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1 My Catholic Family 2 St. Faustina & the Divine Mercy 7 Ep. 1 8 Transcriptionist: Pg 9 Finished 10/26/07 6 7 m!

sic" : ;#arrator: My Catholic Family. m!sic" $t. Faustina and the Divine Mercy. 10 11 m!sic" 12 17Mom: %o yo! &no' 'hat day it is( 18 19$arah: )* co!rse+ Mom. ,t-s $!nday. 16 17Mom: .es. /!t it-s a 0ery special $!nday. Today is %i0ine Mercy $!nday. 1: 1;$arah: Mm( 20 21Mom: .o! 'ant me to teach yo! ho' to pray the chaplet o* %i0ine Mercy( 22,t-s 0ery easy. .o! only need a rosary. 27 28$arah: )&ay /eca!se , don-t &no' ho' to pray it. 29 26Mom: 1ere yo! go. This e2plains ho' to pray it on the /ac&. 27 2:%ad: 3ell. 'e co!ld o**er the chaplet *or the con0ersion o* those 'ho don-t 2;lo0e 4od. 70 715le2: That-s right6 ,t 'ill /e li&e $tar 3ars. ,-ll /e 4eneral 5le2 and yo! 72Captain #elson. 77 78%og: /ar&s" 79 76%ad: ch!c&les" 77 7:$arah: 4ro' !p6 7; 80Mom: ch!c&les" 5le2+ this isn-t a game. 1 1

1 25le2: Mm. 7 8%ad: 5ny'ay+ /esides+ to con0ert sinners yo! 'ill need a 'eapon more 9po'er*!l than that s'ord. 6 75le2: 1!h( #!t 'hat-s more po'er*!l and than my s'ord( : ;Mom: Prayer is m!ch more po'er*!l /eca!se it reaches 4od and 1e listens. 10 115le2: Mm6 12 17$arah: 1!m( 18 19Mom: 3hat is it+ $arah( 16 17$arah: , don<t 'ant to pray *or sinners. That-s li&e 'asting my prayers. , 1:'ant to pray *or the people , lo0e+ li&e my *amily or my *riends. =ad people 1;don<t deser0e them. 20 21Mom: 1oney+ none o* !s deser0es 4od<s *orgi0eness. 1o'e0er+ 1e lo0es !s 22so m!ch that 'hene0er 'e as& 1im to *orgi0e !s+ 1e does+ e0en i* 'e don<t 27deser0e it. 28 29%ad: .o! see+ $arah+ 4od 'ants !s to pray *or those people 'ho are *ar 26*rom 1im. There are many people in the 'orld+ 'ho are 0ery sad /eca!se 27they don<t &no' 4od. 2: 2;$arah: , &no'. That<s 'hy there are missionaries. 70 71Mom: .es that<s tr!e /!t there are some people 'ho &no' 4od /!t are still 720ery sad /eca!se they thin& that 1e 'ill ne0er *orgi0e them. 77 78%ad: They thin& 4od is li&e a 0ery serio!s man 'ho al'ays p!nishes other 79people. , thin& 'e sho!ld pray to help them reali>e that 4od is a 4ood 76Father. #o'+ listen. ,-m going to tell yo! the story o* $t. Fa!stina. 77 7:$arah: This n!n( 7;

1%ad: .es+ indeed. $he li0ed her 'hole li*e praying *or people 'ho didn-t 2lo0e 4od. m!sic" $ometimes 0ery special people are /orn. .es+ 0ery 7special. 4od chooses those people to li0e 0ery close to 1im and gi0es them 8the grace to li0e perhaps 'itho!t e0er /ecoming *amo!s are 'itho!t 9e2pensi0e things or honors. ?!st li&e ?es!s+ lo0ing in s!ch a 'ay that they 6are a/le to gi0e their li0es *or !s. That-s 'hat happened to $t. Fa!stina. 7 m!sic" Fa!stina *elt that she 'as chosen to transmit the message o* 4od<s :mercy. From a 0ery yo!ng age 4od appeared to her /e*ore her 0ery eyes ;and she heard 1is 'ords+ as clearly as i* he 'ere made o* *lesh and /ones. 10 11$arah: %id ?es!s really appear to her( 12 17%ad: .es. $he !sed to see 1im per*ectly. That-s 'hy she &ne' that 4od 18has something 0ery special in store *or her. ?es!s 'anted her to /ecome a 19n!n in order to de0ote her entire li*e to 1im. ?es!s 1imsel* had told her so. 161e 'anted her to /e near 1im. 5nd $t. Fa!stina-s only tho!ght 'as to stay 17close to o!r dear @ord. For this reason+ she le*t her *amily+ her ho!se+ her 1:*riends and tra0eled alone to 3arsa' to loo& *or a con0ent+ 'here she co!ld 1;o**er her li*e to 4od. m!sic" 3arsa' 'as a h!ge city. Fa!stina 'al&ed 20aro!nd those streets !ntil she *o!nd a Ch!rch. $he tho!ght+ A,* 4od has 21called me+ 1e 'ill also tell me 'here , sho!ld go.B $o+ she 'ent into the 22Ch!rch and /egan to pray *or 0ery long time. 27 28 m!sic" 29 26Priest: %ear child+ yo!-0e spent the entire day here 'itho!t mo0ing. 5re 27yo! alright( %o yo! need any help( 2: 2;Fa!stina: Father+ ,<0e C!st arri0ed in 3arsa' to enter a con0ent. , &no' that 704od 'ants me to /ecome a n!n and to gi0e my entire li*e to 1im. =!t , 71don<t &no' 'here , sho!ld go. 72 77Priest: %on<t yo! ha0e any *amily here( 78 79Fa!stina: #o+ Father. ,<0e come alone. 76 77Priest: 3ell+ that good priest sent her to the ho!se o* a good *amily+ 'hich 7:he &ne'. Fa!stina co!ld stay there !ntil she *o!nd a con0ent. m!sic" 7;Fa!stina 0isited di**erent con0ents /!t none 'o!ld accept her. $he *elt 0ery

1sad. m!sic" Finally she arri0ed at the con0ent o* the $isters o* )!r @ady o* 2Mercy. 7 8Mother $!perior: $o yo! 'ant to /e admitted into this con0ent( 9 6Fa!stina: That-s right+ Mother. 7 :Mother $!perior: )&ay. 3ell+ yo! m!st go to the chapel and as& the o'ner ;o* the ho!se i* 1e 'ill admit yo!. 10 11$arah: , got it6 The o'ner o* the ho!se is 4od+ right( 12 17%ad: That-s right. 18 19 m!sic" 16 17Fa!stina: @ord+ , 'ant to /ecome a n!n and al'ays li0e 0ery close to .o!. 1:Please+ ma&e it possi/le *or me to stay in this con0ent( 1; 20?es!s: , 'ill recei0e yo!+ My dear da!ghter. .o! are al'ays in My 1eart. 21 22Mother $!perior: 5lright+ my dear+ i* the @ord has accepted yo!+ , 'ill 27accept yo! as 'ell. 28 29Fa!stina: Than& yo!+ Mother6 Than& yo!. pa!se" .es6 26 27 pa!se" 2: 2;%ad: 5*ter a year+ Fa!stina entered the con0ent. $he 'as 0ery happy. 70Fa!stina !sed to la!gh non stop d!ring recreation. 5nd many times she 71'o!ld go to the chapel to pray to ?es!s hidden in the ta/ernacle. 72 77#!n D1: 1a0e yo! seen this( Fa!stina is al'ays praying. 78 79#!n D2: .eah+ may/e she thin&s she-s more holy acting that 'ay. 76 77Fa!stina: Please *orgi0e them+ @ord. They are not saying this to /e mean at 7:all. They don-t &no' that , lo0e yo! so m!ch that ,-d spend all day here to 7;/e close+ close to .o!. 80 1 8

1%ad: Fa!stina !sed to 'or& 0ery hard in the con0ent &itchen. $he also !sed 2to 'or& in the garden. $he had so m!ch 'or& that she co!ldn-t al'ays 0isit 7the @ord as m!ch as she 'anted. 8 9Fa!stina: @ord+ , 'or& so hard that , don-t ha0e time to come and spend time 6'ith .o!. ,-m thin&ing o* lea0ing the con0ent and *ind another 'here , can 7spend the 'hole day praying. pa!se" 5h+ , don-t &no'. Please help me. : ;%ad: Fa!stina 'as sad. $he tho!ght that may/e 4od didn-t 'ant her to stay 10in that con0ent. $he 'as con*!sed. $he had many do!/ts. 1o'e0er+ one 11day something e2traordinary happened. 12 17 pa!se" 18 19Fa!stina: ?es!s6 3hy are .o! crying( 3ho has ca!sed .o! s!ch pain( 16 17?es!s: .o! 'ill ca!se me this pain+ i* yo! lea0e the con0ent. 1ere is 'here , 1:'ant yo! to /e. , ha0e many good things in store *or yo! here. 1; 20%ad: #o'+ Fa!stina 'as happy. $he 'as s!re that 4od 'anted her to stay 21'ith the $isters o* )!r @ady o* Mercy. $he 'o!ld ne0er do!/t again. 22 27$arah: %id ?es!s really appear to her( 28 29%ad: 3hy o* co!rse6 26 27$arah: 5nd then scare her( 2: 2;%ad: )* co!rse not6 ?es!s is not scary6 =esides 1e had already appeared to 70her many times /e*ore. 71 725le2: 5nd 'hy doesn-t 1e e0er appear to me( , 'ant to see ?es!s+ C!st as 77Fa!stina did. 78 79%ad: 3ell normally ?es!s doesn-t really appear to e0ery/ody. 1e only does 76that i* there is a real need *or it. )r i* 1e *eels that there-s a message 1e 77needs to tell some/ody. 7: 7;5le2: )h 'ell. 80 1 9

1%ad: =!t yo! can do to see 1im in the ta/ernacle 'hene0er yo! 'ant. 2 75le2: .eah+ /!t it-s not the same. 8 9%ad: 3ell *rom that day on+ Fa!stina ret!rned to /eing 0ery happy. 6 7#!n D1: Mm+ , can-t go on. My /ac& h!rts *rom sE!atting do'n so m!ch. :This is really to!gh 'or&. %on-t yo! thin& so+ $r. Fa!stina( ; 10Fa!stina: .es+ $ister+ /!t /eca!se o* this+ it is a great treas!re. 11 12#!n D1: 5 treas!re6 , don-t !nderstand( 17 18Fa!stina: .o! see+ 'e can o**er all o!r e**orts to 4od 1imsel* in reparation 19*or the sins o* those people 'ho don-t lo0e 1im. 16 17#!n D1: 5h 'ell. , hadn-t tho!ght o* it that 'ay. 1: 1;Fa!stina: 5nd i* 'e don-t complain a/o!t it+ this treas!re is 'orth e0en 20more. 21 22%ad: Fa!stina had decided to o**er her entire li*e to 4od *or the so!ls o* 27sinners. That-s 'hy she ne0er complained. )ne night+ something really 280ery special happened. Fa!stina 'as in her cell and ?es!s appeared to her. 29 26$arah: 3hy is that so special( 1e had already appeared to her many times 27/e*ore( 2: 2;%ad: That-s tr!e /!t this time it 'as 0ery special /eca!se it changed her li*e. 70@isten. 71 72Fa!stina: 1hahhhhh6 )h. 77 78?es!s: Paint an image o* holding to the pattern yo! see 'ith the signat!reF 79A?es!s+ , tr!st in .o!.B , desire that this image /e 0enerated *irst in yo!r 76chapel and thro!gho!t the 'orld. 77 7:$arah: @oo&6 ,t-s the same image as on the card. 7; 80Mom: That-s right. ,t-s the image o* the %i0ine Mercy. 1 6

1 2$arah: 3hat does the %i0ine Mercy mean( 7 8Mom: The message o* the %i0ine Mercy is that 4od lo0es !s+ all o* !s+ and 9'ants to *orgi0e !s. This lo0e 'as sho'n 'hen 4od the Father sent 1is 6$on+ ?es!s into the 'orld to die on the cross *or o!r sins. 4od the Father is 7al'ays ready to *orgi0e !s i* 'e as&. : ;%ad: This image has a 0ery long history. ?!st listen. m!sic" Fa!stina 10&ne' that those appearances o* ?es!s 'ere 0ery e2traordinary things and she 11'as a*raid o* telling others a/o!t them /eca!se she tho!ght they might thin& 12that she 'as cra>y. $o+ one day 'hile she 'as praying+ ?es!s sho'ed her the 17*ace o* the priest 'ho 'o!ld /e her con*essor and the one to 'hom she 18co!ld spea& a/o!t her meetings and con0ersations 'ith )!r @ord. 19 16 m!sic" 17 1:?es!s: My da!ghter yo! 'ill soon con*ess to this priest. Tell him e0erything 1;and po!r yo!r heart o!t to him as yo! do to Me. The 'ords he 'ill say to 20yo! are My 'ords. 21 22Mom: That-s 'hy it-s so important to al'ays con*ess yo!r sins to the same 27priest /eca!se he &no's !s and he can gi0e !s ad0ice. 28 29$arah: 5nd does the priest tell !s 'hat 4od 'o!ld say( 26 27Mom: .es+ 4od spea&s to !s thro!gh the priest 'ho hears o!r Con*ession 2:and gi0es !s ad0ice. 2; 70%ad: The day *inally arri0ed 'hen Fa!stina too& her perpet!al 0o's. 71 72$arah: 3hat do perpet!al 0o's mean( 77 78%ad: ,t means that she agrees to /e a n!n *ore0er. 79 76$arah: ,s it li&e a 'edding( 77 7:%ad: .es. ,t-s li&e a 'edding in 'hich ?es!s is the =ridegroom. 7;

14od: My da!ghter+ 'rite a/o!t My Mercy to'ards tormented so!ls. $o!ls 2that ma&e an appeal to my mercy delight me. To s!ch so!ls+ , grant e0en 7more graces than they as&. 8 9Fa!stina: Today , place my heart on the paten+ 'here .o!r 1eart has /een 6placed+ ) ?es!s+ and , o**er yo! my Coys and my s!**erings and my entire 7li*e+ so that sinners 'ill repent and &no' that .o! are 'aiting to *orgi0e :them. 5nd /ring them to hea0en to li0e 'ith .o! *ore0er. ; 105le2: =!t , don-t !nderstand 'hy 'e sho!ld pray *or sinners( =esides+ 'hy 11sho!ld 'e pray *or someone 'ho , don<t e0en &no'( 12 17Mom: .o! see+ 4od is o**ended 'hen someone doesn-t lo0e 1im and that 18person s!**ers /eca!se they don-t ha0e 4od in their li*e. 19 16$ara: .eah+ /!t that-s 'hy , pray *or my *amily and *riends. 17 1:Mom: $t. Fa!stina lo0ed the 'orld so m!ch and 'as so close to ?es!s that 1;she !sed to s!**er 'hen she tho!ght a/o!t the people 'ho o**ended 4od /y 20not lo0ing 1im. Fa!stina tho!ght+ A,* only they &ne' ho' m!ch 4od lo0es 21them+ they 'o!ld /e than&ing 1im all day long *or /eing so good.B 22 27$ara: 5nd ho' did she *ind a 'ay to tell the 'orld a/o!t 4od-s lo0e *or !s( 28 29Mom: $he did it thro!gh this image. 26 27%ad: 5lright+ let me contin!e 'ith the story. Fa!stina 'as mo0ed to the 2:con0ent o* 3ilno. %!ring her *irst Con*ession she reali>ed that the priest 2;'as the same one 'hom ?es!s had sho'ed her. 1e 'as Fr. Michael 70$opacco. Fa!stina /ecame 0ery happy and she told him a/o!t all o* her 710isions. 72 77Fr. $opacco: My da!ghter+ yo!-re not seeing things. ?es!s has called yo! to 78remain 0ery close to 1im in lo0e and in s!**ering+ 'hich is a sign o* 1is 79lo0e *or !s. 76 77$arah: 4reat s!**erings( 7: 7;Mom: That-s right. 5ltho!gh Fa!stina 'as ill *or many years+ she managed 80not to complain and carried her illness 'ith Coy. $o+ some people tho!ght 1 :

1she 'as pretending to /e sic&. This ca!sed her to s!**er e0en more /eca!se 2they didn-t !nderstand that ?es!s had gi0en her a special grace. .o! &no'+ 7her s!**ering+ 'hich !nited to the cross o* ?es!s and o**ered to 4od the 8Father+ t!rned into a 0ery precio!s treas!re. ,t 'as as i* *lo'ers gre' 9constantly 'here0er Fa!stina passed. )ne night+ she 'as in great pain and 6tho!ght she 'as going to die. $he tho!ght a/o!t 'a&ing !p the $isters 7/eca!se she co!ldn-t /ear anymore pain. =!t she reali>ed that they co!ldn-t :do anything to help her+ so she let them sleep. ; 10$arah: .o! see+ that-s C!st the opposite o* 'hat yo! do 'hen yo!-re sic&. 11.o! don-t let anyone sleep6 AMom+ ,-m cold. Mom+ ,-m hot. Mom+ my 12teeth h!rt.B 17 185le2: 1ey6 .o! do that+ too6 .o!-re !n/eara/le6 19 16Mom: 5lright that-s eno!gh. From no' on+ /oth o* yo! can o**er to 4od 17those to!gh times. 5nd i* yo! *ind yo!rsel0es really sic&+ yo! can al'ays 1:call on me. 1; 20%ad: 3ell+ no'+ as , 'as saying+ Fr. $opacco ordered Fa!stina to 'rite a 21diary 'ith all the appearances o* ?es!s. 22 27$arah: That-s the /oo& on Mom-s /edside ta/le. 28 29Mom: That-s right. 26 275le2: .eah+ the one 'itho!t pict!res. Mom G %ad ch!c&le". , don-t li&e 2:/oo&s 'itho!t pict!res. 2; 70%ad: The point is that Fr. $opacco loo&ed *or a painter to do a pict!re o* 71?es!s as 1e had appeared to $t. Fa!stina H yo! &no'+ the one 'ith ?es!s 72'ith the 2 rays o* light *rom 1is chest. 77 78$arah: This image+ %ad( 79 76%ad: .es. 5nd so+ Fa!stina 'ent many times to spea& 'ith that painter to 77e2plain to him e2actly ho' he sho!ld paint ?es!s. 5 *e' months later the 7:painter *inished the pict!re and ga0e it to Fa!stina. 7; 805le2: $he didn-t li&e the pict!re+ did she( 1 ;

1 2%ad: #o she didn-t. The pict!re 'as not as 'onder*!l as her 0ision o* ?es!s. 7 8 pa!se" 9 6Fa!stina: )h ?es!s+ ,-m 0ery sad. Forgi0e me. This pict!re isn-t as 7'onder*!l as .o! are. : ;?es!s: %on-t 'orry my childF the greatness o* this image isn-t made !p in the 10/ea!ty o* the colors nor in the paint/r!sh /!t in My grace. The 2 rays 11represent /lood and 'ater+ 'hich iss!ed *orth *rom the 0ery depths o* My 12Tender Mercy+ 'hen My 5goni>ed 1eart 'as opened /y a lance on the 17cross. 18 19$arah: These rays come o!t o* the heart o* ?es!s. 16 17Mom: That-s right+ $arah. ?es!s s!**ered a lot *or !s. 5nd that s!**ering *!ll 1:o* lo0e is 'hat is coming o!t o* 1is 1eart. 1; 20%ad: =!t the story doesn-t end here+ yo!-ll see. 5 short time later+ Fa!stina 21'as praying 'hen she heard ?es!s telling her+ A, desire that this image /e 22displayed in p!/lic on the First $!nday a*ter Easter. That $!nday is the 27Feast o* mercy.B 28 29$arah: =!t that-s impossi/le. Fa!stina 'as only a n!n. $he co!ldn-t ma&e a 26'orld'ide *east day. 27 2:%ad: )h she co!ldn<t. =!t yo! see 'hat 'as said 'as the 3ill o* 4od and 2;4od can do e0erything+ right( pa!se" $o+ Fa!stina did e0erything that she 70co!ld and 4od too& care o* the rest. 5nd so+ it happened that a*ter a n!m/er 71o* years Fr. $opacco had the opport!nity to gi0e a homily a/o!t the %i0ine 72Mercy and displayed the image p!/licly. pa!se" Fa!stina co!ld see the 77*ig!re in the painting come to li*e and /less the people 'ho 'ere there. 78)nly she co!ld see 1im C!st as it had al'ays happened 'hen she had a 790ision o* ?es!s. The 0eneration o* this image o* the %i0ine Mercy grad!ally 76spread all o0er Poland. 5s years passed+ the de0otion reached the 'hole 77'orld. This 'o!ld happen years a*ter Fa!stina-s death. =e*ore she died+ 7:?es!s made a *inal reE!est to $t. Fa!stina. 7; 80$arah: 3hat 'as it( 1 10

1 2%ad: 1e as&ed her to esta/lish a ne' religio!s order. 7 8$arah: )h6 Fa!stina 'as only a n!n and she li0ed yo!r li*e in a cloister. 91o' co!ld she *o!nd a ne' congregation( , don-t !nderstand+ 'hy does 64od as& *or s!ch di**ic!lt things( 7 :Mom: That-s e2actly 'hat Fa!stina tho!ght. ; 10?es!s: , 'ish *or yo! to *o!nd a congregation to anno!nce the Mercy o* 4od 11aro!nd the 'orld. 12 17Fa!stina: , am not a/le+ @ord. 18 19?es!s: %on-t /e a*raid. , Mysel* 'ill pro0ide e0erything yo! need. 16 17%ad: From that moment on+ Fa!stina 'as 0ery calm. $he 'anted to do 1:4od-s 'ill since she &ne' that 4od 'o!ld do e0erything and she 'as only 1;an instr!ment. 20 21$ara: 3as she li&e the Iirgin Mary 'hen she said+ A=ehold the handmaid o* 22the @ord+ /e it done to me according to Thy 3ord(B 27 28%ad: That<s right. Fa!stina p!t her li*e in 4od-s hands. pa!se" Fa!stina-s 29health got 'orse and she 'as admitted into a hospital. There she prayed 26constantly *or the patients aro!nd her+ o**ering her s!**erings+ so that they 27'o!ld con*ess their sins and die in peace 'ith 4od. This is 'hat she did 2:!ntil she died. 2; 70 pa!se" 71 72$arah: 5nd the ne' congregation( 77 78%ad: Fa!stina died 'itho!t esta/lishing a ne' congregation. ?es!s act!ally 79only 'anted her to /e 'illing and she o**ered the prayers and sacri*ices *or 76others to *o!nd it. 77 7:$ara: 5nd did others *o!nd it( 7;


1%ad: .es. $ome time later+ a ne' religio!s order 'as /orn. ,t 'as 2dedicated to anno!nce to the 'orld that 4od is )!r Father and 1e is 'aiting 7*or !s 'ith open arms to em/race 1im. 8 9$arah: #o' , !nderstand that sentence in the 4ospel. ,t says that 'hen the 6seed dies+ it /ears lots o* *r!it. 7 :%ad: That<s 'hat happened6 The ne' religio!s order 'as /orn than&s to the ;prayers and sacri*ices that Fa!stina o**ered to 4od d!ring her 'hole li*e. 10 11$arah: Mom6 Teach me ho' to pray the Chaplet o* %i0ine Mercy+ 12 17Mom: )&ay. First yo! ha0e to say the Our Father+ the Hail Mary and the 18Creed. Then on the Our Father /eads yo! say the *ollo'ing 'ords: 19 16%ad G $arah: JEternal Father+ , o**er .o! the =ody+ =lood+ $o!l and 17%i0inity o* .o!r %early =elo0ed $on+ )!r @ord ?es!s Christ+ in atonement 1:*or o!r sins and those o* the 'hole 'orld.J 1; 20Mom: )n the Hail Mary /eads+ yo! 'ill say the *ollo'ing 'ords: 21 22%ad G $arah: AFor the sa&e o* 1is $orro'*!l Passion+ ha0e mercy on !s and 27on the 'hole 'orld.B 28 29Mom: 5nd *inally+ 'e say these 'ords 7 times:. 26 27%ad G $arah: A1oly 4od+ 1oly Mighty )ne+ 1oly ,mmortal )ne+ ha0e 2:mercy on !s and on the 'hole 'orld.B 2; 70Mom: )!r @ord ?es!s promised to $t. Fa!stina: 71 72?es!s: AThe so!l that says this chaplet 'ill /e em/raced /y My Mercy 77d!ring their li*etime and especially at the ho!r o* their death.B 78 79%ad G $arah: 3o'6 76 77 m!sic" 7: 7;E3T# 80K5% 1 12

1MoCa &atoliL&a dr!Mina 2N$0. Fa0stina in =oMCe !smilCenCeO 7Epi>oda 1 8 9 glas/a" 6Pripo0edo0alec: MoCa &atoliL&a dr!Mina. glas/a". Sv. Favstina in Boje 7usmiljenje : glas/a" ;Mama: 5li 0este+ &ateri dan Ce danes( 10$ara: $e0eda+ mama. #edelCa Ce. 11Mama: Pes Ce+ toda danes Ce >elo pose/na nedelCa. %anes Ce nedelCa =oMCega 12!smilCenCa. 17$ara: Mhm( 18Mama: 5li Melite+ da 0as na!Qim+ &a&o moliti roMni 0enec =oMCega 19!smilCenCa( Relo preprosto Ce. $amo roMni 0enec potre/!Cete. 16$ara: Pra0+ &er ne 0em+ &a&o ga moliti. 17Mama: T!&aC pogleCte. #a hr/t! Ce ra>loMeno+ &a&o ga moliti. 1:)Qe: Pra0+ roMni 0enec /i lah&o daro0ali >a spreo/rnCenCe tistih+ &i ne lC!/iCo 1;=oga. 205le&s: ta&o Ce. =o &a&or 0 R0e>dnih 0oCnah. ?a> /om general 5le&s in ti 21Kapitan #elson. 22Pes: >alaCa" 27)Qe: se >ahihita" 28$ara: )drasti6 29Mama: se >ahihita" 5le&s+ to ni igra. 265le&s: Mhm. 27)Qe: Mimogrede+ poleg tega+ Qe hoQeL spreo/raQati greLni&e+ potre/!CeL 2:orodCe+ &i Ce moQneCLe od meQa. 2;5le&s: Pes( ,n &aC Ce moQneCLe od moCega meQa( 70Mama: Molite0 Ce 0eli&o moQneCLa+ &er doseMe =oga in =og posl!La. 715le&s: Mhm. 72$ara: 1mm( 77Mama: KaC Ce+ $ara( 78$ara: #oQem moliti >a greLni&e. To Ce+ &a&or da /i metala s0oCe molit0e 79stran. Moliti hoQem >a lC!di+ &i Cih imam rada+ &ot Ce moCa dr!Mina ali moCi 76priCatelCi. $la/i lC!dCe si Cih ne >asl!MiCo. 77Mama: $lad&a moCa+ nihQe od nas si ne >asl!Mi+ da m! =og odp!sti. ,n 7:0endar nas ta&o >elo lC!/i+ da &adar &oli ga prosimo+ da nam odp!sti+ on to 7;stori+ Qepra0 si tega ne >asl!Mimo.


1)Qe: IidiL+ $ara+ =og hoQe+ da molimo >a tiste lC!di+ &i so daleQ od nCega. I 2s0et! Ce 0eli&o lC!di+ &i so >elo Malostni+ &er ne po>naCo =oga. 7$arah: Iem. Rato so misiConarCi. 8Mama: %a+ to Ce res+ toda so lC!dCe+ &i po>naCo =oga+ a so Le 0edno >elo 9Malostni+ &er misliCo+ da Cim =og ne /o ni&oli odp!stil. 6)Qe: MisliCo+ da Ce =og &a&or >elo resen Qlo0e&+ &i 0edno &a>n!Ce dr!ge 7lC!di. Mislim+ da /i morali moliti+ da Cim pomagamo spo>nati+ da Ce =og :do/er )Qe. Posl!LaC. Po0edal ti /om >god/o s0ete Fa0stine. ;$ara: Te redo0nice( 10)Qe: %a+ res Ce. Ise Mi0lCenCe Ce molila >a lC!di+ &i ne lC!/iCo =oga. glas/a" 11IQasih se rodiCo >elo pose/ni lC!dCe. %a+ >elo pose/ni. =og i>/ere te lC!di+ 12da Mi0iCo >elo /li>! nCega in da Cim milost+ da morda Mi0iCo+ ne da /i postali 17sla0ni+ Mi0iCo /re> dragih st0ari ali Qasti. Pra0 &a&or ?e>!s+ lC!/iCo na ta& 18naQin+ da so sposo/ni dati >a nas s0oCa Mi0lCenCa. To se Ce >godilo s0eti 19Fa0stini glas/a". Fa0stina Ce Q!tila+ da Ce i>/rana+ da prenese sporoQilo o 16=oMCem !smilCenC!. )d >elo >godnCe mladosti se Ci Ce =og pri&a>o0al pred 17nCenimi oQmi in ona Ce sliLala nCego0e /esede ta&o Casno+ &a&or Qe /i =og 1:stal pred nCo 0 podo/i i> mesa in &osti. 1;$ara: 5li se Ci Ce ?e>!s resniQno pri&a>al( 20)Qe: %a. Popolnoma Casno ga Ce 0idela. Rato Ce 0edela+ da ima =og >anCo 21pripra0lCenega ne&aC >elo pose/nega. ?e>!s Ce hotel+ da postane redo0nica+ da 22/i m! pos0etila 0se s0oCe Mi0lCenCe. ?e>!s sam Ci Ce to po0edal. 1otel Ce+ da 27m! /o /li>!. ,n edina misel s0ete Fa0stine Ce /ila+ da hoQe /iti /li>! naLem! 28dragem! 4ospod!. Rato Ce >ap!stila s0oCo dr!Mino+ s0oC dom+ s0oCe 29priCatelCe+ in Ce sama poto0ala 0 IarLa0o+ da /i pois&ala samostan+ &Cer /i 26mogla daro0ati s0oCe Mi0lCenCe =og!. glas/a" IarLa0a Ce 0eli&o mesto. 27Fa0stina Ce hodila o&rog po teh cestah+ do&ler ni naLla cer&0e. Pomislila Ce: 2:NSe me Ce =og po&lical+ mi /o t!di po0edal+ &am naC grem.O Rato Ce Lla 0 2;cer&e0 in Ce >elo dolgo molila. 70 glas/a" 71%!ho0ni&: %ragi otro&+ 0es dan si /ila t!&aC+ ne da /i se prema&nila. 5li si 72do/ro( 5li potre/!CeL pomoQ( 77Fa0stina: )Qe+ pra0&ar sem priLla 0 IarLa0o+ da /i Lla 0 samostan. Iem+ da 78=og hoQe+ da postanem redo0nica in da m! dam 0se s0oCe Mi0lCenCe. Iendar 79ne 0em+ &am naC grem. 76%!ho0ni&: 5li imaL t!&aC &a&Lne sorodni&e( 77Fa0stina: #e+ oQe. $ama sem priLla. 7:%!ho0ni&:Pra0+ ta do/ri d!ho0ni& Co Ce poslal 0 hiLo do/re dr!Mine+ &i Co Ce 7;po>nal. Fa0stina Ce lah&o ostala pri nCih+ do&ler ne /i naLla samostana. 80 glas/a" Fa0stina Ce o/is&ala ra>liQne samostane+ toda no/en Ce ni hotel 1 18

1spreCeti. To Co Ce >elo Malostilo. glas/a". KonQno Ce prispela 0 samostan 2$ester naLe gospe TsmilCenCa. 7Mati prednica: ToreC MeliL+ da te spreCmemo 0 ta samostan( 8Fa0stina: Ta&o Ce+ mati. 9Mati prednica. Pra0. ,ti moraL 0 &apelo in 0praLati lastni&a te hiLe+ Qe te hoQe 6spreCeti. 7$ara: Pa>!mem6 @astni& hiLe Ce =og+ mar ne( :)Qe: Ta&o Ce. ; glas/a" 10Fa0stina: 4ospod+ postati hoQem redo0nica in hoQem 0edno Mi0eti >elo /li>! 11te/i. Prosim+ omogoQi mi+ da ostanem 0 tem samostan!. 12?e>!s: $preCel te /om+ moCa draga hQi. Iedno si 0 moCem src!. 17Mati prednica: Pra0+ draga moCa+ Qe te Ce 4ospod spreCel+ te /om spreCela 18t!di Ca> 19Fa0stina: 10ala 0am+ mati6 10ala 0am. premor" %a6 16 premor" 17)Qe: Po let! dni Ce Fa0stina 0stopila 0 samostan. =ila Ce >elo sreQna. 1:Fa0stina se Ce med re&reaciCo nenehno smeCala. ,n pogosto Ce Lla 0 &apelo+ da 1;Ce molila ?e>!sa+ s&ritega 0 ta/erna&lC!. 20Pedo0nica1: $te to 0ideli( Fa0stina 0edno moli. 21Pedo0nica 2: %a+ mogoQe misli+ da Ce /olC s0eta+ Qe ta&o dela. 22Fa0stina: Prosim+ odp!sti Cim+ 4ospod. Tega ne pra0iCo >ato+ &er /i hotele 27/iti h!do/ne. #e 0edo+ da te ta&o >elo lC!/im+ da /i 0es dan preMi0ela t!&aC+ 28da /i /ila /li>!+ /li>! te/i. 29)Qe: Fa0stina Ce >elo trdo delala 0 samostans&i &!hinCi. %elala Ce t!di na 260rt!. Ta&o 0eli&o dela Ce imela+ da ni mogla 0edno o/is&o0ati 4ospoda+ 27&oli&or Ce hotela. 2:Fa0stina: 4ospod+ ta&o trdo delam+ da nimam Qasa+ da /i priLla in pora/ila 2;Qas s ta/o. PremiLlC!Cem o tem+ da /i >ap!stila samostan in pois&ala dr!gega+ 70&Cer /i lah&o 0es dan molila. premor" 5h+ ne 0em. Prosim+ pomagaC mi. 71)Qe: Fa0stina Ce /ila Malostna. Mislila Ce+ da =og morda noQe+ da ostane 0 72tem samostan!. =ila Ce >medena. ,mela Ce 0eli&o d0omo0. ,n 0endar+ ne&ega 77dne se Ce >godilo ne&aC nena0adnega. 78 premor" 79Fa0stina: ?e>!s6 Ra&aC CoQeL( Kdo ti Ce >adal ta&Lno /oleQino( 76?e>!s: Ti mi /oL po0>roQila to /oleQino+ Qe >ap!stiL samostan. Uelim+ da si 77t!&aC. T!&aC imam >ate 0eli&o do/rih st0ari. 7:)Qe: RdaC Ce /ila Fa0stina sreQna. PrepriQana Ce /ila+ da =og hoQe+ da ostane 7;s sestrami naLe 4ospe TsmilCenCa. #i&oli 0eQ ni d0omila. 80$ara: 5li se Ci Ce ?e>!s resniQno pri&a>al( 1 19

1)Qe: Ra&aC( $e0eda6 2$ara: in Co Ce potem prestraLil( 7)Qe: $e0eda ne6 ?e>!s ni straLen6 Poleg tega se Ci Ce pri&a>al Me 0eQ&rat pred 8tem. 95le&s: ,n >a&aC se ni&oli ne pri&aMe meni( ?a> /i rad 0idel ?e>!sa+ pra0 &a&or 6ga Ce 0idela Fa0stina. 7)Qe: Pra0+ pona0adi se ?e>!s ne pri&aMe >ares 0sa&om!r. To stori samo+ Qe :Ce >a to resniQna potre/a. 5li Qe Q!ti+ da Ce ne&o sporoQilo+ &i ga mora &om! ;po0edati. 105le&s: )h+ do/ro. 11)Q&a: Toda o/iLQeL ga lah&o 0 ta/erna&lC!+ &adar le hoQeL. 125le&s: %a+ toda to ni isto. 17)Qe: Pra0+ od tistega dne Ce /ila Fa0stina spet >elo sreQna. 18Pedo0nica 1: Mm+ ne morem nadalCe0ati. )d s&lanCanCa me ta&o >elo oli 19hr/et. To Ce >ares trdo delo. $e ti ne >di ta&o+ sestra Fa0stina( 16Fa0stina: %a+ sestra+ toda >ato Ce to 0eli& >a&lad. 17Pedo0nica1: Ra&lad6 #e ra>!mem( 1:Fa0stina: IidiL+ 0se s0oCe napore lah&o dar!Cemo samem! =og! 0 1;>adoLQenCe >a grehe 0seh lC!di+ &i ga ne lC!/iCo. 20Pedo0nica 1: 5h+ do/ro. ) tem nisem ta&o ra>miLlCala. 21Fa0stina: ,n Qe se glede tega ne pritoM!Cemo+ Ce ta >a&lad Le 0eQ 0reden. 22)Q&a: Fa0stina Ce s&lenila+ da /o 0se s0oCe Mi0lCenCe daro0ala =og! >a d!Le 27greLni&o0. Rato se ni ni&oli pritoMe0ala. #e&ega dne se Ce >godilo ne&aC >elo 28pose/nega. Fa0stina Ce /ila 0 s0oCi celici in pri&a>al se Ci Ce ?e>!s. 29$ara: Ra&aC Ce to ta&o pose/no( $aC se Ci Ce pri&a>al Me 0eQ&rat preC( 26)Qe: To Ce res+ toda to&rat Ce /ilo >elo pose/no+ &er Ce spremenilo nCeno 27Mi0lCenCe. Posl!LaCte . 2:Fa0stina: 1ahhhh6 )h. 2;?e>!s: #asli&aC podo/o. Pri tem se drMi 0>orca+ &i ga 0idiL. #anCo napiLi: 70N?e>!s+ >a!pam 0ate.O Uelim+ da Ce ta podo/a QaLQena naCpreC 0 0aLi &apeli 71in potem po 0sem s0et!. 72$ara: 4leC+ to Ce ista podo/a &a&or na podo/ici. 77Mama: Pes Ce. To Ce podo/a =oMCega !smilCenCa. 78$arah: KaC pomeni =oMCe TsmilCenCe( 79Mama: $poroQilo =oMCega TsmilCenCa Ce+ da nas =og lC!/i+ da nas 0se lC!/i+ 76in hoQe nam odp!stiti. Ta lC!/e>en Ce /ila po&a>ana+ &o Ce =og )Qe poslal 77s0oCega $ina+ ?e>!sa 0 s0et+ da !mre na &riM! >a naLe grehe. =og )Qe nam Ce 7:0edno pripra0lCen odp!stiti+ Qe prosimo. 7;)Qe: Ta podo/a ima >elo dolgo >godo0ino. $amo prisl!hnite. glas/a". 80Fa0stina Ce 0edela+ da so ta ?e>!so0a pri&a>o0anCa ne&aC i>Cemnega+ in o nCih 1 16

1se Ce /ala po0edati dr!gim+ &er Ce mislila+ da /odo morda mislili+ da Ce nora. 2Ko Ce toreC ne&ega dne molila+ Ci Ce ?e>!s po&a>al o/liQCe d!ho0ni&a+ &i /o 7nCen spo0edni& in s &aterim /o lah&o go0orila o s0oCih sreQanCih in 8pogo0orih > naLim 4ospodom. 9 glas/a" 6?e>!s: 1Qi moCa+ &mal! se /oL spo0edala tem! d!ho0ni&!. Ise m! po0eC in 7m! i>liC s0oCe srce+ &a&or to storiL pred mano. =esede+ &i ti Cih /o go0oril+ so :moCe /esede. ;Mama: >ato Ce ta&o pomem/no+ da se s0oCih greho0 0edno spo0este istem! 10d!ho0ni&!+ &er nas ta d!ho0ni& po>na in nam lah&o s0et!Ce. 11$arah: ,n ali nam d!ho0ni& po0e+ &ar /i nam po0edal =og( 12Mama: %a+ =og nam go0ori po d!ho0ni&!+ &i posl!La naLo spo0ed in nam 17s0et!Ce. 18)Qe: KonQno Ce priLel dan+ &o Ce Fa0stina dala 0eQne >ao/lC!/e. 19$ara: KaC so to 0eQne >ao/lC!/e( 16)Qe: To pomeni+ da se strinCa+ da /o 0edno redo0nica. 17$ara: 5li Ce to &a&or poro&a( 1:)Qe: %a. To Ce &a&or poro&a+ 0 &ateri Ce ?e>!s Menin. 1;=og: 1Qi moCa+ piLi o moCem !smilCenC! do i>m!Qenih d!L. %!Le+ &i se 20s&lic!CeCo na moCe !smilCenCe+ me ra>0eselC!CeCo. Ta&Lnim d!Lam daCem Le 210eQ milosti+ &ot prosiCo. 22Fa0stina: danes polagam s0oCe srce na pateno+ &amor Ce /ilo poloMeno t0oCe 27srce+ o ?e>!s+ in dar!Cem ti 0se moCe radosti in s0oCe trplCenCe in 0se s0oCe 28Mi0lCenCe+ ta&o da se /odo greLni&i spo&orili in da 0em+ da ti Qa&aL+ da Cim 29/oL odp!stil. ,n pripelCi Cih 0 ne/esa+ da /odo 0eQno Mi0eli s ta/o. 265le&s: Toda Ca> ne ra>!mem+ >a&aC /i moral moliti >a greLni&e. Poleg tega+ 27>a&aC molimo >a ne&oga+ &i ga sploh ne po>namo( 2:Mama: Iidite+ =og Ce !MalCen+ &o ga ne&do ne lC!/i+ in ta Qlo0e& trpi+ &er 2;nima =oga 0 s0oCem Mi0lCenC!. 70$ara: %a+ toda >ato molim >a s0oCo dr!Mino in priCatelCe. 71Mama: $0. Fa0stina Ce ta&o >elo lC!/ila s0et in Ce /ila ta&o /li>! ?e>!s!+ da 72Ce trpela+ &o Ce pomislila na lC!di+ &i so !Malili =oga+ s tem da ga niso lC!/ili. 77Fa0stina Ce mislila: NSe /i samo 0edeli+ &a&o >elo Cih =og lC!/i+ /i se m! 0es 78dan >ah0alCe0ali+ da Ce ta&o do/er.O 79$ara: in &a&o Ce od&rila pot+ &a&o naC s0et! po0e o =oMCi lC!/e>ni do nas( 76Mama: To Ce naredila s pomoQCo te podo/e. 77)Qe: Pra0+ naC nadalC!Cem > >god/o. Fa0stino so premestili 0 samostan 0 7:Iilno. Pri s0oCi pr0i spo0edi se Ce >a0edala+ da Ce /il d!ho0ni& pra0 ta+ &i m! 7;ga Ce po&a>al ?e>!s. =il Ce p. Michael $opacco. Fa0stina Ce postala >elo 80sreQna in m! Ce po0edala 0se o s0oCih 0idenCih. 1 17

1P. $opacco: 1Qi moCa+ ne 0idiL st0ari. ?e>!s te Ce po&lical+ da m! ostaneL 2>elo /li>! 0 lC!/e>ni in trplCenC!+ &i Ce >namenCe nCego0e lC!/e>ni do nas. 7$ara: Ieli&em trplCenC!( 8Mama: Ta&o Ce. Sepra0 Ce /ila Fa0stina dolga leta /olna+ se Ci Ce posreQilo+ 9da se ni pritoMe0ala in Ce s0oCo /ole>en nosila > 0eselCe. #e&ateri lC!dCe so 6ta&o mislili+ da se dela+ da Ce /olna. To Ci Ce po0>roQalo Le 0eQCe trplCenCe+ &er 7niso ra>!meli+ da Ci Ce ?e>!s dal to pose/no milost. Ieste+ nCeno trplCenCe+ s :&aterim se Ce >dr!Mila > ?e>!so0im &riMem in ga daro0ala =og! )Qet!+ se Ce ;spremenilo 0 >elo dragocen >a&lad. =ilo Ce+ &a&or da /i tam+ &Cer Ce Lla mimo 10Fa0stina+ stalno rasle roMe. #e&e noQi Ce /ila 0 0eli&i /oleQini in Ce mislila+ 11da /o !mrla. Pomislila Ce+ da /i pre/!dila sestre+ &er /oleQine ni 0eQ mogla 12prenaLati. Toda >a0edala se Ce+ da Ci ne moreCo ni&a&or pomagati+ >ato Cih Ce 17p!stila spati. 18$ara: Iidite+ to Ce pra0 nasprotno od tega+ &ar mi storimo+ &o smo /olni. 19#i&ogar ne p!stimo spati6 NMama+ >e/e me. Mama+ 0roQe mi Ce. Mama+ >o/ 16me /oli.O 175le&s: 1eC6 T!di ti to delaL6 #e>nosna si6 1:Mama: Pra0+ do0olC Ce. )d >daC napreC lah&o te teM&e tren!t&e o/a dar!Ceta 1;=og!. ,n Qe sta resniQno /olna+ me lah&o 0edno po&liQeta. 20)Qe: Pra0+ &ot sem po0edal+ p. $opacco Ce Fa0stini >apo0edal+ naC piLe 21dne0ni& > 0semi ?e>!so0imi pri&a>o0anCi. 22$ara: To Ce &nCiga na mamini noQni omarici. 27Mama: Ta&o Ce. 285le&s:%a+ ta /re> sli&. mama in oQe se nasmehneta". #e maram &nCig /re> 29sli&. 26)Qe: P. $opacco Ce is&al sli&arCa+ &i /i naredil sli&o ?e>!sa+ &ot se Ce pri&a>al 27s0eti Fa0stini H 0este+ tisto > ?e>!som+ &i m! i> oprsCa siCeta d0a Mar&a. 2:$ara: Ta podo/a+ oQe( 2;)Qe: %a. ,n ta&o Ce Fa0stina Lla 0eQ&rat na pogo0or s sli&arCem+ da /i m! 70toQno ra>loMila+ &a&o naC nasli&a ?e>!sa. Se> ne&aC mesece0 Ce sli&ar &onQal 71sli&o in Co dal Fa0stini. 725le&s: ,n sli&a Ci ni /ila 0LeQ+ mar ne( 77)Qe: #e+ ni Ci /ila 0LeQ. $li&a ni /ila ta&o Q!do0ita &ot nCeno 0idenCe ?e>!sa. 78 premor" 79Fa0stina: )h+ ?e>!s+ >elo sem Malostna. )prosti mi. Ta sli&a ni ta&o Q!do0ita 76&ot si ti. 77?e>!s: #e s&r/i+ otro& moC+ 0eliQina moCe sli&e ni 0 lepoti /ar0 ne 0 pote>ah+ 7:ampa& 0 moCi milosti. %0a Mar&a predsta0lCata &ri in 0odo+ &i sta prite&la i> 7;naCglo/lCih glo/in moCega neMnega !smilCenCa+ &o Ce moCe trpeQe srce na 80&riM! odprla s!lica. 1 1:

1$ara: Ta d0a Mar&a prihaCata i> ?e>!so0ega srca. 2Mama: Ta&o Ce+ $ara. ?e>!s Ce >a nas >elo trpel. ,n to trplCenCe+ polno 7lC!/e>ni+ prihaCa i> nCego0ega srca. 8)Qe: Toda >god/a se ne &onQa t!&aC+ 0idite. Kmal! potem Ce Fa0stina 9molila+ in ?e>!s Ci Ce re&el: NUelim+ da Ce ta podo/a Ca0no i>posta0lCena na 6pr0o nedelCo po 0eli&i noQi. Ta nedelCa Ce pra>ni& !smilCenCa.O 7$arah: Toda to Ce nemogoQe. Fa0stina Ce /ila samo redo0nica. #i mogla :!0elCa0iti s0eto0nega pra>ni&a. ;)Qe: $e0eda ni mogla. Toda 0idite+ &ar Ce /ilo reQeno+ Ce /ila =oMCa 0olCa in 10=og lah&o stori 0se+ mar ne( premor" Ta&o Ce Fa0stina naredila 0se+ &ar Ce 11mogla+ in =og Ce pos&r/el >a 0se ostalo. ,n ta&o se Ce >godilo+ daCe imel po 120eQ letih p. $opacco priloMnost+ da Ce pridigal o =oMCem !smilCenC! in Ce 17Ca0no po&a>al podo/o. premor" Fa0stina Ce lah&o 0idela+ &a&o Ce podo/a 0 18sli&i oMi0ela in /lagoslo0ila lC!di+ &i so /ili tam. $amo ona ga Ce lah&o 190idela+ &a&or se Ce >godilo 0edno+ &o Ce imela 0idenCe ?e>!sa. SeLQenCe te 16podo/e se Ce postopoma ra>Lirilo po 0seC polCs&i. Ko so leta minila+ Ce 17po/oMnost >aCela 0es s0et. To se Ce >godilo po Fa0stinini smrti. Preden Ce 1:!mrla+ Ce ?e>!s i>re&el Fa0stini s0oCe >adnCe naroQilo. 1;$arah: KaC Ce /ilo to( 20)Qe: Prosil Co Ce+ naC !stano0i no0 red. 21$arah: )h6 Fa0stina Ce /ila samo redo0nica in s0oCe Mi0lCenCe Ce Mi0ela 0 22samostan!. Ka&o /i mogla !stano0iti no0o redo0no s&!pnost( #e ra>!mem+ 27>a&aC =og >ahte0a ta&Lne teM&e st0ari( 28Mama: Pra0 to Ce pomislila t!di Fa0stina. 29?e>!s: Uelim+ da !stano0iL redo0no s&!pnost+ &i /o po s0et! o>nanCala =oMCe 26TsmilCenCe. 27Fa0stina: Tega nisem sposo/na+ 4ospod. 2:?e>!s. #e /oC se. ?a> sam /om pos&r/el >a 0se+ &ar potre/!CeL. 2;)Qe: )d tistega tren!t&a Ce /ila Fa0stina >elo mirna. 1otela Ce+ da stori 70=oMCo 0olCo+ &er Ce 0edela+ da /o =og storil 0se+ ona pa Ce samo orodCe. 71$ara: 5li Ce /ila &a&or %e0ica MariCa+ &o Ce re&la: N4leC+ de&la sem 724ospodo0a+ >godi se mi po t0oCi =esedi(O 77)Qe: %a+ ta&o Ce. Fa0stina Ce s0oCe Mi0lCenCe poloMila 0 =oMCe ro&e. premor". 78Fa0stini Ce postalo sla/Le in spreCeta Ce /ila 0 /olniLnico. Tam Ce stalno 79molila >a paciente o&rog nCe in daro0ala s0oCe trplCenCe+ da /i se spo0edali 76s0oCih greho0 in !mrli 0 mir! > =ogom. To Ce poQela+ do&ler ni !mrla. 77 premor" 7:$ara: ,n no0a redo0na s&!pnost(


1)Qe: Fa0stina Ce !mrla+ ne da /i !stano0ila no0o &ongregaciCo. ?e>!s Ce 2deCans&o hotel samo+ da /o pripra0lCena+ in ona Ce daro0ala s0oCe molit0e in 7Mrt0e >a dr!ge+ da so Co !stano0ili. 8$ara: ,n dr!gi so Co !stano0ili( 9)Qe: %a. #e&aC let po>neCe Ce nastala no0a redo0na s&!pnost. Pos0eQena Ce 6/ila o>nanCanC!+ da Ce =og naL )Qe in da nas > odprtimi ro&ami Qa&a+ da se 7ga o&lenemo. :$ara: RdaC ra>!mem sta0e& 0 e0angeliC!. Pra0i+ da &o seme !mre+ o/rodi ;0eli&o sad!. 10)Qe: To se Ce >godilo6 #o0 0ers&i red se Ce rodil po >asl!gi molite0 in Mrte0+ 11&i Cih Ce Fa0stina daro0ala =og! 0se s0oCe Mi0lCenCe. 12$ara: Mama6 #a!Qi me+ &a&o naC molim roMni 0enec =oMCega !smilCenCa. 17Mama: Pra0. #aCpreC >moliL Oe na+ Zdravo Marijo in ero. Potem pri 18&roglicah >a Oe na moliL naslednCe /esede: 19)Qe in $ara: NIeQni )Qe+ dar!Cem ti telo in &ri+ d!Lo in /oManst0o t0oCega 16lC!/lCenega sina+ naLega 4ospoda ?e>!sa Krist!sa+ 0 spra0o >a naLe grehe in 17>a grehe 0sega s0eta.O 1:Mama: #a &roglicah >a Zdrave Marije reQete naslednCe /esede. 1;)Qe in $ara: NPo nCego0em /rid&em trplCenC!+ !smili se nas in 0sega s0eta.O 20Mama: ,n slednCiQ tri&rat reQemo naslednCe /esede: 21)Qe in $ara: N$0eti =og+ s0eti MoQni+ s0eti #esmrtni+ !smili se nas in 0sega 22s0eta.O 27Mama: #aL 4ospod ?e>!s Ce o/lC!/il sestri Fa0stini: 28?e>!s: N%!Lo+ &i moli ta roMni 0enec+ /o moCa milost o/Cemala 0 te&! 29nCenega Mi0lCenCa in Le pose/eC o/ !ri nCene smrti.O 26)Qe in $ara: S!do0ito6 27 glas/a" 2:E3T#