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Dairy Food Safety Victoria Leads the Way.

LEADS is an innovative service delivery model that was developed to help Victorias dairy industry achieve, and maintain, the highest possible dairy food safety standards. Over three years, LEADS has streamlined processes; reduced industrys regulatory burden; opened up information channels; built knowledge and expertise; and saved Victorias dairy industry more than $1.6 million. LEADS Leading, Enhancing and Advancing Dairy food Safety is now the driving philosophy behind Dairy Food Safety Victorias approach to food regulation and assuring public health.

The LEADS Story

uch DFSV seems m more willing to of help. Their aim ive being a collaborat ry st resource for indu is working.
rer Dairy Manufactu 09 20 March

What Victorias dairy industry wanted...

What Dairy Food Safety Victoria delivered...

Dairy Food Safety Victoria adopted an innovative approach to food safety regulation, focusing on improving performance and building industry knowledge and capacity through five key service delivery streams: Information Services; Standards Interpretation and Guidance; Communications; Auditing; and Compliance.

In 2004, Dairy Food Safety Victoria surveyed its licensees to establish their perceptions of the organisation and to identify the services industry most wanted its regulator to deliver. The message was clear. Manufacturers and farmers wanted access to more high-quality information and facts about dairy food safety and regulatory matters.
There was an enormous gap between the service mix DFSV was delivering and the service mix industry needed to help them improve dairy food safety practices. DFSV responded with fresh thinking, organisational restructuring and a new service delivery model. The LEADS project was developed to close the gap between what industry wanted and what it got. Internally, DFSV underwent a major shift in culture and a re-weighting of its services mix. It moved away from an audit-heavy approach (70% of its work in 2005) to a more balanced service mix designed to meet industrys thirst for information and knowledge.

I would never have contacted DFSV ve years ago. The relationship I have now is excellent a vast improvement in communication and services.
Senior Field Ofcer January 2009

Within each of these streams, DFSV took on board what industry said it wanted and created tailored programs to match, moving from being just the regulator to becoming a valuable industry partner.

Information Services
Industry wanted:

Relevant and up-to-date information. Intelligence on emerging and existing food safety issues. A whole of industry approach to food safety

DFSV delivered: Expert networks in dairy to keep industry informed of what was happening globally and ensure licensees were in touch with any potential emerging risks. A heightened level of industry preparedness in food defence following training and on-site assessments by US expert, Dr Charlie Yoe. Quarterly local industry Learning Networks, providing a platform for manufacturers to learn and exchange information. A greatly expanded series of on-line Food Safety Notes providing practical information on a wide range of technical topics. Access to more web-based resources, including safety standards, historical reference documents, presentations, training notes and relevant links.




AUDIT AUDIT (60%) (60%)



Standards Interpretation and Guidance

Industry wanted:

AUDIT AUDIT (16%) (16%)



Interpretation of global and national standards and regulatory requirements. Guidance in risk management. Guidelines and information to support emerging
technology and innovation.

DFSV delivered:

Audit Services
Industry wanted:

A national dairy food safety framework, by working with interstate bodies to develop a national Primary Production and Processing Standard for Dairy Products, national guidelines and a national dairy verication plan. Advice on a wide range of individual company issues in response to increased licensee requests for assistance and expertise. Information and support tools to help understanding and interpretation of food safety related Standards as they apply to the dairy industry. The Fundamentals of Food Safety and Quality for Dairy Manufacturers training course to build competency within medium-sized dairy businesses. A Pasteurisation Seminar to increase understanding of the domestic and export requirements relating to pasteurisation process and products.

More eective and less frequent audits. Streamlined licensing and audit procedures.

DFSV delivered: audits, with the average frequency Fewer dropping from three a year to two. improved system to manage any identied An issues between audits. savings and a reduced administrative burden Cost for manufacturers. auditing for manufacturers with a Streamlined sustained record of good food safety performance via SAI Global auditors who can also conduct ISO Audits and other quality audits simultaneously. A simpler Food Safety Program approval process with DFSV able to approve validated, HACCPbased Food Safety Programs that operate throughout the production and processing chain.

ts Simultaneous audi from SAI Global and DFSV result in s signicant saving e Th . for our business ed at reduction is estim at two people at six . hours over two days
Dairy Manufacturer March 2009

DFSV has shaken its policeman attitude and now takes a more supportive, consultative approach to regulation.
Dairy Manufacturer January 2009

Industry wanted:

Products and services that align with industry needs. Open and constant dialogue with all industry sectors. Increased availability of information and convenience of access. An improved and more timely response to
emerging industry needs.

Industry wanted:

A strategic approach towards compliance management. Recognition for good industry performers. A clear and consistent approach to non-

performers to aid improvement and adherence to approved food safety programs.

DFSV delivered: A strong enforcement regime to ensure the integrity and reputation of the dairy industry

DFSV delivered: Better communication across all its service delivery streams. support visits by senior DFSV represent Non-audit atives who use informal discussions to provide manufacturers with information to enable better compliance. A comparative product testing program with tailored trend reports to allow manufacturers to track their performance relative to others in the same sector, highlighting opportunities for improvement. Instant access to the most up-to-date information via the website. A Stakeholder Relationship Management strategy to improve licensees dairy food safety performance and help them improve the way they do business.

DFSV has a considerably better service offering now, compared with ve years ago. I would rate current service as 8 out of 10 compared with a rating of 3 out of 10 ve years ago.
Dairy Manufacturer January 2009

in Victoria. Training in legal awareness for specialist sta, increasing DFSVs internal capability to manage enforcement issues. A dedicated Enforcement Manager within DFSV to ensure timely responses and follow-up of signicant breaches of the Dairy Act 2000. A preventative approach to food safety issues that sees issues resolved before time-consuming and expensive prosecutions are necessitated. A range of enforcement tools, enabling DFSV to escalate its response when required, from intensied audits and strict compliance plans to the ability to place Orders to cease manufacture, prevent the use of equipment or distribution and sale of a product.

Moving Forward
We have successfully moved from being simply a regulator to being embraced as a resource for industry an active partner providing support, intelligence and food safety know-how, adding value to the day-to-day operations of our licensees.

Anne Astin

DFSV CEO Dec 2009

Dairy Food Safety Victoria is now a trusted, independent source of knowledge on current and emerging issues affecting dairy food safety. There has been a significant shift in attitudes towards DFSV, with the organisation now embraced as a partner and not just a regulator. Importantly, there has also been a major shift in the Victorian dairy industrys overall food safety capability and commitment. Project LEADS underpins all DFSV services and its culture of open, two-way communications and knowledge transfer is ingrained as the way that DFSV does business better.

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