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Objective: To gain knowledge of and exercise in actual practice on jobs related to finance, auditing, accounting, costing, and budgeting

with the aid from my theoretical knowledge acquired in school and the help of Maitland !mith as my training ground and its employees who will impart there expertise and experiences" #d$hoices Top%& #ccounting !oftware '&%( Top !mall )usiness #ccounting !oftware *ankings" +et ,ree *eport" )usiness !oftware"com-#ccounting ,ilipino $uisine Menus There.s no better cuisine than your own" )rowse from over /,&&& menus0 ph"openrice"com-menus !trategic !ales Training 1earn #rt and !cience of !elling in ( 2ays 3orkshop in 4ong 5ong Michigan6xecutive6ducation#sia"$om ,ree Online $ourses /&& ,ree 7nteractive Multimedia $ourses" 8iew Our $ourses Online0 #17!O9"com-,reeOnline$ourses On this topic The abhorrence of the idiocy of an ignorant


To gain knowledge of and exercise in actual practice on jobs related to finance, auditing, accounting, costing, and budgeting with the aid from my theoretical knowledge acquired in school and the help of Maitland !mith as my training ground and its employees who will impart there expertise and experiences"


m very grateful that they expose me so much on what 7 must know regarding the work which suits my course" 7. 7.7 learned a lot from my experiences as an On the :ob Trainee of Maitland !mith" .s in every circumstance that 7 may encounter after these" *ead more: http:--www"bukisa"com-articles-%'&'??@ojt reportAixBB'C(u&4j16 My O:T 9arrative *eport . 7 learned to be with others.irst of all. and monthly orders by vendor and by customer" 7 was also taught to prepare budget forecast.urthermore. deliveries. 7.t understand her instructions" 7 also learn to accept criticism and be apologetic for my mistakes" !he particularly imparts in me what 7 must know in making use of corporate resources and corporate values" .m very much gratified for the support and understanding of my superiors especially on times when 7 committed mistakes" More than any learning thought in school. to work with people" 7 learn also to listen to my senior. sales returns provisions and commission payable provisions" 7 was also able to prepare company margins which 7 enjoyed so much" The every day experiences 7 had in this company are really most treasured" The knowledge 7 obtain here are beyond compare than any other experiences 7 acquired from school and supplementary learning from books" 3hat 7 had here will always be with me and rest assured 7 will apply what 7.m very thankful that they treat me like them and they trust me with my work" 7 appreciate so much the working environment 7 had with in the company because it helps me absorbed what 7 need to know" 7 actually learned to prepare consolidated statements of different accounts and comparative statements for those accounts which Ms" =vonne :agmoc entrusted me" 7 actually prepared customer chargeback flowchart which 7 used to do in school during my second years" 7 also prepared transmittals for sales invoices and summary for cash transactions and sales" 7 was also trained to prepare debit and credit memo> disbursement journals> sales report> cash request> and update last year. Ms" <aulinita Moneva even though at times 7 can.

On the job training DO:TE is one of the best training methods because it is 6tBie the 4uman *esource #ssistant last . 5ristina Tamio. '&%% 3ednesday. and the department where we were assigned" !he explained to us the rules and regulation for the trainees such as to always follow the instructions of the superiors. :an 6lvin 8illarubia and 7 were oriented by Ma. the executive secretary" with mam maraHH . was my first day as a trainee" On the way to the bank at TanBa. organiBed. her attitude and the duties that 7 will do with her" 7 arrived early and 7 saw my classmates at the back of the bank where the employees enter" 3e logged our time in outside the 4uman *esource 2epartment and went to our designated department" $hrisBel was assigned at the 7nformation Technology 2epartment but was later transferred to the Microfinance 2epartment> :asmine was assigned at the 1oans 2epartment> 5ristina was assigned at the 4uman *esource 2epartment> 6lvin was assigned at the $ustomer !ervice> and 7 was assigned at the 6xecutive Office with Ma. 7 still do not have the idea how she looks like. '&%%" !he gave us the map of )angko Mabuhay.ebruary '%. the type of clothes to wear and the different facilities that can be used by the trainees" March '(.s worksite" O:T will generally be the primary method used for broadening employee skills and increasing productivity" 7t is particularly appropriate for developing proficiency skills unique to an employee. the attendance report where we are going to log in and out. $avite.s job especially jobs that are relatively easy to learn and require locally owned equipment and facilities" This is one method by which students is given a chance to apply the theories and computations that they have learned from the school" 7t also helps the students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills by performing in actual work setting" $olleges and universities require their students to undergo such training within a specific number of hours as part of the curriculum" My classmates $hrisBel :oy Maranatha FMaraG )unda. the date we are going to start the training. :asmin !antillan. and conducted at the employee. 7 was very nervous" #lthough 7 knew where 7 will be assigned and the name of my immediate superior.

am Mara and 5uya 6tBie. how to transfer telephone calls to other department. 7 memoriBed all the names of employees and local numbers even their positions" The day passed by.ojas was out of town on two D'E months vacation leave and the $ompliance Officer !ir )asil <erea was on a seminar. Ma. OMT student in <C< how to use the telephone and how to transfer phone calls" 7 also toured her inside executive office to be familiariBed with the room and equipment" Once when Mara was angry at that time" 3hile waiting for the time out. 7 said F7. 7 no longer use the map" There was also a time when the executive office had another on the job training DO:TE student" Ma. 7 always made mistake" 7 was confused and passed the caller on the wrong department> sometimes 7 asked Mara for what 7 have done earlier" 7 did not clearly hear the name that she told me and 7 did not asked it again before 7 left the office" 7 was not yet familiar with the names of the employees-officers in the bank and their local numbers" !he forgave me and told me to look first at the map to be familiar with the local numbers" 7 decided then to memoriBe the local numbers and names of the employees of )angko Mabuhay so 7 no longer made mistakes and no longer interrupt Ma.m sorryG to Ma. but will be reporting at the bank after two D'E days" 7 learned on that first day that 7 have to be very patient especially in answering phone calls" On the first week of my Mara told me that the +eneral Manager !ir 6dwin .s works" #s 7 promise to Mara the local number on loans department even though 7 had the map on my side where 7 can refer from every time there is a phone call> and there was a time when 7 gave papers-documents to wrong department" 7 was so nervous because 7 knew that Ma. 7 greeted Mara was on leave. !ir )asil taught me to use the computer and printed some files for him" 7 typed the table of content of the documents" !ometimes other employees in the bank asked me to scan . and how to give fax tone to the caller" Mara told me to teach 6BperanBa F6BpieG $ustodio.3hen 7 entered the 6xecutive Office. the janitor F+ood MorningG and introduced myself" #side from the orientation made by Mara oriented me on what 7 am going to do and she toured me inside the 6xecutive Office" !he taught me how answer telephone calls.

$avite and Mara told me to go to another department so that 7 can learn from other employees" !he will just call me if there will be some papers to be given to other department" 7 was also assigned by !ir )asil to produce photocopies of some documents and type the name of the bank on top portion" #lthough 7 did not know yet how to operate the copying machine and the typewriter. the operation of common office equipment and facilities. knowledge. the standard office rules and procedures and most of all the pleasant officers employees relationships" #ll the good experiences. importance of productivity. 9aic. 7 was able to accomplish the task through the help of my co trainees" 7 really enjoyed my on the job training at )angko Mabuhay" 7 learned the basic office works.acebook .am Maranatha FMaraG )unda. skills and camaraderie. Occidental Mindoro. my mentor" .documents and send them to the other branch of )angko Mabuhay like Mamburao.s 7 acquired during my O:T at )angko Mabuhay will be most cherished and 7 am ready to put into practice once 7 graduated and then employed" #cknowledgment is wholeheartedly extended to all employees of )angko Mabuhay but most of all to Ma. the 6xecutive !ecretary. $avite" 3hen we were nothing to do in the office.ollow us: Ibukisa on Twitter J bukisa on . Ma.