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+ SEAPEX Oil Barrel Prize 2013 The SEAPEX Oil Barrel Prize is a competition between various Groups to sell

their region to a EO o! a big multi"national oil compan#$ GE3244 Group Projects: 30% of total Petroleu o!ule ar"s

#eolo#$ of %orl! class pro!uci&# areas'

Aim$ The aim is to review the petroleum geolog# o! some o! the worl%&s most important petroleum pro%ucing areas$ 'ou have been ran%oml# allocate% an area to a small group o! stu%ents !rom #our Tutorial()ab group$ 'ou cannot change group or area$ See *+)E !or the list$ *! #our name is missing or in the wrong Tut()ab group, please email -r Oliver asap$ Each Group has been allocate% a petroleum pro%ucing area !rom amongst .. o! the !ollowing/ )ib#a, *ran, *ra0, Sau%i Arabia, Brazil, 1atar, 2orth Sea, 2igeria, Angola, Alas3a, ana%ian Tar San%s, aspian Sea, Eastern 4oc3ies 5SA, ali!ornia, Gul! o! 6e7ico, 6#anmar, +enezuela, hina, 8estern Australia, oal Be% 6ethane Australia, 8estern Siberia, Shale Gas 5SA$ -r Oliver will cover SE Asia in his lectures$ (ecess )ee" Each stu%ent, as i&!i*i!uals, will un%erta3e a literature review %uring the 4ecess 8ee3,$ Stu%ents are e7pecte% to access )ibrar# resources 9paper an% e"resources: an% the 888$ *t is up to stu%ents to contact each other b# email an% arrange a meeting %uring 4ecess 8ee3 shoul% the# want to$ Stu%ents shoul% concentrate on the !ollowing/ ;: .: =: >: ?: @: 4egional Plate Tectonic <ramewor3 Source roc3s an% 6igration 4eservoirs Traps an% Seals Pro%uction metho%s an% histor# 4eserves

)ee" + Each group shoul% bring at least one lap top 9with wireless connection: to their Tutorial()ab in 8ee3 A$ The !in%ings !rom the 4ecess 8ee3 shoul% be available in Power Point !orm !or %iscussion with the tutors$ Stu%ents will have a %ra!t o! suitable Power Point illustrations that can be consi%ere% !or inclusion in the presentation in 8ee3 ;= 9see below:$ Also at 8ee3 A Tutorial, each group will %eci%e who will ta3e

responsibilit# !or which aspects ;: to @: liste% above$ The %esignate% stu%ent will then research this aspect in more %epth !or their in%ivi%ual reports$

)ee" 11 Group Presentations will be given in the Tutorial()ab session in 8ee3 ;;$ Each group will present a ;. minute presentation on the Petroleum Geolog# o! their allocate% area$ 'ou will imagine that #our au%ience is a group o! EO&s an% their a%visers who are contemplating e7pan%ing operations into a new region$ 'our aim is to convince these EO&s that #our area is worth investing billions o! %ollars$ 2ote that all presentations ust last 12 Time penalties will be applie%$ i&utes$ 'ou nee% to practice to the secon%B

Each presentation will cover the !ollowing/ ;: .: =: >: ?: @: C: 4egional Plate Tectonic <ramewor3 Source 4oc3s an% 6igration 4eservoir 4oc3s Traps an% Seals Pro%uction metho%s an% histor# 4eserves 4e!erence list 9in alphabetical or%er:

Each stu%ent will contribute verball# to their group presentation$ There will be a = minute open %iscussion a!ter each presentation$ The group presentation will be assesse%$ This will be ;DE o! the mo%ule$ Each Power Point Presentation will be poste% on the *+)E b# <ri%a# ?pm 8ee3 ;; so that all stu%ents can review the petroleum geolog# o! the worl%&s most important oil pro%ucing areas as part o! their revision !or the theor# e7am$ )ee" 13 The !our best presentations !rom 8ee3 ;; will repeat their presentations 9at the @ F G pm 8e%nes%a# lecture slot in )T ;.: to an au%ience o! South East Asian Petroleum E7ploration Societ# 9SEAPEX: Hu%ges plus the rest o! the class$ 8inners will receive SEAPEX certi!icates an% SG- .DDD worth o! cash prizes$ ,&!i*i!ual (eports The *n%ivi%ual 4eport is a written paper on one or two specialist aspects o! the petroleum s#stem !rom #our group area$ 'ou are not selling this to an#one$ 'ou are %emonstrating that #ou can in%ivi%uall# research a topic an% write a concise e7ecutive report that an oil compan# EO can un%erstan%$

Each in%ivi%ual stu%ent will pro%uce their own 9;DDD I(" ?D wor%s: t#pe% E7ecutive Summar# 4eport 9plus illustrations an% maps: on the petroleum geolog# o! their area, %it- special e p-asis o& t-e topic t-at t-e$ stu!ie! i& !etail for t-e Group Prese&tatio&$ <or e7ample a suitable title coul% be Petroleum potential o! +ietnam/ source roc3s an% migration$ 8or% count 9given at the en% o! the report: will not inclu%e re!erences, !igure captions or an# appen%ices$ .o ore t-a& / 0i#ures a&! 4 1a2les are to 2e su2 itte!: mar3s will be %e%ucte% !or those who submit more than this$ A%vice on preparing an e7ecutive st#le summar# report will be poste% on the *+)E$ Stu%ents will han% in their reports to the -epartment o! Geograph# O!!ice b# ? pm on <ri%a# Gth 2ovember, 8ee3 ;.$ Assess e&t This wor3 will account !or =DE o! the mo%ule assessment/ o! this ;DE will be base% on the Group Presentation an% .DE will be base% on the *n%ivi%ual 4eport$ Pla#iaris -on&t$ An#one plagiarizing a previous class&s wor3 will un%oubte%l# !ail the mo%ule an% be reporte% to their -ean APPE.3,X
GE3244 Group Projects: SEAPEX Oil Barrel Prize 2013