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Regulatory Maven Announces the arrival of Dan Lonergan
"When it comes to succeeding in the securities compliance consulting field, we know we can't take anything for granted, and we're absolutely impressed with all of the hard work put in by our team recently. We have obtained a number of new clients, but we want to ensure that we keep up the good work. That's why we are pleased to announce the arrival of Dan Lonergan." Londonderry, NH, SA !Nove"#er $%, %&$'( +t,s -een a -usy .irst si/ $onths, not only *elco$ing on -oard a nu$-er o. ne* clients, -ut also ne* tea$ $e$-ers *ho *ill -e hel'ing the co$'any $aintain its high standard o. securities co$'liance services& S'ea0ing recently, Dennis McCarron, C12 said, 34hen it co$es to succeeding in the securities co$'liance consulting .ield, *e 0no* *e can,t ta0e anything .or granted, and *e,re a-solutely i$'ressed *ith all o. the hard *or0 'ut in -y our tea$ recently& 4e have o-tained a nu$-er o. ne* clients, -ut *e *ant to ensure that *e 0ee' u' the good *or0& 5hat,s *hy *e are 'leased to announce the arrival o. Dan Lonergan&3 6 7inancial Services 'ro.essional *ith $ore than 25 years o. e/'erience covering all as'ects o. the .ront, $iddle and -ac0 o..ices o. 8ro0er)Dealers, 8an0s, and 6sset Manage$ent .ir$s, Dan has 'er.or$ed roles in o'erations, $anage$ent, and -usiness develo'$ent .or so$e o. the $ost co$'le/ and de$anding .inancial .ir$s in the 9S and a-road& Dan started his career in .inancial services as a licensed series " : 63 re'resentative -e.ore $igrating to the o'erations and -usiness 'rocessing side o. the -usiness& 4ith e/tensive syste$s i$'le$entation and -usiness conversions he has transitioned hundreds o. 8)D .ir$s .ro$ .ully disclosed to sel. clearing environ$ents, as *ell as initiating and esta-lishing ne* 8)Ds and R+6s .ro$ scratch in his 'ro.essional services consultancy roles& Dan,s -usiness develo'$ent roles include success.ul sales .or startu' entre'reneurial .ir$s, 'ro.essional services consultancy .ir$s, as *ell as 7idelity, Sungard, and Sch*a-& A#out Regulatory Maven Regulatory Maven, +nc& *as .ounded in May 20#3 -y Dennis McCarron and Steve ;enda& 5he co$'any is located in Londonderry, Ne* Ha$'shire, and 'rovides a co$'lete suite o. securities co$'liance services to 8ro0er)Dealer and Registered +nvest$ent 6dvisor .ir$s including co$'liance consulting and testing& RegMaven delivers distinctive e/'ertise and e/e$'lary results& 7or .urther in.or$ation, 'lease visit htt'())***&reg$aven&co$ or call 603&!65&""!#& !nds

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