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=)70> !&./&0' "# 7%%&#>7#:&: 8lck Wllhelm, 8eLsy Andrews, Maryellen 8agley, Serena Leogue, Chrls
1orregrossa, lrank Sherldan, Chuck C'8ellly (aL 8pm), Mlchelle 8ush, 8ruce Chappell

AB&#"#@: lrank opened Lhe meeLlng aL 7:40pm.

C0&'">&#%D' E&B)0%:
lrank and Serena meL wlLh uS AquaLlcs abouL Lhelr proposal (!eremy ls Lhe conLacL for uS AquaLlcs) - lL
came ln aL a very low prlce. lrank laLer found ouL LhaL Lhere were many bad revlews from Pldden 8rook
and klngsLream. lrank spoke wlLh Lhe manager of Lhe 2 properLles and she had very bad Lhlngs Lo say
abouL uS AquaLlcs. 1helr chemlcals lncluded" prlce provldes a dlslncenLlve Lo properly malnLaln Lhe

8rlan Colllns and !eff Colllns from CrysLal came Lo Lhe meeLlng Lo answer quesLlons on Lhelr proposal.
1hey are very lnLeresLed ln keeplng our buslness and have had successful years wlLh us. 8rlan revlewed
Lhelr cosL sLrucLure: man hours x average pay x weeks ln season x 1.2 (20 ls payroll expenses)
~ 80 of Lhe prlce ls labor cosLs, roughly $34k 1hen add $1700 for lnsurance, $6300 for
open/closlng/lnspecLlons, $1300 for supervlsor = $63k plus $4k ln overhead = $67k flrsL year prlce

CrysLal runs abouL 30 pools. 1hey are a small, locally-owned company and can'L go much lower. 1hey
pay $8.30 - 9 per hour, on average ($7.30 guards, $8.10 pool operaLor, $9.73 manager - Lhls ls $8.63

CrysLal has a greaL safeLy record. 8rlan explalned Lhe chemlcals and Lhe shorLcuLs LhaL oLher companles
Lake Lo sLreLch Lhe chemlcals (and save $).

lrank requesLed LhaL CrysLal add a clause Lo Lhe conLracL regardlng hlrlng local klds as guards and noL
changlng pollcy wlLhouL 8oard approval. 8rlan wlll also ask Casey or !enny abouL deflbrlllaLors. no
furLher lnfo on Amerlcans wlLh ulsablllLles AcL - 8rlan noLed LhaL some pools have made small changes.

AfLer 8rlan and !eff lefL Lhe meeLlng, 8eLsy moLloned Lo selecL CrysLal as pool managemenL for Lhe 2013
season, wlLh 2 opLlon years. Serena 2d and Lhe 8oard accepLed unanlmously.

F0&7'$0&0D' E&B)0%: Maryellen reporLed on Lhe lssue on lnvesLlng Lhe caplLal fund. We musL keep $33k
ln savlngs accounL. Cur currenL savlngs ln $193k and $23k due on morLgage. 1hls leaves roughly $140k
Lo lnvesL, noLlng LhaL ln 2-3 years Lhe whlLecoaLlng wlll cosL approxlmaLely $80k. 1here was heaLed
dlscusslon on Lhe merlLs of hlrlng an lnvesLmenL advlsor. lrank and Mlchelle wlll speak wlLh nowell
8ush, Mlchelle's husband, who works ln Lhls arena, Lo revlew opLlons.

MorLgage payoff: Maryellen wlll geL Lhe exacL payoff amounL. Serena made a moLlon Lo pay Lhe
morLgage ln full, 8eLsy 2d and Lhe 8oard voLed unanlmously ln favor of Lhe moLlon.

,&G =$'"#&''H lrank ls Lhlnklng of geLLlng hls pool operaLor's llcense, and wlll be relmbursed for Lhe
cosL of Lhe course. 8lck made a moLlon LhaL any 8oard member who wanLs Lo Lake Lhe course and have
Lhe cosL relmbursed can do so, 8eLsy 2d and Lhe 8oard voLed unanlmously ln favor of Lhe moLlon.
;)..$#":7%")#': 8lck announced LhaL he wlll be movlng Lhe webslLe wlLhln Lhe nexL monLh or so.
Lmall and Lhe webslLe wlll move. new slLe wlll be bullL by 8lck.

AB&07%")#': Chuck announced LhaL lasL year's manager, kaLarlna, wlll noL reLurn. uavld lallavolllLamay
be avallable, Lhough Lhe 8oard had some mlsglvlngs abouL hlm as manager. Alexandra would be greaL,
lf avallable. Annle ueMarls as assL manager would be greaL.

IG". F&7.: Mlchelle sLaLed LhaL swlm Leam may fund some lmprovemenLs Lo Lhe pavlllon - celllng
fans, sLorage. Mlchelle wlll dlagram whaL Lhey wanL Lo do and wlll work wlLh 8lck. 8ruce wlll Lalk wlLh
Wayne abouL fans.

Ad[ourned aL 9:23pm.

2012 - 2013 8oard MeeLlng daLes - Marshall 8oad LS aL 7:30pm:
CcL 18 (8oard MLg aL 7pm and Ceneral MLg 7:30) March 21
nov 13 Aprll 18
!an 10 (seL dues aL Lhls mLg) May 16
leb 21

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