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PHM1124H Thoughpiece Hina Abbas & Billie-Jo Hardy Pogge argues that as e bers o!

! a society "hich supports global institutions that are responsible !or depressing the #uality o! li!e !or indi$iduals else"here %!oreigners& "e are thus responsible as a society !or itigating the conse#uences' More directly( global institutions %ie) econo ic institutions&( supported by our society( are partially responsible !or po$erty in any de$eloping countries %*+&' This le$el o! po$erty is directly lin,ed to the poor health e-perienced by indi$iduals in *+s and as such( "e( as contributors( are morally re#uired to .alle$iate these edical conditions'/ %0& *o you agree "ith Pogge1 Are "e( as a society( in !act morally responsible !or the alle$iation o! edical conditions in de$eloping countries1 %0& *o phar aceutical !ir s ha$e moral responsibilities to"ards pro$iding a!!ordable edicines to indi$iduals in de$eloping nations1 2n 3ree an4s essay the idea o! corporate social responsibility %+56& is raised as a $iable alternati$e !or the phar aceutical industry to contribute to issues o! global health' Ho"e$er( it could be argued that +56 is erely another ar,eting ploy by the phar aceutical industry to a,e it see that it is acting in a socially responsible "ay' %0& 2n "hat "ay is a oral responsibility si ilar or di!!erent to corporate social responsibility1 2s either o! these solutions a sustainable odel !or addressing global health1 Throughout the reading it see s e$ident that to alle$iate the disease burden o! the poor( it is i portant !or both the de$eloped and the de$eloping nations to "or, "ithin a !ra e"or, o! co on goals' 3ocusing on the phar aceutical industry( it is not only 6&* costs or drug prices( but also con!ounding !actors such as the lac, o! or ine!!ecti$e in!rastructure in *+s' 3or e-a ple( cheap drugs that ha$e been o!! patent are o!ten not accessible to *+s' 2t is un!air to entirely bla e the phar aceutical industry !or this ine#uity' %0& 2s there a hierarchy "hich needs to be !ollo"ed "hen addressing the diseases o! the poor1 2s it ore i portant to !ocus on socioecono ic issues o! the poor !irst( or is it dangerous to "or, in a odel "here there is a hierarchy o! grie$ances1 2n the readings there are t"o the es "hich sur!ace regarding the oti$ation !or phar aceutical industries to de$elop drugs' 7ne the e is the pro!it oti$e( "here the resulting health bene!its are a positi$e indirect result o! the industry( the second is that both pro!it and the de$elop ent o! inno$ati$e products to i pro$e health are oti$es that dri$e the phar aceutical industry' %0& *o the resulting health bene!its 8usti!y the beha$ior o! the phar aceutical industry( such as bias in publishing results to protect their co ercial interests and ar,eting progra s targeted to"ards physicians( "hich ay endanger the physician-patient relationship1 Throughout the te-t the phar aceutical industry and drug de$elop ent is cited as being restricted by the pro!it- and ar,et-dri$en odel' 2! this is the case( then it is possible that ethods proposed in the te-t such as P9s and ental trading :ones "ill be unsuccess!ul unless the phar aceutical odel itsel! is o$erhauled' %0& ;eeping in ind the di!!iculty inherent in re odeling an entire industry( "hat are so e o! the areas "ithin the odel that could be addressed to i pro$e the success o! P9s and ental trading :ones1 7ne<orld Health is a non-pro!it phar aceutical !ir that targets neglected diseases in the de$eloping "orld' The article by Hale et al' %2==>& highlights the bene!its o! this type o! initiati$e' <hat are your thoughts %ie) does this odel satis!y those issues raised in the te-t and is it sustainable o$er the long ter &1

PHM1124H Thoughpiece Hina Abbas & Billie-Jo Hardy Additional Thought (just for fun!) At a recent con!erence %organi:ed by J' +ohen& Pogge proposed that intellectual property %2P& beco e i ediate public ,no"ledge "ith pay ent being based on the i pact the inno$ation has on the global burden o! disease' 5uch a odel( he argued( "ould create an en$iron ent "hereby a!!ordable ne" drugs beco e a$ailable( neglected diseases beco e lucrati$e( there is a shi!t to pre$ention as opposed to treat ent( there is a shi!t in health research priorities and there is a "ill to ensure the e!!ecti$eness o! drugs' %0& ?i$en the readings "ould this ,ind o! proposal be success!ul and i! so "hat types o! barriers "ould it encounter1