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@)4<A !&=:&<' "# 4%%&#A4#7&: Chuck C'8ellly, uana !acklns, Allson CalbralLh, Maryellen 8agley, Serena
Leogue, Chrls 1orregrossa, lrank Sherldan, 1ara volgL, 8ruce Chappell, 1om 8lack

!&=:&<' "# 5%%&#A4#7&: kevln uownlng (share 244)

B>&#"#?: lrank opened Lhe meeLlng aL 7:30pm.

C<&'"A&#%D' E&>)<%:
lrank Lhanked Lhe 8oard for Lhelr servlce and lnLroducLlons were made. lrank gave an overvlew of Lhe
lasL 7 monLhs of acLlvlLy:
Lnd of 2012 we lnlLlaLed a new managemenL conLracL wlLh CrysLal (our prevlous provlder). 1hey
have provlded good servlce for a reasonable prlce.
We recenLly swlLched mosqulLo servlce Lo 8ackyard 8ug.
1hanks Lo 8lck Wllhelm for Lhe new webslLe.
1hanks Lo kurL kohls for Lhe new check-ln sysLem.
We are prlclng ouL Lhe Llle work repalrs.
We have Lhe new lunbrella ln place.
1here are many repalrs LhaL have been compleLed (we wlll have some hlgher llne lLems for
Clean up day wenL greaL, we flnlshed ln a few hours.
Some acLlvlLles already underway: llaLes on back deck, masLers swlm mornlng sesslons, swlm
Leam 30
annlversary parLy.
We also have had 2 vandallsm (break-ln) lncldenLs and are ln Lhe process of updaLlng securlLy. 1he
vandallsm lssue sparked a loL of dlscusslon abouL besL rouLes of response.

8)==$#"74%")#' E&>)<%: 1he webslLe now has lnfo on guesL passes. $4 per person, blocks of 11 are
avallable for $40.

B>&<4%")#' E&>)<%: CaLe recelpLs are comlng ln.

F<&4'$<&< E&>)<%: all dues are collecLed. 1he morLgage has been pald off. Maryellen presenLed Lhe

!&=:&<'+"> E&>)<%: 1ara reporLed Lhe WalL LlsL Lo purchase daLes Lo May 2011. 1hls year we had 90
leases and all [olned Lhe WalL LlsL Lo Lease on Lhe flrsL day lL was opened. AugusL asses sold ouL wlLhln
2 weeks.

G&H @$'"#&'': uana ralsed Lhe lssue of Wlll. lL ls necessary Lo run swlm Leam apps & Lo allow parenLs
Lo work. Swlm 1eam needs a key. 8ack deck needs power washlng (kevln volunLeered Lo Lake Lhls Lask).
1here was a quesLlon of addlng plasLlc maLs (slmllar Lo Lhose ln Lhe locker rooms) Lo Lhe avlllon area -
Lhey may be hard Lo anchor buL we can prlce lL ouL. uana ls worklng wlLh lrank (and 8ruce?) on fans
and llghLs.
kevln ralsed a quesLlon abouL long-Lerm expenses. WhlLe coaLlng ls Lyplcally $80k. 1lle [ob compleLe re-
do wlll be approxlmaLely $60k, repalrs would be $6-7k. 8equesL for a beLLer, more permanenL LoL loL."
kevln also ralsed Lhe quesLlon of a long-Lerm plan for Lhe pool. SuggesLlon Lo puL LogeLher a commlLLee
Lo look lnLo long-Lerm opLlons.
Members noLed a few guard lssues: dlsLracLlons, unclean baLhrooms, adulL swlm breaks sLarL early &
end laLe, and lssues of off-chalr guards noL dolng addlLlonal work ln guard offlce or around Lhe pool.
1here was some dlscusslon of Lhe luLure CommlLLee."

Ad[ourned aL 9:13pm.