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"/ 012 3405

6"&##7 ,8$7%"9 :/$; <)7.= )* >".&9%).' !&&%"#?

<)7.= !&@;&.' "# 7%%&#=7#9&: 8eLsy Andrews, Serena Leogue, kurL kohls, Chrls 1orregrossa, lrank
Sherldan, 1ara volgL, 8lck Wllhelm (7:40 arrlval), Chuck C'8ellly (8:13 deparLure)

A-&#"#?: lrank opened Lhe meeLlng aL 7:14pm.

B.&'"=&#%C' D&-).%:
llrsL order of buslness was unpald shares Lo be sold. 3 shares sLlll owe dues. Chuck made a moLlon LhaL
any shares sLlll unpald as of May 1
be sold. 1ara 2d. unanlmous approval.
lrank reporLed back on Lhe food Lruck ldea. none of Lhe 9 esLabllshmenLs he has conLacLed so far are
lnLeresLed. lrank gave approval for Lhe llaLes class Lo once agaln be offered on Lhe back deck. Swlm
Leam wlll hosL a 30
annlversary parLy on !une 28.

E.)$#=': 8ruce reporLed on celllng fans for Lhe pavlllon. lor a commerclal grade ouLdoor sysLem cosL
would be $2300 ($700 each plus lnsLallaLlon). 1hls would be for Lwo fans ln Lhe upper corner, hlgh on
Lhe wall by Lhe pool house blowlng ouL Lowards Lhe four-square courL. 1he 8oard agreed LhaL Lhls
seemed very hlgh and 8ruce wlll pursue oLher opLlons. uumpsLer wlll arrlve soon. no work has
commenced on Lhe fence, buL LhaL wlll have Lo be flxed soon.

:)@@$#"97%")#': kurL submlLLed lnformaLlon on Lhe gaLe sysLem. We wlll updaLe plcLures ln Lhe
sysLem as members vlslL Lhe pool.
newsleLLer wlll go ouL early May. 1he resldenL's LeLLer, AcLlvlLles and calendar are due Lo 8lck by Aprll
24.Clean up day ls May 11, SaL, from 9am Lo 2pm.

A-&.7%")#': lrank reporLed on an emall from !eff wlLh repalrs: caulk for Lhe lnLerlor and exLerlor of Lhe
pool and new llghLbulb for Lhe llghL lnslde Lhe pool - $400.
Cuards for Lhls year lnclude: Aolfe Leogue, urew lrledman, CurLls (urew's sLepbroLher), !ack Alvarez,
lrank C'1oole, Maggle Chappell.

!&@;&.'+"-: 1ara reporLed we have 84 leases. AugusL passes wlll remaln capped aL 33 for Lhe season
and wlll go on sale May 1
. 1ara relayed lnfo on an odd share LhaL had been sold & Lhen re-sold, Mlnk
was Lhe owner. She and Maryellen wlll lnvesLlgaLe whaL happened.

FG"@ H&7@: lrank had a noLe from Swlm 1eam asklng lf Lhere ls anyLhlng we needed from Lhem. 1here
were some suggesLlons for ways Lo open up communlcaLlon on swlm Leam acLlvlLles Lo Lhe broader

,9%"I"%"&'J Serena provlded a prellmlnary schedule. Several LaLe nlghL swlms are sLlll avallable and wlll
be added. 1he Ceneral MeeLlng wlll be Wednesday !une 26 aL 7pm. We wlll move an lce cream
glveaway Lo 6:30pm LhaL nlghL ln hopes of lncreaslng aLLendance.

Ad[ourned aL 8:33pm.
**** nexL meeLlng daLe May 16 aL Lhe ool!!! *****