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Human Hope for Health and Education (3H E)
Introduction: The name of our organization is 3H E. It stands for Human Hope for Health and Education (3H E). The organization 3HE was established and registered in October 2011 under the “Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Ordinance 1961”, Government of Pakistan. The core group of founders of 3H E comprises of a team of dedicated and hard-working individuals who have been contributing a great deal in the social and development sector for the last many years. Each in their individual capacities has been engaged in a number of social and developmental projects in various parts of Pakistan. The list of these locations ranged from places like Islamabad and Peshawar to tough terrains like Swat, Nowshera, Shangla, Charsadda, Mianwali and Bhakkar. Mission: The 3H E would try to achieve its core goals through an enhanced awareness of the basic Human rights, Health and Hygienic conditions, Education, Economic uplift and creating an Environmentally friendly society. Interventions in these six (06) areas will be considered as six core sectors in future plan. Objectives:  Creating awareness about basic human rights  Increased access to basic health facilities  Enhanced understanding of the basic hygienic conditions  Working for economic uplift and empowerment  Creating awareness about basic education and improving access to education  Promoting awareness about environmental degradation and environmental protection  To create awareness among youth against Drug abuse and its prevention.  To facilitate the Drug addicts in the process of drug treatment and Rehabilitation  Working with community about awareness against Drug Abuse specially in remote areas of KPK Long-term Vision: The 3H E believes that sustainable development can only be achieved through putting forward a long term vision of any social project. Therefore, the organization has set a five years (2011-16) long-term vision to achieve its core mission. During this period, 3HE will develop a sustainable base for undertaking long-term social and development projects. Sectoral Focus: The 3HEs specifically identifies the following sectors for its short and long term engagement. 1. Health, 2, Education 3, Drug abuse prevention among youth

(Nageena Khan (President of 3H E)
Miss Nageena Khan is a dedicated social activist for the last ten years. She has specific interests in issues related to human rights and gender concerns. Her most challenging social engagement was Child protection undertaken by the UNICEF. Moreover, she has been working with an UNDP project OZONE under the ministry of environment


protest about women's rights in jail pakistan

Case Study,
Case Study: Mr.Shoaib Khan s/o Maqbool ur Rehman belong from Haripur , district Abbotabad, province Kyber Pokhtoon Khowa (KPK), age, 24 March 1996, is studying here at Government college Asghar Mall Rawalpindi. Class 1st Year , subject , Civic, Islamiat, Geography, Second time he is working in a auto mechanic workshop so he is going to learn this skill and after get this skill definitely, He will earn money for himself and then he can continue his study. But at this movement his financial position is weak and can’t afford to continue study but our organization 3HE is going to support him, like, giving him, books, uniform, stationary, bicycle for go to college, admission, examination and tuition fee. We are taking this initiative for two years, when he will complete his intermediate then we are hoping that he can continue his study at graduation level as well as part time job.

The World Anti Narcotics day was observed on 25/06/2013
The World Anti Narcotics day was observed on 25/06/2013 to raise awareness amongst the masses about the seriousness of drug abuse, 3HE team leader participated in the meeting and share good experiences and get ideas from other experts. Our aim is to raise the voice & awareness against the Drug Abuse in the country. It is hoping that people those who are working on it, will be facilitate and cooperate us how we can work together and how our work can be effected for those people.

One day seminar in Abdul Wali Khan University at Mardan KP, (30th May 2013)
In order to oust out the nuisance of drugs from our society a one day seminar was organized by 3H E on 30th May 2013 in Abdul Wali Khan University at Mardan KP, with sponsored by Ministry of Narcotics Control Islamabad. So around 500 plus people participated during the seminar it was very fruitful for participants to hold this seminar and raise the awareness about the drug disadvantages and keep our society without this kind of bad habits. It is indicative of the truth that awareness could be very helpful for brining positive change in the youth. This seminar was also a success for making them aware of the filthy effect which the drugs could brought with itself and refreshing their minds with the spirit of struggle which is highly required to curb this destructive elements. Different kind of people were participated in this seminar, like police, Media, (Electronic & Print media), Civil Service, Civil Society, University Students and faculty of the University. Special success of this seminar is this our youth participated fully and took interest the spirit which our youth has expressed in order to curb further spreading of drugs and making our society as drugs free was literally worth seeing. With keen interest and participation from the faculty and students of the university the seminar was applauded for it success.

Distribution ceremony for the children Winter Season (22/12/2012)

3HE Organization has done a good job to distributed winter season stuff among the deserving children’s boys and girls (7-12 yr old) at village Shahi Qalali Union Council Tarnab, tehsil & district Charsadda KPK. Total 100 children’s were present there although in this village many children’s are living but these were really deserving and needy among them.During distribution ceremony some people were present there from the community,

One day free medical camp for flood affected people in Nowshera KPK. (21/10/2012)
3HE teams were survey different area of district Nowshera and select this village for free medical camp because this community was affected by flood and during this monsoon rain month of September 2012. These people were deserved for this free medical camp. Venue: Village Gandairi Payan, Tehsil & District: Nowshera Province: KPK, Day: SundayDate: October 21, 2012, 3HE organization conducted one day free medical camp for flood affected people in Nowshera KPK.In one day free medical camp there were around 540 patients, our doctor’s team has to check up these patient, boys, girls, male and females.3H E team and a team of volunteers were also present there during medical camp day. 3H E team and all community members say special thanks to Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Ansari (Donor) who cooperate and supported to us for organize this one day free medical camp for poor peoples.

One day Free Medical Camp for flood affected people :(15/092012)

3HE teams were survey different area of district Nowshera and select this village for free medical camp because this community was affected by flood 2010 and during this moonsoan rain month of September 2012. These people were deserved for this free medical camp. Venue: Babrak Khan’s Hujra, 3HE organization organized a free medical camp in Sheerin Kot village, district Nowshera KPK at dated September 15, 2012 Dr. Qaiser Khan was the focal person who checks up the patient those who deserved and belong from this community. Total patient were around 450, male, female and children’s also. Some Volunteers of local area was really support to 3HE team to select the area for free medical camp and organized the medical camp and facilitate to people those who came for free check up in this medical camp organized by 3H E organization.

3HE Organization has distributed Eid Gifts for Children :( 11/08/2012)
3HE Organization has distributed Eid Gifts for Children, the deserving Mohalla Noushad Khan Paar Hoti Mardan, District Mardan. Distribution Ceremony conducted in Hujra of Mr. Haji Liaqat Ali Khan. Honorable local guest were also present there during distribution ceremony. 3HE team was also present there during Children's Eid gift distribution ceremony. 1: Ms. Nageena Khan “President” 2: Mr. Fayyaz Khan “Vice President” 3: Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Khan “Social Activist” 3H E organization has distributed children's Eid gift among 300 children boys and girls. (Age group 05-12 year).

3HE Organization has distributed Ramzan Food Package (Date: 28/07/2012)

3HE Organization has distributed Ramzan Food Package among the deserving people at Village & UC “Gandairi” Teh. & Distt. Nowshera KPK. Distribution Ceremony conducted in Aslam’s Chairman Hujra, honorable local guest were also present there during distribution ceremony, Honorable local guest: Mr. Aslam Khan: Chairman, Mr. Kafayat Hussain shah: Social Worker and ex. UC Nazim, Mr. Waris Khan: Community Member, Mr. Ehsan Shah: Religious Leader 3HE team was also present there during Ramzan Food Package distribution. Ms. Nageena Khan “President” Mr. Fayyaz Khan “Vice President” Mr. Doctor Qaiser Khan “Secretary Information” Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Khan “Social Activist” 3HE has covered around 50 families in this Union Council. 3HE team says special thanks to honorable donors/philnotherapist, those who contributed in this sort of noble work. Activities detail of Swat: 3HE team leader Mr. Fayyaz Khan has conducted a survey during 2011 for those people who were displaced during flood 2010 so total number of house were destroy 900 and families number were 5000. This area is Swat River and this area specific name is Madain Bazar, Madain Bazar has contain different colonies their name are Hospital Colony, Lower Ingarabad, Upper Ingarabad, Jopeen Colony, Bahrain Bridge Side, Madain Saddar Bazar.Commercial Area has also destroyed there were many commercial building like 16 hotels, 1 civil hospital, 1 boys Degree College, 3 private public schools, 3 Mosque, 3 Markets, 8 Residential Plaza, 1 Water Channel, 7 Water Mills, 300 Canal agriculture land. People of Madain Bazar have different occupation like shopkeeper, farmer, local hand craft, Fish Farmer. This data got for implement a project there on focus a one sector but this project is in pipeline till now.

Jalwazaie Camp of District Nowshera activities detail:
Joulozai Camp is located in district Nowshera there are many refugee camps so in these camp mostly refugee are from Afghanistan and some are migrated from Khyber Agency, Bajour Agency, Dheer District people are living here in these camps.3HE staff has conducted a survey for those people those who has migrated from this tribal area. So we have selected a focus group of children for some stuff distribution. This age group was 3 to 15 years old of children boys and girls. 3HE planned to distribute some stuff to these children so as par our survey we have found 600 children below 15 years old boys and girls

Orientation session on mother & child health care: Session was conducted with Women Group of village Kandaray Union Council Gumbath Tehsil and District Mardan. 3HE trainer has conducted one day session with women those who have been children’s, during this session trainer Ms. Kalsoom and Ms. Marwa (Local Health Worker) give them training about Mother and Child, Health and hygiene and cleanliness. During this session those women participants take interest and share with trainer about the issue of mother and children and other family issues.Trainer observed there that they have many issues but they don’t have aware about such typ e of issues, main thing was this that they were have some idea but they were all of them careless about these issues and don’t want to take responsibility to adopt these good things. Trainer and Local lady health worker motivate and convince them that this is important for them and their children’s health if they follow these steps and care about hygiene, nutrition, health and cleanliness.At the end of session some booklets distribute among them, these booklets inside some important notes and pictures were there, this material was very fruitful for all these women.These booklets were distributed among the participants after completion of training session, detail is given here.
1- Maa aur Mamta, 2- Sehat aur Gaza, 3- Ibtay dai tabi imdad, 4- Pyar k Rishthay 3HE President Ms. Nageena Khan was give them closing remarks and say thanks to all of the participants those who were participate in this session

TOT on Kitchen gardening: 3HE master trainer named Ms. Kalsoom has conducted one day training about home gardening to women of
Village Mahmoodabad Union Council Gumbat, tehsil and district Mardan KPK. This training was conducted during month of March 2012, in these training 3 women were participate and get training as master trainer, after this training these women will train to other women of village. Those women will get training from them and able to cultivate the vegetable in their lands near by their houses.This training was basically about vegetables, these vegetables cultivation season are started there this time so it was more effective for these beneficiaries. 3HE team is hopeful that we would be support to them in future also. 3HE Organization has provided to these 3 trainees reading material and other relevant documents.

Awareness raising session of women on saving and its utilization, environment and importance of children education: Awareness Session with Community of village Ismail Zai Union Council Gari Kapura Tehsil & District Mardan KPK, 3HE trainer
Master Ms Uzma Kusar Core member of 3HEz was conducting a session women of community of village Ismail Zai UC Gari Kapura. Trainer discussed to them that how they live a good life in a village level and how they save money and how they educate their children. Basically it was facilitation session for different participants those who were come from different families to attend this session. At the end of session our team distributed the material among the participants. Material like books, names are below. 1- Ghar-Pyara Ghar, 2- Khush Hal Kumba, 3- Mahool Baicho Zindgi Baraho, 4- Hamain Kia Karna Chaye…, 5- Ghairulo Totkay

Awareness raising session of children on (health & hygiene, ethics & importance of education: 3HE President and Ms.
Kalsoom was conducted a session with children (Boys and Girls) of village Gumbath and Union Council Gumbath, tehsil and district Mardan.,Total 19 children (boys and girls) were participated in this session and get awareness session from trainer, trainer told them about hygiene and their rights of education. Most of them were going to school regularly but their parents were illiterate and one main issue of that area is this after completion of grade 5 they are leaving school and doing work like daily wage labor or work with their father or elder brother.During session trainer ask them about hygiene and cleanliness and get answer and we come to know that they are also unaware about hygiene either they are all going to school. Trainer gave them feedback and took good session related to hygiene and cleanliness. Trainer ask many questions to them that what they want to learn and what they want to become in future, it was really interesting to us to know that they want to get education higher level but they were saying that our parents are not much educated and we didn’t get an y help related to school work from our parents because they are not educated. This was first session with children for our organization to learn many things, now we are thinking that in future we will make a plan to educate their parents (mother and father) and also will take sessions with these type of children and mobilize them and motivate them that they continue their education and become a good person and get good position in their community. We found other issue of poverty if there is lack of education and knowledge but poverty is the issue so we have to plan that we can also provide those school bags, books, note books and other required stationary for whole year.So now we are in process to get survey of this area and will arrange meeting with school head master and get more ideas that what we can play an important role to continue education of such type of poor children, After completion of this good session 3HE team provided them refreshment and children say thanks to 3HE team. They were really happy to spend a good time with us.

3HE Staff Training:
After registration of 3HEz organization in October 2011, 3HE core staff has got different training from different institutes to develop their capacities for future project and activities Training detail is mention here.
Training workshop in Khyber Pokhtoon Khowa and Baluchistan(01/06/2013) For Registered NGOs Organized by Drug Demand Reduction Cell Ministry Of Narcotic Control Islamabad

Seminar in Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (13/05/2013) Islamabad About Education

Training of Addiction Professionals in the Islamic Republic Of Pakistan on INL/CPACCE Global Curricula 1 & 2 Organized by The Colombo Plan for (ACCE) Funded by The Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affair and US Department of State and US Embassy Islamabad Date 08-04-2013 (to) 16-04-2013

Five days training attended on topic “Disaster Risk Management” at Akhtar Hameed Khan National Centre for Rural Development (NCRD). (Ministry of Professional and Technical Training Government of Pakistan).

One day workshop on “Building Organizational Risk Management” at (CWS) enabled participants to explore various steps of risk management such as: abcSecurity Planning Cycle (Assessment, Planning, Acting & Monitoring) Building Risk Analysis (Context, Threats and Vulnerabilities) Building Risk Management (Systems, Strategies & Documents)

Three day training attended on topic “Natural Resource Management in Rural Area” at Akhtar Hameed Khan National Centre for Rural Development (NCRD). (Ministry of Professional and Technical Training Government of Pakistan).

Three day training attended on topic “Leadership with Communication Skills” at Akhtar Hameed Khan National Centre for Rural Development (NCRD). (Ministry of Professional and Technical Training Government of Pakistan).

Five day training attended on topic “Integrated approach for poverty alleviation” at Akhtar Hameed Khan National Centre for Rural Development (NCRD). (Ministry of Professional and Technical Training Government of Pakistan)

Profile: Core Team:
Though founded by seven dedicated individuals and social activists, the core team that will lead the 3HE mission, consists of the following

Fayyaz Ali (Vice-President of 3he)
Mr. Fayyaz Ali is an accomplished social activist for the last seven years. He has been undertaking various social projects at different geographical locations of Pakistan. His most challenging task was undertaken at the conflict-laden area of Malakand and Swat. Furthermore, Mr. Fayyaz has been working with United Nation Institute for Training & Research (UNITAR) Strategic Approach International Comical Management (SAICM) pilot project under the ministry of environment.

Shahid Khan (General Secretary Of 3he)
Mr. Shahid Khan is an accomplished social activist more than five years. He has been undertaking various social projects at different geographical locations of Pakistan.

Other Members: Name of members
Nageena Khan D/o Talah Khan Fayyaz Ali S/o Talah Khan Shahid Khan S/o Talah Khan Muhammad Luqman S/o Mehrban Shah Anjum Nazir S/o Muhammad Nazir Kalsoom Begum D/o Talah Khan President Vice-President General Secretary Coordinator Information Secretary Finance Secretary

Muhammad Shahid S/o Ch. Rasheed Ahmed Raza Ali Khan S/o M Fareed Khan Qaiser Khan S/o Waris Khan Manzur Hussain Meman S/O Muhammad Ramzan Adrees Ahmad Bajwa S/O Muhammad Afzal Bajwa Muhammad Hassan S/O Atha Muhammad Milk Qisar Naim khan S/O Liaqat Hussain Mukhtar Ahmed S/o Faqir Muhammad Tahir Fareed S/o Muhammad Fareed Muhammad Abid S/o Ch. Rasheed Ahmed Shahid Iqbal S/O Muhmmad Nawaz Khan
Namat Khan S/o Janas

Secretary Admin Member Member Member

Member Member Member Member Member Member Member

Lahiq Zaman S/o Malik Qamar Zaman Shakeel Ahmed Khan S/o Muhammad Fareed Khan

Member Member

Shakil Ahmad Hashmi (Advisor)
Biodata of Shakil Ahmad Hashmi former Lecturer in Commerce Govt National College Karachi, Joined Civil Services of Pakistan in 1983. Director General Environmental Protection Agency Govt of Sindh, Karachi Secretary Minority Affairs Govt. of Sindh Karachi.


Akhtar Hameed Khan National Centre for Rural Development & Municipal Administration (AHK NCRD & MA),Park Road, Chak Shahzad, Islamabad.

Atiq-ur-Rehman Mirza (Advisor)
Demonstrated experience of 28 years as Development Professionals/ Manager in Rural /Micro Finance/Customer Services, Social Organization, Livelihood Project Management, Organizational Development, Micro Enterprise Development, Capacity Development (TNA, Training Module Development, Training Delivery in the sectors of Social Organization/ Micro Finance, Interpersonal Skills. TOT Generic and Custom, Climate Change, Project & Disaster Risk Management). Pioneer in Micro Finance Training in Pakistan

Future Plan of 3HE in Pakistan and AJK:
3HE Organization is going to conduct awareness session with community in different Cities, districts of Pakistan and AJK, focus group would be women and School and College’s girls, different topic we have been selected like Hygiene, Nutrition and Health, Cleanliness, First Aid, Mother and Child health, Disaster Risk Management, Water, Environment, Education (Importance of education for women, Women Rights), Home Gardening, Skill Training for women, Child Protection (Education Right for children