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S.No. Course No. Course Title Title of Notes Author(s)/Editor(s)

1. AAOC C212 Social Engineering II Principles of Economics VP Rao
2. AAOC C312 Operations Research Operations Research S.Venkateswaran
and others
3. AAOC C322 Systems Mode of Engg Systems by R. Gupta
Bond Graph
4. AAOC C341 Numerical Analysis An Introduction to Numerical Devi Prasad
5. AAOC C351 Instru Methods of Laboratory Manual for R Mahesh and
Anal Instrumental Methods of others
6. BIO C331 Biophysics Aspects of Biophysics SP Gupta
7. BIO C331 & Biophysical Biophysical Chemistry Nelashish Nandi
CHEM C341 Chemistry
8. BIO C341/ Microbiology Laboratory Manual for Y. Shivaji, S.K.
PHA C452 Microbiology Verma, U. Roy
9. BIO G631 Membrane Liposome Liposome Technology VN Sharma
10. BITS C319 Negotiation Skills & Negotiation Skills & Techniques S. Anitha, Bhaskar
Techniques Bose
11. BITS G512 Object Oriented An Introduction to Object KRV Subramanian
Programming Oriented Programming
12. BITS G619 Professional Practice Professional Practice (Supp. Krishna Mohan
Notes) and others
13. BITS G624 Comp. Base Comp. base Simulation & KRV Subramanian
Simulation & Modelling
14. BITS G659 Technical Technical Communication Meenakshi Raman
Communication and others
15. CDP C323 Function & Work Stock Exchanges in India HR Machiraju
Stock Exchange
16. CE G531 Environmental Environmental Conservation SK Singh and
Conservation others
17. CHE C351/ Heat Transfer Chemical Engineering Lab. RK Gupta
CHE C341/ Operations/ Selected Manual
CHE 441 Chemical Engineering
Operations/ Process
18. CHE C441 Process Control Process Control RP Vaid
19. CHE G513 Environmental Environmental Management BV Babu,
Management System System SD Manjare
20. CHE G541 Process Plant Process Plant Simulation B.V. Babu
S.No. Course No. Course Title Title of Notes Author(s)/Editor(s)
21. CHE G551 Fluidisation Advanced Separation RK Gupta and
Engineering Techniques others
22. CS C321 Computer & Assembly Language KRV Subramanian
Programming Programming for MC68030
Based Computers
23. CS C331 Computer Digital Systems Design PSVSK Raju
24. CS/EEE/ Digital Electronics & Lab Manual for Digital G. Raghurama, S.
INSTR C391 Computer Electronics & Computer Gurunarayanan
Organization Organization
25. DE G611 Dynamics and Advanced Dynamics for Engg. NN Sharma
26. EA C411 Robotics Robotics & Control IJ Nagarath,
RK Mittal
27. EA C421 Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering: A Lab. Utpal Roy and
Manual others
28. EA C422 Fibre Optics and Fibre Optics and R P Khare
Optoelectronics Optoelectronics
29. EA C451 Internetworking Internetworking Technology Rahul Banerjee
30. EA C452 Mobile Telecom. Mobile Telecom. Networks J. Garrell
31. EA C463 Neural Networks & Netural Networks & Application L. Behera
32. EA C482 Fuzzy logic & Appl. Introduction to Fuzzy sets & M. Ganesh
Fuzzy logic
33. ECON C312 Money Bank & Inter Monetary Economics GP Avasthi
34. ECON C321 Macroeconomics Macroeconomics (Concept GP Avasthi
Methods & Models
35. EEE C364/ Analog Electronics Analog Electronics LK Maheshwari
36. EEE C371 EM Energy Electric Machines-Lab. Manual IJ Nagrath
37. EEE C372 Circuits and Signals Signals and Systems (Pts I & II) IJ Nagrath
38. EEE C382 Communication Laboratory Manual for Comm. S.
Systems Sys. Balaubramanina
and others
39. EEE C383 Communication Lab Manual for S. Balasubramanian
Systems Communication Systems and others
40. EEE C391 Digital Electronics & Digital Electronics & Computer G Raghurama
Computer Orga. Orga.
41. EEE C391 Digital Electronics & Introduction to Computer Org. G Raghurama,
Computer Orga. (Supp. Notes) TSB Sudarshan
42. EEE C415 Digital Signal Lab Manual for Digital Signal Shikha Tripathi,
S.No. Course No. Course Title Title of Notes Author(s)/Editor(s)
Processing and others
43. EEE C433/ EM Field & Waves, Smith Charts Hema Singh
EEEG581 RF & Microwaves
44. EEE G581 RF & Microwaves Microwave Experiments S Balasubramanian
and others
45. ENGG C212 Introduction to An Introduction to Systems IJ Nagrath and
Systems others
46. ENGL C121 English Lang. Skills I Developing English Language Krishna Mohan
Skills et. al
47. ENGL C342 Science Writings Science Writings M Banerji
48. ENGL C353 Effective Public Effective Public Speaking Pushplata,
Speaking Meenakshi Raman
49. ES C112 Thermodynamics Thermodynamics Tables, Adopted from
Figures and Charts Book
50. ES C222 Energy Conversion Basic Electrical Engineering IJ Nagrath
51. ES C241 Electrical Sciences-I Basics of PSPICE (Suppl. MMS Anand
52. ES C241 Electrical Science I Sinusoidal Forcing Function MMS Anand
Response and Rectifiers
53. ES C252 Electronics Electronics - Analog & Digital IJ Nagrath
54. ET C311 Selected Selected Technologies Jessil AC
55. ET C312 Tech. and Energy Energy Efficiency and DSM M Ramachandran
Assessment application for Indian Industry
56. FIN C311 Merchant Banking Merchant Banking (Principles & HR Machiraju
57. FIN C322 Project Finance Project Finance HR Machiraju
58. HSS C314 Print and Audio Print and Audio-Visual Sangeeta Sharma
Visual Advertising Advertising
59. HUM C321 App of Indian Music An Approach to Sangeet R. Roy
60. HUM C341 Comp. Indian Comp. Indian Literature S. Mitra and
Literature others
61. HUM C342 Graphic Art Graphic Arts AP Rastogi
62. HUM C382 Sankara’s Thoughts Sankara’s Thoughts SD Mishra
63. INSTR C312 Industrial Process Control – Issue and Surekha Bhanot
Instrumentation & Application
64. INSTR C354 Instrumentation Electronics Instruments & Instr. MMS Anand and
Technology Tech. others
65. INSTR C355 Electronics Instru- Experiments in Instrumentation MMS Anand,
ments & Instrumenta- (Lab. Manual) Rajesh Purohit
tion Technology

66. INSTR C381 Transducers & Measurement Science Surekha Bhanot

S.No. Course No. Course Title Title of Notes Author(s)/Editor(s)
Management Concepts & Applications Vol I
Systems and II
67. INSTR C312 Industrial Process Control-Issues and Surekha Bhanot
Instrumentation & Application Vol I & II
68. IS C472 Geographical Computing Aspects of Rajiv Gupta
Information System Geographical information
69. MATH C121 Finite Mathematics Topics in Finite Maths JC Pant
70. MATH C131 Calculus Calculus (Supplementary RK Patnaik
71. MATH C151 Linear Algebra Supp. Notes to Linear Algebra V. Krishnamurthy
and others
72. MATH C211 Complex Variable Laplace Transform VP Mainra,
B. Singh
73. ME C331 Transport Transport Phenomena II Lab. R.K. Mittal
Phenomena II Manual
74. ME C331 Transport Data Book for Heat Transfer M Sriniwas
Phenomena-II Applications (Supplementary RK Mittal
Notes) Part I & II
75. ME C332 Steam & Gas Turbine Steam & Gas Turbine G. Singh
76. ME C342 Production Lab. Manual for Production G. Harinarayana
Techniques Technique
77. MEL G631 Physics and Lab. Manual for MOSFET Anu Gupta
Modelling of characterization
78. MSE G531 Concurrent Concurrent Engineering KS Sangwan
79. MSMS C311 History & Dev of History & Dev of Museums P Mandke
80. MSMS C312 Museum Museum Management P Mandke and
Management others
81. MSMS C321 Exhibits & Exhibits & Presentation MK Kashiramka
82. MSMS C322 Profess Skills & Tech Profess Skills & Tech I S Kundu
83. MSMS C331 Museum Edu & Ext Museum Edu & Ext Services S Kundu
84. MST G511 Nondestructive Nondestructive Testing Ravi Pakash
Testing Techniques Techniques
85. PHIL C221 Symbolic Logic Intro to Symbolic Logic BK Neema
86. SOC C211 Dyna. of Social Dynamics of Social Change N. Prakash and
Change others
87. STD C312 Science Science Communication M Banerji
S.No. Course No. Course Title Title of Notes Author(s)/Editor(s)
88. STD C322 R&D Management Management of R&D (Supp. TSKV Iyer
Notes) (Jan. 95)
89. TA C111 Engg. Graphics Engg. Graphics & CAD A.P. Rastogi and
90. TA C112 Workshop Practice Manual Workshop Practice G. Harinarayana
91. TA C112 Workshop Practice Elements of Manufacturing BSN Parashar
Process and others
92. TA C112 Workshop Practice Workshop Practice (Suppl. BSN Parashar
Notes) and others
93. TA C112 Workshop Practice Practical Manual for Workshop R.K. Mittal,
Practice BK Rout
94. TA C152 Computer Introduction to Comp. UNIX Usha V.
Programming I Algo. & Flowchart Subramanian and
95. TA C162 Computer Computer Fundamentals Usha V.
Programming I Subramanian
96. TA C211 Measurement Measurement Tech. I Physics Faculty
Techniques I
97. TA C211 Measurement Measurement Tech. I Bioscience Faculty
Techniques I
98. TA C211 Measurement Measurement Tech. I Chemistry Faculty
Techniques I
99. TA C211 Measurement Lab Manual for Physics MT-I Suresh
Technique-I Observations and Results Ramaswamy and
100. TA C222 Measurement A Lab. Manual for KE Raman and
Techniques - II Measurement Techniques-II others
101. TA C222 Measurement Measurement Techniques-II A Sarkar & others
Techniques-II (Supplementary Notes)
102. TA C222 Measurement Measurement Techniques-II A Sarkar and
Techniques-II (Supplementary Notes) others
103. TA C231 Business Business Communication M Raman and
Communication others
104. TAC 211 Measurement Lab Manual for Physics MT-I Suresh
Technique-I Ramaswamy and
105. Office Practices Office Practices M.M.S. Anand
Lectures Notes for Work-
integrated Trade Certificate
Training Programme
106. ES C 263 Microprocessor Laboratory Manual for J. P. Mishra,
Programming and Microprocessor Programming S. Mohan,
Interfacing and Interfacing S. Gurunarayanan
107. INSTR C312 Industrial Process Control - Issues and Surekha Bhanot
Instrumentation and Applications
S.No. Course No. Course Title Title of Notes Author(s)/Editor(s)
108. ME C 332 Prime Movers and Laboratory Manual for Prime S.S. Deshmukh
Fluid Machines Movers and Fluid Machines M.S. Soni
109. EEE C383 Communication Laboratory Manual for S.
Systems Communication Systems Balasubramanian
and Others
110. CHE C351/ Heat Transfer Chemical Engineering B. V. Babu and
CHE C441/ Operations/ Process Laboratory Manual Others
CHE C431 Control/ Selected
111. EEE G581 RF and Microwave Laboratory Manual for RF and S. Balasubramanian,
Engineering Microwave Engineering Hema Singh
112. TA C 211 Measurement Measurement Techniques I Physics Group
Techniques I (Physics) Faculty
(Physics) Observations and Results
113. BIO C241 Microbiology Laboratory Manual for Saby John,
PHA C241 Microbiology S. Ramachandran
114. BIO C414 Genetic Engineering Laboratory Manual for Genetic Suman Kapur,
Engineering A. K. Das
115. TA C111 Engineering Engineering Graphics with D. M. Kulkarni,
Graphics AUTOCAD A. K. Sarkar
116. INSTR C381 Transducers and Measurement Science- Surekha Bhanot
Measurement Concepts and Applications
Systems Vol. I and II

S.No. Course No. Course Title Title of Notes Course

preparation Team
1. VOC 0503 Project Planning Introduction to Project Planning R.K. Bose,Sajja S.
Rao & M.Ganesh

2. VOC 0514 Syst. Analysis for Systems Analysis for R.K. Mittal
Information Retrieval Information Retrieval

3. VOC 2101 Office & Administrative Instruction Manual for Office and P.N. Choudhary
Management Administrative Management
4. VOC2102 Lib. Info. Services & Lib. Info. Services & Records R.K. Mittal
Records Mgmt. Mgmt.
5. VOC 2103 Comp. based Office Comp. based Office Admn. R.K. Mittal
Admn. Mgmt. Mgmt.

6. VOC 2104 Optg. & Maint. of Mod. Operation & Maintenance of K.E. Raman
Office Eqymnt. Modern Office Equipment

7. VOC 2105 Decision Support Decision Support Systems: S. Kumar

Systems: Information, Information, Statistics & Models
Statistics & Models
8. VOC 2106 Mgmt. of Computers & Management of Computers & R.K. Mittal
Info. Systems Info. Systems

9. VOC 2201 Use of Personal Personal Computers : Uses & Sajja S. Rao,
Computer and Applications - II Prasad V.
Computer Operations & Sathaye
10. VOC 2202 Advanced Programming Instruction Manual to Advanced K.R.V.Subramania
Programming n

11. VOC 2203 Comp. based Office Comp. based Office Admn. R.K. Mittal
Admn. Mgmt. Mgmt.

12. VOC 2204 Intro to Software Mgmt. Introduction to Software Sajja S. Rao

13. VOC 2205 Intro to Computer Intro to Computer Hardware K.E. Raman
14. PO ZF521 Advances in Medicinal Advances in Medicinal P. Parimoo
Chemistry Chemistry
15. TO ZC311 Intro to Maint. Engg. Intro to Maint. Engg. V.K.Deshpande
16. S&T ZF531 Essentials of Technological Foundations C.R. Mitra &
Technology P.Mandke
17. TO ZC312 Energy Issues Energy Issues V.K. Deshpande

18. TOC ZC245 Principles of Principles of Management T.Madhu Rao

S.No. Course No. Course Title Title of Notes Course
preparation Team
19. EA ZC481 OPS 5 Programming OPS 5 Programming Language S.N. Sharan
20. SS ZG521 Fourth Generation Fourth Generation Languages & K.P. Vinod
Languages & Applications
21. BITS ZG644 Development and use Development and use of J.P. Mishra et. al.,
of Computer Software Computer Software
22. TA ZC143 Introduction to Introduction to Computers K.R.V.Subramanian
23. PO ZG521 Immune Systems & Immune Systems & Molecular B.M. Mittal
Molecular Biology Biology
24. VOC 0212 Systems Thinking - Systems Thinking - Concepts & S. Dey
Concepts & Computer Computer Applications -
Applications Glossary & Question Bank
25. VOC 0106 Basic Mathematics for Basic Mathematics for Systems J.C.Pant
Systems Thinking Thinking- Question Bank

26. STD ZG422/ Technology Forecasting Technology Forecasting V.K.Devarayalu &

27. CS ZG641 Microprocessor Based Examples of Microprocessor S. Ghosal
System Design Based System Design
28. CS ZG521 Object Oriented Principles of Object Oriented K.R.V.
Programming Programming- Concepts, Subramanian &
Techniques & Tools R. Narasimhan
29. PO ZG512 Disinfection & Steri- Disinfection & Sterilization B.M. Mithal
lization Processes Processes
30. PO ZG522 Formulation of Dosage Formulation of Dosage Forms B.M. Mithal
31. BITS ZG521/ Fourth Generation Fourth Generation Languages & K.P. Vinod
SS ZG52 Languages & Aplications
32. BITS ZG659 Technical Technical Communication K. Mohan & N.P.
Communication Singh
33. HT ZG622 Human Settlement Human Settlement Studies & Rajiv Gupta
Studies & Habitat Habitat Maintenance
34. HT ZG652 Light weight Light weight Construction J. Venkatramana
Construction Technologies et. al.,
35. HT ZG631 Environmental Environmental Conservations S.K. Singh
36. HT ZG651 Building Materials & Building Technology & Design J. Venkatramana
S.No. Course No. Course Title Title of Notes Course
preparation Team
37. HHSM Economics of Hospital & Introduction to Health M.S. Panigrahi
ZG632 Health Systems Economics
38. HHSM Introduction to Health Introduction to Environmental P. Srinivas
ZG631 Systems & Health
Environmental Health
39. HHSM Strategic Planning Strategic Planning N. Sinha
40. HHSM Operations Operations Management Anup Kumar
ZG512 Management
41. EM ZG681/ Management Concepts Decision Making V.K. Devarayalu
42. S&T ZG621 Management of STI Management of R&D T.S.K.V. Iyer
43. ENGG Introduction to Systems Introduction to Systems B.V. Prasad & Arun
ZC212 Maity
44. ENGG Introduction to Systems Introduction to Systems I.J. Nagrath & R
ZC212 Gupta
45. ET ZC322 Technology & Technology & Environmental T. Mandal
Environmental Impact Impact
46. HHSM Accounting & Finance Accounting & Finance G. Jesudian et al
47. TOC ZC245 Principles of Readings in Management T.S.K.V. Iyer
48. TA ZC232 Engineering Measurement Techniques II Lab K.E. Raman et al
Measurements Manual
49. TO ZG522 Engineering Design Engineering Design S. Dayal
50. HHSM Managing People & The Pulimood Question - A Walter M. Burnett
GZ611 Organization Case
51. HHSM Economics of Hospitals Economics of Hospital & Health H.R. Machiraju
ZG632 & Health Systems Systems
52. SS ZG624 Computer Based Monte Carlo Simulation K.R.V.
Simulation & Modelling Subramanian et al
53. CS ZG521 Object Oriented Object Oriented Programming R. Narasimhan
54. AAOC ZC311 Data Processing Introduction to DBMS T.N.C.Partha-
55. BITS ZC461 Software Engineering Emergence of Software Ashish Bhatia &
Engineering K.R.V. Subramanian
56. TA ZC143 Introduction to Introducing Computers Jeffery B. et al
57. HHSM Biostatistics & Decision Problems in Biostatistics S.K. Ray
ZG521 Analysis
58. EEE ZG552 Solid State Drives Problems on DC Choppers Lokeswara Reddy
S.No. Course No. Course Title Title of Notes Course
preparation Team
59. ET ZC311 Selected Technologies Communications Technology G. Raghurama
60. ET ZC311 Selected Technologies Transportation Technology R.K. Singh

61. BITS ZG512 Object Oriented An Introduction To Object K R V Subramanian

Programming Oriented Programming
62. BITS ZG624 Computer Based Computer Based Simulation & K R V Subramanian
Simulation & Modelling Modelling
63. BIO ZG571 Enzyme Biotechnology Enzyme Biotechnology V N Sharma
64. BIO ZC322 Ecology Ecology H L Kundu
65. TOC ZC245 Principles of Readings in Management - Vol T.S.K.V. Iyer
Management II
66. TOC ZC245 Principles of Readings in Management - Vol T.S.K.V. Iyer
Management III
67. TA ZC312 Technical Report Technical Report Writing - K.Mohan &
Writing Supplementary Reading M.Banerji
68. HT ZG631 Environmental Environmental Conservation R K Singh, R P
Conservation Module 1 to 17 Singh, T Devi
Prasad, V Rama
Krishna, A P Singh
69. HT ZG651 Building Materials & Building Materials & P N Rao, Rajiv
Technologies Technologies Module 1 to 11 Gupta
70. HHSM Biostatistics Biostatistics Module 1 & S K Ray
71. TOC ZC245 Principles of Principles of Management Usha Jain
72. HT ZG671 Habitat Studies and Habitat Studies and Rajiv Gupta
Management Management
73. TO ZG661 Computer Aided Computer Aided Analysis & S Ghoshal,
Analysis & Design Design Module 1 to 3 Ajit Pratap Singh
74. NS ZC111 Navigation-I Navigation-I Part I & II C L Dubey, S K
Thapliyal, N S
Mainkar, T K
Joseph, M C
Yadav, H
Subramanian, S K
Sinha, N K Basak,
S S Choudhari, V
Subramanian, P S
75. NS ZC121 Cargo Handling & Cargo Handling & Stowage-I A K Prasad,
Stowage-I V K Krishnan,
A Chopra,
K Vivekananda,
S.No. Course No. Course Title Title of Notes Course
preparation Team
P S Barve
76. NS ZC131 Controlling the Controlling the Operation of S S S Rewari, M S
Operation of Ship-I Ship-I Karla, H S Oberoi,
Verma, P S Barve
77. NS ZC141 Merchant Shipping-I Merchant Shipping-I Ajay Achuthan, Y
Chabra, P S Barve
78. HHSM Introduction to Health Introduction to Health Systems Nirupama Prakash
ZG613 Systems
79. PO ZG522 Formulations of Dosage Formulations of Dosage Forms B M Mithal
80. ENGG Introduction to Systems Introduction to Systems I J Nagrath
ZC212 Rajiv Gupta
81. TA ZC312 Technical Report Supplementary Reading Krishna Mohan
Writing Material Meera Banerji
N P Singh
82. HHSM Managing People & Managing People & Satyabadi Misra
ZG662 Organizations Organizations
83. SS ZG653 Software Architectures Software Industry - Lessons KRV
from the Past Subramanian
84. SS ZG653 Software Architectures What Ails the Software KRV
Industry? Subramanian
85. SS ZG653 Software Architectures Preliminary Concepts of KRV
Software Architecture Subramanian
86. TA ZC142 Computer Number Systems KRV
Programming Subramanian
Usha V
87. TOC ZC245 Principles of Principles of Management Usha Jain
Management Vivek Patil
88. EEE ZG521 Optoelectronic Devices, Injection Luminescence V K Chaubey
Circuits & Systems
89. HHSM Technical Structured Reading Guide Krishna Mohan
ZG664 Communication Meera Banerji
Meenakshi Raman
90. EEE ZG521 Optoelectronic Devices, Optoelectronic Devices, Circuits V K Chaubey
Circuits & Systems & Systems
91. HHSM Economics of Hospital Cost Benefit Analysis G P Avasthi
ZG632 and Health Systems Economics Appraisal in
Prevention Tackling Appraisal
92. HHSM Biostatistics Descriptive Statistics & Navneet Goyal
ZG661 Examples of Probability Renu Sharma
93. SEWP Software Project Software Project Management Sangeeta Bansal
ZG622 Management
S.No. Course No. Course Title Title of Notes Course
preparation Team
94. POWNT Engineering Differential Equations R K Patnaik
ZC221 Mathematics I
95. POWNT Thermodynamics Structured Reading Guide Sandeep Kumar
96. POWNT Electrical Technology Structured Reading Guide K E Raman
97. POWNT Computer Structured Reading Guide V Satheesh
ZC211 Programming
98. POWNT Electronics and Structured Reading Guide S Gurunarayanan
ZC222 Microprocessor
99. POWNT Engineering Structured Reading Guide K E Raman
ZC242 Measurements
100. POWNT Engineering Numerical Differentiation and Devi Prasad
ZC212 Mathematics II Integration
101. EA ZC481 Internetworking Structured Reading Guide Rahul Banerjee
102. ET ZC362 Environmental Pollution Noise Pollution and V Ramakrishna
Control Environmental Impact Analysis
103. EA ZC451 Internetworking Structured Reading Guide Rahul Banerjee
Technologies (Updated)
104. BITS ZG659 Technical Structured Reading Guide Sanjay Kumar
105. POWNT Environmental Pollution Structured Reading Guide V Ramakrishna
ZC411 Control (Updated)
106. POWNT Maintenance & Safety Supplementary Reading K S Sangwan
ZC431 Material
107. MM ZG531 Concurrent Engineering Structured Reading Guide K S Sangwan
108. EA ZC451 Internetworking Structured Reading Guide Rahul Banerjee
Technologies (Updated)
109. TA ZC312 Technical Report Structured Reading Guide Binod Mishra
110. POWNT Thermodynamics Structured Reading Guide T N S Mathur
111. BITS ZG659 Technical Structured Reading Guide Meenakshi Raman
Communication et. al.
Quality Control Structured Reading Guide B K Rout
112. ET ZC432
Assurance & Reliability
POWNT Prime Movers & Fluid Steam Nozzles & Steam S P Harsha
ZC311 Machines Turbine
POWNT Instrumentation & Structured Reading Guide Manoj Sekhawat
ZC331 Control
115. POWNT Power Generation Structured Reading Guide I V Singh
S.No. Course No. Course Title Title of Notes Course
preparation Team
116. AAOC ZC111 Probability & Statistics Structured Reading Guide M S Radhakrishnan
Engineering Structured Reading Guide Bimal Mishra
117. MATH ZC161
Mathematics I
Engineering Interpolation, Numerical Devi Prasad
118. MATH ZC232
Mathematics II Differentiation & Integration
POWNT Power Systems Structured Reading Guide Vimal Bhanot
ZC441 Engineering