Chinese Astrology - The Year Of The Ox

People born in the year of the ox are steady, plain and quiet. They arrange things systematically and they are patient and tireless. They are usually ready to take other's advice and act with justice. But it is not easy to change their minds because they are stubborn and sometimes prejudice. Because people born in the year of the ox are reliable and steady, they are trusted by their superiors or persons in authority. Where there is responsibility, you will always find them. However, they should be careful not to be carried away by success. Their dauntless character and logical way of thinking is covered up by their plain appearance. Their intelligence and nimbleness are covered up by their reticence and restrained manner. Don't take them for granted! Although they may be introverted by nature, when an opportunity is presented they can become quite dignified and eloquent speakers. They face danger fearlessly, and betray no fear in face of threats. They have a natural and intense trust in themselves. All of these features help them to put everything into order in times of trouble. People born in the year of the ox do things in an orderly way. They follow settled rules, respect traditional concepts, and always do things the way other people want them to. So people can foresee what they will do the next. They believe that only those who have a down to earth style of work may never be defeated. People born in other years can achieve success depending on their intelligence or other's help. But people born in the year of the ox depend on their own tenacious will and active spirit of devotion. They never believe in chance, keep their words, and once a word is spoken will not take it back even when pulled by a team of four horses (what is said cannot be unsaid). They take an indifferent attitude towards common biases. They will do their jobs with single-hearted devotion, and never give up when something is half-way done. They are naive when they think about other people's secrets. They cannot fully understand the feelings of others, and seldom cheat others to win their love. Poetry and serenades seldom appear in their lives, even the gifts they give will be durable and practical. Since people born in the year of the ox are quite traditional, it may take a long time for a man born in the year of the ox to propose marriage to a woman. Such a man may be broad minded and maintain good order, but when he proposes marriage to a pretty girl, he will become clumsy and slow in speech. If you happen to be married to him and trust him completely, he will never disappoint you and will be loyal to you all his life. Although he cannot give you mounds of diamonds, or chests of leather clothing, he will try to make your life as comfortable as he can, and never ask for your help. If you are lucky enough to marry a woman born in the year of the ox, you will find that she is a serious person. She will iron your clothing like your mother once did, never forgetting to fold the newspaper on your desk, and will make you delicious breakfasts. She will be very neat and always punctual. After your marriage you will never lack clean clothing, you will never wear stockings with holes in them, and you will never have to eat burnt food. Thus she will be an ideal wife. If a man born in the year of the ox feels unhappy about something, this unhappiness will have developed little by little. His memory is precise and can last for a long time. If you harm him, he will remember every detail. People born in the year of the tiger or rooster will complain when they find themselves in adverse

If they can try to develop more of a sense of humor and enthusiasm. Their shortcomings are their stiffness and awkwardness. But those born in the year of the ox are different. All of them have good physiques. They like long-term. and do not know how to show consideration for others. you will find their support to be quite reliable. Their words are the rules of their family.The Year Of The Snake People born in the year of the snake may become philosophers. and are seldom sick. They are fascinated with .circumstances. They think one must fulfill one's duty. They hope other people carry out their orders firmly and adhere to their principles on key matters. They do not want people to help them. they trust themselves and never compromise. People born in the year of the ox do not willing seize chances to gain advantage by trickery. they will work hard and refuse the coming "danger" by remaining single. At such times they will lose their senses and attack those who hurt them like angry bulls. Certainly they have a way with money! The snake is the most enigmatic of the twelve zodiac animals. However people respect them because they are honest. Chinese Astrology . they will never forgive themselves. or cunning financiers. listening to great music. Although they do not easily become excited. They have a strong sense of morality. effective. So if you want to give them help. The only way to cool the anger of a person such as this is to stand away from him and let him cool down gradually. Such persons are elegant. tasting delicious food. You will not get empty thanks from them. They have the qualities of a good soldier. they dislike flowery language and flattering words because they think this harms their honor. But they can be horrible if they lose their tempers. They will try to reduce their pain and tension through hard work. They advocate self-reliance. They are never sly. and they are not swayed by their emotions. their calculating nature and their rather standoffish attitude. People born in the year of the ox are cautious. And those born in the year of the sheep and rabbit will become somewhat sulky. and have a strong sense of principle. People born in the year of the ox are very patient. They are not gamblers. This makes them unsuitable for public relations work and foreign affairs. and do not put barriers in other's roads. The money they repay will be accurate to the last decimal point. and enjoy reading. They know how to give an order and how to make others follow their order. If they are frustrated in love. you will have to implore them in order to do so. they love their wives and children and they are willing to do anything for them. they will live happy lives. stable investments. People born in the year of the ox are born with the ability to lead. They show contempt for other's weaknesses. They never reach their goals in any improper way. They know how to keep people within the bounds of discipline and they are often quite strict. But there is no need to worry. If you ask for their advice on some problem. If they owe you something without expressing thanks. People born in the year of the ox have their feet planted on solid ground. People born in the year of the ox do not like to owe other people money. And they will have the same requirement of others. they will not get into a fight unless they are driven beyond the limits of forbearance. and going to the theatre. and others taking risks only annoy them. politicians. theologians.

he will not trust his friends. the husband will have no choice but to try his best to climb the social ladder. If such a person is short of money. for he may lose everything he has. You would best not give her gold-plating jewelry or replicas. Some people born in the year of the snake may speak in a leisurely or listlessly way.all beautiful things in life. They like to think deeply. However. They hide their suspicions. However. and doesn't follow the views with others. she is always busy thinking. and other jewelry. A woman born in the year of the snake will be quiet. pearls. However. which is their nature. With such guidance. he will act with such hostility in a secret way. or her eyes too close. he can change the situation quickly. without any feeling of shame. and can be strict with them. he will soon come to realize his error and recover from it so that he will not be hit later. When such a person is irritated. In desperate situations. acting as if nothing is on their minds. If she herself does not have power and money. you should have good luck if you were born in that year. She acts as a perfect hostess when showing her husband how to make use of every opportunity in his life. Some of the people born in the year of the snake may strike their enemies a deadly blow. she will often marry a rich and powerful man. he will cherish a bitter hatred. He easily becomes excessively nervous when he is frightened or feels doubtful about something. and make a systematic and appropriate exposition of their views. He shows his resentment with ice-cold hostility instead of bitter words. you may find that she is not perfectly beautiful. These persons are over suspicious. they may act to eradicate anyone who gets in their way. which she advocates. . If he sustains great losses. She loves treasures and jewelry. They usually speak with great care. He will never forgive anyone who breaks a promise. he will be cautious and alert when doing business. She is also strict in choosing friends. though. When you look at her carefully. she will buy the best and real diamonds. People born in the year of the snake usually have a sense of humor. and have an outstanding appearance. you may see that her nose can be too big. Generally. He may be a religious believer or a pleasure-seeker. serene. Such a woman likes to follow the fashion and be properly dressed. If she has enough money. To a certain extent. such a person may be famous for heartlessness. A person born in the year of the snake usually acts according to his or her own judgment. she will try her best to help him to succeed. To realize an important goal. for she may not accept your gift because it seems to be fake. She acts confidently and calmly. They are not annoyed by lack of money. Many of the most beautiful ladies and the men with strongest personalities were born in the year of the snake. not always. She often strolls sluggishly. As long as her husband has potential. however. A person born in the year of the snake often shows a strong desire for control when associating with others. they can enliven the atmosphere with jokes and talk cheerfully and humorously even under great pressure. If you look at her facial features separately. he would rather believe in his own conjectures than accept the advice of others. he shouldn't gamble. plan carefully. and are usually lucky enough to own everything they need. But she will be quite charming if you look at her in her entirety. In either case. and although he is generally right. which impresses people by her love of comfort. Therefore. but this does not mean that they are slow in thinking and action. They are also generous with money. in fact. support and devotion.

As the core force in disturbance and difficult situations. who always makes eyes at persons of the opposite sex. There always lies an alert heart behind his serene appearance. Chinese people believe that persons born in the spring or autumn of the year of the snake are the most formidable. a "snake" will face danger fearlessly. and some are even grim. A person born in the year of the snake is a passionate lover. and so their eyes shine with the enthusiasm of first love when they make a good deal. and deal with unforeseen disasters. Some of these people are icy. . and will try his best to hold fast to his position. some often ridicule others. Those born in nice weather are happier than those born in terrible weather. for they are sensitive toward and yearn for everything. He is so cunning that when you think you may have seized him. while those born in winter are quiet and obedient.However. for a snake hibernates during winter. You will make a mistake if you think that such a person is always in love. and they feel content more easily. People born in the year of the snake. he has already slipped away. He may become most powerful if he combines his lofty ideals with inborn advantages. there are some exceptions. Now you can see that it is not easy to deal with a person born in the year of the snake. He has a strong sense of responsibility and clear goals. He has a strong will. often lead turbulent lives that are full of passion. especially those who like to be in the limelight and struggle for fame and gain. forcing them to rack their brains. especially when he thinks one way and behaves in another.

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