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Lola-Jeanne Cloquell

122A Endymion Road SW 2 2BP London +44 7761 499509 Trilingual: English, French and Spanish


Kings College London | Masters in Cultural and Creative Industries

2013-2014 Degree focused on management of visual and performance arts, with a stress on research, critical thinking, group work and independent study. Modules include Youth Subcultures, Transnational Screen Production, and Inside Todays Museum. 2010-2013 Degree focused on sociological, political and cultural approach of the modern society. Modules included sociology, public administration of culture and international politics and economics. Production of database and interviews: Analysed the Tango Society in Marseille. Emphasis on research, group work, project work and analysis of data Final dissertation: Claim for Indigenous Culture in Latin America: the case of Yagn people in Chile, obtained with Honours 2011-2012 Anthropology, History and political system of Latin America. Independent research skills -- I conducted an original fieldwork-based research at my own initiative in Patagonia, Chile, on indigenous culture.

Science Po Aix-en-Provence, France | Masters in Political Science, Culture and Society

Pontificia Universidad Catlica de Chile, Santiago de Chile | One year Exchange program

Science po Aix-en-Provence, France | BA in Political Science

Modules included Political Institutions, Law, Economics, International relations.


Joffre High School of Montpellier, France | Literary Intensive training courses for entrance in the French Grandes Ecoles 2008-20010
Modern and classic French literature, Philosophy, History, Latin, Spanish and English.

Theatre experience

Theatre club Science po Aix | Aix-en-Provence | Organiser and actor of the play Victor ou les enfants au pouvoir January-May 2011
Organisational skills: Planned the rehearsals Promotion of the event that allowed to fully fill the auditorium two days in a row. Ticket selling. Led a team of 12 people to create and perform a Giant Cluedo which lasted for 2 days.

Linstant Present Theatre Company| Festival dAvignon, France| Technical and flyer distribution assistant for both shows Les Temps boulverss, and Les Elles July 2011
Promotion of the shows to attract public audience.

LAtrium Theatre | Fort de France, Martinique |Light assistant

July 2010

Technical light assistant for both shows Cinq Fille Couleur Pche and Romeo and Juliet by Yoshvani Medina.

Other Work and Voluntary Experience

Juneau Project | Somerset House| Creative teamwork and performance

Creation of artwork and performance for interaction with the public.

October 2013-Present

Les Ballades du Delphis | Martinique| Telephone receptionist

Communication, client service skills and problem solving: Organisation of the reservations.

June 2013

Images de Villes Festival| Aix-en-Provence| Hostess

Reception of the public and the speakers.

November 2010

Christophe Mert Company| Martinique| Creative teamwork and poem writing November 2006 and 2008
Teamwork with the artists to set up the exhibitions Miroir, reflet didenti plurielles and Bwa Bril Mosaicalit, Rose des Vents Poem writing: Ma peur. Reception of the public.

Trouville Water-sport club| Trouville, France| Assistant sailing instructor

Managed groups of children and was in charge of the feedback to the parents.

Summers 2005 to 2007

Language Experience

Les Ballades du Delphis | Freelance Translator

Trilingual in English, French and Spanish in both written and oral.

June 2013-Present

Computer Skills

Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) on both PC and Mac Proficiency in Google Analytics, Microsoft Office and Macintosh applications, Blogger, Facebook, YouTube

Theatre: took part to multiple clubs and live performances, particularly at the Theatre Club of Science po Aix. Creative writing Special awards: First prize in the Florilge Littraire, the Academic poetry -writing contest of Montpellier. May 2009 Poem writing and participation in an exhibition organised by the General council of Martinique and his President Claude Lise, on the theme Martinique. June 2005 Second prize in the Maison Lafitte poem-writing contest. April 2001 Travel: Independently travelled in Latin America for 3 months between 2012 and 2013, and in Australia for 1 month last July. Sailing: Long experience on catamaran Hobbie 16. Member of the Kings College Sailing club. Tango: 3 years of tango.