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Vol. 74 No. 37 November 13 - 19, 2013 HOPELAWN, NJ – Sean Zeleniak topped the scoring in the Middlesex County Classic League at Majestic Lanes blasting games of 248 and 246 around a 300 perfecto for the sessions high series of 794. 50 cents

Kerry Painter Wins ITRC Super Senior Classic
By Aaron Smith - USBC ARLINGTON, Texas - Kerry of Santa Monica, Calif., 212-185, Painter of Fairbanks, Alaska, is to reach the final. enjoying a memorable year on Earlier in the day, the cashers the lanes and added another highround to determine the stepladder light to the reel last week with a finalists ended in dramatic fashwin at the inaugural International ion as Painter and Blatchford tied Training and Research Center for the top spot with a 3,652 total Super Senior Classic. for 16 games. Painter guaranteed Painter, who won a roll-off for himself a place in the title match the No. 1 seed in the finals, by downing Blatchford in a onedefeated Pete McCordic of Katy, game roll-off, 219-217. Texas, 197-179, at the ITRC to "I didn't lead… until I tied Don take home the championship troon the final shot," Painter said. phy and $3,000 top prize. "My goal coming into it was not McCordic earned $2,250 for secto miss any spares and try to get ond place. to the top spot to make it a oneNeither player was able to doumatch tournament. I was able to PBA photo ble in the first nine frames of the stay calm, focus and pick up my Super Senior Kerry Painter. finale, but Painter held a slight spares. This is a huge win for lead heading into the final frame. After McCordic me." failed to strike in the 10th, Painter needed a mark for Painter's year includes a third-place finish at the the win and delivered three strikes. USBC Senior Masters in June and victories at the "I watched the pair as they were bowling, and after PBA50 Senior/Super Senior Doubles Classic pregetting to practice on it, I thought I needed a big sented by Brunswick and High Roller Super Senior number," Painter said. "The backends tightened up Masters, which earned him August Bowler-of-thequickly, and it got tough. The 10th frame was scary, Month honors from the International Bowling Media but I knew I could do it. It was what you want bowl- Association. ing to be. It was competitive and came down to exeThe inaugural ITRC Super Senior Classic was cution." open to USBC members age 60 and older. All comThe championship round kicked off with Paul petitors bowled 12 qualifying games over two days McCordic of Sugar Land, Texas, defeating Willie before the field was cut to the top eight for the fourWells of Plano, Texas, 201-176, leading to a battle game cashers round. The ITRC, located on the between Paul and his twin brother, Pete. Pete pre- International Bowling Campus, is the home of Team vailed, 235-197, before eliminating Don Blatchford USA and Junior Team USA.

Sean Zeleniak 300 at Majestic
Danny Lopez shot 234-227-278739 followed by Rob Evans with 255-249-234-738, Glenn Mohr, Jr. 234-259-232-725, John Kertesz 237-288-720, Mickey Endress 243-255-216-714, and Ken Rask 248-237-223-708.

Tony Liguori 300 at Rockville Centre
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – Tony Liguiro earned top honors in the Monday Night Fourplay League at Rockville Centre Lanes firing games of 300 and 268 en route to a the session high series of 772. Kevin Masick rolled 238-267255-760, Jason Rundell 257-212, Rob Bucking 256, Mickey Newbeck 247-216, Ralph Ehrlich 246-213-216-675, AJ Fragola 245-701, Melissa Banks 259-226662, and Fran Savoldy 248.

Efren Capalaran 300 at Lodi
LODI, NJ - Efren Capalaran took center stage spotlight in the Survivors Trio League at Lodi Lanes when he hammered the pins for a 300 game and Flor Mangasi came near perfect with a 278 game.

Larry Strauss Hit 300 At South Levittown Lanes
LEVITTOWN, NY - Larry Strauss pounded the pins for a 300 game while bowling in the Monday Charlie Cap Classic at South Levittown Lanes. James Anemne tossed a 280 game followed by Anthony Chiarenza rolling 279-739, Carl Clory 277-728, Jason Nikol 270, Robert Gotterban Jr. 269-704, Chris Liotta 269-709, Robert Grammarosso 269-772, Ronald J. Broege 269, Will Watson 267-746, John Vilardi 267, Lawrence Buccellato 266, Kmar Wilder 266, Darren Pitnick 265-703, Vonetta Jolliffe 259, Michelle Montgoris 246, Christina Schultze 239, Fabrizo Cerutti 745, Tavie Caratozzolo 736, Dwight Flowers 709, Bertie Carrington 703.

PBA to Introduce Dyed Oil for ESPN’s World Series of Bowling Telecasts
Colorful additive to lane conditioning oil will illustrate bowling lane surface for the first time
Jerry Schneider - PBA LAS VEGAS – The Professional Bowlers Association will take an historic step toward illustrating the challenges bowlers face when blue dye will be added to the lane conditioning oil for ESPN’s telecasts of five PBA World Series of Bowling championship events. PBA worked with its official lane maintenance provider Brunswick to formulate and test the oil that will be applied exclusively on the pair of Brunswick lanes installed in the South Point Hotel Exhibit Hall B complex for the World Series of Bowling ESPN-televised finals. The oil is not a product on the market and is being used only for the WSOB TV shows. “Throughout its history, it has been difficult to describe the challenges players face in our sport,” PBA Commissioner Tom Clark said. “How oil is applied to the lane, and how it transitions as competition progresses, is something no one is able to see with the naked eye, and those are critical variables in scoring and player strategy. “For the first time ever, we’re going to add dye to the oil so that bowling fans on site and watching at home on ESPN will literally be able to see how the pattern of oil looks on the lane. We are sure it will be educational and insightful for all levels of fans tuning in and we hope to learn from this experiment and improve it moving forward.” The dyed oil will debut with the Cheetah Championship which uses the 35-foot PBA Cheetah oil pattern. The Viper (39 feet), Chameleon (43 feet), and Scorpion Championships (47 feet) will follow. The WSOB shows will air on ESPN beginning Dec. 1 at p.m. ET.



November 13 - 19, 2013

Jennifer Salazar is New CFO at USBC
ARLINGTON, Texas - Jennifer Salazar has been named Chief Financial Officer of the United States Bowling Congress, USBC Executive Director Stu Upson announced. Salazar spent the last four years as Director of Accounting for American Consolidated Media, a company with approximately 100 local newspapers, before joining USBC. "Jennifer Salazar brings proven experience in accounting, business analysis, budgeting and strategic development to USBC," Upson said. "She understands what it takes to successfully manage the financial operations of an organization." Salazar also has worked with Gannett, Inc., serving as Director of Administration for five years, and worked for three years as Director of Finance for Al Dia, a publication of Dallas-based Belo Corporation. "I'm excited to join the USBC executive team and to have the new challenge of working in a non-profit organization," Salazar said. "Bowling is a great sport that has such a tremendous history and I look forward to continuing to make USBC a successful national governing body." Salazar earned a bachelor's degree in finance from the University of New Mexico, and an MBA in Strategic Management from DePaul University in Chicago. ********************************************* On another note Pete Treadwell has left the USBC.

Rockaway Mixed: Nick Westergaard 279-760, Ed Cook 278-703, Tom Schweizer 276-751, Keri May 243-662, Nichole Malson 224-587. Monday Early Birds: Ken Goerge 253-707, Brian Pires 234-626, Michelle Clouse 244657, Judy Larick 225-521, Ed Hardy 255-688, Mike Riley 242673, Jennifer Eckels 198-495. Fox Hills Seniors: Steve Friedman 247-620, Robert Forte 217-563, Ellen Nowicki 193-473, Barbara Krajowski 184415, Robert Forte 254-607, Bill Verderber 208-579, Bernadent Memolo 185. Morris Hills Mixed: Sal Antoniello 212-548, Ronald Stickney 195-513, Beth Williams 187-448, Rita McCoy 184-472, Bob McClughan 184-499, Pam Antoniello 203-561. Rockaway Women: Susan Chillemi 225-532. Lois Kehmna 200-544, Tammy Baldwin 183-411, Tammy Baldwin 223-559, Pat Somers 172-424. NorBu Lodge: Jon Klejmont 255, Chris Bakos 246-635, Stacey Titus 235-564, Lynn Perry 207-530, Phil Dattolo 246, Jon Klejmont 237-676, Stacey Situs 255-592. Thursday Nite Mixed: Robert Rhodes 279-741, Mike Wheeler 257-648, Nick Westergaard 256-735, Lynn Coleman 218-582, Nidia Haneveld 215-574, David Ireton 252, Wayne Poverstein 248-653, Lynn Coleman 228-585, Nidia Haneveld 225-644.
Many leagues and tournaments wind up with races as close as a bunch of college students attempting to find out how many of them can fit into a telephone booth. When competition is keen, and can go any way, it can be tension time. Tempers are short. There are flare-ups of all sorts, often between bowlers on the same team. The most docile bowler can become aggressive when a battle is on, whether the reward is a tiny trophy or a world championship title. And the fiery can become quiet and thoughtful. Adapting to change is always a source of tension. Yet, tension is natural. It shows up when there is a conflict of any kind, a spat with your mate, kids, friends, enemies, and yes, in fighting off an opposing bowler or bowling team, or even a lane condition. You become good or great at something the same way you learn something new, by making mistakes, and sometime seeming foolish until you master the challenge. Good judgment comes from experience, and experience usually comes from previous poor judgment. Money can't buy natural ability; it’s a gift. Experience comes from countless hours of training, practice, competition and patience. he finest athletes in every sport, and talent in all other fields, generally agree that you can never fully get used to pressure. Don’t let outward appearances fool you. Tension grips the most seasoned performers. It does not reduce ability. Some rise to their greatest heights when under the most pressure. Nobody completely shakes tension because it's a fact of life, and must be lived with, like it or not. Winston Churchill said, "It is very much better sometimes to have a panic feeling beforehand, and then be quite calm when things happen, than to be extremely calm beforehand and to get into a panic when things happen." Famed airman Eddie Rickenbacker once noted, "Courage is doing what you re afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you're scared." Think about that when you are making a clutch shot or style switch in the midst of a game or tournament. Being tense or scared is not the major problem. Being scared of being scared causes most of the trouble. The first step in the battle against pressure and tension is to admit it is there. Each individual battles pressure in his or her own way. Veteran performers, having been through it, have more weapons to combat the common malady. Some chew gum, tobacco, candy, or their lips. Most take deep breaths, some try to slow breathing. Some fidget. Some talk more, others less. For every action or idea that works, there's another that won't. Look in the mirror. You should figure out the best way to calm the person looking back at you. Don’t think you are different because a string of strikes gets you excited or flustered, or you shake nervously even when you face a so called simple spare at a crucial moment. On the surface most established pros seem as calm as the proverbial contented cat. Inside they are often more like raging tigers. Calm or raging, control is the crisis key. The hidden element, the victory over pressure, almost always decides the winner. Some bowlers, when thinking about upcoming key matches, expend much energy, tire, and sleep well. Some have trouble sleeping prior to the trying times. One, when he is having a bad night, shakes his roommate until the latter is awake, then asks, "What's the matter, can't you sleep either?" Don't sleep when it comes time to face pressure, as it does for every bowler. Face it the best way you know how and only you can really figure out how.

Emerald Platzer High at Howell
By John Jennings HOWELL, NJ - Emerald Platzer led all scorers with a 280 game highlighting his 652 series in the Monday Night Hankel Classic League at Howell Lanes. Joe Polizzi posted a 269 game to lead the men and Joe Horvath rolled the week’s high series 724 on a high game of 254. Stu Cohen bowled 258-718, Pat Pozzolano 259-701, and both Mike Fogarty and Kevin Giles fired 685 games. For the first time this season, first place ‘Team Sorry, Not Sorry’ was replaced by ‘Aches N Pains.’


November 13 - 19, 2013



Henry Carlos 738 at Montvale Lanes
MONTVALE, NJ - Henry Carlos fired scores of 279-213-246 for a 738 series to lead all scoring in the Thursday Early Bird League at Montvale Lanes. Other good shooting for the night included Mike Pasch 246-718, Tim McAleese 267-709, Mike Wuhrman 269-706, Craig Slawinski 254-701, Dave Wilson 259-683, Lee Bandy 246681, Jimmy Rivers 256-680, Chris Morciglio 243-674, and Bob Oppelt 235-671.

Pat Zenker 289
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – Pat Zenker topped the scoring in the Tuesday Late Men’s League firing a high game of 289. Joe Dimino rolled 268, Anhthony Bruno 259-215-677, Jonathan Berghorn 257-233, Michael Fisch 231-257-220-708, Matt Carey 257-202, Dan Conlon 248, Anthony DePace 235-234, and John Hanlon 235-232.

Bill Carreras 279
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – Bill Carreras paced the scoring in the Wednesday Senior Doubles League firing a high game of 279. John Khantzain shot 247, Ed Frontera 243, Stan Rosadio 236, Tom Saitta 223, and Fichie Franklin 212. Roxanne Ryan shot 213, and Nancy Johnson 202 in the Tuesday Long Beach Catholic Ladies League.

Marc Osetec 717 at Parkway Lanes
ELMWOOD PARK, NJ – Marc Osetec led the Wednesday Teterboro Bowling League at Parkway Lanes firing games of 237-259-221 for a high 717 series. The rest of the field for that night consisted of Mike Guglielmino 265-715, Robert Goodwin 299-713, Jan Dul248-709, Joe Donnarumma 257-705, John Zagajewski 247-700, Steve Semancik 246-699, Carl Haight 235-690, Mike Semancik Jr 255-683, Joe Mercurio 233-681, Jose Marte 246-678, Jim Viola 248-673, and James Rivera 237-672.

Nadine Clory 754
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – Nadine Clory topped the scoring in the Thursday Custom Thumbz Doublez League firing game of 256241-257 for al high series of 754. Jim Constantinides rolled 279-249-725, Joe Conigliaro 278, John Smisek 272-714, Dave Goldman 268-228-702, John Khantzian 268-267-749, Frank LaBruyere 265-696, Leroy Singletary 264-231-696, and Rennie Gardner 250-233-695.

James Nolan 702
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – James Nolan topped the scoring in the Sunday Night Mixed League firing games of 268-236 for a high series of 702. Jarvis Skellington shot 258, Julio Zambrano 257, Tom Carley 248, Bryan Swaider 247, Rob Isler 246, Arthur O’Connoer 244-232-697, Michelle Montgoris 238-231, and Kim Swanson 236.

Mike Penora 731
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – Mike Penora topped the scoring in the Thursday Mixed League firing games of 227-236-268 for a high series of 731. Paul Barbuzza shot 267, Mel Brown 223211-264-698, John Cardinale 259, Frank Krulish 252, Al Fabiano 247-215, Bill Koste 247-244-692, Eldred Sherred 243-234, Jayson Holley 241, and Frank Cimino 236.

Sam Katz 244
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – Sam Katz led the scoring in the Bowl N Chase firing a high game of 244. Don Railey rolled 233-226, Ira Railey 225, Yogi Hannigan 216, and John Hanlon 213213. Sondra Crummell shot 211, and Lori Flacks 201 in the Tuesday Koffee Kats League.



November 13 - 19, 2013

Andrew Carrig 296
FARMINGDALE, NY – Andrew Carrig topped the Thursday 3-Man League firing games of 296-244 for a high series of 732. Rich Tooker shot 278, Dan Levin 233-269-220-722, Earl Holden 269, Joe Costanzo 266-247-725, Ranee Jackson 264, Joe Caracciolo 259-214, Frankie Montgoris 259-225-690, Marc Bieler 246-236-694, and Bob Gelfant 255-234-693.

Josh Swindell 267
LAKEWOOD, NJ – Josh Swindell led the scoring in the Saturday Scratch League firing a high game of 267. Shawn Kollmer 245-266, Matt Russo 258-248, Brett Strycharz 258, Alex Cretella 248, McKenna Collier 238, Alec Hehir 237, Brianna MacLeod 234, and Alex Laurenzano 224.

Glen Daly 736
FARMINGDALE, NY – Glen Daly paced the scoring in the Monday Night Fourplay Men’s League firing games of 278-233225 for a high series of 736. Eddie Allen shot 258-258-730, Danny Schrafel 242-242-227-711, Eddie O’Neill 258-227-699, Gary LaCara 279-227-685, Kevin Kremler 237-225-670, and Brendan Rini 257.

Richard Bambara 290
FARMINGDALE, NY – Richard Babmara blasted games of 290254 for a 709 series in the Tuesday Early Birds League. Jonnae Greaves shot 278-255747, Hilario Romero 279-222685, Gerard Pannullo 263, Amefika Greaves 258, Earl Holden 257-234, and Vernon Brown and Tyrone Brown 255.

Arthur O’Connor 728
FARMINGDALE, NY – Arthur O’Connor led the scoring in the Tuesday Nite Owls League firing games of 222-268-238 for a high series of 728. Paul Constantinopoli shot 270, Chris Norton 248, David Crane 247, Rafael Santos 245-226-657, Thomas Fleissner 245-233-217695, Bill Kremlicka 245-225-675, and Richie Brennan 244-232-680.

Kamerin Peters 223
LAKEWOOD, NJ – Kamerin Peters paced the scoring in the Saturday Junior League firing a high game of 223. Zach Letts hit 218-216, Christine Jones 216, Ryan Waldhelm 215, Danielle Robleski 214, and Sarah Pitcher 201.

Eric Lazarchick Leads
In the Saturday Pin Hitters League Eric Lazarchick shot 159, Alexis Fitzmaurice 144, Anthony Tedesco 133, and Frankie Billero 113.

Steve Clickner 288
FARMINGDALE, NY – Steve Clickner bowled a high game of 288 in the Wednesday Early Men’s Handicap League firing a high game of 288. Vernon Brown and Joe Franchino shot 279, Jeff Gallo, and Chris DeLauro 278, Ron Adolph, and Andrew Skorpanic 277, Joe Muscat 273, Steve Fisher, Nathaniel Fuller, and Ken Wojdylo hit 259.

Sammi Ng 256
FARMINGDALE, NY – Sammi Ng led the scoring in the St. Martin Major League firing a high game of 256. Joe Napoli shot 255, Jake Diamond 235, Luke Ricahrdson 227, and Emily Dean 206. In the Friday Sunshine Kidds League Joe Livolsi shot 210-209, Al Diebold 194, and Ken Lauri 192.

Scott Zimmerman 767
FARMINGDALE, NY - Scott Zimmerman topped the scoring in the Friday Late Mixed League firing games of 277-266 for a high series of 767. Hari Soedarmasto shot 277, Mike Clark 268-255-716, Anthony Crocitto 223-231-256-710, and Wingo Hom 257-691.

Dale Alberino 745
FARMINGDALE, NY – Dale Alberino topped the scoring in the Thursday Good Timers League firing games of 258-246-241 for a high series of 745. Mike Bagnato shot 265, Steve Butera 226, Steve Bove and Ron Demuth each hit 213.

November 13 - 19, 2013



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November 13 - 19, 2013

16-Year-Old Frank Magyar Paces Youth Travelers
By Vince Albrecht BOONTON, NJ - Stan Niemiec’s Youth Travelers had their first visit to Boonton Lanes this young season and encountered difficulty adjusting to the oil pattern. That is, all but 16-year-old Frank Magyar who earned Bowler of the Week honors with a scorching 244-214-656, leading his Holiday squad to a sweep of host Boonton; Graham Mulligan chipped in with 213-572, Ana DeLeon 517 and Lilly Sigona a huge overaverage 488. High marks for Boonton were Randy Devitt’s 184 and Sean McGuire’s 179. Montvale had its eight game win skein snapped by Fair Lawn in a tight game three battle, 885-878, but came away with five points to maintain the top rung in the standings. The victors were led by Bergen Tech sophomore Dan Sproviero’s 196 and Park Ridge senior Kyle Ladewig’s steady 495 set. Tops for Fair Lawn were Tyler Nappi 190, Jake Nappi 174 and Madison Perry 162. Bowler City III had a productive finish to come from behind and capture five points from sister entry Bowler City II, 2755-2670; Bergenfield junior Greg Khan’s 188-182 and Holy Angels’ freshman Tiffany Sucero’s 183 led the way for the winners while BC III had fine games from Dean Edwards 199, Kelley Grippo 190, Ryan Sweeney 189 and Brittany Hovan 184-182. In the afternoon’s best match-up, Bowler City I outlasted a game Lodi squad as BC I’s talented quartet produced fine scores from Anthony Rizzo 226, Welmer Paguay 200, James Kane 190 and Kyle Schellberg a pair of 189 games. Southpaw Chris Navarro was high for Lodi with 200-199.

15-Year-Old Anthony Rizzo Blasts 266-709 In Scratch Doubles at Bowler City
By Vince Albrecht HACKENSACK, NJ - It took eight weeks for the first “700” to be rolled in Bowler City’s Youth Scratch Doubles and the feat was achieved by 15-year-old Passaic Tech sophomore Anthony Rizzo 266-197-246-709. In gaining Bowler of the Week status, Anthony’s effort powered his team to a 5-2 win over Kristen Kane and Greg Khan. Kristen’s 193 and Greg’s 194 were good enough to give them the second game, 387-357. Matt Myers fired 246-203-637 but his team dropped five points to Joey Biondi and James Kane, 1131-1085. Joey tallied 224-191 and James 204-188. Rutherford senior Danny Bivin, the league’s high average co-leader at 196 with Rizzo, scored a triple deuce, pounding the maples with 202-204-226-632 as he and Danielle Quitola swept past Olivia Wank and Kyle Schellberg whose highs were 184 and 193 respectively. Brittany Hovan and Ryan Perez held their nine point first place margin by taking two of three from George Held and Devin Puccio, 1111-1089 in the morning’s best match-up. Brittany rolled 199-533 and teammate Ryan Perez added 208-201578 while Devin Puccio posted 204-206577. Second place remained in the hands of Kelley Grippo 224-560 and John Silvestro 219-555 as they turned back the fifth place Alex Vorhees team, 5-2. Alex’s 215 cemented his team’s middle game win. In other encounters, JonMikal Sepero scored 193-182 as he and Arielle Wallace edged Samantha Berger and Avery Brown, 4-3, after a rough start, Avery closed strong with 175 and 210. In a match-up against the bye, Mary Kate Alvarez and Christine Vradenburg managed to come away with three points.

Ken Kastner 283
MADISON, NJ – Ken Kastner topped the scoring in the Police & Fire League firing a high game of 283. Joe Marchese hit 257-655, Tom Schneyer 244, Fred Brunner 645, and Clorinda Landi 199. In the Pharma Plus League Dan Smith shot 235, Ed Mlynaraczyk 224, Les Barnum 209, and Marcia Craig 203.

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Jack VanderMeulen 276
MADISON, NJ – Jack Vander Meulen topped the scoring in the Junior/Major Breakfast Club League firing a high game of 276. Michael Mello hit 232, Kyle Gallitelli 192, and Rebecca Bednarik 173.

Joe Marchese 268
MADISON, NJ – Joe Marchese topped the scoring in the Wednesday Trio League firing a high game of 268. Trevor Bogert shot 267, Joey Parisi 265, Dan Pridham 705, Harry Franz 687, and Stephanie Rahn 209. In the Thursday Mixed League Mike Jenkins shot 227, Bill Phair 222, and Thomas Litland 201.

November 13 - 19, 2013



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November 13 - 19, 2013

Jason Gomez 789
HOPELAWN, NJ – Jason Gomez topped the scoring in the Middlesex County Classic League firing games of 232-278-279 for a high series of 789. Dan Clark rolled 256-257-235748, Mickey Endress 269-231-232732, Sean Zeleniak 267-249-213729, William Bailey 267-279-729, and Eric Oppenheimer 235-258227-720.

Randy Chapple 715
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Ryan Chapple paced the Mike Massaroli Memorial League firing a 267 game for a high series of 715. Vinny Conzenza shot 287-689, Bob Jacobson 245-675, Jusitn Mayo 257, Elmer Resoso 256, Chris Leggio 255, Scott McAuliffe 247, and Matt Peduto 241.

Monday Trios: William McCrary 259, Ansley Holmes 256, Walter Robnson 254, Terry Drenth 246. Wednesday Men's 820: Mike Lennox 278, Jack Zuccosky 257, Brian Lennox 257, Julio Canales 257. Survivors Trios: Steven Vaniderstine 276-708, Mickey Travaglio Jr. 267-740, Ron DeLuca 267-752. Wednesday Night Live: Shayne Thomas 269-720, Ryan Michalski 258, Sam Ho 248. Thursday Mixed: Glenn Bonomo 268-739, Chris Angoli 257, Randy Murray 256. Friday G&L: Joe Pagan 268, Mike Ong 265, Gianvito Clavelli 258. Saturday Fil-Am: Chuck Ontal 290-737, Joel Martinez 279, Alex Protin 278.

Matt D’Andrea 685
HOPELAWN, NJ – Matt D’Andrea led the scoring in the South Shore League firing games of 279-236 for a high series of 685. Brian Peccerillo hit 215-216-610, Kurt Salvesen 234, Jill O’Keefe 242, and Anthony D’Andrea 220.

Joe Thurston 684
HOPELAWN, NJ – Joe Thurston led the scoring in the Friday Nite Mixed League firing games of 257235 for a high series of 684. Richard Funk III hit 258-220-664, Gary McGinness 268-219-660, and Frank Testa 258. In the Avenel Youth League Ryan Johnson shot 257, Christopher Affinito 226, and Michael Bocra 200. Danny Kacperowski shot 151 in the Saturday Carteret Specials League.

Frank Leggi 708
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Frank Leggi led the scoring in the Joe Brezinski Memorial League firing a high game of 278 and a high series of 708. Larry Graco shot 256-662, Rob Alavarces 248, George Redecker 247, and Tom Hollywood 246.

George Balewitz 775
HOPELAWN, NJ – George Balewitz topped the scoring in the Madison Park Men’s League firing games of 279-217-279 for a high series of 775. Joe Lampariello shot 239-289226-754, Anthony Martino 238268-216-721, Kristopher Brus 279228-702, and Gary Brown 237234-228-699.

Dan Clark 744
HOPELAWN, NJ – Dan Clark topped the Raritan Bay Men’s League firing games of 214-268262 for a high series of 744. John Kertesz shot 238-258-245741, Dorien Soto 258-214-267739, Ralph Trapas 201-289-231721, Steve Lella 257-254-698, and Sean Zeleniak 223-225-255-683.

Don E. Hellhake 683
HOPELAWN, NJ- Don E. Hellhake led the scoring in the Thursday Mixed Nuts League firing games of 200-226-257 for a high series of 683. Jeff Kubinak shot 226, Kevin Kennelly and KC Carbonalis 225, and Mike V. Kennelly 224. In the Iselin AA League Rob Chalfent shot 243-204-629, Joe DeAngelis 222, and Greg Crawford 216-216.

Walter Kronert 727
HOPELAWN, NJ – Walter Kronert topped the scoring in the Garden State Mixed League firing games of 248-234-245 for a high series of 727. James McMillon rolled 207-247225-679, Richard Bienvenue 278207-676, Jose Medina 236-234648, and Alberto Tadeo 227-237628. In the K of C League Mark Makwinski shot 214-217-622, Al D’Alessandro 210-226-621, Bill Dillon 221, and Art Jakubczak 231.

Michael Morris 669
HOPELAWN, NJ – Michael Morris paced the scoring in the NJ Turnpike League firing games of 237-234 for a high series of 669. John Moffit and Drew Rucinski shot 224, Caferino Rivera 219, and Frank Jordan 205. In the Wednesday Earlybirds League Carolyn Esposito shot 168163, Rita Feder 170.

Dennis Decrosta 686
HOPELAWN, NJ – Dennis Decrosta led the His & Hers League firing games of 207-259220 for a high series of 686. Kevin Bitter shot 276-239-682, Carmine Latin 210-277-668, and Michael Holoka 209-222-235-666.

Rusty Thomsen 661
HOPELAWN, NJ – Rusty Thomsen led the scoring in the Goldstein & Hanel Doubles League firing games of 222-253 for a high series of 661. Casey Creutz shot 214-224-201639, Gary Ricci 216-211-623, and Evan Simon 257.