PROGRAMS HOMEBOUND INSTRUCTION October 14, 1991 October 24, 2005

117. HOMEBOUND INSTRUCTION 1. Authority SC 1329 Title 22 Sec. 11.25 The Board shall provide, pursuant to law and regulations, homebound instruction to students confined to home or hospital for physical disability, illness, injury, urgent reasons, or when such confinement is recommended for psychological or psychiatric reasons. The period of homebound instruction for an individual shall not exceed three (3) months. Applications for individual instruction shall certify the nature of the illness or disability, state the probable duration of the confinement, and must be recommended by the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall develop procedures to safeguard the privacy of each child placed on homebound instruction. Title 22 Sec. 11.25 The Superintendent or designee may request approval from the Department of Education to extend the period of homebound instruction for an individual, which shall be reevaluated every three (3) months. The Board shall provide homebound instruction only for those confinements expected to last at least three (3) months, exceptions may be recommended by the Superintendent. Programs The program of individual instruction given each student shall be in accordance with the standards established by the Secretary of Education and shall not exceed five (5) hours per week without prior written approval of the Department of Education. Homebound instruction may begin in a given school year with the first day of classes for all other students and will stop at the end of the school year for all other students.

2. Delegation of Responsibility

3. Guidelines

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Homebound instruction will be offered in the basic core classes or courses only. Course offerings would include appropriate topics in reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. Exception The Board reserves the right to withhold individual instruction when: 1. The instructor’s presence in the place of a student’s confinement presents a hazard to the health or safety of the teacher. 2. The teacher is subjected to verbal harassment or abuse. 3. The student refuses to attend instructional opportunities presented outside of the student’s home in an alternate instructional area. 4. A parent/guardian or other adult in authority is not present with the student during the hours of instruction. 5. The student fails to attend or present him/herself for three (3) consecutive homebound instructional sessions or opportunities. 6. The condition of the student is such as to preclude his/her benefit from such instruction.

References: School Code – 24 P.S. Sec. 1329 State Board of Education Regulations – 22 PA Code Sec. 11.25

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