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2013 Elections Results
ROCHESTER MAYOR, 212 OF 212 DISTRICTS REPORTING Lovely Warren (Democratic) - 18,117 Thomas Richards* (Working Families, Independence) - 12,957 Alex White (Green) - 1,690 ROCHESTER CITY COUNCIL - AT LARGE (5), 212 OF 212 DISTRICTS REPORTING Carolee Conklin* (Democratic, Independence) - 18,639 Jackie Ortiz* (Democratic, Working Families, Independence) - 19,859 Loretta Scott* (Democratic, Independence) - 22,416 Matt Haag* (Democratic, Working Families, Independence) - 19,528 Dana Miller* (Democratic, Independence) - 19,342 Marlowe Washington (Working Families) - 3,346 Andrew Langdon (Green) - 2,814 David Atlas (Green) - 2,997 Dorothy Paige (Green) - 3,426 ROCHESTER SCHOOL BOARD (3), 212 OF 212 DISTRICTS REPORTING Cynthia Elliott* (Democratic) - 14,662 Van White* (Democratic, Working Families, Independence) - 21,109 Jose Cruz* (Democratic, Working Families, Independence) - 17,356 Mia Hodgins (Republican) - 4,862 Candice Lucas (Working Families, Independence) - 6,811 Lori Thomas (Green) - 2,775 Howard Eagle (Freedom) - 2,110 Ronald Hall (Freedom) - 1,616 COUNTY COURT JUDGE, 806 OF 806 DISTRICTS REPORTING Christopher Ciaccio (Democratic) 62,357 Paul Irving (Republican, Conservative, Working Families, Independence)58,916 FAMILY COURT JUDGE (2), 806 OF 806 DISTRICTS REPORTING Juan Nevarez (Democratic, Working Families) - 53,594 Nathan Van Loon (Democratic, Independence) - 49,071 Jim Walsh (Republican, Conservative) - 61,137 Dandrea Ruhlmann* (Republican, Conservative, Working Families, Independence) - 61,933 SHERIFF, 806 OF 806 DISTRICTS REPORTING Patrick OFlynn* (Republican, Conservative, Independence) - 95,292 Emily Good (Green) - 12,952

Rural/Metro Medical Services Supports Victims of Domestic Violence through Verizon Wireless HopeLine Program
Rural/Metro Medical Services, Rochesters emergency ambulance service provider for more than 20 years, is doing their part to bring an end to domestic violence by donating more than 100 wireless phones, batteries and accessories to the Verizon Wireless HopeLine Program. In a partnership with Verizon Wireless, Rural/Metro will host a yearlong phone drive encouraging employees of Rural/Metro, as well as Rochester residents, to donate the wireless phones, batteries and accessories that they are no longer using. The HopeLine program turns nolonger-used wireless phones into support for domestic violence survivors by using proceeds from the sale of donated phones to provide newer phones, complete with 3,000 minutes of wireless voice and text messaging service, to domestic violence survivors. It also helps protect the environment by disposing of those devices in an environmentally sound way. HopeLine also donates cash grants to nonprofit organizations to help fund education programs, support services and community outreach. We are calling on anyone who wants to help, to go through their closets, desk drawers and pull out those old wireless phones and donate to our HopeLine Program, said John OMalley, public relations manager of Verizon Wireless. We will take the refurbished or recycled phones and put them back in the hands of domestic violence survivors of our community. Monroe County has only one licensed provider of shelter and services for victims and survivors of domestic violence in the county, which is Alternatives for Battered Women. The 38-bed residence also provides a 24-hour-a-day hotline for those in need of help, transition support services and court advocacy. Last year, the organization also provided an education/prevention program that reached over 13,000 students. Alternatives for Battered Women provides education to our newly hired EMS Professionals, and we exclusively use Verizon wireless phones on our ambulances. Supporting this program is just the right thing to do, said Thomas Bonfiglio, Rural/Metro division general manager. Yearly, we upgrade our wireless devices and the old devices are certainly still operable for use. It just makes sense to participate in this program to support efforts against domestic violence. Participation in the HopeLine program is available to the entire community and Rural/Metro will remain a yearround collection site for the donated wireless phones. Domestic violence victims supported by Alternatives for Battered Women has directly benefited from the donations and refurbished phones generated from the Verizon Wireless HopeLine Program.

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Supreme Court Justice Rules Red Light Cameras Will Stay

By Delani Weaver Lawrence Krieger and his lawyer Michael Steinberg said they were disappointed the New York State Supreme Court ruled in favor of the highly controversial red light camera scheme Friday. Supreme Court Justice Scott Odorisi ruled, in his 27-page opinion, that the program did not create quasi-criminal liability, and that the due process rights in the U.S. Constitution are not violated by the citys enforcement procedures. Were disappointed, as youd expect, Steinberg said. Justice Odorisi treated the parties and counsel with the utmost respect and wrote a timely decision, but we feel he put too much reliance on federal law and not enough on the New York cases. Those cases give greater due process protection to citizens. Its a sign of how serious these issues are, though, that the judge wrote so much on the subject. A car registered to Krieger was caught and ticketed by a red light camera last December. As an attorney, he decided to file a lawsuit against the program after going through the hearing process, where he said his rights were denied because he had no due process to fight the ticket. He also said its not fair that the owner of the car is ticketed without proof of who was actually driving. Justice Odorisi otherwise. clearly believed In a press release, Mayor Richards said he was pleased with this decision and plans to keep the red light cameras running, as well as add more around the city. The program will continue in full effect, said Richards. This ruling allows the city to continue enforcing the serious problem of red light violations to improve public safety and keep more of our police officers free to perform other duties. Judge Odorisi clearly understood our red light violation process and determined that the city meets all due process requirements, that all of our procedures are civil in nature and that we can adopt this tool in managing public safety. We are attempting to cut down on the number of motorists running red lights - the consequences of which range from serious property damage to severe injuries to drivers, passengers and pedestrians, Richards added. The orderly movement of traffic in our city presumes people will follow the rules of the road, to include stopping at red lights. This is another tool that helps us enforce vehicle and

Krieger said, I cant agree with some of Justice Odorisis rulings, but Im heartened by the fact that he recognized that there are real dangers in these new technologies. He was careful to limit his decision to this particular Rochester program. Its been a great experience to hear so many passionate expressions of support from people who live or work in Rochester and have to live with this red light camera program. Weve been able to spark an ongoing public debate, not just on the 32 red-light cameras around the city but on surveillance and civil rights.

traffic law and make our roads safer. This decision may also have put a smile on the face of Rochesters newly elected Mayor Lovely Warren as she voted in favor of the red light cameras. This decision may be the end of the red light camera issue for the city of Rochester, but Krieger said this isnt the end for him. He will be filing a notice of appeal for the ruling.

Urban League Honors Students at 29th Annual Early Recognition Ceremony

By Delani Weaver

Test again at
Lead paint poisons more than 300 kids in Monroe County every year. The damage to their brains and bones is permanent. Make sure your children are tested at one and again at two years old. Have your home tested today. You can get the information you need to protect your children. Call 585-224-3125. Or visit

The Callahan Theater at Nazareth College was filled with hundreds of students being honored by the Urban League of Rochester at its 29th Annual Early Recognition Ceremony on Sunday. The Early Recognition ceremony honored the academic achievements of approximately 1,200 sophomores, juniors and seniors from Monroe, Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, Orleans, and Wayne counties. The ceremony began with all students and attendees singing the Black National Anthem, Lift Every Voice and Sing. Afterward, several community leaders, as well as the president and CEO of the Urban League, William Clark, congratulated the students on their academic achievements.

Shani Curry, assistant district attorney for the Office of the Monroe County District Attorney, was keynote speaker for the event, and encouraged the students to continue working at their education. Curry also told the audience of her struggles as a student growing up in the Rochester City School District, during college and post-graduation. Since 1984, over 68,000 AfricanAmerican students have received recognition in the Early Recognition Program and more than 10,000 have graduated as Black Scholars. The Urban Leagues Early Recognition and Black Scholars Programs provide recognition, assistance, a series of workshops and incentives to students and their parents throughout the region to encourage the pursuit of higher education and academic achievement.

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Judge: No estate rights for NY mom who killed kids

FRANK ELTMAN MINEOLA, N.Y. (AP) - A New York woman found not guilty because of mental disease in the 2008 drowning of her three children may not share in their $350,000 estate, despite never being convicted of a crime in their deaths, a judge ruled Wednesday. The precedent setting case sought to determine if the states Son of Sam law, which seeks to ban criminals from profiting from their crimes, applied to Leatrice Brewer. According to Nassau County Surrogates Court Judge Edward McCarty, the answer is no but the woman still shouldnt get the money. The fact that the state cannot criminally punish an insane defendant is irrelevant to a determination of whether it is equitable for the killer to inherit from the victim, McCarty said, referring to his decision as the Brewer Rule. It is one thing to say that the state should not imprison one who was insane when she committed the murder. It is quite another to say that the insane murderer can financially profit from her crime, the judge said. Brewer, 33, was found not guilty because of mental disease in the 2008 killings of her three children inside their New Cassel apartment, and was sent to a psychiatric hospital. Police said Brewer slashed her daughter Jewell Wards throat before drowning the 6-year-old and her two younger brothers, believing she was saving them from the deadly effects of voodoo. Hours later, Brewer survived two suicide attempts - swallowing a concoction of home cleaning fluids and later jumping out a second-story window. Brewer was brought Wednesday from an upstate New York psychiatric center for the court proceeding, but she did not comment. After the judge issued his order, she briefly stopped to kiss her grandmother and speak with other relatives. The childrens fathers settled wrongful death lawsuits with Nassau County after they claimed social workers failed to properly monitor the woman and children. Caseworkers visited Brewers apartment two days before the killings and found no one home but neglected to schedule an immediate follow-up visit. Brewer subsequently filed an objection to the fathers receiving the settlement money. Innocent Demesyeux Sr. is the father of 5-year-old Michael and 18-month Innocent Demesyeux who were killed; Ricky Ward is Jewells father. But in his ruling, the judge said, There is a direct causal link between her wrongdoing and the benefit she seeks. The funds only exist because of Ms. Brewers wrongful conduct. But for her killing of Jewel, Innocent and Michael, there would be no funds to allocate. Even if McCarty had ruled for Brewer, she likely would have never cashed a check from her childrens estate because, as a state official noted during Wednesdays proceeding, there is a $1.3 million lien against Brewer for medical and mental health services she has received while in custody. The judge said he planned a separate hearing - likely in December - to determine whether the fathers legally abandoned their children, which could potentially disqualify them from receiving the money as well. It was not clear who would be next in line for the estate money if that happens. Brewers court-appointed attorneys did not comment after the proceeding, but during a hearing Wednesday morning, attorney Peter Kelly said Brewers motivation was to block Demesyeux from getting the money. Demesyeux did not attend Wednesdays proceeding, but his attorney, Thomas Foley, rejected any suggestion that the man had abandoned his children.

Amazon, US Postal Service will deliver on Sundays

NEW YORK (AP) - Amazon is teaming up with the U.S. Postal Service to deliver packages on Sundays. The Seattle company says Sunday delivery will be available this week to customers in the New York and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. Amazon and the Postal Service plan to roll out service to a large portion of the U.S. population next year, including the cities of Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, and Phoenix. Amazon expects Sunday delivery to be popular with members of its Prime service, which costs $79 a year and comes with free two-day shipping on many items on the site as well as access to Amazons TV and movie streaming service. But Sunday delivery will be available to all Amazon customers. For Prime members, its free, for nonPrime members, its like any other delivery day of the week, said Dave Clark, vice president of worldwide operations and customer service at Amazon. It wont cost extra to get a package delivered on a Sunday. Sunday delivery has been on Amazons wish list for a long time. The company does not disclose the percentage of its packages that are delivered on weekends, but Clark expects customers to be delighted that they will get their products on a weekend. Financial terms of the arrangement were not disclosed, but the deal is likely to give the financially ailing Postal Service a boost. The agency, which lost $16 billion last year, had tried but failed to end Saturday mail delivery as a cost-saving measure. Shares of Inc. climbed $2.37 to $352.68 in midday trading.

Mets to wear camouflage jerseys for 5 home games

NEW YORK (AP) - The Mets will wear camouflage jerseys for five home games next year as part of a Military Monday event that will include free tickets for U.S. servicemen and servicewomen. The team said Monday that the jerseys will be used April 21 against St. Louis, July 7 vs. Atlanta, July 28 against Philadelphia, Sept. 8 vs. Colorado and Sept. 15 against Miami. New York has worked with the Wounded Warrior Project in recent years, and owner Fred Wilpon helped create the Welcome Back Veterans program that provides treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder. The San Diego Padres have worn camouflage jerseys for Sunday home games since 2008 in honor of military based in their community, and the Baltimore Orioles used camouflage jerseys on Memorial Day and Flag Day this year.

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Automatic spending cuts would bite more in 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) - Its not just longstanding battles over taxes and curbing mandatory spending that are obstacles to a year-end pact on the budget. Another problem is a perception among some lawmakers that the automatic spending cuts known as sequestration havent been as harsh as advertised. Indeed, the first year of the automatic cuts didnt live up to the dire predictions from the Obama administration and others who warned of sweeping furloughs and big disruptions of government services. But the second round is going to be a lot worse, lawmakers and budget experts say. One reason is that federal agencies that have emptied the change jar and searched beneath the sofa cushions for money to ease the pain of sequestration have been so far able to make it through the automatic cuts relatively unscathed. Employee furloughs havent been as extensive as feared and agencies were able to maintain most services. Most of that money, however, has been spent in the 2013 budget year that ended on Sept. 30. The Pentagon used more than $5 billion in unspent money from previous years to ease its $39 billion budget cut. Furloughs originally scheduled for 11 days were cut back to six days. The Justice Department found more than $500 million in similar money that allowed agencies like the FBI to avoid furloughs altogether. Finding replacement cuts is the priority of budget talks scheduled to resume this week, but many observers think the talks wont bear fruit. Both sides appear to see leverage. Democrats are hoping that $20 billion in new Pentagon cuts below levels imposed by sequestration will force Republicans to yield. Republicans say far more of their members are willing to keep the cuts, which appears to have added to the resolve of GOP negotiators. A failure of the talks, led by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and his Senate counterpart, Patty Murray, D-Wash., would mean that agencies that have thus far withstood the harshest effects of the across-the-board cuts in 2013 would get hit with a second round of cuts thatll feel a lot worse than the first. A drop in participation and lowerthan-expected food prices allowed a widely supported food program for low-income pregnant women and children to get through this year without having to take away anyones benefits. A second round of automatic sequestration cuts could mean some women with toddlers lose coverage next year. To avert furloughing air traffic controllers and disrupting airline flights this year, Congress shifted $253 million in automatic cuts to airport construction funds. Those funds are needed to meet a requirement to install runway safety areas at all airports by 2015, so that pot of money wont be available to bail out controllers again. Senate Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., said agency budget chiefs squeezed everything to get through the first year thinking we would come to our senses. However, most of those accounting maneuvers were one-time steps. The automatic spending cuts in 2014 promise to be far more painful. For the time being, Congress has frozen 2014 spending at 2013 sequestration levels while negotiators seek a budget deal that would ease some of the automatic cuts. Absent a deal, the spending caps on agency operating budgets will shrink by another $20 billion or so, with most of that money squeezed out of the Pentagon. Nowhere will the effects be felt more than at the Justice Department, which pretty much skated through the automatic cuts in 2013. Contd on next page

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Syracuse, New York I

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Automatic spending cuts would bite more in 2014...FROM PREVIOUS PAGE

Justice had like half a billion dollars in unobligated balances and so they brought that back and that made it possible for them not to have any furloughs anywhere in the Justice Department, Bureau of Prisons or FBI or whatever, said Scott Lilly, a former top House Appropriations Committee aide. But theyve used that up so theyre going to get hit much harder this year than they did last year. The FBI already has suspended training of new agents and has instituted a hiring freeze. Quantico is quiet. I have no new agent classes going through there, new FBI Director James Comey said last month. I cant afford it. Without relief from Congress, Comey said the automatic spending cuts will require him to eliminate 3,000 positions. The FBIs 36,000 employees are facing unpaid furloughs of two weeks. The situation will also worsen at the Pentagon, where the first round was no picnic, eroding combat readiness and grounding Air Force squadrons. Cuts in military training, maintenance and weapons purchases were deeper than average because the Pentagon was allowed to exempt military personnel accounts. Because of $4 billion in prior-year funding, the Pentagon was able to maintain Navy and Air Force procurement in 2013. Without that money in 2014, the Pentagon will have to the delay the delivery of a new aircraft carrier and a nuclear submarine. We are consuming tomorrows seed corn to feed todays requirements, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos told the Senate Armed Services Committee. We might as well shut down the Pentagon, said House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard Buck McKeon, R-Calif. Youd better hope we never have a war again. Accounts for housing vouchers for the poor took a hit in 2013, but most local housing agencies had previously appropriated but unspent money in reserve. Few, if any, families already getting vouchers lost them. Instead, people on waiting lists seeking vouchers just didnt get them. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a liberal think tank and advocacy group for the poor, calculated that 40,000 to 65,000 fewer families will have vouchers by the end of this year than at the end of 2012. By the end of 2014, between 125,000 and 185,000 fewer families would have vouchers if the automatic spending cuts stay in place unchanged, the center said, and that could mean some families might lose their apartments. The Commodities Futures Trading Commission, charged with new and complex policing responsibility of the over-the-counter derivatives market under the 2010 overhaul of Wall Street regulations, managed to make

it through 2013 without furloughs. But CFTC Chairman Gary Gensler warned agency employees last month that they face up to 14 unpaid furlough days next year.

Satellite hits Atlantic - but what about next one?

BERLIN (AP) - This time it splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean - but what about next time? The European Space Agency says one of its research satellites re-entered the Earths atmosphere early Monday on an orbit that passed over Siberia, the western Pacific Ocean, the eastern Indian Ocean and Antarctica. The 1,100-kilogram (2,425-pound) satellite disintegrated in the atmosphere but about 25 percent of it - about 275 kilograms (600 pounds) of space junk - slammed into the Atlantic between Antarctica and South America, a few hundred kilometers (miles) from the Falkland Islands, ESA said. It caused no known damage. The satellite - called the GOCE, for Gravity field and Ocean Circulation Explorer - was launched in 2009 to map the Earths gravitational field. The information is being used to understand ocean circulation, sea levels, ice dynamics and the Earths interior. The satellite had been gradually descending in orbit over the last three weeks after running out of fuel Oct. 21. But how much space junk is out there? Heres a look: SPACE JUNK FLYING AROUND THE COSMOS Some 6,600 satellites have been launched. Some 3,600 remain in space but only about 1,000 are still operational, according to ESA. Not all are still intact, and the U.S. Space Surveillance Network tracks some 23,000 space objects, ESA said. A lot of junk comes down unnoticed, said ESA Space Debris Office deputy head Holger Krag. Statistically, he said, roughly every week you have a reentry like GOCE. AND WHEN IT STARTS TO FALL About 100 to 150 metric tons (110 to 165 tons) of space junk re-enters Earths atmosphere each year, according to Heiner Klinkrad, the head of ESAs Space Debris Office. In 56 years of spaceflight, a total of 15,000 metric tons (16,500 tons) of humanmade space objects have re-entered the atmosphere. HOW FAST ARE WE TALKING? Space junk - mostly satellites and rocket stages or fragments - typically travels at about 28,000 km/h (17,400 mph) shortly before re-entry at about 120 kilometers (75 miles) above the earth, according to ESA. It starts to slow down and heat up in the dense atmosphere. In the last 10 minutes, it hits a travelling speed roughly equal to that of a Formula One racing car -between 200 kph to 300 kph (125 mph to 190 mph). HOW DANGEROUS IS SPACE JUNK? There have been no known human injuries or significant property damage caused by space junk, according to ESA. Unlike meteorites, which hurl into the Earth as solid chunks travelling about three times faster, space junk typically falls as fragments and is distributed over a fallout zone up to 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) long. Krag says fragments from a satellite came down in 2011 over the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic but no pieces were ever found. CANT WE REDIRECT THIS STUFF? When systems are still functioning, spacecraft can be maneuvered to try and direct them to land in areas where there would be minimal impact, like into an ocean. In the case of uncontrolled re-entries, scientists are able to predict where the impact will be - but that can be a very wide swath. The GOCE satellites systems kept on working much longer than expected, providing data that Krag said will be invaluable in helping scientists figure out prediction models for future space junk descents. MOST FAMOUS SPACE JUNK CRASHES One of the best-known cases is NASAs Skylab space station, which re-entered in 1979. About 74 metric tons (82 tons) hit the Earth - some of it in Australia and the rest falling into the Indian Ocean. Fragments of Russias Mir space station weighing about 135 metric tons (149 tons) came down in 2001 in a controlled dive into the Pacific Ocean. More recently, in 2011, NASAs UARS satellite crashed into the Pacific and Germanys ROSAT satellite landed in the Bay of Bengal. None caused any damage.


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By Dave McCleary and Delani Weaver Borrowing a phrase from Gospel recording artist Kirk Franklins 2001 hit song, last Tuesday for most was definitely a Lovely Day as Lovely Warren sealed her bid for Rochesters highest office. It was a sweet victory for Warren after a long drama-filled election process. She received 18,000 votes, 55% to beat out incumbent mayor Tom Richards who received 40% of the votes. Green Party candidate Alex White came in a distant third place with 5% of the votes. Warren will become Rochesters first female mayor and first African American female mayor and will by most accounts be the youngest to hold the post. But it was not an easy road. The race to the finish was filled with a lot of speculation and political positioning. Warren was favored to win after her surprise defeat of Richards in the Democratic Primary on September 10. But although Richards ended his campaign shortly after, his name would still appear on the ballot under the Independent and Working Families party lines. Feeling that Richards could still win in the general election, Richards supporters, including city employees, waged a campaign of their own against Warren. In the end, their efforts were unsuccessful. We never gave up, we kept the faith and to God be the Glory, Warren said. I want to congratulate Lovely Warren on her victory tonight. We have already begun work on the transition and I have instructed senior staff and Im asking all City employees to do whatever it takes to ensure a smooth and cooperative transition process, Mayor Richards said. The job of mayor goes far beyond a single individual. Its now time for the entire community to come together and support the new Mayor and continue working to make our City great. Warren will assume office January 1, 2014.

about LOVELY
Warren is a native of Rochester and was known as a child for speaking her mind and standing up in reverence of others. Her grandfather, a security guard at local grocery store Wegmans, which was previously on West Ave., was a victim of gunfire while working in 1984. Although he lived through the incident, he was seriously wounded. This incident gave Warren the motivation she needed to pursue a career as an attorney in efforts to right wrongs and make Rochester a safer, better city.

Warren graduated from Wilson Magnet High School and attended college. She graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and from Albany law School of Union University with a Juris Doctorate. In 2000, Warren has severed as a legislative assistant, deputy counsel and lead counsel and chief of staff to New York Assemblyman David F. Gnatt. In 2001 she was a summer judicial clerk to Honorable Teresa Johnson who is the Presiding Judge of the Rochester City Court. She was also a summer law clerk to New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer in

2002. In February of 2004, Warren was then admitted to the bar. Warren has since been a councilwoman in Rochesters City Council and was elected as the fifth President of the Rochester City Council in 2010, making her the youngest president in Rochesters history. In the 2011, she was a participant in the We Live NY Summit at Cornell University, appeared on panels sponsored by Rochester Downtown Development Corporation and the Rochester Chapter of the League of Women

Voters. She hosts a youth event at City Hall for students of the Rochester City School District and she is a frequent guest speaker at events for young people in the RCSD and colleges including, the University of Rochester, Albany Law School of Union University, Towson University and Howard University. Lovely lives in the North East section of the City with husband Timothy Granison and their daughter Taylor. Lovely and her family are active members of the Westside Church of Christ.

turned out it created a divided Rochester? If so, how do we recover? I think that in some ways there were people from the other campaign who tried to play that up in a subtle way; but when you look at the districts and the places that I won, I won across the city. I didnt just win in African American neighborhoods. So, I think it shows that the entire community is ready to move forward and they are ready to move forward together. Was it always a dream of your to become mayor of Rochester? How and when did you begin to see the possibilities and what motivated you to run despite many who said it was not your time? I remember being at an event in 1997 and the speaker was talking about how you have to visualize what your future will holdand I was still in college at the timeso she went around the room and asked what do you aspire to be? I stood up then and I said I want to be mayor of the city of Rochester. Now fast forward to now, what I saw was a divided city

During the campaign you mentioned your faith quite frequently? What role does faith play in your life and how will it influence your decisions as mayor? Well, Ive always believed in God and I stepped out on faith by even running. I dont believe that I would have won the race had it not been for Gods grace and His mercy. My faith will play a role by keeping me focused on always putting the community first and making sure that I continue to do what I believe God placed me here to do and that is to move the community forward. The campaign season was a tough one; and although the issue of race was never blatantly referred to it was definitely the elephant in the room. Do you believe because of the way the events of the campaign season

one that is moving forward and one that is going down or staying the same. And, the gap was getting so wide, it was a chasm; and no matter what we tried to do legislatively there was nobody bridging the gap At this point in time, I dont believe that we could have waited four more years to focus on our challenges to bring in the leadership that we need to move our community forward. Now, its not going to be something that happens overnight but I believe that many of our issues are small enough that if we focus on them we will be able to move the mark. I am prepared to putting my heart and soul into moving the mark when it comes to elevating our community. As you know your mentor and friend Assemblyman David Gantt is loved and respected by some in the community and despised by others. There are people whove even said theyre concerned that David Gantt will be running city hall. How do you address those concerns? That issue was already addressed during my campaign; so, Im not

gonna address it walking into the door (at City Hall). The fact of the matter is that I ran my own campaign. For the past six years Ive represented City Council well, for three years Ive been president of City Council and I dont think there is anything that anybody can say, well David Gantt made her do this or that. He is a leader in his own right and Im a leader in my own right. In less than 2 months you will assume your post as the first African American female and possibly the youngest mayor in Rochester history. What do you want your legacy to be? I want the community to be better across the board, when it comes to educating our children job development and bringing companies into the area. I want to build up the things that are great about our city. My focus will be selling the assets of Rochester we have a lot of talent in Rochester. We need to develop and expand and build upon the positive so the positives will overtake the negatives.

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Relief effort begins after Philippine typhoon
The Associated Press Foreign governments and agencies have announced a major relief effort to help victims of the Philippine typhoon. Here are some of the pledges they have made: UNITED STATES U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said he assured Philippine Foreign Minister Albert del Rosario of our full commitment to providing all necessary assistance. He said the U.S. government is organizing emergency shipments of critically needed material to provide shelter to the hundreds of thousands of displaced Filipinos and food and hygiene supplies to thousands of families. Acting U.S. Ambassador Brian Goldbeck issued a disaster declaration to provide an immediate $100,000 for relief efforts. Officials from the U.S. Agency for International Development are deployed around the country to monitor the damage. ___ AUSTRALIA Australia announced assistance of 10 million Australian dollars ($9.4 million). That includes the deployment of an emergency medical team, aid to the U.N. Flash Appeal and aid to Australian non-governmental organizations for immediate life-saving assistance. ___ UNITED NATIONS WORLD FOOD PROGRAM The United Nations World Food Program said it has allocated $2 million for the disaster response and officials joined an assessment mission to survey damage in Leyte and Samar provinces. WFP said it will send more than 40 tons of high energy biscuits and work with the Filipino government to help with logistics and emergency communications systems. It asks for donations at ___ UNICEF UNICEF said its staff in the Philippines is being repositioned to help in relief efforts and 66 tons of emergency supplies are being sent from Copenhagen. An airlift set to arrive on Tuesday will include water purification systems, storage equipment and sanitation supplies. Donations can be made to UNICEF at ___ JAPAN Japan will fly a 25-member relief team of mostly medical staff. ___ TAIWAN Taiwan said it will send $200,000 in aid to help with relief efforts. ___ RED CROSS The American Red Cross said it has deployed two people to assist with assessments in the Philippines and activated its family tracing services. It asked those who want to support relief efforts to mail a check to their local Red Cross chapter, with Philippines Typhoons and Flood in the memo line. ___ WORLD VISION World Vision said it is putting together resources to assist 1.2 million people, including food, hygiene kits, emergency shelter and protection. It asked for one-time donations to be made at ___ AMERICAN JEWISH DISTRIBUTION COMMITTEE JOINT ___ MERCY CORPS Mercy Corps said it has launched emergency response efforts to provide food, water, shelter and basic supplies to typhoon survivors. To contribute, go to ___ AMERICARES AmeriCares is preparing to deploy an emergency response team to the Philippines. To donate go to http:// ___ INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE The International Rescue Committee has dispatched an emergency team to Manila and launched a $10 million appeal. The IRC will work to determine which of its areas of expertise - from water and sanitation to education - are most needed. ___ DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS Doctors Without Borders said it has 15 members in Cebu city and will send an additional 50 people in the next few days. It said it also is sending 329 tons of medical and relief supplies on three cargo planes. To donate, go to www. . ___ LUTHERAN WORLD RELIEF Lutheran World Relief said it has deployed its local staff to stricken areas and is appealing for $2.5 million to aid its recovery effort. To donate, go to

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee has begun collecting donations for relief efforts. To contribute, go to

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not producers but consumers! When we compare the groups listed in the article, we spend our money at a rate 120 times faster than Asians and 68 times faster than whites! What if we would produce more and consume less? By producing more, we would be able to have income that would come from investments, and our money would work for us; instead of being put on our backs, our feet, in our hair, or used for phones or cable. All of these things have their place, but after we have saved first! When one makes their money work for them, they can be assured there is at least the possibility of a return on the money they have already earned. When we spend it readily, we lose the opportunity to reap the rewards of the labor that went into obtaining the money.

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What If?
During a discussion I had with my son, he mentioned an interesting statistic to me regarding A f r i c a n Americans. I thought about it and decided C. MICHAEL VAUGHN to dedicate this weeks column to my thoughts surrounding that discussion. In an article that he read at, it stated that one dollar only circulates in the African-American community for six hours. This is compared to one month in the Asian community and 17 days in the white community. What it implies is that African-Americans are African-Americans live! Why is that? We constantly give them our vote, election after election, and the plight of African-Americans in our inner cities never changes. We need to wake up! They do not care about the needs of African-Americans because we have not connected our money and our vote. If we decided that we were going to put the weight of our purchasing power ($1.1 trillion in 2015) behind our vote, they would listen! In order to do that, 1) we are going to have to care about what goes on in the political arena, and 2) we are going to have stop spending all of our income on things that make us look nice, but do not change our situations! African-Americans are a powerful, brilliant, extremely talented people. We have provided invaluable contributions to the success of this nation. What if we recognized that fact and started to demand change in our communities, then backed it up with our purchasing power? I believe that America would be a different place, and we would have a place at the table to make decisions that effect us. What if? ---------------------------If you would like to contact me, please email me at mvaughn.seniorpastor@ What if when we spent money, we sought out African-American businesses to make our purchases? This would foster community and economic development. That may be a difficult proposition, however. According to BlackDemographics. com, African-American businesses only account for seven percent of businesses in America, and less than one half percent of the business receipts in America. There seem to be two issues that hinder African-American businesses. One is that some African-American businesses may not provide highquality service, but still may charge high prices. The other, and it is related to the first issue, is that some AfricanAmericans are reluctant to support African-American businesses because they believe they are not going to get high-quality products or service. But, if we are going to see more AfricanAmerican businesses be successful, we are going to have to break these stigmas! What if the political bosses of the Democratic Party knew that our money and our vote were tied together? Take a look across America. The worst-performing schools, the highest crime rates, some of the highest poverty levels, and the places where infrastructure is the worst are all in areas where there is complete Democratic control of the political process. And, by the way, these are also the places where the most numbers of




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Dishonoring Craig Heard

In 2003, I produced a short film titled R.P.D.: Badges of DISHONOR, CORRUPTION and MURDER! in which I gave Craig Heards mother, Tammy Westbrook, an davy vara opportunity to express her feelings over the tragic loss of her son. Heard, a student at Charlotte Middle School was shot and killed by Rochester police officers Serge Savitcheff and Hector Padgham on June 10, 2002, His crime? Reportedly hanging out with the wrong crowd. On that summer morning, Craig ended up behind the wheel of that stolen car. Rochester police officers purportedly spotted Craig several times, but didnt pull him over. In the end, reports said the Rochester police officers stalked Heard, following him as he turned onto Girton Place, a small dead-end street off Park Ave., where they cornered him.

They cornered an unarmed, scared, young black kid who had made some mistakes, in my opinion. Mainly, not picking and choosing his friends carefully. Minutes later, the Rochester police officers shot Heard twice in the head, killing him instantly. The officers claimed that Heard drove the car toward them, and they didnt have time to move out of the way. As I interviewed Heards mom, she cried as she talked about her son, while holding his sweatshirt. She talked about what a great kid he was. She talked about how he would make his little brother breakfast, and how his little brother had no idea that he would never see his big brother again. As a filmmaker exposing incidents in which innocent people have been killed by police, my goal has been to give the families some closure by giving them a platform on which to express their pain. Thats something mainstream news media, with their sensationalism, and the way they cut and edit stories, doesnt do. I gave her that.

The views expressed on our opinion pages are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the position or viewpoint of Minority Reporter.

I did that for Craig Heards mom.

He deserved better friends. Not a bunch of individuals he thought were his friends, who probably negatively influenced him into driving that stolen car; and, as a result, started the chain of events which led to his death. I think he deserved better. Craig Heard deserved better than to be called an animal and a wolf by Bob Lonsberry, who mocked his tragic death in an article by writing Bang, bang. Dead as Hell. He deserved better than to be shot in the head by trigger-happy Rochester cops. He deserved better than to be shot by cops who were then cleared, and never charged with killing a scared, unarmed young man. And Craig Heard deserved to have a gravestone marking his final resting place. Especially since his mother collected $350,000 for his death.

And, when some in the community, including Lonsberry, blamed her for her sons death, and called her a bad mom, I went to bat for her. I defended her. Which is why I was very sad to see, 11 years after his death, Craig Heard still doesnt have a gravestone at his grave in Rochesters Mount Hope Cemetery. He doesnt have a gravestone, despite the fact that the city of Rochester paid Craig Heards mom $350,000 to settle a wrongful death lawsuit she filed against the city and the RPD. Tammy Westbrook couldnt spend a few hundred dollars to get her son a gravestone? In fact, if it werent for a small, weathered, faded, plastic marker that funeral homes use to temporarily mark a grave after a burial, which has somehow lasted 11 years; no one would even know that Craig Heards grave is there. In my opinion, he deserved better.

STRAIGHTno chaser


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The views expressed on our opinion pages are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the position or viewpoint of Minority Reporter.

Orchids and Onions

Orchids: To Lovely Ann Warren Esq, the mayor-elect who recently made history in Rochester. When she is sworn in, January 2014, she will be sworn in as the first female mayor who happens to be black, and the youngest mayor our city has ever had. Not only is her guardian angel, her grandmother Margaret, GLORIA WINSTON AL-SARAG smiling down on her, there is little doubt that Susan B. Anthony is standing near her as well, cheering, Go Lovely! Go, Lovely! Orchids: To all the volunteers who worked tirelessly on Lovelys behalf. I appreciate those who continued to believe when naysayers were strategically trying to cast doubt. Onions: To the undercover racists who were led, in my opinion, by Gary Walker and Molly Clifford, and to those who were outright. Those who failed to respect the process helped to put in place a little chocolate girl who reigned victorious in the primary. The only plausible explanation, to me, is that you all are part of the problem as it relates to race relations in Rochester. You are all guilty of playing the race card, first. The fight you started will be finished. You smile and grin out of one side of your mouth, but carry daggers behind your two-faced backs. I think you will be dealt with. Maybe the time has come to move you to the back of the bus, just to let you know how it feels. Onions: To anyone with elderly people in their family whom they are not seeking to protect. I sat in an office for months watching elderly people come to a bank to take care of their business, many alone, who should have had someone with them. Many of them were driving with skills that suggested they needed to be chauffeured. I worried about their safety, particularly when they came to access an ATM machine after bank hours. Surely, those who have arrived and are now called senior citizens must have children or some family member is capable of being more attentive to them. Orchids: To the two kind ladies whose names I failed to get, but whose hearts are as pure as gold. At separate times, and on different days, one was wearing a pair of stunning earrings, and the other was wearing a gorgeous necklace. When I complimented them on their eye-catching jewelry, they both took them off and gave them to me saying, You like it, here! I offered to pay them, but they both refused and just disappeared before I could get their names. Just in case they read my column, I want to again say, Thank you! God bless you. Orchids: To the student at school No. 4 who went to a Halloween party dressed as Lovely Warren. To me, the greatest compliment in the world is when a child says or demonstrates they want to be just like you. Orchids: To my granddaughter, Brianna, an International Baccalaureate Program student at Wilson High School who has recently been celebrated as a preliminary Black Scholar. She maintains a B+ average and is college-bound in a couple of years. She wants to be a veterinarian. Im proud of you, Brianna! She wanted to go to Wilson because her sister Tiffany and Lovely Warren both graduated from there. Onions: To the bicyclists who fail to wear any neon or white clothing while riding their bikes in the street, especially on rainy days or at night. I have run across, and almost run over; a few that I believe have death wishes, or dont realize how quickly they fade to black when the sun goes down. Please help me help you not become road kill, and protect yourself better by wearing light clothing and putting reflectors on your bicycles. Orchids: To the Faith Alliance, and the luncheon they sponsored for Lovely Warrens volunteers. The food was excellent. However, there should be a law against Ruben Goffs wife, Lori Anne, and her peach cobbler making skills. I have had many a peach cobbler, and I dont do a bad job on making them myself, but Mrs. Goffs peach cobbler will surely make you want to slap somebody if they ask you for any of yours. She clearly puts her foot in it! Onions: To the hypocritical Christians, again. Its that time of year, when some folks criticize others beliefs, snub their noses and make believe their religion is better than someone elses. I personally make it easy on myself, by respecting whatever someone else chooses to believe. I am not God, and if you believe you are, then I guess you feel it is your right to pass judgment on someone else. I dont personally care whether you call your God, God, Allah, Jehovah, Ra, Jah, Yahweh or anything else. I dont care if your prophet is called Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Isaiah, Ezekiel, or David. Every church I have ever attended, in the Christian community in particular, usually has a doctrine that says, When we leave this place, we will go into the community to fellowship with others. How do the words on Sunday get lost in some peoples translation Monday through Saturday? I just dont understand. Orchids: To the new first family of New York City, the Bill de Blasio family. The family portrait alone gives me hope that racism just may be dying in some areas of the state. Did you see the afros on Mrs. de Blasio and the kids? I love it. I guess the revolution is being televised and computerized after all. Orchids: To Casey George, Chris Christopher, Gussie Crank, Regina McNair, Sue Becker, Julio Vincente, Jermayne Myers, Christine Johnson, Trenton Jackson Jr., Ken Sayres, Kareem Hayes, Andy Rau, Vincent Felder, Carrie Remis, Gaynelle Wethers, Allen Williams, Chris Christopher, Ella Dean and others I recently served with, closer and longer than others. Marvin Maye, you are a real trooper. If I failed to mention anyones name, please charge it to my head and not my heart.


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2013 NY State of Health

2013 NY State of Health

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