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The twelve houses (Bhav) in a natal chart have a mine of information stored in them- information which influences and

can throw light on every aspect of our life. We have been able to excavate only a fraction of the secrets of each bhav. If we could uncode and decipher every bhav ust a bit more! we can spea" about a lot more aspects of a person#s life. $an we determine the tastes of an individual in food!clothing! reading habits also from a chart% Well! the answer is yes. &ow% 'et me explain. The second house (2nd H) influences the wealth!family life! speech! right eye etc. It also signifies the taste of an individual. tastes in food only. (ow we all "now that )strology follows a three tier system.*) Bhav (house) +) ,ashi (sign) - .) /reh (planet). We tend to ascribe too much meaning to bhav greh - often forget to factor in the rashi - its type. The rashi have as much bearing on the final outcome as planets have. ,ashis are classified into various categories based on various parameters. Sign )ries! 'eo! 0agittarius Taurus! 1irgo! $apricorn /emini! 'ibra! )3uarius $ancer! 0corpio! 2isces Tatv )gni 2rithvi 1ayu 4al

The primary flair for taste is given by the 5odiac sign located in +nd &. )gni tatv tends to ma"e the person li"e hot food. 2eople with 2rithvi tatv in +nd & do not mind eating food coo"ed several hours bac". 2eople dominated by 1ayu tatv are tempted by rich smelling! aromatic food while those with 4al tatv li"e to eat cold food or food with high gravy6 water content. (ext comes the role of lord of rashi. 2lanets also govern distinct tastes as follows7-

Planet 0urya6 0un $handra6 8oon 8angal6 8ars Budh6 8ercury

Taste 2ungent(onion! ginger! pepper) ! 0aline(sea salt6 roc" salt) Bitter ( bittergourd6 "arela) 8ixedTaste (eg tomato sauce6 chutney which carry more than one taste)

/uru6 4upiter 0hu"ra6 1enus 0hani6 0aturn

0weet!9atty (sugar! sweets! greasy6 ghee) 0our (lemon! tamarind) )stringent (pomegranate)

(ow combine the flavour given by rashi with that of the planet. 0o an )ries sign person (here by )ries person I do not mean )ries ascendant but person with )ries in +nd &) will love hot food! )ries being an )gni tatv rashi. But a 0agittarius person also loves hot food! so how to distinguish between two% &ere we need to loo" at the influence of rasheesh - its nature. )ries loves &:T 02I$; food (,asheesh 8ars)- hot samosas! hot ti""i! hot spicy vegetables for instance while a 0agittarius person will love to eat &:T 0W<<T food (,asheesh 4upiter) - hot gulab amuns! alebis for instance =.mmmm so tempting to even thin" of. (ext if a planet has two rashis with different tatv! will the two persons of those rashis have similar tastes% 'et me answer it. Both an )ries person - a 0corpio person have similar li"ing for spicy food because of 8ars! but since )ries is an )gni tatv sign! person will li"e hot spicy food <g hot samosas whereas a 0corpio person won#t mind samosa coo"ed two hours bac" or spicy bi"aneri bhu ia. )nd finally to further fine tune! the aspecting planets! ust as they influence every aspect of aspected house! will transform the tastes also according to their flavour

given in the table above. &owever most of the times! the result given ointly by Bhav! ,ashi - ,asheesh will hold true.

$an we ta"e this understanding to next level% ;es. )ll planets! particularly those having relation with >th &! ++ dresh"ona etc have potential to cause some diseases! the potential only goes up during the dasha6 antardasha of that particular planet. ?uring the ?asha6 )ntardasha of a planet! a person finds himself leaning towards the taste signified by the planet (see list above) . 9or instance! 8oon! during its dasha! ma"es a person consume more of salty food. 0ince 8oon can cause Blood 2ressure! understanding of the "ara" taste of moon will help a person avoid consumption of disease causing food. Ta"ing the same logic forward! a person would do well to avoid sugar - fat laden foods during dasha of 4upiter.