Chryl E. McWilliams I am a parent in the Bennington school district.

I have 4 students in this school district, and I just recently received my children's test scores and results. I WAS SHOCKED AND VERY UPSET! Something is terribly wrong! The CCSS are making the schools look like they are failing, and trying to make students look like failures too! I am an educator and my husband is an educator in this school district. We take a very hands-on approach in the education of our own children. I spent many hours teaching specific subjects to my children this past year. Therefore, I know what they are capable of! I had a son take the sophomore test and score advanced in the English portion of the test, which included writing. He scored advanced, while my daughter in 8th grade scored limited knowledge. My youngest son, who was in 5th grade at the time of taking the test, had an unscorable comment only because they said he was off subject, so they could not score his writing test.

Our school's 5th grade, which included my son, scored 100% on the reading portion of the test, but scored 13% on the writing portion. This discrepancy is outrageous! It is too far off a normal range! Our 8th grade, which included my daughter, scored 91% on reading and 31% on writing. This has got to stop! Our superintendent is putting in requests for data verification for the writing tests. This is because many teachers and parents, like myself, know that something is wrong. All of these factors affect the A-F report card for schools and whether our students graduate, or not in 9-12 grades. This is a serious matter. A study was done by an outside source of the State Department of Education's methods of accounting for the grades for schools. It found the process flawed and inconsistent. The study can be found by visiting the Cooperative Council of Oklahoma School Administrators or Oklahoma State School Board Association. The Oklahoma State Department of Education refused to acknowledge the report. I am frustrated with the direction our state has taken in regard to student testing and the increased pressure on students and educators, only to end up looking like failures. Our superintendent has suggested that we use the same test that colleges use, the ACT. It is more researched and proven. I think this is a good idea.

The only way for you, who represent us at the Capitol, to know our views is for us to contact you. Thank you for all that you do and for taking time to consider bringing about change to Oklahoma school testing. Sincerely, Chyrl E. McWilliams

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