Reconnect and Reclaim Your Authentic Power

Making the shift from Powerless to POWERFUL!

By Giselle P. Hudson

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How often do we trudge through life. the group I was speaking to or the class I was teaching: That we are in charge of our lives. To paraphrase Pema Chödrön. “they no longer take refuge in small.Celebrate YOUR WONDERFUL LIFE! On March 15 2013 I was meeting up with Elspeth Duncan to do a casual interview about her journey to FINDING HER VOICE. speech and mind but leap and go beyond their zone of safety. but for the duration of the journey because on our own. She had recently moved to Tobago. that we need not numb ourselves to our lives with food.” I hesitated and then said “what the heck…YES!” In went my hand and out came the note “Are you ready to celebrate your wonderful life?” I’d already given the Universe my answer. I needed that note in more ways than one. one dirty trail after another. “Before you choose one of what’s inside this bag. First off I needed to acknowledge that my life WAS wonderful and next I needed to accept that it was worth celebrating. that we cannot do it alone and we need help. alcohol. that we must learn to THINK (really THINK) for ourselves and not let others dictate how we should live. we’ll give up once we’re bored or not getting results fast enough. slugging away at it. that where we are is where we’re supposed to be and we need to do our best in that place.” Elspeth had definitely found hers. This note is proof that the Universe ALWAYS gives us EXACTLY what need at the RIGHT TIME  . you have to be willing to say YES BEFORE you know what it is. what we should do. that we each have something to offer in our own way and that when we begin to live within the context of our contribution that we would be content and live abundantly. that ALL things work for our good if we don’t run away and stay for the lesson. You can almost always tell when someone has found their voice. outing fires. or having too much of a good time. Elspeth held out a paper bag. that our brain is more powerful than we could ever imagine. It made me acutely aware that what I wanted to do was not just celebrate MY wonderful life but help YOU to celebrate yours! As far back as I can remember these are the truths that have been recurring for me and I’ve shared with others regardless of the country I was in. drugs. was teaching yoga (at Kariwak Hotel and privately) and started a lovely service called ‘Table for Two. swatting mosquitoes – doing but not REALLY enjoying? Hardly noticing too much of what’s going on let alone deciding to celebrate??? But I said “YES!” and that commitment shifted something inside of me. There’s a quiet confidence about them. self-satisfied actions. not in the instruction. and we need someone to help us through that difficult passage and usher us into our light. Made For You’ At the end of our interview. mud boots on. what we should feel.

Introduction A seed is planted… In 2009 I was invited to join a Master Mind group to study the book *Think and Grow Rich* by Napoleon Hill. new methods of marketing. brawn [Article published in the Business Newsday Thursday. An idea unfolded…3 simple steps that anyone could use to change the direction of their businesses and lives if they so desired – positively. May 14 2009 by Giselle P. The hardships of these recent tough and unsettled economic times have put many people back at square one. A new race is about to be run. We who are in this race for riches should be encouraged to know that this changed world in which we live is demanding new ideas. Yet amidst all this devastation in virtually every country rich and poor. new leaders. profitably and permanently. new methods of teaching. new literature.that I should share my ‘aha ’ moment with other business owners and individuals in Trinidad and Tobago. I had read this book a long time ago and I was uncertain about the “studying” of it. new features for the mass media. new books. who might be struggling with unfulfilled lives and business and life goals never attained or even attempted. Yet something inside of me said “say yes” and I did! During one of the master mind meetings I had an ‘aha’ moment. Regardless of the economy. some will succeed and others will fail and the main reason will perhaps . The first thing I did was to write a piece for the Business Newsday.” The paragraphs above could well have been written today. The unsettling time that Hill made reference to. Hudson] “Never in the history of America has there been so great an opportunity for practical dreamers as now exists. Napoleon Hill offered these encouraging words making Think and Grow Rich (a bestseller — selling over 30 million copies) a possible good guide for navigating today’s rocky times. an excerpt of which you can read here…the title the Business Editor aptly gave it was… Brain vs. yet they were written way back in 1937 (70 plus years ago) in Napoleon Hills’ classic “Think and Grow Rich” in the first chapter titled “DESIRE”. so did another . The stakes represent huge fortunes which will be accumulated within the next few years. And as fast as that idea manifested. new inventions. was the Great Depression and one that can be used as an example of how far the world’s economy can fall. new ideas for entertainment. new ways of doing things.

Knows precisely what she wants 2. this is vague and if this is how you’re thinking then you are just going to get the leftovers of the truly successful folks who know exactly what their goal is and have laid out the steps by which they intend to reach it. “I’d like to make a good living and become as successful as I can. How many of us can say we know precisely what we want? If you ask 100 people what is their definite purpose in life.” Sounds good to you? My friends. but Hill’s. But I’ll share it anyway. Has a plan and belief in her ability to get it 3. The person who acts with purpose and a plan attracts opportunities. How can life give you anything if you don’t know what you want yourself? . And devotes a major portion of her time [daily] to acquiring it Not my blueprint.seem trite in the eyes of those wanting a larger. The person who is going to succeed will be that person who: 1. However let’s put this simple formula to the test. deeper explanation. 98 of them will answer with something like.

my emotions and my actions and thankfully I found the missing piece to the puzzle! But first let’s take a brief look at the 3 steps which I call The Triangle of Transformation™. And so my life would basically resemble a rollercoaster ride and my money followed this ride closely. It’s an inside out job.those that can be labeled as the significant others in your life? How much control do they have over the movie that is your life? Who is starring in your movie? Many of us wake up daily to find that they have been living everyone else's life! Are you an extra in your own movie? Is someone else (or multiple characters) starring in your movie while you don't have a clue what role you're playing in the daily movie called My Life?” And this is not being selfish! It starts with you tapping into your own internal GPS. I got some great results but continued to feel “not like myself. After all I was blessed with so many talents. Why wasn’t I making the progress I thought I’d be making? And so I decided to observe myself. discovering who you are. I was envious whenever I saw another practitioner embark on a project. Remember the idea that came to me during the mastermind session – the 3 simple steps that anyone could use to change the direction of their businesses and lives if they so desired – positively. Even when I was making good money – I didn’t think that I was actually worth it. And boy did I have a tendency to procrastinate – especially if I knew that whatever I was delaying would take my life and business forward.Are you an Extra in your own Movie? Pamela Perkins author of *The Art and Science of Communication* asks us to consider “Have you ever thought about the cast of characters in your life . It’s about reconnecting and reclaiming your power. profitably and permanently? At the time I thought I had all I needed and began to apply it to my own life. and the next I would be down in the dumps. but most days I felt overwhelmed to the point of immobility. I became more aware of myself. Many times I felt like a fraud. One day I was in great spirits. I believed myself to be a chronic underachiever and had trouble staying motivated. what you want. have their work recognized.” I was trying to be like so many others who shared similar ideas. I would be furious when I was trying to change lives and would only get 8 likes for my Facebook status while someone who announced that they were going to play in Tribe next year got 53 likes. I was determined though to find out why I felt the way I did. on top of the world. and how you have been created to use EVERYTHING you got to contribute AND make a difference. or speak at yet another event. . I’d seen people succeed with less. Some days I was organized.

Find the right framework and extraordinary accomplishment becomes an everyday experience. Draw a different frame around the same set of circumstances and new pathways come into view. 3.The Triangle of Transformation ™ Step One: Develop a Possibilities Mindset Critically think through the impact of your words and actions and what effect they have on your ability to achieve your goals. Really describe your feelings in detail. Gain clarity on where you are and where you’d like to be…     How are things looking for you in your life or business right now? Every morning are you waking up to more and more bad news? Do you feel most days as if you could just head back under the covers instead of heading into work? Have you run out of ideas and approaches and hoping at this point for a miracle? Write a paragraph or two in your journal about the parts of your life where you feel stuck or powerless . opportunities and insights. 5. I’d like to change… I’d like more… I keep thinking… the most important things in my life right now are… The qualities in the people I admire most are… Step two: Self Mastery Understanding and believing in yourself You have a bedrock – a core identity of purpose (why you exist) and values (your guiding principles) that provide stability and continuity as all else changes over time. The more you can bring those feelings into awareness the more you will open the doors for answers.where you might be just going through the motions. 2. Many of the circumstances that seem to block us in our daily lives. It’s all about bringing possibilities to life! Take some time right now to visualize what your best year yet will look like? Do you remember Napoleon Hill’s words? “If you don’t know WHAT you want. . based on a framework of assumptions we carry with us. 4. But for now complete the following sentences in your journal: 1. how can life give you anything else?” This knowing WHAT you want only stems from knowing WHO YOU ARE and I’ll tell you at the end how you can start this process. There is a “youness” that never changes – a core that will remain no matter how much and how well you adapt. may only appear to do so.

Director of the Life and Learning Foundation explains this beautifully: Anxiety. and a host of other despairing inner states rush into the spotlight and take over the stage when we live without the knowledge of our true identity. self-doubt. Poet and critic Samuel Johnson observed. your family.” Remember it is the things that set you apart from others that can be turned into contribution. Contribution gives your life meaning. your community. Once this high selfunderstanding is restored to us.What happens when we don’t know/aren’t aware of WHO we are? Guy Finley. “Almost every man wastes part of his life in attempts to display qualities which he did not possess. regardless of the amount of money you possess. Nervous fears about ourselves are replaced with calm self-command. whether it is to your friends. What are the traits you possess that are indicative of your personality? What are your strengths and weaknesses. the painful problems that are caused by its absence effortlessly disappear. Step three: Contribution Once you discover your uniqueness then discipline yourself to develop and share it. author Ilya Alexi says “in order for you to be happy. It is up to you to find the best way to use your individuality to contribute to the lives of others. .” In the short e-book – *Mind over Money*. your passions. Bask in these qualities today and realize that it is THESE very things that SET YOU APART FROM OTHERS that can be turned into contribution. your ‘weirdnesses’ and eccentricities? Perhaps you receive flack or condemnation for certain aspects of your personality. your country or the entire world. you must feel that you are contributing constructively in some manner.

by learning how to harness overwhelming stress and manage your emotions. How? By going to Brooklyn Bar. Ph. I labeled them either good or bad. it’s time to make a change. you can become healthier and happier. And so at very best. If I thought what I was feeling at a particular moment was “good” then I stayed there.. and feeling right. how to avoid becoming overwhelmed by stress. Authors of the program “Bring Your Life into Balance” Jeanne Segal. watching mindless TV. and have a more positive effect on those around you.The 3 Missing Pieces to the Puzzle To find out why my life felt like I was riding a rollercoaster I asked myself the following 3 questions: 1. how to harness the energy of our emotions and make them work for us. No matter how difficult things seem. We have all experienced “what if…” moments. Third – what could I have done differently? Most of us can usually dream of a future we would like to be in.D. COM 3. strategies. We know but we don’t really KNOW because we haven’t experienced it in our own lives. What generated the desired results and did I excel in a particular area? 2. depression. EVALUCO NSULTORES . anxiety. we know it’s true for everyone else except us. that it would pay me back in spades? What exactly went wrong? Were there any intentions left unfulfilled? F IGURE 1 I MAGE FROM W WW . foraging for a snack or sleeping. I’m no different. Missing Piece #1: No one teaches us why our emotions matter. and how to become more emotionally aware of ourselves and others in the process. Developing a possibilities mindset. when too much stress. Most of us understand that our thoughts. career or personal relationships. What didn’t play off as I expected even though I was sure going in. or All Out. and Lawrence Robinson tell us that stress or mood swings rock everyone's balance from time to time. What I found however was that I was skimming over my emotions. or other reasoning . with Melinda Smith. However. talking on the phone. We get that we become what we believe but it’s still kind of abstract. or worry interferes with your health. Second – I identified what DIDN’T work. Either that or I was trying to outrun them. If the emotions were “bad” – I ran. This is why traditional self-help that relies on using plans. working right. First – what worked? I examined those things that had been going right. have an impact on our lives. M. the words we string together. at least in theory is fairly easy.A.

“Something is wrong with me…why can’t I get it together like this well dressed author has?” I must confess. You Defined. It's taken Time. It requires courage. and focused in the face of our daily challenges. Gail Hudson (no relation) reviewed a book by Parker J. and negativity. in previous versions of this free e-guide I omitted it too. many years and places'. flight.processes doesn't work because when we are overwhelmed by stress we’re left with only three choices: fight. empathy. When you are aware and in control of your emotions. and display trust. It requires patience. But lose control of your emotions. you can think clearly and creatively. manage stress and challenges. I wanted to be optimistic. Palmer called *Let your Life Speak* “Many people. and enjoy more fulfilling relationships. or that we are just destined to be failures. Plan B – Beyond Hopelessness™ a program for business owners and their teams. despair.” she says “go through a period of darkness. they don’t want to depress us and tell us about the dark night of the soul lest we abort the journey. we usually conclude that perhaps we are not on the right path. But if you think that you’re immune to it. and Palmer is no exception. energized. (and they’re sometimes numerous) we have to prevent our nervous system from becoming overwhelmed. It requires the understanding that this will take 'time. and confidence. . isolation. This is the power you tap into when you develop emotional awareness. You Refined™ . this will be a big mistake. I might have glossed over it but I didn’t really describe it. many years and places. I wanted you to think that you could change in an instant. improve your communication skills. or that we need a bush bath.a program for entrepreneurial experts and 2. communicate well with others. In order to remain calm. It requires diligence. and you’ll spin into confusion. And in this omission we begin to further ostracize ourselves by believing that the darkness we are experiencing is unique to us and no one else. This part of the journey is usually omitted because most of the people who write self-help books don’t want to discourage us. and depression before reaching a clear understanding of the vocation to which they are called. By recognizing and harnessing your emotions you can gain control over the way you react to challenges. *At the end of the e-guide you can click to get more information on the programs Missing Piece #2 Whenever we go through a period of darkness like I had experienced. or freeze.” May Sarton sums it up in the first part of the poem *Now I Become Myself* Now I become myself. “Bring Your Life into Balance” is an integral and important part of my two programs 1.

has found their purpose. There’s a time for everything. as if Time were there. understand our strengths – maximize them while minimizing our weaknesses. Not sure what to do. A door closes and we try to reopen it. crying a warning. although they’re unhappy. We see growth as good in some cases but try to resist our own growth in times when it is most sorely needed.” . you will be dead before--" We almost always give up prematurely. I must listen to my life and try to understand what it is truly about . and use our talents. We have also forgotten the basic cyclical nature of things – the many seasons in our lives. no matter how earnest my intentions. it seems as if everyone else.I have been dissolved and shaken. doctor. they think they should be GRATEFUL. Terribly old. Run madly. Others automatically become whatever the ‘thing to become’ is in their family: store owner. engineer… Still some look at what careers are trending now and try to hitch themselves to the one that most seems like it’s a fit. shop keeper. Missing Piece #3 We are taught that we need to find our purpose. We need to learn how to stay the course through the darkness and have faith until we begin to see light. It comes from listening.even those of us making tons of money? Parker J. I see young folks – confused. Obsessive Comparison Disorder is the smallpox of our generation. Looking first at how much money they’re going to make before even considering a career.quite apart from what I would like it to be about or my life will never represent anything real in the world. except them. car salesman. Finding our purpose is approached as an external journey and it is VERY frustrating to many folks because while they may understand their strengths and talents. positions. So why are so many people STILL unhappy . And to add insult to injury. "Hurry. and life situations that feel uncomfortable and “not them” but there’s not much that they can do. Palmer shares some insight “Vocation does not come from willfulness. At the very least. Worn other people's faces. We feel some resistance and we take it as a stop sign instead of a growth sign. they find themselves in jobs.

We need to learn how to slow down enough to let our lives speak – offer up our unique gifts. Crucial to this understanding is that one must be present and attentive to hear that voice. Only through reflection might you be able to discern that perhaps you were not fired from that job because you thought you were good but you were really bad at it. that call . Sometimes when we’re moving too fast to hear.The very word vocation implies both voice and calling . We get fired from a job or laid off and we think – wow – I thought I was good doing that. and your heart would never be in it. life throws us a curve ball. . and reflect do we see our gifts and use them in a way that makes us feel as if we’re finally on the right track. Our talents are more easily identifiable but it is our gifts that take our talents to a whole new level and combine them in ways that are more powerful and satisfying. I thought I was going to get a promotion soon. no matter the promotion or how much more money you made! Only when we understand and accept who we truly are. but rather because it had little to do with your true vocation.

A strong emotional nature is a splendid endowment if you are the master. If you are not master of your emotions. Other people do not care for money. your emotions will control you and wreck you. you are riding the Red Horse. if you are trying to run other people's lives and getting excited about that. But it also includes not just the physical body but the physical aspects of life . They want to be looked up to. drinking. but if it is mastering you.eating. but how much attention they can get. and if you are riding the Red Horse you had better get off as soon as possible. The Red Horse is your emotional nature. I’m sure – I recently came across author of *Sermon on the Mount*. but they do crave worldly honor and distinction. GREATDREAMS .A Simple Guide to determine where you are on your journey The illustration depicts the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse described in Revelations 6. The first horse – the Pale Horse – is the physical body. position. We need to pay attention to the Horse we’re riding to understand where we are and what we need to do next. This is an extremely important part of you. It means that uncontrolled emotion is a bad thing. first of all. This does not mean that emotion or feeling is a bad thing in itself. if you get excited over nothing at all. material things. No coincidence. sensuality. If you are this kind of horseman. and although you cannot see your feelings. Emmet Fox’s analysis and understanding of the four horses which has helped me to better understand why we often lose our way even with the best of intentions. They want to be important or for money. F IGURE 2 WWW . Once you . They are riding the Pale Horse. then you are riding the Red Horse. They are not thinking of how much good they can do in the world. COM / REVELATION /F OURHORSEMEN The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse stand for the four parts or elements of our human nature as we find it today. Then there is your “feeling nature” or emotions. the physical body—the thing that you see when you look in the mirror. you are tremendously conscious of them. your feelings. you live for the body: . particularly when it happens to be none of your business. if you get angry and indignant about trifles. How do you know if you are riding the Red Horse? Well. As we know ourselves we seem to be made up of four parts: There is.

you are riding the White Horse. the Universe. that you possess. This is your real identity. The White Horse is the Spiritual Nature. a Power greater than you. or whatever you want to call it. self-expression. and joy. . there is your spiritual nature. God.whatever you choose to call it – in YOU! We are told two very interesting things about the Horseman on the White Horse: He has a bow and arrow and he wears a crown. Lord Shiva. Life Force. nor can it return void. and the man or woman who rides the White Horse gets power. fulfillment. the I Am. freedom. It goes where you aim it and it cannot be recalled. and all through history kings have been crowned. Note that the Word does not have to be spoken audibly. The crown has always been the symbol of victory. when you trust that still small voice with your whole heart. Whoever wins in a struggle gets the crown.learn to manage your feelings you will begin to feel more powerful in your life. but you are quite aware of its existence. freedom. which is eternal. when you refuse to limit what’s possible . but it is a misfortune to let it be the master. or your real eternal Self. abundance and happiness. Riding the Black Horse is letting your intellect dominate you to the exclusion of your emotional and spiritual nature. important or unimportant. The crown is the symbol of victory. The Horseman on the White Horse speaks the Word. when you will no longer say that something that has been put in your heart is impossible. When you put this life giving Source first in your life. Silent prayer is usually more powerful than audible prayer. but for the most part people are very little conscious of it as an actuality. because the White Horse is the realization of the Presence of – Buddha. . You cannot see this either. and the rider on the White Horse is always the victor. because it contains every bit of knowledge. The bow and arrow is an ancient symbol of the spoken Word. and ultimate happiness and harmony. Jehovah. Allah. Finally. The Black Horse stands for the intellect. The White Horse will carry you to health. The spoken Word brings things to pass. There is your intellect. the Divine Spark. The Greeks used to give a crown of palms to the winner of a race. To ride the Black Horse does not mean having a good intellect is a bad thing at all. It is a good thing to have the intellect well trained and polished by use. the true you. Almost everyone believes in its existence. and it is only a question of time until you shall be free—when the day will break and the shadows fly away. When you speak the Word you shoot an arrow.

When we deeply understanding who we are and why we do what we do.Starting Right Where You Are Using the information shared so far. The inner development of a person remains a black box. He concludes that a crucial component of greatness is a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will.Self Mastery – the second step is the most challenging! My goal is to provide you with the guidance and tools to help shine a light on your inner “black box”.” He talks about the upside and the downside of this Pinnacle level and describes the best behaviors required at this level. do you understand a little bit better where you are? In his book *Good to Great*. We will pursue goals that are conducive to our health and happiness and we won’t act in ways that we later regret. producing results that hurt us and those we care about. Yet steps to the inner development of a level 5 leader are absent.” John C. He called them “Level 5” leaders – those leaders able to channel their ego ambition away from themselves into the larger goal of building a great company. Jim Collins studies what drives average companies to take a quantum leap and become extraordinary. because in the Triangle of Transformation™ . This is why I’ve included Emmet Fox’s interpretation of the four horses of the Apocalypse. we won’t be swept away by instincts and habits that may not serve us. in his book *The 5 Levels of Leadership* says “Rare is the leader who reaches Level 5 – The Pinnacle. so that you can see yourself more clearly and start making strides toward reclaiming your authentic power. . When however asked HOW to develop Level 5 leadership he responded “I would LOVE to be able to give you a list of steps for becoming Level 5 but we have no solid research data that would support a credible list. Maxwell.

those dreams were re-ignited in a monumental way. Despite no musical training. excommunicated from his family. Stuart led a poverty-stricken existence. his mind became so flooded with majestic orchestral pieces. He was a penniless. but it didn’t stop him from dreaming of a better life. he saw these new circumstances as part of a life-script. and reality struck hard. Stuart rose from the ashes and became a successful businessman. Find more of Stuart’s story here… The spoken Word brings things to pass. have listened to the directions of your heart. at the point of no return. destitute. and decades of hard work. he walked out of his job and home. non-musical pariah. Grief-stricken. his vision gave him comfort in his days of desolation. the traumatic bullying which he experienced at school quickly extinguished his grandiose ideas. which he would eventually turn into a film. Nevertheless. choirs. Spiritual nature… When living in his car became unsustainable. However. and inspired the 10-year old to create his own backyard orchestra However. Images of angelic music with voices. In the ensuing years. followed those directions and acted to the best of your ability and knowledge. . and transform the music in his mind into reality. and a great orchestra swept through his mind. following the tragic death of his son. he held onto the music which seemed to be coming directly from angels. convincing his wife and family was the first hurdle and. that he made a desperate decision to follow the journey which he saw before him. tells how his impossible vision turned tragedy into triumph. Success: the thing that ensues after you’ve surrendered to who you REALLY are. the streets of London.Possibility thinking A White Horse Rider’s Story In war-battered Birmingham. finally able to afford the astronomical costs of hiring the world’s greatest orchestras and musicians to record the heaven-sent Angeli Symphony Stuart's compelling and heartfelt autobiography 'The Angels'. When you speak the Word you shoot an arrow. Many years later. which became all but forgotten. Through sheer determination. he attempted to propel himself into a new world. became his home. which he had thought of as paved with gold. during 1940’s Britain. While it was difficult for this hard-drinking pub cook to understand its meaning. letting Divine Providence do the rest.

dug a little deeper and started paying attention to my own inner guidance and direction. we cause ourselves the pain of self-betrayal. If you continue to fear listening to your soul. That stood out for me and stayed in my memory from that day onwards. The first path is the Triangle of Transformation™. is not to know”. because if I am not ACTING on what I know then I DON’T KNOW! Two – Whenever something is simple. Before wrapping up however. You begin to listen to and follow the directions of your conscience or soul. This is the path that leads you to understand WHO you are (your brand) from the inside out. Many people. much of the pain we experience is self-inflicted. Often we do this out of fear of what others will think – in other words. one of the speakers saying . and it humbles me. Making the Shift from Powerless to POWERFUL! There are two paths to making this Power Shift. I know” I hear the speaker’s voice. that only revealed themselves to me when I became more conscious. ex-lovers – for who they are today and what they’ve become. author Carolyn Myss sums up what happens when we betray WHO we are. from missing an opportunity to speak with someone who might become a lifelong friend.“to know and not to do. in order to live with themselves after betraying their soul. It’s really a simple process BUT – I wasn’t getting the consistent results that I was after.Chances are you have already been exposed to the seed that was planted in my mind during the master mind session and study of “Think and Grow Rich ” back in 2009. siblings. false friends.I remember hearing years ago at an Amway seminar. to speaking up for someone who needed help. “I knew that would happen. teachers.” is a common mantra for people who lack the courage to be present and receive guidance. we have a habit of glossing over it. Take my Triangle of Transformation™ for example. “Although we cannot avoid pain in life. you will be one of those people who recognizes soul guidance only after the fact.” . there are two things that I want you to consider: One . Specifically when we do not act honorably or we fail to follow the direction of our conscience or our soul. blame others – parents. we fear humiliating ourselves. Self betrayal can include anything great or small. Your reading this e-guide (or re-reading it in some cases) is no coincidence. to sharing a creative idea at a business meeting or making a good business investment. In her book *Entering the Castle*. Now every time I get cocky and say “I know. This was not for the lack of understanding of the process but because of the few missing pieces that I identified earlier.

As you begin your own journey you have to be willing to follow all three steps: Step One: Think Possibility: Approach the process with an open mind. you: . When you lead from inside. Transformation is all about in depth understanding and alignment. ways you’ve been hindering your growth. Understanding YOUR BRAND means: understanding YOU from the inside out and leading from that place. Step Three: What you NEED to be doing in the world will surface as a result of the work you do in step 2. Step Two: Do the work necessary to understand yourself. Lolly Daskal who Huffington Post calls “One of the most inspiring women in the world” is very passionate about the power of heart-based leadership and the value of personal integrity.from the inside out is that you LEAD your life from within. irrational fears. and repeating the same mistakes over and over again. but inside you feel shallow and worthless? The essence of rediscovering and understanding WHO you are – your brand . She says: People. Discover your emotional triggers. who lead from within. misplaced “truths”. This involves learning to LISTEN to yourself and RESPECTING the guidance that you’re receiving.In order to claim innocence and blame something or someone else for our present circumstances is to relinquish our power. Become more self aware. They lead from a core level that resides deep within their heart – in a deeply-rooted space where their values speak of what is best within them. understand why your emotions matter and how to manage them so that they help you rather than hurt you. This would be your contribution – your signature service that only you can deliver in the way that you are delivering it. doing things that you know in your gut you probably shouldn’t be doing. Don’t let previous beliefs or a word turn you off. Do you see how this process is different from what you’ve probably been doing all your life? Trying to work from the outside in? Attempting to FIT INTO a space that just doesn’t hold you well? Doing things you don’t enjoy or have zero passion for despite making good money? Creating an image for yourself that looks pretty much as if you’ve succeeded. Open yourself up to the possibility that your life could grow in another direction – one with less complaining. are leaders who want nothing more than to live their lives according to their own truths and on their own terms. at least to the outside world.

harmony and abundance in your life – then it’s your time NOW! The second path is about how you CHOOSE to operate in your world: with your family. Once you adopt this approach you can begin to fortify your power base and build power back into your life.  There is no security in a job  Any loss or change does not make me a victim . Learn from your mistakes. happiness. Yaqui Shaman Your mindset needs to be: Life is not always fair. Whatever is supposed to happen will happen for you in due season. Are humble. Listen to your inner self and follow your internal compass. while an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse ” – Don Juan.       Live a life of commitment and fulfillment of your heart’s desires. Truly listen not just to your own heart but the hearts of others Trust and engage in your unique contribution to your life and the lives of others. in your community. And so I encourage you to take a leap of faith and act on that thing your conscience keeps needling you to act upon. If you say that you want freedom. I can identify my own personal resources and declare independence from the inequities imposed upon me by the arbitrary changes that occur in my life over which I have no control. Know what is important to you. “The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge. and of course where you work. success. The way will open for you but it will be revealed moment by moment. Don’t be stressed by time. but I can choose to dig deep to find security from within. You have to understand that there is always something that you can do – that you have a choice.

be honest with yourself.  Under what circumstances are you likely to become immobilized by doubt or lack of faith?  What triggers this reaction in you? Can you describe your doubts?  In these situations. Most of all . Others can shake me. Reflect on the answers that come to mind and write the answers down in the journal that will accompany you on your journey to self rediscovery and powerfulness. Consider each question carefully. no matter what my situation. surprise me or disappoint me but they can’t prevent me from acting.  I ALWAYS have a choice and that choice is to be POWERFUL! Below is a brief self-assessment from *The Power Principle* by Blaine Lee designed to help you determine where you are in your personal journey to increasing your own power. from taking the situation I ’m presented with and finding a way to move on  No matter where I am in life. what better alternatives have you not chosen that seem at first unlikely or improbable?  What is the one thing you could do that would challenge the irrational thought that the best thing to do is nothing?  Is there another way? What is another alternative? . I can ALWAYS DO SOMETHING.

Living the Truth of Who You Are . These are neither independent columns put side by side. I’ve taken all the exercises. questions and examples — the entire process that I used when I worked one-on-one with clients — and put it all into one easy-to-use work book. Plan B – Beyond Hopelessness™ . nor three independent rows stacked on top of each other. I’ve worked one-on-one with many solo professionals. taken from *Conscious Business* by Fred Kofman: This is a convenient summary but it obscures an important the program I’ve designed for entrepreneurial experts – anyone who wants to make a difference and help others succeed by sharing their life the program that I’ve designed for business owners and their team leaders/supervisors. helping them to reconnect with who they are and develop their businesses around their brand. To better understand why I’ve created a program that includes ALL the leaders within the business. take a look at the Organizational Map. The program has been designed in a do-it-yourself format so you can work at your own pace.The Programs Based on my research and my own experience I have developed two programs to help you reconnect and reclaim true power in your life You Defined. Each . You Refined™ . their unique message or their knowledge and expertise.Building a new foundation for leadership . THEY ARE A SYSTEM.

This principle centered power encourages self-control and ethical. because you stop trying to control them and instead ask them to act according to their conscience 3.element relates to every other element. we can learn to recognize our true power and greatness and express it at work in ways that matter most! One thing I know for sure: “ Whatever brought you to where you are now. each one influences and is influenced by the others. When you understand the Power Principle coupled with leading consciously: 1. is perhaps no longer working. You become more careful about what you ask of others (this happens because you are more likely to check your own motive before you ask someone to do something) 2. proactive behavior By increasing our awareness of HOW we interact with others and by believing that this kind of leadership is valuable AND achievable.” For more information on the do-it-yourself program click here If you would like to explore co-creating a leadership solution for your team click here It took me 19 years to figure out why we struggle so much and endure so much pain. The Triangle of Transformation™ helped me understand what I had to do in order to act more powerfully and get better results in my life. When you understand the relationship between this type of power and influence you will be able to influence others without forcing them 4. I want to help you recognize your true greatness and express it in your life! Chief Possibilities Officer™ Planting Possibility Seeds . You can be more confident when dealing with others. ebb and flow or rollercoaster – no description is comforting. making some progress and getting some results only to slip right back to where we started. Whether we call it feast or famine. Now it is possible to influence the system starting from ANY element but the critical question is: “Where is the BEST PLACE to focus improvement efforts?” The highest leverage can be gained by focusing on culture and the strongest determinant of an effective healthy culture is leaders who not only understand themselves but learn to influence others with an uncommon approach to power through understanding the Power Principle.