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1 ASHVINI NAKSHATRA ASHVINI NAKSHATRA - Wife of the Ashvins Indian Zodiac : 0 - 1320 A!ies Ashvini" the #e$innin$ of eve!

%thin$" es&ecia''% Ket( s ene!$ies t!ans'ates into )she *ho %o+e ho!ses) Ashvini s ,ain s%,#o' is a )Horse's head) A ho!se as *e +no* is a'*a%s !ead% to ,a+e -o(!ne%s" not fo! its o*n ends" #(t fo! the ends of its !ide! o! othe!s in $ene!a'. Since Ashvini 'ies in the #e$innin$ of the si$n A!ies" *hich is seen as !e&!esentin$ the head of the +a'a &(!(sha /the ete!na' #ein$0" it ,a+es sense that Ashvini #e !e'ated to a head of so,e +ind. The head of co(!se !e'ates to the #!ain" the 1ont!o''in$ o!$an of a'' #od% f(nctions. Th(s Ashvini a(to,atica''% !e'ates to ,enta' i,&('ses and 'eade!shi&. Ho!ses a!e ne!vo(s" fid$et% and ve!% st!on$ ani,a's. The!efo!e this na+shat!a ca!!ies a'' of these 2(a'ities in $ood ,eas(!e. The Ashvini K(,a!as" the t*o ce'estia' ho!se,en" a!e !e$a!ded as the ,ain &!esidin$ deities of this na+shat!a. Thei! na,es a!e 3ash!a and Nasat%a" that t!ans'ate into )#!in$in$ he'&) The Ashvini K(,a!as a!e s(&&osed to have +no*'ed$e of a'' he!#s on the &h%sica' and ast!a' &'anes. 42(est!ian &!ofessions" Ho!se T!aine!s 5 Kee&e!s and a'' those invo'ved in 42(ine 6o#s o! S&o!ts7 Ho!se Racin$ 4nth(siasts89a,#'e!s7 A'' t%&es of Hea'in$ :!ofessions /in the &!esent da% and a$e -:h%sicians" The!a&ists" 1he,ists" 1o(nse''o!s" fa'' (nde! Ashvini do,ain. 2 BHARANI NAKSHATRA ;HARANI NAKSHATRA - )The ;ea!e!) Indian Zodiac - 13 20 - 2<=0 A!ies ;HARANI -the he!a'de! of Ven(sian ene!$% can #e t!ans'ated as ;4ARIN9 STAR >R >N4 WH> ;4ARS !e&!esented #% a fe,a'e se? o!$an va$ina" *hich di!ect'% !e'ated to W>@; /the #ea!e!0. This na+sth!a f(nctions as fe,inine side of nat(!e R414IV4 H>A3 NBRTBR4 AN3 34STR>C /&!ocess of $ivin$ #i!th to a chi'd0 ;HARANI is the doo!*a% #et*een diffe!ent *o!'ds -(st 'i+e a so(' ta+in$ findin$ a ent!% into &h%sica' *o!'d f!o, ast!a' *o!'d. This fact is -(stified #% its deit% CA@A the $od of death *ho ta+es a*a% the so(' f!o, #od% /Vedic te?ts0 ;ha!ani the *o,# ca!!ies thin$s fo! seve!a' *ee+s #efo!e it finds ,anifested in ,ate!ia' *o!'d. 6(st as a &!e$nant *o,an ca!!ies a chi'd and s(dden'% the *ate! #(!st one da% (n&!edicta#'e is the *o!d that #est s(its fo! this f(nctionin$ This ,ode can #e att!i#(ted to s(dden !evo'(tions occ(!!in$ in &eo&'e ,ind fo! seve!a' da%s ,onths

and s(dden'% ta+es a seve!e fo!, s(dden'%. He!e #ha!ani is an extreme na+shat!a to(chin$ t*o sides of 'ife e?t!e,e'% . ;ha!ani is !e&!esented #% desi!e as&ect of nat(!e /desi!e to e?&e!ience a'' the thin$s s(!!o(ndin$0 -(st 'i+e chi'd!en #eco,e ha!sh o! c!(e' *hen eve! the% donDt $et thei! *ishes done #ha!ani t%&es too t(!n c!(e' hence it is c!(e' na+shat!a. ;ha!ani -(st -(,&s f!o, one fo!, to anothe! /ente!in$ into ne* st!ea,s0 *itho(t &!o&e! $(idance 'eadin$ to conf(sion -(st 'i+e %o(n$ teens afte! &(#e!t% *ith desi!es and di'e,,a is &(!e'% a #ha!ani ene!$%. This can #e -(stified as #ha!ani !esides in a!ies !('ed #% ,a!s and o*ned #% ven(s *hich c!eates att!action #et*een t*o o&&osite &o'es. A'so have a dee& c!eative (!$e /ven(s ene!$%0. When &!o&e!'% channe'ed #ha!ani t%&es can #eco,e occ('tists and ente! and *in (nive!sa' &(!s(its. ;ha!ani is an e?&'osive na+sth!a / as *e disc(ssed a#ove 0 can #e asc!i#ed as an o(tcaste na+sth!a *hich cannot #e cont!o''ed #% an% societa' st!(ct(!e Ee!ti'it% cente!s "$%neco'o$ists " s(!$eons" fe!ti'e ind(st!ies" coffin ,a+e!s" &!ofessions invo'vin$ se? and $'a,o(! "hi$h co(!ts" e?otic ni$ht c'(#s a!e the #est e?a,&'es *hich ca!!% #ha!ani ene!$ies 3 KRITTIKA NAKSHATRA - "Nurses of Kartike a! so" of #ord Shi$a" IN%IAN &'%IA( - 2)*+,' Aries- 1,* Taurus K!itti+a the seed of so'a! ene!$% in A!ies /1st 2(a!te!0 and Ta(!(s /2" 3" = 2(a!te!s0 K!itti+a ,eans the -utter !e&!esented #% a +nife.the ,ain s%,#o' of this na+shat!a is FRaGo!H *hich sho*s the .e"etratio" a"d -utti"/0 A +nife can #e (sed in #oth const!(ctive as *e'' dest!(ctive *a%s in the sa,e *a% the ene!$% of this na+shat!a can #e (sed in #oth *a%s. Ei!e $od A$ni is deit% of this na+shat!a . Ka!thi+e%a - Son of Ao!d Shiva and the So'ide! of 9ods is a'so a deit% of this na+shat!a Vedas sa% +a!thi+e%a *as #!o($ht (& seven *ives of seven Sa$es +no*n as sa&ta,at!(+aDs hidin$ hi, f!o, de,ons and *ho, +a!thi+e%a *as destined to +i''. Hidden nat(!e and sec!ec% a'so invo'ves into the f(nctionin$ of this na+shat!a. An$i FEi!e 9odH can +ee& the desi!e of +no*'ed$e #(!nin$. 4?tendin$ f!o, ,a!s si$n A!ies to ven(s Ta(!(s the fi!e e'e,ents t(!ns f!o, ,i'ita!istic e'e,ent to fi!e of di$estive s%ste,. @oon $ets e?a'ted in 2nd and 3!d 2(a!te! of this na+shat!a in Ta(!(s. @oon has 'ot to do *ith ha!,on% in Ta(!(s &a!t of +!i!tti+a. S(dden set of ene!$% #(!st in +!itti+a in c!itica' sit(ations as this e?e,&'ifies s(n ene!$% and ,a!s ene!$% in A!ies. The fi!e sho*s the hi$h &otentia' of c !eactive e'e,ent and f(nctionin$ in o!de! to c(toff +a!,a and 'ead a 'ife of &!inci&'es.

K!itti+a is an active na+shat!a in the fie'd of *a! in o!de! to achieve 'eade!shi& in the fi'ed the% choose to. :o'ice" fi!e *o!+e!s" coo+s of a'' t%&es co,e (nde! this na+shat!a s st!on$ ene!$ies. 1 02RI3SIRA NAKSHATRA - "%ear head"I"dia" 4odia- 5 23* 2,' Taurus - )* +,' 3emi"i @!i$a si!a t!ans'ated to a Fdee! headH the i"itiator of 2artia" e"er/ is the #!id$e #et*een Ta(!(s /ea!th% Ven(sian si$n0 and 9e,ini /ai!% ,e!c(!ia' si$n0 sha!in$ t*o 2(a!te!s in each. @a!s an i,&('se &'anet enca&s('ates" the ,eanin$ 34SIR4 th!o($h these si$ns &ossessin$ dee! 2(a'ities and sha!es the !('in$ deit% cha!acte!istics 2ri/sira is a" 6I"ter"a7 -om8ustio" motor9 :hi-h /i$es the for-e to dri$e0 2ri/sira is the .oi"t :here -uriosit is 8or" to k"o: the .ro-ess of -reatio". The association *ith dee! ,a+es ,!i$si!a &osses a'' 2(a'ities of dee! 'i+e 'i$htness f!a$i'it% ti,idit% $ent'e nat(!e. 3ee!s have constant sea!chin$ 2(a'it% !oa,in$ a!o(nd this ,a+es the na+sht!a define a'' t!ave' #% !oad and ai!. This na+sth!a fee's co,fo!ta#'e in scenic s(!!o(ndin$s. This na+sht!a !e'ates to vita' fo!ces in #od% as ,oon $ove!nin$ facto! of *ate! is deit% of this na+sth!a. @!i$si!a it the ,ost c(!io(s a,on$ a'' the na+sth!as and ,a+es the native sea!ch fo! ne* e?&e!iences at ,enta' and &h%sica' &'ane. >n hi$he! &'ane see+in$ #!in$s en'i$hten,ent and f('fi'',ent #(t on 'ove &'anes this #!in$s so!!o* and disso'(tion. Which is te,&o!a!% satisfactionI ;eca(se of this see+in$ 2(a'it% ,!i$si!a candidates a!e $ood at a!tistic &(!s(its findin$ thei! 'ife &aths. The *o!st 2(a'it% is that the native chases a @i!a$e one afte! anothe! in a dese!t and on'% $ets a te,&o!a!% satisfaction Eo! ,!i$si!a na+sth!a the e,&hasis is on ,enta' &'ane !athe! than &h%sica'. @!i$si!a has $!eat de?te!it% of ,ind *hich ,a+es the, ,aste! of ,an% s(#-ects. @!i$si!a &eo&'e a!e $ood conve!sationa'ist" a(tho!s and en-o% #ea(t% ItDs a Ta,asic na+sth!a *hich senses FI can $et no satisfactionH. The #asic ta,asic si$nification of ,a!s can #e seen th!o($h ,!i$si!a

ItDs a tende! na+sth!a *hich ,a+es the native &(!s(e the +no*'ed$e and @!i$si!a en-o%s a'' *a% d(!in$ this &(!s(it. This dee! /in Ra,a%ana0 *as an i''(sion *hich !es('ted in se&a!ation #et*een Sita and Ra, /Vedic te?ts0. This na+sht!a is associated *ith &!o#'e,s in ,a!!ied 'ife #eca(se it c!eates i''(sion" (nd(e s(s&icion" o! ,is(nde!standin$s. ) AR;%RA NAKSHATRA - "the moist o"e" I"dia" &odia- - )* +,' - 2,* 3emi"i ARB3RA IS ;IRTH:AA14 >E RAHB 4N4R9C WHI1H A4A3S T> 1H>AS AN3 3IEEBSI>N IN >R34R T> EA1IAITAT4 TH4 :R>14SS >E 1R4ATI>N AN3 @ANIE4STATI>N. A!(d!a is the fi!st na+shat!a *he!e an atte,&t is ,ade to (nde!stand F@ACAH /i''(sion0 A!(d!a is the &'ace *he!e inte''ect is #o!n. F in ,!i$si!a the ,ind deve'o&s its ca&acit% to !oa, and *ande! and FIn A!d!a an inte''ect is deve'o&ed to s%nthesiGe the e?&e!ience $ained th!o($h these *ande!in$sF A!(d!a is +no* the ca(se #ehind thin$ t%&e. F ,!i$si!a en-o%s a!(d!a dissects F A!(d!a finishes its sea!ch that #e$an in @!i$si!a. FARB3RA IS TH4 NAKSTHRA HAVIN9 S4VR4 I@:A1T >N HB@AN AIV4S IN @>34RN 3AC F )IAABSI>NARC AS:41T >E RAHB AN3 INT4AA41TBAA @4R1BRC H>A3S T>3AC S R4V>ABTI>NS IN T41HN>A>9C WHI1H 1>@4 BN34R ARB3RA 3>@AIN F A!(d!a---a f!esh 5 $!een na+sth!a *hich dea's to FR4N4WAAH #!in$s f!eshness to 'ife afte! se!ies of sto!,s. A!(d!a is ,oist one in nat(!e *hich t(!ns to c'o(ds *hich in t(!ns to !ain !e-(venatin$ 'ife on ea!th afte! hot d!% s(,,e!. This na+shat!a is !e&!esented #% a tea!d!o& o! a s*eat d!o& *hich t(!ns is ,oist . >ne s*eats o(t afte! co,in$ th!o($h hot d!% s(n and one even sheds o(t tea!s afte! seve!a' sto!,s. /tea! d!o& association he!e ,eans so!!o*. He!e a!(d!a is dis&e!sa' of so!!o* and not ca(sin$ tea!s. This is a f(t(!istic na+shat!a *hich !e'eases one f!o, deca%in$ &ast th!o($h se!ies of sto!,s. Eo! e?a,&'e one ,i$ht 'oose his -o# fo! #ette! one that the e?istin$ one. An o&&o!t(nit% a!ises in a!(d!a &e!iod.

ARB3RA AAS> 9IV4S TH4 4N4R9C WITH 9>>3 :AA143 @4R1BRC T> S44 THR>B9H IAABSI>NS . A!(d!a is a'so associated to dia,ond -the ha!dest ,ate!ia' *hich ta+es ,i''ions of %ea!s $o th!o($h sto!,s and #eco,e the #est in -e*e's / shinnin$ #!i''iant +no*'ed$e is a&&'ica#'e in a!(d!a &a!t0 A!(d!a deit% is te!!i#'e R(d!a- a fo!cef(' fo!, of shiva *hich invo'ves dest!(ction and t!ansfo!,ation. The &!i,a!% essence of a!(d!a is Fchan$eD and !(d!a +no*s e?act'% ho* to #!in$ in the chan$e The ,ain the,e of a!(d!a is chan$e and t!ansfo!,ation *hich dea's to the #est at +no*'ed$e as *e'' &oison it has i,,ense ene!$% to chan$e the sit(ation f!o, intense -o% to intense so!!o*. ;eca(se of !ah(Ds i''(sion a!(d!a c!eates 'ot of conf(sion and scatte! thei! ene!$ies in ,eanin$ 'ess &(!s(its In &!esent da% a!(d!a foc(ssess on techno'o$% *he!e no so(' evo'(tion ta+es &'ace/ i''(siona!% as&ect of !ah(0 #(t the a!(d!a is t!ansfo!,ation and chan$e *hich offe!s the native to t(!n f!o, ,ate!ia'istic *hich is not an eas% tas+ in toda% *o!'d. A'' co,&(te! science en$inee!s" e'ect!ica' en$inee!s" co,&(te!" $a,e deis$ne!s 33 vis(a' deve'o&,ent effect stations" n(c'ea! &o*e! stations" e%e" #!ain s&ecia'ists" docto!s s(!$eons" &h%sicians" investi$ato!s" !esea!ch *o!+e!s &o'iticians" ,ani&('ato!s A'' of the, co,e (nde! a!(d!a do,ain a'' the, invo've a chan$e a t!ansfo!,ation ta+in$ h(,an 'eve' f!o, one &oint to advanced sta$e da% #% da%. < =;NAR-VAS; - "%ua7" I"dia" 4odia- 5 2,* 3emi"i - 3*2,' (a"-er :(na!vas( *hich ,eans 9>>3 A9AIN" ;>BN14 ;A1K" RI1H A9AIN" W4AATHI4ST A9AIN. A'' of the, sa% is !et(!n to !iches and #ac+ to &osition afte! seve!a' set#ac+s. :(na!vas( is F !oot of -(&ite!ian ene!$% F *hich ,e!c(!ia' inte''ect(a' si$n F9e,iniH. T!ansfo!,ation f!o, J 3ARKN4SS T> AI9HT F is the act(a' ,eanin$. Re&!esented #% 2(ive! of a!!o*s do,inates the dis(ccion of &(na!vas( The a!!o* can #e associated *ith eve!% as&ect in h(,an'ife a!!o* of desi!e a!!o* of a,#ition a!!o* not to fo!$et ti,e etc. These a!!o*s have divine &o*e! to !et(!n #ac+ once the% finish thei! $oa's /!('ed #% 6(&ite! $ove!ned #% ,e!c(!%0.

Aditi the ,othe!of 12 adit%aDs is deit% of this &assive na+sth!a *he!e aditi is (n#o(nded. >ften seen as $oddess of a#(ndance" Aditi is ,othe! of s&ace and *itho(t s&ace the!e is nothin$ no ti,e no ,otion nothin$. Aditi !('e!shi& to &(na!vas( sho*s this na+sth!a has to do to ,ate!ia' thin$s ca!in$ sensitive !easona#'e acco,,odation a&&!oach to thin$s sit(ations ci!c(,stances :(na!vas( $ives so('s a 1hance to !edee, the,se'ves f!o, *hateve! ne$ative actions the% ,i$ht have done in the &ast Its !e'ationshi& *ith Aditi" ,othe! of a'' the $ods" :(na!vas( is a ve!% n(!t(!in$ na+shat!a" *hich a'*a%s $ives a second 1hance The ,ain the,e of &(na!vas( is !ene*a' of t!i(,&hant >ne St!an$e 2(a'it% of :(na!vas( is that eve!%thin$ ha&&ens in t*o $oes fo! the natives (nde! its st!on$ inf'(ence. The% a',ost a'*a%s tend to fai' o! not $et fa! in thei! fi!st atte,&t in an% &(!s(it" #(t the $ood &a!t is that the% a',ost a'*a%s s(cceed if the% t!% a second ti,e :!oc!astination" e?cessive idea'is, a!e the ne$ative 2(a'ities fo(nd in this na+shat!a As !('e! 6(&ite! and $ove!ned #% ,e!c(!% sense of ethics is deve'o&ed he!e and foc(s shifts f!o, se'f to co,,(nit% ta+es &'ace he!e. The a!!o* (s(a''% has no &!o#'e, t!ave''in$ afte! it has #een shot f!o, an o(tst!etched #o*" #(t so,eti,es the a!che! ,a% 'ac+ the st!en$th o! !eso'(tion to even st!in$ his #o*. This is *hat ha&&ened to A!-(na /cha!acte! f!o, the Vedic e&ic )The @aha#ha!ata)0 at the ve!% #e$innin$ of the e&ic *o!'d *a! +no*n as @aha#ha!ata. He !ef(sed to st!in$ his #o* #eca(se of his idea'istic co,&assion to*a!ds his +ith and +in :(na!vas( is conside!ed to #e the #est safest na+shat!a a,on$ a'' and #e'on$ to ,e!chant caste Wo!+in$ on the &!inci&'e of !eci&!ocation !easona#'e *ith oneDs $ene!osit% as &eo&'e a!e #o(nd to ta+e advanta$e . :(na!vas( !e&!esents the sta$e in 'ife *hen a chi'd o(t$!o*s its te,&est(o(s and na($htiness and sett'es into a ,indset *hich is ,o!e a*a!e of the needs of othe!s. A!che!ies" civi' en$inee!s" *!ite!s dea'in$ to ast!o'o$%" i,&o!te!s 5 e?&o!te!s" !adio and te'e&hone e?chan$e" co(!ie! co,&anies" R41C1AIN9 4K:4RTS" te,&'e +ee&e!s have a st!on$ &(na!vas( ene!$ies.

> =;SH?A NAKSHATRA - "the "ourisher" IN%IAN &'%IA( - 3*2,' -1)*+,' (AN(@R

:BSHCA : the N>BRISH4R 5 NBRTBR4R a'so +no*n as sid%a the a(s&icio(s oneLL S%,#o' : @IAK CI4A3IN9 B334R >E 1>W 3eit% : ;RIHAS:ATHI 6B:IT4R /3eva $(!(0 1aste : KHASTRICA /*a!!io!0 *e'' &(sh%a !e&!esented #% ,i'+ %ie'din$ (dde! of co* e?&'ains the &!o&ensit% and its a#i'it% to n(!t(!e and no(!ish L co* !e&!esents the (nive!sa' ,othe!hood %ie'din$ ,i'+ fo! ca'f and the *o!'d. fe!ti'it% and &!od(ctivit% on ea!th 'i+e a$!ic('t(!e fa''s (nde! the do,ain of &(sh%a. 'i+e the ,i'+ f!o, co* s (dde! !e&!esent va!ied thin$s 'i+e 'ife fo!ce vita'it% c!eativit% etc >ne can on'% $ive if one can &!od(ce and this na+shat!a !e'ates to a'' +inds of &!od(ctive fo!ces o&e!atin$ *ithin o(! (nive!se 6(&ite! s #enevo'ence s(ch as $ene!osit%" co,&assion" -o%f('ness and o&ti,is, a!e ,anifested th!o($h this na+shat!a E(nctonin$ : :(sh%a !esidin$ in hea!t of cance! the nat(!a' =th ho(se is e?t!e,e'% no(!ishin$ and its ene!$ies" *he!eve! the% a!e di!ected" &!od(ce $!eat e?&ansion and $!o*th.This is t!(e fo! an% a!ea of 'ife *hethe! it #e in the e,otiona' !ea'," in one s c!eativit%" S&i!it(a' deve'o&,ent o! on the ,ate!ia' &'ane. >n a hi$he! 'eve'" evo'ved so('s (nde! its inf'(ence" *i'' e,#!ace the *ho'e *o!'d as thei! fa,i'%" no(!ishin$ the ea!th *ith thei! chosen ta'ents and cease'ess $ifts of ca!in$ The ne$ative side of this na+shat!a ,a+es one so co,fo!ta#'e in thei! o*n *o!'d" that the% can #eco,e !i$id" na!!o* ,inded and o!thodo? in thei! attit(des. :!ofessions : those invo'ved in 3ai!% Ind(st!%7 Eood and 3!in+ 7 R('e!s 5 A!istoc!ats7 1ate!e!s and Hote'ie!s7 1'e!$%" N(ns" :!iests" 9(!(s" S&i!it(a' Teache!s7 :s%cho'o$ists" 1o(nse'o!s and :s%chothe!a&ists7 @ana$e!s7 Those associated *ith 1ha!ita#'e >!$aniGations :'aces :Hote's 5 Resta(!ants7 Eoste! Ho,es7 1hi'd 1a!e 1ente!s7 @ate!nit% Hos&ita's7 Schoo's7 3ai!% Eacto!ies 5 3ai!% Ea!,s It is an B&*a!d Aoo+in$ na+shat!a in +ee&in$ *ith its nat(!a' e?&ansive nat(!e.

The #est na+shat!a fo! sta!tin$ an%thin$7 :a!ties" 1e'e#!ations" A!tistic 5 1!eative activities es&ecia''% @(sic and 3ancin$. A ASH#@SHA NAKSHATRA - "the em8ra-e" IN%IAN &'%IA( - 1)*+,' - 3,* (AN(@R 3o Co( +no* ASHA4SHA is !e'ated to &!ofessions 'i+e 1IA E;I 1;I and dea'in$ to &oison " 'e$a' 5i''e$a' d!($ dea'e!s" a''o&athic 3octo!s 5 S(!$eons" a'' Se'f Se!vin$ &!ofessions 'i+e &!esent da% :o'iticians. Aet ,e (ncove! Ash'esha Ash'esha -A coi'ed sna+e sna+es +no*n fo! thie! sec!etive" c!ee&% " h%&notic and &oisono(s nat(!e'' these 2(a'ities find thei! *a% into Ash'esha s f(nctionin$. >n the &ositive side" se!&ents a!e seen as se,i-divine c!eat(!es *ith access to othe! *o!'ds. The% a!e s(&&osed to have $!eat &!i,o!dia' &o*e!s of insi$ht" int(ition" &e!ce&tion" *isdo," c(nnin$" concent!ation de&ends on f(nctionin$ of 'eve' of ash'esha de&ends on ove! a'' tone of cha!t 3NA" the #(i'din$ #'oc+ of o(! $enetic code has a he'ica'" coi'ed se!&ent sha&e th(s Ash'esha has a 'ot to do *ith $enetic he!ita$e" the +a!,a *e have #!o($ht f!o, &!evio(s 'ives. Ash'esha is s(&&osed to #e !('ed #% the ce'estia' se!&ent +in$do, as a *ho'e 3e,on)" )3ia#o'ica')" )3a!+ness) Ash'esha is &e!ha&s the ,ost diffic('t of a'' na+shat!a ene!$ies to hand'e and 1hanne' co!!ect'%" es&ecia''% in the &!esent da% and a$e. 1, 2A3HA NAKSHATRA IN%IAN &'%IA( - ,* - 13*2,' #@' @a$ha the ,i$ht% the ,a$nificent the ,ost i,&o!tant !('ed #% +et( $ove!ned #% ancesto!s in the ,i$ht% si$n F 'eoH @a$ha !e&!esented #% a THR>N4 - R>CAA 1HA@;4R sa%s this na+shat!a had 'ot to dea' to ad,inist!ation " &osition of a(tho!it%" $ove!n,ent officia's etc. Afte! the st!($$'es of ash'esha ,a$ha is the &osition *he!e effo!ts a!e !e*a!ded in one *o!d it is

achieve,ent . @a$ha #esto*s its !e*a!ds th!o($h &o*e! &osition in hi$he! as&ect f(nctionin$ th!o($h se'f +no*'ed$e. In ,an% cases @a$ha can #esto* a'' of this as a !es('t &(!e'% th!o($h he!edita!% ,eans o! so,e so!t of s(ccession @a$ha s th!one denotes a'' that *e have inhe!ited" *hethe! it #e $enes" !oots" &!o&e!t%" *ea'th" +no*'ed$e o! Stat(s th!o($h o(! &a!ents and ancesto!s. @a$ha is the!efo!e the na+shat!a *hich is ,ost c'ose'% !e'ated to o(! sense of identit%. It !e'ates to *ho *e a!e and *he!e *e a!e co,in$ f!o,. It is #asica''% a na+shat!a *hich dea's *ith the &ast. We sho('d ho*eve! +ee& in ,ind that o(! ancesto!s a!e not f!oGen !e,ains >neDs &ositive effects of +a!,a co,es in &'a% *ith ,a$ha these favo!s co,e in s(dden Ket( +no*n fo! de-attachin$ f(nctions to &!o,ote and discha!$e d(ties in ,(ndane *o!'d. Ket( f(nctionin$ in ,ate!ia' as&ect can #e o#se!ved in this na+shat!a th!o($h &o*e! a(tho!it% as it is a fie!ce &'anet in fie!ce si$n acts a t%!ant / in %ie'din$ a(tho!it%0 4ve!% action has a !eaction and eve!%thin$ has its &!ice - ,a$ha has 'ot to do *ith this state,ent. Since it is a B$!a na+shat!a /fie!ce0 it has no #o(nda!ies in achievin$ its $oa's. 11 =;RVA =HA#3;NI - "the first reddish o"e" IN%IAN &'%IA( - 13*2,' - 2)*+,' #@' F TH4 R433ISH STAR F -TH4 :R4VI>BS >N4H TH4 EI9 TR44. Re&!esented #% f!ont 'e$s of #ed he!e #ed is not the one (sed to s'ee& in ni$hts itDs the co(ch (sed in the 'o(n$e to sit . It ,i$ht #e ve!% c'ea! that this na+shat!a dea's to 1>@E>RTS . Afte! the th!one / ,a$ha0 the so(' !e'a?es in &(!va&ha'$(ni. :(!va&ha'$(ni is !e'a?ation afte! attain,ent . 4n-o%in$ co,fo!ts &a!t is &(!va&ha'$(ni !('ed #% ven(s s(&&o!ts this. It offe!s she'te! f!o, the vicissit(des of the d!a,a of 'ife. :(!va&ha'$(ni $ove!ned #% #ha$ha /one of 12 adit%aDs0. ;ha$a finds hi,se'f in de'i$ht en-o%in$

co,fo!ts Se?(a' &assion and ,a!tia' fe'icit%. :(!va&ha'$(ni !e'ationshi& to #ha$a st!en$hts the en-o%,ent of co,fo!ts e'e,ent to this . 4?cessive (se of &(!va&ha'$(ni 'eads to 'aGiness too . It is the ,ost theat!ica' na+shat!a in ,idd'e of 'eo !('ed #% ven(s ,a+es a &assion fo! a!ts and se'f a#so!&tive ,e se'f and I . 3es&ite its se'f-ind('$ent eccent!icit%" :(!va&ha'$(ni is a socia' na+shat!a. It 'i+es to f(nction *ithin &!evai'in$ socia' Standa!ds. 3es&ite its nat(!a' fi?ed cha!acte!" it sho*s a,aGin$ f'e?i#i'it% *hen it co,es to fittin$ the &!evai'in$ socia' no!,s. It 'i+es the co,fo!t and safet% of #'endin$ in" !athe! than Standin$ o(t. In its &ositive as&ect" :(!va&ha'$(ni can #e a *a!," s(stainin$ and no(!ishin$ inf'(ence on those a!o(nd then. It is one of the co!ne!stone na+shat!as *hich +ee& (& the &i''a!s of h(,an societ%. ItDs a c!(e' na+shat!a the!efo!e (nde! this na+shat!a inf'(ence !(th'ess activities a!e ca!!ied o(t. This c!(e't% ca!!ies o(t *hen eve! thei! &!ivac% is dist(!#ed d(!in$ !e'a?ation &a!t. &(!va&ha'$(ni o#-ective is c!eation of a fa,i'% on the ,ac!ocos,ic as *e'' as ,ic!ocos,ic 'eve'. :!oc!eation is a'so an o#-ective to #e add!essed. A ;!ah,in caste na+shat!a *hich dea's to a'' the occ('t sciences. Association of ven(s / #!i$h(,aha!sihi 0 *ith this na+shat!a *ho 'ea!n ,!itasan-ivani st!en$th this facto!. ;ea(ticians7 @a+e (& A!tists7 @ode's7 :hoto$!a&he!s7 4vent @ana$e!s7 A!t 9a''e!% @ana$e!s7 Sin$e!s" ,ost'% !o,antic t%&es7 @(sicians /,o!e into ha!,onies than othe! as&ects of ,(sic07 1!eative A!tists7 Teachin$ &!ofession in $ene!a'7 3%e ,a+e!s7 :h%sica' Eitness T!aine!s7 Inte!io! 3eco!ato!s and 3esi$ne!s7 A'' &!ofessions connected *ith @a!!ia$es" @a!!ia$e 1e!e,onies 1o,e (nde! the do,ain of this na+shat!a. 12;TTARA =HA#3;NI - "se-o"d reddish o"e" IN%IAN &'%IA( - 2)*+,' #@'- 1,* VIR3'

It is the #a'anced Kshat!i%a caste na+shat!a t!ans'ated to the 'atte! !eddish sta! ..the 'atte! fi$ t!ee. Btta!a&ha'$(ni" 'i+e S(n" is st!ai$htfo!*a!d and (nhesitatin$ in its dea'in$s. Association of Kshat!i%a na+shat!a *ith Kshat!i%a &'anet s(n ,a+es this na+shat!a $o conce!ned fo! &o*e! &osition a(tho!it% in Aeo *hich adds f'e?i#i'it% eas% e?&!ession th!o($h Vi!$o &a!t. 2nd sta! in the fi!st se2(ence of na+shat!a *o!'d. And !e&!esented #% #ac+ t*o 'e$s of #ed . /#ed is not the one (sed to s'ee& #(t a co(ch (sed in 'o(n$e to !est0. B.:ha'$(ni is ,(ch ,o!e active than the &!evio(s one. This second &a!t is $ettin$ of !e'a?ation ,ode and $ettin$ !ead% to *o!+. Re&!esented #% a $!o*n fi$ and activit% na+shat!a sa%s this has the &otentia' to #ea! the f!(it .this sho*s B.&ha'$(ni is a &!od(ctive !athe! than en-o% !ec!eationa'. Tho($h a #a'anced na+shat!a it has 'ot to dea' *ith s(#-ect to s(n as his is a +in$ a fathe! *ho can act ha!sh if necessa!%. B. :ha'$(ni $ove!ned #% a!%a,an +no*n fo! &at!ona$e +indness favo!s . / *hich is he'&in$ othe!s as *e'' !eceivin$ he'& f!o, othe!s0. Vedics sa%s a!%a,an seen as e&ito,e of hos&ita'it% 5 con$enia'it% *hich ,a+es this na+shat!a a ve!% c('t(!ed na+shat!a. A!%a,an one of the so'a! deit% $ove!nin$ the sta! !('ed #% +in$ of so'a! s(n can act ha!sh'% *hen cont!adicted and conf'icted E(nctionin$ of the B.:ha'$(ni is si,i'a!'% to that of s(n-i''(,inatin$ S(n shines e2(a''% on the &a(&e! as *e'' the +in$. This ,a+es B.:ha'$(ni a sha!in$ cha!it% #enevo'ence and &hi'anth!o&%. B.:ha'$(ni is a ve!% inde&endent na+shat!a and &eo&'e (nde! its st!on$ inf'(ence #e inde&endent not to fo''o* ,ass t!ends #(t to #e a t!endsette!. Its ,ain &o!tion in Vi!$o *he!e the ene!$ies of s(n and ,e!c(!% ,eet. Btta!a&ha'$(ni" 'i+e S(n" is st!ai$htfo!*a!d and (nhesitatin$ in its dea'in$s. Btta!a&ha'$(ni is ve!% conce!ned a#o(t f('fi''in$ its d(t% and assi$ned $oa'. It is a'*a%s ve!% conscio(s of esta#'ishin$ its &ath and fo''o*in$ it ti'' the end. The Vi!$o &a!t of Btta!a&ha'$(ni adds ,e!c(!ia' t!aits 'i+e f'e?i#i'it%" h(,o!" s'ende!ness" a$i'it% and a,ia#i'it% to the S(n-'i+e a&&ea!ance of the native. The native a&&ea!s ,o!e &!ince'% as o&&osed to +in$'%. Teache!s &!eache!s inte!nationa' di&'o,ats &(#'ic fi$(!es ,afia dons Btta!a&ha'$(ni is hi$h'% f'e?i#'e in !e$a!ds to &!ofessions and can #e seen in a va!iet% of &!ofessions as 'on$ as it is in a co,,andin$ &osition.

13 HASTHA NAKSHATRA - "the ha"d" IN%IAN &'%IA( - 1,* - 23*2,' VIR3' Hastha in the hea!t of Vi!$o !an$in$ f!o, 10*00-23*00 Hastha in $ene!a' ,eans Fa handH a'te!nate'% it is a'so +no*s as 'a($hte!. Hastha Mto 'a($h

Re&!esented #% a hand of five fin$e!s.this na+shat!a $ives i,&o!tance to fate th!o($h hastha /hand and 'ines in it0. This sa%s this na+shat!a is c'ose'% connected to &a',ist!% occ('t as *e'' e?&'o!ation. 3eit% of this na+shat!a is Savitha! - fi!st !a%s of s(n *hich $ives 'ife on ea!th. Is sho*s the a*a+enin$ &!ocess /fi!st !a%s of s(n-ti,e to *o!+0 dete!,ined as it is in the ho(se of Vi!$o /Na,-O&,0 !('ed #% ,e!c(!% /(sin$ inte''i$ence0 savitha! is a'so !e'ated to ,ind $a,es and &h%sica' effo!ts to *in the !aces /Vedas sa%0 The deit% of this na+shat!a is +no*n as *e'' s+i''ed in a'' a!ts. This ,a+es this na+shat!a ,ost s+i''ed na+shat!a in ,e!c(!% !('ed vi!$o *ith dete!,ination to achieve thin$s . The ene!$ies of s(n and ,e!c(!% a!e f(sed in this na+shat!a / in the hea!t of ,e!c(!% si$n *he!e savitha! is the diet% havin$ ,oon in this na+sth!a Ms(n is so(' ,oon in ,ind and ,e!c(!% is s+i'' and na+shat!a hastha ,ost s+i''ed (sin$ the hands0 Hastha have the ene!$% to *o!+ fo! 'on$ ho(!s ti'' the !i$ht thin$ is achieved. A &assive na+shat!a invo'vin$ ti,idit%. A'' ,an(a' 'a#o(!s" #an+e!s" cashie!s" c!afts ,en" #a!#e!s *i'' have st!on$ hastha in thei! cha!ts. A'' &!ofessions (sin$ the s+i'' of hands. 1+ (HITRA NAKSHATRA - "the 8ri/ht o"e" IN%IAN &'%IA( - 23*2,' VIR3' - )*+,' #IBRA 1hit!a - the vis(a''% e?icitin$ i''(siona!% #!i''iant #!i$ht na+shat!a #!id$in$ ,e!c(!% !('ed vi!$o and ven(s !('ed 'i#!a. 1hit!a ene!$% has 'ot to dea' to a!chitect(!e fascinatin$ vis(a's and a'' the i''(sions (sed to const!(ct and c!eate ,on(,ents 'i+e ta--,aha' and eiffe' to*e!. 1hit!a is the na+shat!a *he!e the c!afts a!e ta+en a &e!fect sha&e !e&!esented #% a shinin$ -e*e' and a &ea!'. Whe!e #oth of the, a!e a&e? of #ea(t% on the ,ate!ia' &'ane. Ai+e a shinin$ -e*e' and &ea!' a!e fo!,ed afte! so,e i!!itation /o%ste!s ,o,ent0 in the sa,e *a% a!tists a!t co,es o(t afte! de&!ession and f!(st!ation. This sa%s chit!a has 'ot to do #e%ond the c!eative side. A st!on$ chit!a can 'oo+ into ,%ste!io(s side of (nive!se to 'ea!n f(nctionin$ of (nive!se.

R('in$ diet% visha+a!,a the i''(siona!% c!eato!/ ,ind #o!n of son0 (ses his e?ce''ence of ,a%a to c!eate thin$s o(t of a'!ead% fo!,ed oneDs. his *o!+s a!e ,ost'% &a!t of sec!ect #(t the si,&'est to +no* 'i+e co,&(te!s toda% the ,ost fascinatin$ thin$ a!e ,ade o(t of si'icon./ a +no*n sec!et0. Visha*a+a!,a (ses his ,a%a to $et thin$s done and 'eaves no c'(e to even ce'estia' $ods. The!e s none #ette! than Vish*a+a!,a in ,ate!ia' a!chitect(!e and conse2(ent'% none s(!&asses 1hit!a as fa! as a!ts" c!afts" desi$n" a!chitect(!e" #ea(t% and :!o&o!tion a!e conce!ned. 1hit!a is the $!and I''(sion ,a+e! c!eatin$ de'i$htf(' thin$s" fo!,s and o#-ects" *hich ,a+e (s *ant to 'ive. The vi!$o &a!t dea's to detai'ed (nde!standin$ of *o!+in$ of thin$s *he!e the ven(s !('ed 'i#!a &a!t dea's to fashion o!iented !e'ations e?&'osin$ its c!eative side . The vi!$o &a!t of chit!a dea's to $ad$et f(nctionin$ and 'i#!a &a!t dea's to fashion ,ode's and fashion ind(st!%. Eina''% chit!a is a active na+sht!a and havin$ ,otto as F c!eate c!eate and i''(sionH Eo! e?a,&'e an 3d viedo$a,e co,es (nde! this do,ain. Inte!io! desi$ne!s" -e*e' ,a+e!s" adve!tisin$ ind(st!%" #(i'de!s of a'' +ind co,e (nde! this do,ain. @a!s is the &o*e! ho(se of chit!a ene!$% Ven(s ,a+es thin$s #ea(tif(' in its &a!t *he!e ,e!c(!% adds detai' o!iented &!esentation in this &a!t.

11 SBATHI NAKSHATRA - "$er /ood" IN%IAN &'%IA( - )*+,' - 2,* #IBRA S*athi !('ed #% !ah( and 'o!d sa!as*athi / $oddess of a'' the +no*'ed$e 0 actin$ as a deit% of this sta! !esides in the hea!t of 'i#!a. S*athi can #e said as S4AE ;A>WIN9--S4AE 9>IN9--A SW>R3-A 34AI1AT4 AN3 T4N34R IN34:4N34NT STAR. These att!i#(tes !evea' diffe!ent sides of s*athi !i$htI ;% s%,#o' s*athi is a %o(n$ &'ant / de'icac% and tende!ness0 *hich is st!ivin$ fo! ,at(!it% / Inde&endence 0 this is &e!iod *he!e s,ooth sai'in$/ of oneDs 'ife0 ta+es &'ace . 3onDt fo!$et s*athi has the a#i'it% to ,ove thin$s afte! ,at(!it% 'i+e c'o(ds even tho($h $ent'e tende! it has the &o*e! to a&&'% the fo!ce *hen eve! !e2(i!ed S4AE ;A>WIN9 s*athi S*athi in hea!t of achieve,ent o!iented si$n 'i#!a sho*n #% a s*o!d can #eco,e a SHAR: RAZ>R 1BTTIN9 >E THIN9S afte! ,at(!it%. /This sho*s st!on$ s*athi in cha!t have second &a!t #ette! than i,,at(!e ea!'% &a!ts of 'ife isnDtI0

S*athiDs diet% va%( / one of five e'e,ents !('in$ ea!th fi!e *ate! ea!th ethe! *ind 0 and han(,an son of va%( is si,&'% associated *ith s*athi -$ent'eness inte''i$ent hi$h'% cha!$ed afte! +no*in$ its st!en$th 'o%a't% se'f'ess se!vice this is the !eason Sat(!n / se!vice o!iented &'anet 0 is hi$h'% e?a'ted in s*athi. S*athi !('e! !ah( +no*in$ his st!en$th #eco,es a$$!essive / intensive 0 *hich one need to +no* *he!e his &otentia' is .LL S*athi is a'*a%s o&en to 'ea!nin$ as sa!as*athi the $oddess of ,(sic 'ea!nin$ is $!eat'% connected *ith !ah( ea$e! to +no* thin$s -a !a!e 2(a'it% to #e o&en to a'' the 'ea!nin$ /s&ecia''% ,(sic and Ven(sian a!ts invo'vin$ fo!ei$nness0 In si,&'e SWATHI IS F WAIT AN3 WAT1H F then F RBN AN3 94T ITH so* the seeds fo! f(t(!e. S*athi is e?t!e,e'% !(th'ess in a&&!oach *hen it $ains st!en$th -(st 'i+e to!nadoes and c%c'one* Ae!ona(tica' ind(st!%" ,(sicians" se!vin$ &!ofessions" s+% dive!s" *!est'e!s" #(siness ,an etc fa'' (nde! s*athi do,ain Hi$h c'iffs &'aces *he!e st!on$ *ind #'o*s" cons('ates" !esea!ch cente!s etc a'' these &'aces co,e se!vin$ as a #est e?a,&'e of s*athi ene!$% Rah( ven(sian ,ate!ia' side he!e f(nctions as $et the st!en$th #e the #est f!o, 'ea!nin$ to ,ate!ia' ac2(isitions to h($e e?&ansions is s*athi ene!$%. Rah(-ven(s sho* off &o,& is seen in s*athi.

1) VISHAKHA NAKSHATRA - "forked" IN%IAN &'%IA( - 2,* #IBRA - 3*2,' S('R=I' VISHAKA an active na+shat!a havin$ o#sessive a&&!oach to thin$s. Visha+ha has intense ca&acit% to ha!d *o!+. Visha+a activit% is cease'ess if (sed #ad'% this ,a+es 'ot of #ad +a!,a. :eo&'e havin$ st!on$ visha+a *ont have !eason fo! thei! activit% /even #ad0. Visha+a a t*o fo!+ed a t*o #!anched *hich ta+es a'te!nate na,e as RA3HA conso!t of Ao!d Sh!i+!ishnaL Visha+a !e&!esented #% a deco!ated a!ch a $ate*a% *hich has 'ot to dea' *ith ,a!!ia$es as this 'ies ,ost'% in the si$n $ove!nin$ ,a!!ia$e . 9ate*a%-*hich sa%s cha''en$es donDt end afte! an attain,ent. Visha+a has its e%es a'*a%s fi?ed (&on $oa'. Visha+ha s st!on$ ene!$% can ,anifest as co(!a$e"

dete!,ination and the ca&acit% fo! ha!d *o!+ di!ected to*a!ds *ho'eso,e &(!s(its. Ind!a a de,i $od +no*n fo! his offensive cha!acte! to $o an% 'en$ths to attain his $oa's is chief deit% a'on$ *ith a$ni the fi!e $od. A$ni !('e!shi& $ives visha+a to &(t he!c('ean effo!ts in o!de! to attain its $oa'. E(nn% thin$ is Ind!a his se'f d!o*ns &!o#'e,s ind('$in$ in *ine and *o,en this ne$ative side co,es into &'a% th!o($h visha+a. A$ni and Ind!a !('e ove! heat and !ain" ,a+in$ Visha+ha an a$!ic('t(!a' na+shat!a. It (ti'iGes the fo!ces of nat(!e to &!od(ce c!o&s and then $oes on to de!ive into?icants 'i+e *ine and a'coho' f!o, these c!o&s. A'coho' 5 Ai2(o! Ind(st!%7 @an(a' 'a#o(!e!s :o'icin$ 6o#s7 9(a!ds7 :!ostit(tion 5 @i'itant Revo'(tiona!ies. Visha+a is conside!ed as a sat*i+ na+shat!a has one to sac!ifice a 'ot fo! attainin$ his $oa's

1< AN;RA%HA NAKSHATRA - "fo77o:i"/ Radha" IN%IAN &'%IA( - 3*2,' - 1)*+,' S('R=I' ANBRA3HA - +no*n as conse2(ent s(ccess afte! visha+a. An(!adha o*ned #% Sat(!n sit(ated in fi?ed sto!,% *ate!% si$n !('ed #% ,a!s and $ove!ned the @ITRA one of the so'a! deit%. Re&!esented #% 'ot(s a s%,#o' of &(!it% and a(s&iso(ness . We find $odess of &!os&e!it% 'a+sh,i !esidin$ on 'ot(s. Aot(s has a#i'it% to even $!o* in ,(dd% *ate!s.this ,a+es an(!adha a sat*i+ na+sth!a to +ee& itse'f &(!e in #ad s(!!o(ndin$s. Staff is anothe! s%,#o' of an(!adha $ene!a''% an(!adha is a $oa' o!iented victoto!io(s na+sth!a this sho*s an(!adha is a $!o(&*o!+ !athe! than $oin$ a'one. The +e%*o!d fo! an(!adha is e?&'o!ation and its diet% ,it!a / +no*n fo! a''ies even *ith ene,ies to !each the $oa'0 and sa!as*athi / 'o!d of *o!'d% +no*'ed$e 0 $ove!nin$ this ,a+es an(!adha a scientist na+sth!a

Since it fa''s in the investi$ato! si$n sco!&io it has intensified ene!$% to t(!n o(t !evo'(tiona!% a$ainst o(tdated thin+in$ and to see th!o($h the !ea'it% #e%ond the fa+e ,edia &!o&a$anda ;ein$ a 'o$ica' o!iented na+sth!a it ,a+es o(t dee& thin+e!s of eve!% fie'd ,athe,aticians" &h%sicians" ast!o'o$e!s" !esea!ch fie'd scientists co,e (nde! this na+sth!a. 1(!iosit% ,a+es this na+shat!a a t!ave' o!iented na+sth!a7 es&ecia''% fo!ei$n 'ands /in *ate!% si$n confi!,s this0. ;a'ancin$ the ,a!s and Sat(!n ene!$ies ,a+e this na+sth!a an ve!% ve!% &assive na+sth!a *hich sha!es its +no*'ed$e *ith co-*o!+e!s and $et its thin$s done. @an% 'eade!s and fo(nde!s co,e (nde! this ene!$% 4s&ecia''% the =th 2(a!te! ta+es the va!$ota,,a sco!&io nava,sa *hich ,a+es this channe' this &ada as ve!% ve!% intesified 2(a!te! to dea' to occ('t. /a'' the hidden ans*e!s0 Scientists ,athe,aticians e?&'o!e!s ,inin$ *o!+e!s ast!o'o$e!s s&ies &!ofessions invo'vin$ ni$ht d(t% A'' &!ofessions connected to fo!ei$n activit% co,e (nde! this st!on$ ene!$% *he!e sha!in$ of ana'%sis is !e2(i!ed. @o!e is e?&ected o(t of An(!adha than -(st &e!sona' en'i$hten,ent @(sicans *ith st!on$ inf'(ence /sa!as*athi 'o!d of ,(sic $ove!ns this na+sth!a0 *i'' have so,e st!on$ an(!adha fo!ce in thei! cha!ts. @a!s is the &o*e!ho(se sco!&io ene!$ies ,a+e the, !a!e. Since its association *ith @a!s and Sat(!n #oth ,a'efic &'anets ,a+e it !(th'ess so,eti,es in ta+in$ to($h decisions 1> C?@SHTHA NAKSHTRA -" the e7dest! most ex-e77e"t" IN%IAN &'%IA( - 1)*+,' - 3,* 6%eshtha na+shat!a -the &o'icin$ na+shat!a the e'dest na+shat!a !e&!esented #% a ea! !in$ /a !o(nd ta'is,an 0 sit(ated in sto!,% *ate!% fi?ed nat(!ed si$n sco!&io !('ed #% ,a!s . 6%eshtha is o*ned #% ,e!c(!% and $ove!ned #% 'o!d ind!a *ho is a'so deit% of visha+ha. /Ind!a is -(st a &ost ta+en #% diffe!ent so('s in diffe!ent 'ives0.

The #i$ ea!in$ o! !o(nd ta'is,an !e&!esents the $ove!nin$ fo!ces of the (nive!se *hich in di!ect sa%s so,e +ind of a(tho!it% associated *ith -%eshtha . The a(tho!it% the senio! ,ost sta! fo!ce in cha!t ,a% #e !e'ated to !es('ts of effo!ts ,ade in &ast 'ive o! &ast +a!,a. An (,#!e''a is anothe! s%,#o' (sed to !e&!esent this sta! *he!e (,#!e''a is (sed to &!otect f!o, s(n !ain and a'' othe! nat(!a' fo!ces in o'den da%s a'' the +in$s (sed to have (,#!e''a on thei! heads ca!!ied #% thei! fo''o*e!s sa%s this has so,e a(tho!it% !es&onsi#i'it% !e'ated to this na+shat!a. So,e o! the othe! ho* -%eshtha has the &o*e! to #esto* a(tho!it% &o*e! and &osition if (sed &!o&e!'%. an aff'icted 6%estha *i'' tend to #!in$ o(t the ne$ative 2(a'ities 'i+e de&!ivation" ,is(se of &o*e! and a(tho!it%" (nnecessa!% vainit% etc.7 *hi'e a *e'' fo!tified 6%eshtha *i'' #!in$ a#o(t &!os&e!it%" $en(ine conce!n and &!otectiveness to*a!ds othe!s. 6%eshtha (s(a''% f(nctions eve!%thin$ f!o, a &oint of vie* *hich ca!es a $!eat dea' a#o(t ho* othe!s a!e &e!ceivin$ the,. The $oodness of 6%estha natives 'ies in thei! a#i'it% to #e &!otective to*a!ds the *ea+" s(#o!dinate" he'&'ess and (nde!&!ivi'e$ed. The% can &(!$e the,se'ves head'on$ into dan$e! in o!de! to &!otect othe!s. Ne$ative &a!t of -%eshtha ,a+es o(t ,afia dons *o!+in$ !(th'ess'% de&ends on ho* ,a!s and ,e!c(!% / inte''i$ence0 f(nctions in thei! cha!t. It is the ,ost active na+shat!a !ead% to sac!ifice thin$s fo! its !es&onsi#i'it%. Since &'aced in sco!&io / nat(!a' Pth ho(se0 !('ed #% ha!sh ,a!s -%eshtha has the a#i'it% to #e ve!% ha!d ha!sh and d!eadf(' a'' the 2(a'ities associated #% sco!&io. Its #!(ta'it% is *e'' e?e,&'ified toda% #% the &o'ice de&a!t,ents and the heads of o!$aniGations" co!&o!ations and instit(tions a'' a!o(nd the *o!'d. Since it is a'so the ho(se *he!e occ('t is seen" its occ('t is !a!e'% seen #(t *hen channe'iGed &!o&e!'% one can see its #est fo!,.

@a!s-,e!c(!% ,a!s ,e!c(!% +et( co,#inations in cha!t can ca!!% the sa,e ene!$% de&endin$ on the ove!a'' tone of the cha!t.

1A 2''#A NAKSHATRA - "the root" IN%IAN &'%IA( - ,* - 13*2,' SA33ITARI;S @oo'a Na+sht!a - It co,es eas% to +no*n a#o(t its na,e that is connects to FR>>TSH F TH4 INN4R@>ST 1>R4H. The na,e and ,eanin$ itse'f !evea's f(nctionin$ of na+shat!a. @>>AA--A STRAI9HT " 3IR41T" 3>4SN>T AIK4 T> HAV4 ;44TS AN3 ;BSH HAV4 N> >:TI>N ;BT T> 1ARRC WITH TH4 R>>TS. @oo'a- $ain st!en$th disc!i,inate *ith &o*e! and inf'(ence and invo've in se'f dest!(ction @oo'a - :ea+ of ,ate!ia' achieve,ent and 'oosin$ a'' at one &oint of ti,e 'i+e death ta+es a'' a*a%. @a+es this a ve!% ve!% &o*e!f(' na+shat!a. Re&!esented #% F ;BN1H >E TI43 R>>TSH !('ed #% +et( dea's to the e?t!e,e co!e of eve!% thin$. Roots a!e hidden *hich ,eans it dea's to a'' the thin$s hidden/ events "!ea',s" ,otives etc0./ ;est of investi$ations0. The tied #(nch of !oots sho*s F R4STRI1TIV4 4A4@4NTH of this na+shat!a !('ed. Tied #(nch s%,#o's !evea's a#o(t F 1>AA41T AN3 1>NN41TH co''ectin$ the thin$s and t%in$ the, to$ethe! and connectin$ the, since ,oo'a !('ed #% +et( the one *ho !e'eases &ast 'ife +a!,a co''ected. @oo'a he'&s to co''ect the &!evio(s +no*'ed$e and too's to !each thei! $oa's in this 'ife . 6(st as !oots and ,ic!oo!$anis,s a!e (nseen #% na+ed e%e" ,oo'a f(nctionin$ in a%(!veda is c!(cia' dea'in$ *ith !oots and ,ic!oo!$anis,s investi$atin$ in de&ths &enet!atin$ to de&th. @oo'a has the st!on$est and dee&est sense of en2(i!% a,on$st a'' the na+shat!as. 2, =;RVASHA%A NAKSHTRA - "the i"$i"-i87e o"e" IN%IAN &'%IA( - 13*2,' - 2)*+,' SA33ITARI;S :BRVA-ASHA3A 8 A:ARI6ATHA t!ans'ated to F E>R@4R BN1>NQB4R43 F F INVIN1I;A4 >N4H

:BRVASHA3A is the ene!$% *he!e :INNA1A4 >E V4NBSIAN 4N4R9I4S 1>@4 >BT. :(!vashada ,ain'% te!,s as o(t as 9AA@>R>BS - -INS:IRIN9 5 @>TIVATIN9 and ABKBRI4S !e&!esented #% a F HAN3 H4A3 EANH *hich !evea's diffe!ent as&ects LL A fe* of the, 1. Hand he'd fan can #e (sed as a ABKBRI>BS IT4@ / a ven(sian 2(a'it%0 2. To coo' do*n %o(!se'f in hot e2(ations *he!e #a'ance is !e2(i!ed 3. To +ee& the thin$s $oin$ on #% e?&ansion. =. To cove! as a ,as+ :(!vashada dea's to $'a,o!o(s side of ven(s /e?otic e!otic etc0 side in one as&ect. It a'so !e'ates to $et th!o($h ha!d ti,es #% coo'in$ and ins&i!in$ and ,otivatin$ onese'f th!o($h his hi$he! access of ,ind / deit% Va!(na and in si$n !('ed #% 6(&ite! in nat(!a' Nth ho(se0 5 to dis&'a% sh% *heneve! !e2(i!ed and to dis&'a% st!en$th and #(!st o(t at ti,es/ ven(sian 2(a'ities0 Ref'ections of 'o!d 'a?,i na!a%ana/ sittin$ on the #ed of sna+e on ocean *ate!s0 can #e seen th!o($h this sta! #eca(se of va!(na ,a'e 'o!dshi& and a&ah fe,a'e deit% !o'e ove! this na+shat!a . Ao!d 'a?,i na!a%ana $od and $oddess of &!os&e!it% ove! !('in$ *o!'ds. Aoo+ ho* this dea's to '(?(!io(s and co,fo!ts and ,one% 3eit% of &(!vashada is FVARBNA F'o!d of *ate!s on the ea!th Va!(na is desc!i#ed a va'o!o(s in ;4N4V>A4NT HARSH IN A::R>A1H INVIN1I;A4 a'' these 2(a'ities ,a+e F:BRVASHA3A 4N4R9I4S 1>@4 T>: IN TH4IR WAC IE A::AI43 IN 1>RR41TH. In the si$n of o&ti,is, this doesnDt have tin$e of &atience. F:BRVASHA3A ;BRSTS >BT WH4N TH4 WIN3 ;A>WS >N ITS SI34 AN3 1AN 34STR>CH . This ,a+es c'ea! F:BRVASHA3A IS BN3ABNT43 ;C S4T;A1KSH" dest!o% o&&osition an% da% . ;eca(se of ven(sian ene!$% &(!vashada is f!esh in a&&!oach and (ni2(e it INS:IR4S :4>:A4 AR>BN3 #% its a&&!oach and deit% s d%na,is,. AIK4 WAT4R HAVIN9 :>W4R T> R46BV4NATI>N :BRVASHA3A :>W4R43 A;>BT INVI9>RATI>N INS:IR4 @>TIVAT4 AN RA6ASI1 NAKSHTRA IN AN AIRC 4A4@4NT K44:S TH4 EIR4 9>IN9 / HAN3 H4A3

EAN0 BS43 IN :>SITIV4 >R N49ATIV4 1AN ;4 1>NSTRB1TIV4 4V4N 34STRB1TIV4 . >ve! e?&ansiveness is ne$ative 2(a'it% fo(nd in &(!vashada Acts of #!ave!% acts of ins&i!ation 5 ,otivation !ene*a' and !evita'iGin$ ones ene!$ies co,e (nde! this do,ain. 1on-(nction of 6(&ite! ven(s ,e!c(!% ven(s ca!!% this ene!$% chec+ it. Ven(s /#h!i$( ,aha!ishi0 #!in$in$ #ac+ 'ife of death ,e!c(!% (sin$ his inte''i$ence to defeat ene,ies 6(&ite!Ds *isdo, ,a+es &(!vashada an occ('tist na+shat!a too. Ven(s $ove!ned #% 'a?,i *ho +no*s == c!o!e s'o+aDs and 6(&ite! *isdo, #'esses &(!vashada as $ood occ('t &!actitione!s. 21 ;TTARASHA%A NAKSHATRA - "the 7atter i"$i"-i87e" IN%IAN &'%IA( - 2)*+,' SA3ITTARI;S - 1,* (A=RI('RN Btta!ashada- the on'% sta! *hich is ca&a#'e of $ivin$ a (ncha''en$ed victo!%. R('ed #% s(n *he!e fi!st 2(a!te! $oes to 6(&ite! !('es Sa$itta!i(s and !e,ainin$ 3 2(a!te!s $o to st!(ct(!e o!iented si$n 1a&!ico!n !('ed #% Sat(!n. Vish*adevas act as diet% to this ,ost &o*e!f(' sta! The ten vish*adevas +no*n fo! $oodness" t!(th" s+i''" ti,e fi!,ness" en'i$hten,ent co,e in &'a% th!o($h (tta!ashada. Re&!esented #% a e'e&hant t(s+ dea's a 'ot *ith 'eade!shi&. Eo! ,an% !easons e'e&hant *as (sed a s%,#o' of t!i(,&hant in ea!'% da%s and even #% $ods 'i+e ind!a . Ao!d $anesha is a'so a diet% of this ,ost &o*e!f(' na+sth!a *he!e $anesha is seen *ith e'e&hant t(s+ *hich is +no*n fo! &enet!ation. 9anesha is !e,ove! of o#stac'es and #e$innin$ of thin$s. 4'e&hant t(s+ fo! &!actica' &(!&ose is (sed as a *ea&on in fi$hts ,a+es this na+shat!a a &!edecesso! fo! fi$hte! sta! &(v!ashada. Ke% *o!ds a!e !es&onsi#i'it% as ,ost'% its 2(a!te!s 'ies (nde! Sat(!n inf'(ence and +in$'% !e&son#i'ities f!o, vish*adevas.

Btta!ashada is ,ost &!actica' aste!i, *he!e ,ost of its &a!t 'ies in 1a&!ico!n *hich is ve!% ,(ch conce!ned to activites and #ehavio(! *hich a!e !es&ecta#'e. Btta!shada is *a!!io! #a'anced na+sth!a *hich st!ives fo! stat(s and &osition in ,ode!n societ% Btta!ashadha is the &ivot of $ood 2(a'ities a!o(nd *hich the $a,e of 'ife !evo'ves. W!este'e!s" ,i'ita!% &!ofessions" $ove!n,ent offica's havin$ hi$est a(tho!ities" h(nte!s" c!ic+ete!s" const!(ction *o!+ and a'' &!ofessions *he!e ethics a!e !e2(i!ed co,e (nde! the inf'(ence of (tta!ashada. 22 %HANISHTHA NAKSHATRA - "most famous" IN%IAN &'%IA( - 23*2,' (A=RI('RN - )*+,' AD;ARI;S

3hanista- the *ea'thiest sta! and ,ost #eneficia' sta! !('ed #% ,a!s in the si$n of sat(!n. 3hanistha e?tends f!o, ca!&ico!n /23=0JJ-3000J0 to a2(a!i(s/0-<=0F0 @a!s ta+es its ene!$% at &ea+s in this sta! and dhanista is !('ed #% ,a!s in the si$n that dea's to st!(ct(!e and o!de! disci&'ine. 3hanista is !e&!esented #% a ,(sica' d!(, /da,a!(0 3a,a!( sho*s a#o(t the i,&o!tance of ,(sic and ho''o*ness. Since this fo''o*s sh!avana /hea!in$0 in dhanistha the ana'%sis of the hea!d thin$s ta+e &'ace. The da,a!( is associated *ith ti,e and !h%th, fo! &e!fection. P Vas(s act as deit% of dhanistha and fina''% Ao!d Shiva *ho $ove!ns the *ho'e *o!'d" is a'so a deit% of this na+shat!a P vas(s actin$ in diffe!ent fo!,s fo! diffe!ent na+shat!a #!in$ in thei! ene!$ies in this na+shat!a. @(sica' a#i'it% f!o, A&ah !ece&tivit% f!o, 3h!(va *isdo, f!o, 3haa!a f!o, Ani'a" its #(siness ,ana$e,ents and ,an% #!in$ in thei! ene!$ies into this na+shat!a ,a+in$ it ,ost #eneficia' na+shat!a. @ost of its socia' activit% can #e seen in a2(a!i(s &a!t. It is ve!% eas% fo! the, to e?ce' in these fie'ds if the% *o!+ at it. 3hanishta natives tend to #e $ood at S&o!ts #eca(se !h%th, and ti,in$ a!e the +e% to a',ost a'' S&o!ts >ne of the ,ost active na+shat!a in so'a! s%ste, to ta+e action on ti,e $ive the !es('ts at #est to the #est in socia' ci!c'e A'' the ,(scians d!(,,e!s ,ana$e,ent ind(st!ies co,e (nde! the do,ain of dhanistha ,ost &o*e!f(' na+shat!a to ,a+e thin$s in o!de! in a disci&'ined ,anne! to finish in ti,e .

23 SHRAVANA NAKSHATRA IN%IAN &'%IA( - 1,* - 23*2,' (A=RI('RN Sh!avana in the hea!t of ca&!ico!n havin$ hi$hest ene!$ies of ,oon !an$in$ f!o, /10 00) 1a&!ico!n 23 20) 1a&!ico!n0 Sh!avana ,eans hea!in$ /foc(s on 'istenin$0. Sh!avana in the s+% is fo!,ed #% 3 sta!s *hich sho* the th!ee footste&s #% 'o!d Vishn( in Va,ana Avatha! in o!de! to esta#'ish the st!(ct(!a' f(nctionin$ of the (nive!se. The ea! is the s%,#o' of this na+shat!a - the &o*e! of 'istenin$" a(to,atica''% #eco,e the ,ost i,&o!tant 2(a'it% of an individ(a' fo! ana'%sis /inte''i$ence0 in ,ind. Vishn( the &!ese!ve! of this (nive!se a,on$ the t!init% is the ,ain deit% of this na+shat!a. It a ve!% ca'c('ative na+shat!a so,e ti,es *ith se'fish ,otives /de&ends on the *ho'e tone of cha!t0. The 2(a'ities to 'isten &!ese!vence and +no*'ed$e in ,ode!n da%s a!e (sed fo! se'fish ,otives. A ve!% $oa' o!iented na+shat!a )one tea, one $oa' ) is the i,&o!tant note of this na+shat!a. It is a na+shat!a of tea, *ith a s&ecific $oa' ./,i$ht invo've hidden ,otives to0 Aisten and #!in$ in o!de! and 3isc&'ine is the i,&o!tance of this na+sht!a. >ne need to foc(s on 'istenin$ than s&ea+in$ *ho have st!on$ inf'(ence of this na+shat!a. Sh!avana de!ives its st!en$th f!o, co''ective $oa's and co''ectivit%. A''iances *ith hi$he! fo!ces to esta#'ish $oodness is the i,&o!tant facto! that dete!,ines the 2(a'it% of this na+shat!a. R('ed #% ,oon in the si$n of sat(!n /!i$id and ha!sh0 ,a+es it a ve!% ve!% &assive na+sth!a. Sto!% te''e!s" those *ho *o!+ in ca'' cente!s and a'' te'e&hone ind(st!% have 'ot of sh!avana na+sth!a. 2< R@VATI NAKSHATRA - ".ros.erous" IN%IAN &'%IA( - 1)*+,' - 3,* =IS(@S Revati - *he!e the c('i,ation of ,e!c(!ia' ene!$% ta+es &'ace is a W4AATHC sta!. :'aced in nat(!a' d!ea,% *ate!% si$n !('ed #% 6(&ite! . Revati is e?t!e,e'% fo!t(nate na+sth!a he'&s to see the 'ife in &ostive 'i$ht. This is the na+shat!a of the d!ea,e!s. It can c!eate *ho'e *o!'ds a!o(nd itse'f The fina' na+sht!a to h(,an e%e ,eans Fto t!ascend).

This na+sht!a has 'ot of d(a'it% as it is a'so !e&!esented #% fish and d!(,. Eish in *ate!s sho* a &ath sa%s this na+sth!a has 'ot to dea' to &ath of 'i#e!ation and 'ast a,on$ na+shat!as has 'ot do *ith 'i#e!ation and ,o+sha. This na+shat!a !e&!esents co''ective conscio(sness. This ho*eve! is 'itt'e diffe!ent f!o, the ,ass conscio(sness. It is a'so a ,aste! at a&&ea!in$ intense'%" $ettin$ en$a$ed in thin$s" even tho($h its attention ,a% #e scatte!ed in a ,i''ion di!ections. A,on$ the na+shat!as" Revati has the st!on$est a#i'ities to cast i''(sions" *hi'e at the sa,e ti,e in its 'o*e! as&ect it can easi'% $et ca($ht (& in i''(sions itse'f. 1o,,(nication is the one of the +e% to this na+shat!a a'so !e&!esented #% a d!(, (sed to #!in$ in ne*s and !('ed #% ,e!c(!% dea's to co,,(nications. :(shan one the ,ain so'a! deit% acts as diet% to this na+shat!a :(shan is the i,&o!tant as he 'i$hts (& a'' the &aths / &ath afte! inne! 'i#e!ation 0 This dea's to t!ave's too" sho*in$ the &ath /safest t!ave'0. ;TTARABHA%RA NAKSHATRA - "the se-o"d of the 87essed feet" IN%IAN &'%IA( - 3*2,' - 1)*+,' =IS(@S

Btta!a#had!a !('ed #% Sat(!n in the hea!t of &ieces fo''o*s &(!va#had!a in the Godiac c%c'e. Ahi!-#(dh%ana is the deit% of this na+shat!a. Btta!a#had!a f(nctions in a diffe!ent ,ode and acts as ci!c(,stances de,and too. This na+shat!a co,&'ete'% fa''s (nde! the do,ain of Ao!d Shiva. Btta!a#had!a can #e (nde!stood as the #ac+ foot of the stoo' o! the #ac+ foot of the f(ne!a' cot This na+shat!a is !e&!esentative of a'' d!ea,s and d!ea, 'i+e states. Btta!a#had!a s%,#o'iGes en'i$hten,ent th!o($h the a*a+enin$ of a'' the seven vita' cente!s. This is a +ind of fo!t(nate na+shat!a fo! ,one% ,a+in$ and hand'in$ ,one%. This is a fi?ed na+shat!a #(t a #it 'aG% to fi? thin$s in &h%sica' and ,enta' &'anes. Ai+es to &ost&one thin$s /de&ends on ove!a'' tone of cha!t0. it *o!+s as $ood co(nse'in$ na+shat!a. The ca'c('ative as&ect of this na+shat!a connects it to a'' the sciences conce!ned *ith (nde!standin$ the f(nctionin$s of the (nive!sa' ,ind" 'i+e Ast!o'o$%" N(,e!o'o$%" Co$a" @editation and 3ivination etc. Reasona#i'it% is anothe! +e% to this na+shat!a. It 'i+es to co,e o(t *ith the #est &ossi#'e So'(tions" *hich a!e fai! to a'' &a!ties

Since *e'' connected to K(nda'ini a*a+enin$ a'' &!ofessions connected to s&i!it(a'it% co,es (nde! its do,ain. 9ood hea'e!s co(nse''e!s too co,e (nde! this do,ain. =;RVABHA%RA NAKSHATRA - "the first of the 87essed feet" IN%IAN &'%IA( - 2,* AD;ARI;S - 3*2,' =IS(@S

:(!va#had!a havin$ fi!st 3 2(a!te!s in a2(a!i(s and 'ast 2(a!te! in &ieces. R('ed #% -(&ite! and a-a e+a&ada is the deit% of this t*o faced na+sth!a. A ,an *ith t*o faces is a s%,#o' of this na+shath!a Re&!esented #% f!ont feet of stoo' / a'so +no*n as '(c+% feet 0. A'so !e&!esents the fi!st t*o feets of the f(ne!a' cot ente!in$ into the nat(!a' 12th ho(se &ieces of e?it f!o, *o!'d. Since ,ost the na+shat!a 'ies in nat(!a' 11th ho(se a2(a!i(s" sho*s ,in$'e *ith ci!c'e of f!iends afte! 'ot of *o!+ . a-a )e+a&ada) is one footed ha!d*o!+in$ one. Eie!cef(' fo!, of Ao!d Shiva is the !('in$ diet% of this na+shath!a fina''%. @ost dia#o'ica' a,on$ na+shat!as" inf'(enced to*a!ds #'ac+,a$ic and othe! occ('t &!atices since a-ae+a&ada is diet% of this na+shat!a. This is the ,ost ha!d*o!+in$ and since a!e na+shat!a a'tho($h its $oa's invo've so,e se'fish ends. The% *o!+ ve!% ha!d f!o, Na, - O&, and 'ate! s&end a'' the ni$hts in ni$ht c'(#s. A t*o faced na+shat!a. :(!va#had!a activities a!e ve!% ve!% sec!etive /a t*o faced na+shat!a0 :(!va#had!a a'one has the &o*e! to !aise the evo'(tiona!% 'eve' to the so(' th!o($h inte!na' &(!ification. A co,&'ete &assive na+shat!a and neve! in h(!!% to achieve thin$s. 9o s'o* #e the #est and 'ate! s&end ti,e *ith #ad co,&an% / #ased on ove!a' tone of cha!t0. A t*o faced thin$.
4?te!,e asteics invo'ved in se'f ,o!tification " !esea!ch cente!s" &eo&'e *ho dea' *ith da!+ ene!$ies and &eo&'e *ho ,ost'% s&end thei! ti,e in da!+ 'i$hts 'i+e &(#s co,e (nde! inf'(ence of its st!on$ ene!$ies

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