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1. Lan .. to school every day.(go-goes-went) 2. They . to the party today.( have-has-had) 3. Th s morn ng !ate . at the s"permar#et.(was-were- s) $. %hat . &o" n the morn ng'(do-do( do-does( does-does) ). * .. two +rothers.(have-has-haves) ,. %here .. she yesterday'(were-was- s) -. .he at school. '(were-was- s) /. Now what .. the +oy do ng' (do- s-are) 0. The +oy .. a p ct"re.( s ta# ng ( are ta# ng( ta# ng) 11.2y 3r end .. +oo# now. (are read ng( read ng( s read ng) 11.The ch ldren .. +rea#3ast at ,.31a.m.(eat-eats-eates) 12.The ch ld +rea#3ast at ,.31a.m.(eat-eats-eates) 13.The +oo#s . 4n the +oo#shel3. ( s-are-am) 1$.The +oys volley+all n the yard now.( s play ng-are play ng-play ng) 1).The +oy volley+all n the yard now.( s play ng-are play ng-play ng) 1,. there a # tchen n her ho"se'( s-are-am) 1-.&esterday there two cha rs n her ho"se.(was-were-are) 1/.Now there two cha rs n her ho"se. .(was-were-are) 10.%here . Tom .'(do-l ve( does-l ves(does-l ve) 21.5e on the .. 3loor.(l ve-one( l ve-3 rst( l ves-3 rst) II.Using the correct tense: 1. 6rett . a lot o3 pets n h s ho"se.(have) 2. 5 s dogs .. n h s +edroom. (+e) 3. 5 s l 7ards . *n h s l v ng room.(+e) $. 5e .. the dogs and the cats everyday a3ter school.(wal#) ). Today h s mother .. a horse 3or h m.(+"y) ,. 5e .. h s horse. (love) -. 6rett h s horse everyday.(+r"sh) /. 5e .. h s + rds at ,a.m every morn ng.(3eed) 0. *n h s 3am ly there .. 3o"r people: h s mother8 3ather8 s ster and he. 11.5 s 3ather .. a doctor.(+e) 11.5e to wor# at -a.m.(go) 12.5ow .. he to wor#' (do9go) 13.5e . To wor# +y car.(go) 1$.5 s mother .. a n"rse. (+e) 1)..he +rea#3ast at ,.31a.m and to wor# +y moto+ #e.(eat9go) 1,.5 s s ster a st"dent.5er name !ate.(+e-+e) 1-.5er 3r end and she to school +y + #e.( go) 1/.6rett .. to school +y +"s. 5e. n ne. (go9+e) 10.5e ....... +ac# home at 11a.m.(come ) 21.5e . 5 s 3am ly very m"ch. (love)

III/ Fill in each blan !ith the "ost s#itable !or$: 1. p ano any 3oot+all can s ng a+o"t



2y classmate can (1) the g" tar and the (2)8 +"t he can:t (3). %hat:s ($). yo"' * can:t play ()) m"s cal nstr"ments. * can play tenn s. * (,).. sw m8too. 2. ;ny go 3ar st ll new w th m ss a lot o3 2y name s 5elen. *:m a (1). .t"dent n class -;. *:m 3rom 5aNo and my 3am ly (2).. l ve there. *n 5o Ch 2 nh8 * l ve (3).. my "ncle at 1) <"ang Tr"ng .treet8 =o >ap ? st8 5C2 c ty. 2y new school sn:t ($). 3rom o"r ho"se @ a+o"t one # lometer8 so * ()). to school +y + #e. There are (,). st"dents n my new school. 6"t * don:t have (-).. 3r ends. *:m "nhappy. * (/).. my parents8 my s sters and my 3r ends n 5a No . 3. large +atht"+ wonder3"l apartment rooms +athroom lamp really +edroom Tom l ves n a lovely (1)A.. n 5oCh 2 nh C ty. 5 s apatment s vry + g +"t t s very com3orta+le. There are 3 ve (2) n the apartment. @ a l v ngroom8 two +edrooms8 a # chen and a +athroom. The(3) . s very +ea"t 3"l. *t has a s n#8 a ($) . and a shower. The # tchen s very morden . There are everyth ng n the # tchen: re3r gerator8 wash ng mach ne8 d shwasher8 gas coo#er8 electr c stove8 oven 8 # tchen ta+le.2 nh:s ()) s large. *t has a +ed8 a and a +oo#shel3 on the le3t . 2 nh (,) .. l #e h s apartment very m"ch. *>9 Choose the correct answer: 1. .. name s 5elen.(.he @her- hers) 2. l ves on the 3r st 3loor. .(.he @her- hers) 3. .he s .. class -. ( n-on-at) $. s she stay ng w th'(who-what-where) ). .he l ves her a"nt and "ncle. ( n-w th- at) ,. . ?oes she l ve'(when @what-where) -. They l ve <"ang Tr"ng .treet8 =o >ap ? st. ( n-w th- at) /. Bed s . Cavor te color. (.he @her- hers) 0. There are 3 ve people .. her 3am ly.(on- at- n) 11... s yo"r telephone nm+er' (what @where-when) 11. do yo" go to school' (what- when @how) 12... s her +ag' *t:s on the ta+le neDt to the T>. (when @what @where) 13... does she go to +ed ' *t:s 11p.m. (when @what @where) 1$... does she do n the morn ng' .he goes to school . (when @what @where) 1).5er 3ather s a .. 5e wor#s n hosp tal. (3armers- doctor- wor#er) 1,.5er mother s a .. .he does the ho"sewor#.(n"rse- o33 ce wor#er-ho"sew 3e) 1-.The .. ta#es care o3 c c# people n the hosp tal. (wor#er- n"rse- 3armers)

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