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I. You Receive Your First Dunning (Collection) Letter Demanding Payment.

The first letter received y you should contain im!ortant disclosures in it" #. This is an attem!t to collect a de t and that any information o tained $ill e used for that !ur!ose. (This is %no$n in the de t collection $orld as the &mini'(iranda) $arning.) *. The amount of the de t and the name of the creditor to $hom the de t is o$ed. C. # statement that unless the consumer+ $ithin thirty days after recei!t of the notice+ dis!utes the validity of the de t+ or any !ortion thereof+ the de t $ill e assumed to e valid y the de t collector. D. # statement that if the consumer notifies the de t collector in $riting $ithin the thirty'day !eriod that the de t+ or any !ortion thereof+ is dis!uted+ the de t collector $ill o tain verification of the de t or a co!y of a ,udgment against the consumer and a co!y of such verification or ,udgment $ill e mailed to the consumer y the de t collector. -. # statement that+ u!on the consumer.s $ritten re/uest $ithin the thirty'day !eriod+ the de t collector $ill !rovide the consumer $ith the name and address of the original creditor+ if different from the current creditor. F. In su se/uent letters+ a de t collector need only state &This is a communication from a de t collector) or $ords to that effect. These are im!ortant disclosures of your rights under the Fair De t Collection Practices #ct (FDCP#)+ 01 2.3.C. 0456+ et se/. If you choose not to e7ercise your &thirty'day) rights under the FDCP#+ you may have set yourself u! for immediate action against you. You have also !ainted a & ull8s eye) on your ac% and un$ittingly told the de t collector that you don8t care a out your rights. 3o $hat should you do $ith your first dunning letter9 3-:D # DI3P2T- L-TT-R T; T<- C;LL-CT;R= ->-RCI3- Y;2R RI?<T3= @hat should it say9 @ell+ there are many e7am!les of letters to send to a de t collector on the internet. (ost are gar age and not hel!ful and some are even hurtful and can ma%e your situation $orse. <ere8s $hat a consumer might $rite after consulting $ith an attorney" AYour #ddressB ADe t Collector8s #ddressB ADateB AIf sending y Certified or Delivery Confirmation" the 6C'digit num erB ACreditor.s or de t collector.s account num er.B Dear 3ir or (adam"

I received your dunning letter dated AdateB on or a out AdateB. I am mailing you this dis!ute letter $ithin DC days of receiving your dunning letter !ursuant to the Fair De t Collection Practices #ct (FDCP#). Please e advised that I dis!ute the de t !ursuant to the FDCP#. I demand verification of the de t !ursuant to the FDCP#. I also demand the name and address of the original creditor. If you have re!orted this de t to a third !arty+ advise it that I dis!ute the de t !ursuant to the FDCP#. I demand that it e reinvestigated !ursuant to the Fair Credit Re!orting #ct. Do not contact me again until you have !rovided verification of the dis!uted de t. #t that time and thereafter+ you may only contact me y mail. Eery truly yours+ AYouB You must ma%e a co!y of the letter. Fee! it $ith the de t collection letter and $ith your !roof of delivery. You should send it one of the three follo$ing $ays. 0) (ail the letter via C-RTIFI-DGR-T2R: R-C-IPT R-H2-3T-D+ or 6) Fa7 the letter @IT< F#> R-C-IPT C;:FIR(#TI;: and mail the letter via FIR3T CL#33+ or D) (ail the letter via PRI;RITY (#IL $ith D-LIE-RY C;:FIR(#TI;:. I %no$ it costs money+ ut it is $ell $orth the e7!ense. If the de t collector contacts you again $ithout !roviding verification+ notify a consumer rights attorney immediately. 3ee the end of this !ost for more information. II. You Receive Your First Dunning (Collection) Call Demanding Payment. These ty!es of contacts are harder to control ecause you are dealing $ith a !erson $hose ,o is to $rench money out of your !oc%et. <ere8s ho$ to !lay it safe and %ee! it cool" *efore as%ing you any /uestions (other than may e your name and address)+ a de t collector must say the follo$ing if it is your first oral contact (and there are no letters)" This is an attem!t to collect a de t and any information o tained $ill e used for that !ur!ose. (This is %no$n in the de t collection $orld as the &mini'(iranda) $arning.) If this is the de t collector8s second or more oral contact of you ;R if you have already received a dunning letter from the de t collector+ he or she must state" &This is a communication from a de t collector) or $ords to that effect. The de t collector is a!t to as% your name+ address+ and !ro a ly your social

security num er. Provide the first t$o and not the last one. You do not have to !rovide a social security num er. ;nce you have determined that a de t collector is calling+ try to find out the follo$ing P;LIT-LY" @hat is the collector8s name9 @hat com!any is he or she calling from9 @hat is the com!any8s address9 @hat is the name of the original creditor9 @hat is the account num er9 <o$ much is allegedly o$ed9 @hen $as the last !ayment on the de t made9 @hat does the collector intend to do if you cannot or $on8t !ay the de t9 ADon8t e afraid of the ans$er.B 3tate that you dis!ute the de t. Demand verification of the de t. #s% not to e contacted again until the de t is verified. Disconnect the call. T#F- ?;;D :;T-3 D2RI:? Y;2R C#LL+ :;TI:? @<; 3#ID @<#T+ T<- D#T-+ #:D T<- TI(-. During the entire call+ the de t collector $ill avoid Ilosing controlI y letting you as% a series of /uestions. <is or her ,o is to get you to commit to ma%ing a !ayment. Just e !atient and firm+ ut !olite. :-E-R ac%no$ledge the de t. :ever ma%e a !romise to !ay. :-E-R state that the de t is yours. 3im!ly state in res!onse to /uestions that $ould elicit these res!onses that you $ill not ac%no$ledge or !ay this de t until you have een !rovided $ith a $ritten letter and $ritten verification of the de t.s validity. #L3;+ :-E-R ?IE- Y;2R *#:FI:? I:F;R(#TI;: ;E-R T<- P<;:-. :-E-R. If the de t collector $aited this long for !ayment+ he can $ait a little longer to receive a money order or cashier.s chec% in the mail. Consider avoiding the use of a !ersonal chec% to !ay" this is ho$ they get your an%ing account num ers. Do not e intimidated y IT;D#Y ;:LYI or IT<I3 @--F ;:LYI D-#L3. If an offer is eing made today+ it is li%ely to e acce!ted months from no$ #FT-R you have received verification of the de t in the mail. Don.t e a suc%er. :o offer eing made is $orth you giving u! your an%ing information. 3end the letter a ove at once.

If any of your FDCP# rights $ere violated or if you $ant to find out if your rights $ere violated+ visit $$$ for a free+ no o ligation case evaluation y one of our e7!erienced consumer rights attorneys. For the over$helming ma,ority of consumers+ there is no out'of'!oc%et or u!front attorney8s fees or costs to them.

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