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Dharmo rakshati rakshitah (Dharma protects those who protect it)

The Puranas
A compact, English-only version of the Major 18 Puranas in one document
(overview of 18 pa-Puranas, and !8 additional Puranas - "#$%

Issue 1, Draft 1

Compiled by the Dharmic Scriptures Team October 3, 2002

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Inde !
I"T#OD$CTIO" %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% & SO$#C'S! %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% ( 1 )#*+,* P$#*"*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 2 P*D,* P$#*"*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 11 3 .IS+"$ P$#*"*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% &1 & S/*"D* P$#*"*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 100 ( S+I.* ,*+*1P$#*"*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 1&0 - .*,*"* P$#*"*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 212 0 ,*#/*"D'3* P$#*"*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 2(4 4 .*#*+* P$#*"*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 302 2 )#*+,* .*I.*#T P$#*"*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 3&0 10 *5"I P$#*"*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 3-4 11 )+*.IS+3* P$#*"*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 3212 /$#,* P$#*"*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% &013 ,*TS3* P$#*"*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% &3( 1& 5*#$D* P$#*"*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% &30 1( )#*+,*"*"D* P$#*"*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% &-2 1- S+#I,*D )+*5*.*T* P$#*"*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% &-3 10 6I"5* P$#*"*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (3& 14 "*#*D P$#*"*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% ((0 12 S*"*T/$,*# P$#*"* 7$P*1P$#*"* 18%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%(-20 "*#*SI,+* P$#*"* 7$P*1P$#*"* 28%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (-21 )#I+*""*#*DI3* P$#*"* 7$P*1P$#*"* 38%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%(-22 SI.*#*+*S3* P$#*"* 7$P*1P$#*"* &8%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%(-0 23 D$#.*S* P$#*"* 7$P*1P$#*"* (8%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (-0 2& /*PI6* P$#*"* 7$P*1P$#*"* -8%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (-0 2( .*,*"* P$#*"* 7$P*1P$#*"* 08%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (-4 2- )+*#5*.* P$#*"* 7$P*1P$#*"* 48%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (-4 20 .*#$"* P$#*"* 7$P*1P$#*"* 28%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (-4
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

24 /*6I/* P$#*"* 7$P*1P$#*"* 108%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (-2 22 S*,)* P$#*"* 7$P*1P$#*"* 118%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (-2 30 "*"DI P$#*"* 7$P*1P$#*"* 128%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (-2 31 S$#3* P$#*"* 7$P*1P$#*"* 138%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (00 32 P*#*S*#* P$#*"* 7$P*1P$#*"* 1&8%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (00 33 .*SIS+T+* P$#*"* 7$P*1P$#*"* 1(8%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (00 3& D'.I1)+*5*.*T* P$#*"* 7$P*1P$#*"* 1-8%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (01 3( 5*"'S+* P$#*"* 7$P*1P$#*"* 108%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (01 3- +*,S* P$#*"* 7$P*1P$#*"* 148%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (01

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

At present& there is no single place where Dharmins ('(indus)) can go to download and read ALL their scriptures *+ ,(-*" -+,*"-,Y. +umerous sites e/ist that provide portions o scriptures and0or commentary on scriptures& but no single website has thus ar undertaken the immense task o posting all scriptures o 1anatana Dharma (2(indu3ism4). ,here are three goals o this e ort5 6) ,he short3term goal (738 years) o this pro9ect is to collect& organi:e& publish (online and in hardcopy) and disseminate knowledge o all Dharmic scriptures throughout the world. ;) ,he intermediate3term goal (83< years) o this pro9ect is to glean the best knowledge and wisdom rom all these scriptures and rom other sources (modern e/perience& ideas) into a single& uni ied holy book or Dharmins ! ,he Dharma Veda. ,his book will act as a guide or Dharmins and as an inde/ into all the supporting scriptures. %nlike the Bible and =uran o >hristianity and *slam respectively& the Dharma Veda will +?, be a closed canon 3 ro:en in time based upon mindless dogmas. *t will be updated on a regular basis with the input o the Dharmasya (global Dharmic community). ,he essence o Dharma is ,ruth and %niversal Law ! it is +?, dogma or blind belie (as is the case with @atas such as >hristianity and *slam). ,he term AmataA means a belie & view or opinion and (A1 +?,(*+B ,? D? C*,( D(A"@A. ,here ore& it is important to e/plain to non3Dharmins that 1anatana Dharma is based on the ,ruth and is there ore a much higher concept than a 'religion). Dor the purposes o conversation& we can re er to Dharma as a religion& but it is then necessary or the Dharmin to educate the non3Dharmin as to the higher meaning and greater ,ruth o Dharma.

7) ,he long3term goal (< years and beyond) o this pro9ect is to leverage the Dharma Veda to bring about a Blobal Dharmic "enaissance that will leave no nation untouched. ,he world needs a more robust& more sophisticated 'religion) to practice and the time or 1anatana Dharma has come. ,he ;6st century may become the Dharmic >entury a ter all$
,hank you& Dharmic 1criptures ,eam

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

6) Cebsite5

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

1 )rahma Purana
,his Eurana contains F >hapters as ollows.


'ord #rahma

,his chapter contains G sections5

6.6.6 A Ero ile o Brahma9i

APPEARANCE OF BRAHMAJI According to the scriptures& Brahma9i was born on the lotus that had arisen rom the navel o eternal ommipresent Lord +arayan Vishnu. During the period o deluge (Eralaya) all the creations was destroyed and the creatures that had gone into @aharloka (the ourth o the upper worlds according to the Euranas)& take birth again on the earth as per their deeds. Bod who keeps an account o the innumerable deeds o those inumerable creatures and arrange or their incarnations is called Brahma.

6.6.; 1criptural Appearance o Brahma9i

Scriptures describe the appearance of Brahmaji thus: CHATURMUKHD VEDADHARAH SAKSHASUTRA KAMANDALUH | HANSARUDHO RAKTAVASA BRAHMALOKA PITAMAH || Meaning: He has four heads, holds Vedas, Rosary, Yagyopavita (Sacred thread and !amandalu (bo"l # "ears red cothes and rides a s"an$ He is none other than Brahmaji, grandfather of all of us$

6.6.7 Dour (eads o Brahma9i

Brahmaji is sho"n "ith four heads, Besides being the creator of the universe, Brahmaji is a deponent of the deeds of all the creatures as "ell, alloting the creatures various incarnations as per their deed is duty of Brahmaji$ Hence the full %no"ledge of a creatures deed is an indispensable precondition before deciding an incarnation for it$ &nly then full justice could be assured for a creature$ Hence to loo% around in all the directions, Brahmaji is sho"n "ith the four heads$

6.6.F Chite Beard o Brahma9i

Brahma9i is the great grand ather o all o us. (ence his appearance must match his status. 1ince antiHuity& in a single day o Brahma9i no one knows how many members o creatures take birth and die. ,he period since antiHuity can be calculated according to astrology. 1ince Brahma9i has such an eternal e/istance& his appearance must correspondend to his eternity as well& so that eeling o respect could naturally arise among the people or him. (ence& Lord Brahma is shown with a white beard.

6.6.8 1wan as a Vehicle

1wan is a white bird. Bod has bestowed it with uniHue virtues. Virtues that are not to be ound in any creature o the eighty3 our lakh incarnations& their virtue is +--"A3K1(--"A V*V-KA& that is& i milk is mi/ed with water& a swan is capable o separating milk rom water and taking it re9ecting the water. *t is an indication o Brahma9i that every creature deserves a ull 9ustice regarding his deeds & no matter how much entangled it might be. ,here should not be any ado in the 9ustice. Eeople must also learn rom it that they should imbibe only the valuable part o a thing and discard the worthless. ?nly then they could be regarded as a doer o good deeds and thus receive honour in the society.

6.6.I Eurpose o (olding Vedas

Brahmaji is also sho"n as holding Vedas is one of his hands "hy' (t is natural to be curious about it$ Vedas are undoubtedly the most ancient scriptures in the "ord$ )ven the great deluge (*ralaya could not destroy Vedas for almighty Brahma himself had ta%en incarnation to save Vedas during deluge$ Hence Vedas have no beginning and no end$ Besides Vedas also remind Brahmaji of the previous !alpa (the grand period that includes all the four Yugas $ Vedas also teach us that everything is destructible, only the truth can not be destroyed$ Hence in the carnation of destructible body, never forget the indestructible, eternal, almighty *aramatma because every other thing in the "orld is bound to be destroyed one day$
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

6.6.< "osary in 1econd (and

+he great grandfather of all the creatures ,ord Brahma teaches by his appearance that the human incarnation is not just for the mundane jobs$ (nstead among the mundane jobs, human being must %eep on remembering the almighty *aramatma$ Because "ithout reciting the name of almighty -od "elfare of any human being is simply not possible$ Hence, by the rosary in second hand Brahmaji teaches that, al"ays %eep on telling the name of almighty -od, for your "elfare$ (t is therefore "ritten also . JAPATA SIDDHIH JAPATASIDDHIH JAPATASIDHIH NASANSHAYAH Meaning : &ne gets perfection only in the name of almighty -od, there is no doubt in it$ Hence, comprehensing these things human being must %eep on reciting and telling the name of omnipresent -od "hether he is moving, or sitting, eating or drin%ing and sleeping or a"a%ening$

6.6.J Kamandalu (>oconut 1hell Bowl)

JALAMEV JEEVANAM ,hat is water is li e. Cater is the basic physical element that caused the whole creation to e/ist. ,he coconut shell bowl (Kamandalu) held by Brahma9iK also holds water& thus depicting the hassle ree e/istence and continuence o the whole creation.

6.6.G 1eat o the Lotus

Lotus is the seat or Lord Brahma Lotus also adorns the hand o Lord Vishnu and is an essential item to worship Lord 1hiva. -very one knows that the lotus grows rom the muck. ,hus& it teaches that inspite o being born o the muck be as pure as possible. *ncluding humans& all creatures are born out o the muck called passion and illusion. ,hey are unable to ree themselves rom these two. ,hus the lotus seat o Brahma9i teaches that regardless o origin one must strive to be as ree and pure as possible rom the in luences o oneAs origin. *n another words& humans must obtain themselves rom the passion and illusion o the world despite being surrounded by them.


(oddess )arasvati

,his chapter contains 7 sections5

6.;.6 Appearance o 1arasvati

Literally& 1araswati means 1A"A( 3 Knowledge& 1,(A+A@YA1YA( A1,*,*. ,hus& 1araswati is the goddess who rules all kinds o knowledge without worshipping her no one can be a learned person. (ence ollowers o other religious also worship 1araswati& though the name and appearance may di er slightly. Appearance o 1araswati is thus described in the scriptures 5 SHUKLAM BRAMHAVICHARASA RA PARMADYAM JAGADVYAPINEEM VEENAPUSTAK DHARINIMABHAYADAM JADYANDHAKARA PAHAM | HASTE SPHATIKA MALIIKAM VIDADHI PADMASANE SAMSTHITAM | VANDE TAM PARAME SHVAREEM BHAGWATEEM BUDDHI PRADAY SHARDAM || ,eanin9 ! Cearer o the white clothes giver o the power to re lect the essence o Brahma& supreme power& holder o veena (Lyre)& book& beaded rosarry& the benevolent Boddess is seated on a lotus. * respect ully pray the Boddess who gives us knowledge.

6.;.; 1igni icance o Book and Veena (Lyre)

+oted sage Bhartrihari writes that without literature and music& a man is not more than an animal. (ence the book and veena in the hands o 1araswati teach that i the humans wish to do away with their bruteness& knowledge o literature and music is must or them. (ence& Boddess 1araswati is shown with a book and Veena the symbols o literature and music respectively.

6.;.7 Beaded "osary

,he ultimate goal o knowledge is salvation. 1alvation is possible only with uni ication with Bod. And rosary is a means or uni ication with Bod. But why a rosary o white beads onlyL *t is so because white beads depict
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

spotless purity. ,hus it teaches us to rise above the blemishes o passion& anger& greed& ego& lust& envy& enimity etc. and make our mind as spotless as the beads. 1imilar teaching are given by the the lotus seat and swan vehicle o the Boddess 1araswati.


'ord +ishnu

,his chapter contains 66 sections5

6.7.6 Appearance o Lord Vishnu

Corship o Lord Vishnu is e/tremely essential or those who wish to receive the supreme salvation. A common rule o worship is that the worshipper must essentially have the virtues o the worshipped. (ence& Lord Vishnu gives his virtues through physical appearance.

6.7.; "e lection o 1criptural Appearance

SHANTAKARAM BHUJANGASHAYANAM PADMANABHAM SURESHAM VISHWADHARAM GAGAN SADRISHAM MEGHAVARNAM SHUBHANGAM| LAKSHMIKANTAN KAMALNAYANAM YOGIMIRDHYANA GAMYAM VANDE VISHNUM BHAVA BHAYAHARAM SARVA LOKAIKNATHAM || ,eanin9! * worship that Lord Vishnu who has a peace ul body (postures)K who rests on 1heshanaga (the mighty serpant 3 cobra)K who has a lotus in his navel& who is the base o the world& who is like the skyK who has a colour like cloud& who is the lord o Lakshmi (wealth)K who has eyes like lotusK who is seen by yogis in their meditationK who is the remover o all the di erences and who is the only Lord o all the three Lokas (Corlds)& * worship such Lord Vishnu.

6.7.7 1cienti ic Depiction o Vishnu)s Appearance

*t is a common principle the worshipper should be a Deva (Bod) irst and worship the Bod then& Let us re lect the appearance o Lord Vishnu in light o this principle. ,he irst virtue o Lord Vishnu is his peace ul appearance. (ence his worshipper must also acHuire peace ul appearance. ,his is also the need o the hour in the world that is presently ull o con licts& disputes& tensions and all that could pose a potential danger to the earth itsel . Despite having all kinds o wealth and lu/uries people are devoid o peace. (ence& all the worshippers who want peace& must irst re lect the peace ul appearance o Lord Vishnu.

6.7.F Chy does Lord Vishnu rest on 1heshanagaL

,he second virtue (resting on the 1heshanaga) must be considered as the sub3virtue o the peace ul appearance. 1criptures describe 1heshanaga as Kala also. 1heshanaga is supposed to be a highly poisonous snake. But Lord Vishnu is resting on him without ear or worries. *t teaches us not to lose patience even while acing the kala itsel K instead one must strive to ride on it& only then can one remain in peace ul appearance. * the ear overpowers you& it may shatter your peace. ,he worshippers who want salvation are being indicated to be peace ul in every circumstances.

6.7.8 Chy is Lotus in the +avelL

,he third virtue o Lord Vishnu is that he bears a lotus on his navel&hence he is also known as Eadmanabham. Drom the lotus rises Lord Brahma. Brahma has only royal virtues ("a9oguna). ,hus to remain in peace ul orm Lord Vishnu has discarded all the royal virtues through his navel. 1imilarily he has made the snake& which has ,amoguna (virtue o darkness)& his seat& ,hus only 1atoguna (Virtue o the truth) remains with him& and Bod became 1hantakaram (acHuired a peace ul orm). (ence& i a worshipper wishes to be in peace ul orm& he must irst discard the virtues o royality and darkness.

6.7.I Chy does Vishnu stay in the 1ea o @ilkL

Be ore attempting to solve the problems& let us irst give a thought to the oceans also. All the oceans& as we know are huge bodies o 1aline water. (ow is then the sea o milkL A couplet o >hanakyaneeti e/plains it thus 5 KA CHINTA MAM JIVANE YADI HARIIVISHVAMMBHARO GEEYATE NO CHEDARBHAKA JIVANAY JANANISTANYAM KATHM NIRMYET | ITYALOCHYMUHURMUHURYADUPATE LAKSHMIPATE KEWAL TVATPADAMSHUJASEVANEN SATATAM KALOMAYA NEEYATE ||
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

,eanin9! * Bod (ari Vishnu is known as V*1(VA@B(A" ( eeder o the world) * need not worry or anything in the world. * he were not there& where the milk would come rom in the breast o a mother be ore childAs birth. 1o Bod illed the breast o a new mother with complete ood that is milk. *t is clear rom the above e/ample that Lord Vishnu assumes di erent orms 9ust to eed all the creatures in the world& o these di erent orms o the Bod& the milk is one. Acording to another principle o scriptures& Bod is present in every grain. (ence he is also present in the milk also. *t is also the supreme duty o the humankind to maintain the original pure orm o the milk& because the milk is prone to damage Huickly. 1imilarily& all these desirious o 1alvation& must ollow Vaishnava religion& otherwise any deviation in it may damage all o their penance.

6.7.< "eason or holding the Cheel

,he amous 1udarshana >hakra (wheel) is whirling on the inger o Lord Vishnu. ,hrough this wheel& Bod teaches the human kind that the cycle o the universe is whirling at his will. * anybody tries to go against his will (i.e. wheel) or gives up religion and begins to behave irreligiously& * will whirl him like the wheel or punish him with the wheel.

6.7.J "eason or holding the >onch

Chite colour and sound are the main virtues o the conch. ,hrough the colour o the conch& Bod Vishnu teaches us to ollow the path o the truth. ,he sound is like a warning call that is i path o truth is not ollowed& the violater will be challenged and punished. ,hus. -ither by ear o by any other thing& ome must ollow the path o truth.

6.7.G Eurpose o Kaustubhamani

Kaustubha is the best 9ewel among all the gems. ?ne who bears it& must be gentle& knowledgable& virtuous etc. ,hus& bearing Kaustubha @ani& Bod preaches the common people that i they wish to develop all these virtues in them& they will have to move towards this gem once advanced& they will eel the eternal light in li e and desired uni ication with Bod and ultimate salvation.

6.7.6M Chy does Lord Vishnu hold a @aceL

@ace is a weapon that shows and dares or the physical strength. *t was used by the ighters to demonstrate their strength. Among all the ancient weapons& mace was the main. *t application is pro usely seen in the epics like "amayana& @ahabharata by physically power ul and strong characters like (anumana N Bheema. ,hus with the mace& Bod warns anti social elements that i they try to violate the sanctity o religion and torment his devotees& (e will punish them. ,ulsidas too writes about the reasons or incarnation o Bod. JAB!JAB HOHI DHARAMA KI HANI" HARHINATH SAJJANA KAI PEERA | Bod takes various incarnations to protect his devotees.

6.7.66 Chy is Baruda (-agle) the Vehicle o VishnuL

Baruda (eagle) is said to be the king o the birds. *t is the earest o bird. ,hus Bod is assuring his devotees to be earless& because i any calamity be ell them& he will reach them in no time.


(oddess 'a-mi

,his chapter contains 7 sections5

6.F.6 Chy Boddess La/mi presses the eet o BodL

Boddess Lakshmi presents an e/ample o an ideal spouse be ore the world.,he supreme duty o a woman is described in the service o her husband. 1econd aspect o the message is or the people who want to get rich& that i they want the wealth& they must develop a devotion or the eet o +arayana& or Lakshmi (Boddess o wealth) is to be ound there and no where else.

6.F.; "eason or LiHuidity o La/mi

,he better hal o Lord Vishnu can never be reakish& because 1atoguna is the main virtue o Lord Vishnu. *n the pro/mity o Bod whose main virtue is 1atoguna& no one can remain reakish. But the material wealth& that is Bold& and silver& have mobility as their main virtue. ,hus the rich people who have these wealths may be reakish& but not Lakshmi the beloved o Bod Vishnu.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

6.F.7 Chy is the owl the vehicle o La/miL

?wl is the vehicle o goddess Lakshmi. An owl canAt see in the day& (ence& Lakshmi visits the house o those devotees who only worship her& on her vehicle owl. And she visits the home o those devotees who worship Lord Vishnu irst and then her& with Vishnu riding his vehicle Baruda. *t also implies that at places where black3money is main& Lakshmi rides an owl. 1uch a wealth canAt be put in the service o nation& people religion etc& or in any worthy task& instead it is sHuandered in abhorant deeds. 1ince owl is a bird that sees in the darkness alone& and darkness sumboli:es ignorance. Because o ignorance& money is generated in wrong ways and spent in wrong deeds. ,hus owl is a symbol o black money and misdeeds.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

2 Padma Purana
,his Eurana contains 8 >hapters as ollows5
1econd among the eighteen Euranas& Eadma Eurana contains ive parts3 1rishtikhand& Bhumikhand& 1wargkhand& Eatalkhand and %ttarkhand. 6) Srishti:hand contains an e/planation o metaphysical knowledge in a dialogue style between Bheeshma and the sage Eulastya. *t contains a description o Eushkar ,irth. 1urprisingly& this part ridicules the worship o the planets (Brahas). ;) )humi:hand has a description o the earth& besides the tales o the kings like Erithu& +ahush& Yayati& Erabhriti and the sages like 1hiva Varma& suvrata and >hyvan. Dor its description o the earth and archaic matter& this part is o ten regarded as the geography and the history o a period. 7) S;ar9a:hand describes the seHuence o creation irst and then the glory o the holy places as well as the geographical e/pansion o *ndia along with her mountains& rivers and the people. F) Patal:hand 3 1uta9i narrates the tales related to the li e and plays o Lord "ama in an assembly o the sages. ,his part also contains a description about the li e and plays o Lord Krishna. 8) $ttar:hand contains a discussion about the metaphysical knowledge o religion presented in a dialogue style between Lord 1hiva and Earvati. ,his part also contains thousand names o Lord Vishnu and one hundred names o Lord "ama.



,his chapter contains 6I sections. (aving revealed the contents o all the Euranas to his son %grashrava& 1age Lomaharshan instructed him to go to A+aimisharanyaA and spread it among the sages doing penance over there. ,here is an interesting tale how this sacrosanct orest o +aimish derived itAs name 33 ?nce& the sages sought Lord VishnuAs help in inding a suitable place& where they could per orm their religious activities unhindered. Lord Vishnu released his chakra and instructed them to ollow it. A,his chakra had many circum erences (+emi) and all o you can commence your penance at the place where one o them gets detached rom the chakraA 333said Lord Vishnu. ,he 1ages ollowed the chakra as per the instruction o Lord Vishnu. ?nce o the circum erences o chakra got detached and ell at a place called Bangavarta. *n course o time this particular place was amous as A+aimishA because the term A+emiA in 1anskrit means circum erence. Chen %grashrava who was popularly known as A1ut9iA reached A+aimisharnyaA all the sages received him with enlighten all the sages on the divine tales o Eadma Euran. 1ut9i replied333 Eadma Euran consists o ive sections and i ty3 ive thousand shlokas. ,he names o these sections are 1hrishti3Khand& Bhumi3Khand& 1warg Khand& Eatal Khand and %ttam3Khand. ,he tales o Eadma3 Euran praise the glory o Lord Vishnu. ,hese tales were narrated to Lord Brahma by Lord Vishnu himsel & who in turn propagated them in this world through various sages.

;.6.6 ,he Beginning o >reation

,he 1ages reHuested 1ut9i to narrate about the incident when sage Eulastya had met Bhishma. 1ut9i replied3333 Bhishma was doing penance at a place called Bangadwar. Being pleased by his austere penance& Lord Brahma instructed Eulastya to go to Bangadwar and bless Bhishma. A ter reaching there& Eulastya told Bhishma that Lord Brahma was pleased by his penance. AAsk any boon you wish orA said Eulastya. Bhishma thanked his good ortune o getting a chance to meet 1age Eulastya. (e reHuested Eulastya to reveal how Lord Brahma had created the world. Eulastya replied333 During the initial phase o his creation& Lord Brahma created the @ahattatva irst o all. A ter
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

that he created the three types o -go rom the @ahattatva3331atva& "a9as and ,amas. ,hese three types o -go are the origins o all the ive sense3organs& organs o action and all the ive basic elements33space& water& ire& air N earth. An enormous egg came into e/istence with the permutation and combination o these ive basic elements. Cithin this egg e/ists the whole universe including the mountains& islands& oceans& planets& deities& demons and the human beings. ,he layers o water& ire& air& space and darkness envelop this enormous egg. ,hese elements are once again covered by the A@ahattatvaA& which in turn is enveloped by the AErakritiA (nature). Lord Vishnu himsel does creation in the orm o Lord Brahma and also takes various incarnations to protect the mankind. At the end o the Kalpa& it is only (e& who annihilates in the orm o "udra. A ter the end o Kalpa& he takes rest on the back o 1heshnag or the ull period o deluge.

;.6.; Lord Brahma)s Li e31pan and the >hronological ?rder o the '-ras)
Eulastya says333Lord Brahma& the embodiment o Lord Vishnu has a li e3span o one hundred years. (is li e3span is also called AEarA& and hal o its period is known as AEarardhaA. ?ne AKashthaA consists o 68 +imesha while a Kala consists o 7M AKashthasA. A muhurta consists o 7M Kalas. ,he periods o 7M muhurtas are eHual to one day and +ight o the human beings. A month o this world is eHuivalent to 7M days and nights. 1i/ months make an AAyanA and a year consists o two AAyansA. ,hese two AAyansA are also known by two other names333Dakshinayan and %ttarayan. Dakshinayan is the night o the deities where as %ttarayan is their day. Dour yugas are eHuivalent to twelve thousand years o the deities& which occur in a cyclic order3331atya& ,reta& Dwapar and Kaliyuga. ,he periods o these yugas are as ollows333 1atya Yuga O FMMM years ,reta Yuga O 7MMM years Dwapar Yuga O ;MMM years Kali Yuga O 6MMM years ,otal O 6M&MMM years -ach yuga is ollowed by the hibernation periods o A1andhyaA and 1andhyansh& which are as ollows33 1andhya 1andhyansh 1atya Yuga FMM FMM ,reta Yuga 7MM 7MM Dwapar Yuga ;MM ;MM Kali Yuga 6MM 6MM ,otal 6MMM years 6MMM years

Dour Yuga are collectively known as A>haturyugaA. A BrahmaAs day consists o one3thousand such A>haturyugasA. Altogether& ourteen @anu appear during this whole period o 6MMM >haturgas or in other words a day o Lord Brahma. -ach A@anvantarA is named a ter a @anu and is eHuivalent to little more than <6 >haturyugas. *t also has its own *ndra& 1aptarishis and other deities. ,his way& a manvantar is also eHuivalent to J&8;&MMM years o the deities or divine years. Boing by the standard o the years o this world a manvantar is eHuivalent to 7M&I<&;M&MMM years. ?n the basis o the years o this world& a BrahmaAs day is eHuivalent to 7M&I<&;M&MMM / 6F O F&;G&FM&JM&MMM yrs. ,his is the period a ter which a BrahmaAs day is over and a deluge takes place when all the three worlds becomes devoid o li e due to unbearable heat. Lord Brahma then takes rest or the same period (F&;G&FM&JM&MMM yrs) which is his night. A ter the night is over& Lord Brahma again commences his creation. 1o& this process continues or the whole period o BrahmaAs li e span& i.e. 6MM yrs.P Bheeshma reHuested 1age Eulastya to describe how Lord Brahma created li e in the beginning o the present Kalpa. Eulastya replied333 At the end o the previous kalpa when Lord Brahma awakened rom his sleep& he ound the whole earth submerged in water. (e meditated on Lord Vishnu& who took the incarnation o AVarahA and retrieved the earth and established it in its original position. Lord Brahma then created all the our worlds33Bhurloka& Bhuvarloka& 1wargloka and @aharloka and divided the earth into seven islands. Dirst o all& Lord Brahma created the A@ahattatvaA. A ter that he created the A,anmatrasA& *ndriyas (sense3organs)& the immovable things like mountains& rivers& animals& deities& demons& human beings etc.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

;.6.7 ,he Dour Erominent >astes

?n being asked by Bhishma about the origin o the our prominent castes& 1age Eulastya said333 Lord Brahma created the Brahmins and the Kshatriyas rom his mouth and chest respectively. 1imilarly& Vaishyas and 1hudras mani ested rom Lord BrahmaAs thigh and eet respectively.Lord Brahma had created his AmanasputrasA with the ob9ective o increasing the population and their names were Bhrigu& Eulah& Kratu& Angira& @arichi& Daksha& Atri and Vashishth. But all o them were ree rom worldly desires and e/tremely virtuous. 1eeing his e ort go in vain& Lord Brahma became urious& as a result o which "udra mani ested rom his orehead. (al o "udraAs body resembled like a male while the remaining hal appeared like a emale.Lord Brahma instructed "udra to detach the emale orm rom his body and commence copulative creation. Dollowing his advice& "udra detached the emale part o his body and created eleven male entities. 1imilarly he created various emale entities rom the emale part o his body. ,his way& the irst human pair3@anu and 1hatarupa came into e/istence. *n course o time our children were born to them333Eriyavrata& %ttanpad& Erasuti and Aakuti. Erasuti was married to Daksha Era9pati& while Aakuti became the wi e o "uchi3Era9apati. Erasuti gave birth to ;F daughters33 1hraddha& La/mi& Dhriti& Eushti& ,ushti& @edha& Kriya& Buddhi& La99a& Vapu& 1hanti& Keerti& Khyati& 1ati& 1ambhuti& 1mriti& Ereeti& Kshama& 1antati& Ansuya&%r9a& 1waha and 1wadha. ?ut o them& the ormer thirteen were the wives o Dharma and the rest were married to various sages like Bhrigu& 1hiv& @arichi& Angira& mysel (Eulastya)& Eulaha& Kratu& Atri& Vashishth Agni& etc.1hraddha gave birth to AKaamA& La/mi to ADaarpa& Dhriti to +iyam& ,ushti to 1antosh& Eushti to Lobha& @edha to 1hrut& Kriya to Dand& +ay and Vinay& Buddhi to Bodh& La99a to Vinay& Vapu to Vyavasay& 1hanti to Kshama& 1iddhi to 1ukh and Keerti gave birth to Yash. All o them were the sons o Dharma. Kaam had a son named (arsh rom his wi e +andi& BhriguAs wi e Khyati gave birth to a daughter named La/mi33 the consort o Lord Vishnu. Lord "udra accepted 1ati33the daughter o Daksha Era9apati as his wi e. (insa was the wi e o Adharm and gave birth to Anrit and +ikriti. Anrit had two sons333@aya and +arak& while +ikriti had two daughters33@aaya and Vedana. @aaya married @aya while Vedana became the wi e o +arak. @aaya had a son named @rityu33the lord o death and Vedana gave birth to Dukh. Dive children were born to @rityu33Vyadhi& #ara& 1hok& ,rishna and Krodha. All o them were celibates and had no progeny.

;.6.F ,he @ani estations o Boddess La/mi

Bheeshma e/pressed his desire to know about the mani estation o goddess La/mi. Eulastya replied33 ?nce& a ter being de eated by the demons& the deities went to Lord Vishnu and sought his help. Lord Vishnu instructed them to collect all the medicinal herbs& and put them in the Ksheersagar& so that a ter the churning o the ocean ambrosia could be retrieved.Lord Vishnu also advised them to use the @andar mountain as a >hurner and the serpent331heshnag as a rope or churning the ocean.,he deities then reached an agreement with the demons according to which both the groups were supposed to unitedly churn the ocean. ,he great @andar mountain was uprooted and placed on the back o the tortoise33the embodiment o Lord Vishnu. 1heshnag coiled around that mountain and both the ends were held by the demons and the deities respectively. ,he deities intelligently chose the tail3end& while the demons in their oolishness chose the mouth3end. ,he vemon spilled by 1heshnag destroyed the power and strength o the demons. Chen the process o >hurning began& the irst thing to emerge rom the sea3bed was Kaamdhenu33the holy cow. ,he deities claimed the ownership o this divine cow. 1ubseHuently& Vaaruni (into/icating drink) emerged rom the sea3bed& which was claimed by the ignorant demons. During the process o ocean3churning& various kinds o things emerged out rom the ocean33 Eari9at& si/ty crore apsaras& the moon and the Kaalkut (poison)& which were distributed among the demons and the deities. Lord @ahadev drank the Kaalkut when he saw that there was no taker or it. ,he churning o ocean also resulted into the mani estation o ambrosia3pot& %chchaishrava (horse) and -ravat (elephant). %ltimately& goddess La/mi mani ested hersel & seated on a lotus. ,he deities eulogised her by chanting the mantras o 1ri 1ukta. ,he deities were desirous o having goddess La/mi on their side& so were the demons& but Lord Brahma instructed Vishnu to accept her as his consort. ,he demons became urious and snatched the ambrosia3pot rom the hands o 1age Dhanvantari. Lord Vishnu then disguised himsel as the most enchanting woman and ooled the demons into giving back the ambrosia3pot. Lord Vishnu gave the pot to the deities who became immortal a ter drinking ambrosia. A tremendous battle was ought between the demons and the deities. But& the demons were de eated in this battle and led to the netherworld to protect their lives. ,he deities eulogised Lord Vishnu and returned to heaven.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

;.6.8 1ati gives up her Li e

?n being enHuired by Bheeshma about the reason why 1ati gave up her li e& 1age Eulastya narrated the ollowing tale 3333 ?nce& Daksha Era9apati had organised a grand yagya in which he had invited everybody e/cept Lord 1hiva. ,his Yagya was presided over by our prominent sages333Vashishth& Angika& Vrihaspati and +arad. 1ati went to attend the yagya despite Lord 1hivaAs reluctance to send her. A ter reaching there she asked Daksha about the reason why he had not invited Lord 1hiva. Daksha said333PYour husband is unworthy o being in the company o other deities& because o his abhorrent appearance. (e smears ashes on his body and wanders through the cremation grounds. *n the name o clothes& your husband puts on tigerAs skin. A garland o skulls keep on hanging down his neck. All species o serpents coil around his body. Do you think he is eligible to sit in the company o the deitiesL Your husband had brought great shame on me and this is the reason why * did not invite him.P 1ati could no more listen to her husbandAs criticism and gave up her li e by 9umping into the oblation3 ire.Chen the news o 1atiAs death reached Lord 1hiva& he became e/tremely urious and sent his ganas to avenge her death. ,he Banas went and created havoc at the oblation3site.A ter the death o 1ati& Lord 1hiva became a recluse and lost all interest in his li e. (is mind was preoccupied by nothing else but the thoughts o her beloved.?ne day& 1age +arad in ormed Lord 1hiva about 1atiAs rebirth as the daughter o (imvan and @ena. Lord 1hiva became e/tremely pleased by this good news. -ventually& he reunited with her eternal consort Earvati.

;.6.I ,he ?rigin o Deities& Demons and 1erpents

Bheeshma reHuested 1age Eulastya to e/plain how di erent entities like the deities& demons and serpents came into being. Eulastya replied333(aving ailed in his repeated attempts o increasing population by the means o AsankalpaA Daksha Era9apati was le t with no option but to take the help o copulative creation. (e begot si/ty daughters rom his wi e named Virini. *n course o time ten o them were married to Dharma whose names were333Arundhati& Vasu& #ami& Lamba& Bhanu& @arutvati& 1ankalpa& @uhurta& 1aadhya and Vishwa.Vishwa gave birth to Vishwadeva& while 1aadhyaa was the mother o 1addhya. @arutvati gave birth to @arutvan. Vasu had eight sons who became amous as the Vasus333yoursel (Bheeshma)& Dhruv& 1oma& Dhar& Anil& Anal& Eratyush and Erabhas. Bhanu had a son by the same name i.e. Bhanu. @ahurta begot deities& who were the lords o auspicious moments. Lamba gave birth to Bhosh while #ami had a daughter named +agvithi. Arundhati became the mother o all the creatures o this world. As ar as the o spring o eight Vasus are concerned& AyouA (Bheeshma) have our sons331hant& Vaitand& 1amb and @unibabhru. Dhruv had a son named Kaal. Chile 1oma was the ather o Varcha. Dhar had two sons33Dravin and (avyavaah. Anil had three sons333 Eran& "aman and 1hishir. Anal also had three sons3331hakh& %pshakh and +aigameya. Eratyush had a son named Deval& who later on became a amous sage. Erabhas was the ather o Era9apati Vishwakarma33the architect o the deities. ,he names o the eleven "udras are333A9aikpad& Ahirbudhnya& Virupaksh& "aivat& (ar& Bahuroop& ,rayambak& 1avitra& #ayant& Einaki and Apara9it. All o them are said to be the lords o the Banas and have all together JF crore progenies known as the "udraganas. 1age Kashyap had thirteen wives333Aditi& Diti& Danu& Arishta& 1ursa& 1urabhi& Vinta& ,amra& Krodhvasha& *ra& Kadru& Khasa and @uni. Kashyap had two sons rom Diti333(iranyakashipu and (iranyaksha. (iranyakashipu had our sons333Erahlad& Anuhlad& 1anhlad and (lad. Erahlad also had our sons333?ne o them was Virochan. Virochan was the ather o Bali. Vanasur& who had one thousand arms& was the eldest son o Bali.(iranyaksha had our sons& who themselves had ;< crore sons and grandsons in all. Kashyap had begotten one hundred sons rom Danu& among whom Viprachitti was the most power ul.Viprachitti had ourteen sons rom 1inhika333 1ainhikeya ("ahu)& Kansa& 1hankh& +ala& Vatapi& *lwal& +amuchi& Khasrima& An9an& +arak& Kaalnaabh& Earmanu& Kalpavirya and Dhanuvanshavivardhan. Kashyap also had si/ daughters rom ,amra331huki& 1hyeni& Bhasi& Bridhi& 1ugridhi and 1huchi. All si/ o them gave birth to various species o birds. 1huki was the mother o Earrots and ?wls. 1hyeni gave birth to hawks while Bhasi was the mother o ospreys (a large ish eating birds.) Bridhi gave birth to Vultures and 1ugridhi was the mother o pigeons. 1huchi was the mother o cranes& 1wans and other similar aHuatic birds. Vinita was the mother o Baruda and Arun3331upreme among birds. Arun was the ather o 1ampati and #atayu.1ursa was the mother o the serpents and had given birth to one thousand snakes. 1imilarly& Kadru gave birth to one thousand cobras.1urabhi& one o the thirteen wives o Kashyap had given birth to cows& bu aloes as well as beauti ul women. @uni was the mother o the celestial damsels 33apsaras. Arishta gave birth to Kinnars and Bandharvas.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

*ra was the mother o various vegetation like grass& trees& creepers and bushes. Khasa gave birth to crore o "akshashas (monsters) and Yakshas.Kashyap had also begotten orty3nine @arudganas rom Diti.

;.6.< ,he ?rigin o @arudganas

Bheeshma reHuested 1age Eulastya to describe how all the @arudganas came into e/istence. Eulastya replied333 All the sons and grandsons o Diti had perished in the battle ought between the deities and demons. Diti333the mother o daityas (demons) wanted to take revenge& so she started doing a penance at the bank o river 1araswati& which lasted or 6MM years.Being pleased by her austere penance 1age Kashyap arrived and e/pressed his desire to bless her with a boon. Diti wanted a mighty son who could kill *ndra. 1age Kashyap then implanted his sperms in DitiAs womb and instructed her to remain there (where she had been doing penance) or 6MM years. (e also instructed her on various doAs and donAts which a pregnant woman is e/pected to observe. Diti agreed to ollow his instructions.@ean while& *ndra got wind o her pregnancy and became scared. (e wanted to destroy the oetus at any cost& so he arrived at the place where Diti was staying. (e had disguised himsel to avoid being recogni:ed by Diti. (e engaged himsel in her servitude& waiting or an opportune moment to destroy the oetus. ,his way& ninety3nine years had passed and only three days were remaining a ter which Diti was e/pected to give birth to a son. As the inevitable day approached nearer& *ndra started becoming restless.?ne day& Diti was very tired and ell down asleep. (er hair was untied and her head had stooped down while she was sleeping& 9ust opposite to the instructions Kashyap had given to her. Dinding the moment opportune& *ndra entered into DitiAs womb and cut the oetus into seven pieces with his Va9ra. ,he seven ragments o oetus instantaneously got trans ormed into seven in ants and started wailing. *ndra became urious and once again he attacked them with his va9ra and severed them into seven pieces each. But to *ndraAs sheer ama:ement& there were FG in ants& all wailing loudly. (e tried to stop them rom crying by shouting A@arudA (donAt cry)& but to no avail. *ndra reali:ed that the in ants had attained immortality on account o the AEournamasi VrataA& which Diti had devoutly observed during the course o her penance. *ndra named the in ants as @arudganas and blessed them. (e then begged or DitiAs orgiveness and took her along with the @arudganas to heaven. ,he @arudganas& despite being born in the clans o demons& never associated with them and hence were revered even by the deities.Bheeshma e/pressed his curiosity to know about the detailed description o all the ourteen manvantars. Eulastya said33,he irst manvantar was called 1wayambhuva& named a ter 1wayambhuva3 @anu. Yamya was the prominent deity o this manvantar. @arichi and other si/ prominent sages were the 1aptarishis o this manvantar. 1wayambhuva3 @anu had ten sons333Aaghnigha& Agnibahu& Vibhu& 1avan& #yotishman& Dyutiman& (avya& @edha& @edhatithi and Vasu. ,he second manvantar was named a ter 1warochish33@anu. 1warochish33@anu had our sons33+abh& +abhasya& Erasriti and Bhavan. ,ushit was the prominent deity o this second manvantar. Dattatreya& Atri& >hyavan& 1tanba& Eran& Kashyap and Vrihaspati were the saptarishis o this manvantar. ,he third manvantar was called Autam and derived its name rom Autami @anu& who had ten sons33*sha& %r9& ,anu9& 1huchi& 1hukra& @adhu& @adhav& +abhasya& +abh and 1aha& Bhanusangyak was the prominent deity o this manvantar. 1age %r9 and other si/ sages were the saptarishis then. ,he ourth manvantar was called ,aamas33named a ter ,aamas3manu& who also had ten sons like his predecessor. ,he names o his sons were33Akalmash& ,apodhanva& ,apomool& ,apodhan& ,aporashi& ,apasya& 1utapasya& Earantap& ,apobhagi and ,apoyogi. Kavi& Erithu& Agni& Akapi& Kapi& #anya and Dhama were the 1aptarishis o this manvantar& while 1aadhyagana was the prominent deity. ,he i th manvantar was called "aivat33named a ter "aivat @anu& who had ten sons as well33Varun& ,atvadarshi& chitiman& (avyap& Kavi& @ukt& +irutsuk& 1atva& Vimoh and Erakashak& Bhutra9aa and Erakriti were the two prominent deities o this manvantar and the names o the saptarishis were33Devabahu& 1ubahu& Ear9anya& 1omap& @uni& (iranyaroma and 1aptashva. +e/t arrived the si/th manvantar333>hakshush. ,his @anvantar derived its name rom >hakshush33@anu& who had ten sons and among whom "uru was the most prominent one. Lekh& "ibhu& Erithagbhoot& Varimool and Divau were the prominent deities o this manvantar. ,he names o 1aptarishis were33Bhrigu& 1udhama& Vira9& Vishnu& +arad& Vivaswan and Abhimani.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

,he present manvantar& which is the seventh in order& is called Vaivaswat. ,he 1aptarishis o this manvantar are333Atri& Vashishth& Kashyap& Bautam33yogi& Bhardwa9& Vishwamitra and #amdagni. ,he eighth manvantar will be called 1avarnya and will be named a ter 1avarni @anu& 1avarni @anu will have ten sons333Dhriti& Variyan& Yavasu& 1uvarna& Dhrishti& >harishnu& Aadya& 1umati& Vasu and 1hukra. ,he 1aptarishis o this manvantar will be33Ashwatthama& "ishyashringa& Kaushikya& Balav& 1hatanand& Kaashyap and Earashuram. ,he nineth manvantar will be named a ter "uchi33@anu and will be called "auchya manvantar. "uchi33manu will have a son named "auchya. ,he tenth manvantar will be called Bhautya and will derive its name rom Bhautya @anu331on o Bhuti. ,he eleventh& twel th& thirteenth and ourteenth manvantars will be named a ter @erusavarni& "ibhu& Veetdhama and Vishkvasen @anus respectively. All these ourteen @anus successively rule this world or the total period o 6MMM >haturyugas. At the end o Kalpa each o them unite with Lord Brahma.

;.6.J King Erithu and the 1urya Dynasty

Bheeshma enHuired 1age Eulastya about the mighty King Erithu upon whom the earth was named as Erithvi. 1age Eulastya replied333Anga3Era9apati was the descendant o 1wayambhuva @anu and 1unitha was his wi e. *n course o time& 1unitha gave birth to a son& who was named Ven. A ter growing up& Ven turned out to be an e/tremely irreligious person and used to spend his time committing all sorts o immoral deeds. ,he sages tried to bring him to the virtuous path but to no avail. ,hey became urious and cursed Ven as the result o which he died. ,he sages then churned his dead body& which resulted into the mani estation o a mean caste called @lechchha. ,hey kept on churning his body and in the process& an e/tremely virtuous entity mani ested rom the right hand o Ven. (e held various weapons like mace& bow and arrows in his hands. (e was none other than Erithu33the embodiment o Lord Vishnu. A ter being crowned as a king& Erithu was saddened to see the prevalence o immorality throughout the length and breadth o earth. ,he lack o virtuosity and religiousness among the inhabitants o earth made him e/tremely urious. (e decided to destroy the earth. ,he earth became scared and led in the guise o a cow. Erithu chased her wherever she went. At last& the cow halted at a place as she had got tired. ,o save her li e& the cow agreed to ul ill all the desires o Erithu. Erithu then milked the cow& which later on got trans ormed into cereals. 1imilarly all the deities& ancestors and other human3beings milked the cow and received numerous invaluable things. Erithu was a 9ust king. Eeace and prosperity prevailed during his reign. Eeople were religious and ree rom any kind o sorrow. ,he earth is named a ter him as Erithvi.1age Eulastya then went on to give a detailed description o 1urya dynasty333Vivaswan (1urya) had three Hueens3331angya& "agyi and Erabha. "agyi had a son named "aivat while 1omgya was the mother o Vaivaswat33@anu& Yama and Yamuna. ?nce& 1angya being unable to bear the e/treme radiance o 1urya created a super icial entity rom her body and instructed her to act as 1uryaAs wi e in her absence. ,he name o this super icial woman was chhaya& who had two sons and two daughters rom 1urya. ,he names o her sons were 1aavarna33@anu and 1hanaishchar& while the names o her daughters were ,apti and Vishti. 1hanaishchar became immortal as a planet while Yamuna and ,apti became rivers. Vaivaswat @anu had ten sons among whom A*laA was the eldest. A ter appointing *la as his successor& Vaivaswat& manu went to do penance.?nce& *la trans ormed into a woman a ter tresspassing a orest where Lord 1hiva and Earvati were en9oying privacy. *t was Lord 1hivaAs curse that any male who ventured in to that orbidden orest would become a woman. Later on& Buddh became enchanted by *laAs beauty and married her. @eanwhile& when *la did not return to his kingdom& his brother *kshvaku went in search o him. *kshvaku reached the outskirts o the same orest but did not enter it. (e managed to please 1hiva by his devotion. Chen Lord 1hiva appeared& *kshvaku reHuested him to make *la a man once again. 1hiva told him that it was impossible but assured him by saying P* you per orm an Ashwamedha yagya and donate all the virtue thus acHuired to me& then your brother will be able to live as a man or one month. But& a ter one month he will again become a woman. ,hus& his orm will keep on changing every alternate months.P
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

@eanwhile *la gave birth to our sons among whom %tkal& Baya and (aritashwa were prominent. ,his way& *la became the source rom which the lineage o chandra sprouted.*kshvaku ruled over @adhya3desh. (e had one hundred sons& all o whom ruled the territories situated north o @eru @ountain. *kshvaku also had one hundred and ourteen more sons& who ruled over the areas situated south o @eru.Kakusttha was *kshvakuAs grand3son. Kakusttha had a son named 1uyodhan. 1ome other prominent kings coming rom this lineage were33Erithu& Vrihadashwa& Kuwalashva& Eurukutsu& Dharmasetu& @uchukund& ,ridhanva& ,raidharun& 1atyavrat and 1atyarath. ,he most truth ul king (arishchandra was 1atyarathAs son and "ohit was his son. Damous kings like "aghu& Dilip A9a& Dirghabahu and Era9apati3Dasharath were the descendants o *kshvaku. Dasharath had our sons among whom 1ri "am was the eldest and who had killed the demon king "avana. "am had two sons33Lav and Kush.

;.6.G Bashkali& the Demon king

Bheeshma reHuested 1age Eulastya to reveal Chy Lord Vishnu had to take incarnation as Vaman. 1age Eulastya replied333 ?nce& during 1atyayuga& the demons had de eated the deities and driven them out rom their abode33 heaven. ,he mighty demon& Bashkali was their leader. (e had become immortal an account o a boon received rom Lord Brahma. *ndra went to Lord Brahma and narrated the awe ul tale o the deities. Lord Brahma assured him that Lord Vishnu would certainly help in this matter. Lord Brahma contemplated on Lord Vishnu who appeared in a very short time. Chen& Lord Vishnu came to know about the deitiesAs pitiable condition& he promised them that very soon BashkaliAs wings would be clipped. Lord Vishnu said333PVery soon& * will take incarnation as Vaman. *ndra will have to come along with me and demand a piece o land measured by my three steps. * shall then reveal my giant orm and send him to the patalloka a ter making him bere t o his kingdom. *n course o time Lord Vishnu mani ested as Vaman rom AditiAs womb. (is mani estation was simultaneously marked by various auspicious signs33the air became ull o ragrance& the deities started re9oicing& the trees started shedding lowers on their own and all the desires o living beings were ul illed. Lord Vaman then went to BashkaliAs palace accompanied by *ndra. Both o them marvelled at the grandness o BashkaliAs city& which was surrounded by a high boundary3wall.Bashkali was a very virtuous and benevolent king. (e was truth ul and well versed in all the scripture. (is sub9ect lived in prosperity and en9oyed a long li e.Chen the demons saw *ndra coming with a dwar they in ormed Bashkali. Bashkali instructed the demons to bring both the guests with due respect. Bashkali treated his guests with all honour and asked *ndra about the reason or his sudden arrival. *ndra praised BashkaliAs benevolence and said333P,he short brahmin accompanying me is desirous o a piece o land measured by his three steps.P Bashkali was amused at this ridiculous demand and reHuested Vaman to ask or anything he wished. But& Vaman wanted nothing more than a small piece o land measured by his three steps. 1hukracharya3BashkaliAs guru smelled something ishy and warned him& but he was not to listen. Bashkali then reHuested Vaman to go ahead and measure the land by his three steps.1uddenly& Lord Vaman trans ormed his physiHue into a giant si:e. (is irst step reached the 1urya3loka and his second step touched the dhruva3loka. (e hit the top o the universe with his third step as a result o which water poured down. ,he water got collected and came to be known as Vaishnavi river. But& the land had still not been measured and hence Lord Vaman reminded Bashkali o his vow and ultimately the helpless Bashkali surrendered to the will o Lord Vaman and sought his re uge. Lord Vaman blessed him and sent him to Eatalloka.

;.6.6M 1ri "am kills 1hambuk

A ter killing the demons king "avan& 1ri "am returned to Ayodhya. @any sages had arrived there to bless him on the occasion o his crowning ceremony. 1age Vashishth was one o them.As 1ri "am was conversing with the sages a brahmin arrived there with the corpse o his son and wailed333P? son$ Your death is certainly due to some law o 1ri "am. +ow& your mother and * have decided to give up our lives as there is no point in living.P 1ri "amAs heart was illed with grie and he asked 1age Vashishth as to how the brahmin could be helped. 1age Vashishth revealed to 1ri "am that the brahminAs son had died a premature death because o 1hambuk. Vashishth said33P1hambuk is a 1hudra by birth& but he is doing an austere penance. 1hudras are not entitled to do penance in all the three yugas& e/cept the Kaliyug. 1o& only his death can bring back the brahminAs son alive.P 1ri "am instructed both his younger brothers33La/man and Bharat& to look a ter the stateAs a airs in his absence
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

and went in search o 1hambuk boarded on his Eushpak Viman.1ri "am saw a man doing penance at the shore o a reservoir. (e landed his Eushpak Viman and went near that man. (e introduced himsel and enHuired about the manAs identity331ri "am asked33Chy are you doing such an austere penance. Cho are youL Cithout moving the man replied that he was a shudra named 1hambuk. (e said3333 * am desirous o attaining to devaloka and hence * am doing this penance.1ri "am took out his sword and severed 1hambukAs head. All the deities hailed 1ri "am and the brahminAs child became alive once again.

;.6.66 @ani estation o Banesh N Kartikeya

?nce& be ore taking her bath& goddess Earvati anointed unguent on her body and while removing it created a human orm rom the accumulated dross. ,he head o this human orm resembled an elephant. Earvati then play ully immersed the human3 orm into river Banga. But& to her sheer ama:ement the human orm became alive and o enormous si:e. 1he accepted him as her son and he was none other than elephant3headed deity3Banesh. ?nce& Lord 1hiva became so deeply ascinated by her consort. Earvati hat he did not come out rom his palace or 6MMM years. ,he deities became worried and sent Agni to ind out the reason. Agni disguised himsel as a parrot and entered the palace where 1hiva was en9oying privacy with Earvati. @eanwhile& Earvati went at the bank o a reservoir to Huench her thirst. A ter reaching there she saw si/ divine women (matrikas) carrying water in the leaves o lotus lowers. As Earvati was thirsty& she reHuested them to give some water. ,he matrikas agreed on the condition that a son born to her (Earvati) should also have to be accepted as their son. Earvati gave her conscent. ,he matrikas gave Earvati water to drink. (ardly had Earvati inished drinking water than a divine child emerged out rom her womb. ,he child possessed various weapons like& trident& shakti and a noose in his hands. (e was none other than Kartikeya.,he deities appointed Kartikeya as the commander o their army. During that time& a mighty demon named ,arakasur used to torment the deities. Kartikeya killed that demon on the reHuest o deities.

;.6.6; An *deal Brahmin and the 1igni icance o the Bayatri @antra
Describing about the Hualities o an ideal brahmin& 1age Eulastya said333 ?nce& +arad had asked Lord Brahma as to who was worthy o receiving VishnuAs blessings. Lord Brahma had told +arad that Lord Vishnu showered his blessings on those who engaged themselves in the service o brahmins. A brahmin should be virtuous and well versed in all the scriptures. A brahmin who does not observe the rituals as mentioned in the Vedas& brings disgrace to his ancestors. An ideal brahmin is respect ul towards his parents& teachers and treats his guests with due honour. (e never aspires or women other than his wi e and chants the sacred Bayatri mantra everyday. Boddess Bayatri is said to have mani ested in the lineage o 1ankhyayan. 1he is o air comple/ion and ire is the symbolical e/pression o her mouth. Lord Brahma dwells on her orehead& Lord Vishnu in her heart and Lord "udra has his abode in her braided hair. ,he Bayatri mantra consists o ;F letters and each o them is related with a speci ic deity. ,here is a mention o Bayatri mantra& which consists o 6J letters. *t begins with the word AagniA and ends with AswahaA. The mantra is as follo;s111O, *5"'#.*/P$"SI 3*<$#D'DI" <$S+T* SO,*, PI)* S=*+*% A person& who chants the mantra or 6MM times& becomes liberated rom gravest o sin. ,he various deities related with the twenty3 our letters o Bayatri @antra are as under3 Deity 6st letter 3333 Agni ;nd letter 3333 Vayu 7rd letter 3333 1urya Fth letter 3333 Aakash 8th letter 3333 Yamra9
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Ith letter 3333 Varun <th letter 3333 Vrihaspati Jth letter 3333 Ear9anya Gth letter 3333 *ndra 6Mth letter 3333 Bandharva 66th letter 3333 Eoosha 6;th letter 3333 @itra 67th letter 3333 ,washta 6Fth letter 3333 Vasu 68th letter 3333 @arudganas 6Ith letter 3333 1oma 6<th letter 3333 Angira 6Jth letter 3333 Vishwadeva 6Gth letter 3333 Ashwini kumar ;Mth letter 3333 Era9apati ;6st letter 3333 All the deities ;;nd letter 3333 "udra ;7rd letter 3333 Brahma ;Fth letter 3333 Vishnu

A devotee should then per orm the ritual o AnyasA by mentally establishing di erent words o the Bayatri mantra in the various parts o his body as given below 33 ?@ B(%( 333 in the heart& ?@ B(%VA( 333 in the head& ?@ 1CA( 333 in the top3knot (1hikha)& ?@ ,A,1AV*,%"VA"-+YA@ 333 in the whole body& ?@ B(A"B?D-VA1YA D(*@A(* 333 in both the eyes ?@ D(*Y? Y? +A( E"A>(?DAYA, 333 in both the hands.

"egular chanting o Bayatri mantra bestowes similar virtues attained by the study o all the our vedas. A brahmin who does not know Bayatri mantra is considered to be worse than a shudra. Anybody who chants Bayatri mantra attains salvation. body as given below 33

;.6.67 A Brahmin)s Livelihood

Describing how a brahmin should earn his livelihood& Lord Brahma said to +arad33Alms& which a brahmin gets without making any demand or it& is called Vritta. A%nchhavrittiA is even better than Vritti and it means collecting oodgrain which are scattered in places like ields& granary& market3place etc. A brahmin should accept the
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

dakshina that his host gives him a ter the completion o yagya3ceremony. (e should engage himsel in educational activities. (e can also earn his livelihood by engaging himsel in other auspicious activities. * the circumstances do not permit a brahmin to earn his livelihood by any o the above mentioned means& then he may opt or the occupation o a kshatriya. *n such a case& he should endeavor to have mastery both over the vedas as well as di erent weaponary. Battle should be his last option. Chen the very e/istence o religiousness is at stake& he should wage a war against irreligious people and to protect the religion. *n an emergency situation& a brahmin can also choose the occupation o aVaishya and earn his livelihood by doing business or agriculture. But& while earning his livelihood by doing agriculture& he should in no circumstances abandon his own duties (duties o a brahmin). (e should be honest while doing business and never try to e/ploit the customers.

;.6.6F +arottam ! ,he Brahmin

Describing about the importance o ive virtuous deeds& Eulastya said to Bheeshma333P,he ive supreme virtuous deeds are33obedience to parents& aith ulness towards husband& eHuanimity& not having enmity towards riends and devotion towards Lord Vishnu. By pleasing his ather& one pleases all the deities. @other is superior even to all the places o pilgrimage combined together. Eulastya then narrated the same tale to Bheeshma& which lord Brahma had once told some prominent sages 333 ?nce& there lived a amous Brahmin called +arottam. (e had acHuired divine powers on account o his austere penance but un ortunately he never treated his parents with respect.A ter taking his daily bath& +arottam hanged his wet clothes in the open sky without any support and they used to dry without alling down on the earth. ,his special power had made him very arrogant.?ne day& a crane lying in the sky passed dung on his ace& which made him very urious. +arottam cursed the crane as the result o which it was burnt to death. (is special power vanished due to the sin acHuired by killing an innocent bird. +ow& no longer his clothes remained in suspended position in the sky. +arottam became very sad. 1uddenly he heard a heavenly voice instructing him to see a AchandalaA named @ook. P(is discourses would be bene icial or you.P3 1aid the heavenly voice. +arottam went in search o @ook33the chandal and ound him in the servitude o his parents. @ook was a great devotee o his parents and his total devotion towards his parents had blessed him with an e/traordinary power3his house used to hang in the air without any support.+arottam was deeply ama:ed at this wonder ul sight. (e wanted to know how @ook had acHuired such divine powers. But& @ook reHuested him to wait& which made +arottam very angry. @ook then told +arottam333P* can talk to you only a ter attending to my parents. * am not that crane which was charred to death by your curse. * you donAt have time then go and meet that A aith ul3wi e. 1he will answer your Huestions.P +arottam did not know where that aith ul wi e lived& so he stood there wondering what to do ne/t. 1uddenly Lord Vishnu emerged rom @ookAs house disguised as a brahmin. (e took +arottam to the A aith ul3wi eAs house. All along the way Lord Vishnu preached +arottam on the Hualities o a chaste woman. As both o them were about to reach that chaste womanAs house& lord Vishnu disappeared& leaving +arottam all alone. +arottam reHuested the woman to enlighten him on the iner points o virtuosity. But& the woman was busy attending her husband and reHuested him to wait. +arottam threatened to curse her& to which the woman replied333* am not that crane whom you had cursed. * you are in a hurry then you can go and meet ADharm33 ,ulaadharA. (e is an honest businessman and is capable o answering your Hueries.P Lord Vishnu once again appeared rom that womanAs house disguised as a brahmin. +arottam asked him as to how were both @ook and aith ul3wi e aware o the incident in which the crane was charred to death. Lord Vishnu told him that both o them had acHuired this special power by the virtue o their respective religiousness. Lord Vishnu and +arottam proceeded towards the place where Dharmtuladhar did his business transactions. As they were about to reach the place& Lord Vishnu disappeared once again& leaving +arottam all alone.+arottam saw Dharmtuladhar busy in his dealings with total honesty. (e reHuested him to reveal as to what made the wet clothes to hang in the air without any support. Dharmtuladhar reHuested him to wait but +arottam was in a hurry to get answer to his Huestions. Dharmtuladhar told +arottam33Elease wait or sometime& as * am busy doing my business transactions. * you donAt have time then you can go and meet Adrohak& who is ully capable o giving answer to your Huestions. Lord Vishnu once again accompanied him disguised as a brahmin. Chen both o them were about to reach the place where Adrohak used to live& lord Vishnu disappeared and
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

+arottam was le t all by himsel & once again. +arottam reHuested Adrohak to preach on the essence o religiousness. Adrohak was a man o impeccable conduct and had ull control over the sensual urges. (e advised +arottam to meet the supreme devotee o Lord Vishnu& who lived nearby. Adrohak said33 You would get answers to all your Huestions. (e will reveal to you the reason that made wet clothes to hang in air without any support.+arottam then proceeded towards the place where the supreme devotee o Lord Vishnu lived. Lord Vishnu once again accompanied him in the guise o a brahmin.A ter reaching there& +arottam e/pressed his desire o seeing Lord Vishnu. ,he supreme devotee took him to a temple situated inside the house3premise. +arottam was ama:ed to see the same brahmin& who had been accompanying him all along the way& siting on a lotus lower. (e reali:ed that the brahmin was lord Vishnu himsel . Lord Vishnu blessed him and said333Be respect ul towards your parents& i you want to attain to my abode. * dwell in the houses o people who are virtuous& truth ul& possessed eHuanimity and who have ull control over their passion. ,his is why you ound me present at the homes o chandal& ,uladhar N Adrohak. +arottam reali:ed his mistake and decided to be in the servitude o his parents or the rest o his li e.

;.6.68 ,he 1igni icance o "udraksha& Amla N ,ulsi

?nce& while describing about the importance o "udraksha to the sages& Vyas said333 ?ne who wears a "udraksha rosary is supreme among all human beings. ,he mere sight o such a holy man absolves people o their sin. A "udraksha bead bears eatures o a Linga and yoni on itAs sur ace. ?ne should not wear a rudraksha on which above mentioned eatures are absent. 1imilarly two 9oint beads should never be worn. All the mantras become doubly power ul when chanted with the help o rudraksha3rosary.During 1atya3yuga& there lived a mighty demon named ,ripurasur. (e had conHuered the deities and was capable o moving in the space. ,he deities sought help o Lord 1hiva& who killed ,ripurasur by the sight o his third3eye. *n the process& ew drops o sweat& emanating rom 1hivaAs body ell down on the earth. ,hese sweat drops got trans ormed into a large "udraksha3 tree. Amla is a very nutritious ruit and great religious signi icance has been attached to it. Amla ruit is very dear to Lord Vishnu and its use on the auspicious day o -kadashi brings unmatched virtue. A person who regularly eats amla en9oys a long li e.,he ollowing tale adeHuately describes the religious importance o amla 33 ?nce upon a time& a chandala went into the orest or hunting. (e hunted many deer and birds. Deeling hungry& he saw an amla tree and climbed up the tree. ,his way he satiated his hunger by eating sweet amla ruits. %n ortumately while he was climbing down the tree& he ell down and died.Chen the attendants o Yamara9 arrived to take back his soul& they could not do so even a ter repeated attempts. ,he attendants o Yamara9 became very surprised and went to the sages or clari ication. ,he sages revealed to the attendants that they could not go near the chandalaAs dead body& because he had eaten amla 9ust be ore his death. 1uch is the glory o amla$ ?nce Kartikeya asked Lord 1hiva about the holiest tree& which was capable o giving salvation. Lord shiva replied333,he ,ulsi plant is supreme among all the vegetations. 1he is very dear to lord Vishnu and ul illAs all the desires o a man. Lord Krishna dwells near the place where there is a ,ulsi plant. 1pirits and ghosts never dare to venture near the ,ulsi plant. * a man attaches a ,ulsi lea to his 1hikha at the time o his death& he is liberated rom all his sins. ?ne who worships Lord Vishnu by o ering ,ulsi3leaves attains salvation.

;.6.6I ,he *mportance o 1urya)s Corship

?nce& while describing about the importance o 1uryaAs worship to Vaishampayan& 1age Vyas narrated the ollowing tale 333 ,here lived a king named Bhadreshwar. (e ruled over @adhyadesh. ?nce his le t hand was in ected with leprosy. Bhadreshwar& earing the prospect o dread ul leprosy spreading to his whole body& decided to end his li e. (e e/pressed his desire to the head3priest. ,he head3priest cautioned Bhadreshwar that i he went ahead with his decision& then the whole kingdom would be destroyed. (e said 333 AYou will be cured o leprosy& i you worship Lord 1urya.A ,he head3priest then told the king about the appropriate rituals o 1urya33worship. King Bhadreshwar began his austerities and worshipped Lord 1urya by chanting mantras and o ering articles like +aivedya& ruits& Ardhya& Akshat etc to the deity.King Bhadreshwar was cured o his leprosy within a year by the virtue o his deep devotion towards Lord 1urya.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)



,his chapter contains I sections.

;.;.6 Di erent ,ypes o 1in and Virtue

?nce& Yayati reHuested @atali to describe the various sin ul and virtuous deeds& which a man normally commits in his li e. @atali replied3333A?ne who critici:es the vedas and ollows the religion o otherAs a ter abandoning his own or torments virtuous people is a grave sinner. 1imilarly& not respecting oneAs parents& not giving AdakshinaA to a brahmin a ter the completion o a shraddh ceremony& studying the scriptures in an impure physical state are some other sin ul deeds. A?ne who obstructs a hungry man rom having his ood or thirsty person rom Huenching his thirst commits a sin similar to that o killing a brahmin. @atali described some other types o sins 333 Back biting& seeing aults with others and demeaning their e orts& acHuiring otherAs land by un air means& killing innocent animals& having illicit relationship with women other than oneAs wi e& telling lies& showing disrespect to the guests etc& are considered to be sin ul deeds. Describing about the various types o virtuous deeds& @atali said 333 +on3violence& orgiveness& truth ulness& devotion towards god& benevolence& abstinence& oblation N meditation are some o the virtuous deeds. Donating ood3grains& domesticated animals like horse& cow etc. giving water to a thirsty person are some other types o virtuous deeds.A person who donates wooden sandals a needy brahmin attains to the heaven. Corshipping Lord 1hiva or Lord Vishnu enables a man to attain to the 1hivaloka or Vishnuloka respectively.

;.;.; King Yayati propagates Vaishnava3Dharma

King Yayati was the son o +ahush and a descendant o 1oma33dynasty. (e was a great devotee o Lord Vishnu and had contributed a lot in the propagation o Vaishnava33dharma. Yayati had sent many emissaries in all directions to propagate Vaishnava33dharma. During YayatiAs reign his sub9ect were prosperous and were ree rom any kind o sorrow. Eeace prevailed everywhere and people did not e/perience any natural calamity like draught or amine. King Yayati en9oyed an unbelievably long li e o one lakh years. (e was blessed with eternal youth and his appearance was enough to give an in eriority comple/ to a young man. All this& he had attained by the virtue o his supreme devotion towards Lord Vishnu. *ndra was very scared o YayatiAs increasing popularity and eared that i his virtuosity remained intact& he would very soon become the ruler o heaven. *ndra instructed Kamadeva and "ati to ind some means so that king Yayati could be enticed by human weaknesses like lust N in atuation. Kamadeva& accompanied by other Bandharvas went to YayatiAs palace and sought his permission to stage a play. Yayati gave his permission and the play commenced. "ati appeared on the stage as a beauti ul woman and was success ul in corrupting the thoughts o Yayati. Yayati became so enchanted by "atiAs beauty that he lost his senses and ell down unconscious. Dinding the time opportune AVriddhavasthaA (deity o old age) and AKamadevaA entered YayatiAs body.,his way the deities were success ul in their designs and now the signs o old3age started to become evident in Yayati.

;.;.7 Yayati marries Ashrubindumati

?nce& king Yayati went into a orest or hunting. (e saw a stag& which had our horns and chased it. ,he deer led him deep into the orest and then disappeared. Yayati was tired and thirsty. (e saw a lake and decided to Huench his thirst. Dirst o all he took his bath and then drank sweet water rom the lake.As Yayati was rela/ing at the bank o that lake& he heard a sweet voice singing a song. Yayati proceeded towards the direction rom which the sound was coming. (e saw a beauti ul woman singing a song. (er companion accompanied the beauti ul woman.Yayati became enchanted by the divine beauty o that woman and wanted to marry her. ,he beauti ul womanAs companion told Yayati that her riend could marry him only a ter he shed the signs o his old age. ,he beauti ul woman was Ashrubindumati33the daughter o "ati.Vishala3her companion was the daughter o
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Varun. Yayati returned to his palace and reHuested his two sons33,aru and Yadu to e/change their youth in lieu o his old age& but both o them re used to oblige him. Yayati cursed both o them. Yayati had a son333Euru rom his wi e named 1harmishtha. Chen he made the same reHuest to Euru& he agreed without any hesitation. Yayati became pleased with Euru and appointed him as his successor. +ow& Yayati became young once again and went to meet Ashrubindumati. But& AshrubindumatiAs riend Vishala was still not convinced and e/pressed apprehension that her riend would never play second iddle to his two wives331harmishtha and Devayani.King Yayati& being blinded by his lust& assured Vishala that Ashrubindumati would en9oy the supreme authority and she had nothing to ear. (e said33P* promise that you will be my only wi e and * will have nothing to do with my wives.P ,his way Yayati married Ashrubindumati and en9oyed a bliss ul married li e or twenty3thousand years. ?nce& Ashrubindumati e/pressed her desire o visiting all the divine places33*ndraloka& Brahmaloka& 1hivaloka and Vishnuloka. Yayati took back his old age rom Euru and returned his youth. (e appointed Euru as his successor and instructed his sub9ect to live peace ully. But& the people wanted to be with Yayati& so all o them accompanied him to the heaven. Yayati visited all the divine places and ultimately attained to Vishnuloka.

;.;.F Kun9al ! ,he -nlightened Earrot

?nce& while describing about the importance o a teacher& Lord Vishnu had narrated the ollowing tale to king Ven333 1age >hyavan came rom the lineage o Bhargav. ?nce& he arrived at ?mkareshwar with the ob9ective o acHuiring knowledge. 1ince he was tired& he decided to take rest under the shade o a Banyan tree. A parrot named Kun9al lived on that tree. ,he parrot had our young ones33%99awal& 1amu99wal& Vi99wal and Kapin9al. Kun9al was a very learned parrot and had mastery over all the scriptures. ?nce& %99awal reHuested Kun9al to give discourse on various aspects o religiousness. Kun9al said333,he whole world is ull o sorrow. A man can be liberated rom his sorrow by the means o salvation because salvation is ree rom sorrow. 1alvation can be attained with the help o abstinence& sel 3control and having deep devotion in lord Vishnu. ,he soul being enlightened is also called AEaramatmaA. But& covered by the darkness o ignorance it becomes di icult or the soul to attain salvation. A devotee can meditate on both the orms o Lord Vishnu331akar (with orm) N +irakar ( ormless). But& meditating on the 1akar orm is easy or anybody. ?n the other hand only an enlightened soul can meditate on the AnirakarA orm o Lord Vishnu. ,here are various austerities related with Lord Vishnu and which i observed by a devotee& pleases him33#aya& Vi9aya& #ayanti& Van9uli& ,ilgandha& ,rihsprisha& Akshanda and @anoraksha. All these austerities are similar to di erent types o -kadashi or Dwadashi Vrata. 1imilarly& two other austerities namely Ashunyashayan and #anmashtami are capable o reeing a man rom all his sin. A devotee who chants 1hatnaam stotra attains salvation.

;.;.8 Kun9al Ereaches Vi99wal

Describing the virtue o benevolence to Vi99wal. Kun9al33the learned parrot narrated the ollowing tale 333 ?nce& there lived a king named 1ubahu who ruled over chola desha. A learned brahmin named #aimini used to counsel him on religious and spiritual matters.?ne day& while #aimini was giving a discourse on the virtue o benevolence& 1ubahu reHuested him to describe about those deeds that enables a man either to attain to the heaven or to hell. #aimini replied333 ?ne who earns his livelihood by improper means de initely goes to hell. 1imilarly& atheists& licentious people& proudy& backbiters and ungrate ul people go to hell too. ?ne who gobbles up otherAs wealth by illegal means or shows disrespect to his guest goes to hell.?ne who is a habitual liar or one who kills innocent animals or one who has abandoned the religious path is certain to go to hell.?ne who is truth ul and engages himsel in various virtuous deeds like penance& meditation& study o the scriptures& goes to the heaven. ?ne who is respect ul towards his elders and leads a virtuous li e goes to the heaven. *n the same manner& he who is benevolent and ree rom vices like 9ealousy hatred etc. goes to the heaven. 1imilarly& one who leads his li e as per the instructions given in the scriptures or has ull control over his sensual desires goes to the heaven. King 1ubahu was so impressed by #aiminiAs preaching that he decided to spend rest o his li e in the service o lord @adhusudan. (e per ormed countless oblations as long as he was alive and attained to Vishnuloka a ter his death.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

;.;.I Kun9al +arrates about his Erevious Birth

1age >hyavan& who had been listening to the narration o Kun9al& was ama:ed by his pro ound knowledge. (e asked Kun9al333? great soul$ Cho are youL Drom where did you acHuire such divine knowledge.A Kun9al& who remembered everything about his previous birth said33 *n my previous birth& * was the youngest son o a brahmin named Vidyadhar. @y name was Dharma 1harma. 1eeing my dislike or study& my ather became worried about my uture. * used to waste my time loitering here and there. Eeople used to make un o my stupidity& which made me e/tremely sad. * decided to acHuire knowledge but did not ind anybody willing to teach me. *n due course o time * became old but was still an idiot. ?ne day& * was sitting in a temple cursing my ate. 1uddenly& a sage arrived there and asked me as to what made me so sad. * narrated my woe ul tale. ,he sage elt pity on my condition and blessed me with divine knowledge that made me capable o having advance knowledge o all the uture incidents o the world. 1age >hyavan was curious to know about the reason that made Dharma 1harma to be born as a parrot. Kun9al replied333 ? Brahmin$ A man is in luenced by the company he keeps. ,he reason why * took birth as a parrot is related with an incident& which occurred in my previous birth. ?nce& a wicked owler sold a parrot to a brahmin who in turn presented it to me. Cith the passage o time * became very attached with the parrot and gradually deviated rom my virtuous path. As a result all my divine knowledge vanished and * became an idiot once again. ?ne day&a cat arrived and killed that parrot in my absence. * became very sad and used to spend my time crying over the dead parrot. %ltimately * died but even at the time o death& my mind was preoccupied with the thoughts o my beloved parrot. As a result& * was born as a parrot but ortunately * remembered my previous birth even while * was still in my motherAs womb. * was ull o remorse and used to curse mysel or having wasted my li e.1age >hyavan was ama:ed by the narration o Kun9al33the learned parrot.



,his chapter contains 8 sections.

;.7.6 1ome Erominent (oly Elaces in Bharat3Varsha

?nce& sages reHuested 1ut9i to describe about the most prominent places o pilgrimage situated in Bharatvarsha. 1ut9i commenced his narration by describing the origin o creation and then switched over to the geographical characteristics o Bharatvarsha. 1ut9i said333A,here are seven prominent mountain ranges in Bharatvarsha33 @ahendra& @alay& 1ahya& 1haktiman& "ikshavan& Vindhya and Eariyatra. 1ome prominent rivers supplying potable water to the inhabitants o Bharatvarsha are333Banga& 1indhu& 1araswati& Bodwari& +armada& 1hatadru& Yamuna& Vipasha& @ahanadi& Vidisham& Varuna etc. ,he names o the main #anapadas situated in the northern part o Bharatvarsha are Kuru& Eanchal& 1halva& @atreya& #aangal& 1hoorsen& Eulind& Baudh& >hedi& @atsya& Bho9& 1indhu& %tkal& Koshal& @adra& Kalinga& Kashi& @alav& @agadh& Videh& Anga& Banga& 1urashtra& Kekay& Kashmir N Bandhar. 1imilarly& #anpadas like Dravid& Keral. Erachya& karnatak& Kuntal& chol& 1auhrid& Kona& Korak& Kalad& @ushal and 1utap are situated in the southern part o Bharatvarsha. 1ut9i then described about the greatness o Eushkar teerth by recounting an incident related with the Eandavas333 P?ne day& 1age +arad visited the Eandavas who were living in e/ile. ,he Eandavas had visited many places during the course o their e/ile period and wanted to know about the ruits they had acHuired due to their pilgrimage. P1age +arad then recounted an incident when king Dilip had once posed the same Huestion to 1age Vashishth. 1age Vashishth while describing about the greatness o Eushkar said333Eushkar teerth is the holiest place where lord Brahma has his abode. Deities consider themselves ortunate to be at Eushkar. A person who takes a holy dip at Eushkar and worships lord Brahma acHuires virtues eHuivalent to the accomplishment o the Ashwamedha yagya.P 1age Vashishth continued with the description o some other prominent places o pilgrimage like #ambumarg& +armada Amarkantak etc.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

;.7.; #ambubarg& "iver +armada& Amarkantak

>ontinuing with his narration& 1age Vashishth said333 A man desirous o going on a pilgrimage should irst o all visit #ambumarg& because it is revered even by the deities and the sages. By visiting this holy place a man acHuires virtue eHuivalent to the accomplishment o an Ashwamedha yagya and attains to Vishnuloka. A man should then visit ,undulikashram& Agastya Ashram N Kanya Ashram& which are situated near #ambumarg. ,aking a dip in the holy water o Kotiteerth& situated near @ahakal temple is believed to bestow undiminished virtue. Bhadravat is a amous place o pilgrimage related with Lord 1hiva and paying a visit here gives virtue eHuivalent to donation o 6MMM cows. A man who takes holy dip in river +armada and per orms AtarpanA in the name o manes acHuires ruits similar to the accomplishment o Agnishtom yagya. +armada is the holiest o all the river. A man becomes liberated rom his sins by taking bath or three weeks in river 1araswati. 1imilarly it takes one week o regular bath in river yamuna or a man to become absolved o all his sins. ,he mere touch o Banga water liberates a man rom all his sins& but mere sight o river +armada is enough to liberate a man rom all his sins. Kotirudras are believed to dwell in the vicinity o Amarkantak mountain. All together si/ty crores and si/ty thousand places o pilgrimage are situated all around this holy mountain. Anybody present in the vicinity o this mountain must re rain rom any kind o sin ul deeds. Visiting Amarkantak mountain during solar and Lunar eclipses is considered to be e/tremely auspicious. 1imilarly the con luence site o +armada and Kaveri is considered to be sacrosanct. Anybody who takes a holy dip in the con luence o +armada and Kaveri becomes liberated rom his sins.

;.7.7 'Dharma3,eertha) N Yamuna31nan

1age +arad continued with the description o various holy places and said333 PA pilgrim must visit Dharma ,eerth& which is named a ter the lord o death33Dharma. ?nce upon a time Dharmara9 had per ormed an austere penance at that place this is the reason why it became amous as Dharma ,eerth. By visiting Dharma ,eerth& a man liberated all his ancestors up to seventh generation. A ter that a pilgrim should go to Kalap3 orest& 1augandhik3 orest& 1uvarna3Dhumavanti respectively. All the above mentioned holy places are capable o giving salvation.P Describing about the virtues o taking a holy dip in river Kalini (Yamuna) sage +arad said 33 A person who takes a holy dip in Yamuna becomes liberated rom all his sorrows. ,he virtue acHuired by taking a bath in Yamuna is greater than paying visits to various holy places like Eushkar& Kurukshetra& Brahmavarta and Kashi.,aking a dip in Yamuna also helps in the ul illment o all the desires o a man. Although& di erent rituals have been attributed to various yugas like 1aytayuga33penance& ,reta33Knowledge& Dwapar33yagya and Kaliyug33 Donation& yet virtue o taking a holy dip in Yamuna transcends even time.P PAlthough the whole stretch o river Yamuna is believed to be holy& yet Yamuna lowing near @athura holds special importance because o her deep association with lord Krishna.P+arad narrated a tale to prove the signi icance o taking a bath in Yamuna. PDuring 1atyayuga there lived a Vaishya named (emakundal. (e had earned lot o wealth by dint o hard work. Although he was very rich yet happiness deluded him& as he had no progeny. (e was worried as to who would inherit his property a ter his death. P*n course o time& (emakundal attained old age and a ter reali:ing about the impermanence o the world indulged himsel in virtuous deeds. (e was blessed with two sons331hrikundal N Vikundal. Chen both his sons grew up& (emakundal went into the orest to do penance.P P1hri Kundal and (emakundal sHuandered the whole wealth which their ather had earned so painstakingly. Both o them were o loose moral character and had illicit relationship with many prostitutes. *n a very short time they became poor and both o them starved to death. Chen the yamdoots reached yamloka a ter taking their souls& Yamra9 ordered33AEut 1hri Kundal in "aurav hell but send Vikundal to the heaven.A Chile Vikundal was being taken to the heaven he asked one o the yamdoots33A,he sins committed by my brother and me were almost identitical then why is my brother being sent to hell while * am being sent to heaven.A ,he yamdoot replied3You are being metted out this special treatment on account o your virtues acHuired by bathing twice in river Yamuna.,here was a brahmin riend o yourAs named 1wamitra.You had accompanied him to @athura and twice taken bath in the holy Yamuna. By the virtue o the irst bath you became liberated rom all your sins& while the second bath helped you in attaining to the heaven.Vikundal reHuested the yamdoot to allow his brother to accompany him to heaven. Yamdoot replied that his brother could accompany him to the heaven
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

provided he donated all his virtues to him. Vikundal agreed to donate his virtues to his elder brother or the sake o his liberation. ,his way& both 1hrikundal and Vikundal attained to the heaven.

;.7.F Kashipuri& Kapardishwar N Baya

?n being asked by Yudhishthir about the grandeur o holy places like Kashipuri& Kapardishwar N Baya. +arad said 333 #ust as Lord @ahadev is supreme among all the deities& in the same manner Kashipuri holds a signi icant status among all the places o pilgrimage. (ence an individual should make it a point to visit Kashi once in his li e time. ,he amous 1hiva linga Kopardishwar is installed at Kashi and is said to ul ill all the desires o a man. Eer ormance o various rituals at Kashi liberates a man rom all his sins3all his laws are eliminated automatically 9ust by residing in Kashi. A devotee who regularly practices meditation in the temple o Lord Kapordishwar attains Yogasiddhi within si/ months. Corshipping Lord Kapardishwar a ter taking a holy dip in Eishach3mochan kunda liberates a man rom gravest o sin like ABrahmahatyaA& etc. Baya is considered to be a sacrosanct place o pilgrimage and various rituals or the paci ication o the souls o dead ancestors are per ormed here. Anybody who o ers Eindadaan and tarpan at Baya not only liberates his ancestors but also himsel . ,here is a very amous Banyan tree named Akshayvat at Baya. Baya is situated at the bank o river Dalgu.

;.7.8 Euranas ! ,he -mbodiment o 1ri (ari

According to 1ut9i& all the Euranas are nothing but the mediums through which 1ri (ari mani ests himsel 333 Brahma Euran is said to be the Dorhead o 1rihari& Eadma Euran is said to be the AheartA o 1rihari& Vishnu Euran is said to be the Aright armA o 1rihari. 1hiva Euran is said to be the Ale t armA o 1rihari. 1hrimad Bhagawat is said to be (is AthighA& +arad Euran is said to be (is AnavelA& @arkendeya Euran is said to be (is Aright3 ootA. Agni Euran is said to be (is Ale t ootA& Bhavish Euran is said to be (is Aright3kneeA& Brahma Vaivratapuran is said to be (is Ale t3kneeA. Linga Euran is said to be (is Aright ankleA& Varaha Euran is said to be (is Ale t ankleA 1kanda Euran is said to be the hair on the body o A1ri (ari. Vaman Euran is said to be (is 1kin Kurma Euran is said to be (is Back @atsya Euran is said to be (is 1tomach Baruda Euran is said to be (is Bone3narrow Brahmanda Euran is said to be (is Bone. 1o& all the Euranas being mani estation o di erent parts o 1ri (ariAs body are very sacred and capable o bestowing salvation.



,his chapter contains 6M sections.

;.F.6 1heshnag narrates the ,ales o 1ri "ama)s "eturn rom Lanka
?nce& 1ages reHuested 1ut9i to describe about 1ri "amAs return rom Lanka. 1ut9i narrated the same tale& which 1heshnag had once told Vatsyayan.1heshnag said33A ter the killing o demon king "avan& 1ri "am appointed Vibhishan as the king o Lanka. (e then decided to return to Ayodhya on Eushpak3Viman& which Vibhishan had presented to him. (e along with 1ita& La/man& 1ugreev and (anuman boarded the aircra t and lew towards Ayodhya.,he earth looked beauti ul rom such a high altitude and 1ri "am was continuously describing about the importance o various places over which the aircra t lew. As the aircra t was about to enter the airspace o Ayodhya& 1ri "am recogni:ed Bharat& who was living at +andigram at that time. Bharat had vowed not to enter Ayodhya till the return o 1ri "am& hence he stayed at +andigram situated at the outskirts o Ayodhya awaiting 1ri "amAs return. (e led an austere li e as the result o which he had become weak and eeble. ?n seeing Bharat& 1ri "am instructed (anuman to in orm him about his ("amAs) arrival. (anuman went to the hermitage o Bharat and in ormed him about 1ri "amAs arrival. BharatAs 9oy knew no bound and he e/pressed his desire to reward (anuman or bringing such auspicious news. Bharat then accompanied (anuman and went to meet 1ri "am.1ri "amAs heart was illed with grie when he saw Bharat& who looked like a hermit in his AValkalA and AKaupinA. ?n the other hand Bharat cursed himsel or being the cause o 1ri "amAs miseries. Bharat asked or 1ri "amAs orgiveness and said333A? Lord$ You had to go into e/ile only because o me. * can never be absolved o my sin.A
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

1ri "am consoled him and a ter taking Bharat into his embrace enHuired about his wel are. (e told Bharat that he had to undergo the su erings o e/ile because o his own destiny.AYou are not at ault. DonAt curse yoursel or my misery.A said 1ri "am. At last all o them including Bharat boarded Eushpak Viman and the aircra t took3 o or Ayodhya.>ontinuing with 1ri "amAs tale& 1heshnag said33Chen 1umanth brought the news o 1ri "amAs arrival at Ayodhya& people danced in 9oy& Ereparations started being made or 1ri "amAs grand reception. ,he whole city o Ayodhya was decorated with rows o lighted lamps. 1ri "am and 1ita alighted rom the Eushpak Viman and both o them were carried in a palanHuin to the palace. Eeople stood in Hueues on both sides o the road with olded hands. 1ri "am blessed them by raising his hand.Dirst o all "am went to meet Kaikayi who was ull o remorse and guilt. 1ri "am consoled her and then went to meet 1umitra to pay his obeisance to her. At last& he went to meet his own mother33Kaushalya& who was dying to see him. Kaushalya blessed 1ri "am& 1ita and La/man. Bharat then instructed the royal astrologers to decide upon an auspicious moment or 1ri "amAs coronation. ,hus 1ri "am became the king o Ayodhya. During his reign peace and prosperity prevailed everywhere. Eeople were virtuous and there was no sign o sin.

;.F.; "avana ! ,he @ighty Demon

Eeople o Ayodhya lived peace ully during 1ri "amAs reign until one ate ul day when they were struck by a bad news331ri "am had abandoned 1ita a ter a Casherman leveled an un air charge against her character. 1uch was the greatness o 1ri "am that opinion o each and every individual was given due respect irrespective o his position and status. ?ne day& 1age Agastya arrived in the royal court o 1ri "am. A ter the ormal 1alutations were over. 1age Agastya complimented 1ri "am or killing "avana. 1ri "am asked Agastya33ACho was "avana33 the tormentor o deitiesL * am an/ious to know about the origin o his whole clan.P 1age Agastya replied33Vishrava was the grandson o Lord Brahma. (is ather was sage Eulastya. Vishrava had two wives33@andakini and Kaikasi. @andakaniAs son was Kubera while Kaikasi was the mother o "avana& Kumbhakarna and Vibhishan. Kubera ruled over Lanka. ?ne day& Kubera& came to see his parents boarded on his aircra t33Eushpak Viman. A ter he returned to Lanka& "avana& who was very much impressed by KuberaAs royal appearances asked Kaikasi33PCho was this ellowL Drom where did he acHuire such an ama:ing aircra t.P Kaikasi revealed to "avana that the guest was none other than his step3brother Kubera. 1he said33PKubera is the son o your step mother33@andakini. (e has made his mother proud by his conduct but * am ashamed o you& because o your inconseHuential e/istence. You are no better than a worm.P "avan decided to prove his mother wrong by acHuiring insurmountable power and authority. "avana went to the orest and per ormed an austere penance or ten thousand years by standing on one oot. (e i/ed his ga:e at the sun and never or a moment did he remove his ga:e rom it. Kumbhakarna and Vibhishan also engaged themselves in austere penance. At last& Lord Brahma became pleased and blessed "avana with a vast kingdom. "avan then started tormenting his step3brother Kumbhakarna. (e snatched KuberaAs Eushpak Viman and drove him out o Lanka. "avan then turned his attention towards the deities and drove them out o heaven. ,he deities went to seek the help o Lord Brahma who in turn took them to Lord 1hiva. -ven Lord 1hiva was clueless about the means by which the indomitable "avana could be subdued. %ltimately all o them including Lord 1hiva went to Lord Vishnu and sought his help. Lord Vishnu assured them by saying 333 P* shall take incarnation as "am at a place called Ayodhya. Eresently& Ayodhya is being ruled by Dashrath& who inspite o having three Hueens& does not have any son. * shall mani est mysel as "am. DonAt worry$ * shall eliminate the menace called "avana.P 1age Agastya also told 1ri "am that "avana belonged to the caste called ABrahmrakshasA. ,his way& 1age Agastya a ter having inished his narration looked at 1ri "am anticipating urther Hueries.

;.F.7 Agastya Advises 1ri "ama to Eer orm Ashvamedhya Yagya

1ri "am reHuested sage Agastya to tell about the means by which he could become liberated rom the sins o killing brahmins. 1age Agastya advised him to per orm Ashwamedha3yagya. (e also described the rituals o per orming Ashwamedha Yagya333 PBet a horse o white colour and a ter worshipping it on Vaishakh Eurnima leave it to wander reely. ,ie a piece o paper on its orehead on which your name and other details are mentioned. 1oldiers should ollow that horse wherever it goes. You should ight a battle against any king who dares to stop the horse. You should lead a celibate li e till the horse returns back to the same place rom where it
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

had been let loose. *t is customary or the per ormer o Ashwamedha yagya to indulge himsel in benevolent deeds till the completion o Ashwamedha yagya.P 1ri "am agreed to per orm Ashwamedha yagya. (e went to the seashore accompanied by numerous sages. (e then cultivated a vast e/panse o land with the help o a golden plough. A large oblation site was constructed and thus began Ashwamedha yagya under the supervision o Vashishth.

;.F.F ,he (orse is Let Loose

As per the advice o 1age Vashishth& 1ri "am instructed his soldiers to bring a white3horse. A white parasol was i/ed on its back and the horse was decorated with colour ul clothes. ,he horse was then let loose and the aith ul soldiers o 1ri "am ollowed it wherever the horse went.A gold3sheet was hanged in the horseAs neck and upon which was inscribed33,his horse belongs to 1ri "am33the son o Dasharath. Anybody who dares to stop this horse will meet ruthless punishment. 1hatrughan ollowed the horse as per the instruction o his elder brother 33 1ri "am. Bharat and Eushkal also accompanied him. A huge army led by Kalnemi was marching behind the horse.

;.F.8 Lav Dastens the (orse

1ome o the kings tried to stop the horse& but were de eated by 1hatrughan. ,his way the horse continued to move ahead without any problem till it reached the bank o river Banga.*t was early morning and Lav a ter noticing the presence o horse become curious. (e went near the horse and tried to read the inscription hanging down itAs neck. (e made un o the might o 1ri "am and astened the horse.,he soldiers tried to release the horse but Lav severed their arms. ,hey returned to 1hatrughan and narrated the whole incident to him.

;.F.I Lav VanHuishes the Chole Army

1hatrughan became e/tremely urious a ter seeing the condition o his in9ured soldiers. (e instructed Kalnemi to teach Lav a lesson. Kalnemi con ronted Lav with a huge army and a erocious battle took place. Lav managed to kill Kalnemi& which created havoc in the rivalAs army. ,he surviving soldiers tried to hold their ground but were orced to lee on account o a ierce assault rom Lav. 1hatrughan then ordered Eushkal to ight Lav but he became unconscious a ter being hit by LavAs arrow. +ow& 1hatrughanAs anger crossed all limits and he ordered (anuman to kill Lav.(anuman uprooted a large tree and tried to hit Lav& but Lav cut that tree into hundred pieces with a volley o arrows. Lav then released many arrows in the direction o (anuman. (anuman ought valiantly but ultimately he ell down unconscious.

;.F.< Lav Becomes %nconscious

Chen 1hatrughan learnt about (anumanAs ate he was in uriated and went to ight Lav. But when he saw a tender looking child in ront o him he was surprised. 1hatrughan asked 33 A? brave child$ Cho are you$ Cho is your atherLA But Lav was not interested in his irrelevant Hueries and challenged him or a duel. 1hatrughan was le t with no other option but to ight. A tremendous battle was ought between them. 1hatrughan released volleys o arrow towards Lav but all o them were neutrali:ed by him. Dor a brie time 1hatrughan lost his consciousness. A ter regaining his consciousness& he aimed his most lethal weapon towards Lav. ,he arrow hit Lav and he ell down unconscious. LavAs companions went and in ormed 1ita about the whole incident. Kush came orward to ight against 1ri "amAs army. Chen he reached the battle ield he saw Lav who was held captive by the enemyAs armyAs. By that time& Lav had regained his consciousness and a ter seeing Kush he somehow managed to ree himsel rom the clutches o his captors. +ow& both the brothers launched a ierce attack on the enemy. ,he whole army o 1ri "am started running helter and shelter. *t did not take much time or Lav and Kush to vanHuish the whole army. All the great warriors like (anuman& 1ugreeva& Eushkal& Angad Veermani and even 1hatrughan were either held captive or in9ured in the battle.Both the brothers astened (anuman and 1ugreeva with ropes and took them to 1ita. 1ita immediately recogni:ed (anuman and 1ugreeva. 1he instructed both her sons to set them ree as well as the horse. Lav and Kush ollowed the instruction o 1ita and released everybody rom their captivity. 1ita then whispered333A@ay all the dead soldiers become alive.A (er words came true and all the dead soldiers became alive once again. 1hatrughan regained his consciousness too.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

;.F.J ,he Army "eturns to Ayodhya

1hatrughan decided to return to Ayodhya. (e instructed 1umati to make all the necessary arrangements or the sa e return o the >aravan& which comprised not only o 1ri "amAs army but also o all the de eated kings and their vanHuished armies. Chen 1ri "am came to know about their arrival& he sent La/man to receive them. La/man received the victorious army with all the honour and the all o them came to the palace. 1ri "am curiously asked 1umati about everything that had happened. 1umati paraded all the vanHuished kings who had made the mistake o stopping the horse33 1umad& 1abahu& Daman& 1atyavan& 1urath& etc. (e then narrated the brave deed o Lav and Kush.(e also revealed how mighty warriors like (anuman& 1ugreeva 1hatrughan etc had been de eated by both o them.

;.F.G 1ri "ama sends La/man to bring 1ita

1age Valmiki was present in Ayodhya to attend the Ashwamedha yagya. 1ri "am asked him about the identity o the two children33Lav and Kush& Valmiki said 333 1ita was pregnant at the time you had abandoned her. * gave her re uge in my hermitage where she gave birth to twins33Lav and Kush. Both the children were brought up in my hermitage with love and care. * taught them all the sacred te/ts and scriptures and made them masters o various weaponries. 1o& Lav and Kush are your sons. You must bring 1ita back to Ayodhya with due honour& because she is pure and chaste. @oreover your whole army owe its li e to her.P 1ri "amAs heart was illed with grie . (e instructed La/man to bring 1ita along with Lav and Kush. La/man went to ValmikiAs hermitage and reHuested 1ita to return to Ayodhya. 1ita re used to return but sent Lav and Kush along with La/man. Chen 1ri "am ound that only Lav and Kush had come& he once again sent La/man to bring 1ita. La/man ollowed his instruction and went to ValmikiAs hermitage or the second time.@eanwhile& Valmiki instructed Lav and Kush to sing the praise o 1ri "am in their melodious voice. -verybody was moved by their soul ul rendition. 1ri "am took Lav and Kush in his embrace.

;.F.6M 1ita "eturns to Ayodhya

1ri "am eulogised all the revered sages who had arrived to attend the Ashwamedha yagya. ,he holy water o 1aryu was brought and sprinkled in the yagya kund where Ashwamedha yagya was being per ormed& amidst the chanting o vedic mantras.(ardly had 1ri "am touched the horse with his hands then it trans ormed into a human being. -verybody was ama:ed by this incident. 1ri "am asked that man as to how he had attained the orm o a horse. ,he man revealed to the assembled people that he had become a horse due to DurvasaAs curse. ALater on 1age Durvasa had mercy on me and assured that * would regain my human orm by the divine touch o 1ri "am.A (aving said this the man attained to the heaven. *n course o time 1ri "am organised two more Ashwamedha yagyas and his glory reverberated through all the three worlds.



,his chapter contains ;7 sections.

;.8.6 Badrik3Ashram
?nce& on being asked by the sages about the greatness o Badrikasharam& 1ut9i narrated the same tale& which Lord 1hiva had once told sage +arad 333 Lord @ahadeva had told +arad that altogether there were one lakh and twenty3 ive thousand mountains and Badrikashram was supreme among them. Lord @ahadeva said333Badrikasharam is the abode o Lord +ara3 +arayan. +arayan33the origin o all creations has our arms and his comple/ion is dark. +arayan mani ests himsel in both orms331akar as well as +irakar. (e is the eternal Eurusha and is worshipped by people during the ull period o %ttarayan. 1ince Badrikashram is covered with snow during the period o Dakshinayan& +arayan is not worshipper during these si/ months. All the deities dwell at Badrikasharam. ,he sages live in their hermitages at Badrikasharam. "iver Alaknanda lows at Badrikasharam. Anybody taking a dip in the holy water o Alaknanda becomes liberated rom his sins.

;.8.; ,he Descent o "iver Banga

Describing about the reason why river Banga was brought down on the earth& Lord @ahadeva told +arad333 King Bhagirath was the architect o BangaAs arrival on the earth. (e wanted to liberate his dead ancestorss rom the curse o 1age Kapil.King 1agar came rom the lineage o the amous king33(arishchandra. 1agar had two Hueens. ,he elder Hueen had si/ty thousand sons while the younger Hueen had 9ust one33Eancha9an. Eancha9anAs
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

son was Anshuman& who himsel was the ather o Dilip. Dilip was the ather o Bhagirath. Bhagirath did an austere penance on the (imalayas or ten thousand years. As a result& river Banga descended on the earth. * (1hiva) held her in the locks o my hair and she remained there or ten thousand more years. Bhagirath reHuested me to release Banga so that his ancestors could be liberated. * agreed to release Banga and Bhagirath took her to the Eatalloka where his ancestorAs had been charred to death due to KapilAs curse. Bhagirath sprinkled the water o Banga on the ashes o his ancestors and each o them attained salvation as a result.-ventually& Banga resur aced at (aridwar33the most sacred place o pilgrimage.

;.8.7 Dasharatha Eaci ies 1hani

1age +arad curiously asked Lord @ahadeva as to what made 1hani such a volatile planet.Lord @ahadeva replied333 1hani is e/tremely violent by nature and everybody is scarred o this planet. ?nce& the royal astrologer o Dasharath was petri ied at the prospect o 1hani entering the constellation o "ohini and warned him o its dire conseHuences. A* the 1hani is not prevented rom entering "ohini& then amine would occur lasting or more than twelve years.A said the royal astrologers. Dasharath went above the sky to subdue the might o 1hani well armed with divine weapons. 1hani became terri ied on seeing Dasharath in such a menacing mood and e/pressed his willingness to ul ill his desires.

;.8.F =ualities o a Vaishnava

Biving a detailed description o the Hualities o a Vaishnava& Lord @ahadeva told +arad 333 A person who has total devotion in Lord Vishnu is called a Vaishnava. (e is truth ul& kind and orgiving by nature. (e engages himsel in austere penance and re rains rom any kind o violence. (e wears a ,ulsi bead in his neck and puts on tilak. (e is well versed in sacred te/t like the vedas& Eurans etc.,he mere sight o a Vaishnava is enough to liberate a sinner rom all his sins. Deeding a Vaishnava bestowes virtue eHuivalent to eeding thousand o ordinary Brahmins.

;.8.8 *ndraprastha
,he sages enHuired rom 1ut9i about the holiest city situated on the banks o river yamuna. 1ut9i narrated the tale which 1age 1aubhari had once told Yudhishthir333?nce& +arad and Earvat were travelling through an aerial route& while they were lying over Khandav orest& they were lured by the beauti ul sight o river Yamuna. ,hey decided to take rest or a while. Both o them descended down and entered river yamuna to take their bath.@eanwhile& King 1hibi who ruled over %shinar saw them. (e eagerly waited at the bank o Yamuna. Chen +arad and Earvat emerged out o the yamuna& they ound king 1hibi eagerly waiting or them. @eanwhile king 1hibi had noticed the remains o numerous Ahavan3kundasA (oblation3altars) spread in a large area. A ter the ormal e/changes o pleasantaries were over& King 1hibi asked +arad about those havan3 kundas. +arad replied33During ancient times *ndra had per ormed numerous Yagyas at this place to e/press his gratitude to Lord Vishnu& with whose blessings he had regained the heaven rom the clutches o (iranyakashipu. *n course o time& this place became amous as *ndraprastha. ,his sacrosanct place is holier than all the holy places combined together. *ndraprastha is spread in the area o one yo9an rom east to west and our yo9ans rom north to south.

;.8.I Vaikunth ! ,he Abode o Lord Vishnu

Describing about the grandeur o Vaikunth& Lord @ahadeva told Earvati33A person who has total devotion in Lord Vishnu attains to Vaikunth a ter his death. Vaikuntha is the abode o Vishnu and constitutes o numerous #anapadas. ,he magni icence o Vaikunth is beyond description and it houses many grand palaces ully decorated with 9ewels and diamonds.,he central part o Vaikuntha is called Ayodhya and is well protected by dwarpals named >handa& Erachanda& Bhadra& 1ubhadra& #aya& Vi9ay& Dhata and Vidhata.Vaikunth is inhabited by countless divine people who live in well illuminated houses. *n the central part o Ayodhya is situated the AantahpuriA o Lord Vishnu. *t is inhabited by celestial beauties33 apsaras. ,here is a divine >anopy situated 9ust at the centre o antahpuri& where Lord Vishnu has his divine throne. ,he divine throne is surrounded by deities as well as by the embodiments o all the our Vedas333 "igveda& Ya9urveda& 1amaveda and Atharvaveda. ,he deities333Agni& 1urya and >handrama have their dwellings at the centre o VishnuAs throne.,here is a grand pedestal called yogapeeth established on the throne. A beauti ul lotus
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

lower is established on the yogapeeth on which is seated Lord Vishnu along with his consort3 La/mi. Lord Vishnu appears divine in his comple/ion o a blue lotus& whose radiance is enough to subdue crores o sun. (e has radiant ear3rings hangings down his earlobes. (is orehead is covered with curly hair. (e has the amous AKaustubh maniA in his neck. (e holds a conch and a chakra in each o his two hands and the remaining two hands are in the posture o giving blessings.

;.8.< ,he *ncarnations o @atsya and Kurma

?nce& goddess Earvati e/pressed her desire to know about all the incarnations o Lord Vishnu.Lord @ahadeva replied33 Lord Brahma had created numerous Era9apatis like Bhrigu& @arichi& Atri& Daksha& Kardam& Eulastya& Eulaha& Angira and Kratu. @arichi was the ather o Kashyap. 1age Kashyap had our wives33Aditi& Diti& Kadru and Vinta.Aditi was the mother o Deities while Diti gave birth to demons like33@akar& (ayagreeva& @ahabali& (iranyaksha& (iranyakashipu #ambha& @aya etc. @akar was a mighty demon& Cho a ter deceit ully acHuiring the Vedas rom Lord Brahma had hidden himsel inside an ocean. Lord Brahma reHuested Vishnu to liberate the sacred Vedas rom the possession o @akar. Lord Vishnu then took the incarnation o @atsya and a ter killing @akar gave back the vedas to Lord Brahma. Durvasa was the son o 1age Atri. ?nce& he went to *ndraloka to see *ndra. At that time& *ndra was planning to go out somewhere. Durvasa presented a garland o Eari9at lowers to *ndra. *ndra& a ter receiving the garland rom Durvasa kept it carelessly on the orehead o his elephant3-ravat. ,his garland was trampled under its eet by the elephant& which in uriated 1age Durvasa. (e cursed *ndra by saying333*mmense prosperity has made you arrogant. But you will become a pauper within a very short time. DurvasaAs words came to be true and *ndra ound that not only the heaven but all the three worlds had become bere t o goddess La/mi. Erosperity vanished and poverty prevailed everywhere.,he deities became worried and went to take the help o Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma took the deities to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu became pleased with their eulogy and said 33 * will take incarnation as Kurma. * the ocean were churned with the help o @andarachal mountain and Vasuki& then goddess La/mi would mani est hersel . * shall hold the @andarachal mountain on my back.,his way the churning o ocean commenced. ,he @andarachal mountain was uprooted and placed inside the AKsheer31agarA and which rested on the back o Lord Kurma. ,he serpent33Vasuki& was held by deities and demons on both the ends. Dirst o all the most venomous poison33Kalkut emerged rom the ocean. 1eeing both the deities and demons unwilling to accept it. (Lord 1hiva) drank it. A ter the emergence o Kalkut& goddess Daridra and Varuni mani ested themselves. 1imilarly& -ravat3 elephant& %chchaishrava3horse& Dhanvantaari& 1urabhi33cow and Eari9at3 tree emerged rom the ocean.%ltimately& goddess La/mi mani ested hersel . ,he deities reHuested her to dwell in the heart o Lord Vishnu and bless all the three worlds by her presence. Boddess La/mi agreed and blessed them.

;.8.J +ri1imha *ncarnation

>ontinuing with the various incarnations o Lord Vishnu& Lord @ahadeva told Earvati 333 1age Kashyap had two mighty sons rom Diti33(iranyakashipu and (iranyaksha. (iranyaksha had once carried the earth to "asatala. ,he deities reHuested Lord Vishnu to rescue the earth. Lord Vishnu took the incarnation o a boar and killed (iranyaksha with his sharp horn.Chen (iranyakshipu learnt about his brotherAs death he went to @erugiri mountain and started doing penance to please me (Lord 1hiva). * blessed him with immortality& Later on& (iranyakashipu married %ttanpadAs daughter33Kalyani and had a son named Erahlad rom her.*nspite o being born in the clan o a demon& Erahlad proved to be an e/tremely religious child and was a supreme devotee o Lord Vishnu. Chen (iranyakshipu came to know about ErahladAs religious tendency& he tried his best to stop him rom worshipping Vishnu. But& all his e orts went in vain and Erahlad continued to worship Lord Vishnu.(iranyakashipu instructed his subordinates to kill Erahlad but each time he came out unharmed. ?ne day& (iranyakashipu pulled out his sword and said333AYou say that Vishnu is omnipresent. *s he present in this pillarLA (aving said like this he assaulted the pillar with his sword. 1uddenly to his 1heer ama:ement& Lord Vishnu mani ested himsel rom that pillar in the orm o +risimha. (iranyakashipu had been blessed by Lord 1hiva that he could be killed neither by a man nor a beast. +o weapon could harm him. (e could be killed neither during the day nor during the night. (iranyakashiu had taken into consideration all the possible threat perceptions to his li e and tried to become immortal.But& Lord Vishnu takes
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

incarnation to protect the humanity whenever religiousness is under threat. ,his time& Lord Vishnu took incarnation as +risimha (partly lion and partly human) and tore apart his belly with his sharp nails.A ter the death o (iranyakashipu& Erahlad was coronated as his successor. Erahlad ruled 9ustly and his sub9ect were happy and satis ied.

;.8.G Vaman *ncarnation

>ontinuing with the various incarnations o Lord Vishnu& Lord @ahadeva told Earvati 333 Erahlad had a son named Virochan.,he most benevolent king33A@ahabahu3BaliA was VirochanAs son. Bali had de eated the deities and ruled over all the three worlds. 1age Kashyap commenced the most austere penance33 Eayovrata to help the deities regain their lost kingdom (heaven) once again. (e was accompanied by his wi e33 Aditi in his penance which lasted or one thousand years. At last& Lord Vishnu became pleased by their penance and appeared be ore them. 1age Kashyap narrated the woe ul tales o the deities and reHuested him to make *ndra the Lord o all the three worlds. Lord Vishnu promised that he would take incarnation as Vaman.*n course o time& Aditi became pregnant and ultimately gave birth to Lord Vaman. Lord Vaman appeared in the orm o a ABrahmchariA. (e wore a deer331kin and carried a stick and a AmekhalaA in both his hands. Lord Vishnu enHuired the deities about the uture course o action. ,he deities in ormed him that Bali was busy per orming a yagya and he would not turn down any demand made to him because i he did so there was a ear o loosing all his virtues attained by the per ormance o the yagya. Lord Vaman went to the oblation site where Bali was per orming a yagya and demanded a small piece o land measured by his three steps. Bali agreed to meet the demand o his guest inspite o 1hukracharyaAs warning.Bali resolved to donate land by holding holy water in his palm. +ow& Lord Vaman abandoned his dwar ish orm and appeared in a giant orm. (e measured the whole earth by his irst step. Lord Vishnu then measured the whole sky by his second step. ,he helpless Bali agreed to donate all the three worlds to protect his vow.%ltimately& Lord Vishnu sent Bali to the "asatala and thus *ndra became the ruler o heaven once again.

;.8.6M 1ri "ama)s Birth

Describing about 1ri "amAs incarnation Lord @ahadeva told Earvati33A?nce& 1wayambhuva @anu had e/pressed his desire o having Lord Vishnu as his son to which Lord Vishnu had agreed. During tretayuga @anu mani ested himsel as Dasharath and Vishnu kept his promise by taking birth as his son331ri "am. 1imilarly& during dwaparyuga @anu was born as Vasudev and Lord Vishnu kept his word by taking birth as his son33Krishna. A ter the completion o one thousand divine years& @anu will be born in the village o 1ambhal as (arigupta and lord Vishnu will take birth as his son33AKalkiA. Lord 1hiva then continued with the incarnation o 1ri "am and said33A1age Vishrava was the son o Eulasya and was married to Kekashi. "avan and Kumbhakarna were born to the couple. 1age Vishrava also had a daughter named 1hurpanakha and a virtuous son named Vibhishan."avan and Kumbhakarna did austere penance to please me (Lord 1hiva). Chen * appeared be ore "avan he reHuested the boon o immortality rom me. A ter receiving the boon& "avan became very arrogant and started tormenting the inhabitants o all the three worlds. ,he deities became scarred and took the re uge o Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu assured them that he would solve their problem by taking incarnation as 1ri "am. Dasharath came rom the lineage o 1urya. (e had three Hueens333Kaushalya& 1umitra and Kaikeyi. ?nce& Dasharath per ormed a Vaishnav Yagya with the ob9ective o acHuiring a son. Lord Vishnu appeared and assured him that he would take incarnation as 1ri "am in a short time. Lord Vishnu gave a bowl o divine kheer to Dasharath& which he distributed amongst his three Hueens. *n course o time& Kaushalya gave birth to 1ri "am on the auspicious day o >haitra3+avami. ,he deities and the sages re9oiced at his birth.

;.8.66 1ri "ama Brows %p

>ontinuing with the tale o 1ri "am& Lord @ahadeva told Earvati33Dasharath reHuested Vashishth to per orm the #aatkarm 1anskar o 1ri "am. *n course o time Kaikeyi gave birth to Bharat33an incarnation o Eancha9anya conch. 1imilarly& 1umitra gave birth to two sons33La/man and 1hatrughan. La/man was the incarnation o 1heshnag while 1hatrughan was the incarnation o 1udershan chakra. 1ri "am and his brothers received education under the guidance o 1age Vashishth. *n a very short time they became pro icient in all the scriptures and mastered various weaponaries. Although all the our brothers were very close to each other& yet La/man could not bear to live in "amAs separation even or a moment and was specially close to him. 1ita mani ested hersel rom the ield while #anak was ploughing it. King #anak brought up 1ita with great love and
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

care. At that time& Vishwamitra was busy per orming a grand yagya at 1iddhashram. But the demons created numerous problems and made it impossible or him to accomplish the yagya. Vishwamitra went to Ayodhya and reHuested Dasharath to send 1ri "am and La/man along with him so that the yagya could be accomplished without any problems. Dasharath agreed to send 1ri "am and La/man along with Vishwamitra.,his way& Vishwamitra returned to his hermitage acompanied by both the brothers. Baruda presented a pair o bow and imperishable set o arrows to both the brothers. Chile staying at the hermitage 1ri "am and La/man killed many demons like ,araka and 1ubahu. Chen @arich tried to disrupt the yagya& 1ri "am attacked him with Eavan3astra& which sent @arich lying across the sea3 shore.@eanwhile& on learning that #anak was per orming Va9apeya yagya at #anakpur& Vishwamitra took 1ri3"am and La/man to attend it. ?n the way 1ri "am liberated Ahalya who had turned into a rock a ter being cursed by her husband.A ter reaching #anakpur& 1ri "am broke Lord 1hivaAs bow and married 1ita. La/man married %rmila. Dasharath had come to attend the marriage ceremony accompanied by Bharat and 1hatrughan. Bharat was married to @andavi while 1hatrughan married 1hrutkeerti. @eanwhile& on learning that 1ri "am had broken 1hivaAs bow& Earshuram arrived there and challenged him& but ultimately Earashuram reali:ed about the divinity o 1ri "am and accepted his superiority.At last& 1ri "am& La/man& Bharat and 1hatrughan returned to Ayodhya alongwith their respective consorts.

;.8.6; 1ri "ama)s -/ile

Lord @ahadeva continued with the tale o 1ri "am and told Earvati 33Dasharath wanted to appoint 1ri "am as his successor but Kaikeyi did not like this idea. 1he wanted Bharat to be made the king o Ayodhya and 1ri "am to be sent into e/ile or 6F years. ?nce& Kaikeyi had saved DasharathAs li e while he was ighting a battle against the demons. ,o show his gratitude& Dasharath had promised two boons to her. At that time& Kaikeyi had told Dasharath that she would make her demand at the appropriate time. ,his way& Dasharath was compelled by Kaikeyi to accept the two demands. As a result& 1ri "am was sent into e/ile. Bharat re used to become the king o Ayodhya and vowed to wait till 1ri "am returned. Dasharath could not bear the sorrow o "amAs separation and died in his sorrow. Bharat tried his best to convince 1ri "am to change his mind and accept the throne& but 1ri "am did not listen to his reHuest. Bharat then brought 1ri "amAs wooden3 sandal and kept it on the throne. (e vowed to spend rest o his li e in austerities till 1ri "am returned. Chile 1ri "am was still in e/ile& he went to the hermitage o 1age Atri and received his blessings. AtriAs wi e3 Anasuya preached 1ita on the virtues o chastity. 1ri "am also visited hermitages o some other prominent sages like 1harbhanga& 1uteeksha& Agastya etc. ?nce& while 1ri "am was living in Eanchavati& 1hurpanakha arrived there. 1hurpanakha was "avanaAs sister and wanted to marry 1ri "am& But La/man severed her nose and ears. 1he went to a mighty demon named Khar and narrated her woe ul tale. Khar attacked "am with a huge army& which comprised o brave warriors like ,rishira Dushan etc. 1ri "am was Victorious in this battle and Khar& ,rishira and Dushan were killed. 1hurpanakha went to "avan and in ormed him about the misdeeds o "am. "avan was in uriated and wanted to take revenge. (e abducted 1ita with the help o @arich.Chen #atayu saw "avan carrying 1ita to Lanka& he ought with valiance but was in9ured in the ensuing battle.1ri "am went in search o 1ita and met #atayu& who was in9ured and who in ormed "am that 1ita had been abducted by the demon king "avan.1ri "am met (anuman at the "ishyamook mountain. Later on he be riended 1ugreeva on the advice o (anuman. 1ugreeva had enemity with his brother3Bali. 1ri "am killed Bali and made 1ugreeva the king. 1ri "am reHuested (anuman to ind out the whereabouts o 1ita. (anuman went to Lanka and ound 1ita at Ashoka Vatika. (e destroyed the garden and killed many demons including "avanaAs son33Akshay Kumar. %ltimately& he was captured by @eghnath and taken to "avanaAs court. "avan ordered (anumanAs tail to be ignited. (anuman then burnt the city o Lanka and returned to 1ri "am. Chen 1ri "an came to know about the e/act location o 1ita& he decided to attack Lanka with a huge army& which comprised o monkeys. ,he army camped at the sea3shore where Vibhishan came to meet him. A bridge was built across the ocean and the army reached Lanka. A ierce battle took place in which many demons were killed. At last& "avan came orward to ight against 1ri "am but was killed.1ri "am appointed Vibhishan as the king o Lanka and blessed him. Vibhishan presented his pushpak Viman to 1ri "am. All o them boarded the Eushpak Viman and lew towards Ayodhya. ?n the way 1ri "am met Bharat who was still awaiting his arrival at +andigram. 1ri "am was very pleased to meet Bharat. %ltimately all o them returned to Ayodhya.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

;.8.67 1ri "ama)s >oronation

Describing the coronation o 1ri "am Lord @ahadeva told Earvati33Eeople o Ayodhya re9oiced at the return o 1ri "am. An auspicious day was chosen or his coronation and 1ri "am became the king o Ayodhya amidst the chantings o Vedic mantras. 1ri "am ruled over Ayodhya or one thousand years without any problem. @eanwhile& some ignorant people started pointing out ingers at the character o 1ita.1ri "am decided to abandon 1ita in the orest to Huell the rumour. 1ita was pregnant at that time. Deeling pity on her condition& Valmiki took her to his hermitage where 1ita gave birth to Lav and Kush. @eanwhile 1ri "am decided to per orm Ashwamedha yagya at the bank o river Bomati. But& since the yagya could not have been accomplished without 1ita& there ore he per ormed the rituals seated beside a golden idol o 1ita& *n the mean time Valmiki arrived there& accompanied by 1ita. (e reHuested 1ri "am to accept 1ita& vouching or her chastity.1ri "am told Valmiki33A* am con ident o 1itaAs chastity but she will have to prove her chastity or the satis action o common people.A 1ita was deeply hurt by 1ri "amAs unkind remarks. 1he said33A@ay mother earth swallow me i * ever had thought about any man other than my lord 1ri "am.A (ardly had 1ita inished her lines than the earth cracked and 1ita vanished into that crevice. 1ri "amAs heart was illed with remorse but thinking that it was perhaps in his destiny to live in separation with 1ita& returned to Ayodhya accompanied by Lav and Kush. *n course o time& Kaushalya& 1umitra and Kaikeyi le t or heavenly abode. 1ri "am continued to rule Ayodhya or 6M&MMM more years. ?ne day& Kala (death) arrived and reminded 1ri "am that the time had arrived or him to leave his mortal body. @eanwhile La/man became aware o 1ri "amAs decision o leaving his mortal body. (e gave up his li e by taking samadhi in river 1aryu. 1ri "am could not bear the sorrow caused by La/manAs bereavment. (e appointed Lav and Kush as the kings o Dwarawati and Kushawati respectively and decided to leave or heavenly abode. 1ri "am entered the water o river 1aryu& lowing at the distance o three yo9ans rom Ayodhya.

;.8.6F 1ri Krshna

Earvati reHuested Lord @ahadeva to narrate the divine tales o Vasudeva Krishna. Lord @ahadeva replied33 Vasudev was the descendant o yadu. (is ather was Devameedha. (e was married to Devaki33the daughter o %grasena.%grasena also had a mighty son named Kansa. Kansa was e/tremely a ectionate towards his sister Devaki. A ter her marriage& while Devaki was going to her husbandAs house on a chariot being driven by Kansa& suddenly a heavenly voice was heard. AKansa& you would meet death at the hands o DevakiAs eighth son.A Kansa became very scarred and wanted to kill his sister then and there. But& Vasudev reHuested Kansa to spare DevakiAs li e and promised to hand over any child that she gave birth to. ,hus Kansa imprisoned both Vasudev and Devaki.*n course o time& Devaki gave birth to seven sons and Kansa killed each o them. Lord 1ri (ari mani ested himsel when Devaki conceived or the eighth time. *t was the month o 1hravan and the day was AKrishna3ashtamiA when 1ri (ari took his incarnation at midnight. 1oon a ter taking his incarnation he gave a glimpse o his divine orm to Vasudev and Devaki. ?n the instruction o 1ri (ari& Vasudeva carried the in ant to +andAs house. (e had no problem in moving out o the prison as all the guards had allen asleep due to the illusion o 1ri (ari. ?n seeing the swi t currents o over looded yamuna& Vasudev became worried. But the level o river Yamuna receded as soon as 1ri Krishna touched the river with his eet. 1heshnag protected 1ri Krishna rom heavy rain with his thousand hoods. Chen Vasudev reached +andAs house he ound that +andAs wi e33 Yashoda had given birth to a baby girl. Yashoda was sleeping at that time and Vasudev had no problem in e/changing 1ri Krishna with that baby girl. Vasudev then returned to the prison and laid down the baby girl beside Devaki. ,he baby3girl started crying and the guards immediately woke up. ,hey in ormed Kansa about the birth o DevakiAs eighth child. Kansa tried to kill that baby girl by smashing her head& but she escaped rom his hands and lew up in the sky. 1he thundered333AYour death is certain as your assasin has already taken birth.A Kansa was terri ied at the prospect o his death. (e instructed his soldiers to kill all the in antsA whereever they were to be ound in his kingdom. (e also ordered the release o Vasudev and Devaki& as there was no point keeping them in captivity.@eanwhile& 1ri Krishna grew up under the guardianship o +and and Yashoda. ?ne day Kansa sent a wicked ogress named Eutna to kill 1ri Krishna. Eutma had applied poison on her breasts and tried to kill Krishna by breast3 eeding him. 1ri Krishna sucked her breast with such erocity that she died.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

,hus& 1ri Krishna gave the irst glimpse o his divinity to the inhabitants o Va9ra.1ri Krishna accomplished many such divine deeds during his childhood. (e grew up to be a mischieveous child and used to play numerous pranks on the ellow Bopis. (e used to steal their butter and curd. ?ne day& all the Bopis complained to Yashoda about 1ri KrishnaAs misdeeds. Yashoda became angry and tied him with a wooden3mortar in order to prevent him rom troubling the Bopis. 1he then placed that mortar between two trees so that Krishna could not move. But& 1ri Krishna toddled away uprooting both the huge trees. ?nce& a demon named Bakasur disguised himsel as a huge heron and tried to kill 1ri Krishna. But& 1ri Krishna hit him with a stone with such orce that he met an instant death.,his way 1ri Krishna had killed many erocious demons while he was still a small child. 1ome o them well Kaliya33the serpent etc& Dhenukasur& Arisht& Keshi etc. A signi icant incident had occurred during KrishnaAs childhood. Eeople o Vra9a were devotees o *ndra and used to worship him. 1ri Krishna stopped this tradition and encouraged people to worship Bovardhan mountain. *ndra became e/tremely urious and caused incessant rain or one week. 1ri Krishna protected the people by li ting Bovardhan mountain and shielding them rom the continuous downpour.At last& *ndra accepted de eat and eulogi:ed 1ri Krishna.

;.8.68 Killing o Kansa

>ontinuing with the divine tales o 1ri Krishna& Lord @ahadeva told Earvati33Chen Kansa ailed in his repeated attempts to kill 1ri Krishna& he instructed AAkruraA to invite both Krishna and Balaram to @athura on the prete/t o attending a ceremony called Dhanush3yagya. Kansa had planned to kill 1ri Krishna by deceit ul means.Akrura was a great devotee o 1ri Krishna and was aware o KansaAs evil intentions. But& he had no other option but to ollow the command o his master3Kansa. 1o& Akrura went to Vra9a where 1ri Krishna and Balaram used to live. 1ri Krishna and Balaram were delighted to meet Akrura. A ter the ormal e/change o pleasantaries& Krishna took Akrura to his home. Akrura conveyed the instructions o Kansa to +anda and reHuested him to send both 1ri Krishna and Balaram to @athura. Akrura said33A1ri Krishna is the incarnation o Lord Vishnu and Kansa will be killed by him.A+anda and Yashoda were reluctant to send 1ri Krishna to @athura but 1ri Krishna convinced them& %ltimately. Akrura returned to @athura accompanied by Krishna and Balaram. ,he people o Vra9a became sad when the time or KrishnaAs departure to @athura arrived. Chen Akrura reached @athura accompanied by 1ri Krishna and Balaram it was already evening. 1ri Krishna saw a dyer with colour ul apparels going towards KansaAs palace. 1ri Krishna play ully demanded some set o clothes rom that dyer which he re used to give. 1ri Krishna was in uriated and slapped him so hard that he started vomiting blood. *n a short time the dyer was dead. 1ri Krishna and Balaram chose some beauti ul set o clothes or themselves and proceeded towards the palace o Kansa. A ter sometime they met a crooked woman carrying Asandal3wood3pasteA. 1ri Krishna demanded some sandal wood paste rom her& which she gave without any hesitation. 1ri Krishna blessed that crooked woman as a result o which she was cured o her physical33de ormity. At last& both 1ri Krishna and Balaram reached the oblation33site where ADhanush3yagyaA was suppossed to be per ormed. 1ri Krishna li ted the divine bow kept there and broke it into two pieces.Chen Kansa learnt that the divine bow had been broken& he ordered >haanur to kill Krishna in a wrestling3bout. Kansa also orti ied his palace by positioning wild elephants and mighty warriors at all the entrance3points.1ri Krishna and Balaram spent the night at the oblation3site. *n the morning both o them proceeded towards the palace. 1ri Krishna ound an elephant named Kuvalyapeeda standing at the main entrance o the palace. (e killed that erocious elephant without much di iculty. 1ri Krishna and Balaram then entered the gymnasium where wrestling3bouts were supposed to take place. All the demons those who had witnessed 1ri Krishna killing that huge elephant without any problem& became terri ied and led away rom the gymnasium. 1ri Krishna and Balaram entered the chamber o Kansa. Kansa became terri ied and ordered his trusted lientenants33>hanur and @ushtik to kill Krishna.>hanur con ronted 1ri Krishna while @ushtik ought a duel with Balaram. %ltimately& both the demons were killed a ter a ierce duel. +ow& Kansa was le t all alone& 1ri Krishna pulled Kansa rom the throne where he was sitting and slapped him so hard that he ell down on the ground. ,he in9ury proved to be atal and as a result Kansa died. Balaram also killed KansaAs younger brother whose named was 1unama. A ter killing Kansa& Krishna and Balaram went to meet their parents33Vasudev and Devaki. ,hey also reed their maternal grand ather3 %grasena who had been imprisioned by Kansa. At last they appointed %grasena as the king o @athura.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

;.8.6I #arasandh
#arasandh was the ather3in3law o Kansa. Chen he learnt about KansaA death he surrounded @athura with a huge army. 1ri Krishna was well aware o #arasandhAs might and bravery. (e was also convinced that it would not be easy to de eat #arasandh. 1o& he remembered Daruk33his eternal charioteer and sought his help. Daruk appeared with a divine chariot named 1ugreeva33pushpak. ,he chariot was well armed with all the divine weapons o lord Vishnu. 1ri Krishna and Balaram then entered the battle ied mounted on that divine chariot. A ierce battle was ought between 1ri Krishna and #arasandhAs army. #arasandh covered Krishna chariot with his various weapons but 1ri Krishna destroyed them with his A>hakraA. 1ri Krishna then destroyed #arasandhAs army by showering volley o arrows rom his amous bow331harang. 1eeing the death and destruction in his army& #arasandh came orward to ight Balaram. Balaram attacked #arasandh with his dangerous weapon33(ala (plough) and destroyed his chariot. #arasandh ell down on the ground and as Balaram was about to kill him 1ri Krishna reHuested Balaram not to kill #arasandh. A ter being de eated& #arasandh sought the help o Kaalyan& who had a large army. Kaalyavan agreed to help #arasandh and surrounded @athura with his army. "eali:ing that @athura was no longer a sa e place to live& 1ri Krishna shi ted the whole population o @athura to Dwarka and went to ight Kaalyavan. ,he battle continued or a long period and a ter reali:ing that it was not easy to de eat his enemy& 1ri Krishna& ran towards the cave where A@uchkundA had been sleeping since many past eras. @uchkund was blessed with a boon according to which any person upon whom he put his glance a ter woking rom his sleep would die. Krishna hid himsel behind @uchkund. Kaalyavan& who was chasing Krishna& entered the cave and kicked @uchkund. @uchkund opened his eyes and saw Kaalyavan. Kaalyavan was burnt to ashes. ,his way& 1ri Krishna was able to de eat his power ul enemy by his cleverness.

;.8.6< Abduction o "ukmini

Lord @ahadeva told Earvati333 Chen #arasandh learnt about KaalyavanAs death& he attacked Balaram to avenge his riendAs death. But& very soon he reali:ed that it was beyond his capacity to de eat Balaram& so he retreated alongwith his army. 1ri Krishna and Balaram returned to Dwarka.*n course o time& Balaram married "evati33the daugher o "aivat. At that time& there ruled a king named Bheeshmak. (e ruled over Vidarbha. (e had a beauti ul daughter named "ukmini. (e also had many sons among whom "ukmi was prominent. "ukmi wanted "umini to get married to 1hishupal much against her wishes. "ukmini being an incarnation o goddess la/mi rightly wanted o have 1ri Krishna as her husband."ukmini sent a message to 1ri Krishna about her brotherAs intention. 1ri Krishna went to help her& accompanied by Balaram.1ri Krishna reached Vidarbha on the same day& "ukmini was supposed to marry 1hishupal and abducted her to Dwarka. #arasandh and "ukmi chased KrishnaAs chariot but Balaram de eated #arasandh while 1ri Krishna astened "ukmi with the chariot. 1ri Krishna also shaved o "ukmiAs hair& which illed him with so much o shame that he decided not to return to Vidarbha.A ter reaching Dwarka& 1ri Krishna married "ukmini on an auspicious day.

;.8.6J 1ri Krshna)s =ueens

>ontinuing with the divine tales o 1ri Krishna& Lord @ahadeva told Earvati331ri Krishna had 6I thousand Hueens among whom 1atyabhama& Kalindi& @itravinda& etc. were prominent.King 1atta9it had a priceless diamond named331yamantak& which he had presented to his younger brother33Erasena. 1ri Krishna was ascinated by that diamond and demanded it rom Erasena& which he re used to part with. ?ne day& 1ri Krishna alongwith Erasena and other yadavas went into the orest or hunting. Chile chasing a deer& Erasena seceded rom his group and was killed by a lion. ,he lion took the diamond and started playing with it. *ncidentally& #ambavan33who had once ought along with 1ri "am against "avana& saw the lion playing with the diamond. (e killed that lion and took the diamond in his possession. Chen 1ri Krishna returned to Dwarka& he was surprised by a strange rumour& which pervaded the whole city. 1ome people suspected that 1ri Krishna had killed Erasena or the diamond.1ri Krishna was very much distributed by this baseless rumour. ,o clear the doubts& he went into the orest accompanied by all the residents o Dwarka and showed the dead body o Erasena& which was still lying there. Chen people saw the mutilated corpse o Erasena& which bore marks o the lionAs claws and canines& they became convinced o 1ri KrishnaAs innocense.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Chile returning back to Dwarka& 1ri Krishna saw an e ulgent cave. 1ri Krishna was very surprised and wanted to ind out the source o light. (e entered the cave and saw ErasenaAs diamond hanging on top o a cradle& in which a child was lying. A woman was singing a lulaby so that the child alls asleep333A,he lion killed Erasena while #ambavan killed the lion and acHuired this diamond rom its possession. ? child$ DonAt cry as this priceless diamond belongs to your ather.A1ri Krishna uriously blew his conch. #ambavan came out rom the cave a ter listening to the sound o the conch. A ierce duel took place between them& which continued or ten days. At last& #ambavan reali:ed that the person against whom he was ighting was none other than 1ri "am himsel . #ambhavan then gave his daughter33#ambavati to Krishna in marriage and gave lot o wealth as dowry including that A1yamantakA diamond. Bhadrara9 had three daughters331ulakshamana& +agna9iti and 1usheela. 1ri Krishna had married all three o them in a A1wayamwaraA. ,his way& 1ri Krishna had altogether eight prominent Hueen consorts33"ukmini& 1atyabhama& Kalindi& @itravinda& #ambavati& +agna9iti& 1ulakshamana and 1usheela. ,here lived a mighty demon named +arakasur. (e had de eated the deities and snatched the divine earrings o Aditi33the mother o deities. (e had created an aerial city in which he lived alongwith other demons. ,he deities went to 1ri Krishna and sought his help. 1ri Krishna lew up in the sky mounted on the back o Baruda. 1atyabhama was also accompanying him. 1ri Krishna was ama:ed to see the well orti ied palace o +arakasur. Chen the demons saw 1rikrishna& they attacked him but 1ri Krishna challenged them by blowin his conch. +arakasur came orward to ight 1ri Krishna. A ierce battle took place in which 1ri Krishna broke +arakasurAs bow with his arrows. %ltimately& 1ri Krishna was success ul in killing +arakasur. 1ri Krishna then returned the whole wealth to the deities& which +arakasur had looted rom them. (e also liberated si/teen thousand women whom +arakasur had imprisoned. A ter being liberated all the women accepted 1ri Krishna as their husband.

;.8.6G Anirudha @arries %sha

Lord @ahadeva continued with the divine tales o 1ri Krishna33? Earvati$ 1ri Krishna had a son rom "ukmini whose name was AAniruddhaA. Aniruddha was very brave and had killed a demon named 1hambasur. ,here is an interesting tale how Aniruddha married %sha. ?nce& %sha33the daughter o Bangur& saw a very handsome young man in her dreams. 1he was so in atuated by his handsome personality that she developed a deep desire o marrying him. Chen she woke up ne/t morning& she e/pressed her desire to her companion33>hitralekha.>hitralekha was an accomplished painter. 1he drew a sketch o a handsome man as per the descriptions o %sha. Chen the painting was ready& >hitralekha revealed to %sha that the preson who she had seen in her dream was none other than Aniruddha. >hitralekha had divine powers. 1he went to Dwarka and abducted Aniruddha while he was asleep. 1he then carried the sleeping Aniruddha and laid him on the bed o %sha.Chen %sha woke up& 1he was thrilled to see the man o her dreams. Aniruddha remained there or many days without Banasur being aware o his presence.?ne day& Banasur came to know about AniruddhasA presence. (e became urious and imprisoned Aniruddha.1age +arad in ormed 1ri Krishna about AniruddhaAs imprisonment. 1ri Krishna went to ight a battle against Banasur and release Aniruddha rom his imprisonment. Although 1ri Krishna was leading a large army and was accompanied by mighty warriors like Baldeva and Eradyumna yet he was aware that it was not easy to ight Banasur who had one thousand arms and whom Lord 1hiva had vowed to protect. A ierce battle commenced between the armies o 1ri Krishna and Lord 1hiva. But the battle remained indecisive or a long time. @eanwhile& Banasur came orward to ight against 1ri Krishna.Very soon 1ri Krishna severed all the thousand hands o Banasur with his AchakraA. Lord 1hiva then reHuested 1ri Krishna to spare BanasurAs li e and said 3ABanasur has received the boon o immortality rom me. +ow& only you can protect the dignity o my boon given to him.A 1ri Krishna spared BanasurAs li e. Banasur then agreed to marry his daughter to Aniruddha. ,his way Aniruddha married %sha with great an are.

;.8.;M ,he Decline o the Yadu Dynasty

Earvati was listening to the divine tales o 1ri Krishna with rapt attention. Lord @ahadeva told Earvati33 AEaundrak was the king o Kashi. (e did an austere penance or twelve years to please me. Chen * appeared be ore him& he reHuested me to make his appearance look like 1ri Krishna. * blessed him with an appearance similar to that o 1ri Krishna. Eeople became con used as to who the real Krishna was. ?ne day& +arad arrived at Kashi and castigated Eaundrak by saying that his intention o be ooling people would not meet success as long as real Krishna was alive. Eaundrak went to Dwarka with a large army and challenged 1ri Krishna or a duel. 1ri Krishna severed the impersonatorAs head with his chakra. @eanwhile& #arasandh
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

continued to torment the yadavas. 1ri Krishna decided to settle the matter or once and all. (e advised Bheema to challenge #arasandh or a wrestling3bout. #arasandh and Bheema ought valiantly or ;< days. Chile both o them were ighting& 1ri Krishna signalled Bheema to tear apart #arasandhAs thighs. A ter the killing o #arasandh& 1ri Krishna released all the kings who had been imprisoned by him. A ter the great war o @ahabharat had ended& Yudhishthir decided to per orm a "a9asuya3yagya at *ndraprashth. 1ri Krishna also went there to bless the Eandavas. 1hishupal was also present at the ceremony. (e had an old grudge against 1ri Krishna and started abusing him. *nitially Krishna tried to overlook his abuses but when situation went beyond repair 1ri Krishna severed his head with his chakra. Dantavaktra attacked @athura to avenge the death o 1hishupal. A long battle was ought at the bank o river yamuna& which continued or many days. %ltimately& 1ri Krishna was success ul in killing Dantavaktra with his mace. ,here was a childhood riend o 1ri Krishna whose name was 1udama. (e was a poor brahmin. ?nce& he went to meet 1ri Krishna. 1ri Krishna& being an incarnation o the almighty immediately understood the precarious situation his poor riend was living in. (e blessed 1udama as a result o which he got rid o his poverty and became prosperous. 1ri Krishna had one crore sons rom his si/teen thousand Hueens. Eradyumna was his eldest son. ,he yadavas dominated the whole earth and had become arrogant a ter being into/icated by their power. ,here is an interesting tale how this power ul yadava dynasty met their down all 33 ?nce& some young yadavas played a prank with 1age Kanva& which caused the down all o the Yadavas. ?ne day& some Yadva children went at the bank o river +armada where sage Kanva was doing penance. 1amba was one o those Yadava children. (e disguised himsel as a pregnant woman by keeping a pestle under his clothes. All the yadava children then went near 1age Kanva and asked him as to when was the pregnant woman supposed to deliver a child.1age Kanva uriously cursed them that the whole clan o yadavas would be liHuidated because o that very pestle. All the children were scarred and told 1ri Krishna about the mistake they had made. 1ri Krishna ordered that the iron pestle be crushed to powder and be thrown into a pond. But& that was not the end o the matter& as long reeds grew all around the pond. ,he reeds had very sharp edges. A ish swallowed a small part o that iron pestle and was subseHuently caught by a owler& who retrieved that iron3piece rom the ish and i/ed it on the top o his arrow. *n course o time all the Yadavas developed enemity among themselves and killed each other with those sharp3 edged reeds. ?nce& 1ri Krishna was taking rest under the shade o AKalpaA tree. ,he owler mistook his pink oot to be that o a deer and pierced it with his arrow. Chen the owler arrived at the spot he ound 1ri Krishna in an in9ured condition. ,he owler regretted his action and begged or 1ri KrishnaAs pardon. 1ri Krishna consoled the owler by saying that he had committed no crime. @eanwhile& Daruk arrived there on his chariot. 1ri Krishna instructed Daruk to call Ar9una as soon as possible. Ar9una arrived at the site within a short time. 1ri Krishna told Ar9una33A,he time or my inal departure has arrived. Elease call all my eight Hueen consorts.A Ar9una rushed towards Dwarka to summon the Hueens but 1ri Krishna had already le t or his heavenly abode be ore he could come back with the Hueens. Ar9una in ormed the Hueens about 1ri KrishnaAs in9ury. *n a short time the news spread like a wild ire and all the residents o Dwarka rushed towards the site o incident. A ter reaching there& the eight Hueen consorts o Krishna ound that their beloved husband had already departed. All o them gave up their lives and united with 1ri Krishna. ,he great Yadavas like Vasudev& %grasena and Akrur ollowed suit. Balaram could not bear the sorrow caused by 1ri KrishnaAs separation and he gave up his li e. (is wi e33 "evati entered the burning pyre with her husbandAs body in her lap. 1imilarly all the rest o 1ri KrishnaAs amily members like "ukmiAs daughter& Eradyumna& %sha and Aniruddha le t or heavenly abode. Ar9una per ormed the last rite o all the dead Yadavas.-ventually& Dwaraka got submerged into the ocean. ,hus& 1ri Krishna a ter having liberated the earth rom all the sinners le t his mortal body. A ter completing his story Lord @ahadeva told Earvati that 1ri Krishna takes incarnation whenever there is predominance o sin or sinners. (e also revealed to her that 1ri Krishna would incarnate as Kalki at the ag end o Kalkiyuga to liHuidate the AmlechchhasA.

;.8.;6 "ituals o Vishnu Corship

Describing about the rituals connected with the worship o lord Vishnu& lord @ahaddeva told Earvati33 A devotee can worship Lord Vishnu by making his idol. ,his mode o worship is known as A1thapitaA (installation o an idol). ,here are also some sacred places related with lord Vishnu which are called A1wayam3VyakataA (sel mani ested) like *ndradyumna 1arovar& (Kurma sthan)& Kashi& Erayag& Dwarka& +aimisharanya& @athura etc. *n all these holy places& Lord Vishnu had mani ested himsel . A devotee should get up early in the morning and per orm AaachamanA. (e should then chant the holy name o Lord Vishnu. (e should take his bath and sit down to worship Lord Vishnu.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

A devotee should install idols o La/mi3+arayana on a beauti ul pedestal and adorn it with lowers. (e should then make o erings o various articles like akshat& ruits& lowers& etc. to the deity. Chile worshipping& it is most necessary that a devotee ollowes the rituals as mentioned in the ancient scriptures like 1hruti& 1mriti& Vedas etc. (e should chant the shlokas o Eurush31ukta as well as the cryptic mantra or the accomplishment o A1hodashopacharA. (e should light a ghee lamp and make o erings o articles like camphor and betel leaves to Lord Vishnu. Chile making o erings in the sacri icial3 ire& chanting o a shloka either rom Eurushsukta or 1hrisukta is madatory. ,here are some speci ic days which are considered to be specially auspicious or the worship o lord Vishnu33 Amavasya& 1aturday& 1olar eclipse& lunar eclipse etc.

;.8.;; Lord Vishnu ! ,he Almighty Bod

Describing about the superiority o Lord Vishnu among the trinity BodsA 1age Vashishth narrated the ollowing tale33During ancient times& 1wayambhuva manu had once gone to @andarachal mountain to per orm a yagya. @any scholars and learned men had come to attend that yagya. Very soon& they got into a debate as to who was the supreme among all the deities. 1ome o them eulogised the greatness o Brahma& while some said that lord 1hiva was the greatest o all the deities. Dailing to come to any conclusion all o them reHuested 1age Bhrigu to ind out as to who was the greatest among the trinity Bods. 1age Bhrigu went to meet Lord 1hiva at Kailash mountain. (e saw +andi standing guard at the main entrance. 1age Bhrigu arrogantly ordered +andi to in orm Lord 1hiva o his arrival. +andi re used to comply with BhriguAs command. 1age Bhrigu cursed Lord 1hiva by saying33Your master3 1hiva& would bear the conseHuences o showing disrespect to me. Drom today onwards people would make o erings o orbidden articles to him.A 1age Bhrigu then went to meet Lord Brahma. A ter reaching Brahmaloka& he made salutations to lord Brahma.Lord Brahma also did not give any respect to 1age Bhrigu and neglected him. 1age Bhrigu became urious and cursed Lord Brahma333ABeing into/icated by your "a9oguna& you have shown disrespect to me. Drom today onwards people will not worhsip you.A 1age Bhrigu then went to meet Lord Vishnu at his abode3 Ksheersagar. (e did not have any problem in reaching the place where Lord Vishnu was taking rest on 1heshnag& engrossed in his yoganidra. Boddess La/mi was pressing VishnuAs legs with total devotion. 1age Bhrigu kicked Lord Vishnu on his chest. Lord Vishnu woke up and seeing sage Bhrigu said333A? Breat Brahmin$ Your tender oot must have got hurt because o my chest& which is as hard as Va9ra. (ow blessed * am to have been touched by a brahminAs oot.A Lord Vishnu got up and eulogised 1age Bhrigu. ,his gesture o Lord Vishnu made 1age Bhrigu cry in 9oy. +ow& he was convinced as to who was the supreme among all the three deities.1age Bhrigu returned to @andarachal mountain where all the sages were an/iously waiting or him. (e declared33 ALord Brahma is the possesser o "a9oguna& while Lord 1hiva possesses tamoguna. ?nly Lord Vishnu is the proud possessor o 1atvaguna and hence (e is the supreme among all three o them.A A ter inishing his tale& 1age Vashishth told the sages that anybody who worships Lord Vishnu with complete aith and total devotion become liberated rom all his sins. A devotee o Lord Vishnu attains to Vishnu Loka a ter his death.

;.8.;7 Earashuram
Describing Lord VishnuAs incarnation as Earshuram& Lord @ahadeva told Earvati331age #amadagni came rom the lineage o Bhrigu. (e had pleased *ndra by his tremendous penance and received 1urabhi cow in return. *n course o time he married the daughter o king "enuk whose name was "enuka. A child was born to them& who was named A"amA by 1age Bhrigu. ,he child was also known as A#amadganyaA because o #amdagni. A ter growing up& "am became pro icient in all the scriptures. (e also mastered various weaponaries. ?ne day& the king o (aihaya named Ar9un arrived at the hermitage o #amadagni. 1age #amdagni treated the king with due honour and respect. (e presented numerous gi ts to the king. Ar9un wanted nothing else but the 1urabhi33cow rom 1age #amdagni which he was unwilling to part away with. %ltimately& Ar9un orcibly took away the divine cow. ,he cow was unwilling to go alongwith Ar9un and she attacked his army with her sharp horns. As a result& Ar9unAs whole army was liHuidated within no time.,he revenge ul Ar9un killed #amadagni. At the time o this incident. "am was not present in the hermitage. "am wanted to avenge his atherAs death and did a tremendous penance to please Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu became pleased by his devotion and presented many divine weapons to him. ,he weapons included the amous
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

a/e33Earshu and Vaishnav3bow. A ter acHuiring Earshu rom Lord Vishnu& "am became amous as Earshuram. (e had vowed to kill all the Kshatriyas& which he did only& the clan o *kshavaku was spared by him as he had promised his mother that he would not harm *kshavaku and his clan. A ter reeing the earth rom the terror o Kshatriyas& Earshuram per ormed an Ashwamedha yagya and donated his whole kingdom& to the brahmins. (e then went to do penance at the hermitage o +ar3+arayan. '"D O> P*D,* P$#*"

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

3 .ishnu Purana
,his Eurana has I >hapters (I Earts) as ollows5 Part 1! Describes the creation o the universe& birth o the gods and the demons& Eralaya& churning o the sea& tales o the devotee DhruvaK killing o (iranyakashipu etc. Part 2! >ontains the description o Eriyavrata)s sons and Bharat dynasty. *t also has a geographical description o #ambu dweep& Bharat varsh& 1hatdweep& Eatal (the hades)& the sun and the planets& chariot o the sun& origin o the Banges etc. Part 3! >ontains a detailed description o @anavantaras& Kalpa& Veda Vyasa& religion and the caste system etc. *t also has a description o the origin o Buddhism. Part &! ?rigin o Brahmanand Daksha etc. Birth o Eururava& marriage o Balarama with "evati. Birth o *kshavaku. Kukutstha dynasty. ,ale o Yuvanashva and 1aubhari. 1arpvinasha mantra. A +arayana dynasty& Birth o 1agar. Ashwamedha by 1agar. Descendence o the Banges through the penance o Bhagirath. Birth o Lord "ama. Yagya o Vishwamitra& birth o 1ita& tales o >handra dynasty. Abduction o ,ara& ?rigin o Agnitrayo& birth o Dhanvantri and his clan. Cars with the demons& clan o +ahush& tale o Yayati& Yadu dynasty. Birth o Kartveerya Ar9un. ,ales o Krishna)s birth& marriage o Krishna with #ambvanti and 1atyabhama. 1alvation o 1hishupaal. ?ver population o Yaduvanshis. Birth o Karna and his ind him by Adhirath. #aname9aya dynasty and origin o Bharat. >lans o #ahnu and Eandu. >lan o Earikshit and royal dynasties o the uture. Duture generation o *kshvaku dynasty. Duture generation o Brihad dynasty. Duture generations o Eradyot dynasty. Kingdom o +and. Advent o Kali Yuga and description o royal dynasties o Kali Yuga. Part (! @arriage o Vasudev and Devaki. *ncarnation o Lord Vishnu to kill Kansa. Arrival o Yagmaya in Yashoda womb and o the Lord in Devaki)s womb. Birth o Lord Krishna& carrying o Krishna to Bokul& Dialogue o @ahamaya with Kansa& acHuiring o de ensive stance by Kansa. "eleasing o Vasudeva and Devaki. Killing o Eutana. Killing o 1hakat. +aming o Krishna and Balarama. (umiliation o Kaliya. Killing o Dhenukasura& killing o Eralamb& description o estival devoted to *ndra& worshipping o Bovardhana& arrival o *ndra& killing o Arishtakasura. Arrival o +arad in Kansa)s court. Killing o Keshi& Arrival o Akrur in Vrindavana. Arrival o Lord Krishna in @athura. Lord Krishna)s mercy on Kub9a. Arrival o Lord Krishna in amphi3theatre and killing o Kansa. >oronation o %grasena& bringing o 1udharma in @athura& de eat o #arasandha& birth o Kalayavan& killing o Kalayavan. Vrindavan tour by Balarama& getting o Varuni by Balarama. Abduction o "ukmani& abduction o Eradyumna& getting o Eradyumna by @ayavati& killing o 1hambar by Eradyumna& killing o "ukmi by Balarama& getting o si/teen thousand Hueens by Lord Krishna. Abduction o Eari9at. Dight with *ndra. Begging or pardon by *ndra. @igration to Dwarka& bow battle. ,elling o dream by %sha& abduction o Aniruddha& ight with Lord 1hiva& amputation o Bana by Lord Krishna& killing o Kashira9 Eaundraka. Eutting o Varanasi on lames. Abduction o Lakshmana. Eresentation o 1amb be ore the sages as an e/pecting mother. ?rigin o pestle. Destruction o Yadu vansha. Ascendence o Lord Krishna to heaven& beginning o Kali Yuga& preaching o Ar9un by Vyasa. >oronation o Earikshit. Part -! Description o religion in Kali Yuga. Description o the importance o Kali Yuga& 1hudra and women olk by Vyasa. Description o Kalpa. Description o a day o Brahma. Eosition o Brahma in Eralaya. +atural disasters. Di erent kinds o sorrows. ,orturing in hell. Awakening o Brahma& Ereaching o Yoga. ,ale o Keshidhwa9a. Killing o the religion and the cow. (olding o counsel by Khandikya. 1el knoweldge. "idicules o body3 spiritualism. =uerries o Yoga. Brahmagyana (Vedas). >oncepts o tangible3intangible appearances o Bod. 1alvation o Khandikya and Keshidhwa9a. -/cellence o Vishnu Eurana. Virtues o Lord Vishnu)s names. "esults o hearing Lord)s name.


0hapter 1 (Part 1%

,his chapter contains 6I sections.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

7.6.6 *ntroduction and ?rigin o the %niverse rom Basic -lements

1age Earashar& the e/ponent o Vishnu Euraan had narrated this grand treatise to @aitreya. 1age 1uta inherited it rom @aitreya. ,he te/t presented here is a narration by 1uta. 1uta says3 ?ne day& @aitreya greeted sage Earashar and said3 PBurudev& you have studied all the scriptures. * wish to hear the tale o universe)s origin rom you. (ow will be the ages that are about to comeL Chat is the reason or this whole creationL Cho created itL Chere did it e/istL Chom did it mingle withL And with whom it will annihilate eventuallyL Apart rom these& * also wish to hear about the e/pansion o athomless sky& origin o ocean and mountains& origin o earth& e/pansion o the 1un& division o time in our ages& Eralay& religion& sages& kings& creation o Vedas by Vedavyasa& origin o our classes in our society and system o our Ashrams in one)s li e.P Earashar says5 P@aitreya& you have reminded me today o the description once made by my grand ather Vashishta. Chen * learnt that the monster& which was created by Vishwamitra& had devoured my ather& * grew Huite angry and started a Yagya to destroy all the monsters. ,he Yagya destroyed such a large number o monsters that the whole race began to ace the ear o e/tinction. @y grand ather consoled me that too much anger was not good and that all the monsters could not be blamed or my ather)s death. According to my grand ather my ather was sure to ace such a ate ultimately. ?nly the ools get angry. A human being bears the ruit o his deeds himsel . ? son$ Anger destroys all the virtues o penance. (ence& ascetics always shun anger. (ence& stop this Yagya or orgiving has always been the virtue o ascetics.P ,hus& convinced by my grand ather& * stopped the Yagya. At the same time& Brahma)s son& Eulastya& arrived there and said3 PDespite your anger& you orgave the monsters when convinced by your grand ather Vashishta. You will learn all the scriptures and give commentaries on Euraans. You will also learn the real appearance o the godsP. Vashishta also endorsed these words o Eulastya. P? @aitreya$ +ow * narrate to you& the whole contents o Euraan. ,his whole universe has originated rom Lord Vishnu. *t is e/isting within (im and will annihilate in (im eventually.P Earashar says5 P,he trinity o Brahma& Vishnu and @ahesh is also known as the creator& the preserver and the destroyer. All o them salve the devotees. All o them have eHual importance. 1till& preserver who osters and protects all the living beings is ar more signi icant. * salute to (im and narrate the tale that was once narrated by Brahma to all the Dakshas. Dakshas had narrated this tale to the King Eurukutsa at the bank o the river +armada. *n turn& Eurukutsa narrated this tale to 1araswat who narrated it to me.P P? Brahmin$ Lord is eternal and endless. (ence& origin o universe& its e/istence and annihilation are also unending processes. During the period o Eralay& the nature e/ists in a state o eHuilibrium. *t is during this period that Eurush (masculine orces o creation) separates rom Erakriti ( eminine orces o creation) and Kaalroop o Vishnu (eternal& unending orm o the Lord) is mani ested. Lord Vishnu is beyond all the bonding o li e like birth& growth& intelligence& senses& decay and death. Eurush is the irst appearance o Lord Vishnu. Erakriti is the mani estation o (is action while Kaalroop is (is supreme appearance.P During the Eralay& there was neither day nor night& neither earth nor sky and neither darkness nor light. At the subsidence o Eralay& with (is desire& the Lord entered the Eurush who is beyond all bonding. (is entry stimulated the process o creation. Dirst o all& a single great element originated encompassing all the other lesser elements. Drom this great element originated three egos3 1attvic& "a9as and ,aamas. ,aamas created sky with sound as the main virtue. ,he sky then created the sense o touch. ,ouch produced air. (ence& touch is the main eature o airK no one can see air but only have an e/perience o it through touch. Air created "oop& which gave birth to ire with "oop as its main virtue. Dire gave birth to taste. ,aste produced water with taste as its main property. Drom water originated scent& which produced earth with scent as the main eature. ,hese senses have no special e/pression. ,he ego "a9as produced ten sense organs whereas the ruling deities o these organs were produced by 1attvic ego. ,hus& the ten deities who rule ten sense organs and the eleventh entity mind are 1attvic in nature. 1kin& eyes& ears& nose and tongue3 these ive organs aid the mind in its unction. ? @aitreya$ Anus& se/ organs& hands& legs and speech organs are the ive organs that help in action. Corks like e/cretion& reproduction& movement and speech are carried out with the help o these ive organs. All the ive elements like sky& air& ire& water and earth are ull o emotions. (ence& they are also known to have a special signi icance. All these elements have di erent and distinct powers. Cithout their combination& creation o the universe was impossible. *n the beginning& all these elements were present in the great ball or egg& which came into e/istence
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

because o the inspiration o the Lord. As this ball increased in si:e& it ormed the base as Erakriti in which& Lord Vishnu (imsel entered as (iranyagarbh. Chen the universe comes into e/istence& Lord Vishnu osters it till the end o Kalpa. At the end o Kalpa& Lord Vishnu (imsel devours the entire physical elements in "udra appearance. During that time& (e inundates the entire universe and (imsel sleeps on 1hesha in Ksheersagar. Chen he awakes once again& (e begins the process o creation in the appearance o Brahma.

7.6.; Birth o Brahma and 1alvation o -arth by Varaha

At the end o the previous Kalpa& when Brahma awakened rom his long slumber& he saw all the worlds devoid o everything. Cith a desire to salve the earth rom the depth o un athomable inundation& (e took the appearance o Varaha. -ntering the water& (e reached Eaataaloka. 1eeing (im& the earth prayed (im with respect. (earing her prayers& the Lord roared with rightening sound. ,hen& (e supported the earth on (is great incisors and came out rom the abysmal depth. Chen (e was rising& (is breath produced big sprays o water& which drenched sinless sages while the orce o (is breath rightened common creatures. Chen the Lord emerged rom the water& all the sages prayed (im with reverence and respect. Very soon& the Lord installed the earth at a position ar above the unending stretches o water. ,hen& Lord carved out the topographical eatures on earth and divided it into many divisions and created all the our worlds. ,hen Lord Vishnu in the guise o Brahma carried out the process o creation. As soon as Brahma thought o creation& ,amoguni ( ull o darkness) creatures were the irst to appear. Absence o knowledge and presence o evils like attachment& anger etc. were the main virtues o these creatures. ,hese creatures include lower organisms& trees& shrubs& creepers& plants and grasses. ,hese together constitute the primitive world. ,heir creation was ollowed by the appearance o animals and birds& which are devoid o wisdom and are ull o ego. ,hey are also unaware o the nature o another organism o their status. 1till unsatis ied with (is creation& Lord created the ne/t world& which has a somewhat elevated position. ,he living beings that were produced in this world had internal and e/ternal knowledge& power o re lection and loved physical com orts. ,hough this creation pleased the Lord& (e was still unsatis ied. 1o (e created the ne/t world& which was situated at a somewhat lower position. ,his new world had e/cess o all the three virtues. (uman beings populate this world and because o e/cess o vices& they are ull o sorrow but at the same time& highly active& have internal and e/ternal knowledge and are able to attain their goals. ,he irst ew creations had resulted rom the thoughts o the Lord. Dor the creation o the gods& the demons& Eitraganas& human beings and water& the Lord decided to use (is body. ,hus& the demons were the irst to emerge rom (is thighs. ,he Lord then shed (is dark body& which ormed the night. ,hen rom (is mouth& the Lord produced the gods who had 1attvic virtues. ,he Lord then shed (is 1attvic body as well rom which the day came into being. *t is also the reason why the gods acHuire more strength in day and the demons are stronger during nights. ,hen the Lord acHuired yet another body and behaved like Eitraganas to produce Eitraganas be ore shedding that body too& which gave rise to the dusk3 the twilight between the day and the night. ,herea ter& the Lord acHuired a new body with "a9as virtue rom which the human beings were produced. Chen the Lord shed that "a9as body it ormed dawn3 the twilight between the night and the day. *t also e/plains why the human beings are stronger at dawn and Eitraganas at dusk. ,hen the Lord assumed yet another body with "a9as virtues and produced desire rom it. ,he desire gave birth to lust. 1taying in the darkness then& the Lord created the world& which is ull o desire and lust. *n that world& many ugly looking human beings& who had long beard and moustache appeared and ran towards (im. Among those who said& 'Erotect him) came to be known as "aakshas (demons) and those who said& 'Ce will eat him) came to be known as Yakshas. ,hen the angry Lord produced aggressive carnivores. ,herea ter& the singing Lord produced Bandharvas. ,hus& by turns& the Lord produced birds& sheep& goat& cow& horse& elephant& donkey& deer& camel& pony rom (is age& chest& mouth& belly and eet respectively. Drom the innumerable body hair o the Lord& ruits& lowers and herbs were produced. Drom (is east3 acing head& Lord produced Bayatri mantra& "igveda& and Yagyas. Drom (is south3 acing head& (e produced Ya9urveda. Drom west3 acing head& (e produced 1amaveda and rom (is north3 acing head& (e produced Atharvaveda.

7.6.7 Divisions o -arth and ?rigin o >ereals

Cith the desire o creating the world& Brahma produced di erent kinds o human beings rom his di erent organs. ,hus& rom his mouth& Brahmins appeared. Kshatriyas appeared rom his chest& Vaishyas rom his thighs and rom his eet& 1hudras appeared. ,hus& physical body is the greatest means or human beings in order to achieve
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

his goals. Cith time& the human beings lost their divine virtues and per ections. #ealousy& sorrow& decay and in ighting began to rise among the people. *n order to earn their livelihood and run their li e peace ully& the human beings developed agriculture and other handicra ts. P? sage$ Eaddy& barley& wheat& lesser cereals& sesame& millet& rice& peas& pulses& beans& rye& gram and hemp are common agricultural produce that have edible as well as medicinal values in the villages. ,hese and other produce are also used as oblations in the Yagyas because all o them have produced as a result o Yagyas. Eer orming Yagyas daily is the most virtuous e/ercise that every human being should undertake. ,his destroys the sins committed by common people.P

7.6.F Birth o Era9apatis and their Erogeny

At one point& the process o creation got saturated and no increase took place in the number o living beings. ,hen& with a desire o continuing the creation& Lord created nine sages rom (is thought. ,hen he produced nine daughters and handed them over as the wives to those nine sages. Chen initially produced sons o Brahma took to asceticism& (e got very much in uriated. (is anger was enough to burn all the three worlds. Drom this anger& "udra originated who was shining like the 1un. "udra had appeared in hal 3masculine and hal 3 eminine orm. *mmediately a ter (is appearance& "udra separated (is body into eleven male parts and eleven emale parts. ,hen 1wayambhu @anu appeared rom the body o Brahma. (e agreed to ollow Brahma)s dictate o continuing creation. (e got a woman 1hatrupa who had also appeared along with him. ,ogether they begot two sons& Eriyavrata and %taanpaad and two daughters& Erasooti and Aakooti. ,hese two daughters were married to Daksha and Era9apati respectively. Era9apati and Aakooti gave birth to twins& Yagya and Dakshina. Yagya and Dakshina got married and produced twelve sons who later on came to be known as Yaam& the gods. Daksha and Erasooti produced twenty3 our daughters& thirteen o which were married to Dharma. ,he remaining eleven daughters were married to Bhrigu& 1hiva& @arichi& Angira& Eulastya& Eulaha& Kratu& Atri& Vashishta& Agni and Eitars. Drom his thirteen wives& Dharma produced Kama& Darpa& +iyam& 1antosh& Lobha& 1hrut& Dand& +aya& Vinay& Bodh& Vyavasaay& Kshema& 1ukh and Yash. Kama got married to "ati and produced (arsh. Darpa married (insa and produced a son Anrit and a daughter +ikriti. Anrit and +ikriti got married and produced Bhaya and +arak and their wives @aya and Vedana. @aya produced @rityu& the destroyer o all the creatures in the world. Vedana produced a son& Dukh. @rityu produced Vyadhi& #ara& 1hok& ,rishna and Krodh. ,hese are all the ierce appearances o Lord Vishnu and cause Eralay. ,he omnipresent eternal Bod creates this world in the orm o @anus& protects it and ultimately destroys it. ,here are our kinds o Eralay3 +aimittik& Erakritik& Aatyantik and +itya. Among them& +aimittik is Brahma Eralay during which Bod takes a nap. During Erakritik Eralay& the universe annihilates in nature. Annihilation o Yogi in the 1upreme Being is Aatyantik Eralay and a decay o physical elements that continues day and night is +itya Eralay.

7.6.8 >reation o "udra and ?mnipresence o La/mi

*n the beginning o Kalpa when Brahma was thinking about a son& who would be like him in virtues& a boy with reddish3blue body appeared in his lap. Brahma addressed the boy with names like "udra& Bhava& 1hiv& *bhaan& Eashupati& Bheema& %gra and @ahadev. Brahma also i/ed 1urya& water& earth& air& ire& sky& Dikshit (graduate scholar) Brahmin and the @oon (is abode. 1ince then& all these things idolise 1hiv. ,hese eleven idols o 1hiv have wives like 1uvarchala& %sha& Vikeshi& Apara& 1hiva& 1waha& Disha and "ohini. 1hanaishchar& 1hukra& Lohitaang& @ano9av& 1kand& 1arg& 1antaan and Buddh are the sons o these idols respectively. "udra (imsel got 1ati& the daughter o Daksha Era9apati as (is wi e. 1ati had committed sel 3immolation because o the disrespect that her ather had shown or her husband. *n her ne/t birth& she had appeared as Earvati& the daughter o (imalaya and @aina. Earvati too got married to 1hiv. Khyaati got married to Bhrigu and gave birth to two sons Dhata and Vidhaata and a daughter Lakshmi. Lakshmi then married Lord Vishnu. @aitreya says 3 P? sage$ *t is heard that Lakshmi was produced rom Ksheersagar during the churning o the sea but you say that Lakshmi was the daughter o Bhrigu and Khyaati. (ow is it possibleLP Earashar says3 P? great Brahmin$ Lakshmi who never separates rom the Lord is (ersel eternal like (im. But
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

still& as you have e/pressed your doubt& * will narrate you the real story.P ,he amous short3tempered sage Durvaasa is a partial incarnation o 1hankar. ?ne day& he was wandering on the earth when all o a sudden& he happened to see an e/tremely divine beauty. 1he was wearing a garland o beauti ul lowers. ,he sage reHuested the beauty to give him that garland. 1he presented the garland respect ully to the sage. ,he sage adorned the garland on his head and began to wander again. "ight at that moment& he saw *ndra riding on Airaavat and going somewhere in the procession o the gods. *nstinctively& sage Durvaasa put that garland around the neck o *ndra but *ndra removed it and put it on Airaavat)s head. Airaavat pulled the garland with his trunk and smashed it on the ground. ,his whole seHuence o events in uriated Durvaasa who cursed *ndra. P? *ndra$ You are so inebriated with your lu/uries that you dared to insult my humble gi t. (ence& all your splendour shall be destroyed. You will lose all your wealth.P *ndra at once descended rom the elephant and began to reHuest sage Durvaasa. Durvaasa said3 P*ndra$ Dorgiveness has no place in my personality. 1o& all your repenting is meaningless.P 1aying this& sage Durvaasa departed rom the scene and *ndra to le t or Amravati. Very soon& the curse began to show its in luence. Cith the loss o *ndra)s lu/uries& all the verdancy on the earth too began to wane. (ermits too began to give up Yagyas. All the human beings began to be guided by greed and gave up pious virtues. And at a place where pious virtues have no room& Lakshmi too doesn)t stay there. 1he made her abode in the abysmal depth o the sea. Very soon& the demons launched an attack on the gods and drove them out o heaven. *ndra along with other gods approached Brahma and told him the whole thing. Brahma suggested them to take re uge at Lord Vishnu. (e assured them also that Lord Vishnu would de initely protect them. Brahma even accompanied the gods to Lord Vishnu. ,here& they together prayed Lord Vishnu and intimated (im about their ordeal. Eleased by their prayers& Lord Vishnu appeared be ore them and said3 P* will de initely help you regain your splendour. Eresently& do what * say. You reconcile with the demons and convince them to carry out the churning o the sea. ,hen bring all kinds o herbs and put them in the sea. Cith the help o the demons and using @andaraachal as churner and Vaasuki& the +aag as the rope to carry out the churning o the sea. ,hus& you will recover ambrosia drinking which& all o you will become immortal and regain your strength.P Dollowing the advice o Lord Vishnu& the gods reconciled with the demons and convinced them to carry out the churning o the sea. ,hey together procured all kinds o herbs and put them in the sea. ,hen they began the churning using @andaraachal @ountain. As soon as the churning began& @andaraachal began to sink. Lord Vishnu took incarnation o Kachchhap (the great tortoise) and bore the weight o the mighty mountain on (is back. During the churning& Kamadhenu& the wish ul cow was the irst to emerge. *t was presented to the sages as an aid or their Yagyas. *t was ollowed by the damsel& Vaaruni& Kalpavriksha (the wish ul tree) a ter which& beauti ul elves appeared. ,he @oon ollowed the elves and was taken up by 1hiva on (is orehead. During the churning& huge Huantity o poison had also emerged. *t was drunk by Lord 1hiva and some parts o it were taken up by the serpents. *n the end& Dhanvantari himsel emerged rom the sea carrying the urn o ambrosia. *t was during the churning itsel that Lakshmi appeared once again rom the sea holding lotuses in her hands. All the sages prayed her. ,hen taking bath with divine water& goddess Lakshmi took her seat in the heart o Lord Vishnu. Chen the demons saw that Lakshmi had chosen Lord Vishnu)s heart as her abode& they got perple/ed. ,hey at once snatched the urn rom Dhanvantari and ran away. ,hen a row broke out among them over the drinking o ambrosia. -ach o the demons wanted to drink ambrosia in ma/imum Huantity. @eanwhile& Lord Vishnu also arrived there in the guise o an e/tremely pretty woman @ohini and took possession o the urn. @ohini had pleased the demons with her sweet smile while distributing ambrosia among the gods. ,hus& the gods came to drink ambrosia. Chen at last& the demons realised that they had been cheated they immediately attacked the gods. But since the gods had regained their strength& they soon de eated the demons without much ado. A terwards& the gods prayed Lord Vishnu and returned to heaven to rule it. ,he world also regained its verdancy. A ter regaining his splendour& com orts and lu/uries o the heaven& *ndra prayed goddess Lakshmi with devotion and respect. Eleased by the prayers o *ndra& Lakshmi asked him to seek a boon. *ndra said3 P? goddess$ * you are pleased with me& kindly bless me with a boon that irst you will never desert this world and also that you will never desert those who worship you with this prayer.P Lakshmi granted these boons.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

,hus& Lakshmi had appeared as the daughter o Bhrigu and his wi e Khyaati. ,hen second time& she emerged rom beneath the sea during its churning. ,hus& whenever Lord Vishnu takes an incarnation& Lakshmi accompanies (im. Chen Bod appears in divine orm& she too takes a divine appearance. Chen Bod appears in human orm& Lakshmi appears in human orm also.

7.6.I Dhruv)s @igration to the Dorest

1wayambhu @anu had two sons3 Eriyavrata and %taanpaad. %taanpaad had two wives3 1uruchi and 1uniti. 1uruchi had a son3 %ttam while 1uniti had also a son3 Dhruv. King %taanpaad loved 1uruchi more than he loved 1uniti. ?ne day the king was sitting on the throne. Erince %ttam was playing in his lap. @eanwhile Dhruv also arrived there and insisted to play in the lap o his ather. At his insistence& Hueen 1uruchi ridiculed that as he was not born to her he had no right to the king)s love& Q Pso your insistence is useless. ,hough you are also a son o this king but this throne belongs to my son. Don)t you know that you have been born to 1uniti.P Betting angry over his stepmother)s ridicules& Dhruv went to his mother. 1uniti consoled her son and enHuired about the reason or his anger. Dhruv narrated the whole thing to his mother. 1uniti too got perple/ed and said5 P? son$ 1uniti speaks the truth but you don)t worry or no one can do away the virtues o your deeds that you per ormed in your previous birth. (ence you should not eel sorry over such petty things. * you eel really sorry by the words o your stepmother why don)t you try to gather virtuesL Chy don)t you try to be a gentle and altruistic personLP ,hus consoled by mother Dhruv said3 P@other$ 1ince now onwards& * will do every such thing so that * may attain the most respected position in the world. * am no longer desirous o getting a position granted by others. * will achieve the same position as my ather has.P 1aying this Dhruv le t the palace and the town and reached a dense orest. 1even @unishwars (mendicants) were already present in the orest. Dhruv greeted them all and said very politely3 P? great sages$ * am the prince Dhruv. King %taanpaad is my ather and his younger Hueen 1uniti is my mother. * have arrived here out o desperation.P ,he sages said3 P? prince$ You are 9ust a small boy. You have no reason to be worried because your ather is still alive and neither you have any disease. Chat then caused you such a severe desperationLP Dhruv narrated the whole events and also that how his stepmother 1uruchi ridiculed about his in erior position in the palace. ,he sages said3 P? prince$ Kindly tell us whatever you have decided to do to change your destiny and also tell us i we can help you in any way.P Dhruv said3P? sages$ * neither long or wealth or or the kingdom. * simply long to en9oy such a position that nobody have ever en9oyed earlier. Kindly help me and guide me what * should do to attain such a position.P @arichi said3P? prince$ +obody can attain such an unparalleled position without the worship o Bovind (an epithet o Lord Vishnu)& so you also worship that eternal 1upreme Being.P Atri said3 P(e who is ar above the tangible can only satis y (im and bring you that supreme position.P Angira said3PBo and worship Bovind who holds the entire universe within (im.P Eulastya said3P-ven the wretched people attain the rare salvation worshipping (ari.P Eulaha said3PBo and worship that Vishnu worshipping whom even *ndra attained the position o the gods) king.P Kratu said3 PBo and worship #anardana who is supreme& who is deity o the Yagyas and Yagya (imsel .P Vashishta said3P? son$ You will attain whatever you wish by worshipping Lord Vishnu.P Dhruv said 3 P? sages$ At my prayers all o you told me about whom * should worship. +ow kindly tell me what should * do to please the Lord.P ,he sages said3 P*t is imperative or a person& who wishes to worship Lord Vishnu that irst o all& he should e/pel all other menial thoughts rom his mind and replace them with the contemplation Lord alone. ? prince$ ,hus
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

concentrate on that omnipotent eternal Lord with the mantra 1 ?O, "*,O )+*5=*T' .**S$D'.**3@ . Your grand ather 1wayambhu @anu had himsel recited this mantra during the previous age and had received the per ection o his desire rom the Lord. 1o you too go and recite the same mantra in order to please Lord Vishnu.P

7.6.< Dhruv Eleases Bod with his Eenance

,he prince Dhruv greeted the sages and continued on his 9ourney. At last& he reached a beauti ul orest @adhuvan on the bank o the river Yamuna. *t was the same orest& which was later occupied by a demon @adhu. 1hatrughana& the youngest brother o Lord "ama had killed the demon Lavan& the son o @adhu in the same orest and ounded the township o @athura. *n the same orest& prince Dhruv decided to carry out his penance. As per the dictate o the sages& he began to recite the mantra continuously. Very soon& the earth began to move because o Dhruv)s severe penance. -ven the seat o *ndra could not remain stable. A stampede resulted among the gods. ,he gods then hatched a conspiracy to disturb the penance. According to the plan an illusionary image o 1uniti& Dhruv)s mother appeared be ore him and pleaded 3 P? son$ Elease stop this severe penance that is bound to decay your body. * got you a ter great desires and worship. *t is not proper or you to take your stepmother)s words so seriously and desert your real mother. You are my only support. You are only our or ive years old. Eresently you should pay more attention to your plays and studies. Chy are you observing such a severe penance thenL ? son$ * you don)t give up your penance right now * will give my li e.P But Dhruv was so much sunk in the contemplation o Lord Vishnu that he did not hear the wailing o his mother.P (is mother then said3 P"un& ? son$ "un away to save your li e. Look$ Dormidable demons are approaching. ,hey are carrying lethal weapons.P 1uddenly that illusionary image blew out intense ire rom her mouth. ,hat ire took appearance o many dread ul monsters& who were shouting loudly like 'kill him)& 'eat him). ,hose monsters bore the heads o lion& camel& crocodile etc. and appeared e/tremely ormidable. ,he monsters were roaring loudly. But Dhruv)s mind was deeply in contemplation. (e neither saw the monsters or heard the noises made by them. ,hus& seeing their all attempts ailed. ,he gods decided to take re uge at Lord Vishnu. ,here they said3 P? Lord$ Ce have come to you perple/ed by the severe penance o Dhruv the son o %taanpaad. (is penance is increasing like a wa/ing @oon. Ce are not sure i he desires or the position o *ndra& 1urya& Kuber& Varun or any other deity. But kindly remove our ears.P Assuring the gods& the Lord said3 P,hat boy has no desire or attaining the position o any deity. But * will de initely grant him whatever he desires. But all o you need not worry.P ,he gods greeted the Lord and returned. %ltimately pleased by the severe penance o Dhruv& Lord Vishnu appeared be ore him in his ormal our3armed orm and said3 PDhruv$ @ay it all be well or you. * am very much pleased with you.P (earing these words Dhruv opened his eyes and to his ama:ement ound Lord Vishnu standing be ore him. Dor a moment he did not believe his eyes. 1tanding be ore him was the same Lord Vishnu whom he used to see in contemplation. Dor a moment& Dhruv orgot how to pray Bod. (e then took re uge o Bod and said3 P? Lord$ * you are pleased with me& kindly bless me with power to pray you. @y mind is e/hilarated with devotion or you. *t wishes to pray you.P (earing these words the Lord touched Dhruv with (is conch and as soon as it happened& an unbinding stream o devotional prayer sprang rom Dhruv)s mouth. At the completion o the prayer Lord Vishnu said3 P? son$ Your penance succeeds with my sight but my presenting a sight should also not go waste. 1o seek a boon o your desire.P Dhruv said3 P? Lord$ +othing is hidden rom your divine sight. * started this severe penance out o desperation caused by the harsh words o my stepmother. 1he had ridiculed my insistence o playing in my ather)s lap saying that as * was not born to her& * had no right to the king)s love. (ence& ? Lord$ * wish to attain such a position that could be the base o the entire universe.P Lord said3 P? son$ You were born in a Brahmin amily in your previous birth. ,hen you had pleased me by your abidance to the religion. You were also a riend o a prince and wished to en9oy the same royal lu/uries that your riend was en9oying. You had in act wished to be a prince. (ence ? son$ You are born as a prince in this birth. *t is rare to get a place in the lineage o 1wayambhu @anu. But this honour has no value or a devotee like you. ? son$ * will de initely accord you the position that is e/cellent among all the three worlds. *n uture you will be the base o all the planets and all the constellations. * grant you a i/ed position that is ar above the 1un& the @oon& the planets& constellations& 1aptarishis and all the gods who ly about in divine aircra t. Besides it& you will stay there or a complete Kalpa whereas even the gods do not stay in their position more than a single @anvantara.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Your mother 1uniti too will come to stay with you as a bright star or the same period o time. ,here she will stay on an aircra t. Eeople will see you with aith or you will show them the right direction.P ,hus receiving a boon rom Lord Vishnu& Dhruv occupied a i/ed position in the northern sky. -ven the sage like 1hukracharya praises Dhruv that how ortunate he is.... that even 1aptarishis go around himL ,hat pivotal position o Dhruv would continue even in the ages to come.

7.6.J ,ale o King Ven and Erithu

Earashar says3 P Cith the help o Dhruv& his wi e gave birth to two sons3 1ishti and Bhavya. 1ishti had ive sons3 "ipu& "ipun9ay& Vipra& Vikal and Vrikte9a. "ipu had a brilliant son >haakshush. >haakshush had a son @anu. @anu had sons3 Euru& Kuru& 1hatadyumna& ,apasvi& 1atyavaan& 1uchi& Agnishtome& Atiraatra& 1udyumna and Abhimanyu. Kuru had sons3 Anga& 1uman& Khyaati& Kratu& Angira and 1hivi. Anga had a son named Ven. ,he sages had churned the right hand o Ven to produce a son named Vainya. (e later on became renowned as Erithu. (e had even milked the earth or the bene it o his sub9ects.P @aitreya says3 PChy did the sages churn Ven)s handL Chat was their purpose o getting ErithuLP Earashar says3 P@rityu had his irst child as a daughter named 1unitha who was married to Anga. 1unitha had given birth to Ven. Ven had all the aults o his maternal grand ather @rityu and hence was devil3like in nature.P At the time o his coronation& Ven had declared3 P* am the Bod and the Yagyapurush. (ence& in uture& no one shall per orm Yagyas and donate Dakshina.P ,he sages praised him and said3 P? king$ Ce speak about the bene it o you and your sub9ects. ,hrough grand Yagyas& we shall worship omnipotent Lord (ari. ,hus pleased& he will grant all your desires. ? king$ *n the kingdom o which kings& Lord (ari is worshipped as the presiding deity o Yagyas& (e ul ils all their desires.P Ven said3 PCho is greater than me and even venerable& whom you regard as the presiding deity o the YagyasL All the deities like BrahmaK Vishnu& @ahesh& *ndra& Vayu etc. are present in the body o the king. (ence& the king has all the virtues o these deities. ,here ore& do what * say. 1uch as a woman)s duty is to serve her husband& similarly it is your duty o all o you to obey my dictate.P ,he sages tried to convince Ven repeatedly but in vain. At last& when he did not agree to their proposal& the sages killed him. *mmediately a ter killing the king& the sages saw the clouds o dust rising all around. *t was revealed to them upon enHuiry that the sub9ects o a king3less kingdom have resorted to plundering and looting each other and it was because o that stampede that clouds o dust were rising. ,he sages then churned the thighs o issue3less king and produced an ugly black man. (e was eeling e/cited and asked the sages what he should doL ,he sages asked him to +ishid (sit down)K hence he came to be known as +ishaad. (is progeny came to be known as +ishaadgana. Appearance o +ishaad did away with all the sins o Ven. ,he sages then churned Ven)s right hand and produced prowessive Erithu whose body was radiating like ire. As soon as he appeared& bow and arrow and shield o Lord 1hiva descended rom heaven and all the sub9ects elt e/treme 9oy. Cith the birth o such a pious son& Ven attained a position in the heaven. Dor the coronation o Erithu& Brahma himsel had appeared there with the water rom all the rivers and oceans& all kinds o gems and along with all the deities. Eresence o chakra in right hand o Erithu pleased Brahma. ,his chakra o Lord Vishnu is present in the hands o e/tremely dominating kings. 1uch a king remains una ected even by the gods. ,hus occupying the royal throne& King Erithu was a boon or his sub9ects. (e was so religious that the seas and mountains paved way or him. (is lag always remained resh and new. -ven there was no need to sow the seedsK the earth hersel provided all the cereals. >ows gave milk spontaneously and every lea o all the trees in the kingdom was ull o honey. *mmediately a ter his appearance& King Erithu organised a grand Yagya. At the time o 1omabhishek (bathing with grape3wine) during the Yagya& a man and a woman appeared rom the earth. ,he sages advised them to pray King Erithu. Cith olded hands they asked that the king had arrived moments be ore them. (is reputation had not spread ar and wide. Chy should then they pray such a kingL ,he sage said that they should pray the king or the great achievements he would attain in uture. King Erithu thought that it was because o merits that a man becomes praiseworthy. '(ence * will do e/actly the same things that this couple would recite during the prayers) thought the king. ,hus during the later course& king Erithu planted those virtues irmly in his conscience and ruled the earth. During his rule& he per ormed many great Yagyas.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

During the anarchy o his ather)s regime& all the vegetation had been destroyed rom all over the earth. ,here was nothing or the sub9ects to satis y their hunger with. 1o& they approached him and said3 P? great king$ Due to the anarchy o your ather)s regime& the earth had annihilated all the cereals within her. Your sub9ects have no choice but to starve. Kindly protect us rom this condition.P Eitiable condition o the sub9ects in uriated king Erithu. ,aking the divine weapons o Lord 1hiva& he ran a ter the earth. *n guise o the cow& the earth ran in all the three worlds but wherever she went she ound Erithu still chasing her. ,hus shivering with ear& she ultimately appeared be ore him and said3 P? king$ Don)t you see the sin in killing a helpless woman.P Erithu said3 P* killing a wretched person bene its scores o other people& there is no sin doing so.P ,he earth said3 PYou want to kill me in the interest o your sub9ects but think what will be the base o the sub9ect thenLP Erithu said3 PYou need not worry about that. * will mysel support my sub9ects.P ,hese words rightened the earth. 1he greeted the king and said3 P? king$ All the tasks started with a distinct purpose reach their completion success ully& so * am telling you a way out o the present condition. Do then& as you desire. * can give out all the herbs and cereals that * have annihilated in the orm o milk. 1o& or the bene it o the sub9ects& kindly produce such a cal or which * can give milk spontaneously with motherly eelings. You then provide me with a plain sur ace everywhere so that * can produce milk that is the seed o all the cereals and herbs.P King Erithu then uprooted many great mountains with his bow and arrow and stowed them at a single place. Be ore that there was no distinct demarcation o village& towns& cities etc. because o the plain sur ace o the earth and there was no distinct seHuence o cereals& cows& agriculture and trade. All this systems started rom the time o Erithu. 1ince then people began to populate those parts o the earth that were plain. Dor the bene it o his sub9ects& King Eritu himsel milked all the cereals rom earth making 1wayambhu @anu a cal . *t is the cereals that still sustain the entire population o the world. 1ince then King Erithu came to be known as the ather o earth because he had spared her li e.

7.6.G Birth o Erachin Barhi Corship o Bod by Erachetas

King Erithu had two sons3 Antardhaan and Vaadi who were very religious minded themselves. Antardhaan)s wi e 1hikhandi gave birth to *virdhaan. Erachin Barhi was the son o *virdhaan and his wi e& Bhishna. 1hukra& Baya& Krishna& Vri9 and A9in were their other sons. Erachin Barhi was a great osterer o his sub9ects. ,hrough continuous oblations& he increased his sub9ects to great limits. King Erachin Barhi married again with 1avarnaK the daughter o 1amudra and they together produced ten sons. All o them were known as Erachetas who were e/pert in the art o archery. All o them observed serious penance under the sea or 6M&MMM years. @aitreya says3 ? great sage$ Kindly narrate to us the reason or which Erachetas observed severe penance under the sea. Earashar says3 ?nce by the inspiration o Brahma& King Erachin Barhi asked his sons Erachetas to continue the progeny in an honoured way. Erachetas agreed to obey the dictate o their ather but they asked3 ? ather$ Kindly narrate to us& what should we do to enable ourselves so that we could carry out the process o reproduction. King Erachin Barhi said that worship o Lord Vishnu was the only thing that enabled a person to achieve his desired ob9ectives. (e dictated his sons to worship Lord Vishnu. *t was by the dictate o the ather that all the ten Erachetas observed severe penance or ten thousand years under the sea. At the end o their penance& 1hri (ari appeared be ore them radiating with blue light like a reshly bloomed blue lotus. Accepting the greetings o the Erachetas& Lord Vishnu asked them to seek a boon. Erachetas then told the dictate o their ather. Lord granted their boon. ,herea ter all the Erachetas re3emerged rom the waters.

7.6.6M @arriage o Erachetas and Birth o Era9apatis

Earashar says3 During the time when Erachetas were engaged in penance& the earth was unprotected. (ence& huge trees came to cover her everywhere on land. ,heir oliage was so dense they that cut o entire sky and the sun could not reach the sur ace o the earth. A ter their emergence rom the sea& Erachetas got very angry when they saw the trees. *n anger& they let out ormidable lames mi/ed with ghastly winds and uprooted all the trees be ore reducing them to ashes. A massive destruction o the trees ollowed. 1eeing that 1oma& the king o the trees approached Erachetas and reHuested3 A? kings$ Kindly relinHuish your anger and listen to what * say.A
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

* will mediate a pact between the trees and you. ,he trees have produced an e/tremely pretty girl named @arisha. (er creation has been meant only or the continuation o your progeny. 1he will produce Daksha Era9apati who will be as radiant as the ire and cause much increase in your progeny urther. *n the ancient times& a great savant o Vedas& sage Kandu was observing penance at the bank o river Bomti. Drightened by his penance *ndra sent an el Erabhalocha to create a disturbance. ,hat el success ully created a disturbance in the penance o Kandu who then began to live with her in a cave. Kandu passed one hundred years en9oying sensual pleasures with the el . ?ne day& the el e/pressed her desire to leave or her heavenly abode. ,his came as a shock or the sage Kandu. (e reHuested her to stay or some more time with him. ,he el agreed to his reHuest and stayed with him or another hundred years. ,hen once again she e/pressed her desire to leave or her heavenly abode. ?nce again& blinded by lust& the sage reHuested her to stay or some more time. ?nce again the el stayed or another hundred years with Kandu. ,hus& every time& when the el got ready to leave& sage stopped her. ,he el knew about the agony o separation that a person e/periences who is blinded by lust. 1he also eared the curse that such a person might pour down out o agony. ,hus she hersel did not desert the sage and their love kept on increasing like a new moon. ?ne day& towards the evening& the sage hurriedly le t his hut. Ama:ingly Erabhalocha enHuired about the reasons why he was going out in such a hurry. ,he sage replied that as it was dusk& he should o er his evening prayers. ,he sageAs reply ama:ed the el urther. Laughingly& she said3 P? knower o religion& your day has ended a ter hundreds o years$ Cho will not be surprised to learn that your day ends a ter hundreds o years.P ,he sage said3 PYou had arrived at the river bank right in the morning today. You passed the whole day with me and now its evening. Chy do you laugh at me thenL Erabhalocha said3 P? Brahmin$ (undreds o years have passed since * had arrived at your hut.P Eerple/ed sage asked her3 P,ell me e/actly how much time has passed in our present communionL Erabhalocha told the sage that they had together passed nine hundred and seven years si/ months and three days. (earing this& the sage began to curse himsel that he was so sunk in the carnal pleasure with the el that he even orgot the time. (e also began to ret that his whole penance had been brought to nought. ,hus cursing himsel & the sage also scolded the el and asked her to leave his hut at once. P,he el was shivering in ear while her whole body was drenched in sweat. Chen she le t the hermitage& she wiped her sweat with the leaves o the trees. Chile having carnal pleasure with the sage& Erabhalocha had conceived. (er oetus also oo:ed out in the orm o sweat and was collected on the leaves. ,he wind brought the di erent parts o the oetus together while * nourished it with my rays. ,hus the oetus grew sa ely and ultimately took birth as a girl child& @arisha. ,he trees will present you that same girl as your wi eP& said 1oma. ?n the other hand a ter his penance was disturbed sage Kandu migrated to Eurushottam region (modern #agannath3Euri) and began his penance a resh to please Lord Vishnu. Tale of ,arishaAs preBious birth @arisha& daughter o sage Kandu and Erabhalocha was a Hueen in her previous birth. 1he had lost her husband without having any child. 1he had then pleased Lord Vishnu with her devotion. ,he Lord had then asked her to seek a boon. 1he said3 P? Lord$ (aving been widowed at a young age& * eel that my li e has gone utile. * am very un ortunate. (ence ? Lord$ @ay * have by your grace& a virtuous husband like you and sons like Era9apati in my ne/t birth. @ay * take birth not rom the body o my mother. Lord Vishnu said3 PAll your wishes shall come true in your ne/t birth. You will have ten prowessive and popular husbands. Cith their help& you will give birth to Era9apati whose progeny will populate all the three worlds. You will take birth not rom your motherAs body still you will be unmatched in beauty.P ,hus& coerced by 1oma& Erachetas dropped their angry stance and accepted @arisha as their wi e. Drom the parts o Erachetas& @arisha gave birth to Daksha Era9apati who had emerged rom Brahma earlier. Dollowing the dictate o Brahma& Daksha Era9apati produced di erent kinds o living beings as his children. Dirst o all& he created women olk rom his mind. (e got ten o those women married to Dharma. ,hirteen women were married to Kashyap while twenty3seven were married to >handrama. All the gods& demons& +agas& cows& birds& Bandharvas& Apsaras& giants etc. are the progeny o those i ty women. @aitreya says3 P? great sage$ * want to hear the tale o origin o the gods& the demons and all other creatures in detail.P Earashar says3 PDaksha created the sages& Bandharvas& demons& and serpents rom his mind irst. But none o
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

those creatures could continue the progeny. 1o& with an intention o producing his progeny through carnal union& Daksha married Asikni& the daughter o another Era9apati. Daksha and Asikni together produced ive thousand sons. All o those sons were eager to continue the process o reproduction when Devarshi +arad approached them and said3 P? children$ *t appears rom your action that all o you are eager to begin the process o reproduction right now. But be ore you do anything& kindly listen to what * say. All o you are so ignorant that you do not know anything about the earth. (ow then will you carry out the reproductionL Look$ You can move anywhere in the universe& so why donAt you go and see the end o the earthLP ,hus motivated by +arad& all the ive thousand sons o Daksha dived into the sea and never returned therea ter like a river annihilates in the ocean. Daksha then married Vairuni and produced one thousand sons. ,hey also intended to carry out reproduction but were misguided by +arad. ,hey too ollowed the ootsteps o their elder brothers. Learning about the ate o his sons& Daksha cursed +arad. ,hen Daksha and Vairuni gave birth to si/ty daughters. ,en o them were married to Dharma& thirteen to Kashyap& twenty3seven to 1oma& our to Arishtnemi and two to Angira and Krishasva each. Arundhati& Vasu& Yaami& Lambaa& Bhaanu& @arutvati& 1ankalpa& @uhurta& 1aadhya and Vishwa were the wives o Dharma. Vishwa gave birth to Vishwadeva& 1aadhya to 1aadhyaganaK @arutvaan was the son o @arutvati. Vasu gave birth to eight Vasus. Lambaa gave birth to Bhosha& Yaami to +aagveethi whereas Arundhati gave birth to all other creatures that dwell on earth. 1ankalpa produced 1ankalp that is omnipresent resolution. +ames o the eight Vasus were Aap& Dhruv& 1oma& Dharma& Anil& Anal& Eratyush and Erabhas. Vaitand& 1hram& 1hant and Dhvani were the sons o Aap. All annihilating Kaal was the son o Dhruv. Varcha was the son o 1oma. Dravin& (uta& *tyavar& 1hishir& Eran and Varun were the sons o Dharma. @ano9av and Avigyaatgati were the sons o Anil. 1harastamb& 1haakh& Vishaakh and +aigmeya were the sons o Anal. Eratyush had a son Deval. Vatstree the sister o Brihaspati was the wi e o Erabhas. ,hey had Vishwakarma as their son. Vishwakarma himsel had our sons3 A9aikpad& Ahirbudhanya& ,washta& and "udra. ,he great penancer Vishwaroop was the son o ,wasta. ? great sage$ (ar& Bahuroop& ,reyambak& Apara9it& Vrishakapi& 1hambhu& Kapardi& "aivat& @rigvyadh& 1harpa and Kapaali are the eleven "udras. 1age Kashyap had thirteen wives3 Aditi& Diti& Danu& Arishta& 1urasa& Khasaa& 1urabhi& Vinata& ,aamra& Krodhavasha& *ra& Kadru and @uni. +ow listen to the description o their progenies. During the previous @anavantar& there were twelve gods named ,ushit. At the end o the @anavantar& they met together and said3 P? brothers$ Let us now enter the womb o Aditi and take birth as the gods again in Vaivasvat @anavantar.P ,hus& Vishnu& *ndra& Aryama& Dhataa& ,washta& Eushaa& Vivasvaan& 1avita& @aitra& Varun& Anshu and Bhaga& these twelve sons o Aditi came to be known as Aditya. ,he twenty3seven wives o 1oma gave birth to many talented sons. Cives o Arishtnemi gave birth to si/teen sons. ,hus in all thirty3three gods including eight Vasus& eleven "udra& twelve Aditya& Era9apati and Vashatkar have been described in the Vedas. All o them are capable o taking birth at will. #ust as the 1un rises and sets& similarly these gods also appear in di erent Yugas. Drom the part o Kashyap& Diti gave birth to two invincible sons& (iranyakashipu and (iranyaaksh and a daughter 1inhika who was married to Viprachiti. (iranyakashipu had our sons3 Anuhlad& Aahlad& 1ahlad and Erahlad.

7.6.66 ,ale o Erahlad and +arasimha *ncarnation

Earashar says3 By the boon o Brahma& (iranyakashipu had acHuired tremendous power and came to control all the three worlds. (e had driven the gods out o heaven and used to receive the oblations o ered to 1urya& Vayu& Agni& Varun& >handrama& Kuber& Yamaraa9 etc. Because o his ear& all those gods roamed on earth. All the creatures began to worship (iranyakashipu. Beauti ul and amorous elves danced in his palace while Bandharvas accompanied them on instruments. Erahlad was the youngest son o (iranyakashipu. Like other children& he too was sent to Burukula to be educated. ?ne day& his teachers took Erahlad to (iranyakashipu who was engaged in drinking o wine at that moment. Lovingly he took his son into his lap and asked3 P? son& tell me& what you have learnt so ar in the auspices o your teachersLP Erahlad said3 P? ather$ * salute to that 1hri (ari who has no beginning& no end and no mid3part& who doesn)t take birth and who is ree rom growth and decay.P (earing this& (iranyakashipu looked at the teachers with bloodshot eyes and shouted at them3 P? wretched Brahmins$ *n sheer violation o my orders& you have taught my son to praise my enemy.P ,he teachers tried to e/press their apology saying that what Erahlad was saying was not taught by them. (iranyakashipu asked then Erahlad who had taught him like that. Erahlad said3 P? ather$ Lord Vishnu who resides in the heart o us all is the supreme creature. Cho can teach anybody anything apart rom
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

(imLP (iranyakashipu said3 P? ool$ Cho is that Vishnu about whom you are describing be ore me& the Lord o entire worldLP Erahlad replied3 PLord Vishnu is he who is contemplated about by the Yogis. (e is the originator o the entire universe. (is virtues cannot be described in words. ,hat Earmeshwar is Vishnu.P (iranyakashipu said3 PDool$ Cho can be Earmeshwar other than meL Do you want to die that you are babbling like thatLP Erahlad said3 P? ather$ Your anger is baseless. Lord Vishnu is the creator o all o us including you and me. (e controls our breaths.P *n uriated (iranyakashipu then ordered the teachers to take Erahlad away at once and wash his brain thoroughly. ,he teachers took Erahlad with them to their Burukula. Erahlad began to concentrate in his studies. A ter many months& (iranyakashipu once again called Erahlad to his palace and asked about his learning. ?nce again& Erahlad began to praise Lord Vishnu. ,his time& (iranyakashipu ordered his assassination. (e began to see his son as a threat to his throne. By the orders o (iranyakashipu& many ormidable demons attacked Erahlad with their weapons but Erahlad stood un a:ed. (e said3 P? ools$ Lord Vishnu is present in you& in me and even in your weapons. @ay your weapons have no e ect on me.P *ndeed& the weapons o the demons could not even touch Erahlad. (iranyakashipu said3 P* can still pardon your li e provided that you stop praising my opponent.P Erahlad said3 P? ather$ * ear nothing. By the Bod)s grace& * am ree rom the ear o birth and death.P (iranyakashipu then got Erahlad thrown amidst venomous snakes. But& biting by the snakes had no e ect on Erahlad because his mind was contemplating in Lord Vishnu. (iranyakashipu then got Erahlad trampled by big bull elephants. But even elephants could not harm Erahlad. *nstead their tusks were broken as soon as they touched Erahlad. -ven then Erahlad tried to paci y his ather that it was Lord)s strength that protected him every time. Erahlad)s teachers who were the sons o 1hukracharya then assured (iranyakashipu that Erahlad was having a ickle mind because o his tender age. ,hey also assured the demon king o trans orming Erahlad and took him to their hermitage once again. Prahlad@s Preachin9 But in the hermitage& Erahlad assembled other demon children and said3 P Driends& listen to my preaching care ully and don)t take it or granted because * have no personal interest in it. -very living being takes birth and su ers a lot while passing his li e through childhood& youth and old age. ,he end result o li e is nothing but death. *t is one)s Karma that accompany him birth a ter birth. But in every birth& this soul mistakes hunger& thirst& cold or hot or the pleasures. @ore o the lu/uries one collects& more the sorrow increases. Attachment and passion are the greatest cause o sorrow. -ven a ter passing a li e that is ull o sorrow& one su ers the agony o death and rebirth again. ,his whole cycle continues again and again. Lord Vishnu is the ultimate re uge or the soul& which eels drowned in the ocean o sorrow.P Don)t be con used with my young age. * am a boy like you. But the soul that stays within me is eternal. ,he soul has no distinct stages in li e. But a human being is in licted with lot o misconceptions. *n the childhood& he pre ers to play than contemplating on Bod. *n the youth& lust and carnal pleasures attract the mind. 1till a human being doesn)t get serious about his bene it. (e keeps on postponing his spiritual matters or his old age. But in old age& a human being has no option but to see his trembling ingers and repent about his past. ,hus a human being spoils his whole li e. A wise person hence must ignore the di erent stages o his body)s stay on earth and make e orts or his bene it right in his childhood. Chat * have told you is unchangeable act. 1tart reciting Lord Vishnu)s name or my pleasure atleast. (is remembrance is enough to destroy all the sins. @ay your mind always contemplate on (im day and night. ,hus all your miseries shall come to an end.

7.6.6; Attempts to Kill Erahlad

Chen the demons saw that their all e orts ailed to a:e Erahlad and that he was preaching the demon children they in ormed (iranyakashipu about all these happenings. (iranyakashipu at once called his cook and ordered him to poison Erahlad through ood. But the poisonous ood also could not hurt Erahlad. *n act& its poison was rendered ine ective by the recitation o Lord)s name. ,his rightened the cook. (e in ormed (iranyakashipu about that miraculous event. (iranyakashipu then ordered the priests who were Erahlad)s teachers to invoke the ogress Kritya in order to kill Erahlad. ,he teachers tried to convince Erahlad be ore invoking KrityaP? prince& you are the son o great (iranyakashipu and have taken birth in Brahma)s lineage. Chat have you to do with matters like Bod and all thatL ,he whole world is dependent on your ather. You should also take re uge o your ather and stop praising his
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

opponent. Dather is revered and even greater than the teachers.P Erahlad said3P? ortunate ones$ * know the prowess o my ather. * also do not doubt regarding my ather)s reverence and greatness. * will not commit any crime against him but kindly listen to me what * mean by the endless Bod.P P? teachers$ ,here are our attainable goals in one)s li e. You ask me what have * to do with (e& who helps all the human beings to attain these our goals3 Dharma& Arth& Kama and @oksha. You are my teachers. You are ree to say anything to me. But within me stays (e who is the creator o all& who is the preserver o all and who is the destroyer o all o us. Kindly orgive me i * have committed any thing wrong in your honour.P ,he teachers said3P? oolish boy& we saved you rom imminent death thinking that you are our disciple and that you will not balderdash in uture. But still you speak nonsense. Listen& i you don)t drop your stubbornness we)ll have to invoke Kritya the ogress in order to get you slain.P %n a:ed Erahlad said that li e and death were immaterial or the soul that protects or destroys itsel through auspicious and inauspicious deeds. (ence one should always strive to behave in an auspicious way. But Erahlad)s words urther enraged his teachers. ,hey invoked the ogress Kritya to get Erahlad slain. Kritya hit Erahlad)s chest hard with her trident. But as soon as the trident touched his chest it broke into pieces without harming Erahlad. 1eeing her attempt ailed& Kritya killed the teachers and disappeared. (is teachers) death caused immense pain or Erahlad. @ourning or their death& he prayed Lord Vishnu to resurrect them. (earing his prayers& Lord Vishnu once again granted li e to his teachers. ,he teachers got up as i rom a deep slumber. ,hey realised their mistake and blessed Erahlad and resolved never to have hostility against him. ,hen they went to the palace and in ormed (iranyakashipu about all the happenings.

7.6.67 Description o Lord)s Virtues by Erahlad and Erotection o Erahlad by 1udarshan >hakra
(earing the news o Kritya)s ailure to kill Erahlad& killing o teachers and their subseHuent revival as e ected by Erahlad& (iranyakashipu called his son and asked i all those miracles were natural or he knew some magical tricks. Erahlad said3 P? ather& neither * know any magic nor is the miracle a part o my nature. All these are ordinary things or he who has eternal Bod in his heart. +o one can harm those who never wish ill or the others. All the living beings are eHual or (im. *n every creature& * see the same Lord Vishnu who is present within meK hence * never try to harm him or her. * cannot even think o harming anybody. *t is this eeling that protects me rom every physical& mental or divinely discom ort.P But these words ailed to please (iranyakashipu. (e ordered his men to throw Erahlad rom a very high ort. -ven this attempt& however ailed to cause any harm to Erahlad or the mother earth took him in her lap tenderly in the midway. 1uspecting some illusionary powers helping Erahlad& (iranyakashipu ordered 1hambarasur to kill him using his illusionary powers. 1hambarasur created many illusions to kill Erahlad. But right then Lord Vishnu sent (is 1udarshan >hakra to counter those demonic illusions and protect Erahlad. 1udarshan >hakra destroyed all the demonic illusions one by one. ,hen (iranyakashipu ordered Vayu to dry up Erahlad to death. Chen Vayu entered Erahlad)s body and began to dry him up& the Lord came to stay in his heart where Bod absorbed all the drying e ects o the air thus rendering it weak. A ter all those attempts ailed& Erahlad returned to his teachers) hermitage and resumed his education once again. ,he teachers trained him all the relevant sub9ects. ,hen they once again took Erahlad to his ather and told him that now his education was over. (iranyakashipu asked3 P? son$ (ow should one behave with the othersL ,ell me what have learned so ar. * am eager to know your opinions.P Erahlad said3P? ather& indeed my teachers have taught me in di erent sub9ects. * have too learned them with heart. ,hey taught me that diplomatic policies should be applied in order to train riendship. But e/cuse me ather& * see no riend or no enemy& so in my opinion these policies are totally irrelevant. ,ell me ? ather what is the use o means when there is nobody to be trained. Lord Vishnu is present everywhere. *n you& in me and in all other creatures. (ence instead o using in sinisterly actions& one should use his wits or good and bene it o all.P P? ortunate one& everybody longs or the throne and a big kingdom. But only those attain these things who really deserve and have them in their destiny. -ven the most inert and imprudent people who are weak and know nothing about the policies get these things because o destiny. (ence all those who wish or splendour must strive
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

to accumulate pious actions. ,hose who long or salvation must strive to acHuire impartial view or all. 1uch actions please Bod and when (e is pleased all the miseries are attenuated.P (earing these words& (iranyakashipu kicked Erahlad hard and ordered his demons to tie him in +aagpaash and throw into the sea. ,he demons obeyed their master and threw Erahlad into the sea a ter tying him in +aagpaash. Cith Erahlad)s motion great disturbances occurred in the sea& seeing that (iranyakashipu ordered the demons to cover the sea with huge mountains so that Erahlad could not get a passage to escape. Chen the demons uprooted huge mountains and put them into the sea& Erahlad began to pray Bod with concentrated mind.

7.6.6F Appearance o the Lord

As soon as Erahlad began to pray the Lord& his +aagpaash broke and the mountains that the demons had thrown into the sea also lightened up causing great relie or Erahlad. Lord Vishnu appeared be ore him and said3 P? Erahlad$ * am pleased with your devotion. You may seek any boon o your wish.P Erahlad said3 P@ay * always have an unconditional devotion or you. @ay your remembrance never be away rom my heart.P Bod said 3 P Your devotion or me shall always remain the same. +ow& seek anything you wish.P Erahlad said3 P? Lord$ @y ather has always cultivated hostility or you because o my devotion. @ay my ather be ree rom the sin o his action.P Lord said3 P? Erahlad$ All your wishes shall come true but still seek any boon o your choice.P Erahlad said3 P? Lord$ * don)t want anything other than devotion or you.P Lord said 3P ? Erahlad$ You have nothing in your mind but devotion or me& so with my grace& you will attain supreme abode.P 1aying this& the Lord disappeared. *n later course& ultimately (iranyakashipu decided to kill Erahlad himsel . (e tied Erahlad to a pillar and shouting abusively or Bod& he hit the pillar. As soon as he hit the pillar& it broke and Lord appeared rom it in +arsimha incarnation. (is appearance was e/tremely ormidable with hal human and hal lion orm. Dragging (iranyakashipu to the threshold& (e killed him with his power ul talons. A ter the killing o his ather& Erahlad took over the throne and ruled his sub9ects religiously.

7.6.68 Lineage o Kashyap)s ?ther Cives and ?rigin o @arudgana

A ter the death o (iranyakashipu& Erahlad continued his lineage. Erahlad had a son& Virochan. Virochan in his turn had Bali as his son. ,he prowessive Bali was sent to the nether world by Vaaman incarnation o Lord. Bali had one hundred sons among whom Baanasur was the eldest. Kashyap)s second wi e Danu had sons like Dwimurdha& 1hambar& Ayomuk& 1hankushira& Kapil& 1hankar& -kchakra& @ahabaahu& ,aarak& @ahabal& 1warbhanu& Vrishparva& Eulom and Viprachiti. 1warbhanu had a daughter3 Erabha whereas 1armishtha& %pdan& and (aishira were the daughters o Vrishparva. Vaishwanar had two daughters3 Euloma and Kaalka who were married to Kashyap. Drom the part o Kashyap& they gave birth to si/ty thousand giants known as Eaulom and Kaalkeya. Kashyap)s another wi e& ,aamra gave birth to si/ daughters3 1huki& 1hyeni& Bhaasi& 1ugreevi& 1uchi and Briddhrika. 1huki gave birth to the birds like parrots& owls and crows. 1hyeni gave birth to sleep while Bhaasi produced light. Briddhrika gave birth to vultures whereas 1uchi produced aHuatic birds. 1ugreevi gave birth to eHuine animals like horse& camels and asses. Vinata& one o the wives o Kashyap gave birth to Barud and Arun. Barud became the vehicle o Lord Vishnu while Arun became the charioteer o the 1un. 1urasa gave birth to millions o the snakes. Kadru also had great snakes like 1hesha& Vaasuki& ,akshak& 1hankhshwet& @ahapadm& Kambal& Ashwatar& *laputra& +aag& Karkotak& Dhanan9ay etc. as her sons. Krodhavasha gave birth to anger and devils. 1urabhi gave birth to cows and bu aloes. *ra gave birth to the trees& creepers& and scores o grasses. Khaasa gave birth to Yaksha and monsters. @uni produced elves whereas Arishta gave birth to Bandharvas. A ter the annihilation o her sons& Diti once again pleased Kashyap and sought a son who could destroy even *ndra. Kashyap granted her boon but stipulated that she would have such a son only when she observes complete sanctity during one hundred years o gestation period. Diti agreed to abide by the stipulation. ,hen they copulated as a result o which Diti conceived. Chen *ndra came to know that Diti had conceived a son who would be able to destroy even him he arrived at Kashyap)s hermitage and began to serve Diti with ull devotion. (e had in act arrived there to see i by chance Diti ever violated the stipulation or then he would easily destroy the unborn child without incurring any sin. 1ometime be ore the completion o gestation period& one day& Diti did violate the stipulation. 1he orgot to wash
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

her eet a ter attending nature)s call and retired on the bed. *ndra was waiting or the moment. (e at once entered Diti)s womb carrying his mace in hand. ,here he broke the oetus into seven pieces but still the oetus survived and began to cry loudly. *ndra then broke each o those seven pieces into seven pieces more and consoled them not to cry. ,hose orty3nine pieces o Diti)s oetus later on came to be known as @arudgana the assistants o *ndra.

7.6.6I ,he Description o %niversal ?rder

Chen the great sages crowned Erithu as the king o the entire earth& Brahma had also divided the kingdoms. ,hus& Brahma appointed >handrama as the ruler o all the +akshatras& planets& Brahmins& vegetation& Yagya& penance etc. (e also appointed Kuber as the ruler o the kings& Varun as the ruler o the water bodies& Vishnu as the ruler o Adityas and Agni as the ruler o Vasus. 1imilarly& Daksha was appointed as the ruler o all the Era9apatis& *ndra as the ruler o @arudgana and Erahlad was appointed as the ruler o the demons. Dharmaraa9 Yama became the ruler o Eitragana and Airavat became the ruler o all the elephants. Barud came to rule the birds. *ndra was appointed as king o the gods& %chchaisharva as the king o the horses& Vrishabh as the king o the cows. Lion became the king o the beasts& 1heshnaag o the snakes& (imalaya became the king o all the landmasses& Kapil became the king o the sages and tiger became the king o those animals that have nails and long teeth. ,herea ter& Brahma appointed Dikpals (guardians o the directions) on all corners o the earth. ,hese Dikpals still guard the earth& which has seven continents and scores o big and small cities. All the gods& demons& human beings& animals& birds& reptiles& in act every living being have originated rom the parts o omnipotent Lord Vishnu. (ence nobody but Lord Vishnu has the capacity to oster all the living beings on earth. ,hat eternal Bod creates the world osters it and ultimately destroys it. ,hus& the Lord has our parts in the orm o this entire creation. ?ne o (is parts remains unmani ested as Brahma. 1econd part appears like Era9apatis. ,ime is (is third part whereas all the living beings constitute (is ourth part. 1ince the beginning& during the e/istence and till the ultimate annihilation o the universe& the process o creation continued through Brahma& Era9apatis and all other living beings. *n the beginning& Brahma creates the primitive living beings. ,hen the process o creation is taken over by Era9apatis. Chen their progenies populate the world& the process o creation continues spontaneously. Cithout Kaal& no one including Brahma& Era9apatis and all the living beings can carry out the process o creation. 1hri (ari is in the base o every new creation that takes place through a pre3e/isting creation. ,he supreme abode o Lord Vishnu remains intangible. 1hri (ari bears the intangible& pure and all pervasive spirit o the universe as Kaustubh @ani. (e bears the intelligence as his mace. (e bears the two kinds o ego in his conch and 1haarang bow. ,hird kind o ego is present as the wheel in (is hand. Vay9ayanti garland that adorns (is neck represents ive senses and ive physical elements. (e bears the sense and motor organs as the arrows and the sword that (e holds is knowledge. ,hus& everything is dependent on 1hri (ari. (e is (imsel intangible but or the bene it o human being& he bears all these things as ornaments. -ven the counting o time is present in (im. Bod is present in all the seven worlds. (e is the base o all the knowledge& our ancestor and the ancestors o our ancestors. (e is present in the gods& human beings& animals& all the Vedas& Ayurveda& Euraan and other religious scriptures. All the visible and invisible things in the world have Lord Vishnu in them. +othing is di erent rom (im. 1uch a eeling in the mind keeps all the miseries and physical ailments away.


0hapter ! (Part !%

,his chapter contains 68 sections.

7.;.6 Description o Eriyavrat)s Lineage

@aitreya says3 P? sage$ +ow * wish to hear the description o the lineage o Eriyavrata who was the son o 1wayambhu @anu.P Earashar says3 Eriyavrata was married to the daughter o sage Kardam. ,hey had two daughters and ten sons. ,hree o his sons3 @edha& Agnibaahu and Eutra knew everything about their previous births. (ence& they did not take any interest in royal lu/uries. ,he remaining seven sons received the domain o seven parts o the earth rom their ather Eriyavrata who then had taken to penance at a greatly sacred place named 1haalgraam.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Among the eight Vasus& one was (ima. @erudevi was his wi e. ,hey had a son "ishabh. "ishabh had one hundred sons among which Bharat was the eldest. Chen he grew old& "ishabh trans erred the onus o his kingdom on his eldest son Bharat and himsel took to penance in the orest. 1ince then& this landmass that stretches rom the snowy peaks o (imalayas to the splashing *ndian ?cean is known as Bharatvarsha. Bharat had a religious minded son 1umati. *ndradyumna was the son o 1umati. *ndradyumna)s son was Earmeshthi. A ter him& the lineage o Eriyavrata continued as ollows3 Eratihaar3 Eratiharta3 Bhava3 %dgeeth3 Erastav3 Erithu3 +aka3 Baya3 +ar3 Virat3 @ahavirya3 Dheemaan3 @ahaant3 @anasyu3 ,wasta3 Vira93 "a93 1hata9it. 1hata9it had one hundred sons whose descendants populated the earth. ,hey divided Bharatvarsha into nine parts.

7.;.; Beographical Description

,he earth has seven great islands3 #ambu& Elaksha& 1haalmali& Kusha& Kronch& 1haakh and Eushkar. ,hese are surrounded by oceans having saline water& sugarcane 9uice& wine& ghee& curd& milk and sweet water respectively. #ambudweep is situated at the centre. 1ituated at the centre o #ambudweep is golden 1umeru @ountain ((imalayas)& which is eighty3 our thousand Yo9ans high. ,owards the south o 1umeru are (imavaan& (emkut and +ishad @ountains. ,owards its north are +eel and 1hringi @ountains. All these mountains are two thousand Yo9ans high with similar e/pansion. ,owards the south o 1umeru @ountain& Bharatvarsha is the irst landmass ollowed by Kimpurushvarsha and (arivarsha. *n the north o 1umeru @ountain& "amyak is the irst landmass ollowed by (iranyamay and %ttarkuruvarsha. All these landmasses have e/pansion o nine thousand Yo9ans. At the centre o these landmasses is *laavritvarsha that bears 1umeru @ountain. ?n the our sides o 1umeru @ountain are our smaller mountains that seem to support the massive 1umeru. Among these our mountains& @andrachal @ountain is in the east and in the south is Bandhmaadan. Vipul is in the west and 1upaarsh is in the north. All these our mountains are ten thousand Yo9ans high and have lo ty trees o >adamba& #ambu& Eipal and Banyan. Because o abundance o #ambu trees& this island came to be known as #ambudweep. *t bears big ruits& which scatter all around upon alling on the earth. ,heir 9uice gives rise to the river #ambu. *t is said that its water is capable o keeping demerits like sweat& oul smell& old age and loss o senses away rom the drinker. Chen the 9uice o this ruit dries& it leaves the soil golden in colour. ,owards the east o 1umeru @ountain is Bhadrashvavarsha and towards the west is Ketumaalvarsha. @idway between the two is *laavritvarsha. ?n the eastern side o @eru @ountain is the orest o >haitrarath. *n the south is Bandhmaadan and in the west is Vaibhraa9 and towards the north is the orest named +andan. @ount 1umeru also holds our holy lakes named Arunodaya& @ahabhadra& Asitoda and @aanas. 1hitambh& Kumund& Kukri& @aalyavaan& Vaikank are some o the peaks situated towards the eastern side o 1umeru. ,owards the southern side are the peaks o ,rikut& 1hishir& Eatang& "uchak and +ishaad. *n the west are situated peaks o 1hikhivaasa& Vaidurya& Kapil& Bandhmaadan and #aarudhi and in the north are situated the peaks o 1hankhkoot& "ishabh& (ans& +aag and Kaalan9. Above the mount @eru is situated Brahmapuri o Brahma which has an e/pansion o 6F&MMM Yo9ans. ,he Banges that rises rom the eet o Lord Vishnu circles the lunar sphere be ore alling in Brahmapuri. ,hence it divides into our rivers3 1ita& >hakshu& Alaknanda and Bhadra that low into our directions. ,he landmasses o Bharat& Ketumaal& Bhadraashva and Kuru appear like lotus lea in shape. Among all the peaks that surround @ount @eru are present beauti ul caves. ,here also e/ist beauti ul towns and gardens. *n these towns are situated beauti ul temples o Lakshmi& Vishnu& Agni and 1urya. "avines o these mountains are populated by Bandharvas& "akshasa& Yaksha and Daanavas. Besides them& scores o religious people also live there. Lord Vishnu stays as (ayagreev (human igure with horse head) orm in Bhadrashvavarsha. *n Ketumaalvarsha& (e is in boar orm and in BharatvarshaK (e stays in turtle orm. *n Kuruvarsha& Lord Vishnu stays as ish. ,hus Lord Vishnu is present everywhere. Eeople o these eight landmasses are ree rom all kinds o sorrow& pain& emotions& hunger etc. and lead a healthy and rich li e that e/tends up to ten or twelve thousand years. All these landmasses have seven indigenous mountains each rom which hundreds o rivers rise.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

7.;.7 Division o Bharat and ?ther Landmasses

,he landmass that is present between (imalayas and the ocean is known as Bharat. *t has an e/pansion o G&MMM Yo9ans. *t is populated by the descendants o Bharat. *t has seven native mountains3 @ahendra& @alay& 1ahaya& 1huktimaan& "iksha& Vindhya and Eaariyaatra. Bharatvarsha has nine divisions named *ndradweep& Kaseru& ,aamraparn& Bamastimaan& +aagdweep& 1oumya& Bandharva& Vaarun and Yahadweep which is surrounded by the sea and has an e/pansion o 6MMM Yo9ans. *n the eastern part o Bharat& live Kiraat whereas in the western part live Yavans. *n the mid part o Bharat& live population o Brahmins& Kshatriyas& Vaishyas and 1hudras who pass their lives engage in works ascribed to their respective class. "ivers in *ndia3 Drom the (imalayas rise 1hatudri (1utle9) and >handrabhaaga rivers. Drom Eaariyaatra @ountain rise Veda and 1mriti rivers. +armada and 1urasa rivers rise rom Vindyachal. ,aapi& Eayoshani and +irvindhya rivers rise rom "iksha @ountain. Bodavari& Bheemrati and Krishnaveli rivers rise rom 1ahaya @ountains. Kritmaala and ,amraparni rivers rise rom @alayaachal. ,risaama and Aryakulyaa rivers rise rom @ahendragiri. "ishikulya and Kumaari rivers rise rom 1huktimaan @ountain. All these rivers have scores o other branches and tributaries. Dour Yugas namely 1atayug& ,retayug& Dwaparyug and Kaliyug descend on Bharatvarsha. *n Bharatvarsha& sages observe penance to attain better li e in another world& people organise Yagyas and o er donations to the Brahmins respect ully. *n #ambudweep& Lord Vishnu is worshipped in Yagyas. Bharatvarsha is the land par e/cellence in #ambudweep or it is a land o action. 1oul passes through millions o births& only then it inds a chance to take birth in Bharatvarsha when its pious deeds accumulate to a certain e/tent. -ven the gods envy those people who take birth in Bharatvarsha. Eeople in Bharatvarsha act without a desire to get ruits rom their action. ,hey dedicate their whole action to Lord Vishnu and ultimately mingle with (im.

7.;.F Description o ?ther Dvipas

Elakshdweep3 Elakshdweep has an e/pansion o ;&MM&MMM Yo9ans. *ts ruler @eghatithi had seven sons3 1haanthaya& 1hishir& 1ukhodaya& Anand& 1hiva& Kshemak and Dhruv. ,hose seven princes later on came to rule Elakshdweep. (ence& Elakshdweep had seven divisions named a ter these seven princes. 1even mountains mark the boundaries o Elakshdweep. ,hese are Bomed& >handra& +aarad& Dundubhi& 1obhak& 1umana and Vaibhraa9. Eeople o Elakshdweep live long and pleasant li e. 1even rivers namely Anutapta& 1hikhi& Vipaasha& ,ridiva& Aklamaa& Amrita and 1ukrita low in Elakshdweep. *n all the islands rom Elakshdweep to 1haakhdweep& only ,retayug stays. Elaksh tree (Eaakad) abound in Elakshdweep. Lord Vishnu is worshipped there as 1oma. 1haalmaldweep3 Vayushmaan was the ruler o 1haalmaldweep. (e too had seven sons3 1hwet& (arit& #ibhoot& "ohit& Vaidyut& @aanas and 1uprabh. (ence 1haalmaldweep was also divided into seven divisions named a ter these princes. A sea o sugarcane 9uice surrounds this island. 1haalmaldweep has seven mountains which are the source o all the gemstones. 1even rivers low in 1haalmaldweep. ,hese rivers contain innumerable kinds o medicinal herbs. Lord Vishnu is worshipped there in Vayu orm. Because o the abundance o 1emul (silk cotton) trees& this island came to be known as 1haalmaldweep. A sea o wine surrounds this island. Kushdweep3 ,he ruler o Kushdweep& #yotishmaan had seven sons. ,heir names were Venumaan& Vairath& Lamban& Bhriti& Erabhakar and Kapil. ,he divisions o this island were named a ter them. ,his island too has seven mountains and seven rivers. Lord Vishnu is worshipped here in #anardan orm. Because o abundance o Kusha grass& this island is known as Kushdweep. A sea o ghee surrounds this island. Kraunchdweep3 ,he ruler o Kraunchdweep& Dyutimaan had seven sons named Kushal& @andak& %shna& Eeevar& Andhkaarak& @uni and Dudhumbi. (ence the seven divisions o this island were named a ter these princes. ,his island too has seven mountains and seven main rivers with hundreds o small rivers and tributaries. Lord Vishnu is worshipped here in "udra orm through Yagyas. A sea o whey surrounds this island. 1haakhdweep3 ,he ruler o 1haakhdweep Bhavya& also had seven sons named #alad& Kumar& 1ukumar& @arichak& Kutumod& @audaaki and @ahadrum. (ence the seven divisions o this island were named a ter these princesK this island too has seven mountains and seven holy rivers. Lord Vishnu is worshipped here in 1urya orm. Because o an abundance o 1haakh trees& this island got its name. A sea o milk surrounds this island.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Eushkardweep3 ,his is the largest among all the seven islands. *ts ruler 1avan had two sons3 @ahavir and Dhaataki. (ence& this island has two divisions3 @ahavirkhand and Dhaatakikhand. A huge mountain named @aansotra is situated at the centre o this great island. Brahma stays on a huge Banyan tree in this island. A sea o sweet water surrounds this island.

7.;.8 Description o the +ether Corlds

-arth)s total height is <M&MMM Yo9ans. *n her depth& are situated seven nether worlds with a depth o 6M&MMM Yo9ans each respectively. +ames o these seven nether worlds are Atal& Vital& +ital& Bamastimaan& @ahaatal& 1utal and Eaatal. ,hese nether worlds have beauti ul palaces& and have lands which are white& black& red and yellow in colour with gravel& rocky and golden soil. 1cores o races including Daanav& Daitya& Yaksha and +aagas live there. ?nce upon a time& +aarad visited these nether worlds. Chen he returned to heaven& he told the people there that the nether world was more beauti ul than heaven. (e told them that ornaments o the +aagas contained precious gemstones and the women olk o Daitya and Daanavas were an attraction even or the gods. ,he sun was illuminating in the nether worlds but not scorching. 1imilarly& the @oon only shone there but did not cause bitter cold. Beneath the nether worlds is situated an idolised orm o Lord Vishnu. *t is known as 1hesh. -ven the demons and giants cannot describe (is virtues. (e has thousands o hoods each carrying a bright gemstone that illuminates the a:imuths. *n (is presence& the demons lose their strength. (is eyes are red and (e wears an earring& crown& garland and blue length o cloth. Bearing the low o Banges& (e stays like the Kailash @ountain. At the end o the Kalp& poison emanates rom (is thousands o hoods and destroys all the three worlds taking the orm o "udra named 1ankarshan. +obody can ind the ends o (is virtuesK hence (e is known as Anant.

7.;.I Description o (ells

Beneath the earth and water are situated the hells into which& the sinners are thrown. "aurav& 1ukar& "odha& ,aal& Vishsan& @aha9waal& ,aptakumbh& Lavan& Vilohit& "udhirambh& Vaitarni& Krimish& Krimibho9an& Asipatravan& Krishna& Lalabhaksha& Daarun& Euyuvah& Eaap& Vahni9waal& Adhahshira& 1andansh& Kaalsutra& ,amas& Aavichi& 1wabho9an& Apratishthit and Aprachi are the main hells. ,hese are all under the domain o Yamaraa9. ,hose who give alse witness are thrown into "aurav hell. ,hose who kill unborn babies and cows or destroy the villages all into "odha hell. ,hose who drink wine& kill Brahmin or steal gold all into 1ukar hell. ,hose who kill Kshatriya or Vaishya all into ,aal hell. ,hose who copulate with teacher)s wi e or their own sister all in ,aptakumbh hell. ,hose who sell women and horses all in ,aptloha hell. ,hose who copulate with their daughter or daughter3in3law all into @aha9waal hell. ,hose who criticise the teachers and the Vedas or sell Vedas all into Lavan hell. ,hose who violate social norms all in Vilohit hell and those who envy the gods& the Brahmins and their parents all in Krimibhaksha hell. ,hose who dine irst even be ore the parents& the gods and the guests all into Lalabhaksha hell. ,hose who manu acture arrows all in Vedhak hell. ,hose who manu acture swords all in Vishsan hell. Backbiters& killers o riends and sellers o wine all in "udhiraandh hell. Destroyers o Yagya and villages all in Vaitarni hell. ,hus& the sinners have to su er scores o tortures in these and many other hells. ,hese sinners a ter passing their lives in the hell take birth as worms& aHuatic animals and birds& terrestrial animals& human beings& religious people etc. ?nly those sinners who do not e/piate or their sins all into the hell. ?ur sages have made provisions o e/piation or those sinners who eel guilty in their conscience a ter committing their sins. "emembrance o Lord)s name is in itsel the greatest e/piation. "emembrance o Lord)s name anytime in li e destroys all the previous sins instantaneously. (ence recitation o Vasudeva)s name is sure way o attaining salvation. ,hus those who recite and remember Lord Vishnu)s name never all in any hell because their sins have been destroyed. Anything where one eels pleasant is heaven and opposite o it is hell.

7.;.< Description o >elestial Corlds

@aitreya says3 P? Brahmin$ Kindly narrate now about the celestial worlds and the position o stars and planets there.P Earashar says3 At a height o 6&MM&MMM Yo9ans above the earth is the sphere o the 1un. 6&MM&MMM Yo9ans above it is the sphere o the @oon and 6&MM&MMM Yo9ans above it is the sphere o the stars.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

At a height o ;&MM&MMM Yo9ans above& the sphere o stars is Buddh (@ercury) and ;&MM&MMM Yo9ans above it is 1hukra (Venus). Above Venus are @angal (@ars)& Brihaspati (#upiter)& and 1hani (1aturn) at respective heights o ;&MM&MMM Yo9ans each. 6&MM&MMM Yo9ans above the 1aturn is 1aptarishi and 6&MM&MMM Yo9ans above it is the sphere o Dhruv. *t appears as the centre o a bright ring. ?ne crore Yo9ans above Dhruv is @aharloka where sages like Bhrigu etc. live. ,wo crore Yo9ans above @aharloka is #analoka where Brahma)s sons 1anakaadi Kumars live. At a height o J&MM&MM&MMM Yo9ans above #analoka is ,apaloka live deities named Vairaa9 who are never consigned to lames. ,welve crore Yo9ans above ,apaloka is 1atyaloka which is also known as Brahmaloka. ?nly immortal beings live there.

7.;.J ?rder o the 1un& the 1tars and other >onstellations

,he 1un travels speedily across the sky like an arrow. (e determines the night and the day. Cith the rising and setting o the 1un& one can have knowledge o the directions. 1un lights up all the places in the entire world e/cept Brahmaloka. 1un)s rays that reach Brahmaloka return back rendered ine ective by the radiance o Brahma. 1ince @ount 1umeru is situated at the north o all the islands and Varsh& hence towards the northern side o it& one part o land e/periences the day while another part e/periences the night all the time. ,he radiant 1un setting merges with ire. (ence& ire also has the power o illuminating and warming its environment. At the beginning o %ttaraayan (northward motion o the 1un)& the 1un enters the :odiac o >apricorn. ,ravelling through AHuarius and Eisces& it reaches the eHuator which is at the centre o the earth. ,herea ter the nights begin to decrease in comparison o the days. ,hen travelling through Aries& ,aurus and Bemini& the 1un enters >ancer to begin its southward 9ourney. ,he period o time between the day and night is dusk twilight. At that time& ormidable demons try to swallow the 1un. ,hus they have ierce battle with the 1un. ,he recitation o hymns by learned Brahmins during dusk twilight helps the 1un regain his lost radiance. Cith his brilliance then the demons are destroyed. ,hus the 1un is a per ect orm o Lord Vishnu. *t shines with its inner radiance. ?mkar is a symbolisation o the 1un. *t is also mandatory or the Brahmins to per orm evening worship. ,hose who do not worship in the evening hurt the 1un. ,owards the north o 1aptarishi constellation& where polestar is situated& there is an abode o Lord Vishnu. ?nly those sages can reach there who are ree rom aults and whose sins and pious deeds have been attenuated. 1upremely brilliant Dhruv stays in the abode o Vishnu. -very other thing is dependent upon Dhruv. All the +akshatras also depend on Dhruv. ?n +akshatras depend the clouds and on the clouds depends the rain and on the rains depend the nourishment o entire world. ,hus& all the other things come to depend upon Dhruv. ,he sacred Banges which is the destroyer o every sin also rises rom the abode o Lord Vishnu. Dhruv bears the Banges on his head. Dlowing through the sphere o the @oon& the Banges alls on @ount @eru and lows in every direction to sancti y the entire world. Bathing in the water o the Banges destroys all the sins. ? ering o oblations in the waters o Banges satiates dead ancestors or one hundred years. 1tarry& chameleon3like appearance o Lord Vishnu can be seen in the night sky. A polestar is present in its tail. All the other stars& the 1un& the @oon and other planets are present on di erent parts o this chameleon and go round the polestar. %ttanpaad)s son Dhruv had pleased this chameleon3like appearance o Lord Vishnu with his penance and sought a i/ed position in (is tail. -ven the 1un is dependent on Dhruv. ,he 1un keeps on evaporating the water or eight months in a year. ,his evaporated water then rains or our months and nourishes the soil and produces di erent kinds o cereals or the nourishment o the entire world. ,he water that is evaporated by the 1un also nourishes the @oon. But the @oon itsel does not consume that water. *nstead it gives that water to the clouds. During winter season& this water released by the @oon alls on earth as snow and dew. ,he 1un draws water rom Akashganga (the @ilky Cay) also and causes it to rain on earth at once. ,hat water is so sacred that mere touch o it destroys all the sins. ,he rains that all during +akshatras like KritikaK "ohini& Addra etc. come rom the water o Akashganga.

7.;.G ,welve +ames o the 1un

*n the month o >haitra& the 1un rides his chariot as Dhaata. During that period& el Kratusthala& sage Eulastya& +aag Vaasuki& Yaksha "athmirith& demon (eti and the Bandharva ,umbaru are also present on the chariot as his assistants.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

*n the month o Vaishaakh& the 1un rides his chariot as Aryamaa with sage Eulah& Yaksha "athau9a& el Eun9asthala& demon Eraheti& snake Kachchhveer and Bandharva +aarad as his assistants. *n the month o #yeshtha& the 1un is known as @itra with sage Atri& snake ,akshak& demon Eaurusheya& el @enaka& Bandharva (aha and Yaksha "athswan as his assistants. *n the month o Ashaad& the 1un rides his chariot as Varun with sage Vashishta& snake +aag& el 1aha9anya& Bandharva (uhu& demon "atha and Yaksha "athachitra as his assistants. *n the month o 1hraavan& the 1un is known as *ndra with Bandharva Vishwabasu& Yaksha 1trot& snake -laputra& sage Angira& el Erabhalocha and the demon 1arpi as his assistants. *n the month o Bhaadrapad& the 1un is known as Vivasvaan. Cith Bandharva %grasena& sage Bhrigu& Yaksha& Aapuran& el Anubhlocha& snake 1hankhpaal and the demon Vyaghra as his assistants. *n the month o Ashwin& the 1un is known as Eusha with Bandharva Vasuruchi& demon Vaat& sage Bautam& snake Dhanan9ay& Yaksha 1ushen and the el Bhritaachi as his assistants. *n the month o Kartik& the 1un is known as Ear9anya and is assisted by the Bandharva Vishwabasu& sage Bharadwa9& snake Airavat& el Vishwashree& Yaksha 1en9it and the demon Aap. *n the month o @aargsheersh& the 1un is known as Ansh and is assisted by sage Kashyap& Yaksha ,arkshya& snake @ahapadma& el %rvashi& Bandharva >hitrasen and the demon Vidyut. *n the month o Eaush& the 1un is known as Bhaga and is assisted by sage Kratu& Bandharva %rnaayu& demon 1 ur9a& snake Karkotak& Yaksha Arishtnemi and el Eurvachitti. *n the month o @aagh& the 1un is known as ,wasta with sage #amadagni& snake >ambal& el ,ilottama& demon Brahmopet& Yaksha "itaa9it and Bandharva Dhritarashtra. *n the month o Ehagun& the 1un is known as Vishnu and is assisted by snake Ashwatar& el "ambha& Bandharva 1uryavacha& Yaksha 1hata9it& sage Vishwamitra and the demon Yagyopet. ,hus having some parts o Lord Vishnu)s radiance& these seven ganas stay in the sphere o the 1un or one month alternatively. ,hey are also the cause o seasons like summer& winter and rain.

7.;.6M Description o 1urya 1hakti and Vaishnava 1hakti

@aitreya says3 PLord& i only the seven Banas are entrusted with the 9ob o causing cold and summer& drought and rain& what is the purpose then o the 1un)s e/istenceL P Earashar says3 *t is true that 1urya is one o the seven Banas. Yet being the chie among them& it has special signi icance. ?mnipotent para3power o Lord Vishnu is nothing but the three Vedas. ,hese together stay within the 1un and provide it with energy necessary to sustain the world. ,heir presence within the 1un remains constant irrespective o the 1un)s changing names every month. *n the morning& "igveda prays the 1un with its 1hrutis. *n the noontime& Ya9urveda prays the 1un whereas in the evening& 1hrutis o 1amaveda pray the 1un. ,hus& Lord Vishnu always energises the 1un. Brahma& Vishnu and @ahesh are also present in trinity orm. ,heir trinity too represents the three Vedas. At the beginning o creation& Brahma was in the orm o "igveda. During the sustenance o the universe& Lord Vishnu stays in Ya9urveda orm whereas at the end o the creation when Eralay occurs& "udra takes 1amaveda orm. (ence the recitation o 1amaveda is considered inauspicious. -nergies o the trinity stays within the 1un in synergetic orm. (ence the 1un glows brilliantly and destroys the darkness. Lord Vishnu& who represents energy o this trinity& never rises nor sets. (is Vaishnavi 1hakti never parts with the 1un)s chariot and stays there irrespective o the changing names o the 1un with months. ,hus& the 1un& which causes the ormation o day and night always satiates Eitragana& Devgana and human beings. ?ne o the 1un)s rays named 1ushumna nourishes the @oon during its brighter phase. ,hen during the darker phase& the gods drink the phases o the @oon& which are in act& ambrosia accumulated during the brighter phase. Chen two days are le t or the completion o darker phase& Eitragana drink the remaining two phases o the @oon. ,hus& the 1un satiates the gods and the deceased ancestors. ,he water that the 1un draws rom earth is returned to the earth in the orm o rains. ,his rain all produces cereals& which nourish the entire population on earth.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

7.;.66 Description o the +ine Elanets

,he @oon rides a chariot with three wheels. ,his chariot is hauled by ten horses. During its entire 9ourney& the @oon passes through all the twenty3seven +akshatras. ,hese horses haul the @oon)s chariot or a complete Kalpa. Cith his rays& the 1un nourishes the @oon& which loses its strength because o drinking o its ambrosia by the gods. Chen the gods brought even the last drop o nectar rom the @oon& it enters the 1un)s sphere. ,hat day is known as Amavasya (moonless night). ,hat day& the @oon irst enters the water then the oliage o the trees& creepers etc. and ultimately enters the 1un)s sphere. ,hat is why& anybody who cuts trees or even plucks a lea commits crime eHual to killing o Brahmin. ?n the day o Amavasya& Eitragana drink the nectar rom the @oon and eel sated. ,hus& @oon sates the gods during the brighter phase and the Eitragana during darker phase. ,he @oon also showers its nectar on the trees& creepers and other vegetation. *t also causes e/hilaration or the human beings& animals& birds and creatures like insects etc. Buddha (@ercury) is the son o the @oon. (is chariot is made o ire and air and is hauled by eight horses o deep yellow colour. ,he chariot o 1hukra (Venus) is also very splendid and is adorned by beauti ul lags. @angal (@ars) rides a golden chariot& which is born rom the ire. (is chariot is hauled by eight red horses. Brihaspati rides a golden chariot hauled by eight yellow horses. 1hani (1aturn) is amous or slow motion. (e rides a chariot which was born rom the sky. ,he colour o his chariot)s horses is also very peculiar. "ahu)s chariot is brown in colour and is hauled by eight black horses. Ketu)s chariot is also drawn by eight horses& which are red in colour. >hariots o all the nine planets are tied to Dhruv. ,hus& all o them traverse the same path again and again year a ter year. 1ighting o 1hishumaar chakra (constellation path) in the night destroys all the sins that a human being commits during the daytime. Cater is a tangible orm o Lord Vishnu. -ven the earth was born out o water. 1tars& all the three worlds& orests& vegetation& mountains& directions& rivers& sea and entire nature is the orm o Lord Vishnu. ,his vivid nature thus shows omnipresence character o Lord Vishnu.

7.;.6; Li e 1ketch o Bharat

@aitreya says3 PLord$ +ow * wish to hear various tales rom the li e o King Bharat. (e was born in a pious land and always contemplated on Bod. -ven then why he ailed to attain salvationL Chat did he do in his ne/t birth as a BrahminLP Earashar says3 King Bharat always contemplated on Bod. (e stayed at 1haalgraam or a long time. ,here he used to recite the names o Bod and collect various materials or (is worship. ?ther than that& he did not do anything. ?ne day while he was taking bath in the river& a doe arrived at the opposite bank. 1he was in the inal stage o pregnancy. Chile she was drinking water& a lion roared somewhere in the orest behind her. ,hat roar rightened the doe so much that she 9umped across the river to save her li e. -/ertion o 9umping resulted in premature littering o her awn& which ell in the river. ?n the other hand& the doe also could not bear the pain and died. King Bharat rescued the 9ust born awn and brought it to his hermitage. 1ince then he began to oster the awn with love and care. Cith time& Bharat)s attachment grew or the awn and whenever it went out o sight& he would eel perple/ed. 1oon King Bharat deserted everything or the love o the awn. (e even le t his routine worship and meditation or it would be hard to concentrate whenever the awn was near and at times when the awn was out o sight& it worried Bharat and hence he could not concentrate. But the awn could not give up its natural instincts. Chen it grew up& one day& it happened to sight a herd o deer and mingled with it to ind a mate o its own choice and since that day& it never returned to the hermitage. 1eparation rom the deer proved atal or the King Bharat. Chile dying his mind was ully concentrating on the thoughts o the deer which he had ostered with love and care. Because o it& Bharat took his ne/t birth as a deer. But still he remembered his past li e. 1o he deserted his herd and ound a place in 1haalgraam where he passed his time eating dry grass and oliage. *n his ne/t birth& Bharat was born in a cultured Brahmin amily. *n this birth also& he remembered his past lives. 1ince birth& Bharat knew all the rituals and scriptures and saw his soul in a transcendental way. (ence& even a ter his thread ceremony& he did not take up his education. -ven the teachers ailed to incite his interest in education. Bharat roamed here and there& clad in rags and was hence insulted by ellow Brahmins and village olk.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

,hus Bharat remained indi erent to the others) treatment and sustained himsel on whatever little he got to eat. A ter the demise o his ather& his brothers made him work hard in the ields but gave little to eat. Because o his inertness& he was known as #adabharat. ?ne night& when #adabharat was guarding his ields& the king)s commander3in3chie & Vrishatraa9 caught him and took him away. ,he king wanted to sacri ice him be ore goddess @ahakali. But seeing the supreme Yogi being brought as a votive animal& goddess @ahakali e/pressed her wrath by decapitating the king and drank his blood. *n another incident later on& the king o 1auveer was travelling in a palanHuin to visit sage Kapil or religious preaching. *ncidentally& one man ell short to carry his palanHuin& so the other carriers saw and caught #adabharat to orcibly engage him in the work o carrying the palanHuin. Chile walking& #adabharat was taking care not to put his eet on any creature. 1o he was moving very slowly whereas other carriers were walking briskly. As a result o it& the palanHuin was moving 9erkily causing irritation to the king. ,he king enHuired the carriers about the reasons o that 9erky motion. ,he carriers in ormed him that it was because o the new recruit who is moving very slowly. ,he king shouted at #adabharat3 PYou appear to be Huite burly. Don)t you have enough strengthL Does a little work tire youLP #adabharat said3 P? king$ +either * am burly nor carrying your palanHuin. * am neither tired nor there is any need or me to labour.P ,he king said3 PApparently you are burly and my palanHuin is also resting on your shoulder. >arrying a load always tires anybody. (ow are you di erent then rom the othersLP #adabharat said3 P? king$ Dirst o all& tell me& what do you see directlyL Your saying that * am carrying your palanHuin is also meaningless. +ow listen to what * say. Both my eet are resting on the earth. ?n the eet are thighs& and on the thighs is belly& on the belly are chest& shoulders and arms. Your palanHuin is resting on the shoulders. Chat load am * carrying thenL You are in the palanHuin and * am on the earth are meaningless words. All the creatures& you and me are all carried by the ive basic elements. -ven our virtues are controlled by our action. ?nly action is born out o ignorance. ,he soul is pure& non3degradable& calm& intangible and beyond all nature. ,his same soul pervades all the creatures. *t neither grows nor decays. Chy did you say then that * am burlyL * this palanHuin that is resting on my shoulders3chest3belly3thighs and eet& could be a burden or me& it could also be a burden or you. Like this& all the living beings are carrying not only this palanHuin but all the mountains& trees& houses and even the earth.P 1aying this& #adabharat became silent& still carrying the palanHuin. ,he king at once got down rom the palanHuin and ell at #adabharat)s eet and said3 P? Brahmin$ Leave this palanHuin and tell me why have you taken this guise. Cho are youL Chat is the reason o your coming hereL * am eager to know about you.P #adabharat said3 P* cannot tell what * am and or the reason why * came here& * can say only that coming and going are all done so that one can e/perience their result. ,he soul takes an incarnation only to e/perience the 9oy and sorrow as per its deeds. Chy are you then enHuiring speci ically about the reason or my coming hereLP ,he king said3 P,he soul transmigrates rom one body to another only because o its action. * want to hear rom you preaching regarding 'who am * cannot be told). ? Brahmin$ ,he soul that is eternal and e/periences the results o its action is *. ,his mark o ego is not a cause o demerit in the soul.P #adabharat said3 PYou are right that words do not cause any demerit in the soul. But the ego e/pressed in the orm o words is the reason or demerit in soul. Chen the same and single soul stays in everybody& possessive words are then meaningless. You are the king. ,his is the palanHuin. ,hey are the carriers and those are the sub9ects. ? king$ +one o these words has any meaning. ,his palanHuin is made o the wood received rom some tree. 1o tell me what it should be called as3 a palanHuin or wood. +obody says that the king is sitting on a tree. *t is because o speci ic construction that a heap o wood has assumed the shape o a palanHuin. Dor the purpose o action& the same soul is identi ied physically as a man& a woman& a cow& a goat& a horse& an elephant& a bird or a tree. But in act& the soul is none o them. ,hings like wealth& king& kingdom& king)s army and all other things that you possess are not act. ,hey are imaginations. Dor the sub9ects& you are king. Dor the son& you are ather. Dor the wi e& you are husband& and the ather o her children. ? king$ ,ell me& what should * address you asL Are you di erent rom any o these nounsL (ence& always be care ul while considering who am *L ? king$ ,he soul is so arranged in di erent roles that it is very di icult to tell speci ically its real identity.P

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

7.;.67 #adabharat Ereaches the King

,he king said3P? Brahmin. * was going to see sage Kapil and have the preaching regarding e/cellent human virtues. But now& hearing your words& * eel that * need not go any urther. You are an ocean o knowledge. Kindly preach me about human virtues.P #adabharat said3 P? king$ Dor those who worship the Lord with a desire to receive wealth and kingdom& these things are a supreme goal. Dor those who want to attain heaven& action in the orm o orming Yagya is the goal. But the supreme virtue is to act in a sel less way without having a desire or results. A Yogi must contemplate on that transcendental soul because it is the only means to merge with that supreme soul.P * the wealth is the goal while it is spent in religious activities. * the son is the goal& the ather too might have been a goal or someone. ,hus& there is no supreme goal because everything e/ists or a time then ceases to e/ist. (ence the assumption o any physical thing as a supreme goal is meaningless. And consideration o soul separate rom supreme soul is also utile. ,he soul is one& all pervasive& impartial& pure& intangible and transcendental. *t is ree rom the cycles o birth and death. *t can neither be created nor be destroyed. *t is supremely omniscient. *ts mani estation in di erent li e orms is temporary and identi ication o soul with living beings is baseless. 1oul which is present in scores o living beings is basically single and same. ?nce one comes to know this& he doesn)t remain in darkness. Veil o ignorance then parts with him.

7.;.6F ,ale o "ibhu and +idaagh

(earing #adabharat)s words& the king ell in deep thoughts. #adabharat then narrated the tale o "ibhu and +idaagh. ?nce upon a time& in the beauti ul town o Veernagar at the bank o the river Devika& there lived +idaagh& the son o Eulastya. (e was a disciple o "ibhu& the son o Brahma. ?nce& a ter a gap o one thousand years& "ibhu decided to see his disciple +idaagh. 1o he arrived at Veernagar. +idaagh welcomed and treated him warmly. *n the night a ter dinner& they both sat together and +idaagh asked him i he relished the ood. "ibhu said3 P? Brahmin$ ?nly those who eel hungry are sated. * have never e/perienced hunger or thirst. (ow then can * tell you about my satis actionL (unger and thirst are the virtues o the physical body. (ealth and satis action are the states o mind. ? Brahmin$ Ask this Huestion only to those who have these virtues& not me. -ven the Hualities o ood like deliciousness and insipidness are meaningless because a delicious edible item loses its taste a ter sometime and causes irritation instead o satis action. (ence you should strive to develop a sense o impartiality towards delicious and insipid ood items. Also sense o impartiality is essential to attain salvation.P

7.;.68 "ibhu Ereaches +idaagh

?ne thousand years a ter this incident& "ibhu once again decided to see his disciple +idaagh. 1o he once again arrived in Veernagar. At that time& king o that town was leading a procession o his army. 1o there was a great crowd on the main road o the town. +idaagh was carrying some worship materials rom the orest but seeing a huge crowd on the road& he stood aside waiting or its dispersion. @eanwhile& "ibhu also arrived there. 1eeing +idaagh standing alone away rom the crowd& "ibhu approached him and asked why he was standing there. +idaagh said3 P? Brahmin$ ,oday& the king o our town had taken out a procession. 1o * am standing here waiting or the dispersion o crowd so that * can reach home and o er my worship.P "ibhu asked3 P *t appears rom your words that you know everything about your town. Kindly tell me who is the king and who are the sub9ectsLP +idaagh said3 P,he one who is riding an elephant is the king and those who are ollowing him on the ground are his sub9ects.P "ibhu said3 P? +idaagh$ You have shown me the king and the elephant together but did not show their distinguishing symptoms separately. Cho is the king among them and who is the elephantLP +idaagh said3 P,he one who is above is the king and the one who is beneath is the elephant.P "ibhu said3 PKindly elaborate what is above and what is beneathLP As soon as "ibhu inished his words& +idaagh climbed on his shoulders and said3 PLook& like the king& * am above you and like the elephant& you are beneath me.P "ibhu said3 P* you are like the king and * am like the elephant& kindly e/plain to me& who are you and who am *LP +idaagh at once climbed down and ell at "ibhu)s eet and said3 P>ertainly& you are the great sage "ibhu.P "ibhu said3 PYes& * am "ibhu and * have come to preach you out o a ection.P ,herea ter "ibhu preached +idaagh on
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

the universality o soul and development o impartial view and le t. By his preaching& +idaagh)s ignorance dispersed and he began to see all the creatures eHual to impartially. ? king$ Like the Brahmin who attains salvation because o impartial view& you also develop an impartial view regarding soul. ,hen you will not see anyone separate rom you. -verything in this world is a mani estation o soul. Earashar says3 P,hus preached by #adabharat& the king o 1auveer le t his partial attitude. #adabharat too received salvation when he realised the true knowledge.P


0hapter * (Part *%

,his chapter contains 6< sections.

7.7.6 Description o @anvataras

@aitreya says3 P? Burudev$ +ow * wish to hear the description o all the @anvantaras and the @anus who ruled those @anvantaras.P Earashar says3 PDirst @anu was sel 3begotten. A ter him ive more @anus occurred namely 1warochish& %ttam& ,aamas& "aivat and >haakshush. All these @anus had occurred during the previous ages. ,he present @anu& Vaivasvat is the son o the 1un and this @anvantara is seventh.P *n the 1warochish @anvantara& Eaaraavat and ,ushitgana were the gods. Vipaschit was *ndra. %r99a& 1tambh& Eraan& Vaat& Vrishabh& +itya and Earivaan were the 1aptarishis. >haitra and Kimpurush etc. were the sons o @anu. %ttam was the @anu in %ttam @anvantara. 1ushaanti was *ndra with 1udhaam& 1atya& #apa& Eratardan and Vashvarti were his Banas. 1even sons o Vashishta were 1aptarishis. *n ,aamas @anvantara& there were our categories o the gods namely 1upaar& (ari& 1atya and 1udhi. -ach o them had twenty3seven gods each. King 1hibi was *ndra during that @anvantara. #yotirdhama& Erithu& Kaatya& >haitra& Agni& Vanak and Eeevar were 1aptarishis. During "aivat @anvantara& Vibhu was *ndra. ,here were our categories o the gods namely Amitabh& Bhootrath& Vaikunth and 1umedha with ourteen gods each. (iranyaroma& Vedshri& %rdhvabaahu& Vedbaahu& 1udama& Ear9anya and @ahamuni were the 1aptarishis. Dour @anus 1warochish& %ttam& ,aamas and "aivat are said to be the direct descendant o King Eriyavrat. During >haakshush @anvantara& *ndra)s name was @ano9av. Aapya& Erasoot& Bhavya& Erithuk and Lekh were the categories o gods each with eight deities. 1umedha& Vira9a& (avishmaan& %ttam& @adhu& Atinaama and 1ahishnu were the 1aptarishis. During the present @anvantara& the 1un)s brilliant son 1hraaddhdev is @anu. Aditya& Vasu and "udra are the categories o the gods. *ndra)s name is Eurandar. Vashishta& Kashyap& Atri& #amadagni& Bautam& Vishwamitra and Bharadwa9 are the 1aptarishis. Eresent @anu has nine sons *kshvaaku& +rig& Drisht& 1harayaati& +arishyant& +aabhaag& Arisht& Karush and Erishadhra.

7.7.; Birth o 1avarni @anu and Description o the +e/t @anvataras

@aitreya says3 P? sage& now kindly narrate about the @anvantaras that are to come in uture.P Earashar says3 Vishwakarma)s daughter 1angya was the wi e o 1urya. ,hey had three children& @anu& Yama and Yamani. 1angya once elt unable to bear the radiance o 1urya. 1o& appointing >hhaya (her shadow) in the service o 1urya& she hersel migrated to the orest and began to observe a penance. 1urya mistook >hhaya or 1angya and copulated with her. ,his resulted in the birth o three children3 one more @anu& 1hani and ,apati. ?ne day& getting angry or some unknown reason& >hhaya who was in the guise o 1angya cursed Yama. ?nly then 1urya and Yama came to know about her real identity. ,hrough meditation& 1urya saw that the real 1angya was observing penance as a mare in the orest. 1urya also arrived in the orest and mated with 1angya in horse orm. ,heir mating resulted in the birth o two Ashwini kumars& "etahstrav and "evant. ,herea ter& 1urya brought
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

1angya to his abode where Vishwakarma dulled his radiance. >hhaya)s son& @anu was a sibling o @anuK hence he came to be known as 1aavarni. During the ne/t @anvantara& 1aavarni will rule as @anu. 1utap& Amitabh and @ukhya will be the categories o gods each with twenty deities. Ditimaan& Baalav& "ama& Krip& Ashwatthama& "ishishring and my son& Vedavyasa will be among the 1aptarishis. By the grace o Lord Vishnu& Virochan)s son Bali will occupy the throne o *ndra. Daksha 1aavarni will be the ninth @anu. During that @anvantara& Eaar& @aarichgarv and 1udharma will be the three categories o the gods with twelve deities each. Adbhut will be *ndra. 1avan& Dyutimaan& Bhavya& Vasu& @eghatithi& #yotishmaan and 1ata will be among the 1aptarishis. Brahma 1aavarni will be the tenth @anu. During that @anvantara& 1udhaama and Vishuddh will be the two categories o gods with hundred deities each. 1hanti will be *ndra. (avishmaan& 1ukrit& 1atya& ,apomurti& +aabhaag& Apratimau9a and 1atyaketu will be among the 1aptarishis. Dharmasaavarni will be the eleventh @anu. Vihangam& Kaamgam and +irvaangati will be the categories o gods each with thirty deities. *ndra)s name will be Vish. +ihsvar& Agnite9a& Vayushmaan& Bhrini& Aaruni& (avishmaan and Anagh will be among the 1aptarishis. "udraputra 1aavarni will be the twel th @anu. "itudhaama will be *ndra and (arit& "ohit& 1umna& 1ukarma and 1uraag will be the ive categories o the gods each with ten deities. ,apasvi& 1utapa& ,apomurti& ,aporati& ,apoghriti& ,apodyuti and ,apodhan will be among the 1aptarishis. "uchi will be the thirteenth @anu. 1utrama& 1ukarma and 1udharma will be the categories o the gods each with thirty3three deities. Devaspati will be *ndra. +irmoha& ,atvagarshi& +ishprakam& +irutsuk& Bhritimaan& Avyay and 1utapa will be among the 1aptarishis. Bhaum will be the ourteenth @anu. 1uchi will be *ndra. >haakshush& Eavitra& Kanishth& Bhraa9ik and Vaachaavriddh will be the ive categories o the gods. Agnibaahu& 1uchi& 1hukra& @aagadh& Agnidhra& Yukt and #it will be among the 1aptarishis. Cith the passing o these ourteen @anvantaras& a Kalpa that comprises o one thousand Yugas will come to an end. *n 1atayug& Lord Vishnu preaches about the metaphysical knowledge in Kapil)s incarnation. *n ,retayug& (e destroys the evil doers and protects the world. *n Dwaparyug& (e divides the Vedas into our divisions. At the end o Kaliyug& Lord takes Kali incarnation and inspires corrupt people to religious path. ,hus& Lord Vishnu maintains order in all the our Yugas and causes the creation& sustenance and ultimately destruction o the universe.

7.7.7 Description o Veda Vyasa and the 1igni icance o BrahmaByana

@aitreya says3 P? Lord$ (ow did Bod divide Vedas in the orm o Vedavyasa during di erent YugasLP Earashar says3 During each Dwaparyug& in every Kalpa& Lord Vishnu takes incarnation as Vedavyasa and e ects the division o Vedas or the bene it o human beings. During every Dwaparyug o the present Vaivasvat @anvantara& di erent Vyasas have divided the Vedas twenty3 eight times. During the irst Dwapar& Brahma himsel had divided the Vedas. During the second Dwapar& Era9apati was Vedavyasa. During the third Dwapar& 1hukracharya was Vedavyasa. During ourth Dwapar& Brihaspati acted as Vedavyasa. Description o other sages who acted as Vedavyasa during the subseHuent Dwapars is as ollows3 1urya3 i th VedavyasaK @rityu3 si/th Vedavyasa& *ndra3 seventh Vedavyasa& Vashishta3 eighth Vedavyasa& 1araswat3 ninth Vedavyasa& ,ridhama3 tenth Vedavyasa& ,rishikh3 eleventh Vedavyasa& Bharadwa93 twel th Vedavyasa& Antariksh3 thirteenth Vedavyasa& Varani3 ourteenth Vedavyasa. +ames o ne/t ourteen Vedavyasas are as ollows3 ,rayyarun& Dhanan9ay& Krutun9ay& #ay& Bharadwa9& Bautam& (aryatma& Vaa9shrava& ,rinbindhu& "iksh (Valmiki)& 1hakti& Earashar& #aatukarn and Krishnadwaipayan. A ter Krishnadwaipayan& Drona)s son& Ashwatthama will be the ne/t Vedavyasa.

7.7.F -/pansion o the Branches o the "g Veda

At the beginning o creation& "igveda contained all the our Vedas with hundred thousand mantras. ,hat "igveda helped a lot in the propagation o ten kinds o Yagyas. ,hen during the twenty3eighth Dwapar& my son& Krishnadwaipayan e ected the division o "igveda in our Vedas. At the same time& he also trained our o his
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

distinguished disciples in the study o Vedas. -ach one o them was interested with the study o one particular Veda or in inite period o time. Accordingly& sage Eail mastered in "igveda& Vaishampayan in Ya9urveda& #aimini in 1amaveda and 1umantu in Atharvaveda. Cith the our Vedas& practice o >haturhotra also came into being. >haturhotra is now the main guiding eature o all kinds o Yagyas. Vyasa also established the Karmas o Adhvarayu by Ya9urveda& o (ota by "igveda& o %dgaata by 1amaveda and o Brahma by Atharvaveda. 1age Eail divided "igveda into two divisions and taught them to two o his disciples3 *ndrapramiti and Vaashkal. *n his term& Vaashkal divided his branch into our sub3branches and taught them to his disciples. *ndrapramiti taught his branch o "igveda to his talented son& sage @aandukeya. ,hus branches and sub3branches o "igveda grew substantially. *n this tradition& 1haakalyavedamitra learnt a 1amhita and divided it into ive sub3branches. ?ne o his disciples named 1haakpurn created three 1amhitas whereas his another disciple created +irukta Brantha. Vaashkal created three 1amhitas and taught them to Kaalaayani& Baargya and ,athaa9a.

7.7.8 Description o the Branches o the Ya9ur Veda

A disciple o Vedavyasa named Vaishampayan created twenty3seven branches o Ya9urveda and taught them to his disciples. (e had a disciple Yagyavalkya who was the son o Brahmarat. At that time& all the sages together constituted a rule that whoever did not 9oin their group within seven days on @ahameru would be held as a sinner eHual to killing a Brahmin. ?nly Vaishampayan had violated that ruling. ,he curse o the sages did come true when Vaishampayan killed his sleeping nephew accidentally. ,hen he asked his disciples to do away with his sin. Yagyavalkya said3 PLord$ All these Brahmins are e/tremely dull. * will alone do away with your sin.P ,hese boast ul words in uriated Vaishampayan. (e said3 2You are insulting these Brahmins so at once& regurgitate whatever * have taught you.P Yagyavalkya said3 2Lord$ * uttered these words out o devotion or you. 1till you wish me to regurgitate what you have taught me. (ere it is$ 1aying this& Yagyavalkya vomited out all the 1hrutis o Ya9urveda. ?ther disciples o Vaishampayan pecked them in the orm o partridges. 1ince then& they came to be known as ,aitriya Brahmins. (olding his breath& Yagyavalkya then started the worship o the 1un with a desire to regain Ya9urveda. Eleased by his prayers& 1urya appeared be ore him in horse orm and asked him to seek a boon. Yagyavalkya reHuested 1urya to preach him those 1hrutis o Ya9urveda& which were not known even to his teacher& Vaishampayan. 1urya preached him those 1hrutis o Ya9urveda& which were known as Aayaatyaam. ,he Brahmins who read these 1hrutis came to be known as Vaa9i. +owadays& there are i teen sub3branches o these Vaa9i 1hrutis& which were initially e/pounded by sage Yagyavalkya.

7.7.I ,he Branches o the 1ama Veda and the 6J Euranas

1age #aimini& a disciple o Vedavyasa& e ected branches o 1amaveda. 1age #aimini had a son& 1umantu. 1umantu in turn had a son& 1ukarma. Both o them studied a branch o 1amaveda each. 1ukarma divided his branch o 1amaveda into sub3branches and taught them to his two disciples3 Kaushalya (iranyanaabh and Eaushpin9i. (iranyanaabh had ive hundred disciples. %pon receiving the knowledge o 1amaveda branch rom (iranyanaabh& these disciples came to be known as Erachya 1aamaag. Disciples o Eaushpin9i also e ected divisions in 1amaveda that they received rom their teacher. ?ne more disciple o (iranyanaabh named Kriti taught twenty3 our 1amhitas o 1amaveda to his disciples. 1age 1umant taught Atharvaveda to his disciple Kabandh. Kabandh divided it into two parts and taught them to Devdarsh and Eathya respectively. A disciple o Eathya named 1haunak divided his 1amhita into two parts and gave one o them to his disciple Vabhru and another to 1aindhav. 1aindhav)s disciple @un9ikesh divided his 1amhita into three parts. Eresently& ive 1amhitas o Atharvaveda namely +akshatrakalpa& Vedakalpa& 1amhitakalpa& Aangiraskalpa and 1hantikalpa are considered authentic. 1till unsatis ied by his achievement& sage Vedavyasa created Euraan 1amhita and taught them to his amous disciple "omaharshan 1uta. ,he 1amhita that was created by "omaharshan was the base o three 1amhitas3 Akritvrana& 1aavarni and 1haanspaayan created by Kashyapgotriya Brahmins. Vishnu Euraan is in a way a summation o these our 1amhitas. ,here are in all eighteen Euraans. *n chronological order& these are as ollows3 Brahma Euraan& Eadma Euraan& Vaishnav Euraan& 1haiv Euraan& Bhaagwat Euraan. +aarad Euraan& @arkandeya Euraan& Agneya Euraan& Bhavishya Euraan& Brahmavaivart Euraan& Linga Euraan& Varaha Euraan& 1kand Euraan& Vaaman Euraan& Kaurma Euraan& @atsya Euraan& Barud Euraan and Brahmaand Euraan.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

7.7.< Yama Bita

@aitreya says3 PLord$ At the end o a li e span& all the people come to be controlled by Yamaraa9. Chen they are bound to undergo scores o su ering in di erent kinds o hells. Kindly narrate about such action by which a human being gets ree rom the noose o Yamaraa9.P Earashar says3 Youngest among the Eandavas& +akul had once put the same Huestion be ore Eitamaha Bheeshma. * am narrating what once Bheeshma had narrated to +akul. Be ore sending Yamaraa9 advises his agents to stay away rom the devotee o Lord Krishna. Yamaraa9 is lord o all the human beings e/cept Vaishnavas. ?nly Lord Vishnu is able to control Yamaraa9. About the devotee o Lord Vishnu& Yamaraa9 says 3 (e who does not deviate rom his duties even in severest o crisis& who does not steal the wealth o others and kill animals is undoubtedly a devotee o Lord Vishnu. (e who bears Lord Vishnu in his heart is a devotee o Lord Vishnu. (e who is ree rom all kinds o ego and illusions and always wishes well or the others with pure and peace ul heart is a devotee o Lord Vishnu. ,hus those who always contemplate on Lord Vishnu don)t even ear death. Yama& Yamadoot& Yamapaash& Yamagana and even tortures o Yama are unable to hurt them.

7.7.J Duties o Dour >lasses o 1ociety

@aitreya says 3 PLord$ (ow should one worship Lord VishnuL Kindly describe it to me. Earashar says3 King 1agar had asked the same thing rom sage Aurv. * am narrating what sage Aurv had preached him. ?nly those who ul il their responsibilities and discharge their duties as per their class can worship Lord Vishnu. ,hose who shun activities like criticising others& backbiting& womanising& stealing others) wealth and violenceK those who do not torture others and are always ready to serve the gods& Brahmins and teachers are able to please Lord Vishnu. 1imilarly& one should be always conscious regarding his duties as per his class. Accordingly& a Brahmin should carry out Yagyas& study scriptures and should not ever try to hurt anybody. A Kshatriya must organise Yagyas and study scriptures. (e should also make donations to Brahmins and take weapons in order to protect the earth. A Vaishya must earn his livelihood through cattle rearing& commerce and agriculture. Besides he should also organise Yagyas make donations and study scriptures. A 1hudra is e/pected to earn his livelihood through handicra ts. 1aluting learned people is eHual to organising Yagya or a 1hudra. A 1hudra may also make donations and oblations to appease his dead ancestors. *n the time o emergency& a Brahmin may shi t to the occupations meant or Kshatriya and Vaishya. A Kshatriya may take the occupation o a Vaishya during emergency but none o them should ever take to the occupation o 1hudra.

7.7.G Description o Di erent Ashrams

1ince birth till death& human li e passes through di erent stages. Dor the purpose o simplicity in ollowing these stages& our sages have made provisions or our stages or Ashrams in li e namely Brahmacharya& Brihastha& Vanprastha and 1anyaas. %panayana 1anskara (thread ceremony) marks the beginning o education or the children born in Brahmin& Kshatriya and Vaishya classes. Dor this purpose& a disciple must stay in his teacher)s hermitage and observe celibacy strictly. ,here& he must serve his teacher and worship 1urya and Agni. ,he disciple is e/pected never to disobey his teacher. Activities should be according to the teacher)s guidelines. (e should also make arrangements or the daily worship o his teacher in the way o collecting di erent materials like (avan saamagri& water& Kusha& lowers etc. A ter the completion o education and paying all the dues& the disciple is ready to start second stage o his li e that is Brihasthashram. Dor this he should irst ind a suitable girl rom his class and make merry. During this stage& he should earn his livelihood by occupations ascribed or his class. (e should please the gods by Yagyas& his ancestors by oblations& Era9apatis by producing children& spectres by o ering sacri ices o cereals and society by love. -ven the ascetic and celibates depend on married people or their daily bread. (ence married li e or Brihasthashram is stated to be e/cellent among all the Ashrams.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

A Brihastha must welcome and warmly treat the guests who arrive une/pectedly. 1uch a household rom where a guest returns desperately never succeeds in religious matters. All the worship and Yagyas o ered in such a household go utile. (ence it is not proper or the householder to show ego and abuse a guest otherwise he will have to e/piate or it later. A person must always be on alert to recognise the time when it is apt to take Vanprastha. Chen the children grow and begin to hold the responsibility o the household& one enters the third stage i.e. Vanprasthashram. 1o& leaving his wi e in the shelter o his children or taking her with him& one should migrate to the orest and live a simple li e sustaining on whatever little is available rom the nature. ,his stage must be passed observing severe penance and restraining one)s senses. 1anyaasashram is the ourth stage o li e. ?ne should give up all activities related to Dharma& Artha and Kama in this stage. (e should keep an impartial view or all and cultivate a eeling o love or all the creatures. (e should not hurt anybody by his words& actions or even thoughts. (e should not stay in a village or town or more than ive days. (e should sustain his li e on alms.

7.7.6M >ustoms and >onsecrations

At the time o childbirth& it is the ather)s responsibility to carry out certain customs and consecrations or the child. Dirst o all& #atakarma 1anskara is carried out by which the newly born baby is included in the amily. During this custom& a Brahmin couple is ed. *t is also necessary or the couple that they should sit acing east while eeding. ,herea ter& the parents should o er oblations to appease the gods and dead ancestors. Lumps made o barley lour& curd and berries should be o ered as oblations. 1imilar consecrations are carried out at the time o children)s marriage. ?n the tenth day a ter the birth& the naming ceremony is carried out. Di erent castes and religion have di erent traditions regarding naming the newly born child. *t is commonly seen that most o the children are named a ter the deities and gods. 1till one should see that the name should not be meaningless& abusive or inauspicious. Eractice o selecting e/ceptionally long and di icult to pronounce names should also be avoided. ,he second stage in a child)s li e is when he or she begins education. *n ancient times& thread ceremony used to be carried out and the children were sent to their teacher)s hermitage or education. *n modern age& thread ceremony is ollowed more or less in similar way as it used to be in the past. But children are not sent to Burukul or education any more. A ter completing education& a person should get married and run his own li e. *n the past& there had been elaborate rituals or the selection o suitable bride. -lders o the house used to select a proper match or the boy. ,heir choice in most cases depended on many attributes and bodily eatures o the girl. But in modern age& with increased interaction among the people& it is not possible to ollow each and every custom related to selection o bride. 1till one should take care not to marry in his mother)s lineage or up to i th generation and in his ather)s lineage up to seventh generation.

7.7.66 Description o "ighteousness

A married man knows the importance o ollowing a righteous discourse. @arried li e is like a penance in which a couple gives birth and raises ne/t generation. A married man is e/pected to get up early in the morning and contemplate on religious things. *t helps him to ollow righteous discourse. (e is e/pected to attend nature)s call in natural environment away rom his house. 1oil is considered the best means to wash hands. *t should be ollowed by cleansing o the body. (e should then o er oblations wearing resh clothes to sages& deities and his dead ancestors. ? ering oblations to the 1un& worship o tutelary god and other deities ollows then. * the household is having some cattle& the head o the amily should himsel milk them and then wait or the guest. * and when a guest arrives& the head o the amily must o er him a seat respect ully and treat him well with delicious ood and pleasant talk. *n *ndian tradition& a guest is regarded eHual to a deity. (e should take ood only a ter eeding the guest. -vening time has also elaborate rituals or a married man. Dirst o all& a ter inishing daily chores& a married man must worship with peace ul mind. *t is also good or his health to take ood early in the evening and retire to a wooden bedstead. +ight time is considered suitable period or en9oying carnal pleasure. (ere too& a married man should en9oy intimacy with his wi e only.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

7.7.6; 1ancti ication a ter Birth and Death

Li e on earth is like an in inite ocean in which birth appears like a bubble and death marks the bursting o that bubble a ter which it e/ists no more. Atmosphere o a household is said to be de iled when a birth or death occurs in it. ,here are di erent sancti ying customs to be carried out on both these occasions. A ter the birth o a son& the ather should o er oblations to please the gods and his ancestors a ter taking a bath. Chen a death occurs in a household& close relatives should take bath and carry the cadaver adorned with lowers and garlands outside the village or well3demarcated cremation ground or cremation. As per the religious tradition o the deceased& the body should either be consigned to the lames or buried. ,hen the relatives should again take bath in the pond or river acing south and o er watery oblations to the dead person. 1ince that day& Eindadaan (o ering sweet balls made o barley lour& sesame seeds& 9aggery and honey) should be done or ten days. ?n the ourth day o the cremation& ashes should be collected or immersion in holy places o pilgrimage. ,he person who had carried out the cremation must abstain rom intimacy or thirteen days. ?utsiders are also barred rom eating cereals rom such a household where a death has occurred. Dor the di erent classes o (indu society& this sancti ying period varies. Dor Brahmins& it is ten days& or Kshatriyas& it is twelve days& or Vaishyas& it is i teen days and or 1hudras& this period has been i/ed or one month. ?n the same day in every subseHuent month& oblations should be o ered to the dead or one year.

7.7.67 Days or @onthly ?blations

A 1hraadh carried out with devotion pleases the entire world including human beings& Brahma& *ndra& "udra& Ashwini Kumars& 1urya& Agni& Vasugana& @arudgana& Vishwadeva& Eitragana& birds& animals& reptiles& sages and o course the dead ancestors. @oonless and eighth day in the darker phase o every lunar month are considered the best days or o ering oblations to the dead ancestors. Apart rom these two& third day in the brighter phase o Vaishaakh& ninth day in brighter phase o Kartik& thirteenth day in the darker phase o Bhaadrapad and Amavasya o @aagh are also considered e/cellent. During lunar and solar eclipses also& oblations should be made with water and sesame seeds. * 1hatabhisha +akshatra occurs on Amavasya o @aagh& it is considered an e/cellent con9ugation or o ering oblations to dead ancestors. Bathing in rivers like Banga& 1utle9& Yamuna& Vipaasha& 1araswati& Bomti& Bodavari etc. while making oblations is also said to be e/tremely bene iting. *t is not necessary also to show great pomp and show while making oblations. * one doesn)t have enough money to o er oblations properly& he may simply pray the 1un saying that 'he is not ortunate enough to have wealth). ,hus& his ancestors would be pleased by his devotion alone.

7.7.6F @ethod or ?blations

Chile making oblations to the dead ancestors& one should eed his near and dear ones as well as learned Brahmins who respect their parents. *ntimacy with women is barred or those who have taken ood in an oblation. Any guest who happens to arrive une/pectedly and uninvited should be treated well. Be ore eeding& plain cereals should be o ered thrice to the ire reciting ollowing hymns. AGNAYE KAVYA VAAHAANAYE SWAHAA | SOMAAY PITRAMATE SWAHAA | VAIVASVATAAY SWAAHA || "emaining cereals then should be served with the ood to the Brahmins and some parts should also be cast on earth and water should be o ered on them. A ter the east& the Brahmins should be seen o with respect. ,he host should then take ood along with his amily. Anger over enthusiasm and walking on the street is orbidden or the host during oblation period.

7.7.68 Do)s and Don)t during ?blation

?blation with lesh o ish& rabbit& mongoose& hog& deer& ram and cereals cause e/treme satis action or the ancestors. But in modern Kaliyug& all types o lesh are orbidden in oblation rituals. ?nly cereals& milk& honey& etc. are allowed. ? ering o oblation in Baya (a place o pilgrimage in Bihar) is said to salve all the ancestors. Barley& wheat& rice& sesame seeds& peas& and mustard are the common cereals and grains used in oblations. ? ering o oblation is a sacred a air. During the procedure& care should be taken that an eunuch& >handaal& sinner& imposter& patient& cock& dog& a naked person& monkey& pigs& a woman in menses& and anybody in whose
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

house a death or birth has occurred don)t see the per ormer otherwise neither the deities nor the ancestors would accept the oblations. Cater used in oblation should also be ree rom odour and oam. @ilk o camel& sheep& doe and bu alo should not be used in oblations. Be ore beginning the ritual& drive out the evil spirits rom the selected piece o land. *t should be cut o rom outside in luences through enclosures.

7.7.6I ,he Battle o Bods and Demons

"ig& 1ama and Ya9urveda are like the clothes o (indu society. ,hose who give them up are in act naked. ,his statement is endorsed by the ollowing tale. ?nce upon a time& a battle occurred between the demons and the gods. *t lasted or one hundred years at the end o which period& the demons de eated the gods. ,he humiliated gods reached Ksheersagar and prayed Lord Vishnu. Eleased by their prayers& Lord Vishnu appeared be ore the gods. All the gods greeted (im and said3 P? Lord$ *n sheer violation o Brahma)s dictate& ormidable demons have kidnapped even our due shares o ered in the oblations. Erotect us rom the onslaught o the demons. Ce cannot ill them because they abide by their religion. Kindly show us a way to kill the demons.P (earing the pleas o the gods& Lord Vishnu produced @ayamoha rom (is body and giving them to the gods& said3 P@ayamoha will cause illusion in the minds o the demons. ,he illusion will in luence the demons to violate the path shown by the Vedas. You can kill them a ter thatP. 1aying this& the Lord disappeared. ,he gods took @ayamoha and reached the abode o the demons.

7.7.6< Dialogue o @ayamoha with Demons

@ayamoha was produced in a naked orm. *t reached the bank o +armada and saw the demons observing penance there. ,he naked @ayamoha then approached them and said in a sweet voice3 P ? demons$ Chat is the purpose o your penanceLP ,he demons said3 PCe are observing penance to achieve the metaphysical world.P @ayamoha said3 P* you long or salvation& do as * suggest. Dollow the religion which is like an open gate to salvation.P Cith such sweet talk& @ayamoha began to illumine the demons) mind. @ayamoha con used them urther saying3 P? demons& i you long or salvation or a place in the heaven& give up sacri icing animals and attain enlightenment. *t is wrong notion to say that violence is the religious path. ? ering o oblations in ire is also childish. -ven an animal which eats green grass is better than *ndra who is obliged to eat wood despite attaining that position a ter hundreds o great Yagyas. * an animal which is sacri iced in Yagya attains heaven& per ormer o Yagya would have killed his own ather.P ,hus with these witty talks& @ayamoha deviated the demons rom the righteous path because o which they lost interest in Vedas. ?nce it was achieved& the gods attacked the demons with ull preparations. %ltimately& many demons were killed whereas those who remained came to be known as naked because they no longer ollowed the teachings o Vedas. ,hus& anybody who does not practice the teachings o Vedas in his li e is known as naked. ,hose who do not take to Vanprastha or 1anyaas a ter the completion o Brihasthashram are naked. ,ale o 1hatadhanu3 *n the ancient times there was a king named 1hatadhanu. (is Hueen 1haivya was a righteous and religious woman. ,he king and the Hueen had worshipped Lord Vishnu observing severe penance. ?n the ull moon day in the month o Kartik when the king and Hueen came out o the Banges a ter taking bath& they happened to sight an imposter Brahmin who was coming rom the opposite direction. ,he Brahmin was a riend o the king)s teacher. 1o& the king treated the Brahmin with respect. But his chaste wi e did not show any respect or the imposter and kept silent all through the talk. 1he then had a sight o the 1un to e/piate or the meeting with an imposter. ?n their return to the palace the king and the Hueen worshipped Lord Vishnu with proper rituals. *n due course& the king died. ,he Hueen also committed 1ati. 1ince the king had committed the sin o talking to an imposter during his penance the king had committed the sin o talking to an imposter during his penance& he took birth in a dog orm whereas Hueen 1haivya took birth as the daughter o a Kashi king. 1he was e/tremely beauti ul and knew everything about her previous birth. Chen her ather decided to marry her o & she reHuest ully re used or she knew that her previous birth husband was roaming the streets and lanes o Vidisha in a dog orm. ,he princess o Kashi then reached Vidisha and ound out that dog was in act King 1hatadhanu. 1he ed the dog with delicious ood eating which the dog began to wag its tail and show humility be ore the princess. ,he princess saluted the dog and narrated the whole thing to it that it was because o his sin o talking to an imposter during penance that he had to take birth as a dog.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

,hus& reminded by the princess& the dog contemplated or long on the events o his previous birth. (e grew so sad that he gave up the dog orm on the outskirts o the town. *n his ne/t birth however he was born as a 9ackal. Again the princess came to know that the 9ackal was King 1hatadhanu and asked him whether he continued to talk to the imposter a ter their conversation in the previous birthL ?nly then& King 1hatadhanu came to realise his mistake. (e then observed ast till death. But in his ne/t birth& he was born as a wol . Again the princess reminded him o his previous birth. ,he king)s became a vulture in his ne/t birth. A ter that& he took birth in crow orm and then as a peacock. During that time& King #anak was organising an Ashwamedha Yagya. *n the Yagya& the peacock was also given a ceremonial bath by the princess. During the bath& the princess reminded the peacock (King 1hatadhanu) o his previous birth& the peacock too died and took ne/t birth as the son o King #anak. *t was only a ter the birth o King #anak)s son that the princess told her ather to organise a 1wayamvara or her. *n the 1wayamvara& the prince also arrived. ,he princess accepted him respect ully as her husband.


0hapter , (Part ,%

,his chapter contains 6; sections.

7.F.6 Description o Vaivasvat @anu)s Lineage

Lineage o Vaivasvat @anu inds its origin at Brahma. Brahma was the irst to appear rom Lord Vishnu who is the primitive cause or the whole creation. Drom the right hand thumb o Brahma& Daksha Era9apati appeared. Daksha produced Aditi and Aditi produced Vivasvaan. @anu was the son o Vivasvaan. *kshvaaku& +rig& Brishth& 1harayaati& +arishyant& Eranshu& +aabhaag& Dishta& Karup and Erishadhra are the ten sons o @anu. Cith a desire or a son @anu organised a Yagya to please the deities @itra and Varun. But during the Yagya because o a wrong resolution o oblator& a daughter named *la was born to them. But by the grace o @itra3 Varun& she got masculine appearance and a name 1udyumna. *n later course by the wrath o Lord 1hiva& 1udyumna was converted into a woman. *n woman orm when 1udyumna was roaming near the hermitage o Buddha& the son o >handrama& her beauty in atuated Buddha. As a result o their union& a son Eururava was born. -ven a ter the birth o Eururava& 1udyumna could not give up his temptation to be a man again. (ence& learned sages organised a Yagya or 1udyumna and got him converted into a man again. *n masculine orm& 1udyumna produced three sons3 %tkal& Baya and Vinat. @anu had presented a town named Erathishtha to 1udyumna& which he later on presented to Eururava. Eururava)s progenies spread in all directions and acHuired Kshatriya caste. @anu)s son& Erishadhra became a 1hudra because o killing a cow o his teacher. @anu)s another son& Karush produced an e/ceptionally strong Kshatriya named Kaarush. Lineage o Dishta grew as ollows3 +aabhaag3 Balbandhan3 Kirtimaan3 Vatsapreeti3 Eraanshu3 Era9apati3 Khanitra3 >haakshush3 Vimbha3 Vivimbhak3 Khaninetra3 Ativibhuti3 Karandham3 Avikshit3 @arut. @arut had a son& +arishyant. Lineage o +arishyant grew as ollows3 Dama3 "a9vardhan3 1uvriddhi3 Keval3 1ughritti3 +ara3 >handra3 Keval3 Bandhumaan3 Veghvaan3 Buddha3 ,rinvindu. ,rinvindu had a daughter *lavila and a son Vishal. Vishal in later course ounded Vishaala. Lineage o Vishal grew as ollows3 (emchandra3 >handra3 Dhumraksh3 1rin9ay3 1ahadev3 Krishasva3 1omadutta3 #anme9aya3 1umati. @anu) son 1harayaati had a daughter 1ukanya who was married to sage >hyavan in peculiar circumstances. Aanart was the son o 1harayaati. Aanart had a son "aivat who ounded his capital at Kushasthali and ruled his kingdom on earth. "aivat had one hundred sons& the eldest among whom was Kakudmi. (e had a daughter "evati. "aivat took "evati with him and approached Brahma who asked about a suitable match or her. At that time& Bandharvas were singing near Brahma. "aivat listened to their songs intently and orgot about the passage o time. @any ages passed like that but "aivat elt as i only an hour had passed. Chen the Bandharvas stopped singing& "aivat once again asked Brahma about a suitable match or "evati. Brahma asked "aivat about his own choices irst. "aivat counted the names o many deserving princes and kings all o whom belonged to earth. Brahma said smiling3 P+o one even in the progeny o these people is alive on earth because here listening to the Bandharvas songs you have passed our ages. Eresently even the age o eighteenth @anu is about to end on earth and Kaliyug is about to start.P ,hese words rightened "aivat who greeted Brahma and asked3 P? Lord$ +ow tell me whom should * marry "evati toLP Brahma said3 P,hat unborn all pervasive Earmeshwar Lord Vishnu had taken an incarnation on earth. ? king$ Your capital at Kushasthali which was eHual to *ndra)s abode Amravati is now Dwarkapuri. *n that Dwarkapuri& stays Baldev who is a part o Lord Vishnu. @arry this daughter to him
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

because she is a 9ewel among the women olk and Baldev is praised all over the world by all. (ence only he deserves to be your son3in3law.P (earing the verdict o Brahma& Era9apati "aivat descended on the earth and saw that an ama:ing trans ormation had taken place in the appearance o people who were now smaller in stature& ugly& dull and devoid o strength. -ven his capital Kushasthali had acHuired a new appearance and was now known as Dwarkapuri. "aivat ound out Baldev and married his granddaughter "evati to him. But "evati appeared Huite large and taller in stature than Baldev because o age di erence. Baldev pressed her slightly with anterior part o his plough and she assumed a stature eHual to normal women. A ter marrying "evati to Baldev& "aivat migrated to the (imalayas to observe penance.

7.F.; Description o *kshvaku)s Lineage

*kshvaaku was born rom the nostril o @anu as a result o sudden snee:ing. *kshvaaku had hundred sons among whom Vikukshi& +imi and Danda were prominent. ?nce *kshvaaku organised a 1hraadh. Dor the purpose o eeding Brahmins& he ordered his son Vikukshi to bring resh meat o wild animals. ,aking his bow and arrows& Vikukshi set out or the orest and hunted many deer and rabbits. ,owards noon& he elt tired and hungry and hence ate one rabbit rom the stock. ,hen he reached the capital and handed over the remaining lesh to his ather. But the sage Vashishta who was conducting the 1hraadh revealed the truth to @anu. ,hus Vikukshi got the name o 1hashaad and was e/pelled by his ather. 1hashaad in later course had a son& Euran9ay. *n the past a ierce battle had taken place between the demons and the gods. ,he demons de eated the gods who approached Lord Vishnu or help. Lord Vishnu said3P* am aware o your desire. * will appear in he body o 1hashaad)s son Euran9ay to kill the demons. But it is your responsibility to convince him or the battle.P ,he gods approached Euran9ay and reHuested3P? great among the Kshatriyas$ Kindly help us to de eat our enemies.P Euran9ay said3P1hatkratu is *ndra. * * ight the battle riding his shoulder& * will be able to kill the demons.P ,he gods accepted his condition. *ndra took the guise o the bull riding which Euran9ay killed the demons because Lord Vishnu had partially arrived in his body. 1ince then Euran9ay got the name Kakutsth. (e had a son Aneyna. Lineage o Aneyna grew as ollows3 Aneyna3 Erithu3 Vishtrabhva3 >haandrayuvnashva3 1haavasta. 1haavasta ounded the town o 1haavasti (modern 1hraavasti). Lineage o 1haavasta continued as ollows3 1haavasta3 Vrihadashva3 Kuvalayaashva3 Dridaashva3 ,andraashva3 Kapilaashva. Dor a long time& Yuvanashva did not have a child. 1o& he organised a Eutreshti Yagya in the auspices o learned sages. ,he Yagya lasted or a whole day. At mid3night when the Yagya ended& sages ell asleep because o tiredness keeping the urn o Yagya water near the altar. ,he water had been empowered with sacred mantras. @eanwhile the thirsty king came there and drank that water rom the urn. Chen the sages awakened& they enHuired about the water in the urn. Yuvanashva told them that he had himsel drunk it. ,he sages told that as the water had been empowered with sacred mantras and was meant or the Hueen in order to make her conceive. (ence the king instead o the Hueen will conceive now. As a result Yuvanashva conceived and in due course gave birth to a child rom his right armpit. But the child)s birth did not kill the king. ,he baby was @andhaata. *n due course @andhaata ruled the entire earth& which was divided into seven islands. @andhaata married Bindumati& the daughter o 1hatabindu. ,hey had three sons3 Eurukutsa& Ambareesh& and @uchukunda. ,hey also had i ty daughters. Chen all the daughters grew young a sage 1aubhari arrived in the palace and reHuested @andhaata to marry one o his daughters to him. ,he sage appeared old and rail. 1o& @andhaata hesitated and tried to send him o making many e/cuses. ,he sage assured him about his physical abilities. But still the king elt hesitant and said32? sage& it is our tradition that we marry our daughter only to he whom our daughter chooses as her husband. Your reHuest is beyond our desires.P (earing @andhaata)s word sage considered or a moment and said3PAll right ? king$ Kindly instruct the eunuch who guards the Huarters o your daughters to escort me there.P Dearing a curse rom the sage& @andhaata instructed the eunuchs to escort him into the Huarters o his daughters. Chile entering the Huarters& the sage assumed the appearance o an e/tremely handsome Bandharva. 1o& when he arrived there& a row started among the girls as to who would choose him as her husband irst. -ach one o them claimed that she had irst chosen him. ,hus all the daughters o @andhaata chose sage 1aubhari as their husband.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Chen the eunuchs in ormed the king about this development& he ell in deep thoughts how it could happen. But still he was bound by his promise so he had no choice but to marry all his daughters to sage 1aubhari. @arrying all the i ty girls& sage 1aubhari brought them to his hermitage. >alling Vishwakarma& he instructed him to build separate castles or each o his wives. *n no time& Vishwakarma erected i ty beauti ul palaces in a row. -ach one o them had ample spacious and airy rooms& surrounded by beauti ul gardens. 1ince then& all the girls occupied those palaces and began to live there. -very kind o lu/ury and ood was available to them. ?ne day& drawn by the love or his daughters& King @andhaata decided to visit 1aubhari)s Ashram. But in place o Ashram& he ound a row o beauti ul palaces. ,here& he met his daughters and enHuired about their well being. ,he daughters in ormed him that they were happy to live with the sage and that their husband was capable enough to provide them with all the lu/uries. But still they remembered their native place. -ach o the girl also e/pressed one grie that her husband en9oyed intimacy with her at all times and did not share time with her other sisters. ,hese words o the girls surprised the king. %ltimately he met 1aubhari and worshipping him he said3P? lord$ *t is the result o your severe penance that you are able to keep all the i ty girls happy.P 1taying there or a ew days& the king returned. *n due course& the daughters o @andhaata gave birth to one hundred and i ty sons. ,hose sons grew up and produced their progeny. At that time sage 1aubhari thought3 '* have seen the birth o my sons. +ow they have their own sons. * * stay there& * will long to see my great3grandchildren. Desires do not end till death. AcHuiring a human body is in itsel a great sorrow. * have received enough in li e& en9oyed intimacy with i ty princesses. * * keep more desires& * will receive nothing but sorrow. (ence * should take to the penance o Lord Vishnu.) ,hinking that way& sage 1aubhari migrated to the orest along with his i ty wives. ,here they conducted Yagyas and passed their time worshipping Lord Vishnu.

7.F.7 Erogeny o @andhatr& Ascend o ,rishanku to (eaven and Birth o 1agar

?nce upon a time Bandharvas o collective name @auneya de eated the +agas and snatched all their wealth and powers. ,he +agas prayed Lord Vishnu to rescue them. Lord Vishnu told them that he would appear in @andhaata)s son Eurukutsa and kill the Bandharvas. A terwards +armada brought Eurukutsa to "asaatal where Lord Vishnu appeared in his body. ,hus having the strength o Lord Vishnu& Eurukutsa de eated and killed the Bandharvas. Eleased by the action o +armada& the +agas blessed her with a boon that whoever remembered her would have no ear o snake venom and Eurukutsa that he would have an immortal son. Eurukutsa and +armada had a son ,rasadasyu. Lineage o ,rasadasyu continued as ollows3 ,rasadasyu3 Anaranya3 Vrihadashva3 (aryashva3 (asta3 1umana3 ,ridhanva3 ,rayaruni and 1atyavrat. 1atyavrat became amous as ,rishanku in later course. By the curse o a sage& ,rishanku had become a >handaal. ?nce a drought occurred or twelve long years. During that drought& to get rid rom this condition o >handaal and eed sage Vishwamitra& ,rishanku used to tie a whole skinned deer to a Banyan tree on the bank o the river Banges. Eleased by his sel less service& sage Vishwamitra sent ,rishanku to the heaven with his ephemeral body. Lineage o ,rishanku grew as ollows3 ,rishanku3 (arishchandra3 "ohitashva3 (arit3 >hanchu3 Vi9ay and Vasudev. Vi9ay had a son "uruk. "uruk)s son was Vrik who had a son Baahu. Baahu had two Hueens. A ter a long time o their marriage& Baahu)s Hueen consort conceived a son. But the circumstances took a strange turn. Baahu)s enemies together attacked his kingdom and de eated him. ,he de eated king migrated to the orest along with his Hueens and began to live at the hermitage o sage Aurv. Very soon& King Baahu died o old age. (is Hueen consort also wanted to commit 1ati but sage Aurv prevented her rom doing so. A ter sometime getting envious o her ortune& the other Hueen deceit ully ed her with poison. But the poison could not harm the oetus& which stayed unborn or a period o seven years because o poison)s e ect. 1taying at the hermitage o sage Aurv& the Hueen consort gave birth to a son. 1ince the child was born with the e ect o the poison& 1age Aurv named him as 1agar. 1agar began to grow in he hermitage in natural surrounding. ?ne day he asked his mother about his ather. ,he Hueen narrated the whole incident to him. 1agar then and there took an oath to e/terminate the Kshatriyas who had been the cause o his ather)s death. Acting as per his oath& 1agar destroyed (aihaya Kshatriyas whereas 1hak Kshatriyas got their heads shaven out o ear. 1ince those Kshatriyas had given up their religion& hence Brahmins boycotted them. As a result they became @alechchha. ,herea ter King 1agar returned to his capital and ruled the earth.

7.F.F Description o 1uryavansh

King 1agar had two Hueens& 1umati& the daughter o Kashyap and Keshini& the daughter o Vidarbha)s king. Keshini had a son Asman9as whereas 1umati had si/ty thousand sons. Anshuman was the son o Asman9as.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Asman9as was very whimsical since his childhood. -ven in his youth& he did not change his behaviour. (ence King 1agar had abandoned Asman9as. But the things did not improve or 1agar because even his si/ty thousand sons ollowed the ootsteps o Asman9as. ,he gods one3day approached sage Kapil who was a partial incarnation o Lord Vishnu. Breeting him& they said3 2* the si/ty thousand sons o 1agar continued on their whimsical way& the earth would not remain suitable or living.4 1age Kapil assured the gods that the si/ty thousand sons o 1agar would meet their ate very soon. By the instigation o sage Kapil& King 1agar organised an Ashwamedha Yagya. ,he si/ty thousand princes also ollowed the horse guarding it. But somehow *ndra managed to kidnap the horse and tethered it at the hermitage o sage Kapil. ,he si/ty thousand princes searched or the horse and ollowing the ootprints& they also reached the hermitage. ,here they ound the horse and also a sage in deep meditation. ,hinking that the sage might have been responsible or abduction o the horse they began to abuse him. As soon as sage Kapil disturbed by the abuses opened his eyes& a lame appeared and incinerated all the si/ty thousand princes. Chen King 1agar came to know about this incident& he sent Anshuman to bring back that horse. Anshuman also reached the hermitage and greeted sage Kapil with respect. Eleased by his politeness& sage Kapil blessed Anshuman and instructed him to take the horse away with him. (e also asked him to seek a boon. As the boon& Anshuman only sought the salvation or his si/ty thousand dead uncles. 1age Kapil assured Anshuman that his ancestors would certainly attain to the heaven but only a ter a long wait and that his grandson Bhagirath would bring the Banges onto the earth and that the Banges) waters would wash the ashes o his ancestors to the ocean and cause their salvation. ,hus blessed by the sae Kapil& Anshuman returned to the capital with the horse in order to help his grand ather inish the Yagya. Anshuman had a son Dileep. Dileep)s son was Bhagirath who observed severe penance and pleased Banga to descend on the earth. 1ince the Banges had descended on earth because o Bhagirath)s penance& she also got a name Bhagirathi. ,he lineage o Bhagirath grew as ollows3 Bhagirath3 1uhotra3 1hruti3 +aabhaag3 Ambareesh3 1indhudweep3 Ayutayu3 "ituparn3 1arvakaam3 1udas and 1audas. ?ne day& King 1audas went hunting in the orests. ,here he spotted a pair o the tigers. ,hey were actually a tiger and a tigress in mating. 1audas killed one o them by his arrow& while the other turned into a demon and threatening o an avenge disappeared rom the scene. *n due course& King 1audas organised a Yagya in the auspices o sage Vashishta. ,owards the end o Yagya& sage Vashishta went away to take bath. @eanwhile the same demon arrived there in the guise o Vashishta and e/pressed his desire to eat non3vegetarian ood. ,hen the demon arrived be ore the king in the guise o the cook. ,he king ordered him to cook meat or the sage. ,he cook cooked human lesh and served it be ore the sage. 1age Vashishta knew that the ood contained human lesh. (e cursed the king in anger to be a demon. Cithin three days& King 1audas became a demon and began to roam in the orests. 1ince then he ate the humans only. ?ne day& 1audas in demon orm saw @uni who was in the process o mating his wi e. ,he demon caught and ate the @uni neglecting all the cries and wailing o his wi e. ,he Brahmani angrily cursed the demon that as her husband had been killed while he was about to sate his carnal lust similarly he would also die right in the same process. King 1audas remained in the demon)s orm or twelve more years. A ter that he recovered rom the curse and began to rule like a pious king. ?ne day& King 1audas saw the Hueen in an amorous condition and an impulse o carnal pleasure ran within his body. (e made advances to satis y his lust but the Hueen who knew everything about the curse stopped him reminding him o the curse. 1ince then the king stuck to celibacy. 1ince the king had no son& he allowed his Hueen @adayanti to conceive a child with the help o sage Vashishta. ,he Hueen did conceive but the oetus remained unborn or seven years at length. At last the irritated Hueen hit her oetus with a stone. ,his resulted in the birth o child at once. ,he child was named Ashmak. ,he lineage o Ashmak grew as ollows5 Ashmak3 @oolak3 Dasharath3 *livil3 Vishvasah and Khatwang. Khatwang had killed many ormidable demons ighting by the side o the gods. Eleased by his gallantry& the gods wanted to grant him a boon. Khatwang wanted to know how long would live more. ,he gods told him that he would live or one @uhurta more. (earing this& Khatwang came back on earth and prayed Lord Vishnu to take him in (is re uge. At last he did annihilated with Lord Vishnu. Lineage o Khatwang grew as ollows3Khatwang3 Deerghbahu3 "aghu3 A9a and Dasharath. King Dasharath had three Hueens who gave birth to our sons3"ama& Lakshmana& Bharat and 1hatrughana.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

"ama was an incarnation o Lord Vishnu. (is li e too had lot o ups and downs. A ter being trained in archery& (e and Lakshmana spent most o their boyhood time in the hermitage o sage Vishwamitra guarding his Yagyas rom the demons. A ter that when Vishwamitra was taking them to @ithila Lord "ama salved Ahilya who had been converted into a stone by the curse o her husband sage Bautam. *n @ithila& Lord "ama broke the bow o Lord 1hiva and won 1ita as (is wi e. Chen they returned to Ayodhya& King Dasharath decided to crown "ama as the new king. But misguided by @anthara& Hueen Kaikeyee stubbornly sought that her son Bharat should be crowned as the new king whereas "ama should be sent on an e/ile or ourteen years. Bounded by his promises that he had made to Kaikeyee earlier& King Dasharath had no choice but to accept her demands. ,hus to keep (is ather)s words& Lord "ama accepted the e/ile. 1ita and Lakshmana also ollowed (is steps. *n the orests& the demon king "avan deceit ully abducted 1ita. *t was ollowed by meeting o "ama with (anumana and 1ugreev& killing o Baali3 1ugreev)s brother& inding o 1ita by (anumana in Lanka& bridging o the sea that separated Lanka& ierce battle with the demons and ultimately killing o "avan by Lord "ama. A ter the completion o e/ile period Lord "ama returned to Ayodhya and ruled there or twelve years. Lord "ama had two sons3 Lava and Kusha. Lineage o Kusha grew as ollows3 Kusha3 Atithi3 +ishadh3 Anal3 +abh3 Eundareek3 Kshemdhanwa3 Devaneek3 Ahinaka3 "uru3 Eariyatrak3 Deval3 Vanchal3 %lka3 Va9ranabha3 1hankhan3 Yushhitashva3 Vishvasaha3 (iranyanaam3 Eushya3 Dhruvsandhi3 1udarshan3 Agnivarn3 1highrag3 @aru3 Erasushrut3 1usandhi3 Amarsh3 1ahaswan and Vishvabhav. Vishvabhav had a son Brihdal who was killed by Abhimanyu in the battle o @ahabharat.

7.F.8 ,ale o +imi and Description o his Lineage

*kshvaku)s son +imi once decided to organise a Yagya that was to last or one thousand years. (e also wanted the sage Vashishta to guide the Yagya. But *ndra had already booked Vashishta or a period o ive hundred years. 1o sage Vashishta e/pressed his inability to conduct any other Yagya till the completion o that period and reHuested the king to wait till he was ree rom *ndra)s obligations. +imi kept Huite at that time. ,aking his silence as an approval& the sage began the Yagya or *ndra. But the king meanwhile started Yagya in the auspices o other sages like Bautam etc. At the completion o Yagya or *ndra& sage Vashishta hurried back to the earth to conduct Yagya or King +imi. But here he ound that a Yagya was already in progression. ,his in uriated the sage to the e/tent that he poured down curse on +imi& who was sleeping at that time& to lose his body at once. Chen the king learned about the curse and that he was cursed in sleep& he cursed the sage in retaliation to lose his body at once be ore giving up his own body. By the curse o +imi& Vashishta)s body was destroyed but he himsel entered the semen o @itravarun. ,herea ter& one day @itravarun happened to sea the el %rvashi. (er amorous beauty caused the e9aculation o his semen spontaneously. Cith e9aculated semen& sage Vashishta also came out and acHuired a new body. ?n the other hand& at end o Yagya when the gods appeared to accept their due share rom the o erings& the sages prayed them to grant +imi some boon. +imi however sought nothing in boon but e/pressed his desire to stay in eyes o the people orever. ,he gods granted that desire. Be ore that nobody had ever blinked his eyes. Blinking o eyes came into practice because +imi stays there. *n order to save the kingdom rom anarchy& the sages churned the dead body o +imi with a stick o Bomba/ tree and produced a son. ,hat son came to known as #anak. 1ince he was born rom the dead body o his ather& the boy also came to be known as Vaideha. Lineage o #anak continued as ollows5 #anak3 %davasu3 +andivardhan3 1uketu3 Devrat3 Brihadukth3 @ahaveerya3 1udhriti3 Dhrishtketu3 (aryashva3 @anu3 Erateet3 Kritrath3 Devbheed3 Vibudh3 @ahadhriti3 Kritra93 @aharoma3 1uvarnaroma3 (rasyaroma and 1eerdhva9. Cith a desire o a son& 1eerdhva9 was once ploughing the earth when he stumbled upon a pitcher. *n the pitcher& he ound a beauti ul baby whom he named as 1ita.

7.F.I Description o 1omavansh and the ,ale o Eururava

,he creator o the world& Brahma had a son named Atri. >handrama was the son o Atri. ?nce >handrama organised a "a9suya Yagya and received great powers. A terwards blinded by his powers& >handrama kidnapped ,ara& the wi e o Brihaspati. -ven his grand ather Brahma tried to dissuade him rom committing such a grave crime but >handrama was not to listen to anybody. Because his hostility with Brihaspati& the teacher o the demons 1hukra was also assisting >handrama. At that moment o need& only "udra came orward to help Brihaspati. A ierce battle ollowed between >handrama and "udra. ,he gods were helping Brihaspati while because o 1hukra& the demons ought rom the side o >handrama. 1oon the battle assumed the proportion o a war that perple/ed the entire world. At last& Lord Vishnu mediated to end the battle and helped Brihaspati to get his wi e back. By that time ,ara had conceived a child. 1eeing her condition Brihaspati instigated ,ara to abort the
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

baby. ,ara aborted the baby amidst some shrubs but it did not die. *nstead& his brilliance dulled even the radiance o the gods. ,he baby was so beauti ul that both Brihaspati and >handrama were eager to accept him. ,o settle the matter& Brahma asked ,ara about the paternity o the child. Deeling shy& ,ara revealed that >handrama was the ather o the child. ,hen Brahma himsel adopted the child and named him as Buddha. Chen he grew young& Buddha produced Eururava rom *lla. Eururava was very magnanimous and handsome. ?nce an el %rvashi happened to see him and at once ell in love. 1he then approached Eururava. (er beauty enchanted Eururava also. (e reHuested the el to stay with him. But %rvashi stipulated that she might stay with him i he agreed to ollow her two conditions that he would never drive the two sheep& which were like her children away rom her bed and that he would never undress be ore her in visible light. Eururava accepted both the conditions. 1ince then Eururava began to live with %rvashi. ,ogether they en9oyed their physical intimacy or si/ty thousand years. ,heir love grew so much that even %rvashi orgot those heavenly com orts that she used to en9oy once. But because o her absence& even the heaven appeared more dreaded than hell. At last& one Vishvavasu who knew about the conditions stole one sheep rom their bedroom and lew away. (earing the cries o the sheep& %rvashi got up in an/iety and shouted who was stealing her son. But Eururava pretended as i asleep or the ear o being seen naked. As the uss grew urther& he could no more contain himsel and ran a ter the thie . "ight at that moment& the Bandharvas produced intense lightning illuminating the whole scene. As a result& %rvashi saw Eururava in a naked state and at once le t his palace to her heavenly abode or now both o her conditions had been violated. Eururava could not tolerate the separation o %rvashi. (e began to roam here and there in that bare condition like a mad. ,hus roaming he reached at Kamal 1arovar in Kurukshetra where he saw %rvashi with our other elves. 1eeing %rvashi Eururava began to behave madly. *t was impossible or him to control his sensual desires even in the presence o other elves. But %rvashi stopped him saying that she was e/pecting an issue and a ter a year& she will give birth to his child. 1he also promised at that time she will stay with him or a night. A ter a year King Eururava once again reached that place where %rvashi handed over his son Aayu. As per her promise she also stayed with Eururava or a night and conseHuently in later course gave birth to ive more sons. %rvashi in ormed Eururava that because o their love Bandharvas wished to bless him with a boon. Eururava sought a li e3long union with %rvashi. Bandharvas presented him with an altar and instructed to conduct regular Yagyas properly. ,hen all o his desires would come true& the Bandharvas assured Eururava. But King Eururava le t that altar in the orest and returned to his capital. At mid3night& he awakened suddenly as i rom a trance and hurried to the orest to recover his altar. But the altar was no more thereK it had trans ormed into a peepal tree. Eururava got that tree elled and brought it to his capital where the carpenters made Arani (a wooden implement used in ancient *ndia to produce ire) rom its wood. 1ince then Eururava conducted regular Yagyas with the help o that Arani and attained to the Bandharvaloka where he was never separated rom %rvashi again.

7.F.< Birth o #amadagni and Vishwamitra

Eururava had si/ sons3 Aayu& Amavasu& Vishwavasu& 1hrutaayu& 1hataayu and Ayutayu. Amavasu had a son Bheema and Bheema in turn had a son Kanchan. #ahnu was the son o Kanchan)s son& 1uhotra. At the time o Banga)s descend on earth& when #ahnu saw his hermitage inundated& he drank all her water. (e released the Banges only when the Devrishis prayed him. 1ince then Banges also came to be known as #ahnavi& the daughter o #ahnu. Lineage o #ahnu grew as ollows3 #ahnu3 1umant3 A9ak3 Balaakashva and Kusha. Kusha had our sons3 Kushaamb& Kushnaam3 Adhurtra9a and Vasu. Kushaamb observed severe penance with a desire to have a son like *ndra. Eleased by his penance& *ndra himsel took birth as his son. (e came to be known as Kaushik. Kaushik had a daughter named 1atyavati who got married to "icheek. 1age "icheek prepared kheer in two parts3 one or his wi e 1atyavati and another or 1atyavati)s mother. *nstructing 1atyavati& he went to the orest. Chen 1atyavati and her mother were about to eat the kheer& her mother e/changed her part o kheer with that o her daughter saying that her son had to oster the world while the son o the sage had nothing to do with wealth and all that. 1atyavati agreed to that and ate that part o kheer& which was reserved or her mother whereas her mother ate 1atyavati)s part. Chen "icheek returned rom the orest& he noticed ormidable changes in the body o his wi e. (e understood that she had eaten her mother)s part o the kheer. Angrily the sage predicted that she would have a son who would be Kshatriya3like in virtues whereas her mother would have Brahmin3like son.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

1atyavati begged pardon and reHuested the sage to change his prediction saying that the crime was committed by mistake and that she would be happy to have a Kshatriya3like grandson but not a son. At her reHuest the sage changed his prediction. As per the prediction& 1atyavati gave birth to #amadagni whereas her mother gave birth to Vishwamitra. A ter giving birth to #amadagni turned into a river named Kaushiki. *n later course& as a partial incarnation o Lord Vishnu& Earashuram took birth as the son o sage #amadagni.

7.F.J Description o Kashyavansh

Eururava)s son Aayu had been married to "ahu)s daughter. ,hey had ive sons3 +ahush& Kshatravriddh& "ambh& Vra9i and Aneyna. 1uhotra was the son o Kshatravriddh. (e had three sons3 Kaashya& Kaash and Britsamad. 1haunak was the son o Britsamad whereas Kaasheya was the son o Kaashya. Lineage o Kaasheya grew as3 Kaasheya3 "aashtra3 Dirdhakapa and Dhanvantari. Dhanvantari)s body was ree rom all the physical aults like ageing and diseases. Dhanvantari)s lineage grew as3 Dhanvantari3 Ketumaan3 Bheemrath3 Dibodas and Eratardan. Eratardan was also known as 1hatru9it because o his conHuering his enemies. 1ince he had acHuired a horse named Kulavay hence he also came to be known as Kulvayaashva. Eratardan had a son named Alarka who en9oyed his rule on earth or si/ty3si/ thousand years. Lineage o Alarka continued as ollows3 1annati3 1unith3 1uketu3 Dharmaketu3 1atyaketu3 Vibhu3 1uvibhu3 1ukumar3 Dhristhaketu3 Vitihotra3 Bhaarga and Bhaargbhumi. *t was progeny o Bhaargbhumi who gave rise to our classes o people.

7.F.G Description o King "a9i and his 1ons

King "a9i had ive hundred prowessive sons. ?nce at the beginning o battle between the demons and the gods& they appeared be ore Brahma and enHuired as to which part would win. Brahma said that only that part would win which would be aided by King "a9i. Dirst the demons approached "a9i and reHuested him to ight rom their side. King "a9i stipulated that he would ight only when the demons agreed to appoint him as their *ndra. ,he demons told him that Erahlad was their *ndra and returned. ,hen the gods also approached King "a9i and reHuested him to take their side. "a9i put the same condition be ore them also to which the gods agreed. *n a ierce battle and aided by King "a9i& the gods de eated the demons. A ter their victory& *ndra bowed be ore King "a9i and e/pressed his desire to present him with the kingdom o heaven. ,hus King "a9i became *ndra. A ter the demise o "a9i& +arad instigated his sons to acHuire the rule o heaven. All the ive hundred sons o "a9i approached *ndra and reHuested him to give them the rule o heaven but *ndra re used plainly. At that "a9i)s sons dethroned *ndra orcibly and themselves became *ndra. A ter much time had passed& *ndra approached Brihaspati and prayed him to help him regain the rule o heaven. Brihaspati assured him that he would soon establish him at the throne. A terwards Brihaspati created illusions in the minds o "a9i)s sons. (e also conducted many Yagyas to increase the radiance o *ndra. Buided by the illusions& "a9i)s sons began to behave in anti3religious ways. ,hen *ndra easily killed them all and regained his designation.

7.F.6M ,ale o Yayati

+ahush had si/ sons3 Yati& Yayati& 1anyati& Aayati& Viyati and Kriti. Yayati had two wives& Devyani& the daughter o 1hukracharya and 1harmishtha& the daughter o Vrishparva. Devyani gave birth to Yadu and ,urvasu whereas 1harmishtha gave birth to Druhayu& Anu and Euru. Because o a curse o 1hukracharya old age had descended on Yayati prematurely. Yayati then reHuested his eldest son Yadu to e/change his youth with his old age but Yadu re used. ,hen Yayati reHuested each o his sons one by one but all o them re used plainly or the ear o getting old prematurely. At last Yayati)s youngest son Euru gladly accepted his reHuest and gave him his youth. "egaining the youth& Yayati once again indulged in carnal pleasures with both his Hueens. But everyday his desire or pleasures increased like a ire lared up by ghee. A ter one thousand years Yayati realised his mistake and decided to e/piate or his sin. ,hus& Yayati returned Euru his youth and acHuired his old age once again. ,hen crowning Euru as the king& he took an e/ile to the orest.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

7.F.66 Description o Yaduvansh and the ,ale o 1ahastrAr9una

Yayati)s eldest son Yadu had our sons3 1ahastra9it& Kroshtu& +ala and +ahush. 1ahastra9it had a son 1hata9it who had three sons (aihaya& (ehaya and Venuhaya. Lineage o (aihaya grew as3 Dharma3 Dharmanetra3 Kunti3 1aha9it3 @ahishmaan3 Bhadrashrenya3 Durdabh and Dhanak. Dhanak had our sons3 Kritveerya& Kritaagni& Kritdharma and Kritau9a. Kritveerya had a prowessive son Ar9un. Ar9un had worshipped Dattatreya and by his blessings acHuired one thousand arms. 1ince then he came to be known as 1ahastrar9un. Dattatreya had blessed him with many other boons like rule o entire earth& ostering o his sub9ects in religious ways and killing by some human being amous in all the three worlds. At that time& there was no other king eHual to 1ahastrar9un in virtues. (e ruled the entire earth or eighty3 ive thousand years. ?nce 1ahastrar9un was en9oying his past time on the waters o +armada when he happened to have an encounter with "avan& the king o Lanka. 1ahastrar9un captured "avan easily and imprisoned him at an isolated place in his kingdom. Cith time ego o 1ahastrar9un had crossed all limits. (e began to terrorise the sages and other religious people. Chen his atrocities increased beyond tolerance level& Lord Vishnu took a partial incarnation as Earashuram& the son o sage #amadagni and "enuka. As per the prediction o sage "icheek& Earashuram grew with Kshatriya 3 like virtues. (e had in act taken incarnation to relieve the earth rom the atrocities o egoist kings. Earashuram had received arms training rom none other than Lord 1hiva. (e was very obedient to his ather and had beheaded his own mother by the Earashu (a/e) that he had received rom Lord 1hiva at the dictate o his ather. *n due course Earashuram not only got "avan released rom captivity but also killed 1ahastrar9un. 1ahastrar9un had one hundred sons among whom 1hur& 1hursena& Vrishasena& @adhu and #ayadhwa9 were prominent. #ayadhwa9 had a son ,aal9unga. ,aal9unga had one hundred sons among whom Vitihotra and Bharat were prominent. Bharat again had one hundred sons whereas @adhu also had hundred sons among whom Vrishni was prominent. A ter the name o their ore ather Yadu& this clan came to be known as Yaduvansha.

7.F.6; Description o Kroshtuvansh

Lineage o Kroshtu grew as ollows3 Kroshtu3 Dhwa9nivan3 1wati3 "ushanku3 >hitrarath3 "ashibindu. "ashibindu had one lakh Hueens and ten lakh sons among whom Erithusharva& Erithukarma& Erithukirti& Erithuyasha& Erithu9ay and Erithushan were prominent. *n their lineage later on occurred a king named #yamadh. (e was so dedicated to his wi e 1haivya that despite being childless& he did not dare to marry other women because o her ear. ?nce& #yamadh took part in a ierce battle in which he de eated all his enemies. Chile he was about to return& he heard pitiable cries o a woman. (e saw a beauti ul young lady who was crying or her protection. #yamadh was so in atuated by her beauty that he took her to his kingdom. Chen they reached at the gate o the palace& the king saw that the Hueen 1haivya was waiting or him along with a big crowd. Chen 1haivya saw a beauti ul young lady sitting beside the king on the chariot& she began to shout at him. ,he horri ied king tried to e/plain that the young lady was his daughter3in3law. ,he Hueen shouted even louder that when they did not have a son& whence the daughter3in3law came. But the king e/plained that he had selected a wi e or her would3be son. As the e ect o their conversation Hueen 1haivya soon conceived and gave birth to a son inspite o her advancing age. ,hey named the son as Vidarbh. *n due course o time& Vidarbh got married to that lady whom his ather had brought home earlier. ,hey had three sons3 Krath& Kaushik and "omapad. "omapad had received preaching rom +arad. Lineage o Krath grew as ollows3 Krath3 Kunti3 Bhrishti3 +ighriti3 Dashaard3 Vyoma3 #imoot3 Vikriti3 Bheemrath3 +avrath3 Dasharath3 1hakuni3 Karambhi3 Devraat3 Devakshatra3 @adhu3 Kumarvansh3 Anu3 Kurumitra3 Anshu3 1atvak. 1atvak was the ore ather o a clan that was named a ter him.


0hapter / (Part /%

,his chapter contains I sections.

7.8.6 Euruvansh
,he lineage o Euru grew as Euru3 #anme9aya3 Erachinvaan3 Eraveer3 @anasyu3 Abhayad3 1udayu3 Bahugat3 1anyati3 Ahamyaati3 "audraashva. "audraashva had ten sons among whom "iteshu was the most prominent. "iteshu had three sons among whom Apratirath was most prominent. Lineage o Apratirath is as ollows3
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Apratirath3 Aileen3 Dushyant and Bharat. King Dushyant had allen in love with 1hakuntala& the daughter o sage Vishwamitra and el @enaka. ,hey got married secretly in the orest and a ter a ew days& King Dushyant returned to his kingdom promising 1hakuntala that he would call her as soon as he reached his palace. (e had given 1hakuntala his ring as a memento. But while 1hakuntala was crossing the river on her way to the palace& the ring slipped rom her inger and was swallowed by a ish. *n the absence o the ring& King Dushyant re used to identi y 1hakuntala. 1o& she returned to the hermitage o sage Vishwamitra and gave birth to a child who later on became amous as Bharat. Bharat had been very prowessive since his childhood. (is irst meeting with King Dushyant was also very dramatical. *t is said that once King Dushyant was hunting in the orest and he saw a boy who was counting the teeth o a lion. *mpressed by the bravery o the boy& the king enHuired about his parentage and reached the hermitage where sage Vishwamitra narrated him the whole story. @eanwhile a isherman had also recovered the ring rom the ish and handed it to the king who had thus recalled the whole story. *n the hermitage& King Dushyant came to see 1hakuntala and he candidly accepted her and his son Bharat. Bharat had three Hueens and nine children. 1ince none o the children resembled him in eatures& he e/pressed his doubts about their paternity. Dearing the wrath o Bharat& his Hueens killed all the children. ,hen with a desire to have a son& Bharat organised a @arutsoma Yagya. As a result he got Bharadwa9 as his son. Bharadwa9)s second name was Vitath. (is lineage grew as ollows3 Vitath3 @anyu. @anyu had many sons like Brihatkshatra& @ahaveer& +ara& Barg etc. ,heir lineage grew as ollows +ara3 1anskriti3 Burupreeti and "antidev. Barg had a son 1hini who became amous as Baargya and 1hainya also. @ahaveer lineage is as ollows3 Durukshay3 ,rayyaruni3 Eushkarinya and Kapi. *n the lineage o Brihatkshatra occurred a king (asti who ounded the city o (astinapur. (asti had three sons3 A9mirh3 Dwi9mirh and Eurumirh. Among the sons o A9mirh were included Eanchals and a daughter Ahilya. Ahilya was married to sage Bautam. ,hey had a son 1hatanand. 1atyaghriti was the son o 1hatanand. ?nce 1atyaghriti happened to sight the e/tremely amorous and beauti ul el %rvashi. (er mere sight was enough to cause the e9aculation o his semen& which ell on a reed and divided into two parts. Drom these two parts were born a boy Krip and a girl Kripi. King 1hantanu discovered Krip and Kripi in the orest and brought them to his palace. *n later course& Kripi was married to Dronacharya& the teacher o Kauravas and Eandavas. Ashwatthama was the son o Dronacharya. ?ne o the king named Kuru in the lineage o A9mirh established the sacred region o Kurukshetra.

7.8.; Description o Kuruvansh

*n the lineage o Kuru& there occurred a King Erateep. (e had three sons3 Devapi& 1hantanu and Vaahlik. Devapi had taken an abode in the orest in his childhood. (ence 1hantanu came to become a king a ter their ather Erateep. ?nce in the kingdom o King 1hantanu& there was no rain all or twelve years at length. Eerple/ed by the continuous drought3like situation& 1hantanu consulted learned Brahmins. Brahmins in ormed him that he had no genuine right on the kingdom& which in act belonged to his brother Devapi. ,hey also told him that as long as Devapi was not allen rom his supreme position& the drought would continue. Alternatively& handing over the kingdom to Devapi might also result in the end o the drought. ,hen 1hantanu)s minister Ashmasari appointed certain Brahmins who always spoke in anti3Vedas ways. ,heir continuous preaching disinclined Devapi)s mind rom Vedas. ?n the other hand one day& King 1hantanu proceeded towards the orest along with Brahmins and his courtiers to hand over the kingdom to Devapi. ,here the Brahmins tried to convince Devapi to accept the onus o the kingdom. ,hey were sighting anecdotes rom the Vedas to corroborate their argument. But Devapi criticised Vedas and spoke in anti3religious ways. At that Brahmins instructed the king to return to the kingdom& as there was no use to convince Devapi. ,hey also assured 1hantanu that since Devapi had been disinclined rom Vedas& he had lost his right to the kingdom and the amine would also come to an end. 1hantanu)s younger brother Vaahlik had a son 1omadutta. Bhuri& Bhurishrava and 1halya were the sons o 1omadutta. *n later course 1hantanu got married to Banga and had a son Bheeshma. Drom his second wi e 1atyavati& 1hantanu had two sons3 >hitrangad and Vichitraveerya. >hitrangad was killed by a Bandharva whereas younger Vichitraveerya was married to the princesses o Kashi& Ambika and Ambalika. (e was so busy in carnal pleasures with his two wives that soon he contracted tuberculosis and died because o it. Despite their indulgence in carnal pleasures& Ambika and Ambalika could not bear a child rom Vichitraveerya. (ence in order to continue their lineage& 1atyavati inspired Ambika and Ambalika to appear naked be ore Vedavyasa and beget
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

a child. 1ince Ambika closed her eyes while she appeared naked be ore Vedavyasa& she begot a blind son& Dhritarashtra. 1imilarly& Ambalika grew pale when she appeared naked be ore Vedavyasa. (ence she begot a son Eandu who was congenitally a licted with 9aundice. +ot satis ied by the outcome& 1atyavati once again persuaded Ambika and Ambalika to appear naked be ore Vedavyasa. But the Hueens sent a maidservant Vinita be ore Vedavyasa. Vinita appeared naked be ore Vedavyasa without any ear or shyness. (ence she begot an e/tremely wise son Vidur. *n later course Dhritarashtra got married to Bandhaari& the princess o Kandahar whereas Eandu received two wives Kunti& the daughter o 1hoorsen and @adri& the princess o @adra. Dhritarashtra had one hundred sons and a daughter Dushala. Duryodhan was the eldest among the one hundred sons o Dhritarashtra. Eandu on the other hand had ive sons among whom Yudhishthir was the eldest. All the ive sons o Eandu were born with the help o ive gods3 Dharma& Vaayu& *ndra and Ashwini kumars because Eandu was carrying a curse that he would die i he ever tried to copulate. Eandu)s ive sons3 Yudhishthir& Bheema& Ar9un& +akul and 1ahadev came to be known as Eandavas. Dive Eandavas were married to Draupadi& the daughter o Eanchal King Drupad. Drom Draupadi each o the Eandavas had a son. ,heir names were Erativindya rom Yudhishthir& 1hrutsen rom Bheema& 1hrutkirti rom Ar9un& 1hrutaneek rom +akul and 1hrutkarma rom 1ahadev. Besides them Yudhishthir had a son Devak rom Yaudheyi. Drom (idimba& Bheema had a son Bhatotkachch and rom Kashi a son 1arvak. Drom Vi9aya& 1ahadev had a son 1uhotra whereas rom "enumati& +akul had a son +irmitra. Ar9un was the most prowessive among the Eandavas. Apart rom Draupadi he had three more wives3 %lupi who belonged to the +agas& >hitrangada& the princess o @anipur and 1ubhadra& the sister o Lord Krishna. Drom these three wives Ar9un had three sons3*ravaan rom %lupi& Vabhruvaahan rom >hitrangada and Abhimanyu rom 1ubhadra. *n the battle o @ahabharat all these sons o the Eandavas ought valiantly and sacri iced their lives. *t was Abhimanyu)s son Earikshit who continued the lineage o Eandavas and ruled the earth till right now.

7.8.7 *ncarnation o Lord Krshna

Vasudev& the son o 1hoorsen was married to Devaki& the daughter o Devak. ?n that occasion o their marriage& Devaki)s cousin Kansa was driving their chariot. At that time& a celestial voice declared that the eighth son o Devaki would kill Kansa. Kansa in the e/citement was ready to kill Devaki ten and there but Vasudev convinced him saying that he would himsel hand over all his children to him. ,hus assured by Vasudev& Kansa dropped the idea o killing Devaki. Chen the marriage o Vasudev and Devaki was taking place& Erithvi approached Brahma in the guise o a cow. 1he complained to Brahma that population o mean3minded people was increasing and that she was not more able to bear the burden o their anti3religious deeds. Erithvi said3 P? Lord$ ,he same demon Kaalnemi whom Lord Vishnu had killed in his previous birth has taken incarnation o Kansa& the son o %grasena. @any other earsome demons Arishth& Dhenuk& Keshi& Eralamb& 1unda& Banasura and many more have taken over the rule and tormenting the religious people in many ways. ,hey keep million strong orces. * am unable to bear their burden. 1o kindly do something to get me rid o this burden.P (earing the words o Erithvi& Brahma said to the gods3 PErithvi speaks the truth. *ndeed she is carrying too much burden. Let us all go to the shore o Ksheersagar and pray Lord Vishnu and intimate (im about all this matter.P ,hen accompanied by the gods& Brahma arrived at the coast o Ksheersagar and prayed Lord Vishnu. Eleased by their prayer& Lord Vishnu appeared be ore them in (is universal orm and said3 PBrahma9i$ Believe my words and be assured that whatever you and these gods desire shall realise.P ,hus assured by the Lord all the gods and Brahma prayed once again. Eleased by their prayer& Lord Vishnu plucked a black and a white hair rom his head and said3PBoth these hair o mine shall take incarnation on earth and remove the miseries that the people ace there. All o you take partial incarnation on earth to attenuate the strength o the demons. ,his black hair o mine shall take birth as the eighth son o Devaki and kill Kansa who is an re3incarnation o Kaalnemi.P Chile this conversation was on& Devarshi +arad appeared be ore Kansa and in ormed him that Lord Vishnu would take birth as the eighth son o Devaki. (earing the words o +arad& Kansa angrily put Vasudev and Devaki behind the bars. ,here in his abode& Lord Vishnu instructed @ahamaaya (personi ied illusion) to implant the si/ oetuses who were in Eataal in the womb o Devaki& one by one. (e knew that all o them would be killed by Kansa. ,hen he instructing @ahamaaya to implant his part 1hesha who would appear as the seventh issue o Devaki& in the womb o "ohini& the second wi e o Vasudev so that he could appear as her son instead o Devaki)s. Lord instructed @ahamaaya to appear in the womb o Yashoda in Bokul while (e (imsel would appear as the eighth issue o Devaki. (e also told @ahamaaya that (e would take birth on the eighth day o the darker phase in the month o Bhaadrapad while she would take birth on the ninth day and that immediately a ter (is
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

birth& Vasudev would himsel carry (im to Bokul and leaving me beside Yashoda& he would carry her back to @athura.

7.8.F Appearance o Lord in Devaki)s Comb

As per the dictate o Lord Vishnu& Yogamaaya implanted si/ oetuses in the womb o Devaki. All the si/ children were killed by Kansa immediately a ter their birth. Yogamaaya transplanted the seventh issue o Devaki into the womb o "ohini who was residing at that time in Bokul. ,hen Lord (imsel appeared as the eighth issue o Devaki. 1ince the time o (is arrival& radiance o Devaki increased mani old. At the same time& Yogamaaya also appeared as an issue o Yashoda in Bokul. 1eeing the arrival o Lord (imsel as the eighth issue o Devaki& the gods prayed (im with devotion. ,hen on the eighth day in the darker phase o Bhaadrapad& Lord took birth. At the time o (is birth& the wind suspended its motion. ,he reverse attained e/tremely puri ied state whereas dense clouds gathered in the sky and caused dri::ling. 1eeing the child born with auspicious 1wastik mark on his chest& Vasudev recognised (im and prayed (im. At the same time& he and Devaki also eared that Kansa would kill their eighth son also. 1o& they prayed the Lord to hide (is divine appearance. Lord assured them that their ordeals would end soon. ,hen Vasudev put the child in a winnower and started his 9ourney on oot to Bokul carrying the winnower on his head. Because o the in luence o Yogamaaya& all the guards ell asleep while the gates o the prison opened automatically. *t was raining heavily at that time. 1o when Vasudev reached in the open& 1heshnag spread its hood over him to shade the Lord rom rain. *n Bokul& +and)s wi e Yashoda too gave birth to a girl child but because o Yogamaaya)s in luence she did not know anything about the birth. Vasudev arrived there and putting Lord beside the sleeping Yashoda& he took her baby and returned to his prison in @athura. As soon as the baby reached in the prison& she began to cry loudly. (er cries awakened the guards who ran to in orm Kansa about the child)s birth. Kansa at once arrived there and snatching the baby rom Devaki)s lap& he dashed her on the wall. But be ore he could throw the baby& she slipped rom his grip and taking eight armed #agdamba)s appearance& established in the air. Laughing loudly then& mother #agdamba said3 P? Kansa$ You cannot kill me. Your killer has taken birth. Lord (ari had been your death in your previous births. *n this birth also (e will kill you. 1o rom now on& make e orts or your bene it only. 1aying this #agdamba vanished. Corried by the words o Yogamaaya& Kansa called a meeting o his prominent demons and said 3P,hese evil gods have hatched a conspiracy to kill me. But being a brave man& * do not take these gods into account. You have yoursel witnessed how *ndra led be ore the shower o my arrows. You would also remember how the clouds rained heavily in my kingdom when *ndra had orbidden them rom raining on a kingdom and * had pierced them with my arrows. All the things on earth e/cept my ather3in3law #arasandh bow be ore me in ear. * don)t care or the gods. -ven their e orts to kill me make me laugh. But still * must not take the word o #agdamba lightly that my killer had taken birth. Ce should there ore kill all the children who have taken birth within the past ew days.P *nstructing the demons Kansa approached Vasudev and Devaki in the prison and released them apologising his cruel action in the way o killing their innocent children.

7.8.8 Killing o Eutana and 1alvation o other Demons

Chen Vasudev was released rom the prison& +and visited @athura on some o icial trip. (e also came to see Vasudev. Vasudev greeted him or the birth o a son and instructed him to return to Bokul as soon as possible. (e also reHuested +and to look a ter the son o "ohini as his own son. A ter meeting Vasudev when +and was returning& many kinds o thoughts were disturbing him. *n the Bokul while +and was away& an ogress Eutana had stolen the little Krishna in the night and was breast3 eeding him with her poisoned milk. But little Krishna sucked even her li e through her breast. @aking a loud noise and assuming a huge body& Eutana ell on earth and died. ?nly then the village olk came to know about the incident. ,hey also saw little Krishna sitting in the lap o Eutana. ,he rightened Yashoda swept little Krishna with the tail o a cow to do away with all the bad omens. ,he other cowherds also prayed Lord Vishnu to protect the child rom all calamities. K*LL*+B ?D 1(AKA Chen Lord Krishna was twenty3seven days old& a estival was organised in Bokul. @ata Yashoda bathed the baby while the Brahmins recited hymns. Yashoda saw that baby was eeling sleepy& so putting him in a cradle& she le t it under a cart. ,he cart was loaded with pitchers o milk& curd and butter. A ter sometime& lord Krishna awoke and began to cry or a eed. But amidst estivities& Yashoda could not hear his cries.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

@eanwhile a demon 1hakatasur rode the cart wishing to press the cart and thereby kill the Lord. But be ore he could act& the Lord touched the cart with (is eet and lo and behold$ ,he cart turned over and all the utensils kept on it came crashing down. -ven the demon was crushed to death under the cart. ?ther boys& who were playing nearby& in ormed the Bopis (ladies olk) that the little Kanhaiya had turned over the loaded cart& but they did not believe the kids. Yashoda ran in horror and li ted the baby in her lap. ,he Brahmins recited paci ying hymns then. ,herea ter the baby was bathed again with sancti ied water. A east o Brahmins ollowed then. %ltimately they were seen o with many gi ts. 1ALVA,*?+ ?D ,"*+AVA", ?nce @ata Yashoda was playing with the baby lord in her home. All o a sudden she elt as i the baby was getting disproportionately heavy. 1oon& she elt hersel unable to bear the child anymore. 1o she le t the child on the ground and began to pray Eurushottam Lord "ama. 1oon a terwards she orgot about the event& but all was not over yet. ,rinavart& a demon minister o Kansa& had arrived in Bokul as a ierce cyclone. (e covered entire Bokul with dust and blinded the people temporarily. Dor a moment people could not see anything and during that moment ,rinavart blew the baby in air with him. Chen the dust settled& Yashoda did not ind the baby Krishna where she had le t him. 1he elt e/tremely sorry and ell on ground in depression. ?ther women olk also gathered round her. ,hey too began to cry not seeing baby Krishna there. *n the orm o cyclone& the demon ,rinavart had blown baby Krishna with himK but he too could not bear his heavy burden. 1o he began to lose his velocity. Lord Krishna caught him by neck. ,he demon died in a ew moments and his dead body ell in Vra9. And Yashoda got a new lease o li e when she saw baby Krishna sa e and sound. +and and other Bopas too were over9oyed. +A@*+B ?D L?"D K"*1(+A ?nce& the supreme ascetic Bargacharya arrived in Bokul. (e was the ancestral teacher o Yaduvanshis. +and 9oy ully welcomed and treated the hermit. ,hen he reHuested him to carry out the ritual o naming and suggest suitable named or both o his sons. Acharya Barg said& P? +and& everyone knows that * am the ancestral teacher o the Yadavas. * * carry out the naming ritual or these boys& people will understand that they are DevakiAs sons.P 1o +and reHuested Bargacharya to name his sons secretly. Bargacharya accepted his reHuest and carried out the naming rituals secretly in +andAs cattle shed. Barg said5 P,his son o "ohini will cause by his virtue& great pleasures or his near and dear ones. 1o his second name will be "ama. And because o e/cessive strength& people will call him as Bala also. 1ince he will unite the people also& so one o his names would be 1ankarshan.P ,herea ter& Barg said pointing to Yashodanandan. (e has taken incarnation in every age. *n the past ages& he had taken white& red and yellow comple/ions respectively. ,his time he has taken dark comple/ion& so he will be known as Krishna. ?nce he has been the son o Vasudev& so people will call him as Vasudev also. (e will cause salvation o all o you& and great 9oy or the ellow Bopas and cows. Cith his help& you will overcome even the severe crises. ? +and& ,his boy will be eHual to +arayana in virtues& wealth& beauty& ame and in luence. Doster this child with care and earnestness.P ,hus naming the boys as per their virtues& Barg returned to his hermitage. >(*LD(??D ?D L?"D K"*1(+A ,he time passed in Bokul as usual. Balrama and Krishna too grew normally. 1oon they began to walk on knees and palms. Cith their childish plays they both amused men and women olk o Bokul. -veryone took special care o them and looked a ter them to save them rom any possible danger. Ladies olk were especially care ul about them. 1oon a terwards& both the kids began to walk trottingly. +ow their movement no longer con ined within the boundary o their home. Because o his special virtues& Krishna began to lead other kids o his age group whereas his elder brother Balaram was somewhat serious in nature. Krishna specially en9oyed teasing the girls and milkmaids o Bokul. ? ten he would eat stealing their milk& curd and butter. At other times& (e did not hesitate even to break their pitchers. *n such situations the ladies olk used to gather in +andAs home to complain against Krishna. And every time Yashoda promised them to punish Krishna. But every time& when she proceeded to punish him& she orgot everything be ore his sweet& innocent smile.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

?ne day& Balaram complained against Krishna& P@a& the little Kanhaiya has eaten mud. Corried about KrishnaAs health& Yashoda scolded at him5 P,ell me& ? mischievous Krishna& why did you eat mudP. At that moment& little KrishnaAs eyes were moving with ear. (e made an e/cuse5 P+o @a& * have not eaten any mud. ,hey are telling you a lie. * you donAt believe& me see yoursel .P 1aying this& Krishna opened his little mouth. Yashoda peeped into his mouth and what she saw there ama:ed her. 1he could not believe it. ,he entire universe was visible in his little mouth. Yashoda saw strange places& entire Vra9 and even hersel in the little mouth o Krishna. 1he elt di::y. Cith his illusionary powers& Lord wiped out the memory o this incidence rom the mind o Yashoda& and she again immersed in love with her child. %K(AL BA+D(A+ A+D 1ALVA,*?+ ?D YA@ALA"#%+ ?nce& wishing to eed Krishna with butter& Yashoda began to churn milk in the morning. Very soon& Krishna too awakened and not inding the mother on her bed& (e set out to search her. 1oon (e ound her in the courtyard where she was churning the milk. (e began to insist or breast eeding at once. 1o Yashoda stopped churning and began to breast eed Krishna. A ection played on her ace. 1uddenly the milk kept on the ire pot began to boil. Yashoda le t Krishna in order to attend the boiling milk. But the unstiated Krishna illed with anger and broke the pitcher o curd. ,hen he went inside and began to eat butter& when Yashoda came backK she understood the matter and began to search him with a stick in her hand. A ter eating butter himsel & Krishna was now eeding the monkeys with it. 1eeing the mother come in hot pursuit& Krishna 9umped over the mortar and ran away. Yashoda chased him& but soon elt tired because o her bulky body. ,herea ter& Yashoda proceeded to tie Krishna as a punishment. 1he got a rope and tried to tie Krishna. But the rope ell short by two ingers. 1he 9oined many ropes together but the result was same. -very time the ropes ell short by two ingers. 1oon& Yashoda was bathing in sweat. Chen Krishna saw his mother in depression& he himsel tied in the ropes. ,ethering little Krishna to a heavy mortar& Yashoda engaged in usual household tasks. ,ethered to the mortar& Krishna glanced at the two Ar9un trees& which were standing on the gate like two sentries. (e resolved to salve them. @aitreya asked Earashar about the trees. Earashar said5 P,he lord o wealth Kuber had two sons +alkubar and @anigreev. ?ne day they were en9oying the sweet company o pretty women on the bank o @andakini "iver. #ust by coincidence& Devarshi +arad arrived there. ?ut o 1hyness& the women olk at once covered themselves& but both the sons o Kuber stood boldly without eeling any shame. *ndignant +arad cursed them to become trees and stay in that orm or one hundred years. +arad showed kindness as well that despite being in tree orms& they would have the memory o Bod alive and would be salved by Lord 1hri Krishna. ,hus& to keep the words o his supreme devotee +arad& Lord dragged the mortar to the two Ar9un trees. (e walked in such a way that the mortar got stuck between the trees. Krishna then pulled the mortar and in no time the trees were uprooted. ,wo divine men appeared rom the uprooted trees and bowed at the eet o Krishna and prayed him with pure hearts. ,hen they departed to their heavenly abode. @*B"A,*?+ ,? V"*+DAVA+A ,he uprooted Ar9un trees ell with thundering sound. All the people shivered with ear and elt as i lightning had struck somewhere. All the elders including +and met together and discussed the matter. %nanimously they concluded that& o late disturbance had increased in Bokul and the circumstances were no longer conducive to raise the kids like Balaram and Krishna there. 1o they unanimously decided to leave Bokul and migrate to a verdant place named Vrindavana. *n their opinion& Vrindavana had ample vegetation and ertility to support them and their cattle. ,hus& on an auspicious day& the entire population o Bokul set out or Vrindavana. ,hey packed their households on bullock carts and drove their cattle in herds and started in convoy. *n Vrindavana they built their houses and started their li e once again. Earashar says5 P,he verdant environment o Vrindavana& Bovardhan mountain and crystal clear waters and sandy banks o Yamuna river together illed the hearts o Balaram and Krishna with 9oy. Along with the ellow cowherds& they began diverse kinds o plays there. 1ALVA,*?+ ?D VA,1A1%" ?ne day& Balaram and Krishna were gra:ing their cattle on the bank o Yamuna "iver. A demon& meanwhile& took the guise o a cal and mi/ed with the herd. ?bviously& he had malicious intentions. Lord Krishna had already
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

seen the demon taking cal As guise and mi/ing up with the herd. (e signalled Balaram and they together reached near the cal . ,he cal appeared particularly healthy& so Krishna and Balaram mockingly saw it with admiring eyes. 1uddenly they held the cal with its hind legs and tail twirling it in air they threw it in the sky. Chen the demon died& they threw him on a Kath (wood3apple) tree. 1ALVA,*?+ ?D BAKA1%" ?ne day& all the cowherds took their cattle to a large pond to let them drink water. ,here they say a huge creature sitting like a hillock on the bank. ,hey were rightened by its appearance. ,he creature was in act a demon named Bakasur who had arrived there in the guise o a storke. (e was himsel very strong and had a long pointed bill. As soon as the cowherds drew near him& ,he storke hastily picked up Krishna and swallowed him. ?ther cowherds including Balaram were stupe ied. ,hey could not believe their eyes. But inside the beak& Lord Krishna made him e/tremely hot and caused severe burning in demonAs throat. 1o the demon could not swallow Krishna and regurgitated him& and began to hit him with his strong beak. But Lord held his beak with both his hands and tore the demonAs mouth apart. And as son as the demon died& a ripple o 9oy surged among the cowherds. 1ALVA,*?+ ?D AB(A1%" ?ne day& Krishna planned a picnic near +andanvan. 1o rising early in the morning& (e awakened his ellow cowherds sounding a horn. ,ogether& all the cowherds& and their cattle went to the orest. ,here& on the bank o Yamuna "iver they began to play 9oy ully. +andanvan was in act an abode o the demon Aghasur. Kansa had sent him there. 1eeing the boys playing& he elt e/tremely 9ealous. Knowing that Krishna had killed his brother Bakasur and sister Eootana& it seemed an ideal moment or the demon to avenge the death o his siblings. ,hinking thus& the demon took guise o python and lay in the way and opening his mouth like an opening o a cave. ,he cowherds too ell in his trap. ,hus driven by curiosity& all the cowherds entered the demon mouth one by one. Chen Lord Krishna saw that his riends had entered demonAs mouth. (e too entered it to protect them. Aghasur wanted to masticate the cowherds including lord KrishnaK but the lord increased his body and choked demon throat. +ow the breath o demon stopped. (is eyes rolled over and at last his li e le t his body through Brahmrandhra (cosmic pore). Cith his ambrosial eye& Lord resurrected these dead ellows and their cattle and together they came out o the demonAs mouth. As soon as the demon died& a divine lame emerged rom the pythonAs mouth. *t waited there sometime or Bod. And when lord Krishna came out& the lame mingled with him. A,,A>(@-+, ?D B"A(@A& 1,-AL*+B ?D >A,,L- A+D >?C(-"D1 Earashar says5 ,he cowherds told the tale o AghasurAs salvation to their parents only a ter a year o the incidence. During that period o one year& Lord Krishna multiplied himsel and took the guise o his ellow cowherd and their stock o cattle to remove the illusion o Brahma& who was the cause o the ollowing incidence. A ter AghasurAs li e mingled with Bod& Lord Krishna came with (is ellow cowherd on the bank o Yamuna. ,hey le t their cattle to gra:e reely and they sat together to take their lunch. All o the cowherds tasted one3anotherAs ood& as they wanted to eed Krishna with the tasty ood. @eanwhile surprised by AghasurAs salvation& Brahma too had arrived there and saw Krishna eating ood de iled by the cowherds. Cith that sight& Brahma grew suspicious i Krishna was indeed an incarnation o lord. ,hus driven by the illusion and to test the authenticity o lordAs incarnation& Brahma kidnapped all the cattle irst and when Krishna went out to search the cattle Brahma kidnapped and concealed the cowherds also. 1oon lord Krishna understood the cra tiness o Brahma& so he multiplied himsel into his ellow cowherds and cattle. "eplicas resembled truly to the cowherds in appearance& comple/ion& nature& activities& voice& sticks and even in costumes. ,he replicas remain in e/istence or complete one year. Back there& when Brahma returned a ter hiding the cowherds and the cattle& he was stunned to see the cowherds and cattle as usual. Brahma was eeling di::y when lord bestowed his grace on him. Brahma saw +arayana in every dust particle. Brahma there ore bowed his head at the eet o lord and said5 P? lord& * submit be ore you. You can be won only with devotion and not by ego. +o one can know your omnipresent appearance. ,hus praying and worshipping lord +arayana& Brahma returned to his abode. ,he cowherds remained separated rom Bod or one year. But they elt as i only hal a second had passed because o the illusionary in luence o Bod. ,hat is why they related the incidence o Aghasur)s killing to their parents only a ter a year it took place. 1ALVA,*?+ ?D D(-+%KA1%"
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Chen Krishna and Balaram entered si/th year o their ages& they got the permission to take the cattle out or gra:ing. Along with their ellow cowherds the two brothers too began to take their cattle to Vrindavana. ,hus they sancti ied the earth o Vrindavana with their pious eet. 1eeing the beauty o Vrindavana& with beauti ul& colour ul lowers and sweet ruits& Lord Krishna elt over9oyed. (e then used to gra:e his cattle at the oothills o Bovardhan and on the banks o Yamuna "iver. Elaying lute was his avourite pass time. ?ne day KrishnaAs beloved riend 1udama said5 PKanhaiya& there is a beauti ul orest name ,alvana. *t has uncountable numbers o trees laden with ripe ruits. But a ormidable demon Dhenukasur guards that orest. (e is very strong. 1o no one goes thereK even animals and birds shun that place. But we are tempted to eat those sweet delicious ruits. * you and Daau (Balaram) wish& we may go there and eat those delicious ruits.P ,hus hearing this& Krishna and Balaram guided all o them to ,alvana. ,here they shook the trees and in no time a heap o ripe& delicious ruits gathered under the trees. All the cowherds began to eat ruits. Chile eating& they were also making lot o noises. Disturbed by the sound o ruits alling and noise o the cowherds& the demon Dhenukasur arrived there as a donkey. (e was braying loudly and tried to hit Balaram& but Balrama caught him by his hind legs and threw him in the air. ,he demon died in an instance. 1ince that day& everyone visited ,alvana earlessly and the cattle gra:ed there reely. B"A>- ?+ KAL*Y ,(- +ABA ?ne day& Bala3Krishna arrived on the banks o Yamuna with their riends. Balaram was not with them that day. ,he water o the river Yamuna was into/icated by the poison o Kaliy3 the +aga. *t was e/ceptionally hot that day and all the cowherds and cattle were very thirsty. 1o without giving any thought& they all drank the water rom Yamuna and died. But Lord Krishna resurrected them by his ambrosial sight. ,hen Lord Krishna decided to puri y the waters o Yamuna. ,hus tying a cloth round his waist& Krishna climbed a >adamba tree and 9umped into the river. *n the water the lord started playing and splashing water. 1oon the waves began to rise high. Chen Kaliy3 the +aga heard the noise. (e got e/tremely angry and appeared be ore Krishna. (e saw a beauti ul& tender& dark comple/ioned boy playing 9oy ully in the waters. (e stung him and tied him in his spirals. ,ied in the spirals o Kaliy& lord became absolutely motionless. 1eeing Krishna in death like situation& all the cowherds and even the cows elt very sorry. #ust then lord reed himsel rom the hold o Kaliy. ,hen a game o hide and seek began between them. Lord dodged the +aga or a long time. ,herea ter he rode on KaliyAs hood and began to dance there. ,he ollowers o Bod& like Bandharvas etc. began to play @ridang& Dhol etc. to give him a company. ,ired rom the blows o lordAs eet& Kaliy soon began to vomit blood. +agaAs wives began to pray Bod& P? lord& your incarnation is to punish the evil ones or their sins. You have shown your grace on us also. Ce are ortunate to have a sight and touch o your eet. Eity ? lord. ,his +aga can no longer bear your momentum. (e will die. Ce are all your slaves. Kaliy is our lord. Kindly orgive him.P Cith kindness& lord released Kaliy& who prayed thus5 ? lord in your creation we snakes represent ,amoguna (dark virtues). Ce are con used by your illusions.P Lord dictated Kaliy to migrate with his amily to "amanakdweep. 1ince then water o Yamuna became pure or humans and animals. D"*+K*+B ?D DAVA+AL (D?"-1, D*"-) A ter de eating Kaliy& Lord Krishna and all other people o Vra9 elt e/tremely tired. ,hey were very hungry and thirsty also. 1o they did not go back to Vrindavana& but stayed on the bank o Yamuna in the night. Because o intense heat o summer& surrounding orests had been shrivelled. At midnight those shrivelled orests caught ire and the sleeping people were engul ed by it. ,hey awakened startled and took shelter at Krishna. 1eeing their horri ied appearance& Lord Krishna drank the in ernal orest ire and thus saved the lives o innocent people who had rested their lives at him with aith. 1ALVA,*?+ ?D E"ALA@BA1%" ?ne day& Balaram and Krishna were play ully gra:ing their cattle along with other cowherds in the orests. Chen a demon Eralamb arrived there with an intention o kidnapping Krishna and Balaram. ,he demon had come in the guise o a cowherd& but the Bod easily recognised him. ,hey accepted his proposal o riendship& but were thinking about the way or his salvation. Bod therea ter summoned all his riends and said5 PEals& today we shall divide ourselves in to two teams and play 9oy ully. ,hus the teams were divided and each team chose Krishna and Balaram as its captain respectively. *t was stipulated that the members o de eated team would carry the
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

members o winner team on their back up to the place pointed by them. ,hus the game began and soon both the teams reached a secluded place. At one time& the team headed by Balaram won. 1o the members o KrishnaAs team were to carry them on their back. Demon Eralambasur o ered Balaram a ride on his back. Balaram agreed to ride on the demonAs backK but as soon as he rode on the demonAs back& the demon galloped. But he could not go ar or not being able to bear BalaramAs weight. ,hem the demon regained his huge ormidable si:e and tried to escape by lying. Dirst Balaram elt terrorised but soon he realised his real powers and hit on the demonAs head with a power ul ist. ,he blow shattered demonAs head and he ell on earth dead like a huge mountain. Earashar says5 P@ost o the time o Lord KrishnaAs boyhood passed in Vrindavana. ,here (e gra:ed cattle and played lute. (is lute had a divine& enchanting sound. ,he Bopis used to gather around (im drawn by the enchanting tunes.P ,hey also heard the enchanting Venugeet that ills one hearts with the memory o Bhagwat. ?ne o the girls said to her riend5 P? dear riend& having the privilege o seeing Lords beauty and receiving (is kindness is the real salvation. Another girl said5 P? riend& what penance this lute had observed that it has got a closer contact with lips o +andnandan (an epithet or Krishna). -ven the siblings o this lute& trees and other vegetationAs are pleased with its ortune and are hence showering their leaves and lowers on him.P ?ne more said5 P? riend& look& even Bhagwati Lakshmi has le t her lu/urious abode in Vaikunth and arrived in Vrindavana to have a look o lord Devakinandan.P A Bopi e/pressed her 9ealousy5 P-ven this doe is better than us& ? riends& look how engrossed is she looking at Bod that her eyes are not blinking.P (earing the sweet enchanting tunes o lute even the heavenly elves gather in the sky over Vrindavana. ,hey also see the beauty o lord Krishna and showered the lowers o their braids on him. -ven the cows orgot gra:ing when then heard the enchanting music o lute. ,he calves too orgot drinking milk and began to look at lord Krishna with 9oy. ,his is the real devotion or lord Krishna. You have to orget yoursel in order to ind him. >ondition o girls o Vrindavana was e/actly the same. A ter having the sight o lord Krishna they remembered nothingK not even the way back to home. ,hey stood in the orests in a trance& completely tired& unaware o their sel . A girl said pointing to the auna5 PLook ? riends& look at these birds. Do you know that these birds were the saints and sages in their previous births. *n this birth also they are sitting in a state o trance. Look they have orgotten their knowledge hearing the sweet enchanting music o the lute. And look at Yamuna. 1he is also unable to contain her e/hilaration. 1he is eagerly splashing her waves to wash Lord)s eet. Yet another girl said5 PLook riends the clouds cannot see their lord scorching in the sun. 1o they have covered the sun and shaded Lord Krishna. +ow they are dri::ling as i showering petals.P A girl said5 PDriends& look& these Bheelanis are better than us. ,hey have such a strong urge o KrishnaAs sight that when Bovind returns home& they smear their body with dusts o his eet. Blessed is this mountain which has dedicated its entire sel in the eet o Bra9nandan and eels over9oyed. *t is his supreme devotee. Kanhaiya has in used even non3living things with li e by his sweet tunes o lute. 1,-AL*+B ?D >L?,(-1 ,he unmarried girls o Vrindavana elt as i their lives were dedicated to Lord Krishna. -ach o them wished heartily to have lord Krishna as her husband. 1o in order to get their desire ul illed& all o the spinster girls o Vra9 began to take bath in Yamuna early in morning o (emant season and worshipped goddess Katyayani. Chen @adan@ohan learned that the unmarried girls wished to marry him. (e went to see them at dawn. ,he girls were bathing naked in the riverK their clothes were kept on the bank. Lord Krishna stealthy took those clothes and climbed on a >adamba tree. Lord had not stolen their clothes with malicious intentions. (e had stolen them to remove their laws and make them realise their real appearance that they were not mere girls& but pure souls. Cithout realisation o the real sel & one can not e/perience the Bod. ,he girls were& in act& the hymns o Vedas& 1adhana& 1iddhis& 1ages and Brahmvidyas (Vedas) themselves that took the guise o girls to en9oy the vicinity o Bod. Bod removed their clothes that symbolised lust. Because o the lords grace they all were able to en9oy BodAs company. Earashar says5 P? @aitreya& ,hus Lord Krishna removed the shyness o the girls o Vra9 through (is sweet talks. (e derided at them& made them dance like puppets and even stole their clothes when they were bathing naked& but they did not deter his actions. *nstead they elt over9oyed by the close presence o their beloved Kanha.P
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

L*D,*+B ?D B?VA"D(A+ Earashar says5 ?ne day& Balaram and Krishna saw that many delicious kind o sweetmeats were being cooked at home. Cith curiosity and politeness& they asked +and and other elders5 PDather& which estival are you preparing orL Chich god will be worshippedL Chat purpose will such worship serveL +and Baba e/plained5 P1ons Devra9 *ndra is the god o clouds. *t is because o *ndraAs grace that we get rain. 1o these materials are being prepared to worship *ndra. Krishna said5 Dather every creature in the world en9oys com orts or su ers as per his ate. +one o the gods can change the results. Action is primary in the world. ?ne gets the results as per his actions. -ven *ndra is Bod as a result o his action. Anyone& who per orms one hundred Ashvamegh Yagyas& becomes *ndra. But even a ter per orming crores o Ashvamegh Yagyas one can not stay in Vra9. *t is the duty o *ndra to cause rain. 1o it will rain even i you donAt worship *ndra. But to eed the poors and satis y them with clothes and other gi ts is real worship. By their blessing& we shall be happier. * desire that with all these materials we should worship Birira9 Bovardhan and distribute the Erasad among the poors. Cith which their souls will be sated and will have the grace o Bod. ,hus Lord Krishna told his ather that all the people should worship unitedly and unitedly they should receive Erasad. * you are ready to do as per my desire& its all right& otherwise * will not worship your haughty god& nor receive his Erasad. C?"1(*E ?D B?VA"D(A+ A+D *+D*B+A,*?+ ?D *+D"A ,hus convinced by KanhaiyaAs wise reasoning& all the Bopas agreed to him. +and Baba said& P? Krishna& we are making all these preparation or you only and we will do as you say. Ce will worship Bovardhan. Dor us Bovardhan is also like a god. *t gives us grass& water& and uel etc.& which are necessary or our lives. ,hus with lord)s consent& they dropped their plan to worship *ndra and resolved to worship Bovardhan aith ully. ?n the Eurnima ( ull moon) day in the month o Kartik (+ovember) all the Bopas (people o Vra9 region) gathered near mount Bovardhan. During the night all o them circumambulated the mountain. Lord invoked the Banges by his wish and bathed Bovardhan with her water. ,hen they put vermilion on it& o ered basil3leaves& lowers etc and worshipped it. Brahmins recited hymns in its praise. ,o make the people believe in their rituals& Lord Krishna himsel appeared on the mountain in huge orm and e/claimed5 P* am Birira9 (the king o the mountain) and began to eat the o erings. But as a child& (e was still among the villagers who aith ully bowed be ore the mountain. Among them& the child Krishna said5 Plook& what a surprise Birira9 has appeared himsel and bestowed his grace on us. (e has accepted our worship.P ,here a ter all the Bopas distributed Erasad among themselves and elt supremely satis ied. Chen *ndra learned that the Bopas had stopped worshipping him& he grew outrageous. *n anger& he ordered the clouds to rain torrentially over Vra9 and cause heavy lood in Vra9 region. *n no time dense clouds gathered over Vra9. 1oon there was lightning& thunder& darkness and storm all around. ,hen it began to rain torrentially. All the people took re uge at Lord Krishna and prayed him to save them rom the anger o *ndra. Lord Krishna said5 P,hose who regard me as their& are mine and * am theirs& 1o there is no need to worry or you.P 1aying this& Lord li ted Birira9 on his little inger and called all the people o Vra9 along with their cattle under the lee o Bovardhan. ,hen he ordered his wheel 1udarshan to absorb the water o the clouds so that not even a single drop could all on earth. ,hus or seven days continuously Lord balanced Bovardhan on the little inger. ,hus Lord Krishna also came to be known as Biridhari. Eeople who had gathered around him& 9ust kept on seeing Lords moon3like ace and hence did not eel thirsty or hungry. *n act the com orts those people got during those seven days are beyond verbal description. Lord held Bovardhan on one hand& and conch in the other& while with the remaining two hands (e began to play this lute. (earing the tunes o his lute& all the people o Vra9 began to dance with 9oy. A ter the rains stopped& all o them returned to their homes. >-"-@?+*AL BA,( ?D 1("* K"*1(+A Chen *ndra learned about the happenings in Vra9& he soon realised his mistake. *ndra himsel reached Vra9 and begged lord or (is pardon. ,hen he gave lord a ceremonial bath with the milk o 1urabhi. Dor protecting the cows& the Lord also got one more name PBovindP. "A11 L--LA
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Earashar related to @aitreya the tale o KamadevAs humiliation. ,he purpose o describing this tale is 9ust that common people should re lect on the sel less love o Bopis or Lord Krishna and e/perience the love o Bod or them as well. A ter conHuering Brahma and other gods& ego o Kamadev had surged to great heights. (e& there ore& reHuested Bod to Huench his thirst or war. Bod invited Kamadev to visit Vrindavana on the night o 1harad Eurnima (Dull moon night) in the season that precedes winter& and told him that on that divine night (e would en9oy the company o crores o Bopis. P* * have slightest passion or any o them& you will win& otherwise you will lose.P ,hat night Lord Krishna added more divinity& more brilliance to it with a resolution o "aas with the help o Yogmaya (personi ied illusion). *t was a per ect night or the purpose 3 lowers bloomed in Vrindavana& ull moon shone& and gentle& cool bree:e blew rom the banks o river Yamuna. Amidst this stimulating ambience Lord Krishna began to play an enchanting tune on his lute. ,he tune attracted Bopis& their passion surged to its :enith and under the in luence o love or lord Krishna and as i in trance& all o them ran to meet their beloved Kanhaiya leaving all their ear& bondage& patience and shyness behind. 1ome o them were intercepted by their husbands and dragged back to home. But only their physical bodies stayed put& their souls reached Vrindavana. *n Vrindavana on the bank o Yamuna& Bopis saw Vrindavana Vihari (epithet or Krishna) near their amiliar >adamba tree. Yogmaya adorned all the Bopis rom tip to toe. *n act those Bopis were not ordinary women. @aitreya asks5 PBopis had not regarded Krishna as EaraBrahma. Chat was the basis or their passion thenLP Earashar says5 Chen a wretched person like 1hishupal& who always abused lord Krishna could ind supreme position& there should be no doubt or Bopis who had such a pro ound passion or Lord.P 1o Bopis arrived and gathered around Lord Krishna. ,o test their devotion and to enhance the honour o Kamadev& Krishna said to them5 P? Bopis& the pure ones& it is not it or you to stay here at this hour o night. Bo and serve your husbands. Your duties must be irst to your husbandAs children and cows. ,hey will be waiting or you eagerly. Bo and console them. You can gain me by hearing& reciting& seeing etc. You need not sit here. Bo to your homes.P Bopis& however said5 PBovind& we have come to you leaving all the mundane lusts behind. +ow going back is like ruining our lives. *t is the greatest mis ortune i someone returns to mundane a airs even a ter being at your eet.P ,hese words that re lected divine eelings o Bopis pleased Lord. (e began to en9oy their company. But a eeling o ego began to creep in the minds o Bopis because o lordAs closeness. ,hey began to assume themselves as highly ortunate. ,o remove their ego& Lord disappeared right among them. E*,*ABL- >?+D*,*?+ ?D B?E*1 *+ B?DA1 AB1-+>A ter the disappearance o Bod& Bopis were perple/ed. ,heir hearts burned with desire. ,hey had dedicated their entire selves in the eet o Lord. ,hey were entirely merged in the love o Krishna. ,hus driven by passion& Bopis began to search Lord Krishna. ,hey asked trees& creepers and vegetation or the whereabouts o their beloved. ,hey then spotted (is ootprints at one place. Dootprints o "adha were also there. A*ndeed (e would have carried her& that great ortunate one& on (is shoulders.A ,hey thought. Lord had indeed& a ter disappearing rom amidst Bopis& taken "adha to an isolated place. 1he had then began to think hersel superior to other Bopis. 1o at one place& she said5 P? Lord& * canAt walk now. @y tender eet are tired. Kindly carry me on your shoulders to wherever you wish.P At her reHuest& Lord Krishna agreed to carry her on his shoulder. But as soon as she proceeded to ride& Lord disappeared rom there also. +ow& "adha began to cry and wail and ainted. At the same time& other Bopis also reached there and ound "adha lying unconscious on the ground. All o them including "adha then returned to the bank o Yamuna and began to wait or KrishnaAs appearance. "-3AEE-A"A+>- ?D L?"D A@?+B B?E*1 Chen the beloved Bopis burst into tears& KrishnaAs patience gave away. (is heart melted at their condition and (e appeared amidst them. A sweet smile played on his beauti ul ace. (e wore a garland o resh Vai9ayanti lowers and yellow clothes. (is beauty could have moved even Kamadev. 1eeing their beloved Kanha once again amidst them& Bopis got a new lease o li e. All o them began to embrace Lord and thus Huench the ire o separation that was burning their bodies. ,herea ter& along with the beauties o Vra9& Lord came to the bank o Yamuna. Bopis put their Hueries be ore him or solution. Lord said5 P? beloved Bopis& * do not reciprocate to the desire o my beloved ones or physical love.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Because o it their conscience remains always engrossed in me. (ence& * take to hiding even a ter meeting so that you could eel complete imbibement in me. @A(A"AA1 Drom the words o the Lord& Bopis orgot the pains o separation. Drom the closeness o their beloved& their lives were success ul now. Cith those Bopis& Lord Krishna started @aharaas on the pious banks o river Yamuna. All the gods gathered in sky to witness that divine estival. Bopis were even more ortunate than Lakshmi. But even amidst crores o Bopis& who were eager to devote their everything to (im& Lord completely re rained rom desires& eelings and even actions. ,hus Lord de eated even Kamadev and removed his ego. 1ALVA,*?+ ?D 1%DA"1(A+ A+D 1(A+K(>%" Earashar says5 ?nce on the occasion o 1hivaratri& +and Baba and all other Bopas drove their carts with amilies and reached Ambikavana on a pilgrimage tour. ,here they took bath in the river 1araswati and with devotion worshiped lord 1hiva and Earvati. ,hey also observed day long ast and decided to pass their night on the bank o 1araswati. But a huge python inhabited that place. During the night the python emerged and caught hold o +andAs leg. +andbaba cried loudly. All the Bopas gathered around him. (e cried again5 PKanhaiya& ,his snake is all set to strangulate me. 1ave me.P Lord touched the python with his eet and instantaneously the python vanished. *n its place appeared a divine3 looking human being. (e said5 P? Lord& * was a Vidyadhar named 1udarshan. * was so much obsessed with my beauty& youth& lu/ury and com orts that * used to insult others. ?ne day * had derided at the ugly appearance o the sage Angira. 1o indignantly he cursed me to become a python. But& pleased by my realisation o mistake& he had told that when Bod himsel would touch me& * would regain my original appearance.P ,herea ter& 1udarshan went round the Bod& worshiped (im and with his permission& departed to his abode. ?n another occasion& Lord arrived in Vrindavana during Vasant "itu (spring 1eason). ,here (e took part in Vasantik "aas ("aas o spring season) with the Bopis. During "aas itsel & a demon 1hankhchur tried to escape away kidnapping some o the Bopis. A stampede resulted among Bopis. (earing their noise& Lord ran a ter the demon& carrying a huge 1al (1horea) tree in his hands. *n no time (e overtook the demon and killed him by 9ust one blow. (e picked up the gem rom demonAs head and handed it to Balaram. 1ALVA,*?+ ?D A"*1(,A1%" ?nce& Kansa sent a demon Arishtasur to Vrindavana. ,he demon arrived there in a bullAs guise. ,hat huge bull came to Vrindavana and began to terrorise the people with his loud sound. 1eeing the bull& Balaram said to Krishna5 PKanhaiya& * have never seen such a huge bull be ore.P All the people began to cry or help. Lord consoled them and challenged the bull demon5 2? ool& why are you terrorising these cows and cowherdsL * am going to shatter your ego.P ,he challenge rom Bod pinched the demon. ,apping his hooves angrily& the demon attacked Bod. (e wished to gore (im& but Bod held his horns and pushed him back. ,hen kicking the demon Bod killed him in no time. KA+1A 1-+D1 AK"%" A ter the killing o Arishtasur& Devarshi +arad visited Kansa and asked5 P? Kansa& the girl who had slipped orm your hand was in act the daughter o Yashoda. Krishna and Balaram& who are staying in Vrindavana& are in act the sons o Devaki and "ohini respectively. Because o your ear& Vasudev has kept them under the supervision o his riend +and. ,hose two boys have killed the demons sent by you.P (earing these words& Kansa shook with anger and put Vasudev and Devaki in prison again. ,herea ter he called his minister Akrur and asked him to set out at once or Bokul. (e said to Akrur5 PAkrur9i& you are an old riend and well3wisher o mine& Bo to Bokul and bring the sons o Vasudev& who are staying at +andAs home. *nvite them to visit @athura& to witness the estivities o Dhanush3Yagya.P Akrur understood KansaAs intentions& but eared that i he re used& that demon would kill him. 1o he decided to visit Bokul& and also have the opportunity o seeing Bod. (e was eeling overwhelmed by the mere thought o it. +e/t day& he set out on a grand chariot to meet his supreme Lord in Bokul. @editating in the eet o Lord& Akrur was heading towards Vrindavana. (e was eeling himsel as the most ortunate one or he was sure to have a sight o Lord. ,hus obsessed with many kinds o devotional eelings& Akrur alighted rom the chariot at the border o Vrindavana and started walking. (e ound it un9ust to ride a chariot on the land o Vrindavana where lord Krishna treaded. By the time& he reached Vrindavana& Lord Krishna and
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Balaram had returned home a ter gra:ing their cattle. 1eeing them& Akrur ell at their eet. Both the brothers raised Akrur and addressed him as P>hachaP (uncle)& and escorted him into the house. Akrur was given a warm welcome and treatment there. A ter the dinner& they assembled in +andAs drawing room. +and inHuired about the reason o his sudden arrival. Akrur said5 PKansa is organising a wrestling competition in @athura. (e has invited all the big and small kings to the competitions. (e has invited you with Krishna and Balaram as well. Beauti ul @athura is worth seeing. Bullible +and elt pleased by AkrurAs talking and said5 PKing Kansa has shown a great honour to me. (e has sent invitation only to other kings& but has sent his minister to call me and a golden chariot or my kids.P 1o it was announced in Bokul that all the people would go to @athura the ne/t day and witness the estivities there. D-EA",%"- ?D K"*1(+A3BALA"A@ D?" @A,(%"A Chen the Bopis heard about Krishna leaving Bokul to visit @athura& they began to wail and cry. ,hey were getting so much restless by the news that& they elt& their lives would end be ore the sunrise. ,hey started imprecating ate that it had no kindness. Dirst it provided them with a closer contact with their beloved Kanha& now it was causing a long separation rom him. 1ome o Bopis even begged or death& they elt it better than living without Kanha. All the Bopis kept on crying and wailing nightlong. @other Yashoda awoke early in the morning ne/t day. 1he churned out butter and adding @ishri (sugar candies)& she took it to Krishna to eed him. But there she ound that both Krishna and Balaram were getting ready to set out or @athura. ,hey held motherAs eet and said5 PEardon us& ? mother& we are going to @athura.P ,hese words disturbed Yashoda. 1he ran and ell at AkrurAs eet and said5 P* am your slave. ? Akrur& please do not take my beloved sons to @athura. ,hey are inseparable rom my heart. Chy Kansa has summoned them to @athuraL ? Akrur& go and tell him to take everything rom us& but spare our sons. Ce are also ready to live in 9ail& but canAt lose our beloved sons.P Akrur consoled Yashoda. PBhabhi (sister3in3law)& donAt worry. ,hese two brothers are going to @athura to witness the estivities there and will return soon to com ort your heart.P Yashoda said5 PAkrur9i& @athura is a town o gold and both o my sons are too young yet to be needed there or any reason.P ,ouching the eet o +and and Yashoda& both the brothers said5 PDather& mother& we will de initely return. Eresently we wish to see the grandeur o @athura.P @eanwhile all the Bopis and Bopas had gathered there. >rying and wailing& the Bopis said5 PYou are very >ruel& ? Akrur& who named you as Akrur. You have come here to lacerate our hearts.P 1econd Bopi said5 P+o riend& it is not a ault o Akrur. ?ur complaints are with 1hyamsundar. Ce le t everything& our husbands& children& our homes and dedicated our entire selves in your service. And now you are deserting us so ruthlessly. Ce have no support or our li e e/cept you& ? @adhusadan.P 1aying this& all the Bopis burst into tears again. All the Bopas& including 1hridama surrounded the chariot and said5 P? Krishna we had not even dreamt that you would desert us so ruthlessly. ? Kanhaiya we have seen with our eyes that even *ndra& Varun& 1anakadi and Brahma bow be ore you. But we have never regarded you as Bod. Ce regarded you as our riend. Are you angry with usL ? my childhood riend Kanhaiya& we reHuest you& we will never abuse you in uture. * you were intending to go& why did you& then save us rom the in ernal orest ire. Chy did you save rom the deluging rainsL Ce cannot live without you. ,ell us ? benevolent riend& Chen will you return.P Lord Krishna consoled them all and took many o them with (im. ,he chariot began to move. As long as the lag o the chariot remained visible& people kept on crying and wailing. -ven the eyes o Akrur illed with tears. Lord asked him5 PKaka& why are you weepingLP Akrur replied5 P? Lord& Kansa is the great sinner. * eel he will try to torment you by all means. 1o& my heart says& that * should take you back to Vrindavana& because i Kansa did any harm to you& their spirits will curse me or ever.P AK"%" (A1 A 1*B(, ?D L?"D *+ D?%"3A"@-D D?"@ (earing AkrurAs words& Lord understood that when he had arrived in Vra9& he was a licted with a eeling o ma9esty. But now& it has been replaced by a ection now. (e there ore decided to remove his dilemma. ,hus& Lord said to him5 PKaka& @athura is still some distance away. 1o you take a bath in Yamuna. Ce brothers are waiting or you in the chariot.P As soon as Akrur took a dip in Yamuna& Lord showed him a sight o (is abode Vaikunth and his +arayanaAs appearance in which& he was holding conch& wheel& mace and lotus in each o his our hands and was lying on
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

the bed o 1heshnaga. Cith olded hands& Akrur prayed to lord5 P? lord& you are the reason or the e/istence o Brahma and the %niverse. ? Lord& * pray at your eet again and again. +ow * recognise you. You are the one who took the incarnations o @atsya& Kachchap& Varah& +arsinh& Vamana& "ama etc. ,hus a ter bath and worship& Akrur returned to the chariot. Lord Krishna understood that now a devotional eeling had arisen in the mind o Akrur or +arayana. Lord asked5 PYour condition seems miserable. Did you see anything e/tra3ordinary under waterLP Akrur said5 P? Lord& now bestow your grace on me. Kindly come to my home and accept my hospitality.P A""*VAL *+ @A,(%"A A ter the departure o Akrur& +andbaba too set out or @athura along with the Bopas. ?n the way itsel & they caught up with Krishna and Balaram. All o them then reached @athura together. ,here they stayed in a garden. A ter sometime& with +andAs permission& both the brothers set out to see the city o @athura. @athura was indeed a beauti ul town. All the residents o @athura thronged on roads& roo s and attices to have a sight o Krishna and Balaram. B"A>- ?+ K%B#A ?n the way& they met a pretty but hunched woman. 1he introduced hersel as Kub9a& the maid o Kansa. (er duty was to smear the members o the royal amily with sandalwood paste. Bod asked her i she would smear him with sandal paste. Kub9a said5 P? @anmohan& * see no one more itting than you or the sandal paste.P ,hus she smeared LordAs orehead with sa ron. ?n DauAs orehead she smeared musk containing sandal paste& other Bopas smeared all the remaining sandal paste on their heads. Lord then& put (is eet on Kub9aAs and holding her chin gave her head a slight 9erk. And in no time& Kub9aAs hunch was gone and she turned into a pretty woman. 1he begged lord or (is love. ,he Lord promised her a meeting in uture& and proceeded ahead. B"-AK*+B ?D ,(- B?C A ter salving Kub9a& Lord Krishna and other Bopas moved ahead. At a place they saw a huge bow kept on a high stage. @any strong men were guarding it. Lord entered the canopy and easily li ted the bow and broke it into pieces. ,here was a big applause rom all around. Dau said5 PKrishna& now the crowd will increase here& so let us escape in time. ,hus& both the brothers and their riends beat a retreat to their camp. ,here they rested or night. ,here in @athura& breaking o the bow had rightened Kansa. (e could not sleep during the night. -ven in his dreams& he saw nothing& but Krishna everywhere around him. K*LL*+B ?D -L-E(A+, -arly in the morning& Kansa summoned his minister and ordered him to make Kuvalayapeed& the elephant to stand in the centre o the main gate. (e thought that the elephant would kill both the boys i they dared to enter the ort through main gate. Back there in the garden& Krishna and Balarama set out in wrestlers guise or the ort. At the gate& seein an elephant blocking the passage& they asked mahout loudly5 P? @ahout& why have you made the elephant stand in the centre o the gate. @ove it either ahead or back.P But instead o moving the elephant out o the passage& the mahout steered it right on them. But be ore elephant could attack them& Balarama caught its trunk& while Krishna caught its tail. Both the brothers then dragged the elephant out o the gate and lo ted it in the air. ,he elephant ell on the ground with a loud thud and died on the spot. 1ALVA,*?+ ?D C"-1,L-"1 Kansa elt very nervous by the news o elephantAs killing. Be ore he could take stock o the situation& Lord Krishna and Balaram arrived in the amphi3 theatre. ,he spectators present in the amphitheatre saw Lord as per their eelings. ,he men olk saw Lord as a #ewel among the men. Comen olk saw him as an incarnation o Kamadev. >owherds saw their natural riend in Lord& while to Kansa (e appeared as his death. But to his mother and ather& Devaki and Vasudev and to +and& Krishna and Balarama appeared as small kids. 1ages and ascetics saw nothing but metaphysical coming in boysA guise. Learned ones sighted (is cosmic orm while to Yadavas (e appeared as their tutelary Bod. As soon as the Lord and Balaram arrived in the ring& the wrestlers& who were already present there& stood up like springs. A wrestler >hanur dragged Krishna and one named @ushtik dragged Balarama into the ring. ,hey said to them5 PBoth o you and we are the sub9ects o the great king Kansa. *t is our duty to please our king with our art and skill. @ore over we will receive many rewards also.P
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Krishna said5 P? wrestlers& you please ight among yourselves. Ce are boys yet& so we shall witness your ight rom a distance.P >hanur said5 P+o you are neither boy nor teenagers. You are stronger than the strongest. You have 9ust killed an elephant which was stronger than thousand elephants.P ,hus& both the brothers were compelled to wrestle with the royal wrestlers. Balaram beat @ushtik on the ground so hard that he died at once on the spot. Krishna similarly killed second wrestler >hanur. All the remaining wrestlers met similar ate one by one. ,he massive crowd present there applauded them 9oy ully. 1ALVA,*?+ ?D KA+1A 1eeing the shame ul de eat o his wrestlers& Kansa in uriated with anger and proclaimed5 P,ie all the opponentsK tie %grasen& Devaki& Vasudev and +and in ropes and bring them be ore me.P Lord Krishna could not tolerate this and in a single 9ump& (e reached on the stage where Kansa was present. Lord Krishna caught him by hair and said5 P? Kansa& once you have caught a helpless woman by hair& * have avenged that insult. +ow you will receive the ruits or your atrocities.P 1aying this& Lord began to twirl Kansa catching him by hair& and threw him down rom the stage. ,hen Lord 9umped once again and landed on the chest o Kansa. Kansa died instantaneously. ,hus& Kansa who was an incarnation o the demon Kaalnemi received salvation. Lord Krishna then& released his parents rom the prison and crowned his maternal grand ather %grasen as the king o @athura. YABY?EAV*, ?D K"*1(+A3BALA"A@A A ter the success ul completion o all the royal ceremonies& the consecration o Krishna and Balaram was carried out. ,herea ter& they came to stay at the hermitage o sage 1andipani or ormal education. -/traordinarily brilliant Krishna success ully learned all the knowledge in short period o time. ,hen& as Burudakshina (paying respect to the teacher) Krishna brought back his dead sons rom the abode o Yamaraa9. ,aking convocation bath& therea ter& Lord Krishna returned to @athura. ,here& though living among royal lu/uries and grandeur Lord Krishna remained indi erent. @emory o his sentimental& beloved devotees riend and other people o Vra9 kept on pricking him. 1-+D*+B %DD(AV A1 @-11A+B-" 1avant %ddhav& the son o YadavaAs minister Brihaspati was an intimate riend o Lord Krishna. ?nly he had the permission to enter LordAs sanctum. 1eeing his riend Krishna in remorse& %ddhav asked5 P@athuranath& you seem to be upset. Chat is troubling youLP Lord Krishna replied5 P%ddhav& * eel perple/ed. * remember my days in Vrindavana. Elease go to Vrindavana and get the news regarding Bopis there. Also give them my message.P ,hus Lord Krishna donned %ddhav in his attire and sent him to Vra9 in his chariot. ,here he stayed at +andAs home. At night& %ddhav enHuired about +and and YashodaAs well being and about Vra9 in general. ,hat whole might passed in chatting. B("A@A" B--, +e/t day& when the Bopis got the news o %ddhavAs arrival& they thronged in and around +andAs residence. ,hey recognised the chariot parked in ront o the gate. *t was the same chariot on which Krishna and Balaram had departed or @athura. Dirst they thought that their beloved Krishna had returned. But someone in ormed that it was %ddhav& KrishnaAs 1avant riend& who had come to preach them about metaphysical knowledge. 1oon a terwards& %ddhav came out and spoke out loud5 P? Bopis& listen to the preaching o %ddhav.P But instead o listening to him& Bopis covered their ears. Deeling insulted& %ddhav e/pressed his dissatis action over their behaviour. Bopis said to him5 2? gentleman& irstly we are not amiliar with you& secondly we have no capacity to hear your preaching. Yes i you wish to give us a message o our most belovedK thousand o ears are eager to hear that.P %ddhav then introduced himsel as the intimate riend o Lord Krishna. Knowing his identity Bopis welcome and treated %ddhav warmly. %ddhav then began to say again5 P? Bopis& the person& whom you are declaring as your beloved riend& in act recognises no mother& no ather and no other relation. (e has no orm& no colour and no body. (e is above all& non3e/isting all pervasive and the giver o 9oy. (e is never separate rom his devotee and beloved ones. All o you& too& eel the presence o that 1upreme Being and be happy orever.P Bopis said5 P%ddhav& as long as Bhanashyam stayed with us& we saw endless virtues in him. But only within si/ months o his stay in @athura& you wiped out all o his virtues and turned him virtueless.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

,ell us with which mouth did he eat butter& with which hand did he break our pitchers& with which eet did he pasture cows in the orests and with which eet did he dance on the hood o Kaliy. Cas he another KrishnaLP (arsh reaction o the Bopis startled %ddhav. (e began to think where he had been caught. (is knowledge o Vedanta was proving ine ective on the Bopis who were sunk in so much love. ?n the other hand& Bopis too were eeling embarrassed or treating the guest bitterly. But they were also not prepared to listen to such preaching that condemned love. @oreover& they had let out their long accumulating eeling. @eanwhile a bumblebee perched at "adhaAs eet mistaking them or lotus. Eointing to it& all the Bopis said5 PBeware ? bumblebee& beware i you dare to touch the eet o our "adha. *t appears that you are a disciple o Krishna. ,here is now no secret regarding the virtues and actions o your riend. But it is good that he and you tied in riendship. You are black and your riend has a black heart. Virtues o both o you are same. Dirst (e imbibed us in (is loveK then le t us ruthlessly orever. (e is not sorry or us. But why does Lakshmi serve in those eetL 1he must be care ul& lest she should be deceived like us. ? bumblebee you also appear to be a polymath who has come here to preach us. But you wonAt get an audience in Bra9. You should better go to @athura. ,here is one Kub9a go and relate your tale to her. You will receive ample donations rom her. Chat will you get rom the Bopis hereL ,hey have already lost their mental balance& because o separation rom the beloved Krishna. * you have come to ask& why we loved Krishna. ? bumblebee& we have no knowledge. But we know that our love or Krishna was not a mistake. -ven the goddess Lakshmi does not leave (is eet or a moment. Chy should we leave his eet thenL But ? bumblebee& have you really come to convince us. Chen (e could not come out o shame& (e sent you to console us 3 the dea and dumb Bopis& But be care ul i you put your head at the eet o "adha. Bet away& we have already seen enough o lattery and lirtation o your riend. Deserting our a ection or ephemeral things& we loved that eternal one. But (e too abandoned us. >an you guess about our conditionL ,ell us& ? %ddhav& shall we ever get the sight o 1hri Krishna againL (earing the tragic tale o the Bopis& %ddhav too elt very sorry or them. (e elt as i @athuranath& lord Krishna was indeed neglecting those Bopis. %ddhav stayed in Vrindavana or si/ months. ,here he saw every place& every spot where lord Krishna had played once. Chen he was returning to @athura& mother Yashoda presented him with butter& "adha gave him the lute. ,hus immersed in the love and overwhelmed by its eelings& %ddhav reached @athura. (e said to Krishna5 PLord& the real appearance o love& that * saw in Vrindavana is the only truth.P 1hri Krishna said5 P%ddhav& You are weeping. #ust look at me.P %ddhav looked at him with wide& opened eyes. *n every single hair o Lord& there e/isted Bopis. %ddhav was indeed a 1avant. But Lord had sent him to Bra9 only to be taught a lesson o love. A ter the death o Kansa his widowed Hueens Asti and Erapti returned to their ather #arasandhAs home and in ormed him that Krishna and Balaram had killed their husband Kansa. *n uriated by the news& #arasandh at once launched a massive attack on @athura. ,he people o @athura were rightened by the strength o #arasandhAs army. Lord Krishna too ell in deep thought. #ust then& divine weapons and chariots appeared rom the heaven. Both the brothers took the weapons and boarded their chariots. ,hen they ought a ierce battle and slayed all the army o #arasandh. Balaram uriously caught #arasandh and was about to kill him. But Lord Krishna stopped him. ,hey then released #arasandh and let him go unhurt. #arasandh elt ashamed that Krishna released him because o his helpless condition. Earashar says5 Despite his shame ul de eat& #arasandh attacked @athura seventeen times with huge armies. But every time& the Lord de eated him and released him in kindness. And every time #arasandh elt more humiliated.P At last& instead o attacking @athura himsel & #arasandh sent Kalyavan to de eat 1hri Krishna. Kalyavan launched an attack on @athura with one crore strong @alechchh army. ,his time Lord Krishna decided to vacate @athura instead o countering the attack. (e got Dwarkapuri constructed by Vishwakarma and settled all the people o @athura there. ,hen& unarmed& Lord Krishna walked past Kalyavan. Eointed by +arad& Kalyavan at once recognised Krishna and gave (im a chase. (e also challenged (im& but the Lord did not listen to his challenges and kept moving with ace turned away. Kalyavan chased (im or long& but could not catch up.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

%ltimately the Lord entered a cave. Kalyavan too ollowed (im into the cave. *n the cave the Lord saw that someone was sleeping there. 1o (e covered the man with his yellow length o cloth and himsel hid inside the cave. Kalyavan too arrived there and saw the sleeping man. (e mistook him or Bod and said5 PKrishna& you might have thought that braves do not attack on sleeping people. 1o * will irst wake you up and then kill you.P 1aying thus Kalyavan kicked the sleeping man hard. (owever& as soon as the man awakened and glanced at Kalyavan& Kalyavan got incinerated at once. ,AL- ?D @%>(K%+D @aitreya asked5 PBurudev& who was that sleeping manLP Earashar says5 P? king& that sleeping man was @uchkund& the son o the king @andhaata. ,he gods had sought his assistance in their war against the demon during the 1atayug. Cith @uchkundAs help& the gods had de eated the demons and thus pleased had asked him to seek a boon. @uchkund then had sought a boon o seeing Bod in tangible orm. ,he gods had assured him that he would have a sight o Bod in Dwapar Yuga. 1ince Dwapar Yuga was still ar away& so @uchkund had asked5 PChat should * do till thenLP ,he gods asked him to sleep somewhere and blessed him with a boon that whoever waked him up would be incinerated at once& by his glance. ,hus& in order to get Kalyavan incinerated and show @uchkund with his Divine orm& Lord had gone to that spot where @uchkund was sleeping. @uchkund got the sight o Bod in >haturbhu9 ormK and sought a boon o continuous devotion or three births. ,hus& Lord de eated @alechchh army and captured all their wealth. (e also de eated #arasandh and caused great 9oy or the people o Dwarka. @A""*AB- ?D BALA"A@A ,he king o Anart& "aivat got his daughter "evati married to Balaram with the blessing o Brahma. @-11AB- ?D "%K@A+* D?" L?"D Earashar says5 PBheeshmak was the king o Vidarbh. (e had ive sons and a daughter "ukmani. "ukmi& the eldest son o Bheeshmak& had i/ed his sisterAs engagement with 1hishupal& the prince o >haidi. +arad did not like this development. (e went to Kundanpur& the capital o Vidarbh and said in the court o Bheeshmak5 ? King& * am coming rom Dwarka.P Bheeshmak said$ P? great 1age& * have never heard about any city named DwarkaP. ,hus& in the court o Bheeshmak& +arad narrated about the li e o Lord Krishna and the grandeur o Dwarka. Bheeshmak heard the tale with ull attention. (is daughter "ukmani too en9oyed the tale. But "ukmi had a strong opposition against lord Krishna. *gnoring the wish o his ather& he was not ready to get his sister married to Lord Krishna. ?n the appointed day& 1hishupal appeared there& in a procession& to get married with "ukmani. But "ukmani was determined to marry Lord Krishna. 1he sent a love letter to Krishna through a loyal Brahmin and declared a ast unto death. Lord Krishna read her letter& which said5 P? ,rilokinath& since the moment& these ears have heard about your virtues& actions& character and plays& my soul e/periences divine peace. ? Achyut& my mind is dedicated in your eet. ? great among the men& this "ukmani has dedicated hersel in your eet. +ow it is up to you to see that no 9ackal could take away the lionAs share.P ,he Brahmin& the carrier o the letter& returned to Kundanpur with an assurance rom the Lord. Lord too called the charioteer and set out at once or Kundanpur. ,here in Kundanpur& "ukmani a ter getting the assurance rom the Brahmin was thus waiting or LordAs arrival. Ereparations or "ukmaniAs marriage with 1hishupal were on with ull swing in Kundanpur. All the houses& streets and lanes were cleaned and sprinkled with scented water. All the men and women olk donned new clothes and ornaments. King Bheeshmak worshipped his ancestors and gods and welcomed the Brahmins liberally. -/tremely beauti ul princess "ukmani was given ceremonial bath and donned with auspicious clothes and bracelets. ,he king o >hedi& Damaghosh got the auspicious rites or the marriage o his son 1hishupal& per ormed by Brahmins. All the Baratis (people in marriage procession) were given grand reception. @any great kings like 1halv& #arasandh& Dantvaktra& Vidurath and Eaundrak were present in the marriage procession. ,hey had come with their armies with an intention o ighting Krishna and Balaram. A ter KrishnaAs departure& Balaram too set out or Kundanpur with chaturangini (with our wings) army& or he had known about their opponentsA preparedness.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

"ukmani was eagerly awaiting LordAs arrival. 1he had received the news that Dwarakanath (Krishna) had resolved to take her away. 1he was eeling overwhelmed in her heart. 1eeing Lord Krishna arrived intently in the marriage ceremonies o his daughter& king Bheeshmak welcomed him. 1eeing him& even the common people o Vidarbh prayed P@ay our princess "ukmani get 1hri Krishna as her husband. At the same time& "ukmani emerged rom her palace to go to the temple o Ambikadevi& soldiers were guarding her. *n the temple& "ukmani prayed peace ully5 P? @other Ambika * greet you and Banapati& who is sitting in your lap. * seek your blessing that may my wish be ul illed and may * receive 1hri Krishna as my husband.P ?n her way back& "ukmani was walking very slowly or she was awaiting LordAs arrival& which was due in any moment. #ust then& Lord Krishna appeared be ore her. Be ore she could ride her chariot Lord li ted her rom amidst the crowd. And in the presence o hundreds o kings& Krishna and Balaram eloped away with "ukmani. D-D-A, ?D "%K@* A+D 1(*1(%EAL (earing the news that Krishna has eloped with "ukmani& "ukmi and all other kings present there boiled with anger. Accompanied by their huge armies& they decided to give them a chase. ,hus chased my them& Yadnvanishis stopped and encountered the kings boldly. Cith a true ambition to win& brave Yadav soldiers de eated the enemies. All the kings like #arasandh led or their lives. "ukmi had resolved that without getting "ukmani released rom KrishnaAs captivity& he would not show his ace in Kundanpur. (e chased Lord Krishna or long. But Dwarakanath de eated him and got his head shaved. @A""*AB- ?D "%K@A+* A+D K"*1(+A ,hus de eating all the kings& Lord Krishna brought "ukmani to Dwarka. ,here they got married ormally. All the people o Dwarka celebrated estivities or many days. Eeople presented them with lot o precious gi ts. All the people were in great 9oy to see Lakshmi as "ukmani with her husband Lord Krishna. B*",( ?D E"ADY%@+& K*LL*+B ?D 1(ABA"A1%" Kamadev was a part o lord himsel . A ter getting incinerated by "udra& Kamadev took re uge in the supreme lord to get an incarnation once more. ,hus& Kamadev was born as "ukmani)s irst son Eradyumn. But 9ust a ter his birth& Eradyumn was kidnapped by a demon 1hambarasur. ,he demon dropped the baby into the sea& where a huge ish swallowed him in whole. >oincidentally the ish was caught by the ishers and presented to the kitchen o 1hambarasur. Chen the cooks cut the ish open& an e/tremely beauti ul baby emerged. @ayawati& the governess o the kitchen& elt over9oyed to see the baby. 1he began to rear the baby with love and a ection. ?nce +arad arrived in the kitchen and said5 P@ayawati& do you know who is in your lapL P P+o& ? Devarshi& * ound him rom the belly o a ish&P said @ayawati. Devarshi +arad said5 P(e is your husband Kamadev and you are his wi e "ati. *n this birth& he has appeared as Eradyumn the son o Krishna. (earing this& @ayawati saluted +arad with respect. 1ince then she regarded Eradyumn as her husband and served him accordingly. Chen Eradyumn matured. @ayawati reminded him about his real appearance. Eradyumn& therea ter& killed 1hambarasur and got married with @ayawati. ,hen the couple arrived in Dwarka. ,AL- ?D 1YA@A+,AK ,(- B-@ A person named 1atra9it was a great devotee o Lord 1uryanarayana. Eleased by his devotion& 1uryadev presented him a gem called 1yamantak. ,he gem had radiance eHual to the 1un. Bearing that gem& 1atra9it arrived in LordAs court. By the radiance o his gem& all the people and the courtiers mistook him or 1uryadev and stood in his regard. But the Lord recognised him and asked his courtiers to be calm. ,hen to 1atra9it& Lord 1aid5 P1atra9it& your gem is really very beauti ul. +ana (maternal grand ather) %grasen is the king o this region. * you present this gem to him& it will be very good. But 1atra9it re used to present that gem. ?ne day& later on& 1atra9itAs brother Erasen9it went hunting& wearing the gem in his neck. *n the orest a lion killed him and snatched the gem. ,he lion was in turn killed by the ursine king #ambvant. #ambvant took the gem to his cave and gave it to his children to play with. Chen Erasen9it did not return rom hunting& 1atra9it elt sorry and accused Krishna that (e had killed his brother or the gem. Chen lord Krishna heard that he was being blamed or the mishap& (e himsel went to the orests. ,here he ound the dead body o Erasen9it& but there was no sign o gem around the cadaver. (e ound only ootprints o a lion
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

leaving rom there. Dollowing the ootprints& (e discovered the dead lion and the ootprints o a great bear. Dollowing the ootprints& (e reached in the cave where #ambvantAs daughter #ambvati was playing with the gem. As soon as lord Krishna proceeded to take the gem& #ambvant arrived. A ierce duel resulted between them. ,hey continued to ight or twenty3si/ days without truce. ?n the twenty3seventh day #ambvant reHuested Lord$ PElease wait ? Lord.P Lord said5 PDo you want to take restLP P+oP& said #ambvant& P* have recognised you. You are none other than Lord +arayana (imsel . +obody else has the power to de eat me.P Lord appeared be ore #ambvant as 1hri "ama. #ambvant prayed and worshipped (im. (e was eeling guilty that he dared to ight Lord. Lord said that (e had arrived there or the gem only. #ambvant gave him the gem and also his daughter #ambvati. Lord returned the gem to 1atra9it and married #ambvati ormally. @A""*AB- ?D 1A,YAB(A@A A+D K"*1(+A Lord summoned 1atra9it to (is court and in the presence o the king %grasen& related the seHuence o incidents that took place in the 9ungle. 1atra9it elt ashamed. Cith a eeling o repentance he took the gem. (e was getting a raid also that he made enemity with lord Krishna without reason. (ence to e/piate his crime& 1atra9it thought o presenting the gem 1yamantak and his daughter 1atyabhama to Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna accepted 1atyabhama as his wi e but returned the gem to 1atra9it saying5 P*t is a gi t o lord 1uryadev. Keep it with you. You are reHuired to deposit the gold that you get rom it& in the royal treasure.P ,(-D, ?D 1YA@A+,AK Akrur and Kritvarma were not pleased with the marriage o 1atyabhama. 1o they got 1atra9it killed by 1hatadhanva. 1hatadhanva killed 1atra9it in his sleep and absconded with the gem. Lord Krishna was then away in (astinapur. 1atyabhama too reached there and in ormed Krishna about her atherAs assassination. Cith Balaram& Lord Krishna chased 1hatadhanva. But even a ter killing him& they could not trace the gem. 1hatadhanva had given the gem to Akrur to keep till his return. But a ter the death o 1hatadhanva& rightened Akrur came to stay in Kashi. Drom the e ect o the gem Akrur per ormed many grand Yagyas there. Lord summoned Akrur rom Kashi. A ter welcoming and treating him in the court& Lord asked him about the gem. Akrur showed the gem in the court. But Lord returned the gem to Akrur. @A""*AB- ?D L?"D K"*1(+A C*,( KAL*+D* ?nce Lord Krishna visited *ndraprasth to see Eandavas. ,here riding a chariot with Ar9una& (e came to the orests. ?n the bank o river Yamuna a pretty woman was observing penance. By the instinct o Bod& Ar9un drew near her and asked or her identity. 1he said5 P* am Kalindi& the daughter o 1uryadev. * am penancing here in order to get married with Lord Krishna.P Lord got Kalindi boarded on the chariot and got married to her ormally. L?"DA1 @A""*AB- C*,( @*,"V*+DA @itrvinda was the sister o Vind Anuvind the king o %99ain. 1he had a desire to get Lord as her husband. But her brother& Vind Anuvind was a ollower o Duryodhan. 1o he stopped his sister @itrvinda rom getting married to Krishna. But Krishna eloped with @itrvinda rom the court and got married to her ormally later on. L?"DA1 @A""*AB- C*,( 1A,YA 1atya was the daughter o +agn9it& the king o Kaushal. 1he was e/tremely beauti ul lady. ,he king had resolved that he would marry his daughter only to him who would de eat his seven most ormidable o/en. @any princes has tried their luck since then but ailed. Chen Lord Krishna heard about that& (e reached Kaushal with his army. ,he king o Kaushal welcomed and treated him well& and told him about his resolution. Lord then took seven guises and in no time de eated his seven ormidable o/en. Bladly the king married his daughter 1atya to Lord Krishna. L?"DA1 @A""*AB- C*,( B(AD"A Earashar says5 PEarikshit& LordAs aunt ( atherAs sister) 1hrutkirti was married in the kingdom o Kaikau9a. Bhadra was the daughter o 1hrutkirti. BhadraAs brothers like 1antardan etc. themselves had got their sister married to Lord Krishna. L?"DA1 @A""*AB- C*,( LAK1(@A+A
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Lakshmana was the daughter o the king o @adra. 1he was very beauti ul and meritorious. Lord abducted her all alone rom the 1wayamvara organised or her marriage. Later& Lord married to her ormally. 1ALVA,*?+ ?D B(A%@A1%" Erag9yotishpur was the capital o the demon Bhaumasur. (e was very strong and power ul. (e had snatched the canopy o Varun& earrings o Aditi the mother o the gods& and @aniparvat o the gods on @eru. Apart rom these& he had also captured si/teen thousand and one hundred princesses as well. Devra9 *ndra himsel visited Dwarka and Erayed Lord to get them rid o BhaumasurAs atrocities. Cith the dear wi e 1atyabhama and riding his vehicle Barud. Lord Krishna arrived in the capital o Bhaumasur. But to enter Erag9yotishpur was an impossible task. But with the blows o his mace and arrows& Lord easily broke the hills& destroyed strategic positions and cut the snares with sword. By his wheel he destroyed the walls o ire& water and air. Cith the loud sound o conch& Lord rendered the machines& installed there& useless. %ltimately& Bod destroyed the rampart o the citadel. Disturbed by the noise& the ive3headed demon @ur ran with a trident to kill Bod. But with a single shot o his arrow& Lord broke his trident and cut his head with his wheel. 1oldiers and commanders o Bhaumasur were also killed. Bhaumasur then came himsel to ight. (e had donned a shinning crown and was wearing big earrings. Cith his wheel& Lord cut the demonAs head. As soon as (e beheaded the demon& the gods showered lowers on the Lord and worshipped (im. -ven the mother earth came and put a garland o ive colours around lord)s neck. 1he also presented to him the earrings o Aditi& canopy o Varun& and a great gem. At the reHuest o earth& Lord assured BhaumasurAs son Bhagdatt reedom rom his ears. L?"DA1 @A""*AB- C*,( >AE,*V- E"*+>-11-1 A ter slaying Bhaumasur& Lord entered his palace. ,here (e released the si/teen thousand one hundred captive princesses. ,he princesses were very much impressed by the Lord. ,hey had all accepted in their mind& Lord Krishna as their husband. Lord too bowed be ore their love and accepted them as his wives and arranged to send them to Dwarka. E"ADY%@+A1 @A""*AB- C*,( "%K@VA,* "ukmvati was the daughter o "ukmi& the brother o "ukmani. Chen a 1wayamvara was organised or her& she saw Eradyumn. 1he was so impressed by him that she chose him as her husband. But it was not acceptable to other princes. ,hey tried to stop their marriage. But de eating them all& Eradyumn abducted "ukmvati and married her ormally. ,hen to please his sister "ukmani& "ukmi got his granddaughter "ochana married to "ukmaniAs grandsons Anirudh. @A""*AB- ?D %1(A3A+*"%D( ,he son o the demon king Bali& Baanasur was a great devotee o Lord 1hiva. Baanasur ruled over the kingdom 1honitpur. By the grace o Lord 1hiva& he had received thousand arms. -ven all the gods including *ndra used to serve him. ,hus blinded by his physical strength& Baanasur sought a boon rom Lord to meet a match or his strength. Lord 1hiva said5 P? ool& your thirst or war shall be Huenched when your lag is broken.P Baanasur had a daughter named %sha. ?nce she had a dream in which Anirudh was making love with her. 1he was very much perple/ed by the dream. A ter a ew days with the help o her riend >hitralekha& Anirudh sneaked into her palace. (e stayed there and en9oyed the company o %sha or long. But AnirudhAs clandestine stay could not remain hidden rom the eyes o Banasura. 1o he put Anirudh in prison. ,here in Dwarka& everyone was worried by AnirudhAs long absence. *t was +arad& who ultimately revealed the act that Anirudh was in the prison o Baanasur. (earing the news& Lord Krishna launched an attack on Baanasur. (is armies surrounded 1honitpur. During Bhurabandi the lag o BaanasurAs palace ell. Lord 1hankar arrived to assist Baanasur. Lord Krishna cut all the arms o Baanasur. At the reHuest o 1hiva& he le t only our o his arms intact. Baanasur bowed his head be ore Lord Krishna and brought Anirudh and %sha respect ully be ore (im. Cith them Lord Krishna returned to Dwarka where ormal marriage o %sha and Anirudh took place. ,AL- ?D ,(- K*+B +"*B

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

?nce& Lord KrishnaAs sons visited the orests. ,here they saw a huge >hameleon allen in a large& deep well. ,hey tried to pull it out but in vain. ,he princes& there ore& returned to the palace and related this strange episode to Lord Krishna. Lord too came to the well and with (is le t hand& easily pulled the >hameleon out. As soon as the chameleon came out& it turned into a divine god and began to worship Bod. (e said5 P? Lord& * am +rig. ,he king *kshvaaku was my ather. *n my li e& * had donated uncountable numbers o cows to the Brahmins. But once a cow& donated by me& returned to my cowshed. By mistake * made a resolution to donate it to another Brahmin. @y action led to a dispute between the two Brahmins& and my wisdom ailed to settle their dispute. Both the Brahmins went away unsatis ied& but * met this ate a ter death. 1ince then& * had been in this well in the orm o a chameleon. +ow& by the grace ul touch o your hands& ? Lord& * have received salvation.P King +rig then went around the Lord and returned to his heavenly abode.P 1ALVA,*?+ ?D EA%+D"AK ?nce Balaram and Krishna had gone to Bra9 to see +andbaba there. @eanwhile the king Eaundrak o Karush sent an envoy to lord Krishna with a message that said5 A* am Lord Vasudev.A EandrakAs envoy arrived in the court and read out the message5 P,o bestow my grace on the people& * have taken an incarnation. You have alsely named yoursel as Vasudev and bore my insignia. ,ake my re uge or ace the battle.P (earing the message o Eaundrak& %grasen and other courtiers began to laugh. Lord asked the envoy to in orm Eaundrak that (e would launch (is wheel on him and his army. "eceiving the message Eaundrak launched an attack on Dwarka with two Akshauhini armies. ,he king o Kashi was a riend o Eaundrak. (e too came to his assistance with three Akshauhini armies. Eaundrak had disguised as Vasudev and was bearing arti icial conch& wheel& mace and lotus and. (e had also adorned 1wastika& Kaustubh etc. All the people began to laugh at EaundrakAs clown like attire. *n no time& the Lord stripped him o all his adornments. (is wheel cut his head. ,hen with an arrow the Lord cut the head o the king o Kashi. (is head ell in ront o his palaceAs gate. 1udakshin& the son o the Kashi king& organised a grand Yagya to avenge his atherAs killing. An ogress& Kritya emerged rom the Yagya and began to burn Dwarka. All the people prayed Krishna to protect them. Lord assured them to be earless and ordered (is wheel 1udarshan to kill Kritya. 1udarshan e/tinguished the ire& killed Kritya and destroyed Kashi. ,hen it returned to the LordAs inger. 1ALVA,*?+ ?D DC*V*D ,here was once a monkey named Dwivid. (e was the riend o Bhaumasur. Chen Dwivid heard about BhaumasurAs killing by 1hri Krishna& he began to cause large3scale destruction in the kingdom. (is disruptive activities in the country began to terrorise the sub9ects o Lord Krishna. ?nce hearing sweet music& the monkey was drawn towards the "aivtak @ountain. ,here he saw Balaram amidst beauti ul young women. ,he monkey began to behave indecently. Angered by his indecency& Balaram hit him with his pestle& named 1unand& and killed the monkey. @A""*AB- ?D 1A@B 1amb was the son o lord Krishna and born to #ambvati. (e had Kidnapped Lakshmana& the daughter o Duryodhan rom her 1wayamvara. *n uriated Kauravas chased them and& with di iculty& they caught 1amb and tied him. Chen the Yaduvanshis got the news& they began preparations to launch an attack on Kauravas. Balaram paci ied them and reached (astinapur alone. ,here he received a warm welcome rom the Kauravas. Balaram said to them5 P*t is an order o the king %grasen that you should see 1amb o with his newly wedded wi e.P (earing BalaramAs words Kauravas got angry and began to deride Yaduvanshis. *n uriated by Kauravas derision& Balaram trained his pestle and plough. (e intended to turn over the town o (astinapur into the river Yamuna. Chen the city began to shake& Kauravas elt perple/ed and begged Balaram or his pardon. Balaram assured them to be earless and returned to Dwarka with 1amb and his newly wedded wi e Lakshmana. ,(- K*+B1 *+ >AE,*V*,Y 1--K L?"DA1 (-LE ?nce Lord Krishna was holding (is court when an emissary arrived in the court. ,he kings who were held captive orcibly by #arasandh had sent him. ,he emissary related the miseries o those kings to Lord Krishna. ,hrough the emissary& the kings had reHuested5 P? Lord o the world& Kindly get us ree rom our miseries. Ce are in your re uge. Ce desire your sight. Kindly bestow us with your grace.P Lord Krishna sent the emissary o with
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

assurance o timely action. @eanwhile& Devarshi +arad arrived in the court and in ormed the Lord o YudhisthirAs intention to organise a grand "a9suy Yagya and his cordial invitation or the Lord to attend the ceremony. Lord asked his riend %ddhav or an advice as to where (e ought to go irst 3 to *ndraprasth in "a9suy Yagya or to liberate the king rom the captivity o #arasandh. %ddhav advised Lord to go to *ndraprasth irst. ,here (e would be able to serve both the purposes. L?"DA1 D-EA",%"- D?" *+D"AE"A1,(A %ddhavAs advice was in the interest o all. -veryone supported it. ,aking permission rom (is priest and teachers& Lord set out on a chariot with the whole amily to reach *ndraprasth. *n *ndraprasth& Eandavas accorded the Lord with warm3hearted elicitations. By the dictate o Lord& @ayasur built a divine looking court or Yudhishthir. ,he courtroom was a marvellous piece o architecture. ,he shinning& smooth& loor o it appeared like water& while water bodies presented a look like marble loors. K*LL*+B ?D #A"A1A+D( During Yudhisthir)s "a9suy Yagya& all the Eandavas set out in all the directions to conHuer the kings and e/pand the boundaries o their kingdom. Carriors like Bheema& Ar9un de eated great kings all around and e/tended the boundaries o YudhisthirAs empire. But to de eat #arasandh& 3 Bheema& Ar9una and Lord Krishna went in the guise Brahmins. ,hey reached #arasandh capital Birivra9 and prayed him or donations. #arasandh promised to give them the things o their desires. Lord Krishna then introduced them and begged #arasandh or a duel with any o them. #arasandh accepted to ight a duel with Bheema. (e gave Bheema a mace and both o them came out to the outskirts o the town& where they began their duel. Both o them were eHually strong and eHually brave and well pitted. ,wenty3seven days passed& but their duel remained inconclusive. ?n the twenty3eighth day& during the ight& Lord signalled Bheema a way to kill #arasandh. (e took a small twig in his hands and tore it apart into two. Bheema understood the signal and beating #arasandh on ground& he tore him apart in two pieces and threw them in opposite directions. ,hus came the end o evil #arasandh. Lord Krishna and Ar9una heartily greeted Bheema or his success. ,hey then enthroned #arasandhAs son 1ahadev and also got the captive kings released. 1ALVA,*?+ ?D 1(*1(%EAL King Yudhishthir had invited great Vedic Brahmins and Acharayas on the occasion. Eersons rom Kauravas side like Drona& Bheeshma& Kripacharya& Dhritarashtra& Vidur and Duryodhan etc. were too invited to witness the celebrations. -ven Brahma& 1hiv& *ndra& Bandharvas& Vidyadhar had too arrived. But be ore the Yagya could start a dispute cropped up among the great sages as to who ought to be worshipped irst in the Yagya. *n the opinion o 1ahadev (youngest o the Eandava brothers& not the son o #arasandh)& Lord Krishna deserved the irst worship. -very one supported him. ?nly 1hishupal could not tolerate the decision. (e stood up and said5 P*n the presence o such great ascetics& savants& polymaths and sages& how can this cowherd deserve the irst worship.P Despite 1hishupal bitter remarks Lord Krishna kept Huiet. But 1hishupal did not. -ncouraged by LordAs silence he began to attack the kings& who stood by LordAs side& with sword. (e was simultaneously abusing Lord Krishna also. Lord had assured 1hishupal o this orgiveness or up to one hundred sins. But now 1hishupalAs sins have crossed that permitted number. 1o& Huieting all& Lord cut his head with (is wheel. As soon as the dead body o 1hishupal ell on the ground& a lame emerged rom it and merged with Lord Krishna. 1hukdev says5 P? Earikshit& eelings o hostility had been accumulating in the heart o 1hishupal or his past three births against Lord Krishna. *t was because o these intense hostile eelings that 1hishupal met salvation eventually. A ter the salvation o 1hishupal& ceremonies and rituals o Yagya proceeded unabated. At the end king Yudhishthir presented all those present there with itting gi ts and took ceremonial bath. At the reHuest o Eandavas& lord Krishna stayed in *ndraprasth or many months. 1ALVA,*?+ ?D 1(ALV 1hukdev says5 PEarikshit& now listen to the tale o how Lord caused salvation or 1halv. 1halv was the childhood riend o 1hishupal and had attended the marriage o "ukmani as a member o 1hishupalAs wedding party. At that time& Yaduvanshis had de eated them all including #arasandh and 1halv. "ight at that moment& 1halv had resolved to destroy Yaduvanshis and began worshipping Bods o the gods Eashupati (1hiv). Lord Ashutosh 1hiva
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

was pleased with him. As a boon& 1halv had got an aeroplane that was invincible even or the gods& demons& humans& +agas& etc and was particularly ormidable or Yaduvanshis. By the dictate o Lord 1hiva& the demon @aya constructed such an aeroplane o iron. ,he aeroplane named 1aubh was as big as a city and was di icult to be spotted or caught. *t could move as ast as oneAs wishes. 1oon a ter getting the aeroplane& 1halv launched an attack o Dwarka. 1urrounding Dwarka& 1halv began to destroy buildings and houses there. 1eeing the people terrorised& Eradyumn consoled them to be earless and he set out on a chariot to counter 1halv. (e pierced 1halv with arrows. But 1halvaAs minister Dyumana attacked Eradyumna with a mace. By the blow o the mace& Eradyumn lost his consciousness. But soon he came around and began to slay 1halvAs orces. ,he ierce battle continued or twenty3seven days. Lord was away then in *ndraprasth Yagya. But (e was sure that in his absence Kshatriya kings o 1hishupal side would be attacking on Dwarka. Lord reached Dwarka and saw a ierce battle between Eradyumn and 1halv. 1eeing Lord arrive& 1halv began to attack (im with sharp arrows. Lord hit 1halv with a power ul blow o mace and he began to spit blood rom his mouth. (e then tried to show many illusions and showered Lord with weapons. But Lord wounded 1halv with his arrows& broke his aeroplane with his mace. Very soon therea ter the aeroplane plunged in to the sea. 1halv then attacked Lord with mace but Lord cut his head with 1udarshan wheel. 1eeing his end& all the gods showered lowers on Lord. 1ALVA,*?+ ?D DA+,VAK,"A A+D V*D%"A,( A ter the killing o 1hishupal& 1halv etc. Dantvaktra arrived in the battle ield carrying a mace. Chen Lord saw him coming& (e too 9umped down rom the chariot and balked his movement with a mace. Dantvaktra tried to humiliate Bod with his abuses and hit him on head with his mace. Lord easily bore the blow o mace and hit DantvaktraAs chest with his mace named Kaumodaki. DantvaktraAs heart tore apart by the blow and he ell dead. Vidurath was the brother o Dantvaktra. (e came in the ield with sword and shield to avenge his brotherAs death. 1eeing him ready to launch an attack& Lord cut VidurathAs head with his wheel. ,hus& Lord Krishna entered Dwarka only a ter killing 1halv& Dantvaktra and Vidurath. All the gods and other inhabitants o heaven showered lowers on (im. 1%DA@A5 ,(- L?"DA1 D"*-+D During his stay as a disciple at the hermitage o sage 1andipani& Lord Krishna had a Brahmin riend named 1udama. (e was very indi erent in nature with no desires or the material things. A ter their education& Lord Krishna came to Dwarka while 1udama& who had no any inclination or accumulating material wealth& got married and began to pass his li e with his wi e 1usheela in ab9ect poverty. ?ne day his wi e 1usheela said5 P? lord& your riend Krishna is the king o Dwarka. (e is very benevolent to Brahmins and his devotees. * you go to see him& he will understand your miseries and grant you a lot o wealth.P But 1udama plainly re used saying5 PDevi& * have chosen the path o devotion or sel upli tment and not or the wealth.P 1usheela& however& kept o insisting5 PAll right& donAt go or the wealth. But at least you can go to see your old riend. 1udama accepted this proposition& thinking that only the sight o Lord yields supreme bene it to the devotee. But he wanted something as a gi t to present to his old riend. At this& his wi e tied our hand uls o raw rice in a bundle. Cith that humble gi t& 1udama set out or Dwarka. (is poverty was at its helm. But he kept on reciting LordAs name all along the way. A ter walking or some distance& 1udama elt thirsty. (e drank water& Huenched his thirst and thanked Bod that (e at least does give water to drink. 1udama kept on walking the whole day. *n the evening& he kept the bundle o rice under his head as a pillow and slept. +ow it was BodAs turn to show (is gratitude or the devotee. Chen 1udama awoke in the morning& he ound himsel right in ront o Lord KrishnaAs palace. At irst he could not believe his eyesK but the people told him that he was in Dwarka and standing right be ore the lordAs palace. 1udama reHuested the gatekeeper to in orm Lord Krishna that his childhood riend 1udama had come. Lord Krishna was sitting in the company o "ukmani when the gatekeeper delivered the message. As soon as Lord Krishna learned about 1udamaAs arrival& (e stood up and ran helter3skelter to welcome his childhood riend. At the gate (e cordially embraced 1udama and escorted him into his private chamber and made him sit on the throne. Krishna and Hueen "ukmani both washed 1udamaAs eet one by one. By the mere touch o his riend& Krishna was eeling over9oyed. (is eyes illed with tears. (e and 1udama were holding each otherAs hands. ,heir hearts were beating with the memories o their period as disciples at the hermitage o 1andipani. Dor long& none o them
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

could utter a word. At last 1udama said5 P? #agadguru Krishna& * have the ortune o being your riend. Chat remains or me to doLP Lord Krishna said5 PBrother& have you brought or me something sent by my sister3in3lawL * love to accept even the pettiest thing presented with a ection.P At the LordAs words& 1udama elt ashamed and he did not reveal the our hand uls o raw rice that he had brought as gi t. Cith shame& 1udama began to look at the ground. Lord knew everything that his dear riend 1udama had never remembered him with a desire or wealth. ,his time too he has come at the insistence o his wi e. A(ence& * will give him the wealth that is rare even or the gods&A thought Lord Krishna and snatched the bundle o raw rice and opened it with great respect. (e put one hand ul o it in his mouth. Chen Lord proceeded to take ne/t hand ul& Hueen "ukmani held his hand and prayed5 P? Vishvambhar ( osterer o the world) or the prosperity o entire world this one hand ul is su icient.P 1udama stayed that night in the palace o 1hri Krishna. ,here he e/perienced the com ort o Vaikunth (abode o Bod). 1taying there or many days& 1udama at last& took leave o 1hri Krishna and set out or his home. Lord did not give 1udama anything apparently nor did 1udama asked or (is avour. (e was travelling overwhelmed by a divine sense o devotion and elt that Krishna might have not given him wealth lest he should orget (im. ,hus& sunk in myriad kinds o thoughts& 1udama reached his home. But at the place& where his dilapidated hut stood once there was now a divine palace surrounded by verdant gardens. ,he loors o the palace were embedded with precious gems and stones. 1tanding at the gate& 1udama elt con used& when his wi e 1usheela came out with scented water to welcome him. ,ears were rolling on her cheeks. Cith love she greeted 1udama and escorted him inside the palace. 1udama was still re lecting over the BodAs grace and praying5 P@ay * have the riendship o lord in every birth& may my a ection increase or LordAs eet. * donAt want wealth.4 1ince then& 1udama en9oyed the com orts o the palace as the bounty o Lord bestowed upon him by none other than the Lord Krishna himsel . (is devotion increased day by day. @--,*+B ?D L?"D C*,( B?E*1 1hukdev says5 P? Earikshit& Lord Krishna was passing his time with pleasure in Dwarka. A total solar eclipse happened to all during that period. Eeople rom all over *ndia thronged in Kurukshetra to take a dip in sacred Banges on that great occasion. All the Yaduvanshis too arrived there. Chen Vra9vasis (*nhabitants o Vra9) learned about Krishna and BalaramAs arrival in Kurukshetra& they too assembled there. During the estival& Lord Krishna met (is oster3 ather +and and other cowherds who were his childhood riends. Lord Krishna met the Bopis also who had been pining or his sight since long. ,hey en9oyed the meeting and kept on chatting or long. ?verwhelmed by love and 9oy& Vasudev embraced +and. Lord Krishna and Balaram respect ully greeted mother Yashoda and ather +and. ,hey too embraced Krishna3Balaram cordially. Bopis were specially overwhelmed by LordAs sight. ,hey had no other desire but to have a sight o Lord. ,hat day their long cherished dream had come true. Bopis imbued the captivating appearance o Lord and e/perienced the 9oy o embracing (im. Lord met all the Bopis and embraced them. *nHuired about their well being and preached them with spiritual knowledge. By the virtue o that knowledge& eeling o living disappeared among the Bopis and they merged with Bod orever. ?"BA+*1A,*?+ ?D YABYA BY VA1%D-V Devarshi +arad& Vyasa and many other great sages arrived in Kurukshetra to have a sight o Lord. Lord welcomed them all. ,hen Vasudev greeted them and enHuired about way or his sel 3upli tment. Laughingly& +arad said5 PVasudev& a person& already living at the bank o the Banges& discards her holy water and goes to other places o pilgrimage or his puri ication. *n the presence o Krishna3Balaram& the sages said5 PYou regard the indescribable& eternal& 1achchidanand 1hri Krishna as your son& and seek the way o your sel upli tment rom us. ? Vasudev& recognise (im. ,ake to (is re uge& only (e can salve you.P Vasudev got the meaning o sageAs words and began to develop eelings o devotion or his son. -very human being has obligation or the gods& sages and his ancestors. ,he sages got a Yagya per ormed in Kurukshetra by Vasudev to ree him rom the obligation or gods. "-V*1,*+B ?D D-VAK*A1 1*R 1?+1 *n Dwarka& Krishna and Balaram used to greet their parentAs irst daily in the morning. +ow Vasudev had recognised (is identity. 1o a ter their return rom Kurukshetra& when Krishna3Balaram went as usual to greet their
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

parents& Vasudev greeted them irst. Lord Krishna then preached his ather about the metaphysical knowledge. Cith that knowledge& Vasudev began to see Krishna everywhere. @other Devaki was also present there. @emory o her si/ children& who were killed by Kansa& was still a resh in her mind. 1he had heard that Krishna had etched the dead son o 1andipani rom Yamloka. 1o she prayed to them P You both are venerable even to the gods. Kindly grant me my desire. 1how me my si/ sons who were killed by Kansa. By their motherAs dictate and helped by Yogmaya& both the brothers reached 1utal Loka. ,he demon king Bali welcomed them there and o ered them a seat& and washed their eet. King Bali then asked Bod what could he do or (im. Lord said5 ? demon king& in 1wayambhu @anvantara& si/ sons were born to %rna the wi e o Era9apati @arichi. ,hey were all gods. ,hey had once seen Brahma trying to copulate with his own daughter and hence derided at him. *ndignant Brahma had then cursed them to take birth in demon incarnation. ,hey there ore were born as the sons o (iranyakashipu. *n the present era& Yogmaya had made them born as DevakiAs sons who were killed by Kansa. ,hey are all now in your Loka. @other Devaki is mourning or them& so we shall take them with us. ,hey will thus be reed rom the curse and go to their heavenly abode.P ,hus Lord Krishna and Balaram brought those si/ babies to Dwarka and handed them to mother Devaki. 1eeing her babies again& DevakiAs heart illed with love or her sons. @ilk began to lood her breasts. 1he breast3 ed them. Drinking the milk& all the babies received salvation. ,hey then departed to their heavenly abode. L?V- A+D @A""*AB- ?D 1%B(AD"A A+D A"#%+ King Earikshit asked5 PBurudev& how did my grand ather Ar9un and grandmother 1ubhadra got marriedL * want to hear this tale. Kindly narrate it to me.P 1hukdev said5 Earikshit once travelling on a pilgrimage tour& Ar9un reached in Erabhas region. ,here he learned that Balaram was desirous o marrying his sister 1ubhadra to Duryodhan. But Vasudev and Krishna were not in the avour o this marriage. 1o& a strong urge took hold in his mind to get 1ubhadra as his wi e. Acting as per the urge& Ar9un reached Dwarka in the guise o Vaishnav sage. *t was rainy season then& so with an e/cuse o >haturmasya Vrata ( our months long ast)& Ar9un stayed in Dwarka. During his stay& Balaram served and looked a ter him very well. But neither Balaram nor any other inmates o the palace could recognise Ar9un. ?nce Balaram invited Ar9un to his home. ,here he o ered good& delicious ood to Ar9un. 1ubhadra too served him well. ,here& they ell in love with each other. Later on& boarding a chariot& 1ubhadra went out o the palace or a 9oy ride. At the outskirts o the town& Ar9un was awaiting or her. (e had already taken permission o Devaki3 Vasudev and Krishna. 1ubhadra too had silently nodded her acceptance. 1o that evening Ar9un and 1ubhadra eloped rom Dwarka. ,he news o 1ubhadra eloping with Ar9un irst outraged Balaram. But Lord Krishna and other near and dear ones convinced and paci ied him. "-L-A1- ?D 1(*VA D"?@ >"*1*1 @aitreya asked5 PBurudev& those among the gods& human beings and the demons& who worship Lord 1hiva& get wealth very soon. But those& who worship Lord +arayana& remain a licted with scarcity. Chat is the reason or thatLP *n reply& Lord Krishna had said5 P? Yudhishthir& * take away all the wealth rom those whom * bestow my grace. Chen they are poor& their relatives desert them. * even render their e orts useless when they try to earn money. ,hus being unsuccess ul repeatedly& the people develop an attitude o indi erence or wealth. ,hen they begin to take shelter as my devotee and mingle with me. ?nly then& * bestow my ull grace on them and they receive me as 1achchidanand EaraBrahma. ,hus& pleasing me through my worship is e/tremely di icult. (ence& ordinary people give me up and worship other deities& which are in act di erent orms o me. Lord 1hiva is Ashutosh and bestows his devotees Huickly with grace. (e gives wealth and other riches to his devotees. But once they get wealth& the devotees become despotic and even orget the Bod who had blessed them.P ?nce upon a time& there was a demon Vrikasur. (e had pleased Lord 1hiva and sought a boon that the person& upon whose head the demon put his hand& should be incinerated at once. Lord 1hiva granted the boon without considering the conseHuences. But as soon as the demon got this supernatural power& he ran to incinerate Lord 1hiva irst. ,he demon was eyeing Bauri Earvati& so he was determined to eliminate Lord 1hiva. +ow a raid o his own boon& Lord 1hiva ran or his li e& with the demon ollowing him in hot pursuit. At last 1hiva reached in
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Vaikunth and told Lord Vishnu about his crisis. Lord at once illumined the demon and made him put his hand& on his own head. By the virtue o the boon& the demon was incinerated in no time and thus Lord 1hiva could be saved. ,-1,*+B ?D ,"*+*,Y ?nce upon a time& all the sages assembled on the bank o 1araswati "iver. A dispute erupted among them as to who among the trinity was the greatest. By consensus they appointed sage Bhrigu to test the trinity o Brahma& Vishnu and @ahesh. Bhrigu reached to Brahma& but did not greet him. Brahma got in uriated but since the sage Bhrigu was his son& (e did not curse him. ,hen Bhrigu visited 1hiva. Lord 1hiva proceeded to embrace the sage. But instead o accepting 1hivaAs welcome& the sage began to abuse (im& saying5 PYou violate the dignity o Vedas& so * will not meet with you.P Angry 1hiva raised his trident to kill him& but Bhagwati stopped (im. At last Bhrigu reached Vaikunth to see Lord Vishnu. Lord was lying with head in the lap o Lakshmi. Bhrigu kicked hard at (is chest. But instead o getting angry& Lord got up& bowed his head be ore the sage and begged pardon5 P? 1age& pardon me& * could not welcome you at once& at your arrival. Your eet are so t& * hope they are not hurt. All my sins have been washed by the touch o your eet.P Bhrigu elt very pleased by the serious talks o Lord. (is heart elt overwhelmed with e/cess o devotion. (e returned to the assembly o the sages and narrated his e/perience. 1ince then Lord Vishnu is regarded as the 1upreme and giver o peace and earlessness. "-V*VAL ?D B"A(@+A1 D-AD >(*LD"-+ ,here in Dwarka lived a Brahmin. Chen the irst son was born to his wi e& it died immediately a ter birth. ,he Brahmin took his dead son to the royal court and complained5 P@y 1on has died because o anti3Brahmin and licentious actions o the king.P ?ne by one& thus& eight sons were born to the Brahmin coupleK but they all died immediately a ter birth. And the Brahmin kept on dumping his dead sons at the gate o the royal palace. Chen his ninth son was born& and died& Ar9un was also there in Dwarka. (e made a promise to the Brahmins5 * shall guard your son or commit sel 3immolation. At the time o ne/t delivery& the agitated Brahmin came to Ar9un. ,raining his bow and arrows& Ar9un made all arrangements to protect BrahminAs tenth son. 1ancti ied by many mantras& Ar9unAs arrows constructed a ence around the labour room. A child took birthK but it too died a ter some time. Brahmin& then& cursed Ar9un. Ar9un scouted through all the three worlds and even the netherworlds in search o the BrahminAs dead son& but he could not ind him anywhere. %ltimately accepting his ailure and as per his promise& Ar9un proceeded to immolate himsel . @eanwhile& Lord Krishna too learned about Ar9unAs vow and stopped him rom sel 3immolation. ,herea ter& riding a divine chariot& Lord set out with Ar9un& towards west. Beyond the limits o cosmos. ,hey reached the abode o Lord Vasudev in ,ripadvibhuti. ,here Ar9un saw that Lord was present in Eurushottam)s appearance. 1hri Krishna and Ar9un greeted (im. Lord Eurushottam said in a serious voice5 P? Krishna and Ar9una& only to have a sight o both o you& * brought the BrahminAs sons to me. Both o you had taken incarnation on earth rom my part to protect the religion. All the demons have been slain by now. +ow you too return to me. 1hri Krishna and Ar9un again greeted Lord and returned on earth with all the sons o the Brahmin. Ar9un was greatly surprised to see the supreme abode o Lord. (e elt that whatever strength a living being had& it been all by 1hri KrishnaAs grace. Like common& ordinary people& the Lord stayed on earth en9oying mundane com orts& per ormed Yagyas like kings& behaved like idealistic peopleK deterred (is sub9ects and slayed evil kings to re3 establish religion on earth.

7.8.I ,he 1ages >urse Yaduvanshis

Earashar said5 PAs the time passed& Yaduvanshis grew stronger and more in luential. +ow no longer did they like the welcoming and treating o the great sages by the Lord. Lord Krishna knew about their disliking& but secretly (e was pleased by this change in YaduvanshiAs behaviour& or (e knew that by disregarding the saints and the scriptures& they would meet their end sooner.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

?nce the Yaduvanshis clothed #ambvatiAs son 1amb in a womanAs attire and& showing him to the sages asked mockingly5 P@ahara9a& this is our sister3in3law. 1he is an e/pecting mother. 1he eels shy to ask but tell us what will be born to herL ,hrough their un ailing vision& the 1ages knew the reality and said5 PDools& a pestle shall be born to her and that pestle shall e/terminate the entire Yaduvansha. +ow all the Yaduvanshis were perple/ed by sagesA prediction& and approached their king %grasen. But& even the king was helpless now because he could not change the words the pious sages. *n due course& a pestle was born to 1amb. Drightened o an imminent ate& Yaduvanshis crushed the pestle into a ine powder and threw it into the sea. ?nly a nail remained& that also was thrown into the sea where a ish swallowed it. A isher caught the ish and cut it open and ound the nail. (e gave it to a hunter. ,he hunter i/ed the nail in the head o his arrow. ?n the other hand& the sea waves washed the powder o the pestle ashore where it germinated and grew as lu/uriant grasses. Later on& once all the Yaduvanshis assembled at the seashore or a picnic where they drank wine and began to ight with one another under into/ication. 1oon their Huarrel grew so high that they pulled out the grasses& which were growing there& to use as the arms. Cith the grasses the Yaduvanshis beat one another to death. +A"AD E"-A>(-1 VA1%D-V AB?%, B(ABACA, ?nce +arad arrived in Dwarka. Vasudev prayed him and reHuested to provide him with pious company o Bhagwat Dharma. +arad said5 P? king& once upon a time& nine great sages arrived in the court o the king #anak. King #anak had put the same curiosity be ore them also. * will narrate the conversation that ollowed there between the sages and the king.P Dirst o all& the irst Yogishwar Kavi said5 P? king #anak& dedication is the irst duty (Dharma) o a Vaishnav. (e should devote everything 3 his actions& ruits o actions and even himsel & at the eet o Lord. (e ought to hear about LordAs virtues. 1uch a devotee shall be indi erent to the worldly a airs and shall laugh& dance or sing occasionally and sancti ied all the three worlds.P ,he king then asked about the characteristics o the LordAs devotees. Another Yogeshwara (ari said5 PA true devotee o the Lord remains una ected by eelings like hunger& thirst& li e& death& labour& pain& ear and desire. 1uch a devotee is the e/cellent kind o Bhagwat. -ven the wealth o all the three worlds cannot shake the aith o such a devotee& because Lord 1hri (ari himsel stays in his heart.P PChat is illusionLP A Yogeshwara Antariksh replied5 PKing& an illusion is also BodAs play. (aving a possessive eeling about mundane is illusion. ,hinking in terms o A*A& A@eA& A@ineA& A@yA& AYouA& AYourA is also illusion. * one can have such an a ection or Bod as he has or worldly things& one can easily surmount the illusion.P King #anak then asked about the method o worshipping Lord. A Yogeshwara& Karbha9an said5 P ? king& the Lord had a air comple/ion in 1atayug. Eeople used to receive (im through methods like meditation& reconciliation& etc. *n ,retayug& the Lord had reddish comple/ion and Yagyas were the main means to achieve (im. *n Dwaparyug& the Lord had yellowish comple/ion and (e could be pleased through worships. *n the present Kaliyuga& Lord has dark comple/ion and one can receive (im through means like recitation& narration and hearing o (is name and plays. ,hus& +arad preached Vasudev about Bhagwat Dharma. +ow the heart and mind o Vasudev were thoroughly clean and pure. L?"D D-EA",1 ,? (*1 AB?D- A+D D-1,"%>,*?+ ?D YAD%VA+1(*1 ,o remind the Lord about the moment o (is departure& Brahma arrived in Dwarka accompanied by all the gods. (e prayed to (im5 P? Lord& you have completed your duty o what we had once reHuested you. +ow& You please return to your abode. Lord said5 P?n the seventh day rom now& Dwarka shall submerge in the sea and Yadavas shall ight among themselves to death. * too shall depart then. ,he arrow o a hunter shall be the cause o my departure.P Chen %ddhav learned that Lord was about to wind up (is plays& he approached (im and said5 P* understand& ? Lord& that this all is happening by your wish. But * cannot part or a moment rom your eet. (ence& take me also with you to your abode.P Lord said5 P%ddhav& * will not go anywhere. @y entire brilliance will be present in 1hrimad Bhagwat. You stay here preaching Bhagwat Dharma.P 1aying thus& lord preached %ddhav about the Beeta Byana through the tale o Avadhoot. Lord narrated thus5 P%ddhav& ?nce& our ancestor Yadu happened to see Lord Dattatreya in a orest. Lord was indulged in the supreme 9oy in the guise o Avadhoot. Yadu asked him about the reasons or his whimsical state.P
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Avadhoot had said5 P? king& making the various animals& birds& insects etc as my teacher& * have learned about spirituality rom them. ,hat is why * am ree rom mourning and attachment. -arth& air& sky& water& ire& the moon the sun& pigeon& python& sea& grasshopper& bumblebee& honey bee& elephant& e/tractor o honey& deer& ish& prostitute& osprey& boy& girls& arrow3maker& snake& spider and wasp are all my teachers. * took re uge at these twenty3 our teachers and learned rom their behaviour. * learned orgiveness rom earth& purity rom the sky& holiness and cleanliness rom the water& innocence and renunciation rom the ireK indi erentness rom the air& to remain una ected by circumstances rom moon& abdication rom the 1un& incoherence rom the pigeon& dependence upon ate and remain e ortless rom the python& to remain always happy and serious rom the sea& to be under the control o sense organs and hence meet total destruction rom the grasshopper& acHuiring o virtues rom bumblebee& ault in cumulating rom honey bee& to abstain sensuous talks rom the Deer& to eliminate greed rom the ish& sorrow in hope and happiness in desperation rom the prostitute& to eel happy in uncertainty rom osprey& dispute among many rom the girls& concentration rom the arrow3maker& to roam alone and detachment rom a particular place rom the snake& virtues o the creator Lord rom the spider& and * learned similarity rom the wasp.P *n the guise o Avadhoot& Lord Dattatreya says5 P? king& * learned wisdom and apathy rom my body also& because li e& death& li e and death again are inseparably intertwined with it. (ence the net result o loving this body is nothing but sorrow. ,hus our own body also helps us to learn about metaphysical knowledge. Lord Krishna also e/plained %ddhav regarding utility o physical and heavenly lu/uries. ,his human body is like a tree& on which two birds 3 #eevatma and Earamatma (microcosm and supreme soul) 3 have taken shelter. ,wo ruits 3 happiness and sorrow 3 appear on it. #eevatma (microcosm) eats these ruits while Earamatma (supreme soul) stays as an indi erent onlooker. ,here are three kinds o #eev 3 Baddh (Bound)& Bhakt (devotee) and @ukt (liberated). Baddh #eevas (bound souls) are those who indulge in sensual pleasures and those who dislike pious company. @ukt #eev (liberated souls) are those who are ree rom attachment and bindings. Bhakt (devotees) are those who meditate on me and dedicate their everything in my eet and have love or my virtues. @y devotee is kind& ree rom laws& tolerant& has eeling o raternity or all and controls his desires. B(*K1(% B--, Lord said5 P%ddhav& in the world& there is indeed a dearth o such tolerant people who can tolerate bitter remarks o evil ones. *n this conte/t there is a tale o a greedy Brahmin who lived in %99ain. ,hat Brahmin had been badly tormented by the evil people a ter he had lost his wealth. But still the Brahmin did not lose his patience and regarding his present state as a result o his previous birthAs deeds& he e/pressed his eelings thus5 ,hese people are not the cause o my miseriesK neither the gods& nor body& even planets and time& can be blamed or my miseries. 1criptures and learned ones held the mind itsel guilty o oneAs miseries. *t is the mind that runs the cycle o the world and makes every kind o e orts. *n the absence o mind& even the soul is rendered motionless. Chen one accepts the dictates o the mind and indulges in sensual pleasures& soul too comes to be bound with them. ,he ultimate outcome o all the spiritual e orts like celibacy& study o Vedas etc. and abidance to pious actions is the concentration o mind. >oncentration o mind and is abstaintation rom sensual pleasures are the primary conditions or attainment o Earamyoga (supreme meditation). ,hus Lord preached %ddhav about Byana Beeta. %ddhav too took Bhagwat (which is a orm o the Lord) with honour and departed or Badrikashrama.


0hapter 1 (Part 1%

,his chapter contains 6 section.

7.I.6 Descriptions o Dynasties in Kali3Yuga

Earashar describes about the dynasties that would occur in Kaliyug. "ipun9ay or Euran9ay would be the last king o Brihdrath dynasty. ,he kings o +and dynasty would succeed this dynasty. ,hen a diplomat Brahmin& named >hanakya& would e/terminate this dynasty and enthrone >handragupta @aurya. *n @aurya dynasty& a great king would occur by the name o Ashokvardhan. A ter him& Yavans would rule then or si/ hundred and orty years. ,heir rule would be succeeded by the governance o the air3comple/ioned oreigners& who would rule or one hundred and si/ty years. ,herea ter& there would be no king and no sub9ects because people rom all the classes would come orward to rule. ,he ruler would be selected by the ma9ority votes. ,here would be no any thing like holiness. >ows would grow
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

thin like nannies. Eeople would not marry& as per their castes. Breed& sel ishness and se/ would be the base o marriage li e. *n adverse conditions& spouses would desert each other. ,here would be nothing like duty& responsibility and conduct. (air would be the main item o adornment or the women. Eeople would not have the knowledge o religious scriptures in Kaliyug. ,alkativeness would be identi ied with knowledge. ?nly those would be regarded as clever& who could pick othersA pockets. >hildren would not regard or pay due respect to their parents. >hildren would maintain relations with parents till their marriage only& not a ter that. Boys would not touch the eet o their own parents& but would pay ull respect to their ather and mother3in3 law& Brother3in3law would be dearer to them than their own brother. Earashar says5 Kaliyug is the mine o aults& but it has only one great virtue 3 that the people will acHuire divine position only by reciting LordAs name. "ecitation o LordAs name& regardless o intention and motivation33 whether it is love& derision& la:iness or maliceness3 would destroy oneAs sins. But the sinister people would do even the most di icult tasks in Kaliyug& but they would not recite LordAs name. ,hey would not have an interest in the Lord. ,heir interests would be more in sensuous things like sound& touch& beauty& scent etc. ,he Earamgati (supreme salvation) that people could receive by ten thousand years o meditation in 1atayugK by per orming Yagya or hundred years in ,retayug and by worshipping Lord)s idol or ten years in Dwapar& that supreme salvation is easily available or people in Kaliyug simply by reciting LordAs name or one day and one night continuously. But still& in Kaliyug people would not have aith in LordAs name. *t is their mis ortune.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

& S:anda Purana

Largest o all the Euranas. >ontains eighty eight thousand and one hundred 1hlokas (stan:as). (as seven parts3 @aheshwar& Vaishnava& Brahma& Kashi& Avanti& +agar and Erabhasa. Eurana got its name rom 1kand (Kartikeya) the son o Lord 1hiva. Birth o 1kandK its reason and e ects constitute the main theme. Kartikeya was the commander o the gods) army and had killed the demon ,arkasura. ,his Eurana contains < chapters.


Maheshwar 2hand

,his >hapter contains ;M sections.

F.6.6 Daksha)s Animosity towards Lord 1hiva

1kanda Euran begins with the eulogy o Lord 1hiva33 3*S3*53* <*5*T S#IS+T* .I#*"C+I+ P*6/O +*#I+C S*"+*#T* /**6#$D#*/+3O "*,*ST*S,*I PI"*/I"'% (@eaning)333 1alutations to Lord 1hankar who has entrusted the 9ob o creation to Lord Brahma33Cho has instructed Lord Vishnu to nurture the world and who himsel acts as the supreme annihilator.During ancient times& once& 1age 1haunak had per ormed a grand AyagyaA at his hermitage in +aimisharanya orest. @any sages had thronged +aimisharanya to attend it. ?ne o them was 1age Lomesh.A ter the yagya was over& all the assembled 1ages reHuested 1age Lomesh to narrate the divine tales o Lord 1hiva. 1age Lomesh said33Daksha3Era9apati had got his daughter& 1ati married to Lord 1hiva. ?nce& he had per ormed a grand yagya in which he had invited everybody e/cept his own son3in3law.Chen 1ati learnt about the yagya& she sought Lord 1hivaAs permission to attend that yagya. Lord 1hiva tried to convince her that it was not proper to attend a ceremony in which one had not been invited. But 1ati did not pay any heed and was bent upon attending that yagya. %ltimately& Lord 1hiva had no option but to give his conscent. But he did not orget to send his A"udraganasA with her or her protection.

F.6.; 1ati 9umps into the 1acri icial Dire

Chen 1ati reached her atherAs place& she saw a grand yagya being per ormed. A large number o people had been invited33the deities& the sages and the hermits. 1ati became sad because Daksha had invited everybody e/cept her husband. 1he knew Huite well that it was a deliberate decision on part o her ather& not to invite Lord 1hiva. But& she got in uriated when she ound that Daksha had not even kept 1hivaAs share in the yagya while the AsharesA o other deities had been kept. Chen Daksha saw 1ati& he was enraged333(ow dare you come hereL Your husband is an embodiment o inauspiciousness. (e is the Lord o the spirits& ghosts and all types o mean powers. ,his was the reason why * did not invite him.A ,he insult heaped on her husband in ront o everybody devastated 1ati. 1he elt so humiliated that she decided to give up her li e. Be ore any one could understand& she 9umped into the sacri icial ire and was charred to death. All the deities present there were stunned by this sudden development. All the A"udraganasA mourned 1atiAs death with deep sorrow.@eanwhile& Lord 1hiva got the sad news rom +arad. (e got mad with anger and uprooted some hair rom his scalp. (e then dashed the hair against a mountain. ,here was a thundering sound and Veerbhadra mani ested within a split second. Lord 1hiva ordered him to punish Daksha or his evil deed& which caused the death o 1ati.Veerbhadra proceeded with a huge army o spirits& ghosts and marudganas to punish Daksha. Chen he reached the oblation site& Daksha and all the other deities became scarred. But& 1age Bhrigu came at the deitiesA rescue and told them not to worry. (e then chanted ew mantras& which helped the deities to win the irst round o the battle. ,he de eat o his army enraged Veerbhadra to such an e/tent that he created havoc in the ranks o deitiesA army. (e showered volleys o arrow on them& which orced the deities to make a hasty retreat rom there. Veerbhadra dashed 1age Bhrigu against the ground and uprooted his beard. (e then severed the head o Daksha and threw it in lames o sacri icial ire.Lord Brahma took the re uge o Lord 1hiva and reHuested him to stop Veerbhadra rom causing urther death and destruction. Lord 1hiva told Brahma33A+obody else but Daksha himsel was responsible or his death.But& Lord Brahma reHuested Lord 1hiva to make Daksha alive once again. Lord 1hiva
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

then went to DakshaAs place and i/ed a goatAs head on the trunk o DakshaAs body. ,his way Daksha became alive once again albeit with a goats body. (e was very ashamed o his behaviour and reHuested Lord 1hiva to orgive him. Lord 1hiva blessed him and said33 P1alvation can not be attained merely by per orming the rituals. * you are desirous o salvation then engage yoursel in virtuous deeds with.P

F.6.7 Virtues o Corshipping Lord 1hiva

1age Lomesh told the assembled sages333 ?ne who brooms the courtyard o 1hiva temple attains to 1hiva loka. ,hose who make o erings o incense to lord 1hiva not only liberate himsel rom the bondage o this world but also both his AKulasA. ?ne who gets constructed a 1hiva temple or renovates it& attains incomparable virtue. ?ne who chants the holy mantra A?@ +A@A( 1(*VAYA daily and begins his day by visiting 1hiva temple in the morning becomes absolved o all his sins.

F.6.F >hurning o the ?cean

1age Lomesh narrated the tale& which described how *ndra lost heaven a ter he showed disrespect to Vrihaspati33 ?nce& *ndra was en9oying the songs sung by Bandharvas when sage Vashishth arrived. But& *ndra was so engrossed in music& that he orgot to welcome his distinguished guest. 1age Vashishth was enraged by his behaviour and went away uming with anger.Chen the demon King Bali33the lord o Eatalloka& learnt about this incident he attacked *ndraloka with a large army. A ierce battle took place in which all the deities were de eated. Bali and his army brought all the wealth to Eatalloka. But the demons were not destined to be the owner o this plundered wealth or too long as the whole wealth got submerged into the ocean. Bali was surprised and asked 1hukracharya about the reason. 1age 1hukracharya revealed to Bali that he could not en9oy the splendours o deitiesA wealth because he had not per ormed 6MM Ashwamedha yagyas. ,he deities& a ter being de eated went to seek Lord VishnuAs help. Lord Brahma was also present with them. A ter giving a deep thought to the whole issue& Lord Vishnu advised them to patch up with the demons so that all the wealth could be retrieved rom the ocean bed.,he deities went to Eatal3loka and convinced the demons to participate in the churning o the ocean. Chen the process o churning o the ocean began& @andarachal mountain was used as a churner and the serpent 3Vasuki as the rope.Both the parties immersed the @andarachal mountain into the ocean but it sank down& as there was no base upon which it could be placed. 1o& Lord Vishnu took the orm o a tortoise and held the mountain on his back. >hurning o the ocean resulted into the emergence o many things like >handrama& 1urabhi (cow)& Kalpa tree& Kaustubh& %chchaihshrava ((orse)& -ravat (elephant)& goddess La/mi& poison& ambrosia& into/ication etc.Chen poison emerged rom the sea bed& neither the deities nor the demons made any claim or it. ,he poison was so venomous that the whole world started getting in lamed by it. Lord 1hiva then drank the (alahal poison and thus the world was saved.Lord Vishnu accepted goddess La/mi as his consort.

F.6.8 ,he -mergence o Ambrosia

Chen Dhanvantri appeared with a pot o ambrosia in his hands& a demon named Vrishparva snatched it rom him. All the demons then led to Eatal loka with the pot o ambrosia.Lord Vishnu disguised himsel as an enchanting beauty and went to Eatalloka. ,here& he ound all the demons Huarrelling among themselves. -ach o them wanted to have his own share o ambrosia.,he demons were stunned by @ohiniAs beauty the moment they saw Lord Vishnu in the orm o a beauti ul lady. @ohini took control o the ambrosia pot and summoned the deities to Eatal loka. All the deities and demons were made to sit in separate rows. @ohini then started distributing ambrosia to the deities. A demon named "ahu& who had disguised himsel as a deity was also sitting among the deities. (ardly had "ahu gulped down some ambrosia then @ohini severed his head on the in ormation given by chandrama (@oon).,he severed head o "ahu tried to take revenge by swallowing chandrama& who took the re uge o Lord 1hiva. 1hiva kept chandrama within the lock o his hair. @eanwhile& "ahu too came chasing chandrama and Lord 1hiva wore his head as a garland in his neck.

F.6.I Lord Brahma)s Boon to ,arakasur

A ter the death o 1ati& Lord 1hiva became aloo and engaged himsel in an austere penance. (is lack o interest in per orming his duties resulted into the predominance o sin in the world.A demon named ,arakasur had
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

received a boon o invincibility rom lord Brahma. ?nly a child and nobody else could kill him. ,arakasur& being drunk with power started to torment the deities. All the deities eulogi:ed Lord Brahma and they heard a heavenly voice saying333 A+obody can kill ,arakasur e/cept 1hivaAs son. 1o you must put all your e orts to help 1hiva get married.A ,he deities were aware that a ter the death o 1ati& 1hiva had lost all interest in li e and was living like a recluse. +evertheless& they wanted to give a try. 1o they went to (imalaya& who had no progeny at that time and reHuested him to beget a girl. (imalaya agreed& as he was aware o the misdeeds o ,arakasur.*n course o time& (imalayaAs wi e& @ena gave birth to a girl child who was in act the reincarnation o 1ati. ,he girl child was named Biri9a.Biri9a was brought up with great love and care. Chen she attained the age o eight& (imalaya once took her to the cave where Lord 1hiva was doing penance. *nitially& 1hiva was little hesitant to meet (imalaya because Biri9a was accompanying her ather and he had vowed never to put his glance on any woman a ter the death o 1ati. But& Later on he relented and allowed both o them to meet him whenever they liked. +ow& Biri9a made it her habit to visit Lord 1hiva regularly. 1he used to look a ter all the needs o 1hiva while he was engrossed in his penance. -ven a ter the passage o a long time the deitiesA wishes did not look like getting ul illed& as 1hiva remained as nonchalant as ever. 1o& the deities reHuested KamadevaAs help in sowing the seeds o love and passion in 1hivaAs heart.Kamadeva went to the place where Lord 1hiva was doing his penance. (e tried to sow seeds o compassion in 1hivaAs heart only to receive his wrath. Lord 1hiva was in uriated by the e orts o Kamadeva. (e opened his third eye as the result o which Kamadeva was charred to death."ati started wailing inconsolably at the death o her husband but Biri9a assured her that she would try to bring Kamadeva back to li e.Biri9a commenced her penance to please Lord 1hiva. ,here was a great turmoil in the world on account o her penance. Lord Vishnu led the deities to 1hiva and reHuested him to marry Biri9a so that the world could be protected rom the torments o ,arakasur. Dinally& 1hiva gave his conscent and went to the place where Biri9a was doing penance.

F.6.< 1hiva tests Earvati)s Devotion

A ter reaching there& Lord 1hiva ound Earvati engrossed in her penance. Earvati was surrounded by her ew trusted companions.Lord 1hiva decided to test EarvatiAs devotion towards him. 1o he disguised himsel as a hermit and asked her companions about the reason why Earvati was doing such a severe Eenance. #aya& one o EarvatiAs companions in ormed him that her riend was doing penance in order to get Lord 1hiva as her husband. #aya also in ormed Lord 1hiva that her riend Biri9a was the daughter o (imalaya. Lord 1hiva& who was in the guise o a hermit said333AChy is this tender girl so eager to marry 1hiva who is an embodiment o inauspiciousness33who carries a skull in his hand and who lives in a crematorium. (ow can your riend think o marrying one who has been e/pelled by Daksha rom the yagya ceremonyL Does your riend know that 1hiva wears a snake around his neck and is surrounded by numerous spirits and ghostsLA Earvati& who had been listening to all those nonsensical utterances& told #aya333A,his ellow seems to abhor 1hiva. Ce should not talk to this evil person. ,ell him to leave at once.ALord 1hiva was e/tremely pleased by EarvatiAs unwavering devotion towards him. (e appeared in his original orm and said33AYou can ask or anything you wish.A But Earvati replied333 A? 1upreme Lord$ * am the same 1ati or the sake o whom you had destroyed DakshaAs yagya. DonAt you recogni:e meL ,here is a great purpose behind my reincarnation. A son born to us would kill ,arakasur. 1o go to my ather and reHuest or my hand in marriage.ABut Lord 1hiva re used to make a reHuest to (imalaya considering it as an undigni ied act. (e then returned to the place where he had been meditating.A ter a while& (imalaya and @ena arrived there and asked Earvati how her penance had been progressing. Earvati narrated the whole incident how Lord 1hiva had inally given his conscent to marry her.(imalaya and @ena were e/tremely pleased by this good news.

F.6.J ,he Arrival o the 1apta3"ishis

Later on Lord 1hiva sent the 1aptarishis with the proposal o marriage to (imalaya. (imalaya received his distinguished guests with respect and enHuired about the purpose o their visit. ,he 1aptarishis replied33ACe have come to reHuest you to give your daughterAs hand in marriage to 1hiva.AA ter consulting his wi e& @ena and other mountains& (imalaya agreed to accept 1hiva as his son3in3law. ,he 1aptarishis then returned and conveyed the good news to 1hiva.,he preparation or marriage ceremony started being made. Dinally the marriage procession
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

proceeded towards the brideAs home. ,he marriage procession consisted o all the deities& apsaras& gandharvas even spirits and ghosts. 1age Barg 1upervised the rituals o marriage ceremony. Vishwakarma constructed the canopy& where marriage ceremony was supposed to take place.A ter the marriage was over& (imalaya per ormed the ritual o Kanyadan and this way 1hiva returned with his consort.

F.6.G Birth o Kartikeya

Lord 1hiva and Earvati lived happily at Bandhamadan @ountain en9oying every bit o their con9ugal li e. ?nce it so happened that a small Huantity o 1hivaAs sperm ell on the ground while he was en9oying intimate moments with Earvati. As a result& tremendous amount o heat was generated and the whole world started burning.Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu instructed Agni to employ some means so that the destruction caused by 1hivaAs over lowing sperms could come to an end.Agni went to Bandhamadan mountain in the guise o a hermit. (e reHuested Earvati by saying333A? @other$ Elease give me something as alms. * have nothing but my hands as a begging bowlA Earvati kept 1hivaAs sperms on his palm& which was eaten up by Agni. Earvati was enraged to see this and cursed Agni33PYou have shown disrespect to me. Drom today onwards you would become omnivorous. ,he sperms which you have devoured would cause unbearable in lammation in your body.P As the result o EarvatiAs curse& Agni really started e/periencing unbearable in lammation in his body. (e reHuested Lord 1hiva to reveal the means by which his pain would come to an end. Lord 1hiva instructed Agni to implant those sperms in any womanAs womb to get rid o the unbearable in lammation.,hus& Agni& who was su ering rom e/treme heat that generated in his body& sat at a lonely place waiting eagerly or a woman to arrive there.(e did not have to wait or too long& as si/ Kritikas& shivering with cold arrived there to warm themselves. ,he sperms o 1hiva entered into their bodies through the pores. ,hese si/ Kritikas became pregnant. Chen their respective husbands learnt about their pregnancy they cursed them. As a result they got trans ormed into A+akshatrasA and established themselves in the sky. But& they aborted their respective oetus at (imalaya mountain be ore getting trans ormed into si/ constellations. ,he holy Banges carried that oetus to a secluded place& which was covered with dense bushes o reeds.*n course o time& Lord Kartikeya mani ested rom those reed bushes. (e had si/ heads. ,he deities were delighted at the birth o Kartikeya. Lord 1hiva along with Earvati went to the place where Kartikeya had incarnated. Earvati took young Kartikeya in her embrace.

F.6.6M Kartikeya Kills ,arakasur

Lord 1hiva assured the deities& who were also present there that ,arakasurAs days were numbered. ,he deitiesAs army then proceeded towards the battle ield.?n their way& the deities heard a heavenly voice33AYou can de eat the demons only i you ight under the leadership o Kartikeya.A +ow all the deities reHuested Kartikeya to become their leader. @enawhile& Devasena33the daughter o @rityu arrived there and reHuested Kartikeya to become her husband. Kartikeya accepted Devasena as his wi e. ,his is the reason why he is also known as Deva senapati.Karitkeya was leading the deitiesA army& mounted on an elephant. ,he army had all the deities in its rank3 *ndra& Varun& Vayu& Kuber& Dharma "a9& etc.Both the rival armies met at an island situated between Banga and Yamuna. ,arakasur had come with a large army& which boasted o many brave and mighty warriors. ,he battle commenced and the irst phase was dominated by the demons. ,he deities could not stand up to the might o demons. -ven *ndra was severely wounded when ,arakasur attacked him with his deadly weapon3 A1haktiA. ?n seeing the level o destruction caused in the deitiesA army& King @uchkunda& who was on the side o the deitiesA attacked ,arakasur. *n the ensuing battle @uchkunda got in9ured and ell down on the ground. (e got up uriously and tried to kill ,arakasur with his Brahmashtra. 1age +arad told him that Brahmashtra would be o no use as ,arakasur had been blessed with invincibility against mortals. +arad said33A?nly Kartikeya is capable o killing ,arakasur. 1o& you all need to have patience till Kartikeya accomplishes his mission.A @eanwhile Veerabhadra was ighting a dual bought against ,arakasur. (e had already caused indescribable losses to the demons. Chile the ight was going on& ,arakasur reali:ed that it was not easy to de eat him. 1o& he decided to use his illusionary powers& which helped him in acHuiring ten thousand hands. ,he deities ran away rom the battle ield& when they saw erocious ,arakasur approaching them.Lord Vishnu instructed Kartikeya to kill ,arakasur be ore it was too late. Kartikeya chased ,arakasur with his deadly weapon3 1hakti in his hand. A ierce
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

ight took place between both o them. Kartikeya attacked ,arakasur with his 1hakti. ,arakasur retaliated by hitting him with his own 1hakti. ,he assault was so severe that Karikeya lost his consciousness or ew moments. Chen Kartikeya regained his consciousness& he got up Huickly to ight against ,arakasur. ?nce again a ierce battle commenced. Kartikeya remembered his parents in reverence and released his 1hakti in the direction o ,arakasur.,arakasur died instantly. ,he deities were delighted at the death o their tormentor.

F.6.66 Virtues o ?bserving a Dast on 1hiva3"atri

1age Lomesh eulogi:es the virtues o 1hivaratri in the ollowing words33A,he ourteenth day o the dark hal o a month is dedicated to the worship o Lord 1hiva and is amously known as A1hivaratriA. *t destroys all the sins committed by a man.1age Lomesh then narrated a tale& which emphasi:ed the greatness o 1hivaratri33 ?nce upon a time a brahmin widow developed an illicit relationship with a A>handalA (a low caste man). Later on she gave birth to a son who was named Dussah. (er son had all the bad Hualities one can think o 33 a gambler& a drunker& a thie & a murderer& etc. ?ne day& Dussah went to a 1hiva temple with the intention o committing robbery. *t was the estive night o 1hivaratri and people had thronged the temple in a large number. 1o& he did not get an opportunity to steal temple property. (e remained awakened or the whole night waiting or an opportune moment but his wishes remained un ul illed. (e spent his time listening to the divine tales o Lord 1hiva that was being narrated by the temple priest. ,hough he was a sinner yet he took his ne/t birth in a royal amily on account o his two virtuous deeds33he had remained awakened or the whole night o 1hivaratri and he had listened to the tales o 1hiva. *n his ne/t birth& he was born to a king named >hitrangad and he himsel was named Vichitraveerya.Vichitraveerya was a great devotee o Lord 1hiva. (e ultimately united with lord 1hiva and mani ested as Veerabhadra at the time when Lord 1hiva had shaken his head violently a ter hearing the sad news o 1atiAs demise.,here are numerous instances o people attaining salvation by observing a ast on 1hivaratri. ,he names o some great devotees to do so are King Bharat& @andhata& Dhundhumar& (arishchandra etc.

F.6.6; Kartikeya)s 1orrow

Chile the deities hailed the glory o Kartikeya or having killed ,arakasur& Kartikeya himsel was saddened by his act. (e told the deities33A* regret or having killed ,arakasur because he was a great devotee o Lord 1hiva. *s there any way to atone or my sinLA Lord Vishnu consoled him333AKilling a wicked person& who nourishes himsel on the blood o innocent people& is not a sin ul deed. But& still& i you eel guilty then there is no better way to atone or your sin than worshipping Lord 1hiva. *nstall 1hivalingas and worship them with deep devotion.AKartikeya instructed Vishnukarma to make three divine 1hivalingas. Later on Kartikeya installed these 1hivalingas at three di erent places and worshipped them with appropriate rituals. *n course o time these three holy places came to be known as Eratigyeshwar& Kapaleshwar and Kumareshwar. Kartikeya& while worshipping at Kapaleshwar sprinkled holy water on the 1hivalinga and prayed so that ,arakasurAs soul rested in peace. (e also o ered sesame seeds to lord Kapaleshwar and prayed 33 A@ay my o erings made in the orm o sesame seeds reach ,arak33the descendant o 1age Kashyap.A ,his way& Kartikeya was absolved o his sins.

F.6.67 Killing o Eralamb

A demon named Eralamb had escaped unharmed in the battle ought between the deities and demons. As the deities were busy installing 1hivalingas at di erent places& Eralamb started to torment their amilies in their absence. ,he deities got this in ormation rom Kumud who appeared at the time when the deities were digging up a reservoir near A1iddheshwarA temple.All the deities reHuested Kartikeya to do something. Kartikeya released his iery weapon& 1hakti in the direction o Eralamb. 1hakti pierced the heart o earth and went right up to Eatal loka where Eralamb lived with the surviving demons. All the demons were killed within ew moments. A long tunnel had been created as the impact o 1haktiAs penetration o the earth. ,his tunnel was later on illed up with the water o Eatal Banga and became amous as A1iddha3koopa.A

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

F.6.6F Kaalbhiti)s Austere Eenance

,here is an ama:ing tale related with the birth o Kaalbhiti. During ancient times there lived a sonless brahmin named @anti in Kashi. (e did an austere penance to get a son. At last& lord 1hiva became pleased by his devotion and appeared. Lord 1hiva said33AYou will be blessed with an enlightened son who would liberate your whole clan.A *n course o time @antiAs wi e became pregnant but ama:ingly did not deliver a baby even a ter a long time. Dour years passed like this but @antiAs wi e did not deliver the child. @anti was perple/ed by this unusual event so he asked the baby& who was still in his motherAs womb as to why he was hesitant to come out.,he child replied that he eared AKaalA and this was the reason why he was not taking birth. ,he child said33A* you can assure me o protection rom AKaalA then * shall certainly take birth.A (ow could have @anti given such an assurance. 1o he took re uge in Lord 1hiva.Lord 1hiva ordered our o his ganas to go and convince the baby. ,he names o these ive ganas were Dharma& Byan& Vairagya Aishwarya and Adharma. ,hey assured the baby by saying33ABet rid o your ear. Ce assure you that each our o us (Dharma& Byan& Vairagya and Aishwarya) will never abandon you.P ,he i th gana named Adharma on the contrary promised not to caste his evil 1hadow on the baby. ,hese assurances were enough or the baby to come out rom the womb. But& even a ter taking birth the child was trembling and wailing in ear.,he ganas said33@anti$ Your child is still ear ul o the Kaal. (e is trembling and crying inspite o the best o our e orts to drive away is ears. 1o he will become amous as Kaalbhiti (one who is ear ul o Kaal). Kaalbhiti grew up to be a virtuous person. (e used to engage himsel in various kinds o austerities. (e was a great devotee o Lord 1hiva.?ne day& as Kaalbhiti was meditating under a AbaelA tree (wood apple)& he went into his trance. ,he 9oy e/perienced during trance period was something& which he had never e/perienced be ore. (e decided to regularly meditate under that tree. (e did penance or one hundred years standing on his toe.Lord 1hiva became pleased by his devotion and appeared in the guise o a human being. Lord 1hiva said33A? Breat soul Elease discontinue with your penance. * have brought some water or you$ Elease Huench your thirst$A But Kaalbhiti re used to take water rom an unknown person. (e reHuested Lord 1hiva to reveal his identity. Kaalbhiti also inHuired Lord 1hiva about his religion and conduct. Lord 1hiva told him that he was beyond any religion or conduct.Chen Kaalbhiti re used to have water& Lord 1hiva dug up a large pit and emptied the pot into it. A ter that he disappeared.Kaalbheeti stood i/ed at that place& being stunned by the disappearance o Lord 1hiva. 1uddenly& an e ulgent 1hivalinga appeared under that bael (wood apple) tree. Kaalbheeti worshipped that shiva3linga which was radiating light in all directions.+ow& lord 1hiva appeared and blessed Kaalbheeti to become ree rom the ear o Kaal(Death). Drom that day onwards the 1hivalinga situated there became amous as @ahakaal. Be ore disappearing once again& Lord 1hiva instructed Kaalbheeti to preach 1age Karandham who was e/pected to visit him shortly. Kaalbheeti himsel became renowned as @ahakaal because he had been success ul in conHuering death.

F.6.68 Karandham)s =ueries

As predicted by Lord 1hiva& king Karandham arrived at the place where @ahakaal (Kaalbheeti) was staying. Dirst o all he worshipped Lord @ahakaal and subseHuently went to meet sage @ahakaal (previously Kaalbheeti).King Karandham had numerous doubts regarding the rituals o 1hraddh so he asked @ahakaal33A(ow does the rituals related to AtarpanA satis y the dead ancestorsLA @ahakaal replied33,he souls o dead ancestors are capable o accepting whatever is o ered to them. ,ime and distance does not matter to them. ,hey accept only the essence o whatever is o ered to them and not the gross materials as such.Karandham posed his second Huery33A* think a soul& a ter it has abandoned the mortal body is bound by its own karma. ,hen& how& can the dead ancestors be e/pected o giving us blessings and changing our ortunes.A @ahakaal replied333+ot all Eitras (dead ancestors) are bound by their karma. Eitras belonging to di erent classes like deities& AasurasA and AyakshaA are unembodied and ormless (amurta). 1imilarly& the dead ancestors o all the our castes are called Amurta EitrasA (with orm). ,hese seven types o Eitras are considered to be eternal and power ul. ,hey also transcend the law o Karma. A total number o 76 ganas are subordinate to them. ,he rituals o 1hraddh are per ormed or the paci ication o these seven eternal Eitras. ,hese seven Eitras are the ones who shower blessings on the per ormers o 1hraddh rituals.AKarandhamAs ne/t Huestion was33A1ome people are o the view that one can attain salvation only by taking re uge in Lord Vishnu. Chile some think that only Lord Brahma is capable o giving salvation. ,here are many people who consider Lord 1hiva as the supreme liberator. Chat do you have to say on thisLA @ahakaal replied33ABod is one. ,he three deities you have named even they eulogi:e each other. *t is nothing but oolishness to grade them as superior& average or in erior. ,he thing& which matters most in the path o salvation&
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

is individualAs un linching aith and devotion. Any deity in whom he has total devotion is capable o giving salvation.Karandham then reHuested @ahakaal to describe the appropriate rituals related with the worship o Lord 1hiva. @ahakaal replied333A devotee who puts on AtripundA mark on his orehead& chest and both the shoulders while worshipping Lord 1hiva is blessed to see the divine appearance o Lord 1hiva. (e should enter the temple premise with a pure heart. A ter entering the temple he should puri y the 1hiva linga by removing all the unnecessary articles which may be lying there. (e should then ill up our ABaruasA (drinking pot with a curved spout) with water. Articles like milk& curd clari ied butter& honey and 1ugarcane 9uice are kept to the le t side o 1hiva linga.,he devotee should then come out o the temple and worship the AdwarpalasA. A ter that& deities like Kuldevta& +andi& @ahakaal Dhata and Vidhata are worshipped. ?nce again he should enter the temple and sit in ront o the 1hivalinga and meditate on Lord 1hiva. Chile per orming AardhyaA he should make o erings o articles like water& akshat& Kusha grass& sandalwood& lowers& mustard seeds& milk& curd and honey.(aving o ered ardhya& a devotee should per orm the ritual o ablution with water& milk& curd& honey& clari ied butter& and sugarcane 9uice in the given order. Chile per orming this ritual the devotee should also o er dhupa (incense) and chant AO, +OO, .IS+.*,$#T*3' "*,*+A% 1ome other deities whom a devotee must worship along with the worship o Lord 1hiva are *shan& ,atpurush& 1adryo9at etc. A devotee must also not orget to worship 1hivaAs trident. Chile doing this he should chant T#IS+$6 D+*"$+ /+*D5* /*P*6 /$T+*#')+3O "*,*+% A devotee should conclude his worship by begging or Lord 1hivaAs orgiveness or any mistake that he might have committed while per orming the rituals.

F.6.6I Arunachal 1hiva Linga

?nce& 1ut9i had gone to +aimisharanya. All the sages residing there asked him about the mani estation o Arunachal 1hivalinga.1ut9i recounted a tale when 1age 1anak had posed the same Huery to Lord Brahma 33 ALord Brahma had told 1anak31on& once Lord Vishnu and * witnessed an e ulgent Eillar. *t had mani ested rom nowhere and was limitless in si:e. *tAs radiance put the whole world abla:e. Both o us worshipped that marvelous pillar by chanting vedic mantras.AActually& that e ulgent pillar was a 1hivalinga. Lord 1hiva mani ested rom it a ter being pleased by our devotion. Ce reHuested him to minimi:e his si:e and establish himsel in the orm o Arunachal 1hivalinga.A ALord 1hiva agreed to minimi:e his si:e as well as his e ulgence by establishing himsel in the orm o AArunachaleshwarA.,he holy place o Arunachaleshwar remains untouched while the whole world gets submerged in water at the time o deluge.

F.6.6< Lord 1hiva ! ,he 1overeign >reator

,he sages then asked 1ut9i how Lord 1hiva had created the universe. 1ut9i replied333Lord 1hiva commenced creation by his own will. Vishnu mani ested rom the le t side o his body while Brahma rom the right side. (e then attributed the Hualities o A"a9asA and A1atvaA to Brahma and Vishnu respectively. Drom then onwards Lord Brahma took the responsibility o urther creation and Lord Vishnu became the preserver o the world.Later on Lord Brahma created his ten @anasputra (@arichi etc&) by his will and Daksha Era9apati rom his right thumb. (e also created the brahmins rom his mouth& Kshatriyas rom both his arms& Vaishyas rom both his thighs and 1hudras rom both his eet respectively.Both& the deities and demons came rom the lineage o 1age Kashyap& who himsel was @arichiAs son. +ot only that Kashyap also athered di erent species like @arut& +ag& Yaksha& Bandharva and apsaras. 1imilarly& Lord Brahma had also created @anu who is believed to be the person rom whom human race originated. All the sages as well as the Kshatriyas are the descendants o 1age Atri. Yakshas originated rom Eulastya whereas "akshashas were the descendants o Eulah. Agni as well as 1ages like >hyavan was the descendant o Bhrigu. @any amous sages came rom the lineage o Vasishth. ,hese are the names o ew prominent sages& whose descendants have populated the earth.,hus& Lord 1hiva is the 1overeign creator because he created Brahma33the creator.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

F.6.6J -/ecution o 1humbh& +ishumbh and @ahishasur

,he demons named 1humbh and +ishumbh had received boons rom Brahma according to which no deity& demon or @an could kill him. 1humbh and +ishumbh became e/cessively arrogant and started tormenting the deities. All the deities including Lord Vishnu went to Lord 1hiva and reHuested or his help. Lord 1hiva assured them that both the demons would be killed at the opportune time. ,he deities were satis ied and returned back to their respective abodes.Earvati was o dark comple/ion. 1he thought that 1hiva would be more a ectionate towards her i she somehow discarded her dark skin. 1he eventually discarded her dark skin at a place and it instantly got trans ormed into AKali KaushikiA. 1he then did an austere penance at Vindhyachal mountain. At that time& 1humbh and +ishumbh lived there. Chen both the demons saw goddess Kali Kaushiki her divine beauty in atuated them. But Boddess Kali Kaushiki ultimately killed both o them. (aving accomplished her mission& Kali Kaushiki did a tremendous penance at ABauri3peakA and regained her air comple/ion. *n course o time she became the mother o Banesh and Kartikeya. ?nce& goddess Earvati went to Arunachal mountain where 1age Bautam was doing penance. 1he was so enchanted by the scenery over there that she decided to do penance. 1he instructed goddess Durga to stand guard till she accomplished her penance. 1he also ordered the two goddesses 1ubhaga and Dhundhukumari to keep a watch in all directions. @ahishasur33the demon sent a emale messenger to convince Earvati into marrying him. ,he emale messenger disguised hersel as a emale hermit and tried to impress all the three goddess who were keeping surveillance by praising the glory o @ahishasur33 A? beauti ul ladies$ Chy is your mistress living in such a secluded placeL 1he is worthy o living in a royal palace. ,here is nobody among the deities who is it enough to marry her. But& @ahishasur33the lord o all the three worlds is certainly it to become her husband.ABut all the three goddesses drove the emale messenger away. %ltimately& @ahishasur came accompanied by a large army to orcibly abduct goddess Earvati. ,he commotion caused by the demons disturbed EarvatiAs meditation. 1he instructed Durga to kill all the demons.Boddess Durga trans ormed her appearance. +ow she looked erocious in her new appearance. 1he was well eHuipped with all sort o lethal weapons and was mounted on a lion. 1he thundered loudly and challenged @ahishasur. >ountless AyoginisA mani ested rom her body. ,hese yoginis attacked @ahishasurAs army and killed many demons. ,he whole battle ield was splashed with blood. Boddess >hamunda (Durga) severed the heads o A>handA and A@undA with her chakra. @ahishasur was enraged and he attacked goddess Durga. 1ome other demons like Erachanda& >hamar& @ahamauli& @ahahanu& %gravaktra& Vikataksha and Dahan also came orward to help him but each one o them was killed by goddess Durga.+ow& @ahishasurAs anger crossed all limits and he menacingly ran towards goddess Durga. A severe battle was ought between both o them. Chen @ahishasur reali:ed that the goddess was dominating the battle& he started changing his guises reHuently. (e tried to dodge goddess Durga by trans orming his appearance into that o a boar. But& goddess Durga kept on chasing him. ,hen& @ahishasur became a lion. ,his way he kept on changing his appearances reHuently to avoid getting killed by goddess Durga. ?nce he trans ormed himsel into a bu alo but goddess Durga attacked him. ,his way& @ahishasur was orced to change his appearance reHuently on account o relentless attack by goddess Durga. %ltimately Durga killed him. Boddess Durga picked up his severed head and danced in 9oy. ,he deities were relieved at the death o @ahishasur.

F.6.6G Earvati "eceives Arunchaleshwar)s Brace

Boddess Durga then went to the place where goddess Earvati was still doing penance. 1he held @ahishasurAs head in one hand and a sword in the other.Boddess Earvati said333A? Vindhyavasini$ You have accomplished an impossible act. * it were not or you * would not have been able to accomplish my own penance. +ow& you should get rid o this skull and create a holy spring bathing in which would destroy your sin acHuired by killing @ahishasur.A Boddess Durga hit erociously at a huge rock breaking it into pieces. A large pit was created which was soon illed up with underground water. 1he then took her bath in it by chanting "*,*+ S+O"*D#I"*T+*3. *n the meantime& an ama:ing incident took place. Chile goddess Durga was taking her bath with @ahishasurAs skull in her hand& a 1hivalinga& which was struck in @ahishasurAs throat ell down. ,his 1hivalinga later on became amous as AEapanashan 1hivalingaA. 1he then released the skull and came out rom the pond.Arunachaleshwar (Lord 1hiva) became pleased by EarvatiAs devotion and appeared be ore her. Lord Arunachaleshwar then made Earvati to sit by his le t side. ,he ne/t moment EarvatiAs identity mingled with that o
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Lord Arunachaleshwar. ,he place where this incident took place& there is situated a grand temple o goddess Apitastani and Lord Arunachaleshwar.


+aishnav 2hand

,his >hapter contains ; sections each with 6F and 6; sub3sections respectively. *n order to simpli y the presentation o in ormation here& the ; sections will be combined into one with all ;I sub3sections listed as sections.

F.;.6 Lord Varah satis ies Erithvi)s >uriosity

1ut9i then narrated the tale o Lord Varah to the sages& which he had heard rom 1age Vyas333 ?nce& while +arad was wandering about& he reached @eru mountain where he saw the abode o Lord Brahma. (e also saw a giant si:ed entity& 9ust ne/t to BrahmaAs abode. ,he person possessed our arms and his ace resembled a boar. ,he person held a conch and a chakra in his two hands33,he remaining two hands were in the postures o giving blessings. +arad was very surprised to see that divine person being surrounded by 1ages like Vashishth& Atri& @arkandeya and Bhrigu. A ter paying his eulogy to him& he stood in a corner.*n the meantime& Erithvi (earth) arrived there with her two companions33*la and Eingla. 1he was curious to know about the identities o various mountains& which Lord Varah had established on her.Lord Varah told Erithvi about the prominent mountains333@ountains like 1umeru& (imavan& @andarachal& Vindhyachal& Eariyatrak& @ahendra& @alay& 1inhachal and Bandhamadan are situated to the north o (imalaya. ,he mountain ranges situated to the south o (imalaya are Arunachal& (asti& Bridhachal and Bhatikachal. 1ages believe that in 1atyayuga Lord Vishnu had his abode at An9an @ountain& while in tretayuga& dwaparyuga and Kaliyuga he has his abode at +arayangiri& 1inhachal and 1hrivenketachal respectively.Lord Varah and Erithvi lew away towards Venkatachalgiri mounted on Baruda.

F.;.; Lord Varah @antra

?n their way& Erithvi reHuested Lord Varah to reveal the sacred mantra& chanting o which makes him pleased. Lord Varah said33A,he secret mantra that pleases me to no limits is 333 O, "*+*, S+#I.*#*+*3 D+*#*"3$ $DD+*#"*3 S=*+*. ,his mantra is capable o liberating a man and also brings all sort o worldly accomplishments to him.*n the irst Krita yuga& a @anu named Dharma had reali:ed me by continuously chanting this mantra. -ven *ndra regained the control o heaven by chanting it. Anant33the lord o all serpents& chanted Varaha mantra and as a result became capable o holding the earth on itAs hood.A

F.;.7 @ani estation o Eadmavati

Lord Varah then narrated the tale o EadmavatiAs mani estation to Erithvi. (e also revealed to her that Eadmavati was the reincarnation o Vedavati and had mani ested so that she could become his (Vishnu) consort.Lord Varah said333?nce upon a time there lived an emperor named Akash. ?ne day he ordered his men to get the land situated at the bank o Arani ploughed so that a grand yagya could be organi:ed there.As the land was being cultivated& the plough suddenly struck against something. Eeople ploughing the ield dug up that place and were surprised to ind an in ant girl& crying loudly.,he news o girlsA mani estation spread like a wild ire. ,he emperor became e/tremely happy since he had no progeny. (e brought up that child as his own daughter. ,his way the baby girl was brought up like a princess. 1he was named Eadmavati. Eadmavati proved very lucky or the emperor& as the emperor& who was still sonless till then was blessed with a son. ,his male child was named Vasudan. ?ne day& +arad visited the palace and met both the children. (e was impressed by VasudanAs intelligence but Eadmavati appeared to be shy and absorbed in her own thoughts. +arad lovingly called her and instructed her to spread her le t palm. +arad was ama:ed to ind signs& which predicted EadmavatiAs marriage to Lord Vishnu. -verybody living in the palace became happy a ter getting this news. +arad then went away.

F.;.F Eadmavati becomes Lord (ari)s >onsort

>ontinuing with the tale& Lord Varah said33 ?ne day& while Eadmavati and her companions were playing in the garden& they saw an eHuestrian approaching them. (e held a bow and arrows in both his hands.,he stranger asked all the girls whether they had seen a wol . Apparently the stranger was on his hunting spree. Eadmavati angrily reminded the stranger that hunting was strictly prohibited in that area and hence he should go back
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

home.,he stranger was stunned by EadmavatiAs beauty and said33A* am Ananta rom Venketachal mountain. Eeople also call me Veerpati. >an * have this beauti ul lady as my wi e.A EadmavatiAs companions angrily rebu ed Anant who then galloped back on his horse. ,hese un ortunate girls were unable to recogni:e Lord Vishnu who had come disguised as Anant.A ter reaching his palace& Anant ound it very di icult to concentrate on his work. (is mind was occupied by the thoughts o Eadmavati. ?ne day& while he was sitting in a thought ul mood& Vakulmalika (a maid servant) arrived there and reHuested him to come down or lunch. But& 1ri (ari (Anant) was lost in the thoughts o Eadmavati. ?n being asked by Vakulmalika& 1ri (ari narrated the ollowing tale to her 333 *n treta yuga& when * had incarnated as "am& "avan had deceit3 ully abducted my consort331ita. But ortunately she was not 1ita but AgniAs consort 1waha. Be ore this incident could occur&Agni had already taken 1ita to Eatalloka and kept his own wi e A1wahaA in her place. *ndraAs act had special purpose behind it33to avenge 1wahaAs death&who was Vedavati in her previous birth and who had committed suicide a ter being touched by the same demon.Actually& AgniAs consort A1wahaA was AVedavatiA in her previous birth. 1o& in reality "avan had abducted Vedavati instead o 1ita. Later on& * thanked Agni and promised him that * would make Vedavati my consort in Kaliyuga. ,he same vedavati has taken birth as Eadmavati. You must go and convince Eadmavati to become my consort.Vakulmalika went to +arayanpur and in ormed the king about 1ri (ariAs desire. -mperor Akash was e/tremely delighted at the prospect o having 1ri (ari as his son3in3law. An auspicious day was chosen or the marriage and thus& Lord 1ri (ari got Eadmavati as his consort.

F.;.8 King Earikshit

?nce& 1ut9i narrated the tale o king Eareekshit to all the assembled sages333 Eareekshit ruled over (astinapur. ?ne day he went into a orest on a hunting spree. (e saw a deer and managed to in9ure it with his arrow. But the in9ured deer disappeared rom his sight. Eareekshit chased the in9ured deer in the direction it had disappeared.(e reached a place where sage 1hamik was engrossed in his meditation. Eareekshit enHuired sage 1hamik i he had seen that in9ured deer. Bur sage 1hamik being in deep meditation did not respond to Eareekshit Huery. ,his made Eareekshit e/tremely angry and he wrapped a dead snake around 1hamikAs neck as a punishment or not having answered his Huestion. But& it made no di erence to 1age 1hamik and he continued with his meditation. Eareekshit went back uming in anger. 1hringi was the son o 1age 1hamik. Chen he saw a dead snake coiling around his atherAs neck& he cursed33AChoever has tried to insult my ather will not live to see the seventh day because a takshak nag would bite him to death.A Chen sage 1hamik learnt about his sonAs curse& he reproached his son and sent a disciple named ADaurmukhA to in orm Eareekshit so that he (Eareekshit) could take some preventive measures. Daurmukh went and narrated the whole incident to king Eareekshit.Eareekshit became very scarred and he started living on a canopy that had been constructed in the middle o river Banges on his instructions. +ow he elt secured and sa e.@eanwhile a poor brahmin named Kashyap came to know about the curse that poor Eareekshit had received. (e knew how to cure a person bitten by snake. 1o he thought that it was an e/cellent opportunity or him to receive monetary awards rom the king. 1o& he proceeded towards the place where Eareekshit was staying. ?n his way& Kashyap met a brahmin who in reality was takshak in disguise. ,akshak was on his way to kill Eareekshit. (e asked Kashyap about the reason he was going to meet Eareekshit. Kashyap revealed to ,akshak that he could neutrali:e the in luence o poison in any person bitten by a snake. ,akshak wanted to e/amine the authenticity o KashyapAs statement& so he inserted his poisonous angs into the trunk o a huge tree. A man was sitting on the branches o that tree. ,he tree as well as the man was charred to death within no time. Kashyap& really brought the tree and that man back to li e. ,akshak was stunned by this unbelievable act. (e asked Kashyap how much he e/pected as reward rom the king. Kashyap revealed the amount& which he e/pected rom Eareekshit in lieu o giving him a resh lease o li e. ,akshak gave lot o wealth to him as a bribe and Kashyap went back home satis ied.,akshak then summoned all his companions and instructed them to go to the place where Eareekshit lived& disguising themselves as hermits. All the serpents went to meet Eareekshit impersonating as hermits and o ered ruits to him. According to his plan&,akshak had hidden himsel within a plum ruit. (e bit Eareekshit as soon as he got a chance. Eareekshit died instantly.#anme9aya was crowned as the ne/t king. @eanwhile& people started critici:ing the treacherous conduct o Kashyap& which had resulted in the death o king Eareekshit. (e decided to make a pilgrimage to Venketachaleshwar so that he became liberated rom his sin.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

F.;.I Krshna ,eertha

1ut9i narrated a tale to all the assembled sages33During ancient times& a brahmin named "amkrishna did an austere penance at Venketachal mountain. (e remained immobile during the entire course o his penance resulting into the development o mole hills all over his body.*ndra was scarred by "amkrishnaAs penance and caused a heavy downpour or a week. All the mole hills were washed away rom "amkrishnaAs body.Lord 1rinivas became pleased and appeared be ore him. (e blessed "amkrishna by saying33A,his holy place& where you have per ormed a great penance will be named a ter you as Krishna teerth. Anybody who makes a pilgrimage to this place will be liberated rom all the sins.A -ulogi:ing Lord Venketashwar& 1ut9i says333 AA man& who has the good ortune o seeing the divine appearance o Lord 1rinivas even or a moment& attains salvation.

F.;.< 1ome ?ther Elaces o Eilgrimage on Venketachal @ountain

All the sages then reHuested 1ut9i to tell about some other places o pilgrimage situated on Venketachal mountain. 1ut9i replied333,here are about one hundred and eight holy places situated on Venketachal mountain. Among all these holy places& si/ are considered to be capable o bestowing salvation3331wami pushkarini& Akash ganga& Eapvinashan& Eanduteerth& Kumar dharika teerth and ,umbu teerth.

F.;.J An9ana)s Eenance at Akash3Banga ,eertha

Describing how Vayudeva had once assured An9ana that he would take birth as her son& 1ut9i told the sages333 An9ana& being issue less even a ter a long married li e& decided to do penance in order to beget a son. 1age @atang advised her to go to Akashganga teerth where her wishes would get ul illed. 1age @atang also described the geographical location33 AAt a distance o ten yo9ans towards south is situated Dhanachal mountain& which is believed to be the abode o Lord +risimha. Brahma teerth lies in its vicinity. At a distance o ten yo9ans south o Brahma teerth& lows river A1uvarnamukhariA. Venkentachal mountain is situated to the north o this river and the holiest place called 1wamipushkarni is situated among its numerous peaks. You should visit that place and take a holy dip in its water. A ter that you should seek the blessings o Lord Varahaswami and Lord Venketeshwar. You should then go towards north o 1wami teerth and you would reach Akashganga.A Acting as per @atangAs instructions& An9ana went to Akashganga teerth and did her penance. Dinally Lord Vayudeva appeared be ore her and promised to incarnate as (anuman.

F.;.G Lord Vishnu Advises Lord Brahma to go to Eurushottam Kshetra

,he 1ages asked333A? revered sage$ Ce would like to know more about Eurushottam Kshetra& where there is a ma9estic wooden idol o Lord Vishnu.A 1age #aimini replied33,he sacrosanct place o Eurushottam Kshetra is graced by the presence o Lord #agannath. During ancient times& Lord Varah had rescued Erithvi rom the clutches o (iranyaksha33the mighty demon who had abducted her to "asatala. A ter Erithvi had been established in its original position& Lord Brahma commenced his creations. Lord Brahma wondered about the means by which human beings could get liberated rom three ma9or types o sorrow333Adhyatmic (spiritual)& Adhidaivik (deities wrath)& Adhibhantik (related with this world). (e sought the help o Lord Vishnu who eulogi:ed the greatness o Eurushottam Kshetra and advised him to go there. Lord Vishnu said33 AEurushottam Kshetra is situated at the sea3shore& to the south o river @ahanadi. ,his sacroscant place o mine does not get a ected by deluge. * dwell at this holiest place as ALord EurushottamA. ,here is a holy pond called "ohin in the vicinity. Anybody who takes a holy dip in that pond gets absolved o all his sins. ? Brahma$ You must pay a visit to Eurushottam kshetra where spending a day bestows virtues greater than all the austerities combined together.A ,his way&Lord Brahma went to Eurushottam kshetra as per the instructions o Lord Vishnu.

F.;.6M @arkandeya -ulogi:es Vishnu

Lord Brahma soon a ter reaching Eurushottam kshetra sat down and started meditating. (e was so engrossed in his meditation that he remained in that state or a very long time. ,his resulted into total chaos as Yamara9 ound that his power o causing death had no e ect on people living in Eurushottam kshetra. Corried as he was& Yamara9 rushed towards +eelachal mountain and sought Lord VishnuAs intervention in the matter.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Lord Vishnu smiled and signaled goddess La/mi to say something. Boddess La/mi said33A? 1uryanandan$ Anybody residing at this holy place is reed rom the vicious cycles o birth and death a ter becoming absolved o all his sins. ,his is the reason why you are e/periencing this unusual problem. ,he whole world e/cept this holy place will come into your 9urisdiction.A Yamara9 was ama:ed by this revelation so he asked La/mi33A* would like to know why such a privilege is being given to this placeLA La/mi replied33A? "avinandan$ At the time o deluge when the whole world was submerged in the water sage @arkandeya was struggling to ind a secure place or his survival. Although he was blessed with an unusually long li e o seven kalpas but still he needed a place to live in. (e started swimming and inally managed to reach Eurushottam kshetra& which had remained unscathed by the turbulence o the deluge. ,here he saw a divine tree called AAkshay VatA. @arkandeya continued to swim along the coast wondering how that place had managed to remain una ected by deluge when the whole world had been submerged. 1uddenly he heard a voice& which appeared to be coming rom the direction o the Akshay Vat33A? @arkandeya$ DonAt worry$ ,ake my re uge and you shall be protected.A @arkandeya was very surprised and looked all around. (e kept on swimming and saw Lord Vishnu& who was engrossed in his yoga nidra in ksheer sagar. * (La/mi) was also present there. @arkandeya eulogi:ed Vishnu in the ollowing way33A1alutations to the supreme lord3 the source o all creations$ ? #agannath$ Erotect me rom getting drowned.A Lord Vishnu opened his eyes and ound @arkandeya gasping or breath. ?n reali:ing the gravity o the situation he said33A"aise your head and look at the top o this Kalpa Vat. You would ind an in ant sleeping on a lea o the Kalpa Vat. ,he in ant is none other than Kaal himsel . You should enter inside his (KaalAs) body through his opened mouth and live peace ully as there is no other place or you to live in.A @arkandeya entered into KaalAs body as per the instructions given by Lord Vishnu and was ama:ed by the e/panse o his belly& which appeared like a bottomless pit. (e also saw all the ourteen Bhuvans e/isting within KaalAs belly including all the creatures3deities& sages& siddhas& gandharvas& etc. @arkandeya wandered all over the place and a ter getting tired came out through KaalAs opened mouth. (e ound Lord Vishnu was still present there accompanied by his consort3La/mi. @arkandeya made salutations to both o them and narrated his e/periences he had inside KaalAs belly.Lord Vishnu blessed him and made a revelation33A ,he place you had visited ew moments ago is beyond the limits o creation or deluge. ,he name o this holiest place is Eurushottam kshetra and it is my permanent abode or * do not leave it even or a moment.A@arkandeya was very impressed and reHuested Lord Vishnu to allow him to live there. Lord Vishnu replied33A ? Brahmarishi$ * shall remain at Eurushottam3kshetra till the end o this kalpa. * shall also create a sacrosanct place& which would enable you to become immortal.A 1age @arkandeya then dug up a reservoir with the help o VishnuAs chakra. (e did an austere penance to please lord @aheshwar as the result o which he was indeed blessed with immortality. *n course o time& this reservoir became amous as A@arkandeya kundA.

F.;.66 (oly Elaces in the vicinity o Eurushottam3Kshetra

Dwelling in length upon the ma9esty o Eurushottam kshetra& goddess La/mi said33Eurushottam kshetra resembles a conch in shape and is graced by the presence o lord 1hiva. ,owards its north is situated a temple o lord +eelkanth. A amous shiva linga named Kapal mochan is also situated in the vicinity. ?ne who makes a pilgrimage to Kapalmochan becomes liberated rom gravest o sins. A temple o goddess Vimla devi is also situated nearby. Eurushottam kshetra is considered to be supreme among all the places o pilgrimage and or this very reason it is aptly named A,eerth "a9A. A divine pond called "ohin kund is also situated nearby. Anybody who takes a holy dip there is reed rom the vicious cycles o birth and death. *t is believed that the increased level o water at the time o deluge ultimately recedes and disappears into this pond. Boddess La/mi said33A ? Dhanra9$ ,his holy place is beyond your 9urisdiction because people living there never e/perience death. *t is well protected by eight goddesses rom all the eight directions. ,he names o these eight goddesses are @angla& Lamba& Kaalratri& @arichika& Vimla& 1arvamangla& Ardhashini and >handrupa. (ow can lord "udra be absent when "udrani has mani ested hersel in eight orms& so& he has mani ested himsel in eight di erent orms as well3 Kapalmochan& Kshetrapal& Yameshwar& @arkandeyeshwar& *shan& Bilveshwar& +eelkanth&
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

and Vateshwar.Chile describing the ma9esty o Eurushottam kshetra& goddess La/mi revealed to lord Brahma33A *n the coming satya yuga there would be a king named *ndradyumna and would be amous or his un linching devotion in lord Vishnu. Being pleased by the kingAs devotion& lord Vishnu would ultimately mani est himsel rom a wooden structure to bless him. Vishwakarma would then carve out our idols (#agannath& Balbhadra& 1ubhadra and 1udarshan chakra) rom the wooden block all o which would be installed by none other than you (Brahma).A ?nce& while sage #aimini was describing the greatness o Eurushottam kshetra to the assembled sages& all o them curiously asked him33 A Chere is Eurushottam kshetra situated L #aimini replied 33A %tkal is situated at the eastern coast o Bharatvarsha. At the time o deluge& when everything gets submerged in water %tkal remains una ected and it is the very place rom where the knowledge o the Vedas spread in all directions. ,he residents o %tkal are not only learned but also very prosperous. ,here is not a single person in this land who is not a devotee o lord Vishnu. All the people belonging to the our prominent castes (Brahmin& Kshatriya& Vaishya and 1hudra) diligently ollow their respective dharma. ,his holy place never e/periences natural calamities o any kind.A 1age #aimini then went on to narrate the tale o king *ndradyumna to all the assembled sages 33 A*n satya yuga there lived a noble and virtuous king named *ndradyumna& who ruled over the province o @alva. (e was a great devotee o lord Vishnu. ?ne day& while worshipping in a temple& he asked the priest3* have a wish& which still remains un ul illed. * have a deep desire o seeing lord #agannath with my mortal eyes. *s there any means with the help o which * can get my wish ul illedL ,he royal priest had no answer to the kingAs Huery so he kept Huiet.1uddenly& he saw a group o pilgrims coming towards the temple. (e thought that perhaps one o them might be having an answer to the kingAs Huery. Chen the pilgrims arrived at the temple& the royal priest posed the same Huestion to them. ?ne o the pilgrims answered33A ,here is a place called ?dhra& where is situated a grand temple o lord #agannath. ,his sacrosanct place is also amously known as Eurushottam kshetra and is situated at the oothills o the +eelachal mountain. ,here is a holy pond called "ohin situated nearby. At the eastern bank o this pond is situated a ma9estic temple o lord Vasudev. ,he idol o lord Vasudev is made o A*ndraneelA diamond. ,o the west o this temple lies A1habardeepA hermitage& rom where starts a path leading to #agannath temple.A (aving said this& the pilgrim disappeared rom everybodyAs sight. +ot only *ndradyumna but all the pilgrims were eHually ama:ed by his sudden disappearance. *ndradyumna was convinced that lord #agannath had himsel come there in the guise o a pilgrim. +ow& his desire o visiting Eurushottam kshetra became even more intense. *ndradyumna instructed his priest to ind out the e/act location o Eurushottam kshetra by sending somebody over there. Later on& the priest went home and sought the help o Vidyapati3his younger brother in this regard. Vidyapati readily agreed to help his brother and one ine day he proceeded on his 9ourney with a select group o his trusted riends. A ter a long and arduous 9ourney all o them reached A-kamravanA orest& situated at the oothills o +eelachal mountain. ,he thought o being so near their destination made everybody e/tremely e/cited. But& despite their best o e orts they could not ind 1habardeep ashram. Being tired& all o them decided to take rest or a while and then recommence their e orts to ind out the location o 1habardeep hermitage. Dinding a huge tree& all o them took rest under the shade o that tree. 1uddenly& they heard a heavenly voice& which appeared to be coming rom the western direction. ,hey ollowed the voice and reached 1habardeep ashram in a short time. ,here they saw a large gathering o devotees. ?ne o the devotees& whose name was Vishvavasu& curiously asked Vidyapati33A*t is not easy to reach this place. Drom where are you coming and where do you intend to goL You must be tired33wait& till * return with some re reshment or all o you.A Vidyapati was not in a mood to waste his time& as he was aware that *ndradyumna was eagerly waiting or him to return. (e told Vishvavasu33 * have a di icult mission to accomplish so& * am not in a position to waste my time. * am the younger brother o the royal priest o king *ndradyumna. ,he king has vowed not to have a single morsel o ood till he makes a pilgrimage to Eurushottam kshetra. (e has sent me with a speci ic purpose o inding the e/act location o Eurushottam kshetra and the easiest route leading to it. 1o& help me reach the temple o lord #agannath as soon as possible.A

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

F.;.6; Vidyapati -ulogi:es Lord +eel@adhava

Vishvavasu told Vidyapati33A * have heard this prophesy o *ndradyumnaAs possible arrival at Eurushottam kshetra in the near uture. +ot only that& * have also heard that *ndradyumna would become so impressed with Eurushottam kshetra that he would settle down there or good a ter renouncing everything.A Vishvavasu then reHuested Vidyapati to ollow him and started negotiating the steep heights o +eelachal mountain. Vidyapati ollowed him through the curvy and arduous paths o the mountain. (aving walked or sometime& Vishvavasu pointed towards a pond and said33,his pond is amously known as "ohin kund. ,he kalpa vat that you see towards the east o this pond is considered to be so sacrosanct that a sinner becomes liberated o all his sins once he comes under its shade. Lord #agannathAs temple is situated between "ohin kund and the kalpa vat. Bo ahead and have a darshan o lord #agannath or whom you have undertaken such an arduous travel. VidyapatiAs 9oys knew no bounds as he had been waiting or this moment or a long time. Dirst he puri ied himsel by taking a holy dip in "ohin kund and then went inside the temple to worship lord #agannath. (e worshipped lord #agannath by chanting the sacred pranav mantra.A ter the worship was over& Vishvavasu reHuested Vidyapatito visit his place which was nearby. Vidyapati agreed and accompanied Vishvavasu to his place. Vidyapati was given a royal treat by his host& which made him wonder as to how could Vishvavasu arrange all the lu/urious things at such a remote place. (e could not control himsel and asked Vishvavasu33 -ven a king would have ound it di icult to treat his guest as lavishly like you$ * am ama:ed how you could make arrangements or all these things at a remote and secluded place like this$ (ow do you manage thisL Vishvavasu replied33 *t is not as di icult as you believe. 1ince Eurushottam kshetra is a sacrosanct place and it is reHuently visited by the deities who make divine o erings to lord #agannath. * collect the residuals o whatever is o ered to #agannath rom the temple and bring it home. 1o& * really donAt have to make any special e orts to accumulate divine ood stu s. ?n account o eating these divine ood stu s& not only we have been blessed by eternal youth but also we are never troubled by old age.Vidyapati was very impressed and reHuested Vishvavasu to become his riend. (e also reminded Vishvavasu that he wanted to return as soon as possible so that the king could go on a pilgrimage to Eurushottam kshetra. But& Vishvavasu made a shocking disclosure to Vidyapati and said33 King *ndradyumna will never be able to have a divine glimpse o lord #agannath as the lord is soon going to disappear. But& donAt disclose this act to the king otherwise he would get disheartened and abandon his plan o making a pilgrimage to Eurushottam kshetra. Dinally& when the king in his utter rustration would try to end his li e a ter not being able to have a divine glimpse o +eelmadhav& the most gracious lord will appear in his dream and instruct him to get constructed our wooden idols o #agannath& Balbhadra& 1ubhadra and 1udarshan chakra. (aving accomplished his mission& Vidyapati proceeded on his return 9ourney and once again he visited Eurushottam kshetra& which ell on the way. (e picked up a garland& which had been o ered to +eelmadhav by some deity.Dinally& when he reached @alwa he ound king *ndradyumna eagerly waiting or him. A ter presenting the garland to the king& he narrated his e/periences he had at Eurushottam kshetra33A ? king$ Lord #agannathAs idol is made o +eelmani diamond and is very ancient. -ven the deities have deep regards and undiluted reverence or lord #agannath and are reHuent visitors to Eurushottam Kshetra. ,he garland& which * have given you& was in act had been o ered to Lord #agannath by the deities3 these lowers do not wither and have ragrance lasting or eternity. Eurushottam kshetra remains untouched by old age& sorrow or disease and gives salvation to anybody& who goes on a pilgrimage over there.A

F.;.67 *ndrayumna Leaves or Eurushottam3Kshetra

*ndradyumna had been waiting or this moment or a long time3 the moment when he would get a chance to go on a pilgrimage to Eurushottam kshetra. "evealing his great plan to Vidyapati& he said33A +ow& the time has inally come or me to go on a pilgrimage to Eurushottam kshetra. * also intend to develop that holy place as a prominent place o pilgrimage. * would shi t my sub9ect to that holy place and per orm one hundred Ashwamedha yagyas once * reach there. * also intend to devote rest o my li e in the worship o Lord #agannath.A Chile the conversation was going on& the ever wandering sage3+arad& arrived there and in ormed *ndradyumna how pleased were the deities a ter learning o his holy intention o developing Eurushottam kshetra into a ma9or place o pilgrimage. +arad also dwelt on length on the virtues o #agannathAs worship. *ndradyumna& thinking that +arad might prove to be o great help during the course o pilgrimage because o his vast travelling e/perience& reHuested him to accompany him to Eurushottam kshetra. +arad readily agreed to accompany the king and said33A ? king$ * shall reveal to you the importance o all the holy places that we come across in the course o our pilgrimage.A
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Dinally& king *ndradyumna le t or Eurushottam kshetra ollowed by a large procession& that consisted o his sub9ect& all the ministers and army o icers. ,he entourage touched the bank o river @ahanadi by evening. Deciding to take rest and spend the night there& king *ndradyumna irst took his bath and then worshipped Lord #agannath. A ter the king had taken his bath& all the rest o the people also took their bath and then everybody sat down to have their dinner. A ter the meal was over& while *ndradyumna was busy discussing with his ministers on the uture course o action& somebody came with the news that the king o %tkal had arrived. *ndradyumna ordered the messenger to bring the esteemed guest with all the honour and respect. ,he king o %tkal arrived and broke a disturbing news33 A *ndradyumna& * am a raid your intention o having a divine glimpse o Lord #agannath is not going to ructi y as lord +eelmadhav has presently concealed himsel beneath a huge heap o sand caused by a erocious sandstorm. ,he allout o this inauspicious incident has been e/tremely adverse on my kingdom33 as my people are e/periencing acute amine. *ndradyumna was shocked& especially the thought o not getting a chance to have a divine glimpse o lord +eelmadhav made him de9ected3 he saw all his e orts going in vain. But& +arad consoled him by saying 33A DonAt worry$ Lord +eelmadhav is e/tremely merci ul and he will certainly give you an opportunity to have his divine glimpse.A

F.;.6F *ndrayumna "eaches -kamrachhetra

>ontinuing with the tale o *ndradyumna& sage #aimini told all the sages33A +e/t morning& *ndradyumna and his entourage crossed @ahanadi on boats and reached -kamrachhetra where they worshipped lord Eurushottam. A ter that they worshipped on their onwards 9ourney and reached Kotishwar @ahalaya where they worshipped lord ,ribhuneshwar with appropriate rituals. Lord ,ribhuneshwar appeared a ter becoming pleased and blessed *ndradyumna that his wish o seeing lord #agannath was soon going to be ul illed. Lord ,ribhuneshwar then instructed +arad33A ? great soul$ A ter reaching Eurushottam kshetra& help *ndradyumna per orm one hundred yagyas as per the instructions given by lord Brahma. * along with goddess Durga& dwell at the entrance o conch shaped Eurushottam kshetra. Although& presently lord #agannath has concealed himsel beneath a heap o sand yet very soon he is going to mani est himsel . *ndradyumna should get constructed a magni icent temple o lord #agannath at the same place& where once e/isted his idol and presently which is hidden beneath the heap o sand. Later on& Vishwakarma would then carve out our idols rom a single piece o wood& which would subseHuently be installed by Lord Brahma himsel . Dinally& *ndradyumnaAs wish o seeing lord #agannath would get ul illed. +arad assured lord ,ribhuneshwar that all his instructions would be ollowed in letter and spirit. ,he procession then le t or the place indicated by Lord ,ribhuneshwar.

F.;.68 *ndrayumna -ulogi:es Lord +eel@adhava

A ter reaching the temple o +eelkanth3@ahadev& all o them worshipped @ahadev and Durga. ,hey then visited the temple o lord +risimha& situated under a sandalwood tree at the oothills o +eelachal mountain.King *ndradyumna was an/iously waiting or the moment he would have a divine glimpse o lord #agannath. (e reHuested +arad to take him to the place where #agannath had hidden himsel beneath the heap o sand. +arad took him near a Banyan tree and said33A Look at this huge Banyan tree that is two yo9ans in height and whose trunk is spread in the area o one yo9an. ,o the north o this Banyan tree and to the north o +risimha temple lies the place where lord +eelmadhav used to have his dwelling sometime ago but who has presently concealed himsel . +ow& the time is not very ar when you would see lord #agannath with your mortal eyes.A *ndradyumna bowed in reverence to the place where lord #agannath was supposed to re3mani est himsel in the near uture. (e eulogi:ed the lord as i he were already present there and this was true as #agannathAs idol was indeed present there albeit hidden beneath heaps o sand. (e prayed33A ? lord$ You are the one in whom every living creature ultimately takes re uge. @y only wish is to be able to see your idol& which is presently hidden beneath heaps o sand.A(ardly had *ndradyumna inished his prayer when he heard a heavenly voice33A? king$ Do not worry$ ,he day is not ar when you would see me with your mortal eyes. You 9ust need to ollow +aradAs instructions and your wish will be ul illed.

F.;.6I +arad *nstalls the *dol o +ri1imha

+arad told *ndradyumna33A +ow& we should install an idol o lord +risimha near +eelkanthAs temple or this is the very place where you will be per orming one thousand Ashwamedh Yagyas in the days to come. 1o& your irst priority should be to get constructed a magni icent temple o lord +risimha. * plan to stay here or ive more days as Vishwakarma will be needing my help in carving out the idol o lord +risihma.A
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Leaving +arad alone near the +eelkanth temple& *ndradyumna went near the sandalwood tree& which was at a little distance rom the temple& and was surprised to ind 1ughat3 VishwakarmaAs son waiting or him. (e reHuested 1ughat to construct a grand temple with its main entrance acing west. 1ughat constructed the temple within our days. ?n the i th day& +arad arrived there with an idol o lord +risimha& which had been carved out by Vishwakarma. An auspicious day was chosen or installing the idol. A ter the idol had been installed& every body including king *ndradyumna& +arad as well as the people accompanying the procession worshipped Lord +arsimha.

F.;.6< *ndrayumna Eer orms Ashvamedhya Yagyas

1ages& who had been listening to the tale narrated by #aimini with rapt attention till then asked33A Chat did *ndradyumna ne/t do a ter the idol o Lord +risimha had been installedLA 1age #aimini replied33A A ter the idol o Lord +risimha had been installed& *ndradyumna began making preparations or Ashwamedha yagya. (e sent invitations to all the deities& learned brahmins and sages. Chen everybody arrived& he made a special reHuest to *ndra to remain present at the oblation site till the completion o one thousand Ashwamedha yagyas.*ndra assured *ndradyumna o his ull cooperation and advised him to go ahead with his plan o accomplishing one thousand Ashwamedha yagyas. Dinally& *ndradyumna per ormed the irst yagya under the supervision o learned priests. ,his way& he was able to success ully accomplish nine hundred and ninety nine yagyas without any problem. Dinally& when the last Ashwamedha yagya was being per ormed& *ndradyumna had a divine glimpse o Lord Vishnu while he was engrossed in his meditation. *ndradyumna narrated his e/perience to +arad to which he got a reply that it was a good omen& which proved that the king was going to see Lord #agannath with his mortal eyes.

F.;.6J #aganath *dol is >arved ?ut

A ter the rituals o inal yagya ended& +arad advised *ndradyumna to per orm the rituals o AEurnahutiA to mark the end o Yagya ceremony. +arad then went on to say33A A tree is considered to be the partial incarnation (Ansha avatar) o Lord Vishnu or each o his hair that alls on the earth gets trans ormed into a tree.A +arad& then pointing towards a tree told *ndradyumna33 A ,he almighty Lord has mani ested himsel in the orm o this tree. +ow& you should make preparations to get this tree installed on the great altar inside the temple.A ,he tree to which +arad had pointed was uniHue in the sense that it had only our branches on it. *ndradyumna& ollowing the instructions ordered his men to uproot the said tree and then install it on the A@ahavediA inside the temple. But& at the same time he was wondering as to who would carve out the our idols o #agannath& Balbhadra& 1ubhadra and 1udarshan chakra. 1uddenly& a heavenly voice was heard33A Lord Vishnu would mani est himsel on the sacred altar on his own. An old carpenter& who is standing among you& should be sent inside the temple premise. ,he main door o the temple should then be shut and nobody should try to enter the temple till the idols are ready. ?ne more thing to be kept in mind is that all o you should keep on beating drums so that nobody hears the sound emanating rom the carving o the idols. Anybody& who hears this sound& is doomed to become dea . 1imilarly& anybody who tries to see the act o idols being made shall loose his power o sight.A *ndradyumna made elaborate arrangements as per the instructions given by the heavenly voice. ,he old carpenter was sent inside and the main door o the temple shut. ?n the i teenth day& Lord #agannath mani ested himsel along with Balbhadra& 1ubhadra and 1udarshan chakra. ?nce again heavenly voice was heard which said33A ? king$ Bet all the our idols coloured on the basis o the comple/ion o the respective deities. ,he colour o #agannathAs idol should be dark blue similar to that o dark clouds. 1imilarly& the idol o Balbhadra should be coloured in white 9ust like his air comple/ion. ,he colour o goddess 1ubhadraAs idol should be reddish 9ust like the rising 1un. 1udarshan chakra should be painted deep red. -ither the descendants o Vishvavasu or your royal priest are entitled to participate in the consecration ceremony o the idols in uture events.A *ndradyumna& once again ollowing the instructions& got the idols coloured in the way speci ied by the heavenly voice. A ter that& all the our idols were adorned with beauti ul apparels and ornaments. +ow& they really looked divine in their new looks. Looking at the divine idols o #agannath& *ndradyumna went into trance. 1eeing his condition& +arad advised not to waste time and seek any boon rom lord #agannath because the sole purpose or which #agannath had mani ested himsel was to bless him and to ul ill his wish. *ndradyumna immediately reali:ed what +arad meant to say. (e eulogi:ed lord #agannath in the ollowing way33A ? #agannath$ (elp me out rom the sorrows o this world. * donAt aspire or anything else.A 1ubseHuently& +arad and the whole entourage& which had come along with king *ndradyumna worshipped lord #agannath& Balbhadra& 1ubhadra and 1udarshan chakra. Lord #agannath was worshipped amidst the chanting o
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

dwadashakshar mantra while #agannath was worshipped with Eurush sukta. 1imilarly& 1ubhadra and 1udarshan chakra were worshipped amidst the chanting o Devisutra and vedic verses respectively. Dinally& donations were made to the brahmins and everybody was sent o with respect.

F.;.6G >onsecration o the *dols

King *ndradyumna was an/ious to get per ormed the rituals o consecration as soon as possible& so he asked +arad33A * am not aware o the proper rituals that are employed in the consecration o an idol. * need your help in this regard.A+arad then made a list o articles reHuired or the consecration o idols and instructed *ndradyumna to make arrangements or all those items. (e also instructed the king to get constructed a grand palace or Lord Brahma& who was supposed to arrive shortly to per orm the consecration ceremony. +arad said33A Bet constructed three chariots or all the three deities. ,he chariot meant or lord #agannath should have a mast on its top with the igure o Baruda on it. 1imilarly& BalbhadraAs chariot should have a mast with a plough drawn on it whereas 1ubhadraAs chariot should have a mast with a beauti ul lotus drawn on it. ,he number o horses pulling the chariots o #agannath& Balbhadra and 1ubhadra should be 1i/teen& ourteen and twelve respectively.A *t did not take much time to construct the three chariots as per the instructions given by +arad. Very soon lord Brahma arrived there& accompanied by all the deities& to per orm the consecration o the our idols. ?n seeing Lord Brahma& *ndradyumnaAs 9oys knew no bounds and he paid his obeisance to the creator. Lord Brahma said33A 1ee how ortunate you are. All the deities and sages have come here to help you in your cause.A Lord Brahma then per ormed the rituals o consecration on the auspicious day o ashtami o the bright hal o the hindu month Vaishakh. ,he day was ,hursday and the +akshatra was Eushya.

F.;.;M "ath Yatra

Dwelling on length about the auspicious days on which "ath Yatra should be taken out& sage #aimini told the assembled sages33A ,he combination o A,ee9A alling in the month o Vaishakh (bright hal ) and "ohini nakshatra& is considered to be e/tremely auspicious. A king should get constructed three chariots on the above mentioned day. ,he entire path along which the chariots as well as the procession is supposed to pass should be decorated with beauti ul lowers and banners. ?n the second day o the bright hal o the hindu month3Ashadh& all the three deities are worshipped and subseHuently installed on their respective chariots& which are then pulled by the devotees. ,he procession then passes through the ma9or routes o the city so that people can pay their obeisance. A ter reaching Bundicha +agar& the procession should stay there or seven days on the bank o Bindu teerth. ?n the eighth day& all the chariots should begin their return 9ourney. ,his amous "ath yatra lasts or nine days.

F.;.;6 1ome Erominent Elaces o Eilgrimage

?nce& sage 1haunak asked 1ut9i about the means& which enabled human beings to attain salvation in Kaliyuga. 1ut9i recounted a tale 33 ?nce& Kartikeya had posed the same Huestion to kartikeya. -mphasi:ing on the importance o pilgrimages& Lord 1hiva had told him that in kaliyuga anybody could attain salvation by going on pilgrimage to holy places. Biving names o some prominent holy places and rivers& Lord 1hiva had told Kartikeya that some o them were capable o ul illing any wish o a man& while some gave salvation. ,he names o some prominent rivers Lord 1hiva had given were Banga& Bodavari& +armada& ,apti& Yamuna& Kshipra& Bautami& Kaushiki& Kaveri& ,amraparni& >handrabhaga& 1indhu& Bandaki& 1arswati& etc. According to 1hiva all these rivers were not only capable o ul illing any wish o a man but also giving salvation. +aming some prominent holy places& Lord 1hiva had told Kartikeya that Ayodhya& Dwarka& Kashi& @athura& Avanti& Kurukshetra& "amteerth& Kanchi& Eurushottam kshetra& Eushkar kshetra& Varah kshetra and Badrikashram were capable o liberating a man rom the sorrows o this world.A Lord 1hiva had told Kartikeya33 AAnybody who goes on a pilgrimage to Ayodhya becomes absolved o all his sins. Lord (ari dwells at Dwarka and does not abandon it even or a moment. A devotee& who takes a holy dip in river Bomti and then pays obeisance to lord Krishna& attains salvation even i he is ignorant. *n the same manner& one who takes a bath in the holy Eanchganga at Varanasi& becomes ree rom the cycles o birth and death. Anybody& who goes on a pilgrimage to Kashi and pays obeisance to lord Vishwanath& is reed rom all the bondage o this world. Breat importance has been attached to the per ormance o AtarpanA at Vishramteerth and anybody who per orms the rituals o tarpan with sesame seeds and water& his ancestors are reed rom the tortures o the hell. ,aking a holy dip in Kotiteerth at Avantipuri& in the hindu month o Vaishakh and worshipping lord @ahakaleshwar too absolves a man o all his sins. Donating gold either at Kurukshetra or "amteerth& on a solar eclipse day& helps a man in attaining salvation. Boing on a pilgrimage to Eurushottam kshetra and worshipping lord #agannath a ter taking a holy dip in @arkandeya sarovar& bestows incomparable virtues. Badrinath& the dwelling place o lord
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Vishnu& is considered to be the supreme place o pilgrimage and even its remembrance is capable o giving salvation. Virtues attained by the per ormance o various deeds (tapa& yoga& samadhi)& appear to be insigni icant as compared to virtues attained by going on a pilgrimage to Badrikashram.

F.;.;; ,he @a9esty o Badri3Kshetra

Kartikeya asked lord 1hiva33A (ow did this sacrosanct place originateL Cho is the presiding deity o this placeLA Lord 1hiva replied33A Badrikashram is an eternal city and lord +arayan is its presiding deity. A mere sight o Badrikashram is enough to ree a man rom all the bondage o li e. ,here are numerous other holy places situated in the vicinity& Kedarnath being one o them.A ,o emphasi:e the signi icance o Badrikashram& lord 1hiva narrated the ollowing tale to Kartikeya33A *n 1atyayuga& lord Vishnu e/isted in his physical orm at Badrikashram or the benediction o human beings. But& in ,retayuga& only sages had the privilege o perceiving him with the help o yoga. At the advent o Dwapar things changed drastically and lord Vishnu 9ust disappeared rom Badrikashram. Deities became worried and asked lord Brahma about the reason that made lord Vishnu disappear. -ven lord Brahma had no answer to this Huestion. ,hinking that lord Vishnu must have gone to Ksheer sagar3his eternal abode& all the deities led by Brahma went there. ,hey eulogi:ed Vishnu& who emerged rom the Ksheer sagar. But& none o the deities e/cept lord Brahma could see him. Lord Vishnu told Brahma that the main reason why he disappeared rom Badrikashram was the lawed intelligence and arrogance o the deities. Brahma in ormed the deities whatever Vishnu had told him. All the deities were ashamed o themselves and returned to heaven with long aces. Deeling pity on the deities& * (1hiva) disguised mysel as a sanyasi and carried lord VishnuAs idol rom +aradteerth to Badrikashram and installed it over there to upli t the sagging morale o the deities. ,his is how lord Vishnu once again graced Badrikashram with his presence. -ven a grain o AprasadA had at Badrikashram is enough to liberate a man rom all his sins.

F.;.;7 ,he *mportance o (indu @onth& Kartik

?nce& on being asked by some sages about the signi icance o the hindu month3 Kartik& 1ut9i narrated the ollowing tale33 A?nce& +arad had asked lord Brahma the same Huestion. At that time Lord Brahma had revealed to +arad that AKartikA was supreme among all the months 9ust as lord Vishnu is supreme among all the deities and Badrikashram is the crown o all the places o pilgrimage. According to Brahma all these three would have greater signi icance in Kaliyuga as compared to any other yuga. Kartik is very dear to Lord Vishnu and any virtuous deed done during this month never goes without being rewarded. ?ne important characteristic o this month is that all the deities live in the pro/imity o human beings or the entire period o the month and accept everything that is o ered to them. Eenance done in this month or donations made during this month is believed to give *mperishable virtues. ,here is a special signi icance o donating ood grains during this month. 1imilarly& worshipping 1haligram during this month also has great signi icance. ?bserving austerities during this month or worshipping lord Vishnu with appropriate rituals liberates oneAs ancestors rom the tortures o the hell. Corshipping lord Vishnu with petals o Lotus helps him to become absolved o all the sins committed in his previous many births. Corshipping lord Vishnu with tulsi leaves helps one in getting cured o incurable diseases.

F.;.;F ,he *mportance o (oly Dips in @argashirsh

>ontinuing with the description o the signi icance o various months& 1ut9i said33 A?nce& while lord Vishnu was engrossed in his AyoganidraA at 1hwetdweepa& lord Brahma arrived there and reHuested him to describe the importance o @argashirsh. Lord Vishnu had told him that a devotee aspiring or uni ication with him& must observes austerities during this month. Describing the proper method o observing austerities lord Vishnu had said that one should get up early in the morning and a ter per orming the ritualistic AachamanA& he should remember me by chanting my one thousand names. +e/t& he should take his bath according to the rituals mentioned in the scriptures& as ollows33 (e should remove some soil rom near the roots o tulsi plant and pluck ew tulsi leaves. (olding both the things in his hand& he should chant either Bayatri mantra or the mantra& Aom namo narayanayA& so that they become sancti ied. Chile taking his bath& it is a must to eulogi:e Banga in the ollowing way3 A ? Banga$ ,hough have mani ested rom VishnuAs eet and hence called Vaishnavi. @ysel being a devotee o lord Vishnu& you should protect me rom all the possible sins * am likely to commit in my whole li e.A A devotee should say this prayer or seven times and take the same number o holy dips in the river. (e should then put on tidy clothes and per orm AtarpanA in the names o all the deities sages as well as ancestors.

F.;.;8 ,he 1igni icance o >harity made in Vaishakh

>ontinuing with his tales& 1ut9i said33A ?nce& king Ambarish asked +arad about the reason why lord Vishnu had special liking or the hindu month3Vaishakh. +aradAs answer was that Vaishakh had been given special privilege by lord Brahma himsel and is believed to ul ill all the wishes o a man. +o other month is as dear to Lord Vishnu
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

as Vaishakh. ,he sin raises its ugly head only till a devotee has bathed be ore sunrise in the month o Vaishakh but once he has taken his bath all his sins 9ust disappears. ,his is also the period when all the deities are believed to dwell in all the rivers& ponds& lakes& apart rom the holy rivers. Breat signi icance has been attached to doing charitable deeds in this month& especially providing water to thirsty. 1imilarly& donating certain articles like umbrella& ans& shoes& all have their own importance. ?ne who gets constructed an inn or the com ort o the travelers and provides water to them attains imperishable virtues. +o charitable deed can ever match the virtue o donating ood grains and one who accomplishes this great act can be aptly called a AEitaA (Dather).

F.;.;I Ayodhyapuri
?nce& on being asked by sage Bhardwa9 and ew others about the grandeur o Ayodhya& 1ut9i replied33A Ayodhya& a sacrosanct city is based on the bank o river 1aryu. *t is the very city where the amous king *kshavaku ruled once upon a time. ,he term Ayodhya means unconHuerable and consists o three root letters5 a3 symboli:ing Brahma& y3symboli:ing Vishnu and dh3symboli:ing "udra. *t is a place where lord Vishnu has his abode or eternity and does not leave it even or a moment. According to the scriptures Ayodhya is based on 1udarshan chakra. *t is well e/panded in the radius o one yo9an. *ts eastern boundary stretches up to one yo9an rom a place called A1ahastradhanA. 1imilarly& the western ront stretches up to one yo9an rom a place called A1amaA& the southern up to one yo9an rom the bank o 1aryu and its northern boundary up to one yo9an starting rom the bank o river ,amsa. *n ancient times& a brahmin named Vishnu 1harma had per ormed an austere penance at Ayodhya. Lord Vishnu had appeared a ter becoming pleased by him and had created a holy place by digging up the earth with his 1udarshan chakra. Anybody& who takes a holy dip in >hakrateerth becomes absolved o all his sins.


#rahm 2and

,his >hapter contains J sections.

F.7.6 "ameshwar Kshetra

?nce& 1haunak and ew other sages asked 1ut9i as to how could a man become ree rom the bondage o the world. ,hey also inHuired whether there was an e/istence o any such holy place capable o liberating a man rom heinous o sin. 1ut9i replied33A "amteerth is supreme among all the places o pilgrimage. A mere sight o this holy place is enough to ree a man rom the bondage o this mortal world. Boing on a pilgrimage to "ameshwar gives virtues similar to what is attained by per orming all the yagyas. ?ne& who takes a holy dip at 1etu "ameshwar& attains to Vishnuloka. @erely by sleeping at the sea shore o "ameshwar a man gets absolved o heinous o sins like brahmhatya& etc. A man is blessed i his remains are consigned to the holy waters at "ameshwar a ter his death. 1criptures say that ive types o sins are as grave as the sin o brahmahatya33 ?ne& who critici:es sages A sel ish person who cooks ood only or himsel & ?ne who destroys well laid path making it di icult or people to tread upon& ?ne who accepts ood rom a AchandalA and ?ne who sells ood grains to a chandal. But& all these 9ust disappears once the sinner reaches "ameshwar.

F.7.; 1etu Bandh

All the sages were curious to know about the holy places in the vicinity o "ameshwar. 1ut9i replied331ri "am replied went into e/ile accompanied by 1ita& his consort and his younger brother& La/man. "avan& the demon king who ruled over Lanka deceit ully abducted 1ita. 1ubseHuently& 1ri "am be riended 1ugreev and killed Bali& who harboured enemity against him. 1ugreev sent monkeys in all directions to ind out where 1ita had been kept by "avan. Later on 1ri "am reached @ahendra Earvat accompanied by La/man& (anuman& 1ugreeva& #ambavan& +al and may more brave warriors. ,hey stayed or a brie period at >hakrateerth& where Vibhishan came to see 1ri "am. -ventually Vibhishan was nominated the king o all the demons by 1ri "am to the great displeasure o his brother "avan. 1ri "am and his army aced an uphill task o reaching Lanka or they had to cross the ocean& which lay as a great barrier between them and their destination. 1amudra (ocean) revealed to 1ri "am that +ala had divine powers and whatever he would throw in the ?cean would not sink down but keep on loating. +ala tried to check the authenticity o 1amudraAs statement by throwing a huge rock into the ocean& as he himsel was not aware o his powers. ,o the sheer ama:ement o everybody present there the rock started loating on the sur ace o the ocean instead o sinking down. All the rest o the monkeys tried to emulate +alaAs eat by throwing huge rocks into the
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

ocean and to their own surprise ound that the rocks did not sink. ,his was how a bridge was built and across the ocean which made it possible or 1ri "am and his army to cross the ocean. ,hen length o 1etu "ameshwar Bandh is hundred yo9an and it is ten yo9an broad. ,here are many holy places situated on the bridge prominent among which are >hakra3teerth& Eaap3vinashan teerth& 1ita 3sarovar& @angal3 teerth& Amrit3watika& Brahma3kund& (anumat3 kund& Agastya3teerth& "am3teerth& La/man3teerth& #aya3teerth& La/mi3teerth& Agni3teerth& 1hiv3teerth& 1hankh3teerth& Yamuna3teerth& Banga3teerth& Koti3teerth& @anas3teerth and Dhanushkoti teerth.

F.7.7 "ameshwar Linga

Describing how 1ri "am had installed "ameshwar linga& 1ut9i said33A A ter killing "avan& 1ri "am enthroned Vibhishan as the king o Lanka. Chile returning to Ayodhya he made a brie stop at Bandhamadan mountain. 1ince the thought o having killed a brahmin ("avan) kept on tormenting him& he decided to atone or his sins. 1o& he installed the idol o "ameshwar linga at "ameshwar setu. "ameshwar linga is so sacrosanct that all the holy places& sages and ancestors are believed to e/ist within the temple premise o @aheshwar linga. Being installed by 1ri "am himsel & this particular linga has special signi icance attached to it. ?ne who goes on a pilgrimage to this holy place is certain to attain salvation even i he were a A@lechhaA (born in a low caste).

F.7.F Dharma"anya Kshetra

?nce& sage Vyas went to meet Yudhisthira& who reHuested him to describe the signi icance o Dharmaranya kshetra. 1age Vyas replied33 A ? king$ ?nce& Dharmara93Yudhisthira did an austere penance to please lord 1hiva. As usual& *ndra became scarred because he thought that Dharmara9 was doing penance with the intention o acHuiring *ndraloka. (e and other deities went to seek the help o lord Brahma& who did not have any clue. 1o& all o them went to Kailash mountain to seek Lord 1hivaAs help. 1ince 1hiva was aware o DharmaAs motive& he e/plained to the deities that there was nothing to worry about. But& *ndra was not satis ied and the thought o loosing his kingdom continued to torment him. *ndra then instructed a beauti ul Apsara named Vardhini to go to the place where Dharma was doing penance and disturb him by corrupting his thoughts. Vardhini went to the place where Dharma was engrossed in his penance and was success ul in disturbing him. Chen Dharma opened his eyes he ound a beauti ul Apsara in ront o him. Vardhini asked Dharma33A ? Lord$ Chat is the ob9ective with which you are doing such an austere penanceL Being an embodiment o virtuosity yoursel & you prevail in the whole world. 1o& in a sense you already the lord o the world 3 what else do you needLA Dharma told Vardhini that he was doing penance with the ob9ective o having a divine glimpse o lord 1hiva. Vardhini in ormed him that *ndra was scarred o losing his kingdom and hence had sent her to disturb his penance. Dharma was pleased by her truth ulness and wanted to reward her or that. Vardhini e/pressed her desire o having her abode in *ndraloka or eternity and also o having a place o pilgrimage named on her. Dharma blessed her a ter which she returned to *ndraloka. Dharma once again engrossed himsel in penance. %ltimately& Lord 1hiva became pleased and appeared be ore him. A Ask or any boon and it shall be bestowed to youA& said Lord 1hiva. Dharmara9 replied 3A ? lord$ * want this place to be named a ter me. * also reHuest you to grace this place by your presence.A Lord 1hiva blessed him and ul illed both his wishes. ,his was how Dharmakshetra got its name. 1ubseHuently& lord 1hiva appeared in the orm o Dharmeshwar linga in accordance with the second wish o Dharmara9. A ter his penance was over& Dharma also had created a holy reservoir over there which is believed to absolve a man o all his sins.

F.7.8 Loss o @oral Values in Kaliyuga

?n being asked by Yudhisthira about the li e3style o people in Kaliyuga& sage Vyas replied33 A,here will be a widespread prevalence o sin ul deeds and lack o moral values in Kaliyuga. Eeople would become untruth ul and would become critical o revered sages. @oral values would decline to such an e/tent their minds would be preoccupied by nothing else but the thought o se/. *n Kaliyuga women will eel most insecure and even her near and dear ones would become untrustworthy 3 men belonging to their own gotras would try to e/ploit her. Brahmins would be critici:ed because o their inappropriate conduct3 ,hey would become arrogant& would start trading their knowledge and would not ollow the teachings o the Vedas. 1imilarly& Kshatriyas would become cowards and a mere re erence o battle would be enough to scare them. @a9ority o people would indulge in immoral deeds like gambling and consume variety o into/ication. ,hey would always look out or an opportunity to grab otherAs wealth by deceit ul means. @arried women would not ul ill their
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

obligation towards their husbands. >ows would give lesser milk and trees would bear ewer ruits. Young girls would become pregnant at the raw age o eleven years. Brahmins& by their conduct would undermine the importance o holy places and would indulge in e/cessive eating and drinking. *n Kaliyuga& people would not give any importance to caste system. Kings would loose their kingdoms and @lechhas would become the rulers. ,reachery& enemity and disrespect towards elders would become the norms o the day.

F.7.I ,he 1igni icance o >hatur@asya Vrata

?nce& on being asked by +arad about the importance o >haturmasya& lord Brahma said33A >haturmasya is the period o our months during which lord Vishnu is believed to take rest in ksheer3sagar. 1o Huite naturally& all the oceans& rivers and ponds are believed to attain divinity due to the presence o Lord Vishnu in ksheer3sagar during this period. ,his is the reason why great importance has been attached to taking holy bath during this period. A devotee& who observes austerities related with Lord Vishnu during these our months& becomes absolved o all his sins. All the deities are believed to dwell within Lord Vishnu during this period. Boing on pilgrimage to holy places and taking holy dips in rivers bestow indescribable virtues. A devotee must not orget to per orm the rituals o A,arpanA a ter taking his daily bath. (e should also observe abstinence and avoid indulging in sensual pleasures during this period o our months. ,here is special signi icance o making donations during this period& especially donating ood3grains.

F.7.< *mportance o Abstinence during >haturmas

>ontinuing with the importance o austerities observed during >haturmas& Lord Brahma said33A (uman3beings are bundle o desires and long or worldly things. 1o& there is a great importance o abstinence and orsaking things& which one is very ond o . ?ne who relinHuishes his most avourite thing during this period gets the same thing in abundance in the ne/t world. A householder& who renounces his amily li e or the sake o his devotion during this period& becomes ree rom the tortures o recurring births and deaths. 1imilarly& relinHuishing the use o chilly in oneAs ood during this period helps him to acHuire great ortune. "enouncing silk cloths during this period gives imperishable 9oy. ?ne should avoid wearing black cloths during this period. >ombing and shaving are prohibited during this period. A devotee should worship Lord Vishnu on the auspicious day o Kark sankranti. +ormally black plums are o ered to Lord Vishnu while worshipping. >elibacy is believed to be the best austerity and anybody who observes it during the period o chaturmas& never e/periences sorrow in his li e.

F.7.J "ituals Eertaining to 1hodash %pachar

?nce& on being asked by +arad about the proper methods o per orming 1hodash upachar rituals& lord Brahma said 33A*n normal circumstances& when lord Vishnu is worshipped by employing the rituals o 1hodashopachar it is considered as A,apaA. But& when the same rituals o shodashopachar are employed to worship lord Vishnu during chaturmas& it is considered as A@ahatapaA. *n the same manner& all the austerities that are observed during >haturmas attain greater importance. Lord Brahma then went on to elucidate the proper method o per orming the rituals o A1hodashopacharA33A PA particular AmahasuktaA o Ya9urveda consisting o si/teen A richas are chanted while worshipping Lord Vishnu. 1imilarly richas like Asahastra3sheersha purushahA and i teen others are considered to be most appropriate or the worship o almighty Vishnu. Dirst o all& a devotee should per orm the ritual o AnyasA by mentally associating all the si/teen richas with di erent organs o the body as per the instructions given in the smritis. ,he same rituals o AnyasA are then per ormed on the idol o lord Vishnu or 1haligram. A ter that an invocation is made to Lord Vishnu by chanting the irst richa o Eurush sukta33A1ahashtra sheersha EurushahA with a slight modi ication i.e. by adding AomA in the beginning o the mantra. 1imilarly& Lord Vishnu and other AEarshadsA should be installed at the place o worship by chanting the second richa3 AEurush evedamA. Cith the chanting o third richa& Lord VishnuAs lotus eet are washed a ter which AardhyaA is o ered with the holy water collected rom all the seven seas and other holy rivers. 1ubseHuently& the ritual o AachamanA is per ormed amidst the chanting o i th richa. ,he ritual o ablution is then per ormed in which the idol o Lord Vishnu is bathed amidst the chanting o the si/th richa. ,he idol is adorned with beauti ul apparels amidst the chanting o seventh richa. 1imilarly& a sacred thread is o ered to Lord Vishnu amidst the chanting o eighth richa while sandalwood paste is smeared on the idol amidst the chanting o ninth richa. 1ubseHuently& amidst the chanting o tenth& eleventh& twel th and thirteen richas& lowers& incense& lighted lamp and naivedya are o ered to the deity respectively. +aivedya should consist o cereals. Chile per orming AaartiA the ourteenth richa should be chanted. A devotee
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

should then circumambulate around the idol amidst the chanting o i teenth richa. *magining himsel as an inseparable part o lord Vishnu& he should meditate amidst the chanting o the si/teenth richa.P


2ashi 2hand

,his >hapter contains 8 sections.

F.F.6 Vidhyachal ?bstructs the Eath o 1urya

?nce& sage Vyas narrated the ollowing tale to all the assembled sages33 A ?nce& while wandering about& sage +arad arrived at Vindhyachal mountain. (e was received with great honour and respect by Vindhyachal mountain. But& when the time arrived or +arad to take his leave& he took a deep sigh& which made Vindhyachal e/tremely perple/ed and he asked +arad i anything was wrong. +arad replied33A Your rival3@eru mountain is superior to you in every respect and this is the act * am lamenting about. @y deep sigh is 9ust the indication o my worried state o mind.A Vindhyachal mountain was illed with in eriority comple/ and started waiting or an opportunity when he could prove his superiority to @eru mountain. (e thought33A Eerhaps +arad was right or even Lord 1urya has great respect or @eruAs might and this is the reason why he circumambulates my adversary. * * am able to beat @eru in height then may be Lord 1urya would start circumambulating me and this way * shall prove my superiority to @eru.A +ow& Vindhyachal started increasing his height and in a short time its peaks became invisible. ,he allout o this ama:ing incident proved to be Huite catastrophic or the world because even Lord 1urya was le t stranded at a particular point in the hori:on. As a result& one part o the earth became too hot or any li e to e/ist. 1imilarly& the other hal o the earth became unbearably cold. ,he time became still and everything went haywire in the world. All the deities became e/tremely worried and went to Lord Brahma to seek his help. Lord Brahma advised them to go to Kashi and seek help rom sage Agastya. Deities were pleased at their good ortune o getting a chance to visit Kashi. Deities& a ter reaching Kashi paid a visit to A@anikarnika teerthA and took their bath. 1ubseHuently& they went to Vishwanath temple and worshipped Lord Vishwanath. At last& they reached the hermitage o Agastya where he was busy worshipping a sel made 1hivalinga. ,he entire hermitage was crowded with young pupils o Agastya. A ter the pleasantries having been e/changed& sage Agastaya asked the deities about the purpose o their visit.

F.F.; Agastya orders the Vindhya @ountains to diminish their si:e

Chen Agastya learnt o the problem created by Vindhyachal& he agreed to help the deities despite ully aware o the act that once he le t Kashi it would not be possible or him to see his dearest Kashi once again at least in his present birth. Be ore leaving or Vindhyachal& he sought permission rom Lord Bhairav. (e then reached the place where Vindhyachal had obstructed the path o 1urya. Lopamudra& his wi e accompanied him. Chen Vindhyachal ound Agastya starring angrily at him he became scarred and immediately minimi:ed his si:e. 1age Agastya was pleased that his ob9ective had been achieved without making any e ort but he knew Huite well that once he le t the place Vindhyachal would regain his mammoth si:e. 1o he decided to do something so that Vindhyachal could not obstruct the path o 1urya. (e worked out a plan according to which he instructed Vindhyachal to wait or him until he returned a ter accomplishing his pilgrimage. Vindhyachal agreed assuming that Agastya would return in a short time. Vindhyachal thanked his good ortune o escaping AgastyaAs wrath& which could otherwise have threatened his very e/istence. 1age Agastya then went away never to return and Vindhyachal kept on waiting or his arrival. ,his way& the path being cleared& 1urya was once again able to move reely on its orbit without any problem and as a result normalcy returned to the world. ?n the other hand& Agastya who was not at all happy leaving his dearest Kashi was desperate to get there back as soon as possible. But& he knew that his wish was going to remain un ul illed. Chile wandering about& he reached Kolapur where he worshipped goddess @ahala/mi. Chen goddess @ahala/mi appeared& he asked her whether he would ever be able to reach Kashi in his present li e. Boddess @ahala/mi replied33A Your wishes will be ul illed in the coming nineteenth dwapar& when you would incarnate as Vyas and would contribute a great deal in the propagation o the Vedas and Euranas. ,here is a sacrosanct place o Kartikeya not very ar rom here. Bo there and pay your obeisance to Lord Kartikeya and he would unravel the mysterious aspects o Kashi to you.A
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

1age Agastya and his wi e Lopamudra then went to the mountain called 1ri 1hail& where Kartikeya lived at that time.

F.F.7 Kashi ! ,he 1acrosanct Elace o Eilgrimage

A ter travelling or sometime& both o them arrived near 1ri 1hail mountain. Eointing his inger towards the mountain& Agastya told his wi e33A?ne& who has a good ortune o seeing the peaks o this mountain& never takes a second birth.A Lopamudra replied in ama:ement33A * the sight o this mountain was capable o giving salvation then why do you long or KashiLA 1age Agastya then went on to clari y that there were many other holy places capable o giving salvation. Erayag is one such place. *t is capable o bestowing all the our AEurusharthA to man3Dharma& Arth& Kaam and @oksha. Apart rom Erayag& there are many more holy places like +aimisharanya& Kurukshetra& Bangadwar& Avanti& Ayodhya& @athura& Dwarka& Badrikashram& Eurushottam kshetra which are capable o giving salvation to a man. But none o these places can match Kashi because Kashi is incomparable.

F.F.F Lord Kartikeya Describes the @a9esty o Kashi

1age Agastya and his wi e Lopamudra circumambulated 1ri 1hail @ountain and climbed up Lohit mountain where they ound Lord Kartikeya. Both o them eulogi:ed kartikeya by singing vedic hymns in his praise. Lord kartikeya was e/tremely pleased by their devotion and said3 ? revered sage$ You can understand KashiAs importance by the act that& though * am capable o reaching any place according to my wish but still& here * am doing this austere penance or the attainment o Kashi. * must con ess that * have not been success ul in my e orts till date. * any body thinks that he can attain to kashi 9ust by per orming austerities than he is totally wrong. Kashi can never be attained to until and unless one has the blessing o Lord mahadeva. And one who is ortunate enough to have reached Kashi must under no circumstances leave it till he is alive. ? Agastya$ You are blessed because you had the good ortune o residing at Kashi. Elease allow me to touch your body& which has acHuired holiness due to its pro/imity to Kashi.A (aving said this& Kartikeya touched di erent parts o agastyaAs body as i he were touching the sacred soil o Kashi.

F.F.8 ,he ?rigin o Kashi

1age Agastya asked Lord Kartikeya how the sacrosanct place& Kashi came into being. (e also asked how Kashi became amous as a place capable o giving salvation to a man. Lord Kartikeya revealed to Agastya that once Earvati had asked Lord 1hiva the same Huestion. Lord 1hiva had told her33A At the time o deluge when every thing had submerged in the ocean and darkness prevailed everywhere& only B"A(@3the embodiment o truth e/isted at that time and nothing else. B"A(@& the absolute truth is indescribable and ine/pressible. +o name can be attributed to (*@. (- is the absolute truth& the ultimate knowledge& the in inite& the omnipresent and the eternal bliss. ,hough basically ormless (- attained a orm on account o (*1 own wish. ,hat orm is none other than me. Later on * created Erakriti rom my body. All three o us (1hiva& Earvati and Kashi) mani ested simultaneously by the grace o AAadi purushA (,he Almighty Bod).A >ontinuing with the tale o KashiAs greatness& Kartikeya told Agastya3A ,here is no holy place as dear to Lord 1hiva as Kashi& which is not abandoned by him as well as his consort3Earvati even at the time o deluge. Lord 1hiva named this holy place3 Ananda van& because it gave immense 9oy to him. 1ubseHuently& Lord 1hiva and goddess #agdamba put a glance on the le t portion o their respective bodies as the result o which a divine entity mani ested himsel who was none other than Lord Vishnu and who was named Eurushottam by Lord 1hiva. Lord 1hiva a ter blessing Eurushottam went away. Later on& Lord Vishnu created a divine reservoir with his sudarshan chakra and illed it up with his sweat. (e then engaged himsel in an austere penance. Lord 1hiva once again appeared along with Earvati and blessed Vishnu by saying3A ,his holy place will become amously known as @anikarnika because this is the very place where * had once lost my diamond ear3ring.A Lord Vishnu made a reHuest to 1hiva 33A @ay this place ul ill the wishes o those who seek salvation. 1ince it is blessed with your eternal presence hence its another name would be Kashi.A Lord 1hiva assured Vishnu by saying3 A ,his sacrosanct place is very dear to me and no event takes place here against my wish. -ven i a person living here happens to be a sinner he has nothing to ear because * protect him. ?ne who lives ar rom Kashi but remembers it with reverence becomes absolved o all his sins.A

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

,here is a magni icent 1hiva3linga at Kashi amously known as Kashi Vishwanath. (ere is situated one o the twelve #yotirlingas. #ust as the 1un is visible in the whole world despite its presence at a particular point in the hori:on& in the same manner Kashi has its in luence throughout the length and breadth o the world.


Avanti 2shetra 2hand

,his >hapter contains G sections.

F.8.6 1anat Kumar Blori ies @ahakaal ,eertha

?nce& goddess Earvati reHuested 1hiva to describe the signi icance o @ahakaal teerth. Lord 1hiva replied3P ?nce& 1anatkumar3 one o the manasputras o Lord Brahma had gone to his atherAs abode& situated at a place near @eru mountain. 1age Vyas arrived there and asked him the same Huestion. 1anatkumar had revealed to him that all kinds o sins loosed their evil in luence at @ahakaal teerth. (e had also told him that it was called AEeethaA because @atrikas had their abode over there. Anybody& who is ortunate o leaving his mortal body at this holy3place& is reed rom the vicious cycles o birth and death. ,his place is very dear to Lord 1hiva and is also called by various other names like -kamrak3van& @ahakaal3van and Vimukti3kshetra.

F.8.; Kapal @ochan

?nce& lord 1hiva arrived at @ahakal orest with a skull in his hand. All the trees and vegetation were delighted to ind him in their midst. ,hey reHuested lord 1hiva to remain their orever. Lord 1hiva told them that it was not possible or him to stay there orever but on being reHuested once again agreed to stay there or at least a year. A ter one year& when the time or departure came he released the skull rom his hand as a memorial. Chen lord Brahma came to know o this incident& he instructed all the deities to reach @ahakal orest without wasting any time so that a grand yagya could be per ormed at the place where 1hiva had le t the skull. All the deities went to the said place and worshipped Lord 1hiva by employing the rituals o Eashupat vrata& which Lord Brahma had taught them. Lord 1hiva became pleased by their devotion and said33A Eerhaps you all are not aware that there was a speci ic ob9ective behind my act o releasing the skull rom my hand. ,his act o mine was done to protect your lives but it seems you are unaware o its signi icance. *n a way& all o you have already received my blessings in advance or your deep devotion. Chat else do you wish or LA Deities were ama:ed by 1hivaAs statements and were wondering what 1hiva was trying to convey. 1o& they reHuested 1hiva to unravel the mystery so that they could understand what he meant to say. Lord 1hiva told them3A ,he ollowers o @aya were planning to kill you while you were busy doing penance but no one o you was aware o their evil motive. * came to know about this in my deep state o meditation and dropped the skull rom my hand. As soon as the skull touched the ground a thunderous sound was made as the result o which all the demons were killed instantaneously.A All the deities thanked Lord 1hiva or protecting their lives. *n course o time this particular place became amous as Kapal mochan temple and is presently situated in %99ain.

F.8.7 Various +ames o %99ainipuri

?nce& sage Vyas reHuested 1anatkumar to reveal why %99ainipuri was known by various names like Kanakshringa& Kushasthali Avanti and Eadmavati. 1anatkumar replied3A ?nce& Lord Brahma and Lord 1hiva arrived at %99ainipuri in search o Lord Vishnu& who had disappeared rom his abode. ,o their pleasant surprise they ound Lord Vishnu staying there. Both o them reHuested Vishnu to allow them to stay at %99ainipuri and said3A ? Lord$ Chen did you create such a magni icent place with golden mountain peaksL Allow us to live in this beauti ul city or we can not live in your separation.A Lord Vishnu reHuested Brahma to make his abode in the northern part o the city while 1hiva was told to make southern part as his abode. Lord Vishnu then told them3A 1ince you have re erred to this place as a city o golden mountain peaks there ore rom now onwards it would become amous as AKanchan 1hringaA (golden peaks)A. 1anat kumar then went on to e/plain why %99ainipuri was also called Kusha sthali3A (aving created the world& Lord Brahma reHuested Lord Vishnu to nurture it. Lord Vishnu agreed on the condition that Lord Brahma provided him a pious place on the earth rom where he could per orm his duty. Brahma then picked up a hand ul o kusha grass
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

and threw down on the earth. ,his way Lord Vishnu per ormed his duty as the nurturer o the world sitting on the seat o Kusha grass. ,his is the reason why this place came to be known as Kusha sthali.A 1anat kumar then described how %99ainipuri also came to be known as Avanti puri3A ?nce& a ter being de eated by the demons& deities led to @eru mountain. Later on they went to Lord Brahma and sought his help. Lord Brahma took all the deities to Lord Vishnu. (ardly had they reached the abode o Vishnu and o ered their obeisance& then they heard a heavenly voice3 A,here is a sacrosanct place called Kushasthali in the orest o @ahakal van. ,his holy place is graced by the presence o Lord @ahadeva. Bo there and engage yoursel in austerities and you will certainly become the master o the heaven once again.A 1ubseHuently& all the deities went to a place called Eaishachmochan situated in Kushasthali and engaged themselves in various austerities. As prophesi:ed by Vishnu& the deities indeed de eated the demons and became the ruler o heaven. ,he term AAvanA means Athe protectorA and since it had protected the deities hence it became amous as Avanti. 1anat kumar also described how Kushasthali also came to be known as %99aini3A ?nce& a demon named ,ripur did an austere penance to please Lord Brahma. Chen Brahma appeared he e/pressed his wish o becoming immortal. Lord Brahma ul illed his wish as the result o which ,ripur became arrogant and started tormenting the deities. ,he deities sought the help o Lord 1hiva& who assured them that he would kill the demon. 1ubseHuently& Lord 1hiva did kill ,ripur with his most lethal weapon Apashupat ashtraA a ter a ierce battle. ,he place where this incident took place became amous as %99aini because o the ierce battle ought between 1hiva and ,ripur. >ontinuing with the tale which described the reason why %99ainipuri also came to be known as Eadmavati& 1anatkumar told Vyas3A During the time o ocean churning ambrosia had also emerged rom the ocean bed along with many other valuable things. ,he demons wanted to drink ambrosia so that they could become immortal but the deities were against this idea. Very soon& the arguments turned into a ma9or dispute and both the sides started Huarrelling. +arad reHuested Lord Vishnu to do something in this regard. Lord Vishnu disguised himsel as a beauti ul lady and was success ul in in atuating the demons. Dinally& he started giving ambrosia to the deities who a ter drinking it became immortal. A demon named "ahu was sitting in the rows o the deities a ter changing his guise. Lord Vishnu was unable to recogni:e "ahu and gave some ambrosia to him mistaking him to be a deity. But& hardly had "ahu gulped down Ambrosia and be ore it could reach down his throat& Vishnu severed his head. "ahuAs head became immortal as the result o ambrosiaAs in luence. ,his incident had taken place at @ahakal orest. Later on all the deities distributed the whole wealth& which had emerged rom the ocean among themselves. ,his is the reason why %99ainipuri came to be known as Eadmavati because Eadma is another name o Boddess La/mi.

F.8.F ,he Brandeur o Avantipuri

1anatkumar says3A ?nce& Earvati reHuested Lord 1hiva to e/plain why Avantipuri was considered so holy by the devotees. Lord 1hiva told her that it was so because there were numerous holy places situated over there. Lord 1hiva had told her3A ,here are our holy rivers lowing through the di erent regions o Avantipuri3 Kshipra& Divya3 nav& +eelganga and Bandhavati. ,here are temples belonging to eighty our shiva lingas& eight Bhairavas& eleven "udras& ,welve Aadityas& si/ Baneshas and twenty our goddesses. +ot only this there are also temples o Lord Vishnu and Brahma. Avantipuri is spread in the radius o one yo9an. ,here are temples belonging to ten di erent incarnations o Lord Vishnu3 Vasudev& Anant& Balaram& #anardan& +arayan& (rishikesh& Varah& Dharnidhar& Vaman and Lord Vishnu himsel taking rest on 1heshnag. Apart rom these there are many other holy places situated at Avantipuri& which enhances its sanctity and holiness.

F.8.8 ,he Descent o +armada

-/plaining the reason why +armada had to descend down to earth& 1ut9i narrated a tale to the assembled sages3A ?nce& sage markandeya was taking rest at the bank o river +armada where Yudhisthira accompanied by Draupadi arrived there. Yudhishthira curiously asked @arkandeya about the reason he had chosen the bank o +armada as his resting place when there were so many other holy places o greater signi icance. 1age @arkandeya recounted a tale& which said how some sages had reHuested king Eururva to bring down river +armada to the earth so that the whole world becomes liberated rom its sins. Describing the holiness o +armada& sages had told Eururava3 A ,he holy +armada is capable o liberating the whole world rom its sin. 1o& you should ind means so that +armada descends down to earth.A Later on& Eururva did an austere penance to please 1hiva. Chen Lord 1hiva appeared be ore him& Eururva e/pressed his wish. 1hiva instructed +armada to descend down to earth but she told him that she needed a base or that to happen. Lord 1hiva then instructed Earyank3 the son o Vindhyachal mountain to hold +armada while she descended down to earth. Erayank agreed to do that and this was how +armada came down on earth. *nitially& the whole world was looded with the waters
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

o +armada but at the reHuest o the deities she minimi:ed her si:e. +armada blessed Eururva and instructed him to per orm the rituals o tarpan in the name o his ancestors so that they became liberated rom their sins. Eururva complied and thus by per orming tarpan liberated all his ancestors.A (aving inished his tale& @arkandeya told Yudhishthira that one who takes a holy dip in +armada attains virtues similar to that o per orming Ashwamedh yagya.

F.8.I +armada @arries Eurukutsu

@arkandeya says3A ? Yudhishthir$ King Eurutkutsu was 1amudra in his previous birth and had been cursed by Brahma. ,he descent o +armada on earth made the deities e/tremely delighted and they reHuested +armada to give them the privilege o e/periencing her divine touch. But& +armada re used to give them that privilege on the prete/t that she was still unmarried and it would not be proper or her to do so. All the deities then reHuested her to become the consort o Eurukutsu to which she agreed. ,his way& +armada married Eurutkusu. A ter getting married& Eurutkutsu reHuested her to liberate his ancestors so that they could attain to heaven. +armada readily obliged and this way Eurutkutsu contributed in his ancestorsA departure to heaven.

F.8.< @anu "eceives a Boon rom +armada

@arkandeya says3A @anu ruled over Ayodhya during 1wayambhuva manvantar. ?ne day& while he was going to sleep& he heard a peculiar sound& as i numerous small bells were ringing. (e was perple/ed and could not ascertain the cause o that sound so he asked sage Vashishth about this. 1age Vashishth made a revelation by which @anu was startled. 1age Vashishth told him3 ,here is a holy place called ,ripuri situated at the bank o river +armada. ,he sound that you heard last night emanated rom the small bells attached to number o aircra t kept on the roo s o the residences o such people who are virtuous. ? king$ ?nly +armada is capable o giving salvation to lowly o sinners.A @anu was highly impressed and decided to go to ,ripuri along with his whole clan. All o them took holy dips in the +armada and became liberated rom all their sins. @anu per ormed a grand yagya at the bank o +armada to which all the sages and hermits were invited. +armada became pleased by his devotion and e/pressed her willingness to ul ill any wish that @anu desired. @anu reHuested her help in bringing down Banga and other holy rivers to earth. +armada blessed him and said3 *n the irst hal o tretayuga& one o your descendants named Bhagirath would accomplish this great eat o bringing down holy Banga to earth. *n the second hal o the same era other holy rivers like Kalindi& 1araswati& 1arayu& and @ahabhaga would also mani est themselves.

F.8.J #amadagni receives Kaamdhenu

@arkandeya told Yudhishthir3A 1age #amdagni was a great devotee o 1hiva and he lived in +armadapur. (e spent his day chanting mantras in the praise o Lord 1hiva. ?nce& he per ormed an austere penance& which lasted or a month. %ltimately& 1hiva mani ested himsel rom the 1iddheshwar Linga and appeared be ore him. Lord 1hiva asked #amdagni to ask or any thing he wished or. #amdagni e/pressed his desire to have Kaamdhenu so that he could per orm his rituals and other religious obligations without any problem. Lord 1hiva blessed #amdagni and disappeared. ,he ne/t moment& #amdagni ound Kaamdhenu standing in ront o his hermitage. +ow& #amdagni got everything that he wished or. ,his way& he was a happy and contented li e until one ate ul day when he was killed by a greedy king named Kartaveerya& who subseHuently took Kaamdhenu along with him. Chile the greedy king was still on his way& Kaamdhenu cursed him that very soon not only he but the whole caste o Kshatriya would be liHuidated by Earshuram3 #amdagniAs son& as punishment or having committed such a ghastly sin o killing an innocent sage. A ter cursing Kartaveerya& Kaamdhenu went to her original abode3the heaven. Later on& when Earshuram learnt o his atherAs slaying& he liHuidated Kartaveerya and the whole caste o Kshatriya as had been prophesi:ed by Kaamdhenu.

F.8.G Description o (ell

Yudhishthira reHuested @arkandeya to describe what a sinner had to go through in Yamaloka and also that what kind o a person should be considered as the most ghastly sinner. @arkandeya replied3 A Donating ood to needy people is an e/tremely virtuous deed and there is no virtuous deed greater than this. A person who donates cereals can be aptly called AAnnadataA3 one who provides ood. ?ne who has never donated cereals in his li etime is de inite to go to hell and has to tread an arduous path leading to it that is ridden with prickly thorns& pointed nails and other sharp ob9ects. ,he entire path leading to hell is e/tremely dark and covered with large pits. ,he path is also covered with unbearably hot sand spilled all over the place. ,he
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

sinner is orcibly taken by the Yamdoots despite their reluctance. ,he sinners repent or the sins they have committed but it is o no use to them& as they will have to reap the ruits o their evil deeds. ,hey have to undergo all sorts o pain ul e/perience3 they are orced to pass through ire and pits ull o ilth. ,hose sinners who have atoned or their sins are not treated so harshly by the Yamdoots. A ter they appear be ore Yamra9& >hitragupta reminds them o all the sins they had committed. ,herea ter& Yamra9 orders his attendants to puri y the sinners by putting them into the ocean o the (ell. ,here are ,wenty3eight types o hells3 Atighora& "audra& Bhortama& Dukh9anani& Bhorrupa& ,arantara& Bhayanaka& Kaalratri& Bhatotkata& >handa& @ahachanda& >hndakolahala& Erachanda& Varagnika& #aghanya& Avaraloma& Bhishni& +ayika& Karala& Vikarala& Va9ravinshti& Asta& Eanchkona& 1udirgha& Earivartula& 1aptabhauma& Ashtabhauma and Deerghamaya. -ach o the latter hell is more horri ic than the ormer.1inners have to undergo unbearable pain and su erings in the hell. ,hey are tied up by very hot iron chains and hanged down rom trees. Yamdoots attach hot and heavy iron balls to their eet and thrash them with hot iron rods. ,hey are then put into wells o ilth. ,he tongue o a liar is rooted out with brute orce and a person& who shows disrespect to his elders and teachers& his mouth is illed with hot sands and boiling oil. 1imilarly immoral women& who do not ul ill their obligation towards their husbands& are thrown into a horri ic hell named Lohakumbh. ? Yudhishthir$ A manAs li e is too short and uncertain. ?ne is not sure when his inal call would come. 1o& one should try to lead a virtuous li e to the best o his ability.A


3agar 2hand

,his >hapter contains ; sections.

F.I.6 ,rishanku cursed by Vashishth)s 1ons

1ut9i once narrated the ollowing tale to the assembled sages3 *n ancient times there lived a mighty king named ,rishanku. (e belonged to 1uryavanshi dynasty. ?ne day& he asked sage Vashishth whether there was any such Yagya by per orming which& he would be entitled to go to heaven with his physical orm. 1age Vashishth laughed at his naive Huery and told him that there was no such Yagya by per orming which a man could go to the heaven with his mortal body. But& ,rishanku was not satis ied by VashishthAs answer and so he went to ask the same Huestion to VashishthAs sons who were one hundred in number. But even they corroborated their atherAs statement. ,rishanku got in uriated and threatened them that he would appoint somebody else as his royal priest to get the same yagya per ormed as they all lacked the reHuired knowledge and competence. VashishthAs sons also got angry and cursed him to become a AchandalA (a low caste person). ,he ne/t moment ,rishanku indeed became a AchandalA and was so much ashamed o himsel that he decided to go to the orest a ter relinHuishing his throne. (e called his son 3(arishchandra and narrated the whole tale o his misery. Be ore going to the orest he appointed (arishchandra as his successor. ?ne day& while wandering in the orest& ,rishanku met sage Vishwamitra and narrated his miserable tale to him. 1ince Vishwamitra was a competitor o Vashishth& he took it as a golden opportunity to prove his superiority to his adversary. 1o& he assured ,rishanku that he had the reHuisite power to send anybody to heaven and said3 A * shall help you per orm a grand yagya& which would allow you to attain to the heaven with your mortal body. But be ore that you will have to go on a pilgrimage so that you become pure once again.A Both Vishwamitra and ,rishanku set out on a pilgrimage and reached AArbudachalA where they met sage @arkandeya. A ter the pleasantries were over& @arkandeya asked Vishwamitra about ,rishanku& who was standing Huietly. Vishwamitra revealed everything to @arkandeya and said 3 * had taken a vow not to take rest until ,rishanku got absolved o the evil in luence o the curse given by VashishthAs sonsA. * have not achieved success in my ob9ective till date& so * have decided to renounce the world. 1eeing Vishwamitra in such desperation& @arkandeya consoled him and instructed him to go to (aatkeshwar where taking a holy dip in Eatal Banga would puri y ,rishanku and solve all his problems.Both Vishwamitra and ,rishanku reached A(aatkeshwarA and bathed in the holy Eatal Banga. ,o his pleasant surprise& ,rishanku ound that he had indeed become puri ied and all the lowly Hualities had vanished within no time. Vishwamitra was delighted as the irst condition or ,rishankuAs departure to (eaven had been met. (e decided to go to Brahma loka to reHuest Lord Brahma to be present at the Yagya which was to be per ormed or the success o ,rishankuAs departure to heaven. But be ore leaving& he instructed ,rishanku to make all the necessary preparations be ore his return. A ter reaching Brahma loka& Vishwamitra narrated the whole story to Lord Brahma and reHuested him to grace the Yagya by his presence. Lord Brahma told him that it was 9ust impossible or any mortal to attain to heaven in his physical orm but he added that i ,rishanku per ormed the rituals diligently then he would certainly attain to heaven a ter his death. Vishwamitra did not like BrahmaAs words and challenged him that no power on earth could stop him rom sending ,rishanku to (eaven.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

F.I.; Vishwamitra >ommences +ew >reation

Vishwamitra then instructed ,rishanku to make preparation or the Yagya. A ter everything was ready& Vishwamitra initiated ,rishanku into the rituals o Yagya. ,rishanku made o erings in the sacri icial ire at the instruction o Vishwamitra. ,he deities readily accepted all the o erings that were made to them. ,his way& the yagya continued or twelve long years but still there was no sign o VishwamitraAs desire o sending ,rishanku to heaven getting ul illed. ,rishanku became de9ected and told him about his decision to renounce everything and spend rest o his li e doing penance as chances o attaining to heaven appeared impossible. (e was also sure that VashishthAs sons would make un o him i he went back to his kingdom without achieving his ob9ective. But& Vishwamitra consoled him and said33A +o power on earth can stop you rom going to heaven with your physical orm. You 9ust need to have some patience and your desire will be certainly ul illed.A Vishwamitra decided to please Lord 1hiva as he was convinced that 1hiva was the only deity who could help him achieve his goal. (e eulogi:ed 1hiva by singing hymns o praise in his name. At last& 1hiva appeared be ore him and e/pressed his desire o ul illing any wish o Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra reHuested 1hiva to bestow on him the power o creation 9ust like Brahma had. Lord 1hiva blessed him and disappeared.+ow& Vishwamitra was eager to test his powers so he began creating di erent things. (e created 1un& @oon& 1tars& oceans& "ivers& so on and so orth. *n a short time the whole world was illed by his creations resulting into chaos all over. As the result o his creations& every natural thing became double in number3 one that had already been created by Brahma and the second created by Vishwamitra. +ow there e/isted two suns& two moons& so on and so orth. VishwamitraAs ama:ing deeds had catastrophic allout on the natural course o events. Deities were scarred and rushed to seek the help o lord Brahma. ,hey told Brahma that i Vishwamitra was not stopped the whole world was doomed to destruction. Lord Brahma appeared be ore Vishwamitra and ordered to stop doing creations. Vishwamitra told him that he was ready to do that i Brahma helped ,rishanku attain to heaven with his mortal body. 1eeing no other option& Brahma accepted VishwamitraAs condition. ,his way& Vishwamitra was able to send ,rishanku physically to heaven with the help o Lord Brahma.


Pra5has 2hand

,his >hapter contains 66 sections.

F.<.6 Description o Euranas and %p3puranas

?nce& while describing the origin o puranas& 1ut9i told the sages who had assembled at +aimisharanya3A Lord 1hiva had irst revealed the contents o 1kanda puran to Earvati at Kailash @ountain. Lord Brahma and ew other deities were also present there at the time when 1hiva was narrating the tale. 1ubseHuently& Earvati narrated this tale to 1kanda& 1kanda to +andi and +andi to sages like 1anak& etc. and inally 1anak narrated it to Vyas. +ow * am going to tell you the same tale which Vyas had narrated to me.A 1ut9i began by saying3A During ancient times& Lord Brahma once did a very austere penance resulting into the mani estation o all the our Vedas. Later on& all the eighteen Euranas too appeared rom his mouth. ,hese eighteen Euranas were3 Brahma Euran& Vishnu Euran& 1hiva Euran& Bhagawat Euran& Bhavishya Euran& +arad Euran& @arkandeya Euran& Agni Euran& Brahma vaivarta Euran& Linga Euran& Eadma Euran& Varah Euran& 1kanda Euran& Vaman Euran& Kurma Euran& @atsya Euran& Baruda Euran and Vayu Euran.Apart rom these eighteen main Euranas& there are also similar number o secondary Euranas known as %p3 Euranas. ,hese %p3 Euranas are 3 1anat kumar& +arsimha& 1kand& 1hiva Dharma& Durvasa& +arad& Kapil& @anu& %shana& Brahmand& Varun& Kalika& @aheshwar& 1aamb& 1aura& Earashar& @aarich and Bhargava.A 1ut9i then went on to describe the other eatures o each Eurana3A Brahma Euran contains ten thousand shlokas in it whereas Eadma Euran contains i ty3 ive thousand shlokas. 1imilarly& there are twenty3three thousand shlokas in Vishnu Euran. Vayu Euran contains the tales related with Lord 1hiva and it contains twenty3 our thousand shlokas in it. 1imilarly the remaining Euranas like Bhagawat& +arad& @arkandeya& Agni& Bhavishya& Brhmavaivarta& Linga& Varah& 1kanda& Vaman& Kurma& @atsya& Baruda and Brahmanda Euran contain 6J&MMM& ;8&MMM& G&MMM& 6I&MMM& 6F&8MM& 6J&MMM& 66&MMM& ;F&MMM& J6&6MM& 6M&MMM& 6<&MMM& 6F&MMM& 6J&MMM and 6;&;MM shlokas respectively.A 1ut9i told the sages that all the %p3 Euranas owe their origin to the main Euranas which are eighteen in number. (e also revealed to them that they could be categori:ed into three main types3 1atvik& "a9as and ,amas. 1atvik Euranas contain the tales o Lord Vishnu while "a9as Euranas contain the tales o Brahma and ,amas Eurans contain the tales o Agni and "udra. ?ne o the chie characteristics o Euranas is that each o them is divided into
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

ive sections3 A1argA (Description o how creation began)& AEratisargaA& AVanshA (Description o prominent dynasties)& A@anvantarA and AVanshanucharitA (,ales related with the descendants o the amous sages).

F.<.; Erabhas ,eertha

?n being asked by the sages about the prominent places o pilgrimage& 1ut9i named many holy places but according to him Erabhas ,eerth was the crown o all the places o pilgrimage and was incomparable. "ecounting a tale when Earvati had once asked Lord 1hiva the same Huestion& 1ut9i said3A At that time 1hiva had told Earvati that Erabhas Kshetra was supreme among all the holy places and capable o liberating a man rom all his sins. (e had also told her that due to prevalence o sins in Kaliyuga people would not attain virtues despite going on pilgrimages. 1hiva had also told her that this was the reason why he had created numerous holy places and kept them secret so the holiness o these places remained intact. * have mani ested mysel in the orm o a divine 1hiva linga at Erabhas kshetra. ,he whole universe has originated rom it and merges into it ultimately at the time o deluge. ,he 1hiva linga is called 1omanath and very ew people are aware o itAs e/istence. ,his 1hivalinga continue to e/ist since itAs mani estation in a particular kalpa named Bhairav long ago. %n ortunately& people o kaliyaga under the in luence o all pervading ignorance would ail to recogni:e the importance o holy places. 1uch people would try to demean the value o holy places and make un o those people who go on pilgrimages. Being blinded by their super icial intelligence they would try to ind aults with rituals and religion. 1uch would be the condition o the mortals in kaliyuga that they would critici:e everything that is religious and spiritual in nature. (ow can one e/pect rom these un ortunate people o kaliyuga to understand the signi icance o Erabhas kshetra and which is revered even by me LA Earvati& who had been listening to the tale with rapt attention& became even more curious to know about Erabhas kshetra. 1o she reHuested Lord 1hiva to shed more light on the other important aspects o this sacrosanct place. Lord 1hiva& continuing with his description o Erabhas kshetra& said3 A ,his sacrosanct place has temples o three deities on itAs three sides. ,o its east is situated a grand temple o 1urya +arayan while there is a magni icent temple o @adhav to itAs west. *n the same way there is a beauti ul temple o goddess Bhavani to the north o Erabhas kshetra and towards itAs south lies the ocean. ,his holy place is spread in the area o ive yo9ans and is divided in three ma9or areas3 @aheshwar& Vaishnav and Brahma. ,here are about one crore temples related with di erent deities in Vaishnav and Brahma kshetras while @aheshwar kshetra contains one and hal crore temples. As the name implies& each area has been named a ter one Bod orming the ,rinity. Anybody who has the good ortune o living in the central part o Erabhas kshetra becomes absolved o all his sins even i he has committed most abhorrent sins. ,he signi icance o this holy place can be understood by the act that a man born there does not take a second birth and attains salvation. ?ne whom scholars o the Vedas call AKaalagni "udraA is amously known as Bhairav in Erabhas kshetra.

F.<.7 1omnath Linga

-mphasi:ing on the signi icance o 1omeshwar linga and its deep association with the Vedas& Lord 1hiva told Earvati3A ,he divine 1omeshwar linga e/ists since time immemorial and will remain or eternity. ,his revelation descended on me while * was engrossed in a deep state o meditation. 1omeshwar Linga has deep association with the Vedas and it enhances their sanctity by establishing itsel in each o them at di erent periods o time during the day. During morning time 1omeshwar linga establishes itsel in the "igveda& during noon in the Ya9urveda& during a ternoon in the 1ama veda and during evening time it establishes itsel in Atharva veda.

F.<.F Di erent +ames o 1omnath

Earvati curiously asked Lord 1hiva about the reason why 1omnath was known by so many di erent names. Lord 1hiva said3 A 1ince the time this divine linga irst mani ested itsel very ew blessed souls had the knowledge o itAs e/istence. Brahma has a li e span o one kalpa at the end o which even he ceases to e/ist giving way to his successor3 a new Brahma. *n the same manner this divine Linga acHuires a new name at the end o each kalpa. ,he present kalpa is seventh in order as si/ kalpas have already passed. ,he name o the present Brahma is 1hatanand and this divine Linga is presently amous by the name o 1omnath. 1imilarly it was amous as @rityun9ay during the time o Brahma named Virinchi. During second kalpa this Linga was amous as Kalagnirudra and the name o Brahma was Eadmabhu. ,he third kalpa had 1wayambhu as Brahma and the Linga was amous as Amritesh. ,he name o the ourth Brahma was Earmeshthi in ourth kalpa and the linga was amous as Annamay. *n the same way the names o the i th and si/th Brahma were 1ura9yeshtha and (emagarbha respectively and the names o the Linga during their periods were Kritiwas and Bhairav +ath respectively.A Lord 1hiva also revealed to Earvati that the ne/t kalpa3 eighth in order would have >haturmukh as Brahma and the divine Linga would be known as Eran +ath.Boddess Earvati then asked 1hiva about the e/act location o the Linga in Erabhas Kshetra. Lord 1hiva told her that the sacrosanct place o Erabhas Kshetra was situated between
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

the plains o two rivers Va9rini and +yankumati. (e also told her that the eternal Linga was not very ar rom the sea coast. Dwelling at length about the good ortunes o those living in Erabhas kshetra& Lord 1hiva told her3A Anybody who does not abandon this holy place despite his hardships and troubles is certain to attain to my abode. ?ne who has the good ortune o dying at Erabhas kshetra attains salvation. ,here will be prevalence o sins in Kaliyuga. As a result o this people would e/perience all sorts o hurdles and problems in their lives. ,o minimi:e their sorrows and to lessen their miseries& * have personally instructed Banesh not to abandon this place even or a moment. ? all the Lingas present on the earth& 1omnath is specially dear to me.A

F.<.8 1iddheshwar Linga and 1iddha Linga

Describing the reason why this sacrosanct place was named Erabhas& Lord 1hiva told Earvati3 A * dwell in the entire area stretching between the ocean in the south and river Kaureshwari. Being situated at the western coast& this entire area is radiated by 1uryaAs light or a relatively longer period o time and hence it has been named AErabhasA meaning luster. ,his is the reason why there is situated a grand temple o Lord 1urya in Erabhas Kshetra. +ot ar rom this 1urya temple is situated a magni icent temple o Lord 1iddheshwar& which was amously known as #aigishavyeshwar in ancient times.A Lord 1hiva then went on to describe why 1iddheshwar was called #aigishavyeshwar during ancient times3A ,here lived a sage named #aigishavya in previous kalpa. (e used to daily worship a 1hiva linga named @ahoday& which had mani ested on its own. Keeping in view 1hivaAs ondness or ashes& he used to smear it on his body hoping to please his deity. +ot only this he even slept on ashes. (e thus led an e/tremely austere li e. At last he was able to please Lord @ahoday by his devotion. Chen Lord @ahoday appeared be ore him and e/pressed his willingness to ul ill anything he wished but #aigishavya wanted nothing but total devotion in his deity (@ahoday). Lord @ahoday blessed him with immortality and said3A ,here would be nobody as power ul as you. Your eats achieved in spiritual things will be unmatched and you would become amous as AYogacharyaA or teacher o Yoga. ?ne who regularly worships this particular Linga which you have been worshipping with such deep devotion till now is certain to get absolved o all his sins.A (aving blessed Yaigishavya thus& Lord @ahoday disappeared rom his sight. A ter this incident& @ahoday linga also came to be known as Yaigishavyeshwar. *n course o time& when the Kaliyuga o that Kalpa arrived& some sages named ABalkhilyasA had gone to the same place and worshipped Lord @ahoday. 1imilarly& many more sages went there and attained AsiddhiA or accomplishment. ,his is how this Linga came to be known as A1iddheshwarA (the lord o all accomplishments). ,here are many holy places in the vicinity like 1iddha linga& which was installed by lord 1urya. Anybody who worships this linga on the auspicious day o trayodashi o the bright hal o the hindu month >haitra attains virtues similar to the accomplishment o AEundareek YagyaA.

F.<.I >handra Deva -ulogi:es 1hiva

Earvati asked Lord 1hiva about the reason >handra deva had to install a 1hiva linga at Erabhas Kshetra. Lord 1hiva replied that Daksha had got married twenty seven o his daughters to >handra Deva. >handra Deva was very attached to "ohini& who was one o them and neglected others. Chen Daksha came to know about this he cursed >handra Deva as the result o which he lost his luster and started waning day by day. ,he worried >handra Deva did an austere penance or thousand o years to please Lord 1hiva. At last Lord 1hiva became pleased and appeared be ore him. 1ubseHuently& >handra Deva got a divine 1hiva linga installed by Brahma and worshipped it or thousand o years. Lord 1hiva appeared once again and e/pressed his willingness to ul ill any wish >handra Deva e/pressed. >handra Deva reHuested Lord 1hiva to dwell in the very 1hiva Linga he had been worshipping till then. Lord 1hiva revealed to him that there was no Huestion o dwelling in the 1hiva Linga as he had never abandoned it in the irst place. >handra Deva had regained his luster on account o his arduous penance. Lord 1hiva blessed him and said3 A 1ince you have regained your luster (Erabha) by dint o your austere penance& this holy place will become amous as AErabhas KshetraA. ,his Linga would be named upon you and become amous as 1omnath Linga.A (aving blessed >handra Deva thus& Lord 1hiva disappeared. Later on >handra Deva instructed Vishwakarma to build a magni icent temple at the sight. (e also built a city nearby so that all the priests who were supposed to supervise the rituals o worship could live there.

F.<.< ,he 1igni icance o Betting ?ne)s (ead ,onsured

Dwelling on length about the signi icance o getting oneAs head tonsured at holy places& Lord 1hiva told Earvati3A A man should get his head tonsured whenever he gets an opportunity to visit a holy place because hair are believed to contain all the sins he has committed. ,here is a holy place called Eadma teerth& not ar rom 1omnath temple. A devotee should irst get his hair removed at 1omnath teerth and then immerse them at Eadma teerth. ,his way he becomes absolved o all his sins. Comen should have a symbolical cut o their hair. *t is necessary to per orm
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

the rituals o tarpan in the names o ancestors a ter the head tonsuring ceremony. According to the scriptures& an ocean is considered holy and nobody should its holy water in an impure state. Chile bathing a devotee should chant the ollowing mantra3 AOm namo .ishnu 9uptaaya .ishnu rupaaya namahC Saannidhye bhaBa deBesh saa9are laBanaambhasi%A ,here are about ive crore 1hivalingas submerged in the ocean near 1omnath. ,here are also other holy places situated nearby like Agnikunda& Eadma sarovar etc.

F.<.J ,he -mergence o 1arasvati in Erabhas Kshetra

?n being asked by Earvati about the emergence o river 1araswati at Erabhas Kshetra& Lord 1hiva narrated the ollowing tale to her3A ,he holy 1arswati lowing in Erabhas kshetra constitutes o ive di erent streams3 (arini& Va9rini& +yanku& Kapila and 1araswati. Lord Vishnu once instructed 1araswati to carry ABadwanalA (1ubmarine ire) and dump it in the ocean near Erabhas kshetra. A ter taking permission rom Lord Brahma& her ather 1araswati lew towards her destination. Banga became sad at her departure so she asked her as to how could she have a glimpse o her now that she was going to such a distant place. 1araswati consoled Banga by saying that she would be able to see her whenever she looked eastwards. ,he swi t currents o 1araswati penetrated the earth and reached Eatal Loka carrying Badwanal along with her.1he continued to move beneath the ground towards her destination. As she reached Erabhas Kashetra& our learned sages& who were well versed in Vedas arrived there and invoked 1araswati to give them the privilege o separate bath by dividing hersel in our di erent streams. ,he names o these sages were (iranya& Va9ra& +yanku and Kapil. Chile 1araswati was about to comply with their reHuest& suddenly 1amudra arrived there and he too e/pressed the same wish. ,hus 1araswati divided hersel into ive di erent streams3 (arini& Va9rini& +yanku& Kapila and 1araswati. -ventually& when 1araswati reached near the ocean& Badwanal whom she was carrying was surprised to see the high tides rising in the ocean. (e thought that the 1amudra was rightened o his ury so he asked 1araswati3 Chy is the ocean scarred o meL 1araswati in lated his ego by saying that who would not be scarred o him. Badwanal was pleased and wanted to grant her a boon. 1araswati remembered Lord Vishnu& who instantly gave his divine appearance in her heart. 1he narrated the whole story and sought his advise. Lord Vishnu advised her to ask Badwanal to make his appearance small like the eye o a needle. 1araswati& ollowing the advise o Lord Vishnu asked Badwanal to become small like a needle and keep sucking the ocean. 1ubseHuently& 1araswati summoned 1amudra and told him to accept Badwanal to which he agreed. ,his way 1amudra devoured Badwanal& who continues to suck the water o the ocean even today as per the instructions given by 1araswati. *t is believed that tides are nothing but the mani estation o BadwanalAs e/halations. ,his was how 1araswati emerged in Erabhas kshetra.

F.<.G Erabhas ! ,he Abode o ,rinity Boddesses

Lord 1hiva revealed to goddesses Earvati that Erabhas kshetra boasted o possessing many more 1hiva lingas apart rom the amous 1omnath 1hiva linga. (e also gave names o some o the prominent 1hiva lingas situated over there and said3 A ,o the +orth3-ast o 1omnath temple is situated a grand temple o lord 1arveshvar Deva& who is also amously known as 1iddheshwar. ,he reason behind this is that 1hiva linga over there had been installed by the AsiddhasA (accomplished ones) in ancient times. Eeople who are desirous o acHuiring siddhis throng this holy place and engage themselves in austere penance. ,o the east o 1iddheshwar temple is situated one more temple called Kapileshwar. *t has been named a ter sage Kapil& who had installed the 1hiva linga over there. A 1hiva linga named Bandharveshwar is also situated nearby. ,his particular 1hiva linga had been installed by a gandharva named Dhanvahan. ,o the east o Bandharveshwar temple is situated Vimaleshwar temple. *t is believed that anybody su ering rom tuberculosis gets cured a ter he worships in that temple. Dhandeshwar linga was installed by Kuber& who was bestowed with the lordship o wealth on account o his austere penance.A Lord 1hiva told Earvati that there were also temples o three goddesses in Erabhas Kshetra apart rom 1hiva temples. ,hese three goddesses were @angla& Vishalakshi and >hatwar representing the three types o power3 will power& power o action and power o knowledge. Lord 1hiva said3A ,he pilgrimage to Erabhas kshetra is believed to be incomplete until and unless these three goddesses have been worshipped. Boddess @angla represents the power o lord Brahma (Brahma shakti) while goddess Vishalakshi that o lord Vishnu. Boddess >hatwar represents my power. Boddess @angla holds the privilege o getting worshipped irst. During ancient times >handrama did an austere penance or thousand o years and all the deities including Lord Brahma had gone there to witness his ama:ing eat. At that time goddess @angla had blessed them and this was how she got her name.A
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Lord 1hiva then went on to describe how goddess Vishalakshi got her name3A A ierce battle had taken place between the deities and demons during >hakshus manvantar. Lord Vishnu ought along with the deities and helped them in de eating the demons. Demons led towards the south but were chased by the deities. "eali:ing that it was not easy to annihilate the demons& Lord Vishnu remembered goddess @ahamaya and sought her help. @ahamaya appeared instantly and looked at Lord Vishnu with her large eyes. ,his is how she got her name. *n the present kalpa she is also known as Lalitoma. ,o the south o Vishalakshi temple is situated the temple o goddess >hatwarpriya. Boddess >hatwarpriya is the saviour o people living in that area. Anybody who worships her on the auspicious day o @ahanavami with appropriate rituals is blessed.

F.<.6M Dvarka @ahatmya ! 1ages =ueries to Erahlad

?nce& ew sages asked 1ut9i about the means by which Lord Vishnu could be reali:ed in kaliyuga3 the era dominated by sin and decaying moral values. 1ut9i started by describing how Lord Vishnu on seeing the prevalence o sin in Dwapar yuga had to take incarnation as Krishna to liberate the world rom the sinners. (e also described in detail all the incidents culminating into the killings o many cruel demons 3Kaaliya serpent& >hanur& 1hishupaal and ogress like Eutna. (e gave in depth description o the events leading to the war o @ahabharat and how the in ighting among the mighty Yadavas led to their destruction. (e told them how a owler mistook KrishnaAs eet to be a deer and killed him. 1ut9i also told the assembled sages how the magni icent city o Dwarka had been submerged in the ocean ultimately. (e revealed to them that the passing away o Krishna marked the advent o Kaliyuga and the situation became even worse. ?n inding how di icult it was to reali:e lord Vishnu in the Kaliyuga3 the era dominated by sin& some prominent sages decided to seek Lord BrahmaAs help in this regard. A ter reaching Brahma loka& they eulogi:ed Brahma and received his blessings. Lord Brahma told them to go to Eatal loka and meet Erahlad& the supreme devotee o Lord Vishnu who according to Lord Brahma was in a better position to help them. All the sages went to Eatal loka as per the instructions given by Lord Brahma. ,here they not only ound Erahlad but also the most charitable king3Bali. A ter the pleasantries were e/changed& they came to the real issue and said3A Ce are very much distressed by the prevailing situation where it appears that the evil orces have overshadowed the virtuous ones. ,he ways shown by the Vedas are no longer in practice and the Brahmins are being tormented by the 1hudras& who have become the rulers. Ce have come with a reHuest and a desire to know whether there was any possibility o reali:ing Lord Vishnu in this dark era o AKaliA. * yes then where can we ind Lord VishnuLA

F.<.66 ,he 1anctity o Dvarkapuri

Erahlad& being an ardent devotee o Vishnu himsel & understood Huite well& the desperation with which a devotee seeks his Lord. 1o he told them3A By the grace o Almighty Vishnu& * am revealing to you the name o that sacred place which has remained a secret till now. Kushasthal Euri is a divine city situated on the western coast. +earby is the place where river Bomti meets the ocean and at this convergent point is situated the sacrosanct city called Dwarawati Euri& where you can ind Lord Vishnu in all his glory o si/teen kalas. Blessed be the Dwarka Euri& which ,he almighty Vishnu has chosen as his abode and where he dwells in his glorious >haturbhu9 orm. ,his is the very place& which even liberates the most allen sinner rom all his sins. ,here is a amous temple o Lord ,rivikram at the bank o river Bomti and not ar rom this temple is a divine pond. Anybody desirous o salvation must bathe in this pond or the ul illment o his wish. *t is believed that be ore leaving or heaven& Lord Krishna had trans erred all his divine powers into the ,rivikram idol. 1o& there is no place as holy as Dwarka and i you are desirous o having a divine glimpse o Lord Krishna then you must visit Dwarka.A All the sages thanked Erahlad or sharing his secrets with them because nobody else e/cept Erahlad was aware o the act that Lord Vishnu had given Dwarka the privilege o being his abode. ,hese revelations made them more curious about Dwarka& so they reHuested Erahlad to disclose how the holy Bomti descended down to Dwarka. Erahlad began by describing the virtues o going on a pilgrimage to Dwarka3A ,he mere resolution o going on a pilgrimage to Dwarka is enough to liberate oneAs ancestors rom the tortures o the hells. -ach step that a devotee takes towards Dwarka gives virtues similar to what is attained by per orming Ashwamedh Yagya. ?ne who encourages others to go on a pilgrimage to Dwarka certainly goes to Vishnu Dhaam.A
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Erahlad then switched over to the second part o the sagesA Huestion and said3A ,here is an interesting tale describing how sage Vashishth had brought down Bomti rom the heaven to earth. At the time o deluge when the whole world had submerged in water& a lotus lower mani ested rom Lord VishnuAs navel on which was seated Brahma. Lord Vishnu instructed him to per orm his duty as a creator to which Brahma agreed. Dirst o all Brahma created his ten manasputras (1anak& 1anandan&etc.) and sought their help in increasing the population o the world by becoming householders. But& all o them were e/tremely virtuous and did not show any inclination towards getting married. %ltimately all o them went to the western coast and engaged themselves in austere penance. ,heir penance continued or a number o years a ter which A1udarshan chakraA appeared be ore them. As all o them looked up in bewilderment& they heard a heavenly voice 3A ? sons o Brahma$ Very soon the almighty Vishnu is going to mani est himsel . ,he A>hakraA you are seeing is his. You all must per orm the rituals o AardhyaA in the name o Lord Vishnu to show your reverence towards him.A All the @anasputras eulogi:ed 1udarshan3>hakra with deep devotion. All o them wished that there were a holy river& with whose water they could per orm the rituals o ardhya. But to their utter dismay there was no such holy river nearby. ,hey then remembered Lord Brahma& who immediately understood what they desired. Lord Brahma instructed Banga by saying3A Banga$ Bo to the earth& where you would be known as Bomti. 1age Vashishth will lead you to your destination. #ust ollow him like a daughter ollows her ather.A Dinally& when sage Vashishth ollowed by Bomti reached their destination& all the @anasputras were delighted. ,hey eulogi:ed Banga and e/pressed their gratitude to Vashishth or bringing Banga on earth. All o them thanked Vashishth by saying3A 1ince you have brought Bomti on earth& you would be considered as her ather.A ,hey o ered AardhyaA to Bomti and subseHuently eulogi:ed Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu appeared a ter being pleased and blessed them3A Your un linching devotion in me has pleased me no bound. 1ince you did this penance with the ob9ective o @oksha (salvation)& this place would become amous as @oksha Dayak (giver o salvation). ,his sacrosanct place would also be called >hakra teerth because o 1udarshan chakra& who in ormed you all o my mani estation at Dwarka Euri. * assure you that * wonAt abandon this sacrosanct place even or a moment.A ,his way& all the @anasputras were inally success ul in their ob9ective o o ering ardhya to Lord Vishnu with the holy water o Bomti. At last& Bomti having ul illed her mission or which she had descended down to -arth merged with the ocean. Lord Vishnu disappeared rom there and @anasputras continued to live there.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

( ShiBa ,aha1Purana
Dirst o all& 1age 1haunak e/pressed his desire to 1ut9i about knowing the means& which could help a man in this era o Kali to attainment lord 1hiva& by cleansing all the impurities o his mind and recti ying his inherent demonic tendencies. 1ut9i then described about 1hiv @ahapuran 3 the supreme o all the puranas& which was narrated by Lord 1hiva himsel and which was later on retold by 1age Vyas with the permission o @aharshi 1anatkumar& or the benediction o common man. 1ut9i said& PBy understanding the mysteries o 1hivmahapuran and singing its praises& a man attains greater virtues than that which could be attained by being charitable or by the per ormance o all the SyagyasA. >ontemplating on the sub9ect matters o 1hivmahapuran give auspicious ruits 9ust like a AKalpa3taruA (A mythological tree which ul ills all the wishes). 1hiv @ahapuran contains twenty3 our thousand shlokas and seven. 1hivmahapuran is the best means or manAs liberation. E"?E-" @-,(?D ?D L*1,-+*+B ,? 1(*VE%"A+ 1age 1haunak reHuested 1ut9i to tell about the proper method o listening to 1hivpuran& so that the man kind gets complete bene it. 1ut9i replied3 PDirst o all& an auspicious moment should be determined by an Astrologer. A ter that& riends and relatives should be invited& especially those who have the tendency o being away rom such occasions. ,he sages and the virtuous people should be invited too. ,he AKathaA must be help in scared places like 1hiva temple& any place o pilgrimage or in oneAs home a ter doing a Bhumi Eu9an o the land Chere one intends to held the Katha o 1hiv Euran. ,he canopy should be well decorated.P PA ter making a resolution and doing worship o Banapati 3 the destroyer o all hurdles and obstacles the Katha should be commenced. ,he person who is telling the AKathaA should be acing north and all the listeners should sit acing east. ,he person who is telling the AKathaA should be a scholar and should be capable o clearing all the doubts rom the listenerAs mind. ,here should be no kind o distraction during the AKathaA period. A devotee& who listens to the Katha leaving behind all o his worldlys worries get complete bene its. A devotee should also make donations and o erings according to his capacity and capability otherwise he would become a wretched man. ,he @antra A?@ +A@A( 1(*VAYA should be chanted through out the period o Katha. "*B(, ?D L*1,-+*+B ,? 1(*V@A(AE%"A+53 An uninitiated person does not have the right to listen to the Katha o 1hivmahapuran. 1o a man desirous o listening to 1hivmahapuran should irst get initiated. A%1,-"*,*-1 ,? B- D?LL?C-D5 A devotee who has taken the vow o listening to the Katha o 1hivmahapuran& should ollow a celibate li e. (e should sleep on the loor and should have only ruits in the diet. (e can have his normal dinner only a ter the completion o the Katha. ,he diet should be resh and pure. (e should also try to avoid sin ul tendencies like lust& anger& greed& attachment and condemning other& etc. @aking donations o even meager things give undiminishing virtues. "*,-1 E-"D?"@-D ?+ >?@EL-,*?+ ?D ?B1-"VA+>-53 A ter the methodical completion o the Katha& a devotee should per orm %DDYAEA+ (>onclusion o the Katha)& which is similar to the >(A,%"DA1(* %DDYAEA+. ,he devotee should also >haritably make donations to all the brahmins who have helped in the per ormance o Katha. ?n the ne/t day the AEathA o 1(*V B*,A should be per ormed. * the devotee (listener o the Katha) is a householders& then he should per orm A(avanA with the ghee prepared rom >owAs milk& or the paci ication o the unhindered completion o the Katha. ,he (avan should be per ormed& either with the help o A"udra 1amhita mantrasA or ABayatri @antraA or with the shlokas o Euran. ,his Eurana consists o the ollowing < >hapters5


+idyeshwar )amhita

,his >hapter contains ;F sections.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

8.6.6 1ages -nHuire

Viddyeshwar 1amhita which is classi ied into twenty ive chapters& has a narration in its irst chapter which goes as ollows3 ?nce upon a time& the sages were per orming a yagya at Erayag kshetra. 1age 1ut9i came to know about this and arrived there. All the sages were very pleased to see him. ,hey reHuested53 PLord$ ,hough we have heard many tales rom you regarding the manAs benediction& but today we want to listen to something special. Because in this present era o Kali& when all the castes have orgotten about their respective duties we want to know is there any way to prevent the deterioration in the human valuesLP 1ut9i replied53 P? Breat men$ Your enHuiry has great relevance in this era o Kali. * will certainly tell you about the way by the help o which a man can achieve benediction. 1hivmahapuran contains the essence o Vedantic philosophy& which gives worldly pleasures as well as 1alvation. @ere remembrance o it destroys all the sins o a man. ?ne who studies the "udra31amhita attentively& his gravest o sins are destroyed instantaneously. ?ne who studies "udra31amhitaA silently& sitting in ront o Bhairav3idol& all o his aspirations are ul illed. A man gets liberated rom the sin o killing a brahmin& i he studies "udra 1amhita while circulbulating around a Banyan tree.P PKailash 1amhita is even 1uperior than "udra 1amhita& as it elaborates upon the meaning o ?mkar. 1hivmahapuran is created by lord 1hiva (imsel . *t contains twelve 1amhitas which are 3 Viddyeshwar& "udra& Vinayak& %ma& @atri& -kadash3rudra& Kailash& 1hat3rudra& Koti3rudra& 1ahastra Koti& Vayaviya and Dharma.P P*nitially it contained one lac shlokas but it was precised to twenty3 our thousand shlokas by sage Vyas. ,he present 1hivEuran is the ourth one which consists o seven 1amhitas. ,he earlier three 1hivpuranas are unavailable. ,he scienti ic analysis o the Vedantic mysteries are the main sub9ect o this divine 1hivpuran. ,he study o 1hivpuran helps a man to attain Dharma& Artha& Kaam and @oksha.

8.6.; Eroposition and @eans

1ut9i continued with his narration53 PDuring the initial period o A1vet Varah KalpA. 1i/ prominent sages collected near ,riveni and started debating as to who was the greatest deity& among Brahma Vishnu and @ahesh. ,heir debate remained inconclusive& so they went to lord Brahma to seek the answer. Lord Brahma told them53 P? revered 1ages$ ,he source o Vishnu& "udra all the deities including mysel and all the other creations is none other @ahadeo. %nion with the 1hiva should be the ob9ective o a man to attain that ob9ective. Listening to the Hualities o Lord 1hiva& singing devotional songs in his praise and contemplating on him are the greatest means& which help to unite with 1hiva.P

8.6.7 Listening& Kirtan& >ontemplation

1("AVA+ K*",A+ @A+A+ Euri ication o the mind by the help o doing worship and chanting the name o Bod is called contemplation. 1inging devotional songs in the orm o stotra& or hymns o the vedas or even in oneAs own language is called Kirtan. ,he above mentioned three activities are the supreme means to attain liberation.

8.6.F Breatness o 1hiva Linga

According to 1ut9i& i a person is incapable o ollowing the above mentioned three activities i.e. 1hravan& Kirtan and @anan then he should worship the 1hivalinga. -ven by doing this he can attain liberation rom all the bondages o the world. Describing about the ma9esty o 1hivalinga& 1ut9i says5 PLord 1hiva is the mani estation o Almighty Bod (Brahma) himsel and or this very reason he is known as +*1(KAL. Because o his divine beauty& 1hiva is called 1AB%+A
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

(Bod with orm). ,he term 1AB%+A is also e/pressed in another way& that is 1AKAL. 1hivalinga is worshipped since it symboli:es the orm o 1hiva. Lord 1hiva is also considered to be +*"B%+A (without any Hualities.)P P*n the irst Kalpa o 1wetvarah& a battle was ought between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu to prove their superiority. Lord 1hiva mani ested be ore arrogance. A ter that he also showed them his orm in the shape o 1hivalinga. Drom that day onwards the 1hivalinga became amous.P

8.6.8 ,he Deities go to Kailash @ountain

+andikeshwar9i narrates the tale o battle between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. P?nce while travelling lord Brahma reached the abode o Lord Vishnu. (e saw Lord Vishnu. (e saw lord Vishnu resting on 1hesh3+ag and being attended by Baruda and other attendants. Chen Brahma9i saw that Vishnu did not get up to receive him& he became very angry. Very soon& Verbal dual erupted between them. *t became so severe that a battle was ought between them& which continued or very long time. All the deities arrived rom the heaven to watch the battle. ,hey became very worried when they saw no sign o battle coming to an end. ,hey decided to go to lord 1hiva& to seek his help.

8.6.I Anaal31tambh (,he Eillar o Dire)

P,hough Lord 1hiva knew everything& but still eigning ignorance& he asked about the well beings o the world. ,he deities told him about the battle& ought between Brahma9i and Vishnu9i.P PLord 1hiva then sent his one hundred Banas to paci y both o them. (e too went there accompanied by mother Earvati& boarded on a chariot. Chen Lord 1hiva reached there& he saw that Brahma9i and Vishnu9i were about to use their deadly weapons3 @aheshwar and Eashupat respectively. Dearing the destruction& which these deadly weapons might have caused& Lord 1hiva mani ested himsel in the orm o AAnalstambaA (pillar o ire) between them. Brahma9i and Vishnu9i had already released their weapons3 @aheshwar and Eashupat. Both the weapons ell into that pillar o ire and got destroyed. PBrahma9i and Vishnu9i were very surprised to see the pillar o ire& which was so enormous in si:e that it reached the sky and penetrated down the earth. Vishnu9i trans ormed himsel into a boar and went to the AEatalA (nether world) to ind the base o that AEillar o ireA. But he was unsuccess ul in his attempt and came back. 1imilarly Brahma9i trans ormed himsel into a swan and lew up in the sky to ind its limit. Chile going through the aerial route he met a withered AKetakiA lowers& which had still some reshness and ragrance le t in it.P PLord 1hiva smiled at the utile attempts o 1hri Brahma9i and Vishnu9i. As a result o his smile the Ketaki lower ell down rom the branch. Ketaki lower told Brahma9i that he had been present there since the beginning o the creation& but was unable to know about the origin o that AEillar o ineA. ,he lower also advised Brahma9i against making any e ort in that direction& as it would be o no use.P PBrahma9i then sought the help o Ketaki lower to give a alse witness be ore lord Vishnu& that he (Brahma9i) had been success ul in seeing the limit o that pillar o ire. Ketaki lower agreed. Both o them went to Vishnu9i and Brahma9i told him that he had seen the limit o that Eillar o ire. Ketaki lower gave a witness. Vishnu9i accepted the superiority o Brahma9i.P PLord 1hiva became very angry with Brahma9i. (e proceeded to punish Brahma9i or his alsehood. Lord Vishnu reHuested Lord 1hiva to spare the li e o Brahma9i. Lord 1hiva became pleased with Vishnu9i and accorded him the same status as (at o his own.P

8.6.< 1hiva ?bliges Brahma

+andikeshwar continuing with the tale said5 PA ter according same status to Vishnu9i as that o his own& Lord 1hiva opened his third eye rom it mani ested ABhairavA. (e ordered Bhairav to kill Brahma9i. Bhairav severed the i th head o Lord Brahma with his sword. Brahma9i became very terri ied. (e was trembling in ear. Lord Vishnu elt pity on his condition and reHuested Lord 1hiva to orgive him. Lord 1hiva then stopped Bhairav& but told Brahma.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

PYou spoke untruth with a desire to become worshippable. *t is my curse that& you will not be worshipped by anybody. You will posses only our heads.P Brahma9i begged his orgiveness. Lord 1hiva eeling pity on Brahma9i gave him a boon o being the presiding deity o all the yagya. 1imilarly the Ketaki lower also prohibited rom being used during worship. But when Ketaki lower tendered his apology 1hiva gave blessing that it would be ortunate to be o ered to lord Vishnu during the worship.

8.6.J >onsecration o @aheshwar

Lord Vishnu and Brahma made salutations to lord 1hiva and o ered him a seat. ,hey then worshipped him. ,his was the irst time& Brahma and Vishnu had worshipped lord 1hiva. 1hiva was very pleased. 1hiva3ratri has been continued to be celebrated since that day. ,his particular day is considered to be the most auspicious day or the worship o Lord 1hiva. A devotee who asts on 1hiv ratri remaining only on ruits& attain virtues eHuivalent to the worship done or the whole year. ,he idol o 1hiva is consecrated on this day. Lord 1hiva has himsel told the deities that he had mani ested in the orm o Eillar o DireA in the month o Agahan and during the constellation o Ardra. (e also said3 P?ne who has my darshan on this day (1hivratri) or worships me in my orm o linga is dearer to me than Kartikeya. ,he place where& * mani ested in the orm o Eillar o ire will become amous as Lingasthan. Because o its resemblance with the A@ountain o DireA& it will also be known Arunachal.P Later on 1hiva brought back to li e all the people who had died in the battle& ought between Brahma9i and Vishnu9i.

8.6.G ?mkar
Lord 1hiva then preached Brahma9i and Vishnu9i on the ive duties (Eanchakritya) saying that A1hrishtiA (creation)& A1thithiA (position)& 1amhar (Annihilation)& ,irobhav (>oncealment) and AAnugrahA (obligation or kindness) are the ive duties by which this world unctions. ,he source o this world in A1argaA or +ature. ,he establishment o this world is A1tithiA or position. ,he tendency o this world to destroy is 1amhar or destruction. ,he eeling o absence o this world is ,irobhav or >oncealment and @oksha or 1alvation is obligation or Anugrah. Lord 1hiva then goes on to e/plain that the irst our duties like 1arga (+ature) etc help in the nurturement o the world and the i th duty Anugrah is a giver o 1alvation. Lord 1hiva also told them (Brahma9i N Vishnu9i) that he (1hiva) had blessed both o them to look a ter the two duties i.e. 1hrishti and 1thiti. "udra and @ahesh have been entrusted with the 9ob o 1anhar N ,iribhav. P,he i th duty AAnugrahA has been kept by me.P 1aid 1hiva. A ter describing about the allocation o the various duties& Lord 1hiva described the meaning o A?@KA"A to them. (e said that ?@KA" signi ied the world and contained the power o both 1hiva and 1hakti. ,his power ul mantra gives all kinds o worldly accomplishment as well as salvation. A ter that Lord 1hiva initiated both Brahma9i and Vishnu9i with the ?@KA"A mantra. (e also preached them on the importance o the worship o 1hivalinga.

8.6.6M "ituals o 1hiva Corship

?n the reHuest o the sages& 1ut9i describes about the methods o worshipping 1hiva Linga. (e says P?ne should construct a 1hivalinga either o mud& rock or metal and establish it in such a place where it can be worshipped daily without any hindrance.P

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

P,he A>harA (mobile) Linga should be small in si:e and the 1thira (Di/ed) linga should be large. ,he Linga should be constructed along with the pedestal. ,he rule or constructing a 1hiva Linga has been speci ically described. ,he breadth o thickness o the Linga should be twelve times the thickness o the devotees (one who is constructing the linga) inger& while the length should be twenty3 ive times. A ter establishing the linga in the above mentioned way& it should be worshipped a ter per orming the 1hodasopachar. ,he thumb also symbolise a 1hiva linga and its worship can be done. Chile worshipping the 1hiva Linga& the mantra ?@ +A@A( 1(*VAY should be continuously chanted. >hanting this mantra or ive crore times& helps a man in attaining to the abode o 1hiva. Corship o 1hiva done during the mid night is considered to be especially ructi ying.

8.6.66 1acred Eilgrimages o 1hiva

,here are numerous places o pilgrimages connected with 1hiva at the banks o river Banges and river *ndus. "iver 1araswati is considered to be a sacrosanct river and having an opportunity o living at its banks& helps in attaining to the abode o Brahma. 1imilarly& there are amous temples o Lord 1hiva at Kashi& +aimisharanya& Badrikasharam and Kedar etc. ,here are many temples o 1hiva at the banks o holy river like Banges& Yamuna& 1araswati& Bodavari& +armada& Kaveri& 1arayu& ,ungabhadra etc. Corshipping 1hiva at these places bestows undiminishing virtues and liberates a man rom all o his sins.

8.6.6; >onduct o the respective >astes

?n the reHuest o the sages& 1ut9i described about the virtuous and invirtuous activities o a man according to the respective castes be belong. (e said5 PA brahmin who per orms the rituals& as described in the Vedas& only is entitled to be called a Dwi9a. A brahmin who is not that pro icient in the Vedas is called a AKshatriya brahminA. A brahmin engaged in agricultural activities and business is called a Vaishya3brahminA. A brahmin who is in the habit o condemning and critici:ing others& is called a A1hudra3BrahminA. PA Kshatriya who looks a ter the wel are o his sub9ects is called a king& while the rest o them are known as simply Kshatriya. A Kshatriya who indulges in business is called a Vaishya Kshatriya. 1imilarly a Kshatriya who engages himsel in the service o the three superior castes 3 Brahmin Kshatriya and Vaishya is called a 1hudra Kshatriya.

8.6.67 ,ypes o Dharma

Dharma is considered to be o two types3 6) Dharma per ormed by matter and @aterials. ;) Dharma per ormed by indulging in physical activities. ,he per ormance o Yagya etc comes in the irst category. @aking pilgrimages o holy places comes in the second category. During the 1atya3Yuga& meditation was the way to attain sel knowledge. During ,reta3Yuga& it was attained by penance& during Dwapar Yuga it was attained by per orming AYagyaA while in the present era o Kali Yuga& idol worship is considered to be the means to achieve sel 3reali:ation. *nvirtuosity invites sorrow while virtuosity bestows 9oy and happiness. A,(- *@E?",A+>- ?D AB+*3YABYAA ,he sages then asked 1ut9i about the Agniyagya Brahma yagya and Buru Eu9a in order o importance. 1ut9i said3 PEer orming AhavanA by o ering matter and materials into the sacred ire& is called Agni yagya. ,his ritual is especially meant or the brahmachari (>elibates). Eer orming havana during the evening time brings prosperity& while per ormance o havana during the morning times gives long li e. @aking sacri ices to the deities during the day time is called ADeva YagyaA. A brahmin should per orm ABrahma yagya with the help o the study o the Vedas.P

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

PDirst o all lord 1hiva adopted an auspicious day or himsel and named it 1unday. A ter that he named the 1i/ remaining days o the week and attributed them to the ollowing deities respectively 3 @onday (Durga)& ,uesday (1kand)& Cednesday (Vishnu)& ,hursday (Yama)& Driday (Brahma)& and 1aturday (*ndra). Corshipping the deities on their respective days give peace properity and all kinds o accomplishments.

8.6.6F Appropriate Elace and ,ime or Corshipping 1hiva

*@E?",A+>- ?D ELA>-5 *n the Viddyeshwar 1amhita o 1hivapuran& describing about the importance o place and time or worship o 1hiva says3 PCorshipping 1hiva at a pure place in a house gives appropriate ruits& while worship done in a cowshed gives virtue& which are ten3times more than the ormer one. Corshipping 1hiva at the banks o a river gives& ten times more virtues than the second one. Corship o 1hiva done either in temple& under the basil plant etc. or at the banks o 1apt Banga& gives ten times more virtue than the third one. * 1hiva is worshipped at the seashore than the ourth one& while worshipping 1hiva on the peak o a mountain& gives ten times more virtue than the i th one. But worship done with a ully concentrates mind& gives the best ruits. *@E?",A+>- ?D ,*@-5 During the 1atya3yuga per ormance o Yagya and donations gave complete results. During the ,reta3yuga it gave hal & while in the present Kaliyuga it gives one3 ourth results. Virtuosity per ormed with a pure heart does not go in vain. ,he other auspicious days in order o their increasing importance are A1urya31ankrantiA& ,ula 1ankranti and @esh31ankranti& Lunar eclipse and 1olar eclipse respectively.

8.6.68 Corshipping the *dol o 1hiva

*t has been mentioned in the si/teenth chapter o Viddyeshwar 1amhita that all the desires o a man are completely ul illed& i he worship even in earthen idol o 1hiva. Dor making an idol o 1hiva. Day should be acHuired rom the base o river & pond& well or any such other place. *n this clay ragrant powder and milk should be added to make it into a paste. A ter the constructing o idol is complete& it should be worshipped by all the si/teen types o rituals 1hodasopachar. * the 1hiva Linga is constructed by somebody else& then three AseraA o +aivedya should be o ered to the deity& whereas i one himsel has constructed the 1hiva3Linga then the one3 ourth o a A1eraA should be o ered. * such an idol s worshipped or one thousand times& then it helps a devotee in attaining to the 1atyaloka. Eer orming AabhishekA o such an idol helps in sel 3puri ication& o ering ragrance gives virtues& +aivedya increases the li e span and worshipping it with ADhoopA gives wealth and prosperity respectively. Corshipping the idol with a burning lamp gives knowledge to the devotee& whereas o ering beetel leaves gives splendours. A devotee who worships Lord 1hiva in the hindu month o @agh and on Krishna >haturdashi achieves longevity o li e. Both& worldly pleasures and salvation are achieved by worshipping 1hiva. Corshipping 1hiva in the hindu month o Kartik by going #apa& penance etc gives special ruits and the devotee becomes ree rom all kinds o diseases. * a devotee worships lord 1hiva on 1unday he becomes ree rom rebirth.

8.6.6I ,he @a9esty o Eranav Eanchakshar

,he root sounds Akaar& %kaar& @akaar& Bindu and +aad& which are ree rom the delusions and which originates rom the mother +ature are called Eranav. *t is o two types53 a) Bross& b) 1ubtle. (Eranav @antra ?@ A+D ?@ +A@A( 1(*VAY$ *t symboli:ess the uni ied power o 1hiva and 1hakti and destroyes all the sins o a man. A man desirous o worldly pleasures must chant the mantra A(rishva EranavA containing the three root sounds A& %& N @a& which
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

symboli:es Brahma& Vishnu and @ahesh respectively. ?n the other hand a man aspiring or the salvation& must chant the mantra ADeergha EranavA containing A& %& @a& +aad and Bindu. Be ore commencing the study o Vedas pronouncing ?@KA" is a must. By chanting AEranavA or nine crore times man becomes pure. By chanting it or urther nine crore times a man develops a control over natural orces like wind& smell and earth etc. ,his Eranav mantra is considered to be most power ul and helps a man to attain the abode o 1hiva.

8.6.6< Corldly Bondage and 1alvation

*n the eighteen chapter& all the sages reHuested 1ut9i to e/plain the meaning o bondages o li e and 1alvation 1ut9i replied3 PBecause o the eight types o bondages which a man eels on this earth& the soul is also known as P#eevaP. ,he #eeva becomes liberated only a ter becoming ree rom these eight bondages. ,hese eight bondages are 3 +ature& *ntelligence Hualitative3 ego and the Eanchatanmatras i.e. 1ound& touch& appearance& taste and smell. P-ach soul is binded by these eight aspects o the +ature. ,he actions per ormed as the result o these bondages is called Karma. A man reaps the ruits o his actions3 Chether good or evil. (e either en9oys pleasures or su ers because o sorrow& due to this Karma.P ,he soul takes rebirth in a cyclic was binded by the e ects o his Karmas. ,he eight >hakraA are nothing but the eight orms o the nature. 1hiva is beyond the reach o these eight chakras& on the contrary he has ull control these eight chakras. 1o a man can become ree rom the bondages o this world& only by worshipping 1hiva Linga. ,he linga is both gross as well as subtle. ,here are ive types o Linga on this earth.3 1CAYA@B(% L*+BA& B*+D% L*+BA& E"A,*1,(*, L*+BA& >(A" L*+BA& B%"% L*+BA. A person desirous o worldly pleasures should worship the cross 1hivalinga& where as one who is desirous o attaining salvation must worship the subtle 1hiva linga.P

8.6.6J ,he Corship o Earthiva Linga

1ut9i then e/plains the greatness o worshipping a Earthiva Linga35 PEarthiva Linga is the most supreme among all the 1hiva3Lingas. All the aspirtions o he deities as well as men are ul illed by the worship o Earthiv linga. During the era o 1atya& 9ewel was considered to be o prime importance& where as during ,retayuga and Dwaparyuga& gold and mercury had the prime importance respectively. *n the present era o Kali& a Earthiva Linga hold this place o honour. ,he worship o Earthiva Linga begets more virtues than even penance. #ust as Banga among the rivers& Kashi among the sacred places o pilgrimages& ?mkar among all the mantras are considered to be superior& *n the same way Earthivalinga is considered to the supreme among all the Linga. Corshipping& a Earthiva linga with a A+ishkam bhavaA helps a man to attain liberation.P

8.6.6G @ethods o Corshipping Earthiva Linga

-laborately describes about the methods o doing worship o Earthiva Linga53 PA ter becoming resh in the morning& a man should wear a rudraksha garland in his neck and apply bhasma (Ash) on his orehead. (e should then worship the Earthiva Linga. (e should chant the various names o 1hiva& while worshipping the Earthiva Linga& like (ar& @aheshwar& 1hambhu& 1hoolpani& @ahadev& etc. A ter worshipping the Earthiva Linga& it should be immersed in the river& ,hen the mantra 3 O, "*,*+ S+I.*3 should be canted with complete devotion. ,his is the method which has been described in the Vedas or the worship o Earthiva Linga.P

8.6.;M +umber o Earthiva 1hivalingas

,he numbers o Earthiva Linga di er according to oneAs desires. Dor e/ample a man who is desirous o learning and knowledge must worship one thousand Earthiva Linga. A man who is desirous o wealth must worship. ?ne thousand ive hundred Earthiva Lingas. A man who is desirous o attaining salvation must worship one crore Earthiva Lingas. Earthiva linga& which is eHuivalent to the height measured by the our ingers and which has been established on a beauti ul pedestal& is considered to be the best. Earthiva Linga which is the hal o the above mentioned height is considered to be A@ediumK and still hal than the second category is considered to be in erior Earthiva Linga. *t
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

is better and advisable to worship a single Earthiva Linga daily& because it is eHuivalent to the worship o the whole world. +obody is barred rom worshipping 1hiva& e/cept the people whose ancestors had been cursed by the sages like Dadhichi& Bautam. 1uch people should also worship the eight idols (earth& water& ire& air& sky& sun& moon and the host) alongwith the Earthiva linga. A brahmin should worship Earthiva linga as per the methods described in the vedas. Corship should be done& acing north.

8.6.;6 *mportance o +aivedya and Bilva Leaves

1ut9i then described about the important o +aivedya o ered to Lord 1hiva. PA devotee gets liberated rom all o his sins merely at the sight o the +aivedya& which have been o ered to lord 1hiva. (e attains great virtues by having the Erasada.P A man must not accept the Erasada i the worship have been done under supervision o a A>handalaA& but some o the 1hivalingas like Baanlinga& 1iddhalinga and 1wayambhu Linga are e/ceptions to this rule. ,he prasada which has been o ered to the 1hivalinga and remains lying on it& is prohibited rom having& but the prasad which is not touching the 1hivalinga should be accepted. B*LVA (C??D AEEL-)35 Bilva ruit is considered to be a orm o lord 1hiva *tAs greatness has been eulogi:ed even by the deities himsel . *t is believed that all the places o pilgrimages& dwell in the Bilva3lea . Lord 1hiva is believed to have his abode in the roots o the Bilva tree. A devotee who waters the roots o the Bilva tree attain greater virtues than o ering water to the deities o all the places o pilgrimages. 1imilarly a devotee who worships the roots o the Bilva tree attains to the abode o lord 1hiva.

8.6.;; ,he @a9esty o 1hiva)s +ame

1ut9i then goes on he e/plain the greatness o 1hivaAs name and the importance o Bhasm (Ash) and rudraksha beads in his worship. ,he name o 1hiva is as sacred as BangesK 1imilarly ABhasmA and A"udrakshaA are as holy as river Yamuna and 1araswati respectively. ,here ore a devotee who possesses the name o lord 1hiva on his lips& Cho applies Bhasm on his person and who wears a rudraksha in his neck attain the virtues similar to that o taking a bath in the sangam. *n the ancient time& a king by the name o *ndrayumna got liberated rom the bondages o the world& 9ust by chanting the name o 1hiva.

8.6.;7 ,he *mportance o Bhasma in 1hiva)s Corship

Bhasma are o two types53 6) @ahabhasma and ;) 1walpabhasma. A1hrotaA (listener)& A1martK (rites according to the smritis) and Laukik (worldly) are considered to be the @ahabhasma. ,here are many types o 1walpabhasma A1hrotaA and A1martA are meant only or the brahmins. Dor the rest o the castes& ALaukik bhasmaA is appropriate. A brahmin must apply bhasma& only a ter initiating it with the mantras. ,he ashes which remains a ter burning dry cowdung is called Aagneya Bhasma. Applying A,ripundaA on the orehead with the ashes a ter the completion o Yagya& is to the upanishad rituals like 1andhya and #apa should only be per ormed a ter applying tripunda on the orehead.

8.6.;F *mportance o "udraksha

"udraksha is very dear to lord 1hiva and hence all the sins o a man get destroyed i he chants the name o Lord 1hiva using a "udraksha beads. (e also attain salvation a ter his death. *t is believed that the origin o "udraksha is connected with 1hiva penance. ?nce while 1adashiv was per orming his penance& his eyes opened due to some disturbances. (e was so remorse ul that tears rolled down rom his eyes. ,hese tear3drops are believed to be the origin o the "udraksha trees.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

"udraksha o speci ic colours have been prescribed or di erent castes. Dor e/ample a Brahmin& a Kshatriya& a Vaishya and a 1hudra have been instructed to put on "udraksha o white colour& red colour& yellow colour and black colour respectively. A person who wears eleven hundred "udraksha on his body& he unites with 1hiva. "udrakshas are o various types i.e. -K@%K(A "%D"AK1(A (one opening) to rudraksha with ourteen openings. -ach type o rudraksha has speci ic mantra and speci ic deity connected with it.


6udra )amhita

,his >hapter contains 6FG sections.

8.;.6 1hrishti3Khand
,he sages e/press their desire o knowing about the mani estation o 1hiva and %ma& their marriage and their li e as a householder and the other aspects o 1hivaAs divinity 1ut9i narrated the story o +aradAs attachment and lust 3 how they were ultimately destroyed. (e also narrated o +aradAs deep desire to know about 1hiva.

8.;.; Victory o +arada over 'Kama)

?nce upon a time a +arad was per orming a penance in the cave o (imalaya mountain. *ndra becoming ear ul sent Kamadev to obstruct his penance. But Kamadeva was unsuccess ul in his attempt as the place where +arada was doing penance was the same place where Lord 1hiva did penance. A ter the completion o his penance& +arada became arrogant that he had de eated Kamadeva. (e went to Kailash mountain and narrated about his eat to Lord 1hiva. +arada was naTve not to reali:e the act hat is happened only because o the divine power o 1hiva. Lord 1hiva listened to his arrogant statement. (e advised +arada not to reveal this secret to anybody. But +arada went to Brahmaloka and boasted about his eet to Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma listened to his boisterous statements and advised him not to reveal this to anybody. But +arada was not satis ied. (e wanted to give the news o his achievement to Lord Vishnu. 1o& he went to Lord VishnuAs abode and boasted about his eat o de eating Kamdeva. Lord Vishnu with a desire to subdue his in lated ego& mani ested his illusionary power with the blessings o Lord 1hiva.

8.;.7 +arada)s -go 1ubdued5

Chile +arada was returning rom Vaikuntha Loka& he saw a beauti ul city. ,his city was ruled by a king named 1heel+idhi. ,he king had a daughter and her 1wayamvar was being organised. +umerous kings had arrived to take part in that 1wayamvar. +arada& curiously entered the place were 1wayamvar was being held. ,he king reHuested +arada to study the lines o the palm o the princess. +arada was in atuated by the princess beauty. (e returned back to Lord Vishnu and e/pressed his desire o marrying that princess. (e also reHuested Vishnu9i to make him as handsome as himsel (Vishnu). Lord Vishnu made +aradaAs whole body very beauti ul e/cept his ace. Chich he made like a monkey. +arada being unaware o this happily went back to 1wayamvar site. +arada sat among the kings 3 his ace resembling like a monkey Lord Vishnu too was present there. ,he princess saw +arad& whose ace was looking like a monkey. 1he was amused. %ltimately she put the garland around the neck o Lord Vishnu and went to Vaikuntha Loka alongwith him. 1ome o the 1hivaAs gana too were present there in the guise o a brahmin. ,heir names were @arud ganas. Chen they saw +arada to see the re lection o his ace in the water. Chen +arada saw his ace in the water& he saw that he was looking like a monkey. (e became very urious and cursed the @arudganas to be the born as demons& even though being brahmins by birth. Durious +arada then went to Lord Vishnu and cursed him3 PYou too would su er due to separation rom your wi e& during your incarnation o "am and the monkey would come to your help.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

8.;.F Vishnu Ereaches +arad5

Lord Vishnu accepted +aradaAs curse without any hesitation. (e then removed the illusionary powers by which +aradasA mind was in luenced +ow& +arada regretted his actions. Lord Vishnu told +arada that everything happened because o 1hivaAs divine illusions. PYou did not pay heed to his advice and hence 1hiva by his illusions& has taught you a lesson. 1hiva is beyond the reach o the three basic Hualities31atva& "a9o and ,amas. ,here ore you must worship and contemplate on the name o 1hiva. All o your sins will be destroyed. A ter preaching +arada&& Lord Vishnu vanished rom his sight. +arada then descended down to earth and while having darshan o numerous 1hivalingas& he saw two o the @arudganas& whom he had cursed. (e told both o them that they would take birth rom a giantessAs womb& but their ather would be sages. (e also told them that they would become very amous due to their devotion& +arad went to lord Brahma and reHuested him to tell about the divinity o 1hiva.

8.;.8 Brahma9i Ereaches +arad5

?n +aradAs reHuest Brahma9i said3 PDuring the period o @ahapralaya (Dinal annihilation) nothing e/ist& e/cept 1hiva. ,he power which 1hiva mani ested rom his own sel came to be known as Ambika. ,his Ambika is understood to be the cause o the whole world as well as the +ature. Lord 1hiva then created a 1hivaloka& which is known as Kashi. *t is the abode o 1hiva and Earvati. A man who makes a pilgrimages o Kashi attains salvation.

8.;.I ,he ?rigin o Vishnu

Lord 1hiva& elt the need o somebody& who could look a ter the creation in his absence& as he wanted to retire along with Ambika at Kashi. ,he uni ied energy o 1hiva and Ambika& resulted into a radiant physical orm o a child. ,he child asked 1hiva about his name and purpose o his being. Lord 1hiva named the child as Vishnu and advised him to do a penance which would help him to attain all kinds o accomplishment. (e then o ered him the knowledge o Vedas& through his breath. Dor this reason it has been said3 D3*S3* "IS+.*SIT*, .'D*+ D @eaning5 Chose e/haled air is Veda. Vishnu ollowed the instruction o 1hiva and did a tremendous penance or twelve years& but still he was not success ul in having a darshan o lord 1hiva or the second time. (e became worried. (e heard a heavenly voice& instructing him to do urther penance. Vishnu then recommenced his penance. *t continued or many days. By the blessings o 1hiva& numerous ountain o streams errupted rom his body& which spread in all directions in the orm o Brahma. Vishnu9i was very pleased to see that stream. (e went to sleep in that streams due to which he also came to be known as A+arayanA. ?ne who has his abode in the water. A ter that& all the ive elements mani ested rom his sel . ,he three Hualities3 1alva& "a9os and ,amas as well as the ego mani ested rom his body. 1imilarly& ive ,anmantras (1ubtle orm o matter)& Eanchabhuta (1ky water& air& ire and earth) and ultimately ive sense organs and ive organs o action also mani ested rom. Altogether twenty3 our types o element mani ested rom the body o 1hri Vishnu.

8.;.< ?rigin o Brahma9i

Brahma9i told +arad3 PChile Vishnu9i was sleeping in the water& a lotus lower mani ested rom the navel o Vishnu according to the wish o 1hiva. ?n that lotus was seated with our heads. * did not see anything e/cept that lotus lower. * had a desire to know about my identity. 1o * entered into the hollow tubular stalk o that lotus lower& but * was not able to ind the source. * returned back to the same place. 1uddenly * heard a voice which instructed me to do penance. * did a tremendous penance or twelve years with a desire to know about my creator. Being pleased with me& lord Vishnu mani ested be ore me with in his >haturbhu9 orm& but * could not identi y him& being in luenced by the illusionary power o 1hiva. * Huarreled with him.P
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

8.;.J Dispute Between Brahma9i N Vishnu9i

P* asked him as to who he was. Vishnu9i replied that he was the ul iller o all o his desires. But * replied to him that * only was the creator& nurturer and the supreme soul o this world. Vishnu9i became angry and said that undoubtedly * (Brahma) was the creator o this world& but he (Vishnu) was the one& who had created me (Brahma) and the whole world. Vishnu9i also ordered me to take his re uge and promised to protect me. But being an ignorant * did not believe him. A ierce battle was ought between both o us. A 1hiva linga mani ested between us to end the battle. Ce reHuested that 1hivalinga to show its real identity. ,hat 1hivalinga had destroyed our pride.P

8.;.G 1habda3Brahma
Ce heard a sound ?@. Ce became curious to know the origin o that sound. Vishnu9i saw a letter AAA towards the south o that 1hivalinga. (e also saw the letters A%A and A@A centre towards the north o the 1hivalinga and in its centre respectively. (e also saw the mantra A?@A& which was da::ling like a 1un. ,here was no beginning and end to this mantra ?@. As we were making e orts to know about its origin& suddenly 1hiva appeared in the orm o a sage. (e gave us the knowledge regarding ?@. (e also revealed to us that * originated rom the letter AAA& Vishnu9i originated rom letter A%A and 1hiva himsel originated rom letter @. ,he letter A signi ies creation& % 1igni ies nurturement and @ signi ies salvation. ,he three letters A& V N @ also symboli:es the basic causes o creation. A or brahma also symboli:es the semen& % or Vishnu symboli:es the Vagina and the sound o ?@ is @aheshwar3 the combined sound o A& % and @. All the three united rom which mani ested a golden egg. ,his golden egg remained submerged in the water or one thousand years. ,he almighty then cut that egg into two halves& rom which appeared heaven and -arth. Ce also saw the divine beauty o @aheshwar.P

8.;.6M 1habda3Brahma ,anu

,hen we saw all the vowels and consonants emanating rom the physiHue o @ahadeva. Vishnu9i saw the orty eight letters within O,/*#& which in act were the two ollowing mantras3 DT*TP$#$S+*3 .IDD3*,*+' ,*+*D'.*3 D+I,*+I, T*""O #$D#*+ P#*C+OD*3*T%D And DT*TS*.IT$#.*#'"3*, )+*#5O D'.*S3* D+I,*+I D+I3O 3O"*+ P#*C+OD*3*T%D PA ter that we also received the @ahamrityun9ay mantras like AO, <OO, S*+D& D+#*$, +#I, <OO, S*+D and DT#*3*,)*/*, 3*<*,*+'D. A ter that we received the ive lettered mantra DO, "*,*+ S+I.*3D& the chintamani mantra A/S+*,3*$,A& the dakshinamurti mantra 3 DO, "*,O )+*5*=*T' D*/S+I"*,$#T*3' ,*+3*, ,'5+*, P#*3*C+C++* S=*+*. At last we received the great mantra T*T.*,*SI. Vishnu9i was so enchanted by this mantra that he started chanting this mantra. Ce then prayed to 1hiva3the creator& the nurturer and the destroyer.

8.;.66 1hiva -nlightens Brahma N Vishnu

P1hiva became very pleased with both o us. (e preached us the contents o Veda. 1hiva told Vishnu9i about the methods by which his (1hivaAs) worship could be done. (e revealed to us that Vishnu9i actually had mani ested rom the le t portion o his 1hivaAs body and mysel rom the right portion o his body. (e also blessed us that he would mani est his incarnation o "udra rom our body and also that the purpose o this incarnation would be to do annihilation. Lord 1hiva revealed to us that his consort %ma& was in act mother +ature and her power in the incarnation o 1araswati would be my consort. La/mi& who would also mani est rom the nature would be the consort o Vishnu.P

8.;.6; Age o Brahma& Vishnu N "udra

Bramha9i told +arada5 PLord 1hiva in ormed us that my day consists o our thousand eras and similarly my night too consists o our thousand eras. 1ince a month consists o thirty days and a year consists o twelve months. *n this way my age was i/ed to be o one hundred years. ?ne day o Vishnu is eHuivalent to one year o Brahma. VishnuAs age too was i/ed to be o one hundred years. ,he day o "udra is eHuivalent to one year o Vishnu and his age also was i/ed to be o one hundred years.

8.;.67 ,he @ethods o Corshipping 1hiva

?n the reHuest o the sages& 1ut9i retold the preaching which had been narrated by Brahma9i to +arad. Describing the method o 1hiva worship he says3
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

PA devotee should get up early in the morning and contemplate on 1hiva& who gives benediction. A ter that& he should inish his daily routing work and per orm rituals like A1andhyaA and Vandana etc. A ter that& he should worship 1hivalinga according to vedic rites like Eanchopachar& 1odashopachar etc. (e should also per orm AAbhisekaA with various o erings. At last& the should beg pardon or his sins.P

8.;.6F AcHuiring o 1hiva Lingas by the Deity

?nce& Brahma9i went to AKshirsagarA (the abode o Vishnu) accompanied by the deities and asked lord Vishnu how a man could be liberated rom his sorrows. Lord Vishnu told them that this ob9ective could be met b worshipping 1hiva3Linga. All the deities& then prayed to lord 1hiva& who a ter becoming pleased instructed AVishwakarmaA to construct a 1hivalinga or them. Vishwakarma then made a 1hivalinga or Kuber& a 1hivalinga o yellow diamond or Dharmara9& a 1hivalinga o dark coloured diamond or Varun& a 1hivalinga o *ndraned diamond or Vishnu and a goldden 1hivalinga or Brahma9i. 1imilarly Vishwadeva was given a 1hivalinga made up o silver& the Ashwini Kumars were given 1hivalinga made up o bron:e& La/mi was given a 1hivalinga made up o >rystal (1phatik)& 1un3god was given a 1hivalinga made o copper and the moon was given a 1hivalinga made o pearl.

8.;.68 @ethods o Corshipping 1hiva Linga

Brahma9i has described the ollowing methods or the worship o 1hivalinga3 PA ter per orming the rituals like AAachamanA and Eranayam a devotee should apply a tripunda on his orehead and wear a rudraksha on his body. A ter the study o 1hanti3path and the per ormance o Devata3+amaskar& he should make a resolution i he has any wish to be ul illed. ,hen the worship o 1hivalinga should be done& with the help o @ahima31tavan and o ering lowers to the 1hivalinga. ,he purity o the mantras should be maintained while chanting them.

8.;.6I ,he Virtues o Corshipping 1hiva @ethodically

*t has been mentioned in the 1hivapuran that making o erings in the orm o lotus& 1hatapatra& & 1hankhapushpi& the leaves o wood apple tree& helps a man in attaining wealth and prosperity. Dor becoming ree rom disease& i ty lotus lowers should be o ered to the 1hivalinga. @rityun9ay3#ap should be chanted or ive lac times& or all types o accomplishment. ?ne lac dhatura3 ruits should be o ered or long li e& worldly3pleasure& as well as or attaining salvation.

8.;.6< ,he ?rigin o Kailash N Vaikunth

Brahma9i revealed to +arad how the process o creation commenced3 PA ter Lord 1hiva vanished rom our sight& * trans ormed mysel into the appearance o a swan and Vishnu9i trans ormed his appearance into that o a boar with the purpose o commencing the process o creation. Dirst o all& * created the water. * poured a palm ul o water into it and an egg mani ested which consisted o all the twenty our elements. ,his egg was very enormous in si:e which made me con used. * did penance or twelve years. Vishnu9i appeared be ore me. * reHuested him to bring that egg to consciousness. Vishnu9i entered into that egg. As a result o this& Kailash mountain& and all the seven worlds came into e/istence. A ter that the static living things were created& which symboli:ed the dark Huality (,amogun). A ter that * created our ooted animals like cows and ?/ etc. inspite o these creations& * was not satis ied& so * again went into meditation. As a result the deities were created which symboli:ed the virtuous Huality (1atoguna). ?nce again * meditated and the human species came into e/istence& which symboli:ed the medium Huality ("a9oguna). Cith the permission o Lord 1hiva& * then created spirits like ghosts etc. A ter that * created my ive @anasputras3 1anak& 1anadan etc. But they were so ascetic and detached rom the world that they showed their disinclination in contributing in the process o creation. ,his made me angry& tears rolled down rom my eyes. Cith the permission o Vishnu9i& * did a tremendous penance to have a darshan o lord 1hiva.

8.;.6J ,he -mergence o "udra3Avatar

Brahma9i said to +arad5 PChen * accomplished my penance& Lord 1hiva mani ested in his incarnation o "udra rom in between the eyebrows. (al o his body resembled like that o a woman (Ardhanarishwar). * reHuested him help me in my creational activities. "udra created his hosts ("udragana) who resembled like him. * reHuested him to create the
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

mortals& to which he laughed and said& that he liberated mortals rom their sorrow& so how could he asten them with bondages. "udra reHuested me to create the mortals and then he vanished.

8.;.6G >reation
Ereaching +arad on the essence o 1hivatattva& Brahma9i said3 PCith the permission o 1hiva& * created the ive basic elements rom which the matter is made and also all types o arts. * also created the time. Despite all these creations& * was not satis ied. * created sage @arichi rom my eyes& 1age Bhrigu rom my heart& 1age Angira rom my head& 1age Eulaha rom my Vyan Vayu& 1age Eulatsya rom my %dan Vaya& 1age Vashishth rom my 1aman Vayu& 1age Kratu rom my Apan Vayu& 1age Atri rom my ear& Daksha Era9apati rom my vital air You (+arad ) mani ested rom my lap. 1age Kardam and Dharma mani ested rom my 1hadow. ,hen * divided my body into two parts& and rom each o the two parts. @anu and 1hatarupa mani ested respectively. Both o them got married and in this way commenced the con9ugal creation. Eriyavrata and %ttanpad were the two sons born to them. 1hatarupa also gave birth to three daughters whose names were Aakuti Devahuti and Erasuti. 1age "uchi was married to Aakuti& 1age Kardam was married to Devahuti and Daksha Era9apati was married to Erasuti. 1age Yagya and Dakshina were born to sage "uchi and Aakuti.P P+umerous daughters were born to sage Kardam and Devahuti. 1imilarly twenty3 our daughters were born to Daksha and Erasuti. Daksha married thirteen o his dhauthers to Dharma. ,he rest o his daughters were married to sages like Eulastya etc. All the three worlds are inhabited by the progenies o these sages. ,he same Daksha Era9apati had si/ty daughters in another Kalpa& who were married to sages like Kashyap. -tc. *n this Kalpa& A1ati was one o his daughters who was married to Lord 1hiva. A1atiA being distressed by the disrespect sown by her ather3Daksha& to her husband31hiva& had given up her li e& by 9umping into the sacri icial ire. *n her ne/t birth she was born as Earvati and was again married to 1hiva. ,his way& * created this world with the permission o 1hiva.P

8.;.;M Bunanidhi& ,he Brahmin)s 1on

+arad9i asked lord Brahma& when did lord 1hiva make Kailash as his abode and what was the reason o riendship between 1hiva9i and Kubera. Brahma9i narrated the ollowing story3 v ,here used to live a brahmin by the name Yagyadutt in Kampilyanagar& who was pro icient in the per ormance o 1omyagya. (e had a son named Bunanidhi. ,hough he was a scholar but at the same time he was irreligious and kept bad company. (e used to indulge in evil activities like gambling. (is ather 3 Yagyadutt was unaware o his evil activities. Chenever he asked his wi e about Bunanidhi habits and conduct& his wi e used to tell lies and praised the conduct o Bunamidhi. ,hus BunamidhiAs condition became worst day by days. Yagyadutt married Bunanidhi with a girl belonging to a well to do amily. But his habits had not changed. (is mother tried her best to make him understand& but it was o no avail. ?ne day Yagyadutt saw& a gambler wearing his ring. (e asked him about that ring. ,he gambler told him that his son 3 Bunanidhu had lost it to him& in the gamble. (e also in ormed him that he had also lost numerous ornaments and other properties in the gamble. Yagyadutt became very angry. (e married with another woman a ter abandoning his wi e and son.

8.;.;6 Bunanidhi)s 1alvation

Chen Bunadhi came to know about his atherAs second marriage& he moved to another place& cursing his ate. (e kept on walking till he became tired. (e sat under a tree and started thinking about his urther course o action. (e heart was ull o remorse and he repented or his past actions. As his mind was engrossed in such kind o thoughts. (e saw somw villages going towards temple. ,hey were carrying prasad in their hands. P1ince Bunanidhi was hungry& he ollowed them and a ter reaching the temple he sat at the main gate o the temple. *+ the night& a ter the accomplishment o the Eu9an& the devotees went to sleep. Bunanidhi entered the premise went to sleep. Bunanidhi entered the premise o the temple. ,he lame o the lamp was gradually becoming dim as the result o which he could not see properly. (e tore some pieces o cloth& he was wearing and
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

made a thick wick and put it in the lamp. +ow the light was su icient to enable him to see whatever had been o ered to the deity.P P(e carried as much ruits and other eatables as possible and tried to sneak out rom the temple. %n ortunately& he dashed against a devotee woke up and chased him shouting thie 3thie .P P(earing his cries all the other devotees woke up and caught Bunanidhi. (e was given such a nice thrashing that proved to be atal and as a result Bunanidhi died.P ,he YamadutAs arrived to take his soul to yamloka. But right then& the 1hivaganas arrived and prevented the Yamadutas rom carrying his soul. ,hey in ormed the Yamdutas that Bunanidhi was entitled or 1hivaloka as he had devoutly observed the 1hivaratri ast& had listened to the tales o 1hiva and lighted up the lamp which was about to go o . ,he 1hivaganas also in ormed the Yamadutas that& in his ne/t birth Bunamidhi would become the king o Kalinga.P P*n this way Bunanidhi attained to 1hivaloka. *n his ne/t birth he was born as a son o king Arindam3 the king o Kalinga. (e was named as Dama.P PChen he was still young& his atherArindam dies. 1o Dama succeeded him as the king o Kalinga. (e renovated all the 1hiva3temple& which came under his 9urisdiction and passed a stricture which made the worship o lord 1hiva compulsory or all the sub9ects. By the blessings o lord 1hiva& he became the king o Alkapuri and was known as Kubera.P

8.;.;; 1hiva Blesses Bunanidhi

PDuring the Eadma kalpa& 1age Vishrawa was born to sage Eulastya3 the manasputra o lord Brahma. VishrawaAs son 3 Vishrawan ruled over Alkapuri or a long time. ,his city was constructed by the deity Vishwakarma. Vishrawan was a great devotee o Lord 1hiva.P PDuring the kalpa named @eghawahan& Bunanidhi did a tremendous penance or ten lac years. As a result o this penance his body was reduced to skelton.P PLord 1hiva became very pleased with him and appeared be ore him& accompanied by his consort Earvati. (e told Bunanidhi to ask or any boon& which will be ul illed.P PChen Bunanidhi heard 1hivaAs Voice he opened his eyes& but his eyes were da::led by the sheer radiance o lord 1hiva. (e reHuested 1hiva to restore the power o sight in his eyes. 1hiva blessed him& as a result o which he was now able to see the divine sight o lord 1hiva. But he became 9ealous o %ma& who was present by the side o 1hiva. (e was wondering as to who was this lady& dearer to 1hiva than him. (e glanced cruelly towards her. As a result o this his le t eye lost the power o sight.P PEarvati asked lord 1hiva as to why was this sage (Bunanidhi) looking cruelly towards her. 1hiva replied3 P(e is none other than your son. (e is looking at you in astonishment as he his bewildered at the eats achieved your penance.P PLord 1hiva then blessed Bunanidhi to become the king o the kings. (e also assured him that he will always be present in the vicinity o Alkapuri. A ter being blessed by 1hiva& Bunanidhi also made salutations to Earvati. Earvati said3 P1ince you have looked at me angrily your hatred and enemity (Bair) towards me was clearly visible. Dor this reason you will be known as Kubers.P A ter blessings& Bunanidhi both 1hiva and Earvati to a place called Vaishveshwar. Kailash mountain was situated near Alka+agri.

8.;.;7 1hiva goes to Kailash

Chen "udra 3 the Ansha o the Almighty brahma& heard about the tremendous penance& Kubera was doing he started to play his AdamaruA (drum)& the sound o which reached all the three worlds. "udra then reached the place where Kubera was doing penance.P P(earing the sound o his damaru& all the deities including Brahma& Vishnu and 1adashia appeared be ore him.P PChen Kubera saw lord "udra be ore himsel & he o ered his seat to him and worshipped him. (e also worshipped the other deities. "udra was so pleased with Kubera that he decided to stay near him. (e called Vishwakarma and ordered him to conduct his abode at Kailash mountain& so that he could live in could live in the vicinity o his great devotee3Kubera. Kubera constructed a beauti ul city as per his instruction. An auspicious moment was chosen and 1hiva went to live at Kailash mountain. (e was coronated by the deities.P Brahama9i in this way told +arada about 1hivaAs departure to Kailash mountain.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

1A,* K(A+D *n the 1ati Khand o "udra31amhita& +arada enHuires lord Brahma about the reason& why lord 1hiva married 1ati& inspite o being a AyogiA. (e also reHuested Brahma9i to tell& how 1ati became the daughter o Daksha Era9apati and in her ne/t birth as %ma the daughter o (imalaya. (ow did %ma get lord 1hiva as her husbandL3 asked +arada Lord Brahma narrated the ollowing tale3 PA girl by the name o 1andhya mani ested rom my being. * was ama:ed by her heavenly beauty. "ight then a divine entity appeared be ore me& whose beauty could not have been matched even by the deities. (e was Kamadeva3 the god o love. (e in luenced me to such an e/tent that * orgot that 1nadhya was my daughter and got in atuated by her.P PChen "udra came to know about my lust or 1andhya& he admonished me and ridiculed about my character. * elt ashamed. But * also became 9ealous o "udra. * decided to in luence him with the power o in atuation& but * was unsuccess ul in my attempts. * remembered lord Vishnu and he tried to make me understand about the utility o my attempts& as according to him (Vishnu)& "udra was beyond the reach o any human emotions.P PBut * instructed my son 3 Daksha to help in the procreation o a girl child rom the womb o Ashwinivirini. ,hus 1ati was born. 1ati later on became amous o %ma and got "udra as her husband on account o her tremendous penance.P P,hough "udra was ree rom all kinds o attachment& but still he became so in luenced by the desire or procreation that he married with 1ati. (e en9oyed a bliss ul married li e or a very long time.P P"udra ather in law& Daksha in his arrogance started condemning his son in law 3"udra. ?nce& Daksha organised a grand yagya ceremony. (e gave invitation to everybody e/cept "udra and %ma. Despite o "udraAs disinclination to allow 1ati to go to her atherAs yagya& 1he insisted and ultimately she was success ul in convincing "udra& to allow her to go.P PChen 1ati reached there& she was not given respect by her ather3Daksha. +ot only this& Daksha made un o "udra. Deeling dishonoured& 1ati gave up her li e by 9umping into the sacri icial ire.P PChen "udra got the news o 1atiAs death he became e/tremely urious. ,o take revenge& he created Veerbhadra rom his locks o hair. Veerbhadra went to Daksha place and destroyed his oblation site. (e severed DakshaAs head. All the deities became a raid and prayed to "udra& to have mercy. "udra then brought back Daksha to li e and helped him the accomplished o the still incomplete Yagya. ,he site where 1ati had died later on became amous as #walamukhi devi.P P,he same 1ati in her ne/t birth was born as Earvati to (imalaya. By her tremendous penance she again got lord 1hiva as her husband. A ter that lord Brahma told +arada about the mani estation o Kama 3 the god o love.

8.;.;F ,he @ani estation o 'Kama)

PChen * became in atuated by the divine beauty o 1andhya& my in atuation resulted into the mani estation o my another @anas3putra named Kamadeva. (is beauty and Hualities were incomparable. (is mani estation not only in licted me with lust& but also my other @anasputras became illed up with lust. Kamadeva made salutations to me and asked as to what was his name and purpose o being. * gave him the name AEushpavanA and instructed him to help in the process o procreation. * also blessed him that nobody would remain una ected by his in luence including mysel and Vishnu9i.P

8.;.;8 Brahma >urses Kamadeva

A ter being named by lord Brahma as AEushpavanA& Kamadeva was also given various names as @anmath& Kama& @adan etc by sages like @areech& etc. ,hey also said to him that he would be married to A"atiA the daughter o Daksha. Kamadeva himsel was in atuated with the beauty o 1andhya. ,o test the authenticity o BrahmaAs boon& Kamadeva took out his ive arrows and wanted to e/amine their power. ,he names o their arrows were (arshan& "ochan& @ohan& 1hoshan and @aran.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

,hese arrows had e ect on all the people present there including lord Brahma and 1andhya. Betting a ected by those arrows& ourty nine types o thoughts emerged in BrahmaAs mind. 1imilarly& laws were clearly visible in 1andhyaAs behaviour. Kamdeva became convinced o his powers and capabilities. But Dharma 3 the manasputra o Brahma was saddened by this event. (e prayed to lord 1hiva. Chen Lord 1hiva saw the condition o Brahma9i& he became amused and made un o him and his @anasputras. -verybody was ashamed. Due to his shame& Brahma9i perspired pro usely. Drom his perspiration were created the Eitraganas. 1imilarly rom the perspiration o Daksha Era9apati was created the most beauti ul woman3"ati. Brahma9i was very angry with Kamadeva because o whom he was ridiculed by 1hiva. (e cursed him and said3 PYou would be charred to death by the arrow o 1hiva.P Kamadeva became very scarred and said that he was only testing the authenticity o his boon and he had no other evil intention. (e also reHuested Brahma9i& not to curse him. Deeling Eity on him& Brahma9i consoled him that& although he would de initely get killed by the arrow o 1hivaAs sight& yet he would regain his physical body as soon as 1hiva getAs married. Lord Brahma then went to Brahmaloka.

8.;.;I Kama @arried "ati

Daksha reHuested Kamadeva to get married with his daughter 3 "ati. Kamadeva was very pleased at this proposal. Both Kamadeva and "ati got married.

8.;.;< 1andhya does Eenance

1andhya was very ashamed o hersel . Dor the atonement o her sin she decided to do penance. 1he went to >handrabhaga mountain and commenced her tremendous penance. Lord Brahma then instructed Vashishtha to go to her in disguise and help in getting her initiated. (e went to >handrabhaga mountain in the guise o a brahmin and gave the mantra 3 ?@ +A@A( 1(A+KA"AYA ?@ to her and also told her the methods o doing worship& then he returned back.

8.;.;J 1andhya "eceives a Boon rom 1hiva

A ter sage Vashishtha who was disguised as brahmin went away. 1andhayd did penance as per his instructions. A ter the passing o one >haturyuga& she had a darshan o lord 1hiva. 1hiva being pleased by her devotion asked her to demand anything. 1andhya said3 P+obody should have lust towards the member o his own clan. ,here should e no virtuous and chaste woman greater then me in this whole world. Anybody other than my husband who looks at me with evil intentions become an impotent man.P Lord 1hiva blessed her by saying3 A'.*,*ST$EA Lord 1hiva then categorised the li e3span o a man into our parts 3 >hildhood& adolescence& youth and old age. (e than told her that it was written in her destiny to die by burning. (e also advised her to go and surrender her body in the sacri icial ire o the yagya& per ormed by @edhatithi. PBe ore 9umping into the sacri icial ire& 9ust remember anybody& whom you want as your husband& and your wish would be ul illed in your ne/t birth& Chen you would take birth as a daughter o Daksha Era9apati. Your ather3Daksha Era9apati would marry his ;< twenty daughter to @oon& but the moon would have a ection only towards "ohini and rest o his wives would be neglected by him. Dor this reason he would be cursed by Daksha. All the deities would take your re uge.P A ter blessing 1andhya in the way lord 1hiva went back to Kailash mountain.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

8.;.;G 1andhya)s Birth N her @arriage with 1age Vashistha

Chen lord 1hiva went away. 1andhya got up and went to the place where @edhatithi was per orming his yagya. 1he made a mental resolution to have that brahmin as her husband& who in reality was vashishtha and then entered into the sacri icial ire. ,he ire o the yagya burnt her body and carried it ti the solar3system& where it was divided by the sun3god into three parts and established in his chariot. ,he names o these three parts were Eratah31andhya& @adhyanha31andhya and 1ayam 1andhya. 1andhya Vital orce was absorbed by lord 1hiva. Chen the yagya ended& the sages were surprised to see the presence o a girl& who was radiating like gold in the sacri icial ire. ,hey took out that girl child rom that yagya3kunda. ,he sages then brought up that girl with love and a ection. 1he was named Arundhati. Chen she attained the age o ive& Brahma Vishnu and @ahesg arrived and married her with Vashishth. Arundhati en9oyed a happy li e and became amous or her chastity.

8.;.7M Appearance o 1pring 1eason (Vasant "itu)

Brahma9i told +arada that since the day he was hermiliated by 1hiva& he had grudges against him and wanted to take revenge. P* wanted to subdue the arrogance o 1hiva by proving it to him that even he could be binded by attachment. * asked Daksha and sages like @areech as to how this eat could be achieved. As a result A"atiA and AKamaA mani ested. * instructed Kama to in luence 1hiva by his powers. Kama agreed but reHuested me to create a suitably divine women or 1hiva. @ysel and Daksha became worried and during that time we e/haled ragrant air through our nostrils& which resulted into the creation o spring season. ,he spring season was looking divinely beauti ul in her physical orm. * handed over her to Kama and thus all the three o them (spring season& Kama and "ati) went to in luence lord 1hiva who was in his deep state o meditation.

8.;.76 ,he >reation o @arganas and Kama)s Dutile Attempts

Kama tried his best to bring lord 1hiva under his in luence. All the living creatures were spell bound by his powers e/cept lord 1hiva and Banesha. Kama returned back to Brahma9i ad told him about his unsuccess ul attempts. Brahma9i sighed heavily. Drom his sighes were created the erocious ganas. ,hese ganas were shouting AAaray3@arayAA(Kill3Kill). ,hey eve tried to attack lord Brahma& Kama then paci ied the anger o these ganas. ,hese ganas were named as @aar. Lord Brahma then sent these ganas to 1hiva along with Kama and "ati to give it a second try. ?nce again their attempts went utile. All o them returned to lord Brahma and e/pressed their inability in in luencing 1hiva.

8.;.7; Dailogue Between Brahma N Vishnu

Lord Brahma then remembered Vishnu9i& who appeared instantaneously. Brahma9i revealed about his intentions to him. LordVishnu told him that it was oolishness on his part to have enemity towards 1hiva. But when lord Brahma kept on insisting& he revealed to him that this could be only achieved by the blessings o Boddess Earvati. Lord Vishnu said3 P* she becomes pleased with you& then she could help you in achieving your goal by taking birth in a human orm and having 1hiva as her husband. *nstruct Daksha to do penance so that Earvati takes birth in his house.P

8.;.77 Boddess Durga

A ter lord Vishnu went away& Lord Brahma started meditating on the orm o goddess Durga. 1he appeared be ore him. Lord Brahma said3 P* need your help in binding 1hiva with your maya.P Boddess Durga told Brahma9i that Lord 1hiva in his incarnation o "udra was beyond the reached o any kind o @aya. But when Brahma9i kept in insisting then goddess Durga agreed to help him in his e ort. 1he said3 P* will take birth as the daughter o Daksha Era9apati and try to please him by my penance.P A ter assuring Lord Brahma she vanished. Lord Brahma too went to his abode.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

8.;.7F Daksha Corships Devi

Cith the permission o lord Brahma& Daksha did penance or three thousand years. As a result goddess #agdamba appeared be ore him. 1he blessed him by saying that she would take birth as his daughter and by her tremendous penance would attain "udra as her husband. But she warned Daksha that i he showed any kind o disrespect to her& she would end her li e.

8.;.78 Daksha >urses +arad

Cith the permission o lord Brahma& Daksha Era9apati created many thing 9ust by his mental resolution. But inding the absence o any kind o evolution and development in them& he went to Brahma9i to take his advice. Brahma9i instructed him to create by the help o copulation. Daksha Era9apati then married Asikti 3 the daughter o Eancha9an. ,en thousand sons& including (aryasya were born to them& but all o them were directed by +arada to ollow the path o salvation. A ter that& Daksha married Eancha9ani rom whom were born thousand o son& but all o them ollowed the path o salvation and were not interested in creation. +arada was instructed in changing their mind. Daksha Era9apati became very urious with +arada and cursed him to become an eternal wandered. (e said3 PYou will never remain at a place or long.P

8.;.7I Birth o 1ati

Chen lord Brahma came to know about Daksha Era9apatiAs anger towards +arad he went to him and cooled him down. 1ubseHuently si/ty daughters were born to Daksha. (e married his ten daughters with Dharma& thirteen daughters with Kasyap. ,wentyseven daughters with @oon& two daughters with Bhutangiras& two daughters with Krishashva and the remaining si/ daughters with Baruda. Daksha mediated on the orm o Bhagawati& and was instructed by her to do penance. Daksha did a tremendous penance and thus was born %ma to Daksha and Virani. %ma was brought up with great love and a ection. %ma used to worship lord 1hiva by singing devotional songs in his praise.

8.;.7< 1ati does Eenance

Chen 1ati attained marriageable age& Daksha started worrying. 1ati understood the reason behind her atherAs worried. 1he went to her @other Virani and e/pressed her desire o marrying lord 1hiva. (er mother made all the arrangements so that 1ati could worship 1hiva without any problem. 1ati commenced her austerity named +andavrata which continued or a year. Being impressed by her austerities& all the deities descended down rom heaven to see her.

8.;.7J Brahma9i makes a reHuest to Lord 1hiva

All the deities and the sages reHuested lord 1hiva to get married& but 1hiva did not want to curtail his reedom by getting married. Chen the deities insisted he told them to ind a suitable match or him. Brahma and Vishnu told 1hiva about the tremendous penance %ma was doing to him (1hiva) as her husband. ,hey also reHuested him have to go to her (uma) and ul ill her desire. Lord 1hiva agreed.

8.;.7G 1hiva Blesses %ma with a Boon

A ter %ma had accomplished her penance named +andavrat& lord 1hiva appeared be ore her and asked her to demand anything. %ma because o her shyness could not say anything. Lord 1hiva knew about her desire so he said3 PYou will have me as your husband.P %maAs ace beamed with 9oy& but she shyly reHuested lord 1hiva to keep this proposal be ore Daksha. 1hiva agreed and said3 A,athastuA. (e then went back to his abode3 Kailash. 1ati narrated the whole story to her parents. Both o them became very happy with this news. Lord 1hiva then instructed Brahma9i to put a ormal proposal to Daksha regarding his marriage with 1ati. Lord Brahma went and
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

in ormed Daksha about lord 1hivaAs proposal. Daksha was very happy at the proposal. Brahma then came back to lord 1hiva.

8.;.FM 1hiva @arried 1ati

Lord 1hiva was an/iously waiting or his arrival. Chen Lord Brahma arrived he curiously asked about DakshaAs response. Chen lord Brahma told him about DakshaAs approval o the marriage. 1hiva was very pleased at this. Lord 1hiva proceeded towards DakshaAs abode on the auspicious moment o Ehalgun& Krishnapaksha and on the thirteenth day o Ehalguni +akshatra. 1itting on the back o +andi and accompanied by all the deities including lord Brahma& Vishnu9i he reached DakshaAs residence. ,he marriage3procession was received by Daksha with great respect. 1hiva narrated 1ati in an auspicious lagna. Being pleased& all the deities eulogised 1hiva and danced in 9oy.

8.;.F6 Lord Brahma Daces the Crath o 1hiva

Daksha presented invaluable things to his daughter3 1ati as dowry. 1imilarly the brahmins were presented with large Huantities o wealth. Lord Brahma was enchanted by the divine beauty o 1ati. Cith a desire to see her ace& he put logs o wood which were wet& into the yagni kunda and poured ghee on them. As a result the atmosphere was illed up with smoke. +ow Brahma removed the piece o cloth which covered her ace. (e became in atuated by her beauty. Chen lord 1hiva discovered about his evil intentions he ran towards him menacingly. Lord 1hiva wanted to kill him& but the deities prayed to spare his li e. Lord Vishnu eulogised and worshipped him and only then his anger was subdued. ,hus lord Brahma was orgiver by 1hiva.

8.;.F; De ormed Dace o Brahma

,hough lord 1hiva had orgiven Brahma9i& yet he instructed him to apologi:e by bowing down his head. Brahma did as he was instructed Lord 1hiva then established on his head. Brahma9i became ashamed and asked as to how could he atone or his sins. Lord 1hiva instructed Brahma9i that by worshipping him he could appropriately atone or his sins. (e than instructed Brahma to go to the earth where he would be worshipped as A"udra 1hirA. 1hiv said3 PYour worship would help the brahmin in accomplishing every kinds o work. ,aking lessons rom you people would not dare to have e/tramarital a airs.

8.;.F7 1hiva31hakti as (usband N Ci e

A ter reaching Kailash mountain& lord 1hiva instructed all his ganas (attendants)& not to disturb them (1hiva and 1hakti). Chen all the ganas went away 1hiva and 1hakti en9oyed a bliss ul union or twenty ive Deva3years.

8.;.FF 1hiva31hakti Depart or (imalya

Chen the rainy season arrived& 1hakti reHuested 1hiva to make a residence in such a place to that they could not be disturbed by rain etc. Lord 1hiva smiled and said3 PDear 1ati$ ,he clouds and rain will not dare to disturb i you are present by my side& no matter whereever we live 3 even i we live on the peaks o (imalayas. 1ati reHuested him to make (imalaya as his abode. Lord 1hiva agreed and both i them shi ted to their new abode at (imalaya& where they lived or ten thousand ADeva3yearsA.

8.;.F8 ,he *mportance o Devotion in Kaliyuga

1ati reHuested lord 1hiva to enlighten her mind by giving discourses. 1hiva revealed to her the importance o devotion in the Kaliyug. (e said that the value o knowledge (gyan) and asceticism (vairagya) would diminish to the e/tent o e/tinction in the era o Kali and only devotion would help a man in attaining liberation. Lord 1hiva said3

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

P* had burnt the time (Kala) or the bene it o the devotees& with my third eye. Dor the sake o my devotees& * even abandoned "avana without any partiality. Dor the wel are o my devotees& * even instructed +andi to punish sages Vyas& who was e/iled out o Kashi.P 1hiva preached on may topics like devotion types o devotion& yantra& mantra& scriptures etc.

8.;.FI 1ati)s Doubt

Devarshi +arad who was listening to the divine tales o 1hiva& narrated by lord Brahma with rapt attention& reHuested him to describe about other characteristics o 1hiva. Brahma9i said3 P?nce& lord 1hiva accompanies by 1ati& arrived at Dandak aranya& where 1ri "am was wandering in search o 1ita& who had been abducted by "avana. A ter walking or some time Lord 1hiva saw 1ri "am and La/man. Lord 1hiva made salutations to 1ri "am. 1ati was surprised at 1hivaAs behaviours. 1he asked lord 1hiva about the reason he made salutations to 1ri "am. 1hiva told 1ati that he (1ri "am) was his deity and an incarnation o lord Vishnu. But 1ati was not satis ied by this reply. 1he wanted to test& whether 1ri "am was really an incarnation o lord Vishnu or not. 1he disguised hersel as 1ita and went to 1ri "am. But 1ri "am recognised her real identity and addressed her as @other. 1ati was ashamed but asked 1ri "am as to why did 1hiva made salutations to her.P 1ri "am narrated the ollowing story3

8.;.F< 1hiva does not see 1ati as his consort

?nce& lord 1hiva reHuested Vishwakarma to construct a grand palace and a magni icent throne or him. Chen everything was ready& 1hiva invited all the deities or the crowning ceremony o lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu was reHuested to be seated on the throne and was worshipped by all the deities including 1hiva himsel . (e assured lord Vishnu that all o his (VishnuAs) incarnations would be shown respected by his (1hivaAs) devotees ( "am) am the incarnation o Vishnu.P 1ati was now completely satis ied. 1he was also ashamed o hersel that she had doubted 1hivaAs words. 1he went to lord 1hiva. Lord 1hiva stopped looking at 1ati& as her consort& because she had personi ied hersel as mother 1ita. ,his act was even corroborated by a heavenly voice. +ow 1atiAs heart was illed up with sorrows. 1he ollowed disenchanted 1hiva to the Kailash mountain& where he commenced his meditation and went into 1amadhi. 1he sat down without saying a word. Chen lord 1hiva came out rom his 1amadhi& he saw her stire sitting their. (e elt pity on her and drove away her guilt and sorrows& by giving discourses.

8.;.FJ Daksha)s Animosity towards 1hiva

?nce& the sages organised a yagya at Erayaga& which was attended by all the deities. Lord 1hiva too had come& accompanies by 1ati. (e was eulogi:ed and worshipped by all the deities and the sages. Daksha arrived there and a ter making salutations to lord Brahma sat down without showing any kind o respect to 1hiva. A ter that& all the deities and the sages came and made salutations to Daksha& but 1hiva sat where he was sitting. ,he ignorant Daksha cursed 1hiva that rom now onwards his (1hivaAs) share would not be kept in the yagya. At this +andi3 the vehicle o 1hiva became very angry and cursed Daksha that rom today onwards the brahmins would ail to understand the essence o Vedas. Lord 1hiva then paci ied +andiAs anger and both o them went back to their abode. Daksha too went back to his place and started having hatred towards 1hiva.

8.;.FG Daksha Eer orms Yagya

Daksha organised a yagya at AKanakhalA in which everybody e/cept 1hiva and 1ati were invited. 1age Dadhichi arrived and not inding the seat or 1hiva went back& saying that it was impossible to accomplish a yagya without 1hiva.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

,hen Daksha commenced the yagya with the assistance o other sages who were present there.

8.;.8M 1ati)s Arrival at the ?blation 1ite

Chen 1ati saw all the deities going happily& she became curious to know where they were going. 1he reHuested her companion to ask the moon as to where he was going in such a cheer ul mood. ,he moon told her companion that they were going to attend the yagya ceremony& being organised by Daksha. 1ati was very surprised at this in ormation. 1he went to lord 1hiva and sought his permission to go there. Lord 1hiva then told 1ati that her ather did not invite them because o the animosity he was having towards him (1hiva). 1ati became very urious and decided to go there to know about the reason why Daksha was per orming the yagya without inviting her husband31hiva. 1hiva sent +andi and other rudraganas as her escorts.

8.;.86 1ati)s Dishonor

Chen 1ati reached& where Daksha was per orming his yagya& she met her mother and sisters. ,hey met her with all the respect and honour. But Daksha did not even caste a glance at her. *mitating him many other people did the same. But 1ati not bothering about the disrespect shown to her made salutations to both her parents. Chen she reached near the yagya3mandap she saw that shares o all the deities was there e/cept that o 1hiva. 1he became urious and asked her ather as to why was 1hiva not invited to the yagya. Daksha then made un o 1hiva and cursed him. ,his made her more angry and she declared that she would give up her li e in everybodyAs presence. A ter the declaration her mind was engrossed by the thoughts o 1hiva.

8.;.8; 1ati Bives %p (er Li e

1ati then sat in padmasan and closed her yes. By her yogic powers she united with 1hiva and her li eless body ell into the yagya3kunda. ,his incident shocked everybody and the rudraganas uriously picked up their weapons. "ight then a heavenly voice was heard. P? mean Daksha$ 1hare on you$ you are a sinner and a ool. +ow you are certain to ace the wrath o 1hiva. Because o your act& the deities too will have to su er.P Daksha became scarred. (e immediately eulogising lord Vishnu.

8.;.87 @ani estation o Veerbharda N @ahakali

Chen +andi in ormed 1hiva about 1atiAs death& he became very urious. (e angrily pulled out a locks o hair and dashed it against the mountain& which got divided into two parts. Drom one part mani ested the valiant Veerbharda and rom the other part @ahakali. Veerbhadra and @ahakali were instructed by 1hiva to destroy the yagya o Daksha and to kill all the people who were present during the time o 1atiAs death& including the deities and the sages.

8.;.8F Veerbhadra N Kali Assemble their Army

A ter getting the instructions rom lord 1hiva& Veerbhardra marched with a huge army which included the mighty 1hivaganas like Dakini& Bhairav and Kapalish etc. Boddess Kali to 9oined him with her army which consisted o all her nine incarnations like Katyayani etc. As the army marched on numerous auspicious signs were visible.

8.;.88 Daksha -/periences *nauspicious 1igns

?n the other hand Daksha e/perienced many inauspicious signs. (is le t eye& le t army and le t thigh started throbbing. (e saw the vultures lying over his head. (e heard the sounds o 9ackals howling.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

8.;.8I Lord Vishnu Ereaches Daksha

Daksha then prayed to lord Vishnu to rescue him rom the imminent wrath o lord 1hiva. Lord Vishnu preached Daksha and said3 PDaksha$ 1ince you have committed the greatest sin by dishonouring 1hiva and 1ati. -ven * can not prevent the calamities which you are certain to ace.P As lord Vishnu was preaching Daksha suddenly there was a loud commotion. ,he army o Veerbhadra had arrived. Daksha was rightened and again prayed to Vishnu to save his li e. Lord Vishnu again e/pressed his helplessness and told him that because o him all the deities too would have to su er.

8.;.8< Daksha Bets his (ead 1evered

A terrible battle was ought between the armies o Veerbhadra and the deities. ,he deities got de eated and led away. ,hey went to lord Vishnu and sought his help. Lord Vishnu decided to ight on the side o the deities. ,he battle recommenced or the second time. Lord Vishnu having a dual ight with Veerbhadra and the deities were ighting against his army. 1uddenly everybody heard a heavenly voice which said that Veerbhadra was invincible. (earing this& Lord Vishnu and Brahma9i went to their respective abodes. Daksha ran or his li e and hid himsel behind the attar where the yagya was being per ormed. But Veerbhadra pulled him out rom there and severed his head. (e then threw his head in the agni3kunda. A ter this he returned back to Kailash accompanies by his army.

8.;.8J >ontention between Kshuva N Dadhichi

+arad& who was listening to the divine tales o 1hiva with rapt attention& was very curious to know about the reasons why lord Vishnu attended a yagya where 1hiva was not invited and why did he ight a battle against veerbhadra despite knowing about his invincibility. Lord Brahma told him that all this happened due to the curse o 1age Dadhichi3 *n the ancient times& there used to live a king named Kshuva& who was a great riend o 1age Dadhichi. Due to some reasons both o their developed animosity towards each other. Dadhichi considered himsel superior because o being a brahmin& on the other hand Kshuva considered himsel superior on account o his wealth. ,he dispute took a worst turn and Dadhichi punched him on his head. As a result Kshuva elt down unconscious. Chen he regained his consciousness he attained sage Da dhichi with his weapon named Va9ra& which in9ured Dadhichi. Dadhichi sought the help o 1hukracharya. 1hukracharya healed his wounds by his mantras. (e also taught Dadhichi the mahamrityun9ay mantra. Dadhichi then did a tremendous penance to please lord 1hiva. Lord 1hiva appeared be ore him and blessed him with three boons& they were 6) his bones& would become as hard as lightning (Va9ra)& ii) he would not be killed& iii) he would never be humiliated. Armed with these three boons& 1age Dadhichi again went to ight Kshuva. (e kicked him& in return Kshuva too attacked him with his weapon named Va9ra& but it did not have any e ect on Dadhichi as his bones had become as hard as lighting. King Kshuva did a tremendous penance to please lord Vishnu. Vishnu revealed to him that Dadhichi had become immortal because o the blessings o lord 1hiva& but assured him that he would certainly help him in de eating Dadhichi.

8.;.8G Battle between Vishnu N Dadhichi

Lord Vishnu then visited the hermitage o 1age Dadhichi& disguised as a brahmin. ?n being asked by Dadhichi about the purpose o his arrival& he said that he had come with a desire o a boon on his heart.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

1age Dadhichi& by his yogic power came to know about the real identity o a ABrahminA. (e told that he had been caught. Lord Vishnu was ashamed. Lord Vishnu then went back to Kshuva and instructed him to go to sage Dadhichi and act as i he had accepted his superiority. PKshuva went to sage Dadhichi and did as he was instructed to do& but Dadhichi did not believe his words. +ow lord Vishnu became angry and tried to kill him by his sudarshan chakra& but he was not success ul& as the chakra& which was given to him by lord 1hiva himsel & was not willing to harm a devotee o 1hiva. PLord Vishnu then tried to kill Dadhichi by shooting volley o arrows. ,he deities too attacked with their weapon. 1age Dadhichi threw a hand ul o Kusha grass& initiated with mantras towards them& which destroyed all the weapons o the deities.P P*n the meantime lord Brahma arrived on the scene accompanies by Kshuva. (e told the deities that it was utile to ight with Dadhichi as he was invincible& due to the boon given by lord 1hiva&P P%ltimately King Kshuva begged his orgiveness or his o ence. Dahichi orgave him but cursed Vishnu including all the deities that they would be burnt to ashes by the wrath o "udra.P P,his was the reason why all the deities and lord Vishnu attended the yagya& organised by Daksha and got de eated by Veerbhadra.P

8.;.IM ,he Deities go to Lord 1hiva

,he deities a ter being de eated by Veerdbharda went to Brahmaloka and narrated everything about the destruction o DakshaAs yagya and also how his head was severed by Veerbharda. Brahma9i became very sad. ,o bring Daksha back to li e and to accomplish the still un inished yagya& he went to lord Vishnu to take his help. All the deities accompanies him. Lord Vishnu told them that it was wrong on the part o Daksha to have shown disrespect to 1hiva. ,he deities were wrong to support him. Lord Vishnu then went to Kailash mountain& accompanied by Lord Brahma and all the other deities. All o them eulogi:ed and worshipped 1hiva. ,hey also reHuested him to bring Daksha back to li e.

8.;.I6 Daksha becomes Alive

Lord 1hiva became very pleased and agreed to make Daksha alive. All o them went to Kanakhal3the place where Daksha had organised the yagya ceremony. Veerbhadra too accompanied them. Chen they reached the site& Lord 1hiva could not hold his laughter a ter seeing the destruction o the site. Anyway& he 9oined the head o a goat to the torso o DakshaAs body and made him alive. (e also compensated or all the losses which had been caused by the destruction. All the deities became very pleased and they eulogised 1hiva.

8.;.I; Daksha ?rgani:es Yagya once again

Becoming pleased by the invocation and eulogy o the deities& Lord 1hiva preached Daksha in the ollowing way3 P,he person who has the right knowledge (gyani) is the supreme among all human beings. An action which is per ormed in oneAs ignorance and 9ealousy does not liberate a man rom his world bondages. ? Daksha then accomplished his yagya singing the praise o lord 1hiva. (e also give lots o donation to the brahmins. ,hey everybody returned to their respective houses being ully satis ied. 1ati 3 the daughter o Daksha was reborn as Bauri3 the daughter o (imalaya and @aina. By her tremendous penance she again had lord 1hiva as her husband.

8.;.I7 Earvat Khand5 (imalya @arries @aina

+arada reHuests lord Brahma to shed light on the birth o @aina and also too she was married with (imalaya. Brahma9i 1aid3
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

PA ter relinHuishing her body& 1ati 3 the daughter o Daksha attained to the abode o 1hiva. *n her ne/t birth she was born to @aina 3 the wi e o (imalaya and was known as Earvati. @aina had done great service to 1ati in her previous li e considering as her own daughter. Dor this reason she was blessed and got Earvati as her daughter. Earvati did tremendous penance and got lord 1hiva as her husband.P >ontinuing with his story Brahma9i said3 P?nce (imalaya 3 the king o the mountains& decided to marry with the desire o e/panding his lineage. ,he deities came to know about his desires and so they went to the Eitras and reHuested them to give their daughter 3 @aina& so that (imalaya could marry her. ,he Eitras agreed at this proposal. ,hus @aina got married wih (imalaya. A ter the marriage ceremony the deities returned back to their respective abodes.

8.;.IF @aina gets Liberated rom the >urse

Daksha had 1i/ty daughters& A1wadhaA was one o them and was married to the Eitras. *n due course o time three daughters were born to them 3 @aina& Dhanya and Kalawati. ?nce all the three o them went to 1wetadweepa to have a darshan o lord Vishnu. "ight then& sages like 1anak& 1anadan etc arrived there. -verybody present there stood up in reverence& but @aina& Dhanya and Kalawati could not identi y who they were and hence they remained sitting. +ot only that& they did not even make any salutations to them. ,he sages became angry and cursed them to be born as humans in their ne/t birth. @aina& Dhanya and Kalawati became very a raid and reHuested to be pardoned. 1ages 1anak eeling pity on them told that @aina would become the wi e o (imalaya& in her ne/t birth and give birth to Earvati& 1imilarly Dhanya would be married to king #anak and 1ita would be born to them& similarly Kalawati would be married to Vrishbhan and "adha would be born to them. 1age 1anak also told them& that in this way all three o them would attain to the heaven.

8.;.I8 *nvocation o %a
Brahma9i told +arad that a ter getting married with @aina& (imalaya en9oyed a happy married li e or a long time. ?nce& lord Vishnu paid a visit to his place& accompanied by all the deities. (imalaya was very pleased by his arrival. A ter making salutations& he asked or the purpose o their visit. ,he deities revealed to them that very soon the incarnation o 1ati 3 Earvati is going to take birth. P,here ore& ? (imalaya$ be prepared or that glorious occasion.P 1aid the deities. (imalaya was very pleased at this news. ,he deities started invocating %ma.

8.;.II Boddess %ma >onsoles the Deities

Being pleased by the invocation made by the deities Boddess %ma assured the deities about her arrival in this world. 1he told that her incarnation would take place in the house o (imalaya and by the virtues o her tremendous penance she would get lord 1hiva as her husband. 1he also told the deities that she was satis ied by the service o @aina& done to her in the previous li e. A ter being assured the deities went back satis ied.

8.;.I< @aina and (imalya >ommence Eenance

(imalaya and @aina commenced their penance with the ob9ective o getting %ma as their daughter. @aina did a tremendous penance which lasted or twenty3seven years. Boddess uma became very pleased by her penance. 1he appeared be ore her and asked her to demand anything she wished or. @aina e/pressed her desire o having one hundred valiant sons and a daughter& who would be worshipped by the people in all the three world. Boddess %ma blessed her by saying ,athastu. @aina narrated this incident to her husband (imalaya. (e became very pleased. *n due course o time one hundred sons were born t o @aina. ?ne o the sons was @ainak who possessed supreme Hualities. Due to some reasons& *ndra had severed the wings o @ainakAs ninety3nine brothers& but by taking the re uge o ocean @ainak was able to survive the assault o *ndraAs Va9ra.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

8.;.IJ Birth o Earvati

(imalaya and @aina engaged themselves in the worship o 1hiva and 1hakti& day and night. A ter some days Earvati mani ested hersel by taking birth. A ter her birth the whole mountaneous region o (imalaya became illuminated by her radiance.

8.;.IG Divine >hildhood Elays o Earvati

A ter taking her birth& Earvati gradually started growing up. Varioua names given to her like Bir9a& %ma& and #agdamba. (imalaya and @aina elt proud o their ate& which had made them the parents o an incarnation. 1eeing the childhood plays o %ma& their hearts knew no bounds. ?ne day sage +arad arrived there (imalaya reHuested him to study the palm o Earvati& as he was curious to know about her uture. A ter studying the lines o the palm& +arada predicted that Earvati was destined to be the wi e o an entity& who would be beyond the reach o all the three Hualities. (e also revealed to them& that her husband would be devoid o any laws and would be sel born3"udra. +arad told (imalaya that to have "udra as her husband& Earvati will have to accomplish great austerities and penance. +arad then went away.

8.;.<M ,he Dreams o Earvati and (imalya

Chen %ma had attained the marriagable age& @aina reHuested her husband a suitable bridegroom or her. (imalya told her that the words o +arada would never go in vain hence %ma should be asked to do penance& so that she could have "udra as her husband. But @aina was disinclined in orcing her tender daughter 3 Earvati in to such hardhsips like penance. Earvati then told @aina about her dream& in which she had seen a brahmin instructing her to do penance in order to have "udra as her husband. @aina told (imalaya about EarvatiAs dream. (imalaya then revealed to @aina about his own dream& in which he had seen lord 1hiva doing penance at Kailash mountain. (e had tried to give Earvati to him (1hiva) was unwillingly to have her service. But 1hiva ultimately changed his mind a ter being satis ied by EarvatiAs replies0 (imalaya said3 P* saw in my dream that Earvati had pleased 1hiva by her tremendous penance and ultimately both o hem got married. @aina was satis ied and waited eagerly or that auspicious moment.

8.;.<6 ,he Birth o 'Bhaum)3@ars

?nce& when the ganas o 1hiva praised the glory o mother 1ati& lord 1hiva became over9oyed 9ust like an ordinary human being. *n his 9oy& he travelled all around the three world without any clothes on his body. (e returned back to Kailash and went into meditation. Chile he was engrossed in his 1amadhi& three drops o perspiration originated rom his orehead ell down on the earth. Drom those drops mani ested a very beauti ul in ant& who was o reddish comple/ion and who had our arms. 1eeing the child lord 1hiva became concerned about his upbringing. "ight then& mother earth mani ested and lord 1hiva entrusted the 9ob o childAs upbringing. ,he child was brought up by mother earth with great love and care. ,he child was named ABhaumA as he was nurtured and brought up by ABhumiA (earth). Chen the child grew up& he went to Kashi and did a tremendous penance to please lord 1hiva Lord 1hiva became pleased with him and blessed him by granting him A@angallokaA& which was superior even to the A1hukralokaA. ,he same ABhaumaA is established in the solar system by the name o A@ars.A

8.;.<; 1hiva Arrives at (imalya

?ne day lord 1hiva accompanied by his ganas like Bhringi& +andi& etc& arrived at (imalaya& with the purpose o doing penance. Chen Earvati ather (imalaya came to know about his arrival& he went to receive him. A ter he had made his salutations to 1hiva& he was instructed by 1hiva to see that he is not disturbed while doing his penance.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

(imalaya made all the necessary arrangements so that Lord 1hiva could per orm his penance without being disturbed. ?ne day (imalaya arrived at the place where lord 1hiva was doing his penance. Earvati too came along with him. (imalaya reHuested him to keep Earvati& so that she could be at his service. Lord 1hiva declined to keep her with him& earing her presence might cause hindrance in the path o his penance. +ow& (imalaya became very concerned about his daughterAs uture and wandered whether Earvati would remain unmarried.

8.;.<7 >onversation between Earvati N 1hiva

Chen Earvati saw her ather becoming worried by 1hivaAs response she decided to intervene. 1he said to lord 1hiva3 P* am AErakritiA (+ature) and you are the AEurushaA (almighty). You e/ist in the A1agunA orm (with orm) because o me. *n my absence& you will ind it impossible even to e/ist.P Lord 1hiva was impressed by her knowledge. (e allowed her to be present near her. (imalaya and Earvati became very pleased. Earvati used to come daily at the place where lord 1hiva was doing his penance. (er companions too used to come along. 1he used to engaged hersel in the worship o lord 1hiva with great devotion. ,hough lord 1hiva was very much impressed by her devotion& but he decided that he wonAt marry her until she has proved her mettle by her tremendous penance. ,he deities were tormented by a demon named. ,arakasur. ,hey went to lord Brahma to seek his help. Lord Brahma sends AKamadevaA to disturb the 1amadhi o 1hiva& so that being in luenced by him 1hiva married Earvati and ultimately kills ,arakasur. ,his attempt o Brahma was unsuccess ul. 1hiva AburntA Kamadeva with the help o his third eye. Earvati& then redoubled her e ort to attract the attention o 1hiva by engaging hersel in a tremendous penance.

8.;.<F ,he Birth o Va9rang

+arada was curious to know about ,arakasur. (e asked Brahma9i to narrate his tale. Brahma9i said3 PKashyap3the son o @arichi& had thirteen wives Diti was the eldest among them. 1he was the mother o (iranyakashipu and (iranyaksha. Both her sons were killed by lord Vishnu in his incarnations o +risimha and Varaha respectively. Diti became very sad by the death o her sons. A ter somtime she again became pregnant but the oetus was destroyed by *ndraAs weapon3 Va9ra in the womb itsel . (owever *ndra was not able to destroy the oetus completely& but was only success ul in dividing the oetus into orty3nine parts. ,hese orty3nine parts& later on became amous as A@araudganasA. Again Diti gave birth o Va9rang& who was very valiant and brave. Chen he grew up& Diti ordered him to de eat the deities. Cith his motherAs permission and blessings& Va9rang de eated the deities and held them captive. (e astened all the deities. Cith strings and himsel became the king o heaven. 1eeing the pitable state o the deities * (brahma) went to Va9rang accompanied by Kashyap and reHuested him to ree the deities. Va9rang agreed to ree them but said he did not have any aspiration o becoming the king o heaven& he only wanted to teach a lesson to *ndra. Va9rang returned the heaven to the deities. Later on the married Varan9i who had been created by me (Brahma). Chile Va9rang was o virtuous nature& Varangi was met.P

8.;.<8 Birth o ,arakasur and his Eenance

Varangi gave birth to ,arakasur3 the valiant and brave demon. During the time o his birth & the world was a ected by inauspicious events like earthHuakes& cyclones etc& (is name ,arakasur was given by Kashyap. A ter he grew up& ,arakasur went to @adhuvan to do penance. (is tremendous penance scarred the deities. Becoming pleased by his penance& lord Brahma appeared be ore him and asked him to demand anything.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

,arakasur demanded two boons 3 there should be no man as power ul as him and e/cept 1hivaAs son nobody should be able to kill him. Lord Brahma blessed him by saying A,athastuA. A ter receiving the boons& ,arakasur returned back to "onitpur and was crowned as the king by 1hukracharya. (e then de eated the deities and drove them out rom the heaven. +ow it came under the rule o the demons.

8.;.<I ,arakasur "elinHuishes (eaven on the Advice o Lord Brahma

A ter being driven away rom the heaven& the deities went to lord Brahma to seek his help. ,hey asked him as to how they could get rid o this menace called ,arakasur. Brahma9i revealed to the deities that ,arakasur could be killed only by such a person& whose parents are 1hiva and Earvati. (e also advised them to make e orts& so that 1hiva agrees to marry Earvati. Lord Brahma them went to A,arakasurA who had now become the king o heaven& and tried to convince him to return it back to the deities. ,arakasur agreed to relinHuish the heaven and give it back to the deities. ,he deities went back to the heaven.

8.;.<< Kamadeva 1ent to Lord 1hiva

Lord Brahma told +arada that the deities decided to send Kamadeva to in luence lord 1hiva so that the marriage between him and Earvati is elicitated. *ndra called Kamadeva and told him that the demon king ,arakasur could be killed only by such a person who was the son o 1hiva and Earvati. *ndra instructed Kamadeva to arouse passion in lord 1hiva& so that he agrees to marry Earvati. Kamadeva& accompanied by his wi e "ati went to lord 1hiva to accomplish his mission.

8.;.<J - orts o Kamadeva

A ter reaching the place where lord 1hiva was engrossed in his meditation& Kamadeva made repeated attempts to arouse passion in the heart o lord 1hiva& but his actions were no avail. "ight then& Kamadeva saw Earvati arriving accompanied by her companions. 1he was looking divine in her beauty. #ust at that moment lord 1hiva too had come out o his meditational trance. Kamadeva thought that it was the most appropriate moment to have a go. Kamadeva struck lord 1hiva with his AKamabanaA which did have a deep impact on him. Lord 1hiva was struck by the awesome beauty o Earvati and his heart became ull o passion or her. But at the same time he was surprised at the sudden change in his behaviour. (e reali:ed that it was an act o Kamadeva.

8.;.<G Kamadeva "educes to Ashes

Lord 1hiva looked all around him. (e saw kamadeva standing towards his le t side& with a bow and arrows in his hands. +ow he was ully convinceed that it was indeed an act o Kamadeva. Kamadeva becameterri ied& he started remembering god& but be ore the deities could come at his rescue the third eye o lord 1hiva got opened and Kamadeva was reduced to ashes. Earvati got scarred a ter seeing Lord 1hiva in such a destruction anger. 1he went to her house along with her companions. "ati3 the wi e o Kamadeva wept unconsolably. ,he deities arrived and consoled her by saying that by the grace o lord 1hiva& her husband would be alive once again. A ter that the deities went near lord 1hiva and did his worship. ,hey told him that it was not the ault o Kamadeva& as he had acted in accordance with the aspirations o the deities. ,hey also told him the mystery o ,arakasurAs death. ,he deities then reHuested him to make Kamadeva alive once again. Lord 1hiva told the deities that Kamadeva would take birth as the son o Krishna and "ukmini in the era o dwapar. A demon by the name o 1hambar would throw him o in the sea. (e would kill that demon and marry "ati& who too would be living in a city near the sea.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

But the deities were not satis ied. ,hey reHuested lord 1hiva to help "ati to unite with her husband. Lord 1hiva then told them that Kamadeva would become his gana& but he also warned them against revealing this act to anybody. "ati then went to the city where the demon 1hambar was e/pected to appear in the era o dwapar. ,he deities too went back to the heaven.

8.;.JM ,he Anger o 1hiva 1ubsides

Lord 1hivaAs anger did not subside a ter the death o Kamadeva and the whole world started to eel the wrath o lord 1hivaAs ury. All the living creatures became terri ied. ,hey went to lord Brahma and prayed to him& to save them rom 1hivaAs wrath. Lord Brahma went to lord 1hiva and conveyed their reHuest to him. Lord 1hiva agreed to relinHuish his anger. Lord Brahma then carried 1hivaAs A uryA to the sea and went to the sea. (e reHuested the sea to posses it until the inal annihilation. ,he sea agreed to do this. ,his way Lord 1hivaAs ury entered into the sea and all the living creatures elt a sign o relie .

8.;.J6 +arada Ereaches Earvati

Chen Earvati reached her home& she became very sad as she was unable to bear the sorrow o 1hivaAs separation. 1age +arada arrived there. (er ather (imalaya narrated the whole story to him 1age +arada then gave the ive lettered mantra 3 DO, "*,*+ S+I.*<A to her and he also instructed her to do penance. Earvati heart was illed up with new enthusiasm.

8.;.J; Earvati does Eenance

A ter taking the permission o her parents and relinHuishing all o her ornaments and royal apparels& Earvati went to the same place where Lord 1hiva himsel had done penance. ,his sacred place was situated at the (imalayas& rom where the holy Banges originated. Earvati companions too had accompanied her. Earvati commenced her penance which gradually became severer day by day. 1he did penance or three thousand years by chanting the ive lettered mantra3 O, "*,*+ S+I.*3 and per orming other kinds o austerities. Becoming impressed by her tremendous penance even the deities locked to see her. Earvati did her penance& surrounded by ire on all her sides during summer. *n rainy season she did her penance without any shelter and during winter she used to do penance by immersing hersel in neck deep water.

8.;.J7 ,he Deities go to Lord 1hiva

EarvatiAs power created such heat in the atmosphere that the whole world started to burn. All the deities N sages went to lord Brahma and told him about the e ects& EarvatiAs penance was having on all the three worlds. Lord Brahma accompanied by all o them went to Vishnu9i. ,hey visited the place where Earvati was doing her penance. ,hey reali:ed that lord 1hiva was the only remedy and hence all o them went to lord 1hiva and made salutations to him.

8.;.JF 1alutations Bives (is Approval

Lord 1hiva enHuired about the purpose o their arrival. Lord Vishnu then revealed to him that how distressed and tormented were the deities by the activities o the demon 3 ,arakasur. (e also told 1hiva that he could be killed by such a person& who is born out o the parentage o 1hiva and Earvati. Lord Vishnu then told 1hiva about EarvatiAs penance. *nitially lord 1hiva re used to comply with their reHuest but when the deities continued with their insistence& he ultimately gave his conscent. ,he deities became very pleased.

8.;.J8 Earvati)s Love or 1hiva ,ested by the 1apta3"ishis

A ter the deities went back& lord 1hiva summoned the 1aptarishis (Vashishth etc) and instructed them to test EarvatiAs love or him. ,he 1aptarishis went to Earvati and tested her resolve to marry lord 1hiva. ,hey tried to deter her by all means& but Earvati was irm in her resolve. ,hey went back to lord 1hiva and narrated the whole story.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

8.;.JI Lord 1hiva ,ests Earvati

Lord 1hiva then himsel went to Earvati in the guise o a brahmin. Earvati on seeing a brahmin welcomed her with ull honour. 1hiva asked Earvati as to why was she doing penance. Earvati told him that she wanted to have 1hiva as her husband. Lord 1hiva& who was in the guise o a brahmin started cursing 1hiva to see how Earvati reacted to it. Earvati replied that inspite o her penance 1hiva did not appear& so she has decided to give up her li e in burning pyre. A ter saying like this Earvati reHuested the Brahmin to go back and she hersel entered into the burning pyre but remained unharmed Lord 1hiva was very pleased to see her irm resolve and devotion. (e again asked her as to what was the purpose behind doing such a tremendous penance.

8.;.J< Earvati)s "eply

Earvati told the brahminK who in reality was 1hiva himsel that& she wanted to have 1hiva as her husband at any cost. 1he said3 PYou say that lord 1hiva does not possess anything 3 not even wealth. (e does not put on clothes on his body. You also say that he is not it to be a bridegroom o me. But all o your utterances prove your mean intelligence.P

8.;.JJ 1hiva "eveals his ,rue *dentity

Earvati continuing with her statements said that 1hiva was the most capable deity in all the three world. P,here is no sin greater than condemning 1hiva.P 1aid Earvati. As 1hiva& who was in the guise o Brahmin was about to say something Earvati said to one o her companion3 P,his condemner should be killed& i this is not possible then we must leave this place at once.P As she was about to leave that place& lord 1hiva revealed his true identity and by holding her hand said3 PYou have been my wi e since time immemorial where are you goingLP Earvati became very pleased and her heart was illed up with e/treme 9oy. 1he reHuested him to take to her ather regarding their marriage. Lord 1hiva agreed. (e went back to Kailash mountain and narrated the whole story to his Banas 3 +andi& Bhairav etc. -veryone became very happy and awaited eagerly or the day 1hiva would marry Earvati.

8.;.JG 1hiva Demands Earvati as his >onsort

Earvati& a ter success ully accomplishing her penance came back to her home. -verybody was happy at her arrival. A ter sometime (imalaya went out to take his bath in the river Banges. @eanwhile lord 1hiva arrived in his appearance o +atara9 and started dancing in ront o EarvatiAs mother 3 @aina. 1he was so pleased by his dance that she wanted to present 9ewels to him in appreciation& but 1hiva re used to take them. (e e/pressed his desire to marry Earvati& which made @aina urious. *n the meantime& (imalaya arrived and she in ormed him what 1hiva had said. (e became angry too and ordered his attendants to drive away +atara9 (1hiva) rom that place. 1hiva then showed his divine appearance due to which (imalaya had the vision o Lord Vishnu and Earvati sitting by the side o lord 1hiva in him. (imalaya was very surprised. Lord 1hiva again demanded Earvati to be made as his consort& but (imalaya in his ignorance again re used it. +atara9 then returned back to his abode. A ter 1hiva went back& (imalaya had a eeling that perhaps it was lord 1hiva himsel & who had arrived in the appearance o +arara9. (e reali:ed what a grave blunder had been committed. Because o their guilt consciousness& both @aina and (imalaya elt the germination o devotion in their heart.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

8.;.GM 1hiva)s Delusionary Eower

*ndra and the other deities became a raid when they saw both (imalaya and @aina having deep devotion towards lord 1hiva. ,hey apprehended that i (imalaya happily agrees to marry Earvati with 1hiva& then he would no longer live on the earth3 (e would attain salvation. (is departure would make the earth devoid o 9ewels and other kinds o wealth. ,o prevent this rom happening& they went to Vrihaspati and reHuested him to in luence (imalayas mind by condemning 1hiva. But Vrihaspati re used to comply. ,he deities then went to lord Brahma and made the same reHuest. Brahma re used to meet their demand. +ow the deities went to lord 1hiva and reHuested him not to marry Earvati as it would make the earth devoid o all kinds o wealth. Lord 1hiva eeling pity agreed to help them. Lord 1hiva went to (imalaya in the guise o a hermit and started cursing himsel (1hiva). @aina was deeply in luenced by the hermits word and decided not to marry Earvati with 1hiva. 1he also threatened to give up her li e along with Earvati. * Earvati was married with 1hiva against her wish.

8.;.G6 1hiva *nstructs 1apta3"ishis to >onvince @aina N (imalya

Lord 1hiva summoned the 1aptarishis and instructed them to convince @aina and (imalaya to marry Earvati with him& so that ,arakasur could be killed. (e eared that his actions would have created many misconceptions in their minds. ,he 1aptarishis went to (imalaya and tried to make him& so that ,arakasur could be killed. (e eared that his actions would have created many misconceptions in their minds. ,he 1aptarishis went to (imalaya and tried to make him understand that there was not any other way out than marrying Earvati with 1hiva. ,hey also warned both (imalaya and @aina i they did not give their conscent to marry Earvati with 1hiva& then she would be orcibly abducted by him (1hiva)& causing death and destruction to their whole clan. ,he 1aptarishis then narrated the ollowing story3

8.;.G; Anaranya& ,he King

,here was a king named Anaranya& who belonged to the lineage o ourteenth @anu3*ndrasavarni. (e was a great devotee o lord 1hiva. (e had ive Hueens rom whom one hundred sons and a very beauti ul daughter named Eadma were born. Chen Eadma grew up& the king started looking or a suitable match. ?ne day while Eadma was taking her bath in the Bhadra river& sage Eippalada arrived there. (e became enchanted by EadmaAs beauty. A ter gathering in ormations about her rom the people& he went to king Anaranya and e/pressed his wish to marry Eadma. (e threatened him o dire conseHuences i she was not married to her. Anaranya became rightened and gave his daughter to him. 1age pippalada happily went away accompanied by Eadma. But both the king and the Hueen went to the orest because o the sorrow o giving their young daughter to an old sage. ,he Hueen died because o her grie . ,he king& because o his deep devotion towards 1hiva attained to the abode o 1hiva.

8.;.G7 Eadma and Eippalad

?n the reHuest o (imalayas& 1age Vashishth who was one o the 1aptarishis narrated the story o Eadma the princess and sage Eippalad3 PAt the time o his marriage sage Eippalad was old and weak& but still Eadma devotely per ormed the duties o a aith ul wi e. ,o test her aith ulness towards her husband& Dharmara9 arrived at the bank o that river where Eadma was taking her bath. (e was in the guise o a young and handsome prince. (e coa/ed Eadma to leave behind her Aold husbandA and come along with him. Eadma became urious and cursed him. Dharmara9 became very pleased and revealed his true identity. (e also asked as to how the e ects o her curse could be nulli ied.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Eadma told her that his sins would result in having our legs during the era o 1atya& but they reduced to three during the era o treta& which would again reduced to two legs during the era o Dwapar and ultimately he would have only one leg during the era o Kali. Eadma also told her that even his single leg would disappear during the ending phase o Kali. P,his would apropriately act as an atonement or your sins.P 3 said Eadma. Dharmara9 blessed her by saying that she would have ten sons and also that her husband would possess youth and long li e or eternity. A ter listening to this story. (imalaya agreed to marry Earvati with 1hiva. ,he 1aptarishis then went back to lord 1hiva and gave the good news to him.

8.;.GF (imalya 1ends Lagna3Eatrika

(imalaya then reHuested sage Barga to prepare a beauti ul Lagna3Eatrikas which were then sent to his near and dear ones. (e then reHuested Vishwakarma to construct a beauti ul AmandapA or the marriage& which was constructed by him in a very short time.

8.;.G8 Lord 1hiva *nvites the Deities

Lord 1hiva invited all o his Banas to the marriage ceremony. (e also instructed sage +arada to intimate all the deities& sages and the celestial entities. A ter getting the invitation rom 1hiva everybody started making preparations to be a part o 1hivaAs marriage3 procession. ,he seven mothers3 Brahmi& @aheshwari& Kaumari& Vaishnavi& Varahi& Aindri and >hamunda dressed him up beauti ully 1hiva then per ormed all the necessary Karmas to paci y the planet. At last this wonder ul marriage3procession o 1hiva proceeded towards the in3laws house.

8.;.GI Lord 1hiva)s @arriage Erocession

1hiva proceeded with his marriage procession which considered o crores o his ABanasA and deities like Vishnu who were boarded on their vehicles. -ven +arad and Lord Brahma were present in his (1hivaAs) marriage procession. Dirst o all& 1hiva sent +arada to (imalayaAs house to in orm him about their (marriage procession) arrival. (imalaya sent his son3@ainak to receive them.

8.;.G< 1hiva Divine Elays

Chen @aina saw that the marriage procession was coming she curiously told +arad about her desire to see her son in law. 1hiva understood the arrongance which her desire contained. (e wanted to teach her a lesson. (e sent all the deities one by one. @aina mistook each one o them to be 1hiva& but was later in ormed by +arada that in act they were not 1hiva but the attendants o 1hiva. @aina was very delighted and wondered how handsome the master (1hiva) must be& i the attendants were so handsome. "ight then 1hiva arrived with his Banas 3 (is body coated with ashes on it. (is Banas too were looking erocious. @aina could not bear this horrible sight and lost her consciousness.

8.;.GJ @aina)s Cail

,he maid servants arrived instantaneously and helped @aina to regain her consciousness. 1he started crying and cursing everybody. 1he thought was responsible or her daughterAs marriage with 1hiva. +obody was spared3 +arad& the 1aptarishis and even her own sons. 1he even admonished Earvati by saying. PDid you do severe penance to get such a horrible husband like this (1hiva)LP Lord Brahma and +arad tried to console and convince her& but it was o no avail. Chen (imalaya tried to intervene& he was soundly rebuked. @aina threatened him that i this marriage took place then it would be the last day o her li e.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

At last lord Vishnu arrived and tried to paci y her anger by saying that her anger was baseless as she had not seen the real appearance o 1hiva& which bestows benediction. Lord Vishnu and +arad then eulogised 1hiva who on being pleased showed his most enchanting beauty. @aina now became ully satis ied. (imalaya too elt proud o her daughterAs good ortune. At last 1hiva entered the @andap (canopy) where marriage ceremony was going to be organised. (e saw Earvati sitting there. Both o them were very delighted to see each other.

8.;.GG (imalya Bestows Earvati to 1hiva

A ter the marriage ceremony was over& 1age Barg helped (imalaya in per orming the rite o Kanyadan& amidst the chantings o vedic mantras. ,he womenAs were singing auspicious songs. (imalaya presented large Huantities o dowry to 1hiva. EarvatiAs companions were engaged with 1hiva in 9ocular and humorous conversation.


1hiva Brings Back Kamadeva Alive

"ati3 the wi e o Kamadeva& seeing the moment opportune& arrived and reHuested 1hiva to bring back her dead husband back to li e. (er wailings made the other goddesses very sympathetic towards her. ,hey too reHuested 1hiva to make her dead husband back to li e. Deeling pity on her condition. 1hiva brought back Kamadeva back to li e rom the ashes which "ati had given to him. ?n seeing her husband alive& "atiAs heart was illed up with e/treme 9oy. Both o them eulogised lord 1hiva and e/pressed their gratitude. A ter the marriage ceremony was over the marriage3processionist sought the permission o (imalaya to make a move& but he reHuested them to remain there or some more days.


1hiva)s Departure

1hiva remained at his in3laws house or many days. ?ne day he sought the permission o (imalaya to go back. -verybody became sad at the prospect o 1hivaAs departure. -specially @aina who was very saddened by this news. At last it was time or 1hiva to depart or Kailash& accompanied by Earvati. Lord 1hiva and Earvati were bliss ully en9oying their martial status& unaware o the eagerness with which the deities were awaiting the arrival o their progeny. ,arakasur 3 the demon continued tormenting the deities. Chen their miseries became unbearable they went to lord Brahma to seek their help. All o them then went to lord Vishnu. ,hey told him that even a ter passing o such a long duration o time& Earvati and 1hiva had not yet become parents. ,hey reHuested lord Vishnu to remind 1hiva about the purpose behind his marriage. *nitially lord Vishnu showed his disinclination to disturb 1hivaAs martial bliss& but when the deities insisted he went to 1hiva accompanied by all o them. All o them eulogised 1hiva and Earvati. ,he deities then reHuested 1hiva to make his contribution in the destruction o ,arakasur. 1hiva understood everything. 1ome drops o his semen ell down on the ground. ?ne being insisted by the deities. Agni trans ormed his appeared in the orm o a pigeon and pecked up those drops o semen. "ight then Earvati arrived there and became e/tremely urious on seeing the semen going waste. 1he cursed the deities that their respective wives would remain issue less as the conseHuences o their mindless acts. Agni was having in lammation in his stomach because o the 1hivaAs semen. Lord 1hiva advised him to trans er it into the womb o any noble woman. Agni ollowed the instruction and in9ected the semen into the body o si/ women through the pores o the hair on their body. ,hose women could not bear the e/treme luster o the 1hivaAs semen. ,hey went to (imachal and evacuated it. -ven (imachal could not bear its e/treme e ulgence and immersed it into the lowing Banga. "iver Banga carried it with her current and established it amidst bushes o reed (1arkanda). *nstantaneously a beauti ul child mani ested rom it. (is birth made all the deities e/tremely 9oyous including 1hiva and Earvati. *t was the si/th day (bright hal o the lunar month) o the hindu month o @argashirsha. (e was Kartikeya.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)



1age Vishwamitra arrived at the spot where the child had mani ested. ?n the repeated insistence o the child& Vishwamitra per ormed his puri ication rites and named him ABuhaA. ,he divine child blessed Vishwamitra and bestowed divine knowledge to him. (e also blessed him to become amous as ABrahmarshiA. Agnideva arrived there and gave a divine weapon named A1haktiA to that child. Buha went to the Kroncha mountain and banged his weapon on it. ,he mountain could not bear the e ect o the blow and started crumbling down. *nnumerable demons living on that mountain came to kill him. But the child killed all o them by his weapon. Chen *ndra heard about his bravery& he came along with other deities to ight him *ndra assaulted Buha with his Va9ra on the right side o his body& which resulted into the mani estation o a very power ul entity named A1hakhA. *ndra again assaulted him on the le t side o his body& rom which mani ested an e/tremely power ul entity named AVishakhA. *ndra assaulted Buha or the third time3 this time his chest was the target. Drom this third blow o *ndra mani ested A+aigamA. Buha accompanied by all the three power ul entities3 1hakh& Vishakh and +aigam attacked *ndra and his army& but they led away. 1i/ goddesses arrived on the scene. All o them tried to eed that small child out o a ection. ,hey started Huarelling among themselves. "ight then they were surprised to see the child appearing with si/ head. +ow their problems were solved. -ach o the goddesses ed their breast milk to the child. ,hey took Buha with them and brought him up with great love and care. Buha later on became amous as Kartikeya.


1earch or Kartikeya

?ne day& Earvati curiously asked 1hiva about his semen which had allen on the ground. Lord 1hiva summoned the deities and asked them about it. ,he deities narrated the whole story. Both 1hiva and Earvati were very pleased to know about Kartikeya. Lord 1hiva then ordered his Banas to bring Kartikeya rom the possession o Kritika. ,he Banas reached Badrikasharam where Kritika lived. Chen Kritika saw the Banas she became very rightened but Kartikeya gave him solace. ,he Banas reHuested Kartikeya to come along with him. Kartikeya happily took permission rom his mothers and proceeded to meet 1hiva and Earvati.


Kartikeya)s >oronation

At the time or KartikeyaAs departure& the mothers had become very emotional. Kartikeya consoled them. (e then boarded the beauti ul chariot which had been sent by Earvati and proceeded towards Kailash mountain. All the deities including 1hiva were eagerly awaiting his arrival. Chen Kartikeya reached Kailash mountain& he was given a royal reception. ,he whole atmosphere was illed up with 9oy. -verybody was celebrating. -ach o the deities presented him their respective weapons to him. Lord 1hiva coronated him as the king with the help o the brahmin. ,his way he had now become the lord o Kailashpuri.


Kartikeya)s Ama:ing >haracter

Kartikeya narrated a story connected with himsel 53 P?ne day a brahmin& whose name was +arad came to me and reHuested me to help him ind his he3goat which had got lost. (e told me that the goat was supposed to be o ered as the sacri ice. P* the goat was not ound& my vow would remain un ul illed.P 1aid +arad * went in search o that goat. * ound it in the Vishnuloka where it was creating nuisance . Chen the goat saw me& it tried to attack me with its sharp horns. * climbed on its back. A ter travelling through all the three worlds& the goat returned back to his original place. * climbed down rom its back.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

+arada arrived and demanded his goat. * told him that his Yagya had been accomplished by my blessings and there was no need to sacri ice the poor goat. +arada 3 the brahmin went back satis ied.


,he Battle

,he deities were very encouraged by the presence o Kartikeya amidst themselves. ,hey were beaming with con idence and enthusiasm. ,he deities assembled at the seashore. ,arakasur arrived their with his huge army. ,he battle began. ,arakasur appeared to be invincible. (is blow was so severe that *ndra ell down unconscious. All the ALokpalasA met the same ate. A ter that ,arakasur ought with Veerbharda and made him unconscious. -ven Lord Vishnu could not sustain or long and was ultimately de eated. Lord Brahma reHuested Kartikeya to ight with ,arakasur as nobody e/cept him would be able to kill him.


Killing o ,arakasur

?n being instructed by lord Brahma Kartikeya came orward to ight with ,arakasur. ,arakasur ridiculed the deities or taking the shield o a small child. P* he gets killed by me& the responsibility should lie on you.P ,hundered ,arakasur. A ierce battle started between both o them in which both o them got in9ured. At last seeing an opportune moment& Kartikeya hit ,arakasur on his chest with his weapon3 1hakti. ,he blow proved to be atal and as a result ,arakasur died. Kartikeya eat was hailed by all the deities. A ter killing ,arakasur& Kartikeya went to mother Earvati& who a ectionately took him into her lap. (e was eulogi:ed by all the deities.


Killings o Eralamb N Banasur

,he mountain 3 Kraunch& who was tormented by the activities o the demon named Banasur& went to Kartikeya and narrated his woe ul tales. Kartikeya threw his weapon 3 1hakti in the direction which Banasur lived. ,he weapon banged right on target and returned back to him. Bamnasur was burnt to ashes. Kraunch went back being very pleased. ,he mountain 3 Kraunch established three 1hivalingas to please lord 1hiva. ,he names o these three 1hivalingas were 3 Kumareshwar& Eratigyeshwar and Kapaleshwar. ?nce upon a time& the deities were trying to reach the abode o Lord 1hiva3 Kailash mountain. ,heir preceptor Vrihaspati was walking ahead o all o them. @eanwhile a demon by the name o Eralamb started creating turbulence. A ter being tormented by his activities& Kumud 3 son o 1heshnag took KartikeyaAs re uge. Kartikeya killed the demon with his divine weapon 3 1hakti.



?nce +arada had a desire to listen to the tales o Banesha. Brahma9i replied3 P,here were various Baneshas in di erent Kalpas. During the period o A1hweta3KalpA& Banesha was born to 1hiva and Earvati& when they went to Kailash mountain shortly a ter their marriage. P?nce while going to take her bath& Earvati instructed +andi& to stand guard at the entrance and not to allow anybody to enter the premise without her permission. Lord 1hiva arrived there by chance. Despite o +andiAs re usal to allow him& in he went inside. Earvati did not like this. ?ne day it happened so that ?nce again& Earvati wanted to take her bath. 1he made an idol rom the dirt o her body. 1he made the idol alive and instructed him not to allow anybody without her permission. 1he also gave him a stick or his protection. *ncidentally lord 1hiva arrived once again. (e tried to enter inside but Banesha re used to let him go inside. But when 1hiva tried to go inside orcibly& Banesha hit him with his stick. Lord 1hiva became urious and ordered his ganas to kill him.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)


Banesha De eats ,he 1hivaganas N ,he Deities

,he ganas o 1hiva attacked Banesha but all o them were no match or him. A ter being de eated by Banesha& the 1hivaganas went to 1hiva and narrated everything. Chile the 1hivaganas were narrating their stories& Lord Brahma& Lord Vishnu and some other deities arrived there. Lord Brahma then went to Banesha to convince him& but as soon as Banesha saw him he tried to attack lord Brahma. Brahma9i came back without achieving anything. A ter this lord 1hiva himsel came to ight Banesha.


1hiva 1everes Banesh)s (ead

A ierce battle was ought between 1hiva and Banesha. Chen Lord 1hiva reali:ed that Banesha was dominating the ight& he severed his head with his trishul.


Banesh Becomes Alive

Earvati became e/tremely urious at the death o Banesha. (er anger resulted into the mani estation o innumerable goddesses& who started creating havoc on the deities. ,he deities became rightened and they were orced to take the re uge o Earvati. ,hey eulogi:ed her and reHuested to be pardoned. Earvati told them that they could be saved only when Banesha becomes alive and becomes worshippable 9ust like thee (Deities). ,he deities went to lord 1hiva and reHuested him to make Banesha alive once again. Lord 1hiva instructed them to go in the northern direction and bring the head o any creature they might ind and 9oin it with the trunk o Banesha. ,he deities ollowed the instruction and went in the northern direction. ,hey ound an elephant which had only one tusk. ,hey severed the elephantAs head and 9oined it with the trunk o Banesha. By the blessings o 1hiva& Banesha became alive once again. ,he deities worshipped Banesha and returned back to their respective abodes.


Banesha)s @arriage

Both Kartikeya and Banesha grew up to become handsome youths in due course o time. 1hiva and Earvati started to think about their marriage. Chen Banesha and Kartikeya came to know about the plan o their marriage both o them started Huarreling among themselves as to who should get married irst. Lord 1hiva and Earvati devised a plan to sort out this problem. ,hey told them that whoever between them return a ter circumambulating the earth& will get married irst o all. Kartikeya and Banesha agreed. Kartikeya proceeded on his 9ourney to circumambulate the earth. Banesha was very intelligent. (e reHuested his parents 3 Lord 1hiva and EarvatiK to sit at a place together and circumambulated them or seven times and said3 PAccording to Veda& >ircumambulating oneAs parents give virtues eHuivalent to that o circumambulating the whole earth. 1o now you must get me married irst.P Lord 1hiva and Earvati were very impressed by his intelligence. ,hey decided to get him married with 1iddhi and "iddhi3the daughter o Vishwaroop Era9apati. *n due course o time two sons were born to them Kshem and Labh. Chile Kartikeya was returning a ter circumambulating the whole earth& he met sage +arad on the way. (e told Kartikeya about BaneshaAs marriage. Kartikeya became very sad and elt like having been cheated by their parents. Chen Kartikeya reached Kailash mountain he made salutations to lord 1hiva and Earvati and without saying anything& went to Kraunch mountain to do his penance. Earvati was very sad. 1he went to Kraunch mountain to meet Kartikeya accompanied by 1hiva. Chen Kartikeya saw them coming he moved to another place. Lord 1hiva and Earvati ollowed him and ultimately met him. Both these places have religious signi icance. (aving a darshan o Kartikeya on the ull moon day o Kritika nakashatra is considered to bestows immense auspicious and destroyes all the sins o a man.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)


Yudh3Khand5 ,ripurasur3 ,he ,hree Demon

+arada reHuested lord Brahma to narrate how lord 1hiva annihilated the demons. Lord Brahma narrated the tale o ,ripurasur. PA ter the killing o ,arakasur& three o his sons started doing their penance. ,he eldest among them was ,arkasha& younger to him was Viddyunmali and Kamalaksha was the youngest. * (Brahma) became very pleased by their tremendous penance.P P,hey reHuested me to create three invincible orts or them& which should be ull o all kinds o wealth and splendour and which nobody could be able to break.P PA golden ort was constructed or ,arakshaK or Kamlaksha a ort o silver was constructed and or Viddyunmali iron3 ort was constructed. * had ordered the demon named @aya to construct these orts. ?ne o these orts was constructed in the sky& the other was constructed on the earth and the third was constructed in the nether world.P PA ter constructing the orts or them @aya took the responsibility o protecting them. * (Brahma) warned the three demons that they would be killed by lord 1hiva. A ter this * came back.P


,he Deities -ulogi:e 1hiva N Vishnu

,he three demon3brothers started tormenting the deities. ,he deities went to lord Brahma and narrated about their miseries. Lord Brahma instructed them to seek the help o 1hiva. ,hey went to lord 1hiva and e/plained about their woes. ,hey also reHuested 1hiva to eliminate those three demons. Lord 1hiva instructed them to go to lord Vishnu and said3 P,he ,ripurasurs are very virtuous so they could not be killed. You all must go to lord Vishnu and try to seek his help.P ,he deities then went to lord Vishnu and made the same reHuest. Lord Vishnu per ormed an oblation. ,housands o armed spirit appeared rom the yagya3kunda. Lord Vishnu sent these spirits to kill the three demon3brothers. But these spirits were no match or the ,ripurasurs might and they had to run or their lives. ,hey came to lord Vishnu and narrated the whole story. Lord Vishnu became very worried. (e sent back all the deities and started thinking about the means& ,ripurasurs could be killed.


-mergence o Atheism

Lord Vishnu came to the conclusion that the ,ripurasurs could not be killed till they remain Virtuous and religious. (e then created an illusionary entity rom his body who had no hairs on his head. (e had worn dirty clothes and a bag was hanging down his shoulder. (e also had a broom in his head. ,he entity asked lord Vishnu about the purpose o his e/istence and his name. Lord Vishnu told him that his name was Arihan. (e also instructed him to create a scripture which stresses upon the importance o action (KarmavadM and which is di erent rom the rituals e/plained in the Vedas. Lord Vishnu speci ically instructed him to keep the language o that scripture as simple and degenerated as possible. Lord Vishnu then preached Arihan on the science o illusion which stressed that the heaven or the hell does not e/ist anywhere else& but on this earth itsel . Lord Vishnu instructed Arihan to get ,ripurasurs initiated into with this philosophy so that the demon3brothers become irreligious. Vishnu ordered Arihan to make his residence in a desert with his disciples. PYou should propagate your philosophy when Kaliyuga arrivesP 3 said Lord Vishnu. A ter giving his instruction lord Vishnu disappeared. Arihan then created our illusionary entities rom his bein who were supposed to act as his ollowers. ,heir names were "ishi& Yati& Keerya and %padhyay. +ow the time had arrived to enter the orts o ,ripurasurs. All o them entered the orts and in a gradual manner started increasing their in luence. As a result the ,ripurasurs became irreligious. +ot only that their sub9ects too became irreligious in a very short time.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)


,he Deities -ulogi:e Lord 1hiva

Chen the deities saw that the ,ripurasurs had become irreligious completely& they went to lord 1hiva and reHuested him to kill ,ripurasurs. "ight then mother Earvati arrived there accompanied by Kartik and Banesha. 1he reHuested 1hiva to come along with her into the palace. All the deities ollowed them and kept on reHuesting. ,he deities were angry that Earvati had caused obstacles in the ul illment o their ob9ective. ,hey could not conceal their anger and e/pressed it. ?ne o the ganas o 1hiva& whose name was Kumbhodar angrily attacked the deities. All o them got in9ured and went to lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu advised them to chant the ive lettered mantra 3 O, "*,*+ S+I.*3 or one crore times. ,he deities ollowed the instruction. Lord 1hiva became pleased and appeared be ore them. (e assured the deities that their wishes would be ul illed.


Killings o ,ripurasurs

Chen 1hiva agreed to kill the demon 3 brothers ,ripurasur the deities became e/tremely 9oyous. ,hey gave their respective weapons to 1hiva& so that he did not have any di iculty in killing the demons. Vishwakarma gave his beauti ul chariot to him. Lord 1hiva proceeded towards the orts o ,ripurasur ollowed by a huge army o the deities. (is army entered the orts o his bow but he was not able to release it. (e remained in this position or one thousand years but still he was not success ul in releasing his arrow. Lord 1hiva then worshipped Banesha and heard a heavenly voice instructing him to use his weapon 3 Eashupat. Lord 1hiva released it in the direction o the orts o ,ripurasur. All the three orts were destroyed by the assault o Eashupat and it created havoc among the demons. 1eeing death and destruction all around them 3 ,ripurasurs prayed to lord 1hiva to have mercy on them. Lord 1hiva assured them that a ter their death they would be born as his ganas. At last ,ripurasurs were burnt to death. @aya was the only demon who survived. A ter their death the ,ripurasurs were privileged to be reborn as the ganas o 1hiva.


,he Deities "eceive a Boon rom 1hiva

A ter the killings o three demons3 ,ripurasur& lord 1hivaAs anger had still not subdivided. ,he anger was paci ied only a ter the deities and the sages prayed to him. (e blessed the deities by saying that he would always be present on their side to protect them. @aya 3 Cho had survived the 1hivaAs attack& arrived there and he too was blessed by lord 1hiva. A ter that Arihan arrived with his ollowers and worshipped 1hiva. Lord 1hiva blessed him and his ollowers. A ter taking permission rom lord Vishnu& Arihan proceeded towards a desert region accompanied by his ollowers. A ter receiving the boon the deities too received to their respective abode.


Lord 1hiva 1pares ,he Li e o *ndra

1ut9i narrates the ollowing story to the sages3 P?nce upon a time& *ndra was going towards Kailash mountain to have a AdarshanA o lord 1hiva. 1age Vrihaspati was accompanying him. Lord 1hiva came to know about his arrival. (e wanted to test his devotion towards him. Chile both *ndra and Vrihaspati were still on their way. Lord 1hiva met them on their in the guise o a hermit. *ndra did not recogni:e 1hiva& who was sitting on the way disguised as a hermit. *ndra inHuired as to who he was and where he live. Lord 1hiva sat Huietly without saying a word. *ndra repeatedly asked the same Huestion& but each time 1hiva remained Huiet. *ndra became urious and tried to attack lord 1hiva with his Va9ra. Lord 1hiva paraly:ed the raised hands o *ndra by his divine power. 1hivaAs eyes had reddened due to anger which made *ndra very rightened sage Vrihaspati was able to recogni:e the real identity o the hermit as to who he was. (e made salutations to lord 1hiva and reHuested him to pardon *ndra. Lord 1hiva became pleased and diverted the power o his radiant eyes to the ocean. ,his way *ndraAs li e was spared by 1hiva. Lord 1hiva then returned to Kailash mountain. *ndra and 1age Vrihaspati to Kailash mountain. *ndra and sage Vrihaspati too returned to their respective abodes.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)


@ani estation o #aladhar

,he e ulgence& which had been divided by lord 1hiva into the ?cean resulted into the mani estation o a small child. ,his incident happened at the place where river Banges submerged into the ocean and which is also known as Bangasagar now a days. ,he child was crying so erociously that an environment o ear was created everywhere. ,he deities and the sages went to lord Brahma to satis y their curiously. Lord Brahma assured then to ind out the reason. (e went to the seashore. ,he sea put the child in his lap and enHuired about the name o that child and also about his uture. @eanwhile the child pressed lord BrahmaAs neck with such power that tears rolled down rom his eyes. Dor this reason he named the child as #alandhar. Lord Brahma told the sea that the child will become the mighty ruler o the demons. +o deity would be able to kill him e/cept 1hiva. ,he sea was very pleased by lord BrahmaAs predictions. A ter Lord Brahma returned to his abode& the sea brought that child to his home and brought up that child with great love and care. Chen #alandhar grew up he married Vrinda& who was the daughter o Kalnemi. Later on he became the ruler o the demons.


Battle Between #alandhar N ,he Deities

?ne day 1age Bhrigu came to meet #alandhar. A ter receiving him with due respect #alandhar asked him as to who severed the head o "ahu. 1age Bhrigu then told him about (iranyakashipu who was the maternal uncle o "ahu. 1age Bhrigu also told him about Virochana 3 the son o the e/tremely charitable king Bali. ,hen sage Bhrigu narrated the tale connected with the churning o ocean and how ambrosia emerged rom the churning o the ocean. 1age Bhrigu told #alandhar how "ahuAs head was severed by lord Vishnu& while he was sitting among the deities and at the time when ambrosia was being distributed to all the deities. #alandhar became very urious a ter hearing this story. (e summoned one o his messengers whose name was Bhasmar and instructed him to go and ask *ndra& as to why had he misappropriated all the wealth o his ather (1ea) which emerged during the churning o 1ea. (e also instructed Bhasmar to warn *ndra about the dire conseHuences unless he takes his (*ndraAs) re uge. But *ndra sent back Bhasmar without any speci ic assurance. ,his action o *ndra made #alandhar more angry than be ore. (e collected his army and attacked *ndra. A ierce battle was ought between his army and the army o the deities. @any warriors got killed rom both the sides. 1hukracharya the guru o the deities brought back the dead warriors rom the demon side back to li e by his mritasan9ivani vidya. 1imilarly 1age Vrihaspati brought back the dead warriors rom the deities side back to li e with the help o medicinal herbs. Chen 1hukracharya saw that& sage Vrihaspati too was success ully making the dead deities alive& he instructed #alandhar to submerge the Drongiri mountain into the sea& so that it becomes impossible or Vrihaspati to get the medicinal herbs by the help o which he made the dead deities alive. #alandhar obeyed the command o 1hukracharya and by li ting the Drongiri mountain submerged it into the sea. ,he deities became demorali:ed and led rom the battle ield #alandhar captured *ndrapuri.


Battle Between Lord Vishnu N #alandhar

,he terri ied deities took the re uge o lord Vishnu and sought his help. Lord Vishnu gave a patient hearing and agreed to help them& but there was a hitch. (is consort goddess La/mi considered #alandhar as her brother because both o them originated rom the sea. 1he instructed Lord Vishnu against killing #alandhar. Lord Vishnu promised to her that he wonAt kill #alandhar. A ter giving his word to goddess La/mi& he went to ight a battle with #alandhar.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

A ierce battle was ought between both o them which remained indecisive till the end. Lord Vishnu became very much impressed by the valiance o #alandhar and asked him to demand any boon he liked. #alandhar reHuested him to make his dwelling in the Ksheersagar3the abode o #alandhar& alongwith his sister (La/mi). Lord Vishnu agreed to ul ill his wish and started living in the Ksheersagar along with his consort La/mi. Being unde eated by Lord Vishnu himsel & #alandhar became the ruler o all the three world. All his sub9ects were satis ied by his 9ust and virtuous rule& e/cept the deities. ,he deities now eulogi:ed lord 1hiva to seek his help in de eating #alandhar.


+arad)s 1tratagem

According to the wish o lord 1hiva& 1age +arad came to meet the deities. ,he deities narrated their woe ul tales to him. Deeling pity on their condition& he went accorded a grand reception by #alandhar which pleased him very much. +arad praised the splendours and prosperity o #alandhar but added that it was nothing in comparison to 1hivaAs splendours +arad told him that inspite o all his authority and splendours& his prosperity was still incomplete& as he did not have a consort. #alandhar asked curiously as to where could he ind his consort. According to his strategy& +arada advised #alandhar to make Earvati as his consort #alandhar ell into +aradAs trap. (e sent A"ahuA to lord 1hiva with a proposal to part with Earvati. "ahu went to lord 1hiva and demanded Earvati& which made lord 1hiva e/tremely urious. (is anger resulted into the mani estation o a erocious creature& which ran towards A"ahuA to devour him. "ahu had no option but to take the re uge o Lord 1hiva. Lord 1hiva protected the li e o A"ahuA. ,he hungry creature& asked 1hiva as to what should he eat to satis y his hunger. Lord 1hiva instructed him to devour his own limbs. ,he creative ollowed his instructions and devoured his limbs. Lord 1hiva was very pleased by his sense o obedience. (e named that creature o his palace. (e also blessed him saying that he too would be worshipped along with him (1hiva).


Battle Between Lord 1hiva N #alandhar

"ahu went back to #alandhar and narrated the whole story to him. #alandhar then attacked Kailash mountain with his huge army. A ierce battle was ought between the 1hiva3ganas and the demons. Chen #alandhar reali:ed that lord 1hiva had begun to dominate the battle he created beauti ul AApsarasA and ABandharvasA by his illusionary powers to divert the attention o lord 1hiva and his ganas. (e was success ul in his attempt. Lord 1hiva and his ganas became enchanted by the heavenly beauty o the apsaras. ,hey stopped ighting and started watching their dance and music. @eanwhile #alandhar went to Earvati in the guise o lord 1hiva but was recogni:ed by her. Being enchanted by the beauty o goddess Earvati& he looked at her with his evil intentions& but was immobili:ed by her wrath. @other Earvati then went to lord Vishnu and narrated the whole story. 1he wanted to teach #alandhar a lesson. 1he reHuested lord Vishnu to go to #alandharAs wi e in the guise o #alandhar and act in the same way. #alandhar had dared to do.


Vrinda Bets Dishonored

Cith the help o his divine powers& Lord Vishnu created many inauspicious dreams while Vrinda was asleep. Vrinda became very restless and when the an/ieties become unbearable she proceeded towards the orest. Vrinda saw a hermit in the orest who was preaching his disciples. ,he hermit was none other than lord Vishnu. 1he went to that hermit and prayed to save her husbandAs li e. Lord Vishnu disappeared rom the scene and reappeared 3 this time in the guise o #alandhar. But Vrinda was unable to recogni:e the real identity o her husband. 1he was very pleased a ter inding her husband. Both o them stayed in that very orest as husband and wi e or a very long time.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

?ne day& came to know about the real identity o the person& who was impersonating as her husband. "eali:ing that her chastity has been breached& she cursed lord Vishnu by saying that 9ust as he had played a deceit ul trick with her in the same way somebody would deceit ully abduct his wi e and he too would wander in her search. A ter cursing lord Vishnu& Vrinda embraced death by entering into the ire.


Killing o #alandhar

?n the other side& a ter the departure o Earvati rom Kailash @ountain and a ter the illusionary powers created by #alandhar had ended all the apsaras and gandharvas vanished. 1hiva reali:ed that whatever he was watching& was nothing more than illusion. Lord 1hiva recommenced his battle. ,he demons31humbh and +ishumbh& came orward to ight with him& but ultimately they had to lee rom the battle ield. Lord 1hiva warned both o them that though they had escaped death at that moment& but they would be killed by Earvati. +ow #alandhar again arrived to ight with lord 1hiva. A ierce battle commenced between them. Dinding an opportune time& 1hiva severed the head o #alandhar by his A>hakraA which had been created rom his toe. A ter his death& #alandharAs soul united with 1hiva.


,he Deities -/press Bratitude

Chen the deities came to know about the killing o #alandhar& they became over9oyed. ,hey came to Lord 1hiva and eulogi:ed him. ,hy also hailed his great achievement. A ter e/pressing their gratitude they returned to their respective abodes.


@ani estation o Amla (@yrobalan)& ,ulsi (UBasil) and @alti

Lord Vishnu was very much saddened by the death o Vrinda. (e took the ashes rom the pyre and a ter applying them on his body started wondering here and there. ,he deities became very worried to see the condition o lord Vishnu. ,hey went to lord 1hiva and reHuested him to eliminate the alse attachment with which 1ri Vishnu was su ering. Lord 1hiva sent the deities to goddess Earvati& saying that she would ceratainly help in this regard. ,he deities went to goddess Earvati and prayed to her. 1he became very pleased and with the assistance o La/mi and 1araswati& gave some seeds to then. ,he deities sprayed those seeds on the pyre& on which Vrinda had given up her li e. ,hree holy plants mani ested rom that pyre3Amla& ,ulsi and @alti. Later on ,ulsi and @alti attained to the Vishnuloka& by the virtue o their respective penance.


Birth o 1hankhachuda

1ut9i narrated the tale o the birth o 1hankhachuda and how 1hiva killed him with his ,rishula. (e told the sages that 1hankhachuda was born to the demon king ADambhaA. 1hankhachuda was in act& 1udama& in his previous li e. (e was born in the amily o demons due to the curse o "adha.


1hankhachuda)s @arriage

Chen 1hankhachuda gre up& he went to Eushkar (A9mer& "a9asthan) and did a tremendous penance to please lord Brahma. Lord Brahma blessed him and said that he would remain invincible. (e also instructed 1hankhachuda to go to ABadrikashramA where he would ind his would be wi e ,ulsi3 the daughter o Dharmadhwa9a. 1hankhachuda went to Badrikasharam and married ,ulsi as per the instructions o lord Brahma. (e then returned back to his capital accompanied by his wi e3 ,ulsi.


1hankhachuda Becomes the "uler o All ,hree Corlds

Chen 1hankhachuda reached his capital a ter marrying ,ulsi& he was crowned as the king o the demons by 1hukracharya. A ter his coronation& 1hankhachuda attacked *ndrapuri supported by his huge army and de eated the deities. *n a very short time all the three worlds were under his control.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

A ter being de eated by 1hankhachuda& the deities went to lord Brahma and sought his help in eliminating the menance called 1hankhachuda. Lord Brahma then took them to lord Vishnu. All o them were taken to lord 1hiva by Vishnu9i. ,hey e/pressed their reHuest to liberate them rom the troubles created by 1hankhachuda.


1hiva Assures the Deities

Lord 1hiva assured the deities that he will certainly kill 1hankhachuda and hence they should not worry about him. ,he deities then happily returned to their respective abodes.


>onversation Between Eushpadant N 1hankhachuda

Lord 1hiva sent his messenger named Eushpadant& to 1hankhachuda to ask him to return back the kingdom o the deities to them. 1hankhachuda re used to oblige this demand& on the contrary he e/pressed his willingness and readiness to ight lord 1hiva. Eushpadant returned back and narrated the whole story to lord 1hiva.


1hiva Eroceeds with his Army

Lord 1hiva was now ully convinced about the inevitability o the battle. (e irst sent all his ganas under the leadership o Kartekiye and Banesha. Later on Bhadrakali proceeded towards the battle ield with a huge army as per the own wish o lord 1hiva himsel . At last lord 1hiva proceeded towards the battle ield accompanied by the deities. All the troops collected at the bank o river >handrabhaga and rested under the shade o a Banyan tree.


1hankhachuda Eroceeds with his Army

1hankhachuda handed over the kingdom to his son and went to his wi e to take her permission be ore going to the battle ield. (is wi e was reluctant to allow him to go& but he somehow managed to convince her. (e then proceeded towards the banks o >handrabhaga with a huge army.


Battle Between the Deities and the Demons

A ierce battle started between the deities and the demons. Both o them attacked each other with the most destructive weapons. But when the army o >handrachuda began to dominate the ight& the deities led away and took the re uge o lord 1hiva. ,hey told 1hiva o the number o deities who had been killed while ighting.


,he Battle Between 1hiva)s Damily N 1hankhachuda

A ter the de eat o the deities and the ganas Kartikeya and Banesha went to ight 1hankhachuda. A spectacular battle was ought between 1hankhachuda and both o them. Later on they were 9oined by Bhadrakali. Bhadrakali would have devoured 1hankhachuda without any problem& but she spared his li e because o the boon& given to him by Lord Brahma. +ow it was the turn o Lord 1hiva to 9oin the battle& but even he could not cause any harm to him because o lord BrahmaAs boon.


1trategy -mployed to Kill 1hankhachuda

Chile a tremendous battle was being ought between lord 1hiva and 1hankhachuda. Lord Vishnu appeared and demanded the armour rom 1hankhachuda& which he had put on& his body in the guise o a brahmin. 1hankhachuda gave his armour to him without any kind o suspicion. Lord Vishnu then went to 1hankhachudaAs wi e in the guise o her husband i.e. 1hankhachuda. (e destroyed the chastity o ,ulsi 3 1hankhachudaAs wi e. 1hankhachuda derived his power rom the chastity o his wi e and it vanished the moment& her chastity was destroyed.


Lord 1hiva Kills 1hankhachuda

Bhadrakali was creating havoc in the army o 1hankhachuda. 1hankhachuda became very urious and attacked 1hiva. 1hiva repulsed his assault and attacked him with his ,rishul. 1hankhachuda who had became powerless was killed instantaneously. ,he deities were very pleased at the death o 1hankhachuda. A ter worshipping lord 1hiva they went back to their respective abodes.


,ulsi >urses Lord Vishnu

A ter being instructed by goddess Earvati& Lord Vishnu had gone to ,ulsi in the guise o her husband3 1hankhachuda& so that the breach o ,ulsi chastity could help lord 1hiva to kill 1hankhachuda& who derived his power rom ,ulsiAs chastity and virtuosity.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

*nitially ,ulsi could not recogni:e lord Vishnu. 1he was e/tremely 9oyous at his arrival. But very soon she was able to reali:e the real identity o lord Vishnu& who had disguised himsel as her husband. 1he became very angry and cursed lord Vishnu to become a stone. 1he was crying unconsolably. Lord Vishnu contemplated on 1hiva as a result o which he appeared. Lord 1hiva blessed ,ulsi that she would become the beloved o Lord Vishnu. Due to ,ulsiAs curse& Lord Vishnu attained the orm o 1haligram which is a stone and because o lord 1hivaAs blessings. ,ulsi leaves started being o ered to the 1haligram& in the process o its worship.


Killing o (iranyaksha

(iranyakashipu was illed with grie when he heard the news o his brothersA death. ,o avenge (iranyakshaAs death& he started to torment the deities. Becoming homeless& the deities started wandering here and there. (iranyakashipu was still unsatis ied. (e wanted to acHuire more power and authority. (e went to the @andarachal mountain and started doing a tremendous penance to please Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma appeared be ore him and asked him demand anything he wished to be ul illed. (iranyakashipu said3 P? Lord$ Bless me so that * do neither die during the day nor during the nightK neither on the earth nor in the skyK neither by the deities nor by the demonsK neither by a human being nor by an animal. Bless me ? Lord$ ? that * do not get killed by any type o weapon.P Lord Brahma blessed (iranyakshipu and said Aso be itA. +ow& (iranyakashipu became more ruthless and arrogant. (e declared himsel the almighty Bod and ordered his sub9ects to worship him and his idol. (is son3 Erahlad was a very great devotee o lord Vishnu. (e did not pay heed to his atherAs command and continued to worship Lord Vishnu. (iranyakashipu tried to kill Erahalada many times& but each time he survived by the blessings o lord Vishnu. Chen (iranyakashipuAs atrocities crosses all its limits& the deities went to lord Vishnu and reHuested him to kill (iranyakashipu. Lord Vishnu appeared in his incarnation o +risimha (hal lion and hal man) and killed (iranyakashipu with his sharp nails& during the dusk. A ter giving his kingdom to his son 3 Erahalad Lord Vishnu went back to his abode.


Lord 1hiva ,eaches ,he 1ecrets o @rita31an9ivani Vidya to 1hukracharya

1hukracharya did a severe penance or ive thousand years to please 1hiva and acHuire the secrets o @ritasan9ivani Viddya (bringing back dead person alive) rom him. Chen Lord 1hiva did not appear even a ter such a tremendous penance& then he indulges himsel in severest orm o penance& by Huitting having ood and water. (e now started living only on air. ,his continued or thousands o year. Lord 1hiva became very pleased with his penance. (e mani ested rom the very 1hivalinga& 1hukracharya had been worshipping till now. (e taught the secrets o A@ritasan9ivaniA viddya to him and told him that by the help o this viddya he would become capable o making alive the dead persons. Lord 1hiva also blessed 1hukracharya to become a star and attain respectability among all the planets. A ter blessing 1hukracharya like this& Lord 1hiva disappeared into the same 1hivalinga rom which he had appeared.


Andhak)s 1plendors

?nce& Andhak brothers 9okingly told him that& since his real parents were somebody else (1hiva and Earvati) there ore he was not it to rule them. ,hough they had told this in good humour& yet Andhak was very much saddened by their remark. (e relinHuished his throne and went to a deserted place in the orest and started to do a severe penance. Lord Brahma became very pleased by his penance and appeared be ore him. (e asked him to demand anything he wished to be ul illed. Andhak said3 P* only long or the love and a ection o my brothers. ? Lord$ Bless me so that nobody should be able to kill one e/cept lord 1hiva.P
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Lord Brahma blessed him and said3 Aso be itA. Andhak returned to his kingdom and with the co3operation o his brothers like Erahalad etc he brought even the deities under his control. But drunk with power he became very arrogant and started tormenting all the creatures. (e did not show any respect to the Vedas& brahmin and the deities.


Battle Between Lord 1hiva and Andhak

Andhak had become so arrogant that once& he even dared to dishonour his own mother3Earvati& who at that time was living at the @andarachal mountain. 1hiva became very urious with him. Andhak attacked 1hiva with his huge army. Lord 1hiva sent his numerous ganas to ight him& but all o them were killed by Andhak. Chen lord 1hiva got the news o the arrival o Andhak with his army& he sent Lord Vishnu and his remaining ganas to ight him. (e himsel went to per orm his austerity named AEashupatA. ,he deities ought with Andhak or one thousand years. @eanwhile Lord 1hiva returned a ter completing his AEashupat VrataA and 9oined them. 1eeing Lord 1hiva in ront o him& Andhak became urious and attacked him erociously. (is companion& whose name was AVidhasA& devoured all the deities. ,he demons who had been killed in the battle& were brought back to li e by 1hukracharya. Lord 1hiva became very angry and swallowed 1hukracharya. (e also e/tracted the deities rom the stomach o Vidhas who had been swallowed by him earlier. A ter that& lord 1hiva attacked Andhak with his trident& which in9ured him. But rom each drop o his blood which ell on the ground& mani ested thousands o demons who resembled Andhak. Lord 1hiva then instructed goddess A>handikaA to drink the blood& while he killed all the demons. Boddess >handika ollowed the instructions o 1hiva and drank each drop o blood& which oo:ed out rom the wounds o the demons and did not let single drop o blood to all on the ground. A ter killing all the demons& lord 1hiva li ted Andhak with his trident and hanged him between the earth and sky. Andhak remained there or a very long period o time& bearing the heat o the sun and the showers o rain. But he remained alive. %ltimately he had to take the re uge o Lord 1hiva& to save his li e. Lord 1hiva became pleased by his eulogy and made him his ABanadheesA (leader o all the Banas).


"eemergence o 1hukracharya

Chen lord 1hiva swallowed up 1hukracharya& he became very restless and started to ind out a way through which he could come out rom 1hivaAs stomach. But all o his e orts went in vain. Dinding no other option& he started to chant the name o lord 1hiva. (is chantings continued or one hundred years. By the blessings o 1hiva& he came out rom 1hivaAs stomach through the e9aculated semen. A ter coming out& 1hukraharya eulogi:ed Lord 1hiva. 1hiva became pleased with him and showered him with a ection 9ust like his own son. A ter being blessed 1hukracharya went and re9oined the army o the demons.


Killing o Ba9asur

Boddess Durga had killed the demon 3 @ahishasur& who used to torment the deities. Ba9asur was the son o @ahishasur. ,o avenge his atherAs death& Ba9asur did a tremendous penance to please lord Brahma. Lord Brahma appeared be ore him and asked him to demand any boon. Ba9asur said3 P? Lord$ -ven a A#eetendriyaA (one who has ull control over his senses) should not be able to kill me&P Lord Brahma blessed him by saying 3 A1o be itA. Bradually& Ba9asur atrocities crossed all limits. (e became the lord o all the three worlds. (e orced even the deities to worship him. (e used to torment the brahmins and the other religious people. ?ne day Ba9asur arrived at Kashi and started tormenting the people living over there. ,he deities came to lord 1hiva and reHuested him to rescue Kashi by killing Ba9asur.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Lord 1hiva came to Kashi and ought a battle with Ba9asur. (e killed Ba9asur with this trident. At the time o his death& Ba9asur eulogi:ed Lord 1hiva and reHuested him to put his (Ba9asurAs) skin on his (1hivaAs) body. Lord 1hiva agreed to ul ill his wish. At the spot where& Ba9asur was killed a amous 1hivalinga by the name o Krittivaseshwar was constructed as per the own wish o lord 1hiva.


Killing o +irhaddaitya

Diti was illed with grie when she came to known about her sonAs ((iranyaksha) death& who was killed by lord Vishnu. +irhad daitya& who was the maternal uncle o Erahlad consoled her an promised to avenge the death o (iranyaksha. (e thought to destroy the vedic religion. According to him the deities derived their strength and power rom this very vedic religion. (e planned to eliminate the priestly class3brahmins& so that the chances o AYagyasA being per ormed becomes e/tinct and the deities were starved to such an e/tent that they became weak and powerless. ,hinking that then it would not be very di icult to kill the AweakA deities. +irhaddaitya arrived at Kashi to e/ecute his plan& which during those time was the chie centre o the brahmins. (e attained the orm o a tiger and stationed himsel in a nearby orest. (e used to kill any brahmin who used to come over there to collect AKushaA grass and uel. Cith the help o his illusionary powers he used to attain the orm o a hermit during the day time and lived among them. But during the night& he used to enter into the houses o the brahmins in the orm o a tiger and used to devour them. ?n one night o 1hivaratri& when a brahmin was busy worshipping Lord 1hiva& +iraddaitya who was in the orm o a tiger entered the temple. But& since the brahmin was engaged in the worship o Lord 1hiva& he could not harm the brahmin. Lord 1hiva emerged rom the very 1hivalinga& which the brahmin was worshipping and punched the demon with his clenched ist& so hard that he died.


Killing o Vidal and %tpal

Long long ago there used to live two demons by the names o Vidul and %tpal. Both o them did a tremendous penance to please lord Brahma. A ter being blessed by lord Brahma& they became very arrogant and started tormenting the deities and the brahmins. ,he deities went to lord Brahma and sought his help. Lord Brahma told them that both the demons would be killed by goddess Earvati very soon. (e also instructed the deities to eulogi:e 1hiva and Earvati to seek their blessings. ,he deities went back and started eulogi:ing 1hiva and Earvati. ?ne ate ul day& Vidal and %tpal arrived at the place where goddess Eaarvati was having amusements with her companions. Vidal and %tpal had disguised themselves as the ganas o 1hiva. Lord 1hiva recogni:ed the real identity o the demons. (e signaled towards Earvati pointing towards the demons. Earvati who was playing with a ball with her companions& understood what lord 1hiva meant to say. 1he hit both o them with the ball& with such orce that both the demons died on the spot. ,he ball then ell down on the ground and trans ormed into a 1hivalinga which became as AKandukeshwarA. ,he deities became very pleased at the death o Vidal and %tpal.


)hatrudra )amhita

,he sages reHuested 1ut9i to describe about the di erent incarnations o Lord 1hiva. 1ut9i told them that& although Lord 1hiva took many incarnations but ive o his incarnations were very important3 1adho9at +amadeva& ,atpurush& Aghoresh and *shan. ,his >hapter contains 7; sections.

8.7.6 1adho9at (6)

Lord 1hiva took his irst incarnation rom the physiHue incarnation rom the physiHue o Lord Brahma& who was engrossed in his deep state o meditation& during the nineteenth Kalpa named 1hweta Lohit. Lord Brahma gave him the name 1AD(?#A, and eulogi:ed him.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Later on& rom the physiHue o 1adho9at our o his disciple mani ested& whose names were 1unand& +andan& Vishwanandan and %panandan. All the our disciples were o air comple/ion. Lord 1hiva blessed Brahma and empowered him to do creation.

8.7.; +aamdeva (;)

During the twentieth Kalpa named A"aktaA the comple/ion o lord Brahma turned red& while he was engrossed in his meditative state. Drom his body mani ested an entity who also was o red comple/ion. Lord Brahma named him +amadeva considering him to be the incarnation o lord 1hiva and eulogi:ed him. Later on our sons were born to +amadeva& whose names were Vira9& Viwah& Vishok and Vishwabhawan. All o them were o red comple/ion 9ust like their ather +amadeva. +aamdeva 1hiva alongwith his virtuous progenies blessed lord Brahma with the power o creation.

8.7.7 ,atpurush (7)

,he twenty3 irst Kalpa on the earth was known as AEeetavasaA. *t was named so because o the apparel o lord Brahma which were o yellow colours. Lord BrahmaAs prayer resulted into the mani estation o a e ulgent entity. >onsidering this entity as Lord 1hiva& Lord Brahma started chanting the mantras o 1hiva Bayatri. A ter the chantings o the mantras& numerous entities mani ested who had put on apparels o yellow colour on their body. ,his way the third incarnation o 1hiva popularly known as ,atpurush mani ested.

8.7.F Bhoresh (F)

A ter the Eeetavasa Kalp came the 1hiva Kalpa. A black comple/ioned mani ested while Lord Brahma was engrossed in his deep meditative state. Lord Brahma considering this entity as Aghor 1hiva started eulogi:ing him. Lord BrahmaAs eulogi:ation resulted into the mani estation o our more entities who had the same black comple/ion as that o AAghor 1hivaA. ,heir names were Krishna& Krishnashikha& Krishnamukha and Krishnakanthdhari. Bhor 1hiva along with those our entities blessed lord Brahma with the power o creation.

8.7.8 *shan (8)

During the Kalpa named Vishwaroop& mani estations o 1araswati and *shan 1hiva took place. Lord Brahma eulogi:ed *shan 1hiva a ter which our divine entities named #ati& @undi& 1hikhandi and Ardhamundi mani ested rom *shan 1hiva. All o them blessed lord Brahma with the power o creation.

8.7.I -ight *dols o 1hiva

A ter describing about the ive chie incarnations o lord 1hiva& 1ut9i e/plained about the eight amous idols o lord 1hiva3 1harva& Bhava& "udra& %gra& Bheema& Eashupati& *shan and @ahadeva. ,hese eight idols o 1hiva symboli:es the eight natural elements which help in the process o creation& nurturement and annihilation. ,hese eight natural elements are Land& water& ire& air& sky& supreme soul (Kshetragya)& 1un and the moon. Being established in these eight idols& 1hiva controls the whole world.

8.7.< 1hiva as Ardhanarishwar

?nce upon a time Lord Brahma& not seeing an e/pansion in his creation became very worried. A heavenly voice instructed him to commence creation with the help o copulative activities. But since all the incarnation o 1hiva had been males till then& there ore lord Brahma was inding it impossible. Lord Brahma contemplated on the orm o 1hiva and 1hakti. Lord 1hiva became very pleased with him and appeared in his orm o AArdhanarishwar (hal male hal emale). Le t side o his body resembled like a woman while the right side appeared like a man. Lord Brahma worshipped this orm o 1hiva. Lord 1hiva then separated the eminine part o his body and thus mani ested mother 1hakti. Lord Brahma worshipped her and reHuested to bestow such power by which he could create a woman. Boddess 1hakti blessed him by saying ! A1o be itA and vanished. ,his way Lord Brahma became capable o commencing copulative creation.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

8.7.J Various *ncarnations o Vyasa and Lord 1hiva

During the AVarahA Kalpa o the 1eventh A@anvantarA lord Vishnu illuminated all the three world by his divine presence. ,his seventh @anvantara consisted o our yugas which repeated themselves in a cyclic way or twelve times. ,he irst dwapar o this seventh manvantar saw the mani estation o lord 1hiva or the wel are o the brahmins. Chen Kaliyuga arrived Lord 1hiva again mani ested himsel along with goddess 1hakti and was known as @ahamuni 1hweta. Lord Brahma had the priviledge o becoming his disciple. During the second dwapar& sage Vyas e/isted as 1atya& Era9apati and Lord 1hiva became amous as A1utarA. Lord 1hiva in his incarnation o 1utra had many disciples among whom ADundubhiA was very amous. During the third dwapar sage Vyas took his incarnation as Bhargava and lord 1hiva became amous as Daman. Lord 1hiva in his incarnation as Daman had our disciples among whom Vishoka was very amous. Chen Kaliyuga arrived a ter this third dwapar. Lord 1hiva along with his Disciples helped 1age Vyas. During the ourth Dwapar 1age Vyas took his incarnation as Angira and Lord 1hiva as A1uhotraA. -ven in this incarnation Lord 1hiva had our disciples among whom 1umukh was very amous. Lord 1hiva along with his disciples helped Angira. During the i th dwapar sage Vyas took incarnation as 1avita and Lord 1hiva as AKankaA who was very amous or his tremendous austerities. Kanka had our disciples among whom 1anak was very amous. During the si/th dwapar sage Vyas took incarnation as @rityu and Lord 1hiva as ALokakshiA. Lokakshi had our disciples among whom 1udhama was very prominent. During the seventh dwapar sage Vyas mani ested himsel as *ndra and Lord 1hiva as #aigisatya. #aigisatya had our disciples among whom 1araswat was very prominent. During the eighth dwapar sage Vyas took incarnation as Vashishth and Lord 1hiva as Dadhivahan. Dadhivahan had our disciples among whom Kapil was very amous. During the nineth dwapar sage Vyas took incarnation as 1araswat and Lord 1hiva as A"ishabhA. Lord 1hiva in his incarnation as "ishabhdeva had our disciples among whom Earashar was very amous.

8.7.G +andikeshwar
Chile describing about the incarnation o +andikeshwar 1ut9i says3 1age 1hilad did a tremendous penance to please lord 1hiva with an aspiration to have a son. Lord 1hiva appeared be ore him and asked him to demand any boon he wished. 1age 1hilad e/pressed his desire o having a son who is not born rom a physical body and who is pro icient in all the sriptural knowledges. Lord 1hiva blessed him by saying ! A1o be itA. 1age 1hilad then returned to his hermitage and per ormed a AYagyaA. Drom the yagya3kunda appeared a child who possessed our arms and three eyes. 1age 1hilad was very pleased to see that child. ,he birth o the child was celebrated with great an are. Lord 1hiva and Earvati arrived to bless the child. ,he child was named +andi as his birth had given immense 9oy (anand) to sage 1hilad. Later on +andi lived with his ather like any other normal child and was brought up with great love and care. (e became pro icient in all the scriptures within seven years. Being inspired by lord 1hiva& two brahmins came to sage 1hilad and in ormed him that a ter one year +andi would be no more. 1age 1hilad became e/tremely sad. 1eeing his ather in his sorrow ul mood& +andi consoled him and later on went to do penance. (is tremendous penance pleased Lord 1hiva and Earvati and both o them appeared be ore him. Lord 1hiva blessed him and said3 2You are 9ust like me& so you will never die4.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Lord 1hiva also gave one o his garlands to him. As soon as +andi wore that garland he imbibed all the Hualities o lord 1hiva. A ter that Lord 1hiva took out some water rom his locks o hair and sprinkled on him& as a result o which ive rivers came into e/istence. ,hese ive rivers were later on came to be known as Eanchanad. Lord 1hiva then made him the leader o all his ganas. Later on goddess Earvati took +andi under her guidance and considered him 9ust like her own son. +andi was married to 1uyasha3 the daughter o @arut. %ltimately all o them accompanied lord 1hiva to his abode.

8.7.6M Bhairav Bets Liberated rom his 1in

Bhairav who was created by lord 1hiva rom his third eye& had severed one o the ive heads o Lord Brahma on the instruction o lord 1hiva. +ow Brahma9i was le t with only our heads. >arrying the skull o Brahma in his hand& Bhairava started wandering in all the three worlds. ,o atone his sin o severing the head o lord Brahma& he was begging alms. Bhairav reached Vishnuloka where he was welcomed warm heartedly by lord Vishnu and La/mi. Boddess La/mi dropped the learning (Vidya) named @anorath (by which all the wishes could be ul illed) in the begging bowl (1kull) o Bhariav. Bhairav became e/tremely happy by this gi t. Lord 1hiva had created a oegrass named ABrahmahatyaA and had instructed Bhairav to reach Kashi& be ore her. According to lord 1hiva this way the sin committed by Bhairav could success ully atoned. A ter being blessed by goddess La/mi& Bhairav took the permission o Lord Vishnu and proceeded towards Kashi. A ter his departure asked Brahmahatya to stop chasing Bhairav. But she re used saying that she was 9ust ollowing the instruction o Lord 1hiva. Chen Bhairav reached Kashi& Brahmahatya too came near the outskirts o the city& but could not enter it because o Lord 1hivaAs power instead she entered in to the netherworld (Eatal loka). As soon as Bhairav had entered Kashi. ,he begging3bowl (skull) ell on the ground and thus Bhairav got liberated rom his sins. Bhairav was e/tremely relieved. ,he place where the skull o Brahma had allen& later on became as Kapal mochan3 the most sacred place o pilgrimage.

8.7.66 1hiva ,akes an *ncarnation as 1harabh

Chile describing about the incarnation o 1harabh 1ut9i told sages3 2Chen Vishnu9i took his incarnation o +risimha to kill the demon king !(iranyakashipu& his anger could not be subdued even a ter the killing o (iranyakashipu. (is anger had rightened all the three worlds. Lord Brahma sent Erahalada to +risimha so that his anger gets cool down. Erahalada prayed to +risimha. +risimha took him in his embrace but still his anger was not subdued.4 2All the deities went to lord 1hiva and reHuested to him to cool down VishnuAs anger. Lord 1hiva then sent Bhairav and Veerbhadra to +risimha. Chen Veerbhadra politely reHuested +risimha to cool down& he (+risimha) tried to pounce on him (Veerbhadra). "ight then Lord 1hiva appeared in his most devastating orm. (e was looking rightening in his giant orm and with thousands o hand. (is appearance was resembling a huge cannibal bird. Lord 1hiva in9ured +risimha with his giant wings and a ter carrying Lord Vishnu in his giant wings and a ter carrying lord Vishnu in his arms he lew in the sky. Lord Vishnu was so rightened that he became unconscious.4 2A ter regarding his consciousness Lord +risimha appeared in his orm o Lord Vishnu and eulogi:ed 1hiva& which made lord 1hiva very pleased. Lord 1hiva wore the head o +risimha with the garland o skull in his neck. ,he remaining body was carried by Veerbhadra and abandoned at a mountain.4

8.7.6; Vishwanar "eceives a Boon rom 1hiva

?nce upon a time& there used to live a brahmin named Vishwanar who was a great devotee o lord 1hiva. 1huchismati was his wi e who was a devout wi e. Being pleased by her sense o duti ulness& Vishwanar tried to reward his wi e. 1huchismati e/pressed her desire o having a son 9ust like lord 1hiva. Vishwanar went to Kashi to please Lord 1hiva by his penance. (e worshipped Vishveshwar linga with supreme devotion.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Lord 1hiva became very pleased by his devotion and he appeared be ore Vishwanar rom the 1hivalinga. Chen Vishwanar e/pressed his desire& lord 1hiva agreed to take birth as his 1on. Vishwanar came back to his house happily.

8.7.67 1hiva)s *ncarnation as Brihapati

*n due course o time& 1huchismati became pregnant and gave birth to a beauti ul child. ,he whole amily celebrated the birth o the child. ,he whole amily celebrated the birth o the child. ,he name giving ceremony o that child was attended by all the deities and sages including lord 1hiva and Earvati. Lord Brahma named the child as Brihapati. Chen Brihapati attained the age o ive& his sacred thread ceremony was per ormed. Cithin a year he became pro icient in all the Vedas and other sacred te/ts. Chen Brihapati attained the age o nine& +arada came and in ormed Vishwanar that death o Brihapati was imminent because o the evil e ects o the planetary combinations. Vishwanar and 1huchismati were saddened and started crying. Brihapati then consoled his parents and proceeded towards Kashi to do penance so that the AdeathA could be conHured.

8.7.6F Brihapati)s Eenance

Brihapati commenced his penance at Kashi. ,he deity *ndra arrived there and reHuested him to demand anything he wished but Brihapati re used. *ndra became urious and tried to attack him with his weapon3Va9ra. Brihapati was very terri ied. "ight then Lord 1hiva appeared and *ndra had to retreat rom the scene. Lord 1hiva blessed Brihapati by saying ! 2Chat to say about this lightning ! Va9ra& even Kaalva9ra would not be able to kill you.4 Brihapati became very pleased. ,he 1hivalinga which he worshipped& later on became amous as AAgnishwar linga. Lord 1hiva made Brihapati the lord o all the directions.

8.7.68 Lord 1hiva)s *ncarnation as Yaksheshwar

During the time when ocean was being churned irst o all poison appeared rom it. ,he deities were very terri ied to see the tremendous heat it generated. ,hey went to lord 1hiva and reHuested to protect them rom the heat o that poison. Lord 1hiva drank all the poison but did not let it pass down his throat. A ter the poison& +ectar appeared rom the ocean& which was drunk by the deities. ,he demons too wanted to drink the nectar& so a tremendous battle ensued between them and the deities. ,he deities became victorious in this battle because they had become immortal due to the e ect o the +ectar. ,his victory made the deities very arrogant. Lord 1hiva was very concerned about their arrogant nature. (e went to them in the guise o a Yaksha. (e asked as to what was it that had made them so arrogant. ,he deities replied that their arrogance stemmed rom victory over the demons. Lord 1hiva who was disguised as Yaksha replied3 2Your pride is based on alse notion& because you did not achieve victory due to somebodyAs grace and blessing.4 ,he deities disagreed with him. Lord 1hiva then asked them to cut the grass i they considered themselves so mighty. (e then kept a grass lea in ront o them. -ach o the deities tried to cut that grass with their respective weapons but remained unsuccess ul in their attempts. ,hey were all ama:ed. 1uddenly a heavenly voice was heard which said that the Yaksha was none other than Lord 1hiva himsel . ,he deities reali:ed their mistakes. ,he apologi:ed to lord 1hiva. A ter vanHuishing the alse pride o the deities lord 1hiva disappeared.

8.7.6I Dash Avatar (6M *ncarnations o 1hiva)

Describing about the ten incarnations and their corresponding power (1hakti)& 1ut9i said3 ,he irst incarnation o lord 1hiva was as @ahakal and his 1hakti was called @ahakali. Lord 1hiva took his second incarnation as ,ar and his 1hakti was called A,araA. ,he third incarnation o Lord 1hiva was as Bhuvaneshwar and his 1hakti was called ABhuvaneshwariA. Lord 1hiva took his ourth incarnation as A1hodashA who was also known as A1rividdyeshA and his 1hakti was called A1hodashiA or A1hriA.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

Lord 1hiva took his i th incarnation as Bhairav and his 1hakti was called ABhairaviA. ,he si/th incarnation o Lord 1hiva is amous as A>hhinamastakA and his 1hakti by the name o A>hhinamasta. Lord 1hiva took his seventh incarnation as ADhoomvanA and his 1hakti was known as ADhoomvati. ,he eighth incarnation was as Baglamukh and his 1hakti as Baglamukhi. ,he nineth incarnation o lord 1hiva became amous as @atang and his 1hakti as A@atangiA. Lord 1hiva took his tenth incarnation as AKamalA and his 1hakti as Kamala. * these ten incarnation o 1hiva are worshipped along with his ten @ahavidyas then a man attains salvation.

8.7.6< ,he ?rigin o -leven "udras

?nce& the deities went to sage Kashyap a ter being tormented by the demons. ,hey complained to him about the misdeeds o the demons& who also happened to be their step brothers. 1age Kashyap became e/tremely urious& when he heard about the misdeeds o his sons ! the demons. ,o protect the deities rom his sons& he commenced a penance to please lord 1hiva. Lord 1hiva became very pleased by his penance and appeared be ore him. (e asked Kashyap to demand anything he wished. Kashyap then reHuested Lord 1hiva to take birth as his son and destroy the demons. Lord 1hiva blessed him and said ! A1o be itA. Lord 1hiva& later on took birth as eleven "udras rom the womb o his wi e 1urabhi. ,he name o these eleven rudras were as ollows53 6) Kapali& ;) Eingal& 7) Bheem& F) Virupaksha& 8) Vilohit& I) 1hastra& <) A9apaad& J) Ahirbudhnya& G) 1hambhu& 6M) >hand and 66) Bhav. ,hese eleven "udras ought battles with the demons and killed them. ,he deities were relieved a ter the death o the demons. ,hey worshipped these eleven rudras to e/press their gratitude and indebtedness.

8.7.6J 1hiva)s *ncarnation as Durvasa

Describing about the Lord 1hivaAs incarnation as Durvasa& 1ut9i told the deities53 2once Atri ! the manasputra o lord Brahma went to do penance at the bank o the river +ivindhya which lew by the oothills o ,rayakshakul mountain as per the instructions o Lord Brahma himsel . (e commenced doing a tremendous penance. ,he e ects o his penance was such that devastating lames o ire mani ested rom his head. ,he ire spread in all the three world in no time. ,he deities were terri ied by the death and destruction caused by the ire in all the three worlds. ,hey went to lord Brahma to seek his help. Lord Brahma took them to lord Vishnu and revealed to him about the destruction caused by the ire. All o them went to lord 1hiva and told him everything. Lord Brahma& Lord Vishnu and Lord 1hiva went to Atri and blessed him. Atri recogni:ed them. (e eulogi:ed them. Later on AtriAs wi e3 Anusuya gave birth to three sons& who in act were the incarnations o Lord Brahma& Lord Vishnu and Lord 1hiva. Lord Brahma incarnation as the @oon& Lord Vishnu as Dutt and 1hiva took incarnation as Durvasa. Durvasa had tested the religiousness and virtuosity o numerous people. (e had also tested the religiousness o king Ambareesh& who ruled over A1aptadweepaA. ?nce king Ambareesh had observed a ast on A-kadashiA. +e/t day& when he was about to break his ast sage Durvasa arrived accompanied by his large number o disciples. Durvasa was very urious with king Ambareesh. (e said3 2You had invited me or this particular& but you have also insulted me by breaking the ast by drinking water in my absence.4 1age Durvasa would have burnt king Ambareesh to ashes by his curse& had not 1udarshan3the weapon o Vishnu came to his rescue. 1udarshan then tried to burn sage Durvasa when suddenly a heavenly voice was heard rom the sky which said3 2Durvasa is no one but the incarnation o lord 1hiva himsel .4 (earing this 1udarshanAs anger was paci ied. King Ambareesh then begged his orgiveness rom sage Durvasa.

Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come rom every side) ! "g Veda

Vishva Dharma ki #ay$ (Victory to %niversal Dharma$)

8.7.6G *ncarnation o (anuman

Lord 1hiva was so in atuated by the appearance o lord Vishnu in his orm o @ohini roopa that his semen was released on the ground. ,his semen was established by the 1aptarishis in the womb o An9ani& with the permission o lord 1hiva himsel . *n this way was born the mighty (anuman. ?nce& during his childhood (anuman had swallowed the 1un& which he released only a ter the deities prayed to him. ,he sun accepted him as his disciple and made him pro icient in all the learningAs. (e started living with 1ugreeva as per the instructions o his teacher ! the 1un. During the time o 1ri "amAs e/ile& 1ugreeva developed riendship with him with the help o (anuman. (anuman helped 1ri "am in inding the whereabouts o 1ita& who had been abducted by the demon king3"avana. (e took a giant leap and 9umped across the ocean. (e went to Ashok3Vatika where "avana had kept 1ita. (e gave 1ri "amAs ring to her and consoled her by saying that very soon 1ri "am was going to arrive and release her rom "avanaAs captivity. (e also burnt the whole Lanka by his burning tail and returned to 1ri "am to give him 1itaAs news while the battle was ought between 1ri "am and "avana La/mana got seriously in9ured and became unconscious. (anuman saves his li e by bringing the whole o mountain& upon which the herb 1an9ivani grew. Being present at the service o 1ri "am& (anuman per ormed his duties marvelously. Corship o (anuman helps a man to become ree rom all kinds o problems& diseases and hurdles etc.

8.7.;M 1hiva)s *ncarnation as @ahesh

?nce& Bhairav who was entrusted with the 9ob o a doorkeeper became so in atuated with EarvatiAs beauty that he tried to prevent her rom going outside. Earvati became urious and cursed him to be born as a mortal man on the earth. Bhairav became very sad but now the damage had been already done. Bhairav later on appeared in the orm o a man named AVetalA. Vetal prayed to lord 1hiva who took his incarnation as @ahesh and goddess Earvati as Biri9a.

8.7.;6 Lord Vishnu >reates ,urbulences

A ter the churning o the ocean had been accomplished& numerous things had emerged out rom the ocean. #ewels& @oon& La/mi& Eoison& %chchaishrava horse& -ravat elephant& Vessel containing +ectar were some o the things which emerged out rom the ocean a ter the churning. A tremendous battle was ought between the deities and the demons to have control over the vessel containing +ectar. ,he demons had snatched that vessel rom the deities. By the divine inspiration o lord 1hiva& Vishnu appeared in the orm o @ohini ! the enchanting beauty. (e success ully recovered that vessel rom the control o the demons. ,o distract the attention o the demons rom the nectar& lord Vishnu created numerous enchanting beauties. Chen the demons saw them& they orcibly carried these enchanting beauties to their abode !the +ether world. A ter that they again returned to take control o the +ectar. By that time& Vishnu had made the deities drink all the nectar. Chen the demons came to know about this& they became very urious and attacked the deities. A tremendous battle ensured between both the sides. %ltimately the demons got de eated. ,o save their lives the demon ran towards their abode. Lord Vishnu chased the demons and entered the +etherland. (e killed all the demons. Lord Vishnu then saw those enchanting beauties who had been abducted by the demons. *ronically& lord Vishnu got in atuated by their beauty3 who were his own creation. Lord Vishnu remained there or a long time.

8.7.;; 1hiva)s *ncarnation as Vrishabh

During his stay in the +etherland& many sons were born to Lord Vishnu& who were very wicked and cruel. ,hese sons o lord Vishnu started tormenting the inhabitants o all the three world. All the deities and the sages went to lord 1hiva to take his help. ,hey reHuested him to kill the cruel sons o Vishnu and reestablish him (lord Vishnu) in his own abode& which he had abandoned or the +ether world.
Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Y