !ommand humanoids to obey.. .

so you must ha+e inside in%ormation on the operation.1orner a %ormer a!tor dis!o+ered and de+eloped the repetiti+e pro!ess pro!edures. stupidity. and outrea!h pro"rammes that do "ood. rea!h. Post #$5 20080$1*-1514 6ou must admit. !on%usion. G A+a and Charles Berner En"lish tea!hers dis!o+ered and de+eloped mu!h o% the study te!hnolo"y. e%%e!ti+eness. They spent almost /0 years ea!h in their resear!h o% other pioneers o% tea!hin" and methods o% study. that su!h people at least ha+e a !lue o% &hat is a+ailable.. Alan. . Estholes as &ith most sel% impro+ement "roups tend to "o %or the hi"h &ithout ta-in" the !har"e.. Thread 148+: %rigins o" G!cientolog G Tech Post #2$ 200*0814-1+$4 'a!..0>s 0 had o+er 3. 0t &as %rom handlin" these people that 0 de+eloped the As!ension Te!h.Post #2$ 20080$0*-181* Po&er%ul in &hat &ayH 0n numbers o% people. There are a %e& thousand other omitteds Alan but this does %or a the early . Sorry about thatD 0>m not !onne!ted to them. That>s been my experien!e o% AestholesA 2Alandmar-iansAH5 6esD Another thin" &as they 2Werner and the other Exe!s5 -ne& they had some ri"ht ans&ers but ne+er stop sear!hin" %or better ans&ers. thou"h.000 Estholes 2as they humorously !alled themsel+es5 on my lines. and o%ten -no& &hat it is they need to &or. bla!-ness and !onse?uen!es o% the misappli!ation o% their ne& %ound states and po&er. Post #25 20080$0*-2202 Werner E 3andmark 0 "uess you -no& &hat !omes up &hen you Joo"le landmar-..on to "et there. 0>+e dealt &ith Werner. his brother and mother and 0 %ound them +ery de!ent people. Post #$$ 20080$1+-1*14 Ae#elo&ment o" the /scension Tech Ba!. mass.other than an o!!asional !lient.

8i!hard Stee+es. Alan Post #54 200*0815-1. The Auditors Code redesi"ned. 0>ll be +ery happy to be pro+ed &ron". &ithout any addressin" o% the tra!.A*ibsA 1ubbard. The T8s redesi"ned.. *ot be pro+en &ron" Eust a better &ay. They !ame %rom the early Buddhist tea!hin".11 Are you sayin" that anyone !an handle the e%%e!ts o% all &hole tra!. . BTW that has all been done. JPMs et!. Alan Post #+1 200*081+-0044 Bottom line the Co% S and the 8on>s Br" material is another &ay to not !on%ront PT and to stay out o% PT. Mu!h as 0 hate to say this hai?u you are %ull o% shitD Bottom line the Co% S and the 8on>s Br" material is another &ay to not !on%ront PT and to stay out o% PT. So you may ha+e a problem &ith it bein" the same story in BT 000.&hatsoe+erH Address it %rom PT as that is &here it is. 0% and it is a bi" A0%A the BT 00 and BT 000 su""estion$e+aluation is botherin" someone it is botherin" them in PT. @rom &here you and &hat position you pro!ess %rom redesi"ned. 'an and 8i!hard 1alpern dis!o+ered and de+eloped the pro!edures that are the %orerunners o% the T8s and BbEe!ti+es.: Is an one else ner#ous about G5ree=oneG6 Post #50 200*0815-1*55 %T II and %T III BT 00 and BT 000 in 8on>s Br" are the same as used in the S!n ABs ex!ept there>s additional data. Alan Thread 14. The pro!edure to run them is also di%%erent and more thorou"h.implants. That means the Te!h has to be redesi"ned.

8ealiCe !allin" a person a s?uirrel be!ause they ori"inated somethin" is the hei"ht o% Aemotional bla!-mailA indu!ed roboti!ness.0% and it is a bi" A0%A the BT 00 and BT 000 su""estion$e+aluation is botherin" someone it is botherin" them in PT. *oH 6esD And the person>s PT James &ill be top le+el. lettin" the p! loo. and in+alidated. Thus the materials &ill read. and a!-no&led"in" it. 3nless you by passed his e+als$in+als and -ept !o+ertly runnin" &hat you !ame up &ith. 6ou>re an ex exe! so 0 assume you>re %amiliar &ith the 7ata Series. Alan Post #.+ 200*081*-125* 1i AlanCo. But it !ertainly &as not the !ase on the ori"inal S1SBC. They are be %un to be &ith. "o read . They !annot &ait %or the day to be"in. Bn!e 4SW &as introdu!ed it be!ame Aonly 1ubbard -no&sA thus that &as the end o% the indi+iduals %or&ard pro"ress. Their PT %inan!es are in "reat shape. They are %ull o% li%e and ex!itement. That>s &hat it>s all about. Sin!e 4SW !ame into bein" that !ould be said to be true. 0t &as +ery mu!h# As-in" the p! a ?uestion that they !an understand. 200*081+-14$0 As an authoritati+e hypnotherapeuti! te!hni?ue. Alan Post #*. Their !ar is !lose to PT in a"e.%or the ans&er they understood and listenin" to the ans&er. 7ianeti!s and S!ientolo"y ha+e al&ays e+aluated. Their material obEe!ts state o% the art. 0n li"ht o% that. and lead to !ase "ain. They lo+e their PT li%e and &hat they are bein" doin" and ha+in" in PT.

e+en Tra+olta +isited most o% us !ame a&ay &ith the obser+ation he &as nuts.000>s o% %riends and !onne!tions that Eust "a+e up.$eesob0. or &hate+erA so !alled messa"es %rom 981. 0t %ra!tured a %ield o% . CB8 &as !on+in!ed at that time. Tra+olta &ent ba!.Bill 8obertson>s Se!tor Bps Bulletin *o. !hannelin". 2Emma.%reeCone. ..00>s "a+e up on their dreams be!ause o% his BS.or"$!br$se!tor. 200*081*-1+4+ Wsnipped !omment re CB8X Pery reasonable o% youD But at the time this happened many o% us &ere tryin" to %ind out &hat &as "oin" onH CB8 strai"ht out lied to us. early . . 0 didn>t -no& that.A5 WJordon BellX 0 +isited CB8 durin" that period as did doCens o% other hi"h le+el auditors and exe!s. 6ou seem hi"hly reti!ent to ans&er anythin" a!tually dire!ted to you lately. http#$$&&&.. A lon" time %riend o% mine &as CB8>s s!ribe at the time that is he &rote do&n the messa"es that CB8 ! the Co% S be!ause o% his BS. 1appy !o"nitions. TinE and Tarbaby -no& him %airly &ell %rom 08C as Adruid.hereH 0 !ertainly hope not.(. 6esD And do 0 "i+e him a hard time and tease him about itD #7 Post #10. This &as no li"ht &ei"ht !on this &as an unmiti"ated disaster. *o A8CV *ot really reti!ent 0 hate to type replied to t&o posts the ESMB demons ate the replies.. 981 &as a!tually dead. . and !onsider &hat mi"ht really be "oin" on. Alan Post #10$ 200*081*-1+02 7ruid &as CB8>s s!ribeHHHHH BMJ. 7o &e ha+e an A8C brea.htm hai?u 'eeeeCCuussD hai?u you are no& ?uotin" !hanneled 981 messa"esD CB8 &as at that time he &rote the Ase!tor bulletinsA pretendin" he &as in !omm &ith 981 &hen in a!tuality he &as Ahalu!inatin".

&as amaCin" to me as it &as a !ontinuan!e o% &hat had been started years earlier. 3. (.)) +eri%ied our &orst suspi!ions. 0 started readin" it Eust be%ore the raids on 7ennis and ArnieK.0 did not post. 1e as-edI AWhyHA 0 told him none o% us &ould !ome ba!. 0 re%used. What started earlier be"an around . Those re%orms &ere# .unless there &ere numerous re%orms.-12$+ This is +ery ne& to me.0 people to %la"... 1e a"reed to &or. Bill @ran-s &as made E7 0*T. 0 posted a lot on a..5 Br"s and Missions "et !lean &ith ea!h other.. L. Bpen boo-s. Br" and JB sta%% members. That the SB. <. 0 made / phone !alls and brou"ht in . Allo& ea!h o% us to inspe!t our JB %iles. 9o&erin" o% pri!es.. JB... Cuttin" out the hostile beha+ior and de"radation to&ards homosexuals. . The @B0 raid in . 1e !onta!ted me and as-ed i% 0 &ould help re!o+er the lost Mission 1olders. Tra+olta tried to "o @T$0ndependentH What &ere the liesH Tell us more on the %ra!tured %ield. 2BSA.)< the bi" Mission 1olders be"an to exit S!io...&ith us to a!hie+e A99 o% the abo+e.. 0n *o+ .. That A99 stolen property be returned to their ri"ht%ul o&ners.t. Abolishment o% the Nabusi+e aspe!tsO o% the 8P@.s.r. Medi!al and dental !o+era"e %or all SB. a.!. . The reason %or this &as the %eelin" that there &as some -ind o% !riminality "oin" on..that is no se!ret !riminal SB missions or JB missions. ).Alan Post #12* 200*081. /.

the only "roup not !omin" !lean &ere the CMB %la" Eust as the e+ent &as to be"in. term sta)) and students s&multaneously $alked out o) the Bo)S $orld5$&de'''''''over the ne8t 40 months a )urther "6%222 people le)t the Bo)S' There $as dur& Tampa. %rom Bntario airport.. *o+ . .. Br" and Mission 1older personnel be"an to !ome !lean &ith ea!h other.. 0 bou"ht him a ti!-et and he le%t Cal. 0t &as ob+ious this re%orm &as lon" o+erdue F &e had "ot a"reements on all points. All se!ret %iles in the JB &ere opened..% M&ss&on @olders and u!l&c personnel to cont&nue the re)orm' Also durin" that time many o% the senior SB and JB people had also le%t S!io.Almost all Class P000>s and Class P0>s &ith lon" S!io histories. that t&me a very stron. !oth ?ranks and mysel) S Q''''that day appro8&mately 3622 their lo!al Br"s and areas. Tra+olta..their properties.5 SB.. 8ay 4emp and Bent Corydon "ot ba!.5 We set up another meetin" %or 7e! . It $as the 0Oth Aanuary 41O0 that the DM and the BM9 rene.. 0t &as (< years a"o. Medi!al and dental &or.L. JB. . We "ot a"reements on all points. This e+ent &as e+en more su!!ess%ul than the earlier e+ent as the re%orm mo+ement &as spreadin" throu"hout the &orld F parti!ipants &ere relayin" &hat &as "oin" on ba!.to CMB 0nt in Jilman. Also most o% the S!io Celebrities &ere part o% the re%orm F people li-e 'ohn Brodie..0.(. Bne ni"ht 0 "ot a %ranti! !all %rom Bill F tellin" me he had es!aped %rom bein" imprisoned and tied to a !hair at Jilman..9SA%7 S9% 9r.&as done on many. !ond at all levels o) :9% . @riendliness &as be"innin" to be restored to all people. The meetin" &as spe!ta!ular.reements K It &s th&s !etrayal that led to the :reat Sch&sm occurr&n. We e+en had a"reements bein" &or-ed out &ith those suin" S!io to settle %or a %ra!tion o% the e+entual !osts. 2BSA.ed on the a. The pri!in" &as lo&ered. . arri+in" ba!. people !ame to that. That a 1i"h&ay Patrolman had pi!-ed him up and &as helpin" him F he needed an Airline ti!-et ba!. et al.. 2They &ere a!tually hea+ily en"a"ed in more attempts to !o+er up their beha+ior..' They removed and declared B&ll ?ranks% declar&n.. As that meetin" &as about to start Bill @ran-s had been !alled ba!.

( Bill 8obertson F !ame out &ith the %ollo&in".3 &ith numerous protest mar!hes. is the !oordinatin" point %or those a!tions entirely outside o% the le"al stru!ture o% the Chur!h. 1e is "i+en a lea+e o% absen!e %rom the Sea Br" and Chur!h or"aniCation &hile on these spe!ial BT proEe!ts. Captain Bill 8obertson.. !oordinated in a!tion and thrust. To !ombat this threat. 7M and the CMB be"an to pur"e S!ioK.. .8on 1ubbard @ounder and Commodore Chur!h o% S!ientolo"y [ Sea Br"aniCation http#$$&&&. and BTs &ho &ish to assist in %reein" this planet %rom ensla+ement should !onta!t him.5 The battles ha+e !ontinued e+er sin!e.$eesob0/. purported to be %rom 981# Se!tor Bperations Bulletin *o. The bi""est bein" /<0 people mar!hin" do&n 981 Way in 9A.. 1e has a list o% all su!h BT proEe!ts to be done. Around May 'une .and many internal bloodbaths ensuedK.or"$!br$se!tor. The battle !ontinued into .( 0. Mship relay by order o% 9. Trainin" and pro!essin" are to be made a+ailable %or all proEe!t members at usual publi! rates as these proEe!ts are desi"ned to support themsel+es and be +iable. My deputy.%reeCone.. 2Possibly the stupidest thin" e+er done by 7MKKin a lon" line o% stupidity. all BTs are needed to &or.. Alan .the nastiest &as the San @ran!is!o massa!re o% the most po&er%ul Mission 1olders they had their Missions ta-en o+er and they &ere de!lared suppressi+e.Many more publi! mo+ed to the side lines.(00 JMT We are all en"a"ed in a !on?uest o% the %or!es o% e+il on this planet &hi!h are attemptin" to hinder and inter%ere &ith the rapid expansion o% S!ientolo"y te!hnolo"y.htm Many o% the senior SB people 2almost all o% the ori"inal Class V00Gs5 &ere dra&n to this F it o%%ered "reat hope F sadly it turned out to be a hoaxD Worse it had the e%%e!t o% destroyin" mu!h o% the re%orm leadership>s potential F as many o% the senior SB people "a+e up it may &ell ha+e been &hat unmo!-ed any re%orm %rom a!tually ta-in" pla!e o+er the lon""ether. / BT ProEe!ts 300/.

But more importantly &e -ept the %ield !leaned up %ree o% S!io a"ain. 0t &as ine+itable that the Br"s &ould be empty &ithin a %e& years. My Missions o%ten &ould buy pa!-a"es o% . That the SB &ould be manned &ith unhatted sta%% 0 don>t -no& &ho the 7ata E+aluators &ere but they musta had their heads up their ass not to ha+e seen this.. on!e they !rashed the Mission *et&or-. in!ludin" @la" "oo%s. meant the Te!h &ould ne+er really &or.(00 to . Comm Course. The omittan!e o% %ully hatted on basi!s sta%% and publi! to"ether &ith roboti! Exe!s attemptin" to ma-e Te!h &or.!reated a %urther need %or .00 Class 0P. Super 9iterate. and Jrades.000 to <. 0 &ould estimate the Mission *et&or. V7*. (00 Class P0>s and about (0 !lass P000s. 7id you -no& thatH 0s that &hat they said in that a&%ul meetin"H . Almost all o% the bi" Mission 1olders &ere Class P000s and @EBCs.)< o% .Post #1$1 200*081.-182. The %a!t is the Mission *et&or. Most o% the other bi" Mission 1olders did the same. also they &ere +ery proud o% their stats o% sendin" people up lines.000 %ully hatted S!io>s per year. Alan Post #1$* 200*081. 0 Eust -no& %rom bein" in the SB. Bn the auditin" side &e !ould do 9i%e repairs. an unsa%e en+ironment.0S per month also !aused a maEor stop %or most publi! people to !ontinue to mo+e up the Brid"e and into or"s. 'ust the basi!s. my last / years as a Mission holder my missions !reated about <00 !lass 0P>s. That the missions &ere ho""in" the publi! and not mo+in" anyone up.-180+ Were the missions 2and mission holders5 holdin" the publi! %rom mo+in" up the Brid"e and into or"s or notH The insane pri!e in!reases in . T8s.00s o% Br" and SB personnel.<00 !lassed auditors. 0>m sure some &ho had no ability to pull the publi! in &ould hold onto people too lon".. Post #1$. 1RS and 17A. We also supplied . that the %ield &ould be !ho-ed to death &ith A8C bro-en publi! people.. and bein" told about that period. 200*081.(X Were the missions 2and mission holders5 holdin" the publi! %rom mo+in" up the Brid"e and into or"s or notH *o &ayD We had a +ery limited part o% the brid"e. that &as the main reason %or the busts.made approx /.-15$+ W.

Well none o% us are inno!ents &e all !ontributed to the motion.. plus Bent and Mary Corydon>s properties ba!.to ea!h o% them. 0>m sure the early pioneers o% a+iation still "et a sho!. a"reed to return 8ay and Pam 4emp. s-ill and ability to brin" in ne& publi! and -eep the ne& people on lines. The truth is Jreed..2. About Q( million in +alue. The CoS does use its mana"ement te!hnolo"y. Empty Br"s *o Auditors bein" made Publi! stayin" a&ay in dro+es &hat Poli!y are they Bperatin" onH Alan Post #$1* 200*082$-1*00 W!omment snippedX Would you li-e me to spe!i%i!ally lay out ea!h Poli!y Piolation done by ea!h se!tion o% BSA and S!ioH Poli!y *o. Thread 1504: !cientolog 8ants me to change m 8ebsite Post #$0$ 200*082$-0442 0 ha+e no idea &hat you tal..6eahD But that is standard SB JB BSA Br" BS and ser+ %a! stupidity. 0t ta-es "reat !on%ront. %orm o% Poli!y 0t is a mali!ious sele!ti+e use o% Poli!y ex!erpts desi"ned to ma-e the Exe! ri"ht and the peon &ron".bi" problem in the @T as &ell. AMaintain %riendly relationships &ith the en+ironment.about. Most Br"s !annot rea!h out and mar-et one on one.-1..e+ery time a plane !rashes. Jood intentions o%ten pre!ede the most disastrous o% results. Alan Post #15* 200*0820-0*22 7M and CMB 0nt.A 981 . Alan Post #150 200*081. 6ou are Eo-in"DDD The Exe!s espe!ially 7M use a .. . En+y and 'ealousy the SB JB BSA Br"s &ould obser+e the Missions out per%ormin" them rather than !on%ront their o&n inade?ua!ies they &ould %alsely a!!use someone de!lare them and &ould steal their publi!s and sta%%.

Alan Post #5+$ 200*0. @rom that time on sessions and session T8s are re+ersed. People are di%%erent. the pro!essor %ollo&s the !lient>s instru!tionsD . %or!e and mass that hits you &hen you lea+e !an !ause you to ha+e no rea!h it o%ten ta-es someone Asa%eA to rea!h out %or you and "i+e you a hand. There &ere doCens o% people thro&n o+erboard %rom a hei"ht o% 30 %eet. Also it is impossible to produ!e !orre!t results in a Cultish en+ironment. Alan Post #248 200*0. 0 &as there. &ill need personally addressin" and a pro"ram &or-ed out &ith them alon" their o&n parti!ular lines o% interest.20-0040 When the &rocessor "ollo8s the client's instructions The @T needs to be a pla!e &here the te!h is open. The !oo-ie !utter brid"e &ith its one siCe %its all isn>t "oin" to &or-. That is. There is a point &here the !lient -no&s more about their A!aseA than the pro!essor. 'ust ha+e no !ash and see ho& %riendly S!io treats you. Thread 1515: 0uestions To /sk >ike 2inder Post #10 200*0815-1+05 Wsnipped !omment re Mi-e 8inderX 1e may ha+e -no&n &hat he &as "oin" to do &hen he le%t but the amount o% !har"e. @indin" someone Asa%eA is not easy &hen you ha+e spent most o% your li%e !allin" and labellin" the most !ausati+e people and Jo+ A"en!ies SPs. Ea!h person>s !ase abo+e BT.01-0*$0 There &ere !hain lo!-ers.0t all do&nhill %rom there. that >R@ ordered and $atched in!ludin" old ladies &ho !ould not s&im 0 &as also there. The numbers on the BT le+els are a bit o% a %ar!e any&ay. 0 ha+e to a"ree &ith 8alph about the upper le+els stri!tly %ollo&in" the !lient>s interest line. So &as 0. the brid"e be!omes di%%erent %or e+eryone. A%ter the lon" term stats o% S!io. Why don>t you pull your head out o% your arse and loo. Perhaps be%ore. 'ust say *B to anythin" bein" as-ed o% you in S!io and see ho& %riendly you &ill be treated.

The !lient does the loo-in". 8e?uires that all debts o&ed are paid o%%I C. Ma-es a note o% all the abo+e matters.-1812 When 0 ha+e a maEor !o"nition 0 do &hat Ti"er Woods does and any "reat athlete or musi!ian or . 7.$1 / to 1 ste&s *ot exa!tlyD More o% a s?uirrel +ersionD PE8SB*A9 E*1A*CEME*T STEPS A. 6ou realiCe you ha+e been operatin" in!orre!tly.o+er the basi!s but &ith the added a&areness and in!rease in experien!e. et!. E. dupli!ation and permeation. 0 &as doin" A to E lon" be%ore 0 e+er "ot into S!io. Alan Post #+1 200*0.0t is +ery mu!h a !ollaborati+e team session... The abo+e is +ery simple and natural F it usually ta-es little time. 8e?uires an announ!ement to the e%%e!t that you realiCe your a!tions &ere i"norant and un%ounded and statin" &here possible the in%luen!es or moti+ations &hi!h !aused you to attempt ma-e yoursel% ri"ht and others &ron". pra!ti!e and re studies until you master the ne& hi"her operatin" basis. 200*0. Alan Thread 1522: I'm listing this as a 8in Post #5. they do their A to E steps they "o ba!.pra!ti!in" &ith his !oa!h &ithin 30 minutes o% !ompletion o% a round. 8arely are !orre!tion lists needed. 0n%orms the people you are !onne!ted &ith about the !han"es. Bn!e you "et this "roo+ed in you ... Br your !oa!h helps you to see you ha+e been operatin" in!orre!tly and !onse?uently !ommittin" !ontinuous present time in!orre!t destru!ti+e or harm%ul a!tsI B. The pro!essor supplies the pro!ess dis!ipline. B. pra!ti!e.-1. 8e?uires trainin" be"innin" at the lo&est le+el o% the !hosen area at your expense i% exe!uti+es in !har"e o% trainin" or !oa!hin" &ill ha+e you or a team membersI C.1... 0t is Eust li-e herdin" a bun!h o% !ats.. Pra!ti!e.1. S!io mana"ed to ma-e A to E a penalty and a punishment it is not unless it has that intention. Ti"er Woods "oes into a!tion immediately he>s ba!.

That in!ludes Soloin" the 1andboo.20-0+$1 The 1P o" !olo is: / 3egend in 9our %8n >indF Auditin" onesel% ta-es a lot o% dis!ipline. Sel% Analysis.-1. There is no basi! brid"e layout. 6ou not "oin" to be able to solo upper le+el stu%%. plus all o% the 0mplants.52 Wsnipped !ommentsX Jreat Post 7i+ LD 6eah.. The tou"hest solo pro!esses 0 e+er ran &as Sel% Analysis.@or PCs....1.!el" /nal sis 7o not be so dismissi+e. and C... Alan Post #+* 200*0. Most solo is Eust re arran"in" the %urniture. Complete runnin" o% BT 00 and BT 000. @ollo&in" the basi! brid"e layout and &or-in" on it a bit e+ery day. 0 doubt there is anyone in the 1istory o% S!io &ho has been more dili"ent than me on doin" the S!io Brid"e.5 This in!ludes . The EP o% solo is# A 9e"end in 6our B&n MindD Alan Post #8$ 200*0. et!. 6ou -no& you "ot it honestly &hen the Truth Phenomena hitsD Alan Post #*5 200*0. someone &ho has a little te!h trainin" 21RS or better5 !ould "o %ull BT in a %e& years. 2both styles5. The reason it &as so tou"h &as it &as mainly a positi+e pro!ess 2!onse?uently it pulled up the ne"ati+es5 also it is a pure holo"raphi! type o% pro!essin" as it re?uire multiple +ie&points on ea!h area brou"ht up thou"h it &as . BT. espe!ially be%ore Clear. E+ery 8$7 that has e+er !ome out.. Plus e+ery run throu"h o% the CC. 0t>s di%%i!ult but !an be done. The modi%iers and inhibitions you ha+e put on yoursel% are not undone easily it ta-es a mat!hin" indi+idual or team to re !reate the e+ent.. 981>s ad+i!e to %latten all pro!esses applies ri"idly.000s o% hours BbEe!ti+e style pro!esses. and in a &ay you ha+e to be!ome a better auditor than the pro%essionals.the best sessions are the !raCiest sessions As you are un!o+erin" lots o% un-no&ns and lies.!an usually Eust do steps C. 21elatrobus.20-1414 Toughest solo &rocess .

at the optimum !orre!t time. &hen you "et 3 you start %indin" yoursel% lo+in" e+erybody. That is the dominant. doin" the optimum !orre!t thin". and it is not possible %or him to. 1e doesn>t any lon"er need a !ommuni!ation !y!le.A . these are Eust some o% the !onsiderations as they "o up alon" the line. tal-in" at !ross purposes. tape . and hasn>t pi!-ed his C up as he !omes up throu"h the "rades. 6our dominant stress.* 200*0. is +ery airy %airy. at 3 &here it starts "oin" into hea+y a%%inity. 0t is only be!ause a person is out o% dominant !ommuni!ation. So these. and i% he has done all o% his "rades li-e a "ood boy. &hy the three start to harmoni!. i% a person has ne"le!ted his "rades. *o&. ehH Am 0 tal-in" at !ross purposes or is it you &ho !annot !on%ront the balls up that %ollo&in" that Aso !alled brid"eA has &rou"ht into your li%eH Truth mani%ests itsel% in present time one is naturally in the optimum !orre!t pla!e. in a!tual %a!t ha+e any 8 on 3. or C.supposed to Eust handle lo!-s o+er time the next area !ame in se!ondaries it ultimately also pulled in your !omplete !ase. 0t doesn>t !han"e anythin". it>s a!tually Eust interestin". The lo&er "rades are dominant C.. !ommuni!ation. Some&here in the +i!inity o% Po&er. There &ere se+eral &ho ha+e done most o% this.20-210* 1ere>s &hat 981 said about Solo in Class .L. And then %rom 3 on up it is pure A. A"ain. and so %orth. They>re dominant C. and uh. and ne"le!ted C.. &ith the optimum !orre!t ali"nments. one passes into the band o% 8. or somethin" li-e this. And it>s uh. &ell 0>ll "i+e you some -ind o% a notion o% it.# AAnd as %ar as . 0 ran this in . 6ou. And then i% you %ind him hatin" e+erybody &hen he "ets to. But. And these in!reases in 8 mo+e up. And 8 runs on up to. man and &hat he does is "et hea+y in!reases in 8. lo&er "rades. &hen he "ets to <. don>t you seeH 1e hasn>t made it in that &ay. one a%ter the other. is !on!erned. 0t>s &here the person is pro"ressin". A%%inity is the dominant. Alan Post #. 0 ha+en>t made a "raph o% it. 6ou "et into all sorts o% !onditions. &hy &hen he "ets into solo his reality is inade?uate. But he needs 8. but some&here around 3. &ell . 6ou ha+e to understand &hen anythin" &as %irst issued it &as a theoreti!al "uess as to its rami%i!ations and e%%e!ts. &ell you -no& +ery &ell that he a!tually hasn>t made it there either. 0t doesn>t ta-e mu!h to obser+e the tan"led mess that most people are in &ho ha+e attempted to tra+el the S!io Brid"e. pretty !lose 0 suppose. 6ou "et 8 and you "et A and so on. 4eep it to the 4no&led"ism thread. he &ill arri+e at 3 &ith su%%i!ient 8 to be able to %lip o+er into A. Well that means he>s out some&here alon" the line. that you !an ha+e solo auditin" at 8LEW. *o reality on 3. 0t>s a%%inity that runs on up %rom there. And &hen you "et up into ..

but that does not ta-e that lon" to handle.. Jratitude.. S!io are so used to auditin" o+er the top o% stu%% that they do not @$* as easy. .. 9o+e. Control and 0nte"rity. The po&nt Sc&entolo. Jratitude. 4no&led"e 2Communi!ation. 0 ha+e !ra!-ed so many !ases by "oin" ba!. 4no&led"e 2Communi!ation. 2A%%inity5...22-042$ 0>m +ery "lad that>s &hat happens %or you on an @$*. Appre!iation. 9o+e.5 8esponsibility.5 the !lient>s %irst session or e+en Eust be%ore that and %indin" &hat &as missed. states and Te!h. . 28eality.I hate to say th&s !ut th&s &s utter !ullsh&tF Th&s &s not Tech th&s &s sell&n.5 8esponsibility. E+en on a -ey out @$* you "et a simultaneous upsur"e o% the to decl&ne $as $hen they Eu&t aud&t&n. Control and 0nte"rity. Appre!iation. But aren>t you doin" a bit o% sellin" here tooH That is the standard phenomena o% an @$*.evaluat&n. Publi! people are easy to "et that type o% @$* &ith the resultant in!reases in Presen!e. These do not !ome about at di%%erent le+els..y !e.'7 Bn!e the person buys the !on!ept 2not dis!o+er it %or themsel+es5 he then sells it to someone else be%ore lon" the &hole subEe!t is in%e!ted &ith %alse items. 28eality. Truth. 2A%%inity5. and started sell&n.F At the moment o% an @$* 2true one5 you simultaneously "et a hu"e sur"e in Presen!e.5 1armony. Truth. Alan Post #100 200*0.

Alan Thread 154+: !&ace %&era@ . E+en po&er%ul re"in" !an !ause a hu"e @$*.. 0 lo+e ta-in" a do" p! and turnin" them into a 8olls 8oy!e. We ha+e a loose asso!iation o% %riends sharin" -no&led"e relationship. 0 &ould immediately be "i+en all the do" p!s. 6ou do "et a lon" term !ontinuity to &hat &or-s and &hat doesn>t.22-04$8 The greatest Jo 0 used to put mysel% in the @la" 1JC as an auditor &hen 0 !ame to the ship on Mission brea-s. What you &rote abo+e appears to be %airly !onsistent &ith &hat most o% us ha+e %ound to be true. All "ames attempt to -eep their opponents %rom -no&in" their next mo+e. Most >old time> te!hies lon" a"o dropped the %alse S!io brid"e most also pro!essed &hat !ame to +ie& simply pro!essin" the li%e in %ront o% you &hi!h mainly !onsists o% simply %indin" and holo"raphi!ally erasin" the un&anteds. stupidity and mass are uni?uely di%%erent on ea!h o% us.B%ten the hu"e @$* &as missed &hilst readin" a boo. many lon"er. Almost all &ere s!re&ed up in their be"innin" sessions or Eust be%ore then.. Post #10$ 200*0. As you !an ima"ine there is a +ast di%%eren!e bet&een someone &ho has had a !ouple o% hundred hours o% pro!essin" to one &ho has had tens o% thousands o% hours. !on%usion. Alan Post #145 200*08$0-2$40 7o8 gods &la games 1o& !an you play a "ame &hen you are as "odH That is &hy the "ree-s lo+ed their hemi demi semi "ods.hrist ... But %or ea!h o% us &hat &e ha+e run into had +astly di%%erent !onse?uen!es.... Simple you -eep the other "od %rom -no&in". .. That to me is the "reatest Eoy..the p!s that no one !ould do mu!h &ith. So e+en i% one -ne& the exa!t &ay out it still has to be run. as the e%%e!ts and !onse?uen!es o% &hat o!!urred and that &hi!h lo!-s up the !har"e....ults and /ltered Im&ortance Post #11+ 200*082+-2224 Bne o% the >lu!-y> aspe!ts o% my bein" around this "ame so lon" is that there are many >old time> te!hies that ha+e been pro!essin" %or as lon" as 0 ha+e.or e+en 2"od %orbid5 %rom another pra!ti!e.

. They are senior. %or %inite times. Abo+e that you start experien!in" Bmni So+erei"nty &hi!h is the !onne!tion and !o !reation &ith li-e spiritually !onne!ted bein"s at this le+el you !an %ully experien!e all di!hotomies and easily and !om%ortably o!!upy any +ie& point dimension point or an!hor point plus your spheres o% in%luen!e &ould be ?uite +ast. Jet rid o% meter dependen!y. Alan Thread 15. 1onor your indi!ators..A team o% !hampions 2"ods5 -no& &hat ea!h are "oin" to do and do it..e# 4no&led"e +s 0"noran!e Presen!e +s Absen!e 9o+e +s 1ate Jood +s Bad Truth +s 9ies Mastery +s 0n!ompeten!y et!.. 7ire!t obser+ation is %ar better.there &as L in!hes o% spa!e bet&een ea!h session.take 2 Post #8 200*0. Alan Thread 15*2: /n interesting &rocess . &hi!h is de%ined as bein" \all\ the players in the "ame. Bn!e you are Pan 7etermined the Jame "ets mu!h better as you are no lon"er in+ol+ed in &innin" or losin" as you !annot help but &in thus you mo+e out o% the opponen!y o% A&ho>sA to the hi"her ?uality opponen!y o% A&hat>s.. This is a -ey out pro!ess. &ith %inite results..11-1*0* Thro8 the meter a8a Personally 0 &ould thro& the meter a&ay.: T &ical Aa on the 2P5 Post #* 200*082$-0245 Bn the Bri"inal S1SBC &e !o audited in the Chapel usually there &ere around 30 !o audit teams. Alan Post #150 200*08$1-1$1+ The >"oal> o% S!ientolo"y is >Pan 7eterminism>.. James are usually in %inite lo!ations...the %un &as &hen a p! &ould "et o%% a &ithhold it &ould tri""er a similar &$h in the sessions next door it &ould tra+el to one o% the other sessions o%ten it &ould tra+el around the room. A%ter a %e& &ee-s e+eryone -ne& about e+eryone else made %or a !lose %un "roup... *ot a lot o% room %or >"ames> there..A i.

Joals. 0 !annot say &ith !ertainty that &hat 0 %ound is the &ay it is as my samplin" is too small. The 9>s are bad %or ta-in" you into these other uni+erses. A!tually the @a!tors do not !o+er be%ore the be"innin". 0 -no& in !leanin" up lots o% ABTA le+el p!s they had run into these phenomena and it !aused a "reat deal o% !ase han" up. Prior to the Co Existen!e uni+erse there appears to be other uni+erses &hi!h ma-es me belie+e 2thou"h no proo% &hatsoe+er5 that &e ha+e been doin" this Jame Playin" %or a +ery lon" time. 2ps# 0s the physi!al uni+erse !ir!ularH And &here is the endH 0s it really in%initely expandin"H5 0% you "et really exterior you &ill see the P3 li-e a "olden spinnin" ball. &hi!h are you re%errin" toH The physi!al uni+erseH Sounds li-e it. spa!e. 0% &e ta-e the Abe%oreA area &e !ould start &ith a !o existent uni+erse o% spirit. Many people %rom many di%%erent philosophies ha+e seen this phenomena. 3ni+erses bet&een the Co Existen!e 3ni+erse and the Physi!al 3ni+erse. 0dentities. ener"y and matter. Apparently they both had the same item and &ere %i"htin" as to &ho>s it &as. But 981 does not di%%erentiate them yet that is later in the %a!tors. @or time to exist there must be a spa!e %or it to exist in. 0 ne+er thou"ht about uni+erse on that.9ots o% &ild thin" happened in those !o audits my %a+orite &as a %ist %i"ht bro-e out bet&een the p! and the auditor o+er an item. But &hen you are re%errin" to uni+erse. Alan Thread 1+15: The 5actors Post #+ 200*0825-02$8 (e"ore the beginning 0 "uess 0 assumed be%ore the be"innin" &as be%ore thetans. There appears to be (. time. Alan . 0t is important to -no& &hat these uni+erse are as you ha+e probably !ollided &ith them durin" di%%erent session phenomena. Ea!h o% these uni+erses are !omposed o% di%%erin" %orms o% James.

/." That>s %rea-y almost +erbatim &hat 0 &rote.!om$Text@iles$Sour!es Tree. exist. Alan Post #14 200*082+-111$ Process "rom the &ositi#e There &as that other "uy by the name o% Moses ba!. http#$$&&&." The basi! a!tion o% pro!essin" is to unsti!. and others became embodied in all forms of matter. Alan Post #1.Post #11 200*0825-1. "The core idea of the Shevirat HaKelim is that the Totality was shattered at the moment of creation (mirroring the ig ang Theory!. "Some returned.&or-o%the!hariot. "holy spar#s" flew off in all directions. and others became embodied in all forms of matter. "enerated by it. Pro!essin" %rom the ne"ati+e -eeps you dramatiCin" bein" AshatteredA. . 0t>s a &ha!-in" "reat onionD 9ayer &ithin layer &ithin layer o% di%%erin" bio me!hani!al la& 3ni+erses &ith your PT sel% identity in the !enter !ore and your hi"her pure spirita surroundin" it. So." "rom this arose the idea of Ti##un $lam.the bein" %rom &hat AmatterA they are embodyin".000 years a"o &ho splained it in similar terms a%ter his AE on the mountain. 0% you understand the AShatterin"A or AThe Bi" Ban"A and its e%%e!t on unity you !an easily see &hy there !annot be a standard brid"e out %or anyone. A parallel in 'haos Theory is the concept of a "disturbed system" that strives to revert to a former condition of (uasi)stationary e(uilibrium. one !ould be &ithin a !ertain AlayerA o% P3 loo-in" at rest o% the Ainside layersA o% P3. "rom this inflationary event. theoreti!ally." in which all the holy spar#s return to the state of unity that preceded the creation of the universe. The bein"ness !alled Na thetanO exists as lon" as the !y!les o% a!tion. or the "%erfection of the &orld. All it is sayin" is that Na !y!le o% a!tion !omes into bein"O and it &ill be as lon" it &ill be. "Some returned.08 This series may extend to in%inity in either dire!tion. To do that you must pro!ess %rom the stron"est point o% unity or &holeness on the bein" you must pro!ess %rom the positi+e. 200*0828-0*4* 5actor #2 In the beginning and "ore#er B B B This %a!tor is sel% e+ident.html Than-s %or the url.

et!..0 should be et!. @irst the Spiritual Bein" is dis!ombobulated %rom the Shatterin" then this dumb de!ision had nothin" to !ompare anythin" to.. &hy don>t you run this periodH Apparently the Ashatterin"A is an un!on%rontable episode %or you. !har"e. 6ou are a bi"otD A subtle bi"ot. Strai"htened a lot o% !rap up. 0t !an last %or a +ery lon" time in some !ases they ne+er did de!ide to !e. Wlon" !omments re @a!tor :( snippedX 8eally Pinnaire instead o% "uessin". Whi!h BTW %loats in time.0t may be sel% e+ident to you but 0 doubt i% it is experien!ed..)( then a"ain doin" Expanded 7ianeti!s. Alan Post #42 200*0. The only problem is the pure Shattered 2stu!.e+er had a bro-en heartH Ruite a Ashatterin" e+entDA Br. Behind that A"entleA %a!ade is a bein" %ull o% ra"e and hate a bein" &ho %ears po&er and %or!e %ears their o&n po&er and %or!e.. but none the less a bi"ot...... 6ou use &ords and si"ni%i!an!e as a psy!hi! &eapon. A &eapon to be superior. .yet you !an obser+e its later similars in your e+eryday li%e.02-1+5... This area is possibly one o% the most !har"ed areas on most !ases. 0 su""ested you &ord !lear the AbibleA be!ause you ha+e !ontinuously atta!-ed &hat is in it..01-1+0. *n the beginning and forever is the decision and the decision is T$ +.A Br. to ma-e yoursel% ri"ht and others &ron". There !an be thousands o% di!hotomous sel% listin" ?uestions resultin" in an immense ball o% ! a hu"e loss o% unity5 Spiritual Essen!e has no idea o% &hat to beD Conse?uently there is a tremendous amount o% sel% listin" What should 0 beH 0 !ould be this or that or 0 don>t -no& or &hat do you thin. e+er %ound out you &ere part o% a loonie CultH Another ?uite Ashatterin" e+ent. e+er been %lun-ed unEustlyH Another Ashatterin" e+entDA Alan Post #++ 200*0. A &eapon to nulli%y %or!e and po&er. 0 %irst ran into this area doin" a PTS 8$7 in .. thus the de!ision is a %irst postulate. %or!e and mass.

/. There are no A"entle bein"sA only those bein"s !apable o% total destru!tion and !reation# Total destru!tion o% &hat has been !reated = As is ness = *o opposition = At one &ith. 3. an arran"ement o% elements in a !ir!uit that per%orm spe!i%i! %un!tions.: !cientolog Tech 1#aluated Post #* 200*0825-1150 The !cio bridge Wlon" &rite ups snippedX Jreat &rite up 7a+idD The Ano& brid"eA loo-s so s-impy. A situation or surroundin" substan!e &ithin &hi!h somethin" is !reated.04-0414 Ae"inition o" >atri) 1e is des!ribin" a Matrix.+ 200*0. ori"inates. Alan Thread 1+2.A 0 %ind it hard to belie+e that this >mess> is the purported &ay out. a pla!e &ithin &hi!h somethin" is de+eloped or %ormed. This !reates spa!e. So many omitted pro!esses. What a pity the A!apture to pilotA 27M is the pilot5 starts so soon on the Ano& brid"e.Simply put# W1AT 6B3 BPPBSE 0S W1AT 6B3 B*CE WE8E 4and still co!ertly are. MAT80V is# . Alan Post #8$ 200*0. Post #. BTW 0>m not auditin" youD 0t>s !alled !oa!hin". Creation = Brin"in" somethin" into bein" = Existen!e = !onne!tion or separation.. #mad# The EP o% this is to ne+er &ant auditin" a"ainD *e+er really ha+in" had auditin" in the %irst pla!e. . is %ormed or !ontained. The %irst step o% !reatin" somethin" %rom nothin" 2the %ormless substan!e5 is to !reate an outer shell or !ontainer. metals. (.05-0444 There &as this "uy a !ouple o% thousand years a"o that stated# AThe 4in"dom o% 1ea+en is &ithin. su!h as type.5. a mold in &hi!h matter is !ast in relie%.A 0% you ta-e the pure essen!e o% the %ormless Spirit as the pre hea+en state then all the !reated hea+ens &ould be &ithin. <. any natural material in &hi!h %ossils. !an be %ound. !rystals. et!.

disperse people To set people %ree so they !ontrol their o&n uni+erses you need to %ind &hat they &ant and help them "et it.5 200*0828-0814 Wants are all based on e"o.HHHH The playin" o% ordinary "ames be!omes as di%%i!ult as !hoosin" &hat to &at!h on TP or &hat to eat %or dinner.Alan Post #5$ 200*082*-04$2 2ising !cale Processes There is a point &here you master humanoid identities and "o beyond humanoid "ames beyond A&hoA based "ames into A&hatA type "ames and on!e they are bein" able to !reate or !ease to !reate at &ill... Alan Post #55 200*082*-0524 To control &eo&le B B B To !ontrol people you need to tri+ialiCe e+erythin".e# Conne!ted to ha+in" a Su!!ess%ul$Prosperous$1appy 9i%e &hat are you &illin" to !ommuni!ate aboutH Et!. My ans&er to that &ould be you ha+e to unsubmer"e the E"os and substitute E"os brin" them ba!.. The only problem is the Jrades short !han"e the p!. The ones that ta-e the most time to handle are the in!omplete ones. Alan Post #. Alan Post #.$ 200*0828-0*1$ 4rades E -%Ts 1a+e you e+er run 8isin" S!ale Pro!essesH 0t is -ey to unlo!-in" spe!i%i! &ants and restorin" them ba!. i. !reate di+ersions.. . A study o% 8isin" S!ale Pro!esses &hi!h &ere the basis %or the early "ames pro!esses &as +ery !lose to !orre!t ex!ept it approa!hed areas %rom the &ron" position. The Jrades are a sort o% 8isin" S!ale Pro!ess that run &ell i% you use the &ant as a pre%ix.into existen!e rise ea!h up to a le+el o% mastery then de!ide i% you &ant to hold onto them or let them "o. P! &ants a Su!!ess%ul$Prosperous$1appy 9i%e... #2 Also Bn!e the p! is &innin" handlin" and ha+in" %un &ith entities *BTS type pro!essin" should then be used only &hen needed more as a rud.

0t seemed to me the Ano& *BTsA is +ery limited in s!ope. plus trainin" both Te!h and Admin 0 %elt 0 &as trainin" a lar"e ?uantity o% bein"s ea!h as a!!omplished as me some e+en better. "randeur or &hate+er. and suppressi+e +alen!es &ere dupli!ated and erased.1ubbard and 7M set up their -ey points o% dominationH Bne o% the &ays &as to -ill any ori"inations by !allin" it s? the A"olden olden daysA o% S!io it &as ?uite o-ay and sa%e to be nuts. Worse it is used to ma-e you &ron".00..L( 0 ha+e %ound that the !orre!t thin" is to handle &hat appears. s?ualid. Alan Post #210 200*0. spe!trum. 7urin" my studiesI super litera!y.02-0148 !to& resisting !P identities: the erase Ba!.01-1514 The Ph sical <ni#erse is a s&iritual sanctuar 1as it e+er o!!urred to you that bein" in a body in the physi!al uni+erse &as in %a!t a ASpiritual TherapyA pro!edureH That the P3 is a ASpiritual AsylumA &here the most looniest o% loony AentitiesA are expe!ted to inhabit bodies in order to enhan!e their therapy.01-0*1+ 1ntities 1a+in" been a&are o% AentitiesA %or most o% my li%e and ha+in" handled my *BTs !ase in *o+. piss poor PT. That +isitors 2ASpiritual entitiesA5 %rom outside the P3 spa!e and time o%ten !ome to obser+e ho& their eternal but dama"ed %riends and lo+ed ones are doin". @urther 0 ha+e ne+er %elt 0 &as alone but part o% a team thus 0 had teams that !ould !o pro!ess ea!h other 0 -no& o% many &ho handle AentitiesA this &ay.0% you let them all "o or not is them you !an expe!t to li+e in a +ery untidy.. These body inhabitants &ere sent here to "et better. Today that is all resisted. . Alan Post #2$4 200*0. e+il.01-0*$8 Aomination b calling originations s. Post #22+ 200*0. Alan Post #21$ 200*0. Pity really be!ause there are some +ery sa++y bein"s &ho lo+e to help and -eep one mo+in" up&ard . and rea!h. 0n the P3 these looniest o% loony AentitiesA &ith bodies !an adopt all sorts o% absurd identities and play amaCin"ly stran"e "ames and don all manners o% uni%orms and dis"uises in order to a!t out their insanities. .uirrel 1o& do you thin. et!. AEntitiesA span the spe!trums %rom the hi"hest le+els to the most de"raded a +eritable . their delusions o% importan!e. e+il and suppressi+eI !onse?uently the nutty. &hen it appears.

Alan Post #2+2 200*0. Alan Post #244 200*0. An As!ension Experien!e usually o!!urs &hen a bein" has separated %rom their !reations and !ounter !reations. This also applies to anyone &ho has experien!ed an As!ension Experien!e.learing The uni+ersal lan"ua"e o% the Spirit is holo"raphi! ima"ery and !on!epts. . 2pause5 then be &illin" to obser+e and permeate ea!h thou"ht. it !ould &ell apply to all %orms o% meditation. Bn!e the AE has been lo!ated the bein" needs to be pro!essed %rom that hi"h le+el or positi+e state. other&ise you>re trainin" to be!ome a spe!tator in li%e.05-04$5 / com&leted 3i"e 2e&air means B B B 9i%e repair is another pie!e o% Te!h that has been submer"ed to medio!rity or &orse ?ui!-ied or omitted !ompletely. Conse?uently there are +ast ?uantities o% -no&led"e that are stored holo"raphi!ally this is una+ailable unless you ha+e the holo"raphi! understandin" o% &hat you ha+e tapped into.0$-224$ 7ologra&hic Word . e?uanimously. 6ou ha+e a +ery "ood point here. S!io pro!essin" and trainin" a!tually buries the bein" into their !reations and !ounter !reations. ABe &illin" to be more present. sensation or pi!ture as it appearsDA As 0 pro!ess the Buddhist mon-s all 0 am doin" is !leanin" up &hat they ha+e restimulated and %ailed to permeate durin" their meditation o+er the years. 0t is the lan"ua"e !ommon to all bein"s do&n throu"h time.Bne o% the &onder%ul thin"s about bein" de!lared suppressi+e and bein" out o% S!io &as it &as no& o-ay to stop resistin" SP identities# !onse?uently they be"an to erase. Alan Post #25$ 200*0. This o% !ourse spans the spe!trum o% all -no&n !ase !onditions and phenomena that has been %ound to exist o+er the years.04-1241 PermeateF 0>+e thin-in" about doin" T8 0 by obser+in" all pleasant and unpleasant sensations as they turned on. 1olo"raphi! Word Clearin" unlo!-s the Codes o% 4no&led"e that &e ha+e stored %or %uture use. 0 &ould add in the permeate step. 1olo"raphi! Word Clearin" plus li%e experien!es "i+es you a tremendous boost in in+estin" and &or-in" smart and helps you ?ui!-ly a!hie+e mastery o+er many subEe!ts. in %a!t.

Thus a !ompleted 98 means you ha+e your li%e purposes ali"ned to be in a%%luen!e or po&er %or the lon" that point you !an let "o o% it or -eep it at &ill.. 0>m al&ays appalled that the so !alled BTs li+e su!h poor PT existen!es.. Thus a !ompleted 98 means you ha+e your li%e Set 3p in su!h a&ay that you do more "ood and be o% more help &hi!h a"ain &ill allo& you to be in a%%luen!e or po&er %or the lon" term.%or &hen you o&n somethin" it also o&ns you.. Thus a !ompleted 98 means you ha+e your li%e Set 3p to be in a%%luen!e or po&er %or the lon" term. This in!ludes all spirits.it5 at &ill. et!.. This in!ludes all minds.. The EP o% this is an at one &ith ea!h = &hi!h brin"s about the restoration o% 9o+e.. #2 Alan Post #2+8 200*0. 4no&led"e.05-150* %8nershi& B&nership is the -ey to e+erythin". This in!ludes all bodies... This in!ludes all ener"ies.this sets you %ree o% it !ontrollin" you...%or &hen you !an o&n somethin" 2be it %ully5 you ha+e po&er o% !hoi!e o+er it. A &ithholdin"ness is a restraint o% sel% and a restraint o% rea!h. This in!ludes all obEe!ts. This in!ludes all up5 or !ease to !reate it 2unmo!.. @or most it is the omittan!e o% a !omplete hi"h ?uality 9i%e 8epair..5 .... Thus permeation is the ability to !reate a per%e!t holo"raphi! dupli!ation o% ea!h parti!le !ontained in ea!h thou"ht and the subse?uent !reations and !ounter !reations that they brin" into bein"..Bb+iously there are di%%erent ?ualities o% 9i%e 8epair. BrI you !an !reate it 2mo!. Thus a !ompleted 98 means you ha+e your li%e restraints and rea!h restraints remo+ed and your presen!e. 8esponsibility. Truth. 0nte"rity. 42hich you will fully experience as and are simultaneously all pure spiritual essence and are of formless substance. This in!ludes all spa!es. The eradi!ation o% !ontinuous harm%ul a!ts allo&s you to %o!us and produ!e "ood or help%ul e%%e!ts... 7one &ell it means you li+e most o% your li%e in a%%luen!e or better. rea!h and a!tion le+els are &ithout reser+ation &hi!h in turn allo&s you to be in a%%luen!e or po&er %or the lon" term. A problem is basi!ally intention or %or!e +>s !ounter intention or !ounter %or!e... An 3pset is a !ollapsed Set 3p.

<0 @ran!hises but 981 %elt threatened by me..0+-0452 @ran!hises usually ran on a %oundation type s!hedule !ourses ran ( ni"hts a &ee-. All the "reat master pro!essors 0 ha+e e+er -no&n al&ays pro!essed to "et rid o% their !lients that is to ma-e the !lients &illin" to %ully o&n sel% and be sel% su%%i!ient to the point they no lon"er needed the pro!essor.on rehabilitatin" the spirit %irst until the bein" !an %ully o&n itsel%. We &ere set to open another .000 %ully paid %or.000 people in the .. The < or L part time sta%% &ould help out in simple tas-s.0 !lass P0s.0$ A &ell done 9i%e 8epair &ould most li-ely produ!e a produ!t that &ould %ind out Eoinin" the SB or any Br" %ull time &as a solution to a problem.thus they &ould route out. These &ere people &ho bou"ht maEor ser+i!es or attended ?uarterly &ee-end seminars..The minds are ser+o !reated me!hanism units to %or&ard the bein">s purposes. but not started S1SBCs.. An ethi!al C$S &ould C$S that %or the person.L.. 0 had o+er a .. re". Alan Post #282 200*0.00. St 9ouis around . S!io does not do that. El Paso .. Atlanta 3<0.thus it has be!ome one o% the bi""est spirit traps possible. 0 &as !har"ed &ith attemptin" to ta-e o+er S!ioD .. all home "ro&n usually they split <0$<0 &ith ea!h other that is hal% &ould be doin" their next step$hal% on post. Be+ 1ills around .. 1ubbard re%used to let anyone o&n any part o% S!io.(0. 3sually had ( or 3 auditors &ho &ould audit durin" day.. 4ansas City /<0. When you %ully o&n sel% you let "o o% sel% and thus are &illin" to help others o&n themsel+es. *o EBs . There%ore it is +ital to &or.L00.<0. B+er a period o% < years &e built up to 30 Class P000s and . They are se!ondary to the spirit. 7allas ..00.05-1. *6 West End around L00. San 7ie"o$9a'olla around <00.0 @ran!hises. By . Boston had about .. Alan Post #2*$ 200*0.00.0 @ran!hises that &ay had a personnel pool o% around ). This &or-ed +ery &ell 0 built . *e& Brleans .

Most o% your bi" Mission 1olders &ere Bri"inal S1SBC Jrads. Alan Post #$08 200*0.2 200*0.000s o% hours o% !o audit pro!essin". This &as a steady expansion. 6+onne Jilham built CC into a po&erhouse by the same methods..Alan PS# Bur @ran!hises alone &ould !reate around (.08-054* 0 "uess the lo&er le+el "rades deli+ered are really Eust "roup pro!essin". and the p!>s run shallo&er and shallo&er as the en+ironment "ot more dan"erous %rom the &a!-y SB and JB mismana"ement. that set people up properly so they !ould !ontinue.0*-0045 3i"e 2e&airs All o% S!ientolo"y up until the Jrades !ame into existen!e did expanded 9i%e 8epairs. Peter and EliCabeth Williams did the same in Melbourne at one time it &as the most su!!ess%ul Br" in the World. The Bri"inal S1SBC &as all 9i%e 8epair type pro!essin" until you "ot onto the T 3nit and ran JPMs. Bthers don>t a"ree &ith me.08-0+08 7o8 to handle the -%Ts case BTW. 0 personally belie+e that a person>s A*BTs !aseA is !omplete &ith the handlin" o% a hand%ul o% atta!hments. Alan Post #$10 200*0. 7i%%erent %ol-s di%%erent stro-es. Post #2. These &ere the "uys that built S!io. 7a+e and 9ee E!-er built *6 Br" into a hu"e po&erhouse by settin" their people up properly. AB090T0ES and PE8CEPT0B*S also into present time. . Bob Thomas. So &ho is the primary thetan runnin" the bodyH Br is there oneH The lo&er le+el Jrades a!t to !lean up layers o% semi a&are entiities. 0t is in!redible to &at!h the deterioration o% the Te!h.. Most had . @indin" the bein" in !har"e is &here &ell run BbEe!ti+es !ome inD The purpose o% the BbEe!ti+es is to brin" the P80ME 0* C1A8JE BE0*J 0*TB P8ESE*T T0ME P93S B80*J 0TS SP080T3A9 PBWE8S.000 &ell hatted on the basi!s S!io>s a year 0 &ould -eep around a .00 a year the rest &ould be a+ailable %or up line Br"s.

0 &ill sear!h some more.A 1ubbard &as +ery a&are o% the abo+e he mentions this !on!ept on se+eral tapes. This is a bit spoo-ie. Alan Thread 1+50: International 2emote Oie8ing .!om. The more !har"ed a !ase is the more opponents they ha+e it is a d&indlin" s!ale o% opponen!y. The most optimum &ay seems to be handle it &hen it appears. A0t is essential to ha+e a tan"ible enemy.tapes in &hi!h he sele!ts di%%erent opponents.!learin". *either !an 0 %ind any !opies on my !omputer.on mass reli"ious mo+ements. Alan Thread 1++1: True (elie#ers and the G&resentG Post #* 200*082. Pat &as in the 3SJB. 0 %ound that by the end o% the &ee. 0 ha+e &ritten up se+eral stories in re"ards Pat Pri!e most posted on alt.on"erence Post #1+ 200*0828-0$2* Pat Price 0 -ne& Pat Pri!e ?uite &ell he and 0 pra!ti!ed 8Pin" to"ether in the late L0>s.8i"ht item %or some &ron" item %or others. 0 !an>t %ind any o% them. . Most o% 1ubbard>s tapes are atta!. Eri! 1o%%er &rote# . The True Belie+er. 1al Putho%% &as also -no&n to me. . not merely an abstra!t one.-1541 5alse o&&onents 0n his !lassi! boo. . Alan Post #21 200*0828-1+2+ 0 &ould lo+e to hear your story on Pat as &ell. 0n order to ha+e a Jame you must ha+e an opponent. As 0 &as at the maEority o% his li+e le!tures 0 %ound that my !ase &ould stall unless 0 indi!ated the A&ron" itemsA that 1ubbard "a+e me durin" his le!tures. Alan.0 &ould be anti almost e+erythin".

Alan Thread 1+*$: 7o8 Aid 9ou 5eel6 Post #1$ 200*08$1-0410 /n %&rah incident So 0 ne+er had to tell my auditors &hat 0 li-e to do in bed. et!. . the taste. 9i%e and li%e a!tions then a!t as a !ontinuous expansion o% your spiritual sel% in present time thus in li%e you are !ontinuously in the ri"ht spa!e at the ri"ht time. . 0t also !auses hu"e losses to both the p! and the auditor. Alan Thread 1+*4: 2easons 8h all the %rgs are em&t Post #. 0t is the true basis o% dynami! meditation. As a person "ets !har"e o%% an area the needle &ill %loat &ider and &ider. 6ou ne+er had an Bprah in!identH That is somethin" that o!!urred in your li%e you &ould hate to ha+e !ome up on the Bprah sho&.So on @riday me and my !o audit partner &ould run# A7urin" the &ee. 0 deal &ith a lot o% hi"h pro%ile !lients.&hat about the smell. the %ri!tion. 200*08$1-0104 Wsnipped lon" post re @$* rede%initionX 0n many &ays this is an arbitrary.. Bne o% the -ey ?uestions 0 as.... The more !har"e o%% the bi""er the %loat.has anyone "i+en you a &ron" opponentHA 4ept me and my partner mu!h saner. the sensations. JeeCD %lu%%y you "ot semi audited. or . the %eelin" What &ouldn>t you &ant the audien!e$spe!tators$"allery to -no& about youH 8eally helps their ability to !on!entrate in %ront o% lar"e +olumes o% audien!es$spe!tators$ or "alleries a%ter that is !leaned up. Alan . be%ore the bein" is !apable o% bein" it.. 0 ne+er had to tell them ho& many hairs 0 had on my le"s. 0t is tellin" the bein" ho& to be. the noises. Conse?uently on a &ell handled !ase the person should experien!e a !ontinuous %loatin" T$A in li%e.

L. Et!. Alan Post #. The term ex s!ientolo"ist o!!urred lon" be%ore SP de!lares.: What is an e) scientologist6 Post #5 200*08$1-0$1.. et!. 0t meant someone &ho on!e had been %airly in+ol+ed and had se+eral ser+i!es and no& no lon"er had mu!h to do &ith S!io.. 200*08$1-0$54 1a+in" on!e been married to S!ientolo"y and 30 years a"o this &ee.Thread 1+*. 200*0. 0% you %ollo& the !lient>s "oals. The "reat pro!essors pro!ess only &hat the !lient &ants..0 separated and then di+or!ed mysel% %rom S!io. &hat the !lient &ants to a!hie+e. 0t>s !alled "ood !ommuni!ation.0 de"ree +e!tor %rom &here the 981 dire!ted te!h is aimed. 0 remember runnin" into ex s!ios in Melb in . 0n my !ase 0 pro!ess the positi+e that is a . To do that you ha+e to lea+e S!io. &ants and interest line you &ill depart %rom &hat 981 &anted.. Alan Post #15 200*08$1-04$4 The problem is# the !on%li!t o% &hat the !lient &ants handled. &hat the !lient is interested in +ersus %ollo&in" &hat 981 &ants.5 0t Eust e+ol+ed. An SP &as an SP nothin" Ex about themD Then !ame so many de!lares it lost its po&er anybody !an be an SP no&daysD Alan Post #. 0 be!ame an Ex Mr S!ientolo"istD As %or usin" bits o% S!io the %a!t is 1ubbard used bits o% most lon" term li%e a!tions an example is pro!esses ha+e been around as lon" as the %irst postulate. Tal-in" to a person in su!h a &ay that they !an understand and "ettin" ans&ers that you !an understand and a!-no&led"in" has been around %or e+er.01-1+24 Wh I &ost There are three reasons 0 post# . 2They !alled themsel+es that..

200*0. More aberrations i% they ha+e a +ery hi"h or +ery lo& Tone Arm and a dirty or 8$Sin" needle.0+-0$1+ Ma-in" money is an ability there is no s!ar!ity its all about bein" in the ri"ht pla!e at the ri"ht time. Alan Post #2$. The -ey to my %uture is the a+ailability o% Te!h Masters. 0% o%% the meterI easily re!o"nised by a "reat deal o% !on%li!t.04-1+58 Would an ex S!ientolo"ist ha+e less aberrations.01-1*$$ The person is the one &ho !reated or !o !reated &ith another or others the +ie&point. %or!e. *o Chan"e i% T$A and needle stu!-. 0% o%% the meterI easily re!o"nised by a "reat deal o% boredom. !ompared to the aberrations he$she had prior to S!ientolo"y experien!eH 9ess aberrations i% they operate &ith a !ontinuous %loatin" Tone Arm and PJ0s in Present Time. To put in pla!e -no&led"e that &hen 0 drop this body 0 &ill hope%ully &arn mysel% to be a&are o% the pit%alls o% S!io and Cults. Could !are less about the %uture. Alan . 0% o%% the meterI easily re!o"nised by a "reat deal o% lo+e. +ery un%riendly and !hroni! lo& mood le+el plus !haoti! en+ironment and losin" in most PT areas o% their li%e. To "i+e mysel% !lues as to the !orre!t &ay to !ontinue to "ro& spiritually. tri+ial and meanin"less !ommuni!ation and li%e a!ti+ities stu!. Alan Post #105 200*0. ar"uments. !har"e and un-no&ns onto and into their PT li%e existen!e. 3... (. Conse?uently this adds more mass. bad temper. To help undo &hat 0 did in the past. Alan Post #225 200*0. 0s also +ery ex!ited about the a monotone mood le+el. !are and a hi"h mood le+el plus &innin" in most PT areas o% their li%e. @rom that +ie&point you "et bein"nesses or identities &hi!h are a substitute %or you. monotonous. or more aberrations.

up %riends %rom out o% to&n at 9A airport..0 &ould snap my %in"ers...usually late at ni"ht..0$-052* When 0 li+ed in Be+erly 1ills 0 &ould o%ten pi!. The subEe!t o% Sto!.to the area you &ant..on lines you !an be honest and say &hen 0 !omplete A&hate+er to masteryA 0>ll ta-e my next step. 0 !harted the MaEor Trends and MaEor Chan"e Points in the World spannin" %rom L000b! to the present. 0% you dro+e at 3( miles an hour you !ould dri+e the %ull len"th o% Wilshire and hit "reen li"hts all the &ay.&ould dri+e alon" at 3( miles an hour...0 &ould al&ays end up tellin" them......2 20080104-1514 0>+e been mostly moti+ated by tryin" to %ind somethin" %rom other AEx>sA that may help me %ind some !ommon "round to help me brid"e the "ap bet&een me and my %amilial A0nsA....point at the o%%endin" li"ht and it &ould turn "reen.. 6ou need a simple plan the easiest &ay to "et alon" &ith people is to %ind out &hat you li-e about them..Post #$.. ... S!io>s are !ompulsi+e "ames !onditioners don>t playD Alan Thread 1+88: !u&ernatural &henomena Post #14 200*0. *eedless to say my out o% to&n +isitors &ere +ery impressed by my BT ability............. ne+er on!e ha+in" to slo& do&n..the li"ht &ould be red...Eust "reen all the &ay.. Then Eust dire!t the !ommuni!ation ba!... based on the Mayan Calendar......mar-et timers..0 &ould ta-e them +ia do&nto&n 9A alon" Wilshire Bl+d....... Alan Thread 1+8.sad to see their %a!es &hen 0 did...the timin" &as set that &ay...... 'ust &rite out a simple list o% those thin"s you !an li-e about them a"ree &ith them and that &hi!h you are &illin" to them about.Mar-et Cy!les and the Elliot Wa+e Prin!iples are based on mu!h o% this.....: The >a an "actor Post #* 200*0... 0t is "ood i% you ha+e your o&n "oals or an area o% passion you are &or-in" on then &hen someone as-s you &hen are you "ettin" ba!.. 0 o% !ourse...04-1+$+ The Mayan !alendar in !ombination &ith the @ibona!!i *umber Se?uen!e is +ery hea+ily studied by many sto!..pretty impressi+e &hen you turn (0 odd red li"ht "reen at the snap and point o% a %in"er...

lo+in" bein". 0nt.A he turned and &al-ed a&ay.-no&led"ism. That &as &ritten in the early <0>s.asp Alan Thread 1*01: > !hort !tor Post #$ 200*0..<0 and 1ubbard did not "et onto unra+elin" implant data until the early L0>s...http#$$&&&. To dire!t their attentionI as. &as standin" alon"side o% me durin" one o% these times.04-1$0+ Aisconnection 7urin" the Jroup Co Pro!essin" at the Mission 1olders meetin"s at %la" and in other di%%erent lo!ations the most !har"ed.!om$main$trends.. Br as-# Ais there anythin" 0 !an help you &ithHA Alan Post #20 200*0.A 0t &as ?uite somethin" to obser+e (L0 people sobbin" their eyes out o+er this subEe!t.0$-054$ To hel& an one B B B To help anyone all you need to do is listen to them. ra"e. 7a+id Mayo. Senior C$S..0+-1*4$ Im&lants are easil run 8ith Aianetics But 7ianeti!s &as &ritten in . Any hal%&it !an obser+e that this Abetrayal o% trustA is a moment o% extreme pain and a"ony to a !arin". To deny this is a maEor !ontributin" %a!tor to the de!line o% S!io or %or that matter any "roup or relationship. All an 0mplant is is an in!ident. %ury and loss that turned on &as this Areportin".them &hat is it they needH Wor. Alan Thread 1*2$: A>'s G-e8G 0uad 4rades Post #$1 200*0. . dis!onne!tion and abandonin" o% %amilies and %riends. *ot trueD 1istory o% Man !o+ers 0mplants.0 pointed out to him Ano& that is &hat 0 !all in session this is bein" missed on all !ases.&ith them to help them "et it.

.A As &ith any spannin" s!ale o% Bein"ness or 0dentity you "et a spannin" o% the spe!trum o% ex!han"es %rom the top o% the Tones 2!harts5 to the bottom o% the Tones.0*-1$4* ?arma W!omments re -arma snippedX This is an important subEe!t to understand %ully.5 The la& o% -arma is the ex!han"e that ta-es pla!e.Easily run &ith 7ianeti!s. 0 &ould "o !ompletely exterior e+en the A+oi!esA in my head enEoyed the sensations 0 &as in the ToneD Alan Post #*8 200*0.A A0 ma-e others unhappy others &ill ma-e me unhappy.A A7o unto others as you &ould &ant done unto you. The purpose o% !reatin" a Bein"ness 20dentity5 is to !ause an ex!han"e to ta-e pla!e. AAs ye so& so shall ye reap. . 4The type of 1eingness or (dentity monitors the intent Ouantity Ouality and !iability of the exchanges. 0 also a!hie+ed the same state as a pro%essional athlete.0*-0055 The %eelin" 20 !ould run %ore+er5 is +ery !ommon to lon" distan!e runners . the runner suddenly "ets a Ase!ond &indA. Alan Post #80 200*0*0*-1*2+ Ao im&lants e)ist6 To say that implants don>t exist is e+aluati+e to say the least. To say that bein"s ha+e *BT been o+er&helmed &ith %or!es and "i+en si"ni%i!an!es *BT o% their !hoosin" is Eust theetie &eetie. i% 0 may be so bold. James monitor types o% Bein"nesses or 0dentities.A A6ou made me &ron" so 0 &ill ma-e you &ron". . 0 lo+ed to %ly o+er the "round 0 !ould run %or hours. a%ter a %eelin" o% bein" utterly exhausted. Alan Post #+$ 200*0. an exhilaratin" burst o% ne& ener"y.A A 0 am sel%less others &ill be sel%less.

on the identities thrust on us by our parents or peers these identities are !alled Aarti%i!ial me>s. ex!ept to "et a startin" point then &e ?ui!-ly !orre!t that and "et to &hat is truly there %or the person..they are amaCin" drills.... 8ou"hly . &as dire!tly under 981.. E+en in!ludin" all o% that there &ere hu"e "aps in the Te!h and Mana"ement. W!omment snippedX 7id 0 e+er say it &as an implantH 0t is a natural %lo& that !omes into bein" on!e you ta-e a position..E!ing Well 0 !an say .ErrD 1e &ho did not implant &ould most li-ely ha+e no e%%e!ts %rom implants. Alan .... 0 !an ha+e my opinions but &hen 0 pro!ess someone they do not play a part.&hat is more they sure expand one>s +ie&pointsD Post #120 200*0.... Simply put the Te!h and Poli!y &as slanted to -eep 981 in !ontrol and to dominate. Then thin"s Eust ma"i!ally un%oldD Alan PS# 0 &ent t&enty times throu"h the CC materials.. @EBC.A They usually are !ontrolled by appro+al most Aarti%i!ial me>sA are appro+al addi!ts.. Alan Post #21* 20080202-1845 327 training and .. 0 !an tell you that nothin" 0>+e seen sin!e then e+en remotely !ompares to that they run out tons o% !on%li!tin" intentions..08-0+2+ /rti"icial me's 0 ha+e &ritten a boo...<S o% my pro!essin" &as dire!tly C$Sed by 981... E+en as an @CC0 at %la" in the early days my !ase &as C$Sed by 981. As %or &hat exists or &hat does not it>s not %or me to say..0S o% my trainin" up to Class P000.

.)( &here sta%% %rom all o+er &ere sent to do the BEC$@EBC.The @EBC is &ay abo+e people>s reality le+el.. 0t is then more o% an implant than a !ourse. one "raduate !ame ba!. That &as +ery &ell ... The -ey ?uestion a%ter the returnees "ot ba!. 9i%e as a sta%% member be!ame more or less intolerable a%ter that e+olution too. That>s &hen and ho& the @ranti! E%%ort To Be Cause Course 2@EBC5 "ot its the +alen!e o% 7M and in!reased the or" s!hedule to . Alan Post #88 200*0..< hours per day add to that the lo& or no pay and it be!ame +ery di%%i!ult to sur+i+e.. they also had sta%% %rom all o+er that &ere sent to do the BEC$@EBC. When they "raduated. But the real problem is i% you ha+e ne+er built a "roup or run a di+ision and had it "ro& under you. The same thin" o!!urred in .to their or"s to be posted in the top exe! posts. A!erbi! at times but !ra!-in" throu"h delusions sometimes ta-es a bit o% snarly impin"ementD Alan Thread 1*48: What is the most %T thing ou ha#e seen ha&&en6 Post #1 200*0. or .14-2104 51(. Stat pushes be!ame horrible.18-000. 0 &as Eust &onderin" i% others experien!ed the same thin" around that same time.08-0+14 1!>( &oster Oeda 0 %ind Peda>s posts to be +ery on the mar-.. they &ere sent ba!..&ere rather shell sho!-ed one o% them so badly that she &as an ex!ellent example o% the 8obotism 1CBB.. The other t&o "raduates that !ame ba!. 0 !ontributed to buildin" /0 missions and ..should ha+e been# Who or &hat are you attemptin" to impressH 0n .pla!e. At my or".Thread 1*$$: !l and Tall 1dg 3urks@ 'IO ' >ag Post #8 200*0. 0t usually is +ery tou"h trainin".( Br"s &hi!h "a+e me tons o% experien!e so 0 breeCed throu"h the !he!-sheets and !ourse. There &as this bi" e+olution say around ...( &here sta%% %rom all o+er &ere sent to do the BEC$@EBC. W@EBCX trainin" must really be brutal to trans%orm three people into su!h poor states o% bein".

There is no &ay an imposter !ould ha+e -no&n me durin" those meetin"s.10-0$48 Jeo%% @ilbert has !laimed at times. 0 ha+e been audited... that there &ere 3 981>s. o+er a period o% se+eral days in 'an .and too. . But nothin" !ompares in po&er or e%%e!ti+eness to the James Matrix 8$7s. 0 don>t e+en thin. 0 ha+e been in !lose proximity to 981 on and o%% sin!e Au" . 0t>s supposed to address Psy!he implantin" on the WTH 80J1T. 0 thinthat is &hat the 8P@ pro"ram should !onsist o%..... 0 &as &ith him in Jibraltar and a!!ompanied him to Southampton &here &e pi!-ed up the 8oyal S!otsman. Alan Thread 1*58: Illness Aue to Aoing %nsel" In Post #1 200*0. 0 &as &ith him in 9as Palmas in B!t ...000>s o% Ser+ @a! !omputations be%ore the Asi!-ie "radesA !ame into bein".: $ 327s Post #2 200*0. *o+ .. 0 don>t belie+e that %or a se!ond. Maybe on the other a!tions li-e V7*. 0 had a brie%in" &ith him in Palen!ia.&here 0 & it -inda "ot lost.. Alan Thread 1*4.. not @P87..L... Su!!umb postulates used to be pi!-ed up in the AoldA time Ser+ @a! handlin".)< he !ame up to me. &e also dis!ussed past e+ents that o!!urred at Saint 1ill and past people &ho &ere on sta%%..00>s to ...L( to *o+ .L). durin" that time span &e !o+ered se+eral do &ith te!h and the %uture o% S! !ourse.)<.14-2104 5P2A Sorry..her on her maiden SB +oya"e into the Mediterranean sea. There has only been the same person in all meetin"s. he &as &al-in" alon" the bea!h !allin" me Alan it &as ?uite dar.L<. 0t>s Eun-. @ull V7* &ill a!tually ta-e you to most o% the Axioms as basi! on the !hain. V7* &ould be !ool. My last meetin" &ith him &as in 7ayton. @lorida. The ArealA one ha+in" disappeared in .. V7* is a &onder%ul 8$7 espe!ially i% you !an run holo"raphi!ally it ta-es +ery little to tea!h the p! ho& to run holo"raphi!ally.. That &as &hen &e ran . audited mysel% and C$Sed T1B3SA*7S and T1B3SA*7S o% hours o% @P87.that te!h &as properly %i"ured out be%ore it &as put into use. @P87 is !rap. but su!!umb postulates are not handled on @P87. @ilbert# 0 !o+ered in an earlier post. but 0 &as smo-in" a !i"ar he smelt the !i"ar smo-e. But it !ollided &ith the Jreat S!hism. 0t ne+er does$did.

9i%e 8epair. 1e &as %ull o% Eoy and bubblin" &ith lau"hter. 1e +isited me a %e& days a%ter his death. The di%%erent !olors approximate the Tones !olors. Thread 1**1: / 0uestion "or 7ai. the "uy that 981 stole study te!h %rom.lass PIIs and . Charles &as a Te!h Master.or"$TibeteBoo-e7eade&eb.11-0*0+ 1as anyone else had re!urrin" ni"htmares sin!e lea+in"H *o you>re not a total %rea-D 0t is ?uite !ommon many ha+e reported ha+in" ni"htmares about S!io.lass 12 Post #+4 200*0. Alan Post #15 200*0. Thread 1**+: . 200*0.14-1552 The 9>s are a Te!h &ithin a Te!h. All the Jrades.pd% This is a &onder%ul boo-.1+-0418 Charles Berner. et!. (et8een 3i#es im&lant stations 0 ha+e %ound no e+iden!e &hatsoe+er that bet&een li%e implant stations presently exist.o% the 7eadA 0t is a+ailable in P7@ %ormat here# http#$$&&&. Than-s %or postin" this.0n the James Matrix 8$7s all the abo+e are in!orporated plus hitherto un-no&n te!h. The JPM Te!h is the S!io !ore basi! Te!h. Alan Thread 1*+0: -ightmares Post #2 200*0. Mu!h more li-ely sel% implantation. 9>s. 1e than-ed me %or tellin" his story.!harlesberner.u and %thers Post #.1*-0*0. and &ho &as the tar"et o% an in%amous AmissionA led by Btto 8oos to A!a+e him and his "roup inA by dramatiCin" the 8L ban-. Exdn. are desi"ned . has a re &rite o% AThe Tibetan Boo. *o matter &hat le+el o% Te!h you are on you are doin" a Te!h &ithin a Te!h.

st pla!e. 4no&led"e. et!. Conse?uently &hen one indi+idual or team has the parti!le 2%ootball. 3sually this is %ound durin" an As!ension Experien!e. .. Ea!h has built a %air bit o% the ori"inal S!io stru!ture. Bb+iously the Jame is bi""er than the -ey out JPM items. slo&.14-185. The Aidentity pa!-a"eA and the rea!ti+e mind are late on the !hain.5.. Po&er. Alan Post #*2 200*0. Thus the Jame is more basi! or the earlier bi""er en!ompassin" postulate. What else prior &ere bein"s doin" &hen they hit !on%usionH And &hat did you dis!o+er &as the A%irst postulateAH An identity is a position in a Jame. The main reason %or that &as it &as positioned in!orre!tly. Ea!h has "one onto %airly su!!ess%ul li+es outside S!io. Example# @ootball 2a ba" o% &ind5. 9o+e. . 6ou must position the p! %rom its hi"hest !on%ront point. nulli%y or ta-e the parti!le a&ay %rom them and !ontrol the parti!le in su!h a &ay that they &in the Jame. 6ou !annot undo JPMs %rom the ne"ati+es sides... @indin" it is one thin". 9u!-ily there is a &hole team o% us mostly Class P000>s and abo+e &ho are /0 to <0 year +eterans o% the Te!h. *eedless to say that has !aused me to ha+e to re+ie& e+ery pie!e o% Te!h that 0 ha+e ori"inated and &hat S!io ori"inated.0 months a"o 0 %inally %ound and unlo!-ed the se+eral pie!es that &ere omitted. baseball.. Most James ha+e a Aparti!leA that both indi+iduals or teams &ant.. A%ter &or-in" on this solidly %or nearly <0 years about . A Jame has t&o or more sides. 6ou !an audit that stu%% %or e+er it is not basi!. The problem &ith the JPM Te!h is that it &as ne+er !ompleted.. tennis ball. *obel PriCe. Post #100 200*0. &hen a person is !on%used they !reate an identity to "et throu"h or handle that !on%usion. They are (nd postulate !reations. Jold Medal.runnin" it is ?uite somethin" else..15-1224 Alan.the opposition indi+idual or team attempts to stop.

!oa!hin". 0n S!io Stats and Status be!ame the most important Aparti!lesA in the Jame. pro!essin" and li+e a!tions in order to "ain the s-ills.15-1$0$ Wsnip !omments re Class P000 tape :. There &ere < Br" Class P000 students that had their AJrades. 0t &as 981 at his di!hotomous best. 0ndi+idual So+erei"n teams = ea!h team is in opposition to ea!h other = The End Produ!t is the &inner o% the Super Bo&l. on Standard Te!hX At the same time he deli+ered this le!ture he &as institutin" the most horri%i! ?ui!-yin" o% the Te!h. The ori"inal Aparti!leA o% the S!io Jame &as truth or -no&led"e. and BT 9e+els up to BT 000 put inA in less than < hours o% auditin". abilities.5 Post #102 200*0.0n the *@9 = The Bmni So+erei"n Jame o% Ameri!an %ootball is split into (. then there is !ompetition %or ea!h position. Alan PS# 1a+e you e+er &ondered &hy billions o% people &at!h others !hasin" ba"s o% &ind in their under&earH That is be!ause the Aparti!leA has been made +ery important. This ta-es ?uite a lot o% studyin". 0t &as the Class P000 !ourse that exported the ?ui!-ie "rades and horri%i! abuses to the outer Br"s. 0t is this Bmni So+erei"nty +ersus indi+idual So+erei"nty +ersus indi+idual positions that the uni+erses &ere !reated as playin" %ields %or. 1is &ords appeared "reat his a!tions &ere abysmal. 0n order to erase or re!o+er po&er o% !hoi!e o+er the James and Be 7o 1a+e or B&n the Aparti!leA and the re&ards %or doin" this you need to re!o+er the ability to !reate or !ease to !reate ea!h pie!e o% that spe!i%i! Jame and uni+erse at &ill. Alan . no& more important than the players and no& more important than the ethi!s or ?uality o% ho& the playin" o% the Jame should be played. trainin". Thus you ha+e James &ithin James. -no& ho& and experien!es to master ea!h pie!e and ea!h intera!tion until you !an !reate it or !ease to !reate it at &ill. Belon"in" to those Br"aniCations in!reased Status. Ea!h o% those < AClass P000sA ble& &ithin days o% their return to their Br"s. The Aparti!leA is no& more important than the Jame. 26ou !an>t ha+e one &ithout the other. Whole Br"anisation &ere built to "et Stats up. Conse?uently the Jame and most o% the players &ent insane. 0% you are part o% a spe!i%i! team.

Alan Thread 1*. 0nterestin" enou"h the day he too. The tape &as not issued. et!.all the photos that appeared in the Auditor Ma" in those days. is o% a student !omin" do&n the steps o% a plane ready to ta-e o+er the &orld.&as in!omplete li-e this in the ori"inalX Sorry about the ?uality o% the pi!s..14-2104 / Piece o" !cio 7istor This a pie!e o% S!io 1istory ba!.1+-181+ <nissued 327 ta&e 6ou &ouldn>t happen to ha+e a !opy.. probably issued 'an .15-1425 <nissued 327 ta&e There is a BC tape around Sept B!t .A 0n it he expe!ted the Class P0s to !ontinue the resear!h and !ontinue the e+olution..the photo &as the day 0 hit my hi"hest s!ore e+er.: / Piece o" !cio 7istor Post #1 200*0.A 8on !ame by and &at!hed me play !ri!-et he too.. En"land . Some e+en !reated sa%e en+ironments. 0 belie+e there &as a partial trans!ript o% that tape in Auditor .L< the pi! that "oes &ith it. trans!ript or e+en notes %rom that tape &ould youH 0 &ould be most interested to see$hear anythin" 1ubbard had to say in that le!ture.. Bne o% the most &onder%ul times o% my li%e &as playin" +illa"e "reen !ri!-et in Sussex.5 1e !aused ?uite a stir as he arri+ed in his Che+y. loaded &ith !amera e?uipment. Alan Post #1$$ 200*0..!om$pi!tures$ Wlin.!h as snea-in" in a %ully done 9i%e 8epair so that &hen the Jrades &ere put in they "ot the results as promised. Pierre My Bri"inal notes and Tapes &ere lon" a"o stolen by the JB.15-1401 Perhaps there &as a se!ret !onspira!y by the %ran!hise P000s to deli+er the omitted te!h. http#$$&eappre!iate.. 1e basi!ally "a+e up his hat.Post #104 200*0.. Catelina !on+ertible.L not out.L/ titled AWhat 0 Expe!t o% a Class P0. But s?uirrels and non standard te!hies do thin"s li-e thatD #7 Post #108 200* the A"reat old days.

So L hours a day &as spent there.15-0$2+ B% !ourse.( months. to .there &ere so many beauti%ul +illa"es and the !ountryside &as hea+enly around them.. &e !ouldn>t play the tapes in %aster speeds.. B% !ourse. Also the !he!. By the time 0 had %inished my (nd S1SBC 0 had !o audited rou"hly / <. 0 don>t -no& o% many &ho %inished in .. it too. But ea!h day there &ere 3 hour !o audits ea!h &ay.. li-e &hat &as bein" done be%ore.. %ull time.000 hours ea!h &ay. li-e &hat &as bein" done be%ore.5 Most o% &hi!h &as C$Sed by 8on..$.00S star rate !he!..sheets &ere mu!h shorter. The reason many !ould do it in that time &as they had already listened to most o% the tapes.the tape ma!hines !ould be run at double speed. Bri"inally Posted by Bea 4iddo AmaCin"DDD 0n .out on his li+e le!turesD . /0 <0 hours in the !hair &ee-ly %or months on 9e+el B and P 2both are pra!ti!al le+els5.. So most o% the time &e had to !he!. 8on &ould le!ture ( or 3 times a &ee-. All the tapes &ere a+ailable e+en in the Missions. 0 &as !onsidered one o% the %astest o% the time.( &ee-s. The T 3nit &as the resear!h te!h and JPM te!h le+els. 0n those days you had to a ... 2in!ludin" my earlier one year. Well it &as not easy to "et 8on to deli+er his li+e le!tures at %aster speeds Also 0 don>t thin. 6ou "et pretty "ood a%ter a&hile.out on the tape. &e !ouldn>t play the tapes in %aster speeds..and listen to it a"ain..15-0$1+ !7!(. Alan Post #* 200*0. Most too...that in!luded the JPM tapes.there &ere no !on%idential le+els. By the time you "ot to the T unit the !o audits &ere o%ten < hours ea!h &ay. 0 doubt that anyone did that in those days.or you &ould "o ba!. Alan Post #8 200*0.

The ans&ers are in ea!h o% us. Was it done -no&in"ly or un-no&in"lyH 7oes it matterH The ans&er is simple# Pro!ess the bein" or "roup in %ront o% you.handlin" o% the publi!. So +ersus JB. When you also realiCe in destroyin" the Mission and @ield Auditor net&or. @ind &hat ea!h person or "roup &ants and help them "et it.000s at least <00. 1idden data lines. Alan Thread 180$: . 3s +ersus them. To ma-e matters &orse the SB re!ruitment is !omposed mainly o% !ompletely unhatted ne& people. Posts +ersus posts. 0t is an in!redible mess o% lon" term lousy destru!ti+e idioti! leadership. Et!. Thus the amount o% upset &ith S!io people is in the . *et&or-s +ersus net&or-s. This amounts to an in!redible !ounter %or!e to the %uture o% S!io.000.hurch Post #2* 200*100*-1$48 0% you in!lude the ex Mission and ex Br" sta%%... 1idden or !on%idential Te!h.000 Eust my net&or.( you destroyed the maEor sour!e o% the masters o% A8C brea. 981 bless his me"alomania! heart set in play a !ontinuous series o% PT JPMs.on"licts The !han!es o% harmony is +ery remote &hilst people han" onto %ixed do"mas. ad in%initum.15-01$$ . The only !on%li!t is attemptin" to %or!e an idea or ima"e o+er the top . Br"s +ersus Missions.00.on"licts Post #1 200*0. et!.Alan Thread 1802: 9our onl communication line to the . 0% it is not &hat you &ant and you !annot ali"n to it tell them so then "o %ind &ho you are &illin" to help.o% ex sta%% and ex students ex!eeds (<0. plus ex publi! that did maEor !ourses the numbers out &ould "reatly ex!eed the numbers .

.. it is easy to ta-e somethin" and not produ!e a result.. 1e is dead you -no&...... 7o 0 "et %ailuresH 6es..but it only ta-es a moment or t&o to noti!e that the session suddenly "ot resisti+e or massy. 0>m not deli+erin" per%e!tion. When 0 !ame on ESMB my "oal &as to help people ha+e thri+in" prosperous li+es.on tra!-.. 7o 0 s!re& upH 6es..most days 0 deli+er / or < sessions...0>m deli+erin" the best 0 !an "i+en &hat !omes up.. By &ithholdin" your story you are allo&in" the !odes o% silen!e to !ontinue.also -eepin" the !ontinuous series o% 981 !reated PT JPMs in play.....o% somethin" the person or "roup has its attention %ixed on... and "et ba!.. SoD 0 do the best 0 !an %or my !lients. There are so many people &ho &ant &hat most o% us are !apable o% deli+erin". More o% you should tell your stories.. Ea!h session starts the same 0 %ind &hat they &ant and 0 help them "et it. 0>+e been doin" this %or almost <0 years.0S o% all sessions are lo&er le+el PT li%e enhan!ement sessions. Most sessions they "et &hat they &ant handled..... Conse?uently my !lients are thri+in" in PT...yet 0 almost al&ays end up &ith tremendous "ood indi!ators. 8estorin" our lo+e and !are %or ea!h other should not be that di%%i!ult....5 A ri"ht item %or one is not al&ays a ri"ht item %or another.. So 0 apolo"iCe. et!.. Cases un%old naturally in a sa%e spa!e. &orse the more de"raded 7M JPMs in play. 3sually it turns out 0>m pro!essin" the person a"ainst &hat they &ant...... All p!>s lie..many o% 981>s ri"ht items %or him . The only stops to this seem to be 981 do"mas. When the %lames %lare up mostly it is be!ause someone represents an 981 do"ma..yet so %e& deli+er anythin" but their o&n A+ery importantA ideas. hidden data lines.. My sessions are %ar %rom per%e!t.. 0 deli+ered ) sessions yesterday and another ) sessions today.

. S!io or someone on ESMB put you in opposition toH @ind the item.&ere +ery de%initely &ron" items %or many others. What has 981. People reEe!t and stay a&ay %rom this. 6ou !annot be e%%e!t yet you are at totally e%%e!t o% li%e. 1a+in" %ully permeated the %ull e%%e!t you !an no& obser+e ho& you !aused it. A person &ho is all !ause !ommits !ontinuous PT o+erts and !annot and &ill not be responsible %or the e%%e!ts they !reate.the ?uestion. 0>ll %inish this &ith the simple pro!ess. Both o% the %ull e%%e!ts and the %ull !auses. 6ou are !ause &hen you as. @ind the &ho. There is a !o !reated holo"raphi! dupli!ation &hen you a!-no&led"e.5 The idea is to JET A99. But &hy bother pointin" this out a%ter all you and your PT li%e are the epitome o% su!!ess. 0nspe!t &hat you ha+e %ound until you ha+e Pery Jood 0ndi!ators. no &innin" "ames.not my idea o% a li%e. they either run at the le+el o% B9AME 2resultin" in out A8C5 or e+aluate hea+ily %or the !lient. 0n a!tuality you "o out o% PT. But o% &or-. To be a "reat auditor re?uires the ability to be &illin" to be the total e%%e!t o% the p!.. this Eust naturally !omes to +ie&. prosperity and happiness.. Ea!h be!omes more !ause. 2i% allo&ed. Thus nothin" mo!-s up %or them and they li+e alone. Any hal%&it -no&s that B9AME is assi"nin" a&ay your po&er. When one runs the %ull e%%e!ts o% somethin" you "et the %uller pattern o% &hat you !aused. 6ou are e%%e!t &hen you listen. no money. no relationships. 7M. i% you listen !ompletely you are e%%e!t !ompletely. Alan Post #10 200*0. . The abo+e is a depro"rammin" pro!ess. 6ou ob+iously do not -no& the !y!le o% a %ully run pro!ess. What you see is &hat you proEe!t.15-1$5$ @rom &hat 0>+e seen o% Alan>s pro!esses so %ar.

At the time 0 did not ha+e the ans&er to &hat they needed..0 may still not ha+e the ans&er. When the di+er"en!es %inally ta-es pla!e you usually "et an immobiliCed.1*-180+ 1oldin" onto %ixed do"mas is not the only reason %or !on%li!ts..o% li+in" in the past..A %ixed masses./ %ormer 8ons Br" people be"in to "et pro!essin" %rom me. %ixed in+isibilities. %ixed sur+i+al identities.1+-0$44 3nhappy bein"s in the @reeCone are rare to non existent. 0>m not sure &hen 8on>s Br" &as at its pea-. %ixed misunderstoods. Brid"es to &hereH Problem is neither brid"e %ollo&s the p!>s "oals lines. Well there are also %ixed hates.. %ixed A0 &ill not loo. They &ere si!. Most had "i+en up. +ery unhappy bein". %ixed %or!es... B+er the last ( &ee-s 0 ha+e had . %ixed bla!-ness. 6ou must li+e on a di%%erent planet than 0 doD There ha+e been . %ixed !on%usions. .. 0t &as the saddest "roup o% people 0 ha+e e+er le!tured to in my &hole the e%%e!ts 0 !reate.. 0 "a+e a le!ture in Copenha"en in . 0 must admit they do not seem messed up too mu!h %rom their past experien!e more they &ere o%% their "oals lines. 0t has been around sin!e . Thread 180.15-221+ !cio and 2ons %rgs bridges S!io and 8ons Br"s ha+e di%%erent brid"es. As 0 tra+elled the &orld 0 ran into at least (00 o% them.lass OIII Post #2 200*0. Alan Post #5 200*0.. %ixed A0 don>t &ant to -no&s. Alan Post #1+ 200*0. but be!ause their li+es had not "one ri"ht. %ixed !ontainers. *ot be!ause o% abuses.BTW# Char"e is &here the !har"e is..: .(.A et!. %ixed e%%orts. there &ere /0 %ormer 8on>s Br" people in attendan!e.000s o% people &ho ha+e done the 8on>s Br" brid"e.

anyone noti!e that o+er the years Eust the opposite is o!!urrin"H Ta-e the %ollo&in" ?uotation# . 6et it is &isdom that is "larin"ly di!hotomous.more it is that &e 2those &ho still see-5 and the Te!hs are still e+ol+in"..X There is tremendous &isdom in the abo+e. Alan Post #* 200*0.. The ori"inal 8LEW pi!-ed up your BW* End Words. To be pi!-ed up &hen needed. 0mplant End Words are mu!h less po&er%ul. and &hat is e+en &orse the p!>s PT &ill "o into !on%usion. 0t is best to handle them i% they appear and only then... As an aside the 8LEW as no& done does not produ!e the same e%%e!ts as the ori"inal 8LEW. And bein" !on%onted by an audien!e that had some he%ty presen!e brou"ht his hidden ra"e and %ury to the sur%a!e. An implant is in a!tuality a Apain%ul in!identA thus it %ollo&s the dianeti! %orm o% handlin". There &ere a lot o% un%lat areas that &ere missed a lot o% !on%usions but they resol+e +ery easily. This is not a !ondemnation o% 8ons Br". These Class P000 le!tures &ere deli+ered by someone &ho had been in a massi+e ra"in" upset sin!e 'une .. The !han!es are the Jrade Chart is in a!tuality in re+erse.L/.. Thus you -ey out you BW* JPMs. As it &as put to"ether by an in!redibly upset bein". The BT 9e+els are supposed to be the A%%inity le+els.. There is absolutely no need to %or!e %eed the p! into puttin" there &hat has not yet !ome to +ie&.*one o% these !lients &ere in S!io pre+iously... Alan Post #1$ 200*0.1+-050+ 6ou realiCe that i% you ha+e e+er experien!ed an As!ension Experien!e these a!tions be!ome simply rudiments. To do other&ise &ill t&ist the stru!tures and pull them out o% se?uen!e !onse?uently they &ill build up mass and !har"e and !ase "ain &ill !ease.1+-151+ Wsnip !omments re Class P000 tape :..

The ABT 9e+elsA are deli+ered at >punishin" spirits and identities> mood le+el. not to mention a threat o% loss o% your &hole %uture.A Bn the sur%a!e it appears +ery !orre!t.AThere is a limitation that an E meter reads Eust a little bit deeper than a personGs %ront. 0% you truly obser+e S!io you &ill obser+e it a!tually has the A8C s!ale ba!. So. e+en &hen it is ob+ious to you. it &ill not read on somethin" &hi!h is not real to that person. Some so deep and +ast they also do not re"ister &ell on a meter as the body %un!tions impede the reads. There are di%%erent le+els o% @$*.1+-1528 0 %ind !omplete dependen!e on the E mater to be out pointy. 0t is important to limit your a!tions to &hat is real to the person. http#$$%orum. Auditin" be!ame a +ery dan"erous a!ti+ity. S!io be!ame utterly meter dependent %rom the Class P000 Course on&ard. This put terror in e+ery auditor>s heart. So. *ot healthyD Alan Post #15 200*0. So mu!h so it &as a Comm E+able e+ent i% you audited past an @$*. then 8 %a!tored then Communi!ated &ith 2by re"es5. &ith almost no A%%inity unless you "ot someone>s stats up. But pointyD 0t>s an in!redible %gg S:n" disasterD 0t ma-es the meter more important . Then en%or!ed upon by runnin" a %ixed &hat>s Abest %or youA 2&hi!h is really a &hat>s best %or me 2the s!io5 so that 0 !an "et my stats up5 Jrade Chart. The publi! is lo+e bombed = A%%inity. you !an obser+e more about a person than &hat is real to that$sho&thread.exs!n. 0t is this by passed !har"e and the subse?uent A8C Brea-s that are !onstantly bein" M0SSE7. but in the presen!e o% by passed !har"e or a massi+e A8C V the meter does not read.phpHt=<(0 The true problem is the out inte"rity o% obser+in" indi!ators in present time and honorin" &hat those indi!ators represented in present time.

stops.5 Alan Post #5 200*1004-1518 0 "uess 6oda &as still apprenti!in" then. Sour!e or Enli"htened.. Bn!e the Nedu!ti+e lineO 2itsa ma-er line5 is in pla!e F the ability to dra& %orth the in!reases in -no&led"e. slo&s or nulli%i!ations that inhibit or !ompress the bein" on its people. mental and physi!al e%%e!ti+eness..1+-0+44 Tech >asters TEC1 MASTE8S What is a Te!h MasterH 0t is someone that !an apply their mastery o% a te!hnolo"y F any&here at any time F under any !ir!umstan!e. pla!es. 0n the te!hnolo"y o% in!reasin" spiritual. subEe!ts or thin"s be"ins to o!!ur. Aren>t &e all. subEe!ts or thin"s any&here F anytime F under any !ir!umstan!e. Ain>t that the TruthD . &isdom. 2Pery Jood 1olo"raphi! 9i%e 0ndi!ators. 3sually a sure si"n they>re not. Bne thin" a Te!h Master lo+es to do is apprenti!e in a ne& areaD Post #* 200*1004-1551 0>+e learnt to be !autious o% anyone !laimin" to be any sort o% Master.. intelli"en!e. -no& ho& and at the same time erase the !har"e. pla!es. The Te!h Master has the ability to hold a position and !orre!tly !oa!h and pro!ess an area or bein" until the area or bein" rises up s!ale and be"ins to mani%est in presen!e time the Jreen Tone Truth Phenomena.than the p!. it in!ludes the ability to put in the Nedu!ti+e lineO 2itsa ma-er line5 &ith all people.. And that is a re+erse pro!ess o% ma"nitudeD Thread 1815: Tech >asters Post #1 200*0.

7M is in a!tually a per%e!t example o% a Celebrity !ase. 1e trust no one. 0 don>t thin. Most old time S!ientolo"ists 2and Alan !an !orre!t me i% 0>m &ron"5 tended to Eud"e people !elebrities or not by their !ases and !ase le+el.Eust li-e 1ubbard did to all his A%riendsA and dedi!ated lo+ers and end up all alone. and la!. True.0 am pri+ile"ed to -no& many masters in their %ields the !ommon denominator o% ea!h o% them is their Eoy in their o&n stupidity.past 8P@ers and not noti!e them. That>s &hy they !an &al. all the systemati! thin-in" o% human bein"s is an utterly insi"ni%i!ant re%le!tion. Alan . They !an>t %eel others> pain as they ha+e no empathy. 1e !annot be in session as he is too a%raid he &ill be %ound out.-2121 The celebrit case 0 &ould de%initely ha+e some doubts about the A%uelin" the real estate bin"eA absent any proo%. Br on a &him destroy years o% dedi!ated &or-..E+erythin" re+ol+es around him.. This %eelin" is the "uidin" prin!iple o% his li%e and &or. The A!elebrityA identity is desperate %or sur+i+al "ood e%%e!ti+e auditin" threatens that type o% identity. Their identity is bi""er than they are.. 1o&e+er the ATom Wa"s 7&ar%A s!enario does a!tually ma-e sense.1. My "uess is he really deep do&n hates TC &ith a passion. in !omparison &ith it. lo+e and destroy your enemies. Also they are +ery inse!ure. 0% you remember the PTS 8$7 there is a !ompulsi+e attra!tion to %ind.that most o% the te!h terminals respe!t TC any&here near as mu!h as 7M does. Either TC or 7M &ill A!o"niteA that one or the other is an SP to them. !onse?uently all hats must be &orn by him. &hi!h re+eals an intelli"en!e o% su!h superiority that.o% -no&led"e in other %ields.. Mostly be!ause they are ri!h and %amous that they ha+e tou"h !ases.Albert Einstein That is the Jreen Tone Truth PhenomenaD Thread 1850: 3atest (54 &ost regarding 2inder and A> Post #22 200*0.. These type o% 0dentities are a!tually e%%e!t o% their o&n !reations. not noti!e the de"radation and pain bein" heaped on them... 0t>s really po&er &ithout responsibility %or the e%%e!ts !reated. They are ea!h %ero!ious study ma!hines on!e they identi%y an area o% &ea-ness or in!ompeten!eD Alan Post #10 200*100+-154* The s!ientist>s reli"ious %eelin" ta-es the %orm o% a rapturous amaCement at the harmony o% natural la&.

he &as .eleb !cngsts Post #* 200*0. 0t>s not bla!-mail maybe emotional bla!-mail that -eep !elebs in S!io. Dhat &s or has !een the er)ect&on&st. in!ludin" no a!-no&led"ment or appre!iation that has totally !on+in!ed the bein" that nothin" they ha+e been. Ethi!s and Poli!ies !reate the same insane !onditions.1. Where &ould he "et the money to do the !ourses &ithH Some one please !orre!t me i% 0>m &ron".< years old 0 belie+e both &ere on the Brie%in" Course at AS1B. but no Charles.Manson &as a S!ieno A&annabeA.Post #2$ 200*0.1.harles >anson As %ar as %rom &hat 0 "ather. la!. 8e"ur"itated 981 Te!h..o% a!-no&led"ment and no appre!iationH The Per%e!tionist postulates the pre!epts# . *ot only did Manson do S!ientolo"y. doin" or o&nin" is any "ood.21-1$5$ Per%e!tion or Per%e!tionism is an absoluteI it is a massi+e desperate solution to a massi+e desperate problem. * must dominate and control everything- . Alan Thread 185$: Per"ectionsism Post #* 200*0. 'ames &as a student o% mine %rom my St 9ouis Center.-21$5 And maybe 7M has no use%ul bla!-mail material on Tom. Alan Thread 1852: To& 10 !ecret .to AS1B a%ter a !o audit session. 1e isn>t e+en listed on the !ompletion list &ebsite.-2204 .* must be perfect. What is the only massi+e desperate solution to this abuse.s mass&ve desperate pro!lemG Chroni! !onstant lon" term abuse. so did his %ollo&ers. 0t is they ha+e not "ot any&here sa%e that they !an trust to "o to. They also murdered t&o S!ientolo"ists 7oreen Jaul and 'ames Sharp as they &ere !omin" ba!. Alot o% AMansonA>s. done or o&ned or are bein".

They %ind %ault &ith the most ridi!ulous thin"sI e+erythin" in li%e is used to pre+ent a!tion and results. The si!-est o% them &ill &rite reports to Jo+ernment A"en!ies to remo+e anyone &ho is a threat or disa"rees &ith them. This !hroni! li%e !ondition sets up a desperate situation as the Per%e!tionist is en!ased in hatred. *o a!-no&led"ment.O The only &ay these poor si!.out ?uality./< mins. subEu"ates. 0t !ertainly is a !ontinuous harm%ul a!t and &ithheld hidden a"enda a!ti+ity. Were they all bein" !he!-ed out by 1erbie and 981H .s imperfections * will be in total '$/T0$1 of others and finally be ac#nowledged and appreciated. They !onstantly !riti!iCe and ma-e nothin" o% others behind their ba!-s. bein" !onstantly told they !annot do anythin" ri"ht. 6et there &ere still plenty o% students that &ould ta-e &ee-s on those drills. A Per%e!tionist is a subtle abuser &ho dominates. my actions.* will destroy anyone who is also not perfectThat way. it too. ma-es nothin" o% or destroys e+erythin" they !ome in !onta!t &ith. 981 o+ersa& both my meterin" and 1erbie>s !oa!hin" and !he!. no appre!iation. Alan Post #11 200*0. Eealousy and ra"e that !annot be +ented or expressed as it +iolates the postulate o% N0 ha+e to be per%e!t. espe!ially their bosses or seniors. 0t may &ell be the sour!e o% the dar-side o% e+ery bein". They !annot really %a!e up to li%e and people so they ha+e to +ent their hatred o% others behind their ba!-s. Alan Post #1$ 200*0. en+y. physi!al and spiritual ma-e nothin" o%Gs.21-1+4.21-1+$2 0 spent about ( hours on my meter drills 20 had done them be%ore in Melbourne5 then a li+e !he!out o% all the drills by 1erbie Par-house and 981.2 Mental.Per%e!tionists !an "et e+en a sli"ht relie% %rom their pain and hatred is to !onstantly point out othersG imper%e!tions. no +alidation. * can destroy anyone who says my creations. Constantly and %or!ibly bein" told that they and their !reations are no "ood. y being perfect and pointing out everyone else. my property or * am no good. unless o% !ourse it ma-es the per%e!tionist ri"ht and they !an ma-e others &ron" by pointin" out their imper%e!tions.

Ex!ept one time he &ent into a s!reamin" ra"e and tore me to pie!es %or an hour yellin" at me at tone /0 %or!e then he spent . @rom that time on auditin" &as a breeCeD Alan Post #1+4 200*0.all the +ias o%% the drills. Too. Mostly the students &ould tear you to bits.20-1+02 Bu!hD This a!tually restimed me.0 al&ays &onder i% the +ias &ere part o% the problem. 0n other &ords it>s o-ay i% 0 do mysel% in but 0>m un&illin" to !ause harm to others. 0% someone else &as doin" !he!-outs.. Alan PS# 6ou see it all the time people are &illin" to solo but &ill not audit others.981 had a mu!h more "entler approa!"ether. *either &as &illin" to be that responsible so they stopped themsel+es. Main Entry# monohidehism Pronun!iation# >0d E AiC [m @un!tion# noun .. !han!es are they didn>t -no& ho& to read a meter either. Thread 185+: I 8ould like a session Post #12$ 200* the li+e TP demos &here 981 and all the students on the S1SBC &ould &at!h you and then !riti?ue ba!. 0>m !urious &hat an old man li-e yoursel%. There &ere people stalled %or &ee-s on this part o% the !ourse.a %e& times. 981 !ame in and too. one &ho has been around the blo!..< minutes puttin" me ba!. has to say about the term AMonoideaismA and its history in mental healin". *o..28-0412 Well. 0 thin. Alan. 0t &as a +ery empo&erin" experien!e not on!e &hen he &as s!reamin" at me did he do a &ron" indi!ation also 0 %elt his intention to ma-e me a "reat auditorD The &ildest thin" &ere the students they &ent into sho!-D Mean&hile 0 %elt hu"e. or they had bad eyesi" &as simply a !ombination o% mutual out ruds and inability to ta-e responsibility the student and the Sup -ne& they had to be responsible %or the student "oin" onto audit.

21CBB (L Apr )3 05A 0 "uess it is somethin" else. Alan Post #1+2 200*0. When this de%inition des!ribes the session in pro"ress. .# a state o% prolon"ed absorption in a sin"le idea 2as in mental the auditor. 7o you "et people to !on!entrate on one thin" to the ex!lusion o% other thin"sH *oD The exa!t re+erseD That is &hy 0 am so adamant about produ!in" %ull PPPJ0s. the de%inition o% in session is interested in o&n !ase and &illin" to tal. tran!e.28-0$1$ Trance states Auditin" is a hi"hly de+eloped %orm o% hypnotherapy. hypnosis5 Main Entry# polyhidehism Pronun!iation# Apil E >0d E AiC [m @un!tion# noun # a state o% absorption in a "roup o% related ideas or memories A "ood auditor un%ixes both areas. 7o you brin" about a state o% 0* SESS0B* as 1ubbard des!ribed itH Br somethin" elseH 1o& is it somethin" elseH A0* SESS0B*.A 6ou see this mutual T8A*CE STATE o%ten &hen students are doin" obEe!ti+e style pro!esses. Wsnipped !omments re hypnotismX Thou"h you !ontinue to prea!h that A0* SESS0B*A is a hypnoti! e+ent !ould it be you ha+e ne+er been A0* SESS0B*AH But more li-ely A0* T8A*CEAH A PC in a hea+y lon" term T8A*CE state !an a!tually put an o+er&or-ed or tired auditor in a AT8A*CE STATE. @alseD Thou"h your S!io auditin" may &ell ha+e been. then o% !ourse the p! &ill be able to as is and &ill !o"nite. My de%inition o% 0* SESS0B* is# 0nterested in their o&n spiritual sel% and ho& their o&n !ase is inter%erin" &ith them "ettin" their o&n or others> &ants and %ully bein" their o&n spiritual sel% and +ery &illin" to the auditor about all.

then o% !ourse the p! &ill be able to as is and &ill !o"nite.. 0t is +ery easy to !reate T8A*CE STATES on yoursel% all it ta-es is to "i+e up responsibility %or your !auses or e%%e!ts.. This puts you in a null state or T8A*CE.. I) you have the correct seEuenced technolo.. As on!e the bein" "ets on its o&n interest lines and o&n in!omplete "oals.An Auditor &ho has handled their T8A*CE STATES has no problem erasin" a p!>s T8A*CE STATES &hen they appear... When this de%inition des!ribes the session in pro"ress.not happened yet that 0 -no& o%. This &ould !ause a by pass o% the spiritual bein". 6ou as-# A0s there a point &here a !lient %ul%ills all his desires in your therapyHA 0 suppose so. When the p! has %ully erased an area the p! !an mo!..28-0524 Wsnipped !ommentsX 6ou are super imposin" on the p! To %ully erase anythin" you need to brin" it %ully to +ie&. The EP is the p! !an span the spe!trums o% all s!ales. the de%inition o% in session is interested in o&n !ase and &illin" to tal.28-04$. 21CBB (L Apr )3 05A 0% you noti!e in the 981 de%inition 0t is easy to !onsider the p! is his !ase... dreams.y' :D Alan .&hi!h is &here his interest &ill be you naturally let it !ome %ully to +ie&. Post #18$ 200* at &ill. 0t is almost a &aste o% time C$Sin" as thin"s Eust naturally un%old. BTW it is impossible %or any bein" in the pro!ess o% restorin" their %ull sel% to belon" to a Cult situation. A3p the poleA is a Ablo& or es!apeA %rom someone or somethin". 200*0. A0* SESS0B*.. Alan Post up or unmo!. When your in this state 90@E is the 1ypnotist and li%e !reates you as. *ot ha+in" any purpose in li%e puts you into an automati! T8A*CE the auditor. et!.

in late >L) on&ard 0 used to run a tran!e brea-in" pro!ess# ASho& me a 2&hate+er hat the person &as &earin"5 attitudeDA What did you doHA The SB person &ould "o throu"h se+eral types o% identities %rom a nasty abusi+e identity to a !on%used identity to an a""ressi+e identity to a -ind or beni"n identity to suddenly !o"nitin" they &ould Eust need to be present or here.0 200*102*-1*21 9%< 0t may not be as !ompli!ated as you thin-. 9%< Whi!h meansH 0t is a !reation o% yoursD The pure spiritual %ormless essen!e !reated the spa!e the !ontainer o% the spa!e the %orm the time the ener"y the thin"s the traits. Stalinist and *orth 4orean te!hni?ues o% re edu!ation. et!. 0t is not !ompli!ated Eust in!redibly !har"edD To a ne&bie it appears in!redibly !ompli!ated but it is amaCin" ho& %ast they !an learn on!e they "et the A%lin!hA %rom !onta!tin" their o&n hi"hly !har"ed !reations handled. What>s in it you put there maybe &ith some help o% your A%riends. %ear o% bein" %ound out. %ear o% bein" !au"ht and a %ear o% "oin" to Eail. Post #8+ 200*102*-1+2. The Sea Br" &as %ounded upon military trainin" and indo!trination. Br your B&n !reation.The %riginal Thesis Post #8$ 200*102*-15$+ 9%< 6B3 is an a!ronym %or 6our B&n 3ni+erse. . 2*ot unli-e the tou!hin" tie s!ene in 7ianeti!s. 7ramatiCations o% past in!idents that &ere made subse?uently reasonable by the inmates.Thread 18+*: (%%? . 1o&e+er time &ill tell. many in !on%li!t &ith other Ayou>sA one has !reated.the Sea Br" &as %ounded upon anythin" li-e this. 0 don>t thin. Post #. !ombined &ith Maoist. Post #101 200*10$1-1+5.5 Most SB and Br" people &ere in hea+y tran!e states +ery su""estible Ba!.A Also there are millions i% not billions o% Ayou>sA you !reated do&n throu"h time. Pery little o% S!io>s %uture &as s!ripted mostly it has been a rea!tion to %ear.

. Also people sent him the latest leadin" ed"e boo-s. At one time there &as a standin" order %or the 3SJB to "et the latest *6 T0mes best sellers and !ourier them to the ship.A ..22-2$$. When you snap out o% one and arri+e ba!.+ery embarrassin".. 8e# Peda.0 too.about my !ase in session.. 3nless you "et the person to inspe!t %ully &hat they mean by &hat they say the !han!es are there is a !ompletely illo"i!al meanin" that seems !ompletely lo"i!al to the p!.o%% some o% the "reatest "estapo +alen!ed people and de%an"ed them they +ery ?ui!-ly !han"ed hats. 0 %ound Peda to be +ery !onsistent &ith his$her messa"e. Whi!h is# A7on>t tell me &hat to thin. 0t &as this lo"i!$illo"i! %a!tor that pre+ented the JPM Te!h %rom &or-in"D Alan Thread 18*4: / -ote to Oeda Post #20 200*0. 3rd dynami! mutual past in!idents ta-e a lot o% rationaliCation and Eusti%i!ation to ma-e %it into a mindset o% o-ayness. Alan Post #105 200*10$1-2058 7id you e+er see 981>s libraryH 0 sa& sta!-s o% boo-sD Both MS1 and 981 &ere proli%i! readers he &ould be up to date on both %i!tion and non %i!tion. pro"rammin" and !onditionin". 0 had an ad+anta"e as 0 had the ri"ht to !ome and "o thus &as able to not be part o% the ori"inal present time it lea+es you &onderin" &hat the hell happened. Alan Post #11$ 200*1104-1854 1o& do you determine &hat is illo"i!alH Possibly the most important ?uestion you ha+e as-ed in your (000U postin"s.

Ed&ard ConCe. Bne o% the "reat thin"s about the early days &as 981 presented data it &as up to us &here &e a!!epted that data or not. the e+aluations. until . 1o& do you %ind the exa!t !orre!t pro!essH 1onor the indi!ators. 6et i% you %ind the exa!t !orre!t pro!ess %or the p! it &or-s e+ery time. this is &here experien!e and auditor -no& ho& !omes into play. 0 &ould li-e to expand the abo+e statement# The missin" datum &as to o!serve and permeate all things (thoughts are also things! eEuan&mously &hile meditatin".24-140* Mate &rote# The missin" datum &as to o!serve sensat&ons eEuan&mously &hile meditatin". The Per%e!tion o% Wisdom 2adapted %rom Sele!ted Sayin"s %rom the Per%e!tion o% Wisdom. As. BhD The p! doesn>t -no&D B-.What do implanters doH They pro"ram your thou"hts.L< &hen the Jrades then the CC and BT 9e+els !ame out. This all !han"ed. albeit slo&ly. This and only this. by Pro%. The assessment helps the p! shi%t +ie&points you don>t e+en need to be that !lose to the marsuddenly the p! says# BhD yeahD 0tsa itsa itsa. #7 Alan Post #52 200*0. This is the -ey. the in+alidations and the Te!h &ill &or.the p!.. This and only this. . PPJ0s.<<5 # The Abhidharma had !ulti+ated &isdom as the +irtue &hi!h permits one to see the >o&n bein"> o%>s a natural. Ta-e out A99 the additi+es. 6ou parallel the p!>s li%e and pro!essin" &rite out a small prepared list and assess it. the en%or!ements. This is the -ey.. &ill lead to sel% realiCation. 9ondon . AStandard Te!hA be!ame Aroboti! Te!hA it &as used to as a &eapon to MA4E T1E TEC1 WB84. The p! then tells the auditor &hat &as !ausin" the trouble. &ill lead to sel% realiCation.

as one and the same. As you may -no& bet&een Jordon Bell and 0 &e ori"inated by passed !har"e handlin" Jordon %ound the subEe!t o% by passed !har"e and later that day 0 ori"inated the %irst !orre!tion lists. and it is !ulti+ated as the +irtue &hi!h permits us to see e+ery&here Eust one emptiness. but ?uite nearI no lon"er a dead nothin"ness beyond.her sp&r&tual v&s&on and &ns&. Char"e is also al&ays real time this is ri"ht no&.ma-es no sense. emptiness is re+ealed as the !on!rete %ullnessI no lon"er remote. *ot only are the multiple obEe!ts o% thou"ht identi%ied &ith one mysterious emptiness. Char"e is the spiritual e%%ort to mo+e someone or somethin".A 1o& else &ould you do T8BH Br %or that matter any other pro!essin" or trainin"H Alan Post #*$ 200*0. but the +ery instruments o% thou"ht ta-e on a radi!ally ne& !hara!ter &hen a%%irmation and ne"ation are treated as non di%%erent.25-05$0 Ruite honestly 981 ne+er really %ully understood Char"e and by passed !har"e. Bn!e &e Eump out o% our intelle!tual habits. A mass is in %a!t a solidi%ied pie!e o% the p!.*o& the per%e!tion o% &isdom in its turn re"ards the separateness o% these dharmas as merely a pro+isional !onstru! it. S!io has no Te!h that handles !har"e. A mass is but solidi%ied !har"e &ith lots o% other thin"s stu!. BTW at that time 981 &as sittin" in some +ery hea+y !har"e as &ere most o% us due to the %a!t that &e &ere runnin" a +ery %la&ed JPM te!hnolo"y. Char"e is not !ontained in any mind it is a phenomena o% spirit. 0t is "obbledy "oo. 47oid ' $ormless substance5 All )orms o) mult&pl&c&ty are condemned as the arch enem&es o) the h&. To this day 0 !annot %athom &hy A8C3 C7E0*8 is used to handle upsets. but the li%e "i+in" &omb o% the Buddha &ithin' When duality is hunted out o% all its hidin" pla!es. the results are bound to be surprisin". 0t has the Te!h o% handlin" By passed !har"e i% you !all -eyin" it out handlin". All you &ould ha+e to do to handle upsets is to %ind &hat &as the set up that "ot bro-en or shattered . 0t ta-es but a %e& minutes more to %ind the a!tual !har"e and erase it than it does to -ey it out.

0t be!ame terribly pain%ul %or 981 to !on%ront PT. Problems 0ntensi+es &ere run &ith e+ery sel% determined this li%etime !han"e point. Bptermin" ea!h other in a !ompulsi+e attra!tion$reEe!tion "ames !ondition thus they %loat in time. Someho& the JPM Te!h !ollapsed 981>s"ether lo!-ed in mortal !ombat &ith ea!h other. ha+e and o&n an expanded PT. There are thousands o% PT ser+ %a!s. These &ere interspersed &ith lots o% obEe!ti+es desi"ned to allo& the p! to o!!upy. 0% a student &as on !ourse %or a year 2the a+era"e time5 that meant at least )<0 hours o% "i+in" auditin" and )<0 hours o% re!ei+in" basi! !on%rontin" PT auditin".. So mu!h so you !ould experien!e bein" in the A"ames !onditionA o% a Ser+ @a!.00s. Alan Post #*5 200*0.L< on PT types o% pro!esses &ere dropped out. 0t is the s&irlin" o% li%e %or!e parti!les boun!in" o%% one another in a spiritually &ithheld or !ontained area that "i+e you sensations. Conse?uently handlin" the PT !ase "ot omitted. @rom . 6ou must realiCe that a lot o% the basi!s o% S!io trainin" stemmed %rom Buddhist te!hni?ues but &ith mu!h o% the basi! Buddhist set ups omitted.&hi!h e?uals out to !lose to . 6ou "et pretty !on%ident as an auditor in this manner plus the pro!esses be!ome +ery real to you as you "et at !ause o+er ea!h %ully done rundo&n.prior to the upset. . We used to run this li%etime Ser+ @a!s by the . a!t.25-0*$* The ori"inal S1SBC &as basi!ally an expanded Present Time 9i%e Mastery Course 9i%e 8epair bein" one o% the steps. When the Jrades !ame into bein" they omitted mu!h o% this !ulminatin" in the almost !omplete omittan!e o% these lo&er le+els 2&hi!h are not really lo&er le+els5 on the Class P000 Course. The set up and the upset are in a!tuality stu!. 0t is the pulsatin" tappin" o% li%e %or!e parti!les hittin" a"ainst a more solid obEe!t that "i+es you %eelin"s. W!omment snippedX @eelin"s and sensations are types o% li%e %or!e parti!les a %eelin" is a rea!hin" out by the spirit type li%e %or!e parti!le a sensation is a &ithholdin" or &ithdra&in" in o% the spirit type li%e %or!e parti!le.. Many used to do < hours ea!h &ay a day L days a &ee.<00 hours.

9u!-ily 0 ha+e some Buddhists mon-s that 0 am pro!essin". Also the shared -no&led"e on ESMB and VSB is %illin" in a lot o% " there a "radient s!ale o% ener"y !reation %or bein"sH 0 ha+e a Mood S!ale that appears to be the "radient s!ale o% ener"y !reation..5 on BT00 and the e%%e!t on sel% o% other entities on BT000 in order to blo& that aspe!t o% your !ase and %ree you to run your sel% as !ause !ase.L( &as the James Matrix material and sin!e . Buddha &as ori"inally a student o% the 1indu reli"ion !onse?uently there are earlier 1indu basi!s.. The S!io Chur!h models are also a +ital part o% this as 0 am able to tra!. BT 0 00 000 plus 1elatrobus or &hate+er implants are in %a!t late on a !hain part o% an .The breathin" type drills that are part o% the +ery early Buddhist trainin" &ere the %orerunners to T80 and the BbEe!ti+es..*: 7ere is a 8in on solo "rom esterda BBB Post #10 200*0. you needed to handle others to you 2@lo& .. The CC. BT 0 00 000 are all supposed 2the reason 0 put supposed is that not all bein"s "ot the implants5 3rd dynami! pain%ul.. dru" or al!ohol.< the last parts o% the Te!hnolo" 0 am also "ettin" a "reat edu!ation on their basi! materials and la&s. Another ?uestion.the rise and %all o% an Empire as &ell as the rise and %all o% its %ounder. The !ombination o% &hat the early S!ios and 7ianeti!ists dis!o+ered and the earlier Buddhist and 1indu materials ma-e a +ery potent &or-able !ombination. By in!ludin" all o% these dis!o+eries you no& ha+e a !ombination o% e+ol+in" te!hnolo"ies. !ontainin" a lot o% un!ons!iousness 2o%ten no sleep5 o% done to you type o% A!reated asA identity e%%e!t in!idents 2en"rams5. Beha+ior modi%i!ation or edu!ation type A!reated asA identity implant in!idents o%ten ha+e a &illin" parti!ipant. CC. as are nearly all implants..that relates to Clear &hi!h is Alo&erA do&n the "rade !hartH Jreat threadD The S!io bein" on sta%% in an Br"... The more upper material 0 %ound the more o% the missin" basi! te!hs &ould !ome to +ie&. you are sayin". 1o& do you thin. Alan Thread 18.. in your !ase. Added &ithin these type o% in!idents is the Atran!e stateA tran!e states are !aused by the bein" not ta-in" any responsibility %or !ause or e%%e!ts. en%or!ed to be there..25-1$2$ So. What 0 ha+e been &or-in" on sin!e .

Then date lo!ate the pi!s i% you ha+e to -eep your sessions !on%rontin" PT.L/ be!ame +ery di!hotomous his te!h and &ritin"s o%ten dire!tly !ontradi!ted and opposed ea!h other. 200*0.A or be labelled a s?uirrel a %orm o% intentional robotism. @or those that -no& ho& to !lean the needle it>s easy. %armin".to see &hat they are ob%us!atin" in PT. 1is earlier Te!h and &ritin"s &ere not so ob+iously di!hotomous. There is absolutely no need to "o do&n the tra!.A5 Alan Post #1. This !an only !ontinue %or so lon" as the !onstant !hroni! alter is.2*-0$14 Stran"ely enou"h all purposes are a%ter the %a!t additi+es. Thou"h still pre+alent. not is li+in" o% others> 2981.pi!s are in PT !he!. Alan Thread 1. 0% %or no other reason you &ere &ren!hed out o% your daily li%e and li+in" to be !aptured a"ainst your &ill and your o&n !reations &ere at that moment destroyed. ie#"etherH The ans&er is ob+ious you need ea!h other to undo the !ollapsed uni+erses you ha+e been part o%.i% &hole tra!. 981 startin" in mid 'une . do or ha+e &as stopped or destroyed. %i"ure is bein" doneH Toss the 981 standards a&ay. 0% too mu!h !omes up disentan"le &ith simple assessment then !lean up ea!h pie!e one at a time. There is a di+ine attra!tion %or!e that is to be %ully present and %ully be sel% !onne!ted to others . 26ou had to apply Astandard te!h.2*-024* 7o you all realiCe ho& mu!h AWhats itH Whats itH Whats itHA @i"!ident ob+iously they ha+e earlier be"innin"s. !areer or &hat e+er pro!ess o% li%e or li+in" you &ere intendin" to be. Pro!ess &hat !omes up. As re"ards entities &hy are you stu!. When 4SW !ame out it no& meant you !ould not apply the !orre!t Te!h to the runnin" o% these ob+iously "arbled !on!epts o% &hat o!!urred this automati!ally !auses you to un-no&in"ly !reate and dramatiCe 981>s !ase as part o% your o&n !ase. business. They as all in!idents need to be run on all %lo&s in!ludin" pi!-in" up the earlier be"innin"s.18: Aegrees o" harm Post #28 200*0.5 Bb+iously this !aused all S!io>s to lose their o&n +ie&points 2sel% determination5 and be %or!ed to adopt 981>s +ie&points. 26ou !an>t be there anymore.. 7M and %ello& dramatiCers5 +ie&points builds up in!redible mass and !har"e thus !ausin" you to not arri+e in the exa!t !orre!t spa!e and time you &ant.

Thread 1. the pre+ailin" do"ma in neuros!ien!e &as that the adult human brain is essentially immutable. E+en more pro%ound.they don>t5. Then they too sat beneath the TMS !oil. At the end o% ea!h day>s pra!ti!e session. the stret!h o% motor !ortex de+oted to these %in"er mo+ements too. then mentally pra!ti!in" a "ol% s&in" or a %or&ard pass or a s&immin" turn !ould lead to mastery &ith less physi!al pra!ti!e. The %indin" &as in line &ith a "ro&in" number o% dis!o+eries at the time sho&in" that "reater use o% a parti!ular mus!le !auses the brain to de+ote more !orti!al real estate to it. holdin" their hands still &hile ima"inin" ho& they &ould mo+e their %in"ers. so that by the time &e rea!h . What the s!ientists %ound &as that a%ter a &ee.&ho are %ully present and %ully themsel+es. 0% his results hold %or other %orms o% mo+ement 2and there is no reason to thin.28: 7o8 the (rain 2e8ires Itsel" Post #1 200*0. the +olunteers pra!ti!ed %or t&o hours.about pra!ti!in" the piano exer!ise. The so !alled Trans!ranial Ma"neti! Stimulation 2TMS5 test allo&s s!ientists to in%er the %un!tion o% neurons Eust beneath the !oil. Then they too. tryin" to -eep to the metronome>s L0 beats per minute.o% pra!ti!e. But Pas!ual 9eone did not stop there. When the s!ientists !ompared the TMS data on the t&o "roups those &ho a!tually ti!-led the i+ories and those &ho only ima"ined doin" so they "limpsed a re+olutionary idea about the brain# the ability o% mere thou"ht to alter the physi!al stru!ture and %un!tion o% our "ray matter. NMental pra!ti!e resulted in a similar reor"aniCationO o% the brain. lo!ated in a strip runnin" %rom the !ro&n o% the head to&ard ea!h ear. they sat beneath a !oil o% &ire that sent a brie% ma"neti! pulse into the motor !ortex o% their brain. 0n the piano players. as these thin"s "o. E+ery day %or %i+e days. BPE8T18BW0*J T1E 7BJMA @or de!ades. %ixed in %orm and %un!tion. &ith +olunteers troopin" into the lab at 1ar+ard Medi!al S!hool to learn and pra!ti!e a little %i+e %in"er piano exer!ise. the dis!o+ery sho&ed that mental trainin" had the po&er to !han"e the physi!al stru!ture o% the brain. They played the simple pie!e o% musi! in their head. the TMS mapped ho& mu!h o% the motor !ortex !ontrolled the %in"er mo+ements needed %or the piano exer!ise. 1e extended the experiment by ha+in" another "roup o% +olunteers merely thin. @or &hat the TMS re+ealed &as that the re"ion o% motor !ortex that !ontrols the piano playin" %in"ers also expanded in the brains o% +olunteers &ho only ima"ined playin" the musi! Eust as it had in those &ho a!tually played it. hard &ired.2*-1+1.o+er surroundin" areas li-e dandelions on a suburban la&n. Pas!ual 9eone later &rote.a test. *euros!ientist Al+aro Pas!ual 9eone instru!ted the members o% one "roup to play as %luidly as they !ould. 7o8 the (rain 2e8ires Itsel" 1BW T1E B8A0* 8EW08ES 0TSE9@ See sour!e in%o at end o% arti!le By S1A8B* BEJ9E6 0t &as a %airly modest experiment.

the brain bears the %ootprints o% the de!isions &e ha+e made. And it !an su%%er inEury and de"eneration. are nearly unalterable. the stren"th o% !onne!tions bet&een them. The %irst dis!o+eries o% neuroplasti!ity !ame %rom studies o% ho& !han"es in the messa"es the brain re!ei+es throu"h the senses !an alter its stru!ture and %un!tion. 8ama!handran de!ided to in+esti"ate. su!h as the happiness set point that. Soon a%ter a !ar !rash too. Somethin" as basi! as the %un!tion o% the +isual or auditory !ortex !an !han"e as a result o% a personGs experien!e o% be!omin" dea% or blind at a youn" a"e. say. When si"nals %rom the s-in or mus!les bombard the motor !ortex or the somatosensory !ortex 2&hi!h pro!esses tou!h5. it !an reCone itsel% li-e a !ity in a %renCy o% urban rene&al. The brain !an be re&ired. 1e had Pi!tor sit still &ith his eyes !losed and li"htly . There &as "ood reason %or la+ishly illustrated brain boo-s to sho& the %un!tion.&ith &hat &e ha+e. the nei"hborhood o% motor !ortex that mo+es the ri"ht arm. And it implied that other brain based %ixities. 0n its pla!e has !ome the realiCation that the adult brain retains impressi+e po&ers o% Aneuroplasti!ityA the ability to !han"e its stru!ture and %un!tion in response to experien!e.adulthood &e are pretty mu!h stu!. There are un!harted &orlds inside your head. E+en &hen the brain su%%ers trauma late in li%e. siCe and lo!ation o% the brain>s stru!tures in permanent in-. %or instan!e. the s-ills &e ha+e learned. the +isual !ortex !an learn to hear or %eel or e+en support +erbal memory. e+en their %un!tions re%le!ts the li+es &e ha+e led. 9i-e sand on a bea!h. the !onne!tions bet&een neurons that en!ode memories and learnin". it lo&ered expe!tations about the +alue o% rehabilitation %or adults &ho had su%%ered brain dama"e %rom a stro-e or about the possibility o% %ixin" the patholo"i!al &irin" that underlies psy!hiatri! diseases. it !an !reate 2and lose5 synapses. 0n this sense. then theyGll do that and nothin" else until the day you die. S. the %in"ers. When no transmissions arri+e %rom the eyes in someone &ho has been blind %rom a youn" a"e. but s!ien!e is dra&in" a map. he told neuros!ientist P.Pi!tor Ruintero>s le%t arm %rom Eust abo+e the elbo&. @or one thin". a person returns to a%ter the deepest tra"edy or the "reatest Eoy. a!!ordin" to a "ro&in" body o% resear!h. And resear!h in the past %e& years has o+erthro&n the do"ma. say. 0% a stro-e -no!-s out. the a!tions &e ha+e ta-en. SC8ATC10*J A P1A*TBM 90MB An extreme example o% ho& !han"es in the input rea!hin" the brain !an alter its stru!ture is the silen!e that %alls o+er the somatosensory !ortex a%ter its o&ner has lost a limb. The do!trine o% the un!han"in" human brain has had pro%ound rami%i!ations. 8ama!handran o% the 3ni+ersity o% Cali%ornia at San 7ie"o that he !ould still %eel the missin" arm. These aren>t minor t&ea-s either. a ne& te!hni?ue !alled !onstraint indu!ed mo+ement therapy !an !oax next door re"ions to ta-e o+er the %un!tion o% the dama"ed area. the +ery stru!ture o% our brain the relati+e siCe o% di%%erent re"ions. the brain expands the area that is &ired to mo+e. 6es. But this +ie& held that i% "enes and de+elopment di!tate that one !luster o% neurons &ill pro!ess si"nals %rom the eye and another !luster &ill mo+e the %in"ers o% the ri"ht hand.

When BC7 patients &ere pla"ued by an obsessi+e thou"ht. Pi!tor replied. 'e%%rey S!h&artC and !ollea"ues at the 3ni+ersity o% Cali%ornia. Eust as dru"s do. 7on>t 0 -no& it is Eust some "arba"e thro&n up by a %aulty !ir!uitHO A%ter . And &hen Pi!tor %elt an it!h in his phantom hand. . 1is missin" index %in"er &as bein" brushed. 8ama!handran stro-ed another spot on the !hee-. 8ama!handran tou!hed the s-in bet&een Pi!tor>s nose and mouth. they are %indin" that mind s!ulptin" !an o!!ur e+en &ithout input %rom the outside &orld. Similarly. as &ith Pas!ual 9eone>s +irtual piano players. patients impro+ed si"ni%i!antly.0 &ee-s o% mind%ulness based therapy.o% his missin" hand. 0t may e+en dial up the supposedly immo+able happiness set point. the Buddhist pra!ti!e o% obser+in" one>s inner experien!es as i% they &ere happenin" to someone else. S!h&artC !alled it Nsel% dire!ted neuroplasti!ity. Pi!tor ans&ered and the ba!.( out o% . lead to a "reater !apa!ity %or empathy and !ompassion. 8ama!handran !on!luded. Where do you %eel thatH Bn his absent thumb.O The same is true &hen !o"niti+e te!hni?ues are used to treat depression. alterin" neuronal !onne!tions in a &ay that !an treat mental illness or. 9os An"eles.. the brain reor"aniCes the strip o% !ortex that pro!esses input %rom the %a!e and ta-es o+er the area that ori"inally re!ei+ed input %rom a no& missin" hand.O !on!ludin" that Nthe mind !an !han"e the brain. some people &ho ha+e lost a le" report %eelin" phantom sensations durin" sex. Where do you %eel thatH 8ama!handran as-ed. S!h&artC instru!ted them to thin-. 0n people &ho ha+e lost a limb. Bn his le%t !hee-. s!rat!hin" his lo&er %a!e relie+ed the it!h. 8ama!handran>s &as the %irst report o% a li+in" bein" -no&in"ly experien!in" the results o% his brain re&irin". This has important impli!ations %or health# somethin" as seemin"ly insubstantial as a thou"ht !an a%%e!t the +ery stu%% o% the brain. NMy brain is "eneratin" another obsessi+e thou"ht. Be%ore and a%ter brain s!ans sho&ed that a!ti+ity in the orbital %rontal !ortex the !ore o% the BC7 !ir!uit had %allen dramati!ally and in exa!tly the &ay that dru"s e%%e!ti+e a"ainst BC7 a%%e!t the brain.brushed the teena"er>s le%t !hee. . %or instan!e. T10*40*J ABB3T T10*40*J As s!ientists probe the limits o% neuroplasti!ity. That>s &hy tou!hin" Pi!tor>s %a!e !aused his brain to A%eelA his missin" hand. The brain !an !han"e as a result o% the thou"hts &e thin-. 0n a series o% experiments. S!h&artC had be!ome intri"ued &ith the therapeuti! potential o% mind%ulness meditation.&ith a !otton s&ab. Pi!tor said. perhaps. %ound that !o"niti+e beha+ior therapy 2CBT5 !ould ?uiet a!ti+ity in the !ir!uit that underlies obsessi+e !ompulsi+e disorder 2BC75. be!ause the re"ions o% !ortex that handle sensations %rom the %eet abut those that pro!ess sensations %rom the sur%a!e o% the "enitals. A spot Eust belo& Pi!torGs le%t nostril !aused the boy to %eel a tin"lin" on his le%t pin-ie.

by !ontrast. he had %ound that a!ti+ity "reater in the le%t pre%rontal !ortex than in the ri"ht !orrelates &ith a hi"her baseline le+el o% !ontentment. CBT raised a!ti+ity in the hippo!ampus o% the limbi! system. ` NCo"niti+e therapy tar"ets the !ortex. thin-in" had !han"ed a pattern o% a!ti+ity pattern asso!iated &ith depression F in the brain.A said Toronto>s Tindel Se"al. the Blympi! athletes o% mental trainin". Then the s!ientists s!anned the patients> brains. lo"i! and hi"her thou"ht as &ell as o% endless rumination about that disastrous date./ depressed adults under"o CBT. Earlier in 7a+idson>s !areer.O in this !ase. reshapin" ho& you pro!ess in%ormation and !han"in" your thin-in" pattern. The relati+e le%t$ri"ht a!ti+ity !ame to be seen as a mar-er %or the happiness set point. As TorontoGs 1elen Mayber" explains. ` Paroxetine. ` 0t de!reases rumination. and trains the brain to adopt di%%erent thin-in" !ir!uits.0. not as proo% that N0 &ill ne+er be lo+edO. Some mon-s ha+e spent more than . NBur hypothesis &as. a As &ith S!h&artC>s BC7 patients. ` Paroxetine lo&ered a!ti+ity there. the brain>s emotion !enter. %or instan!e. the thin-in" brain. sin!e people tend to return to this le+el no matter &hether they &in the lottery or lose their spouse.` S!ientists at the 3ni+ersity o% Toronto had . 7epressed brains responded di%%erently to the t&o -inds o% treatment and in a +ery interestin" &ay. i% you do &ell &ith treatment. ` Bn the other hand. &hi!h tea!hes patients to +ie& their o&n thou"hts di%%erently to see a %ailed date. ` CBT 2!o"niti+e beha+ior therapy5 muted a!ti+ity in the %rontal !ortex the seat o% reasonin". raised a!ti+ity there. neuros!ientist 8i!hard 7a+idson o% the 3ni+ersity o% Wis!onsin at Madison turned to Buddhist mon-s. . but as a minor thin" that didn>t &or. But no. ` All experien!ed !omparable impro+ement a%ter treatment. but also normal a!ti+ityH To %ind out.000 hours o% their li+es in meditation. your brain &ill ha+e !han"ed in the same &ay no matter &hi!h treatment you re!ei+ed. ` Thirteen other patients re!ei+ed paroxetine 2the "eneri! %orm o% the antidepressant Paxil5.out. 1APP0*ESS A*7 ME70TAT0B* Would thin-in" about thou"hts in a ne& &ay a%%e!t not only su!h patholo"i!al brain states as BC7 and depression.

as i% the subEe!ts experien!ed meditators.. that the positi+e state is a s-ill that !an be trained. the !ons!ious a!t o% thin-in" about their thou"hts in a parti!ular &ay rearran"ed the brain. But e+en as it o%%ers ne& therapies %or illnesses o% the mind. the %ilm sho&ed. .!om$time$ma"aCine$arti!le$0. moods and states !ompassion as trainable mental s-ills. mi"ht meditation or other %orms o% mental trainin". (00) See other related lin-s at this site. ` 0n the %ormer.. But perhaps the most stri-in" di%%eren!e &as in an area in the le%t pre%rontal !ortex o% a!ti+ity that mar-s happiness.A he says. More interestin" &ere the di%%eren!es bet&een the so !alled adepts and the no+i!es. as &ell as no+i!es opened their minds and hearts to others.0/3. but "ot a !rash !ourse in the basi! te!hni?ues. is still too ne& %or s!ientists.time. @or !omparison. a!ti+ity in the le%t pre%rontal s&amped a!ti+ity in the ri"ht pre%rontal 2asso!iated &ith ne"ati+e moods5 to a de"ree ne+er be%ore seen %rom purely mental a!ti+ity.o% emotions. he used under"raduates &ho had had no experien!e &ith meditation. produ!e !han"es that underlie endurin" happiness and other positi+e emotionsH AThat>s the hypothesis. as &ell as the patients &ith depression or BC7. brain re"ions that -eep tra!.O su!h as With the help and en!oura"ement o% the 7alai 9ama. This su""ests. says 7a+idson. @or the mon-s.html T0ME B*90*E 'anuary . The dis!o+ery o% neuroplasti!ity. let alone the rest o% us.). as i% the brain had %or"ed more robust !onne!tions bet&een thin-in" and %eelin". 7a+idson re!ruited Buddhist mon-s to "o to Madison and meditate inside his %un!tional ma"neti! resonan!e ima"in" 2% M805 tube &hile he measured their brain a!ti+ity durin" +arious mental states. 7urin" the "eneration o% pure !ompassion. Athat &e !an thin... a standard Buddhist meditation te!hni?ue. the under"raduate !ontrols sho&ed no su!h di%%eren!es bet&een the le%t and ri"ht pre%rontal !ortex.00. it promises somethin" more %undamental# a ne& understandin" o% &hat it means to be human. to "rasp its %ull meanin".0% mental trainin" !an alter a!ti+ity !hara!teristi! o% BC7 and depression.... in parti!ular the po&er o% the mind to !han"e the brain. the site ` While the mon-s &ere "eneratin" %eelin"s o% !ompassion. there &as si"ni%i!antly "reater a!ti+ation in a brain net&or.<. ` By !ontrast. 7a+idson &ondered.o% &hat is sel% and &hat is other be!ame ?uieter. http#$$&&&.lin-ed to empathy and maternal lo+e. ` Conne!tions %rom the %rontal re"ions so a!ti+e durin" !ompassion meditation to the brain>s emotional re"ions seemed to be!ome stron"er &ith more years o% meditation pra!ti!e.

&ithout the physi!al A&ear and tearA that !ould potentially add li%e to the hard&are %rame. it ne+er learns that other !hoi!es are possible. "re& up in po+erty you>re hard&ired %or po+erty and you &on the lottery. 0 "uess 0 am di%%erin" in my opinion.. in . en+isioinin" te!hni? is a so%t&arejpro"rammin" issue.spea-s o% his >sessions>. and so on are perhaps in their in%an!y as to &hat &e are truly !apable o%..<< .Post #4 200*0. 200*0..L. Post #+ 200*0. What 0 "et is that the Ahard&ireA is %lexible. 0% the mind is Ahard&iredA. 1e said he>d &at!hed me play at White City and %elt that some mind trainin" exer!ises !ould help my "ame. 1ere is an example# 'B1* *EWCBMBE Title# A*e&-A 0SB*# 0 )3(.A = 1u"e PTP. .. and does &hat it is told. et!. you &ere used to bein" dominated and told &hat to do suddenly you %ind yoursel% &ith unlimited %reedom The hard&ire says A"et dominated and obeyA you say A0 &ant to be %ree and ma-e my o&n de!isions.28-05$8 :ohn -e8combe on his sessions 0nterestin". 0ma"ine the PTP that &ould be !reated i% you li+ed in po+erty. 0% a musi!ian !ould Aen+isionA playin" a !on!erto. Post #. Publisher# Pan Ma!millan Australia Published (00( @ollo&in" is the ex!erpt &here *e&. years. &e a!!epted his in+itation to +isit him at his home in 4in"s Cross.. Br you belon"ed to a Cult.3 AMy parents &ere al&ays -een to explore anythin" that mi"ht "i+e me an ed"e.or %ootball players. a pioneer in sports psy!holo"y telephoned our house out o% the blue o%%erin" to help me. so ne+er Are &iresA the me!hani!s as it ne+er !onsiders that it !an. 0 .it isn>t the hard&irin" that says A"et dominated and obeyA.. Pa"e . 0 "uess it>s still in its in%an!y 0>+e only been usin" it %or /. Put this also opens up the possibility that A!reati+e pro!essin"A.2*-1+55 0t may ha+e mu!h to do &hy it is so hard to lea+e a C39TD Also ho& you "re& up.2*-1*55 The mind is not the brain.. There maybe some hard&ire important !onse?uen!es as to &hat &e are !onne!ted to 2losers or &inners or &hate+er5 in our en+ironments.. so &hen.

o&n.S. player in &orld 3 times 2. 0 used to ha+e a phobia about old tennis balls. head on the reasons $hy I $as !eaten' I al$ays learned more )rom a loss than a $&n% !ecause I $as prepared to honestly evaluate $here I#d scre$ed up' And I mean an honest% pa&nstak&n. they>ll ne+er "o a&ay. 1e and 8od 9a+er are the only players to &in the men>s sin"les at @orest 1ills and Wimbledon as amateurs and pros. I) th&n. 0% you lea+e them lo!-ed a&ay in your sub!ons!ious. 'ohn *e&!ombe &as the last amateur to &in Wimbledon in .)3 and . he 2and there%ore 05 -ne& &hat made me anxious.&st also tau.) me ho$ to v&sual&+e' I#d &ma.)<.ended up spendin" . My inhibitions ended. A bit li-e an old %ashioned lie dete!tor. !ope &ith !ro&ds that he!-led me.then 0 had the rou"h outline o% the Tones. hours or so &ith him. and the needle &ould rea!t a!!ordin"ly.. it !omprised t&o !an shaped handles ele!troni!ally !onne!ted to a monitor &ith a needle. Another th&n. bullies and mind "ame operators. and they made me &ant to -no& more about ho& my mind &or-ed and the role it !ould play in my physi!al per%orman!e.. &t' =ears later% I tr&ed the techn&Eue at D&m!ledon )or real 5 and &t $orked )or me' My an8&et&es $ere !an&shed and I )elt as one $&th the )a!led arena' The "reatest lesson 0 learned &ith this "uy &as that you ha+e to brin" your &orries to the %ore%ront o% you mind and deal &ith them.. As 0 "ripped the !ans. My %eelin"s about these players and s!enarios &ere transmitted thou"ht the !ans onto the monitor.. The sports psycholo. and %a!e do&n tennis>s &orst sled"ers.) doubles titles. $ron. that *e&!ombe made his name. and Australian !hampionships t&i!e ea!h. and . 0 !ould tou"h out the "ruelin" mat!hes.o &nto another m&nd +one% clearly cons&der the pro!lems I $as )ac&n. he sat me in %ront o% a ma!hine that re"istered my %ear and anxiety le+els. thou"h. 0 belie+ed 0 !ouldn>t atta!. *o. )or me% I had the a!&l&ty to .. &t &nto my !ody% o$n&n. match% at say% D&m!ledon% $here I#d .s $ere .randstand and look do$n at Bentre Bourt: then I#d reach out my arms as &) I $as cla&m&n.).% then reprocess my !ody and m&nd to overcome the advers&ty'* E+en ba!.)0 ).&ne mysel) on the eve o) a !&. I learned to do a l&ttle later $as s&t do$n a)ter a loss and slo$ly replay the ent&re match &n my head% )ac&n. %or instan!e.. 0t &as in sin"les. 1e &as ri"ht some o% the thin"s &e tried to"ether did impro+e the &ay 0 played tennis.5I &on Wimbledon 3 times and 3.L) and &on the tournament a"ain as a pro%essional in . 4no&in" that 0 -ne& my "ame 2and mysel%5 +ery &ell indeed "a+e me the !on%iden!e to !ompete at any le+el. t&o Australian titles in . and &e tal-ed o+er &ays to sol+e my problems and mental blo!-s.o up to the top o) the .. @irst o% all. 1is other "rand slam tournament +i!tories in!lude t&o 3S titles in ..L). the psy!holo"ist &ould name di%%erent tennis players or mention situations that happened in a mat!h..)0 and .. That &ay.&ith arr&ved at evaluat&on% not a !ullsh&t evaluat&on' My mental stren"th &as one reason %or my su!!ess. the court% dra$&n.L) and . *e&!ombe &as the last . So he made me handle old balls and then handle ne& balls and ima"ine mysel% bein" as pro%i!ient &ith the old as &ith the ne&..

. 0.28-120. '3*E .# the body is bein" poisoned by toxi! pollutants and %oods &hi!h in turn poisons your brain.. 200*0. true te!hni!al you>re in a +ery toxi! relationship and the mind ne"ati+ity is also poisonin" your brain eeeeeeeeee-D Alan Thread 1.. Also 0 &ould expe!t the brain to be in!redibly deli!ate thus the sli"htest pollution &ould a%%e!t its %un!tion. $ould happen to the : MsRonly to the pc' We ha+e a true ti"er by the tail...)0 and . !tandard Tech En%or!ed Standard ET10CS TEC1 and A7M0* ma-es %or Standard BE0*JS W0T1 *B P0EWPB0*TS B@ T1E08 BW* The ori"inal intent o% the Jrade Chart &as to -ey out JPMs.. durin" the open era.: 0uestion re: PT! T &e 4 Post #1.e. and repeated in .L). 6ou had better learn to pro%it by it.amateur !hampion at Wimbledon in . 0t is a real. 1ere is ex!erpt %rom# 1CB B399ET0* B@ (. Alan Post #12 200*0.L/ CE*T8A9 B8J A*7 @0E97 A370TB8 TA8JETS *o& %ortunately %or the or" and %ield auditor there is a +ital preparation ne!essary %or 9e+el P0.). Bb+iously the en+ironment !an also be toxi! and that &ould also !ause the brain to attempt to handle this. EPE* W1E* 6B3 A8E 7E90PE80*J 8L TB T1E P3B90C 8B3T0*E96 6B3 W099 BE 83**0*J PCs B* T10S @08ST @B8 13*78E7S A*7 13*78E7S B@ 1B38S.$.. The preparation is this# Those preclears $ho are &nsu))&c&ently Bause &n the&r da&ly l&ves cannot as5&s the !ank' =ou could thro$ them &n to : Ms !ut noth&n..-221. pit!h him into .2. 0t &ould be hard to ma-e !ase "ain i% you li+ed in a multiple toxi! en+ironment.. Ta-e Man V o%% Times S?uare.

bet&een these t&o types o% !onditionH 0t isnGt nati+e or inherent. Th&s $&ll !e )ound e8clamator&ly true o) some 11 percent o) the pcs' Auditors are di%%erent. Bne error in se?uen!e and itGs a ten auditin" hour battle to %ind and "et the !har"e o%% that error. Type A runs easily e+en a!ross errors. Type A# 1as %e& personal problems. Bne sneeCe and the meter lo!-s up. 1as a hard time in li%e.e%%i!iently at thin"s. 1andles li%e easily.+ery lon" at anythin". There are o% !ourse shades o% "rey in bet&een. Ta-es setba!-s emotionally or Eust !ollapses.t )lo$ out' @ere &s the pc $ho can only rece&ve aud&t&n. Type B# 0s delu"ed &ith personal problems. @eels "ood most o% the time. Ta-es setba!-s optimisti!ally. 0s ener"eti! "enerally and able to &or. 0t !an !han"e. 0% you tire a Type A out you !an ma-e him or her beha+e on JPMs li-e a Type B. A Type B !anGt be CauseD >&)e )lo$s &n% &n% &n' The pc can. I) you $ere to take a Type B and thro$ h&m or her to the : Ms you. heGd "o rheumati!. 0% you audit a Type A &ith the AuditorGs Code !lauses o% %ood and rest &ildly disobeyed. They !an !on%ront more. then.%aster o% !ourse but still he or she durin" that period &ill ha+e a pa!-ed up meter. NINET=5NINE ERBENT 9? =9(R REB>EARS ARE 9R DERE 9RI:INA>>= T= E B' There are spe!ial di%%eren!es in these t&o anyth&n. . Jets upset easily or is Eust in plain apathy and is ne+er upset be!ause thin"s arenGt real any&ay 2li-e a boulder &ouldnGt "et upset5. as5 &sed' What is the basi! di%%eren!e. 6ou !ould also inexpertly audit a Type A on &ron" "oals or se?uen!es and "et a Type B p! rea!tion. you &ould be auditin".d not .' Never . CanGt see any &ay out. @eels ill most o% the time.&ve any' @ere &s the pc $ho has to !e @E> ED !ut never really helps' 1ere is the p! &ho has moti+ators but ne+er any o+erts. The Type A &ill sprin" ba!.JPMs and he &ouldnGt "o BT. suddenly.a le" o+er !ommas in JPMs &hen they are p! in". WhyH 1e !anGt as is the si"ni%i!an!es and masses. 0s "enerally tired and !anGt &or. 0n !are%ully studyin" this 0 %ound there &ere p!s Type A and Type B. E+en &hen they o!!ur isnGt upset by them. Those are t&o types o% people. But nine out o% t&enty %i+e auditors brea. Type B pa!-s up the meter on a !ou"h. a Type B p!.

the reins later &ere totally in!apable o% usin" the toolbox and resorted to psy!hoti! AsolutionsA.. you seeH It takes those lo$er .s Bause >evel so that the pc% on reach&n. Spe!ial 8$7s should be mandatory %or e+ery !ase and bein". 0t isn>t roboti! appli!ation.L<..*o&. 3se &hat they learn 2that ta-es out%lo&5 (. 0 see that the term has been pro"ressi+ely rede%ined into suppressi+e un&or-ability. As is their PTPs 2that ta-es the ability to be Cause5 3.StandardiCation is &hat destroyed S!io. 0n the early L0s it seems that 981 &or-ed &ith the %ormer !on!ept and later.on raisin" their Cause 9e+el so they !an# .. Jet up to 9e+el P0 materials &ithout %aintin" at the si"ht o% them and /. Alan Post #10 200*0. En%or!ed Standard Te!h on an improperly set up lo& !ause le+el person is the problemDD And the set up Te!h &as omitted around . @ar %rom not &or-in" treatin" ea!h !ase as spe!ial and non standard is the only &or-able pro!ess.. Those &ho too. The state o) h&..h Bause &s also Ceyed 9ut Blear' Standard te!h is a toolbox.rades to ra&se the pc.2. 0 do not see that standard te!h is the problem. :rade VI can as5&s the !ank' 9N>= BARE?(> >9DER >EVE> A(DITIN: BAN MACE A T= E B B INT9 A T= E AF So they are here %or ?uite a &hile and all that time &e no& &or. 0>+e been pro!essin" %or almost <0 years Never met a standard case yetF The old Mission 9i%e 8epairs &ere al&ays tailored to the spe!ial !ases in %ront o% you. 0t is &hat built S!io.-1$0+ /ll &eo&le are s&ecial cases All people are spe!ial !ases. As is JPMs.. &ith aspe!ts o% his o&n unresol+ed !ase -i!-in" in. Alan . in!reasin"ly mo+ed to&ard the latter.

+1: Who is the 4reatest !. This &as be%ore the Jrade Chart pro!essin" !ame into existen!e an area &ould o%ten "et ( or 300 hours o% pro!essin" until it resol+ed. 981 states# AThose pre!lears 2people5 &ho are insu%%i!iently Cause in their daily li+es !annot as is the .net$sho&thread.. (.[pa"e=( 0n this 1CBB it +ery spe!i%i!ally lays out ho& you STBP people %rom bein" !ausati+e. 0 -no& o% at least (< people &ho &ent strai"ht that &as be%ore there &ere Ethi!s B%%i!ers or the Jrade Chart there &as also tremendous so!ietal pressures to not be "ay.uirrel in !cientolog Toda 6 Who is the Jreatest S?uirrel in S!ientolo"y TodayH 8e!ently 0 posted an ex!erpt %rom an 1CBB# http#$$ style.exs!n.phpHt=. With no dianeti! rundo&ns thou"h you &ould handle spe!i%i! losses or pain%ul in!idents basi!ally boo. There are t&o thin" a S!io 9eader must be a&are o% at all times# .3. Su%%i!ient nutritious %ood. These are the t&o oldest basi!s in S!io. 0t &as +ery easy to obser+e i% it had resol+ed the Model Session pi!-ed it up immediately &hen you as-ed# What are your "oals %or the sessionH Br# What are your "oals %or li%e and li+in"H Most early day p!>s had ( or 3000 hour li%e repairs. Alan Thread 1. espe!ially in the early >L0>s.$0-2258 Who is the 4reatest !. Su%%i!ient rest.uirrel in !cientolog Toda 6 Post #1 200*0.Thread 1.58: I 8as a !cientologist II Post #104 200*102.-04$8 /t least 25 ga s 8ent straight 1as anyone e+er s&it!hed sexual pre%eren!e on their o&n !o" due to auditin"H 6es many.. Some &ould -ey in and out o% it.

The Type A &ill sprin" ba!. in. Jets upset easily or is Eust in plain apathy and is ne+er upset be!ause thin"s arenGt real any&ay 2li-e a boulder &ouldnGt "et upset5. per!ent o% the p!s. a Type B p!. 2Br their PT a!tions. 0% you audit a Type A &ith the AuditorGs Code !lauses o% %ood and rest &ildly disobeyed. Type A runs easily e+en a!ross errors.%aster o% !ourse but still he or she durin" that period &ill ha+e a pa!-ed up meter. bet&een these t&o types o% !onditionH 0t isnGt nati+e or inherent. Those are t&o types o% people. E+en &hen they o!!ur isnGt upset by them.5 A Type B !anGt be CauseD 9i%e %lo&s in. 0s "enerally tired and !anGt &or.A End o% ex!erpt. 0t !an !han"e. The p! 2person5 !anGt %lo& out. Ta-es setba!-s emotionally or Eust !ollapses. What is the basi! di%%eren!e. then. 6ou !ould also inexpertly audit a Type A on &ron" "oals or se?uen!es and "et a Type B p! rea!tion. @eels "ood most o% the time.+ery lon" at anythin".5 This &ill be %ound ex!lamatorily true o% some . *e+er "i+e any. 1ere is the p! &ho !an only re!ei+e auditin". you &ould be auditin". Type A# 1as %e& personal problems. "oals.5 6ou !ould thro& them in to JPMs 290@E5 but nothin" &ould happen to their 2PT 90@E5 JPMs^only to the p!.5 0n !are%ully studyin" this 0 %ound there &ere p!s Type A and Type B. 2person. 1as a hard time in li%e. Type B# 0s delu"ed &ith personal problems. 0s ener"eti! "enerally and able to &or. 0% you &ere to ta-e a Type B and thro& him or her to the JPMs 2or PT 90@E5 youGd not "et anythin" as ised. et!. Ta-es setba!-s optimisti!ally. 1ere is the p! 2person5 &ho has to be 1E9PE7 but ne+er really helps. 0% you tire a Type A out you !an ma-e him or her beha+e on JPMs 2or 90@E5 li-e a Type B.e%%i!iently at thin"s.ban-. 2Constantly !han"e orders. suddenly. Who -eeps their sta%% tired and ill %edH . Type B pa!-s up the meter on a !ou"h. 1andles li%e easily.. There are o% !ourse shades o% "rey in bet&een. @eels ill most o% the time. 2People. in. There are spe!ial di%%eren!es in these t&o types. CanGt see any &ay out. *0*ET6 *0*E PE8CE*T B@ 6B38 P8EC9EA8S 2PEBP9E B8 STA@@5 A8E B8 WE8E B80J0*A996 T6PE B.

. a s?uirrel is doin" somethin" entirely di%%erent. 0t may appear that the +iolations o% sleep and %ood are ob+ious. IT IS TIME DE B9MM EV#ED DAVID MISBAVI:E Alan Post #$... 2S1 Spe! )). and o%%beat pra!ti!es. Bne 0 %ound most &or-able &as the de%inition he "a+e durin" a R[A session in early .. those &ho en"a"e in a!tions alterin" S!n..C0...... 21CBB (3 May L. 21CBB . . to !han"e and in+ent pro!esses.. p. 0t is a bad thin". messed up auditin" pro!edure. L.L3 F A student F 0 belie+e it &as 7a+id Ti%% as-ed him ho& to &ord ( &ay !omm ?uestions.. 1e "ot +ery upset at the ?uestion F ranted a little F admitted it &as the hardest thin" to tea!h be"innin" auditors.. it means alterin" S!n and o%%beat pra!ti!es. F And they are %ar %rom the many 981 de%initions on the subEe!t. in!omplete.but that does not lessen the destru!ti+e e%%e!ts. But he "a+e the %ollo&in"# Any Euest&on that &s out o) ARB &s a sEu&rrel Euest&onF Any act&on that &s out o) ARB &s a sEu&rrel act&onF .it stren"thens a position.< 'an )0 005 As you !an ob+iously obser+e.. 200*1004-144$ The Te!h 7i!tionary de%initions o% SR3088E9# SR3088E9.. s?uirrellin" is not really di%%erent pro!esses^it is !areless. 1e doesnGt understand any o% the prin!iples so he ma-es up a bun!h o% them to %ul%ill his i"noran!e and +oi!es them o%% on a p! and "ets no pla!e. 20SE.5 ( . /05^ +./ @eb L<5 (.Who heaps abuse on them &hen they are tired and ill %edH 0% this person +iolates the t&o most basi! areas then Jod %orbid &hat other in!redible s?uirrel a!tions they &ould do to the rest o% the Ethi!s Te!h and AdminD Alan Post #5 200*1001-0141 0 -no& it seems ho-ey but &hen a spe!i%i! irre%utable body o% e+iden!e is presented. 21CB P9 . the abo+e Te!h 7i!tionary de%initions are +ery sel% ser+in" and manipulati+e.5 SR3088E990*J.

0t is on Sta%% Status T&o Course. Br run the pro!esses and &rite up &hat &as %ound and any &ays it !ould be impro+ed upon. Basi!ally that is also the de%inition o% "ood !ommuni!ation# The a!tion o% as-in" a person a ?uestion 2&hi!h he !an understand and ans&er5. The end produ!t bein" more understandin" &hi!h in turn produ!es a !loser. "ettin" an ans&er to that ?uestion and a!-no&led"in" him %or that ans&er. 8eality is a substitute %or Truth. 1e. MS1 and the sta%% and the T 3nit se!tion o% the S1SBC &ould !o ordinate to"ether and deli+er the latest ideas. 0t is one senten!e. A%%inity is a substitute %or 9o+e. The other side o% that is !ommuni!atin" in su!h a &ay as to both "i+e and re!ei+e !ommuni!ation that both !an understand and a!-no&led"e ea!h others understandin". The Te!h &as resear!hed in date !hroni!led order. tech research teamN There is one re%eren!e &hi!h tal-s about later issues supersedin" earlier ones. 20tGs also in the BEC Pols. 981 &ould C$S ea!h %older and re!ommendations. Communi!ation is a method o% !on+eyin" understandin" and -no&led"e and i% done &ell brin"s about more understandin" and -no&led"e. Bur !o pro!essin" spa!e &as the Chapel. 0% you obser+e one o% the Te!h 7i!tionaries de%inition o% &hat auditin" is A370T0*J. 0t &as put to"ether by a team o% approximately /0 people &or-in" to"ether at any "i+en time to undo the next thin" to !ome up. but 0 am pretty sure it &as an 1CB P9. 1e &ould then add in the pertinent ne& %indin"s. The method &as simple.0 ha+e lon" a"o expanded on those ans&ers. truer relationship. The a!tion o% as-in" a pre!lear a ?uestion 2&hi!h he !an understand and ans&er5. "ettin" an ans&er to that ?uestion and a!-no&led"in" him %or that ans&er. We &ould be noti%ied in his hand &ritin" the bulletin !ontainin" the latest Te!h dis!o+eries and rundo&ns bein" pinned to the door by 981 o% &hate+er lo!ation &e &ere in. but 0 ha+e no idea &here5. hard to %ind. (. 981 &as the !o !oordinatin" %a!tor. 0t e+ol+ed in date !hroni!led order. 0 !anGt remember the name o% the re%eren!e. Alan Post #4$ 200*1010-1+1+ M327's !7!(. The moment that this o!!urred you stopped &hat you &ere runnin" and immediately ran the ne& . prior to that it &as the pa+ilion and prior to that the basement in Saint 1ill.

. or it !an be an a!tion or somethin" you do not &ant -no& 0 opted to !ontinue. Any o+errun o% these a!tions &ill dump you into a %ull dramatiCation o% the the de"raded end o% a JPM pa!-a"e. JPM 8eliable 0tems are identity or bein"ness type items.te!h &as omitted. But. The moment a ne& pie!e o% Te!h !ame out it superseded the pre+ious te!h that did not mean the earlier pro+en to &or. This methodolo"y tau"ht you ho& to read it. And dis!o+erin" &hat lay underneath. !orre!t it as you "roo+ed in on the ne& dis!o+eries or rundo&ns.. Any %ailure to run the positi+e "ood or optimum a!tions &ill !ause a massi+e de"rade to the p!>s ability to a!t and a massi+e de"rade to the p!>s li%e and li+in". Too mu!h 7B*ES and you &ill ha+e a!ti+ated all sorts o% BEs. Whereas 981 and sta%% had to &ear their hats and had many more PTPs than most o% the students. A 7B*E !an either be a positi+e "ood or optimum a!tion or a harm%ul a!tion. Alan . Their purpose &as to -ey out JPM 8eliable 0tems and !onse?uently -ey out the JPM. 981 blasted me %or this as he had !ome in an hour earlier &hilst 0 &as runnin" Peter and pinned a ne& rundo&n on the door. Alan Thread 1. and your li%e &ill %eel li-e shit %rom then on. 6ou. They are a +ery limited pro!ess. A W0T11B97 !an either be a positi+e "ood or optimum a!tion or done or not done in order to pre+ent a harm%ul a!tion. 8ealiCe 7B*ES are a%ter the %a!t o% BEs. ma-e no mista-e it &as a !ollaborated e%%ort most o% the dis!o+eries &ere done by the T 3nit pro!essors as &e had mu!h more time and %o!us on the implementin" o% the ne& Te!h.. 0n *o+ >L( 0 !an re!all bein" blasted be!ause my p! Peter Williams &as ha+in" in!redible "ains runnin" a 37 Criss Cross (/ list 8$7. %EW t &e &rocesses are #er limited 0 am utterly amaCed at ho& !lueless most o% you are on B$W type pro!esses..Te!h. do it.*5: 4rou& %EW 8rite-u&s Post #14 200*1002-0$4.

A Per%e!t pro!essD But BoopsD somethin" "ets tri""ered. B%ten they !ease to !reate any B$W>s o% any %EW create B$W &rite ups and B$W pro!essin" !an be ?uite deadly. When a bein" obser+es and is &illin" to be responsible %or their spe!i%i! B$W or !hain o% B$Ws their automati!ities erase..add to the !reation... A pro!ess %or li%e. li+e.... Most bein"s do . 0 did this in ..)) it &as amaCin" ho& mu!h %alse B$W 0 ble&. 20080512-1+2.... et! starts addin" to youD 1o& do you handle thisH Alan Post #5.Post #28 200*1002-2$1+ The point is there is no pastD There is nothin" stoppin" you %rom bein" all you !an beD 7oin" all you !an doD 1a+in" all you !an ha+eD There are no a!tual JPMsD Alex &rote# ACome to PT.... Bn!e the !ompulsi+e B$W !reate turns on you &ill %eel li-e the "reatest !riminal on planet earth you then start in+entin" PT and &hole tra!.. Should you be %ail to a!-no&led"e that point you &ill "o into a !ompulsi+e !reate and a %eelin" o% out o% !ontrol so mu!h so you &ill no lon"er be able to re!o"nise the "ood a!ts you ha+e done.000>s o% "ood a!ts to e+ery one bad a!t... 0t also helps i% you &rite out the "ood a!ts you do and ha+e done... This is a bi" As!ension Experien!e A maEor ability re"ained state. .the odds are you &ill not %ind one maEor !riminal a!t.are you still doin" them. A simple &ay to rehab this state is to &rite do&n e+ery !riminal a!t you ha+e done then !he!. a %e& speedin" ti!-ets. or thin"s as a -id. Maybe a %e& stole money. ..they !ease to !reate that parti!ular B$W dramatiCation...o+erts that are biCarre..per!ei+e somethin".

7etroit &as the same as Miami.. .. Washin"ton.Alan Thread 1.and &as Eust an address &ith an o!!asional E7..(..-0410 I started the boom 0n the early days it &as relati+ely easy to mar-et [ sell the produ!ts [ ser+i!es o% S!ientolo"y doin" hats a!!ordin" to the posts o% the Br" board &as more !lear sailin" than 0 belie+e it is today... Told them to "et a Eob.a %ull time sta%% o% <..00 per &ee-.part time around ... A+era"e J0 around Q. A+era"e J0 %or the Br" around Q.part time about .about .. 0 estimate there &ere less that <00 a!ti+e S!ios in the &hole 3S.. 2The ( 0 -ept &ere Edith and *i!..o+er the 7allas @ran!hise its pre+ious year>s in!ome &as Q3. The top @ran!hise 1older in the &orld &as 'ohn Jalusha his in!ome &as Q300 a &ee.apparently my -i!-in" out the L people put people>s indi!ators in.8+: Ai""icult to market !cientolog Post #5 200*100.. A+era"e J0 around QL00 per &ee-. There &as an in!redibly A8C bro-en %ield %rom the earlier 7ianeti! disasters and %ailed Br"s.. ni"hts students.on a "ood &ee-. They &ere pra!ti!ally empty. *o students. 6ou "otta be -iddin"D When 0 !ame to the 3S on *o+ember ..( ni"ht time students.... Sta%% o% L in!ludin" the Continental 7ire!tor and husband 'ulia and 4en Salmen. 981 had le%t a +ery pissed o%% %ield. *o J0.5 My %irst le!ture 0 had 3( people sho& up...o% &hi!h the . Miami Br" almost did not had ( day time students.. .. 0t had .. students part time..0th.(00 %or the year or QL< a &ee-. 0 !ame in and too....... The bi""est most prosperous &as *6 Br" ni"ht 0 thre& out L o% them..........0.L/ 0 +isited all the Br"s in the 3S o+er a period o% L &ee-s.. *o J0... 9A Br" had %our students day time almost no students at ni" had no day time students... 7C had many more day sta%% about .<0 per &ee-.*i!hols both be!ame Class P000s and &ent on to build San @ran!is!o Br" into a po&erhouse a %e& years later..

0 ni"ht !ourse "re& to .0 0 had an ur"ent phone !all %rom the then @ran!hise B%%i!er sayin" 0 did not ha+e to send all my En"land %or Q<. but !ouldn>t stay in Europe be!ause o% the Paris !ase &here he &as !har"ed &ith !riminal o%%en!es and he &as "oin" to be extradited at time it ble& up.0S 0 &as then a!!usati+ely as-ed A&hat are you up toHA As %or it &as easier to mar-et and sell S!io it &as not the 3S &as a +ery upti"ht mar-et . Most had done &ell %or themsel+es o+er the years. Alan Thread 200*: 9o Oin Post #52 200*100*-20$5 !no8 White S*BW W10TE !ame into bein" on (0 April .net$ar!hi+e$"o$ops$"o)3($"o)3(a.. Both had done extremely &ell %or themsel+es sin!e lea+in" S!io se+eral years earlier. Alan Thread 1... 0 started the boom.0 audited durin" the day.00 2The !ost o% ( Cadilla!s.. and held se+eral hi"h positions in S!io5 and another %or 3< years. http#$$&&&.)3. 0 reiterated it &as . We boo-ed him . My %irst L &ee-s in the 3S 0 earned an a+era"e in!ome o% QL. Bri"inal Class P000. 1e &as there and said. There &ere t&o (nd "eneration S!io people in that "roup Bne person had been in %or <) years 2he &as hi"hly trained Bri"inal S1SBC and Bri"inal Class P00 &ith honors... exes there 20n!ludin" me. There &ere .... My pri!es &ere double the pri!es !har"ed by Br"s.5 0 added up the total o% trainin" and pro!essin" years they !o+ered it &as more than <00 years.-0810 A %e& days a"o 0 had some 30 o% my !oa!hes and pro!essors in %or an ..5 0 sent my %irst . A6ou ha+e to "et me out o% here at on!e. Whi!h &as the bi" &in that turned into the hu"e o+ert. 200*100.htm 4en 3r?uhart report# *6 trip...anythin" di%%erent &as hea+ily atta!-ed remember the outra"e at the lon" haired Beatles. 0 "ot a messa"e on ship that 0 and 'ohn Bra"on had to "o to a hotel in 9isbon.and 8oll re!ords...88: The !emitic Oie8&oint Post #$2.My %irst &ee->s in!ome &as Q<.. day introdu!tion to the James Matrix material and some !o pro!essin" and trainin". et!... We had the best e+er %un o% any !ourse that 0 ha+e been in+ol+ed in.A That day &e "ot him on a %li"ht to *e& 6or-.000 a &ee-.0S !he!. The burnin" o% 8o!.xenu.. 1e had to lea+e Moro!!o.

Alon" &ith all the other &ords &e &ould all loo. 0n the hotel he &as %airly relaxed and "a+e us a little le!ture about sa%e spa!es.he &as "oin" to Chi!a"o but he "ot o%% in *6. Alan Thread 2015: 7ubbard &lagiari=ed !tud TechT here is the &roo" Post #$ 200*100*-1255 The Berners &ere En"lish tea!hers they tau"ht in Bran"e County.. @ran-lin. 1e !ould ha+e been arrested on the ship be!ause it &as in port and !ouldn>t put to sea. Plato. 1e &asn>t pani!-ed. 1e !ouldn>t "o ba!.0 o% us the &inner &as the one &ho "ot the most !orre!t. a little brie%in". 0t &as 'apanese.A ea!h o% us had to submit ( &ords and &e had to de%ine ea!h there &ere . 1e &as in a the ship be!ause it &as in 9isbon doin" another re%it in dry do!-.000 &ords a year.that &as late September . The %irst 7i!tionary appeared . So!rates. Alan . 1e had %lo&n %rom Moro!!o to 9isbon and then sent a messa"e %or me. Aristotle..or a . 7urin" my apprenti!eship as a !ompositor. to name three then o% !ourse there are the "reat tea!hers$philosophers &ho also studied study Con%u!ius.00b!. @e le)t &n Septem!er #30 and came !ack &n Septem!er #3"' 0t should be noted the !riminal a!ts o% Jo+ B%%i!e brea. linotype operators and the !ompositors on A&ord de%initions. 1e le%t that day. That totaled (0 &ords a &ee. et al.up in the !ourse o% doin" our Eobs. We had &ee-ly !ontests bet&een the editors.. Bb+iously study methods ha+e been e+ol+in" %or ..ins did not start in the 3S until 1ennin" 1eldt &as put in !har"e o% the 3SJB.. They &ere ob+iously pri+ile"ed to study all methods o% study.)3. 0t &as also a "ame that many tele"raph operators &ould en"a"e in. reporters. Carne"ie. This &as a !ommon "ame in most ne&spapers and bi" printin" establishments.. one o% my hats &as to handset type. Edison. another &as as a proo%reader %or a small ne&spaper.000s o% years. There ha+e been many "reat people &ho in their early li+es had been in+ol+ed in printin" and tele"raph operators.throu"h to Chi!a"o so people &ould thin.

to S!ientolo"y next li%etime. BoopsD Alan Post #..Thread 20$0: The >1!T Oie8&oint Post #18 200*100.<0>s.-0502 W!omment snipped re Phoenix 9e!turesX 7id you e+er audit anyone &ho attended the Phoenix 9e!tures PinH 0 did se+eral o% them they &ere the most Aup the poleA people 0 e+er met. A %e& months later he &as Eailed %or .-052$ @or a &hile.. The e%%e!t &as de%initely the ( ed"ed s&ord phenomena. 0 must admit 0 did not ha+e the As!ension Experien!e Te!h &hen 0 audited those people. *either do you ha+e to oppose itD @or that sets up dualityD 1olo"raphi!ally dupli!ate it permeate it lo+e it %or"i+e it ta-e %ull responsibility %or itD Wor.. 0% there &as e+er a reason to !ome ba!. others time. it &ould ha+e been %or the S!ientolo"y o% the early . .dar-side li"htside stu%%.&ith it in!lude it a%ter all you are sometimes in a body and sometimes in the physi!al uni+erse sometimes on someone else>s time tra!.. years ha+in" a Aree%erA in his possession... and others thin"s.. Alan Post #22 200*100..... Bne o% the %irst people 0 met in 7allas &as a "uy named Bobby Sutton he had attended the Phoenix 9e!tures and did a lot o% the then ad+an!ed stu%% he had Eust shot and -illed someone %or s!re&in" his &i%e. 1e &as let "o un&ritten Texas 9a&.. The restH 1i"hly %or"ettable..2 200*1010-184$ 0 only -no& that the MEST +ie&point is the MEST +ie&point and 0 don>t ha+e to a!!ept it. 0 thou"ht 0 &as there. others ener"y. E+en &ent to Phoenix and dro+e around %or three days tryin" to remember stu%%.sometimes under the !ontrol o% others sometimes in or usin" others spa!e.

AlanD Post #42 200*101*-2$12 0n all my years o% trainin" pro!essors there ha+e been +ery %e& that &ere Ae+il.. le"s &a+in" ba!. %ollo&in" &hi!h 'an 1alpern ?uietly and !almly es!orted the dan"erous p! outside o% the !ourseroom to the"htlin-. lea+in" the auditor.!om$ar!hi+e$spi!-ler$1o&CouldThis1appen.A The p! &as Bill @is-e the auditor dumped in the trash !an &as Jeor"e Siedler. AhD the "ood old daysD Alan Post #$8 200*101*-1. there &as suddenly a loud shout and the unmista-eable sound o% a %ist stri-in" some part o% the human %a!ial anatomy. Would that be a mutually a"reed upon missed &ithholdH Part o% the ta!it Code o% Silen!e A0 &on>t !on%ront my atro!ities i% you don>t !on%ront yoursA A0>ll shi%t the blame o% your "oo% onto someone else i% you &ill shi%t the blame o% my "oo% onto someone elseDA Et!.Alan Thread 20$1: Ironic 327 .A Mostly they had a A%ear o% !ommittin" harm or loo-in" or bein" stupid. That &as a %atal assumption.and %orth as he +ainly stru""led to "et out o% the !ontainer.and horror o% 3/ other sessions in that room.14 That>s pretty %unnyD 0 &onder &hy Jeor"e ne+er told me that storyH Jood ?uestionD 0% you noti!e almost no one in S!io tells you about the "oo%s they>+e made in session. and instead treated it as thou"h the p! &as blo&in" in an e%%ort not to !on%ront a &ithhold. %ollo&ed by a !hair tippin" o+er. be!ause to the sho!. head %irst. et!.A .P'S ABne poor !hap &ho &as auditin" one o% the dan"erous p!s %ailed to handle an ori"ination by said p! about needin" to "o to the toilet.uotes Post #$+ 200*101*-1*52 Ex!erpt %rom# http#$$&&&. &ith more an"ry shoutsI and then out o% the !orner o% our eyes &e !ould see this +iolent p! dra""in" his auditor upside do&n o+er to a lar"e sort o% barrel shaped &aste !an and stu%%in" the poor auditor into it.

'ourneyman o% the subEe!t. But to do that you need to do the . Master o% the subEe!t. 2Brientate yoursel% to &hat it is and its parts and be"in to "et a rudimentary understandin" o% the subEe!t and orientation to &hat>s need or &anted to produ!e the produ!ts o% the subEe!t.. (. Cra%tsman o% the subEe!t.5 the subEe!t %ully.Bn!e it &as o-ay to be stupid. 26ou produ!e master pie!es. et!. Some people are so !har"ed %rom earlier abuses that &e tell them they !an blo& anytime they &ant 0 ha+e had people ta-e up to 3 months be%ore they !ould !om%ortably be in the pla!e.slo&ly bein" able to be there a little lon"er -inda %un to &at!h them "et ba!. Alan Thread 20*4: ?no8ing 7o8 to ?no8 #sB (elie#ing Post #1$ 200*101$-1410 Wog 4rade . WBJ J8A7E C1A8T . to ma-e mista-es. 6ou &ant to -no& somethin". truth. /. 2Pra!ti!e under super+ision.5 B% !ourse i% you really &ant to -no& ho& to -no& 6ou holo"raphi!ally dupli!ate and permeate 2&ith lo+e.5 ).. 6ou apprenti!e yoursel% to them. 6ou intern yoursel% to the subEe!t. 6ou don>t -no& somethin". 0n a truly sa%e en+ironment you !an run out the earlier unsa%e en+ironments it a!ts li-e a !onta!t assist.their ability to !onsistently be there. +alue.hart @or thousands o% years the >&o"s> ha+e had a Jrade Chart 0t has ta-en us out o% the mud. to s!re& up it ran out so mu!h earlier preten!e and %alseness %rom s!hool and so!iety they &ere then able to ha+e that they did not -no& and they !ould learn ho& to be "ood pro!essors and then be!ome "reat pro!essors. 26ou do an ade?uate Eob &ithout super+ision.5 .5 L. Steps abo+eD Alan Post #20 200*1014-0450 /&&renticeshi&s Sin!e time immemorial. people ha+e been trans%errin" s-ills %rom one "eneration to another in some .5 <. 3sually in the be"innin" they !annot be there lon"er than (0 minutes then they ha+e to lea+e then they !ome ba!. 6ou %ind someone &ho -no&s &hat you &ant to -no&. 26ou produ!e ?uality produ!ts. 3.

@our thousand years a"o. and there is re+elry in ArthurGs 1allI and none may enter therein but the son o% a 4in" o% a pri+ile"ed !ountry. a .on a Ane& publi!A is pre+ious As!ension Experien!es amaCin" ho& many had a sudden a&a-enin" o%ten they spot &hat they telepathi!ally !onne!ted to. 0n+isibleness.. Their presti"e in En"land !enturies a"o is re%le!ted in a dialo" %rom the 8ed Boo. A PT 9i%e demonstration o% pure &hole 4no&led"e in A!tion that telepathi!ally !aused amaCin" risin" s!ale impro+ements re"ardless o% any distan!e in many bein"s> li+es simultaneously. Jree!e. Stupidity. 2*ot 0s.o% 1er"est.O The status "i+en the !ra%t &or-er &as &ell pla!ed.5 1o& does one ta-e ea!h -ey area up the S!ale to 4*BWH The point S!io !rashed is in 'une . 1e pretended to be the only sour!e o% the Te!hnolo"y. many !ountries no lon"er ha+e -in"s but still ha+e !ra%t &or-ers. Con%usion. Alan Post #$. and 7enial. and 8ome %rom earliest times re+eal that s-ills &ere still bein" passed on in this %ashion. and the drin. or a !ra%tsman brin"in" his !ra%t. 3p to that time &e 2the ad+an!ed resear!h pro!essors and exe!s5 &ere all en"a"ed in %indin" the un-no&ns and runnin" a risin" s!ale pro!edure until &e rea!hed a state o% -no& in the %ullest extent. the Babylonian Code o% 1ammurabi pro+ided that artisans tea!h their !ra%ts to youth. Blan-ness./th !entury Welsh Bardi! manus!ript# NBpen the doorD N0 &ill not open it. 1e pretended to -no&. As &e all -no&.L/ that is the point 981 banned any other +ie&point than his.%orm o% apprenti!eship. NWhere%ore notH NThe -ni%e is in the meat. . When youth in olden days a!hie+ed the status o% !ra%t &or-ers. they be!ame important members o% so!iety. Almost all areas ex!ept the most limited areas on ea!h o% us is buried in !ontinuous !hroni! !onditions o% Mass. *ot Eust some head si"ni%i!an!e but a PT 9i%e demonstration o% pure &hole 4no&led"e in A! in the horn. That %alse State led to an un&or-able Te!hnolo"y that deteriorated the &hole subEe!t to the insane mess it is in ri"ht no&. The re!ords o% E"ypt. 200*1014-1552 Bne o% the %irst thin"s &e !he!. @or!e. A little history o% apprenti!eshipsD Alan Post #$4 200*1014-1405 0t is this inability to attain the !onsistent State o% 4*BW in the %ullest extent that has destroyed S!ientolo"y.

0 ha+e hi"h hopes o% smashin" my name into history so +iolently that it &ill ta-e a le"endary %orm e+en i% all the boo-s are destroyed. !an you explain &hat you meant by AAV0BM . *ot %or >&hat> but Eust to sur+i+e.A 1o& &ould su!h a bein" set up the per%e!t pro"ramH The %irst thin" to establish is to !reate onesel% as a hidden sour!e o% e+erythin" and e+eryone. Alan -no&s &hat Alan meant.. et! et! et!.5 0n%inite or limitless %ullness o% all that isD Almost the exa!t opposite o% the AemptinessA or Anothin". an emptiness ripe %or the %illin". A9i+in" is a pretty "rim Eo-e. 0n any e+ent that>s a meanin" 0 !reated. The entire %un!tion o% man is to sur+i+e. and it>s not in the least airy or spiritual. one is 2or at least !an be5 in a manner o% spea-in". an emptiness. 0 turned the thin" up. 2To do that &ould re?uire the subtle denial o% e+eryone and e+erythin".him.. And all this boils and %roths inside my head. Alan Post #8+ 200*1015-1$$. omni lo+e. &hi!h "i+es some idea o% the ma"nitude o% my attempt.A 0t has ta-en me nearly <0 years to "rasp this. but determined nonetheless. et! et! et!.Alan Post #*$ 200*1015-0110 /)iom 1 is the basic incorrectness o" !cio But one meanin" !ould be that 981 sayin" A9i%e is basi!ally a stati!A as the Primary$:. Whi!h is &hy 20 belie+e5 a number o% esoteri! traditions &ill not permit indi+iduals la!-in" a !ertain amount o% real &orld Ali%eA experien!e %rom "ainin" a!!ess to their in%ormation. That "oal is the real "oal as %ar as 0 am !on!erned.. one is 2or at least !an be5 in a manner o% spea-in".5 . *o one under 3< need apply. omni a&areness. 'ust -iddin" there 2but the point remains5. barred note. but a Eo-e Eust the same.3. 9et>s as. >Ex!alibur> letter ser+es as the de %a!to >Mission Statement> o% S!ientolo"y 21ubbard>s S!ientolo"y that is5. i% one starts out per!ei+in" themsel% as bein" &ithout mass &ithout ener"y &ithout %orm. Personal immortality is only to be "ained throu"h the printed &ord. Axiom laid the %oundation %or a passi+e. @oolishly perhaps. or painted !an+ass or hard "ranite WtitaniumHX. Thin"s &hi!h stand too !onsistently in my &ay ma-e me ner+ous. @or as a possibility. so it>s up to me to sur+i+e in a bi" &ay.A 0% you !an truly "et the purity or in%initeness o% the %ormless unsubstantial substan!e o% the purity and essen!e o% Spirit or the purity and essen!e or in%initeness o% pure omni presen!e. et!. re!epti+e &ay o% bein" %or his %ollo&ers. 0t>s a pretty bi" Eob. omni !on!iousness. 1ubbard>s . omni -no&in"ness. omni responsibility. 2%ill in the %ormless unsubstantial substan!e ?ualities and attributes o% your !hoi!e. 0n a hundred years 8oose+elt &ill ha+e been %or"otten. Alan. is the basi! in!orre!tness o% S!ioDA 6ou summed it up +ery &ellD A0% one starts out per!ei+in" themsel% as bein" &ithout mass &ithout ener"y &ithout %orm.

Jreat +alueH The lon" term results do not sho& "reat +alue to +ery many people. The rest o% the Axioms !ontain a lot o% ali"nments and truth. A!ons!iousness.A The >Axioms> &ere al&ays o% interest to me.. that 0 had been readin" pre+iously. To me. et!. . At the time. We promised A%reedomA and Arestored determinismA instead. no spa!e.that o!!urred later.4 200*101+-04$* 6ou appear here to deny the "reat +alue and expansion o% the mission *et&or. 2thin"s5 all lo!ations. 0ntelli"en!e 2the serious part5 is !o+ert. &e deli+ered people into the most insidious trap ima"inable. it &as a &onder%ul !han"e o% pa!e %rom other philosophi!al texts. 0t turned out that 1ubbard &as a AEo-erA 2and a some&hat "rim one at that5 &ith a Ahidden a"enda.A and that.A 6o"a. Axiom . no time. 6ears later.. all spa!e. Simple A0tA has no mass. all time and all ener"y. AP8 is o+ertA and A0ntelli"en!e is !o+ert. @irst !han"e the %ormless unsubstantial substan!e o% the pure essen!e o% Spirit to Theta a subtle shi%t but a repositionin" shi%t. When you !an "rasp the all ness potential o% the %ormless unsubstantial substan!e o% the pure essen!e o% Spirit the resultant expansion o% &hat is possible "oes beyond in!redible. no lo!ation. and 0 !an remember spendin" a summer readin" and rereadin" 1ubbard>s des!riptions o% them in the 2no& out o% print5 boo-. >The Phoenix 9e!tures>. The se!ond step &ould be to ex!lude e+erythin" and e+eryone.Bb+iously the sour!e point &ould be that &hi!h e+erythin" and e+eryone is based on. 0 built my Missions on the promises o% &hat the %uture o% ne& dis!o+eries in S!io held none appeared Eust rehashes o% old material. Where as the opposite is true it !an !reate and in!lude all mass.A The Aserious stu%%A o% S!ientolo"y 21ubbard>s S!ientolo"y5 is not the +isible and promoted part. 0 assumed this &as the !ore o% S!ientolo"y its >Axioms> but 0 &as nai+e. boo-s on Ten. Alan Post #. 1ubbard &rote that AP8 is o+ert 2+isible5. indeed. bein" nai+e.

ea!h time he ran a&ay..hairs .. The tenden!y is to %lip identities as you !ollide &ith more and more o% your BW* !reated po&er%ul SP identities the hi"her up the le+els you " and &ith them.Part 2 Post #10 200*1014-154* So is 7a+id Mis!a+i"eD Anot thereDA Per%e!t example o% a !reated as arti%i!ial identity in its out o% !ontrol po&er identity dramatiCin" its e+il po&er out o% !ontrol oppterm sideD Thread 20.7o8 to 4et 5amil out o" Int Post #245 200*102*-142* Case = somethin" you !reated denied ha+in" !reated also used to rationaliCe.The AMission *et&or-A turned into a Abait and s&it!hA trap. Alan Thread 208+: >usical . 200*1014-14$+ The SP de!lares and the !ontinuous lo&er !ondition assi"nments destroyed mu!h o% the &isdom o% S!ientolo"y. thus you are stu!. Eusti%y.... A nai+e bun!h o% %ools.. The purpose %or a S!io Br"aniCation is# To !reate a sa%e spa!e so that that auditin" and trainin" !ould o!!ur..1: 5rom (lo8n"orgood .a ne& layer o% Br"aniCation &as built to sol+e his !ontrol and domination o% the area he ble& %rom. But instead &e had layers o% Br"aniCations that monitored layers o% Br"aniCation so that 981 !ould maintain !ontrol and domination &hilst he stayed in hidin". Alan Thread 2081: It is di""icult being &art o" !cientolog Post #.Int (ase !t le .. 0t ta-es years to attain mastery in any area o%ten Eust be%ore you rea!h a !onsistent state o% mastery you turn on the most destru!ti+e aspe!ts o% your !ase. explain and ma-e ex!uses %or any beha+ior real or ima"inedD .. As mastery in an area is a risin" s!ale pro!edure you are runnin" a"ainst "reater and "reater %or!es o% opponen!y and !on%usions.. Stran"e ho& some o% "reatest masters o% the Te!hnolo"y %or indi+idual "ro&th !ould be tri!-ed into supportin" the most hideous bun!h o% bureau!rati! or"aniCational lee!hes desi"ned to entrap so many. By ma-in" the &hole subEe!t and en+ironment o% S!io totally unsa%e to brin" your SP identities into bein" you !annot +ie& them or as is them.

1e used to Eust ta-e &hate+er money &as around that is &hat led to the upset and loss o% 7ianeti!s in .<(. 0t &as his area o% !ontinuous missed &ithhold that -ept him runnin" %or most o% his li%e. tran?uility and beauty o% Sussex to the bein" trapped into a harsh stin-in". *one the 1ubbard %amily really &anted to be thereD 0n!ludin" 8on. !rude. 9i-e anyone be"innin" a ne& +enture these &ere areas that he had +ery little trainin" in also as %ar as he &as !on!erned it all belon"ed to him. she &as not +ery happy &ith bein" in the SB.<0>s. 1is reason %or "o