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!"#$%&' )* %+& ,-%).

&/ 012 3403

5"&##6 78$6%"- 9:$. ;)6/< )* ="/&-%)/' !&&%"#>

;)6/< !&?.&/' "# 6%%&#<6#-&: 8eLsy Andrews, Maryellen 8agley, Serena Leogue, Chrls 1orregrossa,
lrank Sherldan, Chuck C'8ellly

,@&#"#>: lrank opened Lhe meeLlng aL 7:07pm.

!"#$%&': MlnuLes of Lhe SepL meeLlng were approved wlLh correcLlons.

A/&'"<&#%B' C&@)/%:
lrank sLaLed LhaL 2 proposals have been recelved so far for Lhe pool managemenL conLracL: uS AquaLlcs
and nv ools. 1hey are comlng ln abouL $10k less Lhan CrysLal, buL do noL lnclude many Lhlngs - many
board members recalled LhaL one of Lhe reasons we dld noL renew wlLh nv ools ls LhaL we felL Lhey
nlckel & dlmed" us Loo much.

8ecaulklng esLlmaLed aL $360

D:&-%")#': 8lck, Serena and 8ruce are all up for re-elecLlon

E/&6'$/&/B' C&@)/%F Maryellen ralsed Lhe lssue of wheLher we should open a brokerage accL/hlre a
flnanclal consulLanL Lo advlse on Lhe caplLal fund. 1hls would earn more $$ ln lnLeresL. We would keep
roughly $33k ln our accounLs and send Lhe resL Lo Lhls fund.

!&?.&/'+"@: no reporL

G/)$#<': no reporL

,@&/6%")#': Chuck reporLed Lhere ls qulLe a blL of debrls around & behlnd Lhe pool. 1he pool ls noL yeL
wlnLerlzed, buL LhaL should happen afLer we make a managemenL declslon.

H&I ;$'"#&''F no new buslness.

Ad[ourned Lo sLarL Ceneral MeeLlng aL 7:33pm.

2012 - 2013 8oard MeeLlng daLes - Marshall 8oad LS aL 7:30pm:
CcL 18 (8oard MLg aL 7pm and Ceneral MLg 7:30) March 21
nov 13 Aprll 18
!an 10 (seL dues aL Lhls mLg) May 16
leb 21
!"#$%&' )* %+& ,-%).&/ 012 3403
5"&##6 78$6%"- 9:$. G&#&/6: !&?.&/'+"@ !&&%"#>

;)6/< !&?.&/' "# 6%%&#<6#-&: 8eLsy Andrews, Maryellen 8agley, Serena Leogue, Chrls 1orregrossa,
lrank Sherldan, Chuck C'8ellly
!&?.&/' "# 6%%&#<6#-&: 8eLh Lachus

,@&#"#>: lrank opened Lhe meeLlng aL 7:38pm.

A/&'"<&#%B' C&@)/%: lrank Lhanked Lhe 8oard for Lhelr servlce Lhls year. Pe reporLed LhaL we purchased
Lhe waLer canon whlch cooled Lhe waLer successfully. 8eLh agreed LhaL Lhe waLer canon was helpful Lhls
summer. 1he 30
Annlversary arLy was a greaL success and many members reporLed Lo Lhe 8oard LhaL
lL would be fun Lo have Lhe band back nexL summer. lrank Lhanked Serena Leogue for her work on
AcLlvlLles durlng Lhe 2012 season.

lrank also reporLed LhaL Lhls year Lhe 8oard wlll declde on a new managemenL conLracL. lL ls for one
year wlLh 2 opLlon years. Pe reporLed on Lhe Llle lssue ln Lhe pool house and gave Lhe followlng
Llmellne: ln 2003 Lhe pool enLered lnLo Lhe conLracL wlLh Sage ConsLrucLlon, Lhe flnal lnspecLlon was
May 2006. ln 2010 cracks were noLlced ln Lhe Llle, wlLh more noLlceable ln May 2011 afLer a cold
wlnLer. ln March 2011 lrank meL wlLh Lhe bullder/conLracLor and Lhey suggesLed whaL Lhe problem
was. 1he 8oard hlred an experL because Sage would noL Lake responslblllLy for Lhe problem. 1he experL
generaLed a reporL faulLlng Sage/subconLracLor Lo Sage. vA has a sLrlcL 3 year sLaLuLe of llmlLaLlons.
lrank revlewed Lhe 3 opLlons we have wlLh Lhe Llle lssue.

2012 was a successful year wlLh good managemenL and good guards. 1here were 2 medlcal lncldenLs
over Lhe summer and boLh were handled well and everyone was okay.

E/&6'$/&/B' C&@)/%F Maryellen reporLed LhaL vAC ls ln good flnanclal shape. 8ank of Amerlca rep spoke
wlLh Maryellen abouL movlng parL of vAC's savlngs lnLo a hlgher lnLeresL caplLal" accounL and Lhe
8oard wlll Lake up Lhls lssue ln fuLure meeLlngs.

!&?.&/'+"@: Chrls reporLed on 1ara's behalf. Membershlp ls sLrong. We had 160 lease requesLs Lhe
flrsL day Lhe lease walL llsL opened. 1here were 92 leases ln Lhe 2012 season. Mosby Woods pool may
be ln Lrouble - Lhelr membershlp sLrucLure ls noL slmllar Lo vAC's. vlenna Woods has Lhelr own well.

G/)$#<': We dlscussed an lnLerlor fence. 8eLh ralsed Lhe quesLlon of a pavlllon over Lhe back deck.
We have a coverage area lssue. lrank has lnvesLlgaLed a shed roof, Lhe lssue was Labled Llll nexL year
due Lo Lhe expense.

,@&/6%")#': Chuck reporLed LhaL Lhere were no complalnLs on Lhe 2012 guard sLaff.

D:&-%")#': 1he only elecLed poslLlons are for resldenL, v, SecreLary and 1reasurer, all oLher poslLlons
are elecLed Lo Lhe 8oard as board members and Lhen Lake on a commlLLee role. Serena Leogue, 8ruce
Chappell and 8lck Wllhelm are all up for elecLlon Lhls year. Chuck moLloned Lo elecL Lhese 3 Lo Lhe
8oard, 8eLsy 2d and all voLed ln favor.
7<J)$/#?&#%: lrank ad[ourned Lhe meeLlng aL 8:23pm.