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Gregory A. Thomas
Managing Director, Campus Safety Initiatives
“As the former director of security for the largest school district in the United States (NYC), I recognize the importance of effective classroom management and its relationship to the maintenance of a safe and secure learning environment. The SAFE System can be an important tool to help teachers and administrators summon help in the first few critical minutes during any classroom or school based emergency. Not only is this exciting new technology smart and easy to use, it is a long overdue ‘real-time’ addition to the school safety industry!”

SAFE – Security Alert For Education* – is a security system designed to work with Audio Enhancement’s Ultimate IISE System. By using the alert button which is built into the transmitter, a teacher wearing the pendant microphone can discreetly send a signal for help. An entire network is alerted to respond promptly and appropriately to the situation. The SAFE System, consisting of a receiver/amplifier unit and pendant microphone (included with Audio Enhancement’s Ultimate IISE System.), monitoring station, network interface or security camera, is customized to process alert notifications

according to specific school district policy.

Teachers and administrators need to be prepared to assess and react to a variety of emergency situations every day. They know that a quick and appropriate response can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. In today’s world, having a reliable emergency alert system in the classroom is not a luxury; it is a necessity.

*Patent Pending

Infrared Dome Sensor

Ultimate IISE Infrared Receiver/Amplifier

BB-HCM581A Camera or MS-101 Network Module

MS-1000 Monitoring Station






Infrared Microphone

KEY BENEFITS OF SECURITY CAMERAS: • Allows distance learning • Offers ability to record lessons for home
• Motion sensors and after hours security • Creates a deterrent with physical presence

bound students of camera

1. The Infrared Microphone transmits the silent alert signal wirelessly to the Infrared Sensor. 2. The Infrared Sensor is connected to the Ultimate IISE Receiver/ Amplifier. 3. The Ultimate IISE triggers the MS-101 or network camera. 4. The MS-101 or network camera sends a message across the school’s network backbone. 5. A strobe and alarm are activated at the MS-1000 Monitoring Station. 6. Alert emails are sent to designated personnel. Classroom audio and video (optional) becomes available for monitoring via a web browser. 7. Appropriate response is determined and implemented by the administrative policy.




PANASONIC BB-HCM581A A Power over Ethernet (PoE) Network Camera with 42 x Zoom, high-speed pan/tilt with presets, progressive scans, and SD card recording.

MS-101 NETWORK INTERFACE MODULE The Network Interface Module, MS-101 provides an alert connection to the network from the Ultimate IISE.

MICRO TEARDROP TEACHER INFRARED MICROPHONE Integrates the infrared emitter, microphone and processor into an all-in-one unit. Now by simply pressing and holding the Function button, the teacher can activate The SAFE System and quickly summon help.

ULTIMATE IISE, 50 WATT INFRARED RECEIVER/AMPLIFIER Keeps teacher’s voice at continuous optimal levels and, with the new patented remote feature, allows teachers to have control of audio levels in the classroom. The Ultimate IISE is SAFE System-enabled, allowing it to interface with The SAFE System components.

ALERT NOTIFICATION BUTTON This alert button can be strategically installed in additional locations for safety. Like the Function button on the teacher microphone, pressing the Alert Notification Button activates the MS-1000.

• Classroom sends alert message to MS-1000 Monitoring Station(s) • MS-1000 logs time and location on LCD screen • MS-1000 activates strobe and audible alarm MS-1000 MONITORING STATION The MS-1000 is a monitoring and alert notification station for The SAFE System. Independent of network servers, the MS-1000 communicates directly with all security alert systems in classrooms, hallways and other locations. • Multiple MS-1000s can be connected to the university network, including the security office • Classroom video and audio can be viewed from any computer with the appropriate password

James P. Kelly Chief of Police, Palm Beach County School District, FL “The SAFE System is something we've needed for years. It's important to have a quick response time so that you can keep situations from escalating on a campus.”

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SAFE System Classroom, and our agents, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates and parent companies are exempt from liability for any loss, damage, injury or other consequence arising directly or indirectly from the application of our equipment. In the event of misuse or malfunction of the SAFE System or any of its components, SAFE System Classroom and our agents, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates and parent companies are exempt from liability for any loss, damage, injury or other consequence arising directly or indirectly therefrom. DC-ED14005.04 Learn more on

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