The Magic Thread

A French Tale

Once upon a time there was a woman who had a son called Peter. He was the smartest boy in the village where he lived, but he did not enjoy going to school and so he was always daydreaming. “Peter, what are you dreaming about this time?”, his teacher asked him. “ !m thinking about what !ll be when grow up”, he replied. “"e patient. "eing an adult is di##icult, you know”, his teacher said. "ut it was di##icult #or Peter to enjoy the things he was doing. He was always waiting #or the ne$t thing. think that he was the most impatient boy in the world% Peter liked walking in the #orest, dreaming about his #uture. One day he was sleeping under a tree and he heard someone calling his name. He opened his eyes and looked& there was an old woman in #ront o# him. 'he was the oldest and ugliest creature that you can imagine, and she was holding a silver ball in her hands. “(ake this ball, Peter”, she said. “)hat is it?”, he asked. “(his is your li#e thread”, she replied, showing him the thread that came out o# the ball. “ # you do not touch it, time will pass normally. "ut i# you want time to pass more *uickly, pull the thread a little harder and an hour will pass like a second. (his ball is #or you, but i# you accept it, you won!t tell anyone about it. # you tell, you die.” Peter took the present, jumping with joy. t was per#ect% He #elt like this was the luckiest day in his li#e. He put the ball in his pocket and ran home. On the ne$t day, at school, Peter #elt really tired. He didn!t want to listen to the teacher. 'o he took his silver ball and pulled the thread just a little. Pu#% (he class was #inished and everyone was going home. He was so happy% +ow Peter is pulling the thread a little every day, because some things are so boring% t was great that now time was passing #aster. One day, he thought to himsel#& “ will push the thread really hard, because want my school days to be over. want to learn a pro#ession and


iese& “-ear #riend.iese.” 'o he pulled the thread really hard. He loved his new li#e% +o more school. He #elt really sad. Peter% /ou!re an ungrate#ul person% "ut !ll give you one more chance to be happy. "ut #eel that didn!t enjoy my li#e. he pulled the thread a little more to make time go on #aster. He sat under a tree and started sleeping. )henever he thought time was passing slowly. 0verything went so #ast.iese had three children. He #elt so sad% "ut a#ter some time he decided to pull the thread a little more.iese was very old. he said to .iese. but whenever the kids were ill he pulled the thread a little more.” He took his silver ball in his hands and pulled the thread really hard. learning how to be a carpenter. He had many children now. Peter #ound out that his mother was very ill and almost dying. One day Peter looked in the mirror and saw that his hair was gray and that he was old.”. he said. He was very tired a#ter a short walk. /ou know. +ow . "ut on the day o# his wedding. On the ne$t day. certain things are really hard to bear. no more homework% +ow he was working and making money. and so was Peter. but they were all teenagers% He didn!t see them growing up. he #ound out he was married to . will you marry me?” “"e patient. don!t have to wait or su##er #or anything. . did you have a good li#e?” “ !m not sure. like a dream. He decided to go back to the #orest and think about his!s get married ne$t year.” “/ou are never happy. because he wanted his sons and daughters to become adults and have jobs. )hat do you want?” 2 . +ow Peter and . he woke up and #ound out he was an adult. because he knew it was his #ault that his mother grew old so *uickly.marry my best #riend . (hen he heard someone calling his name& “Peter% Peter%” t was the woman who gave him the silver ball% 'he asked him& “Peter. One day. )hen he woke up. Peter. “(his magic ball is great. Peter looked at his mother and saw that she was very old.

“ want to live my li#e again. . and my li#e passed very #ast. Peter understood that living each moment at a time was not bad a#ter all. His mother came and said& “)ake up. 3 .” (hen Peter gave her the ball and #ell asleep. n #act.” 2s Peter walked to school with . was old and had no memories%” “(hat will never happen. he #elt really happy about that very moment& it was a bright summer morning and it was good to be alive. +ow get dressed #or school. especially when we are old. but this time without your magic ball.iese is waiting #or you. Peter. (hen !ll take the bad things and the good things as they come. )e!ll always have our memories. Peter. /ou!ll be late #or school% /ou were sleeping like a rock%” He looked at her with surprise and said& “1om% /ou won!t believe what happened% had a terrible dream.iese. he was in his bed. )hen he got up. he could hardly wait. (here was a magic ball. and my li#e will not be so empty like a dream.

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