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26th August- September 1st Bartlett and Holland How do the authors define an actor? artifact? figured worlds?

The authors of this article define an actor by using a term known as Habitus. A habitus is the compilation of a persons interactions with others and later has an effect on future interactions. Therefore an actor is the person who is performing the actions that are observed and compiled. They continued on to describe a figure world. By constructive thinking and context clues a figured world is the realm in which the actors interact with one another creating state changes. This figured world can be anything from the world we live in to the game societies many of us fall into on a daily basis. -And more, an artifact is any item and/or idea that holds meaning to recognized actions and activities in the realm/figured world. How do Bartlett and Holland define a literacy practice? What counts as literacy? Barlett and Holland define a literacy practice as the description of the figured world and the actors and artifacts within it. Furthermore, discourses are defined as statements in which give meaning to the institution. How does figured worlds come into play concerning actors and artifacts? The figured world is the realm in which the actors are participating in. This realm is effected and controlled by the actions of the actors as well as holds the artifacts formed from actions. List three questions you have concerning the content or your understanding of this article. What are the limitations in terms of artifacts, actors, etc. in a figured world? Can the same artifacts hold the same values in different figured worlds? Can an artifact be effected by the actions of more than one person or is the artifact only significant to the one actors actions? Figured World In at least 175 words, describe the figured world you intend to observe, and begin to map out the rules and conventions for acceptable behavior. More specifically, in a cohesive paragraph, respond to the following:

Name the specific figured world you are observing. Name the purpose of the figured world you are observing. Consider: is it a place of business, what type of business, what type of crowds tend to frequent the location, is it a

study space, can multiple activities take place in this space at the same time--and if so, name the various activities. Describe the rules and conventions for appropriate behavior. Essentially, what sorts of activities are acceptable? What forms of communication are acceptable? Is a loud volume of noise a distraction, or is to be expected? What sort of behaviors may be inappropriate? Articulate what various discourse communities you expect to find in your chosen observation site.

The figured world I am going to be observing is that of a college football tailgate. And more specifically the tailgate of the brothers of Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity. The purpose of me observing this figured world is that I am a current part and asset to it to begin with. However, I have never taken then outside look of this world and its interactions. I felt as though it would be an interesting outlook to see this figured world from a differently angle. Also, this world was easily accessible for me to monitor. As stated previously this is a tailgate; ergo this is a socialistic atmosphere were various activities ranging from social interactions, cooking and eating, games, and the consumption of alcoholic beverages take place. This figured world allows me to view many different activities simultamiously while all working together to create one larger activity, the tailgate, as a whole. The rules and conventions for a tailgate are rather broad. There isnt really a set guide of rules are laws like typical societies. However there are limitations on inappropriate behavior such as gestures, touching, etc. there cannot be too high levels of intoxication because this can result in illness or harm to the individual, and other forms of rude and vulgar behaviors such as language and /or actions. However in the same degree, typical problematic issues and bothers such as loud noise and horse play are widely acceptable. To enforce these there is elected officials known as Risk Management Chairs which keep this figured world a fun and safe environment. In the idea of discourse communities I plan to see a variety of interactions. I feel personally as though there will be groups of common denominators such as people eating, drinking, playing games, dancing etc. I believe the communities will be more defined on the activities theyre participating in more than on their interactions as a whole.