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The Cross of Sacrifice
Fr. Mariusz Koch, CFR
Eps. 11
Transcriptionist: J.T.
12Man sings: Then sings my soul, my Savior God to Thee, how great Thou art,
13how great Thou art. O sing it with your whole heart. Then sings my soul,
14my Savior God to thee, how great Thou art, how great Thou art. How great
15Thou art. How great Thou art.
19St. Birgitta of Sweden: Blessed may you be, My Lord Jesus. At the Last
20Supper of material bread, You wonderfully consecrated Your Precious Body
21and charitably bestowed it on Your Apostles in memory of the Sacrifices of
22Your Most Worthy Passion.
25Fr. Groeschel: It begins at the Last Supper, where Jesus says, This is My
26Body, this is My Blood, do this in memory of Me.
28Fr. Apostoli: So the Eucharist is that beautiful gift by which Jesus is still
29present among us. Through which His mysteries of His life and death and
30resurrection are actually made present to us.
32Fr. Murphy: And the Eucharist really is the fulfillment of Gods promise of
33love that He would be with us.
35Fr. Sudano: And so in the Eucharist we are able to give God what He
36desires. And also to receive from God what we desire.
38Fr. Groeschel: It means that you and I in the midst of our natural existence
39participate in an absolute miracle. Something like a bolt of lightening comes

1down and brings us not only the presence of God but the presence of Christ,
2as Savior and Redeemer. Its a mystery.
4Female Announcer: A reading from the Gospel according to Matthew. On
5their way out, they came across a man from Serene, Simon by name and
6enlisted him to carry his cross.
8St. Matthew the Evangelist: When they had reached a place called
9Golgotha, that is the place of the skull. They gave Him wine to drink mixed
10with gall which He tasted but refused to drink. When they had finished
11crucifying Him, they shared out His clothing by casting lots and then sat
12down and stayed there, keeping guard over Him. Above His head was
13placed the charge against Him. It read, This Jesus, the King of the Jews.
14At the same time, 2 robbers were crucified with Him, one on the right and
15one on the left. The passersby jeered at Him. They shook their head and
16said, So, You would destroy the temple and rebuild it in 3 days? Then save
17Yourself. If you are Gods Son, come down from the cross. The chief
18priests with the Scribes and Elders mocked Him in the same way. He
19saved others, they said. He cannot save Himself. He is the King of Israel.
20Let Him come down from the cross now and we will believe in Him. He
21puts His trust in God. Now, let God rescue Him if He wants Him because
22He did say, I AM the Son of God. Even the robbers who were crucified
23with Him taunted Him in the same way. From the 6th hour, there was
24darkness over all the land until the 9th hour. And about the 9th hour Jesus
25cried out in a loud voice, Eli, Eli, lama Sabachthani! that is, My God, My
26God, why have You deserted Me? When some of those who stood there
27heard this they said, The Man is calling on Elijah, and one of them quickly
28ran to get him a sponge which he dipped in vinegar and placing it on a reed,
29gave it to Him to drink. Wait, said the rest of them, and see if Elijah will
30come to save Him. But Jesus once more crying out in a loud voice, yielded
31up His Spirit. At that the veil in the temple tore in 2 from top to bottom, the
32earth quaked, the rocks were split, the tombs opened and the bodies of many
33holy men rose from the dead, And these, after His Resurrection came out of
34the tombs and entered the Holy City and were seen by a number of people.
35Meanwhile, the centurion, together with the others guarding the Jesus, had
36seen the earthquake and all that was taking place and they were terrified and
37said, In truth, this was the Son of God.

1Fr. Koch: Imagine youre at a wedding and youre in the congregation

2watching the bride and groom exchange their vows and the groom looks at
3his wife and looked into her eyes and says, I promise to be true to you in
4good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, 95% of the time. And she
5looks at him and, I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in
6sickness and in health 98% of the time, But the Crucifixion reveals to us
7that Gods love is total, total, complete and this is what its all about. The
8Sacrifice of the Cross that we celebrate at every Eucharist is the total
9outpouring of Gods love. The thing is, its not just an image; it is the
10reality! Thats whats so wonderful about our Catholic faith that were not
11just thinking of this nice image like going to look at a beautiful painting.
12We are actually present to that event of Gods outpouring love. So, this is a
13great Scripture and again, any thoughts that come?
15Marisol: When Jesus said and cries out, My God, my God, why have You
16forsaken Me, and it reminds me of Psalm 22 of the innocent sufferer who is
17persecuted, rejected and abused. He turn to God in his distress and he
18knows that God will turn his misery into victory. I shared this with a friend
19who was going through some rejection and just really broken, that she just
20felt that she always had to be funny, she always had to be somebody else just
21to be accepted and loved. I told her that she didnt have to be. I mean, it
22was just enough just to be herself because shes made in the image and
23likeness of God. I encourage her to go to the Eucharist to receive Him and
24that He would strengthen her and she would become more and more like
25Him. When people would come across her, they should just love her and
26accept her for who she is. She doesnt have to be anybody else. And just to
27really tell her that she is loved, that Christ loved her and she should be
28reminded of this when she looks at the cross, that shes loved and she
29doesnt have to be anybody else than just herself.
33St. Cyril of Alexandria: Blessings descend upon us by His sufferings. He
34paid our debts in our place. He bore our sins. He was stricken for us as it is
35written. But He took our sins into His own body upon the tree because it is
36true, His bruises heal us. And He was sick because of our sins and we are
37delivered from the sickness of the soul.
39Fr. Koch: I think thats one reason why at every celebration of the Eucharist
40there should be a crucifix in the sanctuary to be reminded of that love, that

1God is not separate from our sufferings, that God loved us so much He
2became lonely and rejected and was laughed at and was ridiculed and was
3abandoned and was betrayed and died out of love. So, God is not this
4distant deity that God and Christ is close to us and close to this friend of
5yours. Its very beautiful. During the millennium, I was privileged to be in
6Rome, One celebration they had in the, the forum. They had a magnificent
7betrayal of The Stations of the Cross with this giant, giant crosses and
8torches. In the procession there were priests who had suffered for Christ
9some of them had been in concentration camps and some of them in the
10gulag and some suffered in China for the faith. It was very, very, very
11moving. At the end of the precession they had a relic of the True Cross
12carried by an elderly bishop who had suffered for his faith many years in
13prison. It was very moving. The Stations of the Cross were reflections
14written from the theology of John Paul. In the one Station where Christ is
15stripped of His garments, about to be put on the cross, it gives a beautiful
16image I wish I had the words exactly. But it speaks about Christ being
17stripped and the nakedness of innocence, the nakedness before the fall, okay,
18man before the fall and He mounts the bed of the cross, the nuptial bed of
19the cross to be married. I think about that image of what the Crucifixion is,
20that Christ gives His life to the Church which is His Bride, for us, 98% but
21totally and pours out His Blood for His Bride, which is us, the Church. Of
22course, that is what we celebrate at every Eucharist but that, of course, is
23what were called to live, that total self-giving and to make that Eucharist
24part of our life throughout the week in whatever job, vocation, responsibility
25we have so as a married man or as a student, whatever it might be.
27Chris: I was in Pamplona, Spain, for the running of the bull several years
28ago and as we got to the stadium, we were like waiting for the bulls to kind
29of catch up to us because, I guess it was more exciting at the time. I
30remember running and looking back over my shoulder and theres a bull like
315 feet behind me and as I turned someone fell right in front of me. I jumped
32right over top of the person and ran into the stadium. I was reflecting, if that
33was wife, I wouldnt have done that. I would have jump down and like
34covered her body up or done something to, to protect her in that moment.
35But it was, it was someone I didnt know; so I just, I kept on going. I think
36thats true because I love my wife, I know that I love my wife. When I go to
37Mass, at the church that I go to, theres this beautiful crucifix right above the
38altar and when the priest holds up the host and I see the crucifix, I know that
39Jesus loves me because that Sacrifice that Hes willing to make, He made for
40me and I know that out of the love because of the way that I love my wife.

2Therese: I think back to the time when in my family my sister and brother
3were hit by a car and was kill and I couldnt even see God. O God, O God,
4why have You forsaken me? Thats where I stood. It was the people who
5came and took some of the burden of the cross I was carrying through
6family, through friends and thats where I first even could encounter Christ.
7I couldnt see Christ because of all my anger and just despair and then it was
8through that, then I could see Christ healing power but it wasnt until I was
9able to be helped by the Simons in my life. I look at my life as, Ill be a
10nurse in May and every patient I take care of, I try to be that person, I try to
11be the Simon. This person is obviously carrying a cross and its really easy
12sometimes to look and say, Well, they did this to make them self sick or
13This is how they lived their life and this. But what crosses are these
14people carrying that this is the point of pain that theyve reached or what
15crosses have been dealt to them in their lives? That is what broke through
16for me to find Christ in my own life, to have someone to show me Christ, to
17be the Simon on my personal way of the cross, so to speak.
19Fr. Groeschel: Into every life comes sorrow; not into every life comes horror
20but it does come to some people and it could come to anyone. And if horror
21comes to anyone, they should go before the cross of Christ.
23Fr. Sudano: But if, by Gods grace, in some small way were able to pierce
24the veil of what happens when we are at Mass, then we will have a bit of the
25grace given in abundance to the saints.
27St. Ephrem: Stretch out your arms toward the cross so that the Crucified
28Lord may stretch out His arms toward you. The one who does not stretch
29out his hand toward the cross cannot approach His table either. He will
30deprive of His table the guests who should have come to Him hungry but
31instead came full.
33Michelle: There are a lot of people going around and trying to please
34themselves all the time, thinking that thats the way that theyre going to
35really find happiness and that living for yourself is what life is about.
36Really, living like that all your get is just emptiness. Thats why I know that
37we are so blessed to be able to have the cross as an example of what love is
38and what life is and where happiness comes from and where truth really lies,
39to understand suffering. As much as the Lord doesnt want us, to be buried
40by our sufferings, He wants us to rise with them in the end and thats where

1His glory is shown through us in our lives and that we can really have joy
2and look back and say, Jesus was with me and Hes always with me.
4Marcel: Suffering makes no sense in our lives except through the cross. Its
5very powerful through the cross because when we suffer we become more
6united to Christ. I remember a story about John Paul II. He once slammed
7his finger in a car door Ive done that, too, before. I have the scar to prove
8it right here but and it hurts really bad, just FYI. (others laugh) But he
9slammed his but he slammed his finger in a car door and instead of
10screaming an expletive like I probably did, he said, Praise God and he
11thanked God for the suffering that he was able to experience that day
12because he realizes that through his suffering, which was really simplified in
13the end of his life, he was allowed to become more like Christ because he
14suffered with Christ.
16Br. Andrew: Mother Teresa, when she began the Missionaries of Charity,
17she was inspired by this from word Christ, I thirst. When Christ is on the
18cross and Hes speaking, I thirst, she says that it would be different if
19Christ simply said on the cross, I love you but He says the words, I thirst
20for you. Can you imagine what that, what that sense is in your heart when,
21if you could say to your bride or you could say to your husband, I thirst for
22you, you could understand why you would want to sacrifice everything to
23save your, your wife from a charging bull. Mother Teresa said something
24very profound. She said, Unless we intimately understand what this Word
25from Christ means, I thirst for you on the cross, that we will never fully
26understand Who He wants to be for us and who He wants us to be for Him.
28Fr. Koch: We have the privilege to share in His sufferings so that our
29sufferings become redemptive. So, we are to that extent co-redeemers with
30Christ out of love. St. Paul says, I might unite my sufferings what is
31lacking in the sufferings of Christ, which is us. We can with Christ out of
32His privilege suffer with Him. Thats one beautiful thing to bring to Mass.
33As the gifts are being brought to the altar, lets bring, be cognoscente of that.
34What sufferings did we have this week? Lets bring that to the altar with the
35bread and wine.
37Fr. Sudano: What if we only had the opportunity of attending one Sacred
38Eucharist, would our soul be more open? Would our eyes, if you will, of our
39soul would be more prone to actually to see the event and the activity which
40is happening beyond our vision? And this is why prayer is all important

1because if were able to anything or sense anything, of course not with the
2eye but through faith in the soul, that is a gift given by God.
4Sean: Just today, I just realized, Wow! Thats amazing that they just
5crucified Christ, God Almighty! I heard recently that at those times they
6would draw lots for things because that was considered a just way of
7dividing things. So, I said, Wait a second! They just crucified God
8Almighty and now theyre being just with one another. So, they didnt just
9grab They, Oh, be just. I thought, Thats exactly the way my life is.
10Im being just about the petty little things that dont really matter;
11meanwhile, Im crucifying the people around me and Christ, too. But it
12just really brought it home to me, just seeing the craziness of it all.
14St. Augustine of Hippo: Did He not say as He hung on the cross, Father,
15forgive them because they know not what they are doing? He prayed as a
16man. And as God with the Father He heard the prayer. Even now, He prays
17in us, for us and is prayed too by us. He prays in us as Our High Priest. He
18prays for us as Our Head. He is prayed to by us as Our God. Christ was
19indeed only once immolated in person; yet, He is immolated every day for
20the people in the Sacrament or in Holy Mass.
22Fr. Apostoli: Jesus was sacrificing Himself. He was the Victim Who poured
23forth His life on that cross for our salvation. The people jeered at Him and
24said, Come down from that cross and well believe You. And they said,
25He saved others but couldnt save Himself. Well, the reason Jesus would
26not save Himself was because if He had come down from that cross, He
27would not have saved us. He had that love that He said was the greatest love
28of all, to lay down your life for those you love. Jesus did precisely that and
29renews that love in every Eucharist.
33St. Birgitta: O My Lady, O virgin Mary, O Mother of all, may God the
34Father, together with the Son and the Holy Spirit, be eternally praised in His
35incomprehensible majesty for the most sacred cell of Your whole body, in
36which Gods Son so sweetly rested He, Whom the whole army of angels
37praises in heaven and Whom the whole church reverently adores on earth,
38hasten, O Lord, enlighten my darkness, speak to my soul. Show me the path
39and make me follow it. In delay there is a danger but in haste there is
40likewise peril. Therefore, Lord, give ear to my petition and show me the

1way. I come to You, as the sick go to the doctor in search of aid. I long for
2You like the dying. O Lord, give peace to my heart. Amen.
4Male (singing): When Christ shall come He shall move out the nation and
5take me Home, what joy shall fill my heart. Then I will bow in humble
6adoration and there I will proclaim, My God. how great Thou art! Would
7you stand and sing it with me now?
9All: Then sings my soul, My Savior God to Thee, O Lord how great! How
10great Thou art! How great Thou art! Then sings my soul, My Savior God,
11to Thee, how great Thou art! How great Thou art! Sing How Great Thou
12Art. Then sings my soul, My Savior God to Thee, How great Thou art!
13How great Thou art!
21Kri rtvovanja
22P. Mariusz Koch, CFR
23Ep. 11
29Moki glas poje: Potem poje moja dua, moj Bog, Zveliar, Tebi, kako
30velik si, kako velik si. O, poj to z vsem svojim srcem. Potem poje moja dua,
31moj Bog, Zveliar, Tebi, kako velik si, kako velik si. Kako velik si. Kako
32velik si.
36Sestra Brigata vedska: Blagoslovljen bodi, moj Gospod Jezus. Pri zadnji
37veerji snovnega kruha si udovito posvetil svojo dragoceno Kri in jo
38ljubee podelil svojim apostolom v spomin na rtve svojega najbolj
39dragocenega trpljenja.

1P. Groeschel: To se zane pri Zadnji veerji, kjer Jezus pravi: To je moje
2telo, to je moja Kri, to delajte v moj spomin.
4P. Apostoli: Tako je Evharistija ta lepi dar, po katerem je Jezus e vedno
5navzo med nami. Po katerem so nam njegove skrivnosti njegovega
6ivljenja in krvi in vstajenja dejansko ponavzoene.
7P. Murphy: In Evharistija je resnino izpolnitev Boje obljube ljubezni, da
8bo z nami.
9P. Sudano: In tako smo v Evharistiji sposobni dati Bogu, kar on eli. In tudi
10prejeti od Boga, kar mi elimo.
11P. Groeschel: To pomeni, da smo vi in jaz sredi naega naravnega obstoja
12udeleeni v absolutnem udeu. Nekaj taknega kot snop bliskov z neba
13pride dol in nam ne prinese samo prisotnosti Boga, ampak prisotnost
14Kristusa kot Odreenika in Odkupitelja. To je skrivnost.
17enski napovedovalec: Iz svetega evangelija po Mateju. Ko so li ven, so
18naleteli na loveka iz Cirene, ki mu je bilo ime Simon. Prisilili so ga, da je
19nesel njegov kri.
21Sv. Matej Evangelist: Ko so prili na kraj, ki se imenuje Golgota, kar
22pomeni kraj lobanje, so mu dali piti vina, pomeanega z olem. In pokusil
23je, a ni hotel piti. Ko so ga kriali, so si razdelili njegova oblaila, tako da so
24rebali. Sedeli so in ga tam straili. Nad njegovo glavo so dali napis o
25njegovi krivdi: 'Ta je Jezus, judovski kralj.' Takrat sta bila skupaj z njim
26kriana dva razbojnika, eden na desnici in eden na levici. Tisti pa, ki so
27hodili mimo, so ga sramotili, zmajevali z glavami in govorili: 'Ti, ki podira
28tempelj in ga v treh dneh postavi, rei samega sebe, e si Boji Sin, in stopi
29s kria!' Podobno so ga zasmehovali tudi vliki duhovniki s pismouki in
30stareinami ter govorili: 'Druge je reil, sebe pa ne more reiti! Izraelov kralj
31je, naj stopi zdaj s kria in bomo verovali vanj. Zaupal je v Boga, naj ga zdaj
32rei, e ga hoe, saj je rekel: Boji Sin sem.' Enako sta ga sramotila tudi
33razbojnika, ki sta bila z njim kriana. Ob esti uri se je stemnilo po vsej
34deeli do devete ure. Okrog devete ure je Jezus zavpil z monim glasom:
35'El, El, lem sabahtni?' to je: 'Moj Bog, moj Bog, zakaj si me zapustil?' Ko
36so nekateri, ki so tam stali, to sliali, so govorili: 'Ta klie Elija.' Br je
37stekel eden izmed njih, vzel gobo, jo napojil s kisom, nataknil na trst in mu
38ponujal piti. Drugi pa so govorili: 'Psti, poglejmo, e ga pride Elija reit!'
39Jezus je spet zakrial z monim glasom in izroil

1duha. In glej, zagrinjalo v templju se je pretrgalo na dvoje od vrha do tal.

2Zemlja se je stresla in skale so se razpoile. Grobovi so se odprli in veliko
3teles svetih, ki so zaspali, je bilo obujenih. Po njegovi obuditvi so li iz
4grobov in prili v sveto mesto ter se prikazali mnogim. Ko so stotnik in ti, ki
5so z njim straili Jezusa, videli potres in kar se je zgodilo, so se silno
6prestraili in govorili: 'Resnino, ta je bil Boji Sin!'
10P. Koch: Predstavljajte si, da ste na poroki in ste med verniki, gledate
11enina in nevesto, kako si izrekata svoje zaobljube in enin gleda svojo eno
12in se zazre v njene oi in ree: Obljubljam, da ti bom zvest v dobrem in
13slabem, v bolezni in zdravju, 95% asa. In ona ga pogleda in mu ree:
14Obljubljam, da ti bom zvesta v dobrem in zlem, v bolezni in zdravju, 98%
15asa. Toda krianje nam razodeva, da je Boja ljubezen popolna, celovita
16in prav za to pri vsem skupaj gre. rtvovanje na kriu, ki ga obhajamo pri
17vsaki evharistiji, je popolno izlitje Boje ljubezni. To ni samo podoba.
18Resninost je! To je tako udovito pri nai katoliki veri da mi ne le, da
19premiljujemo o tej lepi podobi, kakor da bi li in gledali lepo sliko.
20Dejansko smo navzoi pri tem dogodku Boje izlivajoe se ljubezni. To je
21torej veliko svetopisemsko besedilo, in spet, ali so se vam ob njem porodile
22kakne misli?
24Marisol: ko je Jezus rekel in zavpil: Moj Bog, moj Bog, zakaj si me
25zapustil, me to spominja na psalm 22 o nedolnem trpeem, ki je
26preganjan, zavren in zlorabljen. V svoji stiski se obrne k Bogu in ve, da bo
27Bog obrnil njegovo bedo v zmago. To sem podelila s prijateljico, ki je la
28skozi izkunjo zavrenosti in je bila resnino strta, preprosto je utila, da
29mora biti vedno zabavna, vedno je morala biti nekdo drug, samo da bi jo
30sprejemali in ljubili. Rekla sem ji, da ji to ni potrebno. Dovolj je bilo
31preprosto to, da je ona sama, da je ona to, kar je, ker je ustvarjena po Boji
32podobi in podobnosti. Spodbudila sem jo, naj gre k evharistiji, da bo sprejela
33Jezusa in da jo bo Jezus okrepil in da bo postajala edalje bolj podobna
34njemu. Ko jo bodo ljudje sreali, jo bodo preprosto vzljubili in jo sprejeli
35takno, kot je. Ni ji treba biti kdo drugi .Hotela sem ji resnino povedati, da
36je ljubljena, da jo Kristus ljubi in da bi se morala na to spomniti, ko pogleda
37na kri, da je ljubljena in da ni treba, da bi bila kdo drugi, da je lahko ona


1Sv .Ciril Aleksandrijski: Blagoslov se je spustil na nas po njegovem

2trpljenju. On je plaal nae dolgove namesto nas. On je nosil nae grehe. On
3je bil udarjen za nas, kot pie. Toda vzel je nae grehe na svoje telo in jih
4ponesel na drevo, ker je res, da nas njegove rane ozdravljajo. IN on je bil
5bolan zaradi naih grehov in mi smo odreeni bolezni due.
6P. Koch: Mislim, da je to eden od razlogov, zakaj bi moral biti pri vsakem
7obhajanju evharistije kriani v svetiu: to nas spomni na to ljubezen, da
8Bog ni loen od naega trpljenja, da nas je Bog tako zelo ljubil, da je postal
9osamljen in zavren in da so se norevali iz njega in se posmehovali na
10njegov raun in da je bil zapuen in zavren in da je umrl iz ljubezni. Bog
11ni oddaljeno boanstvo, Bog in Kristus nam je blizu in blizu je temu tvojemu
12prijatelju. To je zelo lepo. Ob jubileju tisoletja sem imel privilegij, da sem
13bil v Rimu. Neko praznovanje je bilo na forumu. Imeli so veliastno
14uprizoritev krievega potu s temi velikanskimi krii in z bakljami. V
15procesiji so bili duhovniki, ki so trpeli za Kristusa nekateri od njih so bili v
16koncentracijskih taboriih in nekateri v gulagih in nekateri so na Kitajskem
17trpeli za vero. Bilo je zelo zelo zelo ganljivo. Na koncu procesije so imeli
18relikvijo resninega kria. Nosil jo je stareji kof, ki je za svojo vero veliko
19let trpel v jei. Bilo je zelo ganljivo. Postaje krievega pota so bile
20premiljevanja, napisana na podlagi teologije papea Janeza Pavla II. Na eni
21od postaj, kjer Kristusu sleejo oblaila, da bi ga kriali, podaja lepo podobo
22 elel bi imeti tono ubeseditev. Toda govori o tem, kako je bil Kristus
23sleen in o goloti nedolnosti, goloti pred padcem, prav, lovek pred padcem
24in povzpne se na posteljo kria, svatbeno posteljo kria, da bi se poroil.
25Mislim na to podobo, kaj je krianje, da Kristus daje svoje ivljenje za
26Cerkev, ki je njegova nevesta, za nas, ne 98%, ampak popolnoma, in izlije
27svojo kri za svojo nevesto, ki smo mi, Cerkev. Seveda, to obhajamo pri
28vsaki evharistiji, toda to smo tudi poklicani iveti, to popolno darovanje
29samega sebe, poklicani smo, da naredimo evharistijo za del svojega ivljenja
30med tednom, ne glede na to, kakno slubo, poklic, odgovornost imamo
31kot poroeni moje ali tudentje, kar koli e smo.
32Chris: Pred ve leti sem bil v Pamploni, v paniji, kjer smo tekli pred biki,
33in ko smo prili na stadion, smo nekako akali na bike, da se zaenejo v nas,
34ker je bilo to v tistem asu najbolj vzburjajoe. Spominjam se, da sem tekel
35in gledal nazaj ez rame in tam je bil bik kaken meter in pol za mano in ko
36sem se obrnil, je nekdo tik pred mano padel. Preskoil sem tega loveka in
37stekel v stadion. Premileval sem:e bi to bila ena, ne bi storil tako, skoil
38bi dol in nekako pokril njeno telo ali storil kaj, da bi jo v tistem trenutku
39zavaroval. Toda bil je nekdo, ki ga nisem poznal, zato sem samo tekel.
40Mislim, da je to res, ker ljubim svojo eno, vem, da ljubim svojo eno. Ko


1grem k mai, je v cerkvi, kamor hodim, lep kriani prav nad oltarjem, in ko
2duhovnik dvigne hostijo in vidim krianega, vem, da me Jezus ljubi zaradi
3rtve, ki jo je pripravljen storiti zame, ki mjo je storil zame, in to vem zaradi
4ljubezni, zaradi naina, kako ljubim svojo eno.
5Therese: Mislim na as, ko je v moji druini sestro in brata zadel avtomobil
6in ju je to ubilo in sploh nisem mogla videti Boga. O Bog, o Bog, zakaj si
7me zapustil? V tem sem stala. Ljudje so prihajali in prevzeli nekaj bremena
8kria, ki sem ga nosila, nekaj druina, nekaj prijatelji, in takrat sem prvi
9sreala Kristusa. Kristusa nisem mogla videti zaradi vse svoje jeze in
10preprosto zaradi obupa, in potem sem prek tega mogla videti Kristusovo
11ozdravljajoo mo, do takrat nisem bila sposobna sprejeti pomoi od
12Simonov v mojem ivljenju. Na svoje ivljenje sem gledala takole: maja
13meseca bom sestra in za vsakega pacienta, za katerega bom skrbela, bom
14skuala biti ta lovek, poskuala bom biti Simon. Ta lovek oitno nosi kri
15in vasih je resnino lahko pogledati in rei: Prav, to so storili, da bi postali
16bolni, ali: Tako so iveli svoje ivljenje, in to. Toda kakne krie nosijo
17ljudje, da je to toka boleine, ki so jo dosegli, ali kakni krii so jim bili
18dodeljeni v njihovem ivljenju? To je prilo do mene, da sem odkrila
19Kristusa v mojem lastnem ivljenju, da mi je nekdo pokazal Kristusa, da mi
20je nekdo pokazal Kristusa, da je bil Simon na mojem osebnem krievem
21potu, e naj tako reem.
23P. Groeschel: V vsako ivljenje pride alost, v vsako ivljenje ne pride
24groza, toda pride k nekaterim ljudem in lahko bi prila k vsakomer .In e
25groza pride k vsakomer, bi moral tak lovek iti pred Kristusov kri.
27P. Sudano: Toda e smo po Boji milosti na neki mali nain sposobni
28predreti kopreno tega, kar se dogaja, ko smo pri mai, bomo imeli nekaj
29milosti, ki je v obilici dana svetnikom.
31Sv. Efrem: Iztegnite svoje roke h kriu, da bo kriani Gospod mogel
32iztegniti svoje roke k vam. Kdor ne iztegne svoje roke h kriu, se tudi ne
33more pribliati njegovi mizi. On bo odrekel svojo mizo gostom, ki bi morali
34priti k njemu lani, toda pridejo siti.
36Michelle: Veliko ljudi hodi okrog in skuajo ves as ugajati sami sebi,
37misle, da je to pot, na kateri bodo resnino nali sreo in da je ivljenje, ki
38ga ivite zase, to, za kar pri ivljenju v resnici gre. Resnino, e ivite na tak
39nain, je vse, kar boste dobili, le praznina. Zato vem, da smo tako
40blagoslovljeni, da smo sposobni imeti kri kot zgled, kaj resnino je


1ljubezen in kaj je ivljenje in od kod prihaja srea in kje resnino lei

2resnica, da razumemo trpljenje. Kakor Gospod noe, da bi nas pokopalo
3nae trpljenje, hoe, da se z njim nazadnje dvignemo, in tam se po nas
4razodene njegova slava v naem ivljenju in tam se lahko resnino veselimo
5in pogledamo nazaj in reemo: Jezus je bil z mano in on je vedno z mano.
7Marcel: Trpljenje nima nobenega smisla v naem ivljenju, razen prek kria.
8Zelo mono je po kriu, kajti ko trpimo, postanemo bolj zdrueni s
9Kristusom. Spomnim se zgodbe o Janezu Pavlu II. Neko si je priipnil prst
10pri vratih avtomobila neko se je to zgodilo tudi meni. Imam brazgotino, s
11katero lahko dokaem takoj tukaj in resnino hudo boli, samo v vednost.
12(drugi se smejijo) Toda on je priipnil svoj prst v vratih in namesto da bi
13zavpil kletvico, kakor sem to verjetno storil sam, je rekel: Slava Bogu, in
14zahvalil se je Bogu za trpljenje, ki ga je bil zmoen izkusiti tega dne, ker se
15je zavedal, da mu je po njegovem trpljenju, ki je bilo ob koncu njegovega
16ivljenja resnino zgledno, dopueno, da postane bolj podoben Kristusu,
17ker je trpel s Kristusom.
19Brat Andrew: Ko je Mati Terezija zaela z misijonarkami ljubezni, jo je
20navdihovala ta Kristusova beseda: ejen sem. Ko je Kristus na kriu in
21govori: ejen sem, ona pravi, da bi bilo drugae, e bi Kristus na kriu
22preprosto rekel: Ljubim vas, toda rekel je besede: eja me po vas. Ali si
23lahko predstavljate, kaken smisel je v vaem srcu e bi mogli rei svoji
24nevesti ali svojemu mou: eja me po tebi, bi mogli razumeti, zakaj bi
25hoteli vse rtvovati, da bi reili svojo eno pred podivjanim bikom. Mati
26Terezija je povedala nekaj zelo globokega. Rekla je: Dokler najbolj
27notranje ne razumemo, kaj pomeni ta Kristusova beseda, 'eja me po tebi', ki
28jo je izrekel na kriu, ne bomo nikoli v polnosti razumeli, kdo on hoe biti
29za nas in kdo hoe, da smo mi zanj.
31P. Koch: Imamo privilegij, da smo udeleeni v njegovem trpljenju, tako da
32nae trpljenje postane odreilno. M smo do te mere soodreeniki s Kristusom
33na podlagi ljubezni. Sv. Pavel pravi: Svoje trpljenje pridruujem temu, kar
34manjka Kristusovemu trpljenju, in to smo mi. Kristus nam je dal privilegij,
35da lahko trpimo skupaj z njim. To je nekaj lepega, kar lahko prinesemo k
36mai. Ko so darovi prineseni na oltar, prinesimo svoje trpljenje, zavedajmo
37se tega. Kaj smo pretrpeli ta teden? Prinesimo to na oltar skupaj s kruhom in
39P. Sudano: e bi samo imeli prilonost, da se udeleimo ene svete
40evharistije, bi bila naa dua kaj bolj odprta? Ali bi nae oi, e hoete, oi


1nae due bile bolj pripravljene dejansko videti dogodek in to dejavnost, ki

2se dogaja onkraj naega pogleda? In zaradi tega je molitev nadvse
3pomembna, kajti e smo spoosbni esar koli ali kar koli utimo, seveda ne z
4omi, ampak po veri v dui, je to dar, ki je dan od Boga.
6Sean: Prav danes sem se zavedal: Kako udovito. Sijajno je, da so samo
7kriali Kristusa, vsemogonega Boga! Pred nedavnim sem slial, da bi v
8tistih asih za marsikaj rebali, kajti to je bil nain, kako deliti stvari. Tako,
9sem rekel: Poakajte! Kriali so vsemogonega Boga in zdaj so pravini
10drug z drugim: Tako niso samo zagrabili Oh, bodi pravien, sem
11pomislil. Tono takno je tudi moje ivljenje. Pravien sem glede majhnih
12stvari, ki niso prav zares pomembne, medtem pa kriam ljudi okrog sebe in
13tudi Kristusa. Toda to me je pravkar zadelo in sem videl norost vsega tega.
15Sv. Avgutin Hiponski: Ali Jezus, ko je visel na kriu, ni rekel: Oe,
16odpusti jim, saj ne vedo, kaj delajo? Molil je kot lovek. In kot Bog je z
17Oetom slial molitev. Tudi zdaj moli za nas, za nas, in tudi mi ga molimo.
18On moli v nas kot na veliki duhovnik. Za nas moli kot naa Glava. Mi ga
19molimo kot svojega Boga. Kristus je bil dejansko samo enkrat rtvovan v
20osebi, toda zdaj je vsak dan rtvovan za ljudi v zakramentu ali pri sveti mai.
22P. Apostoli: Jezus je rtvoval samega sebe. On je bil rtev, ki je izlila svoje
23ivljenje na kriu za nae odreenje. Ljudje so se mu posmehovali in
24govorili: Stopi s kria in verovali bomo vate. In govorili so: Reil je
25druge, sebe pa ne more reiti. Prav, razlog, zakaj Jezus ni reil sebe, je bil,
26da e bi stopil s kria, ne bi reil nas. Imel je to ljubezen, za katero je rekel,
27da je najveja ljubezen od vseh, da je dal svoje ivljenje za tiste, ki jih
28ljubite. Jezus je storil prav to in to ljubezen prenavlja v vsaki evharistiji.
33Sveta Brigita: O moja Gospa, o devica Marija, o mati vsega, naj bo Bog Oe
34skupaj s Sinom in Svetim Duhom veno slavljen v svojem nedojemljivem
35veliastvu za najsvetejo celico vsega tvojega telesa, v katerem je Bog Sin
36tako milo poival On, ki ga celotna vojska angelov slavi v nebesih in ki ga
37celotna Cerkev spotljivo asti na zemlji. Pohiti, Gospod, razsvetli mojo
38telo, govori moji dui. Pokai mi pot in mi daj, da hodim po njej. V zamudi
39je nevarnost, toda v naglici je prav tako poguba. Zatorej, Gospod, prisluhni
40moji pronji in mi pokai pot. Prihajam k tebi, kakor gre bolnik k zdravniku,


1ko ie pomo. Hrepenim po tebi kakor umirajoi. Gospod, daj mir mojemu
2srcu. Amen.
4Moki glas (poje): Ko bo Kristus priel, bo narod popeljal ven in me vzel
5domov, kakna radost bo napolnila moje srce. Takrat se bom priklonil v
6poninem eenju in tam bom razglaal: Moj Bog, kako velik si Ti! Ali
7boste vstali in zdaj zapeli z mano?
9Vsi: Potem poje moja dua, moj Bog, Zveliar, tebi, O tako velik Gospod!
10Kako velik si! Kako velik si! Potem poje moja dua, moj Bog, Zveliar, tebi,
11kako velik si! Kako velik si! Poj, kako velik si. Potem poje moja dua, moj
12Bog, Zveliar, tebi, kako velik si! Kako velik si!