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Corey Goodrow Teaching Philosophy I believe in a blend of teaching styles.

In my opinion, there’s no clear-cut perfect style, it’s up to the teacher to find the style that wor s for them and their students. !or me, I hope to have both student and teacher centered teaching styles. These styles can help students grow in many aspects of their lives. I believe in giving students choices in some of the things done in the classroom, but I now I won’t be opposed to lecturing and other forms of teacher centered teaching. "sing student centered methods help to facilitate a broader learning in students, giving them s ills that are important when they leave the school and go into the world. There are many materials and #nglish educator can use in their classrooms. In my classroom, I’ve decided that I would li e to use a diverse selection of authors as opposed to the $traditional% authors that were used in my education. It’s my hope that using a diverse group of authors may also help students learn something about cultures different than their own. I also hope to facilitate creative thin ing through the essays students will be tas ed to do. Creative thin ing is important to me because it can help the students with e&pression, communication, and other s ills they once again will need outside of school. 'ith these styles, I hope to give the students a broader range of nowledge, but also a love for what literature can do. It can create a new world for the reader, teach them something new or give them an e&perience they couldn’t get anywhere’s else. These e&periences are important because it can help the students become productive members of the world, after they leave school. ( big role of the teacher’s )ob though is also self-reflection. If a teacher doesn’t ever loo bac and see how things went, I don’t believe they are doing their )obs right. (fter almost every lesson, a teacher should be able to see things that wor ed or didn’t wor , and ma e changes accordingly. (s a teacher, we should always be focused on how to ma e the students’ e&periences better and more worthwhile. I am a big believer in *ronfenbrenner’s ecological theory of development. I agree that there are many environmental factors that have an influence on the development of people. In my opinion, this theory rings true in most instances, but using only one is not the way I intend to teach. In this regard, I also somewhat li e the behavioral theory. I don’t li e that it completely focuses on how e&periences are what ma es us, not our feelings and thoughts. +owever, I do thin e&periences do have an influence on the development of our students. 'ith these two mi&ed together, I feel that I’ve covered pretty much all the bases. I believe in a strong education for students no matter what type of school they are attending. Public education is important because it gives everyone a chance to learn. I feel that private education is almost a problem because it doesn’t give anyone e,ual chances. (s a public educator, you often need to find your own ways to get materials, which is a tas I’m open to. 'hat I li e most about public education is the sense of

community that you get from it. I remember how everybody new basically everybody, and that’s a good community for students to learn and grow in. To be a good teacher in public schools re,uires a desire to be one. If you don’t want to wor hard, then this )ob may not be for you. I now the wor that will be re,uired to be a good teacher- I’ve seen it first hand. It re,uires being creative, thoughtful, wise, and most of all, hardwor ing. These are all things I hope to be one day, but that I will have to grow into. I also now that public schools offer a less dynamic view of how classrooms should be run, they all stic to what the state orders. I thin this is good and bad, but it does its best to provide an even playing field for people. .espite the orders by the state about how the classroom should be run, I believe I will be able to spruce it up anyways.