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ADDC ADDC is owned by the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADDC). It is responsible for distributing water and electricity services to all customers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (excluding the Al Ain region) with a customer base covering in excess of 400,000 agreements for water and electricity supply. It has the vision to become a leading water and electricity company comparable with the best in the world. It is relentlessly focused on developing, maintaining and operating a reliable, secure, safe and cost effective distribution system in Abu-Dhabi and providing services that meet or exceed its customers’ expectations. Its employees are committed to operating ethically and with integrity at all times whilst the business believes in upholding the highest levels of corporate and social responsibility. CHaLLeNGe
Driving efficiencies and productivity
ADDC is focused on become one of the world’s best water and electricity companies with a commitment to delivering excellent customer service. As part of this drive, it identified the need to deploy mobile computing to improve the customer experience, and enhance productivity to efficiently meet increasing demand for its services in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and its surrounds.

CUSTOMER PROFILE Company • Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) Location • Abu-Dhabi – UAE Industry • Water and Electricity Distribution Motorola Products • MC55, MC70 and MC75 handheld mobile computers Partner • Data Capture Systems

CASE STUDY ABU DHaBI DISTRIBUTION COMPaNY (ADDC) ENHaNcES PROdUcTIVITY. and enhance performance. faster and more accurate data capture. Says Engg. The technology drives operating efficiencies. Search for the optimum mobile computing technology ADDC undertook a tender process to select a specialist partner to complement its own strong in-house IT capabilities. The technology is delivering a range of benefits. downloaded to devices. the ability to create reports on the fly. Nasr Aziz. and ensures we deliver quality services to customers. Up to 47 percent in the case of meter readers – based on the number of meters read month-by-month. the greater accuracy achieved by electronic data has markedly reduced the number of bill queries from customers. Abu Dhabi Distribution Co. and is available in real or close to real-time • Improved performance : engineers have access through the device to manuals and information to assist them to solve problems quickly and efficiently High-growth business ADDC serves over 400. is of a higher quality. The ultimate goal is to ensure we seamlessly accommodate exceptional growth in demand for our services. dRIVES EFFIcIENcIES aNd IMPROVES cUSTOMER SERVIcE “With Data Capture Systems.000 customers across 67. Application(s ) • Data capture : a range of electronic processes are supported e. The Field Activity Team and the Meter Reading team are all reporting significant performance and productivity gains. Head of Meter Installation and Maintenance Section.340 square kms. fully automated utility. Improvements stem from optimized work schedules. Also. PAGE 2 . integrated with back office systems. the company is experiencing strong demand from new customers. “We embrace new technology and have set out to automate our operations to help teams be as productive as possible and drive efficiencies across the business. Alongside the geographic challenges of overseeing equipment across such a wide area. For instance. with the request sent from the field using the device Benefits • Enhanced customer service : bills are more timely and accurate • Enhanced productivity : all field teams report productivity benefits – by as much as 47 percent for the meter reading operation • Improved information : data is collated faster. we’ve equipped our field teams with Motorola handheld computers. The devices run Windows Mobile applications (designed by Data Capture Systems) and enable the real-time or close to real-time flow of data across the organisation and into key business information systems. the productivity of staff reading meters has improved by 47 percent. and the fact that duplication has been removed from processes. / Water and Electricity Authority THE SOLUTION Electronic data collation and job management Data Capture Systems worked hand in glove with ADDC to deploy Motorola handheld mobile computers to its field teams.g. These factors underpin its aim to become the region’s first. These include the Oracle Customer Care and the Billing System used by ADDC. make the best use of resources • Data transfer : teams easily populate business information systems by sending data from the field or by fitting devices into cradles back at base • Identification : engineers can scan bar codes fixed to equipment to ensure they’re at the right site • Quality control : certain activities – such as resetting meters – have to be validated by head office. meter reading • Job allocation : optimized work schedules. It opted to work with Data Capture Systems – specialists in helping business optimize the way information is collated and used to reduce costs. teams can transfer data from the field or simply connect their computer to docking stations at the day’s end to transfer information without needing to key it in from notes.” As part of this drive. ADDC sought to replace paperbased processes with mobile computers that to help drive productivity across its field teams.” Engg. accommodates a high-pace of growth in our business. Nasr Aziz. THE BUSINESS VALUE Doing more in the same time window Efficiencies are generated across the business.

provide information to teams at the point of service delivery to enhance their work. MOTO. commensurate with the ADDC deployment.0. we’re achieving more in the same timeframe – this is critical to our business as we’re better prepared to meet the growing demand for our services. Nasr Aziz. The familiar Windows operation has seen the system quickly embraced by users and it’s delivering key benefits. and conduct maintenance. The expertise is comprehensive . detailing damage or requesting maintenance.CASE STUDY ABU DHaBI DISTRIBUTION COMPaNY (ADDC) ENHaNcES PROdUcTIVITY. dRIVES EFFIcIENcIES aNd IMPROVES cUSTOMER SERVIcE MOTOROLA. Moreover.” with a list of the day’s customers and an optimized route. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The products also offer versatile features including data capture. MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings. they’re provided For more information on how Motorola’s MC55. please visit us on the web at or access our global contact directory at www. heat. and save time by accurately recording and making data available in realtime or close to real-time across the business. disconnections and resets. which also supports both Arabic and English languages. Says Pawan Singh. Teams can collect data using an optical probe that automatically retrieves the meter serial number and reading. writing mobile applications and coding for integration with back office systems – all of which were central to making our deployment a success. and printing options that support a wide range of applications. Data is connected using Ethernet or network cradles (in the office) and is automatically uploaded to the ORACLE database and Customer Care and Billing System. ADDC tested the units and gave the go-ahead to provide end users with Motorola kit. and ensure that consistent quality information is collected by field teams for use by the business. Says “We opted to work with Data Capture Systems because it has a strong track record in mobile computing. manage connection.Branch Manager: “The Motorola devices are the most robust available and can cope with the extremes of humidity. All details are stored on the MC70 and are transferred to billing systems using Ethernet/network cradles at the day’s end to automate the bill creation process. This decision also influenced integration with back office systems as the devices work with Windows Mobile 6.” Systems integration Data Capture Systems developed Windows Mobile applications for the devices. New jobs can also be assigned to technicians in the field. LLC and are used under license. customers receive precise and timely bills. At the start of each shift. • Field Activity Team: The Field Activity team use 200 MC75 handheld computers to also receive job schedules at the start of each day. Teams can also make notes e. The devices are helping teams achieve many more site visits per day. It’s helping us better prepare work schedules. camera. .spanning handheld devices. The devices are constant companions as the field teams visit damaged / faulty meters. Nasr Aziz says: “We are very pleased with the technology. MC70 and MC75 mobile handheld computers can improve your field sales and field services operations.motorola. Customer service is improved – our billing is much more timely and accurate. All rights reserved.motorola. The interfaces and forms enable teams to simply access or record the information they need. Concluding with his overall take on the deployment Eng. Data Capture Systems advised ADDC to deploy Motorola devices.” With the mobile computers.g. drops and knocks. wireless connectivity. DCS Abu Dhabi . ©2011 Motorola Solutions Inc. Performance and productivity The technology is used by two ADDC teams including: • Meter reading: Using the rugged MC70 device – supplied to 120 team members – meter readers no longer carry a paper register. dust and. Using the devices personnel can report on activity with all data transferred to back office systems using GPRS – and where applicable – Field Activity Systems are automatically created. Head of Meter Installation & Maintenance Section. But perhaps most importantly. the number of queried invoices has dropped markedly saving ADDC time and money. Faster and accurate reading means teams achieve more: productivity is up by 47 percent.