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Objective: Examine the origins of American involvement in the war, with an emphasis on the events that precipitated the

attack on Pearl Harbor. Grade: 11th U.S. History.

The Attack on Pearl Harbor

Introduction: The events that

took place on December 7, 1941 in Pearl Harbor will forever be known as a date which will live in infamy as stated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In this assignment you will be asked to think critically, analyze and answer in complete sentences.
Step 1: VIA (Visual, Infer and analyze) 1. Take a careful look at the image provided in the following website ( Look for little details, anything that might stand out to you. 2. You will pick one picture only to do a VIA on. 3. In a list form, write down everything that you see. (ex: fire, sky, blue) 4. Think about what the picture represents and why it is important. Write down in two paragraphs what you have come up with.

Step 2: 3,2,1 Assignment 1. Read the article tittle A Date Which Will Live in Infamy: FDR Asks for a Declaration of War. The article is in the provided link 2. After reading the article you are to think about the importance of this article and why it relates to the theme of this unit. 3. Think of 3 main ideas about this article. Be sure to write them down. 4. Ask 2 question regarding the reading. Make sure you ask very specific questions. Stay away from questions that are yes and no answers. You must think critically about this article and what it is that President FDR is sating. 5. Think of 1 way this article relates to your life. I understand you were not present at the time of this even, nor were you born during WWII. However, like a rue historian you must analyze how it is that this even in history has affected you life or the way the world you live in has changed because of this event. A good way for you to organize this assignment is by creating an evidence chart. The way this chart must look like is really up to you. Be creative when it comes to organization. Here is an example on how this might look like.

VIA List: what I see 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

3,2,1 3 main Ideas: First main idea Second main idea Third main idea 2 Questions: Question one Question two 1 Way Event Relates To You How it relates to you

Analyze Write your two paragraph here.

Create a Chart 1. Student will visit the given website: /pearl-harbor/fm/?ar_a=3&force_AR=True 2. You will need to watch the presentation on the Pearl Harbor Attack Map. Click on the arrows located on the lower right corner of the presentation, and

if you wish further explanation of the presentation you can click on section where it reads Full Story. 3. You are required to watch all 21 slides. 4. After observing all slides you must create a Main Idea Chart, which will include only 6 squares on what you believed the main idea of the map is and explain why you believe the main idea is important. You must also come up with a creative title for each section of the chart. Main Idea Chart
Title 1. 2. 1. 2. Main Idea Why is it important Main Idea Why is it important Title 1. 2. 1. 2. Main Idea Why is it important Main Idea Why is it important Title 1. 2. 1. 2. Main Idea Why is it important Main Idea Why is it important




Grading Chart
4 Title Student has introduced all titles to assignment 3 Some missing titles 2 Most titles are missing 1 No title


Student has provided a clear understanding of the VIA image, article in 3,2,1 and Main Idea Chart Assignments

Students demonstrates some understanding of VIA image article in 3,2,1 and Main Idea Chart Assignments

Student lacks much of the information. Does not fully comprehend VIA image, article in 3,2,1 and Main Idea Chart Assignments

Student is missing much of the work ad has no understanding of VIA image, 3,2,1 and Main Idea Chart Assignments

Clear statement

Student has provide clear information, question, arguments and relate to the subject

Student demonstrates some clear information, question, argument and somewhat relates to the subject

Student lacks much of the information, question is not clear, does not relate to subject

Student is missing all work.


Excellent spelling and punctuations

Some minor grammar and punctuation errors

Assignment consist of many spelling and punctuation errors

Messy work. Unable to understand what student has presented