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Objectives or Questions 1: Is there a need of new college in your city?

o o Yes No

2: Which courses you want to be offered by the new college? o o o o o Management sciences Computer Sciences Commerce Social sciences Pharmacy

3: Location of college is important? o o Yes No

4: which location you think is the best?

5: Fee structure is a matter of quality? o o Yes No

6: Which factors matters in setting fee structure? o o o o o Competition Better education Goodwill Student affordability Inflation

7: inflation affecting institute roles?? o o Yes No

8: faculty is important?? o o Yes No

9: which faculty you think is the best?

o o

Permanent Visiting

10: who gives better lecture? o o Male teacher Female teacher

11: which sort of dressing you prefer? o o Uniform Dresscode

12: what is your method of studying? o o Books Notes

13: which method you think is the best? o o Books Notes

14: which tools should be used to enhance learning? o o o o o Books Notes Case study Multimedia Visits

15: what is your way of learning? o o Concepts Cramming

16: scholarships should b offered? o o Yes No

17: your institute is offering scholarships? o o Yes No

18: what should be the time of class?

o o o o

Morning Noon Evening Night

19: what language should be used by teachers while delivering lecture? o o o English Urdu Both

20: extracurricular activities are important? o o Yes No

21: what other extracurricular activities should b there? o o o Funfare Sports gala Gala night ( musical night)

22: is safe drinking water facility is important? o o Yes No

23: safe drinking facility is available in your institute? o o Yes No

24: cafeteria within institute is necessary? o o Yes No

25: cafeteria is present in your college? o o Yes No

26: good environment matters a lot o o Yes No

27: are you satisfied from the environment of your institute?

o o

Yes No

28: students want good furnished classrooms? o o Yes No

29: are you satisfied from furnishing of your class room? o o Yes No

30: what should be the duration of one lecture? o o o o 45 minutes 60 minutes 90 minutes More than 90 minutes

31: have u ever came late in the class? Ans with reason

32: you ask questions in the class? Ans. With reason

33: male students are good learners or female students? Ans. With reason

34: male students have high IQ level or female students? Ans with reason

35: education system should be co.?

o o

Yes No

36: students need transport facility by the institute? o o Yes No

37: your institute is providing transport facility? o o Yes No

38: career counseling facility is important? o o Yes No

39: your institute is providing career counseling facility? o o Yes No

40: parents teachers meeting should be conducted? o o Yes No

41: is parents teacher meeting being conducted at your institute? o o Yes No

42: blood donar society should be in the college? o o Yes No

43: is there any blood donar society in your college? o o Yes No

44: library is important? o o Yes No

45:how often do you visit library? o o o o Once in a week Once in three week Once every six months Never

46: what are your main reasons for visiting the library? o o o o To borrow bestsellers For reference/research To study To read magazines/ newspapers

47: an institute should give hostel facility o o Yes No

48: your institute is providing hostel facilities ? o o Yes No

49: presence of ground provides a place for relaxation to students.. o o Yes No

50: you are having ground(s) In your institute? o o Yes No

51: how your institute is overcoming or facing the problem of electricity loadshedding? o o o Generators UPS Solar panels

52: which thing you think is the best? o o o Generators UPS Solar panels

53: students want an auditorium in their Institute.

o o

Yes No

54: is there auditorium in your institute? o o Yes No

55: government is supporting or promoting private education sector? o o Yes No

56: you know about NCCS? o o Yes No

57: where would u rate NCCS? o o o o 1 (excellent) 2 ( good) 3( average) 4 (poor)

58: you know about the courses offered in NCCS? o o Yes No

59: which tools are important in informing students about admissions opened and courses offered? o o o o Electronic media Paper media Banners/ hoardings Internet

60: which tools are you currently using for informing students or attracting? o o o o Electronic media Paper media Banners/hoardings Internet

61: Its important for an institute to have its official website? o Yes


62: students are concerned about the quality of education provided not by the environment? o o Yes No

63: Parking area should b there? o o Yes No

64: there should be complaints box for students and faculty? o o Yes No

65: there should b net access to the students within the campus? o o Yes No

66: which system is best? o o Semester Annual

67: trust of students on registration is o o o Very important Important Not important

68: you are satisfied from your registration? o o Yes No

69:proper and well maintened examination system is important? o o Yes No

70: students should b dropped on poor or bad performance or consistent failing in exams? o o Yes No

71: computer lab should be there in the institute? o o Yes No

72: you are satisfied from yours institute computer lab? o o Yes No

73: is there consistency in rules and regulations of institute? o o Yes No

74: rules and regulations are properly implemented? o o Yes No

75: workshops and seminars helps in better understanding and gaining of knowledge? o o Yes No

76: workshops and seminars are conducted In your institute? o o Yes No

78: there should b CR and GR in classes? o o Yes No

79: what should be the adequate strength of students in each class? o o o o Below 20 20 30 Above 30

80: usage of mobile phones is allowed in campus or during the class? o o Yes No

WHICH COURSES SHOULD BE LAUNCHED? o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o IT BS accounting and finance BS Islamic studies BS Information Management BS social sciences Bs English BS Computer Science BS Economic and Finance LLB D.Pharmacy LLM MBA MA English MA urdu MA home economics MS geography MS psychology MS social sciences CSS preparation M.phil M.ed B.ed ACCA/CA

Diploma after Inter o o Finance and accounting Information Technology Management

Intermediate level: o o o o o F.Sc pre medical pre engineering ICS all combinations FA