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Dear (Mustang School Official) My name is Shaun Loar and I'm (xx) mother.

(xx) brought home an assignment entitled The Trayvon Martin Killing from her last hour English teacher. I read the article and about flipped my lid. The paper was written by ABC before the jury found Zimmerman not guilty. By the way why is that? It had profanity in it, which we don't use in our home. It appeared that ABC was being the prosecutor juror and executioner and wanted (xx) to make policy decisions and judgments like the article did. The questions that she was asked to answer before and after were inappropriate do to how the case ended. I told (xx) how the case ended. She told me she didn't want to do the paper on the article. I tend to agree with her decision. I have E Mailed her teacher to find out if (xx) can find her own article to do the the paper on because of these concerns I have with the assignment amongst others. Who exactly proofread this assignment and gave the ok on it? Is this going to be on the CCSS test. Thank you for your time. I look forward to your reply. Shaun Loar

Ms. Loar, My name is Ramae Collins, I am the Cuniculum and Instruction Principal at Mustang High School. Thank you for contacting us about your concerns with (xx) assignment. It is my understanding that (the teacher) has offered (xx) an alternative for this particular assignment but I wanted to offer you some additional information related to the assignment. This article is an example of a teaching strategy called AoW or Article of the Week. These articles are being used in all of our English classes to help students broaden their experience in interpreting informational real world text. The Articles of the Week strategy was originally created by Kelly Gallagher, a nationally recognized author and presenter. We appreciate your interest and your involvement in your child's education. If you would like to learn more about how this strategy will be used in (xx) English class this year, we would be glad to schedule a time to meet and review that information. We are always happy to discuss our curriculum with parents, as our teachers and curriculum coordinators work very hard to assure that Mustang students are well prepared. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Ramae Collins Curriculum and Instruction Asst. Principal Mustang High School

Dear Legislators, 1. What steps do I need to take in order to opt my child/children out of Common Core curriculum otherwise known as Oklahoma State Standard curriculum? 2. Where do I find the resources here in Oklahoma as a parent when needed so as to follow the appropriate steps to ENSURE that the teacher(s), school counselor, school administration as well as district administration and/or test administrators are complying with my request to opt out of CCSS/OSS? (i.e. opt out form specific to CCSS/OSS, form letters, documentation, laws or Oklahoma State Statutes to support my requests) 3. How do I compel the school district to honor and implement my request to opt out of CCSS/OSS in order safeguard my fundamental and legal right to direct the upbringing and education of my child including but not limited to guaranteeing that my child is getting the correct counsel in her education. 4. Should the school comply with my request to opt out of CCSS/OSS, how do I guarantee that she is being provided alternate assignments that are of equal merit, as well as being evaluated according to the same grading standards which the teacher(s) uses to evaluate the CCSS/OSS curriculum so as not to negatively affect her individual assignment grades thus impacting her overall grade. 5. What amount of time is reasonable to expect the school district to honor and implement my request to opt out of CCSS/OSS where a written copy has been provided to each teacher, the counselor, the principal, the school administration in addition to being delivered via certified return receipt mail? 6. If my request to opt out of CCSS/OSS is denied by the school, is the school required to provide in writing an explanation to me? 7. Where can I find a complete list of literary options to replace the CCSS/OSS mandatory reading list? 8. If my child is successfully opted out of the CCSS/OSS will she be required to stay home on the days that the required CCSS/OSS testing is administered? If so will she be charged with an absence and how would that absence be categorized?