Turner Field Negotiations Timeline
November 11th, 2013

 Background:
The Braves have been in substantive conversations with the City regarding the redevelopment of the 55 acres around Turner Field, renegotiation of their operating lease, and reinvestment/repair of Turner Field itself. The Braves demands have been threefold: that they gain more independence from AFCRA, that the redevelopment not compete with their business and ideally improve their revenue streams, and that they secure ~$200M worth of investment in the old stadium.

 Current State:
In May, the City put forward a preliminary set of negotiation parameters that could potentially meet all of the Braves’ demands. The Braves were lukewarm, and specifically wanted to simultaneously design the redevelopment RFP, participate in the selection of the winning bidder, and submit a bid themselves. This was an untenable conflict of interest, but in return the City requested that the Braves put together a proposal that would meet all of their requirements. The Braves submitted that proposal in late September. The proposal was a significant step forward and this was communicated to the Braves immediately after submission. It was also communicated to the Braves that the City would have a response in early November. On November 7th, the Braves informed the Mayor that they would be moving to Cobb County.

Timeline of negotiations on Turner Field
 Jul 2012: Mike Plant meets with City officials to discuss redevelopment RFI and solicit more active engagement on the part of City officials. Hans is assigned to take point on negotiations when Duriya is not otherwise available.  Aug 2012: Duriya and team travel to Turner Field to discuss watershed improvements and efficiencies that can be made around the Stadium. The City promises to build vault under the media lot at the Braves’ request.  Sep-Dec 2012: Braves, City, and Invest Atlanta draft and release an RFI to test market opportunity for Turner Field redevelopment  Jan 2013: Mike Plant meets with Hans Utz and states that Braves no longer wish to deal with AFCRA and will require as a part of any solution that AFCRA relinquish capital control over stadium investments. Hans reviews with legal and determines the only way this is possible is if Braves assume all capital liability for the property.  Feb-Mar 2013: The City enters a period of low responsiveness due to significant negotiations occurring on Falcons’ stadium. Mike Plant expresses opinion that the Braves should get the same level of attention. At end of March Hans writes a memo to Duriya stating that the Braves need high-level attention immediately.

Timeline of activities on AWDA
 April 2013: Braves meet with Mayor as a renewed effort to engage in negotiations. Braves express desire to see transit, specifically Mag-Lev, as a solution to Turner Field.  May 2013: Braves express the desire to spec the redevelopment RFP, select the winning bidder, and participate as a bidder themselves. The City denies this request because it would set up a conflict of interest that would likely scuttle the redevelopment. Hans outlines parameters of a possible deal that would meet Braves and City requirements. Braves are lukewarm but promise to reply with a counter.  May-Aug 2013: Hans diligences the suggested mag-lev company and with expert input determines that the provider is unlikely to be able to meet safety, capital, operating, or build requirements.  May-Sept 2013: Braves do not provide promised counter, despite multiple requests for update. Mike Plant and Duriya meet in mid-July where the Braves re-request desire to control both sides of the RFP; the City again denies this request but reaffirms willingness for Braves to achieve same objectives by controlling the specification of the RFP.


Timeline of activities on AWDA
 Aug-Oct 2013: AFRCA, DWM, and Braves negotiate for access to media lot to build vault as promised to the Braves.  Sept 2013: The Braves provide a 16-point document that outlines their requirements for redevelopment on Sept 19th. Hans conveys the City’s appreciation to Mike, affirms City’s commitment to a successful redevelopment, and promises a reply by early November once legal has vetted the 16 demands.  Oct 2013: Agreement on vault is reached.  Nov 2013: Braves meet with Mayor to announce move to Cobb County, and suggest that the City was unresponsive to their needs.


Except for 30 days Feb-Mar when negotiating with the Falcons, the City has been highly responsive to the Braves
Braves express desire to “cut out” AFCRA and deal only with City Braves request rights to select winning bidder and participate in development bid Braves meet with Mayor to relaunch discussions
Mar Apr
Productive discussions • High-level parameters of a possible deal drafted based upon each party’s preferred outcome • Braves agree to respond with details of their preferred approach

Duriya & Hans meet w/ Mike Plant to reaffirm commitment and request Braves’ proposal

Braves announce move to Cobb County
AFRCA, DWM, & Braves negotiate over Media Lot
Sep Oct
CoA proposal review • CoA receives Braves response 9/19/13 • Legal review underway to vet Braves’ multiple requests

Productive discussions







CoA low responsiveness • CoA/Falcons negotiations • Braves annoyed they do not get same level of attention • Meeting arranged with Mayor to get discussions back on track

CoA awaiting Braves response • CoA receives little to no response from the Braves to multiple emails, calls, and requests for meeting to discuss status or team needs • CoA pushes forward with diligence on MagLev at Braves’ request • MagLev vendor has no real backers and is infeasible in current state

• Parties first meet • Braves air grievances with AFCRA


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