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12 September 2010 8 A.M. 12 NN. I True or False. A. Under Article 26 o t!e Famil" #ode$ %!en a orei&n spouse di'orces !is(!er Filipino spouse$ t!e latter ma" re)marr" b" pro'in& onl" t!at t!e orei&n spouse !as obtained a di'orce a&ainst !er or !im abroad. *1+, -. .$ a %ido%er$ died lea'in& a %ill statin& t!at t!e !ouse and lot %!ere !e li'ed cannot be partitioned or as lon& as t!e "oun&est o !is our c!ildren desires to sta" t!ere. As co!eirs and co)o%ners$ t!e ot!er t!ree ma" demand partition an"time. *1+, II Multiple c!oice. A. A !ad a /)store" buildin& %!ic! %as constructed b" 0n&ineer -. A ter i'e "ears$ t!e buildin& de'eloped crac1s and its stair%a" e'entuall" &a'e %a" and collapsed$ resultin& to in2uries to some lessees. 3!o s!ould t!e lessees sue or dama&es4 *1+, 1. A$ t!e o%ner 2. -$ t!e en&ineer 5. bot! A 6 -. 7$ o%ner o 8ot A$ learnin& t!at 9apanese soldiers ma" !a'e buried &old and ot!er treasures at t!e ad2oinin& 'acant 8ot - belon&in& to spouses . 6 :$ e;ca'ated in 8ot - %!ere s!e succeeded in uneart!in& &old and precious stones. <o% %ill t!e treasures ound b" 7 be di'ided4 *1+, 1. 100+ to 7 as inder 2. =0+ to 7 and =0+ to t!e spouses . and : 5. =0+ to 7 and =0+ to t!e state /. None o t!e abo'e #. A e;ecuted a >eed o >onation in a'or o -$ a bac!elor$ co'erin& a parcel o land 'alued at ?1 million. - %as$ !o%e'er$ out o t!e countr" at t!e time. For t!e donation to be 'alid$ *1+, 1. - ma" e)mail A acceptin& t!e donation. 2. T!e donation ma" be accepted b" -@s at!er %it! %!om !e li'es. 5. - can accept t!e donation an"time con'enient to !im. /. -@s mot!er %!o !as a &eneral po%er o attorne" ma" accept t!e donation or !im. =. None o t!e abo'e is su icient to ma1e -@s acceptance 'alid >. A e;ecuted a =)pa&e notarial %ill be ore a notar" public and t!ree %itnesses. All o t!em si&ned eac! and e'er" pa&e o t!e %ill. 7ne o t!e %itnesses %as -$ t!e at!er o one o t!e le&atees to t!e %ill. 3!at is t!e e ect o - bein& a %itness to t!e %ill4 *1+, 1. T!e %ill is in'alidated 2. T!e %ill is 'alid and e ecti'e 5. T!e le&ac" &i'en to -@s c!ild is not 'alid III >e ine$ 0numerate or 0;plain. *2+ eac!, A. 3!at is t!e di erence bet%een A&uarant"B and Asuret"s!ipB4 -. >e ine Cuasi tort. 3!o are t!e persons liable under Cuasi torts and %!at are t!e de enses a'ailable to t!em4 #. Di'e at least t%o reasons %!" a court ma" assume 2urisdiction o'er a con lict o la%s case. IE Spouses - and D be&ot t%o o sprin&s. Albeit t!e" !ad serious personalit" di erences$ t!e spouses continued to li'e under one roo . - be&ot a son b" anot!er %oman. D also be&ot a dau&!ter b" anot!er man.

A. I D &i'es t!e surname o - to !er dau&!ter b" anot!er man$ %!at can - do to protect t!eir le&itimate c!ildrenFs interests4 0;plain. *=+, -. I - acCuiesces to t!e use o !is surname b" D@s dau&!ter b" anot!er man$ %!at is(are t!e conseCuence(s4 0;plain. *=+, E D iled on 9ul" 8$ 2000 a petition or declaration o nullit" o !er marria&e to -. >urin& t!e pendenc" o t!e case$ t!e couple entered into a compromise a&reement to dissol'e t!eir absolute communit" o propert". - ceded !is ri&!t to t!eir !ouse and lot and all !is s!ares in t%o business irms to D and t!eir t%o c!ildren$ a&ed 18 and 1G. - also opened a ban1 account in t!e amount o ?5 million in t!e name o t!e t%o c!ildren to ans%er or t!eir educational e;penses until t!e" inis! t!eir colle&e de&rees. For !er part$ D undertoo1 to s!oulder t!e da")to)da" li'in& e;penses and up1eep o t!e c!ildren. T!e #ourt appro'ed t!e spouses@ a&reement on September 8$ 2000. A. Suppose t!e business irms su ered re'erses$ renderin& D unable to support !ersel and t!e c!ildren. #an D still as1 or support pendente lite rom -4 0;plain. *5+, -. Suppose in late 200/ t!e t%o c!ildren !ad sCuandered t!e ?5 million und or t!eir education be ore t!e" could obtain t!eir colle&e de&rees$ can t!e" as1 or more support rom -4 0;plain. *5+, EI Di&olo entered into an a&reement %it! Ma2orette or !er to carr" in !er %omb !is bab" 'ia in 'itro ertiliHation. Di&olo undertoo1 to under%rite Ma2orette@s pre)natal e;penses as %ell as t!ose attendant to !er deli'er". Di&olo %ould t!erea ter pa" Ma2orette ?2 million and$ in return$ s!e %ould &i'e custod" o t!e bab" to !im. A ter Ma2orette &i'es birt! and deli'ers t!e bab" to Di&olo ollo%in& !er receipt o ?2 million$ s!e en&a&es "our ser'ices as !er la%"er to re&ain custod" o t!e bab". A. 3!at le&al action can "ou ile on be!al o Ma2orette4 0;plain. *2.=+, -. #an Di&olo demand rom Ma2orette t!e return o t!e ?2 million i !e returns t!e bab"4 0;plain. *2.=+, #. 3!o o t!e t%o can e;ercise parental aut!orit" o'er t!e c!ild4 0;plain. *2.=+, >. Is t!e c!ild entitled to support and in!eritance rom Di&olo4 0;plain. *2.=+, EII D and - %ere married on 9ul" 5$ 1G8G. 7n Marc! /$ 2001$ t!e marria&e$ %!ic! bore no o sprin&$ %as declared 'oid ab initio under Article 56 o t!e Famil" #ode. At t!e time o t!e dissolution o t!e marria&e$ t!e couple possessed t!e ollo%in& propertiesI J a !ouse and lot acCuired b" - on Au&ust 5$ 1G88$ one t!ird *1(5, o t!e purc!ase price *representin& do%npa"ment, o %!ic! !e paidK one t!ird *1(5, %as paid b" D on Februar" 1/$ 1GG0 out o a cas! &i t &i'en to !er b" !er parents on !er &raduation on April 6$ 1G8GK and t!e balance %as paid out o t!e spouses@ 2oint incomeK and J an apartment unit donated to - b" an uncle on 9une 1G$ 1G8L. A. 3!o o%ns t!e ore&oin& properties4 0;plain. *=+, -. I D and - !ad married on 9ul" 5$ 1G8L and t!eir marria&e %as dissol'ed in 200L$ %!o o%ns t!e properties4 0;plain. *=+, EIII Spouses Me; and 8ea bore t%o c!ildren no% a&ed 1/ and 8. >urin& t!e subsistence o t!eir marria&e$ Me; be&ot a c!ild b" anot!er %oman. <e is no% 10 "ears o a&e. 7n 8ea@s disco'er" o Me;@s at!erin& a c!ild b" anot!er %oman$ s!e iled a petition or le&al separation %!ic! %as &ranted. Me; no% %ants to adopt !is ille&itimate c!ild.

A. 3!ose consent is needed or Me;@s adoption o !is ille&itimate c!ild4 *2.=+, -. I t!ere %as no le&al separation$ can Me; still adopt !is ille&itimate c!ild4 0;plain. *2.=+, I. 0i&!teen)"ear old Filipina ?atrice !ad a dau&!ter out o %edloc1 %!om s!e named 8aurie. At 26$ ?atrice married American citiHen 9o!n %!o brou&!t !er to li'e %it! !im in t!e United States o America. 9o!n at once si&ni ied !is %illin&ness to adopt 8aurie. #an 9o!n ile t!e petition or adoption4 I "es$ %!at are t!e reCuirements4 I no$ %!"4 *=+, . In 1GGL$ - and D started li'in& to&et!er %it!out t!e bene it o marria&e. T!e relations!ip produced one o sprin&$ Eenus. T!e couple acCuired a residential lot in ?araNaCue. A ter our */, "ears or in 2001$ D !a'in& completed !er /)"ear colle&e de&ree as a ulltime student$ s!e and - contracted marria&e %it!out a license. T!e marria&e o - and D %as$ t%o "ears later$ declared null and 'oid due to t!e absence o a marria&e license. A. I "ou %ere t!e 2ud&e %!o declared t!e nullit" o t!e marria&e$ to %!om %ould "ou a%ard t!e lot4 0;plain brie l". *5+, -. Is Eenus le&itimate$ ille&itimate$ or le&itimated4 0;plain brie l". *5+, .I T!e spouses ?eter and ?aula !ad t!ree *5, c!ildren. ?aula later obtained a 2ud&ment o nullit" o marria&e. T!eir absolute communit" o propert" !a'in& been dissol'ed$ t!e" deli'ered ?1 million to eac! o t!eir 5 c!ildren as t!eir presumpti'e le&itimes. ?eter later re)married and !ad t%o *2, c!ildren b" !is second %i e Marie. ?eter and Marie$ !a'in& success ull" en&a&ed in business$ acCuired real properties. ?eter later died intestate. A. 3!o are ?eter@s le&al !eirs and !o% %ill !is estate be di'ided amon& t!em4 *=+, -. 3!at is t!e e ect o t!e receipt b" ?eter@s 5 c!ildren b" !is irst marria&e o t!eir presumpti'e le&itimes on t!eir ri&!t to in!erit ollo%in& ?eter@s deat!4 *=+, .II 7n Ma" =$ 1G8G$ 16)"ear old MoHanno$ %!o %as issued a student permit$ dro'e to sc!ool a car$ a &i t rom !is parents. 7n e'en date$ as !is class %as sc!eduled to &o on a ield trip$ !is teac!er reCuested !im to accommodate in !is car$ as !e did$ our */, o !is classmates because t!e 'an rented b" t!e sc!ool %as too cro%ded. 7n t!e %a" to a museum %!ic! t!e students %ere sc!eduled to 'isit$ MoHanno made a %ron& maneu'er$ causin& a collision %it! a 2eepne". 7ne o !is classmates died. <e and t!e t!ree *5, ot!ers %ere badl" in2ured. A. 3!o is liable or t!e deat! o MoHanno@s classmate and t!e in2uries su ered b" MoHanno and !is 5 ot!er classmates4 0;plain. *2+, -. <o% about t!e dama&e to t!e 2eepne"4 0;plain. *2+, #. Under t!e same acts$ e;cept t!e date o occurrence o t!e incident$ t!is time in mid)1GG/$ %!at %ould be "our ans%er4 0;plain. *2+, .III FranH %as t!e o%ner o 8ot 0 %!ic! %as surrounded b" our */, lots one o %!ic! 8ot # !e also o%ned. <e promised A'a t!at i s!e bou&!t 8ot 0$ !e %ould &i'e !er a ri&!t o %a" in 8ot #. #on'inced$ A'a bou&!t 8ot 0 and$ as promised$ FranH &a'e !er a ri&!t o %a" in 8ot #. A'a culti'ated 8ot 0 and used t!e ri&!t o %a" &ranted b" FranH.

A'a later ound &ain ul emplo"ment abroad. 7n !er return a ter more t!an 10 "ears$ t!e ri&!t o %a" %as no lon&er a'ailable to !er because FranH !ad in t!e meantime sold 8ot # to 9ulia %!o !ad it enced. A. >oes A'a !a'e a ri&!t to demand rom 9ulia t!e acti'ation o !er ri&!t o %a"4 0;plain. *2.=+, -. Assumin& A'a opts to demand a ri&!t o %a" rom an" o t!e o%ners o 8ots A$ -$ and >$ can s!e do t!at4 0;plain. *2.=+, .IE ?rimo o%ns a pet i&uana %!ic! !e 1eeps in a man)made pond enclosed b" a ence situated in !is residential lot. A t"p!oon 1noc1ed do%n t!e ence o t!e pond and t!e i&uana cra%led out o t!e &ate o ?rimo@s residence. N$ a nei&!bor %!o %as passin& b"$ started t!ro%in& stones at t!e i&uana$ dra%in& t!e i&uana to mo'e to%ard !im. N panic1ed and ran but tripped on somet!in& and su ered a bro1en le&. Is an"one liable or N@s in2uries4 0;plain. */+, .E A$ -$ and # entered into a partners!ip to operate a restaurant business. 3!en t!e restaurant !ad &one past brea1)e'en sta&e and started to &arner considerable pro its$ # died. A and - continued t!e business %it!out dissol'in& t!e partners!ip. T!e" in act opened a branc! o t!e restaurant$ incurrin& obli&ations in t!e process. #reditors started demandin& or t!e pa"ment o t!eir obli&ations. A. 3!o are liable or t!e settlement o t!e partners!ip@s obli&ations4 0;plain4 *5+, -. 3!at are t!e creditors@ recourse(s4 0;plain. *5+, .EI . %as t!e o%ner o an unre&istered parcel o land in #abanatuan #it". As s!e %as abroad$ s!e ad'ised !er sister : 'ia o'erseas call to sell t!e land and si&n a contract o sale on !er be!al . : t!us sold t!e land to -1 on Marc! 51$ 2001 and e;ecuted a deed o absolute sale on be!al o .. -1 ull" paid t!e purc!ase price. -2$ una%are o t!e sale o t!e land to -1$ si&ni ied to : !is interest to bu" it but as1ed : or !er aut!orit" rom .. 3it!out in ormin& . t!at s!e !ad sold t!e land to -1$ : sou&!t . or a %ritten aut!orit" to sell. . e)mailed : an aut!orit" to sell t!e land. : t!erea ter sold t!e land on Ma" 1$ 2001 to -2 on mont!l" installment basis or t%o "ears$ t!e irst installment to be paid at t!e end o Ma" 2001. 3!o bet%een -1 and -2 !as a better ri&!t o'er t!e land4 0;plain. *=+,

?AMT I I ?repare t!e ollo%in&I A. Eeri ication and #erti ication a&ainst Forum S!oppin&. *=+, -. ?etition or 8etters Mo&ator". *=+, II 0numerate t!e instances %!en a Notar" ?ublic ma" aut!enticate documents %it!out reCuirin& t!e p!"sical presence o t!e si&natories. *2+, III Att". :$ in !is Motion or Meconsideration o t!e >ecision rendered b" t!e National 8abor Melations #ommission *N8M#,$ alle&ed t!at t!ere %as conni'ance o t!e N8M# #ommissioners %it! Att". . or monetar" considerations in arri'in& at t!e Cuestioned >ecision. <e insulted t!e #ommissioners or t!eir

ineptness in appreciatin& t!e acts as borne b" t!e e'idence presented. Att". . iles an administrati'e complaint a&ainst Att". : or usin& abusi'e lan&ua&e. Att". : posits t!at as la%"er or t!e do%n)trodden laborers$ !e is entitled to e;press !is ri&!teous an&er a&ainst t!e #ommissioners or !a'in& c!eated t!emK t!at !is alle&ations in t!e Motion or Meconsideration are absolutel" pri'ile&edK and t!at proscription a&ainst t!e use o abusi'e lan&ua&e does not co'er pleadin&s iled %it! t!e N8M#$ as it is not a court$ nor are an" o its #ommissioners 9ustices or 9ud&es. Is Att". : administrati'el" liable under t!e #ode o ?ro essional Mesponsibilit"4 0;plain. *5+, IE Att". .. rented a !ouse o !is cousin 99 on a mont!)to mont! basis. <e le t or a 6)mont! stud" in 9apan %it!out pa"in& !is rentals and electric bills %!ile !e %as a%a" despite 99@s repeated demands. Upon !is return to t!e ?!ilippines$ Att". .. still ailed to settle !is rental arreara&es and electric bills$ dra%in& 99 to ile an administrati'e complaint a&ainst Att". ... Att". .. contended t!at !is non)pa"ment o rentals and bills to !is cousin is a personal matter %!ic! !as no bearin& on !is pro ession as a la%"er and$ t!ere ore$ !e did not 'iolate t!e #ode o ?ro essional Mesponsibilit". A. Is Att". ..@s contention in order4 0;plain. *5+, -. #ite t%o *2, speci ic Mules in t!e #ode o ?ro essional Mesponsibilit"$ 'iolation o %!ic! sub2ects a la%"er to disciplinar" action b" t!e Supreme #ourt alt!ou&! t!e acts complained o are purel" personal or pri'ate acti'ities t!at do not in'ol'e t!e practice o la%. *2+, E 3!en is pro essional incompetence a &round or disbarment under t!e Mules o #ourt4 0;plain. *5+, EI Att". Monica Santos)#ruH re&istered t!e irm name ASantos) #ruH 8a% 7 iceB %it! t!e >epartment o Trade and Industr" as a sin&le proprietors!ip. In !er stationer"$ s!e printed t!e names o !er !usband and a riend %!o are bot! non)la%"ers as !er senior partners in li&!t o t!eir in'estments in t!e irm. S!e allo%ed !er !usband to &i'e out callin& cards bearin& !is name as senior partner o t!e irm and to appear in courts to mo'e or postponements. >id Att". Santos)#ruH 'iolate t!e #ode o ?ro essional Mesponsibilit"4 3!"4 *5+, EII Att". #andido commented in a ne%spaper t!at t!e decision o t!e #ourt o Appeals %as in luenced b" a po%er ul relati'e o t!e pre'ailin& part". T!e appellate court ound !im &uilt" o indirect contempt. >oes t!is in'ol'e moral turpitude4 0;plain. *5+, EIII For ser'ices to be rendered b" Att". >elmonico as counsel or 3a& :u in a case in'ol'in& =$000 sCuare meters *sC.m., o land$ t!e t%o a&reed on a success ee o ?=0$000 plus =00 sC.m. o t!e land. T!e trial court rendered 2ud&ment in a'or o 3a& :u %!ic! became inal and e;ecutor". A ter recei'in& ?=0$000$ Att". >elmonico demanded t!e trans er to !im o t!e promised =00 sC.m. Instead o compl"in&$ 3a& :u iled an administrati'e complaint c!ar&in& Att". >elmonico %it! 'iolation o t!e #ode o ?ro essional Mesponsibilit" and Article 1/G1*=, o t!e #i'il #ode or demandin& t!e deli'er" o a portion o t!e land sub2ect o liti&ation. Is Att". >elmonico liable under t!e #ode o ?ro essional Mesponsibilit" and t!e #i'il #ode4 0;plain. *=+, I. Is t!e de ense o Att". M in a disbarment complaint or immoralit" iled b" !is paramour ? t!at ? is in pari delicto material or a &round or e;oneration4 0;plain. *5+, . Allison !ired Att". . as !is counsel in !is complaint or #ollection o Sum o Mone". Upon receipt on Marc! 20$ 200G o t!e Notice o ?re)Trial %!ic! %as sc!eduled on Ma" 2/$ 200G$ Allison noted t!at at t!at time !e %ould still be in a t%o)%ee1 8e&al 0t!ics 6 ?ractical 0;ercises con erence in St. ?etersbur&. <e

t!us as1ed Att". . to represent !im durin& t!e pre)trial. ?repare t!e necessar" document t!at Att". . s!ould submit to t!e court to enable !im to represent Allison durin& ?re)Trial. *=+, .I A ter passin& t!e ?!ilippine -ar in 1G86$ Att". Mic!ards practiced la% until 1GG6 %!en !e mi&rated to Australia %!ere !e subseCuentl" became an Australian citiHen in 2000. As !e 1ept abreast o le&al de'elopments$ petitioner learned about t!e #itiHens!ip Metention and Me)AcCuisition Act o 2005 *Mepublic Act No. G22=,$ pursuant to %!ic! !e reacCuired !is ?!ilippine citiHens!ip in 2006. <e too1 !is oat! o alle&iance as a Filipino citiHen at t!e ?!ilippine embass" in #anberra$ Australia. 9aded b" t!e laid bac1 li e in t!e outbac1$ !e returned to t!e ?!ilippines in >ecember 2008. A ter t!e !olida"s$ !e establis!ed !is o%n la% o ice and resumed !is practice o la%. Mont!s later$ a concerned %oman %!o !ad secured copies o Att". Mic!ards@ naturaliHation papers %it! consular aut!entication$ iled %it! t!e Supreme #ourt an anon"mous complaint a&ainst !im or ille&al practice o la%. A. Ma" t!e Supreme #ourt act upon t!e complaint iled b" an anon"mous person4 3!" or %!" not4 *5+, -. Is respondent entitled to resume t!e practice o la%4 0;plain. *=+, ?AMT II .II Mebecca@s complaint %as ra led to t!e sala o 9ud&e A. Mebecca is a dau&!ter o 9ud&e A@s %i e b" a pre'ious marria&e. T!is is 1no%n to t!e de endant %!o does not$ !o%e'er$ ile a motion to in!ibit t!e 9ud&e. Is t!e 9ud&e 2usti ied in not in!ibitin& !imsel rom t!e case4 *5+, .III Meactin& to ne%spaper articles and 'erbal complaints on alle&ed rampant sale o Temporar" Mestrainin& 7rders b" 9ud&e .$ t!e Supreme #ourt ordered t!e conduct o a discreet in'esti&ation b" t!e 7 ice o t!e #ourt Administrator. 9ud&es in t!e place %!ere 9ud&e . is assi&ned con irmed t!e complaints. A. 3!at administrati'e c!ar&e(s ma" be le'eled a&ainst 9ud&e .4 0;plain. *5+, -. 3!at de ense(s can 9ud&e . raise in a'oidance o an" liabilit"4 *2+, .IE Farida en&a&ed t!e ser'ices o Att". Darudo to represent !er in a complaint or dama&es. T!e t%o a&reed t!at all e;penses incurred in connection %it! t!e case %ould irst be s!ouldered b" Att". Darudo and !e %ould be paid or !is le&al ser'ices and reimbursed or all e;penses %!ic! !e !ad ad'anced out o %!ate'er Farida ma" recei'e upon t!e termination o t!e case. 3!at 1ind o contract is t!is4 *2+, .E Mico$ an amiable$ sociable la%"er$ o%ns a s!are in Marina Dol #lub$ easil" one o t!e more pos! &ol courses. <e relis!es !ostin& parties or &o'ernment o icials and members o t!e benc!. 7ne da"$ !e !ad a c!ance meetin& %it! a 2ud&e in t!e Intramuros &ol course. T!e t%o readil" &ot alon& %ell and !ad since been re&ularl" pla"in& &ol to&et!er at t!e Marina Dol #lub. A. I Att". Mico does not discuss cases %it! members o t!e benc! durin& parties and &ol &ames$ is !e 'iolatin& t!e #ode o ?ro essional Mesponsibilit"4 0;plain. *5+, -. <o% about t!e members o t!e benc! %!o &race t!e parties o Mico$ are t!e" 'iolatin& t!e #ode o 9udicial #onduct4 0;plain. *5+, .EI 9ud&e 8 is assi&ned in Turtle ?ro'ince. <is brot!er ran or Do'ernor in Mabbit ?ro'ince. >urin& t!e election period t!is "ear$ 9ud&e 8 too1 a lea'e o absence to !elp !is brot!er conceptualiHe t!e campai&n strate&". <e e'en contributed a modest amount to t!e campai&n 1itt" and !osted lunc!es and dinners. >id 9ud&e 8 incur administrati'e and(or criminal liabilit"4 0;plain. *5+,

.EII 9ud&e . %as in'ited to be a &uest spea1er durin& t!e annual con'ention o a pri'ate or&aniHation %!ic! %as co'ered b" media. Since !e %as &i'en t!e libert" to spea1 on an" topic$ !e discussed t!e recent decision o t!e Supreme #ourt declarin& t!at t!e ?resident is not$ under t!e #onstitution$ proscribed rom appointin& a #!ie 9ustice %it!in t%o mont!s be ore t!e election. In !is speec!$ t!e 2ud&e demurred to t!e Supreme #ourt decision and e'en stressed t!at t!e decision is a serious 'iolation o t!e #onstitution. A. >id 9ud&e . incur an" administrati'e liabilit"4 0;plain. *5+, -. I instead o 'entilatin& !is opinion be ore t!e pri'ate or&aniHation$ 9ud&e . incorporated it$ as an obiter dictum$ in one o !is decisions$ did !e incur an" administrati'e liabilit"4 0;plain. *5+, .EIII A. >ra t t!e accusator" portion o an In ormation or MA?0 o a 15)"ear old c!ild committed b" !er maternal uncle in broad da"li&!t at t!e bac1 o a c!urc!. *=+, -. >ra t a ?etition or t!e Issuance o a 3rit o <abeas >ata. *=+, #. >ra t a ?etition or -ail. *=+, .I. 9ud&es o t!e irst and second le'el courts are allo%ed to recei'e assistance rom t!e local &o'ernment units %!ere t!e" are stationed. T!e assistance could be in t!e orm o eCuipment or allo%ance. 9ustices at t!e #ourt o Appeals in t!e re&ional stations in t!e Eisa"as and Mindanao are not necessaril" residents t!ere$ !ence$ t!e" incur additional e;penses or t!eir accommodations. ?ass on t!e propriet" o t!e 9ustices@ receipt o assistance(allo%ance rom t!e local &o'ernments. *5+, .. Arabella iled a complaint or disbarment a&ainst !er estran&ed !usband Att". ? on t!e &round o immoralit" and use o ille&al dru&s. A ter Arabella presented e'idence and rested !er case be ore t!e In'esti&atin& #ommissioner o t!e I-? #ommittee on -ar >iscipline$ s!e iled an A ida'it o >esistance and motion to dismiss t!e complaint$ s!e and !er !usband !a'in& reconciled or t!e sa1e o t!eir c!ildren. :ou are t!e In'esti&atin& #ommissioner o t!e I-?. -earin& in mind t!at t!e amil" is a social institution %!ic! t!e State is dut")bound to preser'e$ %!at %ill be "our action on Arabella@s motion to dismiss t!e complaint4 *5+, ..I 7n t!e proposal o 9ud&e D$ %!ic! %as accepted$ !e and !is amil" donated a lot to t!e cit" o D"oHa on t!e condition t!at a public transport terminal %ould be constructed t!ereon. T!e donation %as accepted and t!e condition %as complied %it!. T!e amil")o%ned tracts o land in t!e 'icinit" o t!e donated lot suddenl" appreciated in 'alue and became commerciall" 'iable as in act a restaurant and a !otel %ere soon a ter built. >id t!e 9ud&e commit an" 'iolation o t!e #ode o 9udicial #onduct4 *2+, ..II A retired member o t!e 9udiciar" is no% en&a&ed in pri'ate practice. In attendin& !earin&s$ !e uses !is car bearin& !is protocol plate %!ic! %as issued to !im %!ile still in t!e ser'ice. ?ass on t!e et!ical aspect o t!e 2ud&e@s use o t!e protocol plate. *2+, ) N7T<IND F78873S )

?AMT I I An a&oniHin& and protracted trial !a'in& come to a close$ t!e 2ud&e ound A &uilt" be"ond reasonable doubt o !omicide and imposed on !im a strai&!t penalt" o SI. *6, :0AMS and 7N0 *1, >A: o prision

ma"or. T!e public prosecutor ob2ected to t!e sentence on t!e &round t!at t!e proper penalt" s!ould !a'e been T308E0 *12, :0AMS and 7N0 *1, >A: o reclusion temporal. T!e de ense counsel c!imed in$ contendin& t!at application o t!e Indeterminate Sentence 8a% s!ould lead to t!e imposition o a strai&!t penalt" o SI. *6, M7NT<S and 7N0 *1, >A: o prision correccional onl". 3!o o t!e t!ree is on t!e ri&!t trac14 0;plain. *5+, II A. 3!at is t!e crime o Cuali ied briber"4 *2+, -. Ma" a 2ud&e be c!ar&ed and prosecuted or suc! elon"4 <o% about a public prosecutor4 A police o icer4 0;plain. *=+, III Ma" a public o icer c!ar&ed under Section 5*b, o Mepublic Act No. 501G OAdirectl" or indirectl" reCuestin& or recei'in& an" &i t$ present$ s!are$ percenta&e or bene it$ or !imsel or or an" ot!er person$ in connection %it! an" contract or transaction bet%een t!e &o'ernment and an" ot!er part"$ %!erein t!e public o icer in !is o icial capacit" !as to inter'ene under t!e la%BP also be simultaneousl" or successi'el" c!ar&ed %it! direct briber" under Article 210 o t!e Me'ised ?enal #ode4 0;plain. */+, IE -ecause o t!e barbarit" and !ideousness o t!e acts committed b" t!e suspects(respondents in cuttin& o t!eir 'ictims@ appenda&es$ stu in& t!eir torsos$ le&s$ bod" parts into oil drums and bullet)riddled 'e!icles and later on bur"in& t!ese oil drums$ 'e!icles %it! t!e use o bac1!oes and ot!er eart!)mo'in& mac!iner"$ t!e #ommission on <uman Mi&!ts *#<M, in'esti&atin& team recommended to t!e panel o public prosecutors t!at all respondents be c!ar&ed %it! 'iolation o t!e A<einous #rimes 8a%.B T!e prosecution panel a&reed %it! t!e #<M. As t!e #!ie ?rosecutor tas1ed %it! appro'in& t!e ilin& o t!e In ormation$ !o% %ill "ou pass upon t!e recommendation4 0;plain. *=+, E Arlene is en&a&ed in t!e bu" and sell o used &arments$ more popularl" 1no%n as Au1a")u1a".B Amon& t!e items ound b" t!e police in a raid o !er store in -a&uio #it" %ere brand)ne% 8ouie Feraud blaHers. Arlene %as c!ar&ed %it! A encin&.B 3ill t!e c!ar&e prosper4 3!" or %!" not4 *=+, EI T!ere bein& probable cause to belie'e t!at certain deposits and in'estments in a ban1 are related to an unla% ul acti'it" o smu&&lin& b" Alessandro as de ined under Mepublic Act *MA, No. G160$ as amended *Anti)Mone" 8aunderin& Act, an application or an order to allo% inCuir" into !is deposit %as iled %it! t!e Me&ional Trial #ourt. A ter !earin& t!e application$ t!e court &ranted t!e application and issued a reeHe order. ?ass upon t!e correctness o t!e court@s order. 0;plain. *5+, EII A %ido%er o ten "ears$ septua&enarian #anuto elt t!at !e !ad license to en&a&e in 'o"eurism. I not peepin& into !is nei&!bors@ rooms t!rou&! !is po%er ul sin&le)c"linder telescope$ !e %ould trail "oun&$ s!apel" damsels alon& t!e !all%a"s o s!oppin& malls. 3!ile &oin& up t!e escalator$ !e sta"ed a step be!ind a mini)s1irted one$ and in a moment o e;citement$ put !is !and on !er le t !ip and massa&ed it. T!e damsel screamed and !ollered or !elp. #anuto %as appre!ended and brou&!t up on inCuest. 3!at c!ar&e(s$ i an"$ ma" !e be !eld responsible or4 0;plain. *=+, EIII A as1ed inancial support rom !er s!o%biH riend - %!o accommodated !er b" issuin& in !er a'or a postdated c!ec1 in t!e sum o ?G0$000.00. -ot! o t!em 1ne% t!at t!e c!ec1 %ould not be !onored because -@s account !ad 2ust been closed. T!e t%o t!en approac!ed trader # %!om t!e" as1ed to c!an&e t!e c!ec1 %it! cas!$ e'en a&reein& t!at t!e e;c!an&e be discounted at ?8=$000.00 %it! t!e assurance t!at t!e c!ec1 s!all be unded upon maturit". Upon #@s presentment o t!e c!ec1 or pa"ment on due date$ it %as dis!onored because t!e account !ad alread" been closed.

3!at action(s ma" # commence a&ainst A and - to !old t!em to account or t!e loss o !er ?8=$000.004 0;plain. *=+, I. ?roser ina$ an assistant public !i&! sc!ool principal$ acted to acilitate t!e release o salar" di erentials and election dut" per diem o classroom teac!ers %it! t!e a&reement t!at t!e" %ould reimburse !er or !er e;penses. >id ?roser ina commit a crime4 0;plain. *=+, . A$ - and # are members o SF# Fraternit". 3!ile eatin& in a seaside restaurant$ t!e" %ere attac1ed b" .$ : and Q$ members o a ri'al raternit". A rumble ensued in %!ic! t!e abo'enamed members o t!e t%o raternities assaulted eac! ot!er in a con used and tumultuous manner resultin& in t!e deat! o A. As it cannot be ascertained %!o actuall" 1illed A$ t!e members o t!e t%o raternities %!o too1 part in t!e rumble %ere c!ar&ed or deat! caused in a tumultuous a ra". 3ill t!e c!ar&e prosper4 0;plain. */+, .I An&elina maintains a %ebsite %!ere 'isitors can &i'e t!eir comments on t!e posted pictures o t!e &oods s!e sells in !er e;clusi'e boutiCue. -ettina posted a comment t!at t!e red -ir1in ba& s!o%n in An&elina@s %ebsite is a1e and t!at An&elina is 1no%n to sell counter eit items. An&elina %ants to ile a case a&ainst -ettina. S!e see1s "our ad'ice. 3!at ad'ice %ill "ou &i'e !er4 */+, ?AMT II .II A. >e ine Mone" 8aunderin&. 3!at are t!e t!ree *5, sta&es in mone" launderin&4 *5+, -. 3!at is t!e doctrine o pro reo4 <o% does it relate to Article /8 o t!e Me'ised ?enal #ode4 *5+, .III 3!ile !is %i e %as on a 2)"ear sc!olars!ip abroad$ Momeo %as !a'in& an a air %it! !is maid >ulcinea. MealiHin& t!at t!e a air %as &oin& no%!ere$ >ulcinea told Momeo t!at s!e %as &oin& bac1 to t!e pro'ince to marr" !er c!ild!ood s%eet!eart. #louded b" an&er and 2ealous"$ Momeo stran&led >ulcinea to deat! %!ile s!e %as sleepin& in t!e maid@s Cuarters. T!e ollo%in& da"$ Momeo %as ound catatonic inside t!e maid@s Cuarters. <e %as brou&!t to t!e National #enter or Mental <ealt! *N#M<, %!ere !e %as dia&nosed to be mentall" unstable. #!ar&ed %it! murder$ Momeo pleaded insanit" as a de ense. A. 3ill Momeo@s de ense prosper4 0;plain. *2+, -. 3!at is t!e e ect o t!e dia&nosis o t!e N#M< on t!e case4 *2+, .IE ?aul li'es %it! !is lon&)time &irl riend 9oan in a condominium in Ma1ati. For more t!an a "ear$ !e !as been secretl" sa'in& mone" in an en'elope under t!eir bed to bu" !er an en&a&ement rin&. 7ne da"$ %!ile 9oan %as cleanin& t!eir room$ s!e ound t!e en'elope$ too1 t!e mone"$ and le t ?aul. As prosecutor$ %!at crime$ i an"$ %ould "ou c!ar&e 9oan4 0;plain. *5+, .E Suspectin& t!at !er !usband o t%ent" "ears %as !a'in& an a air$ 8eilanie !ired a pri'ate in'esti&ator to sp" on !im. A ter t%o %ee1s$ t!e pri'ate in'esti&ator s!o%ed 8eilanie a 'ideo o !er !usband !a'in& se;ual intercourse %it! anot!er %oman in a room o a i'e)star !otel. -ased on %!at s!e sa% on t!e 'ideo$ 8eilanie accused !er !usband o concubina&e. 3ill t!e case o concubina&e prosper4 0;plain. *5+, .EI T!e president$ treasurer$ and secretar" o A-# #orporation %ere c!ar&ed %it! s"ndicated esta a under t!e ollo%in& In ormationI T!at on or about t!e 1st %ee1 o 9anuar" 2010 or subseCuent t!ereto in #ebu #it" and %it!in t!e 2urisdiction o t!is <onorable #ourt$ t!e abo'e)named accused$ conspirin& and con ederatin& to&et!er and all o t!em mutuall" !elpin& and aidin& one anot!er in a s"ndicated manner$ t!rou&! a corporation

re&istered %it! t!e Securities and 0;c!an&e #ommission *S0#,$ %it! intention o carr"in& out t!e unla% ul or ille&al act$ transaction$ enterprise or sc!eme$ %it! intent to &ain and b" means o raud and deceit$ did t!en and t!ere %il ull"$ unla% ull"$ and eloniousl" de raud Eirna$ 8ana$ >ebora! and se'eral ot!er persons b" alsel" or raudulentl" pretendin& or representin& in a transaction or series o transactions$ %!ic! t!e" made %it! complainants and t!e public in &eneral$ to t!e e ect t!at t!e" %ere in a le&itimate business o orei&n e;c!an&e tradin& successi'el" or simultaneousl" operatin& under t!e name and st"le o A-# #orporation and >0F Mana&ement ?!ilippines$ Incorporated$ induced and succeeded in inducin& complainants and se'eral ot!er persons to &i'e and deli'er to said accused t!e amount o at least ?20$000$000.00 on t!e stren&t! o said mani estations and representations$ t!e accused 1no%in& ull" %ell t!at t!e abo'enamed corporations re&istered %it! t!e S0# are not licensed nor aut!oriHed to en&a&e in orei&n e;c!an&e tradin& and t!at suc! mani estations and representations to transact in orei&n e;c!an&e %ere alse and raudulent$ t!at t!ese resulted to t!e dama&e and pre2udice o t!e complainants and ot!er persons$ and t!at t!e de raudation pertains to unds solicited rom t!e public in &eneral b" suc! corporations(associations. 3ill t!e case or s"ndicated esta a prosper4 0;plain. *=+, .EII A 1illed !is %i e and buried !er in t!eir bac1"ard. <e immediatel" %ent into !idin& in t!e mountains. T!ree "ears later$ t!e bones o A@s %i e %ere disco'ered b" .$ t!e &ardener. Since . !ad a standin& %arrant o arrest$ !e !id t!e bones in an old cla" 2ar and 1ept Cuiet about it. A ter t%o "ears$ Q$ t!e careta1er$ ound t!e bones and reported t!e matter to t!e police. A ter 1= "ears o !idin&$ A le t t!e countr" but returned t!ree "ears later to ta1e care o !is ailin& siblin&. Si; "ears t!erea ter$ !e %as c!ar&ed %it! parricide but raised t!e de ense o prescription. A. Under t!e Me'ised ?enal #ode$ %!en does t!e period o prescription o a crime commence to run4 *1+, -. 3!en is it interrupted4 *1+, #. Is A@s de ense tenable4 0;plain. *5+, .EIII 7n !er %a" !ome$ 0'a Marie sa% an in2ured c!o% c!o% pupp" be!ind a bus!. Since t!e pupp" did not !a'e a collar$ s!e brou&!t it !ome so s!e could !a'e it as a pet. <er son in act be&&ed 0'a Marie to 1eep t!e pupp". T!e ollo%in& da"$ 0'a Marie bou&!t a collar or t!e pupp" and brou&!t it to a 'eterinarian or treatment. A. >id 0'a Marie incur criminal liabilit" in brin&in& t!e pupp" !ome as a pet4 0;plain. *2+, -. >id s!e incur ci'il liabilit"4 0;plain. *2+, .I. 9ac1 and 9ill !a'e been married or se'en "ears. 7ne ni&!t$ 9ac1 came !ome drun1. Findin& no ood on t!e table$ 9ac1 started !ittin& 9ill onl" to apolo&iHe t!e ollo%in& da". A %ee1 later$ t!e same episode occurred 9ac1 came !ome drun1 and started !ittin& 9ill. Fearin& or !er li e$ 9ill le t and sta"ed %it! !er sister. To %oo 9ill bac1$ 9ac1 sent !er loral arran&ements o spotted lilies and con ectioneries. T%o da"s later$ 9ill returned !ome and decided to &i'e 9ac1 anot!er c!ance. A ter se'eral da"s$ !o%e'er$ 9ac1 a&ain came !ome drun1. T!e ollo%in& da"$ !e %as ound dead. 9ill %as c!ar&ed %it! parricide but raised t!e de ense o Abattered %oman s"ndrome.B A. >e ine A-attered 3oman S"ndrome.B *2+, -. 3!at are t!e t!ree p!ases o t!e A-attered 3oman S"ndromeB4 *5 +, #. 3ould t!e de ense prosper despite t!e absence o an" o t!e elements or 2usti "in& circumstances o sel )de ense under t!e Me'ised ?enal #ode4 0;plain. *2+, .. Matt %as ound &uilt" o dru& tra ic1in& %!ile !is "oun&er brot!er 9e %as ound &uilt" o possession o eCuipment$ instrument$ apparatus and ot!er parap!ernalia or dan&erous dru&s under Section 12 o

Mepublic Act No. G16=. Matt iled a petition or probation. 9e appealed !is con'iction durin& t!e pendenc" o %!ic! !e also iled a petition or probation. T!e brot!ers@ counsel ar&ued t!at t!e" bein& irst time o enders$ t!eir petitions or probation s!ould be &ranted. <o% %ould "ou resol'e t!e brot!ers@ petitions or probation4 0;plain. *5+, ..I -ecause peace ne&otiations on t!e Spratl"s situation !ad ailed$ t!e ?eople@s Mepublic o #!ina declared %ar a&ainst t!e ?!ilippines. M"ra$ a Filipina %!o li'es %it! !er Italian e;patriate bo" riend$ disco'ered e) mail correspondence bet%een !im and a certain Deneral Tun& Rat Su o #!ina. 7n Marc! 12$ 2010$ M"ra disco'ered t!at on e'en date !er bo" riend !ad sent an e)mail to Deneral Tun& Rat Su$ in %!ic! !e a&reed to pro'ide 'ital in ormation on t!e militar" de ense o t!e ?!ilippines to t!e #!inese &o'ernment in e;c!an&e or ?1 million and !is sa e return to Ital". T%o %ee1s later$ M"ra decided to report t!e matter to t!e proper aut!orities. >id M"ra commit a crime4 0;plain. *5+, ..II Immediatel" a ter murderin& -ob$ 9a1e %ent to !is mot!er to see1 re u&e. <is mot!er told !im to !ide in t!e maid@s Cuarters until s!e inds a better place or !im to !ide. A ter t%o da"s$ 9a1e trans erred to !is aunt@s !ouse. A %ee1 later$ 9a1e %as appre!ended b" t!e police. #an 9a1e@s mot!er and aunt be made criminall" liable as accessories to t!e crime o murder4 0;plain. *5 +, ..III #!ristop!er$ 9o!n$ Mic!ard$ and 8u1e are raternit" brot!ers. To protect t!emsel'es rom ri'al raternities$ t!e" all carr" &uns %!ere'er t!e" &o. 7ne ni&!t$ a ter attendin& a part"$ t!e" boarded a ta;icab$ !eld t!e dri'er at &unpoint and too1 t!e latter@s earnin&s. A. 3!at crime$ i an"$ did t!e our commit4 0numerate t!e elements o t!e crime. *2+, -. 3ould "our ans%er be t!e same i t!e" 1illed t!e dri'er4 0;plain. *2+, ) N7T<IND F78873S )