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Year 9 IT eBay Worksheet

Go to Task 1 1. Spend some time browsing through eBay to become familiar with the website. We are mainly concerned with the online auction part of eBay and not the stores. . Search for a ladies watch. !ind auctions that end in the ne"t minutes # use the snipping tool $under %&& '()G(%*S # %++,SS)(-,S. to copy and paste this selection below.

/. +lic0 on one of the watches listed so you can 1iew the details of the auction. 2se the snipping tool to copy and paste these details below.

3. -f possible4 watch one of the auctions close. 5. ,"periment with the different criteria/options a1ailable on the left side of the screen. Task 2 Go to the eBay home page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the section on -nside eBay. %nswer the following 6uestions: 1. What problems can you report to e7Bay8 9here is no way to tell if the products you are buying are legitimate or not.. Say if you were buying a *arc :acobs bag7 how is there any proof that its real8 . What is the purpose of the sellers !eedbac0 (ating8

9o be able to identify how trusted the seller is. ,ach member who has bought a product of that seller has the ability to lea1e feedbac07 whether it be positi1e4 neautral or negati1e. /. ;ow does 'ay'al protect the buyer8

<ou are protected against unauthorised payments sent from your account. With 'ay'al4 you can be protected against unauthorised payments sent from your account. 'ay'al sends an email confirmation of e1ery account transaction $so frauds cant hac0 your account. -f you recei1e confirmation of a transaction you dont recognise4 our 3 hour customer support team can help you sort out the situation. -t also doesnt gi1e anyone access to your details4 it =ust deposits the money into their account then its done. 9hey also ha1e liability claims4 so if you dont get your product or the product isnt correct7 it means that 'ay'al is liable>
3. What three $/. steps can be ta0en to a1oid identity theft8 1. Review monthly statements from your checking and other financial accounts, such as credit card details and transactions. 2. Be careful about online passwords as well and change them often. 3. And be vigilant about sharing personal information when opening new accounts online. If online advertisements or offers seem too good to be true, they probably are. ?. What four $3. steps should be ta0en to a1oid fraud8 1. Use anti-virus and anti-spyware software, as well as a firewall, and update
them all regularly

. Don t email personal or finan!ial information. /. Be !autious a"out opening any atta!hment or downloading any files from 3. +hec0 with the %+++ or S+%*W%9+; to see if the company or business is legitimate
emails you re!eive, regardless of who sent them.