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June 28, 2013

General Secretary Rotary International One Rotary Center, 1560 Sherman Avenue, Evanston, IL, USA SUBJECT : REQUEST FOR ACTION VS. ACTS INIMICAL TO R.I. / UNETHICAL CONDUCT COMMITTED BY INDIVIDUAL ROTARIANS IN VIOLATION OF R.I. BY-LAWS & CODE OF POLICIES in District 3780 Quezon City, Philippines

Dear General Secretary Hewko: On behalf of our District 3780, we submit this matter for your appropriate action. Please find attached herewith the following documents which was submitted to our District (through the undersigned District Governor), by Club President Rizalina Rizza Dela Cruz (RC Metropolitan QC), together with supporting documents, to wit: 1. 2. 3. 4. Statement of Rizalina Dela Cruz (Club President)dated 23 April 2013 Statement of Mr. Rommel Dela Cruz datd 25 April 2013 Letter Statement of Assistant Gov. Antonio Tony Gumiran dat ed 25 April 2013 Letter-Statement of Assistant Gov. Ernie Paranis dated 15 April 2013

Earlier, this same documents (except the Letter of Asst. Gov. Gumiran) was submitted to Ms. Joy Walker, Manger, South Pacific & Philippine Office, for the same purpose of registering or informing R.I. of this anomaly, and later in connection with the election complaint of RC PagAsa. Based on this documents, there is substantial proof or evidence that a serious violation of our R.I. By-laws and Code of Policies (re: prohibition on electioneering, campaigning, etc.) was committed by certain individual Rotarians (named in the statements attached). The acts, or series of acts, committed by this certain individuals (belonging to RC Pag-asa) are clearly inimical to the interest of Rotary International, and which must be addressed decisively in order to avoid any repetition, or tolerate a serious wrongdoing. Specifically, the documents clearly indicate that sometime May 2012, three (3) new Rotary clubs: RC Metropolitan QC, RC Novaliches East, RC Philam QCwere organized (in our district) under anomalous circumstances, upon the efforts of two (2) individual Rotarians: Gloriosa Valarao and Salvador Viari, both of RC Pag-asa. These two (2) individuals

collaborated to organized this three (3) new clubs for the sole purpose of increasing her (Valarao) chances (i.e. assuring her votes) for the elections for DGN scheduled in April 2013. Accordingly, these clubs were composed of persons who did not have any bona fide intention of joining or being part of Rotary. Throughout the first half of this RY 2012-13, the same individuals were reported to have been engaged in electioneering, campaigning activities among our clubs & Rotarians. At the same time, the three(3) clubs above mentioned were clubs which were not performing or actively conducting service projects. In fact, the club president of RC Metropolitan QC came forward and submitted her statement (attached herewith) admitting to the fact that her members are not attending meetings and not supportive of any club service projects. In view of this report/ statement by RC Metropolitan QC, we investigated, and confirmed the fact that: a) the club has not been meeting regularly since last July 2012; b) its RI dues are being paid by individuals outside the club; c) it has not conducted or reported any service project, and this situation remains the same as of this date. Thereafter, inasmuch as the club president herself agreed that RC Metropolitan QC be terminated, we formally recommended its termination. On the other hand, one of the individual Rotarians involved, Ms. Gloriosa Valarao, became a candidate for DGN (last April 2013) but lost in the Nominating Committee. Thereafter, her club, RC Pag-asa filed a challenging resolution, but failed to garner the required 10% concurrence from other clubs. As a result, no ballot by mail was conducted by our district. However, her club, RC Pag-asa filed an election complaint against the undersigned District Governor and the members of the District 3780 Credentials Committee. This request is submitted upon prior consultation with our D-3780 Council of Governors and also our incoming District Governor Francis A. Rivera (RY 2013-14). We request for appropriate action and direction from your good officein order to address this serious violation and unethical conductinimical to the interest of Rotary International.
District 3780 Rotary Center Building, Mother Ignacia Cor. Roces Ave., Quezon City Philippines TeL Nos. (632) 6329039; 514-5559 Fax (632) 661-9724

Yours in Rotary Service,

RUFINO Penny L. POLICARPIO III District Governor, RY 2012-13

Copy furnished: Ms. Joy Walker, SPPO, Paramatta, Australia