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11, 2013



ALBUQUERQUE Albuquerque businessman and retired Army veteran Richard Priem today announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for U.S. Congress in the 1st Congressional District of New Mexico, citing his desire to run for the office as the Country needs new leadership to restore the American dream which seems to be slipping away as overly partisan bickering adversely threatens the future of our Country. Priem (pronounced Preem), a former Army Lieutenant Colonel served as a Commander and Staff Officer from 1973-1994, before retiring to work in the private sector for the last two decades as a program manager and corporate officer overseeing law enforcement training and national priority installation security programs. In these roles, for over 15 years Priem had oversight of contractor support for First Responder training at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, New Mexico, and the International Law Enforcement Academy in Roswell, New Mexico. Priem, who currently resides in Albuquerque, relocated from Washington, D.C. in 2003 to manage these programs on a full-time basis. New Mexico and New Mexicans play a vital role in our national defense. Whether we talk about defense-related companies based here, or individual New Mexicans serving on active duty, the National Guard, or in Reserve units, I bring extensive knowledge and experience-based perspectives that will permit me to represent New Mexico and New Mexicans well in Congress, Priem said. I also wanted to thank our veterans for their service to our county on this day of recognition and stand with them as a candidate who will represent their concerns as the Government continues to break its promises and commitments made throughout the years. That must stop and I will work hard to ensure the U.S. Government keeps its promises to all military personnel-those who currently serve and those that have served our country in the past with honor. Priem has interests in three small businesses in New Mexico which provide leadership training, law enforcement training and operational security support to the U.S. Coast Guard and overseas clients. The businesses will employ over 40 individuals. I am not a career bureaucrat or politician. Through my experience as a small businessman I know what it means to meet a

payroll. I have employed people who rely on their paychecks to support their families. I know only too well what impact the actions of government have on our economy. I also know that, as a businessman, I cant ask taxpayers to pay every time I make a bad decision. The federal government should work the same way. There has to be accountability from top to bottom. Priem referenced the importance of Kirtland Air Force Base and the Sandia National Laboratories, noting the $8 billion in economic support to our local economy from these facilities are vital to our community, our State and our Nation. We must ensure that, as the Federal Government refocuses its spending programs we dont make foolish decisions to downsize these important programs, thus jeopardizing our national security. Priem is an internationally-recognized combating terrorism expert and consulted with the U.S. Capitol Police Board and the House Appropriations Committee after the 9/11 attacks to the U.S. in 2001 and the U.S. Capitol Police shootings in the 1990s. Priems experiences have helped him understand the complexities of the Legislative Branch of government. He has worked with member of Congress, Congressional committees and their staffs providing him unique opportunities to view how they all operate. Ive seen firsthand how Congress can perform for the American people and how it can fail to meet our expectations, Priem reports. There is potential to do good things for the American people, but it takes exceptional people to keep us on the right track. Among his many awards, Priem was awarded the Police Service Award by the U.S. Capitol Police for his work in supporting their critical law enforcement and security roles. Priem and his wife Janice have two children and another who passed away in 1995. I look forward to meeting with the people of the 1st Congressional District in the days and months ahead as we campaign for this important office. I plan to do more listening than talking because I believe that all of us are smarter than one of us. In that regard, it is important that our citizens have a Congressman who can hit the ground running to solve our nations problems on day one. We dont have time for the endless bickering that occurs today. Our citizens want action, not politics. Were in the new fiscal year and our Federal government doesnt have a budget; none of the Appropriation bills have been passed; and our nations debt limit continues to soar upward. Young Americans are graduating from college with huge debts. Many dont have prospects for good jobs. The government is engaging in unheralded spy operations against honest, law-abiding U.S. citizens. We cant afford to continue an agenda of paralysis and inaction.