Petition from Muskeg Lake (Petaquakey’s Band), Letter of April 1st, 1910:




Signing are:
Jean Baptiste Lafond: Headman1

Lafond, Theresa (nee Arcand). (b. 1834)
Theresa Arcand was born at St. Francois Xavier, the daughter of Joseph Arcand and Marie Vestro. She married Jean Baptiste
“Tchehasaso” Lafond in 1852 at St. Boniface.
Lafond, Therese; address: St. Laurent; claim no. 982; born: 1834 at Edmonton; father: Joseph Arcand (Métis); mother: Marie
(Métis); married: 1856 at Winnipeg to Baptiste Lafond, now deceased; children living: Baptiste, Helene; Roger, Edward, Solomon,
Napoleon, Norbert, Marie Rose, Mary & Agnes; children deceased: Isidore & Joseph; scrip for $160.00.


Jean Baptiste “Tchehasaso” LaFond. (1853-1916)
Jean Baptiste Jr. was born January 25, 1853 at St. Boniface, the son of Jean Baptiste
Lafond Sr. and Therese Arcand. His mother’s half sister, Adelaide was married to
Alexandre Cayen (Kitowehow), the first Chief of Muskeg Lake and a participant in the
1885 Resistance. On December 4, 1976 at St. Laurent N.W.T., Tchehasaso married
Josette Meutekumah (Archibuk).2 He succeeded his uncles (Kitowehow and Petequakey)
as chief at Muskeg Lake Reserve (Saskatchewan) from 1900 to 1914. It is understood
that Tchehasaso and the other Muskeg Lake Metis participated in the fighting at Duck
Lake during the 1885 Northwest Resistance and were on the west side of the river during
the fighting at Batoche. After the defeat at Batoche they escaped to the Laboucane
Settlement where they had relatives.3 His younger brother Edouard is listed below.
Jean Baptiste Lafond Jr. Baptiste Lafond Jr. appears as Band Member #60 on the Muskeg
Lake Annuity Paylist of 1884. RG 10, Annuity Paylists, 1883-1887.
Andre Lafond. Andre was born August 2, 1880, the son of Jean Baptiste “Tchehasaso”
LaFond and Josette Meutekumah. He married to Madeleine Greyeyes in 1900 and they
had seven children. He died in 1952.
Isidore Ledoux.4 Isidore was born in 1873, the son of Joseph Ledoux (b. 1845) and
Isabelle Belanger.
Harry Massan
Gabriel Longneck
Melasyppe Arcand
Bernard Manitoukan Jr.
Bernard Manitoukan Sr.
Edward Lafond. Edouard was born in 1864 at the Touchwood Hills; the son of Jean
Baptiste Lafond (Métis, b. 1832); and Therese Arcand (Métis), the daughter of Joseph
Arcand and Marie Vestro. He was the brother of Jean Baptiste Lafond listed above.

Baptiste Lafond Jr. appears as Band Member #60 on the Muskeg Lake Annuity Paylist of 1884. RG 10, Annuity Paylists, 18831887.
Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, “Chiefs of the Petequakey Reserve,”, 1991, 1994.

Isidore Ledoux was the grandson of Pierre Belanger, better known as Chief Mistawasis, the leader of the Willow Cree and negotiator
for Treaty Six. Isidore says:
You see, we were French Half-breeds, but still we were Treaty Indians, and Mistawasis was my grandfather, my mother
was a Belanger, you see? He had two brothers; there were two brothers that came from Fort Gary to Batoche. And one of them
married an Indian woman (Julie Mashe-na-sho-wishk) and he followed her ways. I don’t know how but at the time of the first
treaty – Treaty Six – they made Mistawasis chief. He used his influence to enter my mother and my father into Treaty – they
were poor people- you know. I suppose that was because it was my father’s idea to enter us in there, and we became Treaty
Indians. (Mistawasis) he was a Belanger. He was a Half-breed. He could talk French just as well as I could. And read and write
French! He’s not the only one – there were others that turned Native. I know one – Lafond: he turned Native.


Edward Constant
Dan Wolfe
Sam Wolfe
Louis Arcand
George Greyeyes
Joseph Ledoux
William Sanderson
James Greyeyes
Michel Longneck
Antoine Arcan[d]
Formation of Muskeg Lake Reserve
LaFond’s grandson, John B. LaFond gives the following account of the formation of
the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Reserve:
When they formed the reserve that year, 1876 …they were going to make the
reserve, there were only nine families that they had. And my grandpa’s family (J.B.
“Tchehasaso” La Fond and his wife Josette), that’s my dad (Jean Baptiste born May
20, 1878, later married to Julie Gladu), and them, old Andrew (Andre born August 2,
1880, later married to Madeleine Greyeyes) and Jeremy (Joseph Jeremie LaFond
later married to Nancy Letendré) … anyway, they had no place, they were Metis
people. At that time they lived on the road allowance, you know. And they asked
him if they wanted to be treaty Indian: “Mr. LaFond, do you want to be a treaty
Indian? We need one family.” “By all means,” he says. So he signed, that’s how
come we’re treaty, see we have French ancestry.5
Family Scrip:
Lafond, Edouard; address: Prince Albert; claim no. 1069; born: 1864 at Touchwood
Hills; father: Baptiste Lafond (Métis); mother: Therese Arcand (Métis); scrip for


Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, “History of the Petequakey Reserve,”, 1991, 1994. . Jean Baptiste, Andre and Jeremie
were all born at St. Laurent on the South Saskatchewan.


Longneck, Margaret; wife of Gabriel Longneck for her husband, Jean Baptiste Barbet
Boucher (deceased); claim no. 320; address: Muskeg Lake; born: 1872 in Athabasca
District; died: 9 June, 1892 at Lake Muskeg; father: Francois Boucher (Métis); mother:
Eliza (Métis); heirs: his widow and son; Margaret Longneck, scrip cert.: form D, no. 711
for $80.00; Francois Longneck, scrip cert.: form D, no. 921 for $160.00.
Sanderson, Marie; address: Lily Plain, Saskatchewan; born: 3 March, 1876 at Carlton,
Saskatchewan; father: Baptiste Lafond (deceased Métis); mother: Thérèse Arcand
(Métis); husband: William Sanderson; scrip cert.: form C, no. 603 for $240.00; claim no.

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell
Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research
Louis Riel Institute


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