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Joseph Zernik, PhD P% &o' 33407, (e) *+i+ ,-33.0-

‫סייג לזכויות האדם‬
‫ד"ר יוסף צרניק‬ ,-33.0- ‫"! י‬#‫ ת‬$33407 ‫ת"ד‬


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Surprising sequence of events in the last couple of weeks: • Organized Crime gang war public executions/ car bombings dramatically increases [1] • !omb explodes under the car of State "rosecutor# who handles organized crime cases [2] • Cabinet ministers and "olice Chief make statements to the effect that the situation amounts to $%cts of &errorism$ 'usually reserved for acts by "alestinians( [3] • )ews says )etanyahu asked the Shin !et to help in in war on Organized Crime# but Shin !et refuses# because of concern that in *sraeli courts they would have to disclose their information sources *n the past# the "rime +inister was in command of the Shin !et )ow it appears that the "rime +inister may only make requests# which the Shin !et holds the discretion to deny [4] • &oday,s headlines in -aaretz '-ebrew paper edition only . photo above(# Aharononvich [Minister of omestic !ecurit"] #$nough %ith Human Rights organi&ations#, 'olice (eman(s a(ministrative (etentions an( )roa(er authorities*** • -eadline +aariv -ebrew online version: //0

Aharonovich+ ,-f necessar" . %e shoul( use a(ministrative (etentions/* [0]
LINKS: [ ! Ksr5e)i 4oE kin3pin 5rres@e= 5<@er @;in 75r Eo4Ein3sMI55re@1 h@@pFNN;;;6h55re@167o4Nne;sNn5@ion5)N-6..7-,4 ["! >5r Eo4E @5r3e@s (e) *+i+ =is@ri7@ prose7?@or, sh5kin3 nor@h (e) *+i+ nei3hEorhoo=M Jer?s5)e4 Pos@ h@@pFNN;;;6Opos@67o4NP5@ion5)9Pe;sNJepor@9>5r9Ee)on3in39@o9prose7?@or9o<9 or35ni1e=97ri4e9e'p)o=es9in9(e)9*+i+9330Q/7 [#! RSe *re Je)5@in3 @o %r35ni1e= >ri4e *s (error %r35ni15@ionsR M*r?@1 Ahe+5 h@@pFNN;;;6isr5e)n5@ion5)ne;s67o4NPe;sNPe;s65sp'N-73Q-3 [$! Ahin &e@ re<?ses Pe@5n05h?Rs reC?es@ @o in+es@i35@e R4oE 5@@57kRMI55re@1 h@@pFNN;;;6h55re@167o4Nne;sNn5@ion5)N6pre4i?49-6..7/-3 [%! W‫ רייני‬X ‫ד‬Y‫י נ‬#U‫נ‬Z ‫צר‬XZ [Z‫ נ[ת‬9 V‫ צרי‬W! FRT‫רונו י‬U! MD55ri+ h@@pFNN;;;6nr367o6i)Non)ineN-N*J(/N./-N,,Q6h@4)\hp]-^75@]40/


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