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Dedicated To The Preservation & Promotion of Western Swing / Traditional Country / Gospel Music Vol. 3, Issues 10-12 October-December 2013

Western Swing Guild Vision and Core Principles

Joe Baker
The Western Swing Guild is a registered, nonprofit limited liability company established in January 2011 by a group of dedicated musicians and enthusiasts for the purpose of preserving and promoting an integral part of American music historythe genres of music known as Western Swing and Traditional Country. The Western Swing Guild commits to its Vision and Core Principles, which strives:

MAY 3, 2014

To Broaden the knowledge of the general public through outreach programs in the form of educational instruction and charitable and beneficial activities; To Sustain this musical art form through performances that provide enjoyment and fellowship; To Foster the professional growth of younger generations of Western Swing and Traditional Country performing artists; To Promote unity by embracing all organizations and functions in the WS-TC music family whose goals are congruent with the Western Swing Guild; To Encourage its members to promote Western Swing and Traditional Country music as a unique art form in American history; and, To Maintain integrity and professionalism at all times.

The Cowtown Society of Western Musics 16th Annual Swing Fest will be held on May 3rd, 2014, at the Holiday Hills Country Club in Mineral Wells, Texas, beginning at 12 noon to 11 pm. Continuous western swing and traditional country music will be performed by various bands throughout the day and night, with breaks to honour the Heroes. Following are those who will be honoured:


Danny Adams J.D. Barham Al Dressen Roger Edgington Bobby Flores Richard Helsley Carolyn Martin Mike Poe Rick Sudduth Ray Tesmer Gary Williams

WSG Newsletter Publishing

Joe Baker President and WSG Newsletter Publisher Howard HigginsSecretary/WSG Newsletter Advisor Jeanne YearianWSG Newsletter Editor If you have an article, idea or comment to share, e-mail


J.C. Broughton Jack Loyd Lee Loyd Justin Williams


Ted Branson

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October-December 2013

Saving the Triple B

Preserving Western Swing History
(Editors Note: Last May, Dennis Ford, one of the WSG members out of Modesto, CA, forwarded this article to me - then, last week, Jerry Hobbs, out of Bakersfield, CA, forwarded the rest of the story. Our thanks to both of these contributors as well as the Fresno Bee for keeping up with this story. Here is Part 1:)
MAY 2013 . . . The Triple B Ranch in Fresno, California, Bob Wills' home in the last half of the 1940s, is to be demolished and replaced with a housing subdivision, despite a unanimous vote by the city's Preservation Commission to place the home on the city's historic register: Granville wants to raze the house and remove nearby olive trees as part of a proposed housing project in the area. Roberts told the city's Historic Preservation Commission on Monday that the house is falling apart. He said the place is full of bees, asbestos and lead paint. He said Granville would sell the house for $1 if the buyer moves it at no expense to the builder. The commission voted 4-0 to place the house on the city's Register of Historic Resources. This almost certainly would have made it impossible for Granville to tear down the house. Because the register placement is not official until the city council votes, it appears that the developer was able to obtain a demolition permit without the extra process required for a designated historic resource. There is a slim possibility for a reprieve, if someone is willing to raise the money to buy the lots on which the house stands or to move the house to another location within 30 days . . . An April 27, 2013, article in the Fresno Bee explains the house's connection with Bob Wills: Bob Wills bought the one-story wood-frame house at 6410 E. Clinton Ave. and the surrounding 80 acres near Armstrong Avenue in 1945. The name Triple B stands for Bob, his wife Betty and their son Little Bob, according to daughter Carolyn Wills of Texas.

Mary Jo Glasson Nellie Jacobs



Ken Goldsmith (Mudrock Studios)


The Western Club, Navasota, Texas


Robert Sabos Holly Williams


Edward Paul Jones


NWWSMS, Mill Creek, WA


Northwest Western Swing Music Society Newsletter

Casey Dickens Jim Gough Elmer Laurence Albert Talley Jimmy Young

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Les Gilliam and The Silverlake Band Kenny Glasgow, Don Long, Jerald Ritter, Smiley Weaver
Congratulations to all of our Honorees for 2013!
In addition, the following announcement was posted on the CSWM Facebook page last week from CSWM President, Gary Beaver:

CSWM is very proud to announce that at our October 21, 2013 meeting, Brady Bowen was elected to serve as our new Vice President. Brady is a charter member and longtime Advisory Board Member and will make a great VP. Congratulations, Brady. All the Board Members and Members of CSWM look forward to working with you in the coming years. Membership Director Cowtown Society Of Western Music
If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (940) 452-6300 anytime. Joe Baker

Betty and Bob Wills hanging out wash to dry at the Triple B Ranch in Fresno

October-December 2013
(Continued from Page 2, Saving the Triple B)
In a June 1945 letter to an aunt, Betty Wills wrote, We're living in Fresno now. It's almost the size of Tulsa. It's in the San Joaquin Valley. That's where they raise all California fruit and vegetables. ... I like it real well. A lot more than I ever did Los Angeles. Carolyn Wills said she was accidentally born at the ranch house in 1946 because her parents couldn't get to a hospital in time. Wills built barns and fences for the seven stallions and 40 Betty Wills with the children brood mares he bought for the ranch, his daughter said. "My father was always the happiest he'd ever been" on the ranch, she said.

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scheduled for Wednesday. "Bob Wills was a major contributor to western country music," Tullis said. "We'd like to open (the house) up as a museum of country music in the foothills." Granville wanted to raze the house, which is falling apart and has problems such as bee infestation, asbestos and lead paint, to build a housing project in its place. But the city's Historic Preservation Committee intervened to preserve the home where Wills the king of western swing and his family lived in the 1940s. (Continued on Page 4 . . .)

Bill McCallie's
Cowboy Jubilee WSMC 90.5 FM Sundays at 6 pm EST

Top Ten Western Swing Tunes for November/December 2013 We are 100,00 watts broadcasting to a 90 mile radius of Chattanooga, Tennessee, streaming to the internet at each Sunday evening at 6 pm EST and now archived Cowboy Jubilee Radio Shows are available 24/7 at All music sent to me will be reviewed for programming on public radio. The following pieces are not listed in order of popularity but are only a listing of the songs we have played this month from my monthly playlist.
The Time Jumpers 1. Roly Poly 2. Jumpin Time Asleep at the Wheel 3. Big Balls in Cowtown 4. Old Fashioned Love Jim Burson 5. Therell Be Some Changes Made 6. Pennies from Heaven Bobby Flores 7. Too Many Rivers 8. My Lifes Been a Pleasure Jody Nix 9. Play Me Something I Can Swing to 10. Mama Was the Rose of San Antone
On Sunday, November 24, we will be broadcasting live from the Ackerman Auditorium at the Southern Adventist University. We will be celebrating the start of our 22nd year of broadcasting Cowboy Jubilee. All CD's sent to me will be previewed and given airtime on public radio after review. Keep me in the loop and I'll get your music played. Thanks for listening, Bill

(Again, our thanks to Jerry Hobbs out of Bakersfield, CA, for sending the rest of this story. Here is Part 2:) The following is from the Fresno Bee October 31, 2013:
The Central California Music Association has bought the Bob Wills house for $1 from Fresno homebuilder Granville Homes. The group, a new nonprofit led by President Lance Tullis, plans to have the one-story wood-frame house moved from Clinton and Armstrong avenues in Fresno to a 20-acre property less than 15 miles away in Prather. The move is tentatively

Bob Wills home in Fresno, May 2013 - Owner, Granville Homes, will sell for $1.00 to anyone who agrees to move it.

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(Continued from Page 3 . . . Saving the Triple B)
Tullis answered the call by forming the association and then starting a campaign called "Raise the Roof" to raise the $75,000 needed to move the house and restore it.

October-December 2013
Pictured left is Bob Wills Ranch House from his Triple B Ranch in Fresno, California. Bob and Betty lived in the house during the 1940s. In the book, San Antonio Rose, Betty said it was the place "Bob wanted to retire." In the spring of 2013, the house made the news. A local developer was given a demolition permit to tear it down. Fortunately, the Fresno Historic Preservation Commission stepped in and said NO! After some media attention, the developer decided to offer Bob's house to be sold for $1.00 That's right. 1 buck and history could be saved. After many offers and months of work, the house became ours. We are in the process of moving the house to a 20 acre ranch and restoring the house. Yes, we need help financing this project. Tax deductible donations can be made toward restoring the house. Just email us at Once restored, the house will become a museum of country music and open to the public. We will be keeping you updated on the progress of this project. Thank you to Bob Wills Heritage Foundation, Fresno Arts Council, Fresno Historic Preservation Commission, Heritage Fresno, Fresno Historical Society, and all the Bob Wills Fans. Notice in the older pictures that the porch was added some time later. The youngest child in the picture (on page 3 of this issue) is Carolyn Wills, who currently serves as the president of the Bob Wills Heritage Foundation. There were also additions made on to the back side of the house. We'll be keeping the porch, but the sides will be restored to the original design. Below are a couple of links that share the story. We hope you'll join us. Link to the ABC 30 News Story local&id=9313813 Link to You Tube video about Raise the Roof for the King of Swing

(The following is taken from the Central California Music website at

Raise the Roof for the King of Western Swing

Raise the Roof is an ongoing effort to generate funds that go toward the operation of The Bob Wills Ranch House Museum and our youth music program. The house is open to the public as a museum of country music, dedicated to the life, music, and influence of Bob Wills. Raise the Roof Youth Program offers scholarships to high school students and financial to assistance to public and private school music programs. October 26, 2013 was our first event, held at ApCal in Madera, California. In attendance, we had special guests Carolyn Wills (Bob daughter) and Dayna Wills (Bob's niece). The music was fantastic, ranging from traditional Celtic to some rocking country. Sponsors of the event included Fresno Historical Society, Heritage Fresno, Fresno Arts Council, Fresno Historic Preservation Commission, Granville Homes, Dale Mell & Associates, Bull Frog's Bar & Grill of Kingsburg, and the Padgett Family Trust. Our goal is to continue this momentum throughout 2013-14 with various venues, support opportunities, and PR. We're looking for partners across the country to partner with us on this endeavor. If you'd like to know how to partner with us, then please email us at The goal for this project is $100,000. This will put $10,000 towards our youth program and pay for new roofing, foundation, siding, electrical, interior remodel, building museum displays, and landscaping. Thanks for your interest, Lance Tullis President, Central California Music Association 559.593.0108

A home that once belonged to country music star Bob Wills stands jacked up on dollies at Clinton and Armstrong ready to be moved to its future home near Prather. A fundraiser was held Saturday (October 26, 2013) by the Central California Music Association to help pay for the move. CRAIG KOHLRUSS Fresno Bee Staff Photo

October-December 2013

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The Skeebo Show

9 am to 12 noon, M-F
KNUZ 106.1 FM KNVR 1410 AM San Saba, TX

Lillies Ohlsson Bennerstigen 120 SE-733 95 SALA * SWEDEN

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

November/December Playlist for "The Skeebo Show"

Leon Payne, Rose Curtis Potter, Songs of the Cherokee Cowboy Devon Dawson, Pistol Packin Mama Janice Maynard, Ill Take My Chances Johnny Bush, Neon Nightmare Brady Bowen, South Dianne McCall, An Old Memories Arms Country Night Live, Too Much Candy for a Dime Amber Digby/Vince Gill, The One I Cant Live Without Al Dressen, Beautiful Texas

SONGS Tulsa Straight Ahead - John Lang Night Riders Trilogy - Dave Alexander Avalon - Hot Club of Cowtown Plain Talkin Man from the West - Eddie Rivers Say Ole Man Can You Play the Fiddle - Hank Singer Lights of Old Santa Fe - The Hanson Family The Red Truck - Rod Balch Nuages - Rose Sinclair Ill Be Glad When Youre Dead - Great Recession Orchestra Brain Cloudy Blues - The Barn Door Slammers Austin (Aint Got No) City Limits - Emily Herring The Last Farewell - Curt Shoemaker

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. John Lang - Steel Highway Hot Club of Cowtown - Rendezvous in Rhythm Eddie Rivers - Plain Talkin Man Rod Balch - Fort Worth 76102 Speedy West/Jimmy Bryant - Bustin Thru, Flippin The Lid The Barn Door Slammers - The Barn Door Slammers Hank Singer - Play Fiddle Play Rose Sinclair Lone Star Landing Dave Alexander - Alexanders Goodtime Band The Hanson Family - Rope that Rhythm TJ Smith - Living My Dream Curt Shoemaker - Free and Easy

Wyn on . . .
. . . Oamaru Heritage Radio
at 88.3 FM

. . . Country & Gospel Radio

at November/December Playlist for "Wyn on Tuesday"
1 2 3 4

Tumbling Tumbleweeds, The Hanson Family More Than a Name on a Wall, The Ball Family Swingin Out West, Lost Weekend Worship in the Prairie Wind, The Red Hot Rhythm

Rustlers 5 Your Kisses and Lies, Howard Vokes 6 Mississippi Sandman, Modern Mountaineers 7 Hula Lou, Dave Edwards & His Alabama Boys 8 Cowboy Jubilee, Sons of the Pioneers 9 Boredom to Bedroom, Chuck Cusimano 10 What a Little Moonlight Can Do, Lost Weekend

A very special thanks to all of the WSG members for their support. You are making it possible to play some great western swing music on my shows.
I do take requests while on air or even text messages.

Artists are encouraged to send cds /mp3s to: Wyn Machon 5 Lowther St., Oamaru 9400. New Zealand.

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October-December 2013

"Swingin' West"
Mike Gross
KSEY-FM, Seymour, TX

Album: Steel Highway Artist: John Lang

Steel guitarist John Lang has just produced and played steel guitar on this fantastic new project. Besides playing top class Mike Gross steel guitar, John surrounded himself with some of Southern Michigan's top musicians and vocalists and this gem of 11 tunes is the end result. In addition to John, these musicians are Chuck Anderson- bass and vocals, Drew DeFour and Jim King- piano, Todd Glass and Mark Sutton-drums, Mitch Manns and Jake Reichbart- guitars, Steven Mullan- accordion and the fiddles of Dave Mosher and Mary Seelhorst. Mary is also heard on vocal on Bobby Troup's Route 66. The album opens with Bill Bynum on vocal from the Leon McAuliffe hit parade with Jimmy Hall's T-U-L-S-A Straight Ahead. Bill is also the vocalist on three Bob Wills classics, Fred Rose's Roly Poly, Bring it on Down to My House and Take Me Back to Tulsa. Bill also is heard on Tommy Camfield and Diane Johnston's Miles and Miles of Texas from Asleep at the Wheel. Also from Asleep at the Wheel Jill Jack is the vocalist on two Leroy Preston compositions, I Wonder and My Baby Thinks He's a Train. Carrie Shepard and John Holk are featured on vocal on the old pop standard that became Western Swing, Old Fashioned Love and Tosha Owens brings back the vocal on Denver Darling and Vaughn Horton's Choo Choo Ch' Boogie. The final item features Kin Curran on vocal on the pop standard Ain't Misbehavin. This CD gem can be obtained from John Lang, 3523 Steeplechase Lane, Loveland, OH 45140. The cost is $15 plus shipping. Mike Gross, KSEY-FM, Seymour, TX and

Totsie Slover
The Real West from the Old West AM 1230 KOTS
Totsie Slover

Deming, NM

Top 10 CDs for November/December 2013 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Rausch 8. Music for Those that Come to Dance The Delk Band

Tennessee Local Carolyn Martin Alexanders Goodtime Band - Dave Alexander Let Me Ride - Kristyn Harris Twin Fiddles Turn Me On - Jody Nix Fast Company Bobby Flores This Is Tommy Duncan, Vol. 2 Billy Mata Its A Good Day Asleep At The Wheel/Leon

9. The Tyler Sessions - Chuck Cusimano 10. Bout Time - Hot Texas Swing Band
Contact Totsie at: Visit KOTS at:

October-December 2013

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23nd Red Steagall Cowboy Gathering!
from the
Froggy Worden and Red Steagall

Academy of Western Artists

Join us for an evening of dinner-awards and entertainment on Saturday, March 29, 2014, in the Grand Ballroom at the Sheraton Hotel in Irving, Texas. We will again be recognizing the best in the western world in the following categories Western Music Western Swing Music Pure Country Music Fine Art Cartoonists Saddlemakers Spurmakers Engravers Bootmakers Braiders Hitchers Chuckwagons
If you would like to perform at the Awards, please submit a resume. Members will receive the first priority, but the entertainment selection is open to all. In addition to the actual show itself, there will be a one and one half hour showcase during the meal and also after the awards. Tickets for the 18th Annual Awards are $75 per person or $700 for a table of 8 with preferred seating. There is limited seating. They can be obtained from PayPal at the website, or they can be purchased by check at AWA, P O Box 35, Gene Autry, OK 73436. The registration deadline is March 10, 2014. (Membership is not required to attend.) For questions, e-mail:, or call 580-221-8793.

by Froggy Worden

This show has something for everyone. The price may seem a little steep, but for $75.00 you can have an all access pass to every event . . . including the western swing dances and trade show. Everything including the Saturday Night Rodeo is covered - but those tickets sell out early. I picked up my credentials and parking pass from Debbie Bowman, Red's event coordinator, about ten AM Friday. From there to the parking lot and "Green Room" behind the entertainment tent. Sure enough, the Quebe Sisters were there and I took our annual photo. I first met these talented young ladies in Belton in 2000. We have managed to meet every year since for a photo. The photo below was taken on a Saturday afternoon in 2008. (A few

hours later, I had a stroke and heart attack. That took a while to heal up, but I was back in 2009, raring to go!)

Like I said at the start, this show has something for everyone...from The Quebe Sisters with Froggy 2008 Cowboys, to trappings, to Western Swing dancing. Youth fiddle contests and poetry. The dances are Friday and Saturday nights, featuring Red along with The Boys in the Bunkhouse Band. Leon Rausch helps with the singing and, until last year, Johnny Gimble supplied some great fiddle music. Bobby Flores joined Red in Johnnys place. This show is so clean it squeaks! A preacher would be hard pressed to find anything bad to say about it. If you are ever in Fort Worth the last weekend in October, make plans to attend at least one day of this event. Day tickets are available for either Friday or Saturday. On Friday, about noon, the chuckwagons arrive and set up on the lawns of the Coliseum and Exchange Building. They start building fire pits, getting ready for the judging. They are judged based on the authenticity of their wagon and equipment from the period around 1870 and some of them even wear costumes. After the judging on Saturday, samples of the food are available. The wagons all cook the same meal that must be cooked in cast iron skillets and dutch ovens. I have tasted many dishes and, with one or two exceptions, found them to be excellent fare. Mark your calendars for the last weekend in October. I guarantee you will A Celebration of the West! have a good time. And remember, "If

Voted 'Best Gathering and Best Family Event' by the readers of American Cowboy Magazine

Froggy tells you a chicken can pull a plow, hook that sucker up and make a crop."
Froggy Worden Fort Worth, Texas

All questions about reservations should be directed to 888-627-8190. Ask for Reservations.

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October-December 2013
We parked while I stared at it for a long time. I had somehow forgotten... They're all gone. The whole smiling, partying family had died off one by one since I'd been gone. I knew it, I'm sure, but Id blocked it out. 52,000 intelligent good-looking readers.

Somehow we had missed the turnoff to the southern Ohio town. We went back to where the highway ought to be and found a narrow old road, with grass growing up through the cracks in the pavement. Could this be the main road to town that I remembered from my childhood? The sign said it was. The small city, after slumbering quietly for generations, had become a boomtown with the coming of a large chemical company. For a while the population grew with the influx of labor. The little corner taverns where old cronies had once exchanged worldly wisdom became juke joints as the town opened up. Housing became scarce, money became plentiful, and the townsfolk began a new habit... locking their doors. That was the last time I'd seen the place, and the only memory I had to go by. I was surprised at the desolate weeded over road that had once been a main artery. We turned off the superhighway and followed the rustic lane toward the town, trying to spot familiar landmarks. There were new shabby buildings, some vacant and boarded up. There were new gas stations looking aged and toothless with their pumps gone. I thought I recognized an old building... a certain curve in the road... but the clutter made it impossible to get my bearings. Drifting into town, I was relieved to see the railroad station and its surrounding park untouched by time. I had often told Misty about the good times at Aunt Bess' house, where I had spent a lot of my childhood. Now I was about to show her the actual place where it all happened, but at first I couldn't find it. It used to be right there on the corner of Fourth and Maple. Now there was just an ancient rundown Frankenstein house, hiding in the weeds.

The small grocery store across the street had a new name but looked the same. I went in and asked, but they didn't remember who had lived in that corner house. They didn't recognize my desperately mentioned names, and they were busy. Asking around we learned that the chemical plant had laid off thousands of workers, and the government had built a superhighway that bypassed the town, so it went quietly back to sleep, somewhat the worse for wear. We searched the town all day, and it was sunset before we found anyone we knew. They were all together, as always. The squeak of the rusty wrought iron gate pierced the evening stillness, as we entered the old cemetery, and began brushing away weeds and dust, to peer at names on tombstones... names that clicked on familiar faces in my mind. We drove out of town and didn't talk for a while. Nobody said goodbye. If this was a ghost town these new people didn't know it. We were doing the haunting. They looked right through us. We were the ghosts.

Jack Blanchard
The Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan Home Page: Restoration and mastering studio: 407 330 1611. CD Baby: 2011

October-December 2013

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us get stuck as we go through life. In the field of music and in all genres, we write and sing El Paso, TX about our need for love. I recently purchased several CDs by Elvis. One called Heart and Soul has 22 songs of which 7 WSG Executive Consultant for songs have love in the title such as Love Me Tender, Love Gospel/Inspirational Music Me, I Want You, I Need You, I Love You, Loving You, Cant Help Falling In Love, Love Letters, and You Dont Have To Say You Love Me. Most of the remaining 15 songs all have something to do with the theme of love. In the Elvis Dr. Robert Frank Smith Inspirational CD with A Thing Called Love, there is another song that really caught my attention. The name of that song is If That Isnt Love. This song was written by Dottie Rambo and recorded by Elvis in 1973. It speaks of Gods infinite love as We have all heard the expression Love makes the world go displayed on the lonely hill of Golgotha, there to lay down His round. That begs the age-old question--What is love? As a life for meand if that isnt love, then the ocean is dry, theres psychologist, I know love is an emotion which is the driving force no stars in the sky, and the little sparrows cant fly, yea, if that or motivation behind so much of our behavior. We see it played isnt love, then Heavens a myth, and theres no feeling like this, out in love relationships and love triangles as in classic movies if that isnt love...Its got to be love. We have the same kind of like Dr. Zhivago and romantic comedies like Must Love Dogs. need for love with others here on Planet Earth as we have this We know about a mothers unconditional and unending love for built-in spiritual need for love and relationship with our Heavenly her child and hear heart-warming stories about a pets love and Father. Even when our earthly needs are unmet, we can count devotion for its owner. We learn in Sunday school, hear in on Gods everlasting love because God is church sermons, and read in the Bible about love. Gods awesome love for us. As a writer for The Bible repeatedly tells us Gods love this newsletter, I have previously written is higher than the highest heavens, unfailing, about two types of love mentioned here with and He loves us with an everlasting love. I articles called Only A Mothers Love (October actually wrote a very simple Christian 2012) and Purrfect Love (August/September Country song in December 2005 by the title 2013). I have also written songs by the same of Everlasting Love. When I first wrote it, titles. In this article, I will discuss A Thing my artist wife, Rebecca Linda Smith, said Called Love which happens to be the name it sounded too much like what a psychologist of a song written by Jerry Reed (Hubbard) would write about our need for love. Well, and recorded in 1971 by Elvis Presley. The she recorded it anyway in 2006, and we first song says it can bring any man down, can released it in the U.S. in the spring of 2007 cause him to cry like a little whipped pup, with HMG Nashville. The song went to No. 2 strong enough to rule the heart of any man, in the Top 100 Christian Country songs in can lift you up, can put you down, and turn Power Source Magazine in August 2007 your world all around, ever since time and No. 1 in Christian Voice Magazine in nothings ever been found stronger than January 2008. We re-released the song love. world-wide with Glory Train Records in As I recently listened to this song by Elvis, February and the song went to No. 12 in the I was reminded of the lengths to which some Top 3500 plus songs listed for mainstream people will go in their search for love. This Country artists in the May 2013 chart of the includes travel, spending money, bouncing European Country Music Association from one relationship into another, lying, A Thing Called Love and was in the Top 5 songs for both Gods stealing, cheating, gambling, assault, murder, Country and Inspirational Country Top and even on-line dating sites. Why do we do 75 charts with Glory Train Magazine in the U.S. in the this? Its because we all have a need for love, both to give it and summer of 2013. Indeed, the song must have struck a nerve to receive it. Abraham Maslow, a famous psychologist, tells us concerning our need for love and where we can find it through we have common universal needs which form a hierarchy of Gods everlasting love. You can hear the song in its entirety on needs from lower to higher order. The lower needs start with You Tube (search for Rebecca Linda Smith) or simply click basic survival such as our need for food, water, air, sex, etc. and on this link: then security needs for safety and protection from harm. In the v=TpgOKPFEEBE=EF=BB=BF middle of this hierarchy is our need to be loved and accepted by We have this song Everlasting Love on our Jesus Grace others which is where our need for love and belongingness and Timeless albums. The song can be downloaded from comes in. Self-esteem is a higher level need to feel good about iTunes and other internet music sites, and the full album can be ourselves. Our need for self-actualization or self-realization is at purchased from Amazon as well as CD Baby, which distributes the top of the hierarchy which means to finally reach our goals our music, and also available at our Renewed Records website. which few achieve. A popular psychiatrist named William Until next time, why not consider a thing called love and ask Glasser noted most of us are usually busy in life trying to fulfill yourself if you have it and/or what reasonable steps you need to our strong need for love and belongingness. Thats because take to get it from your significant others. And more importantly, most people in advanced societies have their survival and safety ask yourself if you have a personal love relationship with your needs met and we all seek to have self-worth and reach our Heavenly Father, Whose love endures forever. goals. But love is our central need or desire and where most of

Dr. Robert Frank Smith

A Thing Called Love

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October-December 2013

2013 Festival Highlights

The Sacramento Western Swing Societys 32nd Western Swing Festival & Hall of Fame
Under warm, sunny skies, members of the Sacramento Western Swing Society greeted their guests with great Lou Bischoff hospitality. We all settled in to enjoy the 4-day event that showcased the 14 inductees into the 2013 Hall of Fame at the Rancho Cordova Machinists Hall. Our own LeRoy King opened the show, introducing the Sacramento Societys President, Bill Enyeart, and The Dry Creek Band. Bill kicked off the festival with Theres Still a Lot of Love in San Antone. Lincoln Highway was up next. On fiddle was North Carolinas best, Marty James. He and his darling wife traveled here to be a part of the festival and, once again, showed us how its done! Marty, thank you for your continued dedication to western swing and your support of the Sacramento Society. Bill Compton and the Fugitives, from San Diego, opened with Sandy Naughton singing a favorite, Crazy Arms. Joining them on stage was Tony Grasso, currently living in Spokane, WA. Chuck Hayes was invited to fill in on steel. Chuck is always willing to help out. Chuck Hayes and Special Edition opened their set with Old Fashioned Love. Chuck can make those western swing standards sound as though they were just released, even if he has sung them hundreds of times. It was so well done by our Oklahoma steel man. To make it even better, Paul Anastasio backed him up on fiddle. Nothing sounds tired or worn when these two musicians put their musical talents together! Despite hard times for many, we were pleased to see several musicians from the Northwest Society make the trip south to support the Sacramento Society. The Northwest All Stars were up next. LeRoy King led the group, consisting of Wayne Franco on steel, Tony Arana on drums, fiddlers Jerry Seitz and Paul Anastasio, Butch Gibson on bass and Larry Broad on lead guitar. When The Northwest All Stars got up for their second set, they were joined by Patty McConnell and Rus Davis. Speaking of traveling south, Pat and Sheila Nelson from Vancouver, BC, made the trip down. We were so pleased to have them join us. Jay Rileys Second Shift Band opened with Charlie Hull on sax, singing Wont

You Ride in My Little Red Wagon. On steel for Jay was

2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

Rudy Alexander Cliff Brizendine Harley Doughty Bobby Flores Bonnie Guitar Steve Hathaway Lawton Jiles Jesse Austin Morris B. B. Morse Conrad Nelson Al Parrett Mel Reynolds Valma Jewell Stane Doug Weiss

Sam Davidson. When Chuck Hayes and Special Edition took the stage again, he made special mention of those weve lost in the past year. He sang Sugar Moon as Paul Anastasio and special guest, Bud Duncan, Bill Enyeart, President joined the band on stage. of the Western Swing Society Very good to see Bud. Its been a while. Faded Love, with the twin fiddles of Bud and Paul, was exceptional. Not to be outdone, Howard Edwards and the Bay Area All Stars opened with special guest, Dee Price, on Faded Love. Oh my word, it was beautiful with the three fiddles of Ronnie Elkan, Bud Duncan and North Carolinas Marty James. We thought it couldnt possibly get any better than that until Bud and Ronnie mesmerized the crowd as they fiddled Maidens Prayer!! WOW!!!!! Lincoln Highway was up next. Terry Crouson opened with Roger Millers Engine Engine, Number 9. The Hank Williams medley done by Doug Weiss and the band was a real treat. And, while were speaking of treats, 12-year-old Amanda Crouson charmed us all with her talent and stage presence. Betty and Terry Crouson must be so very proud of their granddaughter. Ray Poe & Pickin Time from San Diego took the stage, making mention of dear friend, Chuck Woods, who was not able to come due to health issues. Chuck, we miss you very much and hope youre feeling better now. Ending the set, Ray, Sandy and Alton performed Ill Fly Away. Ray likes to always end with a familiar spiritual. So well done, Ray. Thank you! Shelley Elkan and Bite the Bullet came up next. Olan Dillingham and Ronnie Elkan were on twin fiddles and Chuck Hayes joined them on steel. We knew good things were to come and they did. What talent! Shelley ended the set with

Have a Nice Day.

Eddie Burr and His Western Swingers treated us to some beautiful harmonies with their selections. Dayna Wills and Friends opened with Dayna singing Ill Never Stand in Your Way with Bud Duncan and Paul Anastasio on fiddles. Tommy Thomsen and Friends came on strong with Bob Wills music. Adding fuel to that fire were Paul Anastasio and Olen Dillingham on fiddles with 2013 Inductee Cliff Brizendine on lead guitar.

(Continued on page 13 . . . )

October-December 2013

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October-December 2013

Western Swing Dancers Network (WSDN)

Dear WSDN Award supporters, Forgive me that I am slow getting this awards report to you. My first graders seem to get the first fruits of my labors these days! Nevertheless, these Surprise Appreciation Awards are so very valuable and meaningful to the recipients and I do not mean to slight them in any way by being here is the September report:

Walt and Jo were nominated over a year ago. We purposefully waited to make this surprise presentation at the Madill Shindig because so many of their friends who made that nomination wanted to be on hand for that presentation. Unfortunately they have had health issues that prohibited the trip from east Texas to the Madill OK Shindig. I made the announcement while I was there and folks signed the plaque. Joe and Cleta Walenta took it with them back to east Texas and made a presentation at a local dance. Congratulations Walt and Jo! We are so thankful for your faithful support of our music and dancing. We hope you will cherish the Award as much as we love and cherish you! Thank you Joe & Cleta for being terrific WSDN folks and delivering this award from all of us. We hope to see you on the dance floor in Canton in February. None of our WSDN Committee Members were on hand for the WSMSS Showcase in Amarillo in Walt & Jo Neal holding award September. Larry Lange, President of WSMSS, graciously filled in by presenting the two Surprise Appreciation Awards. (We had three for that Showcase but the third one left early before we could make the presentation so it will have to wait). Unfortunately I have no pictures from that event. If you have pictures please share them with me. It would be much appreciated. I would like to post them on our Facebook page.

Rhonda Craig

Walt & Jo Neal:

LaDonna Nelson:

LaDonna is the tiny little ball of fire who has worked the door for many years at the WSMSS Events along with Barbara Karr and Rosie Carberry. She is also wife of the sax player extraordinaire, Larry Nelson. Both have given of themselves so generously to keep our music and dancing alive without any expectation of compensation. Her Award had been made for over a yearLong before we knew she was slated for a WSMSS Awardso we waited to give hers until after the Hall of Fame Awards in OKC. I do not have a picture of LaDonna but hopefully someone will send one to me. She wrote a beautiful note, thanking us for her Award. Congratulations, LaDonna. You are our girl Friday! We love & appreciate you. Here is her beautiful Thank you note:

Barbara Karr & LaDonna Nelson Taken in August at the NW Western Swing Music Festival

Vivian Cox:

To Rhonda and the WSDN, Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! I was never so shocked when JoAnn and the girls hollered at me and said, LaDonna, they are calling for you! When I went up, there was Larry with this beautiful plaque! I couldnt even speak, (which is unusual for me)just tears. Anyway, I want to thank you all for such an honor. I still get tears when I look at it. So many came by and gave me congratulations and signed the plaque. I will always treasure it. Thanks again. Love, Ladonna Nelson

Vivian is one of the original so called Chico Mafia ladies. The other two received their award at Wagoner at the Fiddlers Event in August. She was not there so we waited until Amarillo to surprise her. We tried to keep the other award a secret so she would not realize hers was coming. Vivian is a faithful prayer warrior as well as a faithful WS music and Dance supporter. She and the other Chico gals have been promoting our dances and attending for many many years. Vivian is such an encourager. Her beauty is through and through. She has been her sidekicks (Jim) rock for many years as he battled his back and throat problems. I am just sorry she was not present for this much deserved award when her other partners in dance promotionthe Chico Mafia ladies.. received their award in Wagoner in August. Thank you Vivian for your faithful service to keep our dancing alive and encouraging newcomers to do the same. We love you. Following is a thank you note I received from Vivian.

Rhonda, I feel so humbled by receiving this treasured award. I need to thank who ever nominated me & the ones that voted for me to receive it. I love the Western Swing Music & the friends that I have made. I truly feel like we are attending a big family reunion when we get to go. How blessed I am to be able to go - to dance - to smile & feel the warmth from all who we meet. Thank you especially for the kind words you said about me & wish I was the person you described. I have a picture of my Special award with me at all times & show anyone that I can corner. Thank you & everyone again (Continued on Page 23) Love Vivian

Jim Thornberry and Vivian Cox

October-December 2013
(Continued from page 10, Sacramento Western Swing Festival)

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Keyboard player Ralph Chase complimented them all. Then Tommy sat down at the keyboard to put his boogie woogie beat behind Route 66. The audience and dancers loved it. Tommy ended a great set with Corrine Corrina. Charlie Hull and the Country Swing Playboys began and ended their set featuring Dayna Wills. By the way, Dayna released a new cd in May of this year, titled Look Whos Back. Most of the selections are original songs Dayna has written or co-written over the years. Take a listen on-line (she has also included the stories behind the songs) if you have the opportunity at Gary Campbell and the Stardust Cowboys kicked off their set with How the Cowboys Swung the West. Garys wife, Vicki, tried to explain the song she wrote as a result of folks asking her why she goes barefoot at music venues. In reply, Vicki wrote the award-winning song California Mountains. On Sunday at noon, Kimberly Pope, granddaughter of Brownie and Myrtle Brown, opened the final day of the festival singing the Star Spangled Banner as my hubby, Ed, and I presented the flag. What an honor for us to be asked. The music began with Tommy Thomsen and Friends performing Take Me Back To Tulsa. Olen Dillingham went wild on Ida Red . . . what a fiddle player . . . and, what a guy! Chuck Hayes on steel sang Misery with Tommys harmony. Tommy and the band were outstanding. Yes, it Dayna Wills made good sense to begin this day with Bob Wills music! What a fantastic set! It was time now for the induction of 2013 Nominees into the Sacramento Western Swing Societys Hall of Fame. The Master of Ceremonies was Terry Crouson with Lori Riley on keyboard. Bill Enyeart, President of the Sacramento Western Swing Society, opened with a welcome to everyone in attendance. Those present were Kay Alexander, accepting for her husband, Rudy; Cliff Brizendine; Harley Doughty; Steve Hathaway; the son of Lawton Jiles accepting for Lawton; Conrad Nelson; Al Parrett and Doug Weiss. Unable to attend the ceremony were Bobby Flores, Bonnie Guitar, Jesse Morris, B. B. Morse, Mel Reynolds and Valma Stane. Congratulations to you all! I might add that the lovely escorts, Linda and Caroline, made us feel so special. What an exciting time for the inductees and their families. Several fine bands followed the Induction Ceremony, including Gary Campbell and the Stardust Cowboys, the Inductee Band, Charlie Hull and his Country Swing Playboys, and Ray Poe and Pickin Time. The festival ended with a jam band led by Chuck Hayes and Pictured above: Amanda Ann Crouson the Northwest All Stars. often plays on the big stage with bands at Our thanks to Bill Enyeart and his fine crew of volunteers for making this such a great the Western Swing Society, and in the Jam event for all of us to enjoy: that includes sixteen of us from Washington State, and two Room. Her mentors are grandparents Terry of us from Vancouver, BC, Canada plus those that came from other parts of the US. & Betty Crouson and fiddler Ronnie Elkan. Much fun was had by all, including Doris Bruce and her sisters, Donna and Marie, from The Western Swing Society of Sacramento Wenatchee, WA. It really felt like home when Lydia Smith and her daughter from has sponsored Amanda with two $500.00 Sacramento joined us. Helping on the sound system was our Larry Broad and his wife, scholarships. She takes weekly lessons Susie. Decorations by Myrtle Brown were very nice with the western theme. You all did a from Eric Anderson. Now 12 years old, remarkable job! Thank you, with love and prayers, Amanda has been playing the fiddle for Lou and Ed Bischoff three years, playing on her great-great-

grandpas fiddle, to continue the familys fiddling tradition.

For many more photos of this event, please visit Dennis Fords website at:

Hooker Headlines
Nov. 23 The Western Club Bar and Grill, Navasota, TX with Tommy Hooker Nov. 29 The Stampede, with Jody Nix, Big Spring, TX Nov. 30 The Stagecoach Ballroom, Fort Worth, TX with Tommy Hooker Dec. 28 Celebrate New Years Eve early and avoid the amateurs! The Stagecoach Ballroom, Fort Worth, TX

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October-December 2013

Swinging Country
with Billy B
Saturday 8:03 AM - 9 AM (CST) KJDL 1420 AM / 98.5 FM Lubbock, TX Listen online from anywhere: Billy Bowles

Billys Western Swing/Tradition Country Top 10 Picks for November/December

1. 2. Funny Its Not Funny - Shoot Low Sheriff Shes Somewhere in Texas Tonight - Will Banister & the Mulberry Band 3. Devlish Mary - Billy Mata & Texas Tradition 4. All the Time - Ken Goldsmith 5. One of a Kind Hear - Janice Maynard & Country Stardust 6. Weak in the Knees - Guyanne McCall 7. A Better Mind to Stay - Chuck Cusimano 8. That Jones Boy Is Gone - Bobby Mackey 9. Cowboy Pay - Jerry Webb 10. Gotta Be a Cowgirl - Mikki Daniel


Howdy Do Friends. I would like to ask you a question. Please think about it before reading any further. Do you, personally, have strong memories that are directly connected to a radio Disc Jockeys program? I am sure for most radio listeners, if not ALL, the answer is Yes. Those memories could be happy or sad - most likely a little of both. What role does a Disc Jockey play in your personal listening choices? What makes you want to tune into a particular radio show every chance you have? Who are your favorite Disc Jockeys past, present or both. What makes them special? I would really love to hear from you. Please submit your stories in any of the following ways. You can email either our Editor, Jeanne Yearian, at or me, Billy Bowles, at . You can also leave comments on my Facebook page. Just search for Billy Bowles. With your permission, perhaps some of these stories could be shared in future articles here in the Guild Newsletter. I have been hosting my radio show, Swinging Country with Billy B, for a little over two & a half years now and, even in that short amount of time, I have some very special memories as a Disc Jockey - happy and sad, but all had a major, lasting impact on me. Here are a few of those I would like to share. Early on, I met a dear lady simply known as Fluffy who had a lot of friends in Lubbock, myself included. Fluffy loved to dance. Two of her favorite dance bands were Bobby Flores and the Yellow Rose Band and Jody Nix and the Texas Cowboys. Then, Fluffy was diagnosed with cancer and it was terminal. I called Fluffy one afternoon to check on her and visit as well as to let her know that Bobby Flores was going to be my Spotlight Featured Artist that week and I would be talking with him live on the air. At the end of our conversation she told me that my show Saturday was the only thing she had to look forward to that week. It was only a week or so after that broadcast she passed away. I will always remember that. A long-time friend of mine, Mike Mitchell, was a huge fan of my

show. He loved REAL, Traditional Country Music and Western Swing. He was also very proud of his son, Pat Mitchell, who is a singer songwriter and had just recorded his first CD. Mike would often call me and talk about the show. He called me one Saturday morning in August 2011 to congratulate me on that days show and thank me for playing one of Pat's songs he had requested. We had a very nice visit. On Monday morning, Pat called me to inform me his dad had passed away. What a shock! Can you imagine how special that call Mike made to me on Saturday is now? Ok, now here is a truly happy story. A dear friend of mine, Bruce Austin, had fallen in love with a lady named Rebecca. The song Such A Natural Thing by Ron Williams had become "their" song. They had heard it on my show and, on a couple of occasions, he had requested I play it. But one day Bruce called me with a special request. He had a plan. During my show, while their song was playing on the radio that next Saturday, he was going to get down on bended knee in front of Rebecca and pop the question, ring in hand. Well, I did my part, he did his and Rebecca said Yes! I was invited to the wedding. Their wedding gift from Ron Williams and me was an autographed CD from Ron that included "their" song with a personal note. It was a beautiful wedding and they recently celebrated their first anniversary. One of my most recent stories involves one of my biggest fans, DJ Billy Byrd from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He calls himself The Other Billy B. Billy had e-mailed me right after one of my shows. This particular show was a tribute to Red Steagall. Billy asked me if I would please send him a copy as soon as possible, explaining he had a very good friend, terminally ill, in the hospital who loves Red Steagall. Billy wanted to play it for him. Of course, I complied. Billy called me a few days later to tell me he took the disc in and played it for his friend. He said his friend just came to life and beamed. Billy said you would have thought he had already died and gone to heaven! I can't express how good that made me feel. There are more stories for sure and I may share more in the future. Hard to believe its only been two and a half years. I can only imagine the stories long time Disc Jockeys could tell. So, I am also asking for stories from Disc Jockeys. Please share your stories with us. Since we are talking about radio shows and Disc Jockeys, let me add this part of my personal history. As most of you know, I never dreamed I would ever host a radio show. I am completely convinced that God has placed this before me. Why? I am not sure. But, it has become evident to me He has - so I take it very seriously. It is an awesome responsibility to try and please your listening audience, the fans, the artists you play and promote, your great sponsors (who make the show possible) and the radio station. Believe me, it can be quite the juggling act. But I am trying my best to do my best! I look forward to reading your stories, comments, questions and requests. And, consider this your personal invitation to listen to my radio show.

Need an app? Real Country 98.5

Do you have music you want me to consider for radio play? Send to: Billy Bowles PO Box 817 Sundown, TX 79372

October-December 2013

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Always Remembered
With hits like "Drinking Champagne", "It's Time to Pay the Fiddler", and "Country Bumpkin", Calvin Grand Shofner, known professionally as Cal Smith, was a force of country music during the 60s and 70s. His talent influenced some of country's most wellknown including Loretta Lynn, Cal Smith Garth Brooks and George Strait. Smith passed away in Branson, Missouri, on October 10, 2013, at the age of 81. Born in Gans, Oklahoma, Smith grew up in the San Jose, California, area and became a popular disc jockey prior to joining Ernest Tubb's Texas Troubadours as a rhythm guitarist in 1962. Smith worked with Tubb until 1968, when he became a solo performer. In 1972, he recorded Bill Anderson's "The Lord Knows I'm Drinking," which became a No. 1 country hit for Decca Records. In 1974, Smith scored with "Country Bumpkin," which became the Country Music Association's song and single of the year and the Academy of Country Music's song of the year. Don Wayne wrote "Country Bumpkin" after being critiqued by a publishing industry professional as being too country: Nobody wants to hear about that frost on the pumpkin, was the criticism. Wayne wrote of a man who met a woman who teased him, "Hello, country bumpkin/ How's the frost out on the pumpkin?" "And then the story just unfolded," Wayne told author Philip Self in Guitar Pull: Conversations With Country's Legendary Songwriters. ''I thought to myself, 'Man, I've stumbled onto a hit song here.' But after thinking about it further, I thought, 'This could be more than a hit song. This could be a great song, if I write what I'm seeing.'" Wayne wrote what he was seeing, and Smith's vocal on the song was relaxed and authentic. Country Music Hall of Famer Garth Brooks sang "Country Bumpkin" for years in his sound checks, and he has called Smith's recording of "Country Bumpkin" his favorite country single. In 1994, Smith presented Brooks with his Academy of Country Music Award for "Country Bumpkin," and Brooks displayed that trophy in his home. "Country Bumpkin" was a huge country hit, as was 1975's "It's Time to Pay the Fiddler." Smith also scored Top 20 hits with 1972's "I've Found Someone of My Own," 1974's "Between Lust and Watching TV," 1975's "She Talked a Lot About Texas" and "Jason's Farm,: and 1977's "I Just Came Home to Count the Memories." Smith also figured into Loretta Lynn's Grammy-grabbing new-century career revival. Lynn's album returned her to mainstream prominence, and single "Portland, Oregon" was a duet between Lynn and rocker/producer Jack White. That song was spurred by a Portland night where she and Smith ordered drinks at a Holiday Inn. His later years were spent with his wife, Darlene. He is survived by his wife, five children and 15 great-grandchildren.

Thanks to Peter Cooper with The (Nashville) Tennessean for this story

The River Road Boys

Christmas Ball Tickets Now on Sale! December 7 at the Navasota VFW Hall. Call Vivian Now to Order Yours!
Vivian Howser, Business Manager/Secretary Home/Office: 281-290-7255, Cell: 281-989-0341 22011 Rosewood Trail, Tomball, Texas 77377-3505 website e-mail: Hi Friends, We are very pleased to have the great Randy "Snuffy" Elmore joining us on Fiddle for the Christmas Ball in Navasota on Dec. 7th. Red Hayes, who was previously advertised, is not going to be able to make it. As all of you know, Randy is an excellent fiddle player and we are fortunate to have him on the show. The rest of the musicians are as follows: Bill Dessens on Steel Guitar, Shelly Lee Alley on Lead and Rhythm Guitar and vocals, John Jones on Bass Guitar and vocals, Joel Brewer on drums, Wayne Glasson on Piano, and our great singer Jim Johnson. Wendy Brewer (Joel's wife) will also sing some songs during the night. So, you are in for a real treat. That's Saturday, December 7, 2013, from 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm at the Navasota VFW Hall in Navasota, Texas. There will be door prizes given during the band breaks and we will be selling tickets for a 50/50 drawing during the last break. Tickets are $20.00 per person. Light snacks will be provided. We can take ticket orders by phone , by e-mail or by regular mail. What a great way to kick off the Holiday Season with a night of dancing and western swing music.

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October-December 2013

Located 17 miles north of Altus in the Wichita M o u n t a i n s o f southwestern Oklahoma near the Texas border, Quartz Mountain Resort Arts and Conference Center is ideally located just two and a half hours from Oklahoma City and four hours from Dallas, TX.
Dance all night, dance a little longer, or just sit and visit with the neighbors. Music from Wendell Sollis and THE SIDEKICKS ALL STAR BAND will liven up the Christmas season Friday, Dec. 13, at Quartz Mountain Lodge with sounds of Western Swing, Classic Country, Cajun, and Big Band music. The Sidekicks lead guitarist is Joe Settlemires, renowned for his mastery of Jazz and Western Swing. Early in his career, at age 19, Settlemires played with Western Swing icon Bob Wills. Hes since played with a Whos Who of country legends, including Willie Nelson and Texas Ritter, and hes performed with the Oklahoma City Symphony. Settlemires u nm i st a k a bl e c on t ri but io n t o American music has been recognized by four Halls of Fame and in 2006, the Oklahoma State Legislature recognized him for his 50 years of contribution and dedications to both the Oklahoma music industry and music education in the private and public sector. The rest of the line up features seasoned musicians, including Bob Baker, hall of fame steel player, Larry Reed on saxophone, Steve Ham, hall of fame trombone player, Terry Thompson on drums, Rodney Lay from Roy Clarks band on bass, Gregg Gibbs on fiddle, Wade Landry from Branson, Missouri, on fiddle, Elizabeth Terry on fiddle, Ronny Dale Shultz on guitar, and Janet Rutland featured vocalist.

October-December 2013

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Keeping It Real SEEK



(PART 2)

I gave some information, in my last article (WSG, June/July 2013), of radio personalities who will (and do) play Real Country Music. I'd like to add to that list. Terry Isaac Naracon is an individual who also does contract D.J. work for private functions such as weddings, conventions, reunions and private parties. He can be heard on the Renegade at 24/7. If you have a Facebook account, you can find him and get the full story. Terry does also play other music besides Country so consider yourself forewarned in case you hear another kind of music with his name attached. Billy Bowles is on the Radio with Swinging Country, Saturday mornings on 1420 AM / 98.5 FM, KJDL Lubbock, Texas, from 8:00 to 9:00 AM (CST). You can listen to his station by going online at You can also find a free app for your phone or Ipad at Real Country 98.5. 98.5 also has a Facebook page. Peter Bruce hosts, Under Western Skies which comes out of Flagstaff, AZ. Flagstaff Country, 93.5FM or 930AM on the dial. You can also stream at Under Western Skies airs 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM on Sundays. This station also plays an eclectic mix of American music which leans toward the Country side, which includes Classic Country. Wyn Machon is out of New Zealand. Check out to hear Country and Gospel Radio. You can email Wyn at He will take your request. Lillies Ohlsson out of Sweden also has a radio program that plays Real Country and Western Swing at cowswing. To email Lillies, try Graham Lees is in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England. His shows, The Country Connection, can be accessed at and the links can be found on the left hand side of the homepage. Bruno Duqenoy in France plays Country Music on his Pure Country show and goes by the handle of, "Big Boss." I understand it is the No.1 Country Music Radio Station in France and Belgium! His site is:

ways for fans to listen in addition to the website, e.g.,, itunes radio and using various apps. Funding for the station is mostly from listeners. The show is a mix of new and old, featuring artists who have followed their hearts by choosing the real deal path with their music and who are, in the words of an aptly entitled Lonnie Spiker CD, unapologetically Honky Tonk. A typical 4-6 song set on All Things Country might include, Merle Haggard, Dale Watson, Amber Digby, Jake Hooker, George Jones and the Quebe Sisters. Rowena includes some Bluegrass and a lot of Western Swing on the show from Milton Brown and Bob Wills to John England & the Western Swingers, the Hot Texas Swing Band and two fine groups from Canada, the Bebop Cowboys and the Western Swing Authority. Rowena also plays cowboy music, and credits her friend and mentor, Marvin ODell, for teaching her so much about this most rich and valuable patch in the (Continued on Page 18 . . .)

A-10 Etcheverry
A-10s Cartoon Company Box 3713 T or C, NM 87901 Custom Cowboy Artwork


(Now dont take my word for it. Check this stuff out and you might be as amazed as I was that the good folks across the big pond still love our American Country Music!!)
All Things Country is a 2-hour, weekly show on the HPR1 channel of the internet radio station, Heartland Public Radio, The shows host is Rowena Muldavin and has been on the internet air for 7 years. Each new show first plays on Saturdays. Following, there are three encore plays at various times during the week to accommodate the vast number of listeners around the world, as there are as many HPR listeners overseas as there are in the U.S. and Canada. HPRs owner/operator, George Fair, has developed several

Page 18
(Continued from Page 17 . . . Chuck Cusimano)
Country quilt. Marvin is also one of our walking encyclopedias of Country, Western Swing and Bluegrass, and is quite generous in answering any questions. Rowena also takes requests. I have some sad news about a Country Station that has left the scene. 1460 AM, KCLE in Cleburne, TX, has decided to become a SPORTS station. I'm sure gonna miss Jim Russell's great voice on that station. In a way, I guess I'm not that sad, except for Jim's show. I had gotten away from listening much because they were playing way too much "Red Dirt" on there anyway. In my opinion, that's NOT where Country Music needs to go. I understand that some of my friends in the music business have started leaning in that direction, they say, "Only because of the money." I'm sorry to see them "SELL OUT." That does not mean I like them less as people but, as far as MUSIC goes, I only buy what I like. There are many Radio Stations and personalities that do play the kind of Country Music that you and I, the listeners, are looking for. Ive only scratched the surface. Look in your neck of the woods and see what might else be available. In case anyone is familiar with Gaylon King out in San Antonio, I'm happy to report that he is back to playing the Country Classics along with several Independent, Real Country Artists!! Not long ago, he had stopped playing the Indies for the simple reason, he wasn't feeling appreciated by some of the artists he was promoting. Speaking for myself, I always let the people who chose to play my recordings know that I REALLY do appreciate them!! I know if they are playing my music, they are darn sure doing it because they WANT to . . . They aren't playing it because they HAVE to. That is what the ones who play for the mainstream stations play... what they HAVE to, to keep a job. Not so with folks like Gaylon King, Tom Wardle, Jim Loessberg, Tommy Honkytonky, Sam Upshaw and many more. Speaking of Sam Upshaw and KEQX in Dublin Texas, I'm told that they will soon be expanding their listening area to include quite a bit of ground coverage than they've had in the past. This comes as great news for a lot of folks! I'll know more particulars about it as time goes on but, you can keep up by going online. Just search KEQX on your computer and listen in online. . . . . PLEASE DON'T THINK I'M PREACHIN' BUT . . . . This gentle reminder goes out to ALL of you Independent, Real Country Artists. If you're smart, you WILL take the time to thank these folks who are working as hard as WE are to preserve this kind of music. Times are a' changing and you either get a computer (no longer a luxury item any more than a cell phone or tv) and learn how to use it or you are left behind. Use your favorite search engine and locate the various internet stations mentioned above. SEEK what you're looking for. We - Country Artists - can only do so much to write and record Real Country. You'll have to pick up your end of the wheel barrow and pitch in to make it work.

October-December 2013

Whether you are Family or Friend, this message, to you from me, is from the heart.

Chuck Cusimano can be reached at

Copyright 2010-Cusimusico

A-10 Etcheverry
A-10s Cartoon Company Box 3713 T or C, NM 87901 Custom Cowboy Artwork


Thanks For Keeping It Real!

Chuck Cusimano lives near Springtown, Texas and can be reached for comment at -- The complaint department is located right smack dab in the middle of the Lake, closest to!

October-December 2013

Page 19
legally available on the internet is a good place to look. ( is a GREAT source of info.) ACOUTSTIC GUITARS: I love these: Believe it or not, that inexpensive EV 635 discussed above has been giving some GREAT results here on acoustic guitar work, both strummed and lead. I would have never believed it, until it was recommended by a Platinum winning engineer of my acquaintance. The same goes for the lowly $79.00 Shure SM57. Dont be fooled by price go with what your own ears tell you. Notice how your recorded sound is nothing like what you hear when you play? Then try putting the mic right next to your right ear. Turn the gain up on the mic, and turn the headphones down (or dont use one on the right side at all) then what you are hearing and what the mic is hearing will be a lot closer. (Try that omni mic again!) One of the most overlooked tone controls on acoustic guitar is the gauge of pick. For a softer tone, use a thinner pick, for a faster more aggressive sound, use a heavier pick. (Try it it really works in front of a microphone!) The playing surface where the guitarist and mic are situated can have a radical impact on the immediate sound. If you are setting on carpet, and cant seem to get any life or warmth out of your recorded guitar tracks, try this: lay half a sheet of plywood down, put the guitarists chair and the mic(s) in the middle of that board. This will give the acoustics a firmer wooden surface from which to reflect, adding some real life and presence to the sounds the mic is exposed to, without having to tear up the floor. This also works for any instrument, but oddly can sound very strange with vocals, which we will be covering soon. Just one more thing: We should all strive to be a little nicer to each other. I dont believe it matters what: ones politics, ones state or nation of origin, ones religious views, or _______________________

Ken Morgan
WSG Executive Consultant for the Recording Industry Ken Morgan

Got A Question about Recording Studios, Making CDs, Actual Recording of the CD, Equipment, Recorders, or Anything concerning the Recording Industry? Ken Morgan has been working as an independent recording engineer, producer, and musician for the majority of his life. He has performed on stages throughout the US and Europe; has played on dozens of Indie and private release records, ad music beds, and video scores; and, he has written equipment reviews for several on-line equipment magazines. Ken is a voting member of the Grammy and is currently working with select song writers in the development of their releases for publication and national promotion. Ken is seen quite regularly performing live with Shady Mitchell and Kickin Kountry wherever there is a dance floor and a crowd wanting traditional western music. You can contact Ken by emailing him at the address given above. Hope everyone is doing well! As Im in the same boat, reestablishing a home studio now (long story), most of what weve been talking about for the past several issues is going into real world applications. In this issue, Id like to talk about some tricks of the trade if you will, some extremely cool, simple, mostly inexpensive, and almost always sonically pleasing things you can do in your own home studio to get the maximum sound quality. Lets get started, OK? ELECTRIC GUITARS: I have a love/hate relationship with these, as they can be so easy, yet so hard to get sounding right. Heres some ideas: Small amps almost always sound better in a studio setting than big amps. You can turn small ones up to get that sound, often unattainable in big amps unless they are at earbleeding levels. Try using an omni mic instead of the usual things my favorite (this month) is a very old EV 635a omni dynamic mic that sounds astonishingly good! Set the mic back 18-24 from the speaker, and there ya go no need for reverb either Play a part with one guitar, then play the exact same part with a different guitar or the same one with different tone settings. Pan one track hard right one hard left. Pretty big sound, huh? Same idea is to play the song down low on the neck, then replay the song on a new track, using a capo and different chord positions. With a little planning, this can make your 6 string guitar sound like an 18 or 24 string thing of beauty (or a muddy beast use sparingly!) Guitar tracks can sound bigger in your recordings by duplicating the rhythm track(s), then adding a different effect to each one and placing it in different spots in the stereo field. A little chorus hard left, for example, with a little reverb hard right, clean and dry straight up the middle, with tempo correct echo just to the left and right of center. Dont forget directthere are so many GREAT sounding hardware and software choices now, that it makes sense to try them. Many of the software packages are freely and

(just fill in the blank here)

. . happens to be. It doesnt take any effort to say hello, to hold the door for a stranger, or to smile at a child. Hope these tips help. Feel free to ask anything home recording related and remember that for best results, turn to the pros! Email all questions on anything concerning recording or making music CDs to and well answer your questions in upcoming editions of the WSG Newsletter. Hope to see yall down the road---thank you all for your continued support of Western music. Ken Morgan

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October-December 2013

What Will Be the Fate of Merle Haggards Childhood Home?

As reported in The Californian on October 26, 2013
(Note from the editor: Our thanks to musician Jerry Hobbs of Bakersfield, CA, for bringing this story to our attention.) Though it

started out much like its most famous resident did -- riding the rails thither and yon -- the boxcar that Merle Haggard grew up in has stayed put for nearly 80 years on Yosemite Street in Oildale. But if a pair of history preservationists have their way, the boxcar will be on the move again, to what they hope will be its final destination: the Kern County Museum. "I think we owe Merle Haggard a thank you for what he's done for our community," said Glenda Rankin, who is leading the effort to move the home. "A lot of people in Bakersfield aren't country music enthusiasts, so they might not have the same feeling about it, but I think he's put Bakersfield and Kern County on the map. When people mention Bakersfield, that's what they think of: Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and the Bakersfield Sound." Photo courtesy of Lillian Rea Rankin and her sister, Dianne Sharman, envision the Haggard The boxcar as it was in 1935, before James Haggard converted it into the home as a powerful draw for the museum, not only among Kern family home County residents but for country music fans the world over, many of whom already make pilgrimages to Buck Owens' Crystal Palace, established in 1996 by Owens, in part to preserve and share his own impressive legacy. In their quest to move the home, Rankin and Sharman are in the final stages of the application process to form a nonprofit organization -- Citizens Preserving History -- and have developed a plan with several key provisions already checked off, including:

The blessing of Lillian Haggard Rea, Haggard's sister and frequent proxy on matters related to their family history. An agreement in principle with the current owner to transfer title of the home to the nonprofit. An estimate on the cost of restoring the home and building a replacement structure for the current owner.

All they need now is a commitment that the museum will accept the building. And that's not a given. Though museum executive director Roger Perez calls the concept "a great idea" and is optimistic the project will move forward, the Kern County Museum Foundation, which governs the museum, has a number of concerns, primary among them that the building not sit forlorn on museum grounds, inaccessible to visitors, while Rankin raises money for its renovation. "We have to take it into the context of the overall mission of the museum, which is preserving Kern County history, but we also have to take it from the standpoint of practicality," Perez said. "When you accept things -- even if they're totally donated -- you have to confront how to keep them, how to staff them, maintaining them in perpetuity. How it fits into the grounds. You have to look at the cost and benefit of it. "When you add something like this, you're adding more in operations. You're expanding your museum. You add to that the fact that many of the buildings we have now are in disrepair, and we have to get those up to snuff now for the visitors." Rankin and Sharman, who mounted a successful effort in 2008 to move their mother's historic home -- the Lopez-Hill house -- to the museum, began the Haggard effort about five years ago on the recommendation of their friend Dale Houston. They'll find out at a meeting of the foundation's board whether they can move forward with their plan. Rankin is hoping there are more like her and her sister in the community who want to see the Haggard house restored and put on public display -- and that they'll contribute money to the effort. "We'd like to celebrate Merle's 77th birthday on April 6 by doing this project," Rankin said. "We can't wait to do this Photo by Henry A. Barrios / The Californian project if we want Merle and Lillian to be there to enjoy it." A chain-link fence separates Merle Haggard childhood home from the alley near Lillian Haggard Rea, Merle Haggard's sister, is the Yosemite Drive and El Tejon Avenue in Oildale. There is a proposal to move the country star's old home to the Kern County Museum. keeper not only of her own family's history but a prolific writer and font of information about Kern County. She agreed to share with Californian readers the story of her father's connection with the family of Bakersfield pioneer Christian Bohna and how the Haggards came to settle in Oildale because of mother Flossie's health needs. (Continued on page 21 . . .)

October-December 2013
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Getting on the same page Growing up in Oildale Though several foundation members Being the sister of Merle Haggard, expressed interest in the project at the last Lillian Haggard Rea -- vivacious and two board meetings, the sticking point stunning at 92 years old -- is asked a lot between the museum and Citizens Preserving whether she likes her brother's music. "I History comes down to logistics and money: say, 'Sure I do.' But I don't like to listen to Perez said the board wants the home it because there's a line in every song that renovated before it is moved -- or the full cost I know where that story comes from. And it of the restoration in the bank -- but Rankin's makes me cry." Rea of course is not alone plan is predicated on the improvements in her admiration of Haggard's artistry, his occurring at the museum, and soon. unique and celebrated ability to convey "I think it's unreasonable to move it with poetic grace the life he's lived. already restored," Rankin said after the board That life started in 1937 in Oildale, in a meeting in September. "We can't go into the boxcar that was lovingly transformed into a location in Oildale and spend the time to home by Haggard's father, Jim, a renovate. (The current residents) want their hardworking Oklahoma transplant who home." settled his family here for good in 1935, The projected cost of the entire plan -the same year he bought and converted moving and restoring the home and building the boxcar. a replacement dwelling -- is $102,000, said Photo courtesy of Lillian Rea "All of us loved the boxcar house," Rea recalled. "We never said, 'Oh, we live in a Merle Haggard shared a boxcar with his parents, Rankin, who intends to raise the full amount. Roughly $52,000 of that would go to the James and Flossie Mae, and siblings boxcar.' We had an apricot tree in the yard move and renovation, while the remainder that ripened around the Fourth of July would be used to build the new home, which Rankin's contractor every year. And our mother had these beautiful roses. Mother told her would take under two months. could heat the whole house by turning on one burner on her "We can't ask them to be out of the home that much longer," gas jet." The entire Haggard family -- Jim and Flossie and their Rankin said. (Repeated calls to the home's owner were not children, Lillian, Lowell and Merle -- lived in the 629-square-foot answered.) The alternative to restoring the house before it is home, which could accommodate three bedrooms after Jim's moved is securing the entire cost of the project, and there's the rub, Rankin said: How can her group raise money unless there's additions. The boxcar was the only childhood home Haggard ever an iron-clad commitment from the museum to take the home? A subcommittee working on the issue intends to present to knew, and the board at Monday's meeting a recommendation on conditions though it couldn't always that must be met before the museum would accept the structure. "It will be put in a motion to give the Rankins a letter that we confine his will accept the house as long as you meet these conditions," restless spirit or penchant for Perez said. "They can use the letter to fundraise." Perez referred questions about the subcommittee's mischief, he recommendations to attorney Joe Hughes, the foundation board invariably member who is drafting the letter. But Hughes declined to divulge returned to the home and the the list of conditions, saying the draft is "a work in progress." . . . "I think they want it, but they don't think the timing is right," embrace of his she said. "We think it will enhance the museum. People come family. It was while he lived from all over the world to the Crystal Palace to see Buck Owens' Photo courtesy of Lillian Rea there o n history, and they're going to go to the museum to see Merle The Haggard kitchen, as it was in the 1980s before it was Yosemite Street Haggard's history if it's there." sold. Lillian Rea recalls that the Haggard kitchen was that perhaps immaculate when the family lived there. the most traumatic -- certainly the most formative -- event of his life occurred: the death of his father when Haggard was 9. The Haggards held on to the home, and Flossie made improvements over the years, like having the exterior stuccoed. She eventually built a second house that still sits in front of the boxcar home. Rea sold the property to some cousins in the 1980s, after her mother's death, and eventually it was sold to Marie Himes, the current owner. As for whether the home should wind up at the museum, Rea is ambivalent, and she hasn't talked to her brother about the matter at all. He usually defers to her judgment on these things anyway, she said. But she would like to see it restored to the "immaculate" and inviting home she remembers from her Photo by By Felix Adamo / The Californian childhood. "It's not my history. It's Merle's history we're Lillian Haggard Rea (sister of Merle Haggard) is flanked by Dianne Sharman and Glenda Rankin, who hope to restore and put on display the childhood home of dealing with." Merle Haggard.

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October-December 2013

News from the Western Swing Music Society of the Southwest

President, Larry Lange Hello friends and fellow Western Swing lovers. I'm hoping all are well and are enjoying the music we so love either in Larry Lange your area or abroad. We have many things ahead of us and I am extremely excited to be working with the many talented members of the WSMSS to see them through. Before I begin with the upcoming events I must take some time to speak about the Amarillo Showcase that was attended by so many in September. Len and Tammy Wylie continue to go out of their way to make this event one of the best of the year. From the very day we arrived, these two had the place jumping with a fully loaded jam room, a ballroom with standing room only and great bands playing on the big stage all three days. I'd appreciate it so much if you would take some time out of your busy schedules and either email Tammy and Len or send them a note thanking them for the wonderful job they did and continue to do. Their contact information is Len and Tammi Wylie, 5201W. CR 283, Canyon Texas 79015 or phone # 806-488-2611. As you all know, Western Hill Resort is under complete renovation and we got caught up in their progress. The hotel was built in the early 1950s and was overdue for updating. It was just too bad for us that it effected our showcase. Wagoner has been a special location for the WSMSS with ballroom, jam rooms, restaurant and, of course, motel rooms all in one central area. We park our cars on Thursday and never start them up until time to leave - love that place. We are checking on their progress at the resort and are praying that we will be back next November. Grady Smith and Bobby Dixon are working diligently on the Wichita Falls Elks Lodge Showcase to be held March 20th thru 22nd. They have 3 confirmed sponsors that will assist us financially, Bobby will be working up band schedules and is even attempting to have a special guest attend. Grady has contacted the local Chamber of Commerce once again to help us with the event. Hotels and RV parks are notified and everything is set of another great Showcase. Be sure to let these two guys know what a good job they are doing the next time you see them. We have big plans for our Cape Girardeau Showcase to be held in 2014 on May 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. This will be the 10th anniversary for that showcase and I'm hoping many will be putting this date down on their calendars to attend. We put our heads together and came up with an idea that we are going to try. Peggy Cloyd, from Pampa, Texas, has contacted a Tour Bus company to take us to and from the Cape this year and we have already gotten very positive feedback. Peggy's contact information is 806-440-1177 if you are interested in riding along. The Cape is the furthest that the WSMSS reaches out and I was so surprised with the event last year. I met so many new people from Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri that love our kind of music. Many of these folks are new members and it would really be wonderful

Visit The Western Swing Music Society of the Southwests Web Site: or Facebook: Western Swing Music Society of the Southwest

if we had a large group travel there to visit and make new friendships. A pleasant surprise for me at the Amarillo Showcase was seeing all the fantastic musicians coming out of the woodwork. I was especially happy to see all the fiddle players that came out. I was telling Bobby Dixon on the way up that I was afraid we might be short fiddle players as Jimmy Burson, David Holcomb, Brady Bowen, and Grady Smith weren't going to be there. Bobby said (and I quote), Larry, don't worry about it. There's a fiddle player behind every mesquite tree in West Texas. He was right. I counted 10 fiddle players at one point on Saturday. We welcomed two fiddle players that I had met at the Bobby Flores Music Camp this summer, two young ladies, Elizabeth and Emily Terry and their mom Dana all the way from Pampa. The WSMSS leadership has listened to its membership and is taking action in regards to our 2014 Hall of Fame (HOF) Showcase. Many problem areas were addressed concerning navigating in large unfamiliar cities, the expense of the motel, food prices, dance floor issues and so on. We began looking for a different location that would address all the above problems and we believe we have found a suitable venue that will fulfill our needs. We will move our HOF to Lawton, Oklahoma, at the Great Plains Fair Grounds Annex. They have just installed 60 new, 50 Amp, RV spots surrounding the facility. I had dancing experts, Buddy and Sue Howe, check out the dance floor and they say it will be very good. The host hotel is the Best Western located on I44 and Gore Avenue (adjacent to the Comanche Casino) and located about 5 miles from the event center. Also, the hotels are reasonably priced. Lawtons population is approximately 50,000 so it will be much easier to find your way around town and, finally, the town sincerely wants our business and is willing to assist us in costs that we incur.

Celebrating Our 30th Year

Founded In 1983

Visit us on the web at

October-December 2013
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Western Swing Dancers Network (WSDN)

Chico Mafia Ladies:
There were four of these wonderful ladies when we met them. Mary Vaughn, Pat Sonnevelt, Vivian Cox, and Ruth McCollum. Ruth died a few years back. These ladies were nominated a long time ago. The plaques have been ready for presentation. but we have had a difficult time getting them all together at one time. We presented Pat and Mary their Surprise Awards at the Fiddlers in Wagoner in August, but Vivian was not there. Vivian receives my emails so I knew if I sent an email and pictures about the Chico Mafia Ladies Awards (as they are affectionately known), she would have wondered why she was not included. So, I waited until she received her award in Amarillo. I do not yet have pictures of her receiving her award. I am including pictures of the late Ruth McCollum with my husband, The late Ruth McCollum with Dick, as well as one of Vivian with Jim Dick Craig Thornberry from a few years back (see page 12).

Pictured above, left to right: Chico Mafia Ladies: Mary Vaughn & Pat Sonnevelt Ada Ladies: Reva Dockery & Louise Pogue

Ada Ladies:
Reva Dockery and Louise Pogue, better known as the Ada Ladies, were also honored at the Fiddlers in August. One of the original trio, Weta Shortes, passed away a few years back but she has not been forgotten. Buddy Thornton, Buddy Howe, and Dick escorted the surprised Ada Ladies and the Chico Mafia Ladies to the stage for their awards. It was a great presentation. These ladies keep in touch with everyone from near and far. It is always a disappointment if they are not at one of our events. Each of these ladies has supported Western Swing and traditional country dancing for many, many years. They spread the word, making new friends and drawing them into the dance circle where ever they go. As a matter of fact, it is because of them that Dick and I ever became involved. Mary Vaughn and Dick danced at the first event we accidentally stumbled into in OKC in 2005. She told us all about the WSMSS and other Western Swing dances and insisted we give it a try in Amarillo . . . the next event. We did so and the rest for us is history. These ladies were nominated by several of our WSDN and The late Weta Shortes we are proud to honor them with our surprise appreciation awards. We just wish Vivian could have been there too! I know Ruth and Weta were looking on from on high as we all got to say thank you to these lovely ladies who continue to be part of the backbone of western swing dances.

Lou & Ed Bischoff:

In August, at the NW Western Swing Music Festival held in Auburn, WA, we were able to surprise two other nominees, Ed and Lou Bischoff. Our thanks to Joe Baker who delivered the Award and Jeanne Yearian, who read our letter and Joe Baker, Jeanne Yearian, Lou & Ed Bischoff presented a framed copy (held by Lou) to the surprised couple. They have been the ambassadors of Western Swing, helping to link their part of the Western Swing world to the southwest Western Swing world (and Sacramento). The photo I am posting also includes Jeanne Yearian who received an award from WSG for her Editorial genus with that newsletter. We are so delighted to be able to honor these folks who are so deserving and were so appreciative. Your Network: Awards are not meant to honor celebrities, but rather they are meant to honor the ordinary people who make the

celebrities look good. It is all made possible through donations from the 3 kinds of dancers. You are invited to be a part of this unique & gratifying network by participating with a contribution of any size to the WSDN Surprise Appreciation Award Fund. (Rhonda Craig 1118 Cansler Dr Enid OK 73703) This is your network. Thanks to many who have already made donations, this program is strong and growing stronger every day.
SoStay tuned there is much more to come in 2013 because dancers are on a roll making a difference! Rhonda Craig, WSDN Administrator WSDN, WSPN

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October-December 2013

The Texas Western Swing Hall of Fame started in 1988 and was first based in Austin, then moved to its current home in San Marcos, Texas. The Texas Western Swing Hall of Fame weekend takes place each year in San Marcos, Texas, on the third weekend of May. Check us out on Facebook:

"Swingin' West"
Mike Gross
KSEY-FM, Seymour, TX
Mike Gross

Top 10 for November, 2013
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

All Dolled Up - Western Swing Authority (Canada) Alexanders Goodtime Band - Dave Alexander (DAP) Swing On - Carolyn Martin (Java Jive) New Star Over Texas - The Time Jumpers (Rounder) Prairie Skies - Eli Barsi (Red Truck) (Canada) Cant Get Enough of Texas - River Road Boys (Buzzard Roost) Texas Memory Trip - Durwood Haddock (Eagle Intl.) Fruit Stand - Brooke Graham Yodel Western Swing - Kristyn Harris

United Kingdom
The Western Hour Twang~Grass The Country Connection can heard streaming on the Home Page of my website Top Ten Albums
1. Bout Time, Hot Texas Swing Band 2. Drop In On My Dream, Cornell Hurd Band 3. Alexanders Goodtime Band, Dave Alexander 4. Tennessee Local, Carolyn Martin 5. The Tyler Sessions, Chuck Cusimano 6. Desperado, Desperados 7. Bright Lights, The Swing Commanders 8. Swingin Big, Tony Harrison & Hot Texas 9. Cowboys Last Words, The Ball Family 10. Depend on Me, Susan Riley

Graham Lees

10. Take Me Back to Texas - Mary Kaye (Dont Fence Me In)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. All Dolled Up - Western Swing Authority (Canada) Bout Time - Hot Texas Swing Band Alexanders Goodtime Band - Dave Alexander (DAP) Steel Highway - John Lang Songs from Beautiful Texas - Al Dressens Super Swing Revue (Range Cube) Thursday Nite Live at Broken Spoke - Tony Harrison Silver Dollar City - Live - 3 Trails West The Time Jumpers - The Time Jumpers (Rounder) Cant Get Enough of Texas - River Road Boys (Buzzard Roost)

Top Ten Songs

1. Way Too Soon, Hot Texas Swing Band 2. Two Steppin Texas Blue, Joni Harms 3. Amarillo by Morning, Desperados 4. Mama Was the Rose of San Antone, Curtis Potter 5. You Were Made for Me, Hot Texas Swing Band 6. Call of the Wine, Landon Dodd 7. Youre Gonna Love Me, Dayna Wills 8. More, Tony Harrison & Hot Texas 9. Deep Water, Ann J. Morton 10. One Heart Away, Miss Jeanie

10. Tennessee Local - Carolyn Martin (Java Jive)

Make plans to visit our Friends at the original Western Swing Society these guys are the ones who started it all way back when.