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Eucharist The Emmaus Journey Rev. Mariusz Koch, CFR Eps. 13 Transcriptionist: J.T. 7/10/0 Ma!

e "nnouncer: #Then sin$s %& sou!, %& 'avior (o) to thee, ho* $reat Thou art, ho* $reat Thou art. + sin$ it *ith &our *ho!e heart. Then sin$s %& sou!, %& sou!, %& 'avior (o) to thee, ho* $reat Thou art, ho* $reat Thou art. ,o* $reat Thou art. ,o* $reat Thou art, ho* $reat Thou art..%usic/ 't. 0ir$itta o1 '*e)en: 0!esse) %a& 2ou 3e, %& 4or) Jesus. "t the 4ast 'upper o1 %ateria! 3rea) 2ou *on)er1u!!& consecrate) 2our 5recious 0o)& an) charita3!& 3esto*e) it on 2our apost!es in %e%or& o1 the sacri1ices o1 2our %ost *orth& 5assion. Fr. (roesche!: 6t 3e$ins at the 4ast 'upper, *here Jesus sa&s, #This is M& 0o)&. This is M& 0!oo). 7o this in %e%or& o1 Me.Fr. "posto!i: 'o the Eucharist is that 3eauti1u! $i1t 3& *hich Jesus is sti!! present a%on$ us, throu$h *hich ,is, the %&steries o1 ,is !i1e an) )eath an) Resurrection are actua!!& %a)e present to us. Fr. Murph&: "n) the Eucharist rea!!& is the 1u!1i!!%ent o1 (o)8s pro%ise o1 !ove, that ,e *ou!) 3e *ith us. Fr. 'u)ano: "n) so in the Eucharist, *e are a3!e to $ive (o) *hat ,e )esires an) a!so to receive 1ro% (o) *hat *e )esire. Fr. (roesche!: 6t %eans that &ou an) 6, in the %i)st o1 our natura! e9istence, participate in an a3so!ute %irac!e. 'o%ethin$ a 3o!t o1 !i$htnin$ co%es )o*n an) 3rin$s us not on!& the presence o1 (o), 3ut the presence o1 Christ as 'avior an) Re)ee%er. 6t8s a %&ster&.

Man: #" rea)in$ 1ro% the (ospe! accor)in$ to 4u:e. That ver& sa%e )a& ; o1 the% *ere on their *a& to a vi!!a$e ca!!e) E%%aus, 7 %i!es 1ro% Jerusa!e%, an) the& *ere ta!:in$ to$ether a3out a!! that ha) happene)<'t. 4u:e: #=o*, as the& ta!:e) this over, Jesus ,i%se!1 ca%e up an) *a!:e) 3& their si)e 3ut so%ethin$ prevente) the% 1ro% reco$nizin$ ,i%. Then ,e sai) to the%, #>hat %atters are &ou )iscussin$ as &ou *a!: a!on$?- The& stoppe) short, their 1aces )o*ncast, then 1 o1 the%, ca!!e) C!eopas, ans*ere) ,i%, #2ou %ust 3e the on!& person in Jerusa!e% *ho )oesn8t :no* a3out the thin$s that have 3een happenin$ there these !ast 1e* )a&s.#>hat thin$s?- ,e sai). #"!! a3out Jesus o1 =azareth,- the& ans*ere), #>ho prove) ,e *as a $reat prophet 3& the thin$s ,e sai) an) )i) in the si$ht o1 (o) an) o1 the *ho!e peop!e, an) ho* our chie1 priests an) our !ea)ers han)e) ,i% over to 3e sentence) to )eath an) ,e *as cruci1ie). +ur on!& hope ha) 3een that ,e *ou!) 3e the 1 to set 6srae! 1ree. "n) this is not a!!. ; *ho!e )a&s have $one 3& since it happene) an) so%e o1 the *o%en in our $roup have astoun)e) us. The& *ent to the to%3 in the ear!& %ornin$ an) *hen the& )i) not 1in) the 3o)&, ca%e 3ac: an) to!) us the& ha) seen a vision o1 an$e!s, *ho to!) the% ,e is a!ive. 'o%e o1 our 1rien)s *ent to the to%3 an) 1oun) ever&thin$ e9act!& as the *o%en ha) reporte), 3ut o1 ,i% the& sa* nothin$. Then ,e sai) to the%, #2ou 1oo!ish %en, so s!o* to 3e!ieve the 1u!! %essa$e o1 the prophets. >as it not or)aine) that the Christ shou!) su11er an) so enter into ,is $!or&?- Then startin$ *ith Moses an) $oin$ throu$h a!! the prophets, ,e e9p!aine) the passa$es throu$hout the 'criptures that *ere a3out ,i%se!1. >hen the& )re* near the vi!!a$e to *hich the& *ere $oin$, ,e %a)e as i1 to $o on 3ut the& presse) ,i% to sta& *ith the%. #6t is near!& evenin$,- the& sai), #"n) the )a& is a!%ost over.'o ,e *ent in *ith the% an) sta&e) *ith the%. =o*, *hi!e ,e *as *ith the% at ta3!e, ,e too: 3rea) an) sai) the 3!essin$, then ,e 3ro:e it, an) han)e) it to the%. Their e&es *ere opene) an) the& reco$nize) ,i%, 3ut ,e ha) vanishe) 1ro% their si$ht. Then the& sai) to each other, #>ere not our hearts 3urnin$ *ithin us as ,e ta!:e) to us on the roa), e9p!ainin$ the 'criptures to us?- Then the& set out that instant an) returne) to Jerusa!e%. There the& 1oun) the 11 asse%3!e) to$ether *ith their co%panions, *ho sai) to the%, #2es, it is true, the 4or) has risen an) has appeare) to 'i%on.Then the& to!) their stor& o1 *hat happene) on the roa) an) ho* the& ha) reco$nize) ,i% at the 3rea:in$ o1 the 3rea). Man: #The (ospe! o1 the 4or).-

"!!: 5raise to 2ou, 4or) Jesus Christ. Fr. Koch: That 1 !ine, #The& reco$nize) ,i% in the 3rea:in$ o1 the 3rea),- it rea!!& captures ever&thin$. The& reco$nize), an) as &ou :no*, the Ear!& Christians ca!!e) the Eucharist #the $atherin$ 1or the 3rea:in$ o1 the 3rea)*here the& *ou!) reco$nize Christ. 2ou %a& :no*, so%e o1 &ou %a& :no* that our co%%unit& ever& &ear )oes a *a!:in$ pi!$ri%a$e. >e *a!: 1or @ )a&s an)A1ro% >est =e* Jerse&, 3eauti1u! part o1 the state, to 7o&!esto*n, 5enns&!vania, the 'hrine o1 +ur 4a)& o1 Czestocho*a, the 3!ac: Ma)onna. 6t8s a rea! pi!$ri%a$e. 2ou :no*, *e actua!!& *a!:. >e )on8t ta:e a 3us, an) *e s!eep out in the 1ie!)s. "n) the Church, especia!!& a1ter Batican 66, has $iven us the i%a$e o1 the Church as a pi!$ri% peop!e. 6n 1act, that *or) *as use) a !ot. >e are pi!$ri% peop!e, an) this is a 3eauti1u! i%a$e o1 the 1aith, that *e are on pi!$ri%a$e. >e8re not ho%e. >e8re hea)in$ ,o%e. 2ou :no*, *e8re hea)in$ to the Kin$)o%. "n) *e have this i%a$e o1 a peop!e on pi!$ri%a$e *a!:in$ throu$h !i1e. 6t rea!!& he!ps an a*1u! !ot to !et $o, to trave! !i$ht, to :eep $oin$, not to stop. 0ut &ou notice in this !itt!e stor& o1 a !itt!e pi!$ri%a$e, a!on$ the *a&, even thou$h the& )i)n8t :no* ,e *as there the *ho!e ti%e 3ut ,e *as, the& reco$nize) that Christ *as there. "n) that8s true o1 our *ho!e !ives, that Christ is there an) ,e8s there to !ea) us, to $ui)e us, to :eep us 1ro% $ettin$ o11 the trai!, to pic: us up *hen *e 1a!!, to 3rin$ us to ,is Father. 6 %ean, that *ho!e i%a$e is so 3eauti1u!. 0ut *e stop an) *e pause, certain!& *ee:!&, certain!& on the )a& o1 the Resurrection, *hich is 'un)a&, to reco$nize ,i% in the 3rea:in$ o1 the 3rea), that ,e8s thereAan) a$ain, the *ho!e Mass is there. The& ta!: a3out Jesus revea!in$ a!! those thin$s that *ere happenin$ in the >or), &ou :no*, an) so< "t !east, *e 3e$in each Mass 3& !ettin$ the 4or) revea! to us throu$h the >or) o1 (o), that >or) o1 (o) that is o1 course Jesus, >ho is the >or) o1 (o), an) that >or) o1 (o) >ho co%es F!esh. "n) a$ain, 3eauti1u!!&, the >or) that 3eco%es F!esh, #This is M& 0o)&,- throu$h the po*er o1 the ,o!& 'pirit, the >or) 3eco%es F!esh an) then )*e!!s a%on$ us. 0ut *here )oes ,e )*e!!? ,e )*e!!s in our hearts. "$ain, the Eucharist, this 4or) >ho revea!s ,i%se!1 to us on our pi!$ri%a$e to the Kin$)o% an) a!! a!on$ the *a&. =o* certain!& the 4or) is *ith us *hen *e8re not at Mass an) *hen *e8re not in church. ,e8s *ith us a!! the ti%e, 3ut ,e is %ost precious!& present an) revea!s ,i%se!1 to us tota!!&, 0o)&, 0!oo), 'ou!, an) 7ivinit& in the Eucharist. "$ain, *e have so%ethin$ to re1!ect on an) a$ain, as 6 sai) ear!ier, *e cou!) 3e here 1or &ears re1!ectin$ on Cust an& 1 o1 these 3eauti1u! i%a$es o1 *hat the Eucharist is.

"nnie: 6 thin: a3out, &ou :no*, Christ *a!:in$ a%on$ these ; %en an) the patience that it %ust< ,e %ust :no*. ,e *as :in) o1, o1 course ,e :ne* e9act!& *hat *as $oin$ on 3ut ,e *as *a!:in$ a%on$ the% , &ou :no*, p!a&in$, &ou :no*, p!a&in$ )u%3, 6 $uess &ou cou!) sa&, &ou :no*, , *hat *as $oin$ on, &ou :no*, an) tr& to< "n) 6 cou!) Cust picture ,i% Cust :in) o1 s%i!in$ in the 3ac: o1 ,is %in), &ou :no*, Cust *aitin$ to hear *hat the&8re $oin$ to sa&, &ou :no*. "n) 6 thin: a3out ho* !on$ a$o that *as an) ho* %an& )iscip!es o1 Christ there has 3een since then an) ho* (o) has 3een patient *ith each an) ever& sin$!e 1 o1 the%, a!! the *a& up to %e. 2ou :no* *hat 6 %ean? Thin: o1 the %i!!ions an) 3i!!ions o1 peop!e that (o) has *a!:e) a%on$ an) the patience that ,e8s e9ercise). 2ou :no* *hat 6 %ean? 4i:e, &es, *ith %e, 3ut a!! the %i!!ions o1 other peop!e, &ou :no*. "n) 6 $uess a!so Cust thin:in$ a3out that, it $oes to sho* the universa!it& an) the eterna! aspect o1 the Eucharist, &ou :no*, that it e9iste) a!! the *a&, &ou :no*, over ;000 &ears a$o an) here *e are to)a&, &ou :no*, )iscussin$ that sa%e Eucharist, that sa%e %irac!e an) ho* Cust throu$h that, that *e are a!! ca!!e) an) *e are continua!!& 3ein$ ca!!e) 1ro% that sa%e Eucharist. "n) 6 Cust, 6 )on8t :no*, it Cust hit %e as, it8s rea!!& pheno%ena!, it8s a %irac!e in an) o1 itse!1 that continues even to)a& 3ac: 1ro% this stor&. .%usic/ 't. Catherine o1 'iena: + inesti%a3!e charit&, even as 2ou, True (o) an) True Man, $ave 2ourse!1 entire!& to us, so a!so 2ou !e1t 2ourse!1 entire!& 1or us, to 3e our Foo) so that )urin$ our earth!& pi!$ri%a$e *e *ou!) not 1aint *ith *eariness 3ut *ou!) 3e stren$thene) 3& 2ou, our Ce!estia! 0rea). + %an, an) *hat has &our (o) !e1t &ou? ,e has !e1t &ou ,i%se!1, *ho!!& (o) an) *ho!!& Man, concea!e) un)er the *hiteness o1 3rea). Fr. Koch: 61 *e rea!!& ha) the e&es o1 1aith, *e *ou!) reco$nize *e are *itnessin$, an) part o1 a %irac!e, at ever& Mass. Chase: 'o%ethin$ prevente) the% 1ro% reco$nizin$ Jesus *hen ,e Coine) the% on the roa). >hi!e C!eopas is ta!:in$ *ith Jesus, he sa&s, #,e prove) hi%se!1 3& his *or)s an) )ee)s to 3e a $reat prophet.- >e!!, 6 %ean, the )iscip!es, the& :ne* ,e *asn8t Cust a 5rophet. The& :ne* that ,e *as (o), the Christ (o), an) so, 6 %ean, the& have that *ron$ a3out ,i%, that ,e8s not Cust a (reat 5rophet, ,e8s, &ou :no*, (o) ,i%se!1. 6 thin: that *hen 't. John sa&s that, &ou :no*, so%ethin$ prevente) the% 1ro% reco$nizin$ ,i%,

it8s 3ecause, their :no*!e)$e o1 ,i% is i%per1ect. "n) as 6 *as thin:in$ a3out that, &ou :no*, it :in) o1 struc: ho%e 3ecause, &ou :no*, %& :no*!e)$e o1 Christ is i%per1ect too. 4i:e, the e9act sa%e thin$s are *ron$ *ith %& o*n e9perience, that, &ou :no*, 6 pro1ess Christ to 3e the 'on o1 (o), 3ut, 6 %ean, 6 )on8t !ive %& !i1e that *a& a!! the ti%e. "n) 6 sa& that, &ou :no*, &ou :no*, that ,e )ie) 1or a!! o1 %& sins. 0ut )o 6 rea!!& 3e!ieve %&se!1 to 3e a sinner that is, &ou :no*, so!e!& responsi3!e 1or puttin$ ,i% on the cross? "n) ho* $reat is %& hope? "n) it *as rea!!&, the e9perience o1 the Eucharist is, %& e9perience in Mass, it8s %& e9perience in a)oration that ca!!s those i%per1ections in %&se!1 into Duestion an) he!ps %e a))ress the% an) rea!ize the% an) to see, &ou :no*, there are *a&s 1or %e to continue $ro*in$ in hope an) in 1aith an) in contrition 1or %& sin1u!ness an) to continue turnin$ 3ac: to ,i% in the Eucharist. Christian: >h& *ou!) Jesus hi)e ,i%se!1 1ro% the%? "n) in %& o*n %in) 6 thou$ht a3out ho* %uch in %& !i1e, !i:e those ; %en, &ou :no*, 6 have ha) vain hopes 1or Jesus in %& !i1e. 2ou :no*, 68ve vie*e) ,i% either as the *innin$ !otter& tic:et or, &ou :no*, the :e& to as:in$ that $ir! out that 6 rea!!& !i:e, &ou :no*. 6t8s, a !ot o1 vain hopes, vain pra&ers. "n) not seein$ Jesus at those ti%es, &ou :no*, Cust !i:e those, those ; %en, the ; )iscip!es thou$ht that Jesus %i$ht 3e the 'avior o1 6srae!, %i$ht 3e the person that set the% 1ree 1ro% Ro%an persecution possi3!&, !i:e %an& peop!e 3e!ieve) at the ti%e an) that *asn8t the case, an) Jesus ha) to e9p!ain that. ,e ha) to $o throu$h the 'criptures an) sho* that it8s 3ecause o1 ,is su11erin$, ,e nee)e) to su11er. The prophet sai) that this is *hat ha) to happen an) this is 1or the sa!vation o1 %an:in). "n) 6 !oo: 3e&on) the s%a!! :in) o1 %iniscu!e hopes that 6 have to the 3i$$er picture o1 sa!vation, *hat (o) rea!!& has 1or %e, then 6 can see Christ in the Eucharist. "n) Cust !i:e Fr. Mariusz sai), that8s *hen Jesus 3eco%es rea! in the Eucharist an) that8s *here &ou can see ,i%. 't. "u$ustine: >here )i) the 4or) *ish to 3e reco$nize)? 6n the 3rea:in$ o1 the 3rea). >e8re a!! ri$ht. =othin$ to *orr& a3out. >e 3rea: 3rea) an) *e reco$nize the 4or). Those ;, even *hen the 4or) *as ta!:in$ to the%, )i) not have 1aith, 3ecause the& )i)n8t 3e!ieve that ,e ha) risen, nor )i) the& have an& hope that ,e cou!) rise a$ain. The& ha) !ost 1aith, !ost hope. The& *ere *a!:in$ a!on$ )ea) *ith Christ a!ive. The& *ere *a!:in$ a!on$ )ea) *ith !i1e itse!1. 4i1e *as *a!:in$ a!on$ *ith the%, 3ut in their hearts !i1e ha) not &et 3een restore). "n) no 1 shou!) )ou3t that ,is 3ein$ reco$nize) in

the 3rea:in$ o1 the 3rea) is the sacra%ent *hich 3rin$s us to$ether in reco$nizin$ ,i%. Fr. Roe%er: 0ut as ,e continue) *ith the% an) the& continue) to *a!: *ith ,i%, that hope *as re3orn. " 1ire *as en:in)!e). The& hear) the *or) o1 (o) an) it ran$ true an) the& un)erstoo) itAan) then the& reco$nize) ,i% in the 3rea:in$ o1 3rea). Fr. Murph&: 0ut &ou :no*, ,e )i)n8t !eave the%. ,e *as sti!! there un)er the 1or% o1 0rea). The 0rea) *as the Eucharist. 2ou see, ,e *as !ea)in$ the% a!on$ that Courne& to 1aith. ,e *as 3rin$in$ the% to an encounter, so that ,is ph&sica! re%ova! 1ro% the% a!!o*s the% to 3e sustaine) in the rea!it& that Jesus, thou$h not ph&sica!!& seen, is sti!! tru!& present in the 3rea:in$ o1 the 3rea). Chris: There8s a 1rien) o1 %ine. >hen *e %et, the 1st ti%e *e ha) 1 o1 those a*:*ar) hu$ %o%ents *here &ou !ean in an) then &ou !ean out an) the& !ean in. "n) that ca%e to )e1ine our 1rien)ship, that ever& ti%e *e sai) $oo)3&e, it *as a!*a&s a*:*ar) hu$. "n) 6 ha)n8t seen her in a3out a &ear an) a ha!1 an) 6 ran into her at church an) she !oo:e) )i11erent. 'he Cust $ra)uate) 1ro% co!!e$e. 'he *as )resse) a!! pro1essiona!, nice pants on, her hair *as up, she ha) $!asses on, an) it *as so *eir), 6 )i)n8t reco$nize her as *e *ere ta!:in$ an) then it ca%e ti%e to $o an) she *as, #+:a&, see &ou !ater,- an) she !eane) in, an) 6 $uess 6 )i)n8t !ean Duic: enou$h, so she pu!!e) 3ac: an) 6 !eane) in an) then there *as no hu$ an) *e Cust !e1t, an) 6 starte) !au$hin$ as *e *a!:e) a*a& 3ecause it *as, #"h, there it is.- 6t *asn8t ti!! *e $ot to that a*:*ar) %o%ent that 6 *as, #+h, o:a&, there8s %& 1rien).- 6t8s the sa%e thin$ *ith Christ, in the sense that the Eucharist is *hat a!!o*s %e to reco$nize ,i% in other peop!e. 4i:e *hen 6 $o to Mass in the %ornin$ 3e1ore 6 $o to *or:, 6 reco$nize Christ in the stu)ents that 68% teachin$, or *hen 6 ta:e that E %inutes 3e1ore 6 $o ho%e at ni$ht to Cust sit an) pra& in the chape!, *hen 6 $et ho%e 6 see Christ in %& *i1e an) in %& :i)s %ore rea)i!& then 6 *ou!) nor%a!!& )o, 3ecause, 3ecause 68% e9pose) to ,i% in the Eucharist. "n) so it8s :in) o1 *ith the )iscip!es there, the& nee)e) the Eucharist to 3e a3!e to see Christ Cust !i:e 6 nee) the Eucharist to 3e a3!e to see ,i% in the peop!e aroun) %e. 't. Ephre%: >hen the )iscip!es8 e&es *ere he!) c!ose), re) too *as the :e& *here3& their e&es *ere opene) to reco$nize the o%niscient, sa))ene) e&es an) 3eho!) a vision o1 Co& an) *ere instant!& 1i!!e) *ith happiness.

Fr. Roesch: 0ut our process o1 conversion, to 3eho!) ,i% 1aceGtoG1ace is a process an) each ti%e it is as i1 ,e is re%ovin$ 1 %as: an) *e are 3e$innin$ to see ,i% %ore c!ear!& 1or *ho ,e is. Fr. Koch: Mother Teresa8s *or)s, #6 co%e to a)ore Christ in the Eucharist so that 6 %a& %eet Christ in the poor.- "n) 6 thin: that8s actua!!& *hat &ou8re sa&in$, &ou :no*, an) it8s true. "n) so%eti%es peop!e criticize an) sa&, #>e!! &ou8re a re!i$ious an) &ou )on8t :no* *hat the poor are.- "n) it8s actua!!& Cust the opposite. 61 &ou co%e to !ove the 4or) an) i1 &ou co%e to reco$nize the 4or), an) especia!!& in the Eucharist, then &ou8re open, &our e&es are open not on!& to the presence o1 Christ in the Eucharist 3ut &our e&es are open to the presence o1 Christ in the poor an) the su11erin$ an), &ou :no*, (o)8s peop!e *herever. Marce!: >hen *e !oo: at the 'criptures throu$h the !ens o1 the Eucharist, &ou :no*, %& heart 3urns *hen 6 !oo: at the 'criptures throu$h the !ens o1 the sacra%ents. 6t 3eco%es %ore 3eauti1u!, %ore rea! to %e. "n) so 6 thin:, 1or %e an&*a&, that8s 1 o1 the thin$s that Christ is tr&in$ to conve& in this passa$e. Miche!!e: 2ou :no*, *a!:in$ on a path an) 6 1ee! !i:e, #+h (o), 6 )on8t see 2ou. 2ou %ust not 3e there.- "n) then &ou start 1ee!in$ Cust )izz& an) &ou )on8t :no* *here to $o. "n) the 4or)8s Cust, #Just 3e !i:e a chi!) an) Cust !et Me !ea) &ou an) &ou *i!! see Me an) &ou *i!! 1in) Me.Fr. (roesche!: 't. "u$ustine sa&s, #2ou shone a $reat !i$ht into %& sou!.0ut as *e :no* *ith Mother Teresa an) *ith %an& saints, particu!ar!& 't. John o1 the Cross, a !on$ perio) o1 )ar:ness %a& 3e part o1 their spiritua! $ro*th an) )eve!op%ent. Fr. 'u)ano: "n) at the en) o1 the E%%aus accounts *e see that the& ran o11 *ith $reat Co&. "t the en) o1 the Mass *e have the *or)s in 4atin, Ite, missa est, *hich %eans #(o,- &ou :no*, #&ou are )is%isse), &ou are sent."n) so the ; )iscip!es *ho starte) out to 3e so sa) an) )eCecte) no* $o out to proc!ai% the %essa$e in Co&. That is the purpose o1 ever& Mass, havin$ the >or) o1 (o), the %&steries o1 (o) un!oc:e) 3& +ur 4or) ,i%se!1, an) a!so ,i% 1ee)in$ us an) then sen)in$ us 1orth.

Fr. Koch: "n) that8s *hat the Eucharist )oes. 6t 3rin$s us to$ether an) then the 1aith o1 1 person encoura$es the 1aith o1 another an) their pra&ers an) their enthusias% an) their zea!. 6 can te!! &ou, 68ve !earne) %ore o1 (o) not 1ro% theo!o$& 3oo:s, 3ut 1ro% the peop!e that (o) has sent %e to %inister to or to 3e *ith, their 1aith, their zea!, their !ove o1 (o). "n) that is a pi!$ri%a$e o1 !i1e an) Christ is ri$ht there a!! a!on$ the *a& an) ever& once in a *hi!e ,e touches our hearts an) opens our e&es so *e cou!) reco$nize that o:a&, thin$s are o:a&, !et8s :eep $oin$, &ou :no*. The&8re 3eauti1u!. 'ean: "n) it sho*s &ou :no* ho* *e nee) each other to, to con1ir%, &ou :no*, *e!!, to support each other *hen thin$s are 3a). 0ut a!so *hen &ou see, #>ait a secon),- *hen the !i$ht shines, reve!ation is there, even then &ou nee) 1 another to con1ir%, &ou :no*. Their hearts 3urne) *ithin the% so the& ha) that persona! e9perience o1 Christ at the 3rea:in$ o1 3rea). 0ut even *ith that persona! e9perience, that in o1 itse!1 is not enou$h. That *as Co%%union *ith Christ, 3ut it sho*s that that Co%%union has to 3e share) in or)er to 3e co%p!ete. Fr. "posto!i: 61 Jesus ha) re%aine) *ith us in ,is risen state, *here *e cou!) see ,i% as those )iscip!es sa* ,i% in ,is apparitions a1ter the Resurrection, our 1aith cou!) never $ro*. The 4or) ha) to *ith)ra* that 1ro% us so that 1st o1 a!! *e %i$ht 3e!ieve in ,i% 3& 1aith, an) secon)!&, that *e %i$ht &earn 1or ,i%, that *e %i$ht )esire ,i% an) see: ,i%. 't. "u$ustine sai) ver& 3eauti1u!!&, he sai), #(o) chases a1ter those *ho 1!ee 1ro% ,i% 3ut (o) 1!ees 1ro% those *ho chase a1ter ,i%.- "n) that8s *h& ,e )oes appears so o1ten in our !i1e, so *e %i$ht $o searchin$ 1or ,i% Mar& Ma$)a!ene at the to%3, #>here is ,e,- &ou :no*, #*here have &ou p!ace) ,i%?- 'he *as, !ove is 3!in) an) in a sense her !ove *as )rivin$ her to see: Jesus. "n) 6 thin: the 4or) !oves that, &ou :no*, *hen *e see: ,i% *ith a!! our heart an) that8s *h& ,e )isappears. "n) *e nee) that )ar:ness 1ro% ti%e to ti%e in our !i1e. 't. 0ir$itta o1 '*e)en: +h %& 4a)&, oh Bir$in Mar&, oh Mother o1 a!!, %a& (o) the Father, to$ether *ith the 'on an) the ,o!& 'pirit 3e eterna!!& praise) in ,is inco%prehensi3!e %aCest& 1or the %ost sacre) ce!! o1 2our *ho!e 3o)& in *hich (o)8s 'on so s*eet!& reste), ,e *ho% the *ho!e ar%& o1 an$e!s praises in ,eaven an) *ho%, the *ho!e Church reverent!& a)ores on earth. ,asten + 4or), en!i$hten %& )ar:ness. 'pea: to %& sou!. 'ho* %e the path an) %a:e %e 1o!!o* it. 6n )e!a& there is )an$er 3ut in haste there is !i:e*ise peri!. There1ore 4or), $ive ear to %& petition an)

sho* %e the *a&. 6 co%e to 2ou as the sic: $o to the )octor in search o1 ai). 6 !on$ 1or 2ou !i:e the )&in$. + 4or), $ive peace to %& heart. "%en.Ma!e "nnouncer: #>hen Christ sha!! co%e, the shout o1 acc!a%ation, an) ta:e %e ,o%e, *hat Co& sha!! 1i!! %& heart. Then 6 *i!! 3o* in hu%3!e a)oration an) there 6 *i!! proc!ai%, #M& (o), ho* $reat Thou art.- >ou!) &ou stan) an) sin$ it *ith %e no*? #Then sin$s %& sou!, %& 'avior (o) to thee, o 4or), 6 pra&, ho* $reat Thou art, ho* $reat Thou art. Then sin$s %& sou!, %& 'avior (o) to thee, ho* $reat Thou art, ho* $reat Thou art. 'in$, ,o* $reat Thou art. Then sin$s %& sou!, %& 'avior (o) to thee, ho* $reat Thou art, ho* $reat Thou art. + sin$ it *ith &our *ho!e heart.E>T= 07C

EvharistiCa H5ot v E%avsI 5. Mariusz Koch, CFR Ep. 1; .$!as3a/ .$!as3a/ MoJ:i $!as poCe: H5ote% poCe %oCa )uJa, %oC 0o$, Kve!iLar, Te3i, :a:o ve!i: si, :a:o ve!i: si. +, poC to z vse% svoCi% srce%. 5ote% poCe %oCa )uJa, %oC 0o$, Kve!iLar, Te3i, :a:o ve!i: si, :a:o ve!i: si. Ka:o ve!i: si. Ka:o ve!i: si.I .$!as3a/ 'estra 0ri$ata Mve)s:a: 0!a$os!ov!Cen 3o)i, %oC (ospo) Jezus. 5ri za)nCi veLerCi snovne$a :ruha si Lu)ovito posveti! svoCo )ra$oceno Kri in Co !Cu3eLe po)e!i! svoCi% aposto!o% v spo%in na Nrtve svoCe$a naC3o!C )ra$ocene$a trp!CenCa.

5. (roesche!: To se zaLne pri Ka)nCi veLerCi, :Cer Jezus pravi: HTo Ce %oCe te!o, to Ce %oCa Kri, to )e!aCte v %oC spo%in.I 5. "posto!i: Ta:o Ce EvharistiCa ta !epi )ar, po :atere% Ce Jezus Je ve)no navzoL %e) na%i. 5o :atere% so na% nCe$ove s:rivnosti nCe$ove$a Niv!CenCa in :rvi in vstaCenCa )eCans:o ponavzoLene. 5. Murph&: 6n EvharistiCa Ce resniLno izpo!nitev 0oNCe o3!Cu3e !Cu3ezni, )a 3o z na%i. 5. 'u)ano: 6n ta:o s%o v EvharistiCi sposo3ni )ati 0o$u, :ar on Ne!i. 6n tu)i preCeti o) 0o$a, :ar %i Ne!i%o. 5. (roesche!: To po%eni, )a s%o vi in Caz sre)i naJe$a naravne$a o3stoCa u)e!eNeni v a3so!utne% Lu)eNu. =e:aC ta:Jne$a :ot snop 3!is:ov z ne3a pri)e )o! in na% ne prinese sa%o prisotnosti 0o$a, a%pa: prisotnost Kristusa :ot +)reJeni:a in +):upite!Ca. To Ce s:rivnost. MoJ:i $!as: H6z svete$a evan$e!iCa po 4u:u. 6n $!eC, prav tisti )an sta )va iz%e) nCih potova!a v vas, :i se i%enuCe E%avs in Ce Jest)eset sta)iCev o))a!Cena o) Jeruza!e%a. 5o$ovarCa!a sta se o vse% te%, :ar se Ce z$o)i!o <I 'v. 4u:a: H6n %e)te% :o sta se po$ovarCa!a in razprav!Ca!a, se Ci%a Ce pri3!iNa! sa% Jezus in ho)i! z nCi%a. =Cune oLi pa so 3i!e zastrte, )a $a nista spozna!a. Re:e! Ci%a Ce: H+ :a:Jnih reLeh se po$ovarCata %e) potCo?I Pa!ostna sta o3sta!a in e)en iz%e) nCiCu, :i %u Ce 3i!o i%e K!eopa, %u Ce o)$ovori!: H'i ti e)ini tuCec v Jeruza!e%u, :i ne ve, :aC se Ce ta% z$o)i!o te )ni?I HKaC ne:i?I Ce re:e!. 7eCa!a sta: HKar se Ce z$o)i!o z Jezuso% =azareLano%, :i Ce 3i! prero:, %o$oLen v )eCanCu in 3ese)i pre) 0o$o% in vse% !Cu)stvo%Q :a:o so $a naJi vR!i:i )uhovni:i in po$!avarCi izroLi!i v s%rtno o3so)3o in $a :riNa!i. Mi pa s%o upa!i, )a Ce on tisti, :i 3o o):upi! 6zrae!. Brh vse$a pa Ce )anes Ne tretCi )an, o):ar se Ce to z$o)i!o. Bsi iz se3e s%o tu)i zara)i ne:aterih Nena iz naJih vrst. Ko so 3i!e z$o)aC zCutraC pri $ro3u in niso naJ!e nCe$ove$a te!esa, so se vrni!e in pripove)ova!e, )a so i%e!e ce!S vi)enCe an$e!ov, :i so )eCa!i, )a Nivi. =e:ateri iz%e) naJih so J!i h $ro3u in so naJ!i vse ta:S, :a:or so pripove)ova!e Nene, nCe$a pa niso vi)e!i.I 6n on Ci%a Ce re:e!: H+ nespa%etna in poLasna v srcu za verovanCe vse$a, :ar so pove)a!i prero:iT Mar ni 3i!o potre3no, )a Ce MesiCa to pretrpe! in Je! v svoCo s!avo?I Te)aC Ce zaLe! z MoCzeso% in vse%i prero:i ter Ci%a raz!a$a!, :ar Ce napisano o nCe% v vseh 5is%ih. Me)te% so se pri3!iNa!i vasi, :a%or so 3i!i na%enCeni. +n pa se Ce )e!a!, :a:or )a $re )a!Ce. 'i!i!a sta $a in

$ovori!a: H+stani z na%a, :aCti proti veLeru $re in )an se Ce Ne na$ni!.I 6n vstopi! Ce, )a 3i osta! pri nCiCu. Ko Ce sR)e! z nCi%a za %izo, Ce vze! :ruh, 3!a$os!ovi!, $a raz!o%i! in Ci%a $a )a!. Te)aC so se Ci%a o)pr!e oLi in sta $a spozna!a. +n pa Ce iz$ini! izpre) nCiCu. 6n re:!a sta )ru$ )ru$e%u: H"!i ni naCino srce $ore!o v naCu, :o na%a Ce po poti $ovori! in o)pira! 5is%a?I Me tisto uro sta vsta!a in se vrni!a v Jeruza!e% ter naJ!a z3rane enaCstere in tiste, :i so 3i!i z nCi%i. (ovori!i so, )a Ce 3i! (ospo) resniLno o3uCen in se pri:aza! 'i%onu. Tu)i ona )va sta pripove)ova!a, :aC se Ce z$o)i!o na poti in :a:o sta $a prepozna!a po !o%!CenCu :ruha.I MoJ:i $!as: HTo Ce Kristusov evan$e!iC.I Bsi: '!ava te3i, Kristus. 5. Koch: HTa vrstica, Hprepozna!a sta $a po !o%!CenCu :ruha,I zares vse povza%e. 5repozna!a sta Kristusa in :ot veste, so prvi :ristCani i%enova!i evharistiCo Hz3or za !o%!CenCe :ruhaI, :Cer so prepozna!i Kristusa. Mor)a veste, ne:ateri o) vas veste, )a naJa s:upnost vsa:o !eto o)i)e na ro%anCe peJ. ,o)i%o Jtiri )ni, o) Kaho)ne$a =ove$a Jerse&a, !epe$a )e!a )rNave, )o 7o&!esto*na v 5ensi!vaniCi, :Cer Ce svetiJLe =aJe (ospe iz Czestochove, s Lrno Ma)ono. To Ce resniLno ro%anCe. Kot veste, zares ho)i%o. =e $re%o na avto3us in spi%o na po!Cih. 6n Cer:ev, Je pose3eC po )ru$e% vati:ans:e% :onci!u, na% Ce )a!a po)o3o Cer:ve :ot !Cu)stva na ro%anCu. ResniLno, ta 3ese)a Ce 3i!a ze!o v upora3i. '%o !Cu)stvo na ro%anCu, in !epa po)o3a vere Ce, )a s%o na ro%anCu. =is%o )o%a. '%o na poti )o%ov. Beste, us%erCeni s%o v Kra!Cestvo. 6n i%a%o to po)o3o !Cu)i na ro%anCu, :i $re)o s:ozi Niv!CenCe. ResniLno o$ro%no po%a$a, )a $re%o, )a potuCe%o !ah:otno, )a vztraCa%o, )a se ne ustavi%o. To)a v teC %a!i z$o)3i o %a!e% ro%anCu opazite, )a na poti ce!o ona )va nista ve)e!a, )a Ce Jezus ves Las ta%, a Ce 3i!, prepozna!a sta, )a Ce Kristus ta%. 6n to )rNi za vse naJe Niv!CenCe, na%reL, )a Ce Kristus ta% in )a nas vo)i, )a nas pe!Ce po poti, )a nas varuCe pre) te%, )a 3i za3!o)i!i, )a nas )vi$ne, :o pa)e%o, )a nas prinese )o naJe$a +Leta. Bsa ta po)o3a Ce ta:o !epa .To)a pote% se ustavi%o in o3stoCi%o, ne:ateri te)ens:o, ne:ateri na )an vstaCenCa, :i Ce ne)e!Ca, )a $a prepozna%o v !o%!CenCu :ruha, )a prepozna%o, )a Ce on ta% U in spet, ce!otna %aJa Ce tu:aC. (ovoriCo o Jezusu, :i razo)eva vse te stvari, :i so se z$o)i!e v 0ese)i, veste, in ta:o < BsaC vsa:o %aJo zaLne%o ta:o, )a (ospo)u pusti%o, )a na% po svoCi 3ese)i razo)ene, )a Ce 0oNCa 0ese)a, seve)a, Jezus, :i Ce 0oNCa 0ese)a in Ce 0oNCa 0ese)a, :i postane %eso. 6n spet, Lu)ovito, 0ese)a, :i postane %eso. VTo Ce %oCe te!o,V po %oLi 'vete$a 7uha 0ese)a postane %eso

in pote% pre3iva %e) na%i. To)a :Ce pre3iva? 5re3iva v naJih srcih. 'pet, evharistiCa Ce ta (ospo), :i na% sa%e$a se3e razo)eva na naJe% ro%anCu v Kra!Cestvo in vso pot )o tCa. 'eve)a, (ospo) Ce z na%i, :o nis%o pri %aJi in :o nis%o v cer:vi. K na%i Ce ves Las, to)a naC3o!C )ra$oceno Ce navzoL pri evharistiCi in se na% razo)eva v ce!oti, te!o, :ri, )uJa in 3oNanstvo. 'pet, i%a%o ne:aC, o Le%er !ah:o pre%iJ!CuCe%o, in spet, :ot se% Ne re:e!, 3i !ah:o tu:aC )o!$a !eta pre%iJ!Ceva!i o :ateri :o!i o) teh !epih po)o3, :aC Ce evharistiCa. "nnie: Mis!i% na to, veste, :a:o Kristus ho)i %e) te%a )ve%a L!ove:o%a in o potrpeN!Civosti, )a %ora < )a %ora on ve)eti. 'eve)a Ce toLno ve)e!, :aC )e!a, to)a ho)i! Ce z nCi%a, i$ra! Ce neve)neNa, %is!i%,)a 3i !ah:o ta:o re:!i, $!e)e te$a, :aC se Ce z$o)i!o, in Ce s:uJa! < 4ah:o si $a pre)stav!Ca%, :a:o se ne:a:o nas%ehne v %is!ih in La:a, :aC 3osta re:!a. 6n %is!i% si, :o!i:o Lasa Ce to traCa!o in :o!i:o Kristusovih uLencev Ce 3i!o o) ta:rat in :a:o Ce 3i! 0o$ potrpeN!Civ z vsa:i% o) nCih, vso pot )o %ene. "!i veste, :aC hoLe% reLi? 5o%is!ite na %i!iCone in %i!iCar)e !Cu)i, %e) :ateri%i Ce ho)i! 0o$, in o potrpeN!Civosti, :i Co Ce :aza!. Beste, :aC %is!i%? 7eni%o, :ot z %ano, to)a tu)i z vse%i %i!iConi )ru$ih !Cu)i. 6n z)i se %i, )a Ne sa%o %ise! na to po:aNe univerza!nost in veLni vi)i: evharistiCe, veste, :i Ce 3i!a ves Las, Ne s:oraC )va tisoL !et, in %i s%o tu:aC, :ot veste, in razprav!Ca%o o teC isti evharistiCi, o iste% Lu)eNu in :a:o s%o po te% vsi po:!icani in nas sta!no :!iLe ta ista evharistiCa. 6n ne ve%, to %e preprosto za)ene, prav siCaCno Ce, to Ce Lu)eN in v ta Lu)eN se sa% o) se3e, o) te z$o)3e )a!Ce, na)a!CuCe Je )anes. .$!as3a/ 'v. Katarina 'iens:a: + neprecen!Civa !Cu3ezen, :a:or si se ti, pravi 0o$ in pravi L!ove:, v ce!oti )a! na%, ta:o si se na% tu)i v ce!oti prepusti!, )a si naJa hrana, ta:o )a na naJe% ze%e!Cs:e% ro%anCu ne 3o%o o%ahni!i o) preutruCenosti, a%pa: nas 3oJ o:repi! ti, naJ ne3eJ:i :ruh. + L!ove:, in :aC Ce 0o$ pusti! zate? 5usti! ti Ce sa%e$a se3e, popo!no%a 0o$a in popo!no%a L!ove:a, s:rite$a po) 3e!ino :ruha. 5. Koch: We 3i resniLno i%e!i te oLi vere, 3i prepozna!i, )a s%o pri vsa:i %aJi priLa Lu)eNu in )e! Lu)eNa. Chase: Ko se Ci%a Ce Jezus pri)ruNi! na poti, Ci%a Ce ne:aC prepreLeva!o, )a 3i $a prepozna!a. Ko K!eopa $ovori z Jezuso%, pravi: H0i! prero:, %o$oLen v )eCanCu in 3ese)i.I XLenci so ve)e!i, )a ni sa%o prero:. Be)e!i so, )a Ce

0o$, )a Ce Kristus 0o$, in ta:o sta tu:aC i%e!a napaLno %iJ!CenCe, :aCti on ni sa%o ve!i: prero:. Kot veste, Ce on 0o$ sa%. Mis!i%, )a :o sveti Janez pravi, )a Ci% Ce ne:aC prepreLeva!o, )a 3i $a prepozna!i, Ce to 3i!o zato, :er so $a spozna!i nepopo!no. 6n pre%iJ!Ceva! se% o te%, ne:a:o %e Ce za)e!o, :aCti :ot veste, Ce tu)i %oCe spoznanCe Kristusa nepopo!no. ToLno iste stvari so napaLne v %oCi !astni iz:uJnCi, na%reL, izpove)uCe%, )a Ce Kristus 0oNCi 'in, to)a svoCe$a Niv!CenCa ne Nivi% ves Las ta:o. 6n pravi%, )a Ce, :ot veste, u%r! za vse %oCe $rehe. To)a a!i Caz resniLno veruCe%, )a se% Caz $reJni: :i Ce e)ini o)$ovoren za to, )a Ce Kristusa spravi! na :riN? 6n :a:o ve!i:o Ce %oCe upanCe? 6n resniLno, iz:uJnCa evharistiCe, %oCa iz:uJnCa pri %aJi, %oCa iz:uJnCa v a)oraciCi :!iLe vse te nepopo!nosti v %eni po) vpraJaC in %i po%a$a, )a se z nCi%i sooLi% in se Cih zave% in )a vi)i%, )a so za%e naLini, )a !ah:o sta!no raste% v upanCu in v veri in v spo:orCenosti za %oCo $reJnost in )a se Je napreC o3raLa% : nCe%u v evaristiCi. Christian: Ka:aC 3i se Jezus s:riva! pre) nCi%i? 6n na %ise! %i prihaCa, :o!i:o:rat se% v Niv!CenCu ta:o :ot ta )va L!ove:a prazno upa! v Jezusa. Bi)e! se% $a 3o)isi :ot z%a$ova!ni !oteriCs:i !iste: a!i :ot :!CuL, )a 3o% zaprosi! to )e:!e, :i %i Ce resniLno vJeL. Be!i:o Ce 3i!o prazne$a upanCa, praznih %o!itev. 6n :o v teh Lasih nise% vi)e! Jezusa, prav :a:or sta ta )va L!ove:a, ta )va uLenca, %is!i!a, )a3i Jezus %o$e! 3iti 6zrae!ov reJite!C, %o$e! 3i 3iti L!ove:, :i 3i Cih %o$e! osvo3o)iti izpo) ri%s:e$a pre$anCanCa, :a:or so v tiste% Lasu %no$i verova!i, in to se ni z$o)i!o in Jezus Ce to %ora! raz!oNiti. Mora! Ce iti s:ozi 'veto pis%o in po:azati, )a Ce o)reJeni: zara)i svoCe$a trp!CenCa, )a Ce %ora! trpeti. 5rero: Ce re:e!, )a se Ce to z$o)i!o in )a se Ce to z$o)i!o za o)reJenCe L!oveJtva. 6n pote% $!e)a% Lez svoCe )ro3ne upe, :i Cih i%a%, na veLCo s!i:o o)reJenCa, :aC i%a 0o$ resniLno za%e, in pote% !ah:o vi)i% Kristusa v evharistiCi. 6n prav :a:or Ce re:e! p. Mariusz, ta:rat postane Jezus resniLen v evharistiCi in ta% $a !ah:o vi)ite. 'v. "v$uJtin. KCe Ce hote! 3iti (ospo) prepoznan? B !o%!CenCu :ruha. K na%i Ce )o3ro. =i na% tre3a s:r3eti. 4o%i%o :ruh in prepozna%o (ospo)a. Ta )va, ce!o :o Ce (ospo) $ovori! z nCi%a, nista i%e!a vere, :er nista verova!a, )a Ce on vsta!, tu)i nista i%e!a no3ene$a upanCa, )a 3i !ah:o spet vsta!. 6z$u3i!a sta vero, iz$u3i!a sta upanCe. ,o)i!a sta %rtva po poti in Kristus Ce 3i! o3 nCi%a Niv. ,o)i!a sta %rtva, in to z Niv!CenCe% sa%i%. Piv!CenCe Ce ho)i!o s:upaC z nCi%a in v nCune% srcu Niv!CenCe Je ni 3i!o vzpostav!Ceno. 6n tu)i ne s%e% )vo%iti,)aCe to,)a sta $a prepozna!a v !o%!CenCu :ruha, za:ra%ent, :i nas pripe!Ce s:upaC v te%, :o $a prepozna%o.


5. Roe%er: To)a :o Ce Je napreC Je! z nCi%a in sta Je napreC ho)i!a z nCi%a, se Ce upanCe spet ro)i!o. +$enC se Ce spet vN$a!. '!iJa!a sta 3ese)o o) 0o$a in zazvene!a Ce resniLno in razu%e!a sta Co U in pote% sta $a prepozna!a v !o%!CenCu :ruha. 5. Murph&: To)a veste, ni Cu pusti!. Me ve)no Ce 3i! ta%, v po)o3i :ruha. Kruh Ce 3i! evharistiCa. Bi)ite, vo)i! Cu Ce po poti vere. 5ripe!Ca! Cu Ce : sreLanCu, )a Ci%a Ce nCun te!esni o)%i: o) nCiCu o%o$oLi!, )a sta o:rep!Cena v resniLnosti, )a Ce Jezus, Leprav ni te!esno vi)en, Je ve)no resniLno navzoL v !o%!CenCu :ruha. Chris: 6%a% priCate!Cico. Ko sva se sreLa!a, sva i%e!a prviL ene$a o) tistih nenava)nih o3Lut:ov, :o se s:!oniJ napreC, )a 3i o3Ce! L!ove:a, in pote% se u%a:neJ in pote% se )ru$i L!ove: s:!oni napreC in te o3Ca%e. 6n to Ce opre)e!i!o naCino priCate!Cstvo, )a Ce vsa:o:rat, :o sva se pos!ovi!a, 3i! to nenava)en o3Ce%. Ka:Jno !eto in po! Ce nise% vi)e! in pote% se% Je! : nCeC v cer:ev in iz$!e)a!a Ce )ru$aLna. 5rav:ar Ce )ip!o%ira!a. 0i!a Ce o3!eLena :ot za v s!uN3o, z !epi%i h!aLa%i, e!e$antno 1rizuro, i%e!a Ce oLa!a in 3i!o Ce ta:o Lu)no. Ko sva se po$ovarCa!a, Ce nise% prepozna!, in pote% Ce priJe! Las za s!ovo in re:!a Ce: H5rav, se vi)iva,I in pote% se Ce s:!oni!a, )a 3i %e o3Ce!a, in %is!i%,) a se nise% o)zva! )ovo!C hitro, ta:o se Ce u%a:ni!a, in pote% se% se Caz s:!oni! )a 3i Co o3Ce! in pote% ni 3i!o o3Ce%a in sva o)J!a, in :o sva se razJ!a, se% se zaLe! s%eCati, :er Ce 3i!o: H"h, to Ce to.I 7o:!er ni 3i!o te$a nero)ne$a trenut:a, nise% po%is!i!: H+h, )o3ro, tu Ce %oCa priCate!Cica.I Ena:o Ce s Kristuso%, v s%is!u, )a Ce evharistiCa to, :ar%i o%o$oLa, )a $a prepozna% v )ru$ih !Cu)eh. 7eni%o, :o $re% zCutraC, pre)en $re% v s!uN3o, : %aJi, prepozna% Kristusa v Jtu)entih, :i Cih pouLuCe%, a!i pa ta:rat, :o si zveLer, pre)en $re% )o%ov, vza%e% pet %inut, )a se preprosto use)e% in %o!i% v :ape!i, in pote% !aNCe :ot ponava)i vi)i% Kristusa v %oCi Neni in v %oCih otrocih, :er se% izpostav!Cen nCe%u v evharistiCi. 6n ne:aC ta:Jne$a Ce ta% z uLenci, potre3ova!i so evharistiCo, )a 3i 3i!i sposo3ni vi)eti Kristusa, prav :a:or Caz potre3uCe% evharistiCo, )a 3i $a 3i! sposo3en vi)eti v !Cu)eh o:ro$ %ene. 'v .E1re%: Ko so 3i!e oLi uLencev zaprte, Ce 3i! :ruh :!CuL, :i Ce o)pr! nCihove oLi, )a so prepozna!i vse%o$oLne$a, to so 3i!e oLi, po!ne Na!osti, in ven)ar so )o3i!i ra)osten po$!e) in so 3i!i v trenut:u napo!nCeni z vese!Ce%. 5. Roesch: To)a naJ proces spreo3rnCenCa, )a $a za$!e)a%o iz o3!iLCa v o3!iLCe, Ce proces, in vsa:o:rat Ce, :a:or )a o)stranCuCe eno :rin:o in $a zaLenCa%o CasneCe vi)eti ta:Jne$a, :ot on Ce.

5. Koch: 0ese)e %atere TereziCe: H5ri)e%, )a 3i Lasti!a Kristusa v evharistiCi, )a 3i %o$!a sreLati Kristusa v u3o$ih.I 6n %is!i%, )a Ce to resniLno to, :ar pravite, vi)ite, in to Ce res. 6n vLasih !Cu)Ce :ritiziraCo in reLeCo: H5rav, re!i$iozni ste in ne veste, :aC so u3o$i.I 6n v resnici Ce ravno nasprotno. We pri)ete in !Cu3ite (ospo)a in pote% pri)ete in prepoznate (ospo)a, Je pose3eC v evharistiCi, pote% o)prete svoCe oLi in Cih ne o)prete sa%o za prisotnost Kristusa v evharistiCi, a%pa: so vaJe oLi o)prte za prisotnost Kristusa v u3o$ih in trpeLih, in veste, povso) v 0oNCe% !Cu)stvu. Marce!: Ko $!e)a%o v 'veto pis%o s:ozi !eLo evharistiCe, veste, %oCe srce za$ori, :o po$!e)a% v 'veto pis%o s:ozi !eLo za:ra%entov. 5ostane %i 3o!C !epo, 3o!C resniLno. 6n ta:o %is!i%, vsaC z %ano Ce ta:o, )a Ce to ena o) stvari, :i Cih s:uJa Kristus posre)ovati v te% o)!o%:u. Miche!!e: Beste, ho)ite po poti in Lutite ne:aC ta:Jne$a, :ot: H+h, 0o$, ne vi)i% te. BerCetno te ni tu:aC.I 6n pote% nena)o%a zaLutite vrto$!avico in ne veste, :a% iti. 6n (ospo) preprosto pravi: H'a%o 3o)i otro: in %i pusti, )a te vo)i% in vi)e!a %e 3oJ in %e 3oJ naJ!a.I 5. (roesche!: 'v. "v$uJtin pravi: HK ve!i:o !uLCo si posiCa! v %oCo )uJo.I To)a :ot ve%o o) %atere TereziCe in o) %no$ih svetni:ov, Je pose3eC o) svete$a Janeza o) KriNa, %ore 3iti )o!$o o3)o3Ce te%e )e! nCihove )uhovne rasti in razvoCa. 5. 'u)ano: 6n na :oncu pripove)i o E%avsu vi)i%o, )a sta z ve!i:i% vese!Ce% pohite!a nazaC. =a :oncu %aJe i%a%o v !atinJLini 3ese)e: Ite, missa est, :ar po%eni, H5oC)ite,I veste, Ho)puJLeni ste, pos!ani ste.I 6n ta:o ta )va uLenca, :i sta 3i!a na zaLet:u ta:o Na!ostna in potrta, z)aC $resta in ra)ostno raz$!aJata sporoLi!o. To Ce na%en vsa:e %aJe, 7a na% 0oNCo 0ese)o, 0oNCe s:rivnosti o):!ene sa% (ospo) in )a nas on tu)i nahrani in nas poJ!Ce )a!Ce. 5. Koch: 6n to stori evharistiCa. 5ripe!Ce nas s:upaC in pote% vera ene$a L!ove:a spo)3u)i vero )ru$e$a L!ove:a in nCihove %o!itve in nCihovo nav)uJenCe in nCihovo $oreLnost. 4ah:o va% pove%, veL :a:or iz teo!oJ:ih :nCi$ se% se o 0o$u nauLi! o) !Cu)i, :i %i Cih Ce 0o$ pos!a!, )a %i s!uNiCo a!i )a se% z nCi%i, o) nCihove vere, o) nCihove $oreLnosti, o) nCihove !Cu3ezni )o 0o$a. 6n to Ce ro%anCe Niv!CenCa in Kristus Ce prav ta% vso pot in vsa:o:rat se )ota:ne naJih src in o)pre naJe oLi, )a !ah:o prepozna%o, )a so stvari v re)u, poC)i%o napreC, veste, )a so !epe. 'ean: 6n to va% po:aNe, :a:o ze!o potre3uCe%o )ru$ )ru$e$a, )a potr)i%o, veste, )a po)pre%o )ru$ )ru$e$a, :o so stvari s!a3e. 5a tu)i, :o vi)ite,

poLa:ate trenute:, :o zasiCe !uL in Ce tu razo)etCe, ce!o ta:rat potre3uCete )ru$ )ru$e$a, )a to potr)ite. =Cuni srci sta $ore!i v nCiCu, :er sta i%e!a to ose3no iz:uJnCo Kristusa pri !o%!CenCu :ruha. To)a ce!o o3 ta:Jni ose3ni iz:uJnCi sa%a iz:uJnCa ni )ovo!C. 0i!o Ce o3Lestvo s Krsituso%, to)a to po:aNe, )a Ce to o3Lestvo tre3a )e!iti, )a 3i 3i!o popo!no. 5. "posto!i: We 3i Jezus osta! z na%i v svoCe% vsta!e% stanCu, :Cer 3i $a %o$!i vi)eti, :a:or sta $a vi)e!a ta uLenca v nCe$ovih pri:azovanCih po vstaCenCu, ne 3i %o$!a naJa vera ni:o!i rasti. (ospo) se Ce %ora! u%a:niti o) nas, ta:o )a 3i naCpreC %o$!i verCeti vanC po veri, in )ru$iL, )a 3i %o$!i hrepeneti po nCe%, )a 3i $a %o$!i Ne!eti in is:ati. 'veti "v$uJtin Ce ze!o !epo re:e!: H0o$ teLe za tisti%i, :i 3eNiCo pre) nCi%, to)a 0o$ 3eNi pre) tisti%i, :i teLeCo za nCi%.I 6n zato se ne po:aNe ta:o po$osto v naJe% Niv!CenCu, )a 3i $a %o$!i is:ati. MariCa Ma$)a!ena Ce pri $ro3u vpraJa!a: HKCe Ce,I veste, H:a% ste $a po!oNi!i?I 4Cu3ezen Ce s!epa in v ne:e% s%is!u Co Ce nCena !Cu3ezen $na!a, )a Ce is:a!a Jezusa. 6n %is!i%, )a Ce (ospo)u vJeL, :o $a iJLe%o z vse% srcu, in zato se s:riCe. 6n %i o) Lasa )o Lasa potre3uCe%o to te%o v naJe% Niv!CenCu. 'veta 0ri$ita: + %oCa (ospa, o )evica MariCa, o %ati vse$a, naC 3o 0o$ +Le s:upaC s 'ino% in 'veti% 7uho% veLno s!av!Cen v svoCe% ne)oCe%!Cive% ve!iLastvu za naCsveteCJo ce!ico vse$a tvoCe$a te!esa, v :atere% Ce 0o$ 'in ta:o %i!o poLiva! U +n, :i $a ce!otna voCs:a an$e!ov s!avi v ne3esih in :i $a ce!otna Cer:ev spoJt!Civo Lasti na ze%!Ci. 5ohiti, (ospo), razsvet!i %oCo te!o, $ovori %oCi )uJi. 5o:aNi %i pot in %i )aC, )a ho)i% po nCeC. B za%u)i Ce nevarnost, to)a v na$!ici Ce prav ta:o po$u3a. KatoreC, (ospo), pris!uhni %oCi proJnCi in %i po:aNi pot. 5rihaCa% : te3i, :a:or $re 3o!ni: : z)ravni:u, :o iJLe po%oL. ,repeni% po te3i :a:or u%iraCoLi. (ospo), )aC %ir %oCe%u srcu. "%en. MoJ:i $!as .poCe/: HKo 3o Kristus priJe!, 3o naro) pope!Ca! ven in %e vze! )o%ov, :a:Jna ra)ost 3o napo!ni!a %oCe srce. Ta:rat se 3o% pri:!oni! v poniNne% LeJLenCu in ta% 3o% raz$!aJa!: HMoC 0o$, :a:o ve!i: si TiTI "!i 3oste vsta!i in z)aC zape!i z %ano? Bsi: H5ote% poCe %oCa )uJa, %oC 0o$, Kve!iLar, te3i, + ta:o ve!i: (ospo)T Ka:o ve!i: siT Ka:o ve!i: siT 5ote% poCe %oCa )uJa, %oC 0o$, Kve!iLar, te3i, :a:o ve!i: siT Ka:o ve!i: siT 5oC, :a:o ve!i: si. H5ote% poCe %oCa )uJa, %oC 0o$, Kve!iLar, te3i, :a:o ve!i: siT Ka:o ve!i: siTI E>T=