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ACTIVITY PHASE 1 1.1 1.2 PHASE 2 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.6 2.7 PHASE 3 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 PHASE 4 4.1 GAP ANALYSIS Walk-through Audit Documentation Review TRAINING OF KEY PERSONNEL Management Briefing Appreciation Course on Integrated Management System (SCOMREP and Advisers) Orientation on ESH Related Legal and Other Requirements Training Workshop on Business Process Mapping and Developing Quality Objectives and Performance Indicators Workshop on Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Control (HIRAC) Workshop on Establishing Performance Improcement: OTP Workshop on Identifying Environmental Aspects and Impacts IMS AWARENESS to all Employees (General Orientation) STRATEGIC PLANNING


MR, Line Managers and Supervisors MR, Line Managers and Supervisors

Top Management Steering Committee, Line Supervisors, Document Custodians Steering Committee, PCO, SO Steering Committee Steering Committee Steering Committee Steering Committee All Employees

Assistance in the Hazard Identification, Risk Steering Committee Assessment and Controls (HIRAC) Assistance in identifying Environmental Aspects and Steering Committee Impacts Assistance in Formulation of Objectives, Targets and Steering Committee Programmes (QESH) Compliance to Legal and Other Requirement MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DOCUMENTATION Training/Seminar on Documenting & Implementing Steering Committee, Line Supervisors, IMS Document Custodians Assistance in the Preparation, Review and Fine Tuning of IMS Documents, including Policy and Objectives, Targets and Programs Steering Committee, Line Supervisors, Document Custodians PCO


1 5. DIMR. Steering Committee IMR. DIMR. Steering Committee. Internal Auditors IMR.3 8.and Environmental Hazard and Risk IMPLEMENTATION Guidance on Implementing the documented IMS Guidance and consultancy support in reviewing the effectiveness of the implemented system Guidance on Monitoring the performance of the IMS INTERNAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AUDIT Internal IMS Audit Course Planning and Preparing Internal Audit Review of Internal Audit Results MANAGEMENT REVIEW Assistance on the preparation of information for review of Top Management Review of Management Meeting Minutes PRE AND POST ASSESSMENT PROCESS Preliminary Assessment on Documentation Pre-Assessment / Mock Audit Review of Progress before Main Assessment Assistance During Main Assessment Assistance on the Assessment Results and Findings ATTENDEEES / PIC 4. Line Supervisors.3 PHASE 6 6.5 Steering Committee. Internal Auditors Top Management.1 8.1 6. DIMR. DIMR.1 7.2 6. DIMR. Steering Committee IMR. Steering Committee IMR. Line Supervisors. Steering Committee Top Management.3 PHASE 7 7. Steering Committee . Safety.3 Steering Committee. Line Supervisors.2 5. Line Supervisors. Steering Committee IMR. Steering Committee IMR.YMPH CONSULTANCY ACTIVITY ACTIVITY Guidance on the Development of Process Control to address Significant Health. DIMR. DIMR.2 8.2 PHASE 8 8. Document Custodians PHASE 5 5.4 8. Steering Committee. Internal Auditors IMR.