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Examine the CHARTER of the OIC, and learn about THE MUSLIM LEAGUE

Some of the ideals, goals and platforms -
in the charter of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) are:

(8eglns wlLh): In the name of Allah, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful
(Lhls seLs Lhe rellglous Lone, buL paradoxlcally compass|on and mercy seem Lo be absenL among many
Musllms and Musllm counLrles as evldenced by a reallsuc vlew of Lhe happenlngs around Lhe world).

To promote Islamic culture and safeguard Islamic Heritage;
(says noLhlng abouL Lhe non-Mus||m popu|anons ln Lhe ClC counLrles).

To defend the universality of Islamic religion;
(relnforces Lhe supremacy wlLh whlch lL ls LaughL LhaL non-Musllms musL
evenLually converL Lo lslam, and all counLrles wlll be lslamlc).

To protect and defend the true image of Islam, to combat defamation of Islam;
(Musllm agenda worldwlde ls Lrylng Lo make any exam|nanon, cr|nc|sm or comp|a|nt about Is|am, Musllms,
or Lhe acuons of Musllms |||ega|, pun|shab|e, and dangerous Lo do so).

To strengthen intra-Islamic economic and trade cooperation, in order to achieve economic
integration leading to the establishment of an Islamic Common Market:
(1hls shows LhaL Lhe CIC c|ear|y promotes Mus||m to Mus||m bus|ness, and LhaL Lhls ls Lhe bas|s of the
Mus||m 786 groups, yeL Loo many lgnoranL and/or mlslnformed people pound Lhelr sLs and polnL Lo Lhe
8uddhlsL 969 groups. 8eallze LhaL lL says, 'lnLra-Is|am|c economlc', and 'Is|am|c Common MarkeL').

To safeguard the rights, dignity and religious and cultural identity of Muslim communities
and minorities in non-Member States;
(1hls would be a [oke lf lL wasn'L Lhe Lraglc reallLy. Pow are Lhe rlghLs, dlgnlLy, rellglous and culLural ldenuues
safeguarded among Lhe Chr|snans of LgypL, lraq, Syrla, nlgerla and lndonesla, eLc., and Lhe 8uddh|sts of
lndonesla, Malaysla, Lhe !umma lands of 8angladesh, and souLhern 1halland, and Lhe 8aha|'s and
2oroastr|ans of lran, and Lhe n|ndus of aklsLan, 8angladesh, and lndonesla, and, of course, Lhe kakh|ne
8uddh|sts of 8urma]Myanmar. All of Lhese non-Musllms are suerlng Lerrlbly, belng assaulLed, raped, kllled,
and havlng Lhelr homes, shops, churches and Lemples burned and desLroyed - slmply because Lhey are noL
Musllm. Pow would Lhose acuons convlnce Lhese non-Musllms LhaL lslam was wonderful? 1hls ls why so
many do noL wanL lslam Lo rlse ln Lhelr communlues, and th|s |s not be|ng a rac|st, |t |s be|ng a rea||st).

The International Islamic Court of Justice.shall be the principal judicial organ of the
Organization; (you can lmaglne Lhe falrness, Lhe compasslon, and Lhe lnLegrlLy of Lhls 'body of [usuce').
THE MUSLIM WORLD LEAGUE (Rabita al-`Alam al-Islam)

This is a the group most people dont know about, its the powerhouse
umbrella organization behind the Organization of Islamic Cooperation
(OIC). The Muslim League (MWL) was founded in Saudi Arabia in
1962, 7 years before the founding of the OIC. It is still controlled by
Saudi Arabia, based in Mecca, and has 36 satellite offices on 5
continents (including offices in New York, Washington D.C., and
London, as well as another 20 offices and centers in Europe, Africa and
the Middle East). It is funded by various Muslim countries, but the largest
portion comes from Saudi Arabia. Its members are prominent Muslim religious
leaders whose main qualification is that they are active in the field of Islamic propagation.

MWL promotes the strict, puritanical doctrine of Wahhabism, known for its absolute
intolerance of all non-Muslims, and even of other forms of Islamic belief and practice.
It has been noted that Saudi Arabia has pushed to link disaster relief with the acceptance of
Wahhabi extremist teachings. For example, in Somalia, MWL representatives, came with
humanitarian aid for the Somalis suffering from the civil war, but pressured the Somalis to
change their Islamic practices from traditional Sufi interpretations to the true Islamic way -
Wahhabism. They also issued a code of honor to Muslim journalists to follow the correct
Islamic way.
The League's charter states such positions as:
Discharge our obligation towards God, by conveying and proclaiming His Message all over
the world;
(and LhaL means Lhey wlll push Lhelr rellglon on people wheLher Lhey wanL lL or noL).

Reafrm our belief that there shall be no peace in the world without the application of the
principles of Islam;
(look aL every Musllm counLry ln Lhe world, lslam doesn'L brlng peace, lL seems Lo brlng lnLolerance, haLe,
vlolence, deaLh and desLrucuon).

Unite the ranks of the Muslims, and remove all divisive forces from the midst of the Muslim
communities around the world;
(Lhe Musllms are famously vlolenL Lo each oLher: Sunnls vs ShllLes, 1allban and al-Caeda hardllners vs
moderaLes, Sus, AlawhlLes, and Ahmadlyyas, and general Arab supremaclsL hegemony over all oLher

Remove obstacles in the way of establishing the Muslim world union;
(8emove obsLacles such as 8uddhlsLs, !ews, Chrlsuans, and Plndus, Luropean counLrles and Lhe uSA).

Reject all the pretenses of ancient as well as contemporary Jahiliah;
(!ahlllah means lgnorance of Lhe pre-lslamlc era - and by LhaL lL ls saylng everyLhlng before lslam - whlch only
sLarLed noL so long ago ln Lhe 7Lh cenLury Au - ls worLhless, valueless, and lgnoranL. 1haL means, for Lhem
Lhere ls noLhlng Lo admlre, or learn from Lhe Lgypuans, Lhe erslans, Lhe Creeks, Lhe 8omans, Lhe lndlans,
Lhe Chlnese, Lhe Sumerlans, and so many oLhers).
The League has 14 different bodies with various functions - all of them are engaged in the
propagation and support of Wahhabi Islam. Among them are:
The World Organization for Presenting Islam
Holy Quran Memorization International Organization
The World Foundation for Reconstruction and Development of Mosques
International Islamic Organization for Education
Makkah Al-Mukarramah Charity Foundation for Orphans
Al Haramain & Al-Aqsa Mosque Foundation
The International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO)
Commission of Scientic Signs in the Quran and Sunnah
The World Supreme Council for Mosques
The Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) Council.
Functions and objectives of The Muslim League include the following:
Advocating the application of the rules of Sharia Law, by individuals, groups, or states;
Coordinating the efforts of Islamic preachers throughout the world;
Developing methods for the propagation of Islam, so that Islam will rule the world eventually;
Overseeing the activities of the Fiqh Council; (an association which interprets Islamic Law,
establishes principles of jurisprudence, and issues fatawas, or religious edicts, upholding a strict
Wahhabi fundamentalist interpretation of Islam);
Finding Islamic solutions to contemporary problems;
Promoting activities that aim at spreading the Arabic language, and Arab Wahhabi doctrine;
Setting up branch ofces as well as Islamic centers globally, to serve the purpose of Islam;
Maintaining and constructing mosques, and training ofcials to serve in them;
Distributing Saudi-approved translations of the Quran and other religious texts worldwide;
Providing nancial assistance and charity work for Muslims affected by disasters;
Assistance to Muslims living as minorities in non-Muslim countries;
Pushing for the Islamization of law in other lands, leading to implementation of Sharia Law.
The Muslim World League also contains the World Assembly of Muslim Youth and both
are part of a worldwide network of largely Saudi-funded groups that maintain offices in many
countries. The primary focus of these organizations is on promoting Islamic teachings and
encouraging Muslims to be more religiously observant, as well as providing interested non-
Muslims and recent converts with information about Islam.
The Muslim World League undertakes a broad range of activities focused on the propagation
of Islam in Europe, including publishing and media outreach, coordinating the regional
activities of preachers and religious scholars, Arabic language instruction and the
establishment of Islamic centers. The World Assembly of Muslim Youth focuses primarily on
promoting Islamic solidarity among Muslim teenagers and young adults in their early 20s.
Much of this work involved funding the construction of mosques and funding the operations of
Islamic centers, as well as sponsoring activities designed to spread its ultraconservative
brand of Wahhabi Islam.
Both the League and the Assembly also are heavily involved in promoting global dawa.
Dawa, which means call in Arabic, refers to efforts to convert people to Islam and to
strengthen the Islamic faith around the world.
As a result of Saudi money and influence, both the League and the Assembly are widely
regarded as promoting the strict Wahhabi brand of Islam that is prevalent in the desert
kingdom. Wahhabism was established on the Arabian Peninsula roughly 200 years ago with
the aim of purifying Islam by ridding it of outside influences and advocating strict adherence to
core Islamic teachings, which are notoriously intolerant, brutal and severe.
Islam destroyed Buddhist cultures that lived in the lands that are now called Bangladesh,
Bengal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Persian areas, and the Maldives. Now the Islamic conquest, is
pushing and killing the Buddhists in Rakhine State, Burma, and the Chittagong Hills in
Bangaldesh, and in southern Thailand.
The Rakhine Buddhists get along with all other faiths and people, except the ones who are
trying to eliminate them, and who have created a giant worldwide deception with false media,
manipulative and fraudulent reporting, and wild exaggerated stories and made-up history.
Rakhine Buddhists know what their fate is, if they cannot stop the campaign against them.

by Rick Heizman, San Francisco, November 2013,
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