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0000' MES 1320' MES

Liked by all, of fine appearance, in elli!en , "killed in #ork, pro!re""i$e, #eal %y, "elf&#illed, "pend" ea"ily, %elpf'l o friend", !ood ad$i"er, %a" %ealin! capaci y( 2 )HA*ANI 1320' MES 2+,0' MES -r' %f'l, %one" , in elli!en , p're&%ear ed, d' if'l, "elf&con roled, of " ron! #ill&po#er, fir., forbearin!, per"e$erin!, "'cce""f'l a #ork, pop'lar, %appy, !enero'"( 3 food( , *2HINI 1000' 0*) 2320' 0*) 3 2f "e led .ind, reli!io'", .edi a i$e, learned, l'cky, non&co$e o'", p%ilan ropic, refined, %a" clean %abi ",of fir. $ie#", 2320' 0*) /*I--I/A 2+,0' MES 1000' 0*) 1i!nified, " ron!, %eal %y, %i!%ly e" ee.ed, fa.o'", io'",! .on'.en al deed", a !ood co..ander, %appy, p're, lo$e" !ood

infl'en ial, a !ood !'ide, lo$ely in appearance( M*I4ASHI*A 0+,0' MI+ 5'll of lo$e, .o %erly, c%eerf'l,"incere, "i.ple, of ac i$e %abi ", adap able, !ood .e.ory, per"e$erin!,!ood 0+,0' MI-

con$er"a ionali" , !ood in re"earc%, in$e" i!a in!, no "%o#in! %i" #eak "ide( A*1*A 2000' MI6 A""er i$e, " ron! #illed, "incere in #ork, io'", "'cce""f'l in co..erce, of %i!% "elf&e" ee., "en"a i$e,!ood 2000' MI-

p"yc%olo!ical in"i!% , cool, $er"a ile, kno#led!eable( 78NA*0AS8 0320' /A* : Well&be%a$ed, r' %f'l, $ir 'o'", "elf&con roled, %'.ble,""iona e, a.iable, dili!en , cle$er, en %'"ia" ic,ea"ily

con en ed, .ake" .any 9o'rney"( 78SH;AMI 0320' /A* Sof &%ear ed, %one" , in elli!en , in 'i i$e, learned in "%a" ra", balanced, pro"pero'", c%ari able, pop'lar, fond of ra$el, "elf& 1+,0' /A*

relian , %old" a co..andin! po"i ion(


ASHLESHA 1+,0' /A* S rai!% for#ard, ".ar , of pene ra in! $i"ion, independen , io'", bri!% "peaker, co..andin! re"pec , "killed in poli ic", 0000' SIM

0000' SIM 10

diplo.a ic, !ood in keepin! "ecre ", lo$e" ra$el( MA4HA 1320' SIM 11 *oyal, di!nified, "elf&a""'red,o' "poken, a""er i$e, doin! i.por an #ork", prai"e#or %y, ric%, !enero'",al r'i" ic, de$o' , 1320' SIM

re"pec in! elder", ar i" ic( 7(7HAL48NI 2+,0' SIM 12 7ro"pero'", liberal in !if ", !ood in b'"ine"", lo$e" freedo., al#ay" ra$ellin!, fa.o'", re"pec ed, "#ee & on!'ed, ar i" ic, of 2+,0' SIM

bri!% appearance, .a9e" ic, $ic orio'"( 8(7HAL48NI 1000' /AN co.for ( 13 HAS-A 1000' /AN 2320' /AN "#ee ".ile"( 1, =HI-*A 2320' /AN 0+,0' -8L 13 0ery in elli!en , in 'i i$e, ar i" ic, !ood de"i!ner, p'rpo"ef'l, en erpri"in!, "killed in or!ani>in!, !ood con$er"a ionali" , 0+,0' -8L En %o'"ia" ic, re"o'rcef'l, ind'" rio'", de er.ined, per"e$erin!, kno#led!eable, con e.pla i$e, #i y, !ood ad$i"er,cal., of In ellec 'al, learned, reli!io'","incere, !ood eac%er, lo$ed by all, %elpf'l, %o"pi able, !ood pa ron, nea be%a$io'r, li$e" in

lo$e" orna.en "( SWA-I 2000' -8L 1+ =o.po"ed, .ode" , .ercif'l, " %e ic, of "#ee "peec%, in 'i i$e, of "o'nd 9'd!e.en , "c%olarly, "elf&con roled, "elf&

#illed, independen , .ake" .any 9o'rney", "killed in rade, c%ari able( 0ISHA/HA 2000' -8L Ener!e ic, p'rpo"ef'l,! a "'cce"", $ery in elli!en , !ood and di" inc "peec%, co'r eo'", lo$e" co.pany, .o$e" in %i!% 0320' 0*/

and lo# circle", !ood poli ician(


AN8*A1HA 0320' 0*/ 1e$o ed, lo$in!, friendly, op i.i" ic, de er.ined, pro!re""i$e, %a" " ron! appe i e, %ard #orkin!, #eal %y, %ono'rable, 1+,0' 0*/

1+,0' 0*/ 1:

con e.pla i$e, .ake" .any 9o'rney"( ?;ESH-A 0000' 1HA 1< ?oyf'l, !ood na 'red, irreproac%able, reli!io'", learned, poe ical, "ober, "%arp eyed, "killed, "elf&.ade, independen , lo$e" 0000' 1HA

freedo., fa.o'", #eal %y, !ood leader( M22LA 1320' 1HA 20 Hi!% "elf&e" ee., di!nified, #ide a#ake, cle$er, of fir. $ie#", !oe" for ba"ic and ori!inal %in!", " rai!% for#ard, la#&

abidin!, !enero'", non&in9'ro'", $ery "pecial( 7(ASHA1HA 1320' 1HA 5ar"eein!, #i"e, %'.ane, for!i$in!, pro ec i$e, !enero'", fir. in dan!er, en erpri"in!, infl'en ial, 'nyieldin!, $ic orio'", 2+,0' 1HA 2+,0' 1HA lo$e" ra$el( 21 8(ASHA1HA 1000' MA/ 7op'lar, fa.o'", %'.oro'", #i"e, $ir 'o'", peace&lo$in!, !ra ef'l, r'" #or %y, a !ood ad$i"er, ob"er$in! penance, .e %odical, pene ra in!, in en"i$e, $ic orio'"( 22 SH*A0ANA 1000' MA/ 2320' MA/ Sc%olarly, #i"e, re"pec in! %e "%a" ra", !ood ed'ca or, peacef'l, lar!e&%ear ed, en %'"ia" ic, ac i$e, $er"a ile, pro!re""i$e, circ'."pec i$e, fa.o'", lo$e" adorn.en ( 23 1HANISH-A 2320' MA/ 0+,0' /8M 5earle"", io'", "elf&#illed, %a" con rolin! capaci y, %i!% "elf&e" ee., l'cky, %a" Mida" o'c%, li$e" in l'@'rie", !enero'", fond of .'"ic, lo$e" "ocie y, "cien ific( 2, SHA-A)HISHA 0+,0' /8M 2000' /8M -ac f'l, r' %f'l, learned, !ood .e.ory, .edi a i$e, p%ilo"op%ical, prefer" "oli 'de, independen , cle$er, '"in!, po#erf'l, ac in! fa" , %a" %ealin! capaci y(



2000' /8M

0320' MEE 2+

Serio'", learned, of di" inc "peec%, %'.ane, %one" , %elpf'l, a !ood friend, i.par ial, 'n"elfi"%, "killed in earnin! .oney, 0320' MEE

principled, poli e, ob"er$in! penance( 8()HA1*A7A1A 1+,0' MEE 26 0ir 'o'", %appy, kno#led!eable, #i"e, able "peaker, p're&%ear ed, ai.iable, dili!en , pro"pero'", " ron! per"onali y, 1+,0' MEE

$ic orio'", lo$e" ren'ncia ion( *E0A-I 0000' MES %e ic, "en"a i$e, in 'i i$e, "piri 'al, "of &"poken, %appy, pop'lar, independen , d' if'l, or %odo@, ric%, p%ilan ropic,

lea$e" no roo. for bla.e(

SYMBOL -%e " ar for.a ion" %a con" i ' e a nak"%a ra %a$e been de"cribed by %e ri"%i" in er." of a "y.bol( Eac% "y.bol poe ically refer" o a cer ain area of %'.an e@perience or concern, #%ic% i" rela ed o %e na 're of %e nak"%a ra( Since "o .any area" of life are a""ocia ed o eac% a" eri"., i i" no "'rpri"e o find "e$eral $er"ion" of %e "y.bol" !i$en for eac% of %e a" eri"."( 5or %e p'rpo"e of %e"e c%ar ", I .ade '"e of %e li" " pro$ided by S%ar.a A,, p(312B and S%'b%akaran A3, p(6B( I i" in ere" in! o " 'dy %e corre"pondence be #een %e "y.bol and %e na 're of %e nak"%a ra, in er." of per"onali y rai " %a i repre"en "( A conci"e e@pre""ion of %e"e per"onali y rai " i" !i$en a %e bo o. of eac% c%ar (

# 1


SYMBOL 5ace of a %or"eC Head of a %or"e

2 3 , 3 + 6 : < 10 11 12 13 1, 13 1+ 16 1: 1< 20 21


;oni Aorifice of %e #o.bB 5la.eC WeaponC*a>or =ar C =%ario Head of a deer -ear dropC H'.an %ead D'i$erC 7o er'" #%eelC Ho'"eC )o# 8dder of a co#C 5lo#erC =ircleC Arro# =oiled "nakeC Serpen /in!'" c%a.ber #i % %roneC 7alanE'in Manc%aka A%a..ockBC =o'c%C 5ire place )edC S.all bed HandC 7al. )ri!% 9e#elC 7earl ;o'n! "pro' a!i a ed by %e #indC =oral 1ecor& a ed !a e#ay 4arland( 7o er'" #%eel 1ecora ed !a e#ayC 8.brella Lo '"&flo#er =irc'lar ali".anC 8.brellaC Earrin! -ied b'nc% of roo "C Lion ailC Elep%an !oad Winno#in! ba"ke or fanC Elep%an '"k Elep%an '"kC S.all co

22 23 2, 23 2+ 26


3 foo prin " of Sara"#a iC Arro#C Ear Mridan!a A.'"ical dr'.B =ircleC 4arlandC H'ndred flo#er" 1o'ble faced .anC S#ord 5'neral bed on a co C A #in Mardala Adr'. for bea in! i.eBC A fi"%

LORD Lord refer" o %e 4ra%a %a o#n" %i" nak"%a ra( A" %ere are nine 4ra%a" and 26 nak"%a ra"( Eac% 4ra%a o#n" 3 nak"%a ra"( A" i" $ery #ell kno#n o all ?yo i"% " 'den ", %e 26 nak"%a ra" for. %e ba"i" of %e 0i."%o ari 1a"%a "y" e.( Ma%ar"%i 7ara"%ara %old" %i" 1a"%a "y" e. o be %e .o" po#erf'l ool for predic in! f' 're rend" and e$en " in %e life of a per"on( -%e "eE'ence in #%ic% %e nine 4ra%a" r'le %e 26 nak"%a ra" de er.ine" %e "eE'ence of %e Ma%ada"%a", An arda"%a", 7ra yan arda"%a" e c( in %e life of %e per"on( -%e "y" e. f'r %er i.plie" %a %e po"i ion of =%andra in a cer ain nak"%a ra a bir % de er.ine" %a %e fir" Ma%ada"%a in %e life of %e na i$e i" r'led by %e 4ra%a %a o#n" %e ?an.a nak"%a ra( -%e "econd period #ill be r'led by %e lord of %e ne@ nak"%a ra, and "o on( -%e fi!'re in bracke " be%ind %e 4ra%a indica e" %e len! % of i " Ma%ada"%a in er." of f'll year"( No e %a %e "eE'ence of %e Na$a!ra%a" Anine plane "B repea " i "elf %ree i.e" in %e "a.e fi@ed order( Ma%ar"%i 7ara"%ara pro$ide" a cer ain "%loka #%ic% i" %elpf'l in .e.ori>in! %e "eE'ence of %e Na$a!ra%a A=%ap er ,+, $er"e 12BF "A-can-ku-ra-gu-sha-bu-ke-shu,"

#%ic% " and" forF Adi !a "Sur!a#, $handra, Ku%a "Manga&#, Rahu, 'uru, Shani, Budha, Ke u, Shukra ( -%e lord of %e ?an.a nak"%a ra play" an i.por an role in %e #%ole life of %e per"on( No e %a eac% "erie" of nine nak"%a ra" co$er" one %ird or 120 of %e /alap'r'"%a( -%i" .ean" %a nak"%a ra" %a are po"i ed 120 fro. eac% o %er "%are %e "a.e 4ra%a a" %eir lord( -%e " ar in! poin of eac% of %e %ree "erie" of nine nak"%a ra" coincide" #i % %e " ar in! poin of %e %ree fire *a"%i", i(e( Me"%a, Si.%a, 1%an'( # 1 2 3 , 3 + 6 : < Naksha ra A"%#ini )%arani /ri ika *o%ini Mri!a"%ira Ardra 7'nar$a"' 7'"%ya.i A"%le"%a # 10 11 12 13 1, 13 1+ 16 1: Naksha ra Ma!%a 7'r$ap%al!'ni 8 arap%al!'ni Ha" a =%i ra S#a i 0i"%ak%a An'rad%a ?ye"% %a # 1< 20 21 22 23 2, 23 2+ 26 Naksha ra Moola 7'r$a"%ad%a 8 era"%ad%a S%ra$ana 1%ani"% %a S%a ab%i"%a 7'r$ab%adrapada 8 arab%adrapada *e$a i LORD /e ' S%'kra S'rya =%andra Man!al *a%' 4'r' S%ani )'d%a


In ac 'al life, %e na 're of %e pre"idin! dei y of a per"oni" ?an.a nak"%a ra can al#ay" clearly be reco!ni>ed in %e na 're and e.pera.en of %e per"on( 1e$a a refer" o %e pre"idin! dei y of %e nak"%a ra( /no#in! %e na 're and per"onali y of %e de$a a, one ob ain" a !ood deal of in"i!% in o %e na 're of %e nak"%a ra( S*($+(S Nak"%a ra" %a$e been cla""ified in er." of cer ain "pecie"( I i" a #ell kno#n fac %a %e %'.an e.bryo in %e co'r"e of i " de$elop.en in %e #o.b, pa""e" %ro'!% all %e " a!e" of e$ol' ion( 5ro. a one cell'lar or!ani". o fi"%, a.p%ibian, rep ile,, E'adr'ped and finally o a %'.an foe '"( I i" only na 'ral o a""'.e, %a %ere #ill e@i" "o.e $arie y a.on! %'.an" in er." of %e de!ree in #%ic% cer ain " a!e" of e$ol' ion %a$e %ad an infl'ence in %eir o$erall " r'c 're( -%'" #e can 'nder" and %o# %e 26 nak"%a ra", repre"en in! all %e la#" of na 're, re"pon"ible for %e " r'c 're and e$ol' ion of e$ery "o'l in crea ion, can be cla""ified in er." of "pecie"( In San"kri , %i" cla""ifica ion !oe" by %e na.e of yoni, referrin! o %e idea of ori!in, "o'rce, place of bir %, %o.e, ne" , " able, " ock, fa.ily, race( =%andra, placed in a cer ain nak"%a ra a bir % Ajanma nakshatraB indica e" o #%a ori!in, or "pecie", fa.ily or race %e per"on ibelon!"i, #%ic% can be ea"ily $erified in daily life( -%e na 're and endencie" of %e reflec " i "elf, o a cer ain de!ree, in %e na 're and endencie" of %e per"on( -%'", %i" cla""ifica ion concern" i "elf #i % cer ain p"yc%olo!ical A e.pera.en alB and p%y"iolo!ical rai " of a per"on( Eac% of %e 1," '"ed in %i" di$i"ion, %a" #o nak"%a ra" a" %eir do.ain, one of #%ic% i" .ale, and %e o %er fe.ale(

-%i" cla""ifica ion al"o, find" a concre e applica ion in .a c%in! #o bir % c%ar " for .arria!e ibili y( Ideally .arria!e par ner" belon! o %e "a.e "pecie", b' .any o %er co.bina ion" are al"o po""ible( A5or .ore de ail" "ee /alapraka"%ika, p( 63, and M'%'r %a, p( 60B 5or ready reference, plea"e find %ere belo# %e li" of 1, "pecie", eac% #i % %eir .ale and fe.ale nak"%a ra" MAL( 1 A"%$ini 2 )%arani 3 7'"%ya , *o%ini 3 Moola + A"%le"%a 6 Ma!%a : 8 arap%al!'ni < S$a i 10 0i"%ak%a 11 ?ye"% %a 12 7'r$a"%ad%a 1, 8 ara"%ad%a NAT-R( -%e cla""ifica ion of %e " ar" in o "e$en na 're" A/alapraka"%ika, p(112B #ill be of !rea in ere" o all Ma%ari"%i ?yo i"% " 'den "( I add" a colo'rf'l fea %er o %e 9oy of $erifica ion of o'r e@perience"( ,(MAL( S%a abi"%a *e$a i /ri ika Mri!a"%ira Ardra 7'nar$a"' 7'r$ap%al!'ni Ha" a =%i ra An'rad%a S%ra$ana $LASS O, YON+ Hor"e Elep%an S%eep Serpen 1o! =a *a )'ffalo -i!er Hare Monkey Lion Mon!oo"e

8 arab%adrapada =o#

13 7'r$ab%adrapada 1%ani"% %a

-%e"e "e$en na 're" are a" follo#"F =%ara or =%anc%ala && .o$in!C S %ira or 1%r'$a &&fi@edC Mrid' && .ild, or Mai ra && friendlyC 0a9ra or 8!ra && " ron!, or /r'ra && cr'elC La!%' && li!% , or /"%ipra && fa" C -ik"%na && "%arp, or 1ar'na && %ara""in!C Sad%arana or Mi"%ra && .i@ed( -%e"e E'ali ie" for. "o .'c% par of %e na 're of %e nak"%a ra", %a %ey clearly "%o# 'p in %e .ode of be%a$io'r of %e per"on of %e re"pec i$e 9an.a nak"%a ra( If yo' do find an e@cep ion o %i" r'le, %en %e na 're of %e La!na'" or S'n'" nak"%a ra #ill co.e o yo'r re"c'e( -%e follo#in! able pre"en " %e na 're" of %e 26 " ar" repre"en ed by %eir "eE'en ial n'.ber( NAT-R( =%ara S %ira -ik"%na Mrid' 8!ra /"%ipra Sad%arana (N'L+SH Mo$in!F 5i@edF S%arpF MildF S ron!F 5a" F Mi@edF N-MB(R O, STAR 6, 13, 22, 23, 2, ,, 12, 21, 2+ +, <, 1:, 1< 3, 1,, 16, 26 2, 10, 11, 20, 23 1, :, 13 3 and 1+

No eF "o.e ake 3 and 1+ o be a .i@ 're of mridu and tikshna A.ild and "%arpB, beca'"e '%a$in! "o.e %in! of #o oppo"i e proper ie"' i" one of %e .eanin!" of "ad%arana A"ee belo#B( No e %a %e %ree 'p'r$a'" ar" are 8!ra #%ile %e %ree '' ara'" ar" are S %ira( -%o"e " 'den " of Ma%ari"%i ?yo i"% #%o #o'ld like o !o deeper in o %e $ario'" .eanin!" and conno a ion" of eac% of %e "i@ na 're", #ill en9oy %e li" !i$en belo#, deri$ed fro. Sir Monier Monier&Willia."'San"kri 1ic ionary( NAT-R( CharaF .o$in!, loco.o i$e" a" oppo"ed o plan "B, .o$able, "%akin!, 'n" eadyC !oin!, #alkin!, #anderin!, %e #ind, %e plane Man!al( SANKR+T ROOT charF o .o$e one'" "elf, o !o, o #alk, o .o$e, o " ir, o roa. abo' , o #ander, o "pread, o be diff'"ed Aa" fireB, o .o$e or ra$el %ro'!%, o per$ade, o !o alon!, o follo#C o be%a$e, o cond'c one'" "elf, o ac , o be en!a!ed in, o be b'"y #i %, o 'nder ake, o prac ice, o do, o effec , o

ca'"e( SthiraF fir., %ard, "olid, co.pac , " ron!, fi@ed, i..o$able, .o ionle"", " ill, cal., 'n#a$erin!, " eady, d'rable, " ern, relen le"", con" an , " eadfa" , re"ol' e, per"e$erin!, fai %f'l, r'" #or %y, re"ol$ed, "e led, cer ain( TikshnaF "%arp, %o , p'n!en , fiery, acid, %ar"%, ro'!%, r'de, keen, >ealo'", $e%e.en .odera e, "lo#, na.e for S%ani( VajraF %ard, .i!% y, i.pene rable, ine, %'nderbol , dia.ond Ugra: po#erf'l, .i!% y, " ron!, %'!e, for.idable, %i!%, noble, fierce, 'o'", ferocio'", %o , "%arp, na.e of *'dra( Kshipra: E'ick, "peedy, "#if C "prin!in!, flyin! back #i % a "prin!, ela" ic a" a bo#( SadharanaF !eneral, 'ni$er"al, %a$in! "o.e %in! of oppo"i e proper ie", occ'pyin! a .iddle po"i ion, balancin! be #een #o e@ re.e", be%a$in! alike, "i.ilar o, eE'al o, "o.e %in! in co..on, a co..on r'le, a r'le #%ic% i" !enerally applicable, a !eneric proper y( sthaF o " and, o " ay, o re.ain, o con in'e in any condi ion or ac ion, per"e$ere in any ac , o end're, o la" , o be, o e@i" , o abide by, o ad%ere o, o " ay E'ie , o re.ain " a ionary, o " op, o %al , o be fi@ed, o be fo'nded on, o e" abli"%, o fond, o b'ild, o " ren! %en, o confir., o "'ppor , o con" i ' e, o fi@, o "e le, o de er.ine, o re"ol$e( tijF o "%arpen, o e@ci e, o " ir 'p(

MriduF "of , delica e, ender, plian , .ild, !en le, #eak, feeble, mridF o be !racio'", fa$o'rable, o pardon, o "pare, o rea kindly, o .ake %appy, o re9oice, o deli!% in( vaj: o be %ard or " ron!( AGujB uj: o be %ard or " ron!( AG$a9B kshipF o %ro#, ca" , "end, de"pa c%, o .o$e %a" ily A#i % ar." or le!"B, o %ro# a !lance A#i % %e eyeB, o " rike or %i A#i % a #eaponB, o p' or place any %in! on or in, o po'r on, "ca er, fi@ or a ac% o, o direc %e %o'!% " 'pon, o add Ain .a %e.a ic"B sadhF o !o " rai!% o any !oal, o a ain and acco.pli"%, o fini"%, o ad$ance, o f'r %er, o pro.o e, o a!ree o, o obey, o .a" er, o "'bd'e, o o$erpo#er, o #in, o #in o$er, o conE'er, o e" abli"%, o .ake perfec , o f'lfil(

'(ND(R *e!ardin! %e !ender of %e nak"%a ra" %ere are "li!% ly differen $ie#poin ", e@pre""ed in differen e@ book"( 5or %e p'rpo"e of %e c%ar " I .ade '"e of %e $er"ion !i$en in /alapraka"%ika Apa!e 66B, e@cep in %e ca"e of (*o%ini, #%ic% .o" a' %ori ie" declare o be fe.ale( 7lea"e find %ere belo# %e cla""ifica ion of %e 26 A" eri"." in %e %ree !ender"( 7'r'"%a A.aleB, S ri Afe.aleB and Nap'."aka Ane' erB( /alapraka"%ika ran"la e" Nap'."aka a" %er.ap%rodi e, #%ile .ore '"'ally one find" i ran"la ed a" e'n'c%( 7'r'"%aF S riF A"%$ini, /ri ika, 7'nar$a"', 7'"%ya, Ha" a, An'rad%a, 7'r$ab%adrapada, 8 arab%adrapada, *e$a i )%arani, *o%ini, Ardra, A"%le"%a, Ma!%a, 7'r$ap%al!'ni, 8 arap%al!'ni, =%i ra, S$a i, 0i"%ak%a, ?ye"% %a, 7'r$a"%ad%a, 8 ara"%ad%a, S%ra$ana, and 1%ani"% %a(

Nap'."akaF Mri!a"%ira, S%a ab%i"%a, and Moola(

I i" re.arkable %a %ere are "i!nifican ly .ore fe.ale nak"%a ra" %an .ale one"( 7lea"e al"o no e %a %e !ender" !i$en %ere do no corre"pond o %e one" a""ocia ed #i % %e "pecie"( 'ANA Lord 7ra9apa i & %e lord of crea ed bein!" & i" "aid o %a$e %ree cla""e" of de"cendan "F 4od", .en and de.on"( -%e fir" one", %e de$a", are "aid o li$e in swarga A%ea$enB( Men li$e in bhumi Aear %B and *ak"%a"a" or A"'ra" li$e in patala A%ellB( Eac% of %e nak"%a ra" i" "aid o belon! o one of %e"e %ree cla""e" of bein!"( E$ery cla"" %a" < nak"%a ra" a" %eir do.ain(

A" far a" %i" fac or i" concerned, a per"on #%o"e 9an.a nak"%a ra i" of di$ine na 're e@%ibi " %e E'ali ie" of pie y, c%ari ablene"" and !oodne"" of c%arac er( -%o"e %a are of %'.an de"cen are "aid o be a .i@ 're of !ood and non&!ood( 1e.on born per"on" are "aid o be "elf&#illed, do.ina in! and forcef'l( 'ana 1e$a Naksha ra nu.bers 1, 3, 6, :, 13, 13, 16, 22, 26

Man'"%ya 2, ,, +, 11, 12, 20, 21, 23, 2+ *ak"%a"a 3, <, 10, 1,, 1+, 1:, 1<, 23, 2,

Like in %e ca"e of %e ;oni cla""ifica ion, .arria!e par ner" ideally belon! o %e "a.e ca e!ory( Ne$er %ele"" "o.e o %er co.bina ion" are al"o fa$o'rable, #%ile po""ible di"ad$an a!e ari"in! o' of an 'nfa$o'rable co.bina ion .ay be i!nored if %e bride'" " ar i" beyond %e 1, % fro. %a of %e bride!roo. A"ee ,, p +: and 10, p(+:B( Ho# doe" %i" cla""ifica ion of %e %'.an na 're ally #i % Ma%ari"%i'" co!ni ion %a HH'.an life i" all di$ineHI -%ere i" a nice 8pani"%adic " ory %a indirec ly %ro#" li!% on %i" E'e" ion( I .i!% be of in ere" o rela e i %ere( ASee 1,, =H 0 "ec ion 2B -%ree cla""e" of 7ra9apa i'" "on", !od", .en and a"'ra", af er "er$in! Hi. for "o.e period, approac%ed Hi. and a"ked for %i" !'idance( W%en %e !od" ca.e o Hi. and "aid H7lea"e in" r'c '"H, He "aid H1aH and a"ked if %ey 'nder" ood( ;e", %ey "aid, i .ean" H1a.aH, by #%ic% yo' ell '" o con rol o'r"el$e", for #e kno#, %a na 'rally #e are "#ayed by de"ire"( H;e"H, He "aid( H;o' %a$e ri!% ly 'nder" oodH(

-o %i" %'.an "on", on approac%in! Hi. %e "aid H1aH, and a"ked if %ey 'nder" ood( ;e", %ey "aid( I .ean" H1ana, by #%ic% yo' ell '" o !i$e, and "%are o'r #eal % a.on! eac% o %er, for #e kno#, %a #e are na 'rally a$aricio'"( W%a el"e co'ld yo' "ay for o'r benefi ( H;e"H, He "aid( H;o' %a$e ri!% ly 'nder" oodH( Like#i"e, o %i" de.on "on" %e "aid H1aH and a"ked if %ey 'nder" ood( ;e", %ey "aid, i .ean" H1ayaH, by #%ic% yo' ell '" o "%ed o'r cr'el y and %a$e""ion #i % o %er", for na 'rally, #e are !i$en o in9'rin! o %er" and "o on( H;e"H, He "aid( H;o' %a$e ri!% ly 'nder" oodH( -%e 8pani"%adic e@ !oe" on o "ay %a %i" $ery le""on con in'e" 'p o %i" day, e$ery i.e a %'nderclo'd i" %eard o "ayF H1a, 1a, 1aHF con rol yo'r"elf, !i$e and %a$e""ion( S%ankara, co..en in! on %i" " ory, poin " o' %a %ere are no !od" or de.on" o %er %an .enJ H-%o"e a.on! .en #%o are #an in! in "elf&con rol, b' are o %er#i"e endo#ed #i % .any !ood E'ali ie", are %e !od"C %o"e #%o are par ic'larly !reedy are .enC #%ile %o"e #%o are cr'el and !i$en o in9'rin! o %er" are %e de.on"( A(((B Hence i i" .en #%o "%o'ld learn all %e %ree in" r'c ion", for 7ra9apa i .ean %i" ad$ice for %e. alone((((( -%e rele$ance of %i" " ory, in %e con e@ of ?yo i"% i" clear( -%i" co..en ary of Adi"%ankara re$eal" %e "elf&referral .eanin! of %e"e $edic " orie"( Indeed if ?yo i"% i" o be of any $al'e o .ankind, i %a" o be 'nder" ood and prac iced on %e le$el of "elf&referral, %'.an con"cio'"ne""( Ma%ari"%i once !a$e an e@plana ion of %i" kind of $edic " orie", #%ic% place" %e #%ole "earc%in! .ore clearly in a "elf&referral li!% ( Ma%ari"%i once "aid %a #%ere$er in %e $edic e@ .en ion i" .ade of per"on" approac%in! %eir fa %er, or con"'l in! Lord S%i$a, or Mo %er 1i$ine e c( i i" o be 'nder" ood a" an alle!orical de"crip ion of %e crea i$e proce""F -%e .ind fa! deeper and deeper le$el" of inner "ilence, 'n il %e 'l i.a e le$el of p're a#arene"", %e field of p're kno#led!e and i " infini e or!ani>in! po#er i" reac%ed( A" a re"'l of %i" con ac #i % %e con" i ' ion of %e 'ni$er"e, life i" re" ored o balance and all do"%a" and %eir conco.i an proble." are

re.o$ed( In o %er #ord", %e"e 'pani"%adic and p'ranic " orie" are alle!orical de"crip ion" of %e proce"" of .an reali>in! %i" r'e na 're( Ma%ari"%i'" co!ni ion H%'.an life i" all di$ineH refer" o %i" na 'ral " a e, #%ere .an "pon aneo'"ly li$e" %i" f'll po en ial, %i" r'e na 're( In 'Lo$e and 4od' Ap(22B Ma%ari"%i !i$e" a bea' if'l de"crip ion of a %'.an bein!, #%o %a" reali>ed %i" co".ic " a '"( H=o".ic life !ain" e@pre""ion in %i" ac i$i y( -%e %o'!% of co".ic life i" .a eriali>ed in %i" proce"" of %inkin!( Hi" eye" be%old %e p'rpo"e of crea ion( Hi" ear" %ear %e .'"ic of co".ic life( Hi" %and" %old on o co".ic in en ion"( Hi" fee "e %e co".ic life in .o ion( He #alk" on ear %, ye #alk" in %e de" iny of %ea$en( An!el" en9oy %i" bein! on ear %( -%i" i" %e !lory of 'ni y born of lo$e(H ALo$e and 4od, p(22B *e 'rnin! o %e con e@ of %i" paper, %e nece""ary concl'"ion i" %a if ?yo i"% "ee." o indica e "o.e do"%a" in o'r na 're, in o'r per"onali y and be%a$io'r & #e "%o'ld 'nder" and %a %e"e apply only o %e kind of e@perience #e are prone o #%en #e are " ill on o'r #ay %o.e(((on o'r #ay o Self&reali>a ion( Lon! before o'r life on ear % #o'ld co.e o an end, na 're "'ppo"e" '" o %a$e !ained enli!% en.en ( Ma%ari"%i of en %a" "aid %a %e co'r"e #o'ld be %a one %a" !ained enli!% en.en & 'ni y con"cio'"ne"" & by %e a!e of 23( 7er defini ion, enli!% en.en .ean" %a one %a" reac%ed perfec ion and %a one i" e ernally e" abli"%ed in Sa $aF 'ni ya "a $a" %o', freed for. all do"%a" and #eakne""e"( I .i!% be no o' of place o .en ion %ere %a ?yo i"% book" !enerally .en ion .any i.perfec ion" #%en %ey de"cribe %e na 're of %e "e$eral nak"%a ra", ra"%i", and !ra%a"( 5ro. %e per"pec i$e of Ma%ari"%i'" 0edic Science, a" %in ed a abo$e, i i" clear %a #%ere$er %e"e do"%ic de"crip ion" are pro$ided, %ey "%o'ld be 'nder" ood o refer o %o"e " a!e" of e$ol' ion, #%ere %e per"on %a" no ye f'lly reali>ed %i" o#n 'nbo'nded na 're( In %e ca"e of per"on" #%o %a$e reali>ed %eir r'e na 're, and %a$e beco.e 'all di$ine', %e"e do"%ic de"crip ion" no lon!er applyJ -%i" #a" '"ef'l for placin! 0edic a" rolo!y in con e@ of Ma%ari"%i'" 0edic ScienceF %en i really beco.e" ?yo i"%, %en in %i" li!% , i i" no %ar. o apply i , %ono'rin! i " li.i "( -%e di$i"ion in o %ree !ana" A"ee ableB find" a prac ical applica ion in .a c%in! #o bir % c%ar " for .arria!e ibili y A5or de ail" "ee /alapraka"%ika pa!e 62B

M(AN+N' Meanin! !i$e" %e appela i$e .eanin! of %e na.e of %e Nak"%a ra( # 1 2 3 , 3 + 6 : < 10 11 12 13 1, 13 1+ 16 NAKSHATRA ASHWINI )HA*ANI /*I--I/A *2HINI M*I4ASHI*A A*1*A 78NA*0AS8 78SH;A ASHLESHA MA4HA 78*0A 7HAL48NI 8--A*A 7HAL48NI HAS-A =HI-*A SWA-I 0ISHA/HA AN8*A1HA M(AN+N' =a$alier, %or"e& -%e no'ri"%in! one -%e "i@ ny.p%" #%o reared /ar ikeya A red co# Head of a deer -%e .oi" one *e 'rn of bri!% ne"" -%e flo'ri"%in! one -%e e.bracin! one -%e !lorio'" one -%e .eri orio'" one -%e e@cellen one Hand -%e bri!% one -%e "elf&.o$in! one -%e .any branc%ed one -%e brin!er of for 'ne

1: 1< 20 21 22 23 2, 23 2+ 26


-%e .o" "enior one -%e ba"ic one -%e in$incible one -%e in$incible one -%e learned one -%e .o" ric% one -%e %'ndred p%y"ician" -%e a'"picio'" foo ed one -%e a'"picio'" foo ed one -%e op'len one

$+R$L( -%e a" eri"." are !ro'ped in o fo'r di$i"ion" or circle", 'nder %e re"pec i$e leader"%ip of A!ni, Indra, 0ay' and 0ar'na( In %i" cla""ifica ion, %e ancien " ar Ab%i9i i" al"o incl'ded, "o %a eac% of %e abo$e fo'r pre"idin! de$a a" en9oy" a circle of "e$en .e.ber"( S 'den " of Ma%ari"%i'" $edic "cience #ill %a$e a lea" "o.e idea abo' %e na 're and f'nc ion of %e"e fo'r i.p'l"e" of crea i$e in elli!ence( 2n %i" ba"i" %ey #ill be able o di"co$er a cer ain corre"pondence be #een %e"e and %e na 're of eac% of %e "e$en 9oinin! " ar"( 5or %e "ake of %a$in! a co.ple e o$er$ie# a %and, %e able belo# "%o#" %e fo'r circle", #i % %eir pre"iden F

K 2 3 : 10 11 1+

A'N+ )%arani /ri ika 7'"%ya Ma!%a 0i"%ak%a

K ,

+NDRA *o%ini

K 1


K +

)AR-NA Ardra A"%le"%a Moola 7(a"%ad%a

16 An'rad%a 1: ?ye"% %a Ab%i9i

3 Mri!a"%ira < 6 7'nar$a"' 1< 13 Ha" a =%i ra S$a i

21 8(a"%ad%a 12 8(7%al!'ni 20 23 S%ra$ana 1,

7(7%al!'ni 22

23 S%a ab%i"%a 26 8()%adrapada 2: *e$a i

2+ 7()%adrapada 2, 1%ani"% %a 13

$OLO-R Mo" of '" are fa.iliar #i % %e fac %a ra"%i" repre"en cer ain colo'r"( )ri%a 7ara"%ara Hora S%a" ra .en ion" %e colo'r" of ele$en of %e 12 ra"%i"( A-%e par of %e .an'"crip con ainin! %e colo'r of Meena "ee." o %a$e been lo" B( 2 %er a' %or" "o.e i.e" .en ion o %er colo'r" for %e ra"%i"( -%e able belo# !i$e" a "'..aryF RASH+ $OLO-RS RASH+ Me"%a 0ri"%ab%a Mi %'na /arka Si.%a /anya O%ha )loodred W%i e 7arro !reen W%i i"% red 7ale #%i e like ".oke M'l i&colo'red *arashara )loodred W%i e 4ra"" !reen 7ale red W%i e 0arie!a ed H/ra Sara *ed W%i e 4reen 7ink )ro#n 4rey Sar0ar h $in a.ani *ed W%i e 4reen *ed S.oky 0arie!a ed

-'la 0ri"%cika 1%an' Makara /'.b%a Meena

)lack 4olden )ro#ni"% W%i i"% yello# 1arki"% #%i e W%i e

)lack *eddi"% bro#n -a#ny 0arie!a ed 1eep bro#n &&

0arie!a ed )lack 4olden ;ello# 0arie!a ed -%ick bro#n

)lack 4olden ;ello# W%i e&red Mon!oo"e colo'r W%i e

In %e "a.e #ay, %e nak"%a ra" %a$e been a""i!ned cer ain colo'r"( -%e colo'r indica ion" for %e pre"en c%ar " %a$e been deri$ed fro. S%'bakara A+, p(1+B #%o "ay" %a %e"e colo'r" %a$e been co!ni>ed by %e ancien Ma%ari"%i"( -%ere i" defini ely a corre"pondence be #een %e"e, and %e colo'r" of %e ra"%i" .en ioned in %e older e@ book"( 5or %e "ake of co.parin! %e colo'r" of nak"%a ra" #i % %o"e of %e ra"%i", %e able belo# "%o#" #%ic% nak"%a ra" o$erlap #%ic% ra"%i"( -%i" i" done in %e fir" #o col'.n", %e %ird col'.n !i$e" %e colo'r indica ion" for %e Nak"%a ra" .en ioned in %e c%ar ", #%ile %e re.ainin! fo'r col'.n" pro$ide %e colo'r" of %e *a"%i" a" !i$en by %e follo#in! "o'rce book"F =ol'.n ,F )ri%a 7ara"%ara Hora S%a" ra by 7ara"%ara A1, p(30B =ol'.n 3F Hora Sara by 7ri y'ya"%a" A1<, p(1,B =ol'.n +F Sar$ar % =%in a.ani A0yanka e"% S%ar.aC =%ap er 1, $er"e 33B =ol'.n 6F 7redic i$e A" rolo!y of %e Hind'" Aby 4(/( 29%aC 20, p(36B Abo$e li" " "%o# %a %ere i" a defini e con$er!ence be #een %e ra"%i and nak"%a ra colo'r"( -%a i" o "ayF nak"%a ra", o$erlappin! cer ain ra"%i", end o repre"en %e "a.e colo'r" a" %e ra"%i" do( In "o.e ca"e" %o#e$er, %ere i" a clear di$er!ence of colo'r indica ion", in %e ca"e of 7'nar$a"' AleadB, 7'"%ya Ablack&redB, and A"%le"%a Ablack&redB, #%o are o$erlappin! /arka ra"%i, #%ic% i" !enerally de"i!na ed a" pink A#%i e redB( No e@ book .en ion" e$en a race of black in /arka(

Like#i"e, 1%ani"% %a A"il$er !reyB, S%a ab%i"%a Abl'e !reenB and 7'r$ab%adrapada A"il$er !reyB do no ally #i % %e deep bro#n indica ion for /'.b%a, #%ic% %ey are o$erlappin!( 2n %e o %er %and Hora Sara label" /'.b%a a" $arie!a ed, #%ile 29%a'" indica ion for /'.b%a a" 'darki"% #%i e' can al"o be r%y.ed #i % %e '"il$er !rey' of 1%ani"% %a and 7'r$ab%adrapada( W%ile %e e@ of 7ara"%ara .ake" no .en ion of %e colo'r of Meena, bo % Sara$ali A16, p(,3B and Sar$a %a =%in a.ani A1:, p(32B label i a" #%i e, and "o doe" %e .odern a' %or 29%a A20, p(36B( )ri%a ?a aka A2, p(1+B cla""ifie" i a" 'of %e colo'r of fi"%'( Hora Sara %o#e$er label" i a" 'deep bro#n'( All %e"e indica ion" are no ab"ol' ely differen fro. %e colo'r" of #o o$erlappin! " ar"F "il$er !rey A)%adrapadaB, bro#n A*e$a iB( -%e 'p'rple' of 8 arab%adrapada %o#e$er brin!" in a ne# ele.en ( A" %ere are .any .ore colo'r" on o'r bea' if'l ear % %en %e fe# .en ioned for %e ra"%i", #e can a""'.e %a %e li" of ra"%i colo'r" .en ion" only %e .o" i.por an one", #%ile .any .ore "%ade" al"o fall in %eir do.ain( -%e nak"%a ra", repre"en in! a .ore refined di$i"ion of %e kalap'r'"%a, can pro$ide '" #i % a .ore $arie!a ed colo'r "c%e.e( NAKSHATRAS AND $OLO-RS

1 A"%$ini )loodred 2 )%arani )loodred 3 /ri ika W%i e , *o%ini + Ardra : 7'"%ya W%i e 4reen )lack&red 3 Mri!a"%( Sil$er!rey 6 7'nar$( Lead < A"%le"% )lack&red

10 Ma!%a 11 7(p%al!( 13 Ha" a 1, =i ra 13 S$a i

I$oryLcrea. Li!% bro#n 1eep !reen )lack )lack

1< M'la 20 7(a"%ad%a 21 8(a"%ad%a 22 S%ra$ana

)r(&yello# )lack =opper Li!% bl'e

12 8(p%al!( )ri!% bl'e

23 1%ani"% %a Sil$er !rey 2, S%a ab%i"%a )l'e !reen 23 7(b%adrap( Sil$er !rey 2+ 8(b%adrap( 7'rple 26 *e$a i )ro#n

1+ 0i"%ak%a 4olden 16 An'rad%a *ed&bro#n 1: ?ye"% %a =rea.

# 2 3 , 3 + 6 : < 10 11 12 13 1, 13 1+ 1: 1< 20 21 22 23 2,

Y/ga 7ri i Ay'" Sa'b%a!ya S%ob%na A %i!anda S'kar.a 1%ri i S%oola. 4and%a. 0ridd%i 1%r'$a 0ya!%a Har"%ana 0a9ra Sidd%i 0ariyan 7ari!%a S%i$a Sidd%a Sad%ya S%'b%a S%'kla

'enera& e11ec s /1 bir h in he 0ari/us !/gas Lo$ed by all, a rac ed by #o.en 4ood %eal % and lon!e$i y Happine"" and co.for " La"ci$io'", "e@y =ri.inal endencie", .ee in! #i % .any ob" acle" and acciden " in life 1oin! !ood and noble deed", #eal %y Ind'l!in! in o %er'" .oney and #o.en An!ry, and E'arrel"o.e )ad c%arac er 7ro!re"" day by day, in elli!en 5i@i y of .ind, concen ra ion, #eal %y =r'el .inded =%eerf'l, in elli!en Weal %y, la"ci$io'" Will %a$e "e$eral a ain.en " and pro ec ion of o %er" 8nreliable )ad c%arac er, la"ci$io'" Weal %y, E'arrel"o.e *e"pec ed by kin!", cool and cal., #ell $er"ed in "%a" ra", #eal %y 4ood na 'red, in ere" ed in reli!io'" ri e" 4ood .anner" Weal %y, l'" ro'", fair, 'n%eal %y 4ood .annered, #a$erin! .ind, alka i$e, i.p'l"i$e

1 0i"%k'.b%a =onE'e" o$er", #eal %y, a rac i$e, ble""ed #i % ca le and land"

16 0ya %ipa %a

23 2+ 26

)ra%.a Indra 0aid%ri i

Hi!%ly confiden ial, %i!% a"pira ion", %a" capaci y o 9'd!e correc ly Weal %y, learned and %elpin! na 're ='nnin!,! na 're, #eal %y, " ron!

1e"crip ion" of yo!a" accordin! o 1r( 4a'ri S%ankar /apoor( Naksha ras 2 B/d! *ar s 1 2 3 , 3 + 6 : < 10 11 12 13 1, A"%$ini )%arani /ri ika *o%ini Mri!a"%ira Ardra 7'nar$a"' 7'"%ya A"%le"%a Ma!%a 7(p%al!'ni 8(p%al!'ni Ha" a =i ra -op of %ead 5ore%ead Eyebro#" Eye" Ear" No"e 8pper ?a# Lo#er 9a# -%roa 8pper =%e" S%o'lder" Ar." Hand" =%e"

13 1+ 16 1: 1< 20 21 22 23 2, 23 2+ 26

S$a i 0i"%ak%a An'rad%a ?ye"% %a M'la 7(a"%ad%a 8(a"%ad%a S%ra$ana 1%ani"% %a S%a ab%i"%a 7(b%adrapada 8(b%adrapada *e$a i

)ack S Na$el 7el$ic re!ion 7ri$a e par " An'" )' ock" -%i!%" /nee" Lo#er le!" Ankle" 8pper fee Sole" of fee

TR(( Mara %i 7anc%an!a", .ake .en ion of a ree in a""ocia ion #i % e$ery nak"%a ra( In %i" #ork M?yo i"%a, 1a" Sy" e. der Indi"c%en A" rolo!ieN 1r( -Or" i! E'o e" fro. %e"e 7anc%an!a", #%ic% %e con"'l ed in Skolap'r in 1<:0( Apar fro. .en ionin! %e na.e, %e a' %or al"o pro$ide" a "%or de"crip ion of %e ree, alon! #i % "o.e infor.a ion abo' i " .edical '"e in Ay'r$eda( If %e"e ree" %a$e been a""i!ned o %e 26 nak"%a ra" by %e 0edic *i"%i", %an i #ill be #or %#%ile for '" o kno# #%ic% ree belon!" o o'r ?an.a nak"%a ra and

o %a$e "o.e idea abo' i " .edicinal $al'e" or o %er applica ion"( W%a follo#" i" a ran"la ion of %e indica ion" !i$en by 1r( -Or" i! A13, p(1+ e c(B 34 Ash0ini -- S r!chn/s nu5-0/.ica -%i" 12&13 . %i!% ree !ro#" in %e .oi" rain fore" "( I %a" !reeni"%&#%i e flo#er" Ain Marc%&AprilB and fr'i " %a re"e.ble an oran!e, bo % in "i>e and colo'r( 5ro. i i" deri$ed " ryc%nine, #%ic% i" one of %e .o" i.por an .edicinal prod'c "( -%e bark i" '"ed a!ain" c%olera, %e roo a!ain" in er.i en fe$er, %e lea$e" are '"ef'l in %e rea in! of #o'nd", and i " "eed" in rea in! ra bi e"( 64 Bharani -- Ta.arindus indica -%i" 12&13 . %i!% ree !ro#" in "%ado#y area" of %e rain fore" ( I " flo#er" are yello# #i % pink " ripe" Ain April&?'neB and i " bro#n fr'i ripen in 5ebr'ary&Marc%( I " bark i" '"ed a" a .edicine for la.ene"", i " a"% i" '"ed a!ain" !onorr%ea, i " lea$e" a!ain" "#ellin!", i " blo""o." are !ood appe i>er"( I " fr'i " are %elpf'l in ca"e of #o'nd" and i " "eed" in ca"e of " 'lcer"( 74 Kri ika -- ,icus race./sa -%i" e$er!reen 13&1: . %i!% ree !ro#" alon! ri$'le " and " ree "( I " fr'i " ripen '"'ally fro. Marc% ill ?'ly( I " roo " are '"ed a" a .edicine a!ain" %ydrop%obia( I " fr'i " a!ain" di"ea"e" of %e blood, fa i!'e, lepra, bleedin! no"e, co'!%, e c( I " bark i" %elpf'l a!ain" a" %.a, i " lea$e" a!ain" bronc%i i"( -%e ripened fr'i " are ea able, in i.e" of "%or a!e of food, %e 'nripe one" are '"ed o!e %er #i % rice for .akin! c%apa i"( -%e lea$e" are a !ood fodder for ca le e"pecially for elep%an "( 84 R/hini -- (ugenia %a.b/s

-%i" ".all e$er!reen ree !ro#" in !arden", b' i" fo'nd al"o in na 're( I %a" !reeni"%&#%i e flo#er" A5ebr'ary&Marc%B and darkbl'e, c%erry&like fr'i " A?'ly&A'!'" B( I " bark i" '"ed a" a .edicine a!ain" a" %.a, fa i!'e, diarr%ea, and bronc%i i"( I " "eed" are "aid o be %elpf'l a!ain" "yp%ili"( 94 Mrigashira -- Mi./sa ca echu -%i" i" a ree of abo' 12 . %ei!% , #i % pale&yello# flo#er" AA'!'" &Sep e.berB and bro#n fr'i " A1ece.berB( Indian .edicine" prod'ced fro. i are S$alpak%adir$a ika, #%ic% i" '"ed a!ain" oo % di"ea"e" and o %er ail.en "( Ano %er of i " prod'c " i" /%adira" aka, '"ed a!ain" "kin di"ea"e" :4 Ardra -- B&ack sanda&;//d ree Ano f'r %er co..en " are !i$enB <4 *unar0asu -- Ba.busa arundinacea -%i" 2,&30 . %i!% ree !ro#" on ri$erbank" in %e .oi" rain fore" "( I i" '"ed a" a .edicine a!ain" blood di"ea"e", bronc%i i", a" %.a, acidi y of %e ", "yp%ili", e c( =4 *ush!a -- ,icus re&igi/sa -%i" 23 . %i!% %oly fi! ree i" plan ed near e.ple" and $illa!e"( I " fr'i " ripen in May&?'ly( -%i" %oly plan i" al"o '"ed for %ealin! p'rpo"e" in ca"e of %ear di"ea"e", " 'lcer", e c( Al"o i i" '"ed a" ap%rodi"iac( >4 Ash&esha -- Mesua 1errea

-%i" ree %a" lar!e #%i e flo#er" A5ebr'ary&Marc%B #%ic% ".ell like ro"e" and $iole "( I " ea able fr'i " are of %e "i>e of do$e&e!!", and con ain lar!e " one"( I i" re!arded a" a .edicinal plan , and '"ed a!ain" fe$er, "kin di"ea"e", and %eadac%e"( I " flo#er" are e"pecially '"ed a!ain" co'!%( I " bark, in co.bina ion #i % !in!er( I dri$e" o' "#ea ( 3?4 Magha -- ,icus indica -%i" ree kno#n 'nder %e na.e banyan ree A$a a in San"kri B i" #ild in %e lo#er Hi.alaya" and no# fo'nd all o$er India( I " .ilky 9'ice and "eed" or fr'i " are '"ef'l a" e@ ernal applica ion o pain" and br'i"e", "ore" and 'lcer", in r%e'.a i". and l'.ba!o, o %e "ole" of %e fee #%en cracked or infla.ed, and o %e ee % and !'." for oo %ac%e( -%e 9'ice of %e fr'i " i" '"ef'l in dy"en ery and diarr%oea( An inf'"ion of %e bark A1 in 10B %a" "pecific proper ie" in red'cin! blood "'!ar in diabe e", dy"en ery, %e.orr%a!ic fl'@e", !onorr%oea, and in "e.inal #eakne"", and i" a po#erf'l onic( Lea$e" af er %ey %a$e 'rned yello# are !i$en in decoc ion #i % roa" ed rice a" diap%ore ic A %ree lea$e" are '"ed for %e decoc ionB( Slender #i!" of %e ree for. a !ood oo %br'"% and i " '"e " ren! %en" !'." and ee %( ANadkarni, p( 3,,B 334 *ur0a@ha&guni -- Bu ea ./n/s@er.a -%i" i" a 12&13 . %i!% ree #i % ".all pale&yello# or !reen flo#er" A5ebr'ary&Marc%B( I i" an i.por an ree of %e indian plain", beca'"e i !ro#" in "al y, dry "oil, #%ere no o %er plan " can flo'ri"%( I " #ood i" '"ed a" a dyin! a!en ( I " roo i" '"ed a" a .edicine a!ain" ni!% blindne""( I " bark i" '"ed a" ap%rodi"iac and appe i>er, i " lea$e" a!ain" eye di"ea"e" and i " flo#er" are '"ed a!ain" "kin di"ea"e"( 364 - ara@ha&guni -- ,icus s@ecies Ano f'r %er co..en "B 374 Has a -- Aas.inu. grandi1&/ru.

-%i" i" a lar!e ree&like b'"% #%o"e #%i e flo#er" A?'lySep e.berB are '"ed a!ain" .o' %& oo %&eye&and ear di"ea"e", a" #ell a" a!ain" blood di"ea"e", lepra and a" %.a( I " roo i" re!arded a" a .edicine a!ain" %eadac%e and r%e'.a i".( 384 $hi ra -- Aeg&e .ar.e&/s -%i" ree !ro#" in dry place", b' i" of en plan ed near e.ple"( I " flo#er" AMayB are !reeni"%&#%i e and i " !rey or yello# fr'i " ripen in %e rainin! "ea"on( I " roo " are '"ed a!ain" fe$er" and colic pain"( -%e flo#er" are %elpf'l in E'enc%in! %ir" and #ork a!ain" $o.i in!( -%e ripe, "#ee fr'i " are beneficial for %e %ear and %e %ead, b' no !ood for l'n!" and c%e" ( -%e "kin of i " fr'i i" "'ppo"ed o %elp in ca"e" of diarr%ea( -%i" ree i" dedica ed o Lord S%i$a( 394 S0a i -- Ter.ina&ia ar%un -%i" ree !ro#" a ri$er bank", 'p o %e %ei!% of 2, .( I " pale&yello# flo#er" appear in April&May( -%e 9'ice of %e fre"% lea$e" i" '"ed a!ain" ear pain" and %e bark %a" a " ren! %enin! effec in ca"e of %ear proble."( 3:4 )ishakha -- Mesua 1errea A"ee co..en 'nder A"%le"%aB 3<4 Anuradha -- Mesua 1errea A"ee co..en 'nder A"%le"%aB 3=4 A!esh ha -- $er0us e&a@has Ano f'r %er co..en "B

3>4 M//&a -- *anicu. i a&icu. 7anic'. i alic'. or I alian .ille i" .'c% e" ee.ed in "o.e par " of India a" a food ar icleC b' #%en aken a" %e "ole food i .i!% prod'ce diarr%ea beca'"e of i " %ea in! proper ie"( I ac " a" a di're ic and a" rin!en and i" of '"e e@ ernally in r%e'.a i".( I i" a pop'lar do.e" ic re.edy for alle$ia in! %e pain" of par 'ri ion( ANadkarni, p( :<6B 6?4 *ur0ashadha -- $a& @seud/ enuis -%i" i" no a ree, b' a creeper, #%o i" '"ed all o$er India o prod'ce ba"ke ", e c( 634 - arashadha -- Ar /car@us in egri1/&ia -%i" e$er!reen ree !ro#" abo' 12&1: . %i!%( I " blo""o. period i" No$e.ber&?an'ary( I " lon! p'.pkin&like and prickly fr'i " A9ack fr'i "B are $ery a" y A?'ne&A'!'" B( -%e yo'n! lea$e" are '"ed a!ain" "kin di"ea"e"( 664 Shra0ana -- $a&/ r/@is gigan ea -%i" i" a lar!e ree&like b'"% #i % p'rple and #%i e flo#er" A5ebr'ary&?'lyB( I !ro#" a dry place" and i %a" lar!e, !reen fr'i "( I " 9'ice i" '"ed a!ain" %e.orr%oid"( I " roo a!ain" a" %.a and "yp%ili"( All par " of %i" plan , dried and aken o!e %er #i % .ilk, %a$e a " ren! %enin! effec ( 674 Dhanish ha -- *r/s/@is s@icigera -%i" i" a %orny ree #i % ".all yello# flo#er" A5ebr'ary&MayB and ea able fr'i " AMay&A'!'" B( I " #ood i" '"ed a" b'ildin! .a erial and a" f'el( I i" al"o '"ed a" fodder for ca.el" and !oa "( 684 Sha abhisha -- S e@heg!ne @ar0i1&/ra

-%i" i" a ree #%ic% !ro#" 'p o 2, .e er", and %a" ".all yello# flo#er" AMay&A'!'" B and ".all encap"'la ed fr'i "( I "%ed" i " lea$e" in 5ebr'ary&Marc%( I " li!% pinki"%&bro#n #ood "er$e" a" b'ildin! .a erial, and i " lea$e" are '"ed a" fodder( 694 *ur0abhadra@ada -- Mangi1era indica -%i" i" %e indian .an!o ree, #%ic% i" al"o '"ed a" .edicinal plan ( -%e ".oke of i " lea$e" are '"ef'l a!ain" neck pain"( 6:4 - arabhadra@ada -- Me&ia aBadirach a -%i" ree, 'p o 2, . %i!%, %a" ".all #%i e flo#er" #%ic% ".ell like %oney AMarc%&MayB( I " yello#&bro#n fr'i " ripen in %e rainin! "ea"on( -%e ree i" con"idered !ood for %eal % #%en i i" plan ed aro'nd a $illa!e( I i" "'ppo"ed o pro ec %e $illa!er" a!ain" .alaria( 7rac ically e$ery par of %e ree %a" "o.e .edical applica ion( -%e oil fro. i " "eed" i" '"ed in %e prod'c ion of "oap( 6<4 Re0a i -- Bassia &a i1/&ia -%i" "o called M%oney reeN or Mb' er reeN i" one of %e .o" i.por an indian fore" ree"( I !ro#" 'p o 13 . %i!%, and %a" yello#&#%i e, .ea y flo#er" AMarc%&AprilB, #%ic% are ra# ea able and "er$e a" food( -%e oil, %a i" #on fro. i " fr'i " i" proce""ed in o a kind of b' er, b' i" al"o '"ed a" a .edicine a!ain" "kin di"ea"e"(


H)ird" of %e "a.e fea %er flock o!e %erH Nak"%a ra" can be "'bdi$ided in %e follo#in! fi$e !ro'p"F HAMSA "s;an# A"%$ini Ardra 7'r$ap%al!'ni 0i"%ak%a 8 ara"%ad%a MAY-RA "@eac/ck# )%arani 7'nar$a"' 8 arap%al!'ni An'rad%a S%ra$ana KAKA "cr/;# /ri ika 7'"%ya Ha" a ?ye"% %a 1%ani"% %a BAKA "her/n# *o%ini A"%le"%a =%i ra M'la S%a ab%i"%a KA*OTA "@ige/n# Mri!a"%ira Ma!%a S$a i 7'r$a"%ad%a 7'r$ab%adrapada 8 arab%adrapada *e$a i

Naksha ranu.ber -- Sacri1icia& D/na i/n

*ADA -%e bir % in %e differen nak"%a ra pada" all %a$e a cer ain effec ( An o$er$ie# of %e differen effec " accordin! o Yavana Jataka a" .en ioned in %e Hora *a na. of )ala )%adra i" pre"en ed in %e able belo#( PPPP (,,($TS O, B+RTH +N D+,,(R(NT *ADAS # 1 2 3 , 3 Naksha ra A"%#ini )%arani /ri ika *o%ini Mri!a"%ira *ada - 3 -endency o '"e o %er'" #eal % Sacrificial in di"po"i ion *adian Hi!%ly pro"pero'" /in!ly in " a '" *ada - 6 =%ildi"% in ac " *ic% and %appy Ha" kno#led!e of "crip 're" Inc'r" e$il" -endency o '"e o %er'" #eal % *ada - 7 5or 'na e Inflic in! "'fferin! E@perience" !rief in di"po"i ion En9oy" plea"'re" *ada - 8 En9oy" plea"'re"C lon!li$ed Inc'r" po$er y En9oy" lon!e$i y and .any "on" -r' %f'l Endo#ed #i % #eal % and !rain"

+ 6 : < 10 11 13 1, 13 1+ 16 1: 1< 20 21 22 23 2,

Ardra 7'nar$a"' 7'"%ya.i A"%le"%a Ma!%a 7'r$ap%al!'ni Ha" a =%i ra S#a i 0i"%ak%a An'rad%a ?ye"% %a Moola 7'r$a"%ad%a 8 ara"%ad%a S%ra$ana 1%ani"% %a S%a ab%i"%a

Spend %rif Happy Lon!&li$ed =%ildle"" No .ale pro!eny Skilf'l per"on Sc%olar Heroic -endency o '"e o %er'" #eal % -endency o '"e o %er'" #eal % Well&$er"ed in 9'" ice and policy&.akin! 5ierce Inflic in! "'fferin! En9oy" plea"'re" E@cellen per"on Lordly Hi!%ly %ono'rable En9oy" lon!e$i y EloE'en in "peec% 0aloro'"

In %e !rip of po$er y Learned -endency o '"e o %er'" #eal % In "er$i 'de Male pro!eny *i!% eo'" *'ler of %e ear % Learned Ar i" S%or &li$ed 0er"ed in "cip 're" =%ari able En9oy" plea"'re" Sacrificial di"po"i ion /in!ly Ini.ical Ae$enB o friend" Endo#ed #i % $ir 'e" Sc%olar Weal %y -endency o '"e o %er'"

S%or &li$ed Weak %eal % En9oy" plea"'re" Weak %eal % S'ffer" fro. dan!ero'" di"ea"e Inflic in! "'fferin! S'cce""f'l Weak %eal % -r' %f'l =%ari able Learned Lon!&li$ed D'i e in elli!en Endo#ed #i % !ood friend" EloE'en in "peec% Hono'rable Sc%olar in di"po"i ion Endo#ed #i % %appine"" 7o""e""e" !rea

-endency o '"e o %er'" #eal % No r' %f'l In elli!en 0ery pro"pero'" A "c%olar S%or &li$ed *i!% eo'" Weal %y Learned /in! Endo#ed #i % lon!e$i y D'e" ionable %i" ory Male i""'e" Lordly Weal %y *eli!io'" =%ari able 8nder %e infl'ence of a !rea Male off"prin! En9oy" plea"'re"

12 8 arap%al!'ni

23 7'r$ab%adrapada

#eal % 2+ 8 arab%adrapada 26 *e$a i /in!ly Spiri 'al #i"do. -endency o '"e o %er'" #eal % -endency o '"e o %er'" #eal %

in elli!ence Male i""'e" Winner in ba le" Happy Inc'rrin! !rief

I.por an no eF We %a$e o 9'd!e %e"e effec " in %e con e@ of %e re" of %e c%ar and no a" %e 'l i.a e r' %( -%e"e effec " #ill be .odera ed A" ren! %ened, #eakened, c%an!edB by o %er fac or" in %e bir % c%ar ( D+R($T+ONS +N S*A$( I .ay be of in ere" o .en ion %a %e abo$e par y leader" are .en ioned in %e 1e$i )%a!a$a a 7'rana a" fo'r of %e "o called ashta dik palakas Aa"% a G ei!% , dik G >one, direc ion in "pace, palaka G !'ardianB or ei!% !'ard" po" ed a ei!% E'ar er" of "pace o pro ec %e 'ni$er"e( In %e 1e$i )%a!a$a a 7'rana %ey are de"cribed a" follo#"F 2n %e op of %e S'.er', are "i 'a ed %e #orld kno#n ei!% !olden ci ie", "'b"er$ien o %e )ra%.ap'ri, for %e ei!% lokapalas( -%e Lord" of %e fo'r direc ion", ea" , #e" ,nor % and "o' % and of %e fo'r corner", nor %&ea" , nor %&#e" , "o' %&#e" , "o' %&ea" , occ'py %e"e( -%e di.en"ion" of eac% of %e"e ei!% ci ie" are #o %o'"and yoyanas and a %alf( In fac , %ere are nine ci ie" %ere incl'din! %e )ra%.ap'ri( No# %ear %e na.e" of %e"e nine ci ie" in d'e order( -%e 5ir" i" Mano$a i, %e "econd i" A.ara$a i, %e %ird i" -e9o$a i, ne@ co.e in order Sa.ya.ani, /ri"%nan9ana, S%radd%a$a i, 4and%a$a i, and Ma%odaya, %e nin % i" ;a"%o$a i( -%e Lord" of %e 7'ri" are )ra%.a, Indra, and 5ire and %e o %er dikpala" in d'e order( 1e$i )%a!a$a a., p(63,B( So in "'! 'p #e "ee %a aro'nd %e ci y of )ra%.a %ere are %e ei!% ci ie" of %e dikpalaka" a" follo#"F

1 2 3 , 3

2n %e Ea" i" 2n %e So' %&Ea" i" 2n %e So' % i"

A.ara$a i -e9o$a i Sa.ya.ani

ci y of Indra ci y of A!ni ci y of ;a.a ci y of Nirri i

2n %e So' %&We" i" /ri"%nan9ana 2n %e We" i"

S%radd%a$a i ci y of 0ar'na 4and%a$a i Ma%odaya ;a"%o$a i ci y of 0aya ci y of /'bera ci y of S%i$a

+ 2n %e Nor %&We" i" 6 : 2n %e Nor % i" 2n %e Nor %&Ea" i"

-%e na.e" of %e"e !'ardian" of o'r 'ni$er"e re.ind '" of %e pre"idin! de$a a" of %e 2: nak"%a ra"( All !'ardian", #i % %e e@cep ion of /'bera %a$e been a""i!ned lord"%ip of an A" eri". Acon"iderin! S%i$a o be iden ical #i % *'draB( Are %e"e #o 'occ'pa ion"' "o.e%o# rela edI Se$en nak"%a ra lord" are cer ainly !'ard of a >one of %e 'ni$er"e a" #ell, b' #%en #e co.pare %e po"i ion in "pace of a >one, #i % %a of %e nak"%a ra belon!in! o %e "a.e 1e$a a, #e find %a %ere e@i" no corre"pondence on %i" le$el( -%a i" o "ay, %e rela i$e direc ion in "pace of a >one, belon!in! o a cer ain 1e$a a, doe" no ally #i % %e rela i$e direc ion in "pace of %e " ar belon!in! o %a 1e$a a(