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16 KEY practices that debt collector must follow according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA

! 1! Contact a third part" about "our debt for an" purpose other than to locate "ou!(Emplo"er would be a #rd part" $! %dentit" the debt collection compan" name to a #rd part" without being e&pressl" as'ed! #! Disclose to a third part" a debt is allegedl" owed! (%f "ou told an emplo"er their emplo"ee owes a debt( "ou are in )iolation and sub*ect to a +1,,, fine per )iolation -! Communicate with a single third part" more than once! .! Communicate or or attempt to communicate with "ou at incon)enient times or places! (/0%1 %1 %2P34/A5/6 3nce "ou tell the debt collector that "our wor'place is incon)enient( the" cannot legall" call "our wor'place again 6! Contact "ou at wor' after being told not to! (1ee number . abo)e! 3nce "ou tell them not to contact "our wor'place the" cannot legall" contact "our wor'place again! %f the" do the" are sub*ect to a +1,,, fine per )iolation and a *udge can award damages( such as if "our emplo"er did fire "ou because the" percie)ed "ou as a 7ris'7 because of "our debt status! A *udge could award a )er" large amount in damages such as the loss of income for a period up to three "ears if it can be pro)en that the *ob was lost because a debt collector called AF/E4 being told not to! 8! Communicate with "ou after recei)ing a letter from "ou (a with a re9uest the" cease and desist all contacts or (b that "ou refuse to pa" the debt! :! Engage in harassing( oppressi)e or abusi)e conduct! ;! <se or threaten )iolence or other criminal means( or use obscene or profane language! (/0%1 is onl" one of the reasons wh" Y3< should record all phone calls related to debt collection and sa)e them as 2P# files( and put them in a folder titled =Date>/ime>Creditor>3ffense= so that it7s easier for "ou to ma'e "our case! 1,! Cause "our telephone to ring repeatedl" or continuousl"! (Calling more than once per da" 11! <se false( decepti)e( or misleading representations or methods( including but not limited to (a falsel" representing it is affiliated with the <nited 1tates or an" 1tate? (b falsel" representing the character( amount( or legal status of the debt? (c falsel" representing or impl"ing that nonpa"ment would result in arrest or imprisonment or the sei@ure( garnishment( attachment( or sale of propert" or wages? (d threatening to ta'e an action against that cannot be legall" ta'en or that was not actuall" intended to be ta'en? (e falsel" representing or impl"ing that "ou committed a crime? or (f communicating or threatening to communicate false or li'el" false credit information! (Another good reason for the phone call recording 1$! <se unfair or unconscionable means in an attempt to collect a debt( including but not limited to6 (a tr"ing to collect an amount not e&pressl" authori@ed b" the debt agreement>contract or other applicable law? (b threatening to or actuall" depositing a postdated chec' prior to the date on such chec'? or (c ta'ing or threatening to ta'e mone" or propert" where there was no present right!

1#! Continue to contact "ou after recei)ing "our cease and desist or re9uest for )alidation letter! 1-! Force "ou to pa" the debt prior to e&piration of "our #, da" right to dispute! 1.! 1ue "ou e&cept in the count" "ou signed the contract( "ou li)e or own propert" that is the sub*ect of the debt! (/0%1 %1 KEY6 2an" collectors will attempt to file in an ad*acent count" to "ou or in their own ph"sical area which could be outAofAstate! /his is illegal and is also sub*ect to a +1,,, fine per )iolation 16! Falsel" represent themsel)es as attorne"s!