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Nov 12 2u1S, Issue 2

What's going uown in Quito uuiing the Festival.

We are a monLh away from aLLendlng Lhe
lesLlval! Pere's an overvlew of Lhe drafL
agenda LhaL was declded aL Lhe 1hlrd
lnLernaLlonal reparaLory MeeLlng ln lndla
Lhls SepLember.
1here are Lhree evenLs LhaL lnvolve all
delegaLes: 1) 1he openlng ceremonles on
Lhe flrsL day where all delegaLlons march
LogeLher by counLry. 1here wlll be
speeches from Lhe Lcuadorlan and
lnLernaLlonal organlzers. lL ls presumed
LhaL Lhe resldenL of Lcuador, 8afael
Correa wlll be ln aLLendance. 2) 1he AnLl-
lmperlallsL courL" whlch runs on Lhe 3

and 6
day of Lhe lesLlval. All counLrles
are lnvlLed Lo send a delegaLe Lo speak
abouL condlLlons and Lhe crlmes of
lmperlallsm ln Lhelr own counLry. 3) 1he
closlng ceremonles on Lhe lasL day of Lhe
lesLlval where all counLrles march
LogeLher and a flnal declaraLlon ls read.
ln beLween Lhe flrsL and Lhe lasL day Lhere
are 3 days [am-packed wlLh conferences",
workshops", semlnars", and solldarlLy
forums". ulfferenL deslgnaLlons have
mosLly Lo do wlLh slze, lengLh of sesslons
and Lhe formaL of Lhe sesslons.
Lach of Lhese day's agenda ls seL by a
dlfferenL parL of Lhe world. uay 2 ls
Lurope uay", uay 3 ls Mlddle LasL uay",
uay 4 ls Afrlca uay", uay 3 ls Asla aclflc
uay", and uay 6 ls Amerlca uay".
Pere are some of Lhe hlghllghLs of Lhe
1he youLh unemploymenL ln Lurope: lLs
sources, measures Laken by Lhe caplLallsL
governmenLs and Lhe sLruggle for a way ouL ln
Lhe favour of Lhe peoples." - Workshop on
Lurope uay"
alesLlne: Lhe zolnlsL occupaLlon, aparLheld
wall, Lhe danger of seLLlemenLs, and Lhe
deLalnees ln Lhe lsraell [alls" - Workshop on
Mlddle LasL uay"
8eacLlonary resLrucLurlng ln educaLlon
accordlng Lo Lhe caplLallsL needs. 1he sLruggle of
Lhe sLudenLs movemenL for publlc, free and
quallLy LducaLlon" - Conference on Afrlca uay"
1he lncluslon of envlronmenLal educaLlon ln
publlc educaLlon" - Semlnar on Afrlca uay"
uemocraLlc rlghLs, lreedoms and Puman 8lghLs
Lhe sLruggle Lo achleve Lhem and Lhelr use as a
Lool for lmperlallsL lnLervenLlons" - Conference
Asla aclflc uay"
8aclal dlscrlmlnaLlon and xenophobla. lasclsm
and naLlonal chauvlnlsm" - Semlnar on Asla
aclflc uay"
naLural resources: ln Lhe hands of monopolles
or ln Lhe hands of Lhe peoples. uevelopmenL by
whom and for whom." - Conference on
Amerlca uay"
CaplLallsL explolLaLlon of resources, Lhe
desLrucLlon of envlronmenL and cllmaLe change"
- Semlnar on Amerlca uay"
rocess Changes and lnLegraLlon ln LaLln
Amerlca, 200 years ln Lhe War of lndependence"
- Workshop on Amerlca uay"
1he legacy of Pugo Chavez" - Workshop on
Amerlca uay"
CulLural and sporLs acLlvlLles wlll also be
runnlng all week. 1hese lnclude an anLl-
lmperlallsL phoLography conLesL, a soccer
LournamenL, a maraLhon 8unnlng Lo
defeaL lmperlallsm!", a song conLesL, a
poeLry conLesL, a shorL-fllm exhlblLlon, an
arL and sculpLure exhlblLlon and a loL of
muslc! See "agenda cont|nued" on next
!"#$%& ()$# $##*&+
2 8eglsLraLlon ueadllne and 1ravel lnfo
3 8esource callouL and lundralslng updaLes
4 lnLernaLlonal updaLes and ConLacL lnfo
!"#$%!"# %&'"()*
1be potpose of tbls
oewslettet ls to
commoolcote loqlstlcol
ooJ ptepotototy
lofotmotloo to Jeleqotes
ooJ soppottets os tbe
loo-coooJloo Jeleqotloo
ptepotes to otteoJ tbe

Loiem Ipsum
Agenda conLlnued.
ln addlLlon Lo Lhe resL of Lhe program, Lhere
are a serles of lnLer-exchange meeLlngs"
Laklng place LhroughouL Lhe lesLlval. 1hese
lnclude meeLlngs for:
lndlgenous youLh
?oung women
rogresslve medla
?oung Lrade unlonlsLs
rogresslve, young members of
lormer pollLlcal prlsoners
lor Lhe whole lesLlval, Lhere wlll be a
lrlendshlp lalr" where every counLry has a
booLh and can sell sLuff, Lalk Lo oLher
delegaLes, hand ouL maLerlals, eLc. SLarL
plannlng whaL you'd llke Lo brlng Lo have aL
Lhe booLh!
1here wlll be acLlvlLy overload when Lhe
lesLlval hlLs. lL would be good Lo sLarL
plannlng whaL you would llke Lo see and do,
and how we can effecLlvely parLlclpaLe ln Lhe
lesLlval as a delegaLlon. lf you or
organlzaLlons/commlLLees you are lnvolved ln
would llke Lo parLlclpaLe ln a cerLaln sesslon
on a panel please emall
18wfys.canada[ rlghL away and we
can Lry and faclllLaLe Lhls wlLh Lhe
lnLernaLlonal organlzers.
A copy of Lhe full agenda ls posLed ln Lhe 18

World lesLlval of ?ouLh and SLudenLs (All-
Canada uelegaLlon)" lacebook group
Stuff to See: Mooostety of 5oo ltooclsco -
ConsLrucLlon of Lhe monasLery began only
a few weeks afLer Lhe foundlng of CulLo ln
1334, buL Lhe bulldlng was noL flnlshed
unLll 70 years laLer. lL ls Lhe clLy's largesL
colonlal sLrucLure.
OlJ 1owo - WlLh lLs narrow sLreeLs,
resLored colonlal archlLecLure and llvely
plazas, CulLo's CenLro PlsLrlco (aka Lhe
old Lown) ls a marvel Lo wander. 8ullL
cenLurles ago by lndlgenous arLlsans and
laborers, CulLo's churches, convenLs,
chapels and monasLerles are casL ln
legend and sLeeped ln hlsLory. lL's a
busLllng area, full of yelllng sLreeL
vendors, ambllng pedesLrlans, LooLlng
Laxls, belchlng buses and whlsLle-blowlng
pollcemen Lrylng Lo dlrecL Lrafflc ln Lhe
narrow, congesLed one-way sLreeLs. 1he
area ls maglcal, and one ln whlch Lhe
more you look, Lhe more you flnd.
Safety - CulLo has a repuLaLlon for belng a
dangerous clLy. lorLunaLely, LhaL danger
ls easy Lo avold by knowlng where - and
where noL - Lo go. lronlcally, Lhe area
wlLh Lhe mosL LourlsL servlces - Lhe
Marlscal Sucre - ls one of Lhe mosL
dangerous areas ln Lhe clLy, especlally
afLer around 9pm, when you should Lake
a Laxl even lf you have only Lwo blocks Lo
walk. 1he old Lown, once more
dangerous Lhan Lhe Marlscal, has been
cleaned up and ls now enLlrely safe as laLe
as 10pm durlng Lhe week and unLll
around mldnlghL on weekends. lL's well llL
and Lhe clLy has Laken a keen lnLeresL ln
keeplng lL safe.
*We wlll be mosLly based ouL of Lhe
Concepclon" nelghborhood ln norLh
CenLral CulLo where Lhe lesLlval ls belng
held aL arque 8lcenLenarlo" a very new
and large publlc park and conference
Iood & Dr|nk - A CulLo favourlLe ls
canelazo, hoL waLer wlLh rum, clnnamon
(aka canela), a blL of sugar and lemon or
llme. lL's a greaL early-evenlng plck-me-
Cnce hlghly revered ln Lhese parLs, malz
(corn) has been a sLaple of Lhe Andean
dleL for over a Lhousand years. ?ou'll flnd
lL ln many shapes and flavours: humlLas
are llghLly sweeLened corn dumpllngs,
sLeamed and served ln Lhe corn husks,
qulmbollLos are even sweeLer, more
cakellke corn dumpllngs. 1osLada (LoasLed
corn) makes a flne snack.
WlLh more Lhan 4000 varleLles ln
exlsLence, Lhe Andes are Lhe blrLhplace of
Lhe poLaLo, and are accorded a respecL
Lhey rarely recelve elsewhere. ulshes llke
llaplngachos (frled poLaLo and cheese
pancakes) and locro de papa (a creamy,
sweeL poLaLo soup wlLh avocado and
cheese) showcase Lhe versaLlle Luber,
whlle poLaLoes also appear as
accompanlmenLs Lo oLher well-known
dlshes llke cevlche (flsh).
Money - Slnce 2000, Lhe offlclal unlL of
currency ln Lcuador has been Lhe U.S.
do||ar. lL's very hard Lo make change,
especlally for any blll over $3, and
especlally ln Laxls. lf you are reLrlevlng
money from an A1M, be sure Lo requesL a
denomlnaLlon endlng ln 1 or 3 (mosL
A1Ms wlll dlspense money ln mulLlples of
$1) so LhaL you won'L have Lo worry abouL
breaklng a large blll.
1he easlesL and besL way Lo geL cash away
Tiavel Info foi Ecuauoi
8eglsLraLlon ueadllne!
All delegaLes and supporLers should
have recelved an emall marked
8equlred 8eglsLraLlon for ALL
uelegaLes Lo 18Lh Wl?S - u8CLn1"
on november 12
. lf you dldn'L
please leL us know!
A|| de|egates are requ|red to
comp|ete the reg|strat|on by
November 18
1he lnLernaLlonal Crganlzers need
Lhls lnformaLlon by Lhen Lo geL our
credenLlals prlnLed and arrange for
LransporLaLlon from Lhe alrporL when
we arrlve!

from home ls from an A1M (auLomaLed
Leller machlne). 1he C|rrus and LUS
neLworks span Lhe globe, look aL Lhe back
of your bank card Lo see whlch neLwork
you're on. lnLernaLlonal wlLhdrawal fees
apply and can be as much as $3 per
wlLhdrawal. Maklng sure your ln ls only
4 dlglLs also makes banklng easler
CredlL cards are anoLher safe way Lo carry
money. ?ou can also wlLhdraw cash
advances from your credlL cards aL banks
or A1Ms, provlded you know your ln.
?ou may wanL Lo call your credlL card
company and Lell Lhem you are Lravelllng
so Lhey don'L see Lhe charges as
Vacc|nat|ons - no speclflc shoLs or
vacclnes are necessary before Lravellng Lo
Lcuador, alLhough vacclnaLlons agalnsL
PepaLlLls A are always a good ldea. (lrom
lrommers') (Some webslLes also menLlon
1yphold as recommended)
lf you are plannlng on leavlng CulLo and
Lravelllng Lo remoLe areas a yellow fever
vacclne mlghL be necessary. Ask a docLor!
*Co Lo your docLor or a local 1ravel
Cllnlc". vacclnaLlons can cosL around
nea|th Care - ln general, Lhe healLh care
sysLem ln Lcuador ls preLLy good and can
handle mosL emergencles and common
AlLhough pharmacles are well sLocked
and wldespread, you should sLlll carry
wlLh you sufflclenL supplles of any
prescrlpLlon medlclnes you may need.
1ap Water - CulLo waLer meeLs
lnLernaLlonal sLandards buL lL ls
recommended by several Lravellers and
organlzaLlons Lo be cauLlous and drlnk
boLLled waLer as your body mlghL noL be
used Lo lL.
lofo ftom ltommets ooJ looely llooet
!"##$%& ($) *+($),"&*$+"#
1he an-Canadlan CommlLLee has
dlscussed Lhe need Lo help prepare
delegaLes Lo parLlclpaLe fully ln Lhe Wl?S.
WlLh Lhese goals ln mlnd we see Lhe flrsL
sLep as sLarLlng Lo assemble lnformaLlonal
resources. ?ou and your local commlLLee
can help!
We are sLarLlng Lo complle lnformaLlonal
maLerlals on youLh and sLudenL sLruggles
from across Canada. 1hls wlll lnclude Lhe
four focus areas we have ldenLlfled
before (Lhe 2012 Cuebec SLudenL SLrlke,
ldle no More and Aborlglnal sLruggles,
Lhe role of Canadlan mlnlng
lnLernaLlonally, and sLruggles around
lpellnes and Lhe 1ar Sands) buL shouldn'L
be llmlLed Lo LhaL.
So a compllaLlon of resources mlghL
lnclude: llghL agalnsL Llne 9 ln
CnLarlo/norLhern CaLeway ln 8C, ClS facL
sheeLs on access Lo educaLlon, LCALL
sLaLemenLs on sLruggles of LC81C+ youLh
ln Canada, Labour unlon sLaLemenLs on
young worker, SlsLers ln SplrlL lnfo, eLc).
Cur goal ls Lo complle and clrculaLe Lhese
resources so delegaLes have a chance Lo
read up on sLruggles wlLhln Canada. We
are a dlverse delegaLlon and have
knowledge ln dlfferenL areas, leL's sLarL
Send lnfo Lo 18wfys.canada[
and dlscuss Lhls callouL ln any Wl?S
meeLlngs. We wlll be clrculaLlng and
posLlng Lhe lnfo we recelve.

Funuiaising anu events taking place acioss Canaua
lundralslng conLlnues full-sLeam ahead across Canada. ln addlLlon Lo peLlLlonlng
organlzaLlons and unlons for parLlclpaLlon and supporL a number of evenLs have
happened slnce Lhe lasL newsleLLer. vancouver has had a serles of evenLs for
several monLhs and has been successful ln fundralslng Lhe full cosL of alrfare for
Lhelr delegaLes! 1oronLo recenLly held a successful dlnner fundralser LhaL ralsed
$1200 for Lhe MarLy Skup Memorlal lund and are screenlng Lhe Cllver SLone's
documenLary SouLh of Lhe 8order" Lhls week for delegaLes and Lhe publlc. Also
Lhls week, Lhere ls a 8evoluLlon ulnner" planned ln vancouver feaLurlng auLhor
and acLlvlsL Mlchael arenLl. PamllLon ls organlzlng a bake-sale aL McMasLer
unlverslLy, Cuelph has Lwo house shows feaLurlng progresslve arLlsLs llned up and
CLLawa recenLly hosLed a fundralser chess LournamenL, and Pallfax has a
fundralser evenL fasL approachlng belng organlzed ouL of ualhousle unlverslLy.
1he Cuebec naLlonal CommlLLee has a keg parLy planned for november and has
been successful ln recrulLlng Lhe hlp-hop group Lupus Clan" Lo Lhelr delegaLlon.

Pan-Canauian Piepaiatoiy Committee Spiing 2u16, Issue 4
Updates from Internat|ona| Crgan|zers
Accommodat|ons - 1he quesLlon of accommodaLlon for lnLernaLlonal delegaLes aL Lhe
lesLlval has been an ongolng conversaLlon beLween Lhe lnLernaLlonal Crganlzlng CommlLLee
(lCC) and Lhe Lcuadorlan naLlonal reparaLory CommlLLee (nC) LhroughouL Lhe lall. 1he
Lcuadorlan nC's orlglnal proposal of sleeplng ln unlverslLy dorm rooms fell Lhrough durlng
Lhe Summer. 1he proposal Lhey Lhen broughL Lo Lhe lCC was camplng for all delegaLes aL
Lhe lesLlval grounds (a large park and conference cenLre). 1hls was re[ecLed by Lhe lCC due
Lo llablllLy and weaLher concerns. Slnce LhaL Llme Lhe lCC has been worklng wlLh Lhe nC Lo
come up wlLh houslng for lnLernaLlonal delegaLes. 1he laLesL we have heard from Lhe lCC ls
LhaL Lhey have secured a large mlllLary barracks LhaL can house several lnLernaLlonal
delegaLlons and LhaL Lhey are looklng aL renLlng hosLels close Lo Lhe lesLlval venue. 1hey
have sald LhaL a break Lhrough" ls expecLed Lhls week and Lhe LxecuLlve of Lhe an-
Canadlan CommlLLee wlll dlssemlnaLe Lhe lnfo as soon as we have lL.
Iest|va| De|egate Iee - 1he lesLlval delegaLe fee has been seL aL $100 uS per delegaLe. 1hls
ls good news as lL ls less Lhan we were expecLlng and wlll make Lhe lesLlval more affordable
for our delegaLlon. 1he fee covers admlnlsLraLlon of Lhe fesLlval and granLs access Lo Lhree
meals a day LhaL wlll be dlsLrlbuLed aL Lhe lesLlval venue. lL also allows for all LransporLaLlon
from where delegaLlons are sLaylng Lo Lhe lesLlval venue and Lo and from Lhe alrporL. 1he
an-Canadlan delegaLlon has agreed Lo a volunLary reglonal equallzaLlon fee" Lo be
collecLed from all delegaLes from Canada. lL ls esLlmaLed aL approxlmaLely $40 and wlll be
collecLed along wlLh Lhe lesLlval fee. We wlll have Lhe process ouLllned and begln collecLlng
Lhe lees from delegaLes nexL week once Lhe reglsLraLlons are ln. 1hls money wlll be due Lo
Lhe lnLernaLlonal organlzers [usL before we geL Lo CulLo.
Speakers and Workshops - 1he lCC's deadllne for all proposed speakers aL workshops and
semlnars ls nov 20
! lf you have a proposal from your commlLLee or organlzaLlon please
wrlLe Lhe an-Canadlan CommlLLee an emall as soon as posslble. lL ls a good ldea Lo revlew
Lhe drafL agenda for Lhe lesLlval and see where your proposal would flL prlor Lo sendlng a
proposal. ,# -.* /0" #&& 0 1.( $# 2.$"2 ."3 !4 -.* )05& 6*&#($."# 4.7 ()& !89 .7 :;9 .4
</*0%.7 =1&0#& #&"% ()&> (. ()& ;0"?90"0%$0" 9.>>$((&&@
Pan-Canauian Piepaiatoiy Committee
lACL8CCk: hLLp://
WL8Sl1L: hLLp://
LMAlL: Co-chalrs 8aphaella and urew - 18wfys.canada[
PCnL: urew aL 319 767 8411
0)1"+*2"&*$+. 3+4$).*+1 &5- 6"+7!"+"4*"+ 8-#-1"&*$+9
,##./$0($." %&# (7050$11&*7# A7&/# %* B*CD&/ ? 1E,##./$0($." 2C"C701& C(*%$0"(& %* 9C2&= %* F$&*G H."(7C01 ? I9
J&%&70($." .4 K0D.*7 ? 90"0%$0" J&%&70($." .4 L(*%&"(#?8"(07$. ? 90"0%$0" :&(M.7N ." 9*D0 ? 90"0%$0" ;&0/&
9."27&## ? K& 9.>$(C O&*"&##& >$1$(0"(&P H."(7C01 ? 97$($/01 Q".M1&%2& 9.11&/($5& ? 9R;< S.7."(. T$#(7$/( 9.*"/$1
U A*&1=) ,"($?;$=&1$"& ,/($." A7.*= ? Q0>1..=# L./$01$#( 91*D ? Q0>1..=# 0"% T$#(7$/( K0D.*7 9.*"/$1 ? H07(-
LN*= H&>.7$01 J*"% ? 8//*=- <%>."(." ? 8"(07$. ;*D1$/ !"(&7&#( V&#&07/) A7.*= 9071&(." ? F0"/.*5&7 T$#(7$/(
K0D.*7 9.*"/$1 ? W.*"2 9.>>*"$#( K&02*& .4 90"0%0