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; Eucharist 2 The Desertion of Many Disciples " Fr. Groeschel & Fr. Apostoli, CFR 4 Ep.

2808 < Transcriptionist: Pg = Finished: 04 2! 08 > 8TCR 28:"0 ! ;0#$%sic& ;; ;2$an sings: 'Then sings () so%l, () *a+ior God to Thee, ho, great Tho% ;"art, ho, great Tho% art. - sing it ,ith )o%r ,hole heart. Then sings () ;4so%l, () *a+ior God to thee, ho, great Tho% art, ho, great Tho% art. .o, ;<great Tho% art. .o, great Tho% art./ ;= ;>#(%sic& ;8 ;!*t. 0irgitta o1 *,eden: 0lessed (a) 2o% 3e, $) 4ord 5es%s. At the 4ast 20*%pper o1 (aterial 3read, 2o% ,onder1%ll) consecrated 2o%r Precio%s 0od) 2;and charita3l) 3esto,ed it on 2o%r Apostles in (e(or) o1 the sacri1ices o1 222o%r $ost 6orth) Passion. 2" 24 2<Fr. Groeschel: This 3egins at the 4ast *%pper, ,here 5es%s sa)s, 'This is $) 2=0od), this is $) 0lood, do this in (e(or) o1 $e. 2> 28Fr. Apostoli: *o the E%charist is that 3ea%ti1%l gi1t 3) ,hich 5es%s is still 2!present a(ong %s. Thro%gh ,hich .is ()steries o1 .is li1e and death and "0res%rrection are act%all) (ade present to %s. "; "2Fr. $%rph): And the E%charist reall) is the 1%l1ill(ent o1 God7s pro(ise o1 ""lo+e that .e ,o%ld 3e ,ith %s. "4 "<Fr. *%dano: And so in the E%charist ,e are a3le to gi+e God ,hat .e "=desires. And also to recei+e 1ro( God ,hat ,e desire. "> "8Fr. Groeschel: 8t (eans that )o% and 8 in the (idst o1 o%r nat%ral e9istence "!participate in an a3sol%te (iracle. *o(ething li:e a 3olt o1 lightening co(es

;do,n and 3rings %s not onl) the presence o1 God 3%t the presence o1 Christ, 2as *a+ior and Redee(er. 8t7s a ()ster). "????????????????? 4 <*arah: 'A reading 1ro( the Gospel o1 5ohn. @.e ta%ght this doctrine at =Caperna%( in the s)nagog%e. A1ter hearing it (an) o1 .is 1ollo,ers said.7/ > 8*t. 5ohn: This is intolera3le lang%age. .o, co%ld an)one accept itA 5es%s !,as a,are that .is 1ollo,ers ,ere co(plaining a3o%t. And said, 'Boes this ;0%pset )o%A 6hat i1 )o% co%ld see the *on o1 (an ascend to ,here .e ,as ;;3e1oreA 8t is the spirit that gi+es li1e. The 1lesh has nothing to o11er. The ;2,ords that 8 ha+e spo:en to )o% are *pirit and the) are 4i1e. 0%t there are ;"so(e o1 )o% ,ho do not 3elie+e./ 5es%s :ne, at the o%tset those ,ho did ;4not 3elie+e and ,ho it ,as ,ho ,o%ld 3etra) .i(. .e ,ent on. 'This is ;<,h) 8 told )o% that no one co%ld co(e to $e %nless the Father allo,s hi(./ ;=A1ter this (an) o1 .is disciples le1t .i(, stopped going ,ith .i(. Then ;>5es%s said to the ;2, '6hat a3o%t )o%A 6ill )o% go a,a) tooA/ *i(on ;8Peter ans,ered, '4ord, ,ho shall, ,e go toA 2o% ha+e the ,ords o1 Eternal ;!4i1e and ,e 3elie+e. 6e :no, that 2o% are the .ol) -ne o1 God./ 5es%s 20replied, C.a+e 8 not chosen )o%, )o% ;2, )et one o1 )o% is a de+il./ .e 2;(eant 5%das, the son o1 *i(on 8scariot, since this ,as the (an, one o1 the 22;2, ,as going to 3etra) hi(. 2" 24*arah: 'The 6ord o1 the 4ord./ 2< 2=All: 'Than:s 3e to God./ 2> 28Fr. Doch: 8n this Gospel ,e ha+e sort o1 an a11ir(ation o1 the gi1t o1 1aith 1or 2!those ,ho do 3elie+e, thro%gh the gi1t o1 1aith, 3egin to %nderstand ,hat the "04ord is calling the( to 3elie+e in. E+en tho%gh 8E( s%re at this point, e+en ";then, the) didnEt totall) %nderstand. 0%t also this is the Gospel that 8 thin: "2re(inds %s that so(e people ,ill F%st ,ill not 3elie+e. -ne thing that stri:es ""(e, it7s not F%st those ,ho o%tright donEt 3elie+e 3%t ,e all can 3e incl%ded "4in those ,ho donEt 3elie+e. And 8 can certainl) thin: o1 so(e 3latant "<heart3rea:ing things that ha+e happened to (e as a priest G gi+ing o%t .ol) "=Co((%nion and so (%ch, not F%st totall) distracted, 3%t H%ite 1ran:l) 3eing ">irre+erent, perhaps at a ,edding. -r )o% see so(eone co(ing %p and "8recei+ing Co((%nion e+en 1ooling aro%nd. 8tEs one o1 those (o(ents )o% "!donEt :no, ,hat to do and )o%Ere H%ite )o%Ere al(ost li:e st%c: in a 40sit%ation. 0%t 8 co%ld also thin: a3o%t ()sel1, ho, (an) ti(es i1 8 reall) ; 2

;3elie+e, ho, ,o%ld 8 recei+e .ol) Co((%nionA .o, ,o%ld 8 ,elco(e the 24ord in () heartA .o, ,o%ld 8 prepare to recei+e .ol) Co((%nionA 8tEs "al(ost li:e 3eing on a date ,ith so(e3od) )o% reall) care a3o%t G )o% can 4tell (e (ore than 8 can tell )o% G and that person is F%st totall) distracted. <2o%Ere tal:ing to the(, )o%7re sharing )o%r heart and the)Ere loo:ing o%t the =,indo,. 2o%Ere in the sa(e roo( 3%t the)Ere not listening. 8 thin: thatEs >so(e,hat tr%e, certainl) 8 can sa) it7s tr%e o1 (e and (a)3e it7s tr%e o1 all 8o1 %s, that at ti(es ,e 1it this Gospel 3) o%r lac: o1 3elie1, 3) o%r 1ail%re !,hat to 3elie+e. And not that e+er) ti(e that ,e recei+e Co((%nion ,e ;0ha+e to 3e in ecstas) G 8 thin: ,e7d 3e ,orn o%t in a 1e, ,ee:s G 3%t ;;certainl) ,e ha+e 1ailed the 4ord in o%r 3elie1. And so, 8 don7t :no,, (a)3e ;2)o% ha+e so(e other insights into that reading ;" ;4Ba+id: 8 pra) e+er)da) 1ro( the passage 1ro( the Gospel o1 $ar:, ,here it ;<sa)s, '4ord, 8 do 3elie+eI help () o,n 3elie1./ And 8 don7t :no, 8 F%st ;=going 3ac: to the *cript%res +erse ,e F%st heard ,here ,e o1ten do hear ;>things ,e don7t ,ant to hear. 8 re(e(3er the date, ti(e, locationI it ,as ;8$arch ;2, 200=. 87+e al,a)s 1elt a +er) strong calling to the (arried li1e. ;!0%t on that partic%lar da) so(ething, 8 1elt li:e 8 ,as hit ,ith a pile o1 3ric:s 20,hen 8 said, 'A( 8 called to the priesthood or religio%s li1eA/ so(ething 87+e 2;ne+er ,anted, ne+er discerned. And 8 F%st re(e(3er sa)ing, '4ord, that7s 22not ,hat 8 ,ant to hear. 6h)A 6h)A/ 8 ,as %pset and 8 ,as o+er,hel(ed 2",ith this and 8 didn7t ,ant to hear it. And the ne9t da) 8 ,as in the ch%rch 24and 8 sa, a 4th grade CCB 3oo:, 1a(il) li1e. 8 said, 'This is ,hat 8 need to 2<read./ And 8 opened to the (iddle o1 the 3oo: and it said, '*t. 5ohn 0osco, 2=Father too (an)./ #all la%gh& And 8 F%st re(e(3er sa)ing, '4ord, that7s not 2>1%nn)./ #all la%gh& 0%t 8 g%ess 8 deser+e it. And 8 did. -+er the ne9t )ear 8 28discerned and 8 don7t thin: 87( called to that. 0%t 8 F%st 1eel li:e e+er) da) 8 2!hear st%11 8 don7t ,ant to hear. And itEs F%st a (atter o1 3elie1. "0 ";*arah: 8 ,as re1lecting on this passage this (orning a1ter $ass. And 8 ,as "2reall) tr)ing to p%t it into perspecti+e as to ho, to dra, it into () o,n li1e. ""And 8 tho%ght, '6ell, ,hat i1 this (orning d%ring the (iddle o1 the "4procession, the entrance procession, 1or $ass, )o% F%st stopped and )o% said, "<@.e) e+er)one, are )o% s%re )o% ,ant (e to do thisA7 4i:e, @Are )o% s%re "=)o% ,ant $assA7/ 81 )o% ,ere to sa) that to so(eone, to an entire parish ">3e1ore sa)ing a $ass, 8 (ean ho, (an) people ,o%ld reall) sa) to )o% or "8F%st sa) to the(sel+es, '6hat are ,e doing hereA/ And ,hat )o% are tal:ing "!a3o%t 3e1ore 8 (ean it is li:e a relationship. 8t7s F%st li:e :ind o1 li:e dating 408 (ean 3oth people ha+e to 3e so attenti+e. And Christ gi+es .i(sel1 again ; "

;and again and again in the $ass. And ,ith their c%lt%re toda), ,e7re F%st 2loo:ing 1or entertain(ent ,ith e+er)thing that ,e7re doing 3%t $ass is "so(ething that e+er)one, all the parishioners and the priest, ha+e to gi+e 4the(sel+es co(pletel). 8 thin: that that7s F%st reall) i(portant. < =Fr. $%rph): As 5es%s 3egins to spea: to the( a3o%t this 0read o1 4i1e 3eing >.is -,n Flesh, .is o,n 3od) and 3lood, 5e,s ,ho ,ere :no,n to 3e +er) 8partic%lar in their c%linar) c%sto(s, that the) ,ere +er) partic%lar a3o%t !,hat the) co%ld and co%ld not eat, the c%sto(s handed do,n to the( 3) the ;0(osaic la,, ,hen the) heard 5es%s7 spea:, the) realiJed that i1 ,e ta:e this ;;literall) it itEs a certain :ind o1 canni3alis(. And the) 1o%nd it ,a) 3e)ond ;2,hat the) co%ld possi3l) co(prehend. And it sa)s right there in 5ohn, ;"chapter =, +erse ==, 'the) 1o%nd it too (%ch 1or the( to handle and so the) ;4le1t .i(./ 5es%s didn7t go r%nning a1ter the(, sa)ing, '6ait, ,ait, ,ait, ;<,ait, ,aitK 87( tal:ing a3o%t s)(3ols here. 8E( onl) tal:ing a3o%t ;=(etaph)sicall) here, spirit%all)K/ Lo, .e7s tal:ing a3o%t the realit). .e ;>does not go a1ter the( 3eca%se .e :no,s that the) ha+e co(prehended it ;8correctl), e+en tho%gh the) co%ldn7t co(prehend it and 1o%nd it too (%ch ;!1or the( to 3elie+e. 20 2;*t. Tho(as: 8t is a3o(ina3le to eat h%(an 1lesh and drin: h%(an 3lood. 22That is ,h) Christ7s 0od) and 0lood are o11ered to %s %nder the species o1 2",hat ,e are acc%sto(ed to ta:eI na(el) 3read and ,ine. 24 2<Pete: 81 )o% don7t %nderstand ,hat7s going on, i1 )o% don7t see: to 1ind o%t 2=,hat7s going on, i1 )o% learn a ne, sport, )o%7+e got to 1ig%re o%t the r%les. 2>81 )o% donEt ha+e an) r%les, i1 )o% donEt :no, an) sort o1 histor) o1 the 28ga(e, )o% F%st canEt 1%ll) enFo) it. 6ith $ass, it7s, ,ell, 8 (ean not si(ilar 2!#others ch%c:le& 3%t co(parisons can 3e dra,n. 2o%7+e got to 1ig%re o%t "0,hat7s act%all) going on. 81 )o% don7t :no, ,hat7s going on, 87+e got to go ";tal: to people, go read the catechis(, read the Ch%rch Fathers, Ch%rch "2histor), a3o%t ,hat is the $ass. Christ is the one ,ho instit%ted it. 8tEs ""so(ething ,e7+e 3een doing 1or tho%sands o1 )ears. *o, 8 donEt :no,, that "4thing is F%st the :e) to reall) 1ig%re o%t ,hatEs act%all) going on and that7s "<ho, )o% get so(ething o%t o1 it. "= ">#& "8 "!*t. A%g%stine: The people did not percei+e that ,hat he said has a deeper 40(eaning or grace ,ent along ,ith it. Rather, ta:ing .is ,ords in a h%(an ; 4

;sense, the) %nderstood .i( as i1 he spo:e o1 the c%tting o1 the 1lesh o1 the 2,ord into pieces 1or a distri3%tion to those ,ho 3elie+ed in .i(. " 4Fr. Doch: The last co%ple )ears, 8 thin: so(e o1 )o% :no, 87+e 3een doing a <lot o1 tra+eling ,ith doing (issions. 6e do the( act%all) all o+er the =co%ntr). And so(eti(es )o% go into a parish and )o% can 1eel the 1aith. >2o% can 1eel the 1aith G the ,a) the people attend $ass, the ,a) the) sing. 8And not F%st 3ea%ti1%l (%sic, 8E( tal:ing a3o%t singing ,ith 1aith. !*o(eti(es the (%sic isnEt that 3ea%ti1%l 3%t the) sing 1ro( their hearts. And ;0so, 8 thin: a greater responsi3ilit) 1or priest to cele3rate $ass ,ith as (%ch ;;1aith as he can as: the 4ord to gi+e hi( 3%t also the people. 8 al,a)s thin: ;2o1 so(eone ,al:ing into a ch%rch and loo:ing aro%nd and tr)ing to 1ig%re ;"o%t ,hatEs going on. And loo:ing aro%nd, 8 reall) ,onder i1 in e+er) parish ;4the)Ell sa), '6o,K This (%st 3e so(ething ,onder1%l going on here ;<3eca%se loo: at their e)es, loo: at their de+otion, loo: ho, attenti+e the) ;=are./ 0%t i1 ,eEre reall) into the $ass ,ith 1aith, that ,e7re entering into the ;>Dingdo( G in so(e ,a)s ,e7re in .ea+en, thatEs ,hat ,e 3elie+e, 3e1ore ;8the Throne o1 God G that God is going to spea: to %s. *o, ,e7re listening to ;!the *cript%res, e+en that one ,ord. *o(eti(es 8 so(eti(es 1ind the 4ord 20gi+es (e one ,ord thro%gh *cript%res and 8 hear one ,ord that 8 :no, ,as 2;spo:en to (e. And that ,hen ,e cele3rate the E%charistic Pra)er, ,e are at 22the +er) center o1 rede(ption, the 4i1e, Beath and Res%rrection o1 Christ, 8 2"(ean the ,hole thing. And 8 ,onder (a)3e ,e7ll 1ind o%t in .ea+en, ho, 24,e7+e 3een responsi3le 1or so(eone not 3elie+ing d%e to o%r lac: o1 2<attention, o%r lac: o1 enth%sias(, o%r lac: o1 de+otion, as priests and people. 2=8t7s not F%st the priests7 1a%lt. 2> 28Mic:i: 8 o1ten (editate on a stor) o1 a saint na(ed 0lessed 8(elda. *he ,as 2!a little girl and she had s%ch great 1aith. And at the ti(e she ,as too )o%ng "0to recei+e .ol) Co((%nion 3%t she desired to recei+e 5es%s in the E%charist ";so strongl) 3eca%se she tr%l) realiJed that it ,as tr%l) 5es%s7 Flesh and "20lood. And she ,anted to 3e one ,ith 5es%s. And she ,as at $ass one da) ""and the priest raised 5es%s in the E%charist, in the .ost, the .ost F%st ca(e "4o%t o1 his hands and ele+ated and le+itated to,ard 0lessed 8(elda and it "<landed on her tong%e. 5es%s sa, that her 1aith ,as so great and she ,anted "=to 3e one ,ith .i( and in t%rn .e ,anted to 3e one ,ith her. And at the ">+er) (o(ent that the E%charist to%ched her tong%e, she died in ecstas) "83eca%se she %nderstood the great Fo), the all enco(passing lo+e o1 5es%s and "!she F%st, she died. And ,hen 87( pra)ing at Adoration and gaJing on 5es%s 40in the E%charist and so(eti(es staring and ,ondering, '5es%s is that reall) ; <

;2o%A 2o%7+e h%(3led )o%rsel1 to 3eco(e a piece o1 3read, is this reall) 22o%, so s(all, so lo+ing, 2o% :no, )o% ,ant to enter into all o1 %s./ And 8 "F%st thin: o1 0lessed 8(elda and ho, her 1aith ,as so great. 81 8 had the 4sa(e 1aith, 8 ,o%ldn7t 3e here right no,. 8 ,o%ld F%st ha+e died in ecstas). < =Latalie: 8 g%ess, ,hen )o% reall) thin: a3o%t it, it does ta:e a lot o1 1aith to >act%all) 3elie+e that God .i(sel1 ,hat h%(3le .i(sel1 to co(e into %s and 8to ta:e the 1or( o1 3read. 8 g%ess, thatEs ,h) a lot o1 people the) F%st donEt !loo: at it that ,a) and that the) can7t 3elie+e that its reall) .i(. ;0 ;;Fr. *%dano: *o(eone 6ho ca(e so 1ar 1or lo+e o1 %s is act%all) 3etra)ed 3) ;2one o1 .is o,n. 8n the (o+ie 'The Passion o1 the Christ/, all o1 %s sa, the ;"horror o1 the Cr%ci1i9ion o1 -%r 4ord, the *%11ering, the ph)sical s%11ering ;4o1 -%r 4ord. 0%t sad to sa), that in realit), it ,as pro3a3l) ,orse than that. ;<0%t thereEs a s%11ering greater than the ph)sical s%11ering ,hich -%r 4ord ;=,ent thro%gh and ,hich ,e go thro%gh and that is e(otional s%11ering. 81 ;>)o% 3rea: a personEs 3one, in = ,ee:s it ,ill heal. 81 )o% 3rea: their heart, ;8in =0 )ears it (a) not heal. And so, it7s in the E%charist that so(eho, ,e ;!can console the *orro,ing Christ and that Christ can console %s in o%r 20sorro,. To 3e a3le to spend ti(e in H%iet, in Adoration 3e1ore the 2;ta3ernacle or 3e1ore the E%charist e9posed on the altar is a ,onder1%l 22consolation 1or 3oth. 2" 24*t. C)ril: 8n this passage, Christ is sa)ing it is not the nat%re o1 the 1lesh that 2<renders the *pirit li1eNgi+ing 3%t the (ight o1 the *pirit that (a:es the 3od) 2=li1e gi+ing. The ,ords that 8 ha+e spo:en ,ith )o%, then, are *pirit. That is 2>3oth spirit%al and o1 the *pirit and the) are li1e. 28 2!Fr. Doch: *%ddenl) ,e 1ind this on a )o%th retreat, all o1 a s%dden, e+en "0tho%gh the) (ight ha+e gone to Catholic school or ,ent to $ass e+er) ";*%nda), it hits so(e3od) that this is tr%l) Christ. 8 (ean, it7s an a(aJing "2(o(ent and 8 thin: (ost people that had that (o(ent it changes their li1e. ""*o, ,hether the priest does a good ho(il) are not, ,hether $ass is "4cele3rated 3ea%ti1%ll) or %n1ort%natel) not, once )o%7+e had that (o(ent "<nothing can :eep )o% 1ro( attending $ass 3eca%se )o% e9perienced Christ. "=And thatEs ,h), %n1ort%natel), ,e are responsi3le, ,e are responsi3le 1or ">other peopleEs 1aith and ,e are responsi3le, especiall) as priests, 3%t all o1 "8%s. 0%t to 3e honest ,ith )o%, i1 ,e e+er. E+en the ,orst cele3rated 4it%rg) "!or (%sic, ,hate+er, o11 :e) singers, it ,o%ldn7t disco%rage %s 3eca%se ,e

;,o%ld see 3e)ond to the Presence o1 Christ. And that, o1 co%rse, changes, 2changes e+er)thing. " 4*t. A%g%stine: The 1lesh has nothing to o11er. .e is tal:ing here a3o%t that <Flesh that is alone 3) itsel1. 4et the *pirit 3e added to 1lesh and it pro1its =+er) (%ch. For i1 1lesh pro1ited nothing, the 6ord ,o%ld not ha+e 3eco(e >Flesh and d,elt a(ong %s. .e teaches %s that e+en the act o1 3elie+ing is 3) 8,a) o1 3eing a gi1t and not a (atter o1 (erit. 'As 8 told )o%,/ .e said, 'no !one co(es to $e, %nless the Father allo,s hi(./ ;0 ;;Fr. Apostoli: The teaching o1 the Catholic Ch%rch that 5es%s is reall) present ;20od) and 0lood, *o%l and Bi+init) in the E%charist, has al,a)s 3een a ;"challenge. As 5es%s .i(sel1 ,o%ld sa), '6itho%t 1aith, ,itho%t the Father ;4dra,ing hi(, no one can 3elie+e this./ 0ishop *heen %sed to sa) ,hen ;<5es%s insisted that the E%charist ,o%ld 3e .is +er) Flesh and 0lood, .e lost ;=the cro,ds that da), he lost so(e disciples that da) and .e e+en lost one o1 ;>.is Apostles, 5%das. 0eca%se as the cro,ds ,al:ed a,a), the 4ord as:ed ; o,n disciples, '6ill )o% lea+e $eA/ Peter spea:s the 1aith o1 the ;!Ch%rch. '6eE+e co(e to 3elie+e in 2o%, 4ord. 6ho else co%ld ,e go toA/ 200%t 5es%s said, '-ne o1 )o% has a de+il./ And that ,as 5%das 3eca%se he did 2;not 3elie+e in the tr%e teaching o1 the E%charist and a1ter that 3egan to 1all 22a,a) in his apostleship. 2" 24*t. A%g%stine: E+il people (a:e e+il %se o1 all good creations o1 God. 2<8n+ersel), God t%rns the e+il ,or:s o1 h%(an 3eings to good. 6hat co%ld 2=3e ,orse than ,hat 5%das didA The -ne he 1ollo,ed as a disciple, he 2>3etra)ed as an ene(). 2et, -%r 4ord (ade good %se o1 his ,ic:edness, 28allo,ing .i( sel1 to 3e 3etra)ed so that .e (ight redee( %s. 2! "0Fr. Doch: 8n this co%ntr) and 8 ,o%ld sa) in the 6est is a crisis o1 1aith and ";it e11ects, it per(eates e+er)thing, incl%ding 1a(il) li1e and (arriage. 0%t "2H%ite 1ran:l), i1 ,e reall) 3elie+ed Christ is present, ,h) donEt ,e (a:e ""e+er) ch%rch a+aila3le 1or people to co(e and pra)A 6h) are so (an) "4ch%rches loc:ed ,here people can7t e+en get in, 1or a ,hole ,ee: "<so(eti(esA Pro+isions ha+e to 3e (ade 1or sa1et) and all those things. 0%t "=i1 ,e reall) 3elie+ed, ,e ,o%ld (a:e those pro+isions. 8t is a crisis o1 1aith. ">81 ,e tr%l) 3elie+ed, then the ch%rches ,o%ld 3e Fa((ed. 6e ,o%ld 3e "83%ilding ch%rches all o+er the place 3eca%se there ,o%ldn7t 3e eno%gh "!people. And 8 thin: itEs inc%(3ent on %s that ,e can 3e o+er,hel(ed in 40sa)ing, '6ell, ,hatEs ,rongA/ 0%t H%ite 1ran:l), the 4ord :eeps re(inding ; >

;%s that ,eEre the seed and .eEll do the ,or:. 6e F%st ha+e to 3e ,hat ,as 2(eant to 3e. 6e ha+e to plant a seed. 6e ha+e to no%rish it as 3est ,e can "3%t then the 4ord ,ill %se %s. .e7ll %se %s in o%r littleness. 4 <5ohn Pa%l: There ,as one ti(e at Adoration the priest had F%st e9posed the =0lessed *acra(ent. .e t%rns to those o1 %s ,ho ,ere there and he said, >'This host is the sa(e 5es%s Christ that ,al:ed the sands o1 Galilee 2000 8)ears ago. This is the sa(e Christ that li+ed in LaJareth, that ta%ght in !5er%sale( and ,hose 0lood ,as spilled in the sands there./ And that7s 3een ;0() pra)er at e+er) $ass, e+er) ti(e 8 go to Adoration, F%st that this ,as and ;;this is that Person. 8t7s so eas) to distance the E%charist in the ta3ernacle ;21ro( the Person o1 Christ. 0%t thatEs the inti(ac) that God grants to %s in ;"this gi1t o1 the E%charist G that .e co(es to ph)sicall) 3e there .is 0od), ;40lood, *o%l and Bi+init) and that ,e can see -%r 4ord 6ho ca(e to the ;<earth to sa+e %s. ;= ;>Fr. Roe(er: ThereEs no s%rprise that the chapters o1 +ers%s in this passage ;8incl%de 5ohn =: ==. As so(e ha+e noted that it is +er) tr%e that the de+il ;!cannot stand the h%(ilit) o1 God. 8t7s a +er) interesting F%st ho, the 20disciples desert Christ F%st li:e satan deserted God ,hen he sa, God7s plan 2;o1 h%(ilit) in the incarnation o1 Christ. And it7s +er) tr%e that the de+il F%st 22cannot stand h%(ilit). .e cannot stand the h%(ilit) o1 God, the h%(3le 2"lo+e o1 God. 24 2<#(%sic& 2= 2>*t. 0irgitta: - $) 4ad), - +irgin $ar), - $other o1 all, (a) God the 28Father, together ,ith the *on and the .ol) *pirit, 3e eternall) praised in .is 2!inco(prehensi3le (aFest) 1or the (ost sacred cell o1 2o%r ,hole 3od), in "0,hich God7s *on so s,eetl) rested G .e, 6ho( the ,hole ar() o1 angels ";praises in hea+en and 6ho( the ,hole ch%rch re+erentl) adores on earth, "2hasten, - 4ord, enlighten () dar:ness, spea: to () so%l. *ho, (e the path ""and (a:e (e 1ollo, it. 8n dela) there is a danger 3%t in haste there is "4li:e,ise peril. There1ore, 4ord, gi+e ear to () petition and sho, (e the "<,a). 8 co(e to 2o% as the sic: go to the doctor in search o1 aid. 8 long 1or "=2o% li:e the d)ing. - 4ord, gi+e peace to () heart. A(en. "> "8$ale #singing&: '6hen Christ shall co(e .e shall (o+e o%t the nation and "!ta:e (e .o(e, ,hat Fo) shall 1ill () heart. Then 8 ,ill 3o, in h%(3le

;adoration and there 8 ,ill proclai(, '$) God. ho, great Tho% artK/ 6o%ld 2)o% stand and sing it ,ith (e no,A " 4All: 'Then sings () so%l, $) *a+ior God to Thee, - 4ord ho, greatK .o, <great Tho% artK .o, great Tho% artK Then sings () so%l, $) *a+ior God, =to Thee, ho, great Tho% artK .o, great Tho% artK/ *ing .o, Great Tho% >Art. 'Then sings () so%l, $) *a+ior God to Thee, @.o, great Tho% artK 8.o, great Tho% artK7/ ! ;0E6TL ;; ;2 ;" ;4E+haristiFa ;<O-dhod (nogih %Pence+Q ;=Fr. Groeschel & Fr. Apostoli, CFR ;>Ep. 8 ;8 ;!TCR 28:"0 20 2;#glas3a& 22 2"$oR:i glas poFe: OPote( poFe (oFa d%Ra, (oF 0og, S+eliPar, Te3i, :a:o 24+eli: si, :a:o +eli: si. -, poF to J +se( s+oFi( srce(. Pote( poFe (oFa d%Ra, 2<(oF 0og, S+eliPar, Te3i, :a:o +eli: si, :a:o +eli: si. Da:o +eli: si. Da:o 2=+eli: si.Q 2> 28#glas3a& 2! "0*estra 0rigata T+eds:a: 0lagoslo+lFen 3odi, (oF Gospod 5eJ%s. Pri JadnFi ";+ePerFi sno+nega :r%ha si P%do+ito pos+etil s+oFo dragoceno Dri in Fo "2lF%3ePe podelil s+oFi( apostolo( + spo(in na Urt+e s+oFega naF3olF ""dragocenega trplFenFa. "4 "<P. Groeschel: To se JaPne pri SadnFi +ePerFi, :Fer 5eJ%s pra+i: OTo Fe (oFe "=telo, to Fe (oFa Dri, to delaFte + (oF spo(in.Q "> "8P. Apostoli: Ta:o Fe E+haristiFa ta lepi dar, po :atere( Fe 5eJ%s Re +edno "!na+JoP (ed na(i. Po :atere( so na( nFego+e s:ri+nosti nFego+ega 40Ui+lFenFa in :r+i in +staFenFa deFans:o pona+JoPene. ; !

;P. $%rph): 8n E+haristiFa Fe resniPno iJpolnite+ 0oUFe o3lF%3e lF%3eJni, da 23o J na(i. "P. *%dano: 8n ta:o s(o + E+haristiFi sposo3ni dati 0og%, :ar on Ueli. 8n t%di 4preFeti od 0oga, :ar (i Ueli(o. <P. Groeschel: To po(eni, da s(o +i in FaJ sredi naRega nara+nega o3stoFa =%deleUeni + a3sol%tne( P%deU%. Le:aF ta:Rnega :ot snop 3lis:o+ J ne3a >pride dol in na( ne prinese sa(o prisotnosti 0oga, a(pa: prisotnost 8Drist%sa :ot -dreReni:a in -d:%pitelFa. To Fe s:ri+nost. ! ;0*arah: O8J s+etega e+angeliFa po 5aneJ%. OTo Fe po+edal, :o Fe %Pil + ;;shodnici + Da1arnV%(%. Meli:o nFego+ih %Pence+, :i so to sliRali, Fe re:lo:Q ;2 ;"*+. 5aneJ: OETrda Fe ta 3eseda. Ddo Fo (ore posl%RatiAE Der Fe 5eJ%s + se3i ;4+edel, da nFego+i %Penci godrnFaFo nad te(, Fi( Fe re:el: ETo +a( Fe + ;<spoti:oA 8n Pe 3oste +ideli *ina Plo+e:o+ega iti gor, :Fer Fe 3il preFA B%h Fe ;=tisti, :i oUi+lFa, (eso niP ne :oristi. 0esede, :i se( +a( Fih go+oril, so d%h ;>in Ui+lFenFe. Toda (ed +a(i so ne:ateri, :i ne +er%FeFo.Q 5eJ%s Fe na(reP od ;8JaPet:a +edel, :ateri ne +er%FeFo in :do ga 3o iJdal. Go+oril Fi( Fe: ESaradi ;!tega se( +a( re:el: LihPe ne (ore priti : (eni, Pe (% ni dano od -Peta.E Po 20tiste( Fe (nogo nFego+ih %Pence+ odRlo in niso +eP hodili J nFi(. 5eJ%s Fe 2;tedaF re:el d+anaFsteri(: EAli hoPete t%di +i oditiAE *i(on Peter (% Fe 22od+rnil: EGospod, h :o(% naF gre(oA 0esede +ePnega Ui+lFenFa i(aR in (i 2"trdno +er%Fe(o in +e(o, da si ti *+eti, 0oUFi.E 5eJ%s Fi( Fe odgo+oril: EDaF 24+as nise( iJ3ral d+anaFst, pa Fe eden iJ(ed +as h%diPAE Go+oril pa Fe o 5%d%, 2<sin% *i(ona 8R:ariFotaI ta Fe 3il na(reP tisti, :i ga Fe poJneFe iJdal G eden 2=iJ(ed d+anaFsterih.Q 2> 28*arah: OTo Fe 0oUFa 0eseda.Q 2! "0Msi: O0og% h+ala.Q "; "2P. Doch: M te( e+angeliF% i(a(o ne:a:Rno potrdite+ dar% +ere, :aFti tisti, "":i +er%FeFo, po dar% +ere JaPenFaFo raJ%(eti, :aF Fih Gospod :liPe, naF "4+er%FeFo. Wepra+ G o te( se( prepriPan G + teF toP:i, t%di ta:rat, niso "<resniPno raJ%(eli. Toda t%di to Fe + e+angeliF% Jato, (isli(, da nas spo(ni, "=da ne:ateri lF%dFe preprosto ne 3odo +erFeli. PresenePa (e, da to niso le ">tisti,:i ta:oF ne +erFa(eFo, a(pa: (i +si s(o lah:o +:lF%Peni (ed tiste, :i e "8+erFa(eFo. 8n se+eda lah:o po(isli( na ne:aF hr%pnih, srce paraFoPih st+ari, "!:i so se (i Jgodile :ot d%ho+ni:% G :o se( delil s+eto o3haFilo in ta:o 40(nogi so 3ili ne sa(o popolno(a raJtreseni, a(pa: so 3ili, is:reno rePeno, ; ;0

;nespoRtlFi+i, deni(o na poro:ah. Ali +idite ne:oga, da prihaFa in preF(e 2o3haFilo, pote( pase norP%Fe nao:rog. To Fe eden od tistih tren%t:o+, :o ne "+eR, :aF storiti, in si s:oraF J+eJan + tistih o:oliRPinah. Toda (isli( lah:o 4t%di nase, pogosto, :a:o 3i spreFel s+eto o3haFilo, Pe 3i resniPno +ero+alA <Da:o 3i spreFel Gospoda + s+oFe srceA Da:o 3i se pripra+il, da spreF(e( =s+eto -3haFiloA 5e s:oraF :a:or 3i 3ili na J(en:% J ne:o(, Ja :aterega +a( >Fe resniPno (ar G +i (i lah:o o te( po+este +eP, :a:or +a( (ore( po+edati 8FaJ N in ta ose3a Fe preprosto popolno(a raJtresena. Go+orite J nFo, J nFo !delite s+oFe srce in ta Plo+e: gleda s:oJi o:no. M isti so3i ste, a(pa: +as ne ;0posl%Ra. $isli(, da Fe to do ne:e (ere res, se+eda lah:o rePe(, da Fe res, ;;:ar Jade+a (ene, in (orda Fe res glede nas +seh, da +Pasih spada(o + ta ;2e+angeliF Jaradi po(anF:anFa +ere, :er JgreRi(o, :ar naF 3i +ero+ali. 8n ne ;"gre Jato, da 3i (orali 3iti + e:staJi +sa:o:rat, :o spreF(e(o o3haFilo G ;4(isli(, da 3i 3ili + ne:aF tednih iJPrpani G a(pa: +se:a:or s(o JgreRili ;<Gospoda + naRe( +ero+anF%. 8n ta:o, ne +e(, (ogoPe i(ate dr%ge %+ide + ;=to 3esedilo. ;> ;8Ba+id: 5aJ +sa: dan (oli( na podlagi $ar:o+ega e+angeliFa, :Fer piRe: ;!OGospod, +er%Fe(. Po(agaF (oFi ne+eri.Q 8n ne +e(, pote( gre( naJaF : 20s+etopise(s:i( odlo(:o(, :i s(o Fih pra+:ar sliRali, :Fer pogosto sliRi(o 2;st+ari, :i Fih noPe(o sliRati. *po(ni( se dat%(a, Pasa, :raFa. 0ilo Fe ;2. 22(arca 200=. Medno se( o3P%til (oPan :lic + poroPeno Ui+lFenFe. Toda 2"tistega pose3nega dne se( P%til, da Fe na ne:aF padla :opica ope:, :o se( 24re:el: OAli se( po:lican + d%ho+niRt+o ali redo+niRt+oAQ To Fe 3ilo ne:aF, 2<Pesar nise( ni:oli hotel, Pesar nise( ni:oli raJ3iral. 8n preprosto se 2=spo(ni(, da se( re:el:Q Gospod, to ni, :ar 3i hotel sliRati. Sa:aFA Sa:aAQ 2>RaJoParan se( 3il in to (e Fe prepla+ilo in nise( hotel sliRati. 8n naslednFi 28dan se( 3il + cer:+i in se( +idel :nFigo Ja +ero%:, o dr%Uins:e( Ui+lFenF%. 2!Re:el se(: OTo (ora( pre3rati.Q 8n odprl se( na sredi :nFige in pisalo Fe: "0O*+. 5aneJ 0os:o, oPe (nogi(.Q #+si se s(eFeFo&. 8n spo(ni( se, da se( ";ta:rat re:el: OGospod, to ni s(eRno.Q #+si se s(eFeFo&. Toda (isli(, da se( "2si to Jasl%Uil. 8n Jasl%Uil se( si. M naslednFe( let% se( raJli:o+al in ne ""(isli(, da se( po:lican : te(%. Toda poP%ti( se, :a:or da +sa: dan sliRi( "4st+ari, :i Fih noPe( sliRati. 8n to Fe sa(o st+ar +ero+anFa. "< "=*arah: - te( odlo(:% se( pre(iRlFe+ala danes JF%traF po (aRi. 8n Jares se( ">to pos:%Rala posta+iti + perspe:ti+o, :a:o to +:lF%Piti + s+oFe Ui+lFenFe. 8n "8(isila se(: OPra+, :aF Pe 3i se danes JF%traF, sredi procesiFe, +stopne "!procesiFe Ja (aRo, preprosto %sta+ili in 3i re:li: OPo+eFte, +si s:%paF, ali ste 40prperiPani, da hoPete, da to stori(AQ Dot, OAli ste prepriPani, da hoPete ; ;;

;(aRoAQ We 3i to re:li ne:o(%, celotni (aRi, preden 3i (aRe+ali, :oli:o 2lF%dio 3i +a( resniPno re:lo ali :oli:o lF%di 3i preprosto re:lo sa(i( se3i: "ODaF dela( t%:aFEQ 8n to, o Pe(er ste go+orili preF, Fe :a:or odnos. 5e ne:aF 4ta:Rnega :ot hoFa na J(en:e. RePi hoPe(, o3a (orata 3iti ta:o poJorna. 8n <Drist%s spet in spet daFe sa(ega se3e pri (aRi. 8n J danaRnFo :%lt%ro sa(o =gleda(o Ja Ja3a+o + +se(, :ar poPne(o, toda (aRa Fe ne:aF, + Pe(er se >(ora +sa:do, +si U%plFani in d%ho+ni:, + celoti podariti. $isli(, da Fe to 8resniPno po(e(3no. !P. $%rph): Do Fi( Fe 5eJ%s JaPel go+oriti, da Fe ta :r%h Ui+lFenFa nFego+o ;0lastno (eso, nFego+o lastno telo in :ri, so 5%dFe, :i so 3ili Jnani po te(, da ;;i(aFo Jelo pose3ne :%linariPne na+ade, da i(aFo Jelo natanPno doloPeno, ;2:aF s(eFo in Pesa ne s(eFo Festi, iJroPila, :i Fi( Fih Fe predaFala $oFJeso+a ;"posta+a, da so se 5%dFe, :o so sliRali go+orit 5eJ%sa, Ja+edali, da Pe 3i +Jeli ;4to do3esedno, gre Ja ne:o +rsto :ani3aliJ(a. 8n to se Fi( Fe Jdelo on:raF ;<+sega, :ar 3i (ogli ne:a:o raJ%(eti. 8n t%:aF, + =. pogla+F% 5aneJa, ==. ;=+rstica, piRe: O%goto+ili so, da Fe to +eP, :ot lah:o neseFo, in so ga p%stili.Q ;>5eJ%s ni te:el Ja nFi(i in Fi( go+oril: OWa:aFte, Pa:aFte, Pa:aFte, Pa:aFteK ;8T%:aF go+ori( o si(3olih. T%:aF go+ori( sa(o (eta1iJiPno, d%ho+noKQ Le, ;!go+ori o resniPnosti. Le gre JanFi(i, :er +e, da so to pra+ raJ%(eli, Pepra+ 20niso (ogli raJ%(eti, in se Fi( Fe Jdelo, da Fe to pre+eP, da 3i (ogli +ero+ati. 2; 22*+. To(aU: G%nso3a Fe Festi Plo+eR:o (eso in piti Plo+eR:o :ri. Sato sta 2"na( Drist%so+o telo in :ri pon%Fena pod podo3o tega, :ar s(o +aFeni 24Ja%Ui+ati: na(reP pod podo3o :r%ha in +ina. 2< 2=Pete: We ne raJ%(ete, :aF se dogaFa, Pe ne 3oste s:%Rali od:riti, :aF se 2>dogaFa, Pe se %Pite no+ega Rporta, (orate naFpreF %goto+iti pra+ila. We 28ni(ate no3enih pra+il, Pe ne poJnate pra+ niP Jgodo+ine igre, Fe ne (orete + 2!polnosti %Ui+ati. S (aRo, hoPe( rePi, ne (isli(, da Fe podo3no #dr%gi se "0hihitaFo&, a(pa: (ogoPe Fe narediti pri(erFa+e. Xgoto+iti (orate, :aF se ";deFans:o dogaFa. We ne +este, :aF se dogaFa, Fe tre3a go+oriti J lF%d(i, 3rati "2:ate:iJe(, 3rati cer:+ene oPete, cer:+eno Jgodo+ino o te(, :aF Fe (aRa. ""Drist%s Fe tisti, :i Fo Fe %stano+il. 5e ne:aF, :ar dela(o d+a tisoP let. To Fe "4toreF :lF%P Ja to, da Jares %goto+i(o, :aF se dogaFa, in ta:o 3oste i(eli ne:aF "<od tega. "= ">*+. A+g%Rtin: 4F%dFe niso JaJnali, da i(a to, :ar Fe re:el, glo3lFi po(en ali "8(ilost, :i gre s:%paF J nFi(. LFego+e 3esede so +Jeli po Plo+eR:o, raJ%(eli "!so ga, :a:or da 3i go+oril, da 3o odreJal (eso 3esede na :oRP:e in ga 40raJdelil tisti(, :i so +anF +ero+ali. ; ;2

; 2Fr .Doch: M JadnFih ne:aF letih, (isli(, da ne:ateri od +as +este, se( +eli:o "poto+al o:rog po (isiFonih. 8(a(o Fih po+sod po deUeli. 8n +Pasih pridete + 4U%pniFo in lah:o o3P%tite +ero. 4ah:o o3P%tite +ero G naPin, :a:o lF%dFe <hodiFo : (aRi, naPin, :a:o poFeFo. 8n ne sa(o lepo glas3o, go+ori( o petF% J =+ero. MPasih glas3a ni lepa, toda oni poFeFo iJ s+oFega srca. 8n ta:o (isli(, >da Fe Ja d%ho+ni:a +eli:a odgo+ornost, da (aR%Fe s :ar naF+eP +ere, :ot 8(ore prositi Gospoda, da Fe da nFe(%, pa t%di lF%de(. Medno (isli( na !ne:oga, :i pride + cer:e+ in gleda o:rog in si s:%Ra predsta+lFati, :aF se ;0dogaFa. 8n :o gleda( o:rog, se resniPno spraR%Fe(, ali 3odo + +sa:i U%pniFi ;;re:li: ODrasnoK Le:aF P%do+itega (ora 3iti prihaFati se(:aF, :aFti pogleFte ;2nFiho+e oPi, pogleFte nFiho+o po3oUnost, pogleFte, :a:o poJorni so.Q Toda Pe ;"s(o resniPno J +ero pri (aRi, pote( +stopa(o + :ralFest+o G ne:a:o s(o + ;4ne3esih, to +er%Fe(o, pred 0oUFi( prestolo(, in 0og na( 3o go+oril. Ta:o ;<posl%Ra(o *+eto pis(o, celo to eno 3esedo. MPasih +idi(, da (i Gospod da ;=eno 3esedo po 3ranF% *+etega pis(a, n sliRi( eno 3esedo, Ja :atero +e(, da ;>(i Fe 3ila go+orFena. 8n da s(o ta:rat, :o o3haFa(o e+haristiPno (olite+, + ;8sa(e( srediRP% odreRenFa, Drist%so+ega Ui+lFenFa, s(rti, +staFenFa, + +se( ;!te(. 8n spraR%Fe( se, (orda 3o(o + ne3esih od:rili, :a:o s(o 3ili 20odgo+orni Ja ne:oga, :i ni +ero+al, :er nis(o 3ili do+olF poJorni, :er na( Fe 2;(anF:alo na+d%RenFa, :er na( Fe (anF:alo po3oUnosti, d%ho+ni:o( in 22lF%de(. To ni sa(o napa:a d%ho+ni:o+. 2" 24Mic:i: Pogosto pre(iRlF%Fe( Jgod3o s+etnice, i(eno+ane 3laUena 8(elda. 2<0ila Fe (ala de:lica in i(ela Fe ta:o +eli:o +ero. 8n + tiste( Pas% Fe 3ila 2=pre(lada, da 3i preFe(ala s+eto o3haFilo, toda ta:o (oPno si Fe Uelela preFeti 2>5eJ%sa + e+haristiFi, :er se Fe resniPno Ja+edala, da sta to 5eJ%so+o (eso in 28:ri. 8n hotela Fe 3iti eno J 5eJ%so(. 8n ne:ega dne Fe 3ila pri (aRi in 2!d%ho+ni: Fe po+Jdignil 5eJ%sa + e+haristiFi, + hostiFi in hostiFa se Fe "0preprosto d+ignila iJ nFego+ih ro: in odle3dela do 3laUene 8(elde in pristala ";na nFene( FeJi:%. 5eJ%s Fe +idel, da Fe 3ila nFena +era ta:o +eli:a in da hoPe "23iti eno J nFi( in Jato Fe t%di on hotel 3iti eno J nFo. 8n pra+ + tren%t:%, :o se ""Fe e+haristiFa dota:nila nFenega FeJi:a, Fe %(rla + e:staJi, :er Fe raJ%(ela "4+eli:o +eselFe, +seJao3segaFoPo 5eJ%so+o lF%3eJen, in Fe preprosto %(rla. 8n "<:o (oli( + adoraciFi in se oJira( na 5eJ%sa + e+haristiFi in +Pasih str(i( in "=se spraR%Fe(: O5eJ%s, ali si to resniPno tiA Ti si se poniUal in postal :os ">:r%ha, ali si resniPno ti, ta:o (aFhen, ta:o lF%3eP, ti +eR, da hoPeR +stopiti + "8+se od nas.Q 8n preprosto po(isli( na 3laUeno 8(eldo in :a:o +eli:a Fe 3ila "!nFena +era. We 3i i(ela ena:o +ero, (e JdaF ne 3i 3ilo t%:aF. Preprosto 3i 40%(rla + e:staJi. ; ;"

; 2LataliFa: $isli(, :o resniPno pre(isliR +se to, Fe potre3no +eli:o +ere, da "resniPno +erFa(eR, da se Fe 0og poniUal in priRel do nas in pri+Jel o3li:o 4:r%ha. $isli(, da Jato ta:o +eli:o lF%di tega preprosto ne gleda ta:o in ne <(oreFo +ero+ati, da Fe to resniPno on. = >P. *%dano: Le:oga, :i Fe priRel ta:o daleP iJ lF%3eJni do nas, Fe deFans:o 8iJdal eden od nFego+ih. M 1il(% ODrist%so+o trplFenFeQ s(o +si +ideli groJo !:riUanFa naRega Gospoda, trplFenFe, telesno trplFenFe naRega Gospoda. Toda ;0Ualostno Fe rePi, da Fe 3ilo + resnici (orda h%Fe :a:or to. Toda o3staFa Re ;;trplFenFe, +ePFe od telesnega trplFenFa, :i ga Fe preUi+el naR Gospod in :i ga ;2t%di (i preUi+lFa(o, in to Fe P%st+eno trplFenFe. We Jlo(ite Plo+e:o+o :ost, ;"3o + Restih tednih oJdra+ela. We strete nFego+o srce, (orda + =0 letih ne 3o ;4oJdra+el. 8nt%di, + e+haristiFi lah:o ne:a:o potolaUi(o Ualostnega Drist%sa ;<in Drist%s lah:o potolaUi nas + naRi Ualosti. Ba 3i 3ili sposo3ni preUi+eti Pas ;=+ (ir%, + adoraciFi pred ta3erna:lFe( ali pred e+haristiFo, iJposta+lFeno na ;>oltarF%, Fe Ja o3a P%do+ita tolaU3a. ;8 ;!*+. Ciril: M te( odlo(:% Drist%s pra+i, da ni nara+a (esa tista, :i daFe 20B%ha, :i daFe Ui+lFenFe, a(pa: Fe (oP B%ha tista, Jaradi :atere telo daFe 2;Ui+lFenFe. 0esede, :i se( Fih go+oril J +a(i, so toreF B%h. To Fe o3oFe 22d%ho+no in od B%ha in so Ui+lFenFe. 2"P. Doch: Lenado(a od:riFe(o to na (ladins:ih d%ho+nih +aFah, Pisto 24nenado(a, Pepra+ so (orda hodili + :atoliR:o Rolo ali so hodili +sa:o 2<nedelFo : (aRi, ne:oga Jadene, da Fe to resniPno Drist%s. $isli, to Fe os%plFi+ 2=tren%te: in (isli(, da Fe +ePini lF%di, :i so i(eli ta:Ren tren%te:, to 2>spre(enilo Ui+lFenFe. ToreF, ne glede na to, ali d%ho+ni: do3ro pridiga ali ne, 28ne glede na to, ali (aRo o3haFa lepo ali Ual ne, :o ste en:rat i(eli to 2!doUi+etFe, +as niP ne (ore od+rniti od tega,da 3i Rli : (aRi, :er ste iJ:%sili "0Drist%sa. 8n Jato s(o Ual odgo+orni, (i s(o odgo+orni Ja +ero dr%gih lF%di ";in (i s(o odgo+orni, Re pose3eF d%ho+ni:i, toda odgo+orni s(o +si. Toda "2is:ren 3o( J +a(i. Celo naFsla3Re o3haFano 3ogosl%UFe ali glas3a, 3reJ ""gla+nih pe+ce+, +se to na( ne 3i +Jelo pog%(a, :er 3i +ideli on:raF, + "4Drist%so+o na+JoPnost. 8n se+eda, to +se spre(eni. "< "=*+. A+g%Rtin: $eso ni(a niPesar, :ar 3i (oglo pon%diti. T%:aF go+ori o ">(es%, :i Fe sa(o Jase. BodaF(o B%ha (es% in nenado(a Jelo :oristi. DaFti "8Pe (eso ne 3i niP :oristilo, 0eseda ne 3i postala $eso in pre3i+ala (ed "!na(i. XPi nas, da Fe celo dar +ero+anFa na naPin, da Fe dar in ne st+ar


;Jasl%ge. ODot se( +a( re:el,Q Fe deFal, OnihPe ne pride : (eni, Pe ga -Pe ne 2pritegne.Q " 4P. Apostoli: La%: :atoliR:e Cer:+e, da Fe 5eJ%s + e+haristiFi resniPno na+JoP <s teleso( in :r+Fo, d%Ro in 3oUanst+o(, Fe +edno 3il iJJi+. Dot Fe sa( 5eJ%s =re:el: O0reJ +ere, ne da 3i ga -Pe pritegnil, tega nihPe ne (ore +erFeti.Q >T:o1 *heen Fe na+adno re:el, da Fe 5eJ%s tistega dne, :o Fe +JtraFal, da 3o 8e+haristiFa nFego+o resniPno $eso in Dri, iJg%3il (noUice, tisti dan Fe !iJg%3il ne:aF %Pence+ in tisti dan Fe iJg%3il celo enega od s+oFih apostolo+, ;05%da. DaFti :o so (noUice odRle, Fe Gospod +praRal s+oFe lastne %Pence: OAli ;;(e 3oste t%di +i Jap%stiliAQ Peter Fe iJre:el +ero Cer:+e. O$i s(o JaPeli ;2+ero+ati +ate, Gospod. . :o(% dr%ge(% naF gre(oAQ Toda 5eJ%s Fe re:el: ;"OEden od +as Fe h%diP.Q 8n to Fe 3il 5%da, :erni +ero+al + resniPni na%: o ;4e+haristiFi, in po te( Fe JaPel odpadati + s+oFe( apostolst+%. ;< ;=*+. A+g%Rtin: Sli lF%dFe h%do3no%pora3lFaFo +se do3re 0oUFe %st+arFenine. ;>Lasprotno, 0og spre(inFa Jla deFanFa lF%di + do3ro. DaF 3i (oglo 3iti h%Fe ;8od tistega, :ar Fe storil 5%daA LFega, Ja :ateri( Fe stopal :ot %Penec, Fe iJdal ;!:ot so+raUni:. 8n +endar Fe Gospod do3ro %pora3il nFego+o h%do3iFo in Fe 20dop%stil, da Fe on sa( iJdan, da 3i nas (ogel odreRiti. 2; 22P. Doch: M teF deUeli, in re:el 3i, na Sahod%, Fe :riJa +ere in ta :riJa Jade+a, 2"preUe(a +se, +:lF%Pno J dr%Uins:i( Ui+lFenFe( in poro:o. Toda preceF 24is:reno, Pe 3i resniPno +ero+ali, da Fe Drist%s na+JoP, Ja:aF ne naredi(o 2<+sa:o cer:e+ raJpoloUlFi+o, da lah:o lF%dFe prideFo in (oliFoA Sa:aF Fe toli:o 2=cer:+a Ja:lenFenih, da lF%dFe ne (oreFo niti stopiti +anFe, +Pasih cel tedenA 2>-3staFaFo pripra+e Ja +arst+o in +se to. Toda Pe 3 resniPno +ero+ali, 3i Ja to 28pos:r3eli. Gre Ja :riJo +ere. We 3i resniPno +ero+ali, 3i 3ila + cer:+ah 2!gnePa. Po+sod 3i gradili cer:+e, :er ne 3i 3ilo do+olF prostora Ja lF%di.8n "0(isli(, da nas to teUi, da nas lah:o prepla+i, :o si rePe(o: OPra+, :aF Fe ";naro3eAQ Toda is:reno, Gospod nas spo(inFa, da s(o (i se(e in da 3o on "2opra+il delo. $8 sa(o (ora(o 3iti, :ar naF 3i 3ili. PoseFati (ora(o se(e. "".raniti ga (ora(o, :oli:or le (ore(o, pote( pa nas 3o Gospod %pora3il. "4Xpora3il nas 3o + naRi (aFhnosti. "< "=5aneJ Pa+el: 0il Fe tren%te: + adoraciFi, :o Fe d%ho+ni: pra+:ar iJposta+il ">s+eti Ja:ra(ent. -3rnil se Fe : tisti( od nas, :i s(o 3ili na+JoPi, in re:el Fe: "8ETa hostiFa Fe isti 5eJ%s Drist%s, :i Fe hodil po galileFs:ih o3alah pred 2000 "!leti. To Fe isti Drist%s, :i Fe Ui+el + LaJaret%, :i Fe %Pil + 5er%Jale(% in Pigar 40Dri Fe 3ila prelita na ta(:aFRnFe( pes:%.E 8n to Fe 3ila (oFa (olite+ pri +sa:i ; ;<

;(aRi, +sa:iP, :o gre( na adoraciFo, pra+ to, da Fe to 3ila in to Fe ta ose3a. 2Ta:o lah:o Fe loPiti e+haristiFo + ta3erna:lF% od Drist%so+e -se3e. Toda to "Fe inti(nost, :i na( Fo 0og Jagota+lFa + dar% E+haristiFe G da on prihaFa, da 43o telesno t%:aF nFego+o telo, :ri, d%Ra in 3oUanst+o in da lah:o +idi(o <naRega Gospoda, :i Fe priRel na Je(lFo, da nas odreRi. = >P. Roe(er: Pra+ niP presenetlFi+o ni, da pogla+Fa +rstic + te( odlo(:% 8+:lF%P%FeFo 5aneJa =:==. Dot so ne:ateri opaJili, Fe Jelo resniPno, da se h%diP !ne (ore %pirati 0oUFi poniUnosti. Selo Jani(i+o Fe, :a:o %Penci Jap%stiFo ;0Drist%sa, pra+ :a:or Fe *atan Jap%stil 0oga, :o Fe +idel 0oUFi naPrt ;;poniUnosti + Drist%so+e( %Plo+ePenF%. 8n Jelo resniPno Fe, da h%diP ;2preprosto ne prenaRa poniUnosti. Le (ore pranaRati poniUnosti 0oga, ;"poniUne 0oUFe lF%3eJni. ;4 ;<#glas3a& ;= ;>*+eta 0rigita: - (oFa Gospa, o de+ica $ariFa, o (ati +sega, naF 3o 0og -Pe ;8s:%paF s *ino( in *+eti( B%ho( +ePno sla+lFen + s+oFe( nedoFe(lFi+e( ;!+eliPast+% Ja naFs+eteFRo celico +sega t+oFega telesa, + :atere( Fe 0og *in 20ta:o (ilo poPi+al G -n, :i ga celotna +oFs:a angelo+ sla+i + ne3esih in :i ga 2;celotna Cer:e+ spoRtlFi+o Pasti na Je(lFi. Pohiti, Gospod, raJs+etli (oFo 22telo, go+ori (oFi d%Ri. Po:aUi (i pot in (i daF, da hodi( po nFeF. M Ja(%di 2"Fe ne+arnost, toda + naglici Fe pra+ ta:o pog%3a. SatoreF, Gospod, prisl%hni 24(oFi proRnFi in (i po:aUi pot. PrihaFa( : te3i, :a:or gre 3olni: : Jdra+ni:%, 2<:o iRPe po(oP. .repeni( po te3i :a:or %(iraFoPi. Gospod, daF (ir (oFe(% 2=src%. A(en. 2> 28$oR:i glas #poFe&: ODo 3o Drist%s priRel, 3o narod popelFal +en in (e +Jel 2!do(o+, :a:Rna radost 3o napolnila (oFe srce. Ta:rat se 3o( pri:lonil + "0poniUne( PeRPenF% in ta( 3o( raJglaRal: O$oF 0og, :a:o +eli: si TiKQ Ali ";3oste +stali in JdaF Japeli J (anoA "2 ""Msi: OPote( poFe (oFa d%Ra, (oF 0og, S+eliPar, te3i, - ta:o +eli: GospodK "4Da:o +eli: siK Da:o +eli: siK Pote( poFe (oFa d%Ra, (oF 0og, S+eliPar, te3i, "<:a:o +eli: siK Da:o +eli: siK PoF, :a:o +eli: si. OPote( poFe (oFa d%Ra, (oF "=0og, S+eliPar, te3i, :a:o +eli: siK Da:o +eli: siKQ ">E6TL "8